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T. the Whigs of Penn and ilope-'
well Townships.
FELLOW CITIZENS:—We are on the
eve of an important election. Your
country calls on you to consider well ,
your duty, and not to fail in doing it.
The October election is but a precurser
of the Presidential election in Novem
ber; and if we, casting aside our apathy,
will use united effort, the victory rs
ours. Our State and county election
first claims our attention. It is our
duty to elect a Ccvernor whose opin
ions coincide with Whig principles—
one of capability, honesty, and integrity,
who will introduce a system of econo
my and reform that will once more raise
the credit and honor of the Keystone
Staje to its pristine purity. In WM.
F, JOHNSTON we recognize such a
For Congress, old "Rough and Ready"
will, when we shall have elected . him to
the White House, need a Whig Con
gress. Without this he could do but
little for the country. We shall afford
him good assistance in the election of
SAMUEL CALVIN, for he has passed
through the ordeal and is not found
• wanting.
./1. K. Cornyn for Assembly. Able is
he to vindicate your rights—generous
to a fault, talented and industrious, your
cause is safe in his hands. For -Pro
thonotary, Theodore 11. Cremer, for
which office a fitter man cannot be
found—modest and retiring, yet com
petent to the discharge of every duty
devolving on him as an officer and a
counsellor. Matthew 1%. Campbell for
Register and Recorder, a man of ster
ling merit, competent for the depart
ment to him assigned. The Locofocos
bow that their candidate will have a
majority in these two townships.
Give the lie direct through the ballot
box to such a foul calumny—you will
not assist in the election to important
offices two Locofocos who, if you exam
ine the record of their political journal,
you will laid have never voted for n
AVliig for even a township office, and
who have denounced and opposed Whig
men, Whig principles and Whig meas.
ores, while out own candidates have
stood up boldly in advocating and de
fending those principles and measures
and all goodnett true men espousing the
good cause.
Will you now stiffer personal considera
tions to draw you into the support of
Locofocos, while so doing may result in
the defeat and disgrace of worthy men
of our owe partyl What right have
the Locofocos to expect this from you'l
None whatever. They have thousands
of offices nt their disposal under the
General and State Governments, but
these they give to unprincipled demo ,
gogues, and then eedenvor to quarter
Jacob Miller upon the Whig party of
this county for three years more. The
Whig party has been liberal enough,
Or - se political pauper nt all events is
enough nt one tinie. We have within
three years suffered them to have a
Register and Recorder, a Member of the
Legislature and a Sheriff; but this
seems to make them but the louder in
their demands for charity. Whigs must
stand by each other. Charity begins
at home. We must recollect that the
Locofocos do not vote for our candi
dates no matter how worthy, how well
qualified, or however needy. This thing
must be stopped—let us stand up for
Cremer and Campbell as all the Loco
feces stand up for Given and Miller,
their own nominees. This is our duty
to them and to ourselves. In this coun
ty our party has a majority of from 500
to 600 and yet we have allowed the Lo
cofocos to have about half of the best
offices for the last three years. II the
Locos had such, or any other majority,
no Whig could ever hold an office of
any sort. Then rally, Whigs, to the
polls on the 10th of Oct. and vote the
.whole whig, ticket and nothing but the
whig ticket, and the result will prove
that we are true to our professions, and
at the same time nerve our brothers
elsewhere to strike the harder for Tay
lor and Fillmore on the 7th of Nevem.
her. Duty and the .country calls—let
us go to the rescue.
The above is respgctfully dedicated
to the Whigs of Penn and Hopewell
townships by the Township Committee.
.48R.41:1.4.71f PLU.III.IIE R.
pendents of Baltimore is spoken of the
highest terms in all quarters. The al
exandria Gazette says "It is con
ceived in the most honorable, independ
ent, and patriotic spirit, and expressed
r with such judgment, as must command
the respect of every unprejudiced man."
The National Intelligence,. remarks :
—"This letter, like every other succes
sive disclosure of the sentiments and
feelings of our candidate for the Presi
dency, shows how much his own delica
'' cy and extreme modesty have hereto
fdro stood in the way of that just ap
preciation of his character which every
one is now enabled to make.
Judge Conrad has won the prize of
$l,OOO offered by Mr. Forrest, by the
production of a aew play whici► he calls
the " Heretic."
'Who oifiiikies Johnston !
The Pennsylvanian Intelligencer thus holds
up to the public view the horde of pAlll PA.
TRIOTS who ate opposing the election of
Jefferson held the opinion that office holders
of the General Government should not inter- '
fere in State elections. We take from the
Blue Book of 1647, prepared at the department
of State, the offices and salaries of those most
busily engaged in assailing Gov. Johnston.
Col. Page, Collector of the Port of Philadel
phia; salary $6,000. This is the holiday sol
dier—the carpet knight, who has been, like a
turkey-cock, strutting all his Itfe in red, but
whol i was non est inert us during the Mexican war.
He writes and makes speeches against him.
Henry Welsh--Naval Officer-'salary $2,000.
This man is engaged in writing addresses a
gainst him.
I. G. McKinley, Post Master at Harrisburg—
salary and perquisites from $2,000 to 2,200.
This man edits the Harrisburg Union, the sec
ond-fiddle organ of Locofocoism. He does prin
ting, too for the General Government.
Edwin W. Hatter, Clerk in the Home Bu
reau of the State Department ; salary $l4OO.
This man edits the Lancaster Intelligencer, and
writes the addresses of the State Central Com
mittee. By a sworn report of Ilenry Petriken,
late Deputy Secretary under Shank, he plun
dered the State Treasury of a handsome sum,
and now fights for Longetreth with the hope of
repeating the operation.
. .
John W. Forney, Deputy Surveyor of the
Port of Philadelphia; salary $l5OO. This man
edits the Pennsylvanian and runs about the
country making speeches against Gov. Johnston.
Besides his salary, he drew in 1817 over $l6OO
from the National Treasury for printing. He
has besides the printing of the Blanks for the
Custom House.
All these men are tucler the control of James
Buchanan, Secretary of State ; salary $5,000.
He is the great juggler behind the curtain who
moves the puppets op the open board. For the
office of Secretary he sold Pennsylvania to the
South, and he now exerts himself to prevent
her front escaping from her state ,if bondage.
Such are the men who charge Gov. Johnston
with being an enemy to the people—a foe to
Democracy. How well are they described by
a powerful writer !
An ignorant, mercenary, servile crew!
Powerless for good, diligent In mischief—mum.
itnotts in evil! Declaimers for liberty but slaves
to power."
• Honest voters of the Democratic party !
Judge Inn by their prscten, and not by their
OSIS - _
ply LSS7' EVENLATS' .1141L.J
Interesting Foreign Ness's.
The Steamer America arrived at New York
(lathe 29th ult. in 13 days passage. We give a
brief summary of the news :
hi IRELAND a real rebellion has come at
last. do the 13th the Rebels posted themselves
near Carrick-on-Suir, and Kilmacthomatt moun
tains. Doheny commands is Waterford. The
doyernment troops captured nihe scouts the
previous flay. There Was a general thing of
the peasantry about six miles of Carrick. The
2d Bluffs came into Clonmell on the 18th with
28 of their men handcuffed fur shouting as Re
At Glenbower, about 8 miles from Clonniel,
the police were preparing' to seek refuge in Car
rick when the insurgents tired upon them. A
fight ensued which lasted a quarter of an hour.
A number were killed on the part of the assail
ants, but only two or three were wounded on the
part of the police. The insurgents left their
dead upon the field.
The police have fled from the out stations,
and to-night it is feared will reveal awful scenes.
CALLAN, Sept. 13.—The reports prevalent in
Kilkenny are thought to be much exaggerated,
and the number of insurgents overuted. The
police were no where disarmed, and on every
occassion defeated the insurgents. Among the
insurgents that assailed the police station, four
or five wore the uniform of the 82 Club. It is
believed that some pieces of cannon have been
captured by the insurgents.
It is said that the Police barracks at Portlaw
was attacked by a body of armed peasantry.
The barrack was occupied by ten police. com
manded by constable O'Regan.—After a short
strm:gle the assailants were put to flight, but
not without serious loss on either side—two of
the police having been shot and several of the
assailants being killed and others seriously
The following succinct account has reached
us—the surrounding district has been much
more alarmed than was anticipated. No doubt
now remains of the fact that a considerable in
surgent force has assembled and shown a spirit
of the utmost determination. The main body
of the insurgents, said to be four thousand strong,
has encamped on Anessy hill in the county of
Tipperary, immediately adjoining the slate
quarriers in that county. There can be no doubt
that their leaders have some military experience,
and are being regularly drilled. They are chiefly
armed with pikes, but many have rifles.
Richard O'Gorman is said to be chief in com
mand, and Dohcily is also said to be among
The cornmissariatt is regularly supplied by
the neighboring farmers who voluntarily send
cattle and other provisions.
The driver of the Cork mail arrived here
about 10 o'clock last night, reports that the po
llee had quitted Glenbower station, and retired
to that of the Nine Mile House. Shortly pre
vious to the arrival of the coach at the latter
place, a party of Insurgents had surrounded the
station and demanded that the police party with
in, numbering about ten men, should surrender
their arms. The police refused, and upon the
insurgents proceeding to attack the house, the
little garrison fired upon them, and put the beT
ligerents to flight.
Tuscany has become the scene of the most
frightful disorders. At Leghorn on the 2d inst.
in consequence of attempts made to put down
the political clubs, the populace rose, and a
conflict ensued with the police and soldiery,
during which /19 soldiers were kilted on the
The latest advices from Paris are not very
satisfactory. The Socialists were mustering in
their .streingth. It is thought the Red Republi-
cans will have a majority at the election in Par
is. The Napoleon party seems to be moving.
The Markets.
There is a further dectine in cotton. Provi
sions languishing and declining. Wheat, Corn,
and Meal also declining. All kinds of foreign
wheat has declined Id to 2d per bushel. Uni
ted States and Carunlian sweet Flour 338 to 3ts
per barrel. Several parcels Indian Corn sold
for Ireland at a reduction of is to 2s per quar
ter, sales being made at 35s 6d to 36s per .180
The full value of American white and yellow
Indian Meal is (id per barrel lower.
LOUISIANA .—A letter from a leading merchant
in New Orleans to a Philadelphia correspondent
says :
"Louisiana is more than safe for Taylor—
she is certain. Within the last few days a com
plete change has come over the aspect of things,
and the blaze of enthusiasm burns brightly
through the city and State."
"OLD ZACK IS COMING ! " -001. Bragg,
when describing the battle of Buena
Vista, quotes this expression as having
been shouted by a soldier, at a critical
moment, and its effect was to encourage
our troops to renewed exertions. Let
this, then, be a watchword for the Gov
ereor's election : fight bravely for JOHN
STON, MIDDLESWARTII, and our members
of Congress, and recollect tI at, next
month, "Old Zack is coming !"
Skies Bright.
07 - JOHN M. Boers and HORACE GREELY
have at last defined their position. At the
meeting of Clay men in New York on Wednes
day, they both declared for Gen. TAvLon.
The Clay movement is entirely abandoned
and the Clay men all support Taylor. The
majority in New York will be near if not quite
SmostNo. , .-The Editor of the Citron
otype utters the following opinion of
smoking or smokers. A man who
smokes is n fool because he parts with
his money for mere smoke ; lie is made
no fatter, richer or wiser; because for
every ounce of pleasure derived from it,
he hes to pay an ounce of pain with in
terest ; because he cannot stop the prac
tice when lie is sick of it ; because he
makes a nuisance to persons of cleanli
ness and taste.
terday afternoon a yoke of oxen was
left standing beside an open well, in the
process of digging in the rear of the
new houses owned by Mr. Enoch King,
on Bridge street, and somehow or other,
one of them slipped into the well and
dragged the other after him. They both
\vent to the bottom, about fifteen feet.
\V hat is the most remarkable, there was
a man in the well who escaped with but
slight injury. The oxen were hoisted
out. One of them was not hurt at all,
the other got his neck pretty well twist
ed, and one of his horns broke from his
head.—Tre nton Gazette 18th.
Town Properly For Sole.
ITIHE subsetiber offers at Prianle Sale a Lot of
I ground, situate in Hill street in the borough
of Huntingdon, nearly opposite the new Preeby
terian Chu. ch, extending back to Washington
Street, on which is erected a Log Dwelling House,
a large Frame Store House, well finished, a large
frame Coach-maker shop, end a large Frame
Stable. There is also a good <sell of water with
a pump near the house.
N. B. Persons wishing t..; purchaso, can have
all desired information by applying to DANIEL
A FRI C A Huntingdon, Pa.
Van Aaninerg R Co's
day of OCT. )..11 1848, for 1 day only.
From I to 3 o'clock, P. M. Admission 25 cents.
Children under 9 years of age, half price.
The procession of Carriages, Cages, &c. Mill
enter the above town from Water Street at 11
o'clock on the above morning, preceded by the
colossal Taal. RHEDA, OR GRECIAN STATE. C•R.
WAGE, painted and gilded in the most gorgeous
style, containing
The Carriages a ml Cages are all new, (built by
the best mechanics in New York,) highly finished,
painted and decorated; are drawn by a troupe of
lOU dapple grey horses, the finest stud ever col
lected together.
will pass through the principal streets of the
town (advertised for exhibition.) to the spacious
Pavilion, erected for the exhibition of this collec
tion of animal., where the public may have an
opportunity of beholding the
Thrilling perfirrmanres of Miss E. Calhoun
and Mr. Brooks,
who together, will glee an intereating illustration
of the ascendancy of intellect over the wild ten
ant. of the forest.
- See large bills at the principal Hotels.
The same will be exhibited at Hollidaysburg
on the 18th, Williamsburg on the 19th, and at
Water Street on the 20th October.
Fisher A' aleAlterfrie
Having closed their old books on the let day of
April last, are desirous of having their accounts
previous to that date settled. All accounts and
notes not satisfactorily arrranged before the Ist
day of October next, will be left in the hands of
a proper officer for collection.
Huntingdon, July 18, 1848.
Huntingdon County, SS.
AT an Orphans' Court held at Huntingdon in
and for the county of Huntingdon, on the
second Monday (and fourteenth day) of August
A. D. MIS, before the Judges of the said Court:
The Petition of George Fesy wos read. setting
forth—That a written contract was entered into
between Petitioner and James Entrek in, Esq., in
his life time, try which the said Jame. Bntrekin
agreed to sell and convey to Petitioner, three lots
of ground in Stoner'. Town, Bedford county,
Penn'. That said A greement ha. been lust and
cannot be found, and praying the Court to take
Testimony of the existence, contents and loss of
said Agreement, and desire a specific performance
of the said contract, &c.
Whereupor., the seventeenth day of August
A.D. 1848, the t'ourt order th ct the first day of
next (November) Term be appointed to take said
Testimony—that personal Notices of this Order
be served on the E,eutor of James Entrekin.
Esq., dec'd., and that Notice thereof be published
in one Newspaper printed in the county of Hun
tingdon for six weeks prior to the said first day
of next (November) Term, which shall be deem
ed notice to all other persona interested in the Es
tate of said deceased. By the Upon.
. .
Certified from the Record under the Seal of the
said Conti. at Huntingdon, the twentp•eighth day
of September A. D. 1848.
Oct. 3, 1848.
THE subscriber offers for sale or rent his house
I and Lot situate in the borough of Alexandria,
in Main street oppoiite the residence of I. Gralius,
Esq. The house is Isrge and suitable for any
kind of business. A good lot, Pump at the door,
a variety of fruit trees, large stable and other out
buildings. This property will he sold low.
Application may be made to CYRU:, WILSON
or GEO. 14. YOUNG, Esq., Alexandria, Pa.
Oct. 3, 1848.
Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest !
At the Old Stand in Market Square,
I am now receiving an entire new stock of fall
and WINTER GOODS, being by far the best as
sortment of goods ever brought to this. place .
Among which will be found :
Cloths of all kinds, Black, Blue and Fancy
Plaid, and Stripe Cassimeres, Satinets. Kentucky
Jeans, Kersey s, Tweeds and Flannels, Felt, Flush
ing and other new style goods for o‘ercoating.
Also very large and well selected stock of
prints of the newest designs, at extremely low
prices, with a splendid assortment of Ladies Dress
Goods of the late:t. importation. Cashmeres and
Mouslin De Lanes of every style and quality'.
New Style Silk finish Gingham, never brought to
this market before.
Work Collars, I Innen Handlt'fs, Silk Closes
and Mitts, Ribbons, Edgings, Hosiery, &c. With
a splendid assortment of New Style Shawls.
Baggings, Tickings, Checks, Skirtings, Stripes,
Cotton Flannels, &c., &c.
With a splendid assortment of
Men and Boys' Botits and Shoes, Flats
and Caps : Groceries, Hardware and
Queensware, Paints, Glassware, &c.,
with a fine variety of GOODS of all
The .ii!nve Stock of goods having been selected
with great care, and purchased at reduced prices
for ('ash, in the City of Philadelphia, I am ena
bled to offer GREAT BARGAINS, and hops
that all who want will at bast examine my stock
before purchasing elsewhere, as I am determined
to sell on as reasonable terms an any one in Penn.
ay Ivania. Please call and see my goods, as it af
fords me pleasure to show them at all times. •
Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Flour, C loveraeed and
Flaxseed; Butter, Eggs, Lard, Bacon, Soap.
Beeswax, &c., taken in exchange for GOODS.
September 26. 1848.
Newton Hamilton, Mifflin county, Pa.,
WILL visit Huntingdon stated- ,
V ly on the 15th of June, Sep
tember, December and March, and "'Maid
remain two weeks at each visit. CL"7*Rooms at
Mrs. lampsdn's Hdtel.
june 20, ly.
Gen. Taylor Gold and Silver Levers.
TT K. NEFF & BROTHER have just te
n, ceived by despatch from the east, a large
and splendid assortment of Gold and Silver Le.
vets, Lepme, and common watches, which they
witl Bal! lower than ever heretefore.
F. S. 9 o'clock A. M. Old Zack Levers"
all gone hut two. Call soon.
July 18,1949.
Another Candidate in the Field!
JWO. N. PROWELL would respectfully in
t) form those persons Lidebted to him that their
accounts must be settled before the twentieth day
of August next. All kinds of grain taken in
payment of accounts et its cash value.
Huntingdon. July 25. 1848.
THE heirs and legal representatives of
Alexander Ramsey, late of Spring
field township, Huntingdon county, Pa.,
will please to take notice that pursuant
to an order of the Orphan's Court of said
county, to me directed, an inquest to
make partition of the Real Estate, lute
of said deceased, to and among the par
ties interested therein, in such manner
and in properties as by the laws of this
Commonwealth, it is directed, if such
partition can be made, but if it cannot,
to value and appraise the same, will be
held on the premises, in said Springfield
township, on Thursday, November 2d,
A. D. 1848, at I o'clock of said day, at
which time and place you can attend if
you think proper.
Sheriff of Hunt. Co,
Sept. 12, 1848-6 w.
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted to the
undersigned.individually, by note, book ac
count, or otherwise, are requested to make pay
ment to William McMurtrie, Huntingdon, pre
vious to next November court; otherwise they
will bo left with the proper officer fur collection.
Aug. 29; 1949.
Great Reduction in Prices.
Have just received direct from the Eastern Cities,
and are now opening a splendid assortment of
consisting of every variety of
I) a 7so 00 70 ,
Suited to Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, including
Cloths. Cassimers, Sattinette , Vesting., Silks, Sat
in., Alpachas, Cashmeres, be Leine'', Plaids, Bom
bazinea., Gingham's, t alieoes. Checks, ShacvlP,&c.
We have also a handsome assortment of
They wouldileo inviteettentiontotheitetock of
Sugars-5, 6 and 8 cents per pound—
Molasses, from 371 to 40 cents per
gallon ; and every other article usually
kept in a Grocery Store, at equally
low prices.
Boots, Shoes, Uats and Caps,
Hardware and Colliery, t bine, Glass and Queens
ware, Drugs, Medicines. Dye fitutTs, &c.
Ali of which will be sold at very reduced prices.
The Ladies and Gentlemen are requested to call
and examine these Goods, as they conhot fail to
please all both as regards style and price.
In the store room formerly occupied by Jacob
Miller, opposite the residence of Judge Gwin,
ID.' All kinds of Country Produce ta
ken in exchange for goods. [Sept. 26.
Tho undersigned announces to the citizens of
Huntingdon County, that ho has just opened in
tho borough of LEW:STOWN, a new HAT
MANUFACTORY, where ho is pre
pared to melee every variety of fiats in
use, out of the best materials, such as
W L, &c. The business of manufacturing id
conducted by and under his own personal super
vision, and hie long experience in the business in
the best establishments of the country warrants
him in guaranteeing to all wino may purchase
from him good snbstantial and highly finished
Our Omish frig nds shall not be forgotten in the
efforts we shall put fdrth to meet the wants of the
community, in out line of business, and he will
'de ready to answer their calls at prices that must
and all others, who may desire to purchase Hats,
his establishment affords superior inducements,
both as regards quality and prico, which shall be
of such a character as to leave no room for grum
bling. We the! efore invite everybody, of every
distinction of party or sect, to cap and examine
our stock; which is ills largest and best astorted one
that has ever been introduced here.
N. B. Hats of my manufacture can he find
at retail at the store of WM. STEWART, id
Huntingdon Borough.
W /41. G. ZOL LEV G E R.
Lewistown, Sept. 26, 1848.
C. J. TYNDALE, respectfully invites an ex
amination of his large stock of Stoves, embrac
ing some of lho
Best find most Elegant Patterns,
of Penney lvania, New York, Peekskill, Troy,
&c., together with a beautiful assortment of Fan
cy Sheet lion Stoves and Radiators for Parlors,
Dining•Roonis. Kitchens or Chambers; ho be
lieves that his assortment will compare to advan
tage with that of any other establishment. He
has also a splendid stock of
. . _
. , .
for which he has been the agent for many years
iu this City, in the manufacture of which for ex
cellence and cheapness he refer. to numerous put.;
chasers, and for beauty of patterns he believes
himself. unrivalled.
(0. For Stoves whether for Wood or Coal, his
assortment is complete. He returns his that fc. t
his old customers to whom and to the public he
renews his invitation to give him a Nall at the old
stand, No. 97,South,2nd Street, Phil's.
SepteMber 26, 1845.
11u tACE I'. smiTur
'2131 MAtuiET STREET,
Drugs and Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Dye Stutli, VarniAi.s. &e.,
&e. Also Patent Medicine, Medicine
Chests, Also,
& Obstetrical Instru
ments, Chemical Testa, &c. &c.
o:7' Orders from Country Merchants or Phy
sicians, by letter or otherwise, attended to
Clothing for Men and Boys.
Has received at his old Stand in Main Street,
Huntingdon, a new, and large assortment of
of all sizes to suit men and boys, consisting of
the most fashionable Dress Coats, Pantaloons
and Vests, made of the best and finest Cloths,
Cassimercs, and Cassittetts. And an equal as
sortment of plain and substantial materials,
suited for the every day business of all classes.
He has a rum. AssonTmENT of every size and
kind, and he will sell
as Cheap asthc Cheapest.
He only wants a small living profit; and he in
vites all who wish to purchase to see his Goods,
before purchasing elsewhere.
Tayloring is his trade, and he knows what he
says when he says he can and will accommodate
all who call, on terms to suit. He also continues
and has an extensive assortment of Cloths, Cos
simeres, Cassinetts and Vestings, which he will
sell and make up to suit any and every body,
cheap and well. He is determined to leave
No Room for Grumbling!
Afresh supply of Mackerel just arrived and
for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
Importers and Dealers id
Silks, itiblions and Millinery Goodi,
No. 45 South Second Street,
flare just received and are now opening
a very rich assortment of
Fall JPl(Winery Goods,
such as Figured and Corded Bonnet
Goods, of new designs.
Bonnet Satins of all colors.
Plain and Corded VelVets, all colors.
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbons a large
and beautiful variety.
French and American Flowers, all
Black Dress Silks, Bombazines.
Fancy Laces, Quillings, Fall Trim.
Bonnet Crowns, 'tips, thickrams, Sce:
Also a beautiful assortment of French
Fancy Feathers from the first Manufac
tory in Paris.
A large proportion of the above goods
being of our own importation we are en
abled to offer them at very low prices:
Sept. 12, 1848.
ALI. persons knriwing themselves in
debted to the undersigned by note,
book account or otherwise will call and
pay off their accounts before the Ist day
of November next. Those neglecting
this notice will find their accounts in
the hands of the proper officer for col
Sep. 12, 184
A LL persona indebted to the unthqrignrd, ea
/I administrators of Esther Clarke, late Of the
borough of Huntingdon, deed, by bond, note of
inr.k. account, are hertsby requested to call upon,
and make pay hunt to John Revd, Esq., at his
office, two doors west of the Jewelry Z...tore of Jas.
T. Scott, in said borough. All yet bl or also, who
have claims against the untletsigus .1. file request ,
ed to present them at satire glare fi r
Sept. fi, 184 S
School Notice.
'DA RENTS, guardians &c. of children within'
r the Huntingdon district, are hammed ihai
agreeably to apt °vision of oh Act of Ast-enNy
passed last 8139RiCnli sob Mild still be admitted
onto the public schools, until it has attained the
age of 5 years.
By order of the Board of Direefor,
GEORGE 'l'.ll I.OR
Sec . y.
Sep. 56, IBM
School Notice,
/THE Public Schools of Hunting.l,rn Borough
continence on the tirbt Monilsy of Sep
teniber. It is desirable that nil the impik should
present themselves during the first neck,
By order of the board.
Aug. 20, 1848
6 miles above Itavre 116 Grace,
Will at all tiMee purchase V l / 4 heat at a price
within •rwo CENTS of Philadelphia Market.
ary Owners andliontincit ore iusited to call.
Plaster may be had at the Mill.
opril2s. 1848.
Ladies' Dress Gaiters and :41wes.
A beautiful assortment for sale at the
it new store of Doitstv & 111Accinc.
Also, a good asgortment of Children's
fine and coarse shoes.
This excellent compound i,. , for oak Iy the prop i i
otor's Agent T. READ & SON:
Price $1 50 ier bottle
(17* What is the vataltei whit Hie.
tor? What the cause of this sallow con,plexion,
jaundiced eye, depression of spirits, pain in the
aide and shoulder, wearingss of bed), bitter taste
in the mouth Such is the enquiry, and such the
symptoms of many n sufkrer It is the liver
which is diseased, and the I:holagogue is the rem
edy always successful in cluing it. 'fry it, and
judge for yourself. For sale by 'l'. Reed & ;:on,
agent for the proprietor.
cc - Better die than line, if I am to be
tortured from day to day with this horrible Ague,
exclaims the poor sufferer whose life has become a
burden front the racking paroxysms Of or. inter
mittent, and whose confidence in hewn aid is de
stroyed by the fai ure of remedies to produce the
promised relief. Such has been the situation or
thousands who are now rejoicing in all the bless
ings of health front the Use of Dr. Osgood's India'
Cholagogue. In no instance does it fail of etfect
ing a speedy and pernsunent cure. For sale by the'
pro,,rietor's agent, T. READ & `ON.
"How few who think aright among the thinking
How many never think, but only think 64'
cc? The .sentiment implied in 68
above exclamation is on no subject more fully ex
emp efied than on that of health: But few give
it a single thought, and fewer still reflect upon it
with the observation and good aurae which mat
tere of minor consequence receive. As oboe , va
tion the fact that Dr. Osgood's India Choi
agogue inn never fai ing remedy in Fever and
Ague, good sense woUtd surely Indicate its prompt
and immediate Um To he found at
utt.nt for the proprietor
JULIA PARKINSON of Huntingdon desires
to say that she has used the “IndiaCholagogue"
for Ague and Liver complaint with entire suc
cess. She therefore recommenas it to all rim ,
ilarly afflicted.