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Democratic 111.1iig Nominations.
TitomA, M. T. M'KENNAN, of Wzobington
JOHN P. SANDERSON, of Lebanon.
4. Joseph G. Clarkson, 13. Henry Johnson,
2. John P. Wetherill, 14. William Colder,
3. Jame M. Davis, 15. William :Vl'llvaine,
4. Thomas W.Duffield, 16. Charles W. Fisher,
5. Daniel 0. Hitner, 17. Amlrew G. Curtin,
6. Joshua Dnngon, 18. Thos. R. Davidson,
7. John D. Steele, Markle,
8. John Landis, 20. Daniel Agnew,
9. Joseph Schmucker, 21. Andrew Loomis,
10. Charles Snyder, 22. Richard Irvin,
11. Wlllam C. Hurley. 23. Thomas S. Sill,
12. Francis Tyler. 24.'lA.Plarviance.
rJrn "2:1,1:7,71317AZ-Z7:27..
CIALA=. VA1L17.7.7.
A 3 XL
Thee. Vrernr.,r, c‘f Runtingdf.T.
Matthew r. Campbell, of Howie:
WliliaTint liritchinSOH, of Wai ci,roiarl;
William Ramsey, of Springfielit
Henry Grafius, of Alexandiia
03 V. B. PALMER, Esq, is our author
ir;ed agent for receiving advertisements and
subscriptions in the cities of Philadelphia, Bal
timore and Net , York, and for collecting and
receipting for the same.
We want wood immediately. Will some one
of our customers furnish us
An, EXTRAS, and all such "LAST CARUS"
usually played ow by locofoeo leaders on the eve
of important elections. We have known them
t 3 circulate VOILGFD LETV6US on the eve of an
election to injure Whig candidates. What they
have done once they la og do again, and we there
fore caution all to be on their guard.
Read It.
On our first page will be found an articlo un
der the head of “Relief Notes," which we ask
all to read before casting their vat.; The unprt
jtidiced mind will find it a triumphant vindica
tion of Got'. Johnston's participation in the
passage of that law.
Freemen of Huntingdon County ! Are you
aware that the locofocos are making an effort to
carry this county and Congressional District by
the aid of IMPORTED VOTES I If not, we
can inform you that a Locofoco boasted to us a
few days ago, that a prominent locofoco in the
county of Philadelphia had promised to send to
this county, at least ten days previous to tho
TERS !! And, from looking at the Assessment
List here, and the unusual number of stringers
among us, who are following no vocation, we
are fully convinced that the promise sins seen
that IMPORTED VOTERS, whose only busi
ness is to vote the LOCOFOCO
are now in our midst !
Citizens of Huntingdon County ! Whigs and
honest Democrats, are you prepared to quietly
submit to an outrage so bold, so infamous and so
wicked 1 Arc you willing to he VOTED !
DOWN in the selection of county officers and a
Representative in Congre,s, by nl•n HIRED to
do SO ? If not, AROI . SK, AT WAKE UP
your Townships ! Bring every resident voter •
to the Polls, and thus assert your rights and ,
maintain your dignity; you can do it if you will'
The right of suffrage is a sacred and glorious I
right, and should at all times be ex.reised by ,
those entitled to it. But especially should this
be done when an attempt is made to render this
sacred right a perfect nulity—whena corrupt gov
is about to stifle the• honest expression of
a HIRED IMPORTED VOTE! Let the friends
of free suffrage andthe purity of the ballot box
AROUSE then at once. It was in vain that
the blood of our fathers was poured ant like
water to secure to us equal rights and free gov
ernment, if we cringingly refuse to give one
day's time to perpetuate those rights and keep
sire this government. To the POLLS then,
o se and - all, and let the SOVEREIGN VOICE
of the Freemen of Old Huntingdon SPEAK
ilxrutaiste Your Tickets.
Whigs, be on your guard on the election day.
and see that you have nothing but the WHOLE
WHIG TICKET. We have heard of Whip
voting fox locofoco candidate. before now te/ith
,?.... a of f.. Every voter :.hould c::-
amine bie"ticket before deNe'.r4r.g vote. •In
these :Ater tlay6
Let all be oa their guar,
Taylor Men of Huntingdon County ! are you
prepared for the contest on Tuesday next t We
address Taylor Men, for every one who desires
the election of that honest old Patriot, General
ZACHARY TAYLOR, should deposit° his vote
for WM. F. JOHNSTON. There is no argu
iiient necessary to show why this is so. John
ston is the candidate of the Taylor Party, end
his defeat would be claimed as the defeat of
Gen. Taylor in Pennsylvania. Every Taylor
man should therefore cast his vote at the first
election for Johnston. It has always been the
.custom in the last paper previous to the elec
tion, to inflict a long article upon the readers of
Political papers, showing the importance of go
ing TO THE POLLS. We shall deviate from
this custom at this time. We have endeavored,
so far as our humble abilities enabled us to do
so, to show our readers the importance of the
coming contest, and the superiority of the can
dilates which we support to those supported by
our opponents. The time for argument has
; gone by, and the time for action has arrived.—
We therefore now call upon all who think with
us—who are in favor of Gen. T.,Loit, who are
INDUSTRY, and opposed to the extension of
Slavery into Territory now free—who are op
posed to the exercise of the Oxr. MAN Powra,
to defeat the.wishes of the People, who are in
favor of diminishing rather than increasing the
ex:or:now Stets Debt of FORTY MILLIONS
of dollars, entailed upon the Taz-yetyers by Le
:or'oco rule—wha are in short, in favor of the
conservative principles of the Whig Party in
opposition to the radical destructive, plundering
Principles of the Locofocos, to
Turn Out.
on Tuesday noxt, and vote for WM. F. JOHN
RAMSEY. Vote the we= T/CNET and NO
those candidates are entirely worthy the sup
port of the friends of Old Zack. They are all
~pable, and firm reliable IV/I4 . Re
member, that great etorts are now being made
TENSION man, in the person of Add few Par-
Ivr, to Congress from this Tariff district. If
you had no other inducement, the election
of SAMUEL. CALVIN, the trite friend of Northern
Rights should be sufficient to go
To the Polls
on Tuesday next. Before we issue another
paper, the contest will be over. And before
closing this article we would say to the Taylor
Men of Huntingdon comity, AWAKT: ! AROUSE
from your seeming apathy. Give one day to
your country. Go :co ?CE POU.P. Go early—
take your neighbor with you. if Tie has too far
to walk send a horse for hint. Spend one whole
day to show that no scheme to cheat the sov
ereign 'Peciple of this county and district out of
their rights shall triumph. Do this and all will
be well.
"Shinny on your own Side."
An effort is now snaking to secure the county
offiees to the Locofocos, that is anything but
creditable to those who are making it. The
Locoforos nominate at all times men who are
thoroughly with their party. No one doubts
this Net, who has any knowledge of Locofoco
tactics. And we do not complain of their so
, doing. All we complain of is, that after recei
, ring nominations front their Locofoco friends,
they should prowl about like Wolves in sheeps'
clothing, and pretend, in part, to belong to the
Whig party. We are led to these remarks front
. the faet thit weave informed that Jelin 11. Of, 0f,,,,
the Locofoco candidate for Prothonotary, is
electioneering with the Whigs of Penn mid
Hopewell townships, and perhaps elsewhere on
the ground that he is as " much Whig as Loco
foco !" As much Whig as Lecefors, indeed ! !
Why so strong a Party man is this Given, that,
at the last Spring election in Walker township
he refused to allow a candidate for Constable,
a Whig, to keep leis tickets for that paltry office
ia his Ntore ! ! And now he has the impudence
to go oboist begging for Whig votes ! He will
, not only not receive any such votes, but deserves
the active opposition of every Whig.
And .1..06 Miller, Esq., who has been twice
nominated by Locofoco county Conventions, is,
we understand, playing the same game. He is
sending circulars to leading Whigs throughout
! the county informing them that he does 'not be
' long to the Locofoco party—that the "infinen
:9'o" and "respectable" portion of the Whig
party 't desire no change," &e. &c. If this be
so, how comes it that Mr. Miller has twice re
ceived the nomination of the Locofoco Party
And secondly, if the influential portion of the
‘Vllig party desire no change, how did it happen
that the Whig County Convention nominated
F. CAMPBELL without ever mention
ing Mr. 'Miller's name. Does any Whig believe
that Mr. Campbell, as firm a Whig as lives,
was nominated for the very purpose of being
defeated t No one can think so. Mr. Campbell
I has a right to expect from his Whig friends an
election if they have votes enough to secure it.
This continued twaddle of Locofoco candidates
that they do not belong to that party is too
shallow to deceive any one. Let them be elec
ted once by the aid of Whig votes, and their
election is claimed as a Locofoco triumph, and
they will demonstrate by their actions and fidel
ity to Locofoco wrinciples that they were wor
thy candidates of that party.
As we retnarked in our last, Whigs should
stand by their own candidates. Honor and
duty alike require it. Let Locofoco office
seekers " shinny on their own side." Let them
look for support from the Party which they
serve and which put them in nomination.
CCP The locoloco papers object to Cleo. Tay
lor that he holds slaves. Well if he does hold
he at beet aeverattempted to make
al,rves Cat. es much be -aid ut General
In 18.11, Loco Focoism triumphed by a new
and enlarged system of FRAUD; every where
throughout the country, where they had the
means, the honest resident voters of the country
were VOTED DOWN, by the paid vagabonds
of power, who were scattered around into such
places as their votes would be the most effective.
Their villainy then escaped unpunished ; and we
have great reason to believe that the SAME
GAME is to be practised again. Freemen!
every Citizen who loves his country and her in
stitutions, shouid be awake and WATCH Al'
EVERY POLL. Rogues ever become bold, us
.they are successful in their knavery.
The Duty of every Inspector,
DI to swear every um day moo, unless one of
them knows him to be a legal voter. The In
spectors are, by the 00th Section of the Law of
1829, compelled to swear all whose names are
not on the list; and every man whose vote is ob
jected to; and by the 101 th Section, they are
subject to a line of $2OO for a neglect of this
very duty. By the former Section EVERY Tux
DAY MAN must prove by at least one witness,
(and that witness a qualified voter) that he has
resided ten days within the district.
Let every Inspector look to this, or then let
the honest citizens hand them over to the tender
mercies of the Law.
The Fraud Detected !
Judge King has lately decided that it is the
duty of the Assessors to put rm. - names on the
ten day Assessments, unless the evidence is
produced that the ten day traveller is, or would
be a voter. In our county and our town, we
have other Latvs it seems. Here, Assessors
travel around and hunt up every stranger, and
get his name on to the list, hoping in the first
place, there will be no questions asked ;" in
the next, that if there should be, that his wan
dering patriot will swear through. We know
A Case in Paint.
The Assessor of this township called upon an
honest boy to be assessed, and the boy told the
assessor, lam not of age." "Well," says
this worthy (!) assessor, "have your name put
on the list, awl pay your tax, and very likely
there will be no questions asked." The boy,
bold and honest, in his love of the purity of the
ballot-boxes spurned indignantly, the foul at
tempt to disgrace him, and corrupt the very
fountain from which spring all our laws, and
told the assessor "NO ! I won't vote till I can
vote honestly." Here was a noble rebuke, and
we wonder the assessor did not bang his head
in shame, and go back to his own house and re
solve that he would no longer be the tool of a
corrupt faction ! By the 119th Section of the
Law of 1839, it is provided that if any person
shall aid or procure any person to vote who is
not qualified he shall be pani,hed by fine and
imprisonment. What was this assessor doing I
Was it not a direct violation of the spirit of that
Law 1 Was he not aiding one not qualified, to
vote / What saved him from being directly
amenable to that law 1 Nothing but the bold
honesty of the boy !! But we must explain to
our country friends
How the Fraud Works.
In our town, this very worthy assessor has
added to our list, about Sixty ten dny men, who
nobody knows ! Their names are on the list
ASKED." Such men are assessed while some
old citizens have been left off the list for years;
and this assessor has been told of it,—the name
given to him,—but he will not assess certain
men if they do not want it. The county and
State are to be cheated out of the tax !—and
this assessor win", at it ! It is all an effort to
Rob the Citizens of this County
out of their just rights, to cheat them out of the
choice of their officers ! It is a norm SCIIEME
to tole down. by FRAUD the old residents of
this county ! ! It is a bold and extensive fraud,
and will you tolerate it ? or will you turn out
and scare these Vultures from their prey.
Watch every Man
you suspect! Watch those that lead him up !
Watch them at the Polls! Object to every sorb
vote! Make the Inspectors swear every man.
Remeo th...r what he swears ; watch him after
the election, and if you find the least violation
of the law, bring up the guilty before the pro
per tribunal. By the 119th Section, before re
ferred to, you have the power to punish every
such effort at fraud ; be watchful then,—be vig
ilant—be active.
To a sense of their duty. Let every active man
devote a day or two previous to the election to
visiting his neighbors and impressing upon them
the necessity of attending the election. If the
Locofocos succeed in their schemes of FRAUD
pole, they will try the same game at every future
struggle. But if the People of this county rise
iu their sovreign might, and put down the first
attempt at infringing upon the Purity of the
Ballot-box, an attempt of the kind will not like
ly soon be made again. TO THE POLLS, then,
Freemen, ONE AND ALL !
Locofoco Tactics.
It is singular that so many of the Locofocos
in this county, from the day of their party nom
inations up to the day of the election, become
"NO PARTY MEN." At all other times they
are known to be violent and tenacious Locofo
cos. In fact their pretence of being , c no party
men" is all deception. Let the Whigs test their
sincerity at the polls. If any of these , 4 no
party men" ask you to vote for one or more of
their candidates, just do you in return ask them
to vote for Johnston, or Middleswarth, or Cal
vin, or any other Whig randitiate. Of course
this is a reasonable request to make of ~n o
party men"—they can consistently vote for one
or more of these candidates, and without doing
violence to any creed, for they profess to have
none. But be not satisfied with promises, for
promises are too often made to DECEIVE.—
See for yourselves whether they don't after all
vote the whole Lueofoco Ticket in the face of all
their pretensions to neutrality. We know that
:inch will be the result, and we oughtall to learn
from them the duty to support «OUR OWN."
We have learned enough of the extraordinary
labors of our Assessor, and those of whom he
is the instrument, to say we know that many of
the names on the Assessment List are not enti
tled to rote! We have no particular reference
to men employed on the Railroad in any of our
remarks touching the ten day men. Many of
them doubtless, are legally entitled to vote, and
we would not have them deprived of their
right. And many of them, too, are in favor Of
Old Zack and opposed to Cass and the British
Tariff doctrines of that Party. But whether
they are for one party or the other, they are en
titled to be assessed, and to vote, if they have
complied with the requirements of the Law.—
If they have not, they have no Eight to he as
sessed. The honest, hard working men on the
Railroad need no body to lead or drive them.—
And we cannot think that any of the gentleman
ly contractors would stoop to anything so low
as attempting to induce any one, not qualified,
to make an effort to vote. It cannot be that
the Pennsylvania Railroad, in which men of
i both parties are alike interested, is to be convey
ted into a vast political machine. For the sake
of all concerned, we hope this is not so. But
we allude to those on the Assessment who are
mere sojourners among us—not known to any
one, save those in the secret. The check rolls
on the different sections may be examined for
their names—they are not tAere ! They are
following no employment whatever, and we
I have good reason . for suspecting that they are
the paid hirelings of power, and that their only
'business among us is to vote ! And we give all
such notice, and those who lead or drive them,
that they shall be wracked and well WATCHED,
and any violation, or any attempt at violating
the Election Law shall be PM:ISM!), if justice,
and judgment can find them.
To our citizens—the honest of all Parties—
we appeal.. Let not your ballot boxes be pol
luted by such foul, such bold, and such infa
mous corruption and villainy. Guard your
I.lots from e;ohititm.
And you, the ever faithful Whigs of glorious
old Huntingdon, let this note of warning be like
the cry to Sampson of old—" the Philistine,
are upon you Sampson." AROUSE to a sense
of the schemes to destroy you, and like him
show that you are not bound or shorn of your
strength. Send forth the warning to every
man in your township! Excite all to activity
and industry, and the green withs with which
they think they have bound you, will snap like
tow touched with the flame, and your good old
county will stand unshorn, in her ancient pride.
That Gold and Silver.
The Globe has the impudence again to prom
ise GOLD and SILVER to the "(fear people"
if they will vote down the Whigs once more.—
This has been the stereotyped promise of the
Locofoco lenders for the last twenty years!—
They have been in power nearly constantly,
but the gold and silver is still kept back, and
only talked of on the eve of an election. 1t is
held up as a sort of is bribe for votes. The "dear
people," although they vote for Locofoco Pres
idents and Governors, and elect them too, get
nothing but "Rotten Bank Bills and Ragged
Shinplasters !" If there is any gold and silver
going it goes into the long purses of the olive
Ask the poor laborers on the Big Break Re
pairs last winter what sort of "gold and silver"
they got for their hard work, and they will
show you "Rotten Bank Bills"—Lekistoteu
money ; and ask them how much they got in
" Ragged Shinplasters," and they will tell you
they had to sell their claims on the State at a
share of fifty per cent. to keep themselves and
their families from starving. Judge Longstrcth
was then pocketing the " gold and silver" as
his pay as Canal Commissioner ! Remember
this. And if you go in for this kind of currency
—GOLD and SI.LVER for the OFFICE
HOLDEMS, and 6, Rotten Bank Bills an d
Ragged Shinplasters" for the People, then
vote for LONGSTRETH and the whole Loco
foco Ticket ; but if you want to put doo•„ the,e
swindlers and shavers who now aguin INSULT
you with the stale cry of GOLD and SI !NEB,
go to the polls and vote for JOHNSTON and
the whole Whig Ticket. We cannot promise
as much us the Locofocos, but we will yrrfo rrn
much more. Try us for once.
We learn from the Eaetern papers, that a bold
game is to be played by the Locofficos to defeat,
if possible, the election of WM. F. JOIIN
sToN. The office-holders are aware that if
they lose Pennsylvania, all their Presidential
hopes are scattered to the winds. Hence, they
are bringing into Pennsylvania, from the State
of New York, and elsewhere, where they have
no hopes of success, large numbers of men who
can he hired for any purpose, and scattering
them through the various counties of the State!
And all this is done with GOVERNMENT
MONEY ! Freemen of Pennsylvania! will you
allow yourselves to be thus cheated out of your
rights 1 Answer at the .BALLOT-BOX on
Tueaduy next.
Vote Early.
We would advise our Whig friends who can
spare the time to VOTE EARLY, and then try to
get their Whig neighbors to turn out and vote
also. We should like to see our Whig friends
in every township take the inside track," ear
ly in the day and keep it until the Polls are
closed. After voting yourselves, and getting
your neighbors to do so, see that no illegal
votes are slipped into the ballot box.
Look out for It.
This week's Globe will be filled with all man
lier of extravagant stories in large type, for the
purpose of deceiving honest voters, knowing
that there will be no means of contradicting
anything they .say previous to the election.—
" Combinations," "Bunk Rags," " Federal
ism," " Bank Charters," " Anti-War" &c. &c.
will be the burthen of its song. We caution
all to be on their guard. Remember their
FALSEHOOD and DECErbIiON in 1811 in
relation to the Tariff and be not again deceived.
REMEMBER at the polls on next
Tuesday, that ANDREW PARKER,
the Locofoco candidate for Congress,
denounces you in all his public speeches,
REMEMBER, that he denounces Mr.
Clay and Mr. Webster, and all who be
lieve as they do, as moral traitors of the
deepest dye; and that too while the
hearts of these patriotic statesmen yet
bleed for their SONS who fell upon the
bloody plains of Mexico!
. _
RgiIIEMBER that he is for FREE
TRADE, for the One Man Power, for
ar, for Slavery, and to sum up all in
short, that he is a Loco Paco, reckless,
radical and progressive!
the Taylor candidate holds principles on
all these subjects directly opposed to
those of Mr. Parker, and is moreover a
man of ability to represent this district
in a manner creditable to himself and
his constituents
Rally then, to the polls, and cast your
votes for Samuel Calvin and the whole
Whig Ticket.
A Boa
After concluding his labors on Saturday night
last we understand that our Assessor boasted
that he had names enough on his list to beat
the Whigs 100 at this box. If you have the
sass to do so Mr. A550.,07 well and good;
if not you will probably End mice dicli.:ty in
:nuking up you: 300 majority from the material
you have than you are aware. QUESTIONS
No Emelia= ges.
We would caution our Whig friends agidast
bargaining with the locofocos on the elector.
day. If a locofoco proposes to vote for a Whig
candidate on the ground that a Wi.ig Will voto
for a locofoco, dont do it. There are three chan
ces to one that the locofocos will cl.eiit you.
And there is no necessity for Whigs :nailr.: : :
any such bargains. All we have to do
stick to our ticket to triumphautly elect every
man upon it.
Bank Etago.”
The last Globe was filled With
in very large type, denunciatory of Ran!, P.ags.
Have not the locofocos been in power from time
immemorial in Pennsylvania and why is it
they continue to curse the people with their
Bank Rags I" Why do they not give us the
"gold and silver" about which they always
prate so much on the eve of every election I
Answer these questions, Mr. Globe, before you
again iimuit the intelligence of the people by
your silly promises of "gold end silver curer,,_
ry." For, your promises are nothing more or
less than downright insults to every man of or
dinary intelligence, and should be resented at
the Pol!s. Longstrethand LEWISTOWN MON
EY would be a much more appropriate motto
for you to adopt than Longstreth and gold and
The Taylor meetings held last week in Frank
lin, Warriorsmark and Walker were cheering
demonstrations. The attendance at all of these
places was quite large and the determined spirit
manifested all were indications of victory. We
had the pleasurdof attending the meeting at
Hawn's School House on Saturday evening, and
were highly gratified to see so large and respec
table a. attendance. The Taylor men on the
Branch are wide awake.
Let all remember the Grand Rally at the
Bourg cf SAMUEL STEFFY, in Jackson town
ship on Friday next. Calvin, Curtin and others
will be . present.
There will also he evening meetings ut the •
following places during the week viz :
Evening, 6th inst.
township, on Saturday evening, 7th of •
MILL CREER, on Saturday evening,
October 7th.
The following article appeared in the « Dem
ocratic Standard" published in Hollidaysburg,
on the 47th day of September A. D. is : !
"A Narrow Escaip! for Dr. Alc
Iv ~~3n.
On the morning* tic,t the Whig Conferees
" were preparing to start for the pinta of in-ct
" in, a youn,r, loan a,ked one of them what the
"Calvin men would do if the McCulloch men
" should beat them. The answer of the Ca I yin
C•infer:.e was that if they did, the
"-would brat the Mrenlloch non the da l(
44 the election." Fortunately for the Doctor he
" was not nominated and he thus escaped the
"political assassination which awaited him in
Little Blithe."
The und,rsigned, the Cutilvees alluded to in
the above article, embrace the earliest opportn
city as an act of justice to their highly esteem
ed and much respected friend Dr. JOHN
LOCO, to say there is not the least sembhinee of
truth in Wig part of the above article—THAT
Instead of entertaining Such feelings towards
the Doctor, the Conferees freely acknowledge
that he would cheerfully have received their
united and determined support us a candidate
for Congress, as well us that of every Whig in
Blair county, had he been nominated by the
In addition to the above, I take pleasure in
saying, as one of the Conferees from Hunting
don county, that the honorable and gentlemanly
conduct pursued by the Blair county Conferees
towards Dr. JOHN McCutt.ocii, the choice of
Huntingdon county, was the subject of remark
and commendation among the friends of that
gentleman, at the time of the Conferee meet
ing. And I have no hesitation in stating it as
my firm conviction, that, hail the nomination of
Mr. Calvin not been attainable, Dr. Johu Mc-
Culloch would have been the second choice of
the Conferees representing Muir county.
The Ten Dour Law.
In the Huntingdon Globe of last week, a pa
per that, in its desperation to serve party, has
been doing up more herd lying during the pres
ent campaign, than perhaps any other paper of
its inches in the State, we find the follow
ing wi/jrn/ and direct falsehood in relation
to Gov. Johnston's course on the TEN HOVE
Q. Who voted AGAINST limiting the la
bor of children in Factories to ten hours . / •
A. Wm. F. Johnston who now nits the fath
ers and brother: of thoic children to vote for
Now what are the FACTS in relation to Gov.
Johnston's vote on the bill in question. Why
directly the revarea of filo statotnclit of the
It is a FACT, that on referring to Senate
Journal, page 31/, we find that the Senate had
under consideration on second reading, Bill No.
IGS, entitled " An act to prevent the employ
ment, in factories, of chidren under twelve
years of age," 4nd or. the queaion, will the
Senate agree to the first section ; a motion wa3
made by Mr. Joasaror, of Armstrong, to a
mend the same by adding thcrato the following
"Nor shall any contract stipulating
for the performance of more than ten
hours !floor in the aforesaid factories be
deemed valid or carried into effect by
any Court of this Commonwealth."
On the question w:r. the Senate agree so to
amend, the yeaa and were required, and
stood, yeas 6, nay 11—and among the year,
tae naMe Jo: - .1.‘ton, of Arrni - Arong,
now Gov. JOU:YE:TON
• Does this look Lk:. opposition to the Tcn
Law ?
Capt. VT:x. F. S:SALL, the champion of th,
Tan r.aa: System, and the locofoco 'cagier m
the Se.late, voted with Mr. Johnston for this a
it is a FACT, t tor. pager and 317 of
the :axle Senate Journal, we f.. - .d two di..tinct
votes, in which the yeas and nay. were record
ed on motions to amend . made or seconded by
:In.. &mail, and in each instance the name of
Joi:x.,:or in found voting fon the bit; witli
7r. 5ra...7!; and o:. 3:7, on the vote being ta:xcr.
t?.e section amcnded, the sarze wae-
Gay. JO.N.TON vatiog to: it. Loan
like appo.,:tion to the Bill
F.:..f.."T—that on page 321 a the :our
renumed the consideration of tine
...nd after one or two unimportant amend :s, a motion was made to go into ee
of ri e ` , ...ho!fi fr.: the puritan of adding to the
hill the following provifa
, c Provided, That nothing contained
in this act shall be construed to prevent
minors above the age of fourteen years
from being employed more than ten
hours in ally day, if the same' be dons
by special contract with their parents
or guardians."
The 'notion was cairied, Mr. JOHNSTON
voTini suit IT, and the Senate resolved itecif
into Committee of the Whole, for the purpose
indicated. After some time the Committee roso
and reported the bill with the amendment, and
on the qu,stion, will the Senate agree to the r,
port of the Committee, it was decided ill the
affirmative, the yeas and nays not being callc,!,
WOl the commotion if the proprie
ty of this !tom lament.
It 16 a FACT—that the bill then coming . be
fore the Senate on itsjiwil passage, and the yeas
and nays being required, they stoqd, yeas le,
nays o—Gov. JOHNSTON'S NAME being re
corded ninon,: the YEAS, with the laborer's
special friend, Wm. F. Small
As we Expected.
We learn from the New York Tribune that a
movena is now on foot to withdraw the Cat a
Electoral Ticket in the State of New York.—
We shall not be the least surprised if thin should
In done. Case stands no chance in the State of
New Yorii, and if thy whole Locefoco party
could be united upon Van Buren his chanco
would be much better. Cass stock must bn
getting low - if hi, friends should so far humitiste
themselves a 5 t, withdraw• from the contest in
favor of the man who has been doing all he can
to cut their throats.
rill INe
The laa urri% al from Dirope
a still further in:CLINE in Git IN and Flour.—
Will the Locus be willing to gi,e the T:mlf of
'l6 the cr:dit for this decline? Last year !vhcn
Bre:Ostia. advanced, they had en hesitation ;it
claiming that advance a., one of the effect, 01
their Free Trade Policy !
[From the Hollidaysburg Rcgiiter.j
That the law under which the Re/Natty were
issued required them to be redeemed nt the end
of five years from the the passage of the law,
and that the live years expired on the Ist of
May, 1$ in—more than two year:; ago—and
the y- are not yet redeemed.
Keep It before the People
That the Leeefeeo, have been in power since
that. time, and that they might have had them
all destroyed, if they were opposed to this kind
of money.
Keep it before the People
That if they want a good Currency they must
vote for Gov. JOHNSTON and u PROTECT
Gov. Johnston, if elected, would speedily with.
these miserable rags from circulation;
And Because
; _
A Protective Tariff would tutu the balance of
Trade in our favor, and compel the British to
send us GOLD and SILVER for our Agricultu
ral Produce instead of " goods," and so render
SPECIE ABUNDANT and times easy.
And keep it before the People
That to vote for LONGSTRETII, PAINT. and
PAIIK. is to vote for the Briti,v/t Tariff of '46,
which is rapidly producing a recurrence of the
Hard Times from which we were rescued by
the Tariff of '42.
Locos take Care how you Het.
The Louisville Journal gives us to understand
that the 6, moral and religious" Locofocos of
Washington City have been scorching themselves
a little betting upon old Kentucky.
derstand that the Democrats in Washington
C.ty have lost over 50,000 on the Kentucl
Gubernatorial election. Boyd, it is said, to
$6,000. The bets ranged front 2,000 to 5,0(
majority for Crittenden, and of course the Wok
ers of Crittenden have w•on all. The boast•n,
of the Locofoco central committee of Kentu(
has been a sore business to their friends abroad