Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, August 22, 1848, Image 3

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Pursuant to the call of the Whig County Com
mittee, delegates representing the several dis
tricts of Huntingdon County, assembled in the
old Presbyterian Church, in Huntingdon borough,
on Wednesday, Aug. 16, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
The Convention was organized by appointing
GEHRETT and SAMCEL Coca, Vice Presidents,
and B. C. LYTIe and Capt. JOHN WATsox, Sec
retaries. The following gentlemen then appear
ed, produced their credentials, and took their
seats in the Convention
Barree.—Samuel Coen, John Greer.
Brady—l. W. Watson, Isaac Woolvcrton.
Cromwell—R. B. Wigton, A. Price.
Coss—Ralph Crotsley, Elijah Curfman.
Clay—J. Gehrett, John Moreland.
Dublin—B. X. Blair, A. G. Taylor.
Prenttin—D. R. Stonebraker, J. W. Met
ffenderson—Andrew Allison, J. H. Morrison.
Hopewn—Christian Shone", .Tas. Entrekin.
.fackson—Henry Lee, John Barr.
Aterres—Robt. Kinkead, David Stover.
Porter—Jacob Neff, James Alexander.
Penn—Sebastian Keely, B. C. Lytle.
Shirley—John Shaver, Thos. A. Smelker.
spriegfidd—las. Robinson, Wm. Ramsey.
Tell—Alex. Bears, Jas. Cissney.
Ted—David Aurandt, J. B. Royer.
trilie.—John Gayton, W. S. Hampson.
West—Win. McClure, John C. Wilson.
Ilrerriersmerk—Jas. D. Miller, Win. Hutch
Walker—John Snyder, Samuel Peightal.
rray's Ran—ll. Corbin, John Allison.
Birmingham--Dr. S. S. Dewey, J. K. Mc-
Alm,,/drier—A. Stitt, Henry Graffins.
Shirleysharg—Jas. Ramsey, Henry Brewster.
Petershnrg—A. Renner, Jas. Davis.
Hantingdon—Geo. A. Steel, Wrn. H. Nigh
The nomination of a Whig County Ticket be
ing the first business in order, the Convention
'proceeded to the selection of a candidate for As
sembly, with the following result :
Ist 2d 3d.
14 23 21
20 27 30
3 withdrawn.
7 4 withdrawn
3 withdrawn.
Daniel Teague,
A. K. Comp),
George Hudson,
Israel Graffius '
Wm. B. Smith,
James Moore,
S. S. Dewey,
Whole number of votes cast, 51—necessary
to a choke 28. A. K. CORNYN having recei
ved on the It ballot, more than a majority of
the whole vote, was declared duly nominated as
the Whig candidate for Assembly.
On motion the Convention then proceeded to
ballot for candidates for the several other offices
to be filled, with the following results :
. . .
Prothonotary :
George Tuylor,
Regirier emit' Recorder
Robt. Kinkead,
.J. M. Leech,
B. C. Lytle,
Samuel R. Stevens,
CominiA lone
Isaac Prigldal,
john Conrail,
Benjamin Lei's,
David Cree,
K. L. Green.
S. I). Miller,
The President then announced that for Pro
thonotaty, Theo. 11. Cromer was duly nomina
ted ; for Register and Recorder, M. F. Camp
-1,11; for Commissioner, William Hutchison;
for Auditor, Thos. W. Neely ; for Coroner,
IfeAry Grafius.
On motion of Wm. McClure, the Convention
then proceeded to ballott for a candidate for
Congress, to be supported by the Huntingdon
Conferees in the Congressional Conference,
hereafter to assemble, fur the purpose of nomi
nating a candidate to be supported by the Whig
party of the district. On the first ballot the
vote was as follows:
Dr. JOHN MeCULLOCH, ' 31 votes.
John Williamson, 14 4,
S. S. Wharton,
Dr. John McCulloch, having received a ma
jority of all the votes cast, was declared the
choice of Huntingdon county for Congress.
The following resolution was then unanimous
ly adopted :
Res./esti, That the Delegates, in considera
tion of the very excellent Ticket this day put
in nomination, do pledge themselves to give it
their most hearty and cordial support, and rec
ommend the same to the People of the county.
On motion of Henry Grafts, Jan. CLARK,
D. h. BELL and Jon,: Hvverr, were appointed
Congressional Conferees, with instructions to
support the nomination of Dr. John McCulloch.
On motion, ISRAEL GRA FIrS, Esq., was ap
pointed Representative delegate, and H. K. Ever
Senatorial delegate to the State Convention to
nominate a candidate for Governor, with instruc
tions to support the lion. JAMES COOPER.
The following County Committee was then
appointed :
County Committee.
J. Sewell Stewart, Huntingdon, Chairman.
John Greer, Barree.
11. L. McCarthy, Brady.
T. E. Orbison, Cromwell.
John Stever, Cass.
George Hudson, Clay.
11. X. Blair, Dublin.
John Conrad, Franklin.
John H. Morrison, Henderson.
John Plummer, Hopewell.
J. M. Leech, Jackson.
David Stover, Morris.
S. Miles Green, Porter.
Sebastian Keely, Penn.
John Morrison, Shirley.
Robert Madden, Springfield.
David Hackedorn, Tell.
J. D. Royer, Tod.
William Smith, Union.
John Rung, West. •
A. Stephens, Warriorsmark.
John Ker, Walker.
Charles Green, Murray's Run.
William Moore, Alexandria.
David Cree, Birmingham.
Jas. G. Doyle, Petersburg.
On motion, the Convention adjourned sine die,
[&gn,d ty the o.ffieer,.]
Latest Foreign News.
The steamer Acadin arrived at Boo
on the 13th having left Liverpool on
the 28th ult.
The news from IRELAND is of im
portance, and excites in this country pe
culiar interest. Although no actual out
break had taken place, the spirit of in
surrection had got to such a head, that
a collision with the English government
was daily looked for.
The English government were adopt
ing the most crncgetie means to meet
the impending crisis. The Liverpool
Times says, that troops were pouring
into Ireland by thousands. Thirty thou
sand troops are concentrating in and
about Cork, Limerick and Tipperary.
This overwhelming force has had the
erect of exasperating instead of intimi
, dating the people to the extent anticipa
The Habeas Corpus Act has been sus
Rewards of £5OO each have been of
fered for the arrest of Smith O'Brien,
Meagher, Dillon and Doheny. A report
has reached Dublin that the former gen
tleman had fled.
At Liverpool, setions apprehensions
were entertained of an outbreak on the
part of the Chartists.
Twenty thousand special constables
had been sworn in, with a view of meet
ing any emergency.
Paris is represented as being in a
tranquil state, and the capital assuming
something like its wonted appearance of
life, gaiety and bustle.
Government is sadly puzzled how to
dispose of the immense number of pris
oners taken during the recent insurrec
Signs in Mississippi.
The Vicksburg Whig states that the
.ilisszssi:ppi Telegraph, published in
Winston County, and hitherto a Cass
paper, has hauled down its old colors
and raised the banner of TAYLOR and
FILLMORE. The Vicksburg Whig says
that this is the third change in the Mis
sissippi press which it has recorded
since the nomination of Gen. TAYLOR,
all of them favorable to the old hero,
whose generous bearing to her sons,
when placed under his command in a
foreign country, will never be forgotten
or neglected by that proud and chival
rous State.
ri> Governer JOHNSON has issued his
proclamation directing an election to
be held for Governor on the second
Tuesday in October next, and enjoins it
on all Sheriffs and other officers to make
return thert of as though the act of As
sembly had been literally complied with,
and the writs issued more than three
colander months before the election.
Ist ballot
•11 votes.
11 "
26 votes,
3 C 6
10 "
10 "
7 votes.
The Free Soil Movement.
The much tallied of Buffalo Conven
tion has resulted in the virtual ratifica
tion of the Barnburners' Convention at
Utica. MARTIN VAN BUREN has been
nominated as the Free Soil Candidate
for the Presidency, and CHARLES F. An-
Ants, son of the late John Quincy Ad-1
ams, the candidate for the Vice Presi
These are nominations which cannot
receive the support of any one who is
thoroughly imbued with Whig princi
ples. No Whig can look upon the long
list of wrongs which the magician of
Kinderhook—the Northern man with
Southren principles, as he has for years
past been called—has inflicted upon the
Free States, and then go and vote for
him as the exclusive friend of the
North. His base subserviency to South
ern domination while he occupied the
Presidential chair, is too fresh in the
mind of the Whi g s, for them to sup
port him as theEree Soil candidate.
They know his true character, and,
knowing it, is enough to induce them to :
withhold their support from him. Hence
the principle support he can expect will .
be from the Locofoco Barnburners and
the Birney Abolitionists.
The only effect the action of the Buf
falo Convention can have, will be to
unite the Whigs in one common band in
support of their cherished principles,
and to incite them to renewed activity
to secure the election of the honest old
hero of Buena Vista. He is known to
be hostile to the extension of slavery,
stands pledged not to veto any bill
which has for its object the prohibition
of the further extension of slavery. The
Whigs, and all others who are in favor
of Free Soil and the Protection of Home
Labor, have in him a candidate in whose
integrity they confide, and of whose op
position to the extension of human ser
vitude they feel well assured. Having
no such confidence in either Cass or
Van Buren, they will now rally with
unanimity and enthusiasm upon the
man of the people—the candidate of
their choice—the plain old soldier who
"asks no favors and shrinks from no re
sponsibility." [Daily News.
31) €€
3 € 1
2 "
41 votes,
7 44
.12 '.
9 “
Taylor and Harrison.
Gen. TAYLOR snys, if elected Presi
dent, he will be guided solely by the
Constitution. The dying words of Gen.
HARRISON were—" I wish you to under
stand the true principles of the govern
ment—l wish them carried out—l ask
nothing more." Can any supporter of
Harrison hesitate to vote for Taylor.
ED- The Editor of the N. Y. Globe
announces his determination to " die in
the last ditch." He will have to go to
Camargo, then, and die in Gen. Pillow's
ditch. That's the "last," we believe.—
Louisville Journal.
MORE BOLTERS.—The Locofoco party
of Michigan seems to be crumbling to
atoms. A Free Soil Convention was
held at Monroe on the sth inst., nt which
no less than two Presidents of Cass rat
ification meetings participated—one of
Monroe county, the other of Hillsdale
county. Among the officers and speak
ers of the Convention we recognize the
names of the following prominent Loco
focos : Gen. Edwaad Bronson, Hon.
Haynes Johnson, Hon. Thomas Furring
ton, Hon. W. W. Murphy, Hon. Isaac
P. Christiancy, Col. W. Wadsworth,,
Stephen G. Clank, Samuel J. Hall, 0.
Pulver, &c. The Monroe ./Idvocate, the
Loco County organ, publishes these do
ings with great gusto, despises the Bal
timore tickets and will no longer advo
cate it.
CAN'T GO FOR 1-115 L—The editors of
;the Boston atlas are credibly informed
that several of the Whigs who have
been most active against Gen. Taylor
in Middlesex county, refuse to support
Martin Van Buren.
THE 01110 RESERVE.—The Conneaut
(Ohio) Reporter, printed in Mr. (lid
' dings' county, publishes a call for a Tay
lor meeting on the 17th inst., signed by
• two hundred and fifty-seven persons. A
large meeting has also been held in Ak
ron, near by. •
I Wlllll Nomix,rfos FOR CosanEss.—Geo. W.
Smith, Esq.,of Butler, has been nominated by
the Whig onferees from the counties of But
' ler, Armstrong, Indiana and Clearfield, as a can
, didate for Congress in that district.
LivEn Comm.srxr is generally accompanied
with pain in the right side, extending to the top of
the shoulder; variable appetite, occasionally a dis
ordered slomsch, yellow tinge of the skin and
eyes, and often a swelling over the region of the
liver, together with other symptoms of a corrupt
state of the blood.
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table Pills have the signature if William
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terfeit this is ForgerN. The genuine fur ealo
T. K.SIMOKTON, Sole Agent for Hunting
don; Charles Porter, Alexandria; Blair & Robin
son,Shado Gap; Blair& Co.,Frankstown; Orhi
son & Co., Orbisonia; A. 0. Brown, Shirleys
burg; Hunter & Co., West Barre and Petersburg;
Graff & Co., Manor Hill; D.S. Bell, IWDlayy's
Fort; James Maguire, Saulsburg; John W. My
ton Ennesrille; George H. Steiner,Water Street;
A. & W. Cromwell, Petersburg; Milliken &
Kessler, Mill-creek; and wholesale and retail at
the principal office, 169 Rice street,Philadelphis.
At Water Street on the lath by the Rev.
T.anth. Mr. JOHN HOFFMAN to
Miss LEVENIA WAGONER, both of Peters
By the same on the rah, Mr. DANIEL BA•
KER, to Miss MARTHA GETTIS of Alexan.
At his residence, at Mechanicsville, Franklin
township, on Friday morning, the .lth ultimo,
GEORGE W. HAUGH, in the 30th year of his
The deceased for some months prior to his
decease was a member of Spruce Creek Divis
ion, No. 280 S. of T., which upon notice met
and unanimously passed the following Preamble
and Resolutions, viz:
Whereas it bath pleased the Almighty in the
dispensation of a wise end inscrutable providence
to remove from among us our worthy and re
spected Brother, George W. Haugh, therefore
Resolved, That we deeply deplore and lament
the loss of our Brother, who as a citizen, was
respected—as a Brother, was true and faithful,
and amongst a large circle of friends was uni
versally esteemed.
Re.,o/ecd, That we deeply sympathize in the
affliction of the partner of his bosom and family,
in the loss of a kind husband and an affection
ate father.
Resolved, That we attend his funeral and as
a mark of respect to our deceased Brother, wear
the mourning badge of the Order for thirty days.
Resolved, That the foregoing Preamble and
Resolutions be published in the Huntingdon
Journal" and 4, Globe."
In Williamsburg, Blair county, on the 'loth
instant, PHILIP, son of Thomas and Belinda
Recs, aged 5 years 6 months and 17 days.
In Cromwell Township, on Friday morning .
last, Mr. JAMES GREGORY, formerly of
West township, aged about 21.y.gars.
Taylor and Fillmore Meeting I
The friends of TAYLOR, FILLMORE, and
MIDDLESWARTH, in Union and the adjoin
ing townships, will hold a meeting on Saturday
the 2611 inst., at 10 o'clock A. M., at the Pub
lic House of Z. PHEASANT, for the purpose
of making arrangements to secure success at the
coming election. The friends of Pure Govern
tnent generally are invited to attend.
Speakers from a distance are expected to ad
dress the People.
Aug. 13, 1818.
"persons wishing to enrich their orchards or a
-1 Join their homes by planting re/inVe fruit
trees, will find particular advantage in consulting
the catalogue of this establiehment, which will be
promptly supplied to all post-paid applicants.
Address WM. G. WARING.
Boalsburg, Centro Co.
References—Gen. S. Miles Green and Dr. 11.
lady, Peten , burg; Jonathan ItrWillisnie, Esq.
Franklin town , hip, Huntingdon County.
Auditors Notice.
THE undersigned, Auditors appointed to hear
and examine the exceptions to the administration
account of William Myron, Samuel Myron and
James Stewart, administrators of John W. My
ton, deed., who was one of the administrators of
Samuel Myron. deceased, will meet for that pur
pose at the office of Geo. Taylor, Esq., in the
Borough of Huntingdon, on Thursday, the 2Fth
day of September next, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
when and where all persons interested may at
THEO. If. CREMER, Auditor,
Huntingdon, August 21,1848.
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August 15, 1348.-2 m.
mms Popular House bus recently undergone
I thorough repair, and been furnished with
entire new furniture, of the best quality. Mem
bers of the Legislature and others, visiting the
Seat of Government, will find it a very desirable
stopping place.
Et2' Charges modern le.
WM. T. SANDERS, Agent.
Harrisburg, July 14, 1848—Bat.
r.DIML4 - 3RI - 2 3 1 - 1 4 .1.5',
Newton Hamilton, Mitllin county., Pa.,
Ai TILL visit Huntingdon stated
v ly on the 15th of June, Sep-
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Mrs. Hampson's Hotel.
june 20, ly.
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apiil 25, 1848.
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.. •
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AN; 4 1848
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Baltimore, May 0, 1848
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August last, in Huntingdon borough, or on
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Aug. 8, 1848.
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July 18, 1849.
Another Candidate in the Fieldd
fNO. N. PROWELL would respectfully in
t, form those persona indebted to him that their
accounts must be settled before the twentieth day
of August next. All kinds of grain taken in
payment of accounts ct its cosh value.
Huntingdon, duly 25, 1848.
The subscriber offers for sale a tract of land
situate on Stone Creek, West township, Hunting
don county, near Couch's Mill and adjoining land
of Robert Wilson,Francis Jackson, Chas, Green
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improvements consist of about 12 acres cleared,
with a cabin house and log stable. There is a
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made known at the residence of the subsriber re
siding on the Warm t-prings Read 3 mile. from
Aug!. 1. 1848.
A. W. Benedict,
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June ;0, 1846,
Haritigunitle ore of the '•Oxygenated Bitters"
',pared by Dr. GNI: E. Green, of W indoor, Vt ,
from knowledge obtained of their efficacy in
other elWer, we cheerfully recommend them to the
public, believing that they will folly sustain the
recommendation of the Proprietor. We hope
that this valuable remedy limy be Co tenerally
fused throughout the country that it they be ire.
crucible to all the cfHicted.
SAmtau. hiEtrs, U. S. Senators front
Wit. UPHAM, Vermont.
Jades F. Simainss, U. S. Senator from
Rhode Island.
J. T. MonEitEAD, U. S. Senator and for
merly Governor of Kentucky.
L. FL AnNowl f .liembetof Corgresffand
fornterty Governor of R. I. -
Wm. WOODBRIDGE, U. S. Se,.ator and
form( rly Governor of Michigan.
M. L. MARTIN, Delegate in Congressfrom
Wisconsin Territory.
From the lion. FOLOMOY FooT, Member of Con-
gre,re from Vermont ,
WA;IIINOTON, D. U., June 1, 1840
Do. (too. B. Bunco : —Dear Sir,—ln your
note of thin morn-Mg, you ask ' fur an expression
of my opinion in regard to your medicine, called
•Ou ygermtrd Bitters.' " It allinds toe pleasure to
state, thot from the experience I have hod, in ifs
curing a severe smack of Dyspepsia in my own
family, at d from the wonderful effects which it
has produced in other and more severe e.t.a, aris
ing in the families of Members of Congress witli
which P am acquainted, I think it an invaluable
medicine, and hope that such circulation will be
given to it au will luring it within the reach of A lb
who aro afflicted with that distrissing on study.
Respectfully yours, S. FOOT.
From 114 m. II D: Fos r n. Member of Coupes.
from Pennsylvania.
Wpm:sr:fon, U. C., JUDO 10, 1846.
Dear Sir :—I have been a dyspeptic suffeter
for about ten years, and have resorted to various
medicines for relief without success, until I made
use of your Oxygenated Miters.' I have used
about two bott'es, and find myself restored to per
fect health. The forms in which the diecaso
showed itsell, in my ease, were, great aridity of
the stomach, loss of appetite, extreme flatulence,
severe constipation of the boriels, and violect
headache. Feeling desirous that a knowledge of
your valuable remedy may reach others similarly
afflicted, I take great pleasure in recording my tes
timony to its curative power ; and I would also
remark, that while on a visit at home a short time
since, I administered a part of a bottle to a num
ber of my afflicted friends with great success.
They aro desirous that you should estabfish em
agency at Pittsburg, or inform thorn where the
medicine can lie obtained. Willy are earnest de
sire for your prosperity and happiness, r subscribe
myself, truly your friond, H. D. POSTER.
Duct. Geo. B. Gonna, Windsor, Vt.
& General Agents, No. 26,
South Sixth St, Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail by Timmins READ &
S./N, H untingilun, Pa.
August 15. 1818.
Administrators' Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that lettersof admin.
istration have been granted to the undersigned, on
the estate of Thomvs Carberry, late of Toot town
ship, deceased. Persons knowing themselves in
debted will come forward and make payment, and
all those having claims will protestl them duly au
ll.enticalcil for settlement.
4 D. 411.1 1 ,18 7'R 4 TO R' S .110 TIC E.
in hereby given that Letters of Ad
ministration on the estate or George W.
Haugh, late of Franklin township, deed, have
been granted tattle undersigned. All persona in
debted to rah! estate are requested to make Mime. ,
diate payment, and those having violins or de
mands against the same to present them duly au
thenticatcd for settlement to
Ang. 15, :919.
flame to the residence of tho subscriber residing
Vin Union township, Huntingdon county, a
bout the Ist, of Juno last, a small black COW
with a white spot on her forehead. The owner
orowners are requested to come forward prove
property, pay charges, and take her away or oth
erwise she will be disposed of according to law.
Aug. 15, 1948
T.I .17) T E.
JA NIES SAXTON having closed his old books,
last March a year. is desirous of having his
accounts previous to that date settled. All ac
counts and Notes not satisfactorily arranged be
fore the let day of September neat, will be left
in the hands of a proper officer for collection.
Huntingdon, August 8. 1818.
Fisher ..• alralurtrie
Having closed their old books on tho lst day of
April last, are desirous of having their accounts
previous to that date settled. All account. and
notes not satisfactorily arrranged betbre the Ist
day of October next, will be left in the hands of
a proper officer for collec.ion.
Huntingdon July 18, 1848.
'CP CQ3Z3b.
NOTICE; !well given to the Pubhe that my
wife, PRUDENCE SHAFFER, has left my
bed and heard without my knowledge or consent,
or any just cause, and taken up with another man.
I then fore caution all persons against trusting her
on my account. oat am determined to pay no
debts of her contracting.
Dublin township, Hunt. co., July 15, 184 S•
GEC. G WIN invites house-keepers to ,
call nt his store and examine his
large assortment of Queensware and
Table Cutlery.