Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, June 27, 1848, Image 3

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Anbther Glorious Meeting.
Pursuant to notice given, through the Hunting.
don Journal, the friends of TAYLOR & FILL.
MORE assembled in great numbers at the House
of A. Carmon, in the borough of Huntingdon,
on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of
organizing a Rough and Ready Club," in ac
cordance with the recommendation of the Mass
Meeting held on the Saturday night previous.
On motion, JNO. WILLIAMSON, Esq. was
Chosen temporary President, and JAS. CLARK,
On motion, A. K. CORNYN, Esq. read to the
meeting the address of the Whig State Central
Committee, the recommendations of which were
heartily concurred in.
The following Constitution, for the regulation
tif the Club, was then submitted to the consid
eration of the meeting, and, after being slightly
emended, unanimously adopted.
Ist. This association shall be styled and known
as the Rough end Ready Club of Huntingdon.
2. The objects of this association are, the
adoption and zealous prosecution of all measures
tending to promote the fullest possible dissemi
nation amongst our fellow citizens of those in
valuable doctrines of Political faith, as estab
lished by the Fathers of the Republic; and to
introduce once more into the Government of the
United States those measures of public policy,
by the election to the Presidential chair of that
great Hero, GEN. ZACHARY TAYLOR, the
champion, advocate and defender of his country.
3. The officers of this Club, shall consist of
a President, six Vice Presidents, two Recording
Secretaries, one Corresponding Secretary, a
Treasurer, and an Executive Committee, to con
sist of sixteen members, and a Glee C/eL.
4. The duties of the President, (or in his ab
sence, one of the Vice Presidents) shall he, to
preside at till meetings of the Club, and with
the assistance of one or more of the Vice Pres
idents appoint all special committees, decide all
points or questions of order, and exercise a gen
eral supervision over all the acts of the Club,
its committees, and the accounts of the Treas
The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account
of all monies received by him, and shall pay all
orders drawn by the President or chairman of
the Executive committee.
The Secretaries shall keep fair and correct
minutes of all the proceedings of the Club.
The Corresponding Secretary shall also act as
Secretary to the Executive Committee.
The Vice Presidents and Treasurer (ex officio)
shall constitute a Committee of Finance with
power to solicit and receive donations to aid the
funds of the Club. It shall he the especial duty
of the Executive Committee to aid in the estag
lishment and promotion of similar chths in the
several boroughs and townships of this county,
to act as committee of correspondence and draft
all addresses and other public documents.
5. Stated meetings shall be held on the sec
ond and fourth Mondays of each month, at such
time and place as may be designated by a vote
of the Club. Special meetings may at any time
be callld by the President, or upon a call of
or more members.
R. A committee of Vigilance shall be appoin
ted by the board of officers, with the usual pow-
ers and ditties of such committees, and to net in I
concert with the Executive committee in all
matters that may be ordered by the Club, or by
the presiding olhcer.
7. No member shall be exempt from the per
formance of any duties assigned him by the
Club or presiding officers, unless by consent of
a majority of the members present.
7. All persons entitled to vote at the coming
Presidential Election on subscribing their names
to this Constitution, shall be considered mem
bers of the Club, rod a., haring reported Mein
eelres rongh and ready at all times fir ditty.
On motion, the meeting proceeded to the elec
tion of officers for the "Rough and Ready Club,"
to serve until after the election of TAYLOR &
• FILLMORE in November next. The vote
was taken by submitting each nomination to the
meeting, and resulted in the unanimous selection
of the following officers :
WM. H. PEIGHTAL, President.
I. liostaixon, .10.,
BENJAMIN Koren, Vire PreArdents.
it. K. Neff'
Edward An ' Secretari
Sommer.., "•
'A. W. fiENtoter,
Col. S. S. Wu.
orresponding Serretary,
tßros, neaxtirer.
John Armitage,
Wm. A. Saxton,
E. Callahan,
David Friedly,
Daniel Whittaker,
Thos. Fisher,
John Easton,
John Read,
Samuel Smith,
W. S. Africa,
J. F. Miller,
Nicholas Decker,
John Flenner,
Geo. A. Steel,
Thos. S. McCahan, ,
After the election of officers was gone through
with, the meeting was addressed by JNO. WIL
LIAMSON, A. W. BENEDICT and D. BLam, F.sqr's,
in their Wmal able and eloquent manner. These
epeecheExere received with great applause, and
several orsons who have heretofore supported
the Locofoco ticket listened with attention, and
declared in favor of Old Rough and Ready."
On motion, the Secretary was directed to pro
cure Blank books for the use of the Club.
On motion, the meeting then adjourned, to
meet on Wednesday evening next, when the
officers of the Club will take their seats, and
the books be opened for the signatures of mem
Exerritiri• rommittr,
A THRILLING INCIDENT: lathe courseof the
Hon. R. W. Thompson's remarks at the Balti
more Ratification Meeting, he asked:—
What had Old Zack done 1 Here a
voice in the crowd replied—" I'll tell you
what he has done. About two weeks
ago I stopped at Gen. Taylor's house,and
he received me in the most cordial man
ner, gave me a comfortable meal and a
good feather bed to sleep on, and in the
morning ten dollars to pursue my jour
ney with."
Mr. T. then inquired of the persons
speaking, who he was; to which he re
plied that he was a wounded soldier on
his retnrn from the army in Mexico.
This incident created great enthusiasm
among the crowd of listners, and was
the prelude to the mention of various an
ecdotes by Mr. T., illustrative of the
goodness of heart and kind feelings of
Gen. Taylor."
_ BILLIOUS FEVER generally begins with
Locofoco Testimony. yawning, stretching, pain in the bones,
The New York Courier and Enquirer says, languor, giddiness, a swelling about the
the name of Gen. Persifer F. Smith, of Tempi-
region of the stomach, billions vomit
ing, and other unpleasant symptoms.
co, is familiar to the whole country, as belong- Iv ....7,
ight's Indian Vegetable Pills are
ing to one of the most distinguished officers of one of the best of medicines for the cure
our army in Mexico. He served and won tau- of Fevers, because they purge from the
rels under Gen. TAYLOR in the Florida war ; and I body those morbid humors which are the i
again at Monterey under the same gallant officer, cause of every malady incident to man. I
he acquired new laurels. But the crowning act In cases of fever, from four to eight of I
of his military career, was his splendid, and sue- Wrights Indian Vegetable Pills should 1
cessful assault upon the enemy at Contreras. He be taken every night, or, if the symp- I
is an out and out Locofoco ; but he is a gentle- toms are violent, night and morningi
man as well as a soldier; and he thus writes to This plan, if properly carried out will,
his friend in New Orleans in regard toGen. Tay- in a short time, subdue the most violent
tor: Testimony front such a source should attack of fever; at the same time, the di
convince even the most ultra friend of other can- gestive organs will be restored to a heal
didates that the National Convention did wisely thy tone, and health and vigor given to
in selecting Gen. TAYLOR as the standard bear-
„the whole frame.
er of the Whig Party.
0 11 ,1 n' ll eware ill sugar coated counterfeits.,
CITY of MEXICO, April 18th, 184' 7l r e only originaland genuine Indian Vegeta
* * Any one who has visited ,r .i= le Pills have the signature of William Wrigts
country must have a horror of bad _ . written with a pen on the top label of each box.
l ernment, for here is seen the sp. ,i, i None other is ril i z n e
e arel s o me corterfeit this is
earth most favored by nature, st i d f orger
.I.SIMO g N7ON, Sole Age nt Y for Hunting
!of all its advantages and converted into
don; Charles Porter, Alexandria; Blair & Robin
a hell by the vices and corruptions of its i son,Shade Gap; Blair& Co., Frankstown; Orbison
, rulers. & Co., Orbisonia; A. 0. Brown, Shirleysburg;
I have great faith in our own people, Hunter: Co.,
i Hill; D .
ip iar s re and 1
, I rt e7 : tu y r , g ; Graff
however ; they show their high sense of i!‘
Ja C me * "a a guire, Situ' lsburg; John VV. M v yt:n, En:
honesty and nobleness.
nesville; George H. Steiner, Water Street; A. &
Gen. TAYLOR ' S military exploits are W. Cresswell, Petersburg; Milliken & Kessler,
not the causes of his popularity ; they Mill-creek; and wholesale and retail at the prin
are only the occasions for the display cipalo ffi ce, 169 Race street,Philadelphia
of his sound judgment, energy of char
acter, lofty and pure sense of justice,
land incorruptible honesty.—He has as
much reputation for what he has writ
ten, as for what lie has done, because
even where the composition is not his
own, the sentiments, motives and feel-
I ings are; and every thing he does, is
marked by the purity and loftiness of
his own character,
. I have never heard of any one, how
ever corrupt or base himself, that, after
five minutes conversation with General
Taylor, has dared to propose, or even
hint at, any thing dishonest or mean.
And no intercourse in the ordinary
events of common life, can give the true'
idea of the loftiness of his character.—l
remember you asking me at the time he
was put in command at Corpus Christi,
whether he was equal to the circumstan
ces. I told you of his sound judg
ment and inexhaustible energy as I had
learned them in Florida, but I did not
then estimate properly the other and
higher points of his character. In the
campaign on the Rio Grande, I saw him
tried under all circumstances, and he
always came out pure gold.
His profession that he will be the
candidate of no party will, if he be elect
ed be carried out in his practice—not
I that his opinions 6n matters of policy
may not be those of one or other party—
on most of these.he is a 11 7 h.ig, and he is
not the man to act adverse to his own
opinions ; but no party management or
I power can ever lead him to do a mean
or what he thinks a wrong thing.
As soon as Gen. Taylor was furnish.
ed by events with the opportunity to
display his character, you see that it
was estimated properly at once, and 1
come back to the truth of the position 1
started with, that I believe the people
will always measure great men.
1 do not say they will always reward
them properly, for they cannot always
give a direct expression to their feelings
and the least worthy may have the vote
without having the wish.
There has a great error been commit
ted in relation to Gen. Scott: no milita
ry operations in history have displayed
more military qualities or been more suc•
cessful in their results. Nor have they
been in any case the result of chance;
every thing has been done in conformity
with a plan, and the event in all cases
has been almost predicted. That a suc
cessful General should be degraded in
the very scenes of success, for complaints
made not of him, but by him, is exceed
ing strange, and most unfortunate. Ev
ery one in the army feels it as a dis
grace. * * * * • *
Your sincere friend,
The :latest news from Mexico was receivedby
the steamer Cresent City of New York yester
She brings full details of the ratifica
tion of the treaty by the Mexican Govern
ment, Gen. Herrera has been elected to
the Presidency, having received the
votes of eleven States, while Angel Tri
as received the votes of five.
A resident minister to the Govern
ment of the Uuited States is to be ap
pointed immediately.
From Guatimala we learn that a gene
ral revolt ofthe Indians had taken place.
The Markets,
PiiitAntr.eitin, June 23, 1818.
The dernand for flour for shipment has almost
entirely ceased; and there is but a limited de
mand for hoine use. We notice, however, small
sales of Peim'a and Western brands at $5,37i a
5,50 per.bbh. In Rye Flour there is nothing do
ing, and,Corn Meal is merely nominal at $2,371.
Wheat of fine quality is scarce ; small sales of
fair red at 120 a 122 c. Sales of Penn'a Rye at
70c. Corn is in fair demand, some Bor 10,000
bit. having sold at 51 a 52c per bu. Sales of
4,000 bu. Penn'a Oats at 37c. Sa;es of Whiskey
in bbls. at 22c per gal.
Tun CATTLE MAnssr.—The offerings of Beef
Cattle this week were 1360 head, principally
from the West, 480 of which were driven on to
New York, and 120 remaining on hand, the bal
ance being sold at prices that show a slight de
cline, being from $5,50 to $7,25 per 100 lbs.—
There were 260 Cows and Calves at market,
which sold at $8 a $l5 for dry, $l4 a $27 for
springers, and $lB a $33 for fresh Cows. Hogs
were dull of sale at $4 a $4,50 per 100 lbs.—
There were 1400 Sheep and Lambs offered, that
sold from $1,25 to $l, as in quality.
rt. ..'
„f ~ ` • c~t
Anniversary of American Indepen.
- device.
The Committee of Arrangements appointed
by the 6, Sons of Temperance," to make prep
arations for the celebration of the approaching
Anniversary of our National Independence,
hereby extend an invitation to the citizens at
large to participate with the ,4 Sons" and Sab
bath Schools, in the procession and celebration.
Mr. McCahan has kindly consented to give us
the use of the grove near his residence, where,
if the weather permit, the exercises will take
place, and refreshments be prepared. It is wish
ed that the celebration may not be confined to a
class or to a society, but thatall will participate.
It is probable the "Sons" will appear in rega
lia, and they will be glad to receive as visiters
the members of any other Divisions.
John Scott, Jr., George Garretson,
Thomas Burchinell, A. S. Harrison,
Peter Swoope, S. Fridley, Jr.,
E. Hawkins, Wm. L. Snyder,
J. Smyth Read, Alex. Port,'
Committee of Arrangements
25 Webs assorted Prints just arrived and for
sale by
A fresh supply of Mackerel just arrived and
J 1 for sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
lhfire ANGLO-SAXONS have comeagain in the
can afford to sell 10 per cent. lower than ever.
The stock consists of Coats, Pants, Vests and
Monkey Jackets, of all sorts, colours and shades.
June 27, 1848.
for the cure of
Fever and .9gue, Chill Fever, Dumb
.9gue,lntermittent & Remittent Fevers,
Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Enlarge.
ment of the Liver, Enlargement of
the Spleen, and all the various
forms of Bilious Diseases.
This excellent compound is for sale by the propel.
etor's Agent T. READ & SON.
Price $1 50 per bottle.
V" What is the matter with me, Doc
ior 1 What the cause of this sallow complexion,
jaundiced eye, depression of spirits, pain in the
side and shoulder, weariness of body, bitter Nate
in the mouth! Such is the enquiry, and such the
symptoms of many a sufferer! It is the liver
which is diseased, and the Cholagogue is the rem
edy always successful in curing it. Try it, and
judge for yourself. For sale by T. Read .!,c Son,
agent for the proprietor.
cO Better die than live, if I am to be
tortured from day to day with this horrible Ague,
exclaims the poor aufTerer whose life hue become a
burden from the racking paroxysms of an inter
mittent, and whose confidence in human aid is de
stroyed b36the failure of remedies to produce the
promised relief. Such has been the situation of
thousands who are now rejoicing in all the bless
ings of health from the use of Dr. Osgood's Indix
Uholagogue. In no instance does it fail of effect
ing a speedy and permanent cure. For sale by the
proprietor's agent, 'l'. READ & SON.
~ How few who think aright among the thinking
How many never think, but only think they
j- The sentiment implied in the
above exclamation is on no subject more fully ex
emp'efied than on that of health. But few give
it a single thought, and fewer still reflect upon it
with the observation and good sense which mat
ters of minor consequence receive. As observa
tion teaches the fact that Dr. Osgood's India Choi
agogue is a never failing remedy in Fever and
Ague, good sense would surely indicate its prompt
and immediate use. To be found at
agent for the proprietor.
jnne 27, 1848.
Newton Hamilton, Mifflin county, Pa.,
TILL visit Huntingdon stated
ly on the 15th of June, Sep
tember, December and March, and ohlisais
remain two weeks at each visit. 137 - Rooms at
Mrs. Hampson's Hotel.
june 20, ly.
For the Ladies.
Alarge rind beautiful assortment of
Ladies Dress Gaiters, and Kid and
Morocco Shoes, at the store of
J. W. Saxton.
No 32 and 33 Arcade, and 8i North Third St.,
COUNTRY Merchants can save from 10 to 15
per cent by purchasing at the above stores
By importing my own good., paying but little
rent, and living economically, it is plain I can ult•
decent those who purchase their goods here, pay
high rente, and live like princes.
Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Pen
and Pocket Knives, Sciesors end Razors. Table
Knives end Forks, in Ivory, Stag, Buffalo, Bone
and Wood handles; Carver. and Forks, Steele,
&c. Butcher Knives, Dirks, Bowie Knives, Re
volving and Plain pi stn i a , &e. lust rece i ve d, a
large stock of Rodgers' art! Wostenholm's fine
Pen and Congress Knives.
Also, a large assortment of Accordeons, &c.,
&c. Also, Fine English Twist and German
Crowell:um & firollarr,
No. 11, Walnut Street, Philadelphia,
Wine, Liquor and General Commission
WINE';, Brandies, Gin, and Charnpaipne of
different brands imported direct, and so d on
accommodating terms to Country Dealers. Qual
ities and proof of Liquors wrrranted.
Philadelphia, June 20, 1840.
The Campaign Approaching---Gen's.
Cass and Taylor in the Field.
tiLL persons knowing themselves indebted to
the subscriber Icy note, book account or other
wise, are requested to make prompt payment on or
before the 20th day of July next. Those neglect
ing dm notice, after that day, may expect to be
called on by a proper officer who will notify them
with what is cal (41 in Law a Legal Process...
Henderson township, June 20, 1848.
N. B. Persons hoeing left watches with me for
repairing or otherwise at any time while I was
carrying on the Clock & Watch making business
in HAntingdon, will find them iu the shop of H.
K. :SMff & Brother, in Market Square, next door to
the Exchange Hotel. Any Watches not called
for within six months will be sold ar public auc
tion. D. B.
themselves of this means of making
known to their old friends and customers that they
have greatly enlarged their room, and are now
opening at the old and well known corner, a very
large and splendid assortment of
spring and Summer Goods,
which will be sold
20 Per Cent. Cheaper
than was ever before known in this latitude.
Their stock is heavy and has been selected with
great care, so that the wants of the WHOLE
PEOPLE may be euplied. In addition to their
former variety they have added a fine assortment
of HATS, CAPS, and
Ready-Made Cloihing,
which now renders their establishment a
Grand Bazar
where everything useful and ornamental may be
found, and ar prices which DEFY all competition!
For example: They are gelling silmidit!
Dress Lawns for I2i cents. per yard,
Calicoes, from 3to 6 do. do.,
Bleached Muslin at 4 do. do.,
Good Brown Sugar at 61 cents per lb. ;
best Rio Coffee at 10 cents per lb. ; Mo
lasses, 25 cents per gallon. And to cap
the climax, they are able and willing to
sell a FULL SUIT of Ready-made Cloth
ing for the small sum of 2.50.
For further particulars, please call at
the 'OLD LOCUST CORNER,' where
the important fact will be proven that
Fisher, McMurtrie & Co. have the largest,
the BEST and the CHESP ES7' stock of
Goods ever offered for sale in Hunting
don! [April 6, 1848.
GOOD thirty hour brass :CLOCKS can be had
at Scott's cheap Jewelry Store for $3 50, and
eight day brass clocks for $6 50. None sold that
cannot be warranted. Also, Common Watch
Glasses fur 181 cte. l'atents 25 cents. and Bru
nette 37 1-2 cents. A like reduction in all other
Is it an optical delusion or a Brilliant reality that
dazzles Ladies and Gentlemen as they pass JAS.
I'. SCOTT'S Jewelry Store
SCOTT', on his late visit to the east, drew ma
ny of the splendid prizes in the Grand Jewelry
Lottery, and being extremely lucky, he in deter
mined to be extremely liberal. His store is filled
with the richest and rarest specimen. of art from
the work .hops of the east. He has the largest,
the cheapest, and the best assortment of CLOCKS
and GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, of al
most every description, ever brought to Hunting
don. Also, Gold and Silver Fob Chain., Gold
and Silver Pins and Pencils ; brilliant Rings and
Bread Pins ; Bracelet., Boquet holders ; Silver
Spoon, Mustard do., silver and common Specks,
Rodger's Pen Knives, Roussell's unequalled Soap.,
Perfumes, Liquid Hair Dye, Lip Salve, Shaving
Cream, &c., besides a vast variety of other articles
both for ornament and use, fill his cases. He has
bought low and is settled in his determination to
sell low. Give him a call.
Huntingdon, May 16,1848.
Hats, Hats, Hats.
ONE case more of Ashton's beautiful
mole-skin Hats, which no gentleman
should be without, just received, and
for sale at FISHER, McMURTRIE &
CO'S. Also,
a supply of Cerro Gordo
end Buena Vista Hats of the best qual
ity, and very cheap.
To Housekeepers.
FINE Jersey cured Hams, Fresh Shad,
Herring & Mackerel, just landed,
and for sale at
Flp alotassex.
A few more hogsheads of that unrival
11_ led fip Molasses, which has created
so much excitement, now ready to be
sold in quantities to suit purchasers, at
the 4 . GR.IND B.d Z./1 IC of Fisher,
McMurtrie & Co., where in fact every
thing may be found cheaper than any
place else ; not to say anything about
their really fine
1 A• 8 Cl. Sugar.
Great and Glorious News!
For the People of Huntingdon Town and
County generally !
Extraordinary Redstrlton in
Notwlthetanding much wrangling and great di
versity of opinion now exists among politician. ae
to who shall ba the candidates of the respective
parties for the Presidency, it is en admitted lact
among all classes and ell psrtiee, that
have just opened et their old eland in Mein Street,
Huntingdon, an assortment of
Xpriteg 311111 Suinimer
not only the cheapest by at Wet ten per cent,litit
decidedly the beat adapted to the wonta of the
People generally, that has ever been opened in (hid
sectioo of the htate.
Their stock consists it, part of Cloths, Cansi
niereti, Satinetta, and a great variety orcheap
goods suitable for Men's and Boy's Summer wear.
Muslins of every quality and at astonishing low
prices; Linens, Bed 'Picking, Shootings, Umbrel•
las and Parasols, Sun Shades, &C., &r.
Also, Calicoes and Ginghams of a quality and
at prices that must suit the views of all.
Also, Silks, Lawns, Mouslin de Lair. and Bal.
zorines of the finest quality and at prices that
"can't be beat!" Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Gloves,
Mitts, Ribbons, Hosiery, &c., &c. Also, an ele
gant assortment of
Leghorn and Straw Bonnets,
//.ITS and ('.IPS O
of every variety. A large assortment of
11i001,4 and hOCS.
made in the most substantial manner. A general
assortment of
Hardware, Queenswate,Ghissware,
Paints, Oils, Salt, .&c., &c
The strbscribers desire to return thanks to their
friends and the public generally, for the liberal pat ,
ronngo heretofore extended to them. And in ask
ing a continuance of public favor, desire to state
that their new stock of tit.c.:td having boen pur
chased for CASH, they are enabled to offer them
at priced aS low, if not louder, than any other or
tabliehmerit in the county. Call, examine and
judge for yourselves.
may 2, ;848.
At the Store of
Al the old Stand, in Markel Square, Han 1714.
den, Pa.
The public are informed that I have received'
an entire new stock of
Spring at Summer Goods,
being by far the best assortment ever brought to
this place, among which will be found Cloths of
all kinds, Carrainets, Kentucky Jeans,Gambroons,
French, Belgium and Fancy Caseimeres,Croton,
Oregon and Tweed Cloth, Vestings,Flannele and
Drillings, and a variety of Cotton Goode for Sum
mer wear. French and Irish Linens and Checks,
Bed Ticking, Muslin. and Shootings, Umbrellas
and Parasols. A large assortment of Calicoes of
the newest styles, at low pliers.
Earlston, French, Scotch and Domestic Ging
hams and Balzorines, Diapers, Table Cloths, Cot
ton Fringe, Mouslin de Laines, French Lawns
and Scarfs, Shawls and Handkerchiefs, Black and
Fancy Alpacas, Merinoca, Silk Gloves, Mitts,
Ladies Caps, Ribbons, Hosiery, dec.,
Also, a very excellent assortment of Hats,
Caps, and
Leghorn and Straw Bonnets, Pala Leaf
Hats, Boots and Shoes.
WaRE, FISH, SALT, &c., &c., with a
fine variety of Goods of all kinds.
The shove stock of goods having been selected
with gi eat care, and purchased at reduced prices
for Cash, in the city of Philadelphia, I am enabled
to offer
Great Bargains,
and hope that all will examine my stock before
purchasing electvhere, as I run determined to sell
as low as any one in Pennsylvania. Please call
and ace my goods, as it affords me pleasure at all
timer; to chow thern.
Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Flour, Clover/wed &
Flaxseed. Butter, Eggs, Lard, Bacon, Soap, Bees
wax, &c., taken in exchange for Goods.
The partnerspih heretofore existing between
John N. Swoop. and Win. Moore of the town of
Alexandria, in the Mercantile business, has been
dissolved by mutual consent. The books of the
firm will be attled at the , Store, where persons in.
debted are requested to make payment.
Alexandria, April let. 1848.
The business will be continued by the under•
signed, at the Old Stand. Ho returns thanks for
the patronage heretofore extended, end respectful
ly solicits a continuance of the same.
6 miles above Havre de Grace,
Will at all times purchase Wheat at a price
within TWO C ENTII of Philadelphia Market.
c• - • Owners and Boatmen are invited to call.
Plaster may be had at the Mill.
april2s, 1848.
QEO. G WIN invites house-keepers to
call at his store and examine his
large assortment of Queensware and
Table Cutlery.
Hams, Shoulders dii. Flitch,
TUST received from Pittsburg, several
A itah
, h ogsheads r o a f
a t! a t ; s ,
Ladies' Dress Gaiters and Shoes.
Abeautiful assortment for sale at the
new store of DORSEY & MAstunz.
Also, a good assortment of Children's
fine and coarse shoes.
Do etot Iroiliffelt
... -- - -- --T . :'.
~ . .‘ 77, ..,..,,7,: ‘ ,..,.,, , ,' ~, hy means of the POCKET'
!t! i:';/ Ai; r.,,,, i JESCULAPII.IB, Or. Eve!?
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' - 1,4.' t',/ t'etenteenth Edition, with
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.',/ onwards of One Hundred
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...I Erigravirls, 'bowing privet,
', .. ; Sr), - 7 . _.-; diseases In every shape end
--- ."'"--- forth. and Malfrodivrtitths df
the general eysletri: By V 1 M. I OUN 0, M.D..
The time has arrived, that lien..a suffering from
eeriet disease, need no more berwthe the victims of
Quackery, or by the prdeerlpiiorie contained in
this book any one may cure hititaclf: Whitopt hit,.
drance to business. or the knowledge of the [Wort
intimate friend. ire el with one tenth the twin( ex ,
pence! In addition to the general routine of pri
vate diseases, it ful y explains the canoe If Jinn
hood's. early decline. with observations nn Marriage;
—besides many other derangements which it could'
riot he pr.nper to enumerate in the public printr.
crf Pomona residing at any distance from Phil-.
aileiphis. ran have this book forwarded to them
through the Post Oilier, on the receipt of twenty
five resins, directed to br. 'William Toting, 152
SPnlieE StMet. Philadelphia.
June 20, 184 g.
°AMP. to fhe residence of the subscriber in
kj the hormigh Ilitntingdon, on the 17th .
June inst., A WHITE BOAR PIG, summed'
to he about live ruroiTho Md. The owner is re
..• ,
qu,ctrii to appear, prove properiy, pay ekaraes,•,
and take it away—otherwise 1t will be disposed
of according . to law. .INO. ARMITAGE.
Huntingdon, June 20, Ism
Late fashions and cheap Bargains.
Ret e he p c i t i fbtly y ic g informs enera i y
t h h i
t f r h i c en h d a s s
s d t
returned from the city with a large and
neat quantity of city made Boots and
Shoes, which he will dispose of on the
most reasonable terms. He also keeps
on hand s fine assortment of Boots and
Shoes of his own manufacture. Call. at
his shop two doors west of the Post Of
fice where you earmot fail to be accom
odated with neat and durable work.
Cash or Country produce always taken
in payment for work;
June 13, 181S—tf.
.4 D.III.7VIS7'IZ37bk'S E
Letters of administration on the estate
of Allen 0. Brown, late of the borouglt
of Shirleysburg deed. having been gran
ted to the undersigned, he hereby gives
aotice to all persons indebted to
.said de
teased to come forward and make pay
trent, and to all persons having demands
against the same, to present them prop
erly authenticated without delay.
May 30, 1848. JOHN SHAVER,
A great variety Of the latest—most interesting
and thrilling works of fiction have just been re
ceived at the
which will be sold at Philaffelphid prices. No ad
vance asked in mental breadsturs
A dark bob-tailed mare, about ten
years old, and having no shoes on the
front feet, strayed from the premises of
the undersigned, living at Juniata- forge,
West township, Huntingdon county.
Any information concerning said mare
will be thankfully received, and a rea.
sonable reward will be paid for delivery
of said mare to the undersigned.
May 30, 1848.
Still more Astounglng N'ew•s in the
The eoncessions made by the Jews and Gentiles
A further reduetien of prices demanigd by the
people—resistance by the various Fi rn and ad
vance of PROW ELI, with the 4th Light brigade
escorting an
Immense Mock of Goods,
to be disposed of at prices that will allay the tre
mendous excitement.
Still further glorious news for the community—
nri teal of the train under Prowell—his batteries
in position opposite Fort M'allace—joy of the
manses—Proweirs Brigade fraternizing with the
populace—enthusiasm of the rank and file for the
Hero of Cheap Goods—his eplerdid assortment
opened and crowds of customers surrounding his
counter. Amongst this assortment may be fatmd
the most splendid lot of
Obr exhibited in the United States. Such as
Ginghams, Lawns, Bereave, Balzarines, Tissues,
Organdies and Plaids t Silks, striped, barred and
plain ; 700 pieces of Calicoes which I will sell at
stick prices as wil astonish the world. Shawls of
every quality and price. Parasols, Parasolets ard
Sun Shades. !Aces, Edgings, Quillings,Bobinew,
striped and barred Muslins, Gloves of e ver y d er .
cription, Hosiery in abundance ; Muslin,, Tick•
Inge, Checks. Diapers and cotton goods for panta
loons. Ready made clothing, Hardavvre, Qucenr
ware Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Leghorn, Chi.
, na. Pearl and Palm Leaf Hats.
The above goods have beer. purchased at 20 per
cent lower than those bought earlier in the seuon,
and will be sold at such prices as will Ratiar he
people of this county that the CHEA I' CORNER
is the only place to get bargains at last.
Cheap Corner, Huntingdon,
May 9, 1848.
Dissolution of ll'artnerxhip.
THE Firm of J. M. & S. li. Bell, under which
I name the business et Edwruti Furnace, in
Shirley township, Huntingdon county, Ps., was
carried on previous to the first day of April 1848.
was on that day dissolved and ceased to exist by
mutual consent.
From that date. (tat of April 1848,' the Mati
nees at and of said Furnace has been conducted
by and will hereafter be transacted by Samuel
Bell, alone. JAMES M. DELL.
May 30, 1848-31. pd.
For Twenty-Five Cents.!
STII.II .11.4 IR E.