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Ridge Road, above Buttonwood, : t.,
AS now gift. abundant evidence of lie heal
in g powers, and proved itself the most extra
i sow Ramses for public and pritratt building. I 1-1 .
ordinary and wonderful medicine in the word
and public equates, of every variety of form
Itt the short space of two ye us. it has acquired a
and pattern.
OBISZTB RAI LI NG., of classic and unique &gig. reputation for curing (Neese and relieving pain for
greater then any medicine eve: discovered. Ira
—embracing upwards of one hundred dilretent
wonderful cures have astonished the Medico'[
ulty, who row untveranlly concede its great value.
hausGRAINS and SETTEES, for Gardens, Dads
They speak of it ill 010 highest terms, and con.-
and Ph...las—new toy'. I mend its use.
VEII•NIIAS and Pit Ail' Kul, for Cottages, made to
: it is condemn.' by none. On the cont. ay, its
every style. pea ae it universal. The cases of cures are so nu-
Superior Witoncat bunt, fur Carriage en
merous that it would take volumes to recount them;
trances. I end it i 4 o fixed fact, and is not disputed, that at a
Pain Extractor it has no equal. For the man
Saes TABLES of various 'style., embracing, Louis
astonishing cures, see the pamphlet, to be had of
X 1 Y,Elizabethean, Gothic, and modern patterns, ,
each agent. If you su ff er with either of the diseases
with White and Gold Italian Marble tops.—
for which it id recornmend.l, resort at once to its
Thews tables have been introduced by the rub
use and be cured. For the following dia...s it is
scriber for Hotels, Restaurants, Ice Cream Sa
loons, Atc. They are beautiful articles of fur- a ." infialibk remedy '
edam for Hat Stores .d other eatehlishments Spinal affections, Rl•eumatism, Paralysis
where it is desirable to make a grand display. , and all Nervous affections,Salt Rheum,
g He has recently constructed art elegant'. Croup or hives, Ague in the Breast
autiatantlal CAST IRON 1 - 111,311./ Pose, in form I and Fare, Weakness of the Joints,
admirably adapted to permanency of {..iii... , I Colds, Toothache, Sore Throat and
highly ornamented, and re preemptin Hu t well men- j •
fantasy, Ulcerated Sores, indolent M
aid Haan of that noble animal, the . Such
an article has long been a desideleitim, arid to cers, Burns, 'Frosted Feet, Corns,
now offered to the good taste of the public. I Bilnyous, Fresh Wounds, Swellings
Stranger' visiting Philadelphia, ere respectfully and Bruises, Scrofulous Affections,
invited to call .it his Wararooios. end h. Musquito Bites, and Poisons,
different epecirnens of new and beautiful work. rs'Y'l'llie Liniment is sold by all the respectable
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor. Merchant.' and Dru ggi
sts throughout the country '
Rittsc Rood, above Batioatotood St., Phila. and b.. th e p • „ „ ••
y l roprieture at Sing :mug. N.Y.
U"lie hos recently published, at greet expense, GEORGE E. STANTON
an original work exhibiting the new design.' and
patterns which are executed at Ilia entahliehment,
embracing all the above articles, and the various
and splendid patterns oft emetry, Balcony. Step,
and other Railings which have been manufactured
for Laurel Hill and other celebrated Cemeteries,
designed expreesly for his own establishment. and
which may be sent to uny part of the world to
those who desire to make a selection. Undoubted
reference will be requtrcd to censure a prompt re
turn nl the work, after an opportunity for making
the selection.
Philadelphia. April 2h. 1848-41. r IIH E attention of gentlemen desirous purelia
Piliiade il/illia Chilly NlOre. or B . I . ATUARv, i, requested. •
THE Subscribers , proprietors of one of the old• l'lnt Subacribers. having been engaged in the
oat and ioco , exten.ig. I. hi n ,, 5 k ,,,, is th e Maib'e business for the last thirty years in Phila.
United State., have now on hand a very l•rge sup- delpitia, and having manufactured work for almost
ply of every part of the Union, can refer to all who have
Common Ware, Granite Ware, chi m , favored them with their custont,und to their work,
Ware, and Glass Ware, (consideralil of which has been put up in this
embracing all the veriellea ever imp o rted, whirl: LlaNcte . , 3 o,le T N h lcayti l lienlesn, and ui ' L li w o o n ti l tro n :i l L; l in f a u l li LZ p ig p i l l y s
they will sell in large or email 'Pan . ..ilk a. Wi nd' for Monuments: mid other work copies of which,
sale or Retail, to suit the want:: of the people, nt with pr ices, will be fon,. ded.
prim to defy competition.
' rri. All work ahipped is insured front break-
The advantagea to he derived from having a ..,
large stock to select front, ought certainly to be op. " 'Thiry can refer to any Mercantile house in Phil.
parent to every one ;only two need be mentioned: adelphia for standing and character as workmen.
lat. The variety to please the bait, JOHN STRUT HERS & SON,
2d. The advantage of purchasing at the lowest 1
No. 36!) High Zit reet, Phi la.
prices; for it is certiiinlyividerit to every thinking
mind, that .the larger the business dime, Ike'
smaller the profit required. ft is no in every branch
of trade. The manufacturer sells to the wholesale
package dealet; the wholesale package dealer
sells to the jobber, and the jobber to the retail
country dealer: so that the farmer or consumer
of the at tide pays at Most four profile! !
Why pay so many profits when you can come
directly to heed quarters!
219 Chesnut street, above 7th street.
april 25, 1848-2m.]
Perot, Hoffman & Co.
Forwarding and General Comtniarion merchants,
No. 41 North Where. and 99 North 1\ ater
Are prepared to receive and forward Goode to all
points on the Juniata. with promptness and des
patch, at as low rates of freight as any other
House. . . _
Plaster and salt constantly on bend, far sale at
the lowest market rate..
aCY: Liberal advances made on Proil nee.
References--Dutith & Humphieya , Fi anklin
Platt & Cu , Lea, Bunker dc Co., Barclay &
Kennedy, Philadelphia; Robert Thompson,
Thompsontown ; R. C. Gallaher. IM ifflintown ;
J. & J. Milliken, F. McCoy and 0. P. Duncan,
Lewistown ; Lloyd & Graff, Hollidaysburg ;John
Porter, Alexandria; Irvin, Green & Cu., Mill
march 21-1848. ,
The subscriber respectfully solicitethe attention
of Country Merchants and Dealers generally to
an examination of a complete stock of
%V Inch for extent, variety and workmanship, he
Batters himself will give universal satisfactions,
while his reduced scale of prices presents to pur
chasers inducements which cannot be surpassed
by any other establishment in the I `sited States.
Philadelphia, march7-3tn.
John Scott, jr .,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, iluntingdon, Pa.—
Hee removed his office to the middle room of
Snare's Row," directly opposite Fisher &
Wee More. where he will attend with promptness
end fidelity to all business with which he may he
entrusted.' Huntingdon or the adjoiningcounties
Huntingdon 5ept.23,1946.
mylcip 31.(351
No. 1001 Market Square, Huntingdon, Pa.
U. U. NETT & BRO•,
RAVE just received from the Eastern
Markets a very extensive and the
most magnificent and best assortment of
ARTICLES, ever brought to Hunting.
don: Consisting, in part, of Gold Lever
Watches, full Jewelled, from $4O to
$l2O ; Silver Levers, from $l6 to $3O,
and common watches at any price—all
of which are warranted for one year.
Clocks, iVarches and Jewelry repaired
with the greatest care, on the most rea
soncale terms and warranted. [ap 4.
rod supply on hand and for sale by
DORSEY & Alsur:ins.
64 Not for a Day but for All Time."
A G E NTS. —T. Read & Son, Huntingdon; B.
r. Patton, Warriortonark; Jamas Clark, Binning.'
ham; J. R. Hunter & Co., Beteraburg; Milliken
& Kessler, Mill Creek ; A. O. Brown, t- hirleva.
burn, E. Orbiaen .} Co., Orbisonia ; Blair &
Maddon, Cromwell township; A. C. Blair, Clays
A ug. 24,1847-3 m.
March 7. 1848.3 m.
N. ll—There is nothing in their line whirl'
they do not furnish, either domestic or imported.
- - ' A iventax is a complaint in which this Balsam
I'd T.l E TE D has been extensively used, and with perfect success
N the Wholesale & Retail Hardwire Trade, the in proof of which read the following important
I Stock of which is new and recently selected. letter from Georgia.
This is deemed art op pottunity seldom to be met We are daily receiving testimony like the fol.•
with for an active person from the interior of the bwtng frurn the North, South, East and West.
State, who 1138 dome knowledge of the German Messrs. Reese & Ware: Gentlemen—l was
Language, and also a good country acquaintance. afflicted milli Asthma far Aurtecn years,rind had
lire amount of Cash Capital required would be tried every remedy in the country. I had .alao
train $2OOO to $3OOO. been to reveral physicians and found no relief
A person with the above requisites and a par . whatever. I was affected at tinea so severely, that
'tia know edge of the business, with satisfactory the blood would gush from my now, and my
teferences, by early application to No. 127} North breathing was difficult. Indeed, the disease hod'
St., or at Eagle Hotel, C o l. W e bb , w ill meet gained so much on my health that I despaired of
with attention. ever getting tvell, when I chanced to get a bottle
Sohn Stone di. Sons,
Silks, Ribbons and Millinery Goods, ,
No. 45 South Second street, r,-Read the following from Dr. Jacob
PHILADELPHIA, ; Hoffman, a physician of extensive peat:-
Have received by the late arrivals from F rance , i tire in Hvntin gdun county
(chiefly of their own importation,) a new and Dear Sir procured one bottle of
very rich assortment of I Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
Spring Murry Goods, I from Thomas Read, Esq., of this place,
To which they will constantly be making addi. and tried it in a case of obstinate Asth
lions. They have now in Store— Imaon a child of Paul Schweble, in which
Silks for caring bonnets, of all prices. ' many other remedies had been tried
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, a beautiful ! without any relief. The balsam gave
Pl ua and Satin Ribbon., all widths.
, sudden relief, and in my opinion the ain Mant 1
French and American Artificial Fowera,in great child is effectually cured by its use.
variety. Yours, &c.,
Paris Chip Hats. JACOB HOFFMAN, M. D.
Crapes, Crape Lisses. Dec. 9.3, 1841.
Fancy Bonnet and Cap Nets. Price $1 per bottle—six bottles for $5.
Trimming Lacer, Face Trimmings.J. D. PA RK,
Buckram.. Willow, Crown., Tip.. &C.. &C. For wile by J.
to ;ianford & Pork,)
And all articles needed for the Millinery Trade.,
c 0• The attention of Merchants and Milliners General Agent for the West. All orders ad
visiting the city is particularly requested to our dressed to him wil' receive prompt attention.
stock, .it will be found far 'sore extensive than REED & SON, Huntingdon ; Mrs.
that of any other house in out line, and the price. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg ; Morris &
mere moderate. I
, Nicodemus, Martinsburg.
THE subset ih,r, residing two miles east of Shir
t leystiorg, in the shop formerly uccui ied by
David Long, wishes to inform the public that he
will carry on the
Coverlet Weaving
in all its various branches. Also—Carpeting,
Girthing & Ingrain. Also, Dye every variety of
shades of colour. Having served a term of six
years with said Long, he assures the public that
he understands the above business. and by strict
attention be hopes to merit u liberal share of pub
lic patronage. For the accommodation of canto
mere, work will be taken in nt Fisher and Medur
trie's :'.tore, Huntingdon ; at Kessler's Store, Mill
Creek; at Jacob Eby's, Path Valley.
mh7-3m.1 WM. KEEFER.
Cheapest in the World !
Steam Refined Sugar Candies,
121 eta per pound, Wholesale.
J. RICHARDSON, No. 42 Market Street,
O. PHILADELPHIA, takes pleasure in informing
the public, that he still continues to eel/ his very
Superior Steam Refined Candy at the low price
of $12.50 per 100 pounds, and the quality as
equal to any manufactured in the United States
He also offers all kinds of goods in the Confec
tionary and fruit line at corresponding low
p, ice., as quick sales and small profile are the or.
dor of the day.
Cell or eend your order., end you cannot Wu,
he satisfied. Don't forget the number, 42 Market
Street, Philadelphia. . .
much?' 18.8 m
13 ware of Counterfeits.
7,000 Cases of obstinate Pulmonary Coin•
plaints Cured in One Year !
44444 4 4 4 4
The Great american Remedy for Lung
Complaints and all affections of the
Respiratory Organs.
The Eighth Wonder of the
HI oil&
M ANE ces who
effectedhav witnessed
by the gen. t i l n i e e
iv x i t s r i a ( o u. rd s i i n t 17 .
tr,tnt of li'ild Cherry seem disposed to regard tt
as the Eighth Wonder of the World !
.• Why, ' say they t the Wild C'herr• • y Bark
and the Iceland Moss, (the two chief ingredients
of this wonderful compound.) have been prescri
bed from time immemorial by the beat physi. ions
—but, never, before, have cures so extraordinary
been perritied.
The reason is obvious. The proprietors of NVis
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry do not eh ins for
their highly celebrated article any far-fetched, my.
terious. miraculous power. They have openly ac
knowledged the shuttle nature of its ingredients,
and only claim fur their great and invaluable dis-,
covery the exclusive sect cl of
of ingredients which go to make up fists richest
of curative compounds.
The limit skillful and scientific physicians now
prescribe this medicine in their practice; while
neglected Doctors, of little practice, and mean con
tracted [Muds although they do all their owlish
spirits can d 2 to insure this—the people's favorite
medicine—they ore et the same time compelled to
acknowledge its innocent qualities•
We know the medicine is HARMLESS, and all
the world is witness that the medicine cease.
A very important disease over which this Hob
sour exorts a powerful influence, is that of a Di.
Eas sti !Arlin. In this complaint it has undoolit
eilly proved more ellicacious than any other rem
edy employed. The use of this Balsam restored
the Liver to healthy action, and in many cases ef
fected permanent cures, after Mercury and every
other remedy had failed.
of Mitt ar'S Balsam of Wild t hurry, which effect
rd a perfect cure, and I now consider myself per•
featly sonntl. This can be proved by numbers of
men in Franklin county and vicinity, and I think
it my duty to let it be known.
Franklin Co., Ga., Nov. 19, 1840.
m.& J. M. ROWE,
.I'o. 63 wlorih Third Street,
One doll. above Arch, oast aide,
- -
Manufacturers & Wholesale Dealers in all kinds
of Brooms, Brushes, Buckets, Cedar Ware.—
Willow and French Haskets, Shoe and Wall
Biushes.S. übs, Dusters, Mats, Blacking, East
ern-made Wooden ware of every dercription, &c,
&c., at the ;sweet market prices.
March 7,'48.
John W. Thompson,
attend to all legal buaineas entrusted to
turn in lilair and Huntingdon counties.—
Communications froni a distance will receive the
moat prompt attention.
Lumber! Lumber!
A LL kinds of Lumber may be had at
A Thomas Maize's Saw Mill, situate
on Moshanon's Creek, twenty miles from
mouth of Spruce Creek, and five miles
this side of Philipsburg. All descrip
tions of stuff, used for railroads, build
ings, &c., such as Spruce, Ash, Pine,
Locust and White Oak, sawed to order
and furnished at.the shortest notice
jy 1 S,'lB.] THOS. MAIZE:
MANSION HOUSE ; B urns, Scalds
all P kln t g j o s f i "r.
lluntmgdon, Pa. sores cured.
JOHN MARKS would avail himself of MENT, is the most complete
this means of informing his old cus- ! Burn Antidote ever known. It instant- `Remove all t ?the Humors; open the
tomers and the public generally, that he ly (and as if by Magic,) stops pains of ternaity and Internally ; promote the Ii
has removed from the it Block sear Tay- the most desperate Burns and Scalds. Perspiration ' obviate Flatulency, Hradec
ern," and has leased and fitted up the For old sores, bruises, cuts and sprains separate all foreign and u o lLsoit i r ahv u it sp: c rt t i i r o l i
large and commodious 01 . ./INSION &c., on man or beast, it is the best ap. i t lial t i)le, secure free
. l
HOUSE lately kept by Mrs. E. Clarke, plication that can be made. Thousands , heolth'er i e'riti; h i t .r j e t Y i,
where he is prepared to accommodate, in have tried, and thousands praise it. It I The entire truth of the abuse ran ho WWI
the best manner possible, all who may is the most perfect master of pain ev- by the trial of a single box ; an d their vu
favor him with their custom. The toes- er discovered. All who use, recorn- sopz i n t i o vrels.irtiiild:ehritmai:,tiii to e
ntes r to t r or in te Health ~
tins of the house is one of the best in mend it. None can tell how soon Piop
the mgr
the borough—his rooms are large and for them in all cases at they do not gi
some of the family will need it. versa! stisfaction.
pleasant, and his 'f able shall at all times 1.0 - Observe each box of the genuine Retail Price, 25 cts. per Be
be supplied with the choicest viands the Ointment has the name of S. 'I. NIMES Principal otfice No. 80 Vesey St ~New
market will nfrord. Terms, moderate. written on the outside label. To imitate sold Harrist;urg,Jiy D. Robinaon, Ma
Boarders will be taken by the week, this is forgery. i a-_ - / -• Remember Dr. C. V. Clickener is tb
month or year on the most reasonable Boatmen, Livery men, Farmers, and total Sugar ( anted rills, and ono nothin i
terms. rapll-tf all who use horses, will find this Oi s u r i t i was ever
oheard of until hr. introd d
ment the very best thing they can use
milt for 1 lickener'e Mt,gnr Coated Vegetal)
.d take no others, or they will lee made
for collar gulls, scratches, kicks, &C.
&c. &c., on their animals. Surely, ev- time of a fraud.
cry merciful man would keep his ani. AGENTS.—T. K. SIMONTON,
malt as free front pain as possible.— tingdun, Jas. Clark, Birmingham,
'Nosey's Universal Ointment is all that Cox, O. 11. Steiner, Wnterstreet,
is required. Try it. I & Swope, Alexandria, A. &N. Cre
Bite of Insects.—For the sting or bite Petersburg. Orlady & Patterson,
of poisonous insects, Tousey's Oint- liamsburg, Royer & Co., Sprit]
ment is Unrivalled. Hundreds have Furnace, M. Thompson. Duncan
tried and found it good. I J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Ja.
Piles Cured! —For the Piles, Tou- 1 dron, Frankstown.
sey's Universal Ointment is one of the I --
best Remedies that can be applied. All
who have tried it for the Piles recom
mend it.
Old Sores Cured.—For old, obstinate
sores, there is nothing equnl to Too ,
rey's Ointment. A person in Alonlius
bad for a number of years, a sure leg
that baffled the skill of the doctors.—
'Tousey's Ointment was recommended
. by one of the visiting physicians, (who
knew its first virtues,) and two boxes
produced more benefit than the patient
had received front any and all previous
' remedies. Let all try it.
Burns and Scalds Cured.—Thousands
of cases of burns and scalds, in all parts
of the country, have been cured by
Tousey's Universal Ointment. Certi
ficates enough can be had to fill the
sshole of this sheet.
, riolent Bruises Cured.--Testimonials
on testimonials, in favor of Tousey's
Ointment for curing bruises, have been
offered the proprietors. Hundres in
Svrneus wall certify to its great merits
in relieving the pain of the twist severe
bruise. All persons should try it.
Scald head Cured.—Sores or cases of
scald head have been cured by Tousey's
Ointment. Try it—it seldoni fails. ,
Salt Rheum CUted.---Of all the rem
edies ever discovered for this most dis
agreeable complaint, Tousey's Univer
sal Ointment is the most complete. It
was never known to fail.
Chapped Hands can be Cured.—Tou- .
fiey's Universal Ointment will alway s
cure the worst cases of chapped-hands.
Scores of persons will state this.
Sore Lips Cured.—For the cure of
sore lips, there was never anything
made equal to Tousey's Ointment. It
rptlfl dUlif crib° r takes thin method to return his i sur cure for them. Try it.
tha dts to the people of the county of Hun- rt is a scientific compound, warran
ted not to contain any preparation of
tingdon for the very Bharat share of patrons g o m
which they have extended towards him for the
last few months, and would call their agendas to I ElD' . .Trice 25 cents per box. For fur•
the fact that he has now introduced his Seartra ther particulars concerning this really
FAOOION OF Gx,crtamtim's Hata, which for heat, valuable Ointment, the public are refer.
ty, neatness and durability, cannot he exce
any other cshltlishment in this city. lled by red to phamphlets to be bed gratis, of
. respectable Druggists and iilerchants
comprises the lixx.vatt, N UTIII usu. littasta, throu gh out
the United States.
tiitac and Mom: SKIN HATS of all styles and
q ualities. together with a very large assortment of AGENTS)—T. K. SIMONTON, Him-
ULDTR, VELVET, PLUSH, Fun and G 1... C•ra tingdon ; Jas. Clark, Birmingham ; J. R.
Country Merchants and others are respectfully Cox, Warriorsmark ; J. S. 'sett, Spruce
invited to examine the stock, which they will find Creek ; G. H. Steiner, Waterstreet ;
it their advantage to do before purchasing, as it ie Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A. &N.
his determination.having adopted the casksystem
to sell for Cash only. and at the Annex/ prirrr.
JOHN FAREIRA, Jr. Crestvell. Petersburg ; Orlady & Patter
son, Williamsburg; Royer ei• Co.,
2SI Market otroot, south side, ahoy e Eighth Springfield Furnace; M. Thompson,
' Duncansville ;J. M Lindsey, Holli
daysburg ; Jas. Condron, Frankstown
Tin and Copper
` , ,1 --- en na c..n fr en a? a ca) zz-nr 8
OBER'r GRAFIUS having perches
ed the Tin and Copper Manufactory
lately owned by I. & H. Grafius, will
continue to carry on the business at the
same stand in all its various branches,
Wholesale and Retail. He will always
be prepared to furnish on the shortest
notice, Cooking Stoves, Stove Pipe,
House Spouting, Copper Pumps for wells,
any depth, Copper Dye, Wash, Fuller,
Preserving and Tea Kettles, and Tin
Ware of every description. All of which
will be sold on the most reasonable terms.
Persons favoring this establishment with their
custom may depend on hnving their orders eueeu•
tad with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal, copper, brass and pewter taken in es.
doing,. Alm, wheat, rye, corn and cote taken ut
market price.
Alexandria, April 11, 18484.
Dealer In Teas,
Warehouses 63 Chesnut nbove Second and Lion
enth and Chesnut Streets, Philadelphia,
HTTAS constantly in Store, a choich us •
sortment of Fresh Imported,
Country Merchant. are invited to call at 63
Cheanut street, and examine hie sleek. which he
offers at the lowest wholcaale prices, for Cash. and
where he attends personally. (r17.6m,
Witt.r.,4 T. WALT.S. CHARLES HAnctr,
(Late Ilailelthrst & %Valle.)
Nos. 15 and 16, Spear's Wharf,
Liberal Cash advances made on consignments
of all kinds of Produce.
Baltimore, febB-1848.
Spring Fashion of Hats at
r 2.12 Zliz,
No. 294 Market St reet,Nin . th oor above Eightb
Street, South tide,
!DILLE Roirs i
vexelabie tinivermil SUGrAR-COATED PILLS,
The only known .11edieine that at the same The Only Effectual Purgative,
time purges, purifies and strengthens ! cured within the last year
the system. OVER 200,009 PIiItSONS
Lc.norr, July 7,1848. of the following Complaint,
1 - NR. 14 ROY'S Pills area new medicine which ! Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, Piles, Di.
1.1 has just appeared, and is fast taking the places Pepaia, Scurvy, Sinai pox, Jaundice, Pains in the
of all others of the aama class. 'These pills are ' Pack, Inward Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart,
composed of ninny ingredients, but the two prinei. Rising in the 'Throat, Dropsy, Asthma, Fevers of
pal ones are Sarsaparilla and Wild ( :harry, so uni. ell kinds, Female Complaints, Measloe, Salt Rheum
ted that they act together; the one, through it Heartburn, Worms, Cholera Moth., Coughs,
admix ure with other sub:Aimee., purifying and quinsy, Whooping Cough, Consumption, Fits
purging, while the other is strengthening the aye. , Liver Complaint, ErYeiPelax, Deafness, itchinga of
tem. Thus those pills are at the same time tonic , the Skin, Colds, Gout, Gravel, Nervous Cont
act! opening; a desideratum long and eagerly plaints, and a variety of other diseases arising from
sought fur by medical men, but never before dis impurities of the b out!, and übstructiona in the or.
covered. In other words they do the work of twe , Can' of digestion,
me di c i ne .. en d d o it much bet," than any two we Experience hes proved that nearly every diemee
know of; for they remove nothing from theryetern originates from impurities of the blood ur Derange
but the impurities; so that while they purge they , merit. of the Digestive Organs; and to secure
strengthen; and hence they cause no debilitation. , Health, we meet remove those Intim hies and m
end are follow.) by no reaction. Dr. Le Roy'a store the blood to its natural state. Therefore,
pills have a wonderful influence r n the blood; they when the slightest derangement of the system in
not only purify without weakening it but they re- indicated by ei , bliVelleS!, Or any other sign, it ad
move all noxious Partici.s from the ett‘ le heroic i t monieltes tie that auporflunies are maiming in the
in converted into fluid, and thus make impure System, which shou d he immediately removed by
blood an utter impossibility. Au them to no debil• an effectual purging. This fact, as rioted, is uni
versally known; but people have such an coercion
itation, no thereto no nausea or iridium attending
the operation. of this most excellent of medicines to medicine, that, unites the cam urgent, they' pre.
I which never strains or torture. the digestive func- fermd the diemse to the cure, generally. Since the
tions,butcausee them to work in a perfectly natur- invention, however, of
al manner; and hence persons; taking them do not Chanel's Vegetable Purgative Pills,
become pale and emaciated, but the contrary ; for
' this objection does not exist, as they are completely
while it is the property of the Sumgait., united
enveloped with a coating of pure white sugar
ae it is with other ingredients, to remove ell that is (as distinct from the internal ingredients sea nut
foreign and imPure , it ie equally the property of shell from the kernel) have no table of medicine,
the Wild Cherry to retain all that is natural and and are as easily swallowed as bits of candy.—
sound; and hence a robust state of health is the m ereeeer they n eith er ne ause d e er gripe in th e
certain result of their united operations. lightest degree. They operate equally on all the
g:rPrite 25 C 6114 per BOX. . dimmed parte of the system, instead of confining
AGENTS.--T. Read & Son, Swoop. & At% themselves to, end racking any particular region.
rice, Huntingdon; W. W. Buchanan, Milliker Thor+, for examp e, if the Liver be affected, one in
and Kemler,Mill•Creek ; S. Hatfield & don,Juni- gradient will operate on abet particular organ, end,
ata Iron Works; Porter & Bucher, Moore & by cleansing it of that Excess of Bile it is con-
Swoope, H. C. Walker, .1 lezendria; O. li. Stein I- etantly discharging into the stomach, restore it to
Waterstreet. (Avg. 31,'39, is natural mato. Anothei till operate on the
Blood. and remove those impurities which I
ready entered Ibis Its circulation ; while
will effectually expel fr, m the system what.
purities may have been discharged into tl
ich ; and hence they
Strike at the Root of ilisew
LEk the sufferer
' , nom
A !‘'l II NI A
What has relieved him in sueli short tin
his difficulty of breathing, Cough and et,
lion ! lie trill tell you it Wile the l;
saonian, of All Healing Balsam.'
Atk the( onpuniptive tr hat has
tlltyed his t ough. ;mo
ved the Pain in his Side and
Chest, checked hit night IM eine 11111
platettt the ro.e of hentdo po i , hi. o w ,
and he ttaill tellyou ..tiett.nm.t N'h OL.At,
Ask your friends if they know of ony th
will easipeedily core a nng and tedious
Rnisingor Blood, Bronchitio,llyspeptiz I
tion, lidarsenees, tied disci.,
Tim et, in the Oluseuniun and they sill
—Nu. There 11Vver vet has hero a retard
duced to tullie notice which had been fir
of so much good in su short a space of the
the fol owing
Wm. Doaq, the celebrated Boston crack
98 Nassau street, Lirookly n. states that Iris
been inflicted wink Asthma lur 30 y core, al
not find permanent relict from the best ant
vice which New York and Bru.kl)n could
was induced to try tuns great remedy. ; h
nearly well. His daughter, who w oe
front the same disease tried it, cud was ul
by it. NI re. fiend is now so well that viii
to rise from her bed early in the morning
tend to her usual duties through the Joy
arty annoyance from her distressing nulled:
H, r.; JACKIWN, lath street, near the
Cemetry. came to the store for the purl,.
Wining a bottle of the Olusoanitto, !teen
Afflicted with the Asthma fo. mute than ti
and was so exhausted on his art in al that I
not apeak. He purchased a bottle and ti d
Four days afterward he walked front bie r
to the office without fatigue, a distance of I
miles, to tell of the wonderful rrliel who h
expo icnced front using about one halt of
Co.asminaption fifth(' Lit
MI it. Cox tonT, 35 Whim street,. was so
the month of December last, that he was g
by bin physician. is friends entertawa d
at his recovery. He ' persuaded to
olusaonian ■nd to his surprise it bee st.
red him to health that he is now able to WV
the streets.
Mrs, ATTNES. the wife of 1. m. H.
James Holman, Esq. and Ueinge W. I it
can all besr testiloony 1 their own ex pi
tho healing poprnties of this Great. 14.
Consumption of the Lungs.
Mrs. Tuocilocutie, 352 Monroe sue
bad been troubled for a great length ul ti
seacre cough, and raised qUalllllin4 Irk
relieved by one bottle urtheOlovannionmittl
It the greatest leinedv in the multi.
VENN. KkLI.Y. Water street, won
liev.d rim the some complain', alum,, gh
very much reduct d moot. he run
--having been tinder the care of his ph, vi
ring the pets! winter. A Ithenel. be couel
otontly and woe tory touch tumult wt.
sweats, Iwo truffles of the renualy cisul.l.l
return In hie dolly work. Ise was entirely
DAVID }I Vositaux, Cl) Imight street.
Hurnett, formerly of 1' ow ailt, N. J.
Lisbon, 199 ilivington street, and tinnier,
persons have beef, one. d'ly and porn...tin
of the same coniplatht by this renuily.
ingdon ; Jas. Clark, Birmingham
Cox, Warriorstnark ; J. S. lsett,
Creek ; G. H. Steiner, Vatere
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A
Creswell, Petersburg; Orlady & I
bon, Williamsburg ; Royer & Co. S
field Furnace ; M. Thompson, Du
ville ; J. H. Lindsey, Hollidayi
Condron, Frankstown.
THE subscriber respectfully a
ces to his friends and the'
generally, that he continues to rin
Lure, in the borough of Pptersbu
very best quality of BRICK, ii•h
will dispose of on the most rca
terms. All orders will lie filled
shortest notice. Those %tantitig
title for building, paving or and
purpose, would•do well to give ri
Petersburg, Aug. 31, 1847.
Produce and General Cnnlisson . Me
Devote their whole time to the buirineri
prepared' to make liberal cult advance
Baltimore, May 9,1848.
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