Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, May 16, 1848, Image 1

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    lit\Tl\GDO\ JOLT' SAL,
R. c. wan,.
The Alexandria
WM, GHAFfllill
HAS been leased by the subscribers, who nre
preps ed to execute castings of all descrip
tions in superior style (one of them being a prac
tical moulder of long experience) and on the low
est and most accommodating terms.
Castings for Forges, Rolling Mills,
Water pipes, Grist and Saw Milk
Threshing Machines, and all other kinds
of machinery which may be ordered will
be furnished on the shortest notice.
'Stoves of various sizes will be constantly
kept on hand for both wood and coal.
We have lately procured a
Cooking Stove
of two ditrerent sizes, which for conve
nience and excellence they will warrant
to surpass the celebrated "Queen of the
West" and "Hathaway" stoves, the for
mer of which we are also prepared to
supply. ~//so, Coal Cooking Stoves,
Parlor and Chamber sto v es of the most
elegant patterns.
Such as Pots, Wash Kettles, tke. Ploughs of
such variety that all may he suited. Carriage and
Waggon hoses from the smallest to the largest,
sled and slei g h soles, and in fine any and every
thing in our line of Wiliness can be hod mimedl
atelv, nr at the shortest notice.
Old metal and country produce taken
in exchanize.
tip! 1 1-tf.]
Grand Exhibition !
rI public are informed that the euhsetlber haa
I just received from the tle emit a very large
and splendid !amnia:taint of MENS' & YOUTBS'
clothing, a hick he Milne for dale at the very lowest
wire.y. Among the clack Will be found Sups flue,
111 , e, brown and olive, dress arid frock coats;
also. alpaca, cashmertitte, tweed, IlHell and COMM
track, dress and sack coats ; alas, I! first rate ankle
vii oil cloth cools; abed every variety of pants,
seats, drawers and woolen a rl cotton undershirts;
pleated linen breasted shirk; ginghatit. cheek and
and !wiped and cotton shirts; !nom collars
and breasts ;','a. hosiery aril sus; enders ; also,
an elegant variety of iiravate and storks. Also, a
neutral assortment of
Boors & SHOES,
ot• all sizes; new ►tyle of fancy HATS & CAPS,
1 0g liorn, chip &e.; umbrellas of suety variety; in
r hit, a lull suit of any gthtlity. price, order or
color can he had at his stand. it the corner room of
NA It ESRO W opposite W hi,tiater's hotel
N. B. The pnbli.c will bear in mind
that I have the largest and best assort
ment in Huntingdon, all of which is war.
ranted to be well made and fashionably
cut. Call and judge for yourseltes be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
Five Dollars Ityward
rtin, mation i+ wanted by thesul.criherofa 84
ffi directed •G. NI iner 11 ills I I untingtlon.
N., care of Funk and Miller, ' Hod
.1111.1 other w ito I on the hey. Said hns woo
to+t or miscarried between the 1/th day of May
and th e beajnolog of hill , laet, AIIV
said 130 k 4 . 311 be given to .1. \ ox.
toii, Ilunttn,don who w pay tie rew aid upon
the delivery of the Box and Bunk,
G. liILLS, I,ntirnpter,
may 2. 1848.30
Executors' Notice.
Estate of Adam Lightner, late of liarree
township, Hunting 'On county, dee'il.
I\TOTICE is hereby gives, that Letters l'esta•
111 nunnery on the MA %%' ill and Te.tement 1/1
said dee'd have I, en granted to the undersigned.—
Therefore all persons tndcl led to said estate trill
n.akt, immediate payment, and those !myth: elan.
or demands against the smite are requested to pre•
sent them duly WI, titivated Inr ,:etilement . to
6 miles above Havre de Grace,
Will at al times purchase NN heat at a price
within Two vr,ra of Philadelphia Maiket.
Vt Owners and Boatmen ere invited to coll.
Plaster may he had at the NI ill.
april 25. 1848..
X AI) . i * ) II ILI 11T. Yr
constantly on hand and for sale by
3. PALMER & CO.,
Market Street Wharf, Philadelphia.
'.111111.11 , 7S TR.I TO RS' XOTICE.
Estate of John Carman, late of Barree
township, Huntingdon county, dec'd.
lETTERS of administration (with the
i will annexed) having been granted
to the undersigned on said estate, all
persons having claims against the same
are requested to present them for settle
ment, and those indebted are requested
to make immediate payment to
A. W. Benedict,
aTTORNEY AT LAW, Huntingdon,Pa.—
Office at his old residence in Main street,a
few doors west of the old Court House. Ho will
attend to any business entrusted to hun in the
rat Courts of Huntingdon end enjoining Counties.
BY virtue of several write of Verid.roni Ex- The Child and the Angels
pull., now in my hands, I will sell on t.e preint
ses. in I3arree township, on l.aturdny, the 3d day
of June next, at two o clork. P. M., at public ven
due or outcry, the l'ollowing described reel estate, I The Sahheth atm woo oohing low
viz : Amidst ihe c ouds of even ,
A certain tract of land situate in the township "Our Pather"—breathed a voice below—
of If attire. lying in Kyler's atp. neer the wale:a Father who art in heaven I"
of Steno ( reek, containing about 200 acres : ad
joining lands of Abraham Zook, l'hillp Silk flitter, Beyond tho earth—beyond the cloud—
John' Mct, than and others—having thereon elec-
I hose infant words were given ;
ted a Kew mill, and a email log dwelling houve end Our Father," angels song aloud , —
" Father who art In Heaven !"
log ben.
taken in execution and to be sold as the "Thy kingdottt come..-still from the groUnd
property of Charfrii A.l). I That childlike voice didpray ;
ALSO Thy kingdom come"—God's hosts resound
On Tuesday. 6•li day of June, on the premises F u r up the starry way."
in Warriurmark Town, in the county of hunting-
„Th. w ill „tie tongue,
don, a certain lot of ground , adjoining Lindley implor„.
Hood,. on. the North, A garialt Sacketa on the
East, fronting lin Main Street 44 bet and run-
"Thy will he done"—the angelic throng—
ning hack 165 feet to an alley on the West.—hay- I Sin g frwn'eral'hic shores.
ittg thereon erected a two story f tune home and : ..I.`, r ever"— still those lips repeat
frame stable. ALSO, a eel tain lot of grolutd. ail- : Their closing earning prayer; .
jt , ining lands of William Thompson on the North- 1 ~ r „, ever''--floats i n inui j, sweet—
west and Richard Wells on the South•west, front- High 'midst the angels there!
ing on the great road leading to I I untingdon Fur- , ,
• •
nac'e. ?sized, taken in execution and to be sold fliinc L ' e the glory evermore,
ita OM property•of t'ainuel Muthersbaugh. From Thee may man ne , er sever,
AI. 0 t
1 But every Christian land adore—
On Friday, the It,, day of June next• on the ! Jehovah !—Got! l—fot ever!
'wenn:wit, in Jacksion toot ship. Huntingdon co.; ; sstwa r rsawswirie
all that certain hewed log house and a stone foun
dation, and cellar under it, 28 feet long, 20 fort MISCEI I k N EOUS
_I II 1
wide, and 16 feet high to the square. situated and
erected on a certain plantation of harm in the town- Affairs in England and Ireland.
ship of Jackson, in the county of II uniingdon.
adjoining lends of Cot nelins Davis, Josiah Ball, (Foreign Correspondence of the N. Y. Tribune.)
Hawk and Hall and John Zook.
1 LONDON, April 21 1848.
1- Hied, taken in execution and to be sold as the
Revolutionary Europe is, for the mo
property of john Mash.
. meat, comparatively quiet. After the
; Sheriff's Office, li untingdon, May 8,1848. , hurricane, that so unceremoniously lev-
Bled thrones and changed empires, there
a temP
is ory calm, but every day pro-
Orlittait'o Court *air. interest.
IN some event of deep
IN pursuance of an order of the 0 phone'; In England and Ireland no revolution
Court of Huntingdon county, there will be roll on :
has, as yet, happened; the people are
the 10001iSPN, 011
I however, silently at work, and their la-
bor will by and by produce a chap e.
at 11 if Oink on said day, the following dexcribed ~. ,
...4 • t
I . .
nc .
usian y
iou t•iii not come o nis co 1
real !AND.. lee the property of Josiah Ball, de. ;
ceased, viz t : reading the English Journals. During
A certain tract, piece, or parcel of land, situate a residence of eight years in London 1
in Jackson township, Huntingdon county, adjoin- have never been so utterly astonished at
hog lands of Joliet Darr, Hugh Alexander, Carne- the ignornitee of the British journalists
ling Davis. deceased, MO 801 l le Hawle, contain
ats to the prevent social state of Great
ing upwards of
, Britain. They represent everything in
9(01) . AV:ED3n, , the brightest colors, and Ivould make it
a large quantify of which is cleared . and under ri appear that England never stood firmer
state llf cultivation. There is a fine Orchard of '
the government was never so
e> renew trait, a two story dwe Mg house, aud• stron g as it Is totstvr Foreign countries
.naii hank barn on the same. There in also a
„ aar; kat.° all the prainha ., a sa i rabi , for a . iliiiil are greatly deteited by the English jour•
funnily : nal, In England and Ireland there is a
'PERMS.—One third of the purchase money to : strong power at work, in the hearts and
be paid on confirmation of the sale—one third in a h an d s o f the people, that will noon
year thereafter or trio interest. and the balance at show i tse l f in deeds! imt ,V c „ r d . , ,
the death of Nancy Ball widow of the deceased,
to be secured by the judgment note of the purchas-
Yet the journals boast tufthe strength of
er. l'y the Court. ; the government and the throne.
J.l COll MILLER, Clerk. : lit England and in Ireland the people
The subscriber haying 10.111 1111100111 rd by the —that is the middle and working classes
said t mut, Trinotee. to Make sale of the above vat-
--are treated with contempt by the Gov
sable property. will attend on the premisies at the
eminent and its organs, and thu people
time of sale shove fixed. when and where all pur
chasers are invited to a ftentl.
, not only know it, but feel it, and they
M '1'•1'11R IV CROSS NOVElt,Trusfte. hove revolved to talk and petition no
May 9, 1848. linger. They are now at work; they
are arming, and a dny will soon CORM'
when they will show their weapons and
j use thein unless the Government, alarm-
I) U. OM:0013'S ed ut this powerful opposition, grants
INDIA CHOLAGOGUE, great reform. But the Government dis
lor the core of tinctly says, that it will not do so. it
Feet r and .Igue, Chill Fever, Dumb trill neither listen to the voice of the
3gue, Intermittent & Remittent Fevers, ' people of England, nor to the cry of Re-
Liver Complaint, lau dice, Enlarge- peal in Ireland. The result will be a
ment of the Liver, Enlargement of Revolution, an outbreak in Ireland, when
the Spleen, and all the various hundreds wid be hot down, but thousands
forms q' Bilious Diseases, will take their places. Riots will follow
in England, and to London 200,000 poor
I'l,, invaluable medicine tens prepared from an and 'suffering men will rise up and de
rmo.hive Prsoicv or.ietera) sears in a bilious cli- mand their rights, or overthrow the Gor
r' ""4, . teen """w" or rfiring • eminent. I speak not of O'Connor's nor
mud Ague, or any of too MAVOCA atiOtt•
named. 0 1 Connells—of Chartists nor Repealers.
... ..... ...
Those who are suffering from affections of thi,4 The people of ell creeds will acc omplish
kind, as chip those who have Imeirme invalids from all. Therefore do not place confidence
their etPri, upon t e crmethution, will find the in the triumphant tone of the Goverment
bars CM/I-Mk V I.: II MOM invaluable remedy ' organs, for th e y are tot a lly blind to pass-
I'm purifying the blood, ond thoroughly tleansiim inn' events itnmediately before them.
from the sy•tein the morbid effects of a bilious rli
mute. '''
, _ Parliament has adjourned till the Ist
. . . _
The wonderful operation of the ( hoht g o e ti e it, of May, and it would be difficult to dis
rrailienthig SILO from the hun t en ey.tent,enet only cover any measure of general advantage
captain its i*StrnordinarY agency in the alwedYt to the country that has been enrreid out
th"'"gh and P"'""" r " ( ""e of I.evec a n d nu." , during the session thus far elapsed.
and 010 VariUll2 grader; of intermittent and moot-
luny fi ne promises w ere m adeut none
tom fevers.
It is equally effectual for the cure of Liver cum. ' hate been fulfilled, and it is the same
plaint, Jaundice. Enlargement of tho Liter ; al., throughout every session. This is the
Eniargemrut of the :spleen. railed Ague Cukc, and , cause of the present dissatisfaction, not
Ihr ' fir "' 11""'s of bi1 ,, i ."" 8 Ifitlige"i". These. ' only among the much abused Chartists,
,oh the other varied aiwraiuns of such climates
' but among the middle classes. One sub
arising from a common mimuml CailBP, art only "
eel .
modifications of the some likeilfle, and equally !i in vvhith our country is interested
controlled by the same remedy. deserves attention. It was stated in the
Certificates without number could be given of bogiuing of the session that the Naviga
the efficacy of this medicine in curing the above . t io n Law, would be considered at nn ear•
mentioned diseases, hut are not Jo, turd twessary, rly day and yet up tc the present time
as a simple trial of it by the afflicted will fully at.,
nothing whatever has been done. The
test its virtues.
Price itl 50 per bottle:
! ~ Worning Chronicle, alluding to 'a re
.ActsTs.—THOS HEAD & SON. Hun,ing. , markable correspondence" that had to
don; G. H,it e j„„, w riter „ re , m oot , &s wo „ pc. . ken place between Lord Palmerston and
Alexandria; J. Milliken & co., Mill Creek. Mr.. Bancroft, On this subject remarks
May 2, 1848-01 that 1.1. a liberal and enlightened spirit
. .....
. .
the American Goverintent had proposed
4.dministrator's Notice, the mutual reinoral of existing restric
jT_AELelT, 7,:il„,"Eni,!,,ni:triT,i„untro:,ll',o7ol:l:„ of
ions on intertintional commerce, witich,in
Huntingdon, dee'd., hav i ng been wanted to the 1 their opinion, had done no good to eith
undersigned, he hereby gives notice to all pt rsone I et, y
• • and to' oh g ate which would,
indebted to cold deed to come Corwin' end make i they considered; at once set free dormant
payment, arid to all persons having demands 1 commercial wealth,•without injuring any
against the same to present them properly authen
ticated, without delay. lons:'—The advantages of closing with
such en overture was sufficiently obvi
Ad m i„i mrs ,,, one, and it failed rot to meet a ',yarn':
responce from Lord Palmerston. Yet,
exclaims the Chronicle, nothing what
ever, has been done !
ft,is the sante With all measures of
They are either kept in the
back ground, or, if brought forward,
they' nrc discussed for o short time, and
then,postponed to the end of the session
and )ost. This, then, is the great rea
son why pnrihnentary reform is so loudly
crtll4 for. The people are unrepresen
ted in Parliament.
Some of the leading organs have re
cently changed their tone and call for
reforms. The Tory Morning herald
says, "The people of England arc posi
tively pining for n vim ° arous and manly
Government." "We believe that grad
ual and wholesome reforms are demand
ed by tha condition of Society in which
we find ourselves, and cannot be safely
put off."
The Chartists in every part of the
kingdom are holding meetings and ur
ging the importance of arming at once.
News has reached London to-day from
Scotland, stating tbnt the Chartists arc
openly arming—that in Aberdeen they
have fortned n 'National Guard'', n 9,1
that 'the gun manufacturers of Birming
ham have agreed to supply the Chartists
with:any quantity of guns and bayonets
at i2s. 6d. each, or about three dollars !
As this day is "Good Friday", the oppor
tunity is taken to hold simultaneous
meetings throughout Great Britain, and
Monday neat 'monster meetings' will be
held by the Chartists in all the large
The National Conve n ti on o f Chartists Came upon him. His child was revisit- —in all .Imtrica !"
in London has adjourned for a short pe- !ed from his sight. His kinsmen were Telleyrand never forgot the *e'er
riod. The interval will be occupied in ' degraded to their first estate, and he was whelming sadness of that look which
organizing a , National Guard' and col- no longer Emperor, nor Consul, nor Gen- accortiPairlSd drds.
letting funds for purchasing muskets! era?, nor even a citizen, but no eSlille I "Who are yo'u," he cried, as the
•The people of Ireland are arming and and a prisoner, on a lonely island, in the strange man retreated towards the next
arming rapidly, while loyal speeches are • midst of the wild Atlantic. Discontent room. "Your name 1"
Made to Lord Clarendon, and he answers attended him there. The wayward man name,'—with a smile that had
them through the Newspapers. The I fretted out n few lona years of his yet inure of mockery than joy in its emote:
London Morning herald say s that his' unbroken manhood looking oW,. at the sire expression -‘11y name is /Media
long letters are " very silly," and that earliest duwn and in the eVeriing's latest , Srnbld: ,
he ought to be allowed to exercise his twilight, toward that distant world that He Was gone. Talleyrand sank in
discretion at the present critical moment had only just eluded his grasp. to a chair, gasping the words,—
for the Irish are arming font, ore de- His heart corroded. Death came not ' ‘.lrnold the Traitor?'
termined to rebel, and the Government tinlooked for, though it came even then Thus you see he Wandered over the
that looks on is as guilty as the leaders l unwelcome. Ile was stretched on his bed earth, another Cain with a murderer's
who incite." I within the fort which constituted his pri: mark Upon his brow.—EsSetS in the setlts ,
In every tavern drilling and firing at son. Alm last niolfaithful friends stood ded rooth at thetl4n tit flarfe i his erim o
targets is the order o f th e day. The around with the guar.?.; who rejoiced found him out, and forced hint to tell
Government has alr ea dy arres t e d sever- that the hour of relief from long and wen- his name--that name the synonYitie el
al parties and int en d s to arrest every i vied wutelting was at hand. As his infamy.
person who either fires a t a target or at- I strength wasted away, delirium stirred • The last twenty years of his life are
tend/. drills. Bnt this measure will not, up the brain from, its long and englori- covered with a cloud; NOM whose dark.
how do any good. "It is too late !"--- 1 °us inactivity. The pageut for Anibi- tress but a few gleatirt of light flash out
The whole people hav e
g ot their fermi- (ion returned. lie was again a Lieuten- . upon the page of hisle'ry;
' dable pikes and are ready to use them ant, a General, n Consul, an Emperor of The manner of h'irS death is hot dial
the moment the word is given for the France. He filled again the throne of tinetly known. But we catmot doubt
barricades! I Charlemagne. His kindred pressed that he died utterly friendless—that his
• The O'Ciinnell's are becoming very around hint, again reinvested with the i cold brow was not moistened with one
unpopular, be ruse they do not (rater- pompous pageantry of Royalty. The ! farewell tear--thin remorse pursued bins
nice with the confederat es . At a recent Daughter of the long linear Kings again to the gr o fe Whispering lohti Andre rin
meeting they threatened to emigrate to' stood proudly by his side, and the sunny his ears, and that the memory of his
America, and ther e r es id e i n !nimble rc- face of his child shone out from beneath course of glory gnawed like a canker at
tirement, end be free from British dour- the diadem that encircled rte flowing his heart, murinering forever, "True to
illation. They were reso l ve d t o do this locks. The 31arshals of the your countryorhat might )ou have been
if blood were shed in Ireland by the peo- awaited his command. The legions of If, Arnold the traitor?'
ple. John O'Connell said that if they the Old Guard were in the field, and Who shall depict the closing scene of
followed "rash, hot beaded enthusiasts," their ,earred faces rejuvinuted, and their this wild drnmal With a trembling
he would go to America, and he would rooks, dinned in many battles., replen- hand and hushed breath we drop the
not leave his father' s a s h es behi n d hint ! fished Russia, Prussia, Austria, Denssark ' curtain and turn away from the' death
If he went those ashes should go with ' and England, gathered their mighty bed 'if llerrediet Arnold.
him t hosts to give him battle. Once more he
The number of confederates rapidly , mounted los impatient changer and rush
increases, and the speeches of the lead- ed forth to cohquest,
era are just as violent as ever. He waved his sword °Loft and tried
The following beautiful Ariiishin le
'TETE D'AnMEE.' The feverish vision
Adams and Napoleon —A Contrast• broke, the mockery wits ended. The gend we copy from thc 'Voice of Jaeob':—
silver cord was loosed, and the warrior The site occupied by the temple of
• fell back upon his bed a lifeless corpse. Solomon was formerly a cultiVated field
This was the END or EARTn. Tim Con- possessed in conoSsio by toss brothers.
uiCtN teas NOT CONTENT. One of them was married and hal seve•
rat children; the other was unniarried.
ARNOLD TRH TllArfO. They lived together hoWever; cultiva-
There was a day when Talleyred Terri- 'Mg, in the greatest hermiirry possible,
wed in llavre, hot foot from Paris. It the property they had inherited from
was in the darkest hour of the French j their father.
revolution. Pursued by the blood-houtids I The harvest season had arrived.. The
of the Reign of Terror, stripped of eve- two brothers bound up their sheaves ;
ry wreck of property or power. T.]. made two equal stacks of them and left
leyrand secured a passage to America them on the field.—Dining the night
hi it ship about to sail. lie was going, the unmarried brother tees struck with
a beggar and 'a wanderer to a strange an excellent thought. My Brother, said
land, to earn his bread by daily labor. he to himself has a wife and children
"Is there an American staying at your to support; it is not just that my share
house l" Ito asked the landlord of his !of the harvest should be as large as its,
hotel—"l am bound to cross the water, : Upon this he arose, and took from his
and would like a letter to some person stuck several sheeres t which lie added
of influence in the New world." tp those' of his brother; and this he did
The landlord hesitated a moment and with as inuct seuresy as if he had beers
then replied: committing an evil echo' in order that
"There is a gentleman up stairs, his brotherly offering might not be ne
ther from America or Britain, but fused, On the snore night the other
whether an American or an Englishman brother awoke aud said to his wife, •My
I cannot tell." brother lives alone, without a compans
He pointed the way, and Talleyrand inn; - he has no one to assist him in his
—who in his life was Bishop, Prince ' labor, tier to roWard hurt fer his toils—
and Prime Minister-ascended the stairs..! while God bestowed as me a wife and
A miserable suppliant ; he stood before children; it is not right that we should
the stranger's door, knocked and enter- take from our cormnon field as many
ed. sheaves as he, since we have already
In the far cOrnet of the dimly lighted more than he hits—domestic happiness.
room, sat a gentlemen of some fifty I: y. tt consent, we shall by adding se
years; hes arms folded and his head cretly a eertain number of our sheaves
bowed on his breast. From a window to his stack, by way of compensation,
directly opposite, a flood of light pour- and without his knowledge, see his por
ed over his forehead. His eyes looking tion of his harvest Increased. Therm-
Only two years after the birth of John
Quincy Adams, there appeared on an
Island in the Mediterranean Sea, a Hu
man Spirit newly born, endowed with
equal genius, without the regulating
qualities of. Justice and Benevolence
which Adams possessed in such an emi
nent degree. A like career opened to
both: Born like Adams, a subject of a,
King --the child of moral genial skies
like him, became in curly life a patriot
and a citizen of is new and great Repub.'
lie. Like Adams he lent his service to
the State in precious youth, and in its
hour of need, and won its confidence.
But unlike Adams he could not wait the
dull delays of slow and laborious, but
sure advancement. He sought power
by the hasty road that leads through
fields of carnage, and he became like
Adams, n supreme Magistrate, a Consul.
But there were other Consuls. He
wns not content. lie thrust them aside
and was Consul aloni,. Consular power
was too short. lie fought new battles,
and was consul for life: But Power,
confessedly clerical from the People,
must be excercised in obedience to their
will, and roust be resigned to them again
at least in death. He was not content.
He desolated Europe afresh, subverted
the Republic ; irnpwoned the Patriarch
who presided over Rome's coroprehen.
sive See ; and obliged him to pour on his
head tile sacred ail that made the per
: sans of kings divine, and their right to
reign indefeasible; he was an Emperor. i from beneath the downcast brows, gaz•
But he sail tartiund hitt' a mother, broth- ing in Talleyrand's face with a peen
ers and sisters not enobled whose hum• liar and searching impression. His
ble state reminded him and the world face Was striking in its outline ; the
that he was born a Plebtant and he had mouth and chin indicative of an iron
no heir to wait impatient for the imperi- will.
al crown. He scourged the earth again I His form,, v!gerous even, wi h the
Fortune smiled on him even in his wild l snows of fifty winters, was clad in a
extravagance. He bestowed Kingdoms i dark but rich and distinguished cos
and Principalities on his kindred—put tune.
away the devoted wife of his youthful I Talleyratid adiancedstated he ita fr.
days and another, daughter of Habsburgs a fugative and under the impression that
imperial house, joyfully accepted his the gentletfran before tqfp tilts riff Linter
proud alliance. Offspring gladdened his ican, he solicited ilia kind tethifg offidis.
anxious sight, at diadem was pladed oat He poured forth his history in ele
its brow, and it received the homag6 ment French and broken Briglish,
prince even in its cradle. Now he was "1 atn a wanderer—an ant
indeed a Monarch--a legitimate Mon- forced to fly to the New World, willaut
arch--a monarch 14 divine appointment a friend or hoFe. You are an Ame. jean/.
—the first of an endless succession of (I!ve.ine then, I beseech you, a
,letter of
monarchs. But there were other Mon- your's zo that 1 may be able to earn any
arelis who held sway in the earth. He I
bread. ant tilling to toil iii ady rtlgn ,
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his kindred alone. He gathered new with such horror, that a lifts of labor
and greater armies from his own laud would be a Paradise to a career of ins
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Znyder Zee—from Jaunt to the Ocean. friends.
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tie columns and went forth to seize that look that Talleyrand never forgot; he
universal Dominion which seemed with- retreated towards the door of the next
its his grasp. But Ambition had tempt- clitimber,his head still downeast,his eyes
ed fortune too far. The nations of the looking still from beneath his darkened
earth resisted, rebelled,pursued, surroun- brow. He spoke es he' retreated hact ,
ded !din, the pageant was ended. The ward ; his wine ills full of meaning :
Crown fell from his Fresuniptuous head. "I tun the only man horn in the New
The wife who had wedded him ill his World who can raise his hand to God
pride, forsook him in the hour whey fear and say--/ kat.c n'ot one friend
WHOLE NO. e 42
'—not one