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turns, Scalds and all kinds of Inflamed
sores cured.
MENT, is the most complete
Burn Antidote ever known. It instant
ly (and as if by Magic,) stops pains of
the most desperate Burns and Scalds.
For old sores, bruises, cuts and sprains
&c., on man or beast, it is the best ap.
plication that can be made. Thousands
have tried, and thousands praise it. It
is the most perfect master of pain ev
er discovered. All who use, recom
mend it. None can tell how soon
some of the family will need It.
tO- Observe each box of the genuine
Ointment has the name of S. TOUSEY
written on the outside label. To imitate
this is forgery.
Boatmen, Livery men, Farmers, and
all who use horses, will find this Oint.
ment the very best thing they can use
for collar galls, scratches, kicks, &c.
&c. &c., on their animals. Surely, ev
ery merciful man would keep his ani
mals as free from pain as possible.—
Tousey's Universal Ointment is all that
is required. Try it.
Bites of Insects.—For the sting or bite
of poisonous insects, Tousey's Oint
ment is Unrivalled. Hundreds have
tried and found it good.
Piles Cured! —For the Piles, Ton
sey's Universal Ointment is one of the
best Remedies that can be applied. All
who have tried it for the Piles recom
mend it.
Old Sores Cured.—For old, obstinate
sores, there is nothing equal to To , -
sey's Ointment. A person in Manlius
had for a number of years, a sore leg
that baffled the skill of the doctors.—
Tousey's Ointment was recommended
by one of the visiting physicians, (who
knew its first virtues,) and two boxes
produced more benefit than the patient
had received from any and all previous
remedies. Let all try it.
Burns and Scalds Cured.—Thousands
of cases of burns and scalds, in all parts
of the country, have been cured by
Tousey's Universal Ointment. Certi
ficates enough can be had to fill the
whole of this sheet. _ . .
Violent Bruises Cured.—Testimonial s
on testimonials, in favor of Tousey's
Ointment for curing bruises, have been
offered the proprietors. Hundres in
Syracus will certify to its great merits
In relieving the pain of the most severe
bruise. All persons should try it.
Scald Head Cured.—Sores or cases of
scald head have been cured by Tousey's
Ointment. Try it—it seldom fails.
Salt Rheum Cured.—Of all the rem
edies ever discovered for this most dis
agreeable complaint, Tousey's Univer
sal Ointment is the most complete. It
was never known to fail.
Chapped Hands can be Cured.—Tou
sey's Universal Ointment will always
cure the worst cases of chapped-hands.
Scores of persons will state this.
Sore Lips Cured.—For the cure of 1
sore lips, there was never anything
made equal to Tousey's Ointment. It
is sure cure for them. Try it.
It is a scientific compound, warran
ted not to contain any preparation of
[l : 7 - Trice 25 cents per box. For fur
ther particulars. concerning this really
valuable Ointment, the public are refer
red to phamphlets to be had gratis, of
respectable Druggists and Merchants
throughout the United States.
tingdon ; Jas. Clark, Birmingham ; J. R.
Cox, Warriorsmark ; J. S. lsett, Spruce
Creek ; G. H. Steiner, Waterstreet ;
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A. & N.
Creswell. Petersburg ; Orlady & Patter
son, Williamsburg ; Royer 4* Co.,
Springfield Furnace; M. Thompson,
Duncansville ;J. M. Lindsey, Holli
daysburg; Jas. Condron, Frankstown.
The Only Effectual Purgative,
cured within the lost year
of the following Complaints;
Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, Piles, Dia
mai., Scurvy, Smal pox, Jaundice, Pains in the
Hack, Inward Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart,
Rising in the Throat, Dropsy, Asthma, Fevers of
all kinds, Female Comp!slide, Measles, Salt Rheum
Heartburn. Worms, Cholera Motbus, Coughs,
Quinsy, Whooping Cough, Consumption, Fits
Liver Complaint, Erysipelas, Deafness, Itchings of
the Skin, Colds, Gout, Gravel, Nervous Com
plaints, and a variety of other diseases arising from
impurities of the b ood, and obstructions in the or
gans of digestion.
Experience has proved that nearly every disease
originates front Impurities of the blood or Derange
ments of the Digestive Organs; and to secure
Health, we must remove those Impulties end re
store the blond to its natural stale. Therefore,
when the slightest derangement of the system is
indicated by Costiveness, or any other sign, it ad
monishes us that superfluities are gatheting in the
System, which ehou d be immediately removed by
an effectual purging. This fact, as Stated, is uni
versally known; but people have such an aversion
to medicine, that, unless the case urgent, they pre
ferred the disease to the cure, generally. Since the
invention, however, of
Clickener's Vegetable Purgative Pills,
this objection does not exist, as they are completely
enveloped with a coaling of pare while sugar
(as divtinct from the internal ingredients as a nut
shell from the kernel) have no taste of medicine,
and are as easily swallowed as hits of candy.—
Moreover they neither neaaseate or gripe in the
slightest degree. They operate equally on all the
diseased parts of the system, in4teed of confining
thernselvee to, and racking any particular region.
Thu., for examp e, if the Liver be affected, one in.
gradient will operate on that particular organ, and,
by cleansing it of that Excess of Bile it is con
stantly discharging into the stomach, restore it to
its natural state. Another will operate on the
Blood, and remove those impurities which have al- Sickness in Children.
ready entered into its circulation ; while a third
And the suffering which they undergo from I
will effectually expel fn in the system whatever im
,,norms' often tend lea fatal termination, while
purities may have been discharged into the atom-
I the cacao is never suspected. O ff ensive breath,
ach ; and hence they
picking at the nose, grinding the teeth during sleep,
Strike at the Root of Disease, I starting in sleep with fright and screaming, troub-
Remove all Inmre Humors; open the pores ex-' lesome cough, and feverishness, are among some ,
vernally and intatnelly ; promote the Insensible' of the Prominent Symptoms of the presence of
Perspiration, obviate Flatulency, Headache, &c., worms. A timely use of
separate all foreign and obnoxious particles front , SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES
the chyle, secure a free and healthy action to the
will immediahlly remove all these unpleasant sy mp-
Heart, Lunge, and Liver, and thereby restore'
toms, and restore to perfect health. hisser 'gentles,
health even when 01l other means have failed. 1 S up
crier of the Catholic Halt Orphan Asylum has
The entire truth of the above can he ascertained .
added u her testimony in their favor, to the thousands
re ,
by the trial of a single box ; and their virtues a
which have gone before. She states that there are
so positive sad certain in restoring Health that, the,
over 100 children in the Asylum, and that they
proprietor binds himself to return the money paid ,
have be en in the habit of using I- herniae's Luce
for them in all cases where they do not give ant- '
I ges, and she has always found them to be attended
vernal satisfaction. I with the most beneficial effects. They have been
Retail Price, 25 cts. per Sox. proved to be infallible - in over 400,000 cases. '
Principal office No. 86 Vesey St., New York.
Sold in Harrieburg, by D. Robinson, Market St.
al- Remember Dr. C.V. Clickener it; the inven- , Influenza, Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough,
for of Sugar Coated Pills, and that nothing of the ' Tightnees of the Lunge or Chest may be cured.—
sort was ever heard of until he introduced them in Rev. Darius Anthony was very low from Consump-
June, 1843. Purchasers should, therefore, always tion, Jonathan Howarth, the celebratedtemperance
ask for Clickener's Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills, $ lecturer, was !educed to the verge of the grave by
and take no others, or they will be made the sic- I raising bloood. Rev. Mr. Dunbar, of New York,
time of a fraud.the Rev. Mr. De Forest. Evangeltet in the West-
pat t of this state, Rev. Sebastian Streeter, of
1 Roston, the wife of Orsemus Dibble, Esq., in Mo
tin gdon, Jas. Clark, Birmingham, J. R. rani., and hundreds of others, have been relieved
Cox, G. H. Steiner, Waterstreet, Moore and cured by a proper use of
& Swope, Alexandria, A. & N. Creswell, 1 Sherman's Cough Lozenges,
Petersburg, Orlady & Patterson, Wil - land no medicine has over been offered to the public
liamsburg, Royer & C o ., Springfield 1 which hoe keen more effectual in the relief of those
Furnace, M. Thompson, Duncan sville,, diseases, or which can be recommended with mot e
J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Jas. Con- ' c ll6 fidelice- They allay all itching, render the
drop, Frankstown. cough easy, promote expectoration, remove the
cause, and produce the most happy and lasting
Ask the Sufferer
A §: 'l' 11 11 it
what has relieved him in such a short time from
his difficulty of breathing, Cough and suffer.
tion I lie will tell you it was the Oh ,
saorrian, or All Heeling Balsam."
Ask the Consumptive what has
allayed his Cough, remo
iived the Pain in his Side end
Chest, checked his night sweats and
plitceiltiie rose of health upon his cheek ?
and be willtctlyou OLnsAo3lA`e,
Ark your friend. if they know of any thing that
will so speedily cure a long and tedious Cough,
Raising of Blood, Bronchitis,Dyspeptie I. oneump
lion, Hoarseness, Influenza, and diseases of the
Throat, as the Olosaonian and they will tell aon
—No. There never yet hoe been a remedy intro
duced to public notice which has been productive
of 80 much good in so abort a space of time. Read
the fol owing
WM.BovEI, the celebrated Boston cracker baker,
08 Nassau street, Brooklyn. states thathis wife has
been afflicted with Asthma for 30 years, and could
not find permanent relief from the best medical ad
vice which New York and Brooklyn could produce,
was induced to try this great remedy. the is now
nearly well. His daughter, who was Buffering
from the same disease, tried it, and was oleo cured
by it. Mrs. fiend is now so well that she is ab:e
to rise from her bed early in the morning at d at
tend to her usual duties through the day without
any annoyance from her distressing malady.
HENRY JACKSON, 13th street, near the Catholic
Cemetry, came to the store for the purpose of
taining a bottle of the Olosoanian, having been
Afflicted with the ..‘sthma for more than 30 years,
and was so exhausted on his arrival that he could
not speak. He purchased a bottle and rode horne.
Pour days afterward he walked front his residence
to the office without fatigue, a distance of over two
miles, to tell of the wonderful relief which he had
expel ieneed from using about one half of ono bot
Consumption ofthc Lungs.
Mo. COMFORT, 35 White street, was so low in
the month of December last, that he was given up
by his physicien. His friends entertained no hope
of his recovery. He was persuaded to try the
Olosaonian, and to his surprise it hos so far resto
red him to health that he is now able to walk about
the streets.
Mrs, A•r•rnta, iho wife of Wm. H. A ttree,
James Harman, Esq. and George W, Hays, Esq.,
can all hear testimony from their own experience o
the healing properties of this Great Remedy in
Consumption of the Lungs.
Sptlling Blood
Mrs. THOUROURNE, 352 Monroe street, who
had been troubled for a great length of time by a
severe cough, and raised quantities of blood, was
relieved by one bottle Of the Olovaoniun,ansl declares
it the greatest remedy in the world.
Dsxsts Kt.r.t.y, 26 Water street, was also re
lieved f-one the same complaint, although ho was
very much reduced when he commenced taking it
--having been under the care of his phyideinn du
ring the past winter. Although ho coughed con
stantly and was very much troubled with night
sweats, two bottles of the remedy enabled him to
return to his daily work. He was entirely relieved.
DAVID HENDERSON, 60 Laight street, George
W. Burnett, formerly of Newark, N. J., Henry
Lisbon, 199 Rivington street, and numerous other
persons have been spei (lily and permanently cured
of the mile complaint by this remedy. '
Silver Lever Watches full jeweled, 20 00
Silver Patent Lever Watches, seven jewels, 18 00
j Silver Lepino Watches, jeweled, 12 00
Quartier Watcher; 8 00
Imitation Quartier Watches, 5 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
Fine Savor Spectacles, 1 50
Gold Bracelets with Topes Stones, 3 50
. Gold Pens with silver Pencil and Holder, 125
Ladies Gold Pencils, 1 75
Silver Tea.spoons, from $4 50 per set to 600
Gold Finger-Rings, from 37i cents to 80 00
Watch-Glasses:—Plain, 12i cis; potent 181 ;
Lunet 25 ; other Articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to be what they are sold for.
—-- ! On hand some Gold anti silver Levers, Lepines
11. E. MOORE. 1. N. RAMON. and Quartiers lower than the above prices.
.11100 RE A' RISDO.V. Constantly on hand, an assortment of Silver T.
mat at coulaatv vaulco d a , b L l a m di D es ese s rt . , , :l a ie r. a r s n a n l g t . ang l :: k u i s n • a_ R nl i - fi S g p s oo r na r , ,,, : t iom
No. 70 South Third Street, nearly oppo- Butter Knives, Thimble., S hields, Knitting Nee
site the Exchange, Philadelphia, idle Cases and Sheaths, Purse and Reticle Clasps,
lIESPECTFULLV announce to their friends —The silver warranted to be equal to American
and the public that they aro constantly pre.
pared to make to order, of the finest and best mote- Also a great variety of Fine Gold Jewelry, con
wale, and at moderate prices, every article of Posh- ! slating in Part of l 'i n g er ' ititt g ° of all styles, set
ionable Clothingconatituting u Gentleman's Ward- wi t h Ditintnni't Robyn , Emcial T.iquise, Topaz,
robe, for which their complete stock of choice and Garnet, Cornelian, Jasper, Cope May, Amethyst
carefully selected Cloths, Cassirneres, Vesting, &c., , and other stones. Breastspins and Bracelets dell
of the latest end umet desirable patterns, are pantic.l sty lea set with Stones. and Cameos and Ena
ularly designed. melled; Ear-Rings of all styles; Gold Chains of
Their own practical knowledge of the business! all styles and of the finest gustily, together with all
and a personal attention to every garment, enables': other articles in the line, which will he sold unusu
-1 hem to give entire satisfaction, and to both old and ally low, wholesale and retail.—Also Pianos Light
new customers they respectfully tender on invite- lung-Rod Points, by the dozen or single one.
lion to give them a call. . 0. CONRAD.
Having been for years connected with some of Watchmaker 4. Jeweller
the best and most &Atonable establislintents in this N. B.—On hand M. J. Tobias & Co's. best
country, employing none but first rate workmen, quality full jewelled, Patent Lever Movements, in
and being in the constant receipt of the latest lash- 18 ('stet Gold Cases. Also a quantity of Move
ions, and beet styles of good, they are fully papa' , ; ments which will be caw d any style required, and
ell to accommodate customers in the best manner, . sold at 5 per cent shove the prise of Importations.
Philuthi., Aug. 24,1847. i July 20, '47-Iy.
ingdon ; Jas. Clark, Birmingham ; J. R.
Cox, Warriorsinark ; J. S. lsett, Spruce
Creek ; G. H. Steiner, Waterstreet ;
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A & N.
Creswell, Petersburg; Orlady & Patter
son, Williamsburg ; Royer & Co. Spring.
field Furnace ; M. Thompson, Duncans
ville ; J. H. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg;
Jas. Condron, Frankstown.
Palpitation of the Heart, Lowness of Spirits, Sea
sickness, Despondency, Painless, Cholie, Spasms,
Cramps of the Stomach, t-ummer or Bowel Com
dlaints, also all the distressing symptoms arising
from free living, or a night of dissipation are quick
ly and entirely relieved by using
Sherman's Camphor Lozenges.
They act speedily and relieve in a very short space
of time, giving tone and vigor to the system, and
enable a person using them to undergo great men
tal or bodily fatigue.
Weak Back, pain and weakness in the Breast,
Bock, Limbs and other parts of the body are speed
ily and etiectuaily relieved by Sherman's Poor
Man's Plaster, which costs only 12i cents, and is
within the reach of all. So great has become the
reputation of this article, that one million will not
begin to supply the annual demand. It is acknowl
edged to bo the best strengthening Plaster in the
Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster has his name
with directions printed on the back of the Plaster,
and a file simile of the Doctor's written name un
der the directions. None others are genuine, or to
be relied on. Dr. Sherman's Warehouse is No.
106 Nassau street, Now York.
..... .
Au i..NTs.—T. K. SIMONTON, Huntingdon;
Jas. Clark, Birmingham; J. R. Cox, Warriors
mark; J. S. Isett, Spruce Creek ; G., H. Steiner,
Water Street, Moore & Swoope, Alexandria; A.
& N. Cressvvell, Petersburg; Orlady & Patterson,
Williamsburg; Royer & Co.. Springfield Furnace;
M. Thompson, Duncansville ; .1. M. Lindscy,Hol
lidaysburg; Jas. Condron, Fmnkstown.
nov9 ly
111 HE a.tbscriber offers to the trade, or by retail
1 a large and general assortment of the billowing
articles, being all of his own importation or manu
Buyers of goods in this line ate invited to ex
amine the assortment, and orders are eolicited.with
the assurance that every effort willbe mode to give
satisfaction and insure a continuance of custom.
Gold &Silver Lever Watches olordinary quality.
Do. do. do. of superior
Do. do. do. Ancliors& Lepines.
Silver double cased English and Swiss verge
Watches, with light, medium and heavy cases.
Gold Jewelry in all varieties, line and common.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Boxes, playing 2,4, 6, 8 and 10 tune%
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Diamond P. inted Gold Pens.
Mantel and Office Clarks, in gilt and other frames.
Watchmakers 'fools end Materials of II sorts.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans. Steel Beads, Ike.
Having every facility for obtaining goods on the
most advantageous terms, corresponding induce
ments will be offered to purchasers.
112 Chesnut St., Philadelphia.
A T the"Pliilac'e'phia
Watch and Jewelry
6t01e," No. 96 North See
(: ondStreet,corner of Quer
, ry. Gold Lever Watches,
full jewelled 18 carat cases
PO. • . • and gold Dial, 40 00
Beware of Counterfeits. lINCOURAGE 110.1b1E LABOR.
A DA 11.,i & BOA'S S
7,000 Cases of obstinate Puhnonary Com
plaints Cured in One Year! CaRRMGE ANT r1 7 .4G0,A• .11.3.7 -
-4 4 4 44 4 4 UIVICTORY,
t l Opposite the Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon. I
WISTAR'S BALSAM OF lAMB CHERRY. THE subscribers respectfully inform the public, 1
The Great american Remedy for Lung
. 1 that they are at all times prepared to execute
ay °Mersin their line of business, at the shortest I
Complaints and all affections of the notice and on the must reasonable terms. I
Respiratory Organs. •
Carriages, Buggies, Wag
[l:?•We do not wish to trifle with the ~, i ik
lives or health of the afflicted, and we "14T-tr-'4"------ Bons, Sleighs, Dearbrns,
and Carts,
sincerely pledge ourselves to make no - l l "! -__ '.:
assertions as to the virtues of this med•
made to order, of the best materials, and at reit
icine, and to hold out no hope to suffer- " mit " P rice '
Repairing of all kinds of vehicles, done on the
ing humanity which facts will not war-
shortest notice.
._ . (- Those wanting neat, cheap and durable at,
We ask the attention of the candid to
a few considerations.
Nature in every part of her works,
has left indelible marks of adaptation
and design.
The constitution of the animals and
vegetables of the torid zone, is such that
they could not endure the cold of the
frigid zone, and vice versa. In regard to
disetse and its cure, the adaptation of
remedies is not less striking.
The Moss of Iceland and the Pine
and Wild Cherry are justly celebrated
for the cure of all diseases of the Lungs
and Liver, which are so fearfully preva
lent in all Northern latitudes. From a
combination of Chemical Extracts pro
cured from this ',Voss' and those 'Trees'
is chiefly formed.
[l7- IT CURES !..41 Wherever Wis
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is intro
duced, it at once attains that high rep
utation which it so richly deserves.—
What can prevent its sale when on ev
ery hand can be witnessed . its wonder
ful cures 1 The worst cases of Asthma,
recent and dangerous Coughs, (and also
those that are of long standing,) Bron
chitis and Consumption, (in its early
stages,) are always cured by this re
markable medicine.
Important to those afflicted with Diseases
Will miracles never cease? More evidence of
its surpassing health restorative virtues!
[From Dr. Baker, tipringfie'd, Washington coun
ty, Ky
SPltilrOrlel.ll, Ky., May 14, 1845.
Messrs. Sanford & Park :—I take this oppor
tunity of informing you of a most r emarkable
cure performed upon me by the use of Dr. Witl
. lees Balsam of Wild Cherry. _
In the year 1840 I was taken with an inflamma
tion of the bowels, which I labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the fall of
1841, I was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years I was confined to my bed, I tried all
kinds of medicines, and every variety of medical
aid, without benefit ; and thus I wearied along un
til the winter of 1845, when I heard of Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry.
My friends persuaded me to give it a trial,
though I had given up all hopes of recovery, and
had prepared myself fur the change of another
world Through their solicitations I was induced
to make use of the Genuine M'ister's Balsam of
Wild Cherry. The effect was truly astonishing.
After five years of affliction, pain and stillering,
and after having spent four or live hundred dollars
to no purpose and the best and most respectable
physicians proved unavailing, I was soon restored
to entire health by the blessing of God and the use
of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
I am now enjoying good health, and such is
my altered apt:curt:nee, that I am no longer known
when I meet my acquaintances.
I have gained rapidly in weight. and my flesh
is firm and solid. I can now eat as much as any
person, and my food seems to r gree with me. I
have eaten more during the last six months, titan
I had eaten in five years before.
Considering my case almost as a miracle, I
deem it necessary for the good of the afflicted, and
a duty I owe to the proprietors and my fellow
men, (who should known where relief may be had)
to make this statement public.
May the 1,1 risings of God rest upon the proprie
torsof so valuable a medicine as Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, Respectfully,
\\ M. It. BAKER.
[l=i-Read the following from Dr. Jacob' how attained—flow to do Good—Causes and
Hoffman, a physician of extensive pine-
Effects of Error—Habits—Passione—Women de-1
ecribed—Man described— MarerrErrors--Rieh and
lice in Huntingdon county : 1
poor—sexes--Virtue and Vice—Youthful Errors
Dear Sir :—1 procured one bottle of —Woman how made delicate--Woman's Virtues, i
Dr. Wistar's Balsam of mild Cherry, Ambition, &c.
from Thomas Read, Esq., of this place, The whole designed for the noble purpose of im
p i" ; e o : imparting i ngts nail
and tried it in a case of obstinate Asth
ogy of the human frame and the laws which on
ma on a child of Paul Schweble, in which
ern mental and bodily health. Nit etc. g
many other remedies had been tried '
without any relief. The balsam gave cr-j- Any person sending 25 cents enclosed in .
sudden relief, and in my opinion the : letter shall receive one copy by mull, or five copies
child is effectually cured by its use. I will be sent for $l. Addreee d urstage paid,
Yours, Sre., l G. B. ZIEBER & Co.
JACOB HOFFMAN, M. D. ' may 26-47 ly] Philadelphia.
Dec. 23, 1841. , Dr. Keeler's !Vegetable Pan
BEWSRE OF COUNTERFEITS. ; For the removal and permanent cure of all die-
Those who counterfeit a good medicine for the caries a risi ng from an impure state of the Blood
purpose of adding a few dollars, to their pockets, . and habit of the body, viz: Chronic affections of
are fur worse titan the manufacturer. of spurious the Chest, Pleurisy, Bronchitis, Catarrh, &c.—
coin. For while the latter only rob us of our pro. Scrofula in all its stages, Miler, Scald-head, Cat.
petty, the former take property, and health and tancores affections of the body, face and extrern
life away. Dr. Wietur's Balsam of kV ild Cherry rites, Chronic Rheumatism, Chronicenlorgemente
is admitted by thousands of disinterested witnesses of the ligaments and joints, White Swellings,
to have effected the most extraordinary cures in Syphilitic Affections, Constitutional disorder.
c ases of pulmonary and athmatic character, eve r arising front debility, Mercurial and hereditary p re .
before recorded in the history of medicine. dispositions, &c.
The young, the beautiful, the good, all speak t,-• It is now admitted by Pathologists, that no
forth its praise. It is now the favorite medicine , original temperament, complexion, constitution, or
in the most inteligent families of our country. form of body, confers complete immunity front Her-
Such a high stand in public estimation haslieen etlitary (Nimes; that scrofula, consumption and
m.. other affections having a similarity of origin occur
achieved by its own re alone. And so long so '
. discerning public are careful to get wi mor r e in all: although observation convinces us, that in-
Bale:lnt of Will Cherry, and refuse with scorn, dividuals and families, possessing certain rcharacter
counterfeits, ,nil every oilier artic'e proffered to ietics are more frequently the subject of these mal
thern as substitutes, an long will cures, positive adies than other.. These diseases are a morbid con
cures,cheer the fireside of many a despairing fain-
dition of the whole system of nutrition—these pro
dv. ducts being but the effect. of an alteration of the
iiy• and ..-
0 _ Blood an" ecretions,—the ulcers, abuses, enlarged
n'The true and genuine Wistar's Balsam
glauds, intimations, &c., being merely attendant
Wild Cherry is sold at established agencies in all
parts of the United State.. Sold in Cincinnati, ,
phenomena. The cause exists prior to the phenom
ena, and must be destroyed before perfect health
on the corner of Fourth, and lV Mout streets, by !
can he
established. This
be done by Dr. Kel-
ler's Vegetable Panacea, the most certain remedy
General Agents for the Western States,
Mrs. Mar y Ore ' blood and system of nutrition, ever presented to
for all diseases arising from an impure state of the
REED & SON, Huntingdon;
Hollidaysburg; Morrie Nicodemua, Martinsburg. 1
! the notice of the afflicted.
MARLMV!BARLEV! j Prepared corner of 3d and South streets, Phil-
Aquantity of merchantable Bailey, if delivered nilelphia t and sold by John N. l'rowell, arid Jones
noon, will be taken at the Alexandria Brewery & Simonton, Huntingdon, and by Druggists and
for which a fail price, in CASH, will he given. Merchants throughout the county. Price--$1 per
HENRY FOCKLER. bottle, large size.
Alexandria, Oct. 13, 1847-61. I june 9, 847.
_ .
tides in our line of business, are respectfully re
quested to give us a call
IapaaUTCMCM . LIM Q U 3 Mii
No. 201 Market Street, one door above
Fifth, North Side, Philadelphia.
IMPORT'ms and Wholes/de Dealersin DRUGS,
Window Glass. Paints, Oils, Dyes, Perfumery, &c.
Druggists, country Merchants and Physicians,
supplied with the above articles on the most favor.-
bleterms. Strict and prompt attention paid to or
ders. Every article warranted.
aept23. JAS. A. TURNER, 'Eta of Va
THE undersigned take this method of
I informing their friends and the pub
generally, that the following enumerated articles,
together with all manner of work pertaining to
their business, will he disposed of to purchasers,
and made up to order in a workmanlike and ap
proved style, very cheap, for cash or country pro
duce. All that is necessary for those who wish to
be accommodated in any article in their line of
business, will call at their shop,
. -
Three doors west of Buoy's Jewelry Es
tablishment, HUNTINGDON,
Where the public can at all times be accommated
Red and Oak Sole Leather, Skirting,
Harness and Bridle Leather, Upper
Leather, Calfskins, Spanish and
Country Kips and Sheepskins.
ALSO, a first rate quality of
1546 ' 444 f o rdlfct 'N W. ..e on/77
a n d i
all qualities and
They also continue to carry on in all its various
branches, SADDLE and HAR
NESS making, and are ready to
014 furnish their customers with all
kinds of Trunks. Valices, Carpet
bags, Plush. Hogskin and Tull Side-saddles, (from
the cheapest to the best.) Also, Shatter Saddles,
of all kinds, Waggon and Carriage Harness, Bri
dles, Collars, Whips, scc.
All of which will be disposed of cheap for
Cook or any kind of country produce. The high
est price, in trade, given for beef hides,calf hides,
baik.&c. J. J. & A. H. BUMIIAUGH.
N. B.—Two apprentices will be token at the
above estaMishment if application be made soon.
or Physical Training, to make their
Lives in this World Long and Happy,
by the author of Education: as
It Is, Ought To Be, and .Might
Be," First american Edition,
with additions:
Being an elementary and interesting treatise on
Sell Knowledge. Containing short and entertain
ing articles on
Food, Heart, Glands, Strength,
Eating, Stomach, Nerves, Recreations,
Digestion, Liver, Brains, Old Age,
Blood, Longs, Mind, Man,
Secretions, Arteries, Senses, Woman,
Hood, Veins, Health, Disease,
&c., &c., &c.
Together with the Ur.tSeeret—Successin Life
licgetable IlbirovtlrMll
The only known Medicine Mat at the same
time purges, purifies and strengthens
the system.
71.oxeox, July 7, 1846.
TAR. LE ROY'S Pills area new medicine which
has just appeared, and is fast taking the places
01%11 others of the same class. These pill. are
composed of many ingredients, but the two Princi.
pal ones are Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry, so uni.'
ted that they act together; the one, through ite
admixture with other substances. purifying end ,
purging, while the other is strengthening the sr,'
tem. Thus those pills are at the same time ton i c
and opening; a desideratum long and eagerly'
sought for by medical men, but never before die
co iereel. In other words they do the work of to•
medicines, and do it much better then any two we'
know of; for they remove nothing from the system
but the impurities; so that while they purge they
strengthen; and hence they cause no debilitation,
and are followed by no re-action. Dr. Le Roy's'
, pills have a wonderful influence r n the blood ; they
not only purify without weakening it. but they re-'
move all noxious particles from the chyle before it
is converted into fluid, and thus make impure
blood an utter impossibility. /tethers is no debit.
Ration, on there iv no nausea or Admen attending
the operations of this most excellent of medicines
which never Igraine or torture. the digestive fune-_jj
tions,but causes them to work in a perfectly nem,
al manner ; and hence persons taking them do not
become pale and emaciated, but the contrary; for
while it is the property of the Sarsaparilla, united'
es it is with other ingredients, to remove all that is
foreign and impure, it is equally the property of
the Wild Cherry to retain all that is natural Ned
sound; and hence a robust state of health is the
certain result of their united operation..
ojq'rice 25 Cehi., per BOX.
AGENTS.—T. Rend & Son, Swoop. and At.
rice, Huntingdon; W. W. Buchanan, Milliken
and Kessler, Mill-Creek ; S. Hatfield & Son, Juni.
ate Iron Works; Porter & Bucher, Moore &
Swoope, H. C. Walker, Alexandria; Ci. H. Stein, r
Wateretreet. [Aug. 31, 'O.
lOR the cure of Pulmonary Consump
tion, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Influen
za, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Difficulty of
Breathing, Pain in the Breast or Side,
Spitting of Blood, Croup, ✓Verrous Tre
mours, Hooping Cough, ere.
Proof follows upon proof of the virtues fo
Read the following Xew Certificates
Micron'', Perry co., Pa., Oct. 1, 1846
Messrs. Robinson, Collins & Cot—Sirs: Th
is to inform you that I was afflicted for 20 years
with a violent pain in my breast, so much so that
I could hardly lay in bed at night. Cough attended.
followed by emaciation and other decided si
toms of consumption. I applied to several emit en:
physicians, and took a great deal of medicine with.
out any relief whatever. I was advised to try Dr.
Davis's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry and
Tar, of which I took two bottles, v, hich entirely re
lieved me of my complaint; therefore I can with
confidence recommend it to all who are in a like
*limner afflicted, as a most valuable Medicine.
The authenticity of the above statement is
vouched for by Mr. how Murphy, a merchant of
Milford, who knows Mr. Toomey, and the circum
stances of his case. Mr. T. is now sixty years of
Price, $1 per bottle.
Robison, Collins, & Co ,Phila'd., gt
eral agents.
For sale by THOS. READ & SON,
Huntingdon 4,P. Shoenberger, at all his
Furnaces ; Boyers, at all their Furnaces;
Patton & Tussey, Arch Springs; B. F.
Bell, Laurel Run Mills, and Spencer &
Flood, NV illiamsburg.
6 , Not for a Day but for All Time."
thAS now given abundant evidence of its heal
ing powers, and proved itself the most extra
ordinary and wonderful medicine in the world
In the short space of two years, it has acquired a
reputation for caring disease and relieving pain far
greater than any Medicine ever discovered. Ito
wonderful cures have astonished the Medical Fee
ally, who now universally concede its great value.
They speak of it in the highest terms, and coin
mend its use.
It is condemned by none. On the contrary, its
pra'se is universal. The cases of cures ore so nu.
merous that it would take volumes to recount them:
and it is a fixed fact, end is not disputed, that as a
Pain Extractor it has no equal. For the many
astonishing cures, see the pamphlet, to be had of
each agent. Ifyou suffer with either of the diseases
for which it is recommended, resort at once to its
uee and be cured. For the following diseases it is
an infallible remedy
Spinal affections, Rheumatism, Paralysis
and all Nervous affections,Salt Rheum,
Croup or Hives, Ague in the Breast
and Face, Weakness of the Joints,
Colds, Toothache, Sore Throat and
Quinsy, Ulcerated Sores, Indolent Ul
cers, Burns, Frosted Feet, Corns,
Bunyons, Fresh Wounds, Swellings
and Bruises, Scrofulous Affections,
Musquito Bites, and Poisons.
C - . This Liniment is sold by all the respectable.
Merchants and Druggists throughout the country,
and by the Proprietors at Sing Sing. N.Y.
AGENTS.—T. Read & Son, Huntingdon; B.
F. Patton, Warriorsmark ; James Clark, Birming
ham; J. R. Hunter & Co., Petersburg; Milliken
& Kessler, Mill Creek; A. 0. Brown, Shirley..
burg, 'l'. E. Orbison 4- Co., Orbisonia ; Blair &
Maddon, Cromwell township; A. C. Blair, Clays.
Aug. 24,1847-3 m.
THE subscriber
respectfully announ
ces to his friends and the public
generally, that he continues to manufac
ture, in the borough of Petersburg, the
very best quality of BRICK, which he
will dispose of on the most reasonable
terms. All orders will be filled at the
shortest notice. Those wanting the ar
ticle for building, paving or any other
purpose, would do well to give me call.
Petersburg, Aug. 31, 1847.