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Late and Important from Mexico.
The steamer James L. Day arrived
at New Orleans on the 23d, from Vera
Cruz, bringing dates to the 17th. There
has been no later arrivals direct from
the Capital.
Santa Anna was at Puebla on the 25th
September, and had addressed Colonel
("hada, stating that he had taken poi:
session of the city with 8000 men, and
requesting his immediate evacuation of
that post, permitting him to form a
junction with Gen. Scott or the Amer
ican forces at Perote, but threatening in
'the event of a refusal that an immediate
assault would be made upon his posi
tions. Col. Childs replied that with re
gard to the threatened attack upoh the
positions under his command, he was
fully satisfied that he shOuld be able to
defend them successfully, and having
been honored with the duty of guar
ding them, was deterinined to defend
them to the last,
. The Arch lria; Of the 13th October
furnishes further iimpOrtant news: A
letter from Puebla, dated at film o'clock
bn the evening of the 27th September,
says the points of San Juan de Dies,
San Juan, Santa Rosa and Shiite Mon
ica, commenced a heriiv cannonade up:
on the American Works. The fatter
mediately began to throw cannon shine;
bombs and grenades into the centre of
the city, which sußred considerable in:
About 8 o'clock the cannonade ceas ,
ed, but commenced again at dawn oh
the following day. By order of Santa
Anna a breastwork of bbttoh bulbs had
been erected, with Nur hundred edttrin
bales which he had ecikintiihncled the
Commerical houses of Valescq to furnish
for the defence of the city. To preVent
the completion of these Works; the
Americans from the first had kept up a
'continued fire frohi ?San Juan updn the
workmen, which being briskly returned
by the Mexicans, the discharge of
bombs and grenades from the Atineri
can lines greatly ineretised; but night
supervening aery thing been rrie quiet.
Sept. 30th.—A pbrtial tranquility
reigns in that city; but General Rca
having concluded the erection df h bat
tery to open upod San Jose, the greatest
enthusiasm agaist the Americans pre.
vails throughout the city.
On the Ist of October, Santa Anna;
at the head of 200 d catralry rind infantry
and three pieces of artillery; sallied out
from Puebla, intending to attack the
American train which left Jalhpa oh
the Ist, and reached Perote on t h e
hut before arriving at Thpeydbalco,
his designs were wholly frustrated by
all of his men, with the exception of 130
hussars, composing his personal guard,
having pronounced against him, attribu
ting the unfortunate events of the war
and their want of success against the
invaders, to his incapacity and unsuc
eessfullness. Some loudly declared him
a traitor, and unworthy of holding any
Command in the Mexican army.
Santa Anna having reached Tcippm
hualco with his 130 hussarh received
an order from the government at Quer=
etero, ordering him to repair thither at
once but he did not think it eonirenient
to comply with the demands of his goir
ernment, and took up his line of tharch
for Noce, he having publicly decla:
red his intention of prtietbding tli that
place, where he designed to raise anoth
er army, with which to renew the com
bat with the enemies of the Republic.
All the letters from the interior coin
bide in the opinion that Santa Anna con
sidered himself as impotent to effect
anything more, and state that he was
Making his way towards Guatemala, for
the purpose of leaving Mexico foreter i
and that his march tb Nada is Only a
pretext to aid lh the tiiitet accomplish=
ment of his designs;
PUEBLA, Oct. 2.—Since Santa Anna's
departure, the canhbnading has entirely
slackened off. The eotttin house of Vet=
esco took fire and burned downs The
inhabitants of Puebla hearing the , ring
ing of the bells which announced this in
cendittrism, were very much alarmed,
believing the Americans had left their
entrenchments and were storming the
Other Mexican papers deny tluit he is
endeavoring to reach Guatemala, and
Insist that he will continue the war
without respite. . _
The Genius of Liberty says, that Pe
na y Pena was discharging the duty of
President, at Queretero, but had refu
sed to recognize his associates appoin
ted by Santa Anna, and proposes that
Congress shall elect.
A report prevailed at Vera Ctuz on
the 18th, that a company of Texas Ran
gers were attacked by guerrillas twelve
miles distant, and all but two cut off.
An express had arrived, stating that one
man was killed and eighteen missing:
Some difficulty had occurred in the
Massachusetts regiment, and Gen. Cush. ,
ing had disarmed and detached 65 from
the regiment:
Gen. Lane was at Perote on the 4th bf
October, and no doubt entered Puebla a
few days afterwards.
The Aral iris of the 16th, speaks ofl
extensive preparations making to dos- ,
patch a train for the interior, and says
that more than 1000 troops are all arm- 1
ed and ready to start.
The editor conjectures that General
Patterson has a new expedition in pros' ,
pact against some State not hitherto in
vaded by the Americans, instead of
joining General Scott.
The expedition against the Guerillas,
planed by General Patterson, had re
turned after successfully encountering
and dispersing several parties.
Herrera, according to the Arco Iris,
had collected 10,000 men at Queretero,
all of the National Guard.
The Guerillas hake full sway at Ja
lappa, iriaking War only upon their de
fenceless coutitrynidm and the Mexican
authorities of the State of Vera Cruz
were talking of adopting Measures to
put them down.
Padre Jarauta has threatened to shoot
all that carry provisions into Vera Cruz.
The Delta publishes a protest issued
by the City Council of Mexico on the
entry of Gen. Scott together with his
answer. It also gives his proclamation
of martial law.
The vomito had again made its ap•
peurance at Vera Cruz in a mild form.
The steamer James Cage had burst
her boiler thirty miles from Vera Cruz,
ihjuring several persons.
On Tuesday night, 12 o'clock, Nov.
sth, inst. of croup, at Barree Forge, thb
residence of his father, SAMUEL MILES
GREEN, aged three years, one month
sad ten days;
The pathof sorr o w, ehil thit path aiohli,
Leads to that land, where sorrow is unknown."
kin Monday, Oct. 25th, ult. at Barree
Forge, SARAH ECUs, daughter of Mr:
William Ellis, of croup, aged taro years
and three monals.
SMALL Pox generally begins with lan
gaol• and weariness, chilliness and vomiting, sore
ness of the throat, great thirst, and many other un
pleasant cotvplaints.
VV right's Indian Vegetable Pilte will be foudd
the very beat niedicine ih thb World for the cure
of Biiiall Pox, because they cleanse the body from
those poisohohs hbmore Which are the cause 61'
Small pox and other crupOe complaints. From
three to six of said Indian Vegetable Fills, taken
ebery night on going to bed, id a short time
Slake a perfect cure of the alum, dangerous com
plaint, and the blood and other fluids will be rea
torfiFl to a state of purity,
right s Indian Vegetable also aid and
iiiiprotre digestion, and therefore give health and
vigor to the whole frame.
(ryßetvare of augur could counterfeits.
The wily original and genuine Indian Vegeta
ble Pills have the signature of William Wright
written wish a pen on the top label of each kr.
None other is genuine and to counterfeit this is
Forgery_ The genuine fur sale by
SIMON TON, tiole Agent for Hunting
don; Charles Porter, Alexandria; Blair & Robin
don, Sliade Gttp; lildlr & rrankstown; Orbison
& L'o., Orbisohia; A. b. Brottim, Shirleysburg;
Hunter & Co., Weil Blare titid Peterriburg; Graff
& Co., Manor Hill; D. S. Bell, M'ElaWe tbrl;
Jartek Magffire, Aatihiburgi John W. Mytoh, n
nesville; George H. Steiner, Water Street.; A. &
W.'treeiswell, Petersburg; Milliken & Kessler,
Mill-creek; and wholesale and retail at the prin
cipal office, 169 Race street, Philadelphia.
Set'. 7, '47.
THE Subscriber will offer at Public
Sale; on the premises; on THURS;
PAY ; the 23d bf Deceltiber fiext; at . 12
o'clBclc M.; the fdllottrifig viilutibl6 Real
estate; to Wit :
situate tili the banks df the Little Juni
ata river, one mile below Birmingham,
mid within four miles of the Pennsyl
vania Canal, at Water Street ; One
tract situate in Warriorsmark township,
Huntingdon county-mhe other tract sit
uate in Tyrone Township, Blair county,
the River being the line between the
two tracts, and also the line between
Huntingdon and Blair counties ; well
known as the property of Andrew Rob
eson, of Warriorsmark toivriship; now
11111 E 11114141510 N TRACT,
in Warrior Smart township, contains 200
acres of excellent limestone land, about
100 acres cleared, and in a good state
of cultivation, with
, Three bwelling Houses,
11 a stone Barn and a good ap
ple orchard thereon.
in Blair county contains 400 acres of
excellent timber land, with a house
and stable thereon erected ; there is an
Ore bank on this tract, from which a
quantity of Iron Ore of an excellent
quality has been raised. A large part
of this tract is good limestone land for
farming. On these two tracts arc
Forges or Furnaces,
perhaps the best sites in the State.
There is a number of springs On the two
tracts of never failing water thdt keep
the river free from ice for more than a
This tract is all woodland, and Weil
covered With timber. The survey for
the Central Rdil Road runs through the
TERMS :—One Third of the purchase
motley to be paid in hand; and the bal.
lance id two equal :tenant payments,
with interest, to be secured by the
bonds and Mortgages of tlth purchaser:
Pqrsdns Wishing to purchase are in
vited to call and examine the premises.
Attendance will be given by
Surviving Executor of
4ndrew Robeson dec'd.
Nor. 9, 1847;
Bfirns, Scalds and all kinds of Inflamed
sores cured.
MENT, is the most complete
Burh Antidote eVer known. It instant
ly (and As If by Magic,) stops pains of
the most desperate rns and Scalds.
For old sores; bruises; cuts and sprains
&c., on man or beast, it it the best ap
plication that can be made. Thousands
have tried, and thousands Oraisij it; It
is the most perfect master of Paiii
er discovered. All who use, recom
mend it. None can tell how Bobo
some of the family will need it.
0.'3 - Observe each box of the genuine
Ointment has the name of S. TOUSEY
written on the outside label. To imitate
this is forgery.
Boatmen, Livery men, Farmers, and
all who use horses, will find this Oint
ment the very best thing they can use
for collar galls, scratches, kicks, &c.
&c. &c., on their animals. Surely, ev
ery merciful man would keep his ani
mals as free from pain as possible.—
Tousey's Universal Ointment is all that
is required. Try it.
Bites of Insects—For . the sting or bite
of poisonous insects, ousey's Oint
ment is Unrivalled. Hundreds have
tried and found it good.
Piles Cured! —For the Piles, Ton-
'sty's Universal Ointment is one of the
best Remedies that can be applied. All
who have tried it for the Piles recom
OZI~ Sores Ctifeti.Fer old, obstinate
Beres; there is nothing equal to Tou
sey's Ointment. A person in Manlius
had for a number of years, a sore leg
that baffled the skill of the doctors.—
Tousey's Ointment was recommended
by one of the visiting physicians, (who
knew its, first virtues,) and two boxes
prodbced irior6 benefit than the patient
had received front atiy and all previous
remedies. Let all try it..
Burts OA Scalds Cured.—Thousands
of cases of butns rind scalds, in all parts
of the country, have been oared by
Tousey's Universal Ointment. Certi
ficates enough can be had to fill the
whole of this sheet.
Miens Bruises Cured:L--Testimonials
on testimonials, ib faLtir Of, tousey's
Ointment for curing bruises, have been
offered the proprietors. Hundres in
Svracus will certify to its great merits
in relieving the pain of the most severe
bruise. All persons should try it.
Scald Head Cured.—Sores or cases of
scald head have been cured by Tousey's
Ointment. Try it—it seldom fails.
Salt Rheum. Cured.—Of all the rem
edies giber discoirered for this most dis
agreeable cottiplaiiit, Tousey's Univer
sal Ointment is the most complete. It
was nei , er,knowptit fail;
C happed Hands edit be Cured.—Tou
seys Univerbal 011itment will always
cure the worst cases of chapped-hands.
Scores of persons will state this.
_ .
Sore Lips Cuied.—For the cure of
sore lips, there was never anything
made equal to Tousey's Ointment. It
is sure cure for thbin. Try it.
It is a scientific compound, urtirati
ted not to contain any preparation of
ID Trice 25 cents per box. For fur
ther patticulars concerning this really
imluable Ointment, the public are refer
red to phamphlets to be had gratis, of
respectable Druggists and Merchants
throughout the United States.
tingdon ; Jas. Clark, Birmingham ; J. R.
Cox, Warriorsmark ; J. S. Isett ; Spruce
Creek ; G. H. Steiner ; Waterstreet ;
Moore & Btiroope, Alexandria; A. & N.
Creswell ; Petersburg ; Orlndy & Patter
son, Williamsburg; Royer 4• Co.,
Springfield Furnace; M. Thompson,
Duncansville ; J. M. Lindsey, Holli
daysburg; Jas. Condron, Frankatown.
The Only Effectual Purgative,
cured within the last year
OVER 200,000 PigRSONS
of the following Complaints
Headache, Giddiness, Rheumatism, Piles, Dis
pepsia, Scurvy, 811181 pox, Jaundice, Pains in the
Hack, Inward Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart,
Rising in the Throat, Dropsy, Asthma,
Fevers of
all kinds, Female Complaints, Measles, Salt Rheum
Heartburn, Worms, Cholera Morbus, Coughs,
Quinsy, Whooping Cough, Consumption, Fits,
Liver Complaiht, Erysipelas, Deafness, Itchings of
the Skin, Colds, Gout, Gravel, Nervous Com
plaints, and a variety of other diseases arising front
impurities of the b.odd, and obstructions in the dr
genii of digestion.
Experience has proied that nearly every disease
originates froth Impuraties of the Blood or Derange
ment. of the Digestive Organs; and to secure
Health, we must remove those Impurities and re
store the blood to its natural state. Therefore,
when the slightest derangement of the system is
indicated by Costiveness, or any other sign; it ad
monishes us that superfluities are gathering in the
fiterh, which should be immediately removed by
oil effectual purging. This fact. as stated, is uni
versally known; but people have such en aversion
to medicine, that, Wale the case urgent, they pre
ferred the disease to the Curb, generally. Since the
invention, however, of
Clickener's Vegetable Purgative Pills,
this objection does not cutlet, es they tire completely
enveloped with a coating bf pure while sugar
(as divtinct from the interdict ingtedietits as a nut
bholl from the kernel) huit nb lade of medicine,
bard are as easily swelfowed ati bits of candy.—
Moreover they neither neauseate or. pipe in the
Slightest degree. They opertite equdlly un all the
diseased parts of the eyetem; iirsteetil of confining
themselves to, and racking any particular region.
Thue, for examp'e, if the Liver be affected, one in
gredient will operate on that particular Organ, and,
by cleansing it of that, Excess of Bile it is con.
stonily discharging into the siceesch, restore it to
its natural state. Another will upciate eta the
IBlood, and remove those impurities which have al•
ready entered into its circulation ; while a third
will effectually expel fr m the system whatever im
purities may have been discharged into the stom
p ach ; and hence they
Strike at the Root of Disease,
Remove all Impure Humors; open the pores ex
ternally and internally ; promote the Insensible
Perspiration, obviate Flatulency, Headache, are.,
separate all foreign and obnoxious particles from
the chyle, secure a free and healthy action to the
Heart, Lungs, and Liver, and thcreby restore
health even when all other means have failed.
. .
, The entire truth of the above can he ascertained
by the trial of a single box ; and their mines are
oo positive and certain in restoring Health that, the
Or °juicier binds himself to return the money paid
fol them in all cases where they do not give uni
venni) satisfaction.-„
Reicil Price, 25 cts. per Box,
Principil. office No. 66 Vesey St., New York.
Sold in Harrisburg, by D. Robinson, Market St,
Cr Remember tit: C. V. Clickener is the inven
tor of Sugar Coated MU rind Unit nothing of the
sort was ever heard of until he introduced then' in
June. 1843. Purchasers ehould, theretnre. 41Whys
oak for Clickener's Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills,
and take no others, or they will be made the tic
time of a fraud. ,
tingdon, Jas. Clark, Birmingham, J. R.
Cox, G. H. Steiner, Waterstreet, Moore
& Swope, Alexandria, A. & N. Creswell,
Petersburg, Orlady & Patterson, Wil
liamsburg, Royer & Co., Springfield
Furnace, M. Thompson, Duneansville,
J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Jas. Con
dron, Frankstown.
Ask the Buffeter
A S 'l' II RI A,
bl/hal has relieved him in such a short time from
his difficulty of breathing, Cough and suffoca
tion 1 He will tell you it was " the Ok.-
saonian, 01 All Healing Holum."
Ask the Consumptive what has
allayed his Cough, remo
ved the Pain in his Side and
, Chest, checked his night sweats and
placed the rose of health upon his cheek ?
and ho will tellyou ..Strzaman's 0L06A.024
Ask your friends if they know of any thing that
will so speedily cure u long and tedious Cough,
Raising of Blood, Brdnchitls, Dyspeptic ( onsump
lion, thiarseness, Influehta, and diseases of the
Throat, as the Olusaonian t and they will tell t uu
—No. There never yet has been a remedy intro.
duced to public notice which has been productive
of so Mitch good in tio iihott d Spike Of tittle. Read
the fcll . Miring ,
Wm. Bexu, the celebrated Boston cracker baker,
09 Nassau street, Brooklyn. Meta that his wife has
been afflicted with Asthma for 30 years, and could
not find permanent relief from the best medical ad
vice which New York and Brooklyn could produce,
was induced to try this great remedy. She is now
nearly well. His slaughter, who was suffering
from the same disease, tried it, and was afro cured
by it. Mm. Bond is now so well that she is ab'e
to rise from her bed early in the morning a d at
tend to her usual duties through the day without
any annoyance from her distressing malady.
HENRY JACKSON, 13th street, near the Catholic
Cemetry, came to the store for the purpose of ob
taining a Witte of the Olosoanian, having been
Afflicted with the Asthma for more than 30 years,
and was so exhausted on his arrival that he could
not speak. He purchased a bottle and rodehome.
Four days afterward he Walked frorii hie residence
to the office without fatigue. q dikance of over two
Miles, to tell of the wonderful relief which he had
elects fenced front using about onb half of one bot
ConSilinplion ofthe Lungs.
Ihi.Comecitr, 35 White street, was so low in
the mouth of December last, that he was given up
by his physician. His friends entertained no hope
of his recovery. He was persuaded to try the
Oloaannion, and to his surprise it hes so far resto
red him to health that he is now able to walk about
the streets.
Mrs, ATTREE, the wife of Wm. H. Altree,
James Harman, Esq, and George W. Bays, Esq.,
can all bear testimony front their own experience of
the healing properties of this Great Heiniirij in
Consumption of the Lungs.
Spntieng flood.
Mrs. Tirocuottitss, 352 Monroe street, whd
hod been troubled for a great length of time by a
severe cough, and raised quantities of blood, woo
relieved by one bottle of the Olovionion ,and declares
it the greatest remedy in the world.
Dmsts KELLY, '26 Water street, was also re-
Howd f•om the same complaint, although he was
very much reduced when he commenced taking it
--having been under the care of his physician du
ring the past winter. Although he coughed con
stantly and was Very much troubled With night
sweats, Iwo bottles of the remedy enabled him to
return to his doily Work. He Was entiiely
llsvin Hissosnios, 60 Laight streei, Uedrge
W. Burnett, formerly of Newark, N. J., Henry
Lisbon, 199 Rivington street, and numerous other
pehions hove been speedily and permanently cured
of the same complaint by this remedy.
ingdon ; Jas. Clark ; Birmingham ; J. R.
Cox, Warriorsinark ; J. 8. lsett, Spruce
Creek ; G. H, Steiner; Waterstreet ;
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A & N.
Creswell, Petersburg; Orlady & Patter
son, Williamsburg ; Royer & Co. Spring
field Furnace; M.. Thompson, Duncans
ville ; J. H. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg;
Jas. Condron i Frankstown;
CHERRY.—In endeavoring to impress upon the
minds of ens citizens the superior efficacy of this
inveluab!e remedy for Consumpiion and Pulinct.
nary Diseases in keneral, we wish to assure our
readers that we are actuated solely by a desire to
benefit the afflicted. Our faith in the remedy is
founded upon the universal success attending its
use, and we fully believe that the most faithless
and incredulous, after witnessing its ritirprising
virtues, will no longer doubt that Consumption
may and can be cttred."
such indeed is (lie feci, and so astonishing have
been dui cures effected iiy the daleam, that it may
in justice be considered the eretteet triumph in the
"healing art" Ma lies yet teen achieved. And we
ere well satisfied, from our experience, that there
aro thousands now lingering upon the brink of the
grave under a disease of the lunge, in some form,
who may be rewired from an early death, and re
stored to perfect health by the timely use of this
"." ..*... 4 ce Advertisement.
Su kness in Children.
And the 'airing which they undergo from finis flouriohing Inotitution is 15 hutted in Tue
worms' often tend to a fatal termination, while 1 carora Valley, Juhiata Co., Pa., 8 miles 8.
the c•uso is never suspected. Offensive breath, W. of lftifflihtown. It has been in successful
picking at the store, grinding the teeth during sleep, operation for iseier°l years ; end is believed to be
starting in sleep with fright and screaming, trout- equal to any Academy in the Stale, in affording
lesome cough, and feverishness, are among some facilities to young men for acquiring a thorough
of the Prominent Symptoms of the presence of education, eider for business or for
worms. A timely use of College. Being intuit.' in a very pleasant and
SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES • healtbcul Ablghborhoull iii the courtri, the pupil.
will immediatdfy remove all therm Unpleasant symp• I . 7, , , p re 4 .fi l i d ta fre ,T ee t t ,, l Z h tr l i t i Z tie to j a s l i e m m i ' l :t
tome, and restore to perfect health. hinter Ignatius . ,
Institutions in tEtivii.
Superior of the Catholic Hal Orphan A 4 litin hje '
The buildings ire itirg , and commodious, twills
added her testimony in their favor, to the tholierin . i I '
which have gone before. 1-he states that there are! icen ' to a"°lnin'l'ite a large number; and PuP"s
frorn.a distance pre required to board in the Ineti
over 100 children in the Asylum, and that they
i ution with the Principal. 1-ut if it is desired by,
have been in the habit of using I.l:mien's I.ozen
gee, and she has always found them to be attended
their parents, good boarding con be obtaiiird in the
with the most bene fi cial e ff ects. They have been neighborhood of the Ail l . .erny.
proved to be infallible in over 400,000 cedes. • T h . liM S :
CONSUMPTION, 1 For Hoarding, (per week) $1 25
Washing. (per (jokier of 1I weeks) 150
Influenza, Coughs, Colds. Whooping Cough, Bed 1 00
Tightness of the Lungs or Cheat may be cured.— incidental, " II 20
Rev. Darius Anthony was very low from Consumes
grave by
i l For TuitioU r ilT,t7., F Br i e l ek Tl Zl
Them ' at
tion, Jonathan Howarth, the celebrated temperance
lecttfrer. was reduced to the verge of the
nasiug Mooed. Rot. Mr. Dunbar, of New York, • i " , ( p er q uarter)
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry. Rhetoric, '$El
thi Rev'. Kr. lie Paiwit rviikeitst in the Wrist s
erninfi t
,of this mete, Rev. 6ebnetian ,Mreeler. of Political Economy, Buck-Keeping, Dots •
Boston, the wire of Orasmus Dibble, Esq., in M. ! an Y• H i'd"Y' &e. &e. 450
mitt, and hitridretle of other's, Use been relieved , Arithriietic. Ensile!' Grammar, Geography,
and cured by a proper use or 1 Rending, Writing &c, dce. (per quarter
Sherman's Cough Lozenges;
~ ! ri a ll i t, " l . l7 soil Stationary are 43011; X:
and no medicine has ever bern offered to the public Pupil; and may be obtaihed of the klioree id the
which hes been more effectual in the relief of those nelghbothood. There erb no eitra che'rgee What . -
diseases, or which can be recommended with tno•e earn,
confidence. They allay all itching, render the The acadeniicru year ie divided into two sessiong
cough easy, promote expectoration, remove the ci , 22 . weeks each; and each session into two qua.-
cause, and produce the moat happy and lasting sera of I i weeks each. Ary One ()garter must he
effects, paid in advance, wlrn the Pupil enters; and all
6illa Otost le pair; 0y In:Are he leaves the Acad.
toty a citheiivhle 7 per reel nri th'e,Wbolc OP. for
the quer ter will be added. No denuction for ab
sence during the quarter unless caused by sickners.
The very best testimonials can be given both as
to the scholarship and ability of the Principal ; and
his long experience in the profession entitles hini
to the confidence of the public.
The Vacations occur in April and October.
Address (post paid) all communications to the
Academia P .0.
DA V wmsbN; A. M.; Pilitbipal:
i . iiscatora W
Valley, furniti.egt., Pa: . .
. ,
N. B.—Pupils from a distance cans lwg'ys find
'Tidy conveyance from Mifflin up tp the Aie
my, by applying to McAllibter's Hotel.
Palpitation of the Heart, Lowness of Spirits,'Ses
sickness, Despondency, Faitness, Cholic, Spasms,
Cramps of the Stomach, Summer or 130 wel Coin
dlaints, also all the distressing symptoms arising
from free living, or a night of dissipation are quick
ly and entirely relieved by using
Sherman's Camphor Lozenges.
They act speedily and relieve in a very short space
of time, giving tone and vigor to thb sitbm; and
enable o person iißing ilia to undergo great nicit
tal or bodily fatigue.
'Weak Back; pain and weakness in Inc
flack, Limbs and other ports of the body ate speetl
ily and effectualy relieved by Sherman's Pooi.
Man's Plaster, which costs only 12,4 cents, and
within the reach of all. 8o great has become the
reputation of this article, that one mllliah will not
begin to supply the annual demand. It is acknowl
edged to be the best otrengthening Plaster in the
world. , . .
Pr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster has his name
With directions printed on the back of the Plaster,
find afire simile of the Doctor's written name
der the directions. None others are gehbine; or to
be relied on: Dr. eltermah'i *arehbuge it; No.
10G Nassau filled, Noiv tort.,
Aotorra.—T. K. SIMONTON, Pitittihgtjon I
Jas. Clark, Birmingham; J. IL Cox, Warrior&
mark ; J. S. Inert, Spruce Creek ; O. H. Steiner,
Water Street, Moore & Swoope, Alexandria; A.
& N. Cresswell, Petersburg; Orlady & Patterson,
Williamsburg; Royer & Co.. Springfield Furnace;
M. Thompson, Duncensville; .1. M. Lintlsey,Hol
lidayslourg; Jas. Condron, Frmlistovv.
aidminixtrators l Abtice
Of the estate of Daniel Kutfman, dec'd,
tate of Tod township, Huntingdon Co.
ALL perseila iiii;rlng claims or demands against
the Estate of the said decedent to make known
the ionic to them without delay, and those .being
ihdebted to the ham are requested to make juin.,
diate payment to
of rasa Township.
of Tod Township,
In addition to the list of Sheriff's
Sales inserted on Onr fourth tinge; Abe
are instructed to puhilsk . the fellotving ;
to be sold by the Sheriff tit the' . Cdttrt
House door in Huntingdon, do Wedrreti
day the 10th day of November next; tit
the dolling of the Court in the morning;
Ail that small piece or parcel of land
situate in Shirley township, containing
14 acres and allowance, lying on the
bank of tin hwick creek, adjoining lands
of tewis Berkstresser, dec'd, and James
W. Galbraith, being cleared and cultiva
ted, and a small plaistered house and
a stable thereon:
Seized and taken in aecntion, and to
bl sdld di the pidpgriy of Janies N.
de'c ti with notice to Elliott
Robbley, terre tenant.
Oct. 26, 1847.
a71.1.111F.1 C TO R
Ornierfrit arch;
DESPEGTPULLY returns thanks tt his
_Lb friends and the public for past favors, and
takes this oppm tunity to inform them that he still
continues at the old stand, one door east e l t .
thont's Tavern, and nearly opposite the Post Of
*here he is at all times prepared to marnifac;
Lure All kinds of Harness, Sadd ee, Trunks, Mat
tresses, Grfus, Cushions, etc. etc., at the shorted
notice and Meet reasonable prices.
All kinds of hides and skins, arid country pro
duce, fur which the highest market prices will bo
alloted, taken in exchange.
Huntingdon, Aug. 11. 1847.
A LL personti indebted Its the late firm of Josef;
LI. & Slaws'roe arC imileated to make payment
previous to November 25th, *quitting, as no longer
indulgence will be given.
. _
1847-4 t.
1 quantity of merchantable bailey, if delivered
coon, will lie tailed it the Alexandria tireweay
for Which' a fait mite, in CASH, will he given.
Alexandria, Oct. 13, 1847-13 t.
John Scott, Jr.;
A TTORNEY AT !JAW, filiitingdon, Po.—
Pies removed hie offfcB to ihe middle room of
goitre's Row," directly opritiiite Fisher & M'Alur-
Wee store, whore ho will attend with promptness
and fidelity to all husirMaa with which he may he
entrusted in Huntingdon or the adjoining counties
Huntingdon Sept. 23,1846,
Tuscarora Academy.
WILL be exposed to Sale by public outcry, on,
VV the prethises, on Thursday the 19th day of;
November, at 10 o'clock A. M., a tract of land
situate it Barren township, Huntingdon county:
O;1 thb i.ionth side of Atone creek, treat below
Ctair'eliit'S I run Works, containing about one hun
dred and twenty one acres—about eighty Beret!
ct which are cleared, includinfs aboirt itfteeii area
Of bottom land, withatgPoi two - 0 0 U
DWELLING FIGUSE, and a bank '
Darn thereof. erected; there is also a I
good be3ring orchard, and tr . spring of
friiling water near the bouse : there is also
Illite:itotio, and the aspedrd.,ce of Iron ore oh th.s
An indisputable title will be given, and the terme
mode easy fur the purchaser.
Oct. 26, 1847
NOTICE is hereby given to an persons;
concerned, that the named
persons have settled th6ii aabliufits in
the Register's Offict , ; ht Huhiingdon,
and that the, talc! ahcouhtit be pre
sented ,fer Cbilfirlitation and Allowance
at Nli 11[1rilhans' Court to be held at Hun
tingclim; ih and for the County of Hun
tingdon, on WedßeHtty the 10th day of
November next, to wit :
1. John Cresswell, acting ExecutOibf
Matthew Cresswell, lute of West town:
ship, dec'd.
2. John Baker and Jacob Baker/ Ad
ministrators of Jacob Baker, late of
Sprifigfield township, dec'd.
Willitiin Mdffiit and Daniel Massey;
ExecutOrs of Johh Maffit, late of Barrec
tOinsjilp; deed:
Jilco'b 'Fran; Guardian Of David
Summers minor son of Henry Sum-
Hopewell township, dec'd.
5. Dr. ' ordecai Massey, Guardian of
Williadf Wilson and Mary Jane Wilson,
two of the ftiinor children of Nathaniel
Wilson, late of Byree township, dec'd:
Huntingdon, Oct. 13, f 847.
It eady. 7111 ti e t;lothin g•.
H 1 subscriber offers for sale a splendid and'
seasonable assortment of Beady -NI ode
ing, just opening at his new stand, in the cornet'.
room of the brick bui ding opposi'e John Vl'
ker's Taxern, in the Borough of Huntingdon: con
ihe tollowing seasonable articled, warrant
i4 Well made and fashionably cut, viz:
doien 11lanliet over-cuatd of different sizes arid'
do clienliernan's icsltlonable
Drees 86'0 sack cove.
12 ffe well Made Finir:•y Vests.
12 do Pacts—ceithner, ,satinett, caiwinelt end
corduroy. plain, fignreJa:9 striped.
I'2' do Shuts (pleated !uvula)
3' do Plain checkered cotton chins.
. .
Also,a variety of satin and silk stocks, handket•
&tel and rhort stockings, together with a variety
of e'rtiithls of men's and hoy's wear ; all of whieil
will be sold CHEAPER than at any other estab
ishment the county.,
Please call amt examine tor youiselves. Cus
tomer's Work puntually attended to.
Sept. 14.'47.) BENJA M IN SNARE.
. ,
A GREAT number of valuable lives wern very
,A nearly sacrificed in the rush In H. K., Nave
& no's fdATCH& JEHBLRY STORE its'
Markel Squar e.
There you will see Cold and Silver Levers of
every style, quality and price. Also, gold Olt
chains, guard chains and keys of every description.
Breast l'ins and finger rings in great variety kg! .la,
and oilier pencils, silver thimbles, tooth fad nail
blushes, steel bends, clasps for hags, gild purses,'
purse silk. spectacles, accordions, , gkild pens of su
perior quality, lien holders, a Vue mesoillitdrit of
fancy stationery, motto wut'crd, limey boxes, perfu
mery, Diaries for 1818, envelopes, &c.
Call and examine, before it is too late. Clock
and Watch repairing done as usual, sad warranted.
adMirably executed On very fine pa:
per, for bale at aria Office.