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Huntingdon, Tuesday, September 7, 18.17.
Whig County Ticket.
DAVID BLAIR, of Huntingdon.
JOHN 0. STE WART, of Huntingdon.
ISAAC NEFF, of West.
JAMES GILLAM, of Barree.
On our fourth page will be found a let
ter from an honest Laboring man, now
in Ohio, and who was formerly in the
employ of Gen. Irvin. It is addressed
to the Mercer Whig. We invite the at
tention of all, and especially, the Labor
ing portion of the community, to it. The
only object of the writer in question,
would appear to be to do justice to one
who had treated him kindly while in his
employ; and his testimony should there
fore have more weight with all honest
inquirers after truth, than all that can
be said by heated politicians and reck
less Party editors. The author of the
letter is known to some now engaged at
Iron works in this county. Read it, La
boring men, and then hand it to your
Li'. The efforts that have been making
by the Gwin faction here, to array the
Antimasons of the county against one
of their candidates, has aroused a strong
feeling of indignation among them in
every section of the county. We have
received a number of communications
from old members of the party, speaking
out their sentiments on the subject,
which we will publish next week.
OUT Prospects,
From all parts of the State we have
the most reliable intelligence of the cer
tain election of Gen. IRVIN. A letter
now before us from a prominent and in
telligent citizen of the Northern part of
the State says : "If the Whigs turn out
and poll their full vote, JANES IRVIN will
be the next Governor of Pennsylvania,
by a very large majority." Whigs of
Old Huntingdon ! do you want a strong
er incentive to action than this—the
certain election of your own favorite
son 1 Let every one then, act as though
the result depended on his own individ
ual exertions and vote, and the victory
over the office-holders is certain.
Voters of Huntingdon County!
Remember that Shank considers all
in favor of one term croakers and office
hunters. Remember, too, that every
vote polled for him or the Locofoco
County Ticket, will be construed into
an approval of the measures of James K.
Polk, including the British Tarifrof 1846
and the Mexican N% ar, with its cost of
thousands of valuable lives and MIL
LIONS upon MILLIONS of money.
The Locofoco County meeting held in
this borough a short time since, declared
its approval of all the measures of Polk's
administration, and especially in regard
to the war, and your votes will either
ratify or condemn the proceedings.
torial Conferrees, to nominate a Whig
candidate for Senator in this district,
will meet at Hollidaysburg, on Friday
next, 10th inst.
fj7.ln 1844, the Locofocos slandered
the Whig candidate for Sheriff through
the columns of the "Independent Whig."
Now, they use the "Huntingdon Mes
senger," a professed neutral paper, for
the same purpose. They failed to ac
complish their purpose then, and the
people understand them too well now,
to be deceived by anything got up by
the traitor Legislator or any of his tools.
ID- Can any of our Locofoco exchan
ges tell us why Francis R. Shunk was
dismissed from the office of Secretary of
State by David R. Porter"!
The Country Districts,
From every part of the County we
hear the cheering cry among the Whigs,
" .411 is well !" Although in some dis
tricts our friends were somewhat disap
pointed at the result of the labors of the
County Convention, yet they think that
if they would allow a slight disappoint-
ment to induce them to waver or in any
manner desert their organization, it
would only result in advantage to Loco
; focoism, and injury to the Whig party
in the County ; and they have, there
fore, determined to go in heartily to the
support of 'gym, PATTO?i, and the whole
Whig County Ticket.
We made a hurried visit to the upper
end of the County during the past week,
and had the pleasure of taking by the
hand a great many of our Whig friends,
in that section of the County ; and found
them all in good spirits, and perfectly
united. The efforts of the Locofocos
here to produce jealousy and disunion in
the Whig ranks are well understood in
the country. In the townships of War
riorsmark and Franklin, where the Lo
cofocos have been boasting that Mr.
Crownover, the Locofoco nominee for
Sheriff, would make such terrible in
roads upon the Whig vote, on account of
alledged disaffection among them, we
found the Whigs thoroughly united, and
confident of the success of Gen. Irvin
land the whole Whig Ticket.
The Whig vote of Franklin twp. this
fall will be something similar to their Corn
Crop—tremendous !—And if the Loco
focos are calculating upon any of
the noble hearted Whigs of either Frank
lin or Warriorsmark townships voting
for Matthew Crownover, or any other
Locofoco candidate, they arc doomed to
bitter disappointment. They are Whigs
in the true sense of the term, and go for
"Principles—not Olen." Had the ef
forts of the Legislative Candidate for
whom Mr. Crownover voted and elec
tioneered two years ago, been fully suc
cessful, the noble townships above men
tioned, together with the whole of Mor
d e,would not now be within the bounds of
Old Huntingdon County ! And we have
no doubt that after the returns from those
townships are received, Mr. C. will feel
a fresh regret that his friend Gwin fail
ed in his effort to make Tussey's Moun•
min the boundary line.
From the lower end, too, we have the
most encouraging news. The friends of
Irvin are firm, united, and confident,
and will move in solid column for the
whole County Ticket. And all that is
now wanting is the proper arrangements
to bring out the full Whig vote. We
hope this will not be neglected in any of
the districts. The Locofocos are ae
tively but secretly at work, preparing
for time contest. Let the Whigs prepare
to meet them face to face, and 7'icket to
It is said by some respectable demo
crats, that the Locofoco candidate for
the Legislature did not receive a major
ity of all the votes cast in the Conven
tion; and that Col. R. F. Haslett is re
ported as having received only 11 votes,
when in fact he received 13. It would
appear from the ballotings that there
were 43 votes in the Convention, while
only 40 are reported as having voted
for the Legislative candidate. We ap
pend the report of the ballotings :
For A scembly,
Dr. Jacob M. Geminill had 20 votes,
Col. Robert F. Haalett " 11 ..
John K. Meta ~ 5 II
Wt.liam M'Nitt, ~ 4 "
For Sheriff,
Matthew Crownover had 23 votes,
John ‘fray, •4 16 4.
Somuel Miller, ~
For Commissioner,
Robert Speer, had 26 votes,
A. P. Owens 4. 6 .4
James Forrest " 10
For Treasurer.
had 2t voice,
David Black
Capt. James Bell ..
21 ..
For Auditor,
Isaac Cook, had 25 voles,
Jacob Kough 18 "
It will be seen from the above that for
Sheriff and auditor 43 votes were cast;
for Commissioner and Treasurer 42, and
for assembly only 40; of which number
as reported in the Globe, it will be seen,
Dr. Gemmill only receives one-half—not
a majority ! And under what new rule
of Progressive Democracy the Doctor
was'proclaimed duly nominated, we are
at a loss to determine ! We know noth
ing more in regard to this matter, than
that there is a suspicion among some of
the democrats, that Col. Haslett recei
ved two more votes than the report gives
him, and that unfairness was resorted
to by the Gwin faction to make up the
entire Ticket front among their own
!clique. Who can explain/.
The Whigs of Pennsylvania, says the Communication. The Whigs of Centre county, the home
Village Record, have never presented a Ma. CLARK :—The Messenger, of your of Gen. lam, held a County Meeting
more undivided front than at this mo- town, I accidentally met with this morn- in Bellefonte on the 25th ult., which is
represented as having been unusually
ment. Wherever we turn the most gist- ing•
"I t contains iee
e t sub- dit
ifying prospect is seen. All the cone- !
ties are working with consummate tact jest of the herifrs electron. If the
i writer was a resident of Union Township, well attended. The Whig, in speaking
, of the meeting says:—"The Whig Meet
and judgment, preparatory to the great or I thought the electors of that section ing on Wednesday evening, was one of
effort in October. Gen. IRVIN is the'; of the county were the least dissatisfied the most convincing evidences that the
friends and neighbors of Gen. IRVIN
man of the people—intelligent, honest,
t aLo t ot ei t h h e e e election ecetet
f of e atn
much m istake n,
t l
a ow ke to
feel, and are determined to manifest, by
and unostentatious. A better man was ' convince office,
that titer ! : is nothing m l l'
never put forward for the votes of a free the Odd-Fellow Association that can, orc their action on the 2d Tuesday of Oc- ,
people. The utmost confidence may be does, interfere with their anti-masonic , tober, a deep and anxious interest in his ness and became poor.
reposed in him. During a long life he feelings or prejudices; but, when 1 in- election. Although no measures beyond In regard to the charges against MI
has never faltered for a moment in the ' form you that i the writer is
h a .oco . Fohco
is i the ordinary notice in the paper, had Patton, the editor of the Hollidaysburg
i Lawyeractuated
f ! d y oc merce na ry vls
motives,,th been taken to secure a large assemblage, Register, who is familiar with his char
straight-forward discharge of duty.—
He is eminently qualified for the duties ! it i s no t necessa ry t o a dd ress t h e A nt i. the meeting was the largeest held in the actor and history, remarks :
of the office to which we would elevate I masonic electors of that sterling town- county since the exciting campaign of "In early life he became one of a firm
him. His integrity is above suspicion. ship. 1844, and manifested a degree of enthu- who embarked in the manufacturing be
siness. A great depression in the busi-
Theoffice of She . riff, since ri te divi- th l• h t d t
Well may the ‘'t hig party rally with .
mon o f the county, is not an o bj ect to siasm, a ffording e itg es an mos
mess world, and a revulsion in the mon
confidence upon Irvin. any man. The officer, however, has, in encouraging prospects in the count.—
Y etary affairs of the country immediately
We again call upon the Whigs in the a political point of view, some influence The proceedings of the meeting were ensuing, the firm became embarrassed,
various townships in this county to ex- —he has control of the Jail and certain characterised by unanimity and harmo- , and finally failed. But mark ye, no man ,
ercise the utmost vigilance. We have , public printing. The election of Mat- ny, and the able and interesting speeches will say it failed full-handed. No such '
work before us which demands unceas- . fi n ee t w his
res Crownover eet w4 . 4t i l e ld produce retin ‘ a ve c e h l a d n Le o f
Messrs. HALE and POTTER were recei- !,
It h e m u ! e h t t N
hove ra !
speedilyeveren t a
w ;
a o y r if
before eve r
ing application for its faithful discharge. taken front ' the Whig J ourna l and given ved with the liveliest demonstrations of the convincing proofs of Mr. Patton's
The recent elections afford unmistake- to the Messenger—the writer referred integrity and honesty. HE FAITHFUL-
We have repeatedly assured our LY GAVE UP TO THE PAYMENT
able indication of the tone and temper to would be his counsel, and the Anti-
of the peop le. quite as ,
1 masons, as a consequence, about as friends elsewhere, that Gen. IRVIN would OF THE CLAIMS AGAINST THE
much respected, after the election, as receive more votes in this county than FIRM, ALL HE WAS WORTH, AND
overwhelming as that of 1840 is on the
, the Guerillas are by the " Yankees" in have ever heretofore been given • to a LEFT HIMSELF POOR—poor in all
eve of an outbreak ; nay, it has already m ex i co , but virtuous principle and energy and
Whig and the information
begun, and each mails heralds its pro- While adverting to the unreasonablenobleness of character. Nor did he
obtained during candidate, th pas t week has had
grass. The people are arising in their prejudice which the writer in question,
tendencyt eopinionthusstop at this ;he went resolutely and en
attempts to raise ngainst the Whig can- a o confirmt he er eticall to work, adopting the most
g Y
strength, and all that is needed to insurel
I didate for Sheriff, on account of his be- expressed. rigid :economy and untiring industry,
certain and glorious triumph, is proper
,ing a mem ber of aCtan•teble and Social
BEDFORD COUNTY. to realise the means fully to discharge
direction to the popular will. We must I Association, it will not be amiss to ex-the obligations of the co-partnership.
Avery large and enthusiastic IV hig
be firm, united and determined. tend my views on the subject of the up- Nobly has he held on in this high re
, mass meeting was held at Bedford on
Whigs of Huntingdon county ! by proaching election, a little further. solve, and steadily ' has the amount of
At no election, within my recollection, , the 23d ult. The following county tick- indebtedness been diminishing before
your love for cherished princip les , we
. , ' has the two great parties of the country let was placed in nomination, and resolu- his efforts. Faithfully has all the means
call upon you not to lose sight of t he defined their principles, or policy of sus-tions adopted responsive to the 'tontine- he could command (above an humble
great interests which are staked upon taming the Administration of the Gov- I tions of IRVIN and PATTON by the living,) been devoted to this end.
the aroaching all-important election. ernment, so plain, as they have on the I "—And now, we ask the reader, if
pp State Convention, and nom inatin g Gen.
Political thraldom has crippled our en- present occasion. The Whigs go for,Mr. Patton's misfortune, (or crime as the
ZACHARY TAYLOR for the Preet'
and will sustain the candidates who ar e Locofocos would have it called,) does
ergies already too long. Reform must
known to be in favor of protect ing the, cy : • not furnish the evidence of his HIGH
be had. A bold man is needed at the manufacturing and agricultural interests assembly—David Rowland, John Metz- INTEGRITY and UNTAINTED HON
helm of State. Then stand up bravely of the country. The Locos are in favor' gar . ESTY, rather than the reverse'? We ‘
in support of Irvin. Do not weary of of Free Trade—of protecting the manu- Commissioner—Thomas Speer. ask if clearer and more unquestionable
well doing, until the glad shout shall as-1 factories of England in preference to our Treasurer—Wm. T. Chapman. evidence can be advanced in any man
, own, provided their goods can be got a auditor—Peter A. Hillegas. ner of a man's honesty and integrity, or
tend to the Heavens—" Pennsylvania is '
little cheaper. To the Agricultura list,there can be a prouder spectacle in the
redeemed." Among other strong and conc l us i ve
or Farmer, they hold out the idea that moral world, than that of the discharged
Whigs, Listen to the Enemy! the British will buy our surplus produce, t reasons for opposing the election of F. insolvent, with the high purpose of Ail-
The Huntingdon Globe of last week ,or take it in exchange fur their goods. R. Shenk, we find among the proceed- . filling the demands of justice and sus
contains the following appeal to the Lo. This, however, is a consumate piece of ings the following : taming
Iris moral standing among his
-.. deception. The late famine and distress "Because, We regard the Anti-Demo- ' fellow men, applying himself faithfully
cameo party of Huntingdon county : in E ur ope, • • hadtheeffect I • Veto Prerogative P •
e it r i i s ee tr in ue,. o critic eto rerogative as .
especially to the payment of the obligations front
I "Be vigilent, then, Democrats of Old'' -
producing price and demand dangerotw in the hands of a weak man which he had been released'!—We know
Huntingdon,—organize—spend a little for our adstuffs • but, will that cause surrounded by designing counsellors. of none—we ask no better--and we
time, ned use your utmost influence for ever return again 'I ' Providence has bless- :By its exercise for reasons the most challenge the slanderers of Air. Patton
the success of a good and just cause. ed, at this time, all Europe with a boon-' puerile, Francis R. Skunk has vetoed the to name one.
' You have agood ticket before you, — tiful harvest ; and had not our own crops, . spirit of enterprize in almost every sec- ' " Voters of Pennsylvania! beware of
carefully selected by a C onven ti o n of this season, failed to some extent, our ition of the State. : the unprincipled attacks of the Shenk
Delegates of your own choo s ing,—which surplus might have rotted in our gran- ' Bedford county, neglected as she al-' presses and pimps upon faux and PAT
you may truly proud of. Use your ut.. naries, for want of a market. ' ways has been by Legislation, was,by the TON—they are honest and worthy teen,
most exertions for its success. Vote it ' In the selection of candidates, both 1 Veto of the Huntingdon and Top Broad des erv in gand
your support; let your
from beginning to end—STRIKE OFF' parties, I perceive, have been particular- " Mountain Railroad and Coal Company,' determination to stand by them remain
NOT A MAN. Do. thi s , an d we will ly careful in adhering to the "right " denied the privilege of unfolding and
unshaken. So shall the right prevail;
have the proud satisfaction of sending stripe"—the Whigs, in addition to the ' converting to useful purposes the vast ' and our affairs be administered wisely
forth to our democratic brethern abroad a d o ption of Gen. Irvin for Governor and mineral resources of that region. , and well."
the glad tidings, that good Old Hunting- Joseph W. Patton for Canal Commission- " Becau se,
We are opposed to the re- I
don has thrown of th e sh a ckl es of Feder- . er, have nominated David Blair, Esq., election of this old office-holder for the!
alism—that she stands redeemed and for Assembly—John G. Stewart, for above, among a host of other good and '
I regenerated. Let your watchw o rd be, Sheriff, and Isaac Neff for County Treas• sufficient reasons. And also, Because,
"we will not only TRY, but are deter- urer—these men are well known to be , We consider Thirty-five years in office,
' mined to DO." ,
, Protectionists ; while the Locos have in on full pay, a full share for any one office
We commend the above, from the or- ' the nomination of Dr. Gemmill for As seeker.
gan of the Locofoco party of Hunting- sembly, and : Matthew Crownover for
Sheriff, taken t wo of the most thorough- O:Zr - The Whigs of Centre county have
don county, to the attention of every
going Free Trade men that has ever bee n nominated the following Ticket
l good Whig; and especially to those (if in this community. Gov. Shank being assemby—WlLLuat ALLISON ; Treas
there be any such) who have harbored a free trade man, of course heads the urer—J. K. SHOEMAKER ; Commissioner
for a moment the idea of cutting his Ticket. It is but fair to admit that these , —FREDERICK BURKERT ; al/ditOr—SAM
i Ticket. While the piratical Messenger, gentleman all stand fair in their private , um. H. STOVER.
under the control of Locofocos in this e characte r s, tii and the i election, as it ought, . We are happy to see the name of our
Borough, is laboring hard to induce The ' Whigs, '.noonnttheei t h eir
One hand,
principles:"' n g c e ix e l e ra s i friend of the "Whig" on the above
Whigs to fly from their organization, Protection of our interests ; and the La-
Ticket. Mr. Shoemaker is a good Whig,
the regular organ of the party, the Globe, cos for Free Trade, Sze. The Whigs o f and if elected will make an excellent
cries out " Democrats, stick to the Tick- the County have, therefore, the subject officer. He has our best wishes for his
. fairly before them. If they are friendly
et—STRIKE OFF NOT A MAN!" to Whig principles, they will lay aside
And as an inducement to do so, the all personal feeling, and vote for the
Globe assures its readers that they will Whig ticket as agreed upon at their
have the satisfaction of proclaiming a Delegate Convention.
Locofoco triumph in "good Old Hunt-
To the Farmers, it is of the utmost
ingdon"! importance to sustain the policy of the
Whigs.—lf the Locos are suffered to in-
Whigs! Friends of Irvin! Shall this troduce and continue Free Trade doe
be so I Will you give Locofocoism an trine, it will be death to their interests.
opportunity to cry out Victory ! in this The manufactories of our own Country
sterling Whig County '1 We have mis- will be unable to compete with the Pau
taken your character, and your love for per
s l t ab st o o r of ti e gland, consequently til they
Whig principles if you do. Stand ull vetted into Farmers,erc opera tors will
instead of
for your organization, then, and vote the consumers become, at once, producers,
Whig Ticket—run WHOLE TICKET, and and aid in the total destruction of our
the language of the Globe, "vote it from
beginning to end—strike of NOT a
M. 3.1 1, !" If this be done by every op
ponent of Locofocoism, "we will have
the proud satisfaction of sending forth
to our democratic (Whig) brethern
abroad the glad tidings that good Old
Huntingdon" is unconquered and Ujr-
What say you, then, Whigs of Old
Huntingdon 1 Will you falter and be
defeated—or stand firm and be VICTO
RIOUSI We await your answer at the
ballot boxes.
11l Bishop O'Connor officiated in the
Roman Catholic Chapel in this place on
yesterday. At the close of the exerci
ses we regret to learn that 3lrs. Sissler,
a resident of Alexandria, was severely
injured by the falling of some plastering
from thy ceiling.
Noble Sentiment.
The following patriotic sentiment is
extracted from Gen:TAyLort's letter to
the Hon. Mr. GRAVES. It is a sentiment
worthy the head and heart of its distin
guished author, and deserves to be prin
ted in letters of gold :
"Although myself A WHIG, yet if I
had the power to make a President of
the United States, and it I knew who,
in the high office of President, would
administer the government in the great
est purity and do most towards restoring
it to what it was in the earlier days of
the Republic, 1 would make that man
President, no matter to what party he
might nominally belong."
WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON, Esq. has been
nominated as the ‘t hig candidate for
Senator in the District composed of Arm
strong, Cambria, Clearfield and Indiana
Death of Silas Wright.
The death of this distinguished poli
tician was received in New York and
Philadelphia on Saturday morning last,
and created a profound sensation, if we
are to judge of the public feeling from
the newspapers. He died of apoplexy
on Friday last at his residence in St.
Lawrence county, New York—aged 52.
Mr. Wright was an able and a distin
guished man as well as politician. He
had been in public life for the last thir
ty years, and had filled many stations
of honor and respectability, with great
credit and to the satisfaction of his con
A Word to Whigs in Whig Counties.
The Pennsylvania Telegraph says : I
The Locofocos are arousing their party
by unusual efforts in their strong Coun
ties. Old Berks led off with a great
gathering at Reading on Saturday the
28th tilt., at which were present Gov.
Shunk and Secretary Miller, Tory In
gersoll, Longstreth, and other great guns
of the party, advocates of •Free Trade
and the British Tariff of 1846. Should
not the Whigs too take the hint, and
arouse their strong counties thoroughly,
and be prepared to have every vote at
the polls. There is no time for delay.
Action, action is necessary and impor-
Itant ; and every one should act as if his
exertions were to decide the result.
Flour is still on the decline. What
has become of the Tariff of 18461
Joseph W. Patten:
Notwithstanding their loud proles.
sions of love for poor men, the Locofoco
papers now teem with appeals to their
readers to vote against Mr. Patton, be
cause he at one time had the misforttm.
to fail in business. These Loeofoco ed
itors are hard to please• Lien. Irvin they
say, should be defeated because he has
prospered in business and become rich,
and Mr. Patton should inset the same
fate because he was unfortunate in busi-
We observe that Gov. Snumc left I-lar
risburg on Thursday last on a trip to
Reading, accompanied by his "guide,
philosopher and friend," JESSE MILLER,
and E. W. HOTTER, an emissary from
the State Department at Washington.
It seems that there is a good deal of
kicking in Old Berks this season—she
does not wear the party yoke so submis
sively as usual, and that famous Five
Thousand Locofoco majority is likely
to be whittled down materially. The
people of that County have not forgotten
that after their favorite and lamented
MUHLENBERG was nominated three years
ago, SHUNK and his friends established
a paper at Harrisburg which opposed
his election with great virulence.—The
Governor, having heard of the trouble
in Berks, has gone over to see whether
he cannot settle it, taking JESSE along
of course—for what could he do without
JESSE i—and intending to tell the good
German Farmers some of his old stories
about "Die Trappe," and give them u
palaver in their own tongue. The
ministration at Washington have
furnished an emissary in the person
a hired Clerk under Mr. BUCHANAN—Ube
NUTTER, formerly notorious as a slang
whanging Locofoco Editor at Harris
burg, and remarkable only for impu
dence and ingratitude—always ready to
engage in any dirty work, and after
wards to betray his accomplices for a
consideration—and he is to tell the lion- .
est people of Berks County what is De
mocracy, and how they must vote! The
presumption of these mercenary officials
is intolerable, and ought to be rebuked.
It is to be hoped that the Barks County
folks will teach them a lesson ; and send
SHITNIC and his companions home with
"their fingers in their mouths and fleas('
in their ears."—York Republican.
(1:7- The Riot trials in Carlisle love
resulted in the conviction of twelvicol
ored persons, and the acquital r9Pro
fessor McClintock, and about 2,qfothers.
The trials occupied the Court .'about a
week and excited a deep interest. Able
counsel were engaged on both sides ;
the ablest of whom were Wm. M. Mer
edith, Esq., of Philadelphia, on the part
of the defence, and Erederick Watts,
Esq., of Carlisle, for the prosecution.—
The jury went out on Saturday morn
ing and their verdict was returned on
yesterday morning.