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    " A Pair of "Passes."
Probably no two PASSES are so fa-
Mous in our history as those given by
.1 rnold to Sndre and Polk to Santa .11nna.
To show how much the affinity the last
has to the first, we copy both :
Arnold's Pass to Andre.
Head Quarters, Robinson's House,
Sept. 22d, 1780.
Permit Air. John vlnderson to pass the
Guards to the White Plains, or below, if
he Chooses, He being on Public Business
by my Direction.
B. ./IRNOLD, Al. Gen'l.
" .1 Whig lie !" exclaimed the Tories
of the Revolution. Luckily, however,
the original pass of which the above is
published as a copy, was preserved, and
is still in existence.
Polk's Pass to Santa Anna.
The Commander of our .N'aval forces
in the Gulf is hereby directed not to ob
struct the passage of Santa anna and
Suite to Mexico, should he desire to return
J.4.31ES K. POLK, President,
,flay 15, 1846.
"11 Whig lie !" thundered some of
the parasites of the Executive. It hap,
pens that President Polk, in his Mes
sage of 7th Dec. last, admits that l►e
gave permission for Santa Anna to re
turn. Polk's friends have been challenged
in vain to prove that the above is not a
true copy of the original Pass !
"To Pass the Guards to the White
Plains, or below, if he Chooses," writes
.Arnold—" Obstruct not the Passage
of Santa Anna to Mexico, should he at
tempt to return," says Polk.
" He being on Public Business, by my
Direction," quoth .arnold—"lt re
mains to be seen whether his return may
not yet prove favorable to a PACIFIC
adjustment of existing difficulties," very
demurely cogitates .Polk.
The rivers of American blood shed by
the treasonable plots of which these
PASSES are but the open sesame ! with the
other parallels between them, our read
ers can carry out at their leisure.—Wy
oming Record.
Life °Vers.
c , Federalism goes for life officers."•
Carlisle Democrat.
The truth of this is illustrated, sags
the Pa. Telegraph, by the nomination of
Gov. Skunk, who has been in office up
wards of thirty years, or, almost ever
since he was old enough to fill one. In
his support therefore the Locofocos are
only acting out their principles—they
go for "life officers," for pampering the
old office-holder who has grown grey in
sucking from the public Treasury; while
the Whigs go for a new man, one term
and a distribution of offices. How re
publican, how democratic are the prin
ciples of the Whigs, compared with the
acts of their opponents, who go for "po
litical aristocracy."
During the recent bread riots in France,
some very inflammatory hand-bills were
circulated. The agitators charged the
scarcity upon the Government, and en
deavored to turn the matter to political
account. "A day of vengeance is come!"
said one of the placards, " and the peo
ple should move. First seize the grain,
then burn the houses of the rich, mur
dcrlng those therein, if agreeable—it is
better to die from murder than to die
from hunger. Courage ! Forward !
Huzza for pillage, for blood, fir death!"
HOT SIIOT.—The Locofoco editors in
Reading, some of them, insist that Gen.
Taylor is a Locofoco ; and they were to
have a meeting of " Taylor Democrats"
on the evening of the 3d inst. The Jour
nal throws the following missile into
their camp :
The following is an extract of a letter
received a few days ago, by Mr. John
Hepler, of this city, from his son, Wil
liam P. Hepler, who is now, and has
been serving under Gen. Taylor since
the commencement of the war. Mr.
Hepler, it seems, wrote to his son some
months since, desiring to know positive
ly what were the politics of Gen. Tay
His son says :
You also request to know whether
Gen. Taylor is a Whig or Democrat, be
cause both parties claim him. HE IS
suppose you would like to know what I
am. lam a loco to the back bone, but
if old Zack runs I will have to give him
a hard push, no matter who runs against
him, for I think he is more fit for the
White House than the one who now oc
cupies it.
ID- The Hon. Edward Bradley, Con
gressman elect from the western Dis
trict of Michigan, died at the Croton
Hotel, New York, on Thursday last.
Arrival of the Ilibernia.
Seventeen Days Later From Europe,
Decline in Flour—Potatoe Crop promis
ing—Excellent promise of the Harvest.
The Steamship Hibernia, arrived at,
Boston on the 2d inse bringing Liver.
pool dates to the 20th July. A Liver.
pool date of the 20th states that during
the last ten days the weather has been '
almost uninterruptedly fine, and each
day strengthens the expectations enter
tained of an abundant harvest of grain
throughout the British islands and all
Europe. The heavy decline in corn was
checked. Since the 12th, the market
has again given way, the prospects of
still receiving large supplies from the
United States, and by way of the Medi
terranean, added to the fine weather
which prevails in all quarters, depressed
the market, which presents every as
pect of a downward movement. The
potatoe crop is represented to be free
from danger, and this fact contributed
not a little to affect prices. During the
last week, however, the market has been
much firmer, the prices of the 12th be
came current, and were maintained
throughout the week, and yesterday in
Mark Lane a further advance of ls. took '
place. The trade in Indian corn was,
however, quite paralized, and flour in
barrels was quite neglected.
The cotton market has been steady
since the 10th and sales pretty large.
There had been an advance of 1-Bd. in
prices since the 10th, and the market
closed steadily at quotations.
In cured provisions a limited business
had been done. Transactions in bacon
are limited. Prices have receded 2to 4.d.
Pork is in limited demand. American
neglected, and prices, if any thing low
The reports from the manufacturing
districts are of a satisfactory and en
couraging character.
Parliament was to be prorogued on
the 24th.
There is nothing of importance from
Extraordinary Occurrence.
On Tuesday, the 27th ult., the family
of Mr. George Christman, of Chesnut
hill township, Monroe county, Pa., du
ring the thunder storm, were severely
injured by a stroke of lightning, under
very peculiar and almost unprecedented
circumstances. Mr. Christman, his wife
and a young woman residing with them
were engaged in domestic avocations—
Mr. Christman writing upon a table be
fore him, and the two ladies sitting upon
chairs in the room, when the subtle fluid
descended the chimney, lit upon the ta
ble before Mr. Christman, severed one
of its leaves, and split the chair upon
which he was sitting without injuring
him, except stupifying him with wonder
—glanced over the body of Mrs. Christ
man, severely scorching her, without,
however, destroying her clothing, upon
wnich she exclaimed, "I'm burning up!"
—and attacked the young lady in the
same manner, but did not injure her so
much as Mrs. Christman. They are all
out of danger, but justly congratulated
themselves upon having escaped death
by providential interposition. Mrs.
Christman, who had been previously
long suffering from rheumatism, has been
entirely cured of that disease by the se
vere operation she has undergone. The
house was not injured.
Poisoning Americans in Mexico,
We mentioned some time since the
rumor, not our own, that the Mexicans
at Jalapa and elsewhere in Mexico were
poisoning the milk and other products,
and then selling them to the Americans.
That this infamous course was attempt
to kill our soldiers, there is the best
evidence. We have taken some pains
to gain the history of the matter, and
we find it to be as follows :—[Union.
In Mexico there grows a small bean
called Pinonlillo, (pronounced penon
leyo,) which, when infused in milk and
drunk, causes a chronic disease that
soon carries off its victims, they the
while unconscious of the real cause.—
This bean, it is said, was used in Ha
vana, many years ago, with considerable
success in destroying , . the English. The
Mexicans use an herb called the huaco,
(pronounced wha-co,) to relieve them of
the poisonous effects of the pinonlillo
and the bite of poisonous reptiles, by
chewing the weed and swallowing the
extract. The extract is also used to put
in the place of a bite of a poisonous rep
tile, and always with success. A Mex
ican never travels, if it can be avoided,
without a small package of the huaco
weed, to be provided for against acci
dents.—N. 0. National.
Aid and Comfort.
We perceive by the late New Orleans
papers, that liberal extracts continue to
be copied into tie Mexican papers from
the Federal prints in this country. This
fact is distinctly stated, and may be
useful as a matter of future reference.—
Carlile Volunteer.
[).Certainly, but why complain that
Mexican papers copy extracts " from the
Federal prints in this country 1" The
great leader of the Federal party in this
country, Mr. Pour, passed the great
leader of the Federal party in Mexico,
DON SANTA ANNA, into that Republic,
and placed him at the head of the Mex
ican Army, to fight against such Amer
ican Whigs as Taylor, Scott, Clay,
Ringgold, and others—why, then, should
not the sayings of such Federal papers
as the Carlisle Volunteer be "copied into
the Mexican papers" of Mexico 1
The Letheen
The Berks and Schuylkill Journal
gives the following account of the am
putation performed upon the person of
Mr. HENRY PROT; of Reading, whose
leg was dreadfully crushed and man
gled on the railroad at Baumstown, on
Saturday evening. The operation was
performed on Sunday morning, by Drs.
flsisrEß and WHITMAN, the patient hav
ing first been put under the influence of
the Letheon.
" During the operation he was entire.
ly insensible to pain, and laughed and
joked while the knife and saw were se
parating the quivering flesh and cutting
through the bones, muscles and arteries!
The leg was amputated above the knee
joint, and we are told that the unfortu
nate man never once winced under the
dreadful operation or experienced the
slightest 'pain or disagreeable sensation.
We are further assured that after the
limb was bound up, and the effects of
the ether had passed oft; the pain was
by no means severe. The system of the
patient was not prostrated by the opera
tion, and the wound is much more like
ly to be speedily healed, than in cases
where the sufferer is doomed to feel the
exquisite torture of the operation."
HEAVY RAlN.—Adams county (Miss.)
was on Sunday last visited by one of the
heaviest rains ever known since 1804.
So rapidly did it fall, that the whole
country was soon under water. Bridges
and fences were washed away, cattle
were drowned, the cotton and corn torn
up. The damage is said to be immense.
Col. Bingainan lost one of his best
horses. Much valuable stock was lost.
Our informant states that the rain coo
tinned for three successive days, but
that the damage from the flood occurred
principally on Sunday.---facemer.
is said that the administration decided
on Saturday to call out ten additional
regiments, under the Act of 13th May,
1816. It has been the impression that
the government had nearly exhausted
the authority given to it by that Act.
But a different construction has been
so that the administration, it
would seem, do not look for a speedy
From the Columbus Enquirer of the
The Secretary of War, by ordcr of the
President of the United States, has made
a requisition upon the Goveror of Geor
gia for five additional companies of
mounted men—to consist, each, of 1 Cap
tain, 3 Lieutenants, 4. Sergeants, 4. Cor
porals, 2 Musicians, 1 Farrier and Black
smith, and SO Privates—aggregate 95
men—to be commanded by a Lieutenant
—We are decidedly opposed, says the
Boston Chronotype, to Mr. Polk's send
ing any more Cushions (Cushing's) or
Pillows to Mexico, they give too much
repose to the Mexican army.
SABBATH I -A distinguished clergyman
of Pittsburg, proposes this question to
the consideration of the reli g ious public.
It was to have been discussed on Tues
day evening, at the First Presbyterian
church of that city. s s
When that question is decided, we sup
pose the next that will be proposed, will
be, whether there shall be any deaths on
bia, Pa. Spy of Saturday, says : " A
railroad collision occurred yesterday af
ternoon about four miles below Lancas
ter, by which two men were killed and a
lady seriously injured: The men killed
were passengers on a section boat bound
for Pittsburg, and were accompanied by
their wives."
GOOD.—Mexico, says the Mobile Her-
Ad and Tribune, declines treating; there
fore, Gen, Scott will have to liquor—
(lick her.)
03 We learn from the Carlisle Her
ald that the Cumberland Valley Railroad
Company hit s made arrangements to lay
a new track on tha road between Car
lilse and Harrisburg, and will commence
the work without delay.
Baltimore, in a letter to the N. Y. Cour
ier, avows his preference for Gen. TAY
LOR as the Whig candidate for Presi
IMIGRANTS.—There arrived at the Port
of Philadelphia, during the week ending
on the 7th, upwards of SOO imigrants.
The Markets.
PHILADELPHIA, August 6, 1847.
FLOUR & MEAL.—Fresh ground Flour
is firm at $6 for Pa. and $5 87 for west
ern. Rye Flour is held at $3 50, and
Corn Meal at $3 31 a $3 37 for Penn's,
and $3 '75 for Brandywine.
GRAlN.—Wheat is scarce, and prices
firm at $1 25 a $1 30 for Penn'a rod,
and $1 25 for Southern; Corn, sales of
Western yellow 73 a 74c ; Oats, north
ern, 55c. No sales of Rye.
*lmlay-28c in bbislind hhds,
AV E tow th n e sh?p ntle d rs o ig n n . e t t, al c ly ziti a .e g n ro s e e l f . I. p . ' n ra y nk o l u in r 1
equal proportion of expenses, according to the a
mount of Tax levied on us individually, for the
purpose of employing counsel to advice us wheth
the act of assembly, authorizing Supervisors of
this township to subscribe a certain portion oft
stock for the purpose of locating and making a
Turnpike road from Water-street to Centre coun
ty line, be legal and constitutional. We, the un
dersigned, viewing the above act as being illegal
sad arbitrary, as it benelite but a part of the inhab
itants of said township, arid being unwilling to pay
taxes for the benefit of the few, we do mutually I
agree that should we find from the advice of able
counsel that we are not legally bound to pay any
taxes that may be levied for making said turnpike
road, to stand by and defend each other should any
action be brought against either of the undersign
ed, for resisting the payment of maid taxes, each
agree to pay their proportion of expenses that may
accrue on said action in proportion to the amount
of taxes levied on each, always having due respect
to the laws of our land in regard to the above mat
In witness whereof we have hereunto signed our
names, this twenty-sixth day of June, one
thousand eight hundred and forty-seven.
James Dysart, Hugh feeds,
John M'Pherran, John Weight,
Joseph Dysart, Abram Weight.
H. Hamilton, Joseph Wagner,
John Laport, John Zentmyer,
William Riley, John It Btonebraker
Aug. 10, '47.
...--1.1. A T the "Philadelphia
IP,, AWateic ancl Jewelry
- 0: -. ?" -- ;,,, .
~, Store," No. 96 North Sec
(,:) ey . ,t , x, and Street, corner of Quill.-
\ s . . „.4 ry. Gold Lever Watches,
, - 40 c 7 Zig full jewelled 18 carat cases
and gold Dial, 40 00
Silver Lever Watches full jeweled, 20 00
Silver Patent Lever Watches, seven jewels, is 00
Silver Lopine Watches, jeweled, 'l2 00
Quartier Watches ' S 00
brutation:Quartier Watches, A 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 50
Gold Bracelets with Topes Stones, 3 50
I Gold Pens with silver Pencil and Holder, 125
Ladies (told Pencils, 1 75
[ Silver Tea-spoons, from $4 50 per set to 600
Gold Finger-Rings, from 37i cents to 80 00
Watch-Glasses:—Plain, 12i eta; patent 184 ;
Lunet 25 ;other Articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to be what they are sold for.
On hand some Gold arid silver Levers, Lepines
and Quartiers lower than the above prices.
Constantly on hand, an assortment of Silver Ta
ble, Desert, Tea Salt and Mug' ard-Spoons, Soup-
Ladles, Sugar-Tongs, Napkin-Bings, Fruit and
Butter Knives, Thimbles, Shields, Knitting Nee
dle Cases and Sheaths, Purse and Reticle Clasps,
—Tho silver warranter: to be equal to American
Also a great variety of Fine Gold Jewelry, con
sisting in part of Finger-Rings of all styles, Oct
with Diamons, Rubys, Enteral Torquise, Topaz,
Garnet, Cornolian, Jasper, Cape May, Amethyst
and other stones. Breaatspins and Bracelets of ell
styles set with Stones. and Cameos end Ena
melled; Ear-Rings of all styles; Gold Chains of
all styles and of the finest quatity, together with all
other articles in the line, which will be sold unusu
ally low, wholesale and retail.—Also Planes Light
ning-Rod Points, by the dozen or single one.
Watchmaker 4• Jeweller
N. B.—On hand M. J. Tobias & Co's. best
quality full jewelled, l'atent Lever Movements, in
18 Carat Gold Cases. Also a quantity at Move
ments which will be cam d any style required, and
sold at 5 per cent above the price of laiportations.
July 20, '47-Iy.
TIME subscriber offers to the trade, or by retail
a largo and general assortment of the following
articles, being all dills own importation or manu
Buyers of goods in this line at 'e invited to ex
amine the assortment, and orders are solicited.with
the assurance that every effort will be made to give
satisfaction and insure a continuance of custom.
Gold &Silver Lever Watches of ordinary quality.
Do. do. do. of superior finish.
Do. do. do. Anchors& Lepines.
Silver double cooed English and Swiss verge
Watches, with light, medium and heavy cases.
Gold Jewelry in all varieties, line and common.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Boxes, playing 2,4, 6, 8 and 10 tunes.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Diamond P. inted Gold Pens.
Mantel and Office Clot ks, in gilt and other frames.
Watchmakers' Fools and Materials of all aorta.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans, Steel Beads, &c.
Having every facility for obtaining goods on the
most advantageous terms, corresponding induce
ments will be offered to purchasers.
112 Chesnut St., Philadelphia,
Hats, Caps, Ladies' Muffs, Boas, dto.
To Merchants, Hatters, and Others.
Hat 4- Cap Ware House & Manufactory,
No. 196 Market Street,
Second Door below Sixth, Philadelphia,
DESPECTFULLY solicit attention
It to their large and complete stock of
Hors and CAM manufactured under
their own immediate direction and su
perintendence with all the advantages
of modern improvements to enable them to cont.
line the important qualities of durability, taste and
beauty of finish with extreme cheapness of price
An immense and beautiful assortment of all va
rieties and prices of Beaver, Brush,Silk, Moleskin,
Russia, Cassimere, Wool, Sporting and Ashland
Hats. Also, a general assortment of every variety
of CAPS—Otter; Ft r Seal, Hair Seal. Muskrat,
Plain and Fancy Cloth every style, Red, Black
and Brown Mohair, Sealetto, Glazed, Oiled Silk &
Fur Caps
Ladies' Muffs, Boas, &c., ut the very lowest
Buyers by the dozen or less, aro invited to call
and see if it is not to their interest to deal with us.
Particular attention paid to the packing of Hats,
Caps, &c.
Cash paid for Muskrat and Shipping Furs.
No. 196 Market Street, below Sixth Street.
Philadelphia, July 20, 1847-3 m.
Estate of Jacob Van '
Tries, Esq., late of
Warriorsmark twp., dec d.
OTICE is hereby given that Letters of Admin.
istration on he said estate have been granted
to the undersigned. All persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and these having claims against it will present them
duly authenticated, to DAVID ROBESON,
To the Independent Freemen of Hun
tingdon County:
Fnuow errrn
iz;s:-1 offer myself to the
consideration of the Democratic Whigs and
Anti ,Masons of Huntingdon county, for theonice of
1 II it: it I FF.
and if placed In nomination by the coming County
Convention, and elected by the People, I pledge
myself to fulfil the dative of the office with fidelity
and impartiality.
rELLOW CrrizeNs.—l offer myself to your
_U consideration as a candidate for the office of
at the ensuing general election, and respectfully
solicit your support. NATHAN W. GREEN.
Birmingham July 13, 1847.
To the Voters of fluntingdoo County,
ria.Low CrTrzstec—ileing encouraged by a
number of my friends, I offer myself as a candi
date for the office of
at the approaching Fall election, and should I be
so fortunate as to receive a majority of your votes,
I pledge myself to &charge the duties of said
office honorably and to your satisfaction.
If 3nderson tp., j uly6-tf.
To the Voters of Ilunlingdon County *:
A T the solicitation of a number of my Whig
11 friends, I oiler myself as a candidate for the
office of
subject to the decision of the Whig County Con
vention. And should Ibo so fortunate as to be
nominated and elected to said office, I pledge myself
to perform the duties thereof with fidelity mid im
partiality. GEORGE SIPES.
Cromwell tp., julyB-1847.
To the Electors of Huntingdon County:
IoW-GITIZENS t—l take this medium,
through which to offer myself to the consider
ation of the Democratic Whig and Anti-Masonic
Convention which will convene in the borough of
Huntingdon on the 11th of August next,. a can
didate for the office of
and if nominated and elected, I pledge myself to
discharge the duties of the Mike to the hest of my
Union tp., july6 1847
CITIZENS Offer myself to your
r coasideration as a candidate for the office of
SIIERIPP, at the ensuing election, and respect
fully solicit your support. JOHN WRAP.
West township, July 27, 1847.
rp H subscriber offers fur sale, a tract of land, sit-
I trate in Burree township, Huntingdon county,
on the South side of Stone creek, next below
Douche's Iron Works, containing about one hun
dred and twenty one acres—about eighty acres
of which aro cleared, including about fifteen acres
of bottom land, with a good two-story
DWELLING HOUSE, and a bank
Barn thereon erected; there is also d u i
good bearing orchard, and a spring of
never. failing water near the house: there is also
lime-stone, and the appearance of Iron Ore on the
Any person wishing to purchase will be shown
the said property by Jacob Zook, who resides on
the same. Alt indisputable title will be given
and the terms made may for th• purchaser.
Near Allenville, Mifflin county, Pa.
August 3, 1847.
N, H, If the rbove property is not std before
next November, it will then be offered at public
sale. A. Z.
Valuable Ore-Bank tlk Water-power
For Sale.
THE subscriber wishes to dispose of about 300
acres of very rich Ore and Coal Lands situate
on the waters of Sandy Creek, in Perry township,
Jefferson county, Penn'a.
The property is situate on three branches of
Sandy Creek, which unite upon the premises,
atlhrding abundant power for save. al Furnaces,
Forges, &c., all within a b out one
fourth of a utile of the Ore bank. The Ore is of
the same kind, but of a richer quality, that is used
at the Great Western works in Armstrong county.
1 here are also on the premise, abundance of Rita
nlinotts Cool, Limestone, and Sandstone. Tbe
Creek is now navigable, for Arks, &c., in time of
high water, from within coven miles of the prop
erty, and could, with little expense, be mode so
from the premises. There is a Saw-Mill in opera
tion on the premises. The land is all well timber
ed, and well timbered lands may be purchased in
the immediate neighborhood at from one to two
dollars per acre.
This property undoubtedly affords facilities for
the manufacture of hod, possegsed by few situations
in Pennsylvania, and to an enterprising capitalist
acquainted with the business is a location much to
be desired.
As this advertisement is merely intended to draw
the attention of those acquainted with the iron bu
siness to the lands, the subscriber deems it unneces
sary to dwell longer on the advantages possessed
by this property, as those wishing to purchase will
of course call and examine it. Those desirous of
further particulars are invited to call on the subscri
ber living on the premises, or on Mr. Gaskell,
Agent of the Holland Land Company, at Purist
tawney, , Jefferson county.
Cold Spring, Jefferson Co., Pa. [jy29.4t.
Dissolotion of P'arinership.
THE partnership which has existed since the Ist
of April, A. D. 1844, between thesubscribers,
in the Mercantile busiuess, at Manor Hill, Peters
burg, and Nefl's Mill, under the firm of John R.
Hunter & Co., has this day (July 15) been dissolv
ed by mutual consent. The business hereafter
will be continued at Netrs Mill by Mr. Hunter,
with whom the Books, &c., of the late firm are
left for settlement. DAVID BLAIR.
july2o-1847. JOHN R. HUNTER.
TS hereby giventotheStoalTalers of the Spruce
Creek & Waterstreet Turnpike Road Company,
that twenty per cent on the Capital Stock subscri
bed, is required to be paid to the subscriber, on or
before the 20th day of August neat, and ten per
cent. monthly, until otherwise ordered.
july2o,lt„-- Treasurer.
--- -
Dissolution of Partnership.
rpHE partnership heretofore existing under the
1 firm of Jones & Simonton was this day (July
15th) dissolved by mutual consent. All persona
having unsettled accounts with said firm will please
call on E. R. Jones and settle them. The business
hereafter will be continued try T. K. Simonton at
the old stand. E. M. JONES,
Great Spring and Stumm( r Medicine.
HANCE'S Sarsaparilla Vegetable or
Blood Pills,—Fifty pills in a box—
The cheapest and best medicine in ex•
istence—for purifying the bloodirerhci‘ , -
ing bile, correcting disorders of the sito
mach and bowels, costiveness, dyspolp..
sin, swimming in the head, &e, Per
sons of a full habit, who are subject' t6'
headache, giddiness, drowsiness, and'
singing in the ears, arising from !bet'
great a flow of blood in the head, should'
never be without them, as many danger- .
ous symptoms will be entirely carried
off by their immediate use.
Read the following wonderful cure of
This is to certify that my viife was '
afflicted with the byspepsia for 12 years,:
and tried both advertised Medicines and -
Thomsonian, but without effect ; and my
self attacked with blindness, and my head
otherwise affected from hard drinking, so
that I was apprehensive of fits; and see
advertised, I went and got a box of them,'
which, to my astonishment, effected a
cure of me arid my wife both. I think
them without a rival belbro the public.
S. H. HALL, Albemarle st. near Wilk. -
For sale by Seth S. Hance. 108 Haiti•
more st., and corner of Charles & Pratt
sts., Balt. [nov4-y
AGENTS-T, Read & Son, Hunting.
don ; Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A.
0. Brown, Shirleysburg ; W. W. Buel,
noun, Mill Creek ; Spencer & Flood,W
Iyritp of Horehound.
T fleecy of Hance's Compound Syrup
of Hoarhound in relieving afflicted man.
Mr. George T. Warrington, residing in
York street, Federal Hill, Baltimore.
was attacked with a violent cough and
sore throat. After trying many reme
dies, he was induced by a friend to use
Hance's Compound Syrup of Hoarhound,
and before using one bottle was entirely
Another yet more .4sronishing.—Mrs..
Henrietta Merrick, residing in Monu
ment street, between Canal and Eden•
streets, was attacked with a very se.
were cough and pain in the Breast,which
was so intense that it extended to the
shoulders. She was afflicted also with
a pain in the side.
After trying many remedies, she was
persuaded by a friend to use Hancetir
Compound Syrup of Horehound, and af
ter using three doses, she experienced.
great relief, and before she had finishes .
the bottle was entirely cured.
Price 50 eta. per 'bottle, or 6 bottles
for $2 50. For sale by Seth S. Hance,.
108 Baltimore st., and corner of Charles
and Pratt sts., Baltimore. roc2By
Great Spring and Summer Medicine.
TTANCE'S Sarsaparilla Vegetable or
_a Blood Pills, for purifying the blood.
• • . C 1
BALTImoRE, July 29, 1843.
This is to certify, that I was afflicted
with a violent pain in the breast and
right arm, which I suppose proceeded
from the impure state of my blood. I
was recommended to take Hance's Sar
saparilla or Blood pills, and after taking
one box, the pain was entirely removed
from my breast and arm. I found them
extremely gentle in their operation, and
would recommend them to every person
in want of a mild purgative. PATRICK
ROCHE, No. 23 Conway street, between
Howard and Eutaw.
In purcaasing these pills let me add
one word of caution. Always ask for
Hance's pills, and purchase of none but
those advertised as agents, and if con
venient; call and see the proprietor
himself. For sale by Seth S. Hance,
108 Baltimore st., and corner of Charles
and Pratt sts., Baltimore. Price 25 cts..
per box, of fifty pills each, for Hance's
genuine pills, or 5 for $l. [novlBy
HANCE'S Compound Syrup of Hore
hound, for the cure of coughs, colds,
consumption, spitting of blood, pain in
the side and breast, bronchitis, croup,
and all diseases arising from a disor
dered condition of the lungs or neglect
ed cold. The following sonnet was ad
dressed to the proprietor by a young
lady who was cured of Consumption :
Ho ! ye who pant with failing breath,
And pine away and die;
Hance shall "put away" your death,
And light anew your eye.
How sweet it melts upon the tongue,
How grateful to the breast !
A glorious theme for poet's song,
Soothing his cough to rest.
Hance ! favored of the God's, art thou,
A blessing to thy race,
Let laurels flourish on thy brow,
And wealth those laurels grace.
When heroes are forgotten; kings
Defunct ; or, ceased to rain ;
Glory, for thee, shall flap her wings,
Thou conquerer of pain.
Price 50 eta. per bottle, or 6 bottles
for *2 50. Prepared and sold by Seth
S. Hance, 108 Baltimore at., and corne
Charles and Pratt sts. [nor 18yr
AGENTS-T. Read & Son, Huntingdon;
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria; Spencer
& Flood, Williamsburg; W. W. Buch
anan, Mill Creek ; A. o'. Browne, Silk
ley sbu rg.
S. Steel Blair,
A rrou NE Y AT LA W;Hollitlt;yebnrg, Pe„
11_ Will attend attend to all busineve entrusted to
his ctuein. lilair, Huntingdon and Indiana con n•