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The steamer Edith arrived at New
Orleans on the 2d inst. The news
brought by her from from the Army is
of the most important and exciting char
acter, It was reported that on the 16th
of December, an express from Gen.
Worth, at Saltillo, arrived at Monterey,
with intelligence that Gen. Worth had
learned through his spies, that Santa
Anna was within three days march of
Saltillo, at the head of an army of 20,-
000 or 30,000 men. It was added that
the•expresS bore a call upon Gen. Tay
lor for reinforcements; but that the
General and his staff had left Monterey
two days before, to join his command
at Victoria ; and that said command was
two days in advance of him. General
Butler, however, who had charge at Mon
terey, immediately sent off despatches
to Gen.. Marshall at Camargo, and to
Gen. Patterson, at Matamoras, to send
forward all the troops they could spare.
It was added, that 'Gen. Patterson had
left .Matamoras, only the day before the
news reached that place, that it was
nevertheless promptly forwarded to him,
and that on receiving it, be started on
his return, with a view of proceeding to
Monterey. But we have seen a letter
dated Matamoros, Dec. 23d, which men
tions. the alarming reports with regard
to Santa Anna's movement upon Saltillo,
but discredits them. It was affirmed
also ' that Gen. Patterson had not chan
gedhis route towards Victoria, and that
a portion of his troops had left that day.
These statements, it will be seen, are
conflicting ; and yet the accounts by the
express are PO detailed, and have such'
an air of probability, that they are at
least calculated to excite apprehension.
The. New Orleans Delta of the 2d, in
alluding to the intelligence, gives the
report that Santa Anna was at the head
of 15,000 troops, and within four days
of Saltillo--that en. Worth, unable to
maintain his ground against such over
whelming numbers, was slowly falling
back in the direction of Monterey ; and
that Gen. Taylor, in the anticipation of
tin attack upon that city, was fortifying
it on every point. This, it will be seen,
differs from the other rumor, to the effect
that Gen. Taylor had left Monterey for
Victoria. The Delta gives yet another
statement, thus :
" From Mr. Fowler, a gentleman of
this city, who came passenger in the
steam propellor Virginia, and who left
.Saltillo on the 17th ult., we have subse
quently learned that, previous to his
leaving, Gen. Worth's spies had come
into camp and reported that Santa Anna
was within three or four days' march of
Saltine, and rapidly advancing, at the
head of about 15,000 men. Gen. Worth
immediately sent an express to Gen.
Taylor, which reached him at Victoria
at 11 o'clock, P. M. on the 17th ; and at
3 o'clock, A. M., the next day General
Taylor despatched two regiments, the
Kentucky and Tennessee volunteers, to
reinforce Gen. I%Tortlt at Saltillo, inten
ding to follow himself as soon as pos
sible, with all his disposable force. Gen.
Taylor felt confident of his loging able
to arrive at Saltillo before Santa Anna
could reach there. The whole force of
Gen. Taylor would then amount to
about 10,000 men, which he considered
sufficient to cope with any force that
Santa Anna could bring against him."
. Gen. Scott arrived at the Brazos on
the 28th ult.
Later from the Army.
By the Southern Mail we have later
dates from the army, which reached N.
Orleans by the arrival there of the
steamship Alabama.
She left the Brazos on the 3d, at which
date there was no news of especial in
terest from Saltillo, from which it was
inferred that the danger of an attack
was not so imminent as supposed, whet►
Gen. Worth's express was despatched.
The remains of Watson, Ridgely,
and other Baltimoreans, had arrived at
New Orleans.
Lieut. Boyle, of Washington, died on
the passage.
The dates from Matamoras are to the
Ist inst. Since the last dates rumors
of battles—marches and countermarches
Wool's column cut oft—Worth's divis
ion driven back to Monterey from Sal
tillo—that he and Gen. Taylor were shut
up in Monterey, have prevailed.
Gen. Scott and his staff left two days
previous, in great haste, for Camargo.—
In going up the river they met a steam
er with a mail bringing intelligence that
part of the corps of observation, belong
ing to Santa Anna's army, had been near
Parras, where Wool was, and that Wool
had joined Worth at Sa ltillo.
Gen. Patterson's division had crossed
the river San Fernando five days pre
vious, and would soon be at his desti
Gen. Taylor, it was thought, would
no doubt return home as soon as Gen.
Scott takes command.
When Gen. Patterson reaches Victo
ria all the passes to San Luis will be
shut up.
Advices have been received from Tam
pico to the 30th ult.. Everything was
then quiet and orderly.
The rumors of attacks upon Tampico
were considered as only Mexican tales.
On the 20th of December, Corn. Perry,
with several vessels, took possession of
Laguna, and destroyed the guns & mu
nitions of war found in the 'port and
Coin. Sands, with two vessels, had
ibeen left in charge. Off the Alvarado
the Plississippi captured the Mexican
schooner Amelia, and sent her to New
Purser Crosby had been killed on
board the Viven, by accidentally falling
from aloft. .
Santa Anna has been declared by the
new Congress, as duly elected Presi
dent by the Republic.
From a further examination of the
files of Mexican papers, it appears that
no direct action was had upon the sub
ject of the war by the Mexican Con-
The Mexican papers convey a strong
impression that San Luis is to be the
great battle-ground of the war.
Gen. Jessup and his staff, together
with 240 sick and discharged soldiers,
came passengers in the Alabama.
The following are the standing Com
mittees of the Pa. Legislature for the
present session :
accounts.—Messrs. Carson, Benner,
Smyser, Hill, Rich.
Pensions and Gratuities. Messrs. Big
ler, s' agonseller, Ross, Darragh, Boas.
Judiciary.—Messrs. Sanderson, John
son, Black, Williamson, Dimmick.
Smyser, Mason,
Cornman, Morrison.
Banks.—Messrs. Crabb, Gillis, An
derson, Darsie, Jordan.
Education—Messrs. Black, Harris,
Creac raft, Smith, Wagonseller.
Roads & Bridges—Messrs. Hill, Rich,
Pottieger, Carson, Hoover.
Interna Improvements--Messrs. Gillis,
Crabb, Johnson, Overfield, Harris.
.agricultural and Domestic .111anufac
tures—Messrs. Morrison, Mason, Car
son, Pottieger, Boas.
Compare Bills--Messrs. Cornman,
Hoover, Richards, Levis, Mason.
Election District—Messrs. Levis, Rich
ards, Benner, Boas,Dimmick.
Corporations—Messrs. Johnson, Har
ris, Hoover, Richards, Anderson.
Vice Se Immorality—Messrs. Darragh,
Pottieger, Smyser, Creacraft, Benner.
Estates 4.• Escheats—Messrs. William
son, Black, Smith, Dimmick, Creacraft,
Finance--Messrs. Darsie, Bigler,
Crabb, Ross, Sanderson.
Private Claims for Damages—Messrs.
Smith, Overfield, Darsie, Gillis, Corn
! man.
Librabry—Messrs. Williamson, San.
derson, Wagonseller.
Public Buildings 4• Grounds—Messrs.
Jordan, Overfield, Morrison.
Retrenchment Sr Reform—Messrs. Rich,
Hill, Jordan, Bigler, Levis.
Ways 4. .Means—Messrs. Trego, Alli
eon, Haly, Forsyth, Pumroy, of Mrcer,
Ives, Jackson.
Judiciary—Messrs. Bighorn, Haly,
Knox, Edie, Fox, Leyburn, Patterson,
Blair, Hasson.
Claims—Messrs. Lawrence, Connor,
Haymaker, McKnight, Ives, Reed and
Souder. _ _
Sgriculture—Messrs. Gould, earner,
Fansold, Sharp, Jacoby, Breidenthall,
Graff. _ _ _
Pensions er Gratuities—Messrs. Pom
eroy, (of F. ;) McAbee, Fassit, Lockhart,
Daly, Philips, Perry.
Domestic Manufactures—Messrs. Alli
son, Dickinson, Krick, Bassler, Vleit,
Ross, Sipes.
accounts—Messrs. Connor, Mather,
Colvin, Kaufman, Pearce, Sanborn, Bush.
Education--Messrs. McCurdy, Bull,
Anderson,Black, Pomeroy, (of F. ;)
Dickson, ontelius.
Vice .5. Immorality.—Messrs. Ladley,
McMinn, Levan, Sharp, Jacoby, Rey
nolds, Fernstcrmacker.
.Militia System—Messrs. Harris,Burus,
McAllister, Noble,Evans,Gebley,Myers.
Election Districts—Messrs. Hunter,
Bentz, Bowmen, Hilands, McMinn, Kin
near. _ _
Banks—Messrs. Edie, Gratz, Piollet,
McAbee, Sanborn, Kline, Mather.
Estates k Escheats—Messrs. Knox,
Blair, Wilson, Leyburn, Matthias, Has
son, Kently.
Roads Bridges—Messrs. McCurdy,
Pooling, Louchlin, Shelby, Weller, Mc-
Allister, Reynolds.
Locagppropriations—Messrs. Don
aldson, Thompson, Long, Wilson, Mor
rison, Robins, Rupert.
Corporations—Messrs. Matthias, Mor
ton, Donaldson, Fox, Kinnear, Ludley,
Lands—Messrs. Patterson, McMinn,
Westner, Burns, Bull, Gould, Morrison,
Compare Bills—Messrs. NI ackey,Tho
mas, Bushell, Morton, Boughner.
Printing—Messrs. Evans, Myers,
Library—Messrs. Fox, McCurdy Col
Inland Navigation and Internal Im
provements—Messrs. Hilands, Trego,
Evans, Westen, Clark, Gratz, Harris,
Thompson, Knox, Hunter, Allison,
Krick, Fernon.
Retrenchment and Reform—Messrs.
Pomeroy, (of Mercer. ;) Clark, Mackey,
Levan, Robins, McCurdy, Klingensmith.
[l::Alfred L. Pollard, the "nice young
man" mentioned some weeks ago, as hay
ing been " jugged" by the officers of jus
tice, for the crime of bigamy, after hav
ing a fair and impartial trial during the
last week's court, at Lewistown, has been
justly sentenced to imprisonment in the
Eastern penitentiary at hard labor, for
the term of two yonrs—Letvistoten Gaz,
(From the Philadelphia Saturday Gleaner.]
An Abstract from the Report of the State
This is a document of more than ordi
nary interest and importance, especially
nt the present moment, when anxiety is
felt as to the prompt payment of the
semi-annual interest on the State Debt.
The receipts during the last fiscal
year, amounted to $3,529,057.
Balance in the Treasury, Nov. 30th,
1845, $384,886.
Total revenue, $3,913,943.
Expenditures for the same' period,
Thus die balance in the Treasury on
the 30th of Nov. 1846, was $384,678.
The Treasurer states that during the
year, the Treasury has not only been in
a condition to meet all the demands upon
it, including the interest on the public
debt, but a portion of that debt has been
discharged, viz: the sum of $246,816.
The important result is also exhibited,
that the receipts within the fiscal year,
were equal to the expenditures, without
regard to any sum in the Treasury at
the commencement of the year. This
is indeed a gratifying statement, honor
able alike to the Commonwealth, the
people and the State Treasurer.
During the last two years, the taxes
imposed have been cheerfully & prompt
ly paid, no loans have been made, the
public liabilities have been met, and the
State revenues have increased.
Col. Snowden estimates that the rev
enues in all, for the present fiscal year,
will amount to $4,026,178 ; while the
expenditures will amount to but $3,447,-
058. And that thus, the balance in the
Treasury on the 30th of November,
1847, will amount to upwards of $579,
The public debt is $40,739,577.
During the year, the receipts from the
public improvements amounted to $l,
The entire expenditures on the public
works for the same period, $732,067.
Net receipts, $625,135.
This amount exhibits the actual re
ceipts in payment at the Treasury, with
out reference to the amount reported by
the Canal Officers.
The fiscal yenr closed on the 30th of
The above aggregate of profits was
applied, with the other revenues of the
State, to the payment of the interest on
the public debt, and the general expen
ses of the State Government.
The amount of relief notes in circu
lation on the Ist of January last, was
The loans which are due, or will fall
due in the current year, and for which
no provision is made, except so far as
the relief notes are provided for, amount
to $3,438,030.
There are thirty-seven separate loans,
which compose the State Debt; and the
Treasurer recommends that they be con
solidated into a less number. Also that
coupons should be attached to the con
solidated or new stocks, should such be
issued, and to the new transfers of the
old stock. Also that these coupons be
made receivable for all dues for the Com
With regard to the interest due in
February, the Treasurer states that the
matter will depend upon the amount of
receipts for the present month of Jan
uary; and he remarks that if a deficit
should occur, the interest can he paid as
on former occasions, inasmuch as a con
siderable portion is not immediately de
manded, and by proper measures, some
of the accruing revenues mny be antici
pated. He thinks, moreover, that a de
ficiency at a particular period, cannot
interfere with the general result as esti
mated, namely—that for the year, the
revenue, if faithfully collected, will not
only .be adequate to the expenditures,
but reduce the existing debt, and leave
a balance in the Treasury, of $579,119.
Tampico under Martial Law.
The New Orleans Delta of the 30th
ult. says :---" Capt. Hardy, of the Fehr.
H. M. Johnson, from Tampico, on the
18th inst., informs our Reporter that
Col. Gates, the commandant at Tampi
co, had proclaimed the place to be tin
der martial law on the 15th inst. On
the 16th arms were distributed to all
the American citizens in the place, in
cluding captains of vessels in port and
sailors. Col. Gates having had cause to
suspect that the Mexicans had arms
concealed in the place, instituted a search
for them, and discovered about six
dred stand and a quantity of ammuni
tion ; about 300 of the muskets were
found to be loaded. The whole mili
tary force at Tampico on the 16th,
amounted to from Bto 900 men. The
steamship Virginia arrived from Brazos
with 320 men of the Alabama regiment.
The steam propellors, Tennessee and
James Cage, arrived on the 18th inst.,
and proceeded up the river as the H. . 11.
Johnson was coming out. They ap
peared to have a number of troops—
cavalry and their horses on board."
al Leslie Combs has lately received a
letter announcing that the fiend O'Blen
nis, who murdered his son two years
ago, has at length met his deserts, hay
log been shot by some Mexicans at Mat
amoras, where he settled himself as a
trader. Just before his death, he had
murdered a gentleman named Townsend,
who had a claim against him.
Military matters has occupied the at- 1
tion of Congress principally, during the
past week. The Army Bill, for raising
ten additional Regiments of Regulars to
serve during the war, passed the House
on Monday of last week, by a vote of
171, to 24. During the discussion which
arose upon this bill, Mr. Ficklin, a Loco
foco member from Illinois, made a most
disgraceful attack upon Gen. Taylor.—
Notwithstanding the glorious achieve
ments of Old Rough and Ready," this
tory member of Congress had the auda
city to commence an attack in his rear,
by pronouncing him, in the halls of 'Con
gress, incompetent to lead an army.—
Not content with attempting to sully the
fair fame of Gen. Scott, the Locofocos
are now essaying to sear the fresh green
laurels which encircle the brow of Old
Rough and Ready. The political graves
of these men are already dug and yawn
to receive them.
An effort was wade to engraft Mr.
Polk's Lieutenant-General project upon
the Military Bill in the House, but failed
by a vote of 90 to 120 !
On Tuesday the death of Senator PEN
NYPACKER of Virginia, was announced in
both Houses, and the customary resolu- I
tions passed. No other business was
transacted. It is but a few days since
the death of Senator Barrow was an
nounced, and now we are called upon
to record the demise of another distin
guished member of the same body.
On Wednesday, the House met and
immediately adjourned to the Senate
Chamber, to attend the funeral of Hon.
J. S. Pennypacker, which took place at
11 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Slicer, Chaplain
of the Senate, officiated. The ceremo
nits were exceedingly solemn, and the
procession, consisting of the President,
Heads of the different Departments,
members of Congress, and others, very
On Thursday, in Senate Mr. Benton,
from the Military*Committee, reported
the bill, increasing the army ten regi
ments, with amendments relative to the
force to be employed. The amendments
were adopted.
Mr. Cameron moved that a section of
land be given to every soldier who should
serve to the end of the war, which was
discussed by Messrs. Benton,
Clayt on, Badger, Corwin and Crittenden.
The Army Bill was laid over until
Friday,. . . .
Mr. Dix was speaking in favor of the
bill to create a Lieutenant General,
when the Senate adjourned.
The House went into Committee of
the Whole on the Oregon bill, during
the discussion of which Mr. Burt defen
ded slavery and the South.
Mr. Seaman reported a bill to prevent
the importation of foreign paupers.
SENATE.-Mr. Benton reported a bill
this morning, granting sections of land
to the regulars in the army, as well as
the volunteers who may serve during the
Mr. Cameron opposed the bill, fearing
that it would kill his amendment to the
Ten Regiment bill—of feted yesterday.
The Lieutenant General bill was then
taken up, and Mr. Badger spoke in op ,
position to the measure, which he said
was one of injustice to Generals Taylor
and Scott.
When Mr. Badger had concluded, Mr.
Mangum moved, as a test question, to
lay the bill upon the table, when his mo
tion prevailed by 28 yeas to 21 nays.
This defeats the proposition for the
appointment of a Lieutenant General.
THE GREATEST Jr , KE YET.—Under this
head, the New York Herald has the
following well merited thrust at a tad
pole politician, who, it appears,
see any military capacity in General
Taylor :—" It is the opinion of the Hon.
Mr. Ficklin, of Illinois, that "Old Rough
and Ready" has not conducted the war
with true military skill—that the old
soldier, without men or pontons, was at
fault because he did not pursue the Mex
icans across the Rio Grande, and cut
the throats of every mother's son of
them. We recommend Mr. Polk to
make this Mr. Ficklin the Lieutenant
General of the Army.
The .i7larkels.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 15, 1846
rcorn Ann MEA L— There is no change to note
in the price of Flour, but ho,ders are firmer, and
same refuse $4,75 per brl for fair brands; sales
9000 Luis standard and fair brands, for export, at
$9,75. and a timer brand at $9.814. Rye non.—
A small sale at $3.75 per brl. Corn
of 1000 bets at $3.434 per brl. Wheat
is inactive.—A sale of l'enn'a at 75 els.
Co , n--None arriving by wider; sales of Penn's
at 62i a 63 eta per bushel. Oats—Sales at 34 cts
in store.
[no.—Sales of 50 inns Blooms al $57.M0 a GO
per ton. 6 months, in Pig irsill the sales have been
Owned at steady rates.
WHISKEY is scarce; sales of 200 brls at 23 eta,
sales in hhJn at 2. its.—North American.
On the 14th inst., in Walker town
ship, by Rev. G. W. Williard, .2!r. A.
✓1!. HASLET to Miss MARY .11/ONDORF,
both of this county.
On the same day, by Rev. W. Bunker,
ANN PEIGHTAL, both of this county.
TTANCE'S Sarsaparilla. Vegetable or
Ja Blood Pills.—Fifty pills in a ixii,
The cheapest and best medicine in ex. ,
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' istence—for purifying the blood, remove
.1) Court of Huntingdon county, will
be exposed to public sale on the premises, on Fri-
ing bile, correcting disorders of the star
Jay, the 12th 'ley of February next, at 10 o'clock. I !Ma and bowels, costiveness, dyspep ,
A. ‘i., the followin g described Real Estate of Ma i swimming in the head, &c. Per-
Rodney McKinstry, late of Shirley township, decd. eons ofd full habit ; who ate sbbject to
viz: headache; giddiness, drowsiness, and
187 acres firet-rate land, being meetly bottom, singing in the ears, arising from too
and well calculated for either Meadow or Farm great a flew o f
blood in the head, should
land, with a lar g e and convenient Brick Dwelling
Douse, Double Log Baru, vk nun never be without them, as many danger
;.';.• p
~ Shed, Corn Crib, and other out- ous symptoms will 6e entirely carried
44 :( buildings—a good youn g Orchard off by their immediaie utie.
.'i' '..° cs' , ' of 'wait , fruit—a well of good Read the following wonderful aura g(
Water at the door. There are about 100 acres of dyspepsia:
' lea " land ' I° of which "' meadow —the whale
,n a good state or , cultivat i on.
This is to certify tha t my wife wart wa
afflicted with the Dyspepsia for 12 years;
and tried both advertised medicines and
Thomsonian, but without effect ; and my-*
self attacked with blindness, and my head
otherwise affected from hard drinking, so
that I was apprehensive of fits ; and see
advertised, I went end got a box of them,
which, to my astonishment, effected a
cure of me and my wife both. I think
them without a rival before the public.
S. H. HALL, Albemarle st. near Wilk.
For sale by Seth S. Hance, 108 Balti
more st., and corner of Charles & Pratt
sts., Balt.iner4-y
AGENTS—T. Read & Son, Hunting
don ; Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; A.
0. Brown,
Shirleysburg ; W. W. Buch
anan, Mill Creek; Spencer & Flood,Wil
ed that, for the cure of coughs, colds,
consumptions asthma, spitting of blood,
pain and oppression of the breast,- there
is nothing equal to Hance's Compound
Syrup of Horehound.
This medicine has now been in use
for six years, during which time there
has been a constant demand for it, and
NOTICE. its popularity, instead of declining, lies
TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.—I, beeen always on the increase.
Thomas Walker, of Dublin township, Hunt-I During tuts time many new medicines
higilon county, gave a prornisoiy not "f h an d to! have sprung up for the cure cf the above
Eliza Curry, Ann Curry, James Curry sail Mathew
complaints, some of which tasted only a
Curry, for thirty-five dollars and stxty-eight cents, ,
bearing date March 1 Db, A. D. 1843. As I never few months, and others not as long ;but
received value for the same. I hereby forward any Hance's Syrup has readily gone on gain-
person or persona from taking an assignment of . ing favor with all classes of society, on ,
said note as 1 am determined not to pay the same til it has now become identified by many
unless compelled by law, his
families as a
jy2o-30) THOMAh k WALKER: •
• mark.
ORPHANS' COURT BALE. To those who have never used the
Compound Syrup of Horehound, this no-
BY virtue of au order of the Orphans' Court or tire is particularly directed to as those
Huntingdon county to me directed , the under- ! • • ••
ave once experienced its signetl will offer at public vendee or outcry on the who n
premises, on FRIDAY. the sth day of February. 11y happy e ff ects, any praise of its merits
1847, all that piece or parcel, or Tract of Land. I would be superfluous.
situate in the township of Henderson on the I Price 50 cis. per bottle, or 6 bottles
for $2 50. For sale by Seth S. Hance,
Warm - pring Road about 4 miles from the bor
. eugh o f Huntingdon, late the property Wm. inQ Baltimore st., and corner of Charles
Stewart. decd— adjoining Land in the name of . '"
and Pratt streets, Balt. fnov4l
H IY liner Peter ,lioenberger. lands now or
late, in the tenure of A. P. Knapp, containing, 1 AGENTS—T. Read & Son, Huntingdon;
One hundred and twenty-four acres and one hon. Moore & Swoope, Alexandria ; Spencer
dred and eleven perches. with the usual allowance & Flood, Williamsburg; W. W. Buch
Mill Creek ; A. 0. Browne, Shir-
I i n
l e a r c l " F n r . aro l e li ß e a re n " k ri li c ar c ti l . ed ' a lh C c a re bin is also n io n ‘ a .s T urg.
good Orchard on the premiers. ! •
. .
Ale.), one whet Farm adjoining the above, con
taining 197 acres, about 70 of which are cleared
and in a go_d state of cultivation, and 10 acres are
The above two farms are desirable situations, and
the land susceptible of being made ;goal to any in
the county, in point of fertility. They ore hand
somely situated, being on the. Aughwick creek,
about one mile fsom the borough of Shirleysburg,
and about four from the canal. The State road
front Chembersburg to Huntingdon passes through
Terms of Sale—Onehird of the ptn•hase mo
ney to be paid on confirmation : One-third in one
year thereafter, with interest : the residue
ately after the death of the widow of said deceased
the interest on the latter to be paid regularly to
said widow during her natural life—end the ohole
to be secured by the bond and mortgage of the pur
Attendance will be given on tli, day of vale, and
the property shown in the meat time. by
jy2o-ts] SA IVFKb . ;:•TR Y.
A LL persons indebted to the undersigned for
fees, &c., as Sheriff of Huntingdon enmity,
ore hereby notified that 'l'. H. CR i• 91ER Esq., uf
Huntingdon, is authorized to receive payment of
the same; and nil claims remaining unpaid on the
15th d..t/ of February next, wiil he placed into
the kends of a Justice of 1:00 Peace and proceeded
on according to law,
jilt 19 ..:7-3t
- The terms of sale will be—one-half the pur
chase money at confirmation of the sale, and the
other half at the end of one )ear thereafter.
jyl3-18 Admr. of Wtn. Stewart, decd.
N. B.—At the same time arid place there will
also be offered at public sale about twenty acres of
grain in the ground—Wheat and Rye.
Attention, Militia !
THE Enrolled Militia of the Third Regiment,
P. M. will trite notice that an election will be
held on SATURDAY. the 23,1 inst., between the
hours of 10 . o'clock A. M. and 6 P. M., for the
purpose of electing one Lieutenant Colonel for
said Regiment in the room of Col. F. C. Furket,
resigned. The first battalion will hold their elec
tion nt the house of -- Mover. Waterfowl—
the second battalion nt the house of John Nevltrg
in the borough of Birmingham. Maj. John Znnt.
myer will superintend first battalion: ‘laj. B. F.
Bell, second. .1011 N IllillKer,
B. Inspector 2J Bat. 10th Div. P, M
Baum. Ism...cilia's Orem!, ?
Walkettwille, 'entre en. Inn. 2. 1847. S
Estatr of Jacob Lia 9, late of Tod tp.decd.
NOTICE is hereby given, that letters
of administration upon the said es
tate have been granted to the undersign
ed. All persons having claims or de
mands against the same are requested
to make them known, and all those in
debted, will make immediate payment,
jyl3.6t] ./Idministrator.
Estate of adorn H. Hall, decd.
NOTE IC to *hereby given, that letters of admin.
ignition upon the said estate have been grant
ed to the undersigned. All persons having claims
or demands against the same are requested to make
them known, and all those indebted will make im
mediate payment to SUSAN HAMMON.
jyt - 3.6t) Executrix.
1)4M% & 1310 A IPS
Opposito the Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon.
9111 E subscribers respect fully inform the public,
I that they ore at all times prepared to execute
any orders in their line of business, at the drollest
notice and on the most reasonable term,
Carriages, Buggies, Wag.
ons, Sleighs, Dearborn,
u and Carts,
ude to order of the best materiels, and at rea
sonable prices.
Repairing of all kinds of vehicles, done on the
shortest notice.
• t• - •1'llose wanting neat, cheap and durable ar
ticles in our line of business, are respectfully re
quested to give us a call.
dee3o:4B-1 y. ADAMS & BOAT.
S. Sewell Stewart,
ATTORNEY Al' LAW, Huntingdon, P..—
Otßee in Main street, live doors west of Mr.
Buoy's jewelry establishment.
T. H. Cromer,
Ax E have been permitted to copy the following
letter from a lady of the highest re peel'.
bility in Boston, to her eon, a young 'merchant. do
ing business in Baltimore. The rtiele the old
lady alludes to, we believe, lance's Hoarhound
Syrup and Candy, which is doing wonders in the
way of curing Asthma and Coughs—Ammo*.
Dear Thomas, you know my affliction,
The cold that I caught at a dance,
So I beg you will MU) me a bottle
Of Hoarhound. extracted by Hance.
Mrs. Johnson, I dare say you knew her,
And the story will sound like romance,
Has been cured of her cough of lung standing,
liy buying some Syrup front Hance.
There's the dortor. too, bless the old fellow,
For his health went atravelling in France,
And came home to he clued of coneumption,
And lays it to 11.rhound and Dance.
Mrs. Martin, your father's first cousin,
Lay two or three days in a trance,
And the fl•st thing she said upon waking.
Was •send for mune Hoarhound to Hance.'
I yesterday sent for the Doctor,
Who said I can sec at It glance,
'Chore s but one Mina' can cure your disorder,
And that is some Hoarhound from !lance.'
So you see. dearest Tom, my condition,
If you would my enjoyment. enhance,
Do not fail to forward to morrow,
A Wilk of Syrup from Hance.
Do not trust it by William nor Peter,
For fear of some ugly minimum,
For what shall I do, dearest Thome..
If I get not the Hoarhuund Irons Hance?
Cone bottle for me, and another
Don't forget to direct to your runts;
They sell it at Sends', I rcckon,
but be sure 'tis the genuine Hence.
Mrs. Browa was hent deal., with coughing,
But now she's a. straight as a lance ;
And 11. e thane line helm wrought eke assures me,
By taking the liourhound from Hance•
As I went to the store but last Friday,
Mr. Dunerman eyed me askance,
And whispering said, 'Mrs. Davis,
You must send for some lioarhound to Hance
Mrs. l'itta who subscribes to the Mirror,
In that J Lund encountered by chance,
Very lucky, the filet adverttaement.
Had been seen t our village from Hence.
remain my dear Thomas, as ever,
Your mother, i love's fond durance,
And if you would keep me here, darling,
Prays nd me the Hoarbound from Harm
Ilance's Syrup and candy are for sale at 108
Baltimore street, Halt. jy9l
AGENTS—T. Read & Son, Huntingdon;
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria; Spencer
& Flood, Williamsburg; • , Buch
anan, Mill Creek ; A. 0. Browne, Shir.
Estate of William Stewart, dec'd, late of
Henderson township.
xfoTICE is hereby given that letters of !admin.
istration upon the said estate have been grant.
ed to the undersigned. All persons having datum
or demands against the same are requested to make
thorn known without delay, and oil persons Indebt.
ed to make immediate payment to
DA 1) CHARS, Admr.