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Corner of Market street and Market
RDH E subscriber having taken this pop
ular Hotel lately kept by Mr. Wm. T.
SANDERS, begs leave to inform his friends
and the public generally, that he is now
well prepared to accomodate them in a
manner to insure satisfaction to all who fa
vor him with their custom. The house has
been re-furnished, altered, and greatly im
proved in many respects, and no pains will
be spared to make visitors comfortable du
ring their sojourn.
HIS TABLE will be constantly supplied
with all the delicacies of the season t and
his servants are attentive, careful and
There is extensive Si ABLING attached
to the premises, E. P. HUGHES,
Late of the Alan'sion House.
Harrisburg June 4, 1845.
THE subscriber takes this Occasion of re
turning his thanks to his numerous friends
for the very liberal patronage bestowed up
on him during his proprietorship of the
Washington Hotel. He also takes great
pleasere in bespeaking for his successor a
continuance of public favor, who is well
qualified to give general satisfaction as a
landlord, and every way worthy of the pat
ronage of the travelling community.
No. 4, North sth st., 2 doors above Market,
Paper, Rags, School Books BlaA
Books and Stationary.
HAVING considerably increase his faer
ties for business, now offers to country mer
chants, on still more favorable terms thin
formerly, a complete assortment of Writing,
Printing and W rapping l'apers; also Figured
Wall and Curtain Papers, and Window
Shades of a great variety of patterns, which
he can sell at manufacturers' prices. Mao,
Bonnet Boards, White, Blue and Brown ;
sod all the Ssandard School Books, Blank.
Books, and Stationary in general, at the Idw
est Wholesale prices.
Rags! Rags Rags
Cash paid for Rags in any quantity, or
Rags taken in trade for goads at the lowest
cash prices. Country merchants are par
ticularly invited to call. _
Printers of country newspapers supplied
with their p ,per low for cash, by applying at
Paper and Rag Warehouse, No. 4, North
Fifth street, 2 doors above Market street,
Philadelphia, August 20th, 1845.
from what we see and feel, that the animal
body is, in its organs and functions. subject
to derangement, indticing pain, and tending
to its destruction. In this disordered state,
we observe nature providing for the re-es
tablishment of order, by exciting some saki
tary evacuation of the morbific matter, or by
some other operation, which ehcapes our
imperfect stones and research 6: In some
cases she brings on a ci Isis by the bowels, Id
others by sweating, exc. &c.
Now experience has taught us that theie
are certain substances, by which, applied to
the living body, internally or externally, we
can at will produce the same evacuations,
and thus do in a shoft time, *hat nature
conld do but slowly, and do effectually what
she might not have strength t • accomplish.
When then we have seen a disease cured by
a certain naturalevacuation, should that dis
ease occur again, we may count upon curing
it by the use of such substances, as we know
bring about the same evacuation, which we
had before observed to cure a similar disease•.
It is in consequence of the power which
the livandreth Pills exert upon the whole
system, that makes them so universally ben
eficial. It is because they impart to the
body, the power• to expel disease without
leaving any evil effect.
Asa general family medicine, Brandreth's
Pills are, it is believed by the Proprietor,
superior to every other offered to the public.
Dr. Brandreth's Pills are for sale by the
following Agehts in this county.
Win. Stewart, Huntingdon.
M'Farlane, Garber, & co., Hollidaysburg.
& N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria.
Hartman Smith, Manor Hill.
Thomas M. Owens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson, Williamsburg.
Blair and Madden, Madden's Milk.
r r The above are the only authorized
agents in Huntingdon county.
April 16, 1845. tl 11th ly.
iodtbatr ffounZirg.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Huntingdon and the adjoin
ing counties, that he still coininut s to car
ry on business at the Rockdale Foundry, on
Clover Creek. two miles from Williams ,
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
workmanship, and with promptness and de ,
He will keep constantly on hand stoves of
everydescription, such as
Cooking, Ten Plate,
Hammers, Hollow Ware, and every kind of
castings necessary for forges, mills or ma
chinery of any description ; wagon boxes of
all descriptions, &c., which can be had on
as good terms as they can be had at any
other foundry in the county or state.
Remember the Rockdale Foundry.
ar Old metal taken in exchange for any
rp Mr. K. has recently purchased the
pattent right of a cookins stove for Hunting
don county—the stove will be set up by him
and warranted to the purchaserto be as good
as any in the State—orders furnished.
July 17, 1844.
OFE subscriber continues to manufac
ove, in Harrisburg, French Burrs of
.' a, and of the very best quality, much
emier than ever, and on very favorable
'.. - ; addressed to him will receive the
_ a:I • .mpt attention as if personal appli
eatisalears made.
U , C:D)U2. EM3Al.l:taUttc.
I WILL sell the above farm, situEte about
one mile from the borough of Hollidays
burg, the contemplated seat of justice for
Blair County. The tract contains 2fB act es,
has a splendid Bank Barn, Dwelling House,
Orchard, &c. thereon, and the farm land
in the highest state of cultivation. Price,
$50.00 per acre—one half in hand, the other
in two annual payments. For turther par
ticulars apply to my son James in the neigh
' borhood of the farm.
N. B.—l will sell the "Miller" Farm,
two and a half miles below Huntingdon,
containing 350 acres, for $BOOO, and give
an indisputasle title. There is a specu
lation of $4OOO in this property at the
above price J. M C.
Nov. 26, 1845.
To P urchaser—Gaarantee.
THE undersigned agent of the Pattentee,
of the Stove, " The Queen of the West,"
understanding that the owners, or those
concerned for them, of other and different
patent Cooking Stoves, have threatened to
bring suit against all who purthase 'and use
—The Oteen of the West." No. his is
to inform all and every person who shtl
purchase ar.d use said Stove that he v i 11 inl
demniry them from all costsor dpmage, I rotti
any and all suits, brought by other Fat en
tees, or their agents, for any infringment df
their patents. He gives this notice so *,':at
persons need not be under any fears because
they have, while consulting their own inter
ests and convenience,
secured the superiOr
advantages of this "Oueen" not only of the
West, but of the Bast.
_ .
July 2 . 4, 1844.
"(01321N OFEZCE
C - CaCCCIEtSM./11.114p 034.Z:0396
Fur sale by I. GRA FIUS & SON, Alex
andria, Huntingdon county, Pa.,
cheap for cash or country
produce at the
market price. .
The "Queen of the West" is an im
provement on Hathaway's celebrated
Hot Air Stove. There has newer yet ap•
peared any plan of a Cooking Stove that
possesses the advantages that this one
has. A much less quantity of fuel is re
quired for any amount of cooking or ba
king by this stove than by any other.
Persons are requested to call and see
before they purchase elsewhere.
July 3, 1844.
z -- . - st a) -t - g. 13.5 D
IrDESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
/440 f Huntingdon county, and the public
generally, that they continue to carry on
--- Copper, Tin and Sheet-iron Basilic's&
in all its branches, in Alexandria. where
they manufacture and constantly keep on
hand every description of ware in theirline;
such as
New and Splendid Wood Stoves
22, 24, 26, 28 and 3D inches long.
JVew Cooking Stoves orallkinds,and
Also four sizes of Coal Stoves,
An kinds of castings done, for Forges, Saw-
Mills and Threshing-machines. Also WAG
WARE ; all of which is done in a workman
like manner.
Also, Copper, bye, Wash, Fuller, Pre•
serving, and Tea Kettles, for sale,
wholesale mid refou.
Persons favoring this establishment with
their custcm may depend on having their
orders executed with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal, copper, brass and pewter ta
ken in exchange. Also wheat, rye, corn
and oats taken at market price.
Alexandria, July 3. 18M.
NOTICE—The subscriber respectfully
requests all persons indebted tr, him for
work done at the old establishment, pre=
yious to the Ist of November last, to call aid
settle their accounts without delay.
July 3, 1544.
Boot, Shoe, and Cap Store;
:between Front & Second Sts., North Side'.)
Tux subscriber has on hand a large and
complete assortment of the above named
articles, to which he respectfully invites the
attention of the inhabitants of Huntingdon
county, consisting of Men's, Boy's and
Youth's coarse Wax, Kip, Calf Skin, Seal
and Morocco BOOTS and BROC ANS ,
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Boots and
Shoes in all their varieties; also, Ladies'
and Gentlemen's GUM OVERSHOES of
every kind, together with Men's Boy's and
Children's CAPS of every description.
Persons will find it to their advantage to
call and examine my stock before purcha •
sing elsewhere, as I am determined to sell
Philadelphia July, 24 1845.
H atches, Jewelry
THE subscribers offer an assortment of
Gold and Silver Patent LeVer Watches of
'herr own ImpOrtation,Silver Spoons, Forks,
Tea setts and every article of Silver work
of their our. manufacture. Also watch
chains, SealS and Keys, Fine Gold Breast
Pins, Finger Rings, Bracelets, Guard
chains, Gold and Silver Thimbles, Specta
cles, Pencils, Diamond pointed Gold Pens;
together with a general assortment of La. ,
die;jewelry, , Plated castors, Cake Baskets,
Candle Sticks, Fancy Bags, Purses, Faris,
Brittania ware in setts and single pieces;
Silver Purse Clasps, Combd, Hair Phis,
Fancy head ornaments, Stc. Bcc., forsale at
the lowest Cash prices.—Watches R epaired.
J. & W. L. WARD;
No. 106 Chestnut street, opposite the
Franklin House.
l'biladelulsis, August I, itt4S,
/c 3 MLI'QPI3B
Carriage Manufactory.
citizens of the borough and county of
Huntingdon, and the public generally, and
his old friends and customers in particular,
that he still continues the
Coach Making Business
in all its various branches, at his old stand,
in Main Street, in the borough of Hunting
don, nearly opposite the Journal" print•
log dffice, where he has constantly on hand
every description of
r •IT Irry f Coaches, "Carriages,
Buagies, Sleighs and
which he will SELL LOW FOR CASH or
coutitar PRODUCE.
He would also inform the public that he
manUfactures and keeps constantly on hand
all kinds ut
made and finished iu the most durable and
improved style, by experienced workmen.
The public are respectfully invited to call
and judge for themselves.
Huntingdon, Nov. 5, 1845—a.
We recommend to all our friends visit
ing the city to call at the Pekin Company's
Store, and lay to a supply of their deli
cious reas.
Between Market and Chestnut,
Rave 'constantly on hand, and for sale,
Wholesale and Retail,
According to the quality, than they can
be bought fair at any otlier establish .tent
in the city.
o* Tr.As, exclusively, are sold at this
house, and several varieties which can
not he obtained elsewhere. Any Teas
which do not give entice satisfaction can
be returned and exchanged, or the money
will be refunded.
The citizens of Huntingdon county
are respectfully invited to give us a call.
Azent for the Pekin Tea Company.
October 1, 1845.-Iy.
TMPEliaa CE 110 TEE,•
WE% HE undersigned respectfully aritoun
cgs to his friends and the public ~that
he still continues at his old stand, Second
street; Harrisburg, Pa., where he is ready
to accommodate all who may tavor him
with a call. As his house has been for some
years back conducted on the Temperance
principle, the ptoprietor expects to receive
a liberal share of the patronage of temper
ance men generally, visiting the Seat of
U 61113
will always he supplied with the best the
market will afford, and no pains spared to
suit the palate of the epicure. The great
est care will be observed in regard to the
cleanliness &comfort of his sleeping apart
as<leatoll3uagz ,
is commodious, and attended by a careful
and obliging ostler and every arrangement
made to make his house a pleasant stopping
place for the traveller.
Charges very moderate to suit the times.
Harrisburg, Aug. 15, 1845.
Carpetings, Floor Uoths, &c.,
At the Cheap Store," No. 41, Strawberry Street,
1E would call the attention of persons
07 in want of New Carpet, &c. to the
fact of our being enabled to sell goods at
very low prices, because, in our present lo
cation, our rent and other expenses are very
light ; and we offer for this season an eXcel
lent assortment nt
Beautiful Imperial, Ingrain, and Venetian of
every variety. Also,
Foor Oil Cloths,
From 2 to 24 feet wide, cut to fit rooms, halls,
&c. , and Hearth lt ugs,Table Covers, Floor
Baize, Stair Rods, Mats, &c., wholesale or
retail, at the lowest prices.
trr. A supply of low priced carpets, from
31 to 50 cents per yard, always on hand.
No 41, Strawberry street, one door above
Chesnut st. near Second st. Phila'd.
Sept. 10, 1845.
Spanish Hides
2060 Pry Laplata Hides---firstqualit
3500 Dry La Galva dn. do.
3000 Dry Salted La Guira, do.
1000 Dry Salted Braill Hides, do.
49 Bales Creen Salted Patna Kips
30 Bales dry Patel Kips.
120 Barrel's Tanner's Oil.
Tanner's and Currier's Tools.
For salse to the country Tanners at the
lowest prices and upon the best terms.
N. B. All kinds of Leather wanted fbr
which the highest paices will be paid in
Cash or in exchange for Hides, Kips & Oil.
No. 21 South Sd Street,
Oct. 9, 1844.---ly.
To all whom it may Concern.
NOTICE is hereby given that the ac
count of William Black, Committee of
the person and Estate of Christopher
Black, of Allegheny township, a Lunatic,
has been filed in my office and will he
presented to the Judges of the Court of
Common Pleas, of the county of Hun
tingdon, on the second Monday of Janus
ary next for Confirmation, & will be then
Confirmed and allowed if no sufficient
cause be shown to the contrary.
Proty's Office, Hunting- e
don, Dec,3, 1801,-40
Umbrellas, Parasols & Sun-Shades,
South aide, below Fourth, Philadelphia,
Invite the attention of Merchants and Manufactto ,
ere to their very extensive, elegant, new stock, pre•
pared with great care, and offered
The principle on which this concern is establish
ed, is to consult the mutual interest of their cus•
Somers and themselves, by manufacturing a good
article, selling it at the Lowest Price for Cash, and
realizing their own remuneration, in the amount of
sales and clutch returns.
Possessing inexhaustibla facilities for manufao
ture, they are prepared to supply orders to shy ex
tent, and respectfully solicit the patronage of Mar
clients, Manufacturers and Dealers.
WILL practice in the several Courts of
the City and County of Philadel
His office is at No. 25, South F ouatit St.,
between Chesnut and Walnut streets.
Philadeldhia, Oct. I, 1845.
Jewelry ! Jewelry ! ! Jeufirry! !
,„ ---pUSI' received, astock
:a& WI of the most rnagnifi
'- 1- ''' 411 ) d Ca e m"e j u e p we tl l i r e y I V- iike?'''.,‘:_ll' er
/ ,st
I ci, \l\ ...
,?L, Consisting of Goiu PAT-
. 4 4 ,,, L fi TENT LEVERS, Ladies
ii i ..., : -9.----' GOLD ANCHOR LE
-\ ,___..--' vans, fe l l jewelled,
SILVER PATENT LEVERS, double and sin g le
cased,SlLvEu ANCHOR LEVERS, fu Iljeweled,
double and singlecased ENGLT SR WATCHES,
Imitation Levers, QUARTIER and FRENCH
WATCHES, &C. &C. Also
Gold lob Chains, and Seals,
of the most fashionable patterns. Gold
Pencils, Spectacles, Guard Chains, t ey's.
Breacelets sett with topaz, Medalions, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings,,Breast Pins, sett with
toprz, amethist, &c. &c. Mineature Cases,
Silk Purees, Coral Beads, Pocket Socks,
Musical Boxes, Mathematical Instruments,
Silver Spectacles, Table Spoons, Tea and
Salt Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Lowends pattent
Silveri Pencils, Razors of the finest quality,
HENRY CLAY pen knives, a superior anti
de, Steel Pens, Spy ('lasses, Hair Brushes.
Tooth Brushes, Platina Points, &c, &c. All
the above articles will 'be sold cheaper than
ever heretofore.
Cit;clc and Watch reOtiiring done as usual,
very cheap for cash. . .
A large r assortrgent of, eight day and thir
ty hour Clocks be sold very cheap.
All watches sold,Will he wgrranted for one
year, and a written guarran4y given.
it not found equal to,warranty it will (during
that period) be put in order without expense,
or it injured, may be exchanged for any
other watch of equal value. The warranty
s considered void, should the watch, with
which it is given. be put into the hands of
another watch maker. ,
Huntingdon, April 19, 1844,
THE subscriber respectfully inform his
triends and the public in general, that he
are prepared to manufacture cloths, satti
netts, flannels, blankets, carpeting, &c., at
the well known establishm , nt, formerly oc
cupied by Jeremiah White . aead, situated in
the town of Williamsburg, Huntingdon co.
Pa. His machinery will be in good order,
and having none but good workmen in his
employ, he will assure all vho may favor
him with their custom that their orders
will be executed in a satisfactory style on
the shortest notice.
%_". 7, :etala4atast g
Hts will card wool into rols at •the low
price of 6+ cents per pound ; card and spin
12 cuts per potand, 16 cents per pound;
manufacture white flannel frog fleece, 311
cents per yard ; manufacture arown flannel
from 1 1 ece, 40 cents per yird ; he will
find sattinett warp and manufacture satti
netts of all dark colors at 45 cents per yard:
cloths wide, 50 cents {der yard; common
broad cloth, $1 25 per yard ; blankets, $3
per pair ; plain girthingcaipet,so cents per
yard ; he will card, spin, doulie and twist
stocking yarn at 20 cents per pound ; color
ing carpet, coverlet and stocking yarn, from
15 to 31 cents per pound.
Country Fulling.
Cloths of all dark colors, 22 cents Der yd;
flannels, ai cents per yard ; hlankets,7 cents
per yard ; home dye flannels 61 cents per
yard ; home dye cloths, 16 cents pet , yartl.
Arrangements have been made atthe fol
lowing places, where cloths and mod will be
taken and returned every two wicks.
At the house of John Nail, liaising Val
ley; Jacob M'Gahan, M'Conuelstown ; J.
Entrekin's store, Coffee Rut ; John Givin's
store, Leonard Weaver,Jacob Cypress and
Matthew Garner,Woocock ; Gem
mel & Porter's store, Alexandla ' • Walter
Graham's store, Canoe Valley ; Dysart's
Mill, Sinking Valley ; Davis Irook's Mill,
Blair township ; lames Candron's store,
Frankstown ; Geo. qteiner's store, Water
street ; James Saxton's store, Huntingdon.
Persons wishing to exchange vool for man
ufactured stuffs can be accommodated.
V" All kinds of country procucs taken in
exchange for work.
Williamsburg, Aug. 27, 19, 11141.—tf.
8 Card.
Wholesale J)ruggisls and Manufach
Varnish ; also, sole Agents for
Window Class Work,
ni - pAVING been long engagee
ASA ufacture of Copal Varnist
other kinds, we are now prepare
purchasers an article which in
not be surpassed ih the Union.
Also, receiving weekly, fro
celebrated works, Window 01
Constantly on hand, a full ai
Whitt Lead of the most appr
togPthrr with a large stock of
icines, Paints, Oils, Indigo, Dy
ors, Brontes,Gold Leaf, Dutch
els' Hair Pencils, Paint Br
Knives, &c., comprising every
MI which will he sold at t 4
ble prices, by CLEMENS
No 187, North 3d st., one doo
Sept. 10,18
meat possi
lbove Wood,
Orphans' Court Sale.
TE4 Y virtue of an Order of the Orphan's
46. Court of Huntingdon county, will be
exposed to public sale on
hursday the Bth of January,
at the house of JAMES M'MURTRIE.
Inn-keeper, in West township, EIGHT
TRAG IS of Unseated Land, late the pro
perty of Jacob K. Neff, dec'd, situate in
said township, one containing 400 hundred
acres, surveyed .on a warrant in the name of
Henry Canan : One containing 400 acres,
sUrveyed on% warrant in the name of David
Stewart: One containing 400 acres, survey-
One containing 900 acres, surveyed on a
warrant in the name of Hugh Johnston:
ecl on a warrant in the name of A. Johnston:
One containing 400 acres, sUrveyed on a
warrant in the name of Henry West: One
containing 40b acres, surveyed on a warrant
in the name of Thomas MCClane : One
containing 423 acres, surveyed on a warrant
in the name of James Dean, and one con
taining 400 acres, surveyed on a warrant in
the name of John Adams.
TERMS:—One half of the purchase mo
ney to be paid on the confirmation of the
sales, respectively, and the residue within
one year thereafter, with interest, to be se
cured by the bond and mortgage of the pur
By the Court, JOHN REED, Clerk.
Attendance given by JOHN NEFF,
Dec. 17, 1845—ts. Executor.
Patent Cooking Stove.
WObLD respectfully inform the pub
lic, that I shall continue as heretofore,
to act as Agent for the sale and delivery of
the justly celebrated Hathaway Cooking
Stove, manufacturnd by A. B. Long & Co.,
who have at a heavy expense secured the
exclusive right of Patentee of Huntingdon
and other counties.
No bombastic eulogy is deemed essential
to add to the already acquired celebrity of
this stove. It is necessary, however, to ob
serve that the high repittation this stove has
gained by pradiud ii3e, has induced the man
ufrcturers of other and inferior articles, to
borrioio (not to use a harsher term) the name
of HATHAWAY, and prefite it to an " Im
proved," in order to make their inferior
trash go off as genuine, and thereby impose
upon the public. 1. myself, sell the only
HEAL. HA I'HAWAY stove that is or can
be sold in this county, and would therefore
admonish the public against the imposition
above alluded to. lam happy in being able
to say, confidently, that during the last three
or four years, in which I have been con
stantly dealing in and putting up these stoves,
1 have found them to give cniversal and
unbounded satisfaction. Any 'communica
tion in relation to stoves addressed to me at
Lewistown, Mifflin county, (My place of
residence) will meet with the earliest posi
ble attention.
A few good sound horses wilt be taken
in exchange for stoves.
Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Nov. 79, 1845.
The session of the Legislature which is
just at hand, we have maion to believe will
be pne that will excite much interest
amongst the people of the Commonwealth,
and induce a desire to obtain accurate re
ports of its proceedings through a paper
published at the seat of Government.
We haVe engaged intelligent and compe
tent Reporters for the senate and House of
Representatives, and shall publish in the
Telegraph lull and impartial reports of the
same up to the latest houro of publication,
and send to subscribers at the rates specined
We shall also be enabled tq give the la •
test Congressional Intelligence, with the
Political news at Washington, having en
gaged intelligent and experienced corres
pondents at Washington City, for that pur
The Telegraph will he published Sethi
weekly, at $2 for the session, or $3 fcr the
whole year.
SIX copies of the paper will he sent to
one office for $lO during the session, or for
$l5 the year, to he paid in advance.
The Telegraph willT.;;;Vstcl;;cribers
once a week at $2 per annum, and will con
tain Literary, as well as General, Legisla
tive and Congressional news.
For the purpose of placing the Proceed
ings of the Legislature within the reach of
every one, we have made arrangements to
issue the Telegraph oncti a week at the
low price of ONE, DOLLAR for the ses
sion, in all cases to be paid in advance.—
The weekly session Telegraph will be made
up of the Legislative, Congressional and
General News that appear in the semi
weekly paper, and will be issued from the
press every Monday morning.
0:1 Persons procuring FIVE subscribers
and forwarding $5, shall receive a copy for
their truuble.
Pennsylvania intelligeneer.
The " INTEtLIGENCER" will be pub•
ished dining the ensuing session of the
Legislature, once a week, on the following
terms :
A single copy,
Three copies, 2.00
Five copies, 3.00
Ten copies, 5.00
Payable in all cases in advdnee!
The price of subscription for the year
is TWO DOLLARS, but $ f ISO will be
taken if paid in advance; or ten copies
for $lO, in advance.
The paper will contain full and correct
reports of Legislative proceedings ; the
proceedings of Congress on all subects
of general interest; and the general news
of the day, foreign and domestic. A por.
tion of our columns will be also devoted
to literary and miscellaneous items: and
the Farmer will be weekly supplied with
a review of the city markets, and other
aricultural matter. In short, our paper
shall be made interesting and useful to all
classes of readers, and we hope to receive
such an accession to our subscription list,
as will remunerate us for our trouble.
!ti the man
as well as
I to ofrer to
iality can-
:he above
of every
rtment of
ed brands;
rugs, Med
tuffs, Col
eta], Cam
hes Pallet
tide in this
Address, C. MCCURDT, Harrisburg, Pa
TO, LANK BONDS to Conatable3 for Stay
116/ of Execution, under the new law, just
printed, and for isle, at this Ace.
'Diseases of the Lung's and Breast.
It has cured thousands upon thousands—
of all classes—in cases of the most danger
ously consumptive character; and physi
cians of the greatest eminence throughout
OUT whole country now unhesitatingly re
commend it as
Messrs. SANFORD & PARR—Dear Sim.—
With regard tn Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, for which you are wholesale agents,
we have arid, since last October, eighty
two bottles at retail, and have heard from
a great portion cf them us producing the
desired effect.
Several important cases in this vicinity,
which came under our personal knowledge
helve been cored!—where remedies
have been tried tar years without effect,
In fact, we think it one of the must inval
uable remedies for consumption of the lungs
and all other complaints for which it. is re
commended; and do think, that the suffer
ing of the afflicted demand that you should
give it a general circulation, and make it*
virtues known. Yours, truly,
WEAGLY & KN EMIL Druggists.
Wooster, 0., May 20, 1843.
[From the Cinciiirsafti Daily Times of
May ;300 . 1 1843.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.—W e
should judge from I`..lessrs.
Knepper's letter, published this day among
our advertisements, that this popular rem
edy for coughs, lung 'complaiets, and dis
eases of the breast generally, was really a
valuable medicine, and wilily of serious
attention from the public. We are infored
by the wholesale agents, that they are ut
most daily receiving similar lentos from u ll,
parts of the West.
We would advise our readers who are
laboring under an affection of the lungs, to
make immediate trial of this truly excel ,
lent medicine. The most intelligent and
respectable families of our city hare adopt.:
ed it as a favorite family medicine ; and
persons predisposed to consumption- who
have used it, speak in the highest terms cif
its efficacy."
(Cr Read the following from Dv. Jacob
Hoffman, a physician of extensive practice
in Huntingdon county :
Dear Sir:—l procured one .bottl e of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. , of this piece, nod tried
it in a case of obstinate Asthma ort a child
of Paul Schweble, in which, many other
remedies had been tried without any telief.
The Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my
opinion the child is effectually cured by ita•
use. Yours. &c
Dec. 23, 1841.
It is unnecessary to remind all who'
would get the true article, to inquire partic
ularly for .Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry," and take nothing else.
Prke one dollar per bottle.
For sale in Cincinnati. by
General Agents.
Also, by Thomas Reed & Son, Hunting
don ; Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg; Gem •
mill & Porter, Alexandria.
Dec. 17, 1845.
Hardware! hardware ! !
(George Ogelsby.) (R. F. Kt Merl
offer ro the citicer,
of Huntingduo, and all the country
roundabout—a large and general assortment
H A R . !!) W A it E ,
Nails,-White Lead, Oils, Paints, Window-
Glass 7 by 9 to 24 by 56. Varnishes, Building,
Materials, Bar, Round Hoop and Sheet iron;
Cast, Shear, Blister And Spring Steel;
Vices, Smith Mellows, Iron alai Brass
Wire, Speller, Sheet Zinc, Copper, Blocl:
Tin and Bar Lead; Elliptic Steel spi ings
Saddeiry, Coach Laces and 'Trimmings-
Moss, Curled Hair and Hair Seating, Hog
skins and Patent Leather; Lamps of the
most approved kind for bArning either Sperm
Oil or Lard , Sieves for Flour, Grain and
Coal; Wire Screen for Windmills; Ma-
Vhine Cards, Mahogany Planks, Boards,
eneers, and Carvings. Also—
. Lead ripe.
of every sr:e weight and calibre. But few
persons in the community sufficiently appre
ciate the value of Lead Pipe, in conducting
water from springs at a distance to their
dwellings—a convenience unknown but to
those who possess it. Any information res
pecting the same will be cheerfully given.
We offer the above and all other articles
in our line, on the most reasonable terms, and
hope that whcn you come to Harrisburg,
you may give us a call before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell as
low as any uther house in town.
N. B. Country MerchantS will be supplied
at a very small advance above city prices.
Aug. 27,1845.-tf.
caa'a.Lc3L.o a
Dr. 3. S. DORSET
HAYING removed from Williamsburg t o
Huntingdon. would inform the community
that he designs to continue the practice of
medicine, and will be thankful for their pat
ronage. Residence and office formerly oc
cupied by ft. Allison, Esq.
N. B. Having been successful in accom
plishing the cure of a number of cancers;
(tor which vo . achers can be had if required)
he feels confident of success in the most ob.
stinate cases, and should he fail in curing ats
charge will be made.
Huntigdon, April 23, 1845,
Having re
turned to Huntingdon county, hes re-com
menced the practice of LAW in the Borough
of Huntingdon, where he will carefully atr
tend to all business entrusted to his care.—
He will be found at all times by those vibe
may call upon him, at his office with Isaac
Fisher. Esq., adjoining the store of 1 hos:
Read & Son, near the Diamond.
Huntingdon. April 30, 1841.
pUSTICES'iBIanks of to kindly;
at, this oMr,e,