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    Railroad Convention.
This body met at Harrisburg on the
12th instant, and was organized by the
appointment of (ien. J. K. MOREHEAD,
as President, assisted by a number of
Vice Presidents and Secretaries. The
°bleat)! this Convention did not appear
to be generally understood previous to
its assembling, and the consequence was
that delegates appeared from all parts of
the State. It appeared when they got
into Convention that the friends of the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad lied been
most industrious and were able S tu out
number the friends of other projects, and
the consequence was, that the Mends of
the Juniata Route withdreiv and organi
zed a separate body. The following is
the substance of the resolutions passed
by the first organization :
The first resolves that Pennsylvania
possesses within herself great resources,
and the means of connecting Within her
own soil the waters of the Ohio and of the
Great Lakes with those of the Atlantic.—
The second declares that Pennsylvania,
and especially Philadelphia, would be
blind to then• interest were they to permit
the trade of the great West to seek other
routes for want of such connection. The
third Resolves that the Erie and Sun.
hurry It. R. is found by actual survey to
be the best mode of connecting the Lakes
with the Atlantic. The fourth. Resolves
that such a Railroad would be of great
)olvantage, not only to Philadelphia and
Erie, but to the while country through
which it would pass, and to the State at
Theft/a Resolution recommends to the
Li II re to incorporate a Company to
construct a Railrtiail by the most practicable
route betweea Harrisburg and Pittsburg
on such just and libsral principles as will
at the same time secure its coinpletion
and protect the Public Improvements al
ready made. The Resolution gave rise
to discussion, Judge 'Thompson opposing
Ton the ground that all the roads could
tot be made, and he thought the Erie one
°lust be. He was replied to eloquently
and effectually by lion. C. B. Penrose, of
Lanctsr, Mr McDowell, of Cambria,
Mr. Shannon ot Indiana and others, atter
which the Resolution was adopted almost
Withou t. a dissenting voice.
The:fifth Reaolution approves of grant
ing the Right of Way to the Baltimore
and Ohm Railroad under proper restric-.
tiona—the right of connecting, '&c, The
iixth recommends the itictlfporation of a
Company to constitute . a Railroad from
Chamberslmeg to intersect, the Baltimore
\ and Ohio Railroad. , The scvei2th derlarea
that it is the opinion of the convention
that it the Baltimore and Obit) Railroad
Coinr.ny are permitted to reach the Ohio
below Pittsburg it will be ruinous. to the
puutic improvements and interests of
Pennaylvattia. The eighth provides f or
publialiing the proceedings of the Conven
tion in the newspapers, and sending copies
to the Legislature.
The Delegates who seceded from the
foregoing convention met up stairs and
permanently by placing the
Hoar. JAMES' CLARK, in the Chair,
and the lios. C. BUCHER and others as
Vice Presidents. The Convention is un
tierstood to be in favor of a continuous
Railroad by the nearest and best route be
tween Harrisburg and Pittsburg, and not
favorable to the Baltimore and Ohio Con-
Ve sl iOll.
Gen. AYRE3 of Dauphin, from the
Committee appointed for that purpose
. .
presented a preamble and .resolutions in
favor or the middle or Juniata route,
which, after speeches being delivered by
Messrs. Ayres and Petrekin of llarris
iturg and James Clark and Sheriff Lawson
of Indiana, were unanimou , ly adopted.
Reported for the "Journal."
Court of Quarter Session&
At the late Court of Quarter Sessions
of this county, the following cases were
disposed of as follows:
. Commonwealth vs. Patrick Lang. In
dictment for Assault and B ittery
Elizabeth Teeter, in Hopewell township.
Verdict, Guilty. Sentence of the Court,
that the defendant pay a tine of 1114.00 and
costs of prosecution.
Com'ili vs. Joseph Stewart. Indict
ment for obstructing the. highway leading
from the borough of Huntingdon to the
Warm Spring road, in Henderson town
ship. Verdict, Guilty. A motion for a
new trial is pending in this case.
Coned& vs. Zit Heeler. Indictment fur
Fornication and Bastardy. Verdict,
Guilty. Usual sentence.
. Coneth vs. Milian& Heeler and fin.
drew Henderson. indictment fur Mali
cious Misehief in entering the close of
one George B. Matthews with !nice and
arms, and wilfully and maliciously beat
ing, wounding and ill-treating the horses,
mules, geldings and cults of him the said
Matthews, and driving them into his
buck-wheat held in September last. Ver
dict, Guilty. Sentence of the Court,
that the defendants jointly pay a flue of
$5.00 and costs of prosecution.
. Several other unimportant cases were
settled without the aid of a jury.
The Jurors, Grand and reverse, were
discharged on Thursday; and a long ar
gument list was disposed of on Friday
and Saturday.
E 1 Ea K.
Why ahuuld all gitls, u wit exclaimed,
itturprieing farmers be
ti ecauee they're always itudying
The art of husband-4y,
The lowa sailed from Havre 12th Dec
ember, and brings us London dates to
10th, end Havre to day of sailing. The
announcement of the London Times as to
the repeal of the Corn Laws, and open
ing of the ports, was evidently premature
but there are intimations that a commer
cial treaty is on the tapir between Great
Britian and the U. S. The unworthy in
sinuation against our Minister, Mr. Mc-
Lane, was promptly met and checked by
the Secretary of Legation.
The uncertainty as to what the inten
tions of Ministers are respecting the Corn
laws appears to have checked all specu
lation in the English funds, and the spirit
of inactivity •which has for several days
characteriiea the English markets has to
day,extendea Itselt to those for Ecieign
Stocks and Shares.,--Globe.
We hear from all hands of steady and
unostentatious preparations for placing
the country in a proper state of defence
in the event of any unfortunate diffeience
with America and of these .preparations
the mercantile interest. scent generally
very much to approve, even though doubt.
ing whether any serious misunderstanding
will arise.
STILL LATER.—We learn front tho 'United
States Gazette of last evening that there is news
from England four days later th an the above.' The
British Cabinet has been dissolved, and Sir Robert
Peel has retired. The Corn Laws is the question
at issue. Parliament has again been prorouged.
Great excitement is tho consequence throughout
MARRIED.—On the let inst., by Rev. Mr.
Gwin, Dr. J. A. Shade, of Shade Gap, to Miss El
len C. daughter of John Ashman, Esq., of Three
Springs, Huntingdon County.
On the 6th inst., II the Rev. Wm..l. Gibson,
Mr. Andrew Fetrotsgh, to Miss Debora D. Mc Ma
lan, of Sinking Valley
On the 15th inst., by David Snare, Esq., Mr.
John Winter, to Mice Mary Giant, both of Hun
tingdon Borough.
On the Bth inst., by Israel Grath's, Esq., Mr.
Joel henberk, to Miss Ann Ewing, both Of Po,
t er township.
DIED.—In Williamsburg, on i'riday last,
THOMAS, son of Mr..lohn R. Meloy, aged
about 6 years.
ALL persons who know themselves
indebted to the subscriber for medicine
& medical services rendered are respect.
fully requested to pay off their accounts
soon if possible. Ills distressed condi
tion (having lost his all by the late fire)
compels him to make this call, so that he
may be enabled to build up some place to
shelter himself and family, and start in
business again.
N. IL The subscriber intends to con
tinue the practice of medicine. Those
who wish.. to call on hill - . for medical ad
vice or medicine may find him at the
Drug Store of Thos. Read & Sun, Market
Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
Orphan's Court Sate.
lilprj virtue of an order of the Or
phans' Court of Huntingdon county,
win be exposed to public salt Oil
114nday the 6th if April next,
at the !muse of JAMES M'MURTRIE,
Inn-keeper, in West township; EIGHT
TRACTS, of Unsealed Land, late the
property of Jacob K. Neff, dec'd, situate
ill said township, one containing 400 hun
dred acres, surveyed on a warrant in the
name of Hairy Cana,' : One containing
400 acres, surveyed on a warrant in the
name of David Stewart One containing
400 acres, surveyed en a warrant in . the
name of A. Johnston : One containing
400 acres, surveyed on a warrant in the
name of Hugh Jomiston: One containing
400 acres, surveyed . o n a warrant in the
name of Henry We • One containing
400 acres, surveyed o 1 arrant in the
name of Thos: McCune: 7
ne containing
420 acres, surveyed on a warrant in the
mune of James Dean : and one containing
900 acres, surveyed on a warrant in the
naineol John Adams.
TEAMS :—One halt of the purchase
Money to be paid on the confirmation of
ifie 'sales, respectively, and the residue
within one year thereafter, with interest
to be secured by the bond and mortgage
of the purchaser. By the Court,
Attendance given by JOHN NEFF,
Jan. 21, 1845—ts. Executor.
Head Quarters, Barree Forge, Janu•
ary 15, 1846.
A general Court Martial will be held
at the house of Mr. Phillips, in Pine Grove
Centre County, on Thursday the sth day
of February next, for the trial ot Captain
Thomas Whittaker of the 6th Company
sth Regiment, 2nd Battalion, P. M., and
such others as may be broaght before it.
The Court will consist ot Col. Adam
Keith, 3d Regiment, Cul. James Clinger,
sth Regiment, Col. John G. Stewart, 2nd
Regiment, Major Thomas Reese, 2nd
Batt., 4th Regiment, Major John Zent
myre, Ist Butt. 3d Reg., Lieut. Col. Jon•
athan Kre►ner, 5 Reg., Major Abednego
Stevens,.2nd Batt. Volunteers—Captain
David Blair, Judge Advocate.
By order of S. Miles Green, Brigade
General, 2. Brig. 10 D. P. M.
Jan. 21, 1845 tf.
CAME to the residence of the subscri
ber, in Snyder tp. about the Ist of Decem
ber last, 3 Strays; two Brindle Steers,
one of them having a bell on; also, one
other Steer with black sides and white
back, all supposed to be three years old
last Spring—having nu marks, except
that the hair, is cut square off the end of
their tails ; the owner or owners are re
quested to come forward, prove property,
pay charges and take them away, other
wise they will be disposed of according
to law.
January 21, 1846.-st.
CAME to the residence ni : the sub
scriber in the early part of last summer
two stray Bulls ; one is a dark brindle,
with a small star on the foHiead, and the
'Other is a light brindle with.a white streak
along the back, white spot on the head
and some white upon the legs. Also a
black heifer, in October last, with a white
spot on the forehead. The owner or
owners are requested to come forward,
prove preperty, pay charges and take
them away, otherwise they will be dispo
sed of according to law.
Jan. 21, 1846—pd.
1 Auditor's Notice:
THE undersigned, Auditor, appointed
by the Orphan's Court of Huntingdon
county, to distribute the assets in the
hands of John P. Snare, Administrator of
Nichodemus Benson, der'd, will attend
for that purpose, at his office in the Bor
ough of Huntingdon, MI Wednesday the
25th day of February next, at one o'clock
P.M. , •
Jan. 21, 1845-4 t.
Bridge Proposals.
The undersigned, .Commissioners of
Huntingdon county, will meet at the house
of Robert Carman, in the Horobgh of Al
exandria, on Friday the 16th day of Feb•
ruary next, for the purpose of receiving
proposals for building a Bridge. across the
Frankstown branch of the Juniata River
at the Borough of Alexandria where the
great road leading through Woodcock
Valley to Bedford crqsses the said river.
- -
plan and specifications will be ex
iibited on that day.
Commissioners' Office, Ilitn
tingdun, Jan. 9.1, 1846. 3t.
ljtTe half of an "old rusty"•shoe
Run away from the subscriber, living
in Snyder tp. liuntingdon county, on the
3d of Dec. 1845, an indented apprentice
to the Blacksmith business, named Dewey
Douglass, he is fifteen years of age, about
5 feet high dark complexion, had on when
he went away, black pantaloons and blue
frock cost. lihereby caution any person
from harborin4 said apprentice—the above
reward will be given to any person return
ing him to me.
Snyder tp . Jan. 21, 1836.—pd.
Orp42es Court Sate.
BY virtue .of an alias order of the Or
phan's Coul , of Huntingdon county, will be
exposed to s le, by public vendue ur outcry,
on the pren es,
Ott Fridaj the 6th of February, 1846,
RS the property of John Scullin, dec'd, a lot
of ground 2ith a large and commodious
hereon erected, two stories hiO, part log
aid weathir-boarded and part trame, situ
ate in the borough of Petersburg, in said
county, new occupied as a public house by
MT. Mary Scullin. Also parts of two oth
er 'ots in ;aid borough, on which are erected
a liege frame stable, and a small log stable,
tipptirtedant tb the tavern stand.
TERMS OF SALE :--One half of the
purihate money to be, paid on the confirma
tion if. the sale, and the residue in two equal
annutl payments thereafter, with interest,
to be lectured b f the bonds and mortgage of '
the pttchaser. By the Court.
...11:7811e to commence at 1 o'clock P. M.
01 said. city. Attendance will be given by
Jan. 1 1845,
• .
Liss lion of Partnership.
at He trtnership heretofore existing be
tw nA. J. Stewart and John T. Hor
rell, :rat i,q under the firm of Stewart &
Horrells as beetv this day dissolved by mu
tual :on nt. All persons having, claims
against sic' firm Ayill please present them
for seltleetent and all. persona who know
themsdves in anyway indebted, will Please
call aid settle between this and the first of
Marci next, afteryehich time the books will
be leftin the hands of a proper officer for
collect r .
- - . • 3.. T. HUBBELL.
Wat4reet,Pec..l, 1845.
N. B.. The subscriber, thankful for pass
patrons l would inform his friends and the
public it "eneral, that he will continue the
Receivit and Forwarding business at the
old starnat Waterstreet.
Dec. 5,1845.
N. B.— The subicriber, thankful for past
favors, utkild inform hisfriends and the pub
lic in gegiral, that he will be found continu
ing the lliceiving and Forwarding business,
at Laure Port, three-fourths of a mile east
of Wateatreet, formerly occupied by J. W.
Kinkead, JOHN I'. HORRELL.
Dec. 3,, 1845.
Pa.—Cllce at his old residence in Main
street, 1 few doors. West of the Court
House. A. W. B. will attend to any bu
siness qtrusted to him in the several
courts Hu ntin gdon• and adjoining coun
ties. April 30, 1843 .—tf.
vvv ILL be sold at public sale on FRIDAY.
/' the TntaTxxxviof FEBRUARY next,
on the premises, now in the occupancy of
Mr. Abner Loyd. The farm contains
350 'llexes,
more or less, was the property of Mr. Peter
Swoope, late of Huntingdon county, Pa.,
and bequeathed by him to the heirs of Mrs.
Mary Huyett, deceased, of Washington
county, Maryland. This farm lies in Hartz
log valley, in a most etcellent neighborhood,
being convenient to the County Town of
Huntingdon, and also the Pennsylvania
canal, which is only three or four miles oft'.
'There is also a number of mills quite con
venient to it. The road from Huntingdon
to Williamsburg passes through this farm
and adjoins the lands of Ex-Governor For
ter,Jacob Huyett, John McCalian, and John
Huyett, and is of the best quality of land.
The iniprovements con
. snit of TWO LOG .;
HOUSES and two d
barns,withseveral nev
er failing springs of water convenient to the
houses and could be very advantageously
laid off into two farms, as the buildings are
convenient for such an arrangement. Thore
are fine timothy Meadows,_a number of fruit
trees and a sufficient quantity of
.fgv n e timber, This land is well adapted
to the growth of grain. It will be
offered and sold as one farm o'r in
lots of several parcels, as may best suit both
iwties. From the many advantages this
farm possesses, it is well worthy the at'xii
tion of capitalists. Possession will be given i
on the Ist day of April, 1846. Grain n the
ground excepted. Sale to commence at 11
o'clock, A. M.,,0f said day.
TERMS.—One third of the purchase
money required to be paid on the first day
of April next, and the balance in two equal
annual payments, with approved notes, bear
ing interest trom the first day of April, 1846.
When the whole of the purlicase money is
paid, a good and sufficient deed will be made,
By the Heirs of Mrs. Mary Huyett, dec'd.
Dec. 31, IRIS.
N. B. If the purchasers desire it, half of
the crop of grain in the ground will also be
offered by the acre, on the above mentioned
day of sale.
Persons wishing to view the property, will
please call on Mr. Abner Loyd and Mr.
Henry Knode.
Lancaster Examiner will please publish
till day of sale, and send bill to this office.
*ro. nO Chestnut St., south side, 4
doors below Fourth st.;
Respectfully informs the citilens
of Huntingdon County, that he
r has refitted and opened the above
establishment, where he is pre
pared at all times, to furnish Bra
ver, Nutria and Moleskin Hats, equal to any
manufactured in .thta country. Also, a su
perior quality of Caps, for officers of the
Army and 'Navy, together with Dress, Ri
ding and Sporting Caps a new and splen
did style of Childrens' and Boys! Caps, with
a great variety of Rich Fancy Furs for La
Jast received, per Steam Ship Great
Western, the approved style of LADIES'
RIDING HATS; also, a beautiful assort
ment of ChiWrens' French Caps.
I am determined that my hats, in point of
beauty and quality, shall not be surpassed
by those of anv other Establishment in any
City in the Union.
Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 1845.
Strad Steers
sdAME to the residence of the subscriber
in Warriorsmark township, nu the
first day of Dec., 1845, 2 steers; the one
is a pale red wit h a w bite face, the other a
red brindle, supposed to be 3 years old last
spring. The owner is requested, to come
forward, prove property and take them
away, otherwise they will be, disposed of
according to law. JOHN BECK.
Dec. 17, 1845.
WHEREAS by precept to me direc
ted by the Judges of the Common
Pleas of the county of Huntingdon, bear
ing test the 29th day of Nov. A. D. 1845,
I ant commanded to make Public Pro
clamation throughout thy whole bailiwick
that a court of Common Pleas will be
held at the court house, in the borough of
Huntingdon, in the couniy of Huntingdon,
on the third Monday (and 19th day) of
January A. 1). 1845, for the trial of all
issues in said court which remain undeter
mined before the said Judges when and
where all Jurors, Witnesses and suitors,
in the trial of all said issues are required
to attend.
Dated at Huntingdomthe 29111 day of
Nov. A. D. one thousand eight hun
dred and forty-five, and the 68th year of
American Independence.
Sheriff's office Hunting
don, Dec. 24,1845.
.4'uniata Bridge Notice.
Take notice that an election will be held
at the house of Christian Couts, in the bo
rough of kluntingdon, on Tuesday, the 13th
day of January next, at 1 o'clock P. M., for
the purpose of electing one President. six
Managers, one Secretary and Treasurer, to
manage and transact the concerns of said
Company for the eiv,rain year.
By order of the Board,
•I. DORLAND, Sec'ry.
Huntingdon, Dec. 24, 1845.
Stray Steer.
AME to the residence of the subscriber,
living in West township, about the 15th
of May last, a red and white spotted steer,
about one year old. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property and take
him away, otherwise he will. be dlspoied of
according to law, SAMMEL MYTON.
Dec. 31,1845.
ATTORNEY AT LAW,—Huntingdon Pa.
Office in Main str4et. two doors East of
Mr. Adam Hall's Temperance House,
Trial List for January Term, 1646,
MartinGMu ImAWbertMoom
Andrew P. VVilsoc, vs. Michael Buoy
Lumbard for Moore wt. Samuel Caldwell
William Mlrite vs. Sta!na & Pennocks Ez
A. D. Leonard.. vs. Lytle & Patterson
Com'th of Penn's:. vs. Alex. Ennis et al
John P. McDowell vs. John Dougherty
Thomas Williams vs. Christian E. Craine
John ew
. _ vs. Robert Kyle
Todd & Lemon vs. Geo. W. - Fatterson
Andrew IL Hirst vs. Benjamin Johnston
Kimberling for Johnston vs. John F. Lowry
David W:Hulings vs. hand Rogers & Co.
Thomas for Dysart . vs. (ho, S. Hoover
P. Frazer Smith vs. William Pollock
Julius M'Ounigal vs. George Mongs' Ezra
Dr. Alex. Johnston vs: Dr. Charles O'Friel
John Dickey's Adm'rs vs. Andrew P. Wilson
M. C. Garber vs. John F. Lowry
George 13.,Matthews vs. John Marks
George E!!iot vs. Win. Sol. Shomo
Joseph Parsons vs. Alexamler Scott
Jas. Martin's Adm'rs vs. John Dougherty
James Dysart vs. Hugh Seeds et al
C. H. Leas & Co. vs. Jacob Drake
James Entrekin's Errs. vat Geo. Smith's Adm're
Com'th of Penna. or. William Price et al
Leonard Kimball vs, John M'Cahan
Joe. Higgins & Co for use vs. Israel Grafius
John FT Lowry vs. M'Bride, Royer & Co
Ludwick Lingafelt 'vs. Xerius Leff
_ .
J. D. Davis for use vs. John Dougherty
Williams for Williams vs. John P. Jones
Stopher for Hartman et al vs. Johnston & Hays
Henry K. Swoops vs. Geo. W. Patterson
David Robison vs. Moses Robison
Potts for M'Nite & Leas V.s. Lightner, Carothers al
Ewing for Gates vs. James Ewing
Potts for M'Nite & Leas vs. Lightner.. Carothers etl
Same vs. ' Same
Samuel Caldwell vs. Robert Moore's Ex'rs.
Blair for Kirk vs. Exchange Irk. Pitts.
Com'th for Buchanan &
Wife vs. John B, Weaver
Shirleysburg borough vs. Abraham Long
Corn'th for Grimes vs. Samuel Frampton
John McPherran vs. Higgins, Dorsey et al
Kimberling for Johnston vs. Lowry, Royer et al
Joseph Cornelius vs. J. & D. N. Carothers
Samuel Caldwell vs. Jos. Iliggins & Ca.
Mary Taylor vs. John Smith
Robert Moore vs. John Love
Carvor & Love vs. Jas. Leonard's Adm'r
Morris Township vs. Tyrone Township
Huntingdon County vs. John Potts
. .
George Umbrellavs. Ludwig Mester
Hewit AA'nee of Hewit vs. Jno. Brotherline
William B. Zeigler vs. Hiram Williamson
Valuable Furnace
qa - AHE subscriber diet, at private sale
41 , Martha Furnace and all Mc Real and
Personal property attached to it.
-- .
is situated in Huston township , Centre calm
ty, and is now, and has been, for eleven
years in successful operation. There are
upwards of
,000 ACRE S
of GOOD LAND belonging to the Fur
nace—inore than 500 of which are cleared
and in a high state of cultivation. There
Three Ore Banks
of an excellent quality now in use, and a
number of other undoubted appearances of
Ore on the lands. There is more wood
within less than three and a half miles of
the Furnace than can be used for 10 rears.
Should the Furnace be sold befqe the
Ist of April, immediate possession will be
given of all the Real and Personal estate,
including besides the necessary teams, wag
ons, &c„ at least four months stock of Coal
and Ore. A good title will be made and
easy payments.
Jaunary :4, 1846-6 t.
Bargaiii4! Bargains!!
anF being desirous to
Vie retire kohl the mercantile business on
account of the delicate state of his health,
offers his lam and entire stock for sale at
cost awl carriage. A reasonable credit will
he given to those who will purchase over
twenty dollars worth.
To any person or persons wishing to engage
in the aforesaid business, the subscriber
would prefer to dispose:of his stock whole
He would also rent his store room,
which as good and convenient a business
stand as there is in the borou gh
. of Hunting
don. His stock is of entire fresh goodS and
and the latest arrivals front the city, consist
ing of
Dry Goods,
such awCassimers, Satinetts, Broad Cloths,
Silks, Mouslin de Laine., Callicoes, Brown
and Bleached Mushns, Woolen Shawls, Silk,
Gingham and Linen handkerchiefs; all of
different qualities. Also, an assortment of
Hosiery and a very large assortment of
Boots and Shoes,
of all kinds and quality• Also, a large as
sortnient of , ,
garentatare and Hardware,
of the newest and most approved stifles.
Also, a large and carefully selected assort
ment of all kidds, of
in short, the subscriber is supplied with all
the variety belonging to store-keeping, the
particulars of which are too tedious to men
Horses, or any kind of grain or 'timber,
will be taken in exchange for goods, at cash
prices. 'Any person wishing any further in
formation, will please call upon the subscri
Huittingdon, lan. 7, 1845.
Isl. B.—A large lot of the best quality of
LIQUORS, consisting of Brandy, Gin and
Wine, and also - a large lot bf the same at
other prices to suit purchasers, will be sold
in exchange for country produce.
, NOTICE.—Those who have unsettled
accounts on the books of the subscribe; ,will
please settle them soon, or they will find
them in the hands of the proper officer for
collection. • WM. ST EWART.
Jas. 7, 1844.
halrommier xlinn
HUN 7 INGD , P.rl
Office ir. Main street, three doors west
of Mr. Buoy's Jewelry establishment.
February 14,1843.--tl.
The subscriber hereby request all pampa in
debted to him for subscription, printing, or adver
tising. to call at his office and settle, previoas to the
24th day of January next. All unseaulaccounts
will then be placed in the hands of a Justice of the
Peace for collection.
Huntingdon, Dec. 17, 1845.—td.
Two Stray Cows,
t r q,AME to the residence of the subscriber
residing in Union township, about the
first of August last. One is a red cow with
a white belly and a star on the forehead.
supposed to be about fifteen years olds the
other is a red cow borderingon brown, with
a white belly, a white streak along the back
and supposed to be about twelve years old.
the horns of both turning up. There is no
marks on the ears.
The owner or owners are requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges
and take them away. •
Nov. 19, 1845
4L1121 01/113@3'i' 0 V 1111.4
TAE o;firir., 1' RE iED
All the newspapers are full of patent rem
edies for coughs, colds, consumption and va
rious other "diseases which flesh is heir to,"
proceeding from we' feet t but all experience
teaches that ":ii wilier of preventive is
better than a poem] of 'cure '." and, having
the means of turnishing the former article
on short notice. •'lherefore
Char eta S, Black
respectfully informs the good citizens of the
borough of IjuntingUim, and the public gnu
erally, , that he still continues the
iwraw. ~e4 A D
.v J• a
, Boot JIM,. Allezimattinft
business, at his old stand in Allegheny at,
one door west of 'William Stewart's Store,
in the borough of Huntingdon, where htlhas
lately received a large tissorttnent of new
and fashionable lasts on Which he guaran
to finish his wait not only according to
the late„st styles, but in a workmanlike mall -
ner, af:d atecrding to order.
He employsnone but the best and most ex
perienced workmen, and by strict attention
to hosiness.apd punctuality in promises, he
hopes to deserve and receive a liberal share
of custom • . •
WANTEH-tin'APPREkTICE to the above
business—a boy of-16 or 17 years of age
be preferred, and find a good situation if ap
plication be made soon.
Huntingdon, April 23, 1845.
CAMS to the residence of the subscri
ber, in Warriorsmark township,aboutthe
15th day of November last, 4 "trays, obm
Rei. cow, with some white about her head,
and a Red Ileifferovith a Bell on ; also
two Red • Steers, , one of them having tics
right ear marked, the other a tootiley.
The owner or owners, are r..quested to
come liirward, prove .propetty, pay all
charges, and take than away, otherwise
they will be disposed oftwctitiling to law.
Dec. 1,1845-3 t.
CAME to the residence of the subscri
ber, io Warriorsmark township, about the
28th of November last, a red and. white
spotted steer, supposed to be about four
years old. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay char 7
ges and take him away, otherwise he wilt
be disposed of according to law
Dec. 6th, 1845
- • •
Thomas P. Campbell and William J.
Jacobs havhig associated themselves toget It•
er in the practice of the law, inform the
public'that they will attend to all business
encrusted to them in the line of their pro
fession, in Huntingdon, Mifflin and Centre
counties, with care and fidelity. •
Their office is the same occupied by
Thos. P. Carhpbell for many years past e
next door to the office of Geri. A. Wil
son, and opposite the residence of William
Orbison, b , sq.
Huntingdon Dec. 17,1845.
ATTORNEY AT LAW..—Has removed to
Huntingdon, with the intention of making it
the place of his future residence, and will
attend to such legal business as may be en
rnsted to him. Dec. 20, 1840.
dttorizey at Law.--Attends to practice in
the Orphans' Court, Stating AdmitiliArk
tors •tr , otints, Scrivening, &c.—Office in
Dimond, three doors East of the "Ex
change Hotel." fel)18. '44.
T.T9R.VE lk at T Wl'.
7...V ° C3Dtla 6e9, ./U.
I WILL sell the above farm, situte about
one mile from tl.e borough of Hollldays.
burg, the contonp/ated seat c,i justice for
Blair Counf:y. The tract contains 2ZB acres,
has a sPl.endid Bank Barn, dwelling House.
Orcha.,ll, &c. thereon, and the farm land
in tl.,c highest state ot cultivation. Price,
P. 0,00 per acre—one half in band, the other
ni two annual payments. For further par.
Iticulars apply to iny son lames in the neigh
borhood ot the farm,
N. B.—l. will sell the "Miller" Farm'.
two and a, hall miles below fluntiogdon,
containing 350 acres, for $BOOO, and give
an intrisputable title. There is a specu
latiran of $4OOO in this property ,at the
above price 3. *I C.
Nov. 26, 1845.
To LANK ND3—Judgment iad COM'
11110mon—for vale at this °Nice.