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l'One eoantey, one antatiitstion, one destiny.
Pan , :. - saa rxx dlainza 9
Woinesday morning, 3uly 30,1340,
Delegate Elections
'llia Democratic Whig voters of Huntingdon
county are respectfully invited to meet in their ree
pectiv a twrouglN, to a and dietricte, on
thiturday the of August next.
lo elect two delegate. con each of (raid boroughs,
township.: and districts, to represent them in the
County Convention, which will assemble at the old
Court House in the borough of Huntingdon, on
Wednesday, the 13th of August
next, et 2 o'clock P. M., to nominate a County
Ticket to be supported at the ensuing general elec
tion; and to transact such other business as may be
properly brought before said Convention.
Candidates fur the following offices are to be
nominated by said Convention, viz :
l'wo persons for Members of the
House of It epresentatives.
One person for Prothonotary,
Clerk of the ti ourts of Quar
ter Sessions and Oyer '
and Terininer.
Onu person for Register of Wills,
Recorder of Deoeilik. Clerk
• of the Orphans Court.
One person for County Treasurer.
One person for County Conunis.
One person for Corr ner,
One person for Auditor.
Tbo voter. aro outwit], invited to attend said
elections, so that a full and batiefactory exproisaion
of dm popular will may ha brought into Conven•
Joseph Higgins, Theo. H. Cromer,
Graham McCamant, Nicholas Revolt,
Robort Cu.nmins, John Keller,
James A. MrCallon. Jsriel GrafTins,
Dances Clnrke, Eenjamin Lean,
Thomas E. Orbiaom John Knitter,
John Rover, K. L. green,
Brice X. Blair, David Enekedorn,
James Dysart, Mordecai Chiluote,
Rath R. McCune, James Morrow,
Wm. M Elkl Smith.
Adam 11. Heft , Thoman M Callan
James E g o r ki n , Jr., William Michigan
Elias Hoover, John Mr,Culluch,
Jurn K. Now, Jacob IToocer,
Comely Committee.
linntingdon, July 16. 1946.
"Harvest Home Temperance
We .re reqiieeled to give notice that there will
he a harvest Home Temperan:e Celebration at
Mauer Hill en Wielnestley the 6th of August
18.16, to which a general invitation is given to the
friends of the cause.
July, 23--to.
Privileges of Postmasters.
is The Post:nester General says:
"When subscribers refuse to take Pamphlets nr
Newspapers fmm the office, Postmasters are now,
ar heretofore, required to notify Editors, &c., and
may frank latent committing inch notice."
The report that the Hon. TAM. BCCRANAN
was about to resign hie Ake as Secretary of State,
is without foundation.
A Pannwe —Governor Shank has granted a
pardon to J. Heron Foster, formerly of the Pitts•
!meg Age, who was conviond of a libel on Judge
Gt . ., Test full.
Ty. Tlnwva . rr, Editor of tho Bed
fora Gazette, has hesn onpointed by Gov. Skunk to
be Attiuttnt General of rho State of Pennsylvania.
If rabid LectsTocoiarn entitles a man
.10 office, no
one deserved rt lop hatter than our brother of the
Gazotte, lie has always been rather unscrupulone
in h ie political career.
11 AT.—Mr. Joseph
,Stewart, of our borough
raised oa a field of hie, near thie place, rod chaff
'wordy wheat, weighing 67 5 , pounds to the ImAnt.
It was eaten entirely all to tho grounJ on the 17th
of April loot toy cattle. Who eau beat that.
Another Revolutionary Soldier Cone.—Cesn•
Tomtit AVItS;UMLI, of Nit. Pleseant township,
Westmoreland county, a soldier of the Revolution,
died si his residence, on the 17th inst., at the ad
vanced ege of 67 years. lie served his country
faithfully, in * three years campaign in gaining our
cg . ) - - Jaw( Serra Imp diepooed of the "Union
Sur" to Joseph Casey, Erg.
Varginia and Tennessee contain over 611y
sigi,t thousand pertins, over twenty-on. year. of
ago, who cannot read and write.
'j A magnificent comet, visible to the naked
rye, ham been discovered •nearty due north, in eon
t:teliation Auriga, about two degrees eastward (or
right-hand) u( Cu, bright star Capella.
€::::4-.111. HcY. CuA E. !howl!, of the Dd.
timate Atious! Confarerxe, after t short tUneer
FS - IV3;:ti;:von , oat last ceic
"Every mai% to his tents, 0 Israel!" A Difference of Opinion.
It 6 hoped that the Whig. end Antimssonic TO- The Lancaster Intellipencer—Loco—says GO, '
ters--the operitents ;of the present National end Shank will be re-nominated by acclamation to the
State administration., end all who witch to prevent Governorship.
the introduction of the same pernicious policy into 1 At is celebration of the name party in Harrisburg
our county affeirs—evill attend the Delegate Elev.' on 4th, the following toasts were drunk :
bone to be held on Saturday of next week, SW that I The one Tern principle—Set forth by President
delegelco of sound anti unwavering principles may Polk, and must be the rule of notion he future for
he elected to repreeent the party in the County Con. th e democracy of Penney lvanie.
vention to bo hell on Wedneeday of the first week IBy Henry Sprigman. James K. Polk--the fe•
of the August court. Let each delegates be else- smite of the Union, has declared the one term prin
ted, free anderntrannmeled, end there i s nodoubt but aide sufficient for the Presidency. We, the people
a County Ticket, composed of tried and faithful 1 of Pennsylvania, declare the same amply neceseery
Whigs end A ntimaeons, will he put in nomination, for the government of the affair. of this State. Three
on which the party can unite as one man; and, with years and no dictation.
proper vigilance, triumph over all opposition, and , lily Jacob Hininger. Goveinor Shank—When
prevent end expose all the Plaquemine movements Muhlenberg was the candidate, one term in the Ex
of the enemy. ecutive chair wee insieted on sea democratic prin.
The present is an immanent epoch in the historyciple. It is a had rule that does not work both
of the Whig party. The enc7ny have obteined the ways.
possession of the reins of government—State anti I By Henry Lawyer. JaIIIPII IC. Polk—Has de-
National—in all their departments—obtained them elated the one term for the Presidency. So will
by successful stratagems arid frauds, and the traitor- the democracy of Pennsylvania follow his example
out Tylerites are forced by the national government in the election fer their Governor.
to give place to the .Ryndern, of the Empire Club, By J. C. Herbst. Rotation in office is ono of
and kindred spirits; anti the miserable and imbecile the cardinal principlei of the democratic party, but
elate administration is bestowing its f avors and its the present state administration have no such prin.
confidence on pampered sycophants and pardoned c i p t.,
scoundrels; end Burr "democracy 'is in the ascen- By A. Risk. The present State Administration
dant. —Can they give any /*aeon for proscribing the
At this time, therefore, it behooves every Whig j friend. of Muhle»berg and appointing Whigs to of
-every ono who cherishes conservative principles lice. Let them answer themselves with one term,
*to stand his ground firmly, and to discharge his I and learn the Meson "that proscription shall be pro
duty to himself and hie country without flinching. scribed." •
Let us maintain our ground, vindiente our mind- "When doctors differ who shall decider'
pies, and preserve our honor end integrity a. a par
ty, and thus set an exempla to the Whigs of other Uomicide.
counties and of other stolen, worthy of imitation. We learn from it gentleman from Jentey Share,
The primary meeting* should not he deemed tai- Lycoming .runty, that an alfray took place on Set
tling and unimportant matter.. If considered small urday evening last, two or three miles front that
matters, we assure yon the small welters of the place, between John Stewart and John Hunt, which
party must he attended to in order to ensure suers.. I resulted in the death of the former: The portico
and to reap those great benefita vrh ch we aelieve lore, as related to us, are principally from Hunt, (no
and know the Whig party to dispense wherever other person than the parties having keen present
they have the ascendency. In order, then, to attain at the quarrel.) were given as follows: Hunt was
those great results, let every man attend to all the at Stewart's reeidence, and afterthe rest of the !m
-etal,. of the party--let all make themselves heard ily had gene to bed they were conversing about
in the primary meeting. and then submit cheerfully I their affairs, having been in partnership. Stewart
and in a spirit of true patriotism, to the will of the commenced abusing Hunt on account of having to
majority. and all will be well on tho second Tuesday pay the dehts of the firm. Hunt then esid he
in October. would not stay all sight and went to the field to get
hie horse to go home. Stewart mat him about a
hundred rods from the house and said be should not
go, when seine words puttied and Stewart tore the
halter off the bores and struck Hunt with a club,
which broke , one of the bones of his arm. Hunt
then drum his knife and stabbed Swint through
the head, completely ing one of his ribs, when
they separated. Stewart walked about twenty rods
toward the house before he fell, and well found the
next morning. Hunt says he did not know, at the
time, that he had killed him. He has given him
self up, and is now in jail at Williamsport. The
parties above were brethere-in-law, andante
individuals who were convicted a few ' ' ''' of
tumult t
an ult on Jared P. Hiding of Clinto ty ,
and portioned by Gov. Porter. Stewart resided in
this borough about a year ago.—Seilefonie Whig.
In a Decline,
The Aholitioniste held a convention in Beaver,
week before lain, at which but six or poeill persons
attended, who nominated a county ticket. Bearer
has been ono of the strongest Abolition I . olllliiee in
the Went. The Beaver Argus says mite ma.s of
that party are doubtleas beginning to see that they
hove committed a very great mistake, and have
done enough directly and indirectly for Slurery,
which now rejoices in triumph secured in a very
great degree through their efforts."
A devs. toting fire oe.eured at Rochester N.
Y., on the 15th inst, which burnt out between
twenty-fine end thirty shops and families. Loss
estimated at $2OOOO of which about $20,000 was
In a Snarl.
The Lorofocos of Muskingum county, Ohio, rn.
eently held a meeting at Zanessills, at which, after
• fiery dismission, they refused to pass a compli
mentary resolution of Presitlant Palk, by • large
ft is said some of ►he Old Hunkers talk of
the following ticket for 1838:
For Preeiden►—Silas Wright, of New York.
For Vice President—Oen. Sam Houston, of
afff In the Superior Court, New York City, en
demurrer, Thurlow Weed has obtained judgment
against William C. Bryant and Willi.' G. Boggs,
for libel in the Evening Pont, which charged
Weed's journal with publishing the Roorback false
hood against hir..Polk"as original.
(r_ f . The Res. EXOII r hm been eppoin.
ted President of Dickinson College, in the coons of
Dr. Durbin, resigned.
cry The New Orleans ' , Tropic says there le no
truth to theetory lately published of a dreadful or
eurrenae near Oakland Cottage, Misr., whets a
house containing negrore was set fire to and con
sumed them. lie say, it is ■ deliberate falsehood,
from beginning to end !
Ty Captain Turpin of the ill-feted steamboat
Marquette, and his first engineer, Samuel Ilayes,
have been held to !mil in the sum of )12000, to ap
pear before the criminel court at New Orleans to
answer the charge of manslaughter.
Tho Wheeling Times of Monday the 19th inst.,
says, we are indebted to the kindnene of our post
master for a clip containing the information that a
very severe fire has occured in Indianan')lin, In.
One third of the city a stated to he in ruins, and
the post office cud many of the public building sa
ved with difficulty.
We see it stated that Fashion and Peytona tie
to run over the Lona Island Course, in October next.
ci-The North Carolina Watchmen chronicles
the following case of matrimony at State/villa in its
..Mr. John Martin Sharpe wee re-nttnextel to his
former wife and partner, Mrs. Lucy Sharpe cui the
9th Jutte, by William Moore, Esq., having been di
vorced from each other on the lOth of March lest.
I HBVillig been married ten years, the old 'stock of
love" run nut, it seems. They divorced, courted,
and married again. Possibly a better pier may
guide their destiny through The future. A thing
j done twice la often done well.
Now Fr RVA,.—The large Anthracite Furnace
of Moore. Porter & Burke at Harrisburg, was put
in Wass last week. On Friday the engine which is
of delicate consbuction, gave way. and the furnace
wr.ts Sewn our• to repair ilia machinery. •‘T'ith
VA& tnnt engine it 1$ sat d •the furnace will yield one
hundred tens of von per week.— Potritwicanian.
A Boy Browned,
A Boat Boy woo drowned in the Crooked Dam 1
on Wednesday, under eircumotances, which, ifcor
rect as we have heard them stated, amount !to mur
der in a moral, if not in a legal, eena'.
It is said that a Captain of a hoot seeing the boy
at a distance, esid, "There is the boy that stole my
money!' and cent hie bovreman in purenit of him,
—the boy ran along Cie tow path until he found
his polluter gaining en him, when he took to the
water, end drowned in the presence of hie persecu
tors, who stood on the bank rendering him no aw
sistance, and it is even said stoning him while in
the water. Vl'e hope, for the honor of humanity,
that there is some error in this /statement. The boy
wee en orphan and on the boat with Thomas Keyes.
—Hallidaythurg Standard.
The Locofocos, on Wedneedey last, cut down
their hickory pole on the rail road; why or where
lore, we cannot tell certainly, but may guess--it
had, among other inscription. upon the banner it
bore, this--THE TARIFF OF '49 !—and they
were getting ashamed to roe it, since their leaders at
Washington hare given notice that they intend to
reduce that tariff.—Hollid rysburg Regisie;,
We observe that Toasts somplimentary of our
fellow-citizen, the Hon. James Irvin, were given on
the 4th at the Whig Festivals in Reading and Phil
aielphic—The General hos teeny warm friends
and admirers among the people of Pennsylvania,
who era anxiously waiting to show by actions,
which speak louder than words, the high estimation
in which he is held.—lidiefimle Whig.
For the "Journal."
Register and Recorder.
Mi. Cnewaa:
A communication appeared in the "Journal" of
last week, in which the ituthor;who subscribes him
self "A Voter," while recommending a friend as a
candidate for the offices of Register and Recorder,
takes occasion to my (amongst other things which
he is pleased Maly very kindly of me) that he has
understood that I am disposed to retire fromthe du
ties of the offices. How "A Voter" has got this
understanding i cannot tall—certainly not from
any thing I have ever said on the subject. lam
under great obligations to my friends, for favors al.
ready conferred upon me, and cannot tell if there is
wry likelihood of my being nominated again; yet
while I would not wish to obtrude my none upon
the piety for a renomination, neither do I like to
truce my name altogether expunged without my
knowledge or cement.
Should I he nominated then, in the good old way,
I will thankfully accept the nomination, and if el
ected. shall continue to perform the dutieseonnected
with these offices faithfully, and to the best of my
tun respectfully,
Your friend,
Jul.:: :6th, 1815,
A celebrated political economist observes that it
is hardly possible to exaggerate the advantagsa
which England derives from her vest beds of coal;
and the annual production of the minerals of the
British fides are estimated at £20,000,000, of which
£0 000,000 ate front coal, and 01,000,000 from
iron. It is the third interest in importance in the
kingdom, as follows :
Cotton Manufactures,
Woollen . 1
The same interest which thus exists in Great Bri- 1
talc, is rapidly augmenting in the United States--
to the exclusion of England on the American con
tinent. Even now we never hear of an importa
tion of coal front England or Nova Scotia, without
realising that the treneaction is very much like that i
of a certain Philadelphia Lawyer who imported a 1
suit of French clothing, at a coat of seventy-fire 1
per cent more than an equally good nrtiele could Ito
furnished for at home, merely that he might be able
to tam of wearing a Parisian Jun of tie last fash
ion. It has now become a well settled fact, after a
eerie. of chemical experiments, that the bitumin
ous fuel. of Ponnaylvania are impeder to any in
the world; why, then, should we import a single
ton? And in addition to our own productions,
1 those of Maryland, and 901114 of the newly discov
eyed veins in Missouri, meth. well. So that net
vrithstanding the circumstances that encourage the
foreign trade, a few years will no doubt see 'be total
extinction of the importation hf coal.
The Grave of !garrison.
The editor of the Southern Christian Advocate
has given a very pleasant eketeh of hie journey
from Charleston, to attend the late convention at
Louisville. Passing over the former part of kin
journey, we will accompany him on the trip front
Cincinnati and Louisville, on the mail route—the
only object which attracted the traveller's attention
being the grave of General Harrison. He soya of,
that sacred spot— .
I was hut little inclined to eight seeing on the
mugs to Louisville. One subject I desired to see.
It was the residence and grave of Harrison—they
are ono in interact et least. To accomplish this
object with more certainty I ascended the upper
deck at once, and waited with eager interest our ap
proach to the melancholy place in which were bu
ried in an unfortunate hour, tko hopes of a great
multitude, whose auffrages had raised hint to the
most exalted elation of honor and reaponsibility
known among men.
As we neared the place dear to so many hearts,
and rendered carved by so many aseociationa, there
was a vary striking manifestation of a very common
end pervading interest—and the grave—the house
—passed from lip to lip, as these o bj ects broke upon
the sights of the earnest epectators. Silently the
crowd of trevellere had gathered to those parte of !
the boat from which the first, least obstructed and ! Dr...Wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cherry.- -Tho
West views of the borne and last resting place of extraordinary surreal attending the use or this
the honored mon might be hail. Ills with'sas of a • Ine i th c i c e l i : t i l i r es ee ' e e ffe e e f te t d he i l t u e n e F e nod the r e,.
and absorbing sentiment seemed to pervade en
gustll,l.le attention of many phye g i l c g ia:: t a u st ra w Y ell c a U e r the
cry bosom—They gazed in idleness or 'yoke in veil!, whole fraternity of quack., verMue conjectures and
pen. Its descending the river the grave stands , eurmises have arisen respecting its composition;
prominently its view, as it roes until the whole SCP7IO some physicians neve soPP°Kod it io contain Wino.
to the
eight tet the wind i ng
et . the
river. Tin„ other ignorant retention! any st must contain Instr
'"" cury, end to some such unbalance they each attrib.
house Mends en a much lower spot than the grave, ! one i ts s i ngu i st efficacy. As such opinions are M
end is not fairly area until abreast of it. It in a ; together erroneous, and calculated to prejudice ma
fair and comely mansion, not splendid, but sufficient
ray persona ',anima it, we
for one whose true residence is in the hearts of his , PLEDGE OUR HONOR,
fiat it contains nothing of thin kind, or any thing
countrymen. The grove stanch on she elevated' the least injurious; on the contrary, it is compoeed
summit of a lovely hill, within a email enclosure. of the most simple imbalances, the principal of
I may not attempt to describe this scene or the feel- . which are the extracts of tar and Wild cherry bark,
ago it inspired its my own and the breast of others.
Y whole eeeoc,rpev era r. t its e m lii md
•sacy consists in the
I bared any head to the sieheutent aim and fierce
e h e genu i ne is for ax l e b y Th omas Road, Hun
wind while punning the grave of tAts lamented Her- tingdon, and Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg
rison, and thought of the strange providence that
called him hence at a period so full of interest to
the destiny of this great and growing nation. God
is just; all his works are done in rigiteousnees and
truth. I felt this, and turned fr o m the scene I have
so faintly described, satisfied that submission to
God its no leas the duty of the Christian than it is
of the politician.
The Charleston Mercury, the leading Lecofoc°
organ of the South, say. :—"lt will be seen that
one of the most brilliant humbugs of the day has
been diesipeted by the liberation of •Gov. Dorr' from
prison. There was some excitement and petriotia
fury got up by express on the occaeon, end the edi
tors rejoiced in the material. for paragraphs. This
is the greatest farce on both side, that our dey hes
produced. But farces aro the rage—especially po
lities! forces."
A Iresvirc Perten..—We a day or two sire,
nab• the Philadelphia Inquirer, saw a very neat
pencil, manufactured of German silver, and marked
out with a scale of four inches. It combined a
lead pencil, a pair of steelyard., capable of weigh
ing letters from a quarter to two ounces—a pen, a
magnum for gold sovereign'', a toothpic, and a place
for lead. Thousands of these useful pencil. could,
we think, be readily disposed of.
To Cult. ♦ Corou.—The editor of the Balti
more Farmer asys the best roniedy he ever tried in
his family for ■ cough or cold, is the decoction of
the l f the pine tree, sweetened with [malin
ger, to he freely drank warm when going to Lcd at
night, and cold throughout the day.
Daguerre, through whose inventive genius a per
fect face is transcribed in a few seconds of time,
has discovered a method of making trees only three
month old hear fruit. Doubtful.
Duelling and tight lacing are two fashionable
mode. of 'laughter! In the one case, a bullet le the
instrument of death--in the other a string.
We are sorry to oh , from an advertisement
in the Republican, that Mr. John Wise, the cele
brated "Native Genie's" of our city, has become a
lunatic. It will he some relief to his friends to learn
that he is perfectly hartnlees.--Lancaster Er.
A piece of common indigo made into a paste
with spirit. of camphor, and applied to the wound,
it i neutral:lea t!ie from tlto
bitc., of .ilakes of an, kind.
Large rlouriag Mill,
Tito Maiaborg Telegraph, says:—David tem. 11
Esq.. the enterprising pioneer in the packet beet
business, hos erected ht Leeehbtag, Armstrong co.,
on the Conemaugh, one of the finest Merchant
Mills in our country. It contains six am of French
Burrs 43 fret in diameter, end will tern ont 100
barrel. of flour per (ley. Its machinery is of the
boat kind and latest improvement.; and the mill
I. driven by waste water of the Conemaugh not
required by the Slack Water Navigation, end the
bead of water ie said to be sufficient for several such
Mills. The place is said to present greet induce
ments for the erection of a cotton manufactory,
having every facility for market end for obtaining
the raw material. Eastern capitalists, if they were
to arm it, would not allow the advantages to be long
From DEATH no age nor no condition save,
As goos the freeman, so deports the slave,
Tho chieftain's prince and the peasant's bower,
Alike are ravished by his haughty power.
DIED--In Winne, lower/ Territory, on the 4th
instatit,MAßlr ELIZAIIRTII--infant daughter of
Denjaiffn and Sarah Hewit, recently of Hollydaya
burg—aged 10 month..
On 'Thursday, the lath lenient, at Athena, in the
State of Tennessee, LETITIA N. SMITH, wid
ow of Richard Smith, Eeq., of Huntingdon.
Mr.. Smith had left Pennsylvania only a few
week., in company with her Nephew Mr. Van
Dyke, with whom ahe intended to upend the re
mainder of her day.. They reached Athena, hie
pare of residence, s h out tho first of June. Not
withstanding the fatigue of no long a journey, her
heelth appeared as good as usual. Sho attended a
Sabhath-sehool celebration on the 4th of July.—
In the evening she complained of a alight head
ache, which, however, rapidly increased . re using ex
erutiating pain. Her mental powersyielded to the
intensity of her bodily mulTelings, and during the
last two or three day. of her mortal existence she
appeared quite insensible. Thus in the mysterious
diepensation of an A lbwise Providence, she wee
/limier] the privilege in her last moments of bearing
testimony to the faithfulness of a Sevimir's love,
vittd to the excellence of that religion, of which she
hail been for many years a worthy and consistent
: profes.), She was a member of the Methodist
; Episcopal Church.
The circumstance. attending the death of Mrs.
Smith, were communicated to a lady of this Ogee,
and this brief notice will, no doubt, be read with
feeling. of deep emotion by her nuineroint friends.
Thrive who knew her beet loved her moat.
j Huntingdon, July 30,1845 O.
(C)- The moat popular and highly appreciated
medicine in the naval and military citeloa, is an
Tention of Dr. Brandreth, known as trannretlea
Purchase the genuine medicine of Win. Stew
art, Huntingdon Pa., and other 'agents published in
another part of this paper.
7•HE subscriber hereby cautions and fore
warns all per,a, not to la ize, levy on, sell,
or in any w-y meddle with the following
proprtty, which he purchased at Sheriff
salt on the 23rd as the property of
Wil Norris, of Hopewell township,
Huntingdon county, to wit :
7 heath of horses,
1 Wagon and bed,
5 sets of hot se gears,
9 head of hormd cattle,
1 nit of grain in the sheaf,
. 2 sloughs,
2 shovel ploughs,
I log chain,
Ilich . propt.rty I have left in the passes , 4nr
of the said Norris until such time as 1 see
lit to remove the same.
Coffee Rem, July 30, 1845.
Strith4c Propomals.
SEALED proposals will be received by
the Commissioners at their (glee iii Hun
tingdon, ti:l the 15th day of August for the
erecti.oi of a Bridge across the little Juniata
River at Gray spert rear the mouth of
Spruce Creek. l'he plan and specifications
can be seen ai the Commishiont rs Office.
A LF X. KNOX, Jr..
Curnmisaitincrs Off i ce,
Huntingdon, July 25, 1843.
I:xertrlolox olire.
Estate of David Rumhgardner, late of Cass•
tottenshifi, Huntingdon county. decd.!
NO EicE givtn, that It tterr
testamentary upon said estate, lmee been
granted to the outlet signed. A:l persons
Iviowing themselves indebted to said estate
are request , cl to make immediate pa) mcnt,
and all those having claims against said es
state, are et ith sled to present them duly
authenticated ho. sett lenient.
Cu. tp.. July 211.. 1845.
AU p,rsans indebted to the subscriber for
medical attendance rendered themselves
and their families, are hereby requested to
please come and settle their accounts be
tw. en this and the thirteenth day of Oc'o•
ber next, as after that time he Wends tr.
leave all unsettlill accounts in the hands of
the proper officer for collection.
. .
Hunting lon, July 16, 1643.
Tr-L - STICESIBI.I, ;111 turn
Whereas the owlet signed has been A 1 ) ...
pointed by the, Court of Common Pleat;
of Huntingdon county. Sequestraior
the life estate of S. Miles Uteri), of, in,
and to certain real estate in the said
county, by ‘irtee whet eof he will extose
to sale at the Court House in the Borough
of .Hontingduti on Wednesday the 13th•
day of Augupt nen', at tO o'4:kik A. M.,
all the right, title, and interest, of the
said Samuel Miles Green, of, in, and to
the following desitib'ed real estate, known
by the name of the Barree Forge proper
ty, situate in Porter and West townships
in the county of Huntingdon, {the saint! .
tieing the life estate of the said Satnue
Miles Green thereon.) viz:—
A tract ol land containinietbmit—
acres, be the same snore or less, situate
on the little Juniata River, compa:od o t
three adjoining curve's, twit in the name
of Lazarus 11. McLain, and the other it;
the came of George Olmsby, having about
140 acres cleared ,thereon, and Barret;
Forge, with six tires; a grist miil ; istif
large weather boardi:d mansion• house ;.a
, mw mill; a ;mit !oink barn, and a nuns-.
ber of buitilimAs for the use of the Purge
and farm hands, thereon erected.
ALSO—A tract of land adjoining the
ohove containing about 34:3 acres, survey
ed in the name of John, Rea, !loving there•
on about 50 acres cleared and in good!
..... .
A LSO —A tract of land adjoining /LT
above contains: 6 s about 105 acres, sus vey•
in the name of Robert W ikon ha visit;
shout 80 acres clearest, and a small log:
house awl etable thee, on.
ALSO—Two tracts of unseated land s
one thereof containing SO acres surveyed
in the noose of Oreentsory Dorsey, lira
the other coniainieg 46 acres in the saint..
of Elenzer W sinister, lying on the litoa
Juniata River.
ALSO—The following thirteen tracts
!of timber bind situate north-east from
Barret. Forge, on Tussey'Sl mountain,
Pine Ridge 4.c.,
One containing about 498 Acres aurveysd on ts
warrrant iu name of Aquille Green.
One containing about 402 Acres surveyed on a
warrant in name of Nathaniel Green.
One containing about 401 Acrea aurve►ed on a
warrant in name of Sarah Green.
' Ono containing about 407 Aarra surveyed on It
warrant in the name of Edward Onen.
One containing about 403 Acres fair/eyed on
warrant in name of Satab Green.
One containing aiiout 400 Acme surv&yeil on a
warrant in name of Isaac thorn.
One containing ahnui 403 Acre, eurveyeAl on a
wartant in named Merle. Green.
One containing about 402 Acree 'purveyed ou e
warrant in name of Robin'. Irvin.
One containing about 400 Acme am viva on a
wrrant in name of Thomas Green.
One containing about 400 Acree aurveyett nil a •
warrant in nanin of Joint Green.
One containing about 398 ACTei SUrVeygli on a
warrant in name of Abraham Greets.
Ono containing about 400 Acres surveyed en a
warrant in name of Ruth Glean.
Ono containing about. 277 Arroa surreyeal on a
warrant in name of floury Green.
ALSO--the following tract. of unseated land
situate between the Little Juniata River anti Wei
eratreet, viz:--
One containing2l9 Acre* 87 parellea burveyetl
on a warrant in name of Ann Bruno.
One containing 408 Acre. 8 pan how agrecyci
on a warrant in name of Mary Brown.
Ono eontsing 499 At,. 83 peruke. aurzeyed on
a warrant in name of Elizabeth Brown.
ALSO—the following tracts of unseated knoll
ii itu ft to on Tuasey's mountain, hack °f lutist Piper's
and others, viz,—
One containing about 465 Atm, 152 pctehee
tiorYeyed on Ft warrant in name of Andrew Oita.
One containing about 446 .%eree 112 perches
miveyed on a warrant in name of John Capp.
Ono containing about 416 Acre" 102 porches
'or/eyed on a warrant in name of Robert Junin.
OM, containing about 70 err. 50 perches our.
revolt on a warrant in notate of E. B. Dom".
ALSO--a !ran of land remaining about 168
. „
Acres situate in Diamond Valley, about 50 Acres
of which are cleared, with a house and barn t kere
on erected. This tract in known a. iho "Brewer
ALSO--a tract of land containing 3116 Aetea.
25 percher, purveyed on a warrant in the name of
fame) Pennington. on which is the DORSEY ORE
BANK situate in Warriorpmark and Franklin
ALSO—a tract of land containing 130 Arrex
situate in Franklin Townahip, in the name of Al
exander Ramey, about 70 Acme of which are 1111.
proved, &c.
Terms of isle, cash. Attendance will ha `item
JOlll , l PORTER, Stequedresr ,
July 15, 1845.
Boot, shoe, and Cap Sim v.
(between Front & Second Sts., North Side.)
THE subscriber has on hand a large and
complete assortment of the above named
articles, to which he it spectfully invites the
attention of the inhabitants of Huntingdon
county, consists g of Men's, Bay's " (I
Youth's coarse Wax. Kip, Calf Skin, Seal
and Wracco 11001'S and BROC ANS
Ladies' Misses' and Childs en's Boots and.
Shoes in all their varieties ; also, Ladies'
and Gentlemen's GUM OVERSHOES of
every kind, top titer with Men's Boy's and
Children's CM'S of every description.
Persons will Whit to their advantage to
call and examine my stock before purcha
sing elsewhere, as 1 am determined to sail
PliVadelpliia July, 24 1845.
1 .1 li()NDS—S,I.Y.Treto and Coot
'.4le. tl,ib