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Done in the best silt le and on
short noiice.
TrevcrT revectfully informs his old
444,ricndi and ctettomers, and the public
:ha: he slit continues the
Tailorfaig Business,
At hi•, old stand, two doom east of the Store
of T. Read & Son, in the borough of lion
tin,;(lon. where he is fully prepared to ac
commodate all who may favor him with
their work.
He reedy( s, regularly, From New York,
Scott's New York, Paris and London
411, SIE3O In A
and he k determined so eniploy none bat the
best and most experienced workmen ; and
he gurantees to execute all orders in his
line in the most fashionable and workman
like manner, or according to the wishes and
orders of his customers.
Thankful for the liberal encouragement
be has heretofore received, he respectfully
solicit■ a continuance of public patronage.
May 21, 1845.—tf.
an Eyes This Way.
P The subssril;er would most respectfully
inform his friends and the public in gen—
eral, that he has recently received and
opened a good assortment of confectionary
and fruit, which he offers for sale in the
basement story of the store of Thos. Read
& San, where ne will be pleased to wait on
all those who will give him a call.
He will have ro,.stantly on hand
ltaisuis, Figs, Oranges,, Lemons,.
and all other articles usually kept in confec
tionaries. He also has Beer, Cakes and
Pies, and
41Q.,ER3 Ul `ZZ'
of every description. &Aim; i f any hind
done according to order i n short notice.
His intention is to none but the very
hest articles, and to have always a good sup
ply in his shop, and last he wmld. say to
all, call and judge for yourselves.
He hops to merit and receive a share of
public patronage, as his intention is to sell
un very moderate terms.
Huntingdon, June 11, 1845.—:3t
state of Saha Diamore t , (Late of
JACKSON tp., deceased.
N mice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have been
grar ted to the undersigned. MI persons
having cl.tiins or dentainin against the same
are requested to make them known without
delay. and all persons indebtetho make im
mediate payment to
B. SMITH, iithrer.
April 2, 1845 —6t. Etmisville.
Estate of lienry S. *pang, late of
Morris township, deceased.
TVOT ICE is hereby given, that letters
testamentary upon the said estate have
been granted to the undersigned. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested ti
M kr immediate pa) meat, and those having
claims or demands against the same are re
quested to present them duly authenticated
fur settlement, to
H. A. !WANG.
April 23, :843. Morris tp.
I U.VI Ii 4,lDOiNi
Cunningham & liurchinel
ItEISPF-el FULLY inform the citizens
of the borough and county of Hunting
don, the public gem rally, and their old
friends tt..ti cnatoiners in particular, that
they continue to carry on busbies in their
new tstablisenent, one door east of the
north eastern corner of the Diamond IR side
borough, where they are preptutred to sell :
wholesale and retail, all articles in their
line of business; such as
Sideboards, Serretafes, Sot
fax. Setlees. Bureaus,
workstands, card, pier, centrt ,
dining and breakfast tables;
High, Field, French, and Low l'un
ALSO-Every variety of
ouch an Rush seat, Cane eat.Balb.Bent.
Rs'times, Straight back, Bobtail pattern
4. Common kicking Chairs, together with
wmatitacaas wamocor,
of all colors, qualities and sizes; and Paper
Hanging of various patterns and qualities
N. B. Coffils 'Dade and funerals attend
ed either in town or country, at the shortest
notice. They kerp a splendid HEARSE
f,tr the accommodation of their customers.
Nov. 29, 1843.
HE subscriber continues to nianufitc-
Weiner, is Harrisburg, French Burrs of
all sia s, and of the very best quality ,much
cheaper than ever, and on very favorable
Letters addressed to him will receive the
same prompt attention as if personal appli
cation were made.
Feb. 5, 1845.--9 ino,
!fro. '2OO 3f,A RKET STREET',
(Above 6th Street)
BOARDING 81,00 PEit DAy.
arktEstslircriber, thankful for the libels!
116 0 .upwat of hit friends and the public
gpirrai viespecv WI). informstht in that he
~,kitt (militates at the old established house,
where he will• be pleased to accommodate
a4thoaewhofavorhim with thee, patronage.
nee. I 4,1842..—if.
tjii.ANK BONDS—Judwnetit. r,pc: cum
;Or r ,fficu..
The United Mates Journal.
BY USSR E. Dow & Co.
The first number ot our new paper will
be issued this (first) day of May, with an
entire new dress—new type, tine white
paper, with other important alterations
ind improvements. The paper will be
, evoted to a fearless exposition of Demo
cratic principles; it will zealously and
unremittingly oppose each and every ef
fort to establish a maiiimuil. monarchy
bunk and other mischievous corporations
consolidations of wealth, which sub
vert the tights of the people and under•
mine the pillars of the Republic; it will
oppose an oppressive and anti-republican
tariff system, the assumptitm of the state
debts by the General Government, and all
'other F..deral principles which have an
inevitable tendency to destroy public
, prosperity as well as individual happiness.
!Against all such political delusions, we
Isla!l wage unchanging, uncompromising
The FAMMER and the MECHANIC who
produce all the real capital of the nation
will find im our paper an unwavering
champion it their inalienable rights; the
long chetished principles of the editors
are too well known to the public to, re
quire any pledge upon this point. To the
Miscellaneous Department particular at
tention will be devoted; the Ladies 'Sill
always and in our columns a choice selec
tion trout the current liti Wore of the day
as well as original contributions from the
most talented of which our coun
try can boast. A . general summary of
Foreign and Domestic news will be Fur
nished ; a regular price current and a cor
rect list of the prices of stocks mill also
be given.
The conductors have already secured
the aid nine co operation of a large num
ber of the most distinguished literary and
political writers of the day ; arrangements
will also be made, at the earliest period
possible, to embellish our columns by the
contributions of correspondents rfrntn
'abroad. With this brief ant impes feet
iodine of our plan, we very respectfully
submit our claims to an extensive patron
age to the consideration oh a generous
Weekly paper by theyear - 00
fur six months - - 100
Semi .Weekly paper by the year, in
advance - • - 5 00
" for less thin a year 50 eta.
per month.
Daily paper by the rear in advance 10 00
" for less than a year. per month.
Subscriptions to the Daily lor less than
two, to the Semi-Weekly for less than
four, or to the Weekly for less than six
:tomtits, will not be received.
If not phi within theyear, the Daily
paper will be $l2, the Semi-weekly e 6,
4 1111 the Weekly $2 50 a year.
All paymenls to be made in adrauce.—
rhote who have not an opportunity of
paying otherwise, may remit by mail at
our risk, pustagepaid. The Postmaster's
certificate of such remittance shall be a
sufficient receipt therefor The notes of
any specie paying bank will be received.
To CLUBS AND COMPANIES.-111 order to
place our paper M the hands of all who may
wish tol4ubstribe, at the low rst possible price
we are induced to make the following prop
To Postmasters, Clubs, or Companies,
who will send )117 50 we will send Ten Coft
tea of our weekly paper for one year : tor •
Thirty dollars we will send Twenty; Conies
for twelve months : and for Fifty dollars,
we will forward FORTY COPIES for a year
—reducing the price to each subscriber, u,
one dollar and twenty : five tents per annum
for a I.u•ge and well filled weekly paper.—
We hope that this proposed reduction in the
price, will induce the most active exertions
on the ilia of our friends in obtaining its
simnish Hides
2000 I)ry Laplata Hides---first quality,
5500 Dry La Gaira dn. do.
3000 I)ry Salted La Galva do.
1000 Dry Salted B rasil Hides, do.
40 B reen Salted Paiita
30 B des city. Patna Kips.
120 Barrens city,
Tanner's and Currier's Tools.
For salse to the country Tanners at the
lowest prices and upon the best terms.
N. B. All kinds of Leather wanted for
which the highest paices will he paid in
Cash or in exchange for Hides, Kips & Oil
No. 21 Suts'h 3d Sired,
Oct. 9, 1844.--• ly.
subscriber hereby
cautions and forewarns all persons from pur
chasing, levying on, or in an) way disturb•
lug or meddling with the following proper
ty, which I purchased at Constable's sale as
the property of George Smith, of Hender
son township, on the 2d day of April inst.,
and kit in the possession of said George
Smith till I find it convenient to remove the
same, to wit . _ •
1 hoe,
1 dung honk .1 double tree, 1 plvugh.
1 short' plough 1 cutting I) x, 1 half bush
el measure, lot of barrels. 1 harrow, 3
saddle, Ibrindie bull, 2 blac k heifers, 1 num
ly heifer, 1 brindle cow, lof 12 acres of
wheat and rye hi the ground, and 13 acres
of wheat in the ground. •
West tp. April 9, 1843.—pd.
Job Printing.
di' Orrlt
Tag undersigned agent of the Pattentee.
of the Stove, " The Queen of the West,"
unierstanding that the owners, or those
concerned for them, of other and different
patent Cooking Stoves, have threatened to
bring suit against all who purchase and use
—The Queen of the West." Now his is
to inform all and every person wh sisal
purchase and use said Stove that he v!II mid
demnify them from all costs or damage, rotn
any and all suits, brought by they en
tees;or their agents. for any infrtisgna A of
their patents. He gives this notice so o:at
persons need not be under any fears because
they have, while consulting their own inter
ests and convenience, secured the superior
advantages of this " Queen" not only of the
West, but of the East.
July 24, 1844
CZD COD aM DU EZ23(tcci).:29,,
Fur sale by I. OR PIUS & SON, Alex
andria, Iluntingdop county, Pa.,
cheap for ca,ll or country
produce at the
market price.
The Queen of the West" is an im
provement on Hathaway's celebrated
!lot Air Stove. There has never yet ap-
Teared any plan of a Cooking Stove that
possesses the advantages that this one
has. A touch less quantity of fuel is re•
quired for any amount of cooking or ba
king by this stove than by any other.
Persons are requested to call and see
before they purchase elsewhere.
July 3, 1844.
utv c> wr zsa 1:13.zy 2
IMESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
!__,A4 of Huntingdon county, and the public
generally, that they continue to can y on
Copper, Tin and Sheet iron Bueinees,
in all its branches, iit Alexandria, where
they manufacture and constai tly keep on
hand every desci iption of ware in their line;
such as
New and Splendid Wood Stoves
22, 24, 26: 28 and 30 inches long
New Cooking Stoves of all kinds, and
Also four sizes of Coal Stoves,
All kinds castings done, for Forges, Saw
mills and Threshing-machines. Also WAG
WARE ; all of which is done in a workman
like manner.
Also, Copper, Dye, Wash, Fuller. Pre
serving, and na Kettles, sale,
wholesale and ref
Persons favoring this establishment with
their custcm may depend on having their
orders executed with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal, capper, brass and pewter ta
ken in exchange. Also wheat, rye, corn
and oats taken at market price.
Alexandria, July 3. 1844.
NOTICE —The subscriber respectfully
requests all persons indet,ted to him for
work done at the old establishment, pre
vious to the Ist of November to call and
settle their accounts without delay.
July 3, 1844.
nTRAYED away from the subscriber, on
WSunday evening, the 18th irst.,. from Pi
per's Dam, near Petersburg, a dal k bay
horse, 8 or 9 years old. about middle sized,
has a crack in one fore and one of his hind
feet. Any person taking up said horse, and
writing to the subscriber :n ‘Vaynesburg,
Mifflin county, orsending him there shall be
liberally rewarded for his trouble, and all
charges paid. He is S,9ppnsed to have gone
towards Shaver's Cre"k V alley or Stone
Waynesburg, Moy 19, 1845
We the subscribers, hereby caution all
persons against purchasing, or in any way
Ming a note given by us to George Smith,
of Henderson township, Huntingdon county,
dated on or about the 19th day of February
last, for three hundred and fifty-five dollars,
payable in blooms, in Huntingdon, one hun
dred days after •late—the said Judgment
note having been obtained from us by fraud
and without consideration, and will there
fore not be paid, and the law will not com
pel us to pay it. _ _ _
March 26, 1845.--:.:3;
40113 C3llMale340 1 21 re .J3aicr4,
All the newspapers are full of patent rem:
edits for caughs, colds, consumption and va
rious other diseases which flesh is heir to,"
proceeding from wet fee!': but all experience
teaches that an ounce of reventive is
better than a pound of cure; " and, having
the means of furnishing the former article
on short notice. Therefore
Charles S. Black
respectfully informs the good citiz, as of the
bt rough of Huntingdon, and the public gen
erally, that he still continues the
Moot nub Ahoy:making
business, at his oil stand in Allegheny st.,
one dour west of William Stewart's Store,
in the borough of Huhtingdon, where he has
lattly received a large assortment of new
and fashionable lasts. on which he guaran
tees to finish his work nut only according to
the latest styles, but in a workmanlike man
ner, ir.ti according to older.
He employs none but the bast and most ex
perienced workmen, a v id by strict attention
to business and penctuality in promises, hr
hopes to deserve and receive a liberal share
of custom.
WANTED-an Area ENTICE to the abcti c
business-4 boy of 16 ur 17 years of age will
be preferred, and find a good situation if ap
plication be made soon.
Huntingdon, April 23, 1845.
USTICES"Bi-aaks hil k for sale
10 at this Office,
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.
WOULD most respectfully inform the
citizens of this county, the public
generally, and his old friends and customers
in particular, that he has leased for a term
of years, that large and commodious building
on the West end of the Diamond, in the bo
rough of Huntingdon, formerly kept by An
.lrew H. Hirst, which he has opened and
furnished as a Public House, where every
attention that will minister to the comfort
and convenience of guests will always be
sfiss %IlesAblics•
will at all times be abundantly supplied with
the best to be had in the country.
LEtflas a9esauci
will be furnished with the best of Liquors
is the very best in the borough. and will
always be attended by the most trusty, at
tentive and experienced ostlers.
Mr. Couts pledges himself to make every
exerti3n to render the "Franklin House" a
home to all who may favor his with a call.
Fhankfulto his old customers for past favors,
he respectfully solicits a continuance of their
Boarders, by the year, month, or week,
will be taken on reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, Nov. 8. 1843.
Tax subscribers respectfull) inform their
friends and the public in general, that they
are prepared to manufacture cloths, satti
netts, flannels, hl*inkets, carpeting, &c., at
the well known establishment, formerly oc
cupied by Jeremiah Whitehead, situated in
the town of Williamsburg, Huntingdon co.
Pa. Their machinery will be in good order,
and having none but good workmen in their
employ, they will assure all who may favor
them with their custom that their orders
will be executed in a satisfactory style on
the shortest notice.
They will card wool into rolls at the low
price of 64 cents per pound ; card and spin
12 cuts per pound, 16 cents per pound ;
manufacture white fi timel from fleece. 31#
cents per yard ; manufacture brown Lima I
from fl-ece, 40 cents per yard ; they will
find sattinett warp and manufacture satti•
netts of all dark colors at 45 cents per yard;
cloths wide, SO cents per yard ; common
broad cloth. $1 25 per yard ; blaLkets, $3
per pair ; plain girthing carpet, SO cents per
yard ; they will card, spin, double and twist
stocking yarn at 20 cents per pound ; color
ing carpet, t and stocking yarn, from
15 to 31 cents per pound.
Cloths of all dark colors, 22 cents per yd;
flannels, Si cents per yard , blankets, 7 cents
Per yard ; home dye flannels 6/ cents per
yard; home dye cloths, 16 cents per yard.
Arrangements have been made at the f
lowing places, where eli.ths and wool will be
taken and returned every two weeks.
At the hou , e of John Nail, Harts', g Val
-I,y ; Jacob M'Gahan, M'Connellsto%n ; J.
Entrekin's store,
.Coffee Run ; John
store, Leonard Weaver, Jacob Cypress and
Matthew Garner, Woodcock Vslley ; Gem
mel & Porter's store, Alexandria ; Walter
Graham's store, Canoe Valley ; Dysart's
Mill, Sii.king Valley ; Davis. Brook's Mill,
Blair township ; James Candron's store.
Frankstown ; Geo. Steiner's store, Water
street ; James Saxton's store, Huntingdon.
Persons wishing to exchange wool for man
uMcturc d stuffs can be accommodated. _
tr 7 -• All kinds of country produce taken in
xchange for work.
Williamsburg, March 19, 1845.-Iy.
from what we see and feel, that the animal
body is, in its organs and functions. subject
to derangement, inducing pain, and tending
to its destruction. In this disordered 'state,
we observe nature providing fur the re-es
tablishment of order, by exciting some salu
tary evacuation of the morbific matter, or by
some other operation, which escapes our
imperfect senses and researches. In some
cases she brings on a ci isis by the bowels, in
others by sweating, &c. &c.
Now experience has taught us that there
are certain substances, by which, applied to
the living body, internally or externally, we
can at will produce the same evacuations,
and thus do in a short time, what nature
could do hut slowly, and do effectually what
she might not have strength to accomplish.
When then we have seen a disease cured by
a certain natural evacuatioo, should that dis
ease occur again, we may count upon curing
it by the use of such substances, as we know
bring about the same evacuation, which we
had before observed to cure a similar disease.
It is in consequence of the power which
the Brandreth Pills exert upon the whsle
system, that makes them so universally ben
eficial. It is because they impart to the
• body, the power to expel disease without
leaving any evil effect.
Asa gencral family medicine, Brandreth's
Pills are, it 'is believed by the Proprietor,
suerior to every other offei ed to the public.
Or. Brandreth's Pills are for gale by the
following Agents in this county.
Wm. Stewart, Huntingdon.
M'Farkine, Garber, &,co., Hollidaysburg.
& N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Moore & Swoope Alexandria,
Hartman & Smit h, Manor Bill.
Thomas M. Owens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson, Williamsburg.
Blair an I Maddt n, Mad& let Mills.
irr The ;ibove are the only authorized
agents in Huntingdon county.
Aprill6, 1843. tl 11th Jy.
Raga ? Rags! Rags
Country Merchants can sell their Rags for
Cash, at the highest market prices, or
in exchange for a lari..e ass..rtnient
of Writing, Printing & Wrap
ping Papers of various pri
ces. .41so,—A n exten
sive assortment at
figured Wait
& Curtain
some of which can be sold at half the usual
price. Also, a general assortment of all
BOOKS and Stationary, which will be sold at
low prices, by
Wholesale Dealer, Nn. 4, North sth street,
2 doors above Market
t 3d awath 26th d..y, 1845.-2 mo.
Jewelry ! Jewelry ! ! Jewelry!!!
_lwo . received, astock
fp. Vi of the most
.14 cient Jewelry 97" ever
(6) came up the l'ilte.",,Ll
n Conslstmg of GOLD
ER/ I,vmmts, Ladies
fullES: je"elied.
SilvEn PATENT LJER, Oole and single
casecl,St 'Awe ANCHOR LNviLus,fu ll jeweled,
double and single cased ENGLISH WATCHES,
Im'tation Levers, QUARTIER and FRENCO
Gold Fob Chains, and Seals,
of the most fashionable patterns. Gold
Pencils, Spectacles, Guard Chains, Key's,
Breacelets sett with b l intz, Medulla., Fin
ger Riags, Ear Rings, Breast Pius, sett with
topaz. amethist, &c. &c. Mineattire Cases,
Silk Purces, Coral Beads, Pock( t Hot ks,
Musical Boxes,Mathematical Instrumi tits.
Silver Spectacles, Table Spoons, Tea and
Salt Spoons, Sugar 'longs, Lowends pattetit
Silver Pencils, Razors of the finest quality,
HENRY CLAY penknives, a superior arti
de, Steel Pens, Spy ('lasses, Hair Brushes.
Tooth Brushes, Platina Points, &c.&c. All
the above articles will be sold cheap( t .ban
ever heretofore.
Clock and Watch repairing done as usual,
very cheap for cash. _
A large .
assortment of eight day and thir
ty hour Clocks will be sold very cheap.
All watches sold will be warranted for one
year, and a written guarranter given, that
it not fodnd equal to warranty it will (during
that Period) be put in order without expense,
or it trjured, may he exchanged for any
other watch of equal value. The warranty
is considered void, should the watch, with
which it is given, be put into the hands of
another watch maker.
Huntingdon, April 10, 1844.
Ltotkbale founimg.
THE, suincriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Huntingdon and the artj
ing counties, that he still cortinnt s to car
ry on business at the Rn, koale Foundry, on
Clover Creek, two miles from Williams
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
workmanship, and with promptness and de
He will keep constantly on hand stovesof
every description, such as
Cooking, Ten Plate,
num oars, Hollow Ware, and every kind of
castings necessary for forges, mills or ma
chinery of any description ; wagon boxes of
all de,eriptions, &e., which can be had on
as good terms as they can be had at any
other foundry in the county or state.
Remember the Rockdale F,undry.
87. Old metal taken in exchange for any
• t 7 Mr. K. has recently purchased the
pattent right of a cooking stove for Hunting
don county—the stove will be set up by him
and w 'minted to the purchaser to be as good
as any in the State—orders furnished.
July 17, 1844.—tf.
nv orym
Carriage Manufactory
virOS I' respectfully informs the citizens
444 of the borough and ccunty of Hunting
don, the public generally, aid his and friends
and customers in particular, that he still
ceeithlues the
Coach Making Business
in all its various branches, at his old stand,in
Main street in the bor. ugh of Iltintiorlon
Dearly oppp.ite the 'Journal' printing ffice
where he has constantly on hand every
description of
T:r•• Coaches, Carriages,
Buggies, Sleighs
;,i„,„milkso Jiearborns,
which he will sell low for c r I n rt aon
able terms. _
All kinds of work in his line made to or.
icr, on the shortest notice. in a
And all kinds of repairing clone a ith neat
less and despatch.
Country produce will be taken in exchange
for tarn k.
Any persons wishing to purchase are re
spectfully* invited to call cud examine and
udge for themselves.
- - -
Huntingdon N0v.29, 1843,
LOST.--Was lost of Thursday last, the
27th ult., between Waterstrt et and HOU
claysbure, a letter from Raymond & Colin,
Havre 1)e Grace, Md.. to R. Hendrrson,
Alexandria, Huntingdon county, Pa., con
taining a statement of their sum - tint—also,
their Note to the said E. Henderson, di ted
21st inst., (Match) for six hundred dollars,
payable in four numths,at the Western k,
lPhiladelphia. Any person finding said let
ter, and leaving it with, or miclosingto, the
Past Master, at Alexandria, Huntingdon co.,
with the said Nate, will oblige the subscri
ber. Notice of the above loss has been given
to the said Raymond & C the
Western Bank, Philadelphia.
April 2, 1845.
LIST OF LE rrEns,n mining in the
Post Office, in the borough of Huntingdon.
If not ci l h for previous to the ht day of
July, they will he sent the Post Office De
partment at Washington, its dead letters.
B wileatt George W. Hamilton NA , illiam
Black Susana Hort, II James
Belli Andrew W. Hicks Harriet
Caldwell Simnel 2 Lvam John
CitlithAm Charles B. Miller John
Camlions Isaac WKislop Andrew
Cramer Mary Ann M'Kelvey Nancy
Crawford Samuel Miller James
Crosby Mary Ann, or Orr Mr.
Situ z Mary Price Diana
Drening William 2 %Ml:trump J din
Diramor: Samuel Qiipea Gecrge
Derr John binder John *
Edware Joseph Smith William
FV:ning Mary A. Tar for William
Fisher Stellman Rev. Wray Robert
Garrit Mary Inn Wiley Tho. K. Esq
('riffeth John • Yaw George
Hight George • From France.
Huntingdon, Apeil 9, 184.5.
c _V s I S BA / s
•0 ° m 4 4/
R 4'4 r REMOVi
Diseases of the Lungs and 'Breast.
• '4,40"
'f o Dim Pusuc.- in uCcordance with the
prevailing custom, mid in order to alto V the
virtues of this tnedicine mine fully, the Nl
loweng certificates have been selected ; and
as it .is not our Wish to trill, with the lie
or health of those afflicted,' we sincerely
Vedge ourselves' tq make no assertions or
o Lase statements" of its efficacy • nor will
we hold out any. hops to stArins Immunity
which facts will not warrant. rhe proots
are here given—and we solicit an Inquiry
from the public into every case we pubikh, •
and feel assured they will find it a medicine'
well deserving their patronage and confi
Of all the cures that have yet been recort!- -
ed, there are certainly none equal to
In low mentioned. and they plainly slo.w v
the curability of Con. ption. even io
some of its worst forms :
Let every man, woman and child read the'
following, and we are sure that it must satin•
fy all of the great virtues of the medici n e.
a 7 Read the following front Dr. Jarrly
Huf f man, a physician of extensive practict he
Huntingdon count) :
Dear Sit procured one bottle of D r .
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Clietry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. of this place, and
it in a case of obstinate Asthma on a '•hild of
Paul Schweble, in which many other rt
dies had been tried without any relict 'l he
Balsam gate sudden relief, and in my °ph,
ion the child is efftcluelly cut ed by its me.
Yours, &c.
Dec. 23, 1841.
The case of Thomas Cozens is related Yiy
himself as follows, and acknowledged by
all who knew him to be one of the most
astonishing afid extrhordinary cures ev , ic
performed :
April 20, 1843.
On or about the 13th of October, 1891,
was taken with a violent pain in the side
near the Liver, which continued about live
drys,and, was followed by the breaking lit
an eer, or something inwardly, which re
lieved the pain a little, but e aused me to
throw up a great quantity of offensive mat
ter and also much blood. Being greatly
alermed at ihisl applied to a physician, who
said he thought lie ci old du but little fur'
me t actin give me some mercury pills
which 1 refused to take feeling satisfied that
they could do me no good ; many other re
medies were then procured by my wife and
hien& but none did me any good and the.
discharge it blood rod putrid cortuptiiii
stil continued t very few days, iind at the Lee
it Ircame so offensive that 1 ceti'd secret
breathe. I was also stiz d with a e
c iugb,which at dowse:lased n eto also much
more blood than I had formerly dine, aed.
my disease continued in this way until Feb
ruary, when all hopes of my 'recovery were
given up. and my friends all thought that I
would die of a galloping consumption. At
this wine nt when my life apparently whs
drawing near to its close, I heard of Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry and got n biittle
which relieved me jam, di. tely,und by
tine of only three bottle aif this medicine,
all toy pains were removed, and my cough
an d spitting 01 I 'emoted, and in a ler:
days my health was ru far restored as to eu
able me to work at my truth: (et hieli is that
of a carpenter) and up to this time 1 have
enjoyed genet health.
I'Vrramss.--1 am acquainted with Thom
Cu a ua and having seen Min during
I tidal; his statement is entitled to full
credit. , SAM. H. BURROUGHS.
Appeared before me personally, and Arm
ed according to law, on the 20th of April,
1843. J. CLEMKN
It is unnecessary to remind all whte
would get the true article, toil quire partic
ularly for "Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry : " and take nothing else.
Unprincipled dealers will tell you that the
Sy 111.11. of Wild Cherry, or some other cough
medicine is equally as good. Regard them
tint—they only want your MONEY ! fitment
ber, it is " Wistat's talzam of Wild Chtr•
ry" that not only relieves but cures !
Price one dollar/ter bottle, or nix for
For sale only in Cincinnati, liv
corner o/ Fourth and H abt,.
Also, fir' sale by Thomas Head 1.9' Son,
(wholesale and retail,) Huntingdon, and
Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg.
lintetry IS, 1845.-6 m.
LIST OF LErI'ERS, remaining in trlic
Post Office, at Alexandria, Huntingdon
on the tat day of A 1,111,1845 —which if not
taken out within three months will be sent
to the General Post Office as dead letters.
Anderson David Karts Josiah
Bingham 11, M. 2 M'Abee Gaza way
Baker John Miller Christian G.
Bucket Frederick Maker(' John
Colnelv John Neff Edwin W.
Colwell Miss Nes.lin Thomas M.
Conner Francis Oldham Thomas.
Cresswell N. Porter John 3
Danget field Mr. Genimil & Porter
Davis I) (yid Ross James
Davis B nKnn Sumter Atha
Dull Casper Shively Daniel:
Hutchinson Edward Swoopp Margit% Mrs,
Huyett Jacob G. Stevens & Patton
Herrencame J 'cob 2 Stewart Thomas ,
Householder %chi. Snyder Jacob
Ichinger Adam Shoenbergcr Latin fr
Isenberg Elizabeth Stewart M. A. Mrs.
Lytle Robert Thompson Martha
Kaufman Daniel Weight Henry
Kline Enoch Walls James
K4ntz Michael Whitchill William
Kinkead James. Wallace Thomas
A'exailria, April 9. 1845.
31Istate of Elizabeth Shaw, late of
Morris township. tlecea4td.
p() 1110 E is hereby given, that Letters
SI testamentary on the last will and tea- ,
Lament of said deceased have beewgranted
to the subscribers. All persons therefore
indebted to the estate of raid deceasd, are
requested to make immediate ptynrent, and
all having claims to present them duly at.-
thenticated for settlement, to
]WIN KELLILTI. ter." -
April 30, 18 . 4.5.-• tit Morris, sr.