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. A young whale was captured to the Cobscook
River, Me., on Sunday week by a Mr. Small. Ho
was captured in the following manner, and some
think the feat was superior to any of the Baron
Mundtausen'e, Mr. S. ventured In a boat along•
side of him, and with a boat hook put out hie eyo
on the side leading down the river, which forced
him into shoal water. With an ono he then mode
an incision, through which Its passed a rope, which
kept his head in shore. After thrashing about
some time, the tide left him high and dry. He was
dl feet long, and 84 feet through the thickest part.
Ho yielded about 25 barrels of oil, and as touch
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'One country, one constitution, one destiny!'
trk tea aa na (fa (ID tsa
Wednesday morning, rune 18, '45-
Bishop Potter's Acceptance. 1
At a special meeting of the Standing Committee ; Fifteen years ago-says the Cleveland Plain
of the Episcopal Church tit this Diocese held in
:Dealer-a man committed perjury in Sheldon ; Gen-
Philadelphia, en Saturday the 7th fast, the follow- !
nesee county N. Y., by which he net only, by the
ing letter was presented from the Biehop elect:
aid of strong circumstantial evidence, defrauded his
lietoN Cueiaor., June 3d 1845. neighbor of four or five hundred dollars, but also
'Rev. 11. J. Morton, D. D.; Rev, 7'. M• - l I ,
- - Clark;' ' threw a suspicion of crime upon the head of that
Thomas Robbins, Esq.; Dr. 'l'. 1.. Ado.
neighbor. It rested there. Stung by remorse, per
cGeetlemm:--I received several days since,L isp,
1 the perjurer left that county, and became a
through your kindness, the official notice of my el- 1 wayfarer in the west. After many years, Justice
ection to the office of Bishop of the Protestant
laid her heavy iron grasp upon him, and sent him
Episcopal Church in Pennsylvania. I want words
retribution in the shape of poverty, sickness and
to express' my grateful sense of this undeserved
He became an inmate of our township
and distinguished mark of public confidence, and
Hospital, the Poor House. Death wa. very nigh to
to each of you I owe my sincere thanks for the '
him. Moved by the prickinesi of that conscience
kind and cordial manner in which you were pleaseil'
which "loth make cowards of tut all." he began to
to urge my acquiescenee. 1 have goon to the
fear the monster, and to call for very present help
' led that anxious " msiderssi°° 'bid" so eminent '. its time of trouble. A neighboring clergymen las
ly merest, and I have cenclUded, though not without
_ Lased to the dying perjurer's bed-sid e .-The mart
many misgivings, to accept the appointment. e.
uttered a confession of the crime, and as a feeble
rides conflicting claims of a sacred nature and aii token of repentance, requested the whole to he no
strong reluctanc e co leave scenes and employments
endeared to rem by many ties. I have had to eneoun- I
II s roiled individual. tea down, and sent buck to the defrauded and de
ter the panful consciousness that I shall be likely
The Plain Dealer adds:-" The confession was
to peen unequal to the faithful responsibilities of i
sent, but so incredible did the story appear, and so
such a charge. Accuatomtd to a life of retirement
and of comparative exemption from care, I cannot fixed were the impre sshbor,
osof the citizen., of the
but contemplate with deep solicitude the prospect
gull[ of their neighbor, andof the innocence of the
greet perjurer, that nought but the highest written
of the arduous public labors to which you have call- ;
' evidence could remove them. Certificates of the
ed me. But I commit myself to God and the AT- ,
verity of the confession were voterday sent, and
port of' His grace; and it is My earnest prayer that'
after a la; se of fifteen years, the stein upon the fair
I May not prove entirely Unworthy of the generous .
individuall; t so mewhat removed."
confidence of your Diocese, nor forget under any . fame °l.the
circumstances, the meekness, diligence, and zeal A RIOT IN A THEATRE.
which becomes n Bishop in the Church of God. !
"I am with great regard, . .
1 hef ew 1 - ork Sun slays that a riot et the New
Yours faithfully, , Dowry Theatre, last Saturday Night, terminated in
' the almost total destruction of the boxes, and benches
" '
throughout the house. Mrs:Philips refused to pro-
Liberal. , teed until her promised compensation for several
Montreal has come forwent nobly in aid of nights' services then past due, bud been paid to her
Quebec. Besides the .E 2,060 (e 8,000) advanced and the eudieno were requested to call at the tick
by government, a subscription list was opened at :et office and receive back their admission foe. But
theliret meeting, and 15,000 ($120,000) subrcri- ' the Cashier was not in the office-he could not be
bed on the spot. This tvas subsequently increased, ' found, and returning to the pit, boxes, end gaiter
down to Friday evening, to 17,151 20 3d or the ies, the more active spirits among the audience tore
handsome sUm bf $:3,608. ; up the bench., cut and disfigured (Imitations, and
left mil: Wm icoinaellel by a strong body of watch-
A Chinese Convert to Christianity. 1 men and police officer.. Waren'. Bonsai or WILD CuEnRT.-This
The Rev. Mt. Dean, a Missionary to China
article, . its name indicates, is a chemical extract
' who HEALTH OF I'HOMAS W. DORR. of Wild Cherry. It is simple and harmless in its
h. been delivering a course of lectures at Roches. ,
ter, has with him a Chinese convert, when, parents Governor Jackson. a Rhode Island, having re- effect=-Jet it is more efficacious in obstinate
art heathen, and whose brothers are now whors ghs,
cently visited Thomas W. Dort in prison , makes
h , mplai Asthma, Croup, Coneutoption and Liver
the following statement in a letter to the Chairman Co nt; than any other medicine known to man.
pers of idole. He recently delivered tie Address, It has effected more marvellous cures-having more
which Mr. Dean translated ftir the altdience. He 'f the State Pr ison Inspectors:
' the appearance of miracles than the e ff ect of . not-
Pa ovine:mit, June 5, 1845; oral remedy. The active ingredient of this balsam,
raid he was happy to mot so Moldy lihrietiane, ' instant, Still Another Disastrous Fire in
"the E xtract,"is not, end cannot he known or made
. Star-I have your note of the 3d In
that he hoped with them in the eattle Sartain, and Pittsburg. by any but the inventor. Hence It is in vain to
Ilv tee it me to say that during the visit I made American Review.
looked forward to the same Heaven. Heron, his r fa s-j f i i • e • Sf r a t f u s prison a - or ' W e learn from the Pittsburg Morning Ariel that I I try remedies that fail in their satinet ea often as they
t days since, I saw, among We have the June number of the American Re- are used.
conversion, he had a eery confused ides of
tither prisoners, Mr. T. W. Dom. A. a large per- another disastroue fire has occurred in that devoted
' view, the Whig monthly magazine; but we have I William Seater, Esq. Postmaster at Batavia, N.
the hereafter. He thought he would enter some tion of the people of this State feel a strong inter- city. About half pad 3o '
clock this morning, says
I not had time to make an acquaiittence with ire con- lO%. writes that t7c4r,;wah,,slaiit.enddPeersflinflf°,snjabet:el:
ether world, and live pretty much as he lived here. the Arid of Tuesday the 10th, flames were seen
eat in his welfare, I enquired of hint particularly, tents. We perceive that the paper called the
He worshipped the idol gods of •Jr•ia own country, ' hissing out of the stable of eirs. Verner, corner of ' at e e ' d t an immediate end extensive derrand for it.-
concerning his health and the treatment he had re- ..Mystery a Iniquity" ix continued. it Mimes up lt ne e eehut to be knew. to be universally used by
whom he lied been taught to believe would protect eaiwad in prison. Exchange and Brewery alleys. between Liberty and
, the fraud which was practiced spinet the Whigs physicians as well as patient.,
Iran from and promote his bushes. ll;Penn street., and St. Clair and Irwin streete, and
i He informed me that the circulation of Inci blood t at the late Presidential election. IV° copy the fol- ' The genuine, for sale by 7'hornas Read, Hun•
thought that the god dwelt in the image, not that
woe variable, ranging from fifty tokine hundred pal- 60013 Woad ill surrounding building. 0 firemen
- ur - remen lowing paragraphs as specially startling:-U, S. tingles, and Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg.
the image was God-bur he never knees exactly
cations in a minute-that the Airtime of his body were soon upon the spat, but greatly felt the want Gazelle. _
what to think with regard to the future. He
' waa constantly cold•-that he had chronic rheum.- of water and apparatue. They worked am well as " Th e ass ociated gambler', and criminate of the i
thought according to the Boodhish system, that . . •
k d ' dhissthey could, and deserve credit for their good int.-
city of New York had for many year', maintained ' --r----- . - - .
tam in les Lae an extremities, an thatpp.-
"Here the girls and here the widow
good men after death, became angels, and if they lions, but were unable to subdue the fire until a
fife was poor and hi. digestive functions much ini- a peculiar connexion with the cognate fratenity of Always cost their earliest glance,
did not sin, wheu angels, they would become gods;
sired. lie also elated that h ue new alluded with quarter or more of the block was gone.
political adventurers and speculators who formed And, with smileless face. consider
and if they maintained their integrity as gods, then From Mre. Verner's; 'table ,the fire communica- If they, too, won't salmi a chance
i s ' ult acute inflamation of the liver, attended with the nucleus and directive agency of "the party"
. their last reward, they would be annihilated, , To make some clever fellow nor DIX
But if not good in this Ille, be believed they would rein in his Ade, which deprived him to a consider- Led to the liable a Mr. M'Cuteheon, which was
here. Distinct in organization, though o ft en pos. '
In blies, and often too--in trouble."
extent of sleep.-Under these circumstances, destroyed. From here in a direct line along Ex
seating some members in common, these two sub- I . _ _
be tamed into brutes. The name of the convert,
he wee very desirous of exercise in the open air. change Alley, it burned a stable and partly destroy.
communities of knavery had subeieted, each in its I MARRIED :On Sabbath eveningehe Bth inst.
as we learn from the Rochester Democrat, is A-Bak
own sphere, but in a sympathetic conteceproductive ' by the Rev. Wm. Wearer, Mr. GEORGE GENT'!.,-he is 23 years old, and was engaged in agricul- Ile did not complain much of his fare, and said lie ed W. & NI. Nlitheliree's distillery, where it atop.
, had invariably been perutitted to judge e ar h nna de j pad in that direction. Seterel Made and outhouses of reciprocal profit incalculably great, consequently 'to Miss hl ARIA 0170, of Ii Wry, Huntingdon
tura! pursuits till the age of 20. He is a man a ' of one sort or ether Were burned on this row. i co.
as to hie ability to labor. n accumulating durability by duration.
little above the Usual mature of the Chinese, can 1 From the thatilkry the fire worked down to Pen _a
Relying as I do, on the integrity of his word, "The gamblea had long been in the habit of -
read and Write imperfectly - is the."' in " native end having ' ese naintance with the nature of
item q street, destroying a large frame which we could not
playing to the reeponsible agents of the petty with 081T1TA.7.7 p.2390nn.
costume, and in all respect., is a fair representation diseases, l h ave no h es i tat i on i n say i ng that I con . learn the name of. At this juncture the three Amy
which they were thue associated, a large sum of ! -
of the con.. people of his native c ountry. TH no age not no condition sates,
brick house of htr. Snmud M'Clean was consider
money just before each election, a. a con e identti°° F A r i r i n g n oe l3 B E th A e freeman, so departs the ream,
wee baptised °bole two years ego, sad
ane l . l o l , alder hhniu a very infirm state of health. I there.
ably damaged, .d the kitchen roof burned o ff .
for sacra political intelligence upon which they T he c hi e ft a i n '. Waco and the peannt's slave,
fire number oreanized into the Tic Chew church, in f adviseth t' • connexion with his medical treat-
Next, on Penn Street; the Litery stables of Mr.
would make their betting cakulations and also a , Alike are ravished by his haughty power.
' , min t ure libe herea fter alleteed the beitefir of cur-
Hong Kong, under the postural care of Mr. Dean, . • • ;eines aleAffee, the frame dwelling of etr.. Verner
'me at frequent interval. in the open a.. means of bringing about the purposed effictswhich ; -- -
in April 184$. The church is noW composed of " . • •
' I also recommend that the prisoner in o. 0
N'B and th e d w elli ng of. M r. Whitt ' , extending to the conetituted the certain details of isuccees. The au- ' DIED: In Hollidayeb s urg on Sunday evening,
eight member., A number more have desired corner of II ewery alley, tore consumed. the Bth inst., Ma.— HAFER, aged about 79
( hose mind appears to be inudt impaired, and t tome en ra
I • d 0 e 1 Committee of the party made an .
baptism. Large itesemblages on the Sabbath at.
trio eat . „ ins -n-I- p ain in his head) h ., i ndu l ge d i„ The Pittsburg Brewery, belonging to Cie W.
exact, thorough canvass of the actual lawful vote of '
tend divine !service in their dialed, arid the people Smith, and a building nest to it, dui the Crest aide Ye e ni nFriday the Gilt inst., in the borough of Indiana
similar P manner. And I further su g gest, fpr your the city just before each election, and, upon that,
Hon. JAMES APKENNAN, one of the Ag
rippa simple, wadable and Mquiring, and afford ° ef Brewery alley, were on fire (several finite.; hut
Adoration whether it may nut be advisable to decided how many epurious votes were wanted to sec Judge. a thA out 40 year. 5
encouraging prospects to those who are laboring el ' _•' e ~ • •r, were paved by the vigilance of the firemen. The
easiOliaoy the same pr i vilege to every con
grant oc . . secure practical result., and were they were wanted months, and 3 days.
for the introduction of Christianity into Clene, back roofs of several stores fronting on Liberty
site, whose deportment is universally proper and ; and could be desirably bestowed. They could an- -
Caution(street caught al., but were exfinguished without a.e...Ve MI EIZIa e - .6.a11e
to Patentees. • preiftworthy. nounce to their secret allies, with great precision, '
meek dainage.A good FOUNDER, to tek- charge a one
It give s me pleasure M way in conclusion, that fuel the real majorities against them; and then they ar. '
It has been declared Ly Judge Nekton, . we ' The fire was undoubtedly, die work of Month- miles apa rt,
1 andapartments f Ile prison ,{ ranged with them, in like precision, the exact ap- ' I. tw° rtriinces, Attie . te t d fiv e en„ .t.
learn from a communication in the National Intel,. cells, wcithah "
which to a heti thY and pleasant Pa, of °I 10 . "
appeared to be dean and comfortable, and that the I , parent majorities In every ward or thews', mast come well recoinmended.
ligencer, that if the proprietor of a new invention ,
as / " served, were • •,• , prevented greater deatruction.
judiciously and were to be produced by their joint means and ogee. ' Apply to A. lir F.LKN, PittBl3l.ll . o.
sells even one of his article., before he h. taken P rulbnert '' 8° ~ -- ' re Kittaiting Free Press and Hollitlays
out his patent he thereby loses his exclueive claim; Pr.fdahle- employe d' The President and his family have removed to eke In the manufacture of false votes. The sum
bin; ItegiAer please copy to amount of one
the sale is held to be an abendoement of hie in- Verp 006 1teellhiler Your obedient oreent, Coleman's, in Waehington, while tho White raised by the welders, end contributed to the tree- stellar and fifty cents each, and charge and
CI !ARLES JACK SON . SON. sury as their equivalent for secret hitelagence, was sene papers to advertiser.
venues to the public. 'nig is a new dicieion- Hour iebeing rep ai n t e d.
it is well kn own that fir, Hair WM s in bad health ' _____ ______ _____- $3OOO in the spring of 1844, and did not much - - -----
the apposite doctrine having been heretofore held .
WI 1 it 'melons were in fashion at New Oilcans vary from that amount for some time pet ious. ,
when lie entered the prison. let ter is any Water t Es tate of Henry S. Spang, late of
at the Patent office The ease in which the law
',Aerie township, eceased.
• worse now than then, we are unable to Fey. The on the Ist instant. , Thie both paid the expenses of the laborious, pre.: '
was declared by judge Nelson, was that of Wilson
_..‘,. , .... , . , 1 ol'IC Eis hereby given In, tbet letters
itnou . !Amid papers tither on him point, accoruing limitary coin., and furnielied means for malong ' 11 testamentary upon the said estatehave
v.. Packard. The Cincinnati tailors are making India rubber
' • Mice! affinities. BA there is not the g ood its deficiencies by illegal to The &iamb. ; been granted to the undersigned. All per
to their po litical
least evidence eitliln our knowledge that his ey mp. Pantskne.
tare could also the ins rUMell a 1111
A Washington letter to the New York Tribune .
I lit netted by severe treatment, on ' Ace/den/8.-On Tuesday last one of the miners o f fraud from arriOlig their retainers and dependents. , s l ake i mm ri e d iKtv ( l i nqffleni , at i l i t l ltobe having
nay. that Mr. Packenham (lijitish Minister ) has • toms here
. tt f ::
been treated Wilh the greatest for "Elizabeth Furnace ' ''''" ki ll ed by th e "' ill. ' ill the powerful influence of the lawless and trim - 1 dal ri c ne l s r er i n to - l) ee:n:e7 t V; T n t y a i t
t i
I T: ,
t a t
privatly experased hie hclief flat the Oregon the "ifirar' hr
• in of an ore bunk. He has left a wife acs Bor s , . .
• lenity and itidule,euee. Ile himself Pees, as repor•
~ their i i ttl •nt t
or se eine , o
question will he awaked Without War, unless there •
Governori Buren t mourn Ilia untimely end. Another fast class of the community were within
Jackson,that he has //iiivarialilv ' " a
made having been near. reach. 11. A.' SPANG,
„all he a „ aria ., a o ar , in iiinka miahh ,, ahant k. i n led by . .
.. e orkman a narrow e scape, i
' DR. JESSE WOLF, i Ex'i s.
, been permitted to judge for himself es to Me ability ly hurled beneath the ent meiotic:tit.
1 April 23, :84/. Morrie tit.
Congress or by the Pre., .
ta fiber.--The Providence Journal :prose a
, .. it / Oil V% eiluesday etching Mr liimiti.liman, One , 7'he Laird Lelia in the World.-Mr. Jolin I _
• of the carpenter. en the building of J ames et, Bell ' B. Peter., Jr., who aceompanied thet.A merlon Em- I
The field Orles. Picayune Antes, that a arlie ,
re 111 /a th. Gmernor had it
not made a mere ex.
Esq. fel; from the top of the third story into the ' A.W. BENEDICT
t 0.., to China, arrived on Itlondey mooting in the' 4 TTORIVP: V 4 T .1...411 . -.--liaTlGDOig t
ming y a m s , b ra !p e n av inn, .. purely sageta hi e plicit statement in regard to Doer'. tteatment, reel' • well and, strange to say, wee trot merit iujuied• I , • .
PIN" through the southetn country at spied rate. men, •, prison ,d - thE f ' Pa .-O ffice Offic • t his old rea'clence lit Main
Are .141 c in and Myhre Ida to sip. , A boy made a miraculous recap° on Wednesday , Ain, Bazaar, an informs us at the Emperor 0 , . t. ii 1 .
On undergoing an analysis., they were found to be ply the otiu , stutt , )•arts , ert 1 8
- ' 1 • e•i the following Om ' evt le ne et the state Blip, He WaSseUing on the the Celestial dominions h. written a letter, .
in the I wort, a fete donee Weire of the toilet
, feint of a truck a s it was descending into the walsr '
; Chinese and Mantchou languagee, to the President ; If .use. A. VV, R. will attend to any bu
.. pude vegetahle,' it deed. They were nothing. tionic--
fell off, mei the whole train posed over hini. He eines% ' entrusted to hint in the several
iear , nor iee , t h an „ „,, en t „,,!, n i .,,, .1: ; ,,,,, ii I 1. 14 there any leirelmess or unk 'mine., or ini. „ rue n et with but a :.I ht le uies.-1!.://idseeturg lof the United Slates, which is six feet long by three ' courts fit' llntitingdon and ~cljlinin'g cnttn
fret eerie. Mr. Pets, can the hetes It a Lt.. April SO, 1645.-tl.
s•• • se i :ri.e.,. •-. i., ,e. •e, itcees•stry rrstlaint, s xtreised towei44 the convicts! Regietei .
2. !s the treatment of Thomas W. Dort any bet
ter or worse than that of the other convicts, and if
so, in what respect?
t. What is your opinion of the prison fare, se
compared with the ordinary fare of laboring metal
4. How doe. the prison, in its discipline, treat-1
ment and general management, compare ati a whole,
with similar institutions in other States!
We have no doubt that Gov. Jackson will be
willing to answer these questions, end to answer
them fairly. Howexer much lie may desire the
liberation of Dorr, of course he does not wish to
see the State suffer under such false accusations as
have been made in regard to the management of
the prison.
There has been a difficulty between the authori
ties of Missouti and lowa for some years past in re
lation to the question of boundary. Recently Mr, I difficulty occured between the same parties. The
Riggs, the Sheriff of Scaler county, Mieaouri, wag Fairmount was then surrounded by a mob of men,
seized by the authorities of lows, end committed who drove the Engine to the corner of William
to prison will'o exercising the dunes of his office and Vine street. Mere the principal fight was car
within the boundariee of Missouti no established by ried on. The weapons used were missiles of all
the laws of that State. lowa hae repeatedly cart. kinds, which were collected in great quantai. on
lured and impriaoned the Sheriffs of Missouri and the ground 7 —spanners and horns, and a few file
sentenced them to the Penitentiary for the faithful anna
discharge of their official Juliet
Murderers of ice Smith.
The five persons indicted fur killing Joe and Hi• ! passed between a man and his wife, who were sit
ram Smith appeared in Court, at Hancock county, ting at a second story front window. A number of
on the 19th ultinio.--This trial was fixed for the persons were injured by having been struck with
2 lat. But few Mormans were in attendance, and brickbats, among these were three men named Hen
no disturbance of any kind took place, although ! Wiltbank, who received a blow on the back of his
something of the kind was anticipated, and would head, Jas. Hughes and William Wallace. A run
undoubtedly have taken place had the Mortneini ap. ning fight ensued.
peered in full force at court, as they promised to do Tfie Good Will members made an effort to get
and ratonip'ed in any way to interfere With the
The impression eptfili. to he that the Mormons
will not attempt a very vigorous prosecution, al
though they have witnesses who arc ready to swear
to the actual participation of some of the defendants
in the death of the Smiths; yet, being convinced of
the entire incredibility of their testimoney in a court
of juatice, will rather let things take their own
course, and, after the trial of the prisoners, endea•
vor to create sympathy in their behalf, from the
fact that ty , testimony failed to establish the guilt
of the prinancrs.
Ten dollar notes altered from notes of the late
U. N. Bank, and purporting to he on the Median
ie.' Bank of Philadelphia, are in circulation in that
Altered ules.--We have seen a one dollar re
lief note, purporting to be of the Exchange Bank
of Pittsburg—but which we found on dose mini
notion, our attention having been directed to it, to
b very ingeniously altered from a one dollar note
of the depreciated issue of the Towanda Bank.—
The signatures, E. W. Morgan, Cashier, W. Scott,
fur President, are those of the Towanda notes re
ferred to; but this note has so close a resemblance
to those of the Exchange Bank, that few persona
especially in the hurry of business, would observe
the signatures. It is a well-contrived and dangerous
fraud, and we think proper to advise our readers of
it.—York (Pa.) Gazette.
F•om the United States Gazette.
Another Disgraceful Firemen's
On Saturday eveding a fire broke out in the
Lamp Black Factory of Mr. Thomas Matlack in
Schuylkill Frcint street, betwean Callowhill and
Wood street. The fire burned during the whole night
and the upper part of the building was destroyed.
The building was formerly used as a foundry. The
walls aro still standing, and from their great thick
ness, are as good as ever.
The first alarm occurred about 11 o'clock, and
while the engines were in service a difficulty arose
bOtween the Fairmount Engine and Good Will
Hose Companies. The second alarm was about 6
o'clock. The Fairmount Engine again repaired to
the fire, and had just got into service, when another
It is thought that no injury was done to persons
by the latter, although nine reports were heard.
A pistol was fired in Vine street, the ball of which
posseasion of their adversaries, apparatus, mid
tho Fairmount members mode n ‘igeroua effort to
retain it and get It away from this ground. The
latter were met at every corner by Forties 01 the
mob, who drove them from place to place; they
however succeded in getting the engine to the cor
ner of Schuylkill Third and Vine street. here
those protect:ng the engine were overpowered, and
the apparatus was taken away from them.
The Good Will members, and those who assis.
ted them, ran her out Vine street to the Schuylkill.
Creasing the Wire Bridge, they continued for about
the illittinee of a mile, breaking her on the way,
and on iriirifig at a hill, they let her go down with
great violence; lind from thence sent her into an old
stone quarry. The engine fell about forty feet up.
on the rocks, and on reachhig the bottom was a
perfect wreck. As noon g. the Sheriff was notified
of the disturbances, he called upon Alderman Ash,
the Police Magistrate of the diebict of Spring Gar
den,and they proceeded to the spot, but it that time
the Fairmount Engine had been token away, and
broken up.
The attack scorned to be premeditated on the
part of the stronger party—as the Columbia Hose
and Northern Liberty Hose
„Companies, and Ike
Southwark Engine Company were compelled to
leave the ground. the former without her hose, in
consequence of the demonstrations which were
made towards them.—The fight while it lasted was
a moat ferocious one and a shameful desecration of
the Sabbath. It is seriously to be hoped that the
principles concerned in the disgraceful affair may
be ferretted nut and brought to justice.
written on yellow paper, enclosed in a yellow silk
case, and is now in the hands of Dr. Parker for
translation. It ip expected that it will be sent home
►s the next ship.
No title can intdgino what gratification we feel in
commuhiudting this intelligence to the Prosident,that
functionary having heretofore borne away the palm
for long me“age . e. Though we have "licked the Brit
jolters, who licked the world," it in not improbable
that the Emperor of China has us by
out-presidenting the President. At ony rate Mr.
Polk will have this consolation—the reading of the
document and the necessary reflection thereupon,
will be a task weighty enough to excuse his being
"at home," to those who still prate* him about office.
By the way might ho not, with greet propriety,
create a new office—that of reader of the Emper
or of China's letters?—Verily it would be no nine-
Y: Commercial.
From the Green County Democrat
A ',eyesore Simla ss.—.Blipslidficifien.'—Our
quiet little town has been much excited, for several
days pant, by the disappearance of ions Duos se,
Esq.. High Sheiffof this county. At fleet, strong
suspicions were felt that he had been murdered, WI
ho was known to have gone into the sparse settle •
ment in the Southwestern extremity of the county:
but at the last account, he was olive and well, and
on his way down Fish Creek, towards the Ohio
river--perhaps carrying out some new project of
annexation! His absence will materially derange
the business connected with the approaching Court.
Later.—A committee of Enquiry, who have been
in search for the lost Sheriff, returned yeiterday,
with his horse, which was found some nine or ten
miles from the Ohio river; and report that a man
answering his description, wee seen on foot, head
ing towards the river. He was deeply involved, in
consequence of a habit of Gambling.
We are truly sorry to publish these facts but our
duty requires it as a warning to others. The au
thors of his disgrace, however, should have their full
share of the punishment.
Sing Sing, January 14, 1843.
This will certify that I have used
your Vegetable Universal Pills, fur indigestion and
billions complaint which had almost proved fatal to
me. I had been under what was supposed good !
medical treatment, rind used various advertised
remedies, but without any good effect. I then
made trial of your celebrated pills, which gave me
immediate relief, and moon affected a perfect cure.
I have since used them in my family w ith the best
effect. They are the best and easiest purgative we
ever used.
I am respecifully yours,
Du. 13. liniNnarrit,
Purchase the genuine medicine of Win. Meteart,
Huntingdon . , Pu., and other agents published in
another pdtt of this paper. '
MIST Or zurrArzzas
Of Merchandise, Liquors, &c., as rei,,,,
ed by the Constables of the sevrrol linen -
ships to the counfy of Huntingdon
January Sessions, 1845, arid clussif co
Lions Piereof by the Commissioners of
the said county and Judges if Mn Cirrrt.:
rf Comm Pleas, viz r
The undersigned, Treasurer of said C(4111.
ty of Huntingdon, n, accordance with the
several acts of Assembly, publishes the Ns
lowing list of Hetailers of Foreign Mer
chandize, within the said county for the cm...
rent year, as classified and returned to hi m 't
by the Associate Judges and Commitsioner s ,
of the county. Any person doing business,
whose name is not in the following list, as
well as those who are bound to pay ans.
tractional pat t of a license, are requested
have their names registered agreeably to
law; without delay.
Such as are designated by a ['] have to
k-n cut theit licenta n, and ti se who
not are rvtjamed to do so, on or before ttv.-
fourth S iturday, (and with day) of June
lost. , atter which day snits will be instbuted
without reipett to persons, against all de ,
Those Marked tltus [j•J sell liquors.
Allegheny to/ilhallip: A Palter , on fl 3
Elias Dakar 13 Joseph It 11.01 & co? 13
1) 11 Royer &Co 13 Mtltllietv Crlady fl 4
William Walker 14:Philip Nietz 114
Joseph Patton /41 Wed
Samuel Confare 14IJahn Watt
, jMilec Leivii
t,2i IVaMer
(iraltam WCamant l3l,lames Campbell 113
Robert Campbell &Co 14 Simon, Ake . , 14
Borne Warriarelhark
John W Myton 13 Benjamin F Pollen 14
J A Bell & Brother 13 Abedniin Stephens It
John R Hunter 13iSainuel Miller 11
James M'Cuire 131 A lesundr:d borough
Blair 'John Porter' 13
A Knox 4 Son 13 1 Gerioinal & Porter 13
Wm Anderson &co -114'Moore & Swoops 1,3
Daniel .M'Connell 114 Michael Sii•iler 14
Peter ()Tager' tl4 Birnsinghara7- -.
Cromwell 'James Clarke 13
Thomas R Orbison 13IStewart & 1100;eirs . P.l
Andrew J Wigton 141 f;aysperi .
Casa Robert ' 1.311 e, Sen.' i 4
Robert Speerl
141.10 yd & Oral 12
Jacob M Cover 14 James Flowers 14
James Henderson 14 Samuel Sinnl4
Dublin . .
Beaman & I lartsoek 14
Alexander C Blair 13 Dualingdon
Frankolown Harrison & Auperly, 14
James Condron 1.. .3tevens, Snyder & co 13
Michael Wulf 13 C& If Newinilunn 14
Samuel Henry 14 James Saxton Jr. 12 1
John Sweney 14 I aeob Miller 14
. -- - - - -
Franklin illeo A Steal 1:1
Martin Gates 13 Thomas Read St Son 13
Geo K Shoenberger 12 ones & Rothrock 14
S & R B Wigton 1:1 William Harris 13
Shorb, Stewart &co 12iSwoope & Africa 14
John S !sett 1418 11 & W M'Muttrie 12,
Hopewell 'Fisher & 111 Muncie* 1 . 2
Jame. Ertriken Jr 112, William Couch . tl4
John 11 Given t 13' William Stewart tl3
Hullo i Mark Goodman 14
Dr P Shoenberger 12 John N Prowe'l l3
Henderson Hollidopburg
Millikens & Render 13 Lloyd & Graff 12
Morris Geo W Patterson 113
Gro W Patterson 14 Jamei, Gardner 13
Ilenry 8 Spang 131(1 }Singh= & co. 13
• Walter Graham IS Joseph Deiaer 114
i Moore & Steiner 13 Augustus Black tl4
Hugh 111'Neal 13q)avid Hammer 14
Porter John Gourley . 14
S M Green &en 13 Henry 1. Patterson„ I.e
Thomas Patterson 14 'Thomas 17 Moore 12.
i Samuel Hatfield 14 Henry Limner 113
; Bpringfield Michael Bouslough 13
Blair & Madden 12 A At`cormi& & Co 13
William Madden 141,1 0s eph Dysar; 1.3
i naer Robert Williami 13
i John Kratzer 131Gilliert L. 7.16 yd 43
, 1 -I. ll ,SEnth&co(n E)l3,Geo Bingham kco 1;3
I Sol. (T r) 121 Peter M Nally , lA
William Ralf 14
J M& 8 11 Bell 13 David Coodfi How 13
Tod ICleorge Port 14
Reuben Tresler t 13j 11 Ml;irr 14
Amoa Clark 14IR W Christy 11
7:yrone 'William Forbes 11
John Maguire 141 Petersburg
. . . . -. ..
Joseph Morrow 14;A & N Cresswell• 14
Tussey & Patton 13iStevens & Patton I'3
Woodberry Rhirleyaborg
Jonathan Focht 14 Henry Brewster 11
Dmith &. Watnpler 13 David Fialier 14
Schinucker & Rove :131D & G Leas 1 3
Good & M'Atister 131 John Lutz 14
Royer & Hoover to
GEORGE 'l.m:wit,
T, &usurer of llunt;ngdon County.
Treasurer's Office, liu
tingdon, June 11, 1845. 5
.111 Eyes This Meg,
The subssrii;er would most respeftlYlW
infot w his friends and the public in' gen
eral, that he has recently received anti
opened a good assot•ttnent of confe6tion .r!•
;nd fruit, which he offers for fors lc in the
basement story of the store of Thos:liead
& Son, where he will be pleased to wait to
all those who will give him a call.
lie will have r clamantly on hand
Raisins, Pits Oraiiiesi Lemons,
and all other articles usually kept in col& c
tionaries. He also 11'6 Beer, Cats and
Pies, and
of every description. B. king of any kind
done according to order n short notice.
His intention is to hive none but the very
best articles, and to have always a good Mgt •
ply in his shop, and last he wauld . , say to
all, call and judge for your,elves.
lie hopes to merit a nd receive a share of
public patronage, as his intention is to sell
on very moderate terms.
Huntingdon, June 11, 1845.-3 t
To the Voters of Huntingdon Co.:
VELLow crrizr.Nb :
1 respectfully offlT
myself to your consideration, as a candidate
for the office of
Re : finer A' Recorder,
of said enmity at the ensuing General Elec
tion. (Having had experience in the duties
of said office) should Itoe elected I pledge
myself to a faithful di sr.liarge thereof.
Frankatown, June It, 1843.—tf.
samq. co all
AN eitpurienced FEMALE TEACHER,
I to take charge of a Public School in thpi
Bprough for a term of three months. N ,lly (a'
der of the Board of Directors.
;hitlersbuiE, tf,y
'7 ,