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The„VOLIJNTEEns mid MILITIA, composing
the 2nd Brigade, 10th Division, P. M. are
hereby rt quired to train by . companies on
Monday the sth day of May next, and by
Battalion for inspection as tollows :
The Ist Regiment,fmmerly 149th Regiment
—lst Battalion on Monday the 12th day of
May next. 2nd Battalion on Tuesday 13th '•
day of May.
2nd Regiment, formerly 62nd.-Ist Battal
i (Ilion Wednesday 14th day of May 2d
Battalion on Thursday 15th day of May.
3rd Regiment, formerly 29th.-Ist Battal
ion on Friday the 16th day of May. 2nd
Battalion on Saturday 17tIt day of May.
4th Regiment, formerly 1515t.-2nd Battal
ion on Monday the 19th day of May. Ist
Battalion on Tuesday 20th of May.
4th Volunteer Battalion commanded by Maj
Williams, on Wednesday 21st day °Nay.
Ist Volunteer Battalion commanded by Maj.
Bell, on Thursday 22nd of May.
sth Regiment, formerly 32nd.-Ist Battal
ion on Friday the 23rd day of May. 2nd
Battalion on Saturday 24th of May.
Union Grays will meet on Monday the 26th
day of May.
7th Company of 6th Regiment, formerly
142nd, will meet on Tuesday 27th May.
6th Regiment, formerly 142d.-Ist Battalion
on Wednesday 28th of May. 2nd Battal
ion on Thursday S9th of May.
3rd Volunteer Battalion commanded by Col.
Barrett, on Friday the 30th of May.
2nd Volunteer Battalion commanded by Col.
Birchfield, on Tuesday 3rd of June.
Brigade Inallector,
2d B. 10th D., P. M.
Brigade Inspectm•'s Office,
Ironsville, March 25, 1835.
N. B. All commissioned and staff offi
cers within the bounds of said Brigade are
requested to be properly equipped accord
ing to law.
Also. all Adjutants and Captains of Militia
within the bounds of said Brigade, are re
quired bylaw to make a proper return of
their respective rolls to the proper Brigade
Inspector, on oath, on the day of Battalion
training, or within ten days thereafter, under
the penalty of fifty dollars.
Also, all officers required by law to make
return of absentees on oath to B. Inspector,
"•.-w days of Battalion Training, or within ten
drys thereafter, are hereby notified, that the
names of said absentees in the said return
with the name of the County, Township,
Borough or Ward, in which the said absen
tees reside, must be written in a plain, legi-
Weland writing, and'etrch of the names spel
led correctly, otherwise said return will not
be received and the penalty for not virkant
such return is $5O.
Also, all Militia men claiming to be ex
empt from Militia duty by certificate or oth
erwise, must produce the requisite evidence
to the propel• commanding officers of their
Reigiment, Battalion on Company as the
case may be on or before the fifth of May
next for exemption. J. B.
April 2. 1845.
LOST. - -Was lost of Thursday last, the
27th ult., between Waterstreet and Holli
daysburg, a letter from Raymond & Culin,
Havre De Grace. Md.. to E. Henderson,
Alexandria, Huntingdon county, Pa., con
taining a statement of their account—also,
their Note to the said E. Henderson, dated
21st inst., (Mai ch) for six hundred dollars,
payable in four months,at the Western Bank,
Philadelphia. Any person finding said let
ter, and leaving it with, or enclosing to, the
Post Master, at Alexandria, Huntingdon co.,
with the said Note, will oblige the subscri
ber. Notice of the above loss has been given
to the said Raymond & C min—also the
Western Bank, Philadelphia.
April 2, 1845.0
Estate. of Sohn Dinsmore, (late of
JACKSON tp., deceased.
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
having claims or demands against the same
are requested to make them known without,
delay, and all persons indebted to make im
mediate payment to
EVM. B. SMITH, 4dm'r.
April 2,1845.-6 t. Ennisville.
I hereby caution all persons from purchasing or
meddling with the 'following described property,
which 1 purchased from John Dougherty, at Con
stables sale. on November 21st 1944. Namely
3 Horses, 1 Waggon and Harness.
April 2, 1845.
Rags Rags! hags
Country Merchants can sell their Rags for
Cash, at the highest market prices, or
in exchange for a large assortment
of Writing, Printing & Wrap
ping Papers of various pri
ces. .4/so,—An exten
sive assortment of
figured Wall
& Curtain
some of which can be sold nt halfilie usual
price. Also, a general assortment of all
Booxs and Stationary, which will be sold at
low prices, by
Wholesale Dealer, No. 4, North sth street,
2 doors above Market st. Phil'a.
3d month 26th day, 184.5.-2 mo.
LIST OF LETTERS, remaining in the
Post. Office, in the borough of Huntingdon.
If not called for previous to the Ist day of
July, they will he sent the l'ost Office llt
partmeot at Washington, as dead letters.
• Boileau George W. Hamilton William
Black Susana Horrell James
Beth Andrew W. Hicks Harriet
Caldwell Samuel 2 Lvam John
Calahan Charles B. Miller John
Carnelinos Isaac M'Kislop Andrew
Gouger Mary Ann M'Kelvey Nancy
Crawford Samuel Miller James
Crosby Mary Ann, or Orr Mr.
Shutz Mary Price Diana
•Drening William 2 Shutt:amp John
Diosmort Samuel gipes Ger.rge
Derr John Snider John *
Edware Joseph Smith William
Fleming Mary A. Taylor William
Fisher Stellman Rev. Wl:ay Robert
Gan:it Mary nn Wiley Th.. K. Esq.
eriffeth John Yaw George
Hight George • From France.
Huntingdon, April 9, 1845.
••• - - -
ID LANK BONDS to Constables far Stay
iillo of Execution, under the new law, just
printed, and f or sale, at this office.
Blanks of rll snots, 'us. .ie
4 0 0' &,t ihrs (Are%
Tux suhsciibcrs . afhlly inform their
friends and the publiL general, that they
are prepared to manufacture cloths, said
netts, flannels, blankets, carpeting, &c., at
the well known establishment, formerly oc
cupied by Jeremiah Whitehead, situated in
the town of Williamsburg, H untingdon co.
Pa. Their machinery will be in good order,
and having none but good wnekmen in their
employ, they will assure all who may favor
them with their custom that their orders
will be executed in a satisfactory style on
the shortest notice.
'l , eaukratalas §
They will card wool into rolls at the low
price of 61 cents per pound ; carol and spin
12 cuts per pound, 16 cents per pound ;
manufacture White flannel from fleece,3l/
cents per yard ; manufacture brown tnat
from 11 ece, 40 cents per yard ; they will
find sattinett warp and manufacture satti
netts of all dark colors at 45 cents per yard;
cloths wide, 50 cents per yard ; common
broad cloth, $1 25 per yard ; blankets, 83
per pair; plain girthing carpet, 50 cents per
yard ; they will card, spin, double and twist
stocking yarn at 20 cents per pound ; color
ing carpet, coverlet and stocking yarn, from
15 to 31 cents per pound.
Country Fulling.
Cloths of all dark colors, 22 cents per yd;
flannels, 84 cents per yard , blankets, 7 cents
per yard ; home dye flannels 61 cents per
yard ; home dye cloths, 16 cents per yard.
Arrangements have been made at the fol
lowing places, where cloths and wool will be
taken and returned every two weeks.
At the house of John Nail, Hartslng Val
ley ; Jacob M'Gahan, M'Connellstown ; J.
Entrekin's store, Coffee Run ; John Givin's
store, Leonard Weaver, Jacob Cypress and
Matthew Garner, Woodcock Valley ; Gem
mel & Porter's store, Alexandria ; Walter
Graham's store, Canoe Valley ; Dysart's
Mill, Sinking Valley ; Davis Brook's Mill,
Blair township ; James Candron's store,
Frankstnwn ; Geo. Steiner's store, Water
street ; James Saxton's store, Huntingdon.
Persons wishing to exchange wool for man
ufactured stuffs can be accommodated.
lU All kinds of cou r produce taken in
exchange for work.
Williamsburg, March 39, 1845.—1 y.
!11 , HE subscricer,desirous of removing west
in the coming summer, offers a rare
chalice to persons in want of a hand
property, and a comfortable home. It
consists of two adjoiningtracts of land, being
in Shirley township, Huntingdon county,
Pa., on the public road leading from Shir
leysburg to Huntingdon, one half mile from
fh e former place, and four and a-half miles
trom the Penn'a Canal. Each tract contains
a CD CE:011.C119 f;:3
more or less, ot good tillable ground in a
high state of cultivation. 'l'he improve
ments on the upper tract are, an excellent
Mansion House, a good Double Barn, and
all convenient out houses, such as spring
house, wash-house, smoke-house, &c.,
with two convenient springs of water. It
also contains an Apple and Peach Orchard,
of young and thrifty trees. Of this tract,
140 acres are cleared, 25 of them of the best
quality ot timothy ground.
On the lower tract there are 100 acres
cleared, with 25 acres good meadow ground
similar to the above, and two excellent or
chards, one planted within a few years.-
Ihe improvements are, a good Double
Frame House, Doable Barn, and the neces
sary out-houses, with a well of good water.
This portion of the property also con
tains an excellent
Grist and Saw-mill,
both situated immediately on the public
road. Both are in excellent repair and do
inF a prosperous business.
l'Eams OF SALE:—One half of the pur
chase money to be paid in .hand, and the
balance in two equal annual payments, with
the usual securities. An undisputed title,
and possesion of the property will be given
on the first of April. Persons wishing to
purchase, are requested to call and examine
the property. JACOB SHARRER.
February 19, 1845.-6 t.
from what we see and feel, that the animal
body is, in its organs and functions. subject
to derangement, inducing pain, and tending
to its destruction. In this disordered state,
we observe nature providing for the re-es
tablishment of order, by exciting some salu
tary evacuation of the morbific matter, or by
sonic other operation, which coupes our
imperfect senses and researches. In some
cases she brings on a ct isis by the bowels, in
others by sweating, &c. &c.
Now experience has taught us that there
are certain substances, by which, applied to
the living body, internally or externally, we
can at will produce the same evacuations,
and thus do in a short time. what nature
could do hut slowly, and do effectually what
she might not have strength to accomplish.
%Viten then we have seen a disease cured by
a certain natural evacuation, should that dis
ease occur again, we may count upon curing
it by the use of such substances, as we know
bring about the same evacuation, which we
had belore observed to cure a similar disease.
It is in consequence of the power which
the Brandreth Pills exert upon the wht.le
system, that makes them so universally ben
eficial. It is because they impart to the
body, the power to expel disease Without
leaving any evil efroct.
As a general family medicine, lirandreth's
Pills are, it is believed by the Proprietor,
superior tosvery other offe,
,ed to thepublic.
Dr. Brandreth's Pills are for sale by the
following,Agents in this .county
Wm. Stewart, Huntingdon.
M'Farlane Garber, Nen., Hollidaysburg.
& N. exesswell, Petersburg.
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria.
Hartman &Smith, Manor Hill. •
Thomas M. 0 wens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson,
rp The shove are the only authorized
agents in Huntingdon county.
April-16, 1845. tI 11th Jy.
44.11°11)11arfreZ ..41T 11141 TA
Office in Main street, three d oors weal
of Mr. Buoy's Jewelry establishment.
February 14,1843.--tl.
vittorney 4t Attend, to practice in
tit, Orphans' Conti, Stating
tors ace() :its, &c.—ollice in
aniatid, three doors East of the "Ex
elan , e Hotel,"
feb7B, '44.
Rates of Discount in Philadelphia.
Banks in Philadelphia.
Bank of. North America - - par
Bank of the Northern Liberties - par
Bank of Pen 'pwnship - - par
CoMmertia • of Penn'a. - - par
Fariners'. tanics' bank • - par
Kensing - - - par
Schuylk • ank - - - - par
Mechanics' bank • - - - par
Philadelphia bank - - - par
Southwark bank - - - • par
Western bank - - - par
Moyamensing bank - - - par
Manufacturers' and Mechanics' bank par
Bank of Pennsylvania - - - par
Girard bank
. -
Bank of the United States
Country Banks,
Bank of Chester co. Westchester par
Bank of Delaware co. Chester par
Bank of Germantown Germantown par
Bank of Montg'ry co. Norristown par
Doylestown bank Doylestown par
Easton Bank • Easton par
_ .. .
Fanners' bk nt Bucks co. Bristol par
Bank of Northumberl'd Northumberland par
Honesdale bank Honesdale 11
Farmers' bk of Lanc. Lancaster par
Lancaster bank Lancaster par
Lancaster county bank Lancaster par
Bank of Pittsburg Pittsburg 1
Merch'ts' & Manuf. bk. Pittsburg 2
Exchange bank Pittsburg 1
Do. do. branch of Hollidaysburg I
Col'a bk & bridge co. Columbia par
Franklin bank Washington 1}
Monongahela bk of B. Brownsville Ili
Farmers' bk of Reading Reading par
Lebanon hank Lebanon
Bank of Middletown Middletown 1
Carlisle bank Carlisle 1
Erie bank Erie 2
Bank of Chambersburg Chambersburg
Bank of Gettysburg Gettysburg 1
York bank York 1
Harrisburg bank Harrisburg 1
Miners' bk of Pottsville Pottsville
Bank of Susquehanna co. Montrose 35 i
Farmers' & Drovers' bk NVaynesborough 2
Bank of Lewistown Lewistown
Wyoming bank Wilkesbarre
Northampton bank Allentown no sale
Berks county bank Reading no sale
West Branch bank Williamsport 14
Towanda bank Towanda no sale
Rates of Relief Notes.
Northern Liberties, Bank of Pa. Mechan
ic's bank, Delaware County, Farmers' Bank
of Bucks, Germantown, par
Berks Co. Bank - - - - 10
All others 11
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.
cligisTi AN couTs,
'WOULD most respectfully inform the
citizens of this county, the public
generally, and his old friends and customers
in particular, that he has leased for a term
of years, thatlarge and commodious building
on the West end of the Diamond, in the bo
rough of Huntingdon, formerly kept by An
drew H. Hirst, which he has opened and
furnished as a Public House, where every
attention that will minister to the comfort
and convenience of guests will always be
will at all times be abundantly supplied with
the best to be had in the country.
7 .-Stlg3 Malay.
will he furnished with the best of Liquors
and .
is the very best m the borough, and will
always be attended by the most trusty, at
tentive and experienced ostlers.
Mr. Cents pledges himself to make every
efertion to render the Franklin House" a
home to all who may favor him with a call.
Thankful to his old customers for past favors,
he respectfully solicits a continuance of their
Boarders, by the year, month, or week,
will be taken on reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, Nov. 8. 1843.
LIST OF LETTERS, remaining in the
Post Office, at Alexandria, Huntingdon co.,
on the lot day 01 Apri I,lB4s—which if not
taken out within three months will be sent
to the General Post Office as dead letters.
Karts Josiah
Anderson David
iiilVii;llf.. 2 M'Abee Gazaway
Baker Min Miller Christian G.
Burket Frederick Maiseed John
Comely Jnhn Neff Edwin W.
Colwell Miss Novlin Thomas M,
Conner Francis Oldham Thomas
Cresswell N. Porter John 3
Dangerfield Mr. Gemmil & Porter
Davis David Wes James
Davis Barton Sumter John
Dull Casper Shively Daniel
Hutchinson Edward Swoope Marga't Mrs.
Huyett Jacob G. Stevens & Patton
Herrencame Jacob 2 Stewart Thomas
Householder Mich'l. Snyder Jacob
lchinger Adam Shoenberger John H.
Isenberg Elizabeth Stewart M. A. Mrs.
Lytle Robert Thompson Martha
Kaufman Daniel Weight Henry
Kline Enoch Walls James
Kantz Michael Whitehill William
Kinkead James Wallace Thomas
Mexandria. April 9, 1845.
We the subscribers, hereby caution all
persons against purchasing, or in any way
taking a note given by us to George Smith,
of Henderson township, Huntingdon county,
dated on or about the 19th day of February
last, for three hundred and fifty-five dollars,
payable in blooms, in Huntingdnn, one hun
dred days after date—the said Judgment
note having been obtained from us by fraud
and without consideration, and will there•
fore not be paid, and the law will not com
pel us to pay it,
March 26, 1845.—5 t.
AUDITOR'S NOTICE.—The undersign
ed,: uditor appointed by the court, to distri
bute the notneys in the hands of the Sheriff
arising from the sale of a lot and brick house
on Juniata street, in Hollidaysburg, sold as
the property of Michael C. Garber, survi
ving partner of Robert Lowry & Co., here.
by gives notice that he will attend at the
Pro:holotary's Office in limitingdoi, on
Thursday the 24th day of April next, for
the purpose of trolinksuch distributiol.
Audlttft. •
A?ril 2, 1845
° ReA r REmE°l
Dfseascs of the Lungs and Breast.
'F 311160
MP, PUBLIC "4 . In 10-
accordance with the
prevailing custom, and in order to sho N the
virtues of this medicine more fully, the fol
lowing certificates have been selected ; and
as it is not our wish to trifle with the lives
or health of those afflicted, we sincerely
pledge ourselves to make no assertions or
" false statements" of its efficacy ; nor will
we hold out any hope to suffering humanity
which facts will not warrant. The proofs
are here given—and we solicit an inquiry
from the public into every case we publish,
and feel assured they will find it a medicine
well deserving their patronage and confi
Of all the cures that have yet been record
ed, there are certainly none equa l to the
below mentioned, and they plainly show
the curability of Consumption, even in
some of its worst forms : _ _
Let every man, woman and child read the
following, and we are sure that it must satis
fy all of the great virtues of the medicine.
07'' Read the following from Dr. Jacob
Hoffman , a physician of extensive practice in
Huntingdon county :
Dear Sir:—.l procured one bottle of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. of this place, and tried
it in a case of obstinate Asthma on a child of
Paul Schweble, in which many other re me
dies had been tried without any relief. Th
Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my opin
ion the child is effectuelly cured by its use.
Yours, &c.
Dec. 23, 1841.
The case of Thomas Cozens is related by
himself as follows, and acknowledged by
all who knew him to be one of the most
astonishing and extraordinary cures ever
performed :
April 20, 1843.
On or about the 13th of October, 1941, I
was taken with a violent pain in the side
near the Liver, which continued about five
days, and was followed by the • breaking of
an ulcer, or something inwardly, which re
lieved the pain a little, but caused me to
throw up a great quantity of offensive mat
ter and also much blood. Being greatly
alarmed at this 1 applied to a physician, who
said he thought lie could do but little for
me except give me some mercury pills
which I refused to take feeling satisfied that
they could do me no good ; many other re
medies were then procured by my wife and
friends but none did me any good and the
discharge of blood end putrid corruption
still continued every few days, and at the last
it became so offensive that I could scarcely
breathe. I was slso seized with a violent
cough,which at ti mes caused nil to raise much
more blood than 1 had formerly done, and
my disease continued in this way until Feb
ruary, when all hopes of my recovery were
given up. and my friends all thought that 1
would die of a galloping consumption. At
this moment when my life apparently was
drawing near to its close,l heard of Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry and got a bottle
which relieved me immediately, and by the
use of only three bottles of this medicine,
all my . pains were removed, and my cough
and spitting of blood removed, and in a few
days my health was so far restored as to en
able me to work at my trade (which is that
of a carpenter) and up to this time 1 have
enjoyed good health.
am acquainted with 'Thos
Cozens and having seen him during his ill
ness, 1 think his statement is entitled to full
credit. SAM. H. bURROUGHS.
Appeared before me personally, and affirm
ed according to law, on the 20th of April,
1843. J. CLEMEN
V" It is unnecessary to remind all who
would get the true article, to inquire partic
•ilarly fur "Dr. IVistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry," and take nothing else.
Unprincipled dealers will tell you that th
Sylluo of Wild Cherry, or some other cough
medicine is equally as good. Regard them
not—they only want your MONEY ! Remem
ber, it is " Wistar's 'Balsam of Wild Cher
ry" that not only relieves but cures !
Price one dollar per bottle, or aiE for $5.
Fur sale only in Cincinnati, by
corner of Fourth and Hairnet.
Alsn, for, sale by Thomas Read E 7 Son,
(wholesale and retail,) Huntingdon, and
Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg.
January 15, 1845.-6 m.
1--1• •••
wOULD !nest respectfully Mom the
citizens 4 Huntingdon, and the
public in general, that he has commenced
the saddle and harness making business in
all its various branches, in the shop former
ly occupied by Alex. M'Allister, deed.,
one door east of the "Pioneer Stage Stable"
and directly opposite Houck's blacksmith
shop, where he is prepared to accommodate
all who may favor him with their patronage.
He will constantly keep on hand
Harness, saddles. Bridles,
Collars, &c.
Repairing clone on the shortest notice and
rnlst reasonable terms. . . . .
— iii a strict attention to business he hopes
to receive a liberal share ~ f work.
Huntingdon, May 8, 1899
CAUTION.--The snbscriber hereby
cautions and forer)arns all persons from pur
chasing, levying on, or in any way disturb•
log or meddling with the following proper
ty, which I purchased at Constable's sale as
the property of George Smith, of Hender
son township, on the 2,1 day of April inst.,
I and left in the
it possession of said George
Smith till I find convenient to remove the
same, to wit .
1 hoe,l dung honk,l double tree, 1 plough.
1 shove plough ' 1 cutting hex , 1 halt' bush
el measure, 1 lot of barrels, 1 harrow, 1
saddle . 1 brindle bull, 2 black heifers, 1 mou
ly hei fer, 1 brindle cow, fof 12 acres of
wheat and rye in the ground, and 13 acres
H of wheat in the ground.
West tp, April 9, 1845, —pd.
Jewelry! Jewelry F.! Jewelry!!!
-Le... irtUST received, astock
Ll► qd ) of the most magnifi
~ ~." dent Jewelry t i f i ta7 . 4 , , , ,z
(': t . 9 C
trol m il u it l l 'i lg of GOLD PAT
' c i ., ;,,:l TENT LEVERS, Ladies F
, 0 • !„ . . fi j ~ ,
v G ER H
s l .. 13
full jwelleri,
SILVER PATENT LEVERS, double and single
cased,StLVER ANCHOR LEVER s,fulljeweled,
double and single cased ENGLISH WATCHES,
Imftation Levers, QUA RTIER and FRENCH
WATCHES, &C. &C. Also
Gold Fob Chains, and Seals,
of the most fashionable patterns. Gold
Pencils, Spectacles,Guard Chains, Key's,
Breacelets sett wit topaz, Medalions, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Breast Pins, sett with
topaz, amethist, &c. &c. Mineature Cases,
Silk Purees, Coral Beads, Pocket Books,
Musical Boxes, Mathematical Instruments.
Silver Spectacles, Table Spoons, Tea and
Salt Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Lowends patient
Silver Pencils, Razors of the finest quality,
HENRY CLAY pen knives, a superior arts •
de, Steel Pens, Spy ('lasses, Hair Brushes.
'r onth Brushes, Patina Points, Bcc.Btc. MI
the above articles will be sold cheaper than
ever heretofore.
Clock and Watch repairing done as usual,
very cheap for cash. _
A large assortment of eight day and thir
ty hour Clocks will be sold very cheap.
All watches sold will be warranted for one
year, and a written guarrantee given. that
it not found equal to warranty it will (during
that period) he put in order without expense,
or it injured, may he exchanged for any
other watch of equal value. The warranty
is considered void, should the watch, with
which it is given, be put into the hands of
another watch maker.
Huntingdon, April 10, 1844.
Carriage Manufactory
VirOST respectfully informs the citizens
4.14 A of the borough and county of Hunting
don, the public generally, and his old friends
and customers in particular, that he still
continues the
Coach Making Business
in all its various branchts,at his old stand,in
Main street in the borough of Huntingdon
nearly opposite the 'Journal' printing office
where he has constantly on hand every
description of
Coaches, Carriages,
48, omit Buogies, Sleighs
et, . &
...balms4. Dearborns,
which he will sell low fore ash or on rea en
able terms.
All kinds of work in his line made to or•
der, on the shortest notice, in a
And all kinds of repairing done with neat
ness and despatch.
Country produce will be taken in exchange
for work.
Anypersons wishing to purchase are re
spectfully- invited to call pcid examine and
udge fur themselves.
liuntingdon Nuv.29, 1845,
ocitVatt ffounTsrg.
Tax subscriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Huntingdon and the adjoin
ing counties, that he still continues to car
ry on business at the Rockdale Foundry, on
Clover Creek, two miles from Williams
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
workmanship, and with promptness and de
He will keep constantly on hand stoves of
every description, such as
Cooking, Ten
Hammers, Hollow Ware, and every kind of
castings necessary for forges, mills or ma
chinery of any description ; wagon boxes of '
all descriptions, !cc., which can be had on
as good terms as they can be had at any
whier foundry in the county nr state.
Remember the Rockdale Foundry.
(cr. Old metal taken in exchange for any
fri" Mr.K. has recently purchased the
pattent right of a cooking stove for Hunting
don county—the stove will be set up by him
and warranted to the purchaser to be as good
as any in the State—orders furnished.
July 17, 1844.—tf.
Spauiph 'Hides
2000 Dry Laplata Ilides—first quality.
5300 Dry La Gnira dn. do.
3000 Dry Salted La Galva ' dn.
1000 Dry Salted Brazil Hides, do.
40 Bales Creen Shlted Patna Kips
30 Bales dry Patna Kips.
120 Barrells Tanner's Oil.
Tanner's and Currier's Tools.
For salse to the country Tanners - at the
lowest prices and upon the hest terms.
N. B. All kinds or Leather wanted for
which the highest prices will be paid in
Cash or in exchange for Hides, Kips tc Oil.
No. 21 ,South 3d Slrret,
Philaclelph ia.
Oct. 9, 1844.-- ly.
(Above 6th Street)
frHEsubscriber,thankfulforthe liberal
support of his friends and the public
generally, respectfully informs them that he
still continues at the old established house,
where he will be pleased to accommodate
allthose w ho favor him with theirpatronage.
Dec. 14,1842.—tf.
criihsubscriber continues notnufac-
Ifsleture, in Harrisburg,
French Burrs of
all sizes,. and of the very best quality, much
cheaper than ever, and on very favorable
Letters addressed tohim will receive the
same prompt attention as if personal appli
cation were made.
Feb. 5,1845.-9
To Purchasers—Guarantee.
Too undersigned agent of the Pattentee,
of the Stove, " The Queen of the 'West,'
understanding that the owners, or those
concerned for them, of other and different
patent Cooking Stoves, have threatened to'
bring suit against all who purchase and use
—The Queen of the West." Nov. his is
to inform all and every person wh anal
purchase and use said Stove that he rt.ll mid
demnify them from all costsor damage rem
any and all suits, brought by ether F . m en
tees; or their agents, for aby infringint Et of
their patents. He gives this notice so tel . ;at
persons need not be under any fears because
they have, while consulting their own inter
ests and convenience, secured the superior
advantages of this " Queen" not only of the
Wed, but of the East.
July 24, 1844.
Cl2¢D¢Dra.,amos EAS(kaDwas. s e
For sale by I. Li RAFIUS & SON, Alex
andriaMuntingdon county, Pa.,
cheap for cash or country
produce at the
market price.
The "Queen of the Weal" is an itiiL•
pruvement On Hathaway'S celebrated'
(lot Air Stove. There has never yet ap
peared any plan of a Cooking Stove that
possesses the advantages that this one
has. A much less quantity of fuel is re ,
quired for any amount of cooking or ba
king by this stove than by any other.
Persons are requested to call and see
before they purchase elsewhere.
July 3, 1844.
ZZa CD vv . zy T. - ::) UR 'Ur 8
fl .
ESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
of Huntingdon county, and the public
generally, that they continue to carry on
Copper, Tin and Sheet iron Blaine as,
in all its branches, in Alexandria, where
they manufacture and constat.tly keep on
hand every description of ware in their line ,1•,
such as
New and Splendid Wood Stoves
22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 inches long.
Neu) Cooking Stoves of all kinds, and
. .
Also four sizes of Coal Stoves,
All kinds of castings done, for Forges, Saw
mills and Threshing-machines. Also WAG
WARE; all of which is done in a workman
like manner.
Also, Copper, Dye, Wash, Fuller, Pre ,
serving, and Tea Kettles, for sale,
wholesale and retail.
Persons favoring this establishment with
their custcm may depend on having their
orders executed with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal. copper, brass and pewter ta
ken in exchange. Also wheat, rye, corn
and oats taken at market price.
Alexandria, July 3. 1844.
NOTICE.—The subscriber respectfully
requests all persons indebted to him for
work done at the old establishment, pre
vious to.the Ist of November last, to call and
settle Oeir accounts without delay.
July 3, 1844.
C. 11110 1 4117 and CILIIR
Old stand, opposite Gee. ckson's Hotel,
Tilf•AS now on hand and still continues to
manufacture the most splendid assort
ment of elegant Furniture and Chairs, acc.
ever offered for sale in the borough of Hun
tingdon, embracing almost every article in
the above line ; which in point of durability,
workmanship, fashionable style of pattern.
and fine finish, will compare with similar
articles manufactured in any portion of the
' county ; All of which he is determined to
at very reduced prices fur cash or ap
proved country produce, or oNtime to punc
tual dealers.
Hotels, private dwellings, &c. furnished
to order at the shortest possible notice.
House, sign, and fancy painting done on
the most reasonable terms.
N. B.—Coffins made for the citizens of
the borough, at the shortest notice.
Huntingdon, Oct, 16, 1 844.—tf.
Cunningham do liurchinel
ESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
of the borough and county of Hunting
don, the public generally, and their old
friends and customers in particular, that
they continue to carry on busines in their
new establisment, one dont east of the
north eastern corner of the Diamond in said
borough, where they are prepeared In sell,
wholesale and retail, all articles in their
line of business; such as
Sideboards, Seeretaies, Sof
ties, Settees, Bureaus,
teorkstands, card, pier, centre
dining and breakfast tables;
High, Field, French, and Low Pon
ALSO—Every variety of
such as Roth fleas, Cane•aeat, BOG, Bent,
Baltimore, Straight back, Boston pattern
4. Common Rocking Chairs, together with
wiswatta &SI 011131W3r,
of all colors, qualities and sizes; and Paper
Hanging of various patterns and qualities
N. B. Coffins made and funerals attend
ed either in town or country, at the shortest
notice. They keep a splendid HEARSE
' fir the accommodation of t heir customers.
Nov. 29, 1843. w33atemEalll'3llllo
attorney at Law,
Will practice in the several courts of Hun
tingdon, Bedford, and Cambria corm.
ties. AU business entrusted to his care,
will be faitlyully attended to.