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    lost $003,033. and will pay the whole amount.— 1 worth $20,000, hot also their dwelling houses and
Thu Penn Ake we have heard nothing of, but be- ; e very dollars worth of furniture and clothes they
lieve it is ruined, and will pay only a small per con- possessed. Sold one, I have lost $30,000 and have
tage on the dollar. The Mutual 011ieo we under- now but nue dollar in the world.
stand, will pay all its risks.—Losses $65,000. 1 __
Messrs. Forsyth & Co., although in great danger. I THE EXCHANGE OFFICES.
arc among those who were saved, and continue bu- I Mem & Slhbett and Jones lost comparatively M
ainess at their old stand. . tie. Mr. Allen Ktamer's safe preserved his books,
We regret to learn that Samuel Kingston. Esq.,l paper atel money. Mr. William A. Hill we un
has been missing since the fire was raging Ott Thur.- . derstand, has all his valuables in the vault of the
log afternoon. He won last seen going into his-; Exchenge Bank,
burning ot)ice! It is feared he is lost.
Great solicitude was felt for seine time to know
whether the vaults of the Bank of Pittsburg had
stood the brunt. Yesterday forenoon they were
opened and found unharmed. All the hooks, paper,
specie, &e., were moved into the U. S. Bank, where 1
tiro bank now does business.
The Globe Cotton Factory, owned by J. Wood
& Co.; the Firemeit's Insurance Office; the Fire
and Navigation Insurance Office; the Penn Incur-
once Office; the Mayor s Office, Tombs', Mer
clients and Board of Trade Reading Rooms, its
tiles and valuable library, Philo Hall—all in one
building; the 13ank of Pittsburg; the Chronicle
Office; the Exchange Offices of Messrs. Sibbett
rind Jones, Allen Kramer and William A. ;
the Merckstat's Hotel, Wood street; the Eagle
Hotel, Third, street ; the Monongahela blouse; the;
Glass Works of Bakewell & Pears; the Founde
ries of Messrs. J. Anderson & Son; J. Livingston,
(and Scale Factory also;) the new and extensive
Steel Works and Coach Spring Manufactory of
Messrs. Jones & Quigg. just about going into ope
ration; the Rolling Mill and Nail Factory of Messrs
• Freeman & Co., Kensington—culled the Dallas
Iron Works"; the Glass Works of Messrs. Miller
& Co.; the American Hotel, corner of 3rd and
Smithfield street; Murdocks' liughie and Wilson's
Tamils. and the William Tell Tavern on Water
street; the Associate Presbyterian Church on 4th
strict; the Baptist Church, corner of Grant and
Third; the Western University; Wood's Brewe
ry; Robertson & Reppert's Oil Mill; the African
Methodist Church, Second street; the Scotch Hill
Market House; Fulton's Bell and Brass Foundry;
the Monongahela Bridge; the Custom House;
Gwynne and Edey's Lard Oil Factories; Indian
Rubber Factory of .1. G. Morgan.
Commission, Forwarding and Wholesale Gro
cery Masc.—Allen & Co.; Atwood, Jones and
Co.; A Beeler; J. Bell; J. W. Butler; Wm. H.
Campbell & Co.; George Cochran; A. Gordon;
King & Holmes; 1.. Hutchison & Co.; S. Kellar;
W. Sc J. F. Kelley ; Peter Paterson ; Poindexter
4. Ca; J. W. Burbridge & Co; Church & Caro
thers; I. Dickey & Co.; Wm. J. Howard & Co.;
M. B. Riley & Co.; Robertson & Reppert ; S. F.
Von Bonliorst & Co.; 1,. & J. D. Wick; Williams
& Dilworth; Win. Wilson. Jr.; Geo. A. Berry;
Black & M 'Kee; 0. Blackburn; Vonkirk & Co.;
English, Gallagher & Co.; P. C. Martin; Rankin
& Colton; Thomas W. Scaffe ; H. Lambert;
Taney & Beat; R. D. Miller & Co.; William P.
Druggists and C'hrmists.—Ogden and Co.; E.
Fentlerich ; J. Kidd arid Co.; J. Schoonmaker and
Co; R. E. Sellers; 11. 11. M'Cullough.
Dry Goods Jobbers.—Arbuthnot and Stewart;
William Bell & Sons; Semple end Barker; Jones,
Murphy & Cc.; William M Clintock. (Carpet.)
Thrdware .Merchants—James M. Cooper; A.
Henderson & Co.; Clark and Cameron; Nelsons
and Morgan, shovel manufacturers.
Queensware Houses—H. Rigby ; James Park,
Jr. and Co.; Bennett and Bros.
Bonk and Periodical Stares—C. H.Kay; John
ston and Stockton ; J. W. Cook ; Luke Loomis.
Paper Warehouses—lioldship and Browne; J.
Howard and Co.
1 on and Nail Warehouses—Spang and Co.; J.
Anderson ; Bailey, Brown and Co.; Bissell and
Semple ; Freeman and Co. (at Church and Coro
t hers ;) EdWard llughs, (Brownsville works:)
lerenx, Sterling and Co.; Lyon, Shorh and Co.;
0. &J. H. Shomilierger ; Woods, Edwards end
M'Knight; J. A. Stockton and Co. (Franklin
works, Pennsy Ivania.)
Foundry Warehouses—J. Anderson and Son;
W.'l'. M'Clurg; Robinson and Minis. •
Tin, Copper and Sheet Pon Manufacturers--
Howard and Rogers; Kane and Keller; J. T.
Kincaid; John MlVilliams; Wm.Scaile; Sheriff
and Shirk.
Mass Wurehouses—Bakewell & Pears; Curling,
Robertson and Co.; M. & R. H. Sweeny and Co.
( Wheeling ;) S. M'Kee & Co.; C. Ihmsen.
Boot and S/we StoresG. Albree and Co.; AV-
Curtly sod Loomis; J. Bates; W. McCowan ; B.
Tobaeconitts—E. Day ; G. 'Wilson.
Livery Stables—R. and R. 11. Patterson; li.
Fenelon ; Merchant's Hotels and several others.
Cabinet and Choir Mikets—James Woodwell;
A. Bulford; Devitt and Aspers; J. K. Hartley ; M.
Kane; Lemon and Flowers; Lowrio and Harbin;
W. Milliken; J. M'Farland ; A. M'Cardy ; N.
Young ; G. Singer.
Auctioneers—P. M'Eenna: Lynd and Biekley.
Merchant Milan, amid Clothiers—E. Bruck
!ocher; Cooley and Laird; J. Green; Wm. Leon
ard; J. Shipley; S. Schyer ; S. Stoner.
Wire Workers—R. Townsend and Co.; J. Wick
Upholsterers—Wm. Noble; E. Effmundson.
And a lane number of other minor establish
ments and other branches of business.
The prompt attention of councils in taking all
the immediate measures in their power to alleviate
our unhappy situation will coot:vend itself to the
attention of our citizens. Mr. Durrah is to go to
liarristturg to produce such Legislative action as
can be obtained. IL seetns to us, that among other
things, the Legislature cannot do better for us than
to pass the 1401 giving the right of way to the Bal
timore Railroad. This would tend, if the bill is
accepted. to encourage our men of wealth, who are
yet unpostrated, to build up the city again, and
would bring capitalists to nettle among us. Is this
too touch to ask of our Legislature I
Yesterday afternoon, an attempt was made to fire
Wilmarth and Reynokl's board yard, on Irwin st.
The doable dyed rtlisin had placed a bundle of
matches. ignited in a heap of shavings, and thrust
the whole into a board pile. It had begun to blaze
when it was providentially discovered. Let the po
lice of the city be on the watch. These devils in
the shape of m en among us would destroy the whole
city if they could.
Laborers, Brickntakers, Bricklayers, Carpenter.,
ticc., will lie in immense demand 141 a short time.--
Preparations for rckuililing are already making, in
some insianees.
The losses of some individuals and houses art
emulsions, ranging Groin $5,000 upta $200,000.
Thus, one firm of wholesale grocers, the heaviest
holders of Sugar. Molasses, &c., in this city, and
also owners of the building in which they did bu
siness, cannot taw , lot mesa than horn 680 to
$lOO,OOO. There is the Monongahela House also,
which cost 6:,00,000, including the furniture. In
tutu Lista:ices niaLitanta not only lost stocks
The Pittsburg Gazette holds the following cheer-
ing language
"We have carefully inquired of many of our
clearest headed business men, those most thorough
ly conversant with the resources of the city, as to
the probable effect of this disaster upon its pros
perity, and coupled with our own knowledge of the
strength of the merchants who were burnt out, the
position of their circumstances, tke., we are fully
convinced that though the commercial prospects of
the city are terribly shaken, yet it is not Wally
prostrated. rind in due time will rise shove it all.
Ottr liege tyanufitclories are untouched—the only
mills of any importance which arc burnt being the
Globe Factory, which is the smallest in the citv, the
Kensington Iron Works, the Bakewell and l'ears'
Glass Works. Various other small establishments
were destroyed, but it is with great satisfaction we
announce that the great leading branches are com
paratively untouched, and that business, so far as
they are concerned, will go on as usual.
As for our wholesale merchants in the Grocery,
Queensware. and Dry Goods branches who were
burnt, some number of them, will commence forth
with. Some aro wholly ruined, many much crip
pled, but we believe the majority can go on as usual,
and yesterday they were busy getting places of bu
siness and offices.
I t is with heartfelt pleasure we observe the forti
tude with which they hear their losses. There is
no repining—no despair—no sullenness; but a
calm, determined spirit, which must carry them up
again. The effect will be to set us bock for mo
ment, but we never had more confidence in the
strength and spirit of our merchants to overcome it
all in time. It must he supposed that all the busi
nese portions of the city are consumed. Most of
the Dry Goode Jobbers are untoticged; so of the
Hardware merchants, and a number of the heavy
houses are out of the burnt district. And it fortu
nately happens, too, that a large mount of groce
ries from the east, for the city, had not arrived. We
repeat. therefore, that though the city is terribly
shaken, it is neither ruined, nor totally prostrated."
Moot heartily do we hope that the cheeting lan
guage of our brother will be sustained—ney, it must
be sustained, and Pittsburg must rim from her ashes
—and how precious, how costly are those ashes?
A committee of the English Lutheran Church
was sitting to accommodate in their building desti
tute futuilies.
We find the following interesting paragraphs in
the Pittsburg Advocate of Monday the 19th.
OUR INSVIIANCE OFFICES. -It is with delight
we hear more favorable accounts from our offices,
otter an investigation of their losses. ado not
wish to hold out any encouragement not warranted
by facts, but after comparing notes we feel author
ized to say, in general terms, that the offices in this
city as a whole will pay a very large per eentage
on all their risks. The whole amount insured by
them is about $BOO,OOO and at the very outside not
over $850,000. Their capital in the aggregate will
cover up a large proportion of this amount. The
affairs of the Penn Company are in u better train
was helievell and they will pay a large per centago
on their risks.
lONA aT Tux GROAT Frox.—A committee ap
pointed by the Councils, after a full examination of
the burnt district, having minutely visited every
part of it, have arrived at the following result:
982 buildings burnt, value $2,586,500
Value personal property burnt,
This does not include money or personal proper.
ty of young men.or persons not keeping house.
In calculating the value of real estate, the com
mittees have estimated the cash value of the im
provements as they were before the fire, and not
what it will require to repair or rebuild them, which
must exceed the above estimate at least 25 per cent.
Tun &Ace Buirm—Mr. R. F. WGowan, the
City Regulator, informs us that the burnt district
covers fifty act es in the city, and six acres out of it.
BUILDINGH BEGUN To-net !—As many of our in
domitable citizens as are able to build, who are not
too much crippled to do it. and could get contracts
made, have done so. and new buildings arc begun
to-day. This is the right kind of spirit.
The Swallow.
It would seem that, comparing the report of the
number of passengers whose names are entered on
the books of the Swallow, the number said to have
escaped alive, that there is a deficiency of thirty
two. Of these, the bodies of thirteen have been
taken from the wreck and the river; whether the
other nineteen will be among tire dead, or whether
some error in the entry of the names will be discov
ered, it is impossible now to judge. We fear, how
ever, that more titan thirteen lost their lives in that
fearful wreck. Among those recovered and taken
to Albany, was the corpse of Miss Mary Torrey, of
Pottsville, Pa.
The inquest by the Coroner and his jury isgoing
on, and the general tenor of the evidence seems to
prove that the awful occurrence was the result of
criminal carelessness. It is stated too, that the
Pilot, Burnett, has admitted that he was in charge
of the helm, before she reac'aett Four Mile Point,
(four miles from Hudson.) The Senate of New
York has given the matter into the hands of a Spe
cial Investigating Committee, charged with power
to send for persons and papers. A proper exami
nation of the circumstances attendant upon the oc
currence may, therefore, be looked for.—U. S. Ga..
The work on the new and enormous Anthra.
cite Furnace, at Danville, (Pa.) to form an addition
to the works of the Montour Iron Company, has
been commenced. The furnace will be 16 feet
across the bodies, forty feet high in the stack, and
will he capable of making one hundred and twenty
tons of pig metal a week. A rolling mill, belong
ing to the same company, is under roof and will be
soon completed.
The building for a now Iron Foundry is also be
ing erected at Danville. It will be put in operation
during the coming season, and mainly for the cast
ing of hollow-were.
'We are glad to notice these evidences of a revi
val of the old prosperity in the interior of the State;
every furnace erected makes new demand. upon our
mines, and every pound of iron mined adds to the
means of our commonwealth.
""One country, one constitution, one destiny."
UCS zra. aa a fi En tvall oz. Esa ,
Wednesday morning, April 23, '45,
rj' FRANCIS B. NV ALLACE, Esq. has been
appointed Postmaster in this place, in place of Da
vid Snare, Esq., resigned.
CLAY TOWNSHIP.--A new township, bear
ing this name, has been formed out of a part of
Springfield township, in this county.
ADMITTED.--C.4lnAnT Hawrr, Esq.. woo, on
Wednesday last, on motion of J. G. Miles, Esq.,
admitted to practice in the several courts of Hunt.
ingdon county.
( ~ _Counterfeit $2O bills on the Harrisburg Dank
are in circulation. They have somewhat a blurred
apperance. They are dated Oct. 7,1840.
Relief to the Pittsburg Sufferers.
A bill for the relief of the sufferers in Pittsburg
has passed the Legislature unanimously—appropri
ating the sum of $50,000, to be placed into the
hands of the city authorities, for the relief of the
suffering. The bill also releases the outstanding
stole and county taxes of the sufferers for the pre
sent year, and for the next three years, and remits
or refunds the amount of the licenses of dealers in
merchandize whose establishments have been de
A detailed account of the awful calamity which
has befallen the city of Pittsburg is contained in
our columns, commencing on the first page.
A Good Hint.
We find the following in some of the papers, and
copy it for the benefit of our subscribers residing at
a distance who have never thought of the subject,
and others who have found it inconvenient to call
at our office in person. We hope that all such will
take advantage of the existing law before the First
of July, as no doubt they only need such an in
ducement to do their duty to the printers--a duty
which so many of them are apt to postpone too
long, or forget altogether :
Tun Now PORTAGE Low which goes into effect
on the first of July, prevents post masters from
franking letters containing money for the payment
of subscriptions to publications. Those therefore
who are desirous of saving postage. would do well
to act on this hint and forward their dues to pub
lishers at once.
Some impressions front a plate, engraved by Messrs.
Toppan, Carpenter & Co., some years ago, for the
Port Carbon Railroad and Canal Company, in Illi
nois, of the denomination of $5OO, have, it seems,
come into the possession of dishonest hands, and
have been so altered. as to purport to be $5OO notes
of the Philadelphia Bank. Three of them have
already appeared here, and there are,probably,more
in circulation. The signatures of the President
and Cashier are well imitated, but the counterfeit is
la little longer and wider than the genuine notes,
and the plate is entirely:different as to lettering,
style and viginettes. The viginette of the genuine
note represents a locomotive and train of cars, as
having just passed a rocky precipice, while that of
the counterfeit represents two female figures, one
with sheaves and a sickle, and the other with a rake;
no one acquainted with the genuine note, could be
defrauded by the counterfeit, but it is well calcula•
ted to deceive strangers.— U. 8. Gazelle.
Extra Session.
The Harrisburg Telegraph of Wednesday last
nays Yesterday, after the hour of five o'clock
had expired, which had been agreed upon by both
branches of the Legislature, as the time for final
adjournment, a proclamation from the Governor
was received and rend, convening them again to-day.
The two houses then agreed to meet this morning
at 9 o'clock, expecting to receive a veto of the ap
propriation bill. But on learning this ,norning that
the bill would be signed by the Governor, they a
-1 greed to adjourn sine die, at 12 o'clock, M. to-day.
n'lt is now formally announced that the Globe
establishment has been sold to Messrs. Ritchie and
Mr. Ritchie, who is about to assume the duties of
official editor at Washington, is said to be seventy
years old. He has edited the Richmond Enquirer
for forty-one years—and, the common fate of edi
tors, leaves the scenes of all his struggles and his
many triumphs, poor. May he be more fortunate
in his new abode.
The Raleigh, N. C., Register says that the se
vere frost of the Bth inst. has blighted everything in
garden and orchard, and destroyed all hope of fruit
this season.
THE MORMANS.-The Warsaw Signal says r--
~W e learn from a gentleman direct from Nauvoo,
that a new revelation has been received in.relation
to the Temple. The work, on that structure, is to
be almost entirely suspended for the present. and
the whole energy of the saints is to be devoted to
the building of a wall or rampart around that edi
five. This wall is to enclose six acras ; the temple
in the centre. It is to be fourteen feet high, six
feet thick, composed of solid atone masonry, The
work on this new monument of folly, has been al
ready commenced, and hundreds of hands are em
ployed in carrying it forward."
The Danville Intelligencer says the Montour
Iron Company, at Danville, have engaged with two
contractors for the erection of one hundred and
twenty dwelling houses at that place, this season.
The houses are to he of good size, and well ar
ranged for the comfortable accommodation of fam
Reported for Ike Journal.
Court of Quarter Sessions.
The following canes wero brought before the
Court last week.
Commonwealth vs. Christian E. Craine. In
dictment for assault and battery on the person of
Augustus Cornmesser, in Antes township. The
defendant was convicted and fined $2 00 and coats
of prosecution.
Comma:two/tit vs. David Metz, James Mitch
inson and William Lantz. Indictment for assaul t
and battery on David It. Christie at a singing
school to Allegheny township. The jury acquit
ted the defendants and saddled the prosecutor, D.
R. Christian with the payment of the costa.
Commonwealth vs. Thomas H. Pollock. In -1
dictment for an assault and battery, by the defend
ant, a scholar in a common school in Shirley town
ship, upon John Notile, his teacher. Verdict,
guilty. Sentence, that the defendent pay a fine of
$5 00, costs of prosecution, and be imprisoned' in.
the jail of this county for twenty ditys.
Commonwealth vs. William P. Laughlin.—
Two indictments, one for asssault and battery on
the body of Alexander WAninch, in Dublin town
ship, and the other fin removing land marks. The
defendant was convicted in both cases, and fined
$1 00 in each case, and the costa of prosecution.
Commonwealth rs. Benjamin 111'0nd. In
dictment for the larceny of a horse, the property of
Samuel R. Stevens of the borough of Huntingdon.
Verdict, not guilty, and that the defer:dent woe in
sane at the tithe of the commission of the offence
and that he• woe acquitted on the ground of said
In this case the Court ordered that the defendant
be kept in strict custody, in the jail of this county,
under the direction of the Sheriff, or keeper thereof,
at the expense of the county, so long as he shall
continue of insane mind, or until further orders of
the Court.
Commonwealth vs. Samuel 'Fizzy. This was
s nigger baby case, from the borough of Hunting
don. The prosccutrix, and mother of the ebony
innocent, was Rachel Matson, a married woman,
and the baby, defendant', and prosecutrix were all
black; and unfortunately, and most mysteriously,
the little nigger baby is to have no dady. The de
fendent was acquitted and the prosecutrix ordered
to pay the costs.
Commonwealth vs. Samuel Africa. Indict
ment for obstructing the high. way in Henderson
township. True bill. Continued.
Commonwealth vs. Letvis K. Wiliams. In
dictment for assault and battery upon John Fair.
True bill continued.
Commoulvealth vs. Jacob Fleck. Indictment
for libel on Philip 13ridenbaugh. True bill. Con
The following bills were returned ignoramus by
the grand jury. _ _ _ _ _
COrtinio'nw'ealth vs. Jacob Porter and James
Curry. One count for assault and battery and one
count for assault. Edward C. Wilson the prose
cutor to pay the costs.
• Commonweafth vs. B. E. M'illartrie, Thomas
Hamlin, John IVolfkill, and Joseph Nightavine• I
for forcible entry and detainer. Joseph Stewart,
prosecutor, to pay the costs.
Commonwealth ye. Jefferson Simonton and
Henry Shall: for neglect of duty. County to
pay the costs.
Commouwealth rs. Edward Wilson, Robert B.
Wilton and James Wilson for assault and battery.
Jacob Porter the prosecutor to pay the costs.
Commonwealth rs• Henry At C kllaud William
Snow, James Miller, Sylvester Richardson and
Stephen Snow for forcible entry, riot, and assault
and battery. Samuel Anderson prosecutor to pay
the costs.
Commonwealth vs. &mud Anderson for assault
and battery. Henry T. M'Clelland, prosecutor, to
pay the costs.
Conimortwealth vs. Hans Morrison for assault
and battery. Samuel Hergeshimer, prosecutor to
pay the costs.
Commonwealth vs. Samuel Hergishimer for as
sault and battery. Hans Morrison, prosecutor, to
pay the costs.
Commonwealth vs. C. E. Crane, for tippling
house, and disorderly house. CharlesCornrnesser,
prosecutor, to pay the costs.
Commonwealth to, John lUle for assault and
batter. Thomas H. Pollock, prosecutor to pay the
Commonwealth vs. John B. Mayer and S2M.
uel Pvicketa for assault and battery. George
Heeler, prosecutor, to pay the costa.
Commonwealth vs. Gerge Heeler and John
fleeter for assault and battery. John B. Weaver,
prosecutor, to pay the costa.
The following applications for licenses came be.
fore the Court and were acted upon.
James M. Kinkead, Yellow Springs, granted.
Wm. Bucanan, Henderson township, do.
John Hirst, Manor Hill, do.
Francis M . Coy, Williamsburg, do.
John 1.. Moyer, Frankstown, do.
John Lowe, Gaysport do.
S. S. Barr, do. do.
Michael Sigler, Alexandria, do.
Robert Carmon, do. do.
Christian E. Crane, Antes township, do.
George Jackson, Huntingdon, do.
John Whittaker, do. do.
Peter Levingston, do. do.
Thomas Wallace, do. do.
Alexander Carmon, do. do.
John Figart, Antes township, Rejected.
joseph Forrest, Warm Springs, Granted.
Samuel Jacobs, Franklin township, do.
John Dougherty, Hollidaysburg, do.
James R. Johnston, do. do.
Wm. Donaldson, do. do.
Joseph Hammer, do. do.
Samuel Steffey, Jackson township, Rejected.
James Livingston, Barre township, Granted.
Wolter Graham, Yellow Springs, do.
Robert F. Hazlet, Groysport, do.
Joseph Goodhart, Jackstown, do.
Jacob Megahan, M'Connelstown, do.
Alexander Lowry, Jr. Waterstreet, do.
Janice M'Murtrie, West township, do.
Mathias Otto, Newry,
Steamboat 31splosicn and loss of Life.
An Extra from the office of the St. Landry, La.,
Whig, under the date of April 3d, says:
The Elizabeth Marta,' from New Oorleans on
Sunday evening last. and when entering the Cour
taublenu from the Atchafalaya, her boilerecollapsed,
and completely tore her upper works to pores.
The explosion took place about 3 o'clock on Tues.
day morning, to which may be attributed the pres
ervation of so many lives, as her entire works above
the boilers were swept away, together with her
boilers and deck fixture. Shortly after the acci
dent the Wave' come up, rendered all the assist
ance 'in her power and towed the wreck up to
W ashington.
We insert the subjohretl list, furnished us by the
clerk, who escaped uninjured.
J. H. Gordon, captain, very badly scalded and
Daniel York, mate, killed.
Freeman D. Lamb, first piolet, leg fractured.
John Parrish, second pilot, uninjured.
James Marquite, first engineer, very badly
Nelson Hill, Second engineer, missing.
Charles M. Jones, barrkeeper, uninjured.
Mr, Ireiand, carpenter; steward, cook and cabin-
boys, uninjured.
- Rhodes, deck hand, missing.
One negro fireman slightly scalded, and one do.
Passengers uninjured, except a few who were
slightly bruised.
We regret to learn that Capt. Gordon is in every
critical state.
The' passengers publish a card, in which they
4 . Madly that the accident was one of those unfor
seen calamities which no human prudence could
prevent, as the captain and other officers were doing
their duty when the explosion tor& place." They
also return their thanks to the officers of the , Wavc,'
for their kind assistance.
STRANGE DIESARE.—A very strange contagion
has broken out in Valatia, a small village in Co.
lumbia co., New York. It IliFonloure the face to a
greenish cast, the eyeeloose their usual expression,
and have a vacant stare, the voice becomes husky,
the memory vanishes, and the conversation becomes
confused and a set of incoherent sentences jum
bled together, without order and without messing.
The strength leaves and the form dwindles away to
a skeleton. 'rhe person atthckedravesdlike a mani
ac, and the doctors have been unable to discover a
remedy. The informant states that "every person
wears an lfflighted . countenance, and if it does not
soon stop its ravages, the whole town will he inhab
ited by lunatics!" None have died from it as yet,
but numbers are afflicted with it.
On the 17th inst., a fire broke out at Zanesville,
(0.) and before it was subdued, the dwelling of
Messrs. Park arid Dustman, Mrs. Prints, and the
business rooms on main street of Messrs Britain &
Gibbons, Williams& Greenland, Clements C War
ner, were completely destroyed. The loss is set
down at $1 . 1,00`, upon which there was on insu
rance of $4.000. A young' man named Cooper, a
son of Judge Cooper, died soon after the fire, in
consequence of the excitement it awakened in him,
About half past three o'clock on Saturday morn
ing, the large Hotel at the junction of Fulton Ave
nue and Atlantic street Brooklyn, owned and occu
pied by John Barr, took fire and was totally des
troyed. The engines were quickie) , on the spot,
hut there being no water in the vicinity, returned
home. It was supposed to be the work of an in
cendiary, as the fire first caught near the door, It
is the third time it has been burned down.
The establishment of the Fall River Iron Works
Company, nt Fall River, was, with the exception of
the machine shop, destroyed by fire on Tuesday
evening the Bth inst., occasioning a loss of about
$6,000, which is covered by insurance. One or
two small buildings standing near the Furnace
were also consumed, and Messrs. Hawes, Marbel &
Davol lost in stock and patterns about $1,600, on
which thole is a partial insurance.
biussurry.—The Philadelphia U. Gazette
says Wo copied an article some days since,
relative to an artificial arm, which had been invent
ed and used in Europe, by which many of the offi
ces of the natural arm could be performed. A few
days since Dr. Bean, of this city, brought to us an
invention of the forearm and hand, which, from its
appearance and use, seemed to be the model from
which the European aim had been formed. And
we have no doubt, that when applied, it could be
made as useful in all the minutire, as was that to
which our former statement referred. As the fin
gers plied, and the thumb shared in the pecular
motion, and the wrist joint showed its flexibility,
we tho't how many things might he performed with
such a substitute. writing especially; and no trouble
some gout in the small joints, or rheumatism in the
large articulations.
Dr. B. is also the inventor of a machine for cut
ting files, which was very highly approved of by the
manufacturers in England, who were pleased with
the amount and quality of the worlc which it could
perform, but were afraid to introduce such a labor
s eying machine into their establishment.
Dr. B. has sought out many inventions, which
seem to possess the capabilities of much good, if he
should over succeed in bringing the public to a fair
teat of them.
Some evenings since in Bucksport, Me., while a
meeting of Millerites woo in progress, a number of
men disguised as negroes broke in upon it'and pro
ceeded to administer an oath to each one of the
devotees of Millerism, that they would not attend
any more meetings or aid in propagating the doe-,
trines of that iam, and this being done they were
bustled out of the house. The disguised party
then seized upon a large store of provisions and $4O
in money, which the deluded party had gathered
together, and intended to give both to the select men.
We thought there wore good laws and stringent
ones in Maine, but it appears that the people' i liave a
little of the leaven of of Judge Lyncli i in them, and
can make their laws nugatory fur the time.
In the first stage of disease, termed, Catarrhal
Consumption," originating from neglected Colds,
it has been used with undeviating success, and hun
dreds acknowledge they owe the restoration of their.
health to this invaluable medicine alone. In thdt
form of consumption act prevalent rmoi,g delicate L. ' ,
young females, commonly termed debility, or 'go
ing into a decline," a complaint with which thou
sands are lingering, it has 51so proved highly suc
cessful, and not only possesses the power of check
'nettle progress of this alarming complaint, but al-
s; strengthens and invigorates the system more
effectually than any medicine we have ever poses,.
cd. Besides its surprising efficacy in consumption,
it is equally efficacious in influenza, liver complaint,
asthma, bronchitis, and all affections of the lungs
and has cured many of the most obstinate cases, of
ter every other remedy had tbiled.
The genuine, for sale by Thomas Read, Hunt
ingdon, and MT. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg.
Lines addressed to Dr. Brandreth, by a Lady.
What is the conqueror's fame
Gained on the battlN-field?
Oh, limndreth ! greater is thy naliv
Who causoth death to yield.
FtilLinany a long'and weary day,
Racked by disease and pain,
With anguish great, I suffering !ay,
Nor thought to rise again.
What was Physicians' boasted skill?
Alas ! it eased ale not ;
But ky the aid of thy famed 01 1
How changed is now toy lot!
Restored to health—restored to those
Companions whom I love ;
For the reliever of my woes,
My prayers :hall rise above.
Yee, Brandreth, 'tis to the alorte
My thanks ore justly due,
Foe life I gratefully must own
My constant debt to you.
Purchase the genuine medicine of Wm..S7ewarf;
Huntingdon, Pa., and other agents publiShett its
another part of this paper.
"Here the girls and here the widow
Always cast their earliest glance,
And, with smileless face, consider
If they, too, won't stand a chance
To make some clever fellow nov nut • 4 ,
In bliss, and often too—in trouble."
MARRIED: On Wednesday the 16th instant,
by the Rev. David M'iiinney, Mr. ORLANDO A.
TRAUGH, senior editor of the "Demoetatie Stan
dard," to Miss SARAH D. CANAN, of the bor
ough of Hollidaysburg.
[ Thunder and Mars !" another Printer her 4,
stepped into the life of double blessedness. May
they have always lots of Troughs—go down tu ,
posterity with all this life can afford.--DEVIL.]
On Thursday the 10th inst., by the Reverend T.
Mitchell, Mr. JAMES M. CALDERWOOD, of
Birmingham, to Miss MATILDA HUNTER S of
Antes township.
On the 17th instant, by the Rev. J. Martin, Mr.
DAVIS, all of Hollidaysburg.
On Thursday last, by the Rev. T. Mitchell, Mr. ,
SIMON S. HOCH. to Miss MARY KEYS, both
of the borough of Hollidaysburg.
On Wednesday, the 16th instant, in Gaysport f
by the Rev. J. Martin, Mr. LEVI D. GALLAHER,
of Hollidaysburg, to Miss ANN CAROLINK
SHIDEL, of Lancaster city, Pa.
03ITTJ-9.LY Z'.3':.so7.Z.
Front DEATH no age nor no condition saves,
As goes the freeman, so deports the slave,.
The chieftain's palace and the peasant's heft*,
Alike are ravished by his haughty power.
DIED: On Friday, the I Itit inst., Mrs. MAR
GARET SHOMO, consort of Mr. Win. Shotno,
of Hollidaysburg, and daughter of Mr. Charles,
Wilson, of the „ Loop," in her 30th year.
Philadelphia, April 18.
WimkTFLOUR, per bbl. - - - $4 37}
RYE MEAL, do. - - - - 3 25
CORN do, do,
WitzAT,piimePenna.per bush. - - 90
Rim do. - - - 62
CORN, yellow, do. - - - 45
Uri's, do. - - - 26
Baltimore, April lg.
W nEAT FLoun, per bbl. - - - $4 , 44;
WHEAT, per bush. - - - 98
ColtN, yellow, do. - - - - 42•
kyr:. do.
()Ai's. do.
WunutEy, in bbls. - - - - . - 22
_ „_ _
CL3.) 2
Dr. Z. E. DORIS2:IIr,
HAVING removed from Williamsburg to
Iluntingeon. would inform the t ( - immunity
that he designs to continue the practice Kir
medicine, at d will be thankful for their pa,v
ronage. Residence and oflice iurmerly oc
cuined by It. Allison,
N. B. Having been successful in accom
plishing the cure of a number of cancers.
(tor which vouchers can be had if riquired)
he ft els confident of success in the most ob
stinate cases. and should he fail iu curing no
charge will be made.
Humigdon, April 23, 1845,
Rrgimental Order 8.
The Volunteers and Militia composing the
3rd Regiment, formerly 29th, 2nd Brigade,
lath Division, P. .111, are hereby required
to form by companies on lhe first Monday,
and sth (lay of May next, and by battalion
for parade and review as follows :
Ist battalion will meet at the house of
Alexander Lowry, on Friday the 16th day
of May, in ‘Vaterstreet ;-2nd battalion on
Siiturday the 17th, at the house of Captain
NVilliam Davison, in Lawrilviile, Sinking
[l7- .the law calls for every man to be ar
med—pay attention to this and bring your
arms, or a disregard to this notice may
cause you to pay a tine—by order of
April 22, 1845.
ATTORNEY AT LAW.--Has removed to
Huntingdon, with the intention of making tt
the place of his futur: residence, and wits
attend to such legal business an may be en
rusted to him. Dec. 20, 1843,