Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, February 12, 1845, Image 4

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WHEREAS by precept to me direc
ted by the Judges of the Common
Pleas of the county of Huntingdon, bear
ing test the 15th day of January, A. D.
1845, I am commanded to make
throughout my whole bailiwick that an
adjourned court of Common Pleas will be
held at the court house, in the borough of"
Huntingdon, in the county of Hunting- .
don, on the second Monday (and 10th
day) of March, A. D. 1545, for the
trial of all issues in said court which re
main undetrminedibefore the said Judges,
when and where all jurors, witnesses and
suitors in the trial of said issues are re
quested to attend.
Dated at Huntingdon the 15th day of Jan
uary' A. D ,one thousand eight hundred
and forty-five, and the 69th year of
American Independence.
Sheriff's Office, Hunting- Z
don, Feb. 12, 1845. S
WHEREAS by precept to me directed
by the Judges of the Common Pleas
of the county of Huntingdon, bearing test
the 15th day of January, A. D. 1845, 1 am
commanded to make
throughout my whole bailiwick that an
adjourned court of Common Pleas will be
held at the court house, in the county of
Huntingdon on the third Monday (and
17th day) of March, A. D. 1845, for the
trial of all issues in said court which re
mains undetermined before our Judges,
when and where all jurors, witnesses and
suitors in the trial of said issues are re
quested to attend.
Dated at Huntingdon the 15th day of Jan
uary, A. D. one thousand eight hundred
and forty-five, and the 69th year of
American Independence.
Sherif 'a Office, Hunting- ?
don, Feb. 12, 1845. $
Trial List—March adjourn
ed Court.-1845.
Walter's heirs v Stoner & Stoner
Batton's Assinee v Batton et al
Walter's heirs v Stoner et al
Trustees G. R. C. v J. D. Rea
Reel v Hudson
Lumbard for use v Seeds & Davis
Leonard v Lytle & Patterson
Parsons v Waggoner
Hoover v M'Namara et al
Patterson v M'llduff
Patterson v Caldwell
Reynolds v Long
Culbertson v Kemp et al
Hollidays' heirs v James Alexander
M'Nutt's adm'r v Stewart
Com'th. Pennsyl'a. v Alex. Ennis et al
Reliance Tran's Co. v ex'rs
Shell for Reeves v P. &D. Hileman
Buehlers & Smith v Campbell& Stewart
Rogers v Hewtt et al
John Hartley v J. W. M'Cord
Williams v Crane
P Kurfman's Ex'rs. v E. Corbins' Ex'r.
Campbell et at v Frederick Sheoff
A. Johnston v Brubaker &Stiffier
Andrew H. Hirst v Benjamin Johnston
D. W. Rulings v 3. Rodgers & Co.
Thomas, fur Dysart v George S. Hoover
Mary Cuthbert v Dougherty &Devine
Eldridge & Conrad v John Barr
Martin Gates v Wheeland's adm'r
Same v Same
Same v
Same v Same
Same v Same
Same v Same
Com'th for use v B. O'Friel's ex'rs
Martin Gates v I'. Burdge's ex'rs
Same 1 , Same
Dennis Haylin v B. O'Friel's ex'rs
James McGuire v Same
Hugh Dempsey v Same
James Cleary v Same
James Dooley v Same
Bernard King v Same
John Skelly v Same
James Dooling v Same
Taylor & Lyttle V Same
Loftus et al v Same
Mary Kelly for use v Same
Patrick Rodgers v Same
John M'Kilpm v Same
Jacob Weight v Eli Walls
M'Bride et al &c. v Z. G. Brown
Weight for use v T. M. Owens
Wilson & Co. v David Robeson
Commonwealth 7, Johnston Moore
H. Crownover v Wm. Pollock
Dr A. Johnston v Dr. C. O'Friel
H. Neff's Adm'rs 7, John G. Fleck
J. A.Hamilton's ex. v A. Patterson
Barney Stroup v Adam Brecht
M. C. Garber v John F. Lowry
John Leonard v W. M. Lyon& Co.
Samuel Wigton ' 0 Curry & Roseberi y
Thornton Barnes v George W. Geer
Yingling for use o William Nelson
A. B. Long v Dr. A. M'Pherran .
Overseers of Morris v 0 v'seers of Tyrone
Irvin for Jones o Shipley'sEx. 2 suits
C. H. Lease & Co. o Jacob Drake
Commonwealth a W Price & sureties
John Miller v DGoodfellow'sadms
John Calderwood v Hugh McNeal
David Branstetter v Howlett & Robeson
L. Lingafelter v X. Leff or Luff.
William P. Erhardl's
No. 42 North Second street, Philadelphia
The suhsctiher respectfully informs his
patrons and dealers generally, that he has
removed his Cap Manufactory, to the upper
part of the building, No. 42 Iv. Second
street, below Arch, (entrance through the
store,) where he manufactures Caps of
every description and pattern, of the best
materials and workmanship. Having a
large assortment of Caps always on baud,
orders can be supplied at shorrnotice.
August 21, 1844.-2 mo.
T. M. 0111111Z1M
_WL.OI2LPqf -...=UDUKI3°U;7"-WSZ3
From the 4th of January, A. D., 1844, up to, and including the 10th of January, A. D. 1845.
William D. Black,
George Kelly,
John Keller,
John Simpum,
William Bell,
James Leonard,
Simon Gratz
John Marks,
A. Zimmerman,
Samuel Dean,
William H. Irvine,
Josiah Clossin,
Henry Learner,
Joseph Oburn,
Friderick Hermon,
John Appleby, Jr.
Joseph Smith,
Andrew Johnston
Leonard Weaver, Jr.
John Clarke,
John Piper, Sen.
Henry Matthias,
Samuel Rorer,
William Clayton,
Robert Morrow,
'Samuel Pheasant,
David Good,
John Heffner,
James Hutchison,
Alexander M'Phersoo,
Daniel Massey.
Solomon Wertz,
Michael Star,
Caleb Greenland,
John Rouse,
John Conrad, Esq.
Joseph Jones,
Alexander Port,
John Plummer,
Frederick Fouse,
William Hiieman,
Timothy Nowland,
Thomas A. Smelker,
James Lynn,
John Kratzer,
Armstrong Crawford,
David Parsons,
Philip Taylor,
John David,
Michail Bossier,
Henry Grazier,
James Reed,
George Hawn,
Jacob Miller,
Jabez Stevens
Thomas Wilson, Esq.
Thomas Jackson,
George Sipes,
James Harper,
John B. Riddle,
Anderson Harvey,
Patrick Lang,
Daniel Africa, Esq.
Michael Wike, .
Samuel M'Kinatry,
Jeremiah Brown,
Joseph C. Crocker,
John Fleck,
John M'Math,
Adam Keith,
William Chi'cote,
Henry Nearhoof,
Peter Biddle,
Samuel Thompson,
A. B. Sangaree,
County . tax on unseated lands, including amount
received by A. H. Hirst late Treasurer, and
not charged by auditors. 542 36
Road tax on do.—including do. 223 36
Redemption money of unseated lands paid into
Treasury by various persons, and not charged
at last settlement. 77 42
do. do. paid to Geo. Taylor, Treasurer, 285 97
Commissioners sale of lands, 124 161
do. do. old stoves, 29 75
Daniel Africa, Esq., fines of persons refusing to
serve as collectors, 140 00
Michael Green on account of release of the lien
of the county against his lot, 90 00
Graham M'Camant, proceeds of the sale of an
estray, 2 75
Balance in Treasury at last settlement, 952 09
John Shaver (Sherif) fines and Jury fees, 115 19
To balance in favor of Treasurer, 9 374
In testimony of the correctness of the above account, we the undersigned Commissioners of Huntingdon county, have
hereunto set our hands this 10th day of January, A. D. 1845. ALEXANDER KNOX, Jr.
MORDECA I CHI LCOTE, Commissioners.
Attest --WILLIAM S. AFRICA. Cl'k
WE, the Auditors of Huntingdon County, do hereby certify, that we have examined the drafts of the Commissioners of
said County, and the receipts for the same for the past year and find a balance in favor of George Taylor, Esq.,Treasurer of
said County of nine dollars, thirty-seven and three-fourth cents. Given under our hands this 10th January, A.. 1845.
JACOB S. MAWERN, Auditors.
List of outstanding balances due to the County J ose ph Obti;ri‘ Barree, 590 28
from Collectors, on the 10th January, 1845. t Andrew Johnston, liend'son,l3B 28i John
19 59 Henry Matthias, Sprined, 22 41i j A a . m C e r s aw iv o n rd n ,
Daniel Irwin, Antes,
Abraham Henry, Barree, 461 William Clayton, Tell, 43 59 * David Parsons,
Samuel Pheasant, Union, 29 54
1840. Michael Hassler,
David Robeson Allegheny, 468 33 t David Good, IVood'ry.l2ol 30 1844
George Kelly, Dublin, 95 75 1843. * Jacob Miller, Alleg'ny, 336 92
Thos.M. Robeson, Frankstown, 61 87 James Hutchison, Alleghe'y, 212 441 Jahez Stevens, Antes, 41 031
* John Harnpson, Union, 31 88 # Daniel Massey, Barree, 129 52 * Thos. Wilson, Esq., Barree, 748 50
Abraham States, Walker, 465 * Michael Starr, Cromwell, 53 32 * Thus, Jackson, Blair, 580 00
1841. John Rouse, Dublin, 127 SO * George Sipes, Croin'ell, 117 60
Barree, 214 S 2 John Conrad,rEsq. Franklin, 54 97 Peter Curfatan, Ca w s, 119 06
Cromwell, 134 63 John Plummer, Hopewell, 25 68 * James Harper, Dublin, 163 31
Franklin, 60 96 Frederick Fouse, Huston, 107 41 * John B. Riddle, Frankst'n,4o4 02
1842. * Timothy Newland, Porter, 157 33 * Andrew Harvey, Franklin, 461 12
Antes, 159 671 'l'ho. A. Sinelker, Shirley, 53 35} D, Africa, Lg. Hend'son,327 29
James Leonard,
Simon Gratz,
John Marks,
Josiah Clossin,
Attorney General and others on criminal prosecutions, , 529 67
Grand and Traverse Jurors, Crier and Tip-staff', die. 3471 75i
Constables, for returns, advertising election, &c. 382 274
7 owns/sips.
Barree, 411 64,88
Dublin, 92,36
Morris, 26,41
Henderson, 47,074 ,
Allegheny, 253,61
Barree, 88,00
Cromwell, 90,70
Franklin, 36,00
Hopewell, 12,50
Woodberry, 73,734
Williamsburg, 9,24
Allegheny, 493,00
Antes, 51,374
Blair 240,00
Barree, 364,00
Cromwell, 87,61
Dublin, 44,73
Frankstown, 331,90
Henderson, 232,344
Hopewell, 3,114
Morris, 268,00
Porter, 229,06
Springfield, 33,83
Shirley, 15,00
Tyrone, 100,00
Union, 55,00
Woodberry, 215,00
Walker, 77,78
Allegheny, 311,124
Antes, 140,81
Barree, 965,00
Blair, 559,00
Cromwell, 136,00
Cass, 45,23
41 00
Franklin, 335 75
Frankstown, 326 94
Henderson 686 04
Hopewell, 338 00
Huston, 94 78
Morris, 376 00
Porter, 403 00
Shirley. 509 624
Springfield, 97 00
Snyder, 90 00
Tyrone, 270 00
Tell, 137 284
Tod, 120 02
Union, 100 00
Woodberry 250 00
Warriorin'k 533 874
West, 871 91
Walker, 251 00
Allegheny, 150 00
Antes, 350 034
Barree, 60 00
Blair, 296 00
Cromwell, 76 00
Dublin, 35 00
Frankstown, 80 00
Franklin, 80 00
Hopewell, 63 00
Henderson, 335 00
Huston, 118 00
Shirley, 125 00
Springfield, 37 00
Snyder, 100 00
Tyrone, 120 00
Tell, 26 00
Tod, 53 09
Union, 64 30
Warriorm'k, 223 30
Woodberry, 150 00
West, 466 00
Walker, 75 00
Assessors, _
890 51
Judges, Inspectors, and Clerks of Elections. 1052 27
Bridge and Road viewers, 847 50
Inquisitions on dead bodies, 39 50
Sundry persons, premiums for killing wild cats and foxes, 477 37i
Commissioners:—Alexander Knox, 1843. 63 00
Mordecai Chilcote, 115 50
John F. Miller,BB 50
County iluditors :—Alexan der Stitt, 900
Thomas E. Orbison, 9 00
Jacob S. Mattern, 9 00
County Printing : —Mytinger & Gentzell, 3 00
Theo. H. Cremer, 193 00
John Penn Jones, 123 50
William S. Africa, clerk of Commissioners, 1843, 250 00
Western Penitentiary—subsisting prisoners in 1843, 390 94
John M'Cahan, bond of Com'rs. and interest in full, 2 579 61
Wm. Dorris &John Ker, on Stitt's contract—C. House, 1323 00
Moses Hamer, am't of Coin'oners order and interest, 174 37
James Moore, amount of two orders and interest, 208 55i
Daniel Kyper, am't of ditto in his favor and interest, 111 30
Orbison, Esq. twoyears interest on $5OO, 60 00
John Coldstock, in full for building Shavers cr'k bridge, 1344 00
Robert Madden &Co. balance in full for building bridge
across the Juniata river at Vandevantlers, 139 72
S. R. Stevens, for 26 tons coal furnished C. House, &c. 136 56
James Steel, Esq., Prothonotary and Clerk of sessions
fees, and for furnishing stationary for the court-1843, 128 04
John F. Miller, for a bell purchased by him for C. House, 200 00
C. A. Newingham, supervisor of the borough of Hunt
ingdon, fur setting curb-stones on court house lots,
George Jackson, for boarding Jurors in case of Coin'th.
versus Samuel Thompson, 42 00
Bell & Orbison, fees as counsel of Comm'rs. for '42-'43, 80 00
Sundry persons refunding orders, &c. 154 27
W. B. Zeigler, fur spouting and painting for court house, 81 02
Cunningham & Burchinell, for chairs and hanging bell, 30 00
Ditto, making case and counter for Prot'y office, 87 50
Dr. J. A. Shade, for professional services in a post mortem
examination of the body of Hiram Gilbert,
Alex. Knox, for seal press for Register's & Recorder's
Office, freight, &T.
Dr. J. Hoffman, for medical attendance on prisoners,
George tiooshorn, bill of the Commissioners, surveyer,
&c., appointed by act of sth April, 1843, to view and
lay out a state road from_Miftlintown to the summit
of Sidling Hill,
Sundry small orders in favor of various persons for wood,
cutting wood,cleaning and repairing court house, wash
ing for prisoners, 4c.
Daniel Young, (constable) for'conveying James Davis,
and Charles Lamb to prison,
Ashel H. Brown, for delivering wood for jail in 1843,
Fisher & M'Murtrie, for blank books, for assessments,
and duplicates, &c., &c., 24 24
Thornton Barnes, for one box of candles, 10 94
Francis B. Wallace, for Ironing prisoners, 19 25
John Long, freight on Iron-sate for Treasurer's Office,
from Philadelphia,
Daniel Newinghain, 2 setts of chairs for court house,
David Bucket, for repairing bridge at Shade Gap,
Amount paid out of the Treasury to sundry purchasers
of unseated land, of redemption money, by Andrew
H. Hirst, lute Treasurer, and not brought into last
settlement, 41 67
Amount of do. do. paid by Geo. Taylor, Treasurer, 259 96
George Taylor, Treasurer, advertising 21 tracts of land,
which Com'rs, a ft erwards directed hint not to sell,
Amount of Relief notes of Berks County Bank, collec
ted of fines from persons refusing to serve as collec
tors by Daniel Africa, Esq., while that money was
current, received by direction of Commissioners and
remaining in the Treasury, 13 00
Ain't paid sundry supervisors, road tax on uns'ted lands, 65 37
David Snare, Esq., postage during the year 1844, 7 58
John Shaver, Esq., (Sherf) in full of bill for boarding
prisoners, summoning Jurors, conveying convicts and
commission on fines collected,
John Armitage, Esq., (Sheriff,) for summoning Jurors
to January Term 1845, 27 00
Treasurer's commission on $33,116 78, at 1i per cent, 372 55
$16748 5011
Springfi'tl. 35 61
Snyder, 103 08
Tyrone, 144 44
Tell, 40 70
Woodb'y.36l 39
.Patrick Lanz,
* Michael Wike,
'J. M. Kinkead,
John Huyett,
Samuel M'Kinstry, Shirley,
Jeremiah Brown, Sptinfi'ld,lo7 '9O
Joseph C. Crocker, Snyder, 66 21
* John Fleck, Tyrone, 375 75
Jonathan Briggs, Tell, 118 13
* Adam Keith, - 'rod, 85 64
Wm. Chi[cote, Union, 12 86
Henry Nearhoof, Warrior'k,223 97
* Peter Qittle, Wood?ry, 331 96
* Samuel Thompson, West, 193 58
A. B. Sangaree, Walker, 237 84
A. Clark 4. J. P. Snare, balance
, .
of forfeited recg's. 175 00
J. Wallace. 13 18
Jdhn M'Collum, 41 24
Jos. Higgins fines and Jury lees, 56 60
Jos. Shannon, do. do. 20 00
Those marked thus (*) have paid inpart
since the 10th January. Those marked
with a (t) have paid the balances against
them in fill.
Diseases of the Lungs and areast.
To THE PUBLIC.— In accordance with the
prevailing custom, and in order to show the
virtuesof this medicine mole fully, the fol
lowing certificates have been selected ; and
as it is not our wish to trifle with the lives
or health of those afflicted, we sincerely
pledge ourselves to make no assertions or
" false statements" of its efficacy ; nor will
we hold out any hope to suffering humanity
which facts will not warrant. The proofs
are here given—and we solicit an inquiry
from the public into every case we publish,
and feel assured they will find it a medicine
well deserving their patronage and confi
42 121
Of all the cures that have yet been record=
ed, there are certainly none equal,to the
below mentioned, and they plainly show
the curability of Consumption, even in
some of its worst forms :
10 CO
18 82
7 25
Let every man, woman and child read the
following, and we are sure that it mustsatis-
Fy all of the great virtues of the medicine.
Q7' Read the following from Dr. Jacob
Hoffman, a physician of extensive practice in
Huntingdon county :
Dear Sir:—l procured one bottle of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. of this place, and tried
76 50
165 14
it in a case of obstinate Asthma a child of
Paul Schweble, in which many ether reme
dies had been tried without any relief. The
Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my opin
ion the child is effectuelly cured by its use.
Yours, &c.
Dec. 23, 1841.
10 00
25 00
The case of Thomas Cozens is related by
himself as follows, and acknowledged by
all who knew him to be one of the most
astonishing and extraordinary cures ever
performed :
April 20, 1843.
On or about the 13th of October, 1841, I
was taken with a violent pain in the side
near the Liver, which continued about five
days, and was followed by the breaking of
an eer, or something inwardly, which re
lieved the pain a little, but caused me to
throw up a great quantity of offensive mat
ter and also much blood. Being greatly
alarmed at this I applied to a physician, who
said he thought he could do but little for
me except give me some mercury pills
which I refused to take feeling satisfied that
they could do me no good ; many other re
medies were then procured by my wife and
friends but none did me any good and the
discharge of blond rod putrid corruption
still continued every few days, and at the last
it became so offensive that I could scarcely
breathe. I was slso seized with a violent
clugh,which at times caused me to raise much
more blood than 1 had formerly done,' and
my disease continued in this way until Feb
ruary, when all hopes of my recovery were
given up, and my friends all thought that I
would die of a galloping consumption. At
this moment when my life apparently was
drawing near to its close, I heard of Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry and got a bottle
which relieved me immediately, and by the
use of only three bottles of this medicine,
all my . pains were removed, and my cough
and spitting of blood'removed, and in a few
days my health was so far restored as to en
able me to work at my trade (which is that
of a carpenter) and up to this time 1 have
enjoyed good health.
WITNESS.--I am acquainted with Thos.
Cozens and having seen him during Isis ill
ness, I think his statement is entitled to full
credit. SAM. H. BURROUGHS.
Appeared before me personally, and affirm
ed according to law, on the 20th of April,
1843. CLEMEN
caw It is unnecessary to remind all who
would get the true article,ito inquire partic
ularly for "Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry," and take nothing else.
Unprincipled dealers will tell you that th
SYRUP of Wild Cherry, or some other cough
medicine is equally as good. Regard them
not—they only want your MONEY ! Remem
ber, it is " Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cher
ry" that not only relieves but cures !
Price one dollar per bottle, or six for IS.
10 29
13 00
5 75
10 50
407 35
$16748 50
For sale only iii Cincinnati, by
corner of Fourth and 11 ainut.
Also, foil sale by Thomas Read ED' Son,
(wholesale and retail,) Huntingdon, and
Mrs—Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg.
January 15, 1845.-6 m.
num omovaasmlawmp
attorney at Law,
Will practice in the several courts of Hun
tingdon, Bedford, and CaniVia coon.
ties. All business entrusted to his care,
t will be faithfully attended to.
J e welry! Jewelry ! ! Jtwelry!'
7E+UST received, astock
Q,O of the most
ment Je welryever
.came p th e ikt
full jewelled,
SILVER PATENT LEVERS, double and single
cased,SitvEß ANCHOR Lxvinis full jeweled,
double and single cased ENGLISH WATCHES,
Imitation Lsvent, QUARTIER and FRENCH
WATCHES, 16CC. &c. Also
Gold Fob Chains, and Seals,
of the most fashionable patterns. Gold
Pencils, Spectacles, Guard Chains, Key's,
Breacelets sett with topaz, Midalions, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Breast Pins, sett with
topaz, atnethist, &c. &c. Mineature Cases,
Silk Purees, Coral Beads, Pocket Boi ks,
Musical Boxes Mathematical Instrumtnts,
Silver Spectacles, Table Spoons, Tea end
Salt Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Lowends pattent
Silver Pencils, Razors of the finest quality,
HENRY CLAY pen knives, a superior arti
cle, Steel Pens, Spy ('lasses, Hair Brushtts.
Tooth Brushes, Platina Points, &c. &c. All
the above articles will be sold cheaper than
ever heretofore.
Hustor►, 201 12i
Morris, 591 11
Porter, 595 99
$10,546 161
Clock and Watch repairing done as usua4
very cheap for cashb . .
A: large 'assortment of eight day and thir ,
ty hour Clocks will be sold very cheap.
All watches sold will be warranted for one
year, and a written guarrantee given. that
if not found equal to warranty it will (during
that period) beput in order without expense,
or it injured, may be exchanged for ally
other watch of equal value. The warranty
is considered void, should the watch, with
which it is given, be put into the hands of
another watch maker•.
Huntingdon, April rO, 1844,
Carriage Manufactory
wrOSl' respectfully informs (the citizens
WA of the borough and county of Hunting
don, the public generally, and his old friends
and customers in particular. that he still
continues the
Coach Matting Business
in all its various branches ' at his old stand,tn
Main street in the borough of Huntingdon
nearly opposite the 'Journal' printing t,ffice
where he has constantly on hand every
description of
Coaches, Carriages ,
mA 4 , , , , ,r r e. Buggies, Sleigh s
4 4 •
01114filagiNS Dearborns,
which he will sell low for cash or on rea ten
able terms.
All kinds of work in his line made to or
der, on the shortest notice, in a
And all kinds of repairing done with neat ,
ness and despatch.
Country pi•oduce will be taken in exchange
r work.
Any persons wishing to purchase are re
spectfully invited to call end examine and
udge fur themselves.
Huntingdon N0v.29, 1843.
characterised in an individual by the ab
sence of all pain, suffering or affection in
any part of his body , by the free and regu
lar exercise of all his functions without any
exception. They consist in having a good
appetite at meal times, an easy digestion,
free evacuations, without looseness or cos
tiveness at least once in every twenty four
hours, and without heat, dryness, or burning
at the passage ; the free issue of water with
out acrimony or burning, and without a red
dish sediment which is always a sign of a
present or an approaching pain ; quiet sleep
without agitation or troublesome dreams;
no taste of bile or other bad taste in the
mouth upon rising in the morning ; no sour
ness or disagreeable rising of the stomach ;
a clean tongue ; a sweet breath ; nn itching,
pimples or spots on the skin ; no piles ; no
burning heat upon any part of the body ; no
excessive thirst when unexposed to laber or
other known cause ; no interruption to any
natural evacuation, nor pain at their period
ical return.
Where the state of the system does not
harmonize with the above picture of health,
it is of the greatest importance that no time
be lest in sending for a doctor, or in the use
of foolish remedies too often the result of
speculation; instead of this course let a dose
of Brandreth's Pills be taken, which will
not deceive, but will at once restore health
to the organ or part that requires it.
All who wish to preserve their hea!th, all
who are determined to defend their life
against the encroachments of disease which
might send them prematurely to the grave,
will, without hesitation, have recourse to the
Brandreth Pills, when the state of the sys
tem does not harmonize with the above pic
ture of health.
Those who live in a country where contit
glens or other diseases prevail, should often
think of this true picture of health, and ob
serve himself with particular attention, in
order to act accordingly. The wise and
rightly derected will follow this advice—We
unwisa are left to their own destruction.
Dr. Brandreth's Pills are for sale by the
following Agents it this county.
Win. Stewart, Huntingdon.
M'Farlane, Garber, tao., Hollidaysberg.
1. & N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Moore & Swoope, Alexandria.
Hartman & Smith, Manor Hill.
Thomas M. 0 wens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson, Williamsburg.
rr The above are the only authorized
agents in Huntingdon county.
Sept 11, 1844.-6 m.
2000 Dry Laplata Hides , --first quality.
8800 Dry La Galva do. do.
3000 Dry Salted La Guira, do.
1000 Dry Salted Brazil Hides,
__ do.
40 Btieie Wei Salted iiitGa Kips
30 Bales dry Patna Kips.
120 Barrells Tanner's Oil.
Tanner's and Currier's Tools.
For salse to the country Tanners' at the
lowest prices and upon the hest terms.
N. B. All kinds of Leather wanted toe
which the highest paices will be paid ill
Cash or in exchange for Hides, Kips 8c Oil
No. 21 South 3d Street,
Oct. 9, 1844.---Iy.
Spanish Hides