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Eitt otcu to Gotcrat Kittrltincurc, 37ibertioinu, 3,otitico,Rao:atter'', gioratit», art % .Iricitcro,aartcttitttre,aiticituinctit, t., c.
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, U; , cipaawags.
The , 10171INAL" will be published every Wed
stiliday morning, at $2 . 00 a year, if paid in advance,
and if hot paid within six months, $2 50.
No subscripim.received for a shorter period than
six months, nor any paper discontinued till all ar
rears:vs are paid.
Advertisements not exceeding one square, will he
Inserted three times for $1 00,1snd for every subse
quent insertion 25 cents. If no definite orders are
given as to the time an advertkeinent is to be continu
id, it will be kept in till ordered out, and charged ac
..One country, one constitution, one destiny."
242mma 4 1m...3a:/ e
ocroBER 12, 1844,
"Once more our glOous Banner out
Upon the breeze we throw;
beneath its folds, with song and shout,
Let's charge upon the foe!"
[Of licntucky.)
[Of New Jersey.]
TOWNSEND HAINES, 5 Senatorial &edam
Representative Electors.
1. Joseph G. Clarkson, , 13. Henry Drinker,
I. John P. Wetherill, 14. Ner Middleswarth,
5. John D. Ninesteel, 15. Frederick Watts,.
4: John S. Littell. 16. Daniel M. Sinyser,
0. t•:. T. M'Dowell, 17. James Maliters,
tr. Benjamin Frick, 18. Andrew J. Ord%
7. Samuel Shafer, 19. Hopi Washabaugh,
5. William Heister, 1129. John L. Gow,
9. John S. Roister, - 1 21. And'w. W. Loomis,
10. John Killinger, 1 22. James M. Power,
n. Alex.E. Brown, 23. William A. Irvin,
1. Joh'than J. Slocum, :24. Eenj. Hartshorn,
(c .v. B. PAL . MEE, Esq. (No. 59, Pine street
ieloto Third, Philadelphia,) is authorized to act as
Agent for this paper, to procure subscriptions and
tC• This week we issue hut half a sheet, and
we have delayed it a fow days in order to give
election return's. This is the only matter that
seems to carry any interest with it at present.
Mar. Volk's Zailttor to Mr. Stade.
James K. Polk's Letter to John K. Kane, illus.
giated by the "acts and discussions" of' the writer,
u published in the "Journal" and "Register,"
seems to he a very sore thorii in the side of the
"Huntingdon Globe." That paper cries out week
after week, forgery I forgery ! ! forgery ! !! but
even it hal not the hMdihOod to say that any word
or unable of it is not the language of James K.
Polk, or endorsed by him. The Globe clique may
al well bear it patiently, till after the Presidential
election, for, until then we intend to
. .
(ns. The Huntingdon Globe fur a few weeks past
hears all the marks of the genius ! and veracity!!
of certain ex-editors of certain defunct Locofoco
papers 4 , lute of this borough." And that paper is
fast following in the footstep. of its illustrious pre
decessors ' 1 " I We advise it to beware of the
fate of Ananias and Sapphire.
We extract the following from the " Huntingdon'
Grote of Wednesday, the 2nd of October.
" I u fit untiniui Fortier
"The Journal' and Register' have been pub
lishing an article purporting to be from Krim.hark s
travels in the United States, stating that Col. Polk
had sold slaves, bunt them with his brand, &c,
No suelt book as Koorback s travels was ever pub
lished, and the whole is a villanous Whig forgery.
The Journal gave wings to this some story two
weeks since, and although. the contradiction was
almost as early as its publication, that contradiction
has not been given to the public.
Our readers know (as the Journal of the date re
ferred to, Nth Sept. will show,) that we did not
publish the article abOve designated, nor any thing
like it, at that or any other time. And the Globe
editor knew that he was publishing a fabehood
when he made the charge against us. It was done
wilfully, maliciously, rind for political effect. We
therefore brand him as an infamous liar at al an un
mitigated scoundrel; and it is time that the peoPle
should know it. We do not believe that the editor
penned the falsehoOd, but ha is equally blameable
for permitting it to appear in his columns.
What must a moral, reflecting community, after
mash an infamous course, think of the Huntingdon
Olobe.• Must the public not come to the conclu
tarn that its editor prefers a lie to the truth, and
aaM acZ-3,
that the contents of his filthy sheet are undeserving
the public attention. And what else can be expect
ed than that his sheet will be filled with a continu
ation of these infamous calumnies.
The Globe editor applied the above language to
us, and he should not murmur when we apply it to
him with all the force of truth.
We repeat that we did not publish the Roorbach
Imposition. Some other yVhigpapers did; but they
promptly contradicted it when discovered to be an
This •Infamous Forgery," is however a great
matter for l.oeofocoe to make a fuss about. The
"Villanous Whig Forgery" was perpetrated by
full blooded LOCOFOCO. See an account of it in
another column, from the Ithaca Chronicle extra.
. 4 4
l'O;i! G 0 1 7 1;, ..1 ()R.
Counties, 31,1 kle, Shuhk.
Ail.ii,, 7-5
Allegheny. 22.:0
Ai nisi rung, 580
Bed lord, 150
Bucks, 300
Bei k 5,4150
. ,
Braver, 600
Butler, 200
Climb' ia, 167
Centre,s9 o
eliester, 655
Clem field, 350
Clinton 100
Cu nibeiland,. 15
Carbon, 3 . 20
Columbia, 1710
Dauphin, 864
Delaware, 587
Franklin, 625
(Greene, 800
Iluniingdwi, 139.9
Indiana. 656
.1-ire. sun, 600
Joniatu, 103
Lanc•ister, 3997
I.4.lkanon, 750
Lycoming, 4.50
‘lercrr, 5(.0
MontgomPry, , 1095
No; tliumberland, 703
Northampton, 875.
Perry, 670
Philadelphia city, 4r(84
courtly, 3000
Somerset, 1542
Union, 955
‘Vashingtnn, 200
Al r, simoreland, 1925
York, 850
kle's ninj. 4714
Mr. Pollock is eleved in the 15th Con•
gressiuntil district.
Pollock Petrik pn
Nortltumbei land, 703
I.yeonting 227
li ',ion, • 1096
Clinton, 5
. 1101
Pollock's ►naj'u•ity, 171
_ .
I n th e eily or Philadelphia the entire
Whig ticket has beau elected. in the
county the Native ‘inericati ticket is
elected by a :at :!e inijnrity.
o:t Not withsiatiding the efforts of the
Mt ntp•clii" and Locos united, the Whigs
Anti-niastnis have sustained them•
The %%hole county ticket is, elected by
3 ll:noisome maj,;rity„
A 'deF•perate rflorl was made to addle
upon us a Lueoloco Sheriff; and the
'motet's united upon the " itiongrtil" can.
dilates fin• the Legislature anti County
Commissioner. All su:te of bargaining
and swapping and chizzling was resort
ed to, but without success.
II union and harmony hail existed in
imr ranks . the majority would probable
have been from 10()0 in 2000. •I he coon
ty is sale for Clay by 2000 majority.
B I nv we an:iex the vote for Governor
and Congress.
Districts. Governor. Congrese.
g in
U a g
A iel C.) 44 '4 C 4
.4 Z
all = 44
al I i-Z A =
Huntingdon, 209 256 199 270
Dublin, • 96 37 94 39
Warriorsmark, 119 74 116 79
Allegheny, 128 maj. 134 maj.
Woodberry. 103 . 104 a
Huston, 83 " 85 a
Hopewell, 88 44 88 44
13 u rree, maj. 00 maj. 100
iShirley, 151 140 145 141
Antes, 183 145 182 142
Porter, 163 118 160 116
Franklin, 156 76 146 86
Tell, 35 84 36 73
Springfield, 156 33 153 32
Union, 75 24 75 25
Roxberry, 60 43 56 47
Tyrone, 142 40 142 41
Morris, 193 75 191 77
\Vest, niaj. 54 mnj. 52
Walker, 36 mnj. 18 maj.
Toil, 96 49 95 49
Frankstown, 180 maj. 134 mnj.
Cromwell, 94 maj: 95 maj.
Murray's Run, 35 20 34 20
Blair, 16 maj. 16 mnj.
Hollidaysburg, 19 maj. 25 11111 j.
Gayaport, 31 maj.
Birmingham, 33 19 32 19
Snyder, 151 26 153 24
Cass, 116 33 116 33
i - . 4 9
The totals are as follows
Governor. Markle 4022, Shunk 2630, Maj. 1392
C. Coin. Guilford 4024, Hartshorn 2549 " 1475
Sale of Main 1.. For 3726, Against 2368 " 1356
Cong. Blanchard 3977, Henderson 2646 " 1331
Senator. Morrison 3913, Patterson 2619 " 1294
Assembly. Brewster 4016, MeMurtrie 3949
Cresswell 2111
Brewster's majority,
M'Mortrio s 1738
Sheriff. Armitage 3499, rownover 3005 " 498
Comm. Miller 3743, Hoffman 2024 " 1719
Auditor, Caldwell 3959 No opposition.
We will give the official returns in full next
17th Congressional Didtrict.
It i., with pleasure that we announc. ,
the triumphant election of that Old
Grey Coon," Jony BLANCHARD,
to re;ire
sent this Collet e4s. The ma•
jorities are reported as lollnws
Blanchard's majority, 397
11 e u iit give the official returns as soon
as we ascerlain
CONGRESSIONAL.—The Difference.
Counties. Henderson. Blanchard.
Centre, 1200
Juniata, 250
Huntingdon, 500
Henderson'. majority,
NVliat SA) you brother Shugert, how
muchT " * lie (11 , nderson) ought
t o beat hiK yaokee oppoorot 2000, and by
hard work can.—Globe of the 2.5 th Sept.
Col. rratt elected, and an increased
Whig majority in both branches of
the Legislature. And a united
States Senator secured.
NVe hasten to lay before our read
ers the returns of the M•ityland election,
held on tare 2nd inst., and have the satis
iction of announcing a complete triumph
in, that State. For the first time under
the amended conintittition a Whig
ruor in elected, and iticrersed 11'hig uta
jocities are carried in both branches of di
Legislature, thus securing a U S. Sen:.tor.
The Americon sop, ;hat we have CAR
except TIIREE! The 11'hi_nmjmiiy in
the house ul Delegates is FORTY and
in the Sentoe NINE
Ihe American ulcer announcing the
above result says:
Thus have the whip of Maryland
ichieve,l u gltoriou: II win ph n o t W I thsilin
dintt thk. • wvnnK l .lll by
our oppuents to r.:,t no overv‘.helturn::
of Itiliitoore. THE
FOR HENRY CLAY. Our adversities
can no inure rntiy iheiL s, Iv. s lur the rop
iest alter piostration of their utr;ngth
consequen. upon their late desperate and
COllVUislve sli u4le. Let our friends all
user the Union jut with us in congratula •
ion. Niaiyland has taken her stand;
•he will maintain tt beyond all peradvens
tore. It the than:ler 01 her broadside
has not heeti so loud 114 some expected the
..xecution cahich it has done is as effect
ive as though the report had shaken the
Let PENNSYLVANIA march for
Ward and with all 'he
oug-ot, of tier Whig sti 2 rowh, to ntrike
, emouli.lll o l lilntv for n n . I AY AND THE I AR
IFF. A, the contest waxes warmer and
wormer, SO will the stiooLt oisorance and
firm cool age or the Wougs grow more
,troug and ilecerinioeil. The harbinger..
of victory are around us; the aulomou,
omens gladden the sight on every halal ;
,he word, of the utilhot oh! 11.1 01 ' lip
Iwo e new ardor—. ale fire mare,
1)4 v, and the day is 'burs "
1841. 1844
. _. . . .. . —...
Counties. Johnston. Thomas. Pratt. Carroll.
Allegheny, 1035 1089 maj. 83
Anne Arundel, 1287 1476 1601 1524
Baltimore city, 6386 7435 7995 9190
Baltimore co. 1404 2318 maj. 779.
Calvert, 436 353 62 mai.
Caroline, 605 551 659 639
Carroll, 1444 1618 1831 1730
Cecil, 1188 1295 1524 1585
Charles, 613 430 761 560
Dorchester, 1142 816 1328 976
Frederick, 2583 2789 3133 3104
Hartford, 1114 1160 1490 1411
Kent, 597 486 701 544
Montgomery, 909 730 1083 903
Prince George's, 835 625 1027 750
Queen Anne's, 702 716 760 745
Somerset, 1134 802 304 mai.
St. Mary's, 743 450
Talbot, 683 776 778 751
Washington, 2196 2346 2633 2579
Worcestia, 1284 698 440 mai.
28,320 28.959 28,110 27,853
Locofoco maj. 639 Whig maj. 257
The strong Whip county of St. Mary 'a is yet to'
hear from, which in 1841 gave a \\ hig majority of
293, fir 1840 the same county gave Harrison a
majority of 480.
The Stale Central Committee have is•
sued au able address announcing the re
milt. In reference to the palpable frauds
in the city, the Committee says This
statement speaks for itself. We have no
hesitation in expressing our belief that ol
these 1.892 rules, full 1,500 were talsek
awl surreptitiou s ly introduced to the oat
I•it box; Ono they have Lean the product
of a skits! and diligently perpetrated
Rand upon the rights of the real voters
..f lialuumre. Cli%filig these aside the ma
jority would have been for the 1,11,1 a can
didates, in accordance with the best esti-.
.nate• nhich had previously' been abh.
u in,ke the election.''
Blanchard. Henderson
1331 9,34
The Legislature stands ns follows :
Whig. Locofoco.
Senate, 13 6
House of Delegates, 61 21
Whig majority on joint ballot, 40 votes.
roul Flay in tho City,
We ;live bellitt the tilt, h. 01 the elec
tion held in Nlarylaild on the 2(1, as lar
receivt d. The (-xtratn tlinary Increase 0.
the Lovefoco vote in the city over that ul
any previous eli•ction to unaccountable.—
Carroll's majority in the city is 1195. 10
1841 the Lorofoco nrij,ility for Governor
oas 1049. Iu the County of ailtitome
to Ib4l the Locof oco majority was 914.
1750 500
Nlr. Thomas was electcif Co 1841 by a
iniijority of 639. So far as !lentil from we
have gaiiii•il upon this vote in ‘Wii•liingion
counts 2UO, and about 160 in Priiici•
George's, which 11101 e than balances
Locoloco gain io the city, and tlic
bility is that Mr. Pratt, the NiVllig candi
date. is electcd. Mr. Carroll resides in
tl.e city, and is line of the most popular
men in tie Stale.
From Me Baltimore American of Me 3d inst.
Wank Platt, (W.) Carroll, (L. F.)
1 506 605
2 441 591
3599 • 777
4 695 559
5 555 • 625
6 282 596
7 409 595
8 1097 588
9 464 873
10 583 459
11 769 587
12 520 742
13 . 616 716
14 459 • 877
The whole number of voles cast at the
present election. is 1 7.16 5 . At the elec
tion for ftlayor in Oct. 1843, the whole
number or votes cast was 14,898 . —0 l
whlCilihe 11' 11g. gave 7,600 31111 the Lo
vit., 7,298. This was the largest vole ever
before cast in this city, exceeding as it
did, the Pi vole of 1840 by 277
totes. The incrcase of the vat yesteida,)
over hit ol ()Gimbel', 18-13 is 2287 voles.
of which increase the Whigs have 393,
and tin:Amens, 1892.
Toe Patriot, in accounting for the huge
Locoloco majority in the city and county,
The great demonstration or our oppo
nents was made %you B iltimore city and
county. Voters have been poured in up
on us by husulretis— money wds Ireelt
11s , 11, and lur the List two month; we hay.•
waded knee clop through the mite of 1,-
eofoco sl.inder tklatuation and
nrai:ging alio:v.lller unparalleled in
The inteulion ha- been to earn,
liallinnire, and through bee the Stale, s o
as to lead nil to tit ah air or triumph, to
ctperate on the election in Pennsylvania.
"Oat of the city of Baltimore the tri,
amid' 111 the %% Trigs has been moat silmal.
We hive gained Carlton, Calvert, Talbot,
Itaifio:l and Anne Arundel
co of which have Leen against
us for years, and C. mill always before
Locoloco. Wherever the voice of the ro
ple 'could be fairly expreseil it has been
;host loud in favor of the At no
time was the Whig party stronger to thy
counties of Maryland than it has shown
itself at thi4 tiine—and in Ni,vember sex
she will tatoe lo.e position in the Whig
ranks with 5000 MAJORITY FOR lIEN-
- t
, 0,
• , q.
• .
The Inspector's or prelimina. y election
in Ili:law:ire has resulted as follows:
Nrw Castle county, 91 •Whig maj.
Krnt, 0 159
Sussex, . 1
20(i Loco maj.
Total in the State 24 S IVliig, maj,
That will do for n beginning. At the
regular election when the full vote is out,
Clay will have IMO
OO5" Look out for I'rn'os.llvenia,
Who Roorbach Zmposition.
Alt article was published in some of the papers
not long since, purporting to be an extract from the
work of a foreign traveller in this country, slanted
Roorbach, and affirming that the said Roorbach bad
met, in one of the south western states, a gang of
slaves, having J. K. P. tranded on their shoulders;
and that those slaves belonged to James K. Polk.
It turned out that the whole thing was a forgery,
and the Locofoco papers denounced the Whigs its
the strongest manner, as the audio's of the fraud.
It appears however, that the forgery originated with
a Locoloco, as will be seen by the following:
From the Itham Chrtm ele.—Ertra,
An article appeared in this paper on the 21st of
August last.publirdred AS A GOMM UN lOATIO.N ,
headed „ Joe the Chroncle," addressed to Mr.
.S'ertneer,' signed "An Abolitionist," purporting to
giye on extract from " Roos birch s 'Pour through
the Western and Southern States in 1836." The
extract cloSed with a releronce to forty-three slaves,
purchased by James K. Polly, distinguished by the
brand of his initials upon their shoulders.
The article was brought to us in manuscript, by
DANIEL ISI'KINNET, Esq., a young gentleman of
this village, of unimpeachable character and veraci
ty, and was published without the least suspicion
that it was other than what it purported to be, a
genuine extract from a book of travel.. It turns
out to he nn extract from FE ATII EasToNti A Vries
Tour through the slave States, with the statement
in relation to James K. Polk's slaves appended.
From the affidavit of Mr. MICINNar, which
follows, it appears that the pretended extract was
furnished to him. in manuscript, by Wm. Lisa,
Eoq., of thin village. a LOCO FOCO OFFICE
HOLDER, the candidate of that party for justice
of the mace, to which office he was elected, and
which he now holds; rand alsoextuniner in Chance
ry. appointed by a LocoFoco Senate, on the recom
mendation of Gov. 13onex. Mr. Mit NNNT was
as unsuspecting of its real character as we were.
This "forgery" and "fraud so bitterly denoun
ced by the Albany Argus and the Loco Foco prints,
is then f,slened upon the shoulders of a Loeofi,eo
office holder, with what object en his part we leave
the public to judge. The " forgery" and "fraud"
is placed where it belongs, and consequences, if un
pleasant, must recoil upon the Loco Foco party.—
Neither Mr. McKinney nor ourselves have any part
of this responsibility. Both were imposed upon by
a vile hoax, or something worse. Our agency in
its circulation was wholly unsuspicious of its real
The affidavit of Mr. McKinney, showing the ori.
gin of this "Roortstali's Tour," folloies: •
"This is to certify that on or about the tOth day
of August, 1944, Wm. Linn, Esq., called on the
with an article purporting to be an extract from.
Roorlatek's tour through th, Western and ,otithern
States, requesting me to copy the rune and hand
it to the editor of the Chronicle for publicatiimAta.-
ting . es it reason forthis request that there wait s'
Loco Foco printer in that office who was acquainted
with his chirography. I complied with hi' mimes*
. .
without the slightest suspicion that it well not
genuine extract from a veritable book.
Subscribed and sworn the 27th day of i.•
September, 1844 4 before me,
C. G. Hgaiii, J. P."
Mr. Linn, then, bears the disgrace of the trick.
His object could only be to betray Whig journal,
into the adoption of a falsehood, for the sake of
damaging them by its subsequent ,x - pdita ; but
the worst damage falls on himself, and t, some ex
tent his party. A very foolish truck of Mr. Linn,
for he must have known, if he has wit enou,ll to
known anything, that his agency in the tm-nese
could not escape detection. But let us huge what
he may have to say in the matter. ,
Presidential Election. 184 4.
A friend at a distance who has great opponiy%
nines for acquiring accurate information on the
subject of the Presidential election, and the prob . -
able votes of the Statei, has furnished us with thir
following statement, which he considers as being ae
favorable for Mr. Polk as can be made, having is
gard to the well known state of public feeling.
Certain fur Clay. Certain for Polk. 1
Massachusetts, 13 New Hampshire 0
Rhode Island, 4 Illinois, P
Vermont, 6 Missouri, 7
Connecticut, 6 Alabama, 0
New York, 36 Arkansas, 11
New Jersey, 7 ~.,
Delaware, 3 114
Maryland, 6
Ohio, 23 _ . Doubtful.
Indiana, 12 Maine,
Kentucky, 12 Michigan,
North fisraline, 11 Pennsylvania, 26
Tennessee, 13 Virginia, 17
10 Mississippi, 6
Clay, -
Polk. -
Doubtful, -
South Carolina,
Total, -
Necessary to a choice,
If tile election of Polk should depend upon nine
votes then South Carolina will vote for Polk, but
not otherwise. In no event will she cast her We
fur Mr. Clay.
The probability is that all of the States set down
doubtful will go for Mr. Clay—and we feel confi
dent of this result. But give them all to Polk and
lie stands no chance of an election. Mr. Clay is
certain of being the next President of these United
States, if he is living on the 4th of MarehrlB4s.
On the 3d inst.,hy the Rev. S. H. Rend, Mr.
FOREMAN, of Huntingdon county. .
On Thursday evening the 26th ulki by the
Rev. Mr. WCollin, Mr. JACOB SELLS, of
Frankstown township, to Miss AMANDA M.
PIERCE, of Hollidaysburg.
On Tuesday the 17th ult., Mr. ELIAS IL
MeCLELLAND, of Hollidaysburg, to Min
SARAH C.—daughter of Henry Spang, of Etna
Iron Works.
On Tuesday the 17th ult., Mr. JAMES C.
L1".11,E, to Mks MARY McNAMARA, all of
Springfield Furnace, Huntingdon county. •
2D " "
On the 4th inst., after an illness of only a few
days, WILLIAM EASTEP, in the 79th year of
his age.
The deceased was born in Frederick county Md.,
and emigrated to this State in 179.1, and continued
to reside in this county until the time of his death.
He raised a large family. His father and two
brothers served in the Revolutionary War.—Cqm
munica led. . .
- .......
At Duneansville. on Sunday evening the 22nti
ult., Mine RACHEL P. HIGGINS, aged. about
IS years.
Spani , h Hides
ir ANN i, It'S OILS.
5000 Dry llides---first quality.
3500 Dr) 1.. t Gait, do. d,:
1000 Dry 3 lull La Guira. • • do.
2600 Dr, Salted Brazil Hides, do.
40 It sles Creel] S Patna Kips
30 li des dry Patna Kips.
120 Bareells Tannei's Oil.
T. el.'s and Currier's Tools.
Far sake to the country 'l'itniters at the
lowest prices stud upon the best terms.
N. B. All kinds of Leather wanted for
which the highest priers will be paiii in
Cash, or in I Ncluinge f r Hides, Kips 4 Oil.
No. 21 Sutch Sti Strret,
Oct. 9, 1844.-. ly.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in „the
Post Office at h untingd••n, Oct. ht.
which if to t called tor previous to linuary
•xt wi I be holm, the General P. Office at
ileac: letters.
Alter Mies Miles Nathan
Ayrs Murphy 'Fhos. •
Crane Aaron McCoy Wm.
Calderw kod John Nixon George T.
C•isy Wm. Milli. John
Gi , ucli William Pitman John
Der John Sin , ey Wm.
Dillon Thomas E. Stitt Oliver
Deittord Petre Stickily John of Gen t
Entminger Samuel Strong Andrew
Fields John A. ski,wiwerger G. R.
H.•nston James Shavon Dr.
Harnish John, Esq. Sankt) , Win. • - •
Johnston Jacob Sheederliseph
Kimbk rl in George Theiimmiti It.bert. ; ,
K.infokan John NVi.l s oki limes of C. •
Li e John S. . Watts Fredeiirk.E4
RantinTclov, 0;t.9, LSd 4.
• 169
• 34
• 63.
• 275