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IXXLV.IIII2 ell I.llUmapp
For awning Wheal and other kinds of Grain.
subscriber having purchased fro to
William C. Climes, of y.rk, Pa.' sole
Proprietor of GRIMES' PATENT SNIlf
MACHINE, the exclusive right of said Ma
chines in Huntingdon county, takes this me
thod of recotnmending afresh said Machines
to the citizens of Huntingdon county.
The following eIIifIFICATF.S have
been furnished to the subscriber by well
known millers, and are now laid before the
Mr. Grimes' Smut Machine.
Tins is to certify that I have been using
one cl Mr. Grimes' patent Smut Machine!,
for a tew weeks past, and consider it ',judg
ing only from what I have seen of it daring
raid few weeks) the best Smut Machine in
the country, as it cleans the grain without
any loss or waste of it. The above machine
was put in operation in the mill by Mr. Geo.
Huntingdon Mill,luly 10, 1844.
Huntingdon County, Pa.
July 2, 1844. Canoe Creek Mills.
HAVING in cmr mill one of Grimes' Pat
ent Smut Machines, and having used the
same for five mouths west, we certify that it
is decidedly superior to any other kind of
machines intended for the same purpose of
which we have any knowledge, without the
use of a fan. It thoroughly cleat s.ts the
wheat of all Smut, white caps, dust, &c.,
without waste of grain. We recommend
it to millers as a machine well worthy their
attention, and one which will most fully
answer their most favorable expectations.
BEING miller for a number of years I
have had the opportunity of trying several
kind of Smut Machines but have never found
any that would cleanse wheat so well with
as little waste as Grimes' Patent Smut Ma
chine. I have used it for a year or more
and have not discovered that it is wearing
any and runs very easy.
Pcnn'a. Furnace Mill, June 28, 1844.
Ilforrison'y Cove, July 6,1844.
Tnts is to certify, that we have been using
Grimes' Patent Smut Machine for sometime
and find it to be far superior to Young's Ma
chine as it thoroughly cleanses the worst of
smut wheat, not only of smut, but also all
other dirt and impureties, without any waste
of wheat whatever. We had Young's Ma
chine in use three years and had ample time
to try it fairly, and we unhesitatingly de
Clare it as our opinion that its construction
is not on the principle of cleaning smut
wheat as it loses too much wheat and won't
clean smutty wheat; but in some cases
when any quantity run through appeared to
mile it worse. We cheerfully reccommend
Grimes' Machine to millers as a perfect
Smut Machine.
HL•'NRY H. SPEESE, Miller,
(John Nichodemus' Mill.)
All orders addressed to the subscriber at
Gettysburg, Adams county, Pa., will be
punctually attended to,
July 24, 1844.-Imo. pd.
Ten Dollars Reward
RAN away from the subscriber on the 25th
July, an indented apprentice to the Tailw
ing business, named
aged abcut 19 years. Had on when he went
away a grry Kentucky coat, gray cassinett
pants, black fur hat and fine bouts. The
above reward will be paid to any person re
turning said apprentice to the subscriber,
with all reasonable charges--all persrni are
cautioned against harboring said apprentice.
Warriorstuark, August 14, 7844.
Pamphlet Laws.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Pamphlet
Laws of the late Session of the Legislature
have com- to hand and are ready for distri
buti on to and among those entitled to re
ceive them. J AMES STEEL, Proty.
August 14, 1844.—5 t.
.A.117011111217' .f&T LAW
Office in Main Street, two doors East
'Mrs. McConnell's Temperance house•
ATTIDIII= 112,4174%,
Office in Main street, three doors wes
of Mr. Buoy's Jewelry establishment.
February 14, 1843.-0.
ISA.&C rzsaaran
AS removed to Huntingdon, with the
inten*.ion of making it the place of his future
residence, and will attend to such legal busi
ness as may be entrusted to him.
Dec. 20, 1843.
TUE undersigned would re
-41,1'1411e'1.A, spectiully inform the public
that he has commenced tha
Saddle & Harness
making business in all its various branches,
in Market street, Huntingdon, 3 doors west
of Buoy's Jewelry Establishment, where he
is prepared to accommodate all, who may
favor him with their custom. He will keep
constantly oil hand SADDLES. BRIDLES,
. . .
By strict attention to business, he hopes to
receive a liberal share of public patronage.
rr All kinds of grain, pink, and hides
talon in exchange for wink.
Huntingdon, July 24, 1844,
Estate of Chas. firMurtrie,
[Late of Franklin township, deceased.]
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
having claims or demands against the same
are requested to make them known withmit
delay, and all persons indebted to make im
mediate payment to
Aug. 14, 1844.-6 t
Hunt imgdon, Penntsylvania.
CU It siriA COUTS,
vouLD most respectfully inform the
citizens of this county, the public
generally, and his old friends and customers
in particular, that he has leased for a term
of years, that large and commodious building
on the West end of the Diamond, in the bo
rough of Huntingdon, formerly kept by An
drew H. Hirst, which he has opened and
furnished as a Public House, where every
attention that will minister to the comfort
and convenience of guests will always be
'4:1 3 alto Um%
will at all times be abundantly supplied with
the best to be had in the country.
will be furnished with the best of Liquors,
is the very best in the borough, and will
always be attended by the most trusty, at
tentive and experienced ostlers.
Mr. Couts pledges himself to make every
exertion to render the "Franklin House" a
home to all who may favor him with a call.
L'hankful to his old customers for past favors,
he respectfully solicits a continuanceof their
Boarders, by the year, month, or week,
will be taken on reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, Nov. 8. 1843,
Public Sale.
THE undersigned will dispose of by pub
lic auction, at the Court House, in Hunting
don, on Saturday the 17th August, inst., at
2 o'clock, P. M., all the interest of Joao P.
Anderson, in certain honda due the estate of
✓i. 4. anderson, deed., for purchase money
of lands in centre county. Further infor•
mation will be given cimpplication to
Acting Assignee of 3. P. Anderson.
August 7, 1844.
The undersigned having been appointed
to apportion the assets in the hands of H.
Cornprobst, adner of Jos. Cornprobst dec'd
will attend to the duties of his appointment
at the Prothonot ry's office in the Borough
of Huntingdon, on Friday the. 16th day of
August next, at 1 o'clock P. M. where all
persons interested are notified to attend.
July 24, 1844.
WOULD most respectfully inform the
citizens of Huntingdon, and the
public in general, that he has commenced
the saddle and harness making business in
all its various branches, in the shop former
ly occupied by Alex. M'Allister, dec'd.,
one door east of the "Pioneer Stage Stable"
and directly opposite Houck's blacksmith
shop, where he is prepared to accommodate
all who may favor hint with their patronage.
He will constantly keep on hand
Harness, Saddles, Bridles,
Collars, &c.
Repairing done on the shortest notice and
most reasonable terms.
By a strict attentlon to business he hopes
to receive a liberal share of work.
litintingdon,May 8, 1844
(Above 6th Street)
OFHE subscriber, thankful for the liberal
SI.O support of his friends and the public
generally . , respectfully informs them that he
still continues at the old established house,
where he will be pleased to accommodate
allthose w ho favor him with their patronage.
Dec. 14, 1842.—tf.
attention I olunteers.
THE volunteers of the 2,1 Brigade
10th Division Pennsylvania Mili
tia, are hereby notified that all state pro
perty in their possession, must be placed
in their respective armories forthwith, and
racked, according to Adjutant General's
Orders, otherwise they will not be enti
tled to a pro-rata dividend of the surplus
militia flint!, which is to be paid over to
the volunteers annually, and those caval
ry, infantry or artilerist not having es
tablished an armory, will immediately at
tend to it. I will visit the volunteer com
panies in the brigade in the month of Au
gust next, fur the purpose of inspection
of armories, and will snake my report ac
cording to the order and arrangements of
the several armories.
Brigade Inspector, 2d B. 10 I). P. M.
Brigade Inspector's O ffi ce,
ronsville, July 3d, 1844. S
ING OF VESSELS, &c.—Wright's Indian Ve
getable Pills are certain to prevent the at
bosc dreadful consequences, because they
purge from the body those morbid humors
which, when floating in the general circu
lation, are the cause of a determination or
rush of blood to the head, a pressure upon
the brain, and other dreadful results.—
From two to six of said Indian Vegetable
Pills, taken every night, on going to bed,
will in a short time so completely cleanse
the body from every thing that is opposed
to health that sudden death, apoplexy,
bursting of blood vessels, or indeed any mal
ady. will be in a manner impossible.
Wright's Vegetable Indian Pills also aid
and improve digeston, and purify the blood
and therefore give health and vigor to the
whole frame,
as well as drive disease of
every name from the body.
Beware of Counterfeits.—The public are
cautioned against the many spurious medi
cores which in order to deceive are made
in outward appearance, closely to resem
ble the above wonderful Pills.
OBSERVE.—Purchase only of the adver•
tided agents, or at the office of the Gener
al Depot, No. 169 Race street, Philadel
phia, and be particular to ask fur WRIGHT'
Indian Vegetable Pills.
The genuine medicines can be obtained
at the store of Wm. Stewart, Huntingdon.
Fele 16 - i;u - t• - g - boy
To Porchatiers—Gnaranfee.
undersigned age,t of the Pattentee,
of the Stove, The Quern of the Wst,"
unierstanding that the owners, or those
concerned for them, of other and different
patent Conking Stoves, have threatened to
bring suit against nll who purchase and use
—The Queen of the If Now this is
to inform all and every person who sisal
purchase and use said Stove that he will MI
demnify them from all costs or damage, tram
any and all suits, brought by c ther Paten
tees, or their agents, fur any infringment of
their patents. lie gives this notice so that
persons need not be under any fears because
they have, while consulting their own inter
ests and convenience, secured the superior
advantages of this " Queen" not only at the
West, hut of the East.
July 24, 1844.
co co dcoa al+ wai l / 4)
Fur sale by 1. OItAFIUS & SON, Alex
andria, Huntingdon county, Pa.,
cheap for cash or country
produce at the
market price.
The Queen of the West" is an im•
provement on Hathaway's celebrated
Hot Air Stove. There has never yet up
poured any plan of a Cooking Stove that
possesses the advantages that this one
has. A much less quantity of fuel is re•
quired for any amount of cooking or ba
king by this stove than by any other.
Persons are requested to call and see
before they purchase elsewhere.
July 3, 1894.
.1 I .1G ELI.II 1)117.1
Lz- , C::0 %21' 13 ZD Lia. `Zr 2
11T4ESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
.4.4 of Huntingdon county, and the public
generally, that they continue to carry on
Copper, Tin and Sheet•sron Business
in all its branches, in Alexandria, when:
they manufacture and constantly keep on
hand every desct iption of ware in their line;
such as
New and Splendid Wood Stoves,
22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 inches long,
New Cooking Stores of all kinds, and
Also four sizes of Coal Stoves
All kinds ot castings done, for Forges, Saw
mills and Threshing-machines. Also WAG
WARE ; all of which is done in a workman
like manner.
Also, Copper, Dye, Wash, Fuller, Pr
serving, and 'Pea Kettles,
,for sale,
wholesale and retail
Persons favoring this establishment with
their custcm may depend on having their
orders executed with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal, copper, brass and pewter ta
ken in exchange. Also wheat, rye, corn
and oats taken at market price.
Alexandria, July 3. 1844.
NOTICE.—The subscriber respectfully
requests all persons indebted to him for
work done at the old establishment, pre
vious to the Ist of November last, to call and
settle their accounts without delay.
July 3, 1844.
itortoatc souvong.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Huntingdon and the adjoin
ing counties, that he still continues to car
ry on business at the Rockdale Foundry, on
Clover Creek, two miles from Williams
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
wotkmanship, and with promptness and de
He will keep constantly on hand stoves of
every description, such as
Cooking, Ten Plate,
riarnmers, Hollow Ware, and every kind of
castings necessary for forges, mills or ma
chinery of any description ; wagon boxes of
all descriptions, &e., which can be had on
as good terms as they can be had at any
other foundry in the county or state.
Remember the Rockdale Foundry.
July 17, 1844.—tf.
Ralf-cent Reward.
RUN away from the subscriber on the Bth
inst., an indented Girl , named
aged about 15 years, short in stature, light
complexion, light hair and lime eyes. She
had on when she left a light blue dress,
coarse boots, check apron, and a green bon
net—took with her some other (loathing.
All persons are forbid harboring her. Any
person returning said girl shall have the
above reward, but no charges paid
July 17, 1844.
Cabinet flaking Business.
OrII F.. undersigned, having pi nvided him
sell with a large supply of materials fur
the purpose of carrying on tilt above busi
ness in ail its various branches, at his old
stand, at Neff's Mills, where he hopes all
persons wishing any thing in the line of his
business will give him a call. Any article
that lie may have fur sale, will he exchang
ed for country produce, or on the most rea
sonable terms for cash.
COFFINS will be made on the shortest
notice. _
There will also be GRAIN CRADLES
kept on hand at the same place, by the
James Jack.
Neff's Mills, W. Barree tp. Match 13, 1899
BLANK DEEDS, of an improved
form, for sale at this office.
grn LANK BONDS to Constables for Stay
Cbrii. of Execution, under the new law, just
printed, and for sale, at this office.
Dr. illoffat's Lifc•l'ills
The perfectly safe, miming and suc
cessful treatment of almost every speices
of disease by the use of Dr MOFFAT'S
LIFE MEDICINES, is no longer an experi
ment ; as a reference to the experience of
many thousand patients will satisfactorily
prove. During the present month alone,
nearly one hundred cases have come to the
knowledge of Dr. MOF FAT where the pa
tient has to all appearance, effected a per•
immanent cure by the exclusive and judicious
use of time Life Medicines—son•e eight
or ten of these hail been considered hope•
less by their physicians. Such happy re.
volts are a source of great pleasuie to Dr.
M., and inspire him with a new confidence
oo reccommend the use of his medicines to
his fellow citizens.
The LIFE MEDICINE 3 are a purely VE.
GETABLE preparation. They are mild and
pleasant in their operation, and at the
same time thorough--acting rapidly upon
the secretions of the system—car rying oil
II acrimoiiiiius humours, and assimilating
and purifying the blood. For this reason,
in aggravated cases of Dyspepsia, the
Life Medicines will give relief in a shorter
space of time than any other prescription
In Fever and Ague, Inflammatory Rheu
matism, Fevers of every description, Sick
Headaches, Heartburn, Doziness in the.
Head, Pains in the Chest, Flatulency, Im
paired Appetite, and in every disease ari
sing from impurity of the blood, or a dis
!ordered state of the stomach, the use of
these medicines has always proved to be
beyond doubt, greatly superior to any
other 'node of treatment.
All that Dr. Moffat asks of his patients
►s to lie particular in taking them according
to the directions. It is nut by a newspaper
notice, or by any thing that he may say in
their favour, that he hopes to gain credit.
It is alon4 by the result ofa lair trial. Is
the reader an invalid and does he wish to
know whether the Life Medicines will
suit his n case 7 If so, let him call at
the office of the agent, and procure a copy
of the Good Samaritan, published gratui
tously. He will there find enumerated
very many extraordinary cases of cure;
e [mps some exactly similar to his own
Sold by JAC , II3 MILLeR, Huntingdon.
August SO 184 S. ly.
Jewelry! Jewelry ! ! Jewelry!!!
w- UUST received, astock
of the most magnifi
\ ii--;':0114 dent Jewelry re" ever
„ Vos came up the Pike."..lll
I (4 , : 2,c, Consistin g of GOLD PAT
• cY.' •- TENT LEVERS Ladies
ZS: f - ,
VERS, f till jewelled,
SILVER PATENT LEVERS, double and sin g le
cased,Snymt ANCHOR LxvEßs,full jeweled,
double and single cased ENGLISH WATCHES,
Imlation Levers, QUARTIER and FRENCH
WATCHES, &C. &C. Also
Gold Fob Chains, and Seals,
of the most fashionable patterns. Gold
Pencils, Spectacles, Guard Chains, Key's,
Breacelets sett with topaz, Medalions, Fin
ger Rings, Ear Rings, Breast Pins, sett with
1 topaz, amethist, &c. &c. Mineature Cases,
Silk Purces, Coral Beads, Pocket Busks,
Musical Boxes, Mathematical Instruments,
Silver Spectacles, Table Spoons, Tea and
Salt Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Lowends patient
Silver Pencils, Razors of the finest quality,
HENRY CLAY pen knives, a superior arti •
cle, Steel Petis, Spy ('lasses, HMI. Brushes.
Tooth Brushes, Platina Points, &c. &c. All
the above articles will be sold cheaper than
ever heretofore.
Clock and Watch repairing done as usual, I
very cheap for cash.
A large assortment of eight day and thir
ty hour Clocks will be sold very cheap.
All watches sold will he warranted for one
year, and a written guarrantee given. that
it not found equal to warranty it will (during
that period) be put in order without expense,
or it injured, may be exchanged for any
other watch of equal value. The warrant) -
!is considered void, should the watch, with
which it is given, be put into the hands of
another watch maker.
Huntingdon, April 10, 1894,
Temperance House.
y ir , HE subscriber occupying the
ts large tin ee story brick dwell-
I ;
I I ing house at the south east corner'
of Allegheny and Smith streets, in
the borough of Huntingdon, the third story of
which during the last summer has been fitted
for sleeping rooms ; having a large stable on
the premises, and having employed a care
ful person to attend to it and take care of
horses, &c., informs the public that she is
prepared to accommodate such of her friends
and such strangers and travellers as may de
sire accommodation. She respectfully soli
cits a share of public patronage, and hopes
the friends of Temperance will give her a
Huntingdon March 1, 1843.
TrIESPECTFULLY informs the citizens
4 of Hntingdon and its vicinity, that he
has commenced the
Tailoring Business
in Main street, in the borough of Hun-il
tingdon, one door w. st of the store of 'rhos.
Read & Son, where he is remly to aceom- •
modate all who may favor hint with a call.
He receives regularly the
and is determined to employ none but the
best and most experienced workmen.
He will execute all orders in his line in
the most workmanlike manner, and on the
shortest notice. By strict attention to busi
ness and endeavoring to please, he hopes to
merit and receive a share of the public
Country produce will be taken in pay
ment for work.
March 20, 1844.—tf.
USTICES' Flanks of ull kinds, for sal
ut this Oft:.
Indian Vegetable Pills.
If, during the continuance of storms and
floods. the channels of
become so obstrticted as to afford an insuffi
cient outlet for the superabundant waters,
we can expect nothing less than that the
urrounding country will be
Overwhelmed with the Flood
lu like manner wan the human body—if
the skin, kidneys and bowels (the natural
outlets for useless and corrupt humors) be
come so obstructed as to fail in affording a
full discharge of those impurities which are
in all cases
we surely can expect no other results than
that the whole frame will sooner or later b e
As in the first place, if we would prevent
an inundation we must remove all obstruc
tions, in order that there may be no hind
rance to the free discharge of the supera
bundant waters. So, in the second place, if
we would prevent and cure disease, we must
open and keep open, all natural drains t.f the
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills of
North Amer;eun College of Health,
will be. found one.of the best It not the very
for carrying out this beautiful and simple
theory, because they compleatly cleanse Me
stomach and bowels from all bilous humors,
and other impurity, and at the same time
promote a healthy discharge from the lungs,
skin and kidneys; consequently us all the
natural drains are opened,
lUr. Caution. —As the great popularity and
consequent great demand for Wright's Indi
an Vegetable Pills has raised up a hcst of
counteifeiters, country storekeepers and
agants will he on their guard agninst the
many impostors who are travelling about the
country selling to the unsuspecting a spuri
ous article for the genuine.
It should be remembered that all author
ized agents are provided with a certificate of
agency, signed be WILLIAM WEIGHT, ViCe
PrrSidelit of the North American College of
Health. Consequently, those who offer In
dian Vegetable Pills, and cannot show a cer
tificate as above described will be known as
the following highly respectable store
, keepers have been appointed agents for the
ale of
Wright's Indian Vegetasle Pills,
and at whom it is confidently believed the
genaine medicines can be obtained:
William Stewart, Huntingdon.
Henry Learner Hollidaysburg,
B. F. Bell, Antes township.
Robert McNamara, Newry.
Samuel S. Isett, 1 yrone township,
Miliikens & Kessler Mill Creek
A. & N. Cm sswell:Petersburg.
Gemmel & Porter, Alexandria.
Moore & Steiner, \Vater Street.
Joseph Patton, Jr. Duncansville.
R. H. McCormick, Collinsville.
Wolf & Willet, Frankstown. •
Henry Brewster,
Walter Graham, Yellow Springs•.
Office devoted exclusively to the sale of
the medicine, wholesale and retail, No. 169
Race street, Philadelphia.
Beware of counterfeits.—The public are
respectfully informed that medicine purpor
ting to be Indian Pills made by one V. 0.
Flack, are net the genuine
!f'right's Indian Vegetable Pills.
The only Security against i mpos i t i on i s to
purchase 'from the regularly advertised a
gents, and in all cases he particular to ask
for Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill.
Dec. 27, 1843.-Iy.
The best medicine known to man for incipient
Consumption, Asthma of every stage, Bleeding of
the Lungs, Coughs, Colds, Liver Complaint, and
all diseases of the Pulmonary Organs, may be had
of Agents named below.
(( All published statements of cures performed
by this medicine are, in every respect, TRUE. Be
careful and get the genuine " Dr. Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry," as spurious imitations are abroad.
Orders from any part of the country should be
addressed to Isaac Butts, No. 125 Fulton street,
New York.
For sale by Thomas Read, Huntingdon,
and James Orr, Hollidaysburg. dollar I)er bottle.
December 6, 1843.
V' Read the following from Dr. Jacob
Hoffman, a physician of extensive practice in
Huntingdon county:
Dear Sir:-1 procured one bottle of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. of this place, and tried
it in a case of obstinate Asthma on a childof
Paul Schweble, in which many other reme
tPes had been tried without any relief. The
Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my opin
ion the child is effectuelly cured by its use.
Yours, &c.
Dec. 23, 1841.
Package Sales of Boots and Ayes,
(Envy Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock,)
4 ------
CARD.—A combination having been
formed by a portion of the Dealers in Boots
and Shoes of this city, with the avowed ob
ject of suppressing the sale of those goods
by auction, it see ms proper far the subscri
ber, (who has held these sales for the past
eight cell months) to state that notwithstand
ing this combination, the sales will not be
stopped, but on the contrary, as he will now
rely more than ever on the patronage of the
country Merchants, the sales will be held
every Tuesday morning,at the auction store,
208 Market Street, and Isis arrangements
with the Manufacturers, both of this city
and all New England. are such as to instee
him a constant and full supply of every de
scription of goods.
The mere fact of so great an effort being
made to put down these soles, ivthe best
evidence the country Merchants can have,
that it is for his interest to sustnio them.
Philadelphia, March 27, 180.-6 m.
03in= 9
42 TTOIIXEI .1T Law.
Rates of Diacount in Philo&
Banks in Philadelphia.
Bank of North America
Bank of the Northern Liberties - jar
Bank of Penn Township - - par
Commercial Bank of Penn'a. - - par
Farmers' & Mechanics' bank - - par
Kensington bank - - par
Schuylkill bank - - - - par
Mechanics' bank - - - par
Philadelphia bank - - par
Southwark bank - - par
Western bank - - • - par
Moyamensing bank - - - par
Manufacturers' and Mechanics' bank par
Bank of Pennsylvania - - - par
Girard bank - 10
Bank of the United States .
Country Banks.
Bank of Chester co. Westchester pas
Bank of Delaware co. Chester par
Bank of Germantown Germantown par
Bank of Montg'ry co. "Norristown par
Doylestown bank Doylestown par
Easton Bank Easton par
Farmers' bk of Bucks co. Bristol par
Bask of Northumberl'd Northumberland par
Honesdale bank Honesdale 1/
Farmers' bk of Lanc. Lancaster 16
Lancaster bank Lancaster /
Lancaster county bank Lancaster
Bank of Pittsburg Pittsburg
Merch'ts' & Maud. bk. Pittsburg
. .
Exchange bank Pittsburg j
Do. do. branch of Hollidaysburg i
Col'a bk & bridge co. Columbia f
Franklin bank Washington 1i
Monongahela bk of B. Brownsville li
Farmers' bk of Reading Reading f
Lebanon bank Lebanon 1
Bank of Middletown Middletown 1
Carlisle bank Carlisle 1
Erie bank Erie 3
Bank of Chambersburg Chambersburg 1
Bank of Gettysburg Gettysburg 1
York bank York 1
Harrisburg bank Harrisburg I
Miners' bk of Pottsville Pottsville li
Bank of Susquehanna co. Montrose 35
Farmers' & Drovers' bk Waynesborough 3
Bank of Lewistown Lewistown 2
Wyoming bank Wilkesbarre 2
Northampton bank Allentown no sale
Becks county bank Reading no sale
West Branch hank Williamsport 7
Towanda hank Towanda no sale
• Rates of Relief Notes.
Northern Liberties, Delaware County, Far
mers' Bank of Bucks, Germantown par
All others - - - - - 2
Carriage Manufactory
wpOS 1' respectfully informs the citizens
4,416 of the borough and county ot Hunting
don, the public generally, and his old friends
mid customers in particular, that he still
continues the
Coach Making Business
in all its various branches,at his old stand,in
Main street in the borough of Huntiagdon,
nearly opposite the 'Journal' printing office,
where he has constantly on hand every
description of
"Ise Coaches, Carriages,
yy 4 0, Buggies, Sleighs
- = -",,,i a s i aNda 4. Dearborns,
which he will sell low for cash or on reason
able terms.
All kinds of work in his line made to or
der, on the shortest notice, in a
And all kinds of repairing done with neat
aess and despatch.
Country produce will be taken in exchange
for work.
Any persons wishing to purchase are re
spectfully invited to call Pnd examine and
udge for themselves.
Huntingdon Nov. 29, 1843.
Cunningham lit Durchinell
TDESPECTFULLY inform the citizens
of the borough and county of Hunting
don, the public generally, and their old
friends and customers in particular, that
they continue to carry on busines in their
new establisment, one dom east of the
north eastern corner of the Diamond in said
borough, where they are prepeared to sell,
wholesale and retail, all articles in their
line of business; such as
Sideboards, Seeretaies, So
fas, Settees, Bureaus,
workstands, card, pier, centre
dining and breakfast tables;
High, Field, French, and Low Post
ALSO—Every variety of
CDRlatsaSag: , Em e
neh as Rash seat, C'ane•seal Ball), Ben,
Baltimore, Straight•back, Boston pattern
4- Common Rocking Chairs, together with
worsmeaam DilliLtoEo 9
of all colors, qualities and sizes; and Paper
Hanging of various patterns and qualities
N. 13. Coffins made and funerals attend
ed either in town or country, at the shortest
notice. They keep's splendid HEARSE
for the accomrnodiAion of their• customers,
Nov. 29, 1843.
A first rate Buggy, nearly new ; also a
H orse 'even or eight years old, well cal
culate' for saddle or harness; also a corn
ploy set of Harness. The Buggy and Har
oed will be sold separat.. or with the Horse,
v suit the purchaser or pt. , n.prs. 'l'llo
whole will he sold low for cash, or on
with approved security.
Apply at this office.
LANK BONDS—Judgment and
mum—for sale at this office.
it t4
Attends to practice in the Orphans' Co
Stating Adnunistration accounts,Scriveiii . 1
&c.-office in Hill street, 3 (loots East.
"T. Read's Drug Store.
1 Feb. 28, 180.