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"One country, one constitution, one destiny."
11Ern Dattacta yd3®tea
Wednesday morning, March 13,'44.
(Cr Y B. PALMER, (Ne. 69, Pine street
below Third, Philadelphia,) is authorized to act as
Agent for this paper, to procure subscriptions and
al- The Huntingdon rournal has a
larger circulation than any other
Newspaper in Huntingdon county.
We state this fact for the benefit of
"Once more our glorious Banner out
Upon the breeze we throw;
Beneath its folds, with sung and shout,
Let's charge upon the foe!"
egobjeet to the decision of a National Covention.)
caSeveral article. intended for this paper me
omitted in order to make room for advertisements
handed in at a late hour.
From Washington.
We learn from Kit Nationallntelligencer, that
the Hon. JOHN C.:CALHOUN, was on Wed
nesday last nominated by the President to fill the
office of SzcitrrAßY or STAT., and the nomination
was immediately unanimously confirmed.
Ex-Governor SuAxsos of Ohio, has been nom
inated to be Minister to Mexico; and Capt. Wm.
C. Borrow to be Chief of the Bureau of Construc
tion and Repairs of the Navy.
It is said that .153500 M. MAsos, of Virginia, will
be nominated to the Navy Department.
Pi3ltaTLyAAr• CAN...B.—The Canal Commis
sioners have instructed the Supervisors along the
lines of Canals to have them in readiness for the
reception of water by the 15th inst.
(70". Nathan Frame, Sheriff of Cheater county,
ei.d on the 2d inst., aged about 66 years.
The Spring Elections.---Judges and
Inspectors—Secret Scheme of the
jhe Spring Elections, for Judges and Inspectors
of the next General and Presidential Elections, and
for borough and township officers, will take place
on Friday next, the 15th day of March inst.—
Our Whig and Antimasonic friends must be on the
alert, and rally their whole strength at these elec
tions, as they will have an important bearing on
the fall elections.
A secret circular issued by a committee of the
loco foco members of the Legislature, has just come
to light, in which they earnestly urge the Van Bit
ten party to make o desperate effort to secure the
election of Judges and inspectors in the various
districts of the Commornwealth. This circular,
has, we learn, been freely circulated over the whole
State, and some of them have fallen into the hands
of good Whigs. We extract the following:
The democratic members, anxious to arouse
tbeir brethren throughout the state to a sense of the
danger which threatens their cause and their prin
ciples, have determined to make an effort to save
the party from defeat, secure its principled and res
cue this good old Conunohwealth from the inglo
rious position she took in the campaign in 1940.
As a preliminary measure, to the great contest in
the fall, the Whigs have determined, if possible to
secure a large number of the Judges and Inspectors
at the spring election; if they are successful in this,
you will readily perceive the power which the oppo.
aim will wield. It is distinctly understood that the
Whig party intend to secure an advantage in the
manner we have indicated. It therefore, becomes
she duty of every democrat to exert himself and
arouse hie friends, and warn them of the danger
which threatens his ward, borough or township, and
thus secure a large turnout at the election for Judges
and Inspectors. This done we shall have the van
tage ground, and an easy victory will be the recut.
The democratic members desire that you would
communicate these facts to such of our political
friends in your ward, borough or township, as will
take an interest in adopting such measures as will
uphold and sustain the party.
• • 00000
The contents of this letter should be made
known only to such of our friends as will keep their
own counsel, and assist in organizing the party ;
and it is very desirable that it ahould not appear
its any newspaper, or be communicated to our po
litical opponents. The most efficient organization
can be made without a noise or confusion."
Thin Circular, says en exchange paper, asserts
that "the Whip have determined to secure en ad
vantage" in the election of Judges and Inspectors
at the Spring elections, meaning to convey the im
presbion that the Whigs have been guilty of the
tame disreputable means of operatingsecrelly upon
that party friends to arousethem to action, in which
his committee of grave legislators, have thus oppor
tunely be. detected. This assertion is entirely
trratuitoue, and we challenge them for the evidence
of any hatch secret movements on the part of the
Whip. The Whigs are open sod above board in
'their political action, and we trust that this devel
epement of the tactics of the stn y, will sroue'
them to redoubled exertions to maintain their rights
at the ballot box.
Arouse, then, Whigs! Let every friend of Cloy,
see to this matter and lend his hand to promoting
the organization of our party without delay, that
we may meet our opponents in full strength on the
15th inst. The Locos must be watched, and
watched closely. Their hopes are desperate they
Well know, and they are ready and willing to resort
to any means, to prop up their sinking fortunes.
Fanners, Mechanics, Laborers, friends of Clay
and the Tariff! rally to the rescue on Friday next.
Exert every energy to carry your borough 'end
township elections, and determine to frustrate the
secret plans by which your opponents are endeavor
ing to defeat the hopes of the people in October
next. Carry these elections, and with fair play
next fall, Clay, Markle, and the whole Whig and
Antimasonic County Ticket will be elected by an
easy and glorious triumph!
The Delegates assembled in the North Ward
School room, in Harrisburg, on Monday the 4th
day of Murch 1844. DAVID LEECH, Esq., of
Armstrong, was called to the Chair and CHABLIS
GIBBONS, of Philadelphia and Tutor. STEWART,
of Allegheny, were appointed Secretaries.
The list of delegates was then called, and dele-
gates appeared (rain all the districts.
A committee of one from each Senatorial dis
trict was appointed by the chairman to report offi
cers for the permanent organization of the Conven
tion. The Convention then adjourned till 4 o'clock
P. M. of the same day.
The Convention met, pursuant to adjournment..
The committee appointed for the purpose of repor
ting officers reported for President WILLIAM
MARKS, of Allegheny, and fifteen Vice Presidents,
and seven Secretaries for the permanent organiza
tion of the Convention.
On motion, the Convention proceeded to the nom
ination of candidates for Governor, as follows :
Mr. owing nominated Gen. Joseph Markle, of
Mr. Leech nominated John Banks, of Berks.
Mr. Weaver nominated Ner Middleswarth, of
Mr. Conrad nominated George W. Toland, of
Mr. Calvin nominated Gen. Jame. Irvin, of
Mr. Slocum nominated Chester Butler, of Lu
Mr. Sankey nominated Jas. Cooper, of Adams.
Mr. Stevenson withdrew the name of James
Cooper for the present, with the understanding that
he would claim the privilege of presenting hia name
again, if he saw proper.
On motion of Mr. DUNLAP, of Erie, the Con
vention then proceeded to ballot for a candidate for
Governor, when the following ballots were had.
Messrs. A. G. Allison, John Allison, Biddle,
Bishop, Bolt, Brindle, Cassat, Cassell, Cornog,
Craig, Darragh, Diller, Edie, Evans, Ewing, Gard
ner, Haines, Hampton, Hay, Hill, Holman, Jarret,
Jones, Kirk, Konigmacher, Lawrence, Marchand,
Marks, Means, Metzger, Miller, Murray, Nicholson,
Ogle, Pennypacker, Seibert, and Thos. S. Stewart
—37, voted for Gen. JOS. MARKLE.
Messrs. Babble, Balliett, Bell, Brown, Douglass,
Dunlap, Farrelly, Fenton, Gordon, Gould, Hammer,
Hoffman, Hitner, Huddleson, Keller, Kenderdine,
Kerr, Kline, Leech, Lucas, M'Kean, Mintzer, Moore,
ReitT, Richards, Sager, Sankey of Butler, Sankey
of Mercer, Shainline, South, W. Stewart, Strauss,
Struthers, Stout, Sullivan, Taylor and Watts-37,
voted for JOHN BANKS.
Messrs. Baker, Blair, Bogle, Butler, Calvin. Can
dor, Cleaver, Cornyn, Covenhoven, Elliott, Fisher,
Grove, Hale, Hanson, Hartshorn, Hibshman, Heis
ter, Hough, Hunter, Irwin, Knox, Mackey, Math
ers. Neville, Patrick, Reinhart, Shaeffer, Shaffner,
Shuman, Truhy, Waters and \Vetch-33, voted
for Gen. J AMES IRVIN.
Messrs. Badger, Brady, Chandler, Clark. Conn.'',
Culp. Duffield, Fitler, Gibbons, Hanna, :WenHoch,
M'Mahon, M'Fate, Moore, Reed, Smith, (Philadel
phia city) Smith, (Philadelphia county) Stevenson,
Watson and Withers-20—voted for GEORGE
Messrs. Horton, Salisbury, Sisty and Slocum
4—voted for CHESTER BUTLER.
_ _
Messrs. Laird, Pollock end Weaver-3—voted
After the first ballot, Messrs. Butler and Middles
warth were withdrawh.
Messrs. A. G. Allison, J. Allison, Bishop. Bott,
Brindle, Cassat, Cassel, Cornog, Craig, Darragh,
Diller,Edie, Evans, Ewing, Fitler, Gardner, Haines,
Hampton, Hay, Hill, Holman, Jarret, Jones, Kirk,
Konigmacker, Laird, Lawrence, Marchand, Marks,
M'Culloch, M'k'ate, Means, Metzgar, Miller, Mur
ray, Nicholson, Ogre, Pennypacker, Seibert, Slo
cum, Smith, (Phila. co.) and T. S. Stewart-42
voted for Gen. JOS. MARKLE.
Messrs. Babbitt, Balliett, Bell, Brown, Douglass,
Dunlap, Fancily, Fenton, Gordon, Gould, Hoffman,
Hitner, Huddleson, Keller, Kenderdine, Kerr,
Kline, Leech, Lucas, M'Kean, Mintzer, Moore,
Reiff Richards, Sager, Sankey, (Butler) Sankey,
(Mercer) Shainline, South, Wm. Stewart, Steven
venson, Strauss, Struthers, Stout, Sullivan, Taylor
and Watts-37—voted for JOHN BANKS.
Messrs. Badger, Baker, Biddle, Blair, Bogle, Bra
dy, Butler, Calvin, Candor, Clarke Cleaver. Con
rad, Cornyn, Covenhover, Duffield, Elliott, Fisher,
Grove. Hale, Hammer, Hanson, Hartshorn, Hibsh
man, Heister, Horton, Hough, Hunter, Irwin, Knox,
Lucas, Mackey, Matthers, Neville, Patrick, Pollock,
Reinhart, Salisbury, Shaeffer, Shaffner, Shuman,
Sisty. Smith, (Phil'a. city) Truby, Waterer, Wat
son, Weaver, Welch and Withers--48—voted for
Messrs. Chandler, Culp, Gibbons, Hanna, M'Ma
hen and Reed-6--voted for GEORGE W. TO
The Convention proceeded, to a third and succes
sive ballots for Governor, as follows :
Ballots 3d. 4th. sth.
Irvin, 50 50 50
Markle, 43 42 39
Bunke, 39 40 39
Toland, I 1 2
Cooper, 3
Mr. Stevenson re-nominated Mr. Cooper after the
fourth ballot.
The Convention then adjourned to meet at 10
o'clock to-morrow morning.
HIRMIIIIIIn., March, 5, 1644.
At 10 o'clock the Convention re-assembled. and
wee called is order by the President.
The Convention then proceeded to a sixth ballot
for Governor, which resulted as follows:
For Gen. James Irvin, 62
Gen. Joseph Markle, 41
John Banks, 88
James Cooper, 2
Seven successive ballots were then had, all of
which resulted without a choice, as follows :
Ballots 7th. Bth. 9th. 10th. I I th. 12th. 13th.
Irvin 52 53 53 53 65 63 55
Markle 51 50 52 55 69 43 38
Banks 29 29 28 25 19 36 40
Cooper 1 1
The Convention then adjourned to meet at 3
o'clock, P. M.
3 o'clock, P. M.
The Convention met agreeably to adjournment,
and being called to order, proceeded immediately to
For Gen. James Irvin 55
Gen. Joseph Markle 37
John Banks
The following successive ballots were bad, and
resulted as follows
Ballots 15th. 16th. 17th. 18th. 19th. 20th. 21st.
Irvin 65 55 57 67 69 60 62
Markle 39 37 48 55 61 66 52
Banks 35 28 25 19 11 15 17
Cooper 3 11 2 1 1 1 1
On the sixteenth ballot Mr. M'KENNsa, of
Washington, received one vote.
The Convention then took a recess for half an
At fifteen minutes before five, the Convention
again assembled. Mr. Leech then withdrew the
name of John Banks, and the Convention procee
ded to the
'22d ➢ALLOT.
Means. A. G. Allison, J. Allison, Babbitt, Bull
iett, Bell, Bishop, Bott, Brindle, Brown Casoat,
Cornog, Craig, Harrah, Diller, Dunlap, Edie, Evans,
Ewing, Fitter, Fenian, Gardner, Gordon, Haines,
Hampton, Hanna, Hoffman, Hay, Hill, Hitner,
Holman, Huddleson, Jarret, Jones, Kenderdine,
Kirk, Kline, Konigmacher, Leech, Marchard, Marks,
M'Cullough, M'Mohen, M'Kean, Means, Metzger,
Miller, Murray, Nicholson, Ogle, Pennypackcr,
Reed, Reiff, Richards, Richey, Sager, Sankey, (But
ler) Sankey, (Mercer) Seibert, Slocum, Smith,
(Phil's. co.) South, T. S. Stewart, Wm. Stewart,
Stevenson, Strauss, Struthers, Stout, Sullivan and
Watts-69, voted for Gen. JOS. MARKLE.
Messrs. Badger, Baker, Biddle, Blair, Bogle, Bra
dy, Butler, Calvin, Candor, Cassel, Chandler, Clark,
Clever, Conrad, Comyn, Covenhoven, Culp, Doug
lass, Duffield, Elliott, Farrelly, Fisher, Gibbons,
Gould, Grove, Hale, Hammer, Hanson, Hartshorn,
Hibshman, Hiester, Horton, Hough, Hunter, Irwin,
Keller, Kerr, Knox, Laird, Lucas, Mackey, Mathers,
M'Fate, Mintzer, Moore, (Phila.) Moore, (Montg'y)
Neville, Patrick, Pollock, Reinhart, Salisbury,
Shaeffer, Shaffner, Shainline, Shuman, Sisty, Smith,
(Plil'a. city) Taylor, Truby, Waters, Watson,
Weaver, 'Welch and Withers-65, voted for Gen.
Gen. JOSEPH MARKLE, having received a
majority, of all the votes cast, was declared to be
duly nominated.
After the result was announced,
Mr. CONRAD offered the following resolution,
which was received with great applause.
Resolved, That this Convention most cordially
and unanimously nominate Gen. JOSEPH MAR
KLE for Governor of this Commonwealth, and re
commend him to all the People of Pennsylvania as
a gentleman of sound Democratic Whig principles,
a firm friend of American Industry, and in every
respect eminently qualified to promote the best in
terests of our State.
Mr. GIBBONS of Philadelphia, briefly addressed
the Convention in support of the resolution.
Mr. HAMPTON of Pittsburg, followed with on
able and eloquent speech, in which he reviewed the
character and capacity of Gen. MARKLE for the
distinguished office for which he had just been
unanimously nominated. His speech was received
with repeated bursts of rapturous applause. Mr.
lampton pledged the West for more than TWEN
TY-FIVE THOUSAND ! majority for the Dem
i ince of the Convention.
When Mr. Hampton closed, the resolution was
UNA NIMOUSL Y adopted, and was endorsed with
three hearty cheers, which made the welkin ring !
On motion of Mr. REED, the Convention then
adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock this evening.
8 o'clock, P. M.
The Convention again assembled.
Mr. HARTSHORN offered the following resolu.
Lion, which was unanimously adopted :
Resolved, Theta committee of five be appointed
by the President, to address Gon. Joseph Markle.
and inform him of his nomination by this Conven
tion, us the Democratic Whig candidate for Gover
nor of Pennsylvania.
The President appointed Messrs. Hartshorn,
Haines, Hanson, Edie and Allison, the committee.
On motion of Mr. MACKEY, the Convention
proceeded to nominate candidates for Canal Com
Mr. Hay nominated William Tweed, of North.
Mr. Duffield nominated Simeon Guilford, of
Mr. Shainlino nominated Jonathan Knight, of
Mr. Cassel nominated Andrew Mehaffy, of Lan-
Mr. Holman nominated Thomas Craighead, of
Mr. Culp nominated Mahlon K. Taylor, of B ucks.
The nominations having closed, Mr. Shainline,
at the euggeation of Mr. Ewing of Washington,
withdrew the name of Jonathan Knight.
The Convention then proceeded to ballot, for the
candidates, as follows :
Andrew Mehaffy received 46 votes.
Simeon Guilford 40
William Tweed 24
Mahlon K. Taylor 12
Thomas Craighead 5
Neither candidate having received a majority of
all the votes, there was no choice.
The name of Thomas Craighead was then with
drawn, and the following additional ballots, were
Ballots 2d. 3rd. 4th.
Mehaffy received 67 63 69
Guilford 46 60 66
Tweed 20 6 2
Taylor 5
SIMEON GUILFORD having received a ma
jority of all the votes cast, was duly nominated.
The nomination of Mr. Guilford having been an
nounced from the Chair, WAS received with applause.
On motion of Mr. DUFFIELD, the nomination
was then unanimously confirmed.
The Convention then appointed WILLIAM B.
REED, Esq., of Phil's. and JOHN STROHM.
of Lancaster, Senatorial Delegates to the National
CHESTER BUTLER, of Luzern° and
TOWNSEND HAINES, of Chester, were ap
pointed Senatorial Electors.
An Electoral Ticket was nominated, which will
appear in our next.
Mr. GIBBONS offered the following resolution,
which was adopted unanimously:
Resolved, That in presenting to the people of
this Commonwealth, a candidate fogy the office of
Governor, we distinctly declare our determination to
sustain the principle of ONE Tsam, as sound Whig
doctrine, applicable, as well to the Slate as to the
National Government.
Mr. HALE submitted the following resolution
which was adopted:
Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed
by the Chair to address SiStroN GUILFORD of Le
banon, and inform him of his nomination by this
Convention as the Democratic Whig Candidate for
the office of Canal Commissioner of Pennsylvania.
The President appointed the following gentlemen
to perform that duty : James Hale, Bela Dad; er,
Israel Reinhart, Jacob Hammer and L. A. Mackey.
The President then announced a State Central
Committee,which will appear in our next.
Some other business was transacted, after
which the Convention adjourned sine die, with three
hearty cheers for Henry Clay and Joseph .Markle.
The Locofoco Convention.
This body met at Harrisburg on the 4th
and after much angry discussion, proceeded on the
6th to make a nomination for Governor, which re
sulted as follows:
Ballots Ist. 2nd. 3rd.
Henry A. Muhlenberg 60 65 67
Francis R. Shunk 52 50 55
Scattering 19 16 9
HENRY A. MUHLENBERG, having receiv
ed a majority of all the votes on the third ballot,
was declared duly nominated.
At an evening session a vote in regard to the
Presidency was taken, which resulted as follows:
Martin Van Buren had 91 votes.
Richard M. Johnson " 36 "
Lewis Cass " 1
On Thursday the 7th inst. JOSHUA liswrsnonrre,
of Chester county, was nominated as the Locofoco
candidate for Canal Commissioner, on the third
An Electoral Ticket was then formed, and after
transacting other unimportant business, the Con
vention adjourned eine die.
On Thursday last, in this Borough, by the Rev.
John Peebles, Mr. DAVID R. FRIDLEY, to Miss
MARY ANN THOMPKINS, of Shirley tp.
The HAPPY Beans in her brightest and happiest
time, did not forget the Printer. How lucky ! ! as
the abundance of delicious " wedding" cake,t with
which we *represented, fully testifies. The "twain"
have our best wishes,and a /therein all our prayers,
that they may find their way down to posterity a
flowery one, and their connubial sky never clouded.
t Our "Devil" said, when trying the South cor
ner, that it was the beet he had fixed his" grinders"
on, for the period of six months.
On Thursday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. S. H.
BRIDENBAUGH, both of Huntingdon county.
Temperance Meeting.
The Wiehingtonian Temperance Society will
meet at the Old Court House, as usual, on Satur
day evening next.
Several addresses will be delivered.
March 6, 1944.
Auditor's Notice.
/SHE undersigned auditor appointedby
Wsiwthe court of common pleas of Hunting
(b.n county, to distribute the proceeds of a
Sheriff sale of the real estate of George W.
Pennock will attend lot that purpose at the
Pri.thon , tary's Office in Huntingdon on
Wednesday the 3d April next, at 10 o'clock
A M., when and where all persons inter
ested may attend and make known their
claims, or otherwise be debarred from com
ing in upon said fund.
March 13, 1844-4 t.
Auditor's Notice.
opHE undersigned audit r , appoir.;.eo by
the court of common pleas of Hunting
don county, to distribute the proceeds of the
Sheriff sale of the real estate of James Ennis
will attend for that purpose at the Prothono
tary's Office in Huntingdon, on Wednesday
the 3rd April next at 10 o'clock A. M.,
when and where all persons interested may
attend and make known their claims, or
otherwise be debarred from coming in upon
said fund,
March 13, 1844-4 t
dudiloes ;Thrice.
itrAHE undersigned, appointrd auditor, by
4.11: the court of common pleas of Hunting
don county, to apportion, approptiate, or
distribute the mosey in he hands of the
Sheriff of said county, arising trim the sale
f the personal property of James S. 1-1,,r
-,11, will attend for that purpose at the
prothonotary's Office, in the borough of
Huntingdon, on Saturday the 6th day of
April next, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
when and
where all persons are required to present
their claims, or be debarred from coming
in upon said fund.
March 13, 1844-4 t
Isaac 171111111 R
IIiAS removed to Huntingdon, with the
inten.ion of making it the place of his future
residence, and will attend to such legal bug
orbs as may be entrusted to him.
Dec. 20, 1843.
0 I' .
NOTIC E is hereby given to all persons
concerned, that the following named per
sons have settled their accounts in the Re•
gister's Office at Huntingdon, and that the
said accounts will be presented for confirrna
tion mid allowance at an Orphans' Court to
be held at Huntingdon, in and for the coun
ty of Huntingdon, on %Vtdnesday the 10th
clay of next, viz :
I. Daniel Teague. Administrator with the will
annexed, of the estate of Margaret Cluggege, late
of Cromwell township, deceased.
2. Eliza Flenner (late Eliza Port,) surviving
administratrix of the estate of Christian Port, late
of Walker township, deceased.
3. Peter Myers, administrator of the estate of
Martin Myers, late of Blair township, deceased.
4. Sawtel F. Henry, Executor of the last will
and testament of Andrew Dennis, late of the bo
rough of Hollidaysburg, deceased.
5. Sawtel F. Henry, Executor of the last will
and testament of James Clossin, late of the bo-
rough of Hollidaysburg, deceased.
6. James Ewing and Daniel Massey, administra
tors of the estate of Thomas Ewing, late of Barree
township, deceased.
7. Joshua Roller, administrator of the estate of
Elizabeth Shinefelt, late of Huntingdon co., dec'd.
8. David Templeton, administrator of the estate
of Dr. James Charlton, late of the borough of Al
exandria, deceased.
9. John Porter and John Lyon, administrators of
the estate of Henry P. Dorsey, late of West town
ship, deceased.
10. John Aurandt and William Hilemon, ad
ministrators with the will annexed of the estate of
John Hileman, late of Morris township, deceased.
11. Robert M'Namara, one of the Executors of
last will and testament of James M'Namara, late of
the borough of Frankstown, deceased
12. Robert Irwin, one of the Executors of the
last will and testament of Jame, Itl'lNumara, late of
the borough of Frankstown, deceased.
13. William M'Lain and Elizabeth M'Lain, ad
ministrators of the estate of Eli M'Lain, late of
Dahlia township, deceased.
14. William Reed, acting Executor of the last
will and testament of Samuel Fetterhoof, late of
Morris township, deceased.
15. William Reed, administrator of the estate of
John Kuhn, late of Morris township, deceased.
JOHN REED, Register.
Register's Office, Hun
tingdon, March 13, 1844.
U:) ula 'OD fl est EZ3 ma 11 co
Will be exposed to public sale, on the
premises, on
Thursday the 11th day of April next,
at : o'clock, P. M., all that certain two story
log and weather!snarderl h.•us situate on
the northerly side of Hill 'treat in the bo
rough of Huntingdon, together a ith the ap
purtenances, late the estate of William
Steel, Esq., deceased ; and also a vacant lot
of gi amid situate on the n. rthetly side of
Washington street, in the said borough, also
late the estate of the said deceased.
'feasts e F SALE.—One third of the pur
chase money to be paid in It .nd on the de
livery of deeds, and the residue in two
equal annual payments, to be secured by
the bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
Acting Adm'r of Wm. Steel, Esq., dec.
and attorney in fact for the heirs.
March 13, 1844—ts.
Lute of Henderson township, Huntingdon
minty, deceased.
VVOT ICE is II( reby given, that litters Al testamentary spoil the said estate have
been granted to the undersigned. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requeFted to
m - k • immediate pa) meut, and those having
claims or demands against the same are re
quested to present them duly authenticated
for settlement, to
March 13, 1844, Henderson tp.
(M3encatlactpcm 2
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
meddling with, selling, disturbing, or remo
ving the following property, which I pur.
chased at Constable's sale, on the 22nd of
December last, as the property of Samuel
Smith, of 11 ,, pe well township, and left in his
possesswn till I see prop r to remr , ve tie
same, viz :-1 brown horse, sh ilh and har
ness, 1 ch. arborne wagon, 1 cow, 1 heifer, 5
head of sheep, 4 fines t out 1 clock.
March 13, 1844
Cabinet Making liminess.
gip HE undersigned, having provided him-
Irriesell with a large supply if materials tor
the purpose of carrying on th: above busi
ness in all its various branches, at his old
stand, at Neff's Mills, where he hopes ali
persons wishing any thing in the line of Lis
business will give him a call. Any article
that he may have for sale, will be exchang
ed for country produce, or on the most rea
son•.hi, t- en for cash.
corrnis will be made on the shortest
to tici•.
There will also he GRAIN CR ADLF.S
on the shortest notice, at the same
place, by Wm. McMurtrie.
James Jack.
Ners Mills, W. Barree tp. March 13, 1844.
LL persons interested will take notice
Grveisthat accounts ot the management of the
pr. pt rty committed to J iseph Roller, late
of Morris township, dec.'d, as committee of
the person and estate of Johli Shenefelt, a
Lunatic, have been filed in tb Prothonota
ry's office of said county, and will be present
ed to the court for confirmation on the third
Monday of April next.
March 13, 1844-4 t
Auditor's Notice.
Commdg ointed b th cru
of on Pleas toap p y
distribute th e y
m r
eys in the hands of the SM. riff, arising from
the sale of the personal property of Jon'a. H.
Dorsey & co. and S. Miles Grt en & co., and
the individual property of S. Miles Green,
hereby gives rotice to all interested in the
distribution, that he will attend for that pur
pose, at the Prothonotary's office, on Fri
day the 22nd day of March next, (1844) at 1
o'clock, P. M.
GLIO. TAYLOR, Auditor.
Feb. 21, 1843.
4177411311127 IttiVilre
• - ---
Office in Main street, three doors west
of Mr. Buoy's Jewelry establishinent.
February 14, 1843.--tI.
A first rate Buggy, nearly new ; also a
Horse, seven or eight years old, well cal
culated for saddle or harness; also a clan- - .
/Atte ser of Harness. The Buggy and Har
ness will he sold separate, or with the Wrse,
to suit the purchaser or purchasers. The
whole will be sold low for cash, or on credit,
with approved security.
Apply at this office.
March 6. 1344—tf.
Li (lie Court of Common Pleas of Hun
tingdon county.
Mary Ellis by litr next) Pluries Li bei
friend John Barr, ;for Divorce No.
j 4 18244 7 Ternt
Francis Ellis.
On the o n of
the Plaintiff preferred to the Judges Petiti of the
Court of Common Pleas a for esaidi
the Defendat, Francis Ellis. is hereby coin.
mandad, that setting aside all manner of ex
cuses whatsoever, he be and appear in his
proper person before the mid Judges at
Huntingdon, on the second Monday of April
next, to answer the Petition or Libel of tn 6
said Mary Ellis by her next friend John
Barr, and show cause if anylhe has, why the
said Mary Ellis, his wite, should not be di
vorced from the bonds of matrimony agree
ably to the acts of Assembly in such case
made and provided.
JOHN SHAVER, Slit 'ff.
March 6, 1844.
Orphans , Court 'Notice. 7
To the /stirs and legal representatives of
John Wright, late of Henderson tp.
Hantingcbm county, dec'd4
'r,ike notice that by viilue of a writ of
^autitiim or valuation issued out of the said
I will proceed by Jury of Inquisition
the premises, to make partition
lu firm ot the real estate of- said deed:
(lb,: to law, on Kinday the Ist day of
1 1p. i; ;144. Said real 'estate being situate
io .1 - 1,1.1c1-son township.
March 6. 1144.
One MULE and thrte horse teams. with or
without harness; waggons &c. now at Miii
Creek Furnace, Apply to the subscriber
in the vicinity of Huntingdon.
Feb. 28, 1844.
Attends tr , practice in the Orphans' Court,
Stating Administration accounts,Scrivening.
&v.—Office in Hill street, 3 loots East of
1. Head's Drug Store.
F..b. 28. 1844.
Cheap, Cheap Hardware.
Country merchants who wish to buy
Hardware cheap, will please recollect
&whirrs' Hardware Establishment, No 195
Matket street, 2 doors below sth street,
North side, next door to Samuel Hood & co.
where they offer for sale Anvils, Vices.,
Steel of all kinds. Mill and Cross-cut Saws,
and Scythes, with a general assortment of
Hard care, cheap for cash or approved city
N. B. Look out for the red lettered Mill
No. 195, Market st., Philadelphia
Feb. 28, 1844.-2 mo.
Music and Engravings.
Large quantity of the latest fashiona
ble and popular music, consisting of
and some of the latest
Ethiopian Melodies,
arranged fur the Piano Forte, and other in
Also, a lot of splendid Engravings, just
received and will be sold cheap for CASH,
by the subscr,be•r at D. Buoy's Jewelry Es
tablishment, in Huntingdon, Pa.
Feb. 28, 1844. H. K. NEFF.
Orphans , Court Xotice.
To tit, Iwirs and leg ,l r, presentatives of
Peter Bowers, late of Woodberry township,
Huntingdon county, deed. Take notice
that, at Jittnii , ry Term last, a rule was gran
ted by the Orphans' Court of Huntingdon
c.iwity, on you to come into court on the 2nd
Monday of April next and accept or refuse
the real estate of said deceased, at the valu
ation thereof.
Feb. 14, 1844. 3t
Land for Sale.
A first rate tract of land containing 220
acres and allowance, situate three and a half
miles east of the borough of Huntingdon,
alql two miles west of Mill Creek Iron
Works, will be sold on accomodatingterms.
SO Jcres
of this land lies between 0; turnpike road
and the canal, all cleared, is level, under
goad fence, and now in a good state of cul
tivation, the residue is on the north side of
the turnpike, about six acres cleared, and at
least 50 acres more of excellent quality
may be cleared at a small expense, part of
which is already partially cleared; the re-
I . ..hider is in general well timbered. The
improvements are an old one and a half
story house with an excellent
{Well of water
near the door, there is also an excellent ap
ple orchard and several springs of water on
the premises.
his tract is allowed to be susceptible of
being the handsomest farm in the
c ,, unty, and the situation is in every respect
an eligible one. Possession can be given on
the first day of April, or sooner if required.
for terms apply to the sufiscnber in the
borough of Huntingdon.
Feb. 21, 1844.
Estate of Alexander Templeton,
late of Tyrone tp. Huntingdon
co., deceased.
rOTICE is ln•reby given that letters of
administration upon the said estate
have been granted to the undersigned. All
pet sons havior, claims or demands against
the same are requested to make them known
without del.ty, and all persons indebted to
make Immediate payment to
DAVID I , . , III'LETON, Adm'r.
Jan 17, 1844.—nd. Tvrnne En