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    'lffier cU 'QA rsa m. 12.
Ilnnlingdon, Dec.:2o, I 543.
Wood is wanted at this cam in payment of sub•
soription, advertising and job work.
To Advertisers.
Advertisements must be handed in on Tuesday
morning before 9 o'clock to insure their insertion in
next morning's . paper.
Religious Notice.
Divine worship, according to the usages of the
Protestant Episcopal Church, will be held at the
Academy in this Borough, every Sunday, at the
hours of 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
The Rev. Mr. FIELD is the officiating minister,
and resides in this place, at Mrs. Clarke's:
WANTED,—On accounts due
'at this office—
200 Bushels of Wheat,
60 do. Corn,
40 do. Buckwheat,
100 do. Oats,
50 do. Potatoes,
30 do. Apples,
1000 Pounds of Pork,
300 do. Beef.
Persons desirous of making payment in any of
the above articles will please brin g them on soon
or give notice of their intention to do so, and slat,
to what amount, without delay. The market price
Will be allowed for them by
Washingtonian Meeting.
A meeting of the society will be
, o held i ; s
, t i i t t u t he old
v e e
n o
i u n r g t H n . e a . u t ! e ,
It s
i u . s itt i o a
.1 15 " , - 14 = pod by the members, that the Ladies
will give their attendance.
W. DORRIS,.Jr. Scc'y.
Dec. 20, 1943.
Great Excitement.
The January Nos. of the Periodicals of Phila.
delpnia, are creating a great excitement ; but the
fallowing article, from the Daily Chronicle, settles
the fact of which is the best periodical of the day.
.Wo have been favored with an early copy of
Golley'S Lady's Book, and it is, without any excep.
tion, tho most wonderful production of the age.—
We understand that the Mezzotints aro by Mr.
Warner, the gentleman who took at the last exhi
bition of the FILiNKLIN INwriTe•rs, a society
composed of the most celebrated artists of the day—
the premium for Mezzotinting."
Cream, the celebrated artist, has furnished an
embellishment which will be hereafter known as
Croome's Vase. This is conceded, by artists and
amateurs, to be the prettiest embellishment ever
furnished by a periodical.
Fancy Ball Dresses are just in season. These
we believe are the first of that kind of embellish
ments ever published. We will now mention one
embellishment in preparation, that wo know will
give the greatest satisfaction to our numerous ma-
Jere—a full length Portrait of Miss E. Leslie, the
celebrated contributor of Gniloy'R Lady's Book.
Tho embellishments alone in this number cost
nearly $7OOO. Our contributors aro the best in
-.oho country.
We annex the names of thosb who contribute to
the January number, viv—W. C. Bryant, N. I'.
Willis, C. F. Hoffman, J. C. Neal, Mrs. L. 11. Sig
ourney, Prof. J. Sanderson, W. H. Burleigh, A.
Hervey, Miss A. D. Woodbridge, Mrs. S. J. Hale,
T. S. Arthur, A Parisian, R. Morris, Mrs. M. E.
Robbins, Mrs. C. L. Mentz, Mrs. E. C. Embury,
Mrs. E. 0. Smith, Miss Leslie, Mrs. H. F. Lee,
Miss E. S. Norton, H. T. Tuckerman, 'l'. L. Coy
ler, A. H. Clapp, Adrian, G. Waterman, Jr., J. A.
Swan, Prof. J. Frost, M. M'Michacl.
In fine Codey's Lany's Book can never be sue
passsed. L. A. CODEY,
Publishers' Ilydl, Mita.
See cover of ...Tan. No. for 'Penns and Premiums.
(Cr We learn that the numbers for subscribers
will be sent on in a few days.
The Temperance associations of Pennsylvania—
of every description—are hereby notified, that, in
pursuance of the following Resolution, adopted at
kthe State Convention, held at Harrisburg, in Janu
ury last, a State Temperance Convention will again
be held, at Harrisburg, on the second Wednesday,
being the tenth day of January next, 1844:
Resolved, That we recommend to all the Tem
perance Associations of this Commonwealth, to
appoint Delegates, to meet in Convention, in the
Borough of Harrisburg, on the second Wednesday
of January, 1844: and that the said Societies fur
nish the Chairman of their respective Delegations
with a Report, embracing the names of their Officers,
and the number of Members belonging to the Ass.
dation, together with any other information they
may think proper to lay before the Convention."
It is also earnestly requested that all Associations
which do not send Delegates to the proposed Con
vention, address a letter a to the President of the
Temperance Convention at Harrisburg," containing
the information desired by the Resolution above
stated: so that satisfactory Temperance Statistics,
of the whole Commonwealth, may thus be had.
JOHN C. BUCHER, and others.
Stale Central Committee
Fresh Shad, the first of the season, were expos
ed for sale in the market house in Savannah, Ga.,
on the 6th instant.
ALL persons indebted to the subscriber,
to save cost will make immediate pay
ment, All the accounts are now in the
hands of a proper officer fur collection—it
is useless to wait any longer. He is deter
tied to have money if it is to be hacl ; he has
a desire to pay his creditors, and therefore
urges payment of those who owe him.
,Huntingdon Nov. 15, 1843.
N. B. The subscriber still continues the
practice of Physic, as usual, at his old office,
a few doors west of the Jail, Mifflin street,
Huntingdon. J. H.
LANK BONDS to Constables for Stay
al of Execution, under the new law, just
printed, and ler sale, at this afire.
IP (DMZ/A I 11.
.TRIIE subscriber offers for sale the follow
ing property:
Ist.-- f 1 Tract of Land
situate in West township, containing sbou
90 acres, about 80 acres of which are clear
ed, cultivated and in good order, bounded
by lands of Wm. Moore,Robert Moore,
Samuel Mosser, Wm. Oas, &c., having
Chet eon erected
A Grist Mill, a sato
Large Fiume Died
; ;V r : ling house, it it
r • v
A Good Frame Store- •
House and Ware-Room. attached, Asa
lin.. House for Store keeper, a
large Bank Barn, a Black
Smith Shop, and dwel
ling house for Mack Smith with other
buildings, and an
This property is one of the best and most
desirable business situations in the county ;
being located in one of the richest and best
improvei Valleys in this section of country,
and only six miles from the canal.
2nd.--The Frankstown (Elizabeth),Fur
nace property, consisting of a
Tract or parcel of Land,
situate in Fralikstown township adjoining
lands of Michael Haman oa the north,
Christian Garber• on the west, and Arthur
Craw ford on the cast, centaining, 40 acres,
more or less, thereon erected a
one flame house, log stable and six other
houses, and about SO acres cleared thereon.
'lke furnace is located within a few rods
of the canal, in a good section of country
for obtainig provisions and other necessa
ries on reasonable terms and with little
trouble and in every particular• is conve
niently situated.
Also, A Tract of Land,
situate on the Southerly side of Brush Moon
tan, in Frai kst own township, adjoining
lands of David Maikey, John Weistling,
land late of Joseph Patton and others, con
taining 192 acres and allowance (war•r•anted
to Christian Garber.)—Also,
A Tract of Land,
situate in Frai kstown township, adjoining
lands of Smith and others, land surveyed in
the name of Robert Elliot 8t land claimed by
the late 11,njamin R. Morgan, Esq., con
taining 416 acres, 12 perches and usual al
lowance (warranted to Alex. Dysart.)
Also, m I the two adjoining tracts of land
shame iu Frankstown township, in the name
of John F. W clothing, one containing 432
acres nd 32 perches, and the other 102 a
cres and 80 perches, adjoinin; lands in the
names of David [Ras, Andrew Divi nney,
Arthur O'Friel, John S. Weistling-, and lands
of Clt•is4ian Garber.—Also,l
A Tract of Land
situate in Ftankstown township, adjoining
lands of Alichael Hileman, laud I ate of Jos.
Patton, Christian Garber, John Adams, and
the heirs of ••Lazerus Lowry or Wm. Steel,
containing 205 acres anti 129 perches and
allowance, with an ore bat k, some cleared
land and a couple of buildings thereon.
3d.-A Tract of Land,
situate in the same township of Feankatown.
adjoining lands of John F. Lowry, John
Kamlaa ling, deed ~ now (Joseph Shannon,)
and others, containing 170 acres more or less
of good limestone land, having 155 acres
cleared, a good bank barn and a frame
- dwelling house thereon.
, A reasonable time will be given for• the
payment of part of the purbhase money of
, these several grope. tics, if desired; but what
ever amount is not. paid at the making of a
contract, must bear interest from its date.
Persons wishing to purchase, instead of
asking what I ivilltake, will please state what
they are willing to give and the terms of
payment. Communications in writing on
• the subject, by mail or otherwise, would be
Any one or all of these several properties,
' which I may not sell, at private sale,
• on or• before the 22a. of January next, I
will then efli•r at I,ublic vendor, first for sale
and, if not sold, for r•cut for a term of years.
Huntingdon Nov. 27, 1843.
G011387 9 S 7.IIIIIE'SIBOOLK for 1844
Edited by Mrs. HALE and others.
Z. And the grealect circulation of any in the
World. „a
It Contains LINE .Sc MEZZOTINT Engravings,
by the best Authors in the United States.
A great inducement to IVezo
For every new subscriber, sending THREE DOL
LARS, we will send a copy of the
Drawing Room Annual for 1644,
Or a Gift for Every Season.
This is a Quarto Annual, Containing 15 large
ENGRAVINGS, and 64 pages of reading mat
ter, by the most celebrated Authors, or
For every new subscriber, sending THREE DOL.
LARS, we will seed a copy of
" Godey's centre Table Ornam(nt,”
Or a back Volume of the LADY'S BOOK; or the
It is to bo distinctly underotood that the above
terms refer only to new subscribers, or such old
ones as may have paid up all arrearages, and remit,
for 1944, in advance. ha no other case will the
premiums be sent. Those who send at once will
be In time to have this valuable work on their cen
tre tables by Christmas.
We will give the same PREMIUMS that any
other publisher may offer.
The price for one years subscription is $3 00
Two copies, 5 00
Five " 10 00
Eight " 15 00
Eleven 20 00
Address L. A. GODEY,
Publishers' Hall, Phil's.
We the subscribers, inhabitants of the
township of Warriorsmark , in which the
above inn is prayed to licensed, do certify
that James Chamberlain, the above appli
cant, is of good repute for honesty and
temperance and is well provided with
u uu house room anti conveniences for the
oo log and accommodation of strangers and
1b 00 travellers & that such an inn is necessary
to accommodate the public.
Samuel Rider, Richard Wills,
Wm. J. Hemphill, Will tam Davis,
Michael Funk, Day id Diller,
Peter H. Burket, . John Addleman,
John Spanogle- William Hunter,
George Rumberger, jr John Spit ter,
John G. Rutnberger, Henry Kreider,
riaz LANK BONDS—Judgment and cam- I Jacob Ruck '
mon—for sale at this office. Dec. 6, 18-13 George liumberger Sr.
BLANK DEEDS, of an improved
form, for sale at this office.
Allegheny—E. B. M'Clellantl, Abraham Myers,
Michael "'Homan.
Blair—Henry Learner, Peter Il4'Nally, James
Cromwell—Aaron Stones.
Franklin—John Y. Hay.
Henderson—John Flenner, Thomas Hamlin.
Hopetuell—Christian Shantz, Jr., Sain'l Watson.
Huston—John Brumbaugh.
Morris—A. J. Stewart.
Shirley—John Brewster.
Spring.*lift—Robert M'Real, Jr.
Tell—Alexander Blair, Thomas Cisney.
Tyrone—James Wilson, James M'Mullin, Esq.
West—Abraham Evans, Jacob Ebberly.
Woodberry—Charles Biddle, Henry Harbison.
Allegheny—David Robeson.
Antes—Thomas Green, Jacob Smith, Jr. Alex,
M'Farland, Christian E. Crane, John Anderson.
Barree—Robert Barr, Benjamin Hartman, John
Crum, James Stewart.
Blair—W. A. Pennington, Peter Hewit, Simon
Frazier, John Cooper, John Barr, Esq. John Cox.
Cass—AMuhum Myerly.
Cromwell—Jesse Rutter, Alvah Chi!cote.
Dublin—Thomas W. N'eely, John Taylor.
Henderson—Joseph Summers,John Postlewaite,
Jacob Miller, Isaac Wolverton, Sam'! Hemphill.
Hopewell—Benjamin Grove.
Monis—William Reed, Esq., Jos. Law, Esq.
Porter—Jacob Hormone, George B. Young,
Esq., Benjamin Nett Thomas Whittaker, Jacob
G. Huyett.
Shirley—Thomas A. Smelker, Maize S. Harri
son, Joseph Miller.
Springfield—John Ashman.
Tod—William Stinson, John Gohrett.
Tyrone—Henry M'Millan, Esq.
Union—Thomas Chilcute.
Walker—John Heffner, John Moore.
Warriorsmark.—S. W. Stonebmker, William
West--Joseph Reed, George Hite.
Allegheny—John Smith, Daniel C. Gibboncy,
Samuel Anderson.
Antes—Peter Igow.
Barree—Samuel Miller, Thos. Covenhoven.
Blair—Cornelius M'Connell, Robert Lytle, Sr.,
Samuel Moore.
Cuss—John Myrely.
Cromwell—William Stevens.
Dublin—William Cly mans.
Franklin—John Conrail, Esq.
Henderson—lsaac Dorland, Samuel Grafius,
Daniel Africa, Esq.
Hopewell—Sebastian Kecly, Dewalt Fouse.
Huston—Christian Good.
Morris—David Stewart, Hugh Fergus.
Porter—Lewis Knode, S. M. Green.
Shirley—Peter Shaver.
Springfield—James M'Neal, Jr.
Tod—Washington Baker.
Tyrone—George W. Morrow.
Union—John Hampson.
Walker—lsaac Vandevander, Esq.
Warriorsmark-.-Benj. Johnston, John Spanogle,
Jr., James Clarke.
West—Joseph M'Cracken, Stewart Porter, Robi
don Cunningham, William Moore.
To the lion ora1) 1 e the Jgdtie•s of the court
of Colwyn Fleas at Huntingdon coun
ty, itolding and cotnposi»g a court of
Quarter Sessions of the peace in and
;Tn. said county, at Junttry Sessions,
A. D. 1844.
The petition of Mary Scullin tespectfte
ly showeth, that she is still provided with
house room, stabling., liquors and all the
necessary accomodattons tar keeping a house
of public entertainment at her old stand in
the borough of l!eterburg in said county,
She therefore prays your Honors to grant
her a licenle to continue to k:ep a house of
public entertainmem at the said place for
the current ensuing year, and as in duty
bound will pray &c.
We the undersigned, citizens of the bor
ough of Petersburg in said county of Hunt
ingdon, do certify that we are well acquain
toil with Mary Scullin, the above petitioner,
that she is a woman of good repute for hon
esty and temperance and that she is well
provided with house room and other neces
sary accomodations for the entertainment of
strangcrs and travellers, and that in our opin
ion a teavern at the place applied for is ne
cessary for the accomodatiou of strangers
and travellers.
William Jones, William S cmP
Barnabas Zigler, Roswell Wright,
Hans Morrison, Jacob Speece,
George W. Morris, William Ti mple jr.
Samuel Morrison, Thomas Patterson,
James E. Taylor, George Updike,
James Miller, Elias Raver,
E. B. Prindle.
Dec. 6, 18,13.
To the Honorable, the Court of Quarter
Sessions of Huntingdon county.
The petition of James Chamberlain, of
the town of Warriorsmark, in the county
of Huntingdon, respectfully represents
that your petitioner is desirous of keep
ing. a public house or tavern, in the house
he now occupies, (formerly kept by \Vm.
Shipley, dec'd,) that he has provided him
self with necessaries for the convenience
and accommodalon of travellers and
stangers, he therefore prays the court to
grant him a liscence to keep a house of
public entertainment in said house and he
will wray &c.
Trial List for Jail. Terl.74 714.
17116"1 1 WEEK.
Walter's heirs v Stoner & Stoner
Same v Same
Savage v Jackson
Bosserman v Royer et al
Lex & son v Ennis et al
Patterson v Caldwell
°Triers Ex'rs. v Hatfield
Royer et al v Ake
Watters for Isett v Shoop
Same v Same
Same v Same
Same v Same
Ingram v Lloyd
Parsons v Waggoner
Hoover v M'Namara et al
Culbertson v Kemp et al
Householder v Anderson
Thos & John Maize v Grazier
Femming et al v Walker
M'Connel's Ex'rs. v M'Namara et al
Holiday's heirs v Alexander
M'Nitt v Stewart
Com'th for use v M'Cartney et al
Com'th v Ennis et al
iteaniy v Kring's Adner
Lex & Son v Price
Com'th for use v Jackson
Witherow v Brigg's
✓ Dis;lii's Adners
✓ Same
✓ Stewart
Baker v Benner
Pollock's Assinees v Templeton
Same v 'Templeton et al
v M'L7ain
v Logan
Rogers v Hewitt et al
Com'th for use v Lightner et al
Buoy et al v OTriel's Ex'rs.
Brown et al v Royer et al
Knox v Bolin
Murphy's Adm'x v Magee
Storm v Kinney
Hartley v M'Cord
Shaver v M'Cahan
Hewit v James
Steel's Ex's. v Kratzer
Hall v Conrad's Ad'mr.
Kurfman v E. Corbins' Ex'r.
M'Carthy & wife v Truman
M'Namara et al v Pattersun
Johnston v Brubaker et al
Hirst v Johnston
Gardner v Thompson
M'Cahan v Buchanan
Rulings v Rodgers J3t cc.
Adams et al v Crab. Cong, Holli
M'Gary v M'Namara et al
Dysart Icy use v Hoover
Morrow for use v John's Adm'r
Same v Same
Lingafelt for use v Milliken
Com'th fur use v Shaver ct at
Cuthbert v Dougherty et al
Eldridge et al v Barr
Gates v Wheeland's Adm'r
Same s Same
Com'th for use v O'Friel's Ex'rs
Lowry's Au'mr v Lowry
Gates v Burdge s Ex'rs
Same v Same
Haylin v O'Friel's E
..iuire v same
Brady v same
Dempsey v same
Site Hey
V till.M?
V .1110
„fooling v same
Taylor of al v same
Loftus et al v same
Skelley for use v same
12J -- v same
McKillip v same
M'Brido & M'Keehan's
Assignees v Brown
Crawford & co. v Butler & co.
Cochran v Same
Miller's Atlin'r v Woods Adm'r
Weight for use v Owens
Shomo v Lowry
Com'th for use v M'Cormick of al
Caldwell for use v Green &cu
Wilson &co v Robinson
Barnes v Lingle & Harvey
Com'th Penn'a v Moore
Crownover v Pollock
Jones v Jackson
Johnston v OTriel
Scott's Era's v Hoopes
Sparc v Ennis
Nell's Adm'r v Fleck
Springer v My tinger
Hamilton's Ex'r v Patterson
Smith v Bell
Stroup v Brain
Garber v Lowry
Leonard v Lyon &co
Thurlu for use v Patterson
Kneedler v Reamey
Johnston for use v M'Gintie et al
Ewing v Wheeland's Adm'r
Hollidaysburg & Bed
ford T. P. Co. v Jackson
Ex. Bank Pittsburg v Molly
Same v Same
Late of Cromwell township, Huntingdon
county, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
having claims or demands against the same
are requested to make them known without
delay, and all persons indebted to make im
mediate payment to
JOHN 12. HUN TER, Alm'r.
Nov. 15, 1841-6 t. Cromwell tp.
HL E rni su o b e sc c i i .*
itlizeerns'ovrAcul respectfully
aud the
adjoining counties, that he 'still continues to
carry on business at the Rockdale Foundry,
on Clover Creek, two miles from Williams
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
workmanship, and with promptness and de
He will keep constantly on hand stoves of
every description, such as
tooitini, Ent %nate,
Parlor, Coal, Rotary, Cooking and
lirood Stoves;
Livingston Ploughs,
Anvils, Hammers, Hollow Ware
and every kind of castings necessary for for
ges, mills or Machinery of any description ;
wagon boxes of all descriptions, net., which
can be had on as good terms as they can be
had at any other foundry in the county or
state. Remember the Rockdale Foundry.
Jan. 11th 1843.
Commissioners' Sale of
ENO'S Ed TED lbila DS.
WHEREAS by the 7th section of the
act of Ceneral Assembly of this
Commonwealth, entitled "An Act to amend
an Act directing the mode of selling unsea
ted lands for taxes and for other purposes,"
passed the 13th day of March, A. 1). 915,
the Commissioners of the respective coun
ties within this Commonwealth are directed
at make public sale of all lands bought by
them at Treasurer's sale, which shall remain
unredeemed by the respective owers there
at at the expiration of five years from the
date of such Treasurer's sale anti by a
further supplement thereto, passed 29th
March, 1824, such land is directed to be
sold for the best price that can be obtained
for the same, and that the Commissioners
shall have full power, to make and execute
a deed or deeds of conveyance to the pur
chaser or purchasers iu fee simple, and such
deeds are declared to be good and 'valid for
such title as the Commissioners had a right
to convey. Therefore we the undersigned
Commissioners of Huntingdon county, here
by give notice, that in pursuance of the
aforesaid acts of assembly we shall com
mence the public sales of the tbllowing
tracts at unseated land at the Court House
in the Borough of Huntingdon, on Monday
the 15th day of January next, and continue
such sale by adjournment until all the lands
being named are sold.
Acr. Per. Warrantee names Township.
200 Sarah Dilworth, Warriorsmark
433 153 Robert Moore, do.
150 Henry °midi Shirley,
100 Richard Clark, Union.
400 Joseph Brown: de.
300 John Keeble, do.
100 William Baker, do.
Bu tee
400 William Steel
100 Samuel Henry,
402 124 Duni Rogers or Roger, Antes.
840 John Cumin, Woodberry
The first three of the above tracts were
purchased by the Commissioners at the
Treasurer's Sale of June 1838. The four
tracts situate in (old) Union township, were
purchased in 1816, and the four last men
tioned tractst in 1820.
Commissioner's Office,
Huntingdon, Dec. 13, 1843. 1 S
reach Trees, A•c,
(76, inoculated
-- ~ ll 44 L ‘' 40400 ` - ` , O peach trees
for sale at the nursery of the sub
scriber, of the choicest fruit em
braciog 16 different kinds ' :it 6 cents each at
the nursery. They ave 7feet high-2 years
old from the stone, 1 year from the inocula-
Lien., every variety of inoculated Cherry
'frets, at 37i cents each at the nursery.—
'Packing in mitts and moss at fair prices.
All orders promptly attended to.
Haddonfield, N. J.,
December 13th 1843 5
BY virtue of sundry writs of Levan:
Facias and Venditioni Exponas,
issued out of the Cowl of Common Pleas
of Huntingdon county, and to me direc
ted, will be exposed to public sale, at the
Court house in the borough of Hunting
don,on Monday the Bth day of January,
1844, the following property, viz:
A trait, piece or parcll of land situate
the township of Woodberry, in the county
of Huntingdon, containing 375 acres and
134 perches of limestone land, being the
whole of a survey made in the name of
Alexander Douglass, containing 339 acres
and part of a survey in the name of John
Swift, adjoining lands of Joseph Feay,
Jacob Rodkey, Charles Echoltz, George
Clapper and the Frankstown branch of the
Juniata river, about 280 acres of which
are cleared and cultivated, having thereon
erected Franklin Forge, a stone cottage
house, a log barn and a number of houses
and work shops for the use of the Forge
Also, three adjoining tracts of unseated
land situate in Frankstown township, in
said county, one thereof containing 400
acres, surveyed on a warrant in the name of
James Hunter,. another thereof contain
ing 17 acres and 25 perches, in the name
Absalom Boyles, and the other thereof
containing 54 acres and 23 perches, also
in the name of Absalom Boyles, and a
piece or parcel of land adjoining the same
containing 6 acres, known by the name of
"The Gut," and being a part of a survey
of 150 acres made in die name of James
Also, a tract of barren land situate in
Woodberry towdship, in said county,
containing 204 acres and 150 perches,
-being part of a tract of land surveyed on
a warrant dated 25th August, 1794, in
the name of Caleb Newbold, the other
part of which is hereafter mentioned and
described along with the lands attached to
Springfield Furnace.
Also, the right title and interest ()Nam
' uel Royer in and to the following men
tioned and described seven tracts of un
seated land, situate partly in ‘Voodberry
and partly in Frankstown townships, in
said county, viz: one thereof containing
426 acres and 140 perches, surveyed on a
warrant in the name of Junas Hartzel—
one thereof containing 579 acres and 122
perches surveyed on a warrant in the name
of Isaac Hartzel,one thereufcontaining 479
acres and 153 perches surveyed in the name
of Jonas Ilartzel Jr.—one thereof con
taining 371 acres and 2 perches stveyed
in the name of Jonathan Ilarizel—one
thereof containing 165 acres and 59
perches surveyed on a warrant in the
name of George Ilartzel —one thereof
containing 161 acres and 77 perches sus.
veyed on a warrant in the name of John
list izel, and the other thereof containing
122 acres and 120 perches surveyed on a
warant in the name of Catharine Ilartzel,
all of which warrants are dated respec
tively 13th February, 1791. The last
described three tracts being only parts of
surveys, the remaining parts at which are
ret.peetivvly described in the lands litre-
after mentioned, as attached and belong
ingto Springfield Furnace. . . .
The above mentioned and deictibed
real estate all belongs to and compoies the
Franklin Forge property.
Also four lots of *nand situate in the
town of Franktown, in the said county of
Huntingdon, on the northerly side of .
main street, and marked in the plan of
said town witieut 18, 19, 20 and 21—
thereon erceled a dwelling house, barn,
Lanyard and outbuildings.
Also, four lots of ground situate in the
town of Franktown aforesaid, on the
back street and numbered 45, 46, 47, and
48 in the plan of said tOwiL
Also, two adjoining lots of ground in
the town of Williamsburg, in said noun
ty, numbered 76 and 77 in the plan of
said town,fronting each 50 feet on Main
street, and running back at right angles
175 feet to an alley—having thereon erne ,
ted a two story brick dwelling house, a
log stable and two frame shops. . . .
Also, a to aet of unseated mountain land
situate in the township of Frankstown, in
said county, on the south side of the Brush .
mountain, containing 370 acres, adjoin
ing lands of Michael !Neiman, David
Markey and Christian Garber.
Also, all the right, title and interest of
Samuel foyer in and to the following
mentinned and described real estate,
composing the Springfield Furnace prop..
erty, viz:
A tract of 406 acres and 152 perchea
of good limestone land, situate in the
township of Woodberry, in said county,
bein the whole of a survey patented
15th'''May, 1786, to Daniel Carpenter,
379 acres and 1,52 perches, and part of a
survey adjoining same, purchased and an
nexed thereto to complete the mill site.—
adjoining land of Baltzer hoover, Henry
Reigart and other lands of Samuel Roy
er, about 300 acres of which are cleared
and cultivated—having thereon erected
Springfield Furnace, a saw mill, a grist
mill, a stone dwelling house, a bank barn
and a number of buildings dtc. for the use
of the furnace hands.
A tract of land adjoining the last des
cribed land, lands of Battier Hoover and
Jacob Duck, containing 162 acres and 96
beeches, about 80 acres of ohich are
cleared and cultivated, having thereon
erected a small stone dwelling house and
an old barn.
A tract of land in said township, Ad
joining the furnace tract and Henry Rei;
Bart, containing 107 acres and 25 perches,
tbuut one hail of which is cleared, and
about hall the balance has the timber
cut oft
A tract of land situate in said tawri ,
ship, adjoining the furnace tract and
Henry Reigart, containing 92 hetes and
100 perches, about 25 acres of which are
cleared and the balance has some timbet
cut off.
The following mentioned and described
fifteen adjoining tracts of barren unseat;
ed land si t tinted in Wood berry and Huston
townships in the said county of Hunting
don, viz :
One thereof containing 378 acres surveyed
in the name of Samuel Chew.
One " " 593 " Philip Nickling
One " " 408 " Alex'r. Boyd,
One " " 440 " "• Jane Boyd,
One 4.13 t. 143 p. .. Henry Canon,
One 303 Co • .. Sophia Phillips,
One ' 90' John Canon,
one 455 . 42' .. Henry Canon,
One .. 311 ' 63 David Murritz,
One " 159' 82 ' John Canon,
One .. 438 97' John Brown,
One " 108' 27 Dan'l Roilkey,
One .. 217 . 28 Caleb Newbold,
One .. 111 ' 115' " Daniel Royer,
& one " 56 80 " Daniel Royer,
'1 he following mentioned and described
eleven tracts of Unseated mountain land,
situate partly in Frankslown and partly
in Woodberry township, surveyed re
spectively on warrants dated 19t1► Feb
ruary 1794.
One'thereof containing SO4 acres and 87
perches surveyed in the name of Regina
San tee
One " 383 4. 144 " " John Santee,
One " 395 " 01 " " Elizabeth Fouse,
One " 307 " 4" " Philip Fouse,
One " 413 " 69 " " Frederick Gross,
One " 405 •' 66 " " Jacob (boss ;
One " 444 " 11 " " Philip Gross,
One " 320 " " " Nlat'gt Hartzell,
One " 186 "95 (part)" Cath. Hartzell,
One " 186 "52 (") " John Hartzell,
4. one " 180 124 (") " George Hartzell,
'llwe several pieces or parcels of land
adjoining the last described mountain la'
purchased fron► John Smith. one thee
contains 10 acres and 70 perches de
other 10 acres and 147 perches,
one if the Hail has a cabin lionfiaKo
and a couple of acres cleared•cd by L.:
And a piece or parcel of 1a wh01 „ . .,,
tug about 3 acres adjoining
li, recocz
cribed land, purchased Irt uohnui „
Hoover, the timber of whic corre, _
cut oft:
Seized, taken in execution a
sold as the property of SatnovOch
one of the titio of ICVNatuara &rk
141'1111ilt., !toyer & cm and Smith, f.
St co.
All that certain frame building thtee
and one half stories high, situate on the
turnpike road leading from Huntingdon to
Pittsburg, in the borough of Claysport, in
the county of Huntingdon, 30 feet front
and 34 feet back, erected and situute mr
lot No. 6, according to the plat' of said
borough and the lot or piece of ground
and curtailage appurtenant to said build,
s i taken in exrvition and to he
the property of Jtiilll Bousluttgli.
rileSidde of 014 4!A pure