Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, September 20, 1843, Image 4

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Notice of General Election.
MOURSUANT to t,o act of the Getter
al Assembly of the Commonwealth
Petnotyl vania, entitled "A n act relating
to the elections of thi. Commonwealth,'
approved the second day of July, A. D.,
1889, I, JOHN SHAVER, High Shc
the county of Huntingdon, in the State of
Pennsylvania, do het eby make known and
give notice to the electors of the Minty
aforesaid, that a
General Election
will be held in the said county of Hun
tingdon, on Ike second Tursday (and 10th
day) of October, 1843, at which time State
and County officers, as follows, are to be
elected, to wit :
Three persona for CAN AL CO MNI IS -
SIONERS of the Commonwealth of
One person, in conjunction with the
counties of Centre, Mifflin and Juniata to
till the office of MEMBER of CON
GRESS of the United States, to represent
in the House of Representatives of the
United States, the seventeenth Congres•
sional district in Pennsylvania, composed
of the counties of Huntingdon, Centre,
Mifflin and Juniata.
Two persons to fill the office of MEM
SENTATIVES, to represent the county
of Huntingdon in the House of Represen
tatives of Pennsylvania.
- -
One person to till the vacancy in the or.
Huntingdon county, occasioned by the
death of Robert Moore, to scree for one
year. . .
One person to fill the office of COUNTY
COMMISSIONER of Huntingdon coun
ty, to serve for three years.
One person to till the office of COUNTY
TREASURER of the county of Hun
One person to fill the office of COUNTY
AUDITOR of the county of Huntingdon.
In pursuance of said act I also herehy
make known and give notice, that the
places of holding the aforesaid general
election in the several election districts
within the said county of Huntingdon, are
as follows, to wit:
Ist District composed of part of HEN ,
DERSON township, west of the line be
ginning at Mifflin county line on the sum
mit of Jack's mountain, thence west as far'
as to include the farms owned by Michael
Speck and the heirs of James Kelly to
Mill Creek, thence up the said creek to
West township line, thence along said
line to the line of Mifflin county and - also
a part of PORTER township, and all that
part of WALKER township not in the
20th district, at the Court House in the
Borough of Huntingthm.
2nd District composed of DUBLIN
township, at the house of Matthew Tay
lor, Jr. in said township.
3d District composed of WARRIORS
MARK township, at the school house ad
joining the town of Warriorsmark.
4th — District composed of the township
of ALLEGHENY, at the house of Jacob
sth District composed of that part of
the township of WOODBERRY not in
cluded in the 6th district, and a part of
MORRIS, at the house of Christian Hews
it, in Williamsburg.
6th District composed of all that part
of WOODBERRY township, laying south
of a line to commence at the line of said
township on the summit of Tussey's
mountain, thence to run westwardly so as
to include the house of Joseph Everhart,
and south of the house of Aaron Burns,
John Ditch and Peter Surrick, so as to in
clude the power mill on Piney creek,
and thence to the line of said township on
the summit of Canoe mountain, at the
public school house on the premises of
Samuel Rhodes, on the Piney creek road
leading from Springfield Furnace to Mar.
tinsbu rg.
7th District composed of the township
of HOPEWELL, at the house of David
Simonton, to said township.
Bth District composed of the township
of BARREE, at the house of John Har
per, in the town of Salisbury, in said
9th District composed of the township
of S'IIRLEY, at the house of David
Fraker, in Shirleysburg.
100) District composed of the township
of ANTES, at the public school house on
the land ofJohn Bell, in said township.
11th District composed of PORTER
and part of WALKER townships, and so
much of WEST township as is included
in the following boundaries, to wit begin
ning at the south-west corner of Tobias
Caufman's farm on the bank of Little Ju•
nista river, at the lower end of Jackson's
narrows, thence in a north-easterly direc
tion to the most southerly part of the farm
owned by Michael Maguire, thence north
40° west to the top of Tussey's mountain
to intersect the line of Franklin township,
thence along said line to little Juniata riv
er, thence down the same to the place of
beginning, at the public school house in
the town of Alexandria.
12th District composed of the township
of FRANKLIN, at the house formerly
occupied by William Lytle.
13th District composed of TILL town
ship at the house now occupied by the
heirs of James McNeal, in said township.
tlth Ustrict composed of SPRING
FIELD township, at the school house
near Hunter's rail!.
Istlt District composed of UNION
township, at the school house, near Ezekial
Corbin's, in said townsh.p.
161 District composed of that part of
DENDEDSON township not included in
th, Ist district, at the public school house
in the village of Roxbury.
17ch District composed of TYRONE
township, including that part of said town
ship which was formerly attached to the
3‘l election district, at the house of James
Crawford, in Tyrone township.
18th District composed of MORRIS
township, at the house of Frederick Kuhn,
in said township.
19th District composed of that part of
WEST township not included in the 11th
district, at the public school house on the
farm formerly owned by James Ennis, in
20th District composed of those parts of
the townships of HOPEWELL and
WALKER within the following bourda.
ries, to wit : beginning at Hartsock's Gap
in Tussey's mountain, thence down Gard.
ner's run, so as to include the house of
Matthew Garner, Isaac Bowers and Geo.
Brumbaugh ; thence in a straight line
through Forshey's Gap to the Union town
ship line, thence down the same to a point
opposite David Corbin's, thence down on
a strait line, including the house of David
Corbin, to the corner of Porter township,
on the Huntingdon and Woodcock Valley
road, thence along the said summit to the
place of beginning, at the house occupied
by Jacob Nlagally, in the village of Mc-
Connelsbu rg.
521st District composed of that part of
the township of Union, now composing
the township of TOD, beginning on the
line of Bedford county where the line of
Springfield and Union townships meet,
thence by the line between the townships
to a point on said line, nearly opposite
John Caufmin's, so as to include his farm,
thence by a straight line to Hopewell
township line at Forshey's Gap on Ter
race mountain, thence by the line of
Hopewell and Union townships to Bedford
county line, thence to said place of begin
ning, at the house now occupied by J.
Henderson, in said district.
2ind District composed of that part of
WEST township on the south-east side of
Warrior ridge, beginning, at the line of
West and Henderson township, at foot of
said ridge to the line of Barree township,
thence by the division line of Barree and
West townships to the summit of Stone
mountain, to intersect the line of Hender
son and West townships, thence by said
line to place of beginning, at the house
now occupied by Benjamin Corbin, on
Murry's Run.
‘23d District composed of CROM WELL
township, at the house now occupied by
David Elnire, in Orbisonia.
24th Distract composed of the township
of FRANKSTOWN, at the public school
house in the borough of Frankstown.
25th District composed of the township
of BLAIR, at the house of Cornelius Mc-
Connell, in the town of Newry, in said
. .
26th District composed of the Borough
of HOLLIDAYSBURG, at the brick
school house to said borough.
27th District composed of the town of
GAYSPORT, at the school house in said
town where the borough elections are held.
25th District composed of the Borough
of BIRMINGHAM, at the public school
house in said borough.
29th District composed of the township
of SNYDER, at the Bald Eagle school
house in said township.
30th District composed of CASS town•
ship, at the public school house in Cass•
ville, in said township.
1 make kLown and give notice, as
in and by the 13th section of the aforesaid
act lam directed that every person ex•
cepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or
trust under the government of the United
States, or of this Stale, or of any city or
incorporated district, whether a commis
sioned officer, or otherwise, a subordinate
officer, or agent, who is or shall be, em
ployed under the legislative, executive or
Judiciary department of this State orof the
United States, or orally city or incorpora
ted district, and also, that every member
of Congress, and of the state Legislature,
and of the select or common council of
uny city, or commissioners of any incor
porated district, is by law incapable of
holding or exercising at the sane time,
the office or appointment of judge, in
spector or clerk of any election of this
Commonwealth, and that no inspector
judge, or other officer of any such elec
tion, shall be eligible to any office to be
then voted fin."
Also, that in the 4th section of the act
of Assembly, entitled " An act relating to
executions, and fat other purposes," ap
proved April 16th 1840, it is enacted that
the aforesaid 13th section "shall not be so
ct.nstrued, as to prevent any militia ofi•
cer or borough officer, front serving as
judge, inspector, m• clerk, at any general
or special election in this commonwealth."
Pursuant to the provisions contained in
the 76th section of the act aforesaid, the
Judges of the aforesaid district shall re•
spectively take charge of the certificate or
return or the election of their respective
districts, and produce them at a meeting
ot one Judge from each district, at the
Court !loose in the borough of Ilunting•
don, on the third day after the day of
election, being for the present year on
rriday, the 13th of October next,
then and there to do and perform the du
ties required by law of said Judges.--
Also, that where a Judge by sickness or
unavoidable accident, is unable to attend
said meeting cfJudges, then the certificate
• or return aforesaid shall be taken charge
of by one of the Inspectors or Clerks of
the election of said district, and shall do
and perform the duties required of said
Judge unable to attend.
Also, that in the 61st section of said
act it is omelet' that "every general and
special election shall be opened between
the hours of eight anti ten in the forenoon,
and shall continue without interruption or
adjournment until seven o'clock ►n the
evening, when the polls shall be closed."
Given under my hand at Huntingdon, the
13th day of September, 1843, and of
the Independence of the United States
[God save the Commonwealth]
It is written in the Book of Nature and
common sense, that the natural vegetable
productions of every country are, if prop
erly applied, amply sufficient for the cure
of every malady incident to that clime.
are founded upon the principle, that the
human body is subject to but one disease,
viz: corrupt humors, which, when mai
ned to the circulation, give rise to those
disordered motions of the blood called IN
vers; but when lodged in the various parts
of the body, are the cause nut only of
every ache or pain we suffer, but every
malady incident to man.
.1t should be remembered that Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills are composed of
roots and herbs, which grow spontaneous
ly on our own soil, and consequently are
so admirably adapted to our constitutions
that, while they cannot possibly injure even
the most delicate, a perseverance in their
use, according to directions, is absolutely
certain to di i ee disease ()revery name from
the body.
When we wish to restore a swamp or
morass to fertility, do we not drain it of
the superabundant water ? In like maul
ner, if we would restore the body to health
we must cleanse it from impurity.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, will
be found peculiarly adapted to carrying,
out this grand purifying, because they ex
pel all corrupt humors in an easy and
natural manner, and while they every day
the constitution is restored to such a state
of health and vigor, that disease will find
no abiding place in the body.
As the great popularity of tV right's Indi
an Vegetable Pills, has raised up a host of
counterfeiters the public are cautioned
against impostors, who ire travelling about
the country, selling to the unsuspecting
storekeepers a spurious article fur the
above celebrated Pills.
It should be remembered that, all "0
sell the genuine medicine are provided
with a certificate of agency, of which the
following is a copy :
This is to certify that the within na
med -is a regular and duly appointed
-Agent for the sale of Wright' Indian
Vegetable Pills, in the town of -, in
the State of --, and this certificate, which
is signed by Win. Wright, Vice President
of the North American College of Health,
must also be countersigned by the acting,
Clerk or Agent, from whom said certifi
cates is received,
This certificate of agency will be re
newed every twelve months; thereldre,
if any alteration should be made in the
date, do not purchase.
The public are further informed that all
who receive the above certificate, are also
quire(' to sign the following
This is to certify, that the subscriber
by certificate bearing even date herewith,
signed with the proper handwriting of
William Wright, Vice President of the
North American College of Health, -
been appointed Agent for the sale of
Or Indian Purgative,
n the town of--, and State of -, to
hold and continue in said agency during
the pleasure of the said William Wright,
anti no lonpr, any thing contained in the
said certificate signed by the said William
Wright, to the contrary thereof not,ith
standing. In consideration whereof, I
hereby covenant and agree to and with
the said William Wright that I will not
sell, or expose to sale, any medicine bear
ing the above or a similar name during my
said agency, other than that which I re
ceive from his authorized agent or a.r ' ents,
under the penalty of five hundred dollars
to be paid by him, as liquidated damages.
of itness - hand and seal, the - day
for- one thousand eight hundred and
roily -
'filtis it will be seen that the friends of
the genuine medicine may be perfectly
free front any apprehension of fraud, as all
agents, who are provided with a certificate
of agency, have invariably
not to sell any Indian Vegetable Pills ex
cept those received (ruin the above named
William Wright, or his authorized agents.
Country agents and other, will be on
their guard against travelling imposters,
and remember that all authorized travel
lirg agents are also provided with a certi.
ticate of agency as above described, and
that Pills Aimed for sale, by those who
cannot show a certificate of agency-, are
sure to be counterfeit.
It will be further observed that all genu
ine medicine has the title expressed in MI
on the sides of the buxes thus:
(Indian Purgative)
The patrons 4 - 11 7 1 : i — g - h . t . "a Indian Vege
table Pills, mill also bear in mind that the
directions which accompany each box of
Pills, have been secured by copywright,
and the proper form, viz: Entered ac-
cording to the act of Congress, in the year
1840, by William Wright, in the Clerk's
Office, of the District Court of the Eas•
tern District of Pennsylvania," will be
found at the bottom of the first page of
said directions.
Thus it will be seen, that a trifling at
tention on the part of the purchaser to the
above particulars, will put an effectual
stop to this wholesale robbery, and drive,
it is hoped, all depredators upon society
to an honest calling.
The following highly respectable store
keepers have been appointed agents for
the sale of
Wrizht's Indian Vegetable Pills, of the
North American College of Health.
William Stewart, Hunth;gdon,
Henry Learner Hollidaysburg,
B. F. Bell, Antes township.
Robert McNamara, Newry.
Samuel S. Isett, 1 prone township.
Millikens & Kessle, Mill Creek
A. & N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Gemmel & Porter, Alexandria.
Moore & Steiner, Water Street.
Joseph Patton, Jr. Duncansville.
R. H. McCormick, Collinsville.
Wolf & Frankstown.
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of
the medicine, wholesale and reiail, No. 288
Greenwich street, New York ; and No. 198
Tremont street, Boston ; and Principal Of
fice, No. 169 Race street, Philadelphia.
N. 14. The public are respectfully in•
formed that the Pills made by one V.O.
Flack, and sold by a man named Parker,
in Third street, are not the genuine
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills; and as
counterfeiters and their associates sell7at
halt price, it is absolutely impossble for
them to have the genuine medicine for sale.
*,' Be particular in all cases to ask For
the genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable.
November SO, 184'2.
How important it is that you commence
without loss of time with BItANDRETH
PILLS. They mildly but surely remove all
impurities from the blood, and no case of
sickness can effect the human frame, that
these celebrated Pills do not relieve as much
as medicine can do. COLDS and COUGHS
are more benefiitted by the Brandreth Pills
than by Lozenges and Candies. Very well,
perhaps, as palliatives, but worth nothing as
ERADICAToRS of diseases irons the human
system. The Brandreth Pills cure, they do
not merely relieve, they Cure. Diseases,
whether chronic or recent, intectious or oth
erwise, will certainly be cured by the use of
these all-sufficient Pills.
SING SING, January 21, 1843,
Honored Sir,—
Owing to you a debt of gratitude that mo
ney cannot pay. I am induced to make a
public acknowledgment of the benefit my
wife has derived from your invaluable Pills.
About three
. years this winter she was taken
with a pain bin her acle; which soon became
very much inflamed, and swollen, so mach
that we became much alarmed, and sent
for the doctor. During his attendance the
pain and swelling increased to an alarming
degree, and in time weeks from its first
conimencing it became a running sore. Site
could get no rest at night the pain was su
great. Our first doctor attended her for six
months, and she received no benefit what
ever, the pain growing worse and the sore
larger all the time. He said if it was healed
up it would be her death, but lie appeared
to be at a loss how to proceed, and my poor
wife still continued to suffer the most terrible
tortures. .We therefore sought other aid,
in a Botannical doctor, who said when he
first saw it that he could soon cure the sore
and give her ease at once. To our surprise
he gave her no relief, and acknowledged that
it quite baffled all his skill.
'Thus we felt utter having tried during one
whole year the experience of two celebrated
physicions in vain, in absolute despair. My
poor wife's constitution rapidly failing in
the prime of her years from her continued
suffering. Under these circumstances we
concluded that we would try your Universal
Vegetable Pills, determined to fairly test
their curative effects. To my wife's great
comfort the first few doses afforded great re
lief of the pain. Within one week to the
astonishment of ourselves and every one who
knew the case, the swelling and the infla
mation began to cease so that she felt quite
easy, and would sleep comfortable, and sir,
after six weeks' use she was able logo thro'
the house and again attend to the manage
ment of her family, which she had not done
for nearly fourteen months. In a little over
two months from the time she first commen
ced the use of your invaluable Pills her allele
was quite sound, and her health better than
it had been in quite a number of years be
fore. I send you this ttatement atter two
years test of the cure, considering it only an
act of justice to you and the public et large.
We are with much gratitude,
Very respectfully,
PS.—The Botanical Doctor pronounced
the sore cancerous, and finally said no good
could bz done, unless the whole of the flesh
was cut off and the bone scraped. Thank a
kind Providence, this made us resort to your
fills, which saved us from all further mis
ery, and fur which we hope to be thankful.
T. &E. A. 1..
1 1 Dr. Brandretli's Pills are for sale by the
following Agents in Huntingdon county.
Thomas Read, Hutmgdon.
Wm. Stewart, Huntingdon.
& N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Mary W. Neff, Alexandria.
Joseph Patton, Jr. Da ncansviile.
Hamm. & Smith, Manor Hill.
S. Miles Green & Co. Barree Forge,
Thomas 0 wens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson, Williamsburg.
Peter Good, Jr. Canoe Creek.
John Lutz, Shtrleysburg.
Observe each of Dr. Bredreth's Agents
have nu engraved certificate of Agency.—
Examine this and you will Iliad the NEW
LA BLES upon the certificate corresponding
with those on the Boxes, none other are gen
Phira. Of fi ce S. N o rth Bth St.—ly. D,
¶LANK BONDS to Constables for Stay
4,40 of Execution, udder the new law, just
printed, and for sale, 'tit this office.
Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs,
Chronic Coughs, Pleurisy, Hemorrhage
of the Lungs, and all allectious of the
Pulmonary Organs
A'attn•c'a own Prescrlyzon.
A compound Balsamic preparation of the
Prunus Virs'iniana of .Wild Cherry Bark,'
combined with the Extract of nr, prepa•
red by a chemical process, approved and
recommended by the most distinguished
physicians, and universally acknowledged
the must valuable medicine ever discovered,
No Quackery ! No Decep . fion.
In settin forth the virtues of this truly
great medicine, we have no desire to deceive
those who are aboring under the affliction,
nor do we wish to eulogize it more than it
deserves. Yet we look around and see the
vast amount of suffering and distress occa
sioned by many of tha diseases in which this
medicine has proved so highly successful,
we feet that we cannot urge its claims too
strongly, or say too much in its favor.
Various remedies it is true have been of
fered and putted into notice for the cure of
diseases of the Lungs, and some have no
doubt been found very useful, bat all that
have yet been discovered, it is admitted by
physicians and all others who have witness
ed its effects, that none have proved as sue
essful as this. Such, indeed, are the
Surprising Virtues
Of this Balsam, that even in the advanced
stages of Conaumption, after all the most
esteemed remedies of physicians have failed
to effect any change, the use of this medi
cine has been productive of the most aston
ishing relief, and actually effected cures
after all hopes of recovery had been dis
paired of. _
In the first stage of the disease, termed
Catarrhal Consumption, originating from
neglected COLDS, it has been used with un
deviating success, and hundreds acknowl
edge they owe the restoration of their health
to this invaluable medicine alone, in that
form of consumption so prevalent amongst
delicate young females, commonly termed
debility, or
" Going into a Decline,"
A complaint with which thousands are lin
gering, it has also proved highly successful,
and not only possesses the power of checking
the progress of this alarming complaint, but
also strengthens and invigorates the system
more effectually than any medicines we have
ever possessed.
Beides itsliprising efficacy in consump
tion, it is equally efficacious in Liver Com
plaint, Asthma, Bronchitis, and all aff:c
tuins of the Lungs, and has cured many of
the mast obstinate cases, alter every other
remedy had failed. re. For particulars see
Dr. Wistor's treaties on consumption, to be
had of the agents.
A SURPRISING CuRE.---Among the many
singular cures which this medicine has ef
fected, there is perhaps none in which its
powers are so Cully shown as in the case of
Mrs. Austin.
This lady has been consumptive for seve
ral years, and during the greater part of this
time had received the best medical attention,
and tried all the most valuable remedies, yet
nothing could be found to arrest its progress.
She became subject to violent fits of cough
ing, expectorated large quantities of Waiter
occasionally tinged with blood, slid step by
step this fearful disease continued its
course, until all hopes of a recovery was des
paired of. While in this distressing situa
tion, lingering upon the very verge of the
grave, she commenced the use of this Bal
sam, which, to use her own expressien, op
perated almost like a charm. In a few days
she expectorated freely, the cough . NaS gra
dually suppressed, and every day appeared
to add fresh vigor to her looks, and now, in
the place of that emaciated form withering
to decay, she is seen mingling in society, in
better health than she has enjoyed for years.
witnessed the sin prising efficacy of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, in the
case of Mrs. Austin, 1 cheerfully acknowl
edge the above statement to he true and cor
rect. J. C. WALTERS, M. a
LIVER COMPLAINT. ---Mrs. Eliza Thomp
son was afflicted with this complaint for
nearly five years, during whirls time she was
under the moat skilful physicians—had tried
Mercury, Botanic and noincepathic reme
dies, and every thing that offered her any
hopes of relief. She had duir, wandering
pans in her side, sometimes in the shoulder
and small of the back, a hacking cough, fre
quent pains in the breast, and hail been una
ble to sleep on her right side for three years.
By the use of this Balsam she was cured in a
few weeks, and remains well to this day.
Wo Sept. 4, Ha
Dear Sin—Although ,
'v valuable medi
cine has already found hundreds of powerful
advocates, it still may be gratifying to you to
receive a communication from any one that
has been relieved by it. Such, sir is truly
my case. I lir ve been a victim of that terri
ble disease consumption, for many months,
and have suffered so much, that I had be
come almost weary of my . life. Hearing
your Balsam so highly praised, I began ta
king a few weeks back, and can assure you
that it has relieved me more than any thing
I have ever used before, and 1 confidently
believe it will cure me eff,ctually. Please
give the bearer the worth of the enclosed,
and oblige
Yours Respectfully,
Chester county, Sept 6, 1841.
Friend Wistar:---It gives me much plea
sure to inform thee that my wife's health has
improved very much since she has been
using thy Balsam of Wild Cherry, and we
think there is no doubt it will cure her. She
has taken the two bottles I purchased from
thee a short time since, and her cough is
much better, she also sleeps well at night,
and says she has found nothing to give her
so much relief. Thee will please give the
bearer two bottles more for
Thy Friend,
a - 11-:ol the following from De. Jacob
lull physician of extensive practice in
liimtn:gdon count):
pi'. turrd one bottle of Dr.
‘Vi s t a v' s Belsrn 1 4 Wild Cherry, from
liomas Read, •d' this place, and tried
it in a case ot obstinate A stlions an a child of
Paul Schweble, in which many other reme
dies had been tried without any relief. The
Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my opin
ion the child is cffectuelly cured by its use.
Yours, &c.
Dec.. 23, 1841.
Dear Sir:-1 cur Balsam of Wild Cherry
has t ff•cted sonic astonishing cures here.—
(The et which an old lady, Mrs. Russel,
who has been suffering for a long time with
shortness of breathing, and general weak
ness, until she was finally t bliged to keep
her bed. After ratios other remedies had
b, en resorted to in vain, she commenced
using your Balsam, and after taking two bot
tles was so far recovered as to be able to at
tend to all the duties of her house, and on
taking two bottles more was entirely cured.
Respectfully &c.,
Pottsville, Pa.
CAUTION.—As them. is :1 spurious mix
lure called Syrup or Wild Cherry, purcha
sers should be particular to ask for Dr.
Hietal's Balsam, sod observe his signature
on the bottle.
Prepared for the pioprittor, nod sold at
wholesale by Williams & Cn., Chemists,
No. 21 Minor street, sold also
in almost every town in the United States.
Price one dollar per bottle.
Fur sale by Thomas Read, Huntingdon,
and fasten Orr, 11.11iility MAI rg.
November SU, 1842.
MORGA 'S Rll 1 , 117 MAT IC
lif,pplllS LINIMENT has fully established
ia a character superior to any medicine
ever offered for so painful a disease in this
and the neighboring counties the relief it has
given and the cures performed is Wily
known. The. Medicine in.,y be obtained at
the following Stores, viz
Lewistown IVillnun Marks
Waynesburg Smith & M'Vey
Iteedsville I). C. Miller
Sterretts Mill's E. E. Lock &
Pet ryville W. & 'l. Reed
Greenwood Jos. A. Bell
Allenville Wm. Bell.
Huntingdon Jacob Miller
do. T. K. Simonton
Mill Creek J. 11. Dorsey & Co.
McConnelstown James Campbell Jr.
Shirleysburg W. & B. Leas
Orbisonia T. E. Orbison & Co:
Shades Brice X. Blair
Rebecca Furnace J. M'Kernan
Hollidaysburg Robert Williams
Yellow Springs James M. Kinkead
Alexanthia John Porter
Petersburg Jos. M. Stevens
Shavers Creek Walker & Neff
Saulsburg Hi L. M'Carthy
Ennis - dile J. A. Bell & Brothers
Bellefonte John Harris
Farmers Store Penns Valley, J. A. Timmer
Millhelm J. & W. L. Mustier
Aaronsburg 0. P. & VV.C.Duncan
Spring Mills Duncan & Hays
Boalsburg William S. Wulf
Pine Grave B. Sindze.
Mifflintown Samuel Pennebaker
Perrysville Charles Yowling
Johnstown Tus'a Va'y Middagh & Milk:ken
Jackson Ville James B. Morrison
Waterf.:rd Matthew Laughlin
Near do. J. S. Laird
Waterloo David Kling
Letters to the proprietor should lie sent
to Brown's Mills P. 0., Mifflin county, Pa.
March 8,184.3.—1 y.
The subscriber respectfully in
forms the inhabitants cf Hunt
ingdon and its vicinity, that he
has opened an establishment in
t the borough of Lewistown, for
the manufacture of Chairs, Set
tees, &c., of the following kinds, viz:
French Chairs, Half French. Grecian. Fan
cy curled Maple, Black Walnut, Office,
Fancy and Windsor Basin Rocking,
Spring scat Mahogany , Cabinets, and
Studying Chairs.
Mohgany, Fancy, Cushion, cane and
conanm bitters,
on an improved and fashionable plan,
Settee iledsleads,
both elegant and useful, designed to close tip,
making a handsome Settee with cushion
seat for the day time.
The subscriber having been for several
years Past engaged in the above business in
the cities of New York and Providence R.I.
he flatters himself that he will be able to
give general satisfaction to all those who will
honor him with their patronage.
All the above mentioned articles, and
every thing in his line of business he will
furnish in the latest style and fashion, on
the most reasonable terms, and warranted
to do good service.
N. B.—Chairs, Settees, &c., repaired and
ornamented on the shortest notice and most
reasonable terms.
A constant supply of the above mentioned
articles may lie :.een at the Wareroorn one
door east of the Store of Mrs. Jane M''Cor
mick and immediately opposite the store of
Patterson & Horner.
Lewistown, NorG F. 01? (1 NV. SWAIN,
. SO, 184'2.
Snyelees Pegelable Concrete.
rt do certify that my wife was afflicted for
ilk some time with a very severe cough,
with a pain in the breast, and after many
other remedies had failed I was induced to
procure a bottle of J. Snyder's Vegetable
Concrete, and she was perfectly restored by
the use of part of a bottle full.
For sale by Jacob Snyder, Hollidaysburg.
Jan. 18, 1843.
wrrEns of admibistrstion on the es
tate of John Isenberg., late of the bo
rough of Alexandria, lluntingdon county,
dec'd., have been granted to tit- undersigned,
All persons indebted to said estate are ri -
quested to make immediate payment, and
those having claims against it will present
them properly authenticated for settlement
without delay.
June 7,1843.-6 t.