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"One country, one constitution, one destiny."
'Vire4n3sday morning, Sept. 13, 1843,
<T V. B. PA LYE It, Fin. (N). 59, Pine street
below Third, Philadelphia,) is authorized to net as
.4 4 , Pent fur this paper, to procure subscriptions and
Democratic EllarriNott Ticket.
Election 2nd Tuesday (10th ) of October 1943.
73EMYA1 lIN vreavlat,
30312 C P. ITZIXTiaIIt,
OF HuNTINGDON 0000' (1 yr.)
o 1 Too TP. (3 yrs.)
or 1117NTINGDON nonu'.
XACOM S. 1112.11.TTM1N,
Or gnroliciaN Ti'.
ilarrison Democrats, if you
wish to vote at the next election,
you must be assessed
10 days before the day of election.
sAiruit DAY THE 30th OF
SEPTEMBEIt will be the last
(12y on hich the assessment can
unza we. kieniember this, and
Complete tickets will ha ready for delivery at this
ofllze, in a few days. Our country fiendsf: will con
fer a favor upon the candidates by taking a supply
to their respective districts.
z y The Sheritre notice of the General Election
will be found on the fourth page.
CO . '" STANWOOb" is informed thut no connuni 7
cation will receive attention unless the author is
made known. Such information is in all cases held
atrictly confidential.
Party Names.
Owing to our absence from the Editorial Chair,
last week, the ticket of the Porter branch of the
Locofoco party was headed " Damontatic Loco
rocs TICIIK," The Anti Porter branch of the
Locofoco party find fault with this, and perhaps
justly too, because we headed their own simply
Locofoco TICKET. " I,Ve will elate, for the satis
faction of all, that it was all right except the " Dem
ocratic;' and this week we have altered the ticket
no as to make it agreeable to our own views, and as
it would have been published last week had we been
at our post. We consider neither of the two fac
tions "Democratic," nor any more entitled to the
name of " Democrats', than to that of " Working
men," under which they battled at the last two gen
eral election. So long as they dub us "reds, "
" Tories," " Coons" &c., they must be content to
be called Loeofocos by us.
Zeffergcsi College.
NN'e have received a copy of the Catalogue of
the Officers and Students of Jefferson College, at
Cannonsburg, Pa. It was published in July last,
and shows the institution to be in a flourishing con
dition. The students are classified as follows :
Seniors 49
Juniors 37
Sophomores 39
Freshmen :39
Preparatory 27
Irregular and Scientific 19
There are eight students from this county among
them ; viz—James Smith among the Seniors; R.
C. Irwin among the Juniors; J. W. Henderson, J.
H. Orbison and S. C. Stewart among the Sopho-
mores ; Robert H. Jones and W. W. Stewart among
the Freshmen ; and Robert A. Dorsey among the
Irregular and Scientific.
Philadelphia City and County.
The locos of the 4th District nominated C. J.
I romism. for Congress. The vote stood, for In
gereol 45, J. 8. Jones 3.
In the 3d Dietiict, JOIIN T. SMITH was nomina
ted, tit.; vote standing, Smith 32, Charles Brown
(tinder boc!) 5, James Goodman 4, Daniel T.
Miller 3.
In the Ist Congressional District Taos.M'Crur
was norarnatti by a ets, as Ire learn of 33 to 7.
Pall Ticket---Duty of our Party--
Partial split in the Locofoco flanks.
We are enabled this week to present a full Ticket
to the Democratic Harrison voter of Huntingdon
county, from Canal Commissioners down to County
Auditor. It is a ticket against which the voice of
objection has not, and cannot, be raised.
The candidates for Canal Commissioners, are all
three of them, gentlemen of sterling worth and
unimpeachable integrity, who can well stand the
Jeffirsonian test MI to honesty and capability.—
They are opposed to Locofocoism in all its phases,
and hold firmly the political principles of the party
that nominated them—though they are men who
are not very extensively known in the political world,
never having practiced the fashionable iniquities of
the day, which give some men notoriety. These
men must certainly be elected over their Locofoco
opponents, every one of whom has been or is now
in some way connected with the present corrupt
State or National Administration, and has his hands
stained with their mat-practices.
The nominee for Congress is too well known to
the people of his district to require commendation
from the hands of any one. His course, in the late
Congress, on the Tariff question alone, is sufficient
to secure his re-election by an increased majority
over his present opponent who is accountable not
only for the sin of Porterism, but is also an out
and-out Locofoco, and consequently bound to go fur
a repeal of the Tariff act—that street anchor of the
hopes and prosperity of the laboring classes of our
The remainder of the Ticket consists of gentle
men well known to most of the citizens of this
county. Tltey are all men whose characters for
honesty and capability will bear the strictest ecru-
City, and into whose hands the interests of our coun
try may be placed with the utmost safety.
Our opponents are divided on part of their can
, didates, and the different factions manifest a consid
erable degree of animosity against each other, al
though one faction is entitled to as much honesty
and has as much principle as the other, and not a
jot or tittle more. This is a "family quarrel" with
which we have nothing to do. Whigs and
masons may look on and will, no doubt, look on,
with the same feeling that the "Hoosier" woman
did when her husband and the bear were fighting;
but no one ought to take part with either faction.—
it is a fight in which the one faction is contending
for the keeping, and the other for the getting, of
the " spoils." Hans On !" therefore seems to
he a discreet dictate, and one which every sound
Whig or Antimnson will practice on at the ap-
proaching election.
EDWARD BELL, Esq. is on both Locofoco tick
ets for Assembly,and Capt. Joss STEWAIIT on both
for County Commissioner for three years. There
is, no doubt, design in this; and it is easily seen
that if Whigs or Antimasons vote for these gentle
men, on either ticket, they may be elected. Loco
focos are fond of office, and they know that " half a
loaf is better than no bread." Their party may be
united on their candidate for Congress and on their
1 candidates for Canal Commissioners. It will there-
f "'14143 , 944 1 1144EniU1i04414544 1 44Wting-M"
ticket—the whole ticket—and nothing but the ticket.
It is with pleasure that we notice that the borough
of Shirleysburg is on the march of improvement.
Several brick dwelling houses and other buildings
are under way of erection this season, and the place
exhibits quite a business appearance.
The town is beautifully located, end the sur-
rounding country is good and rapidly improving.
We have had occasion to stop there several times,
the present year, and it is but an act of justice to
" mine host and hostess" of the " E xchange"—Mr.
WE...! and his lady—to say that they afford as
good and comfortable accommodations at their
Temperance Inn, as can be met with in the country,
the " crack" hotels of Hollidaysburg and Hunting
don not excepted.
Mr. ' , raker, who keeps the other public house,
likewise administered on temperance principles, is
also well spoken of by those who have given him
their patronage.
The fruits of the temperance relbrmation, and the
more recent revival of religion are plainly percep
tible, and we hope they may advance with the place.
Our Congressional Nomination.
Gen. JAMBS lima., of Ccatre county, our able
and efficient representative in the late Congress,
was, on Tuesday of last week, again nominated by
the conferees from the several counties in the dis
trict. We publish the proceeding of the Codeine
Meeting in another column.
Tho manly course of Gen. Irvin during the late
Congress received the universal approbation of the
Whigs of his district, and throughout the country.
He proved a firm and zealous advocate of the Tariff
as well as of all the other leading measures of the
Whig party, and thus gained for himself the in
creased confidence of his constituents. Let the
Whigs and Antimasons of Huntingdon, Centre,
Main and Juniata but do their duty faithfully, and
General Irvin will he triumphantly elected over any
Locofoco Anti-Tariff candidate that may be in the
field against him. Whigs, Antimasons, and all
friends of the Tariff act! be up and doing on the
2nd Tuesday in October ! ! Your duty to your
cokes and to your country requires your exertions !!!
Washington liotel---Harrisburg.
The pmprietors, A. J. Jones and Theo. Fenn,
Esqrs., advertise the above welt known establish
ment for sale, on accommodating and easy terms.
Locofoco Nominations for Canal
The Locofoco State Convention assembled at
Harrisburg on the sth inst., and made the following
nomination for Canal Commissioners:—
JAMES CLARKE, of Indiana,
WM. B. FOSTER,Jr., of Bradford.
These men, being of the same political " etripe"
es the present corrupt Board, tarot be beaten.
Robbers About—Case of Burglary--
On Monday last our town was thrown into an
unusual state of excitement on account of sundry
robberies which had been committed here.
Early in the morning, about 2 o'clock, the family
of WILLIAM On HI ROM, Esq. heard a person in their
house, when Mr. O. arose from his bed and went
down stairs. On coming down ho discovered the
back door open, which he at once shut. About this
time he was struck nay the robber—the blow being
aimed at his head, in the dark, missed its aim and
the arm of the assailant struck the shoulder of the
old gentleman. Mr. Orbison who had nothing to
defend himself with, now called loudly, Boysl
Come on boys, I've got him ;" and Mrs. Orbison,
who was yet up stairs, replied "I'm coming with the
pistol—here it is!" or something to that effect.—
There were neither boys nor pistol in the house, yet
the call and reply had the desired ellixt—the robber
who was shut in, showed no more fight, but sprang
to another room, jumped on a window, kicked out
the sash jumped into the street, and ran towards
Wallacee's Tavdtn as fast as his legs would take
him. He had entered the house at a back window
—took with him an axe from the wood shed, and
opened a desk into which he set his light while he
was rummaging it for plunder. He got but two or
three dollars—specie—before he was driven from
the house.
Early on Monday morning a stranger who gave
his name as 11. B. Orr, was arrested, in bed, at
'Wallace's, where he had stopped for a few days.—
He was introduced to Justice Africa, who, upon
hearing, committed him to prison to await his trial.
Another robbery was committed the same night,
in the house of JAMES STEEL, Esq. The robber
entered the house by a window—went up stairs rate
the room in which Mr. Jacobs, Maj. Steel's clerk was
sleeping, and took his watch and about $l6 in mo
ney from the pockets of his clothes. The young
man heard the pantaloons drop on the floor—raised
himself up in the bed—but thinking the little dog
belonging to the house had got into the room and
made the noise which wakened him, he laid down
again and went to sleep. In the morning he found
his pantaloons in another room.
On the previous night, (Saturday) Jackson's tav
ern was entered by some person, through a window,
and robbed of a gold watch, with a gold chain and
key, four finger-rings, two breast-pins, a neck-lace,
a pair of gold ear-rings, and a few dollars in money
—the property of Miss Jackson, and also a pair of
gold spectacles with blue glasses, belonging to Mm.
Jackson, in all amounting to about $2OO worth.
The public house of Mrs. M'Connell was also
entered on Saturday night, but the robber found
nothing to suit him and left the house without even
disturbing the slumbers of its inmates. In the
morning a profusion of burnt and broken matches
were found scattered on the floor of one of the rooms.
Suspicion rests upon the stranger, Orr, as the
person who perpetrated all these robberies. If Orr
is the robber he probably has one or more accompli
ces, although he has not been seen with any person
or persons who would are: beet s disc-0,14410n,-,
A rewardom o f o l t 2 to o n is s f
redfo n r
a t l hats r toenfrom
The Democratic Harrison State Convention as
sembled at Harrisburg on Wednesday last, for the
purpose of nominating candidates for Canal Com
missioners. Ner Middleswarth, of Union county,
presided, assisted by six Vice Presidents and four
Secretaries. WILLIAM TwEsn and BENJAMIN
WEAVER wore nominated on first ballot—the fer
nier receiving 80 and the latter 39 votes; and Six
owe Gensonn on the fourth ballot—he receiving
98 votes. The Convention then, on motion,
are declared unanimously nominated for the office
of Canal Commissioners, by this Convention.
Locofocos of this district hose • nominoted Gen,
GEORGE MTV immix, of Contro county, for Con-
cO-Tito recent Loco-Foco Convention in Som
erset county, denounced the Into Bankrupt Law as
a moat atrocious measure of Whig rascality. It
happens that one of the the Committee which re
ported this resolution and several of the Detegates
who had adopted it had themselves taken the benefit
of this very law.
XVlifilin County.
The Whigs of Mifflin county have nominated the
following ticket :
Fur Congress—JAMES IRVIN, of Centre
Amembly—Wit. Am CUMMINS of Brown tp.
Comminioner—Elijah Morrison, of Wayne tp.
Treamsrer—David M'Clure, of the Borough of
Auditor—James Thompson, of Armagh tp.
Juniata County.
The 'Whigs of Juniata county have nominated the
following Ticket:
Assembly—John Adams.
Sheriff -1:01. William Bell.
Commissioner--Robert Silverthom.
Q NATHAN SARGENT, Esq. is nominated
as the Democratic Whig candidate for Congress in
the Third Congressional District, consisting of the
Northern Liberties and Spring" Garden, Phil's.
At the late Court of Quarter Sessions of Cum
berland county, the Grand Jury, under the instruc
tion of the Court, made a presentment of the Town
Council of the Borough of Carlisle, for 1842, the
Council for 1843, end Martin Icily, of Mechan
ickehurg, for issuing small notes in violation of the
Act of Assembly of June, 1842. They also presen
ted J. Ellis Bonham, and others who signed the
notes. It appears to have excited considerable feel
ing at Carlisle. Thie movement will most probably
have the effect of driving this currency out of circu
The Whig Congressional Conferees, appointed lyy
the different counties composing the 17th Congres
sional District, met at Brown's Mills, Mifflin county,
on Tuesday the sth of September, for the purpose
of nominating a suitable person to be voted for at
the approaching election, to represent said district
in the next Congress.
The convention was organized by the election of
ROBERT CAMPBELL, Esq. of Huntingdon
county, as President, and Col. Gronoz Bucusx.sw,
of Centre county, Secretary.
_ _
The following named gentlemen appeared, produ
ced their credentials and were admitted.
Huntingdon county—Robert Campbell, A. K.
Comyn, and David Blair, &gra.
Centre county—Col. George Buchanad, Samuel
Patton and James 'P. Rale, Esq.
1117,111:n county—Col. William Butler and Ralph
Bogle, Esq.
Juniata county—Thos. Kinsloc and John Dobbs.
James T. Halo, Esq. nominated Gen. Jas. Irvin.
David Blair, Jno. G. Miles.
Rob't. Campbell " Jno. Blanchard.
ahem Zook,
James Mothers
William B utlor,
Thos. Kimloe,
The convention proceeded to balloting, and on
the fourth ballot, General James Irvin having a
a majority of all the votes, was declared to be duly
On motion of A. K. Cornyn.
Resolved, That we unanimously recommend
General domes Irvin, to the \Vhigs of the 17th
Congressional district, and that we will use all honor
able means to ensure his election.
Resolved, That we are the friends of a Protec
tive Tariff, for the encouragement of home industry
—the full developement of our vast natural resour
ces—the prosperity and happiness of our people, and
the promotion of our entire independence as a
Resolved, That we are in favor of a distribution
of the Proceeds of the Public Lands among the
States; believing the same to be called for, by every
consideration of right, expediency, and public jus
Resolved, That we are in favor of the nomination
of llsxar CLAY, for the Presidency, as the candi
date of that portion of the American people, who
believe, with us, that the public good requires a
Protective Tariff—a distribution of the proceeds of
the Public Lands among the States—a sound Na
tional Currency, sufficient in quantity to accommo
date the business and wants of the country—a strict
accountability of public officers and an economical
administration of the government.
Rooked, That Gen. B. Miles Green he appoin
ted a delegate to represent this district in the con
vention to be held at Baltimore in May next, to
nominate candidates for President and Vice Presi
Resolved, That the conferees composing this
convention bewpointed a committee to prepare an
address to the Whigs of the respective counties
per:me:WV ewetion, saliicici exists
increased exertion, and untiring zeal in the pro
motion of Whig principles.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this conven
tioa be published in the Mifflin County Gazette,
Huntingdon Journal, Hollidaysburg Register. and
Democratic Whig.
Gee. Beene: cos, Secretary.
dent, who perhaps has not paid much attention to
the current foreign intelligence, (says the Baltimore
Sun) desires to know, who aro "Rebecca and her
daughters," mentioned in connexion with the dis
turbance in Wales. "Rebecca" is a name, appro
priated to a stalwart farmer, who is unknown to the
authorities, and the "daughters" arc his associates.
They commit their depredations disguised, usually
in female apparel. They have a secret organize.
tion, and aro only known to each other. In Wales
' it appears that on roads turnpike gates have been
erected a very few miles apart, at which enormous
tolls aro charged. To this the farmers object, and
under cover of night, they meet and destroy the
gates, in the hope by this means to compel the exac
ters of the tolls to remove the obnoxious gates
entirely. This is the extent of their depredations.
A SINSINO Moos.—A very remarkable little
animal, a mouse, having the surpassing ability of
warbling notes which very closely resemble those of 1
a lark, has lately been exhibited in London. The
animal also imitates various other birds with ease
and fluency. It was recently caught, and has be
come quite tame, and sings very frequently.
norm. TuEATT.—Benjamin Hays, in company
with Oliver M. Lovvnds, Esq. was employed by
Jacob Little & Co. of New York, sometime ago, to
proceed to England, and under the late treaty arrest
a man named John Clinton alias John Reed, who
is charged with having committed a series of forge
ries, to a large, amount, upon Messrs. Little & Co.
The have had Clinton arrested and committed until
further evidence of identity &c. can he procured
from New York.
Arr.:masa Wsniviso.—The Westreoreland In
telligence of the lot inst. says :—Mr. Lemon Davis,
of Mountpleasant township, was suddenly killed on
Saturday (26th tilt.) by a fall from his horse. The
particulars of this unfortunate circumstance, so far
as we could ascertain are these :—The deceased, in
company with another individual, a Mr. Campbell,
were on their way home from Ligonier; and being
somewhat excited, they proposed racing their horses.
Sometime after they had started, the horse which
Davis rode, ran off through a wood; Davis when
found, was lying on the ground unable to speak,
having a severe bruise from the side of the neck
down to his thigh. It is supposed that the horse
from the appearance of the saddle, which was cov
ered with dust, must have fallen and rolled over the
body of the unfortunate Davis. He breathed his
last about 10 o'clock that evening.
OnIFILANS' covrer sAvo.
IN purse ince of an °vier of the Orphans'
Court of Huntingdon county, there will be
exposed to sale by public vendue or outcry,
on the premises, on
Slaw day the 21st day of October next,
the real estate of 31 in Ward, late of Tell
township in said etanitv, d, , crased, to wit,
certain 'FRAC r OF LAND situate in Tell
township, Huntingdon county, aforesaid,
bounded on the north by lands of David
Parsons, on the west by William Magee, on
the east by land of Widow Piper and James
Parsons, on the south by lands or George
French and Widow frexier, containing
200 Acres,
more or less, about one halt of which is im
proved, with two log
The land is of the best quality of slate
land, easily cultivated and produces well—
there is excellent and never-tailing weer on
the premises, and ten or fifteen acres of first
rate meadow It lies ob.;ut two miles from
the Shade Gap, and about fifteen miles from
the Pennsylvania Canal, in a good neighbor
hood, with a good township Toad , passing
through it.
TFI(MS OF SALE:—One third of the
purchase money to be paid on the coefirma
non of the - sale, one third in one % ear there
after with interest and the residue at and
immediately after the death of Mary Ward,
widow of the said intestate, the interest of
the said third payment to be paid to the said
widow annually and regularly clueing her
natural life—the whole to be secured by the
bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
By the Court.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, I'. M., of
said day, Attendance will be given by
Trustee to in,
Sept. 13, 1843--ts
N pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
rACourt of Huntingdon county, there will
be exposed to public sale, on the premises,
Wednesday the 4th of October
next, at 1 o'clock P. M., All that certain
tract or parcel of laid situate in Shirley
township, in the county of Huntingdon, ad
joining lands of the Ivies of Maj. John Shaver
deed, Simnel Shaver, Andrew's
heirs and °diets, containing
more or less, about 140 acres of which are
cleared, about twenty of which are meadow
—thereon erected a large log dwelling house,
a log barn, and a spring •
house, and two Apple t
' Orchards thereon, late
• •--- '-' the real estate of Col.
William Postleth wait, deed.
T MUM OF SALE.—One half of the pur-
Aise money to be paid on confirmation of
the sale, and the residue in one yet r there
after with interest, to he secured by the
bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
liy the Court
101 - 1 N HEED, Clerk.
Attendance will be given at the time and
nlace of Or . , . 1w
Sept. 13th 1649.
Estate of Matthew Oincland,
Late of West township, Huntingdon
county, deceasrd.
if",ck tOTICE is hereby given, that letters
4011 testamentary upon the said estate have
been granted to the undersigned. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to
m, k, immediate payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same are re
quested to present them duly authenticated
for settlement, to
Sept. 13, 1843--6 t West tp.
Taken up, on the 'lst of August last, end is
at the residence of the subscriber, in Walker
township, near the borough of Huntingdon,
a white and red spreckled Cow, about six
years ohl. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, and
take her away—otherwise she will be dispos
ed of according to law.
Sept. 13, 1843.
let:ebyiveT, t t edm:;7l
ia,tifo.exLtgUei the ;T
of Hazzaid & Afrir n, was disolved on the
12th day of August last. The be are in
the hands of Daniel Africa. All persons
who know themselves indebted to sand firm,
will please Cali and settle with the subscri
ber, and those having claims will present
theta for settlement.
September 6, 1843.
ervitatur eourt
ITN pursuance of an order of the Or
plms' Court of the county of Hunting
don will be exposed to:side by public vendee
or outcry, on the premises, en Saturday the
16th day of September next, A. 1). 1843,
the real estate of Wm. Dodds, late of Shir
ley township, in said county, to wit :
A small tract of land situate in Shirley tp,
Huntingdon rt may, bounded tin the north
by land of Thomas Beaty, on the cast by
Hugh, King, on the south by John
heirs, and on the west by Rickets or Roberts,
as ..caacaczosl3 2 ,
more or less, with a cabin house thereon
erected, about seven acres cleared, five of
which are under fence, with a garden, and
some peach trees on the premises.
TERMS OF SALE :—One third of the pur
chase money to be paid on the confirmation
of the sale, and the residue in two equal an
nual payments thereafter with interest.
lly the Court.
Sale to commence at 1 o'cltak, I'. M. of
said day. .
Atteticlanne will be given by
kilm'r. of Wm. Dodds, dec'tl
August 23, 1843.—t5,
'2, Inc, VIM Min
.ITTO .1T L.R II t
cU 3 ....ZZU:IUII:t.
on -,MaCY.U.OO
11110ESPECTFULLY informs the citirms
.4414 of Huntingdon, and the public in gen
eral, that he still continues the
Tailo rim g BUSilless,
at his old stand, in Main street, in the bo
rough of Huntingdon, in the brick house
immediately opposite the store of Thomas
Read, w!lere he is hilly prepared and ready
to accommodate all, who may favor him
with a call, _ _
Ife ree,ives, regularly, from New York,
Scutt's Ally York, Party and London
and he is Bete mined to employ none but the
best and most expetienced workmen; and
he guarantees to execute all orders in his
line in the most fashionable and win kman
like manner, or according to the wishes and
orders of customers. •
COUNTRY PRODUCE will he taken,
at the mailt,t price, m payment of walk
:lone at his shop.
Thaiitful for pi,st favors, he solicits a
continuance of public patronage.
August 16, 1843.—tt.
(Estate of Michael Wallace, late of Mor
ris township, deceased.)
UaalGO'Cl 4TS raflaP as) 8
an m Persons indebted to the es
tate of Michael Wallace,
late of Morris township, deed., are hereby
ratified to conic forward and pay off their
accounts. Suits will be instituted immedi
' ately after the first of January next, against
all who neglect to comply with this notice.
Aug. 23, 1843.-3 m pd Surviving Adm'r.
C J 0 urro .
All persons are hereby cautioned against
meddling with, selling, disturbing or remov
ing, the following described property, which
I purchased at Constable's S tle, as property
of David Stover, Mouth of Spruce Creek,
and left in his possession until I see proper ,
to remove the same, viz : 2 setts cf aack-'
smith Tools, I turn lathe, 2 two grindstones,
1 brace and bitts, and 1 screw plate.
August 23, 1843.-3 t.
No. 493 Market Street,—above 13'h ,
Respectfully incites the attention of those
who buy for cash (as he sells on no ()Owr
terms) to his very large and splendid assort
ment of Hardware and Cutlery, just re
ceived from England, in addition to his usual
stock of _ _
Foreignand Domestic Hardware,
the best quality.
He earnestly requests them to examine
elsewhere. and after ascertaining the lowest
prices at which they can purchase, then to
call notwithstanding the distance and unin
fluenced by the remarks of interested deal
ers in the same business, and enquire the
prices of the same goods at his store.
It is his fixed determination, and he wish
et_lt_sndistinctly understood, not onl • to sell
His arrangements are sn made, he be
lieves, as to enable him to do so, and yet
make a small profit. At all events, cii#ll
purchasers will find it their interest to call.
Cheap Hardware Store and Nail
Warehouse, No. 493 112arket Street,
bctwrenl3!lt and Broad.
Philadelphia, Aug. 23, 1843.
idta .„ . fittiiiiit
kr...l). farm of Jacob Kande, near
11.7 14 7.%.„.. Petersburg, sometime about
the middle of May, last, a blatk Cow with
some white in the face and a piece cut out
in the lc ft ear. Any information that can be
given as to the "whereabouts" of the said
cow, will be thankfully received by the sub
Aug. 23, 1843.--3 t pd
Estate of Daniel Foruwalt,
Lffte of Morris township, Huntingdon
ementy, deceased.
vrOTICE is hereby given that letters of
administration upon the said estate
have been granted to the undersigned. MI
pet sons having claims or demands against
the same arc requested to make them known
without delay, and all persons indebted to
Make immediate payment to
Morris township.
Aug. 23, 1843.
Estate of Dr. 0. ;74. Scott.
Lute of the Borough of Birm 4 ngham.
Huntingdon county, dec'd.
Noticd is hereby given, that letters testa
mentary upon the will of said dec'd have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
or demands against the same are requested
to present them duly authenticated for set
dement, to
- JOHN SCOTT, Jr. Ex'r. and
Birmingham, Aug. 16, 1843.
Estate of IW.argaret Loaderslager.
Late of Henderson township, Huntingdu;
county. decta;rd,
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have be,
graded to the undersigned. All person,
having claims or demands against the sap•
are requested to make them known with
delay, and all persons indebted to Make in.
ANDREW WISE. Jr. .4dm . r.
"Inguat 9,1843.-6 t.
A LL persons who know themselves in
debted to the subscriber for subscrip
tion, advertising or job work, are request,:
to make payment immediately, if not sooner.
as I expect to leave these t iggins" io
short time.
Huntingdon, August 9. 1843.
PI. AN!: BON Dri—Judtmeot inn! c orn
, 444ntott---lot. sale at this office.