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it is written in the Book of Nature and
0111111011 SCIISV, Oats the natural vegetable•
productions of every country are, if prop-.
crly applied, amply sufficient fur the cure
o r every malady incident to that clime.
are founded upon the principle, that the
human body is subject to but one disease,
viz.: corrupt humors, which, when conli•
ned to the circulation, give rise to those
disordered motions-of the blood called le
vers; but when lodged in the various parts
of the body, are the cause not only of
every ache or pain we sutler, but every
malad incident to man,
? r r
It a g old be remembered that iliight's
Indian egetable Pills are composed of
roots and herbs, which grow spontaneous
ly on our own sail, and consequently are
so admirably adapted to our constitutions
that, while they cannot possibly injure even
the most delicate, a perseverance in their
use, according to directions, is absolutely
certain to di i .'e disease of every name from
the body,
IVhen we wish to restore a swamp or
morass to fertility, do we not drain it of
the superabundant water ? In like man
ner, if we would restore the body to health,
we must cleanse it from impurity.
Wright's Indian Veg e table Pills, will
be found peculiarly adapted to carrying
out this grand purifying, because they ex
pel all corrupt humors in an easy and
natural manner, and while they every day
the constitution is restored to such a state
of health and vigor, that disease will find
no abiding place in the body.
Aq the great popularity of t% right's Indi•
an Vegetable Pills, has raised up a host of
counterfeiters the public are cautioned
against impostors, who ire travelling about
the country, selling to the unsuspecting
storekeepers a spurious article for the
above celebrated Pills.
It should be remembered that, nil who
sell the genuine medicine are provided
with a certificate of agency, of which the
following is a copy :
This is to certify that the within na
med - is a regular and duly appointed
-Agent for the sale of Wright' Indian
Vegetable Pills, in the town of -, in
the State of --, and this certificate, which
is signed by Wm. Wright, Vice President
of the North American College of Ilea Ith
must also be countersigned by the acting,
Clerk or Agent, from whom said certifi
cates is received.
This certificate of agency will be re- 1
new•cd every twelve months; therefore,
if any alteration should be made in the 1 ,
date, do not purchase.
The public are further informed that all
who receive the above certificate, are also
required to sign the following
or PLEDGE. a
This is to certify, that the subscriber"
by certificate bearing eyen date herewith,.
signed with the proper handwriting of
William Wright, Vice President of the'
North American College of Health, -.
been appointed Agent for the sale of
Or Indian Purgative,
in the town of -, and State of -, to
hold and continue in said agency during
the pleasure of the said %%Ulan' Wright,
and no longzr, any thing contained in the
said certificate signed by the said William
Wright, to the contrary thereof notwith
standing. In consideration whereof, I
hereby covenant and agree to and with
the said %V illiam Wright that I will not
sell, or expose to sale, any medicine bear
ing the above or a similar name during my ,
said agency, other than that which I rt.
ceive from his authorized agent or agents,
under the penalty of five hundred dollars
to be paid by him, as liquidated damages.
Witness - hand and seal, the - day
of - one thousand eight hundred and
forty -
Thus it will be seen that the friends of
the genuine medicine may be perfectly
free from any apprehension of fraud, as all
agents, who are provided with a certificate
of agency, have invariably
not to sell any Indian Vegetable Pills ex
cept those received from the above named
William Wright, or his authorized agents.
Country agents and other, wil! be on
their guard against travelling imposters,
and remember that all authorized travel
ling agents are also provided with a certi-,
licate of agency as above described, and
that Pills otkred for shle, by those who
cannot show a certificate of agency, are
sure to be counterfeit.
It wilt be further observed that all gene
ine medicine has the title expressed in ful
un the sides of the boxes thus :
(Indian Purgative)
The patrons of Wright's Indian Vege
table Pills, will also bear in mind that the
directions which accompany each box of
Pills, have been secured by copywright,
and the proper forts, viz: „ Entered ac
cording to the act of Congress, in the year
1840, by William Wright, in the Clerk's
Office, of the District Court of the Eas•
tern District of Pennsylvania," will be
found at the bottom of the first page of
said directions.
Thus it will be seen, that a trifling at
tention on the part of the purchaser to the .
above particulars, s ill put an effectual
stop to this wholesale robbery, and drive,
it is hoped, all depredators upon society
to an honest calling.
The following highly respectable store
k=eepers have lieu: appointed agents for
the sale of
(Fright's Indian Vegetable Ells, of the
North American College o/ Health.
William Stewart, Huntingdon.
Henry Learner Hollidaysburg,
A. F. 1101, Antes township.
Robert McNamara, Newry.
Samuel S. (sett, '1 yrone township.
Millikens he Kessler, Mill Creek
A. & N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Gemmel & Porter, Alexandria.
Moore & Steiner, Water• Street.
Joseph Patton, Jr. Duncansville.
R. H. McCormick, Collinsville.
Wolf & Willet, Frankstown.
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of
the medicine, wholesale and reiail, No. 288
Greenwich street, New York ; and No. 198
Tremont street, Boston ; and Principal Of
fice, No. 169 Race street, Philadelphia.
N. B. The public are respectfully in
formed that the Pills made by one V. 0.
Flack, and sold by a man trained Parker,
in street, are not the genuine
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills ; and as
counterfeiters and their associates sell at
ball price, it is absolutely impossble for
them to have the genuine medicine for sale.
* 5 Be particulas in all cases to ask fur
the genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable
November SO, 1842.
• How important it is that you commence
without loss of time with BRANDRETH
PILLS. They mildly but surely remove all
impurities from the blood, and no case of
sickness can effect the human frame, that
these celebrated Pills do not relieve as much
as medicine can do. COLDS and Coucus
are more beneffitted by the Brandreth Pills
(than by Lozenges and Candies. Very well,
perhaps, as palliatives, but worth nothing as
,ERAmenTons of diseases from the human
system. The Brandreth Pills cure, they do
not merely relieve, they cure. Diseases,
whether chronic or recent, infectious or oth
erwise, will certainly be cured by the use of
these all-sufficient Pills.
SING SING. January 21, 1843.
Honor'd . Sir, 7
Owing to you a debt of gratitude that mo
ney cannot pay. 1 am induced to make a
public acknowledgement of the benefit my
wife has derived from your invaluable Pills.
About three years this winter she was taken
with a pain in her ancle, which soon became
very much inflamed, and swollen,
so mach
Iso that we became much alarmed, and sent
for the doctor. During his attendance the
pain and swelling increased to an alarming
degree, and in three weeks from its first
commencing it became a running sore. She
could get no rest at night the pain was so
great. Our first doctor attended her for six
months, and she received no benefit what
ever, the pain growing worse and the sore
larger all the time. He said if it was healed
up it would be her death, but he appeared
to be at a loss how to proceed, and my poor
wife still continued to suffer the most terrible
tortures. We therefore sought other aid,
in a Botannical doctor, who said when he
first saw it that lie could soon cure the sore
and give her ease at once. To our surprise
lie gave her no relief, and acknowledged that
it quite baffled all his still.
Thus we felt atter having tried during one
whole year the experience of two celebrated
physicions in vain, in absolute despair. My
poor wife's constitution rapidly failing in
.• the prime of her years from her continued
suffering. Under these circumstances we
concluded that we would try your Universal
Vesetable Pills, determined to fairly test
their curative effects. To my wife's great
comfort the first few doses afforded great re
lief of the pain. Within one week to the
astonishment of ourselves and every one who
knew the case, the swelling and the
mation began to cease so that she felt quite
easy, and would sleep comfortable, and sir,
after six weeks' use she was able to go thro'
the house and again attend to the manage
ment of her family, which she had not done
for nearly fourteen months. In a little over
_ .
two months from the time she first commen
ced the use of your• invaluable Pills her uncle
was quite sound, and her health better than •
it had been in quite a number of years be
fore. 1 send you this statement atter two
years test of the cure, considering it only an
act of justice to you and the public at large.
e are with much gratitude,
Very respectfully,
PS.—The Botanical Doctor pronounced
the sore cancerous, and finally said no good
could be done, unless the whole of the flesh
was cut off and the bone scraped. Thank a
kind Providence, this made us resort to your
NBA, which saved us from all further mis
ery, and fur which we hope to be thankful.
7'. &E. A. L.
Dr. Brandreth's Pills are for sale by the
following Agents in Huntingdon county.
Wm. Stewart, Huntingdon.
& N. Cresswell, Petersburg.
Mary W. Neff, Alexandria.
Joseph Patton, Jr. Duncansville.
Hartman & Smith, Manor Hill.
S. Miles Green &Co. Barren Forge,
Thomas Owens, Birmingham.
A. Patterson, Williamsburg.
Peter Good, Jr. Canoe Creek.
John Lutz,liirleysiour..
Observe each of Dr. Bredreth's Agents
have an engraved certificate of Agency.--
Examine this and you will hind the NEW
LABLES upon the certificate corresponding
with those on the Boxes, none other are gen
Phil'a. Office S. North Bth St.-Iy.
The subscriber rt spectfully announces to his
friends and the public g2nerally, that he has
taken the above named well known Tavern
Stand, (formerly kept by Wm. E. Camp,)
where he will endeavor to serve those that
may call upon him in the most satisfactory
manner: The House is centrally and plea
santly located, and is furnished throughout
with the best of bedding and other furniture,
and his accommodations ate such as to make
it a convenient and desirable stopping place.
r' No exertions will be spared to make
it agreeable in all its departments to those
who may favor him with a call.
December 21, 1842.
Ag1i7011111147 AT 11Mo
Officc in Main &reel, oppoaite the Drug
note of 'rho". nerd.
Genera Vrolmre,
Comntission and Forwarding
Granite Stores, lower side of Race street,
on the Delaware, Philadelphia.
TIBINESPECTFULLY inform their friends
ta). and the merchants generally, that they
have taken the large Wharf and Granite
Front Stores, known as Ridgeway's Stores,
immediately below Race street, in addition
to their old wharf, where they will con
tinue the produce commission business, as
also to receive and forward goods tolall points
on the Juniata, and North and West branches
of the Susquehanna Rivers. via. the Tide
Water, and Pennsylvania, and Schuylkill and
Union canals.
This establishment has many advantages
over any other in the city in point of room •
and convenience for the accommodation of
boats and produce. Being one of the largest
wharves on the Delaware, and the stores
extending from Water street to Delaware
Front. Five or six boats may at the same
time be loading and discharging. The usual
facilities will be given on all consignments
entrusted to their charge, which will be thank
fully received and meet with prompt atten
tion. Salt, Fish and Plaster, constantly . on
hand and for sale at the lowost market price.
References, Philadelphia.
.1. Ridgway,Esq. J Brock, son & Co
Jacob Lex & Sun Waterman &Osbourn
Mulford & Alter Scull & Thompson
lVilson, Seiger & Bro E J Ettiog & Bro
Bray, Barcroft & C o Morris,Patterson & co
Lower & Barrow.
• J & J Milliken A & G Blimyer
Patterson & Horner J McCoy, Esq.
Stewart & Howell E W Wike, Es%
February 8, 1843.—Gm.
aarguisaautc zaga vaveate
Office No. 159 Chesnut Street.
Make insurances of lives, grant anninuities
and Endowments, and receive and execute
Rates for insuring $lOO, on a single life.
Age. For 1 year. For 7 years. For life,
annually, annually.
20 $0 91 $0 95 $1 77
30 1 31 1 36 2 36
40 1 69 1 83 3 20
50 1 96 2 09 4 60
60 4 35 4 91 7 00
EXAMPLE :—A person aged 30 years, by
paying the company $1 31 would secure to
hts family or heirs $lOO, should he die in one
year—or for $l3 10 he secures to them $:000
Or for $l3 60 annually for 7 years, he se
cures to them $lOOO should he die during
, the 7 years—or for 823 60 paid annnallyfu
' ring life he provides for them 1000 (Weirs
whenever he dies— for $65 50 they would re
ceive 5000 dollars, should he die in one year.
Further particulars respecting Life Insur-.
ance, Trnsts, or management of Estates and
property confided to them, may be had at
the office.
B W. RICHARDS, President
JNO. F. JAMES, Actuary.
Phil'a. April 19, 1843.-6 m.
cee •
Leghorn and Straw Bonnets,
Merchants and others from Huntingdon
and adjacent places, are respectfully reques
ted to call and examine the stock of the above
kinds of goods, which is full and extensive.
and which will be sold at prices that will
give satisfaction to purchasers, at No. 168
Market, street south-east corner of sth street,
Pila. Feb. 6,1843.-6 mo.
War9Uadelailias 7 :trldiird
Commission Olerchants.
WING taken the large and commodi
ous Wharf and Warehouse situated di
rectly on the Canal Basin, are now prepared
to receive consignments of goods for tran
shipment or sale.
A general assortment of Groceries, &c.,
consisting of Loaf and Brown Sugars, Coffee,
Molasses, Sperm Oil and Candles, White,
Yellow and Brown Soaps, Fish, Salt, Plaster,
&c., together with all kinds of Spices and
Faults—and also ready made Clothing will
be kept constantly on hand and disposed of
I on city terms or exchanged for country pro
duce, Coal, &c.
April 19 1843.—5 m.
25, 000 se
pounds, V,y Felnieirns
quantities to suit purchasers for cash at
prices from 10, 15, 20 and 25 cents per
pound. Ready made beds, bolsters. and
pillows, and curled hair mattresses, moss
do. and all other kinds to suit any size
beadsteads always on hand. Curled hair
and New Orleans moss by the bale or
single pound.
Country store keepers would find it to
their advantage by calling on the subs.cri
bers before purchasing.
South East corner of Second
and Walnut street, Phil'a.
March 22, 1843 —3m.
LANK BONDS—Judgment and iTom
'4,4ition—ter sae ztt this office.
subscriber would respectfully In
d.% form tit, citizens of Huntingdon anti the
adjoining counties, that he still continues to
c u•ry <at 'msmess :it the Rock,htle Foundry,
on Clover Creek, two miles front Williams
burg, where he is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
workmanship, and with promptness and de
He will keep constantly on hand stoves of
every description, such as __ _
toottini, ern %Hatt,
Parlor, Coal, Rotary, Cooking and
Wood Storrs
Ralf naotott Vottgito,
Anvils, I Jammers, hollow Ware
and every kind of castings necessary for for
ges, mills or machinery of any description ;
wagon boxes of all descriptions, ect., which
can be had on as good terms as they can be
had at any other foundry in the county or
state. Remember the Rockdale Foundry.
Jan. 11th 1843.
The subscriber respectfully in
IC, forms the inhabitants of Hunt
ingdon and its vicinity, that he
has opened an establishment in
citel borough of Lewistown, for
the manufacture of Chairs, Set
tees, &c.,of the following kinds, viz:
French Chairs, Half Ft each, Grecian, Fan
cy curled Mapke, Black Walnut, Office,
Fancy and Windsor, Boston Rocking,
ISpring seat Mahogany, Night Cabinets, and
Studying Chairs.
161 agony. Taney, Cushion, cone and
comma; Setters,
on an improved and fashionable plan,
Arttec llctotratto,
both elegant and useful, designed to close . up,
making a handsome Settee with cushion
seat for the day time.
The subscriber having been for several
years past engaged in the above business in
the cities of New York and Providence R.I.
he flatters himself that he will be able to
give general satisfaction to all those who will
honor him with their patronage.
All the above mentioned articles, and
every thing in his line of business lie will
furnish in the latest style and fashion, on
the most reasonable terms, and warranted
to do good service.
N. B.—Chairs, Settees, &c., repaired and
ornamented on the shortest notice and most
reasonable terms.
A constant supply of the above mentioned
articles may be seen at the Wareroom one
door east of the Store of Mrs. Jane M'Cor
mick and immediately opposite the store of
Patterson & Horner.
Lewistown, Nov. 30, 1842.
pHIS LINIMENT has fully establi shed
a character superior to any medicine
ever offered for so painful a disease in this
and the neighboring counties the relief it has
given and the cures performed is fully
known. The Medicine may be obtained at
the following Stores, viz t
Lewistown William Marks
Waynesburg Smith & M'Vey
Reedsville 1). C. Miller
Sterrett% Mill's E. E. Lock & Co.
Pei ryville W. & L. Reed
Greenwood Jos. A. Bell
Allenville Wm. Bell.
Huntingdon Jacob Miller
do. T. K. Simonton
Mi il Creek J. H. Dorsey & Co.
McConnelstown James Campbell Jr.
Shirleysburg W. & B. Leas
Orbisonia T. E. Orhison & Co.
Shades Brice X. Blair
Rebecca Furnace J. M'Kernan
Hollidaysburg Robert Williams
Yellow Springs James M. Kinkead
Alexandria John Porter
Petersburg Jos. M. Stevens
Shavers Creek W.,iker & Neff
Srulsburg H. L. M'Unilhy
800N . ..i1k J. A. Bell & Brothers
Bellefonte John Harris
Farmers Store Penns Valley, J. A. ' , looser
Millhelm J. & W. L. Mosher
Anronsburg 0. I'. & W.C.Duncan
Spring Mills Duncan & Hays
Boalsbn rg William S. Wolf
Pine Grove B. Shulze.
Mifflintown Samuel Pennebaker
Perrysville Charles Pawling
Johnstown Tus'a Va'y Middagh & Milleken
Jackson Ville James B. Morrison
' Waterf rd Matthew Laughlin
' Near do. J. S. Laird
Waterloo I .avid Kling
i Letters to the proprietor should be sent
to Brown's Mills P. 0., Mifflin county, Pa.
March 8,1843.—1 y.
Snyder's 'Vegetable Concrete.
Trdo certify that my wife was a ffl icted for
seine time with a very severe cough,
with a pain in the breast, and after many
other remedies had failed I was induced to
procure a bottle of J. Snyder's Vegetable
Concrete, and she was perfectly restored by
the use of part of a bottle full.
For sale by Jacob Snyder, Hollidaysburg
Jan. 18, 1843.
MEIN T, for sprains and rhuau►-
;ism. just received and for sale at the
drug store of T. K. Simonton. Also a
fresh supply of [bucks Panacea.
7. K. SIMONTON, Agent.
Huntingdon Oct. 5, 1842.
JUST received 50 kegs of " Pure White
Lead" in oil, and a general assort
ment of Nail?, which will be sold at low
For Consumption of the
Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs,
Chronic Coughs, Pleurisy, Hemorrhage
of the Lungs, and all affections of the
Pulmonary Organs
Nature's own Prescriphon.
A compound Balsamic reparation of the
Prunus Virginiana of •Wild Cherry Bark,'
combined with the Extract of 7'ar, prepa•
red by a chemical process, approved and
recommended by the most distinguished
physicians, and universally acknowledged
the must valuable medicine ever discovered..
No Quackery ! ! No Deception
In setting forth the virtues of this truly
great medicine, we have no desire to deceive
those who are laboring under the affliction,
nor do we wish to eulogize it more than it
deserves. Yet we look around and see the
vast amount of suffering and distress occa-,
sioned by many of the diseases in which this
medicine has proved so highly successful,'
we feet that we cannot urge its claims too
strongly, or say too much in its favor.
Various remedies it is true have been of
fered and puffed into notice for the cure of
diseases of the Lungs, and some have no
doubt been found very useful. bnt all that
have yet been discovered, it Is admitted by
physicians and all others who have witness
ed its effects, that none have proved as suc
cessful as this. Such, indeed, are the
Surprising Virtues
Of this Balsam, that even in the advanced
stages of Consumption, after all the most
esteemed remedies of physicians have failed
to effect any change, the use of this medi
cine has been productive of the most aston
ishing relief, and actually effected cures
after all hopes of recovery had been dis
paired of.
In the first stage of the disease, termed
Catarrhal Conaumlnion, originating from
neglected COLDS, it has been used with un
deviating success, and hundreds acknowl
edge they owe the restoration of their health
to this invaluable medicine alone, in that
form of consumption so prevalent amongst
delicate young females, commonly termed
debility, or
•' Going into a Decline,"
A complaint with which thousands are lin
gering, it has also proved highly successful,
and not only possesses the power of checking
the progress of this alarming complaint, but
also strengthens and invigorates the system
more effectually than any medicines we have
ever possessed.
Besides its suprising efficacy in consump
tion, it is equally efficacious in Liver Com
plaint, Asthma, Bronchitis, and all affec
tions of the Lungs, and has cured many of
the mist obstinate cases, atter every other
remedy had failed. re For particulars see
Dr. Vs istor's treaties on consumption, to be
had of the agents.
A SURPRISING CURE.--Among the many
singular cures which this medicine has ef
fected, there is perhaps none in which its
powers are so fully shown as in the case of
Mrs. Austin.
This lady has been consumptive for seve
ral years, and during the greater part of this
time had received the best medical attention,
and tried all the most valuable remedies, yet
nothing could be found to arrest its progress.
She became subject to violent tits of cough
ing, expectorated large quantities of matter
occasionally tinged with blood, and step by
step this feat•tul disease continued its
course, until all hopes of a recovery was des•
paired of. While in this distressing situa
tion, lingering upon the very verge of the
grave, she commenced the use of this Bal
sam, which, to use her own expression, op
perated almost like a charm. In a few days
I she expectorated freely, the cough Nas gra
dually suppressed, and every day appeared
to add fresh vigor to her looks, and now, in
the place of that emaciated form withering
to decay, she is seen mingling in society, in
better health titan she has enjoyed for years.
witnessed the sot visit% efficacy of D.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, in the
case of Mrs. Austin, I cheerfully ack oowl
edge Cie above statement to be true nod cot.-
tree. J. C. WALTERS, M. D.
LIVER COMPLAINT.---Mrs. Eliza Thomp
son was afflicted with this complaint for
nearly five years, during which time she was
under the most skilful physicians—had tried
Mercury, Botanic and Homtepathic reme
dies, and every thing that offered her any
hopes of relief. She had dull, wandering
pains in her side, sometimes in the shoulder
and small of the back, a hacking cough, fre
quent pains in the breast, and had been una
ble to sleep on her right side for three years.
By the use of t a Balsam she was cured in a
few weeks, at • • remains well to this day.
Woodstown, Sept. 4, 1842.
Dear Sic:—Although your valuable medi
cine has already found hundreds of powerful
advocates, it still may be gratifying to you to
receive a communication from any one that
has been relieved by it. Such, sir is trill)
my case. Ihr ve been a victim of that terri
ble disease consumption, for many months,
and have suffered so much, that I had be
come almost weary of my . life. Hesring
your Balsam so highly praised, I began ta
king a few weeks back, and can assure you
that it has relieved me more than any thing
I have ever used before, and I confidently
believe it will cure me effectually. Please
give the bearer the worth of the enclosed,
and oblige
Yours Respectfully,
Chester county, Sept 6, 1841.
Friend Wistari—lt gives me much plea
sure to inform thee that my wife's health has
improved very much since she has been
using thy Balsam of Wild Cherry, and we
think there is no doubt it will cure her. She
has taken the two bottles I purchased from
thee a short time since, and her cough is'
, much better, she also sleeps well at night,
and says she has found nothing to give her
so much relief: Thee will please give the
bearer two bottles more for
Thy Friend,
Read the following from Mr \. , Jacob
Hoffman, a physician of extensive priCtice in
Huntingdon coma) :
Dear Si: :-1 procured one bottle of I) r. - tt•
Wistur's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from ' `
, 'l' hems Read, Esq. of thisidace, and tried
it in a case of obstinate Asthma on a child of
Paul Schweble, in which many other reme
dies had been tried without any relief. 'l'he
Balsam gave sudden relief, and in my opin
iion the child is effectuelly cured by its use.
Dec. 23, 18 Y 4 i l n . ws, Ike'.
Deiir Sir:—Your Balsam of Wild Cherry
has affected some astonishing cures here.—
One of which is an old lady, Mrs. Russet,
who has been suffering for a long time with
shortness of breathing, and general weak
liess, until she was finally ( - bilged to keep
tier bi d. After various other remedies - had
been resorted to in vain, she commenced
using your Balsam, and after taking two bot
tles was so far recovered as to be able to at
tend to all the duties of her house, and on
taking two bottles more was entirely cured,
, Respectfully Sce.,
Pottsville, Pa.
CAUTION.—As there is a spurious mix
ture called Syrup of Wild Cherry, purcha
sers should be particular to ask for Dr.
istar's Balsam, and observe his signature
lon the bottle.
I Prepared for the proprietor, and sold at
(wholesale by Williams & Co., Chemists,
No. 21 Minor street, Philadelphia, sold also
in almost every town in the United States.
Price one dollar per bottle.
For sale by Thomas Read, Huntingdon,
; and James Orr, Hollidaysburg.
November 30, 1842.
TDESPECTFULLY informs his friends,
444 and the public generally, that he still
continues the above business in
and is prepared to manufacture all kinds of
Guns or Pistols, or to make any necessary re
' pairs upon any article of the kind. If careful
attention will merit success, he hopes to se
cure the patronage of the sharp shouters of
this county.
October 11, 1842.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
customers, that he has recently returned
from the City with a splendid assortment of
Jewelry consisting of
Gold and Silver Levers, ,
English, Quartier and Patent, I rertical
It cliches,
Gold and Silver Everpointed Patent Pen-
cils Ibittatu;c Framrs.
Gold Fob and Guard Chains, Gold Seals,
a general assortment of Gold Guard and Fob
Keys, a very superior assortment of Breast
Pins, Finger Rings, Gold Snaps, Silver
Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Salt Spoons, Silver
Butter Knives, Gillots, Steel Pens, Ear
Rings, Neck Laces, Bracelets, Silver and
Steel Spectacles. Also, A superior assort
ment of Pen Knives, with from one to four
blades, manufactured by Rodgers Westin
holm and Butcher. Also, A few Extra Ra
zors warranted. All the above named ar
ticles will be sold on reasonable terms.
All Watches sold will be warranted for
one year, and a written guarantee given, that
if not found equal to warranty, it will (du
ring that period) be put in under without
expense, or if uninjured, may be exchanged
for any other watch of equal value, Ihe
Warranty is considered void, should the
watch, with which it is given be put into the
hands of an other watch maker.
September 7th, 1842.
N. 11. Clocks and Watches, repaired as
usual, Also, an assortment of Clocks for Sale
(cheap for cash
}RESPECTFULLY informs the cos•
turners of her late husband, and the
public in general, that she has taken part
lof the store formerly owned by her bus.
band, and that she intends adding thereto
by a stock of
from Philadelphia, this fall, which will
consist of CI Ails, Cassimers, Cassinetts,
Merinoes, Mouslin de ',sines, Silks,
Shawls, Muslins, Hosiery and Gloves;
Also, a general assort nest of
hardware and Groceries.
►nd all articles which are generally kept
in country stores, which will be sold on
he lowest terms.
Country produce taken in exchange.
Alexandria, Nov, 8, 1842.
rip HE subscriber occupying the
large three story brick dwell
dal ing house at the south east corner
_ of Allegheny and Smith streets, in
the borough of Huntingdon, the third story of
which during the last summer has been fitted
for sleeping rooms '• having a large stable on
the premises, and having employed a care
ful person to attend to it and take care of
horses, &c., informs the public that she is
prepared to accommodate such of her friends
and such strangers and travellers as may de
sire accommodation. She respectfully soli
cits a share of public patronage, and hopes
the friends of Temperance will give her a
call. EsTii ER CLARKE.
Huntingdon March 1, 1843.
of an improved
at this office.
form, BLAN KforDEEDS ,
1 - .). BUOY