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    H ,•:NTINGD igN
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Vol.. V, No. 3.1
3111 C
117:41:117 1Z
. The "ilk! 1111" wall . ie pU iltshc►{ coat)
Mediae, I of mor:iil;, .41 twn }eat tl
paid IN ti)VAN tad tf not paid
siX Inman% two and a hall.
&vet y person who fiet4Ms five MihNeribel,
sad far,/ Ards price of 4.1 iscription, shall lit
f trinvutl with a sixth copy gratuitiously ft.r
one yea:.
Y it shscriptioa received for a less period
than six u•ruas. a..r any ptsperliscontinued
•nti I trre it tgev are paid.
All cl - n win tic iti most he addressed sr,
the post p ad, or they will nut ht
mended to.
Vlv,rtis;n:.nitti not exceeding one spinre
bill be inverted three time. for • or (1,.11hr fin
vary stOiegivcitt inr•rti.on, 25 ficents pt
share will be elt ir{ed:—ilu idetniteorderd
art given 4.4 to ill time .in ntiverisnient is t ,
b continued, it will b•• kept in till °niece
out, and<e
B I. 00 A
('ured By
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 16, 1831
Mr. Atkinson—Dear hii :
A few weeks ago I noticed in your paper,
au accasiat of the surprisiag effects ot Jay
Carminative, id restoring a great number 0
passetsgers o t uo nal ,•14 MI .5155ippi ste..nt
boat to pet test health, Whit W1:11: all. ct. d ts.
violent Howe. C amid aid • I was glad to se;
you no:le it a kinthy; yin may rest assiarai
it des:, Yes the pr..ise bestow, d upon it.
bebefit 1 nave veceieed front hi, medi
cine, more esp •cially his EXPEL; ()SAN I
induces nie L. st ite my case to you tor th
benefit of ti we wit are cteti ill the Sildit
way. It 11 VI 111. 11114.111 U it., NU% td 13 ,
bar wirier .1C an; i I.k t 1.0 itical type. -
slim, to sr. Ell .11111.1 n c-uturt. M.
a soldier i 1 dt..ViC4lll Camp, in 1778, I,
with nsoy t sera. (oting to great .xi o
inare,) :111 a vi•ilent .attach ..1 disc.... ..t tin
lungs, by winch I Was disacle.l duty
for a long tint t h at pert sl, until
✓ecently, I Ii aye -ever h eli fri e from el s id
lent ceug t s rl (IA tilty i.t Year
after your, I n sve exis.•ctoratecl ov. r a
day. Octet, 111UC!1 more, and sometimes mix
td with olood. For in •nuis togctil. r,
after night, to sit or be in hair
ed up t s out iii 111 V hreat , .. The wc
mid debility c .used by sue:. coos.tarit exp.
lEilratiCri, ft . ..111,111.1y 111. 111, to a stoic
barderiii; .o. death. it •nis bee.' a matt, r
of 5510.115 rue it to my fain; :y and fsieads.
that 1.11 IIaCEO write Elll5 a. I It cc
had skilifal physici Ills t , l au,
Cry thing d lii it. Wis 1.11 11 :!.1. , ikclv
ree me re is f, s.ith , ait iy Is on cis it .11 et.
Last wi it r Ih ol an tier Very scvect• itt•
tack of t ifl m itt m ••1 tiic In t ;s, which I ful
ly cx,;)ectitl w,uli be tile I .st I then cat.-'
uttered me c is past the aid •t ni dicibe
Iwis p idol to c in I) ci
Jayne—midi the tasistatice t i D., ine Peosi
dence, taromni him I w is once more r ased
front ink , h.ol: hot the c ti;li mil whet sloe
wearied me rl ty and night II soh j,. ti
to ore his Expect ram. I slid a •
Strong 11 t I It. da it 11111 C111...11 ill iii •
my 511.1 MCVS of v IVi 115 1115V:1,15 t f tip
tunics. it 'nigh , at least mid rat.. roe suff r•
logs. Nerd I say how s tifi,. /I I 1. 1—
Assn m 4,1 commenced t tki..v it. I to n e i it
reached mc rase, and 1.1 ..stll
with in re freedom. Me rep. to
rise, and my ly I tt me
In tw feel .is will as I r did in toy life.
anal butter Ili 1 hare b ta• the last s'it
year.. Li• 'Loonier i un:t a great deal of
bioial; teas, thank G sl I • m perfect) , elves]
Now sir. after -rine s,t I tie. and fi
at last, relief fem. I I et t.. 1
Expect ir on. I feel :nod it. to int. nu, in,
fell tw ritiz u, where roll f only In• had. I
you think this w rth y. tic papt r.
you wi:l ols•i •t• tuoj j• i p•
1 - 1111 , 115. S tt
N . 35 1. ab sent street.
The 0h we e.ou 111.1 V he hail
wh.ilyslli• and at 's tug ;old
Chemic N 20. S nth street
Plitlseelp'sia. Price 81.
Stlrl, also, by !Aeon NIILLEit, Agent.
HUUtilllO3ll Pa.
-44 MED BY l)a S‘V.kYN E'S COM—
lAN A. OR WILD CI I Ellt Y. II .cMg
int ne ..1 thi, iiv du Oil.• tit tup i my f int
By. w•tico entirely cu-ed my child. Tiit
svavitami Wit-. zimi• and di king of
difli,tety .if t.tteisdeil
ir io c tilt cmt ;h. S CallVaNl
&c. of witiA A O. m up att if it
vece,re. wail I w :id t ike %that
i•ir After Se. 1 , 14 1
the w .:t elT.cts tt had my
canclu led t I Itt Ate the mini • tri I up tt mu
witchw•itch"• t. lieved me of a c+ ugl
That I wus afflicted wi It for flume years
An , p,r51.1.1 ta see rue ran e at
ette liaise in B .acit street al ete the in irk, t
K P til A. JOHN WILLe.• X.
0135KRVE- rile only place where
iciaf cet he o'itaitted. is at Jacob Miller's
store 11410110 m.
ktEb% \! THIS!: DR. SW AVNE'S COM-
Ala eatmo ,Y 12111) of PRUNES Vlll
GISIV4A, tar WILD CHKRItY: llttr it, de
y tine tif the hest ren,dies fur Cough
andl'eV LI US, It 11 tys irritation ttf
the !. lass. lo teens the cough, causiug the
t t rd., free and easy; in tstlima,
Pul :tt entry Cansuaytitot lucent or Chron
ic C tuihs. otkin< of Pitie4in
Hoarse MI% eel y of oreathing, Croup.
Eipitting of iitaad. lic% This Syi up is war
ranted to elf .ct p.:moment cure, it taken
according CI direct' ins which accompany the
dm For sale anl.7 at Jaaatt atom
Phis •
I IV , It CO.lll IN
1 hc v. i.d by it s Is
lust 1. ails dud ws fight iii tut rhost tied.
the b 101 illtt 11,11.(1 % ,- 1:11 heat, u
tit•sa ahlllll tiu• lilt ~1 tit, , tssiss,,td.; —ins se
iii the right si.le a distetissus,-, ht p hieet
lusts he ,spp. the ,111(1 11., e. nl. J >ick Kissl
hie anh r. 1111,11. I lie t4dat;Ut. Inc Me%
;tut! Id ,ck, s . .sstin s is nee s t sa
p de cut eiiros s , t verow, like tlss
tett j —difficulty of breathing'.
disturbed, attended wlut dry casihli, dd .
iiculty • f laying i ll the lett slit—the
bee. Ines fi tally the'eliheas: tern,
MIA a lists, ;siss,tlit r 1.1 a in we stri vi,
which in :ht lu y. I.d the
rower cut Imam. 1), 11's sti•
p , mid nn i 14(11111in); and Gs tutu, yips,
rieut 1n 1,1 taken at the 04 m. Mem, lit
this diseast., ttill Cht ek tt, tisul by c-s.iihu
mg the wk. the unldish eu fc.o wt s hs,
ps rt . . et cure eur.• tt 11 Ise p rforused. *1 hI u
ca, 11 t tact.
- Ct., t,fie s f u; ;:;:p:17:41% may claey Ih•
the flip o! this u.v ,h le it. Ili
-61, ..t the M theai , N
19 stir, t. Pent .1. hp i
;.1 tie 1 1 c.,b Ni.. 1.1% Hun
DY SP 7' S 1 A AND 111 - PO(110S
1)1.1 .1 WI.
Cured by Dr. lidrlick's
Mr. Win Ninreson, of Schuylkill S'xi
et, P,tiht 11. hi... ufflicttti lor ac. t i.. 1
cars with the Nsiug tim
ckirss at the ,11:111.:01,
f the Ileum, unpin' ed . tit. , aclß.
cl AU 55 i
ut niith s, einacidti 11 t i.d lit Eai
iiaiurbed r, at, a in.vhstir, at iglu ti..•
iinic after c aing,
in tiie chest, lick and side,,
6,r a cloy or i n , 1.11 1
111,1 lassitue, up I the test 1 t , , P.I .
Nlorris ii to (lie 111051
Wa.• v01,4114:11 ii it It, yhial the
pow( r ..6 Imam. a .1 1111 Et St. II:111111U, health
ever. ;is 1113 , I. ‘a d 111111
1. , ph.r.,1,t0 C. , 11111i 11, Ili, lag Ilt tII in
ct lay a f blt t.. try Dr flarlicii'a
tin h, lii hiiitly nommen
by which he pr. cut 01 two package, he
fmad inise:l greatly r, h, t rcl, and by
the use c.t them the Mt. t mirely
th, ppear, e—he i, now enjoying all the
es • 1 p, rict h, alt h. •
Princip it 011:.e, 19 INcrtli Etht Street,
%Iso, t , ,r ~t t ,e ~f J
woo Is I
I ttnoil
•TPP.vI I ! D lO
ills r proof, of du rfji •ue
,j of Dr. Itsrlich's
II d ri,,ra,
Ntr .1 mns I lart MAI. t Sllalla
rum, ly tur tt t t the III) V.• , wh ell
It • with elifl.ettil with f r , ' x t.
a s u.. i I disk :ital. p
pr, i•iiiiiig, distrtsmhg Baia iu tis,
pit tat• st 11l eh, Mali.. I
S all.l t 1 m I la 111.
la Iy. fl •tta envy. i.s, alk
ali ••• V all 111,, all i,i L.V I lAla ally .,, of si it h, . aiStalb. d Vi .1, t i. t•
lies.. Mal t pal., s,
with lit . xl...ti
Nlr I 1 .rtin w ih to the
th witlntg t him t f .r.hali n t •
r rung the w. , mlrrfui he,.-
• fit ree teed ( the tihe I) .11 tbchv
C .11111 II 41 5... no.; iithg outl G r...;.i. p -
lit P. i rtp .1 . filce N. 19 N iii
Eh:llth htre .t P !p t. r
it the afore Ittnititi6thni.
cl by the (Ise f
1), 11 ( ono,. tit.d tig lai•); ;11.(1
r.nati Alt , tient rills.
Mrs S rlhlt.ler, nf Vt Eli mB }•r,
North Furth Snit e I i
idi 'p nit cu I(1.t ti e
liytr ssii,g disease. tit r int.t. Ins it .
Inihnit I en...mem tie !.I , 0t,.1
of pp, t ,
st nt ,c.ll and cl, 1.1., s-i t its. c
trent, drhilm , (0111,111. t lie et qint.t•
•till, grent lilt in tie tn. rtiniis
of th.• tiny r lA, cl l
si.ver;,l ''l the list hit i nerintll
bin tr.,,, Chen. tip divine—to I
fri int .If hers pr cored t. p .ekage 1 f 1)r.
1111100, Strengtht.ning unit Get mut:
t ion I' I s, e. hick , by the use, f nne prick ge,
1114 11~ Ill'l' t..cniiti,,ne with the ,
which (I in , ff eting cure
h..voinl the exn r . • • , r lids.
l'rincip 1 tor t hi , M ItlCln i. at Nu
19 No •tu Eighth S•re t.
.Xlso s ale at the wort.. f J co') :\1.1:‘,,
whu is agent for I Iwitinrtt ai c u. ty.
nynns ND?' r.P.' ALT IL
4 111 so Min eij .y
t • el Wesseri wl e. sl., t ,
to miff:. rs chit It er Sil it : , (11 it tt•ti t , r
year S with %arinii. 11 ili• 1111111111
kill '4l jet it, lit' it'•
iii.itift'S pr sut them,. I. t•,. Medi us ruts
rrnl fine v..ri, us cht 'mistime s. %%Hell, et
the o , e c:. i ke.l h..
th e use rit Dr. 0. I' C. 11.1, unrl
Strengthening* and p tient
—such us I), ',wind.. Lit., C....1,14mt , ,
Pain h. the Side. liter tun:alma', viti I) -
'Utile, Fern de I).MVlttit's. S
which ilUllialll nature is t•tit j rt, uh, rt. the
Stt to :Cll is eti el. I)in using
t'irse Medicines always accnnstemy the kit.
These Me 'eines can lie tiketi with perfect
sifcte by the most de lie ite Female, as tint
are mild in their operutiiiii mid plrsssmt ill
their etll cts.
Principal Office fn• the U. ited States, Nn.
19 N n•th Eighth Street. Pii:
Alan fir gale at he sire i.f Miller,
who is agent fur Huntingdon county.
Virtue maketh men nu the earth fa
mous, in their graves illustrious, in the
*wens inngrtal.—Chifo.
lIUNTINGDoN. I'll'4N:4v/ VAINIA. 1% I.IINI SI►AY. NOVEMBt4,II 13.15:19
, 4.4. ..‘'
- lc ,
•,, -,--;:i j. 74
. , at-rip---
II 9w, Cied
Fr. an various garrot % cull'd with care."
Fr-i the F.voii eg
I see the f Jl, th a ft;veraig leaf
Of and y4ll .w hue,
'l•h , first t, f,el the s.titinn , . wind!,
•I• r the Wet,
SI v•pariiae tr ni tilt racking branch.
I ,re thy fl tiling hy.
To br.tve, all ih s d ite lone.
1 he bleak bkv.
A'a , ! the first, the yellow leaf—
II ,w s t lit t ilk it thee .
To rustle on the el grins,
With y chi' !
It t , lis ~ f thlt ,o must drop.
All with, 0.1, fit w the tie. ,
Awl it It wak'd a s chord
lu deathless meowry.
Thl u eddying leaf, away, away,
There's so. riaw in thy line ;
Til , u s.atad'st the knell 44 sully hours,
01 and Gq•lid dew—
And Ural 414 at hII Ii w tt•oan the heart
The 1414iti.s t h. la (It cat ;
How rarli 0.4 e ling,ers, 4414 to putt.
Till all are s w,•pt away.
Now Ark, Oct.. 1839.
T., Mc Frame's .f C'ommomeet.l Is of
FlaLiw tzENA—
Tile owl. I,,gortl Committee, appoint
ov the Demti. ratiC Van litireit
104,4.111U:1M in iialTaS
but g ut brptellWei to prepare
lalt)11,11 Olt In the peo i le, on the
*..1..j..ct or toe approuli tI Prts dental e.
It . CllO 111 . 11Ceeti lilathar o . t.l (hi.
important ttlat.
It it Moirce•nary to eV, Or :Tido
g.zefor Ulc d. lay •ilocli occurred,
Uut it dit. l vehing
c.e01., to wooli ue otty
Isola , ' the loootota uy tie Coui.vii•
Lori • o
i.tilt tie ..r.• the "r4ttli, de
it. iterivel 'ol.l.lcly.
. . .
Our e 4.111 ry, by vveiy lit/C pitriot,
1..% ',I tt orNI goVei HMV
111,111allth, 111111,11, 1 , 111 .
°tar most 41;axititist'Uft, !
Vail 111 M, ail VI hid) ice m i l v muly b e li e v e
,;:.• 01 a reee govern matt is tit
be let tied.
11r, a, u nation, .hall ein..t . ge front
regeoleo.oteol, awl onto the re,oluoloon 4u I
ttboloty 19 erqure the pub te lii 11. torture
.iutpucin, I only and I rat et 411' W 1 11 the
pit %Join% ~1,,u the. opal ti•, Ilia
0e1.1,,,e0tt pats ruts-in will be t.tolitoll lot 41
plow the cooly prietioeet it the ue,true
tools of 1111Cre3t4 and deal eat
l'1i.11•!1 of the people.
to would out be oat 111 place to di,eui,
the,e et dot, tot o lottooertou,, that yov.
lichee as null oJru be ex1.:111.L•
cd 111 the tliNka,taiet 1.14.; but tie .hall elm
ten: to orselve, with a gl..ned at t.leolt, and
pao, ono to what ae coitphler ul tat nooee
isoi.oroaloce; the. l: u..: I.r them; and
o loch tee bel.eve, 1, ttt htitt the to ,p of
the h opt:, who leel and know them.
lu gldnesolg at these et 116, we connot do
better than to uhe the elo:l,:eht
iiticipirtl b . :. the Coit%ettit.., It .hieobit at
7,1 a temileu. alit' 1110 1111171 61'1111111a
1.1 soul' :
We beli ,, e that there i, a radical mat '
of the gn,er, meta; elht
iike vitt est. sit ill; titait.ty are teuti
aell Ina. 11l that Hew and dange,,,a, pratt
iliac, still I rat: 1,, have lie,' Mlle. al•
test null that it
lial: UI the Ili; he all.l the :lie
Name 11,,nt1,, already alatrinito 6 ly
pet,evcrtngly :m.11111411; that the col,-
mount. ti Ocea violate/I; mot
be the .dbl itc, U .11011 ut EXeCU
it%e aeltial awl meditated, 11,11 .
ten. IA itipitily 11'n 1144 n/Walli• an Vit • C•
It'. e uluu.ll Lily. I head are bur uoteiC•
I •atl) anti atileerely ell ertailiell• l
. 1 here la, indeod. it 4.1 it al that-ail
515.1111:Oration id the govetioneot.' Front
la state of unclouded rroyert y, which
I,revaled ten yeast's ago, throughout the
Ivngth and breadth of t h is country.
e find our,eltes teduc,tl uaa 114.1at0, .11
CUnini ilia .1.111 Cl wretchedness. Thence'
peace and woe,. Here In Our border,_
hest bu,y industry pursued the nni,les
tenor ul her way With sure,
tentment and abundance I eigneil on al,
sides—..then the credit of the iueertunent
was sound untarn hind, wtill ample reve•
c to in. et her err eat expenses—v ill'
On annual and wooing surplus— a lull
treasury, honestly and sigutrounly guartt•
ed at *I kept—the nation was pro perous
Nail happy. 1 hen the ',Meetsul the get,-
era I glivetaimelet ti ere truly the servants
in the people, and not their masters; and
they orre servants. Devnt.n;
themselves to the honest ili,chargeol them
°llia! duties, they did nut presume to
meddle Utmost-4,es with the elections of
the people, to instruct and dictate to
them—dien freedom of opittinti wa I tol
erated, and rail all liberty I retailed.
Hut how are we chat f Instead of
peace and order we have agitation anti
tat balence. Disorder is exhibited, a dis
regard iti the Laws and Constitution of
the citatory, in the most frightkl forms,
and an abject submission to the varyin4
and car. , tots oil' of the general gm ern
meat pre% ails in all parts of the conntry. of !wry is substituted for the
.;utigtiatient of the law, and infamy and dis
Itimor have became , if not a passport to
office, certainly :to barrier in the wayttl .
il'itaimit; it. 't ne eyes or the understan
ding are blinded, and the dictates of con
science /111.1 1113r:slay stifled by the blight
en II; isitheace ot p irty
Instead of lite slice rewards of honest
itolastry, uncertatuty hangs 'over the work
townie. 31111 roil' is 11t..11 brought upon him
without any fault of lii. own. II az trtlous
speculatiouti are substituted tor regular
p.:rstiits, and the mechanic and the mer.
chant. the tanner and the manufacturer,
i s each in tarn made to feel the heavy
hand or evo g oo, ell' men t.
Oar wohoot which no class
of toe co oat:laity can he pit s ie. o
totally tie 11111 11:1 1 / 1 3A liecii it, it
t, it; irn ye,:r• a_ t or ;lie best, has become al
hoist the winsa in the stead; while they
who brought these evils upon Ul, are to i•
king desperate efrirts to agrav ate them
by inflationg the ptualic mind, stool dri
v tag 114 up In fresh and more dangerous
expt•rimetats--etiniented Iu I,llioy 113.11*
gll.le:s paper amidst the groans of a Nat
tering and betrayed people. The go, trti
meat itself is boil:row; ilit 1'1..1,mq is ex
hausted; toe reveu it', Of the country are
wimpy instillicievi to appeasti the insatia
ble appetite of our rulers for the wautim
expenditure of the peoples' money, and
Wilde thetm rulers use tile stale lull an:s
era-le artifice ut pretended hostility to
paper matii-y, they tire coostaittly increas
ing 11l q 'aunty by the Issue of Treasury
Dimes; IS itl u nlt St hid), their profligate ex
pritifiture of public money could pat be
ostral of a modest attention to the ii
ties of orrice, bie officers of the Gellerd
swollea to an army as for
minable as the Itionatt hobo ts, whit
bong it nil soh! the empire, pro
claimed the iti elections:
1,, dictate to tae people, and control eant•
tine; iii.,joribes in particular districts. by',
the toil luction of purchase,: voter,' in
the employ and pay of the Gov, none:n—
and to use the.e iminey and billuettze, if
not the money of the Gov'ernment, in con
trolliog Um action of the people. SUCIi
°pi ressions aml tyranny would b, bunch •
era de lit 111+1 in 11,11. r feyec s trre
pr ,t h -in •ii tint limiest in
the ti-ch:u•gcLit their duty. But Linnet
;such it system lotto sly 110 u litlen'y is not
to be, xpeeted. Comitig into poser with
the rolmer principles 115 , 11501, that to the
•viclurs belong l,r =lm;ls,' the transitimi
to a loose otli, , *,trity is but too easy.
Not satisti:if wt"lt •ilic ilgitimated
by easy t, gislation for party pm poses,
tory base come to consider the public mo
ney atilmi4 'the spells ul
ie to y' which belong to them. Nlany of
them live w leviemus benaucliery - , and
etigigml in plulid rim; speculations, have
loom; die,r ample salaries to be in sonic:eat
tor !heir wows, soa have robbed to ineet
wants the public worry comalitted
to l' ) uor car , : satisfied with the plun•
der of the past, they are UCtually eft s ;;)
4e , 1 ht ur;iti; upon the people, by false
pretense; , by delusive arguments, the ; -
dept.!. s syst e m n Melt shall commit
t.i their safe keeoing, the ent,re muney ill
the nation.
:mien is the truly deplor.ibL. but faith
lul.) drawn pit lure ut ine times; such the
oh the cJuntry.
Is tovie a remedy ? and what is that
remedy 1 Tile tuiestions are inoinenttiti,i,
u,seech )ou uy every considera
tion trhich )ou siultl dear tu awake to their
ooloirtan.:e. _ _
st e see no elYectual remedy but in a
change of our rulers; whir., will bring
vtw it a change to the Obey ot the Gov
erament. %%. e ask you to gi, e tlds sub
Ject your sober thoughts. We appeal to
101 men of sense, as honest men, loy
ng morality, loving your count. y. If we
,veer pro-pei oat sou itait:iy ten
t )eas ago,
aid w e o r e n,w the everse; sl we have
allru Irons ime calamity to another, what
hai wise men, what as honest men, ought
ye to do / Ought we not to acknowledge
oar errors, and re.race oar siert 1 Ought
we not tor back w the period or 011, ore.
pe! . ity,list:ertaiti what 11. then the condi
tion of our :drills. Milli w!len we have
round it, Ilk re-e,fi.1,11.11, as fast as pussi
thd sanie state of thine
Do nut suffer y, ursel es to be deceived
by it.e.e par y names. They are worse
tuna 'sounding brass and tiiiklaigsyintial'
Oushinitton warned you against them, as
your worstenenties, and your own sati ex
perience has proved the ul ad
/Then your liberties shall have berm
troddeo nowto--o hen your rights have
been Lketiffu n p —waeu 4 CJITU ot and
fraudulent owns' chy is estublished on the
ruins or yoar republican goverament—
heti )oar prosperity ie Ile:11111)VA and
you become the saves of corrupt ollhe
outliers—what consolation still It be to
you to be democrats, and to be told that
yourgovernment is a democracy. '1 hitik
you that the del-pinion of Russia or Tur
key troild be less a despotism if it were
called a democracy, or that the serfs and
vassals of the tyrants who govern, would
be more free or tolerable if you were to
call them federalists or democratt.
Names are not in truth things, although
the lolly of mankind ulten stake them so.
But how are we to eitect this desirable
change of rulers 1 Fortunately it is not
yet to, late—it is yet its your power to be
independent. The right td suffrage is
yet )(tars, and if those who agreed in 0•
pinion as to the existence of the evils to
which we have relerred; will rouse them
selves to the importance of the duty they
owe to their country, amt discard event
other consideratton but the goa I of thAt
sulreritq country; it :hey will 'ram from
-xp.rience; if Lay will act wise and pru
dently, and elimise the best iticrument to
main their object our country can stud
will be saie.i.
A heavy respomilii:ity rest, upon those
whu are upped to exi,t in; evil:. They
Jay e a country to save; they have the a
;011ty to :ave it if they will.
We do not !nowt, er Iles:re to be under-
SW9I its 11 , 1tItTV:11111114 the magnitude of
the work which they have to do. Under
the most favorable eircumoances the etiti•
test niu.t be arduous— wHistut prudence
—without energy. it will be hopeless.
Th. , toot in office are stistaiteul by a
powerful party, the more formidable from
the very evils of which we complain.
['heir discipline is the discipline of im
plicit obedience; their or.tanization--
their consummate Wiley
management to divide and conquer, all
its the them formidable, more formidable
toan fur their numbers.
hey have a regutir course of sum. 40.-
000 1)Ilice holdets, tthose interests and
feeli tgs separdt, them front the l en d te,
aml who are A1•11'111.1S
in every part of Ole co nary to watch and
rottr.l the moveotwits of rho P""l'le.-
11)..v are tired with z...t1 to preserve the
spuls of office, mil to extend the power
an I influence of their order over the peo
Hut in proloriimt to the dtfii •ul ries,
lie the hoot of th t , e who them.
selves in the pirti.,igh aml the darker in.
lamy will rmti u un the lie ill of till• Wlll4
rantno Kerlin; ingluritimi r,t , e, shrinks
1.1.11 duty w Ir.. COM!' rv.
If we tue tii.teate,l we .11;11 he dereatel
by c, emitted sapmenept. an I if poste.hle thou criminal supioenegs, and if
pit wor,ie than criminal
:111111114 ow saves. 'Piece divisior.s ['Ave
been at mice our weakness and the
strength of our atlversarie..
It will he a reproach, a perpetual re
proach if we permit theca divisions agsin
to occur among us. We must not he
That ins tinq,uislied patriot, Henry Clay,
with characteristic lias said
that it his name tint note 'all the
branches of the oppositioa party' it should
be withilnin.n.
This goestion enzatz•eil the anxious .le•
liberations of the Convention, and hu'w•
ever they felt the highest regard and h •
greatest respect for this distinguished
:!;tatesman, (an 1 many yielded personal
preferences to the higher obligations of
patriotism) they were constrained to ail•
nit that the evidenceul popular senti•
meats, which can never b. safely disre
garded, forbade the expectation of mil
ling , all branches of time opposition' upon
Mr. Clay.
Calm and prudent enquiry, indepen
dent or political resulk, to wmch we shall
pre4ently refer, show the justness of this
Mr. Clay himself has candidly referred
to the fact that there are .branches' in the
opposition party.
It is wise, as well as honest, to admit
this truth, and we may say it is equall y
true, that there are like branches in
Van Buren party —1 he ditforence hetweet ,
the two parties being, that in the late,
these branches mu e readily submit to On
control of the parent stem, than they dr
in the former.
Without noticing minor dinCrellCOS
Airs;..- knot
I _lei
we may t.ssa go the k ,
[WitoLE No. 2
there are in flies,: 'branches' Abeli
' tionist'"i Au.i.masons Democrats, and
%Vhigs, and that among these, there are
very many, who were prompted by the
Itiowing feel 114. of gratilude for arduous
ser, ices, which the history of
mankind in all ages proves to have been
common to all nations, to support Gener
al Jackson for the Presidency.
We do not pretend to say that Mr. V.
Boren and his friends have been without
the a ipport of many Abolitionists. and
Anti-mason: in some of the dale rret parts
iit oar country, where they exist,
()1 the contrary, it is notorious, that he
31111 iris f i mds, while 'hey afT•ct decided
Inistiiity, where such profession accords
with popular feeling, ttoinit Abolitionists
awl Ant: masons, in other quarters of the
country as industriously court the sup.
port or A Inditionists and A ott•inasiins; &
natty in many instances with too
much success.
'Deceitfully above all thlng, and despe
rately wicked'—they change their fortis
and shape, and profess opposite and c an
trattictory opinions to obtain and secure
To the South and among southern men
they signalize their zeal against the mad
Cintacistos of the Abolitionists, as they
teem it, while to the North when it is im
portant to obtain theirivotes they choose as
heir candidates for office, knowing Abo-
Deceptive alike to the North
mol the, wally unworthy of
the confidence of either.
But candor regoires us to admit that a.
'non those ulio entertain peculiar views
on the subject of slavery, although there
ire many . ho lend themselves directly or
indirectly to the re-election of Martin V.
Buren, there are a vast ucniber who are
opposed to his mal-administra
lion of die Government, and who are wil
ling to aid their Whig breathern in all
Nt.'s of the country to rescue it Irom mis
rule. It cannot be concealed however,
dint the position liken by Mr. Clay on a
[wen! lOC c4,ion has created in this branch
of the Whig party a prejudice which can
mot to' trcer.iiine,
The crerregiunitling branch in the Vas
Buren pally are inure readily moulded to
party ~uninn t.
, „,
A similar txists with the An
ti masons. 'Phis portion of the Whig
party pat ticulady in Pennsylvania, al
though unwilling to support Mr. Clay.
have nevertheless diwNiverell a decided
willingn ess to make concessions to their
%%lug hteathern, by evincing a determma
lion to support awe her distinguished whig
G. 211. Harrison. and ha ve not insisted on a
es:,ditla'e who had adopted their particu•
lat views on the subject of masonry.
Among Jackson men now attached to
the Whig patty, there are not wanting
ihase who retain a lingering recollection
of their opposition to Mr. Clay, which
there is reason to fear mizlit operate on
their suffrage, if lie was the candidat of
t whig party.
When the conve mien remembered tha
three • branzlies of the opposition party'
rartned so large a portion of the voters in
Vermont, lthode klatitl, Connecticut, N.
York, N. Jersey, Pentisvlvania, Ohio and
Indiana, titit to speak of other States, or
other q testions, it was plain to them that
if they regarded the welfare of the coun—
ty% identiLd with a change of rulers, it
w:suld not do to choose fin• a candidate
an y one, however eminent, who was not
meet) able to these branches; well know
s in; that a union of the opposition was es•
sential to success.
To Gen. Harrison no such objections
exist. Born in Virginia—the son of one
of that illustrious race of patriots with
whom she adorned the annals of the Revo.
lotion, and whom she delighted to honor.
lie posessed her love and robfidence, as
ne did that of tow brethren in the South
emier.illy, while his long residence in Ohio
mil his eminent services, hail endeared
in to all classes of his fallow citizens in
die Nortlo-rn and Western States. Has
lame subdues all prejudices. and encoun
ters none.
This reasoning was well Angtained by
political results which hail taken place in
dilierent Strtes, and were fresh in the re
collection of every observing and careful
Mr. (Amy had been a candidate for the
Presidency in 1852. and Gen, Harrison in
.oine State. only in 1856. The former
was regularly nominated and generally
4upported by the party opposed to Gen.
Jackson. The latter within I, few months
)efore the election, was made a candidate
in several of the states, rather by an im
pul.e amour the people than by any re-
Oar nomination.
Let ut then look to these elections for
•vidence of ti. :relative strength of the
•andidate.; although in doing so we are
aware, that in regard. to Gen. Harrison.
here was the disadvantage of a want of
, ine—the want of a concert of action.
:nd the depression produced by the re
zollection of repeated disasters preview.
y incurred by the Whig party, many of