Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, November 20, 1858, Image 1

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J. BAKU & CO..
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•trrnt, Erie I .
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DII. 0. L. AiLLIO77,
41. sad Date in month l'ath, B.r. first
at ' •. J ale 10, ItSR
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—• • watebea,Cloals, athrain. Etrittannts and r 1.1.1
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••• : • 11A X .1.1.•, !ILL, A rent for b. hoiwr Wilaaelk
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iheo totttla-on ltl ht.-dont', cause,
Sacco.* vtll crown thy high ehdra,u
tad hooott won, had tightoou• taw,
Shutt guide's I rule the earth• ri
tact .1141 rine out thy uttrrtog strain.-
Thy lone lOU I Can slog no oilier,-
tll jaattce rood, each bundinau
'tad plenty greret• Tarn t• •,'
• . Co. In,
I John Sing* r's name was n houtigho4d wort*
wish us in the days of frocks and seeks, when we
steno under the dominion of the nursery-maid—
Ito John'• farm and feast nu curds and
emu', being one ti grand delight of those uu
eloutird days John tified a pinail holding in
Wittiihire, and intght have until it to th. day of
hi. death, as his father did, had lie had, like tit
fattier, hut one child; hie tiffmprings, however,
oticultt red st veu before be bad bet li wedt.l-ti ti it
year., cud ai the land remain( d the sano• whil. ,
the family increased ciceetlfugly last, lie 1.0 , 1 1.•
cast abort for a hf•lfer firOVIAIon for [hen' Ito
fi4illitr of mime i xperllni.nts which, ut.t.i• e i hi
rres..ure, h. watt driven to make up. .n hew and
44 101.b(.111 rail, ti prived litin of a good part of hi.
Capital, and iltaheartf nett haw (trite any renew, ,I
at , nips to that direction lie now began t ii
?hulk of emigrating Ills wale, a I nay, right.
minded, active woman, made no otjt.ctiou , i ilic
li--if piirerty WA., to come upon diens. .1.•
r ti, she irould rather fact • it abroad than at
10e Juiiit then the newspapers were tit LuiLig
with pr, accounts conceintug setrl, r. , to
the tit ya, .1 ut North America. wh• re land, it
win. •ft,il, was to he had for a nonfatal prici.. and
the trout. e.•l clourtng The Singers made up
;heir muds It. go; and that point being dret , ltil,
.1 hu lost no time in disposing ...t. o_ I h i, am., ht.
1.7 wing...lock, produce, and triapleru.ta-, and
I siting looney in hof pocket ' lin re W 61.4,011.4:
.. ,-.4lomotta.o in iii. .O.trint when , lbe new.. git
i 4 , 1 1 (A. VIA, il.- 11:•11ii, a &V. ratty it opinsoor vu
1 I.a -11b)e , C , S 'rue ,alit ii was the te-4 thing
that Singer could do, seotng that he had such a
large family; while otbers said it was flying in
1 thi hive 44 Provideore, to throw op the lama on
i which Ito. fi.ttor had 1! ii ti .it tog for hit) parr
The Singer. paid ~watt b11.1, 4 1,i0 to ti,-. %tiri
lia, ‘ordtet., Litt buried the Mme, - of -iii , sag
.heir affair•, il I. .1 an the 4 . 4 , 111••• ..1 . a 10..4. 1 i ~ , 1 ...1‘
Wi t 10• from the taut . 1 t-tming their 1 , - :11!.• 0,
a- re reads f-r their d. parturc
p.,ir,. u . , f i•t4aiffiug ati irtiwi. iii, ; a--4 .:•
,nr hi. Ltuiiiit U. ftinfils. Joliti P.• 1 i n 11 , li-. --- ---.
f• • 111 • 111
nlyl Lrgah h t.•r
L..t, lit, • 6411. 10.1( I. V..11,.1
r qv. !I,r , • Luucl, Lig! ..r
, hen thi t o .1..1,11, w L. tx
rtql.r.riS 1 r , 1•• •tt , Li wY, Wu- ettlV.
t• ntqt 1,.‘• atr. t".• t , -I.) t.. p
Not IL lit •L.l tn I LII d I ULtlr 11111.
rd try ti nimult, for OW It( nalb ,
It•r• 1 , . wan't-t!--ti p•U111 i•r Cutl , l3 DOI,
to 03- t Lthittt , g • t cuailtig *WY) tr)tbg ou,
IP r port, wb. I/ /JO trU 11/ W/Ib au alit lii Who
offered to• km to the captsou u!
C'unulen, %lan. he raid, would take him IILI , I bet
family ou his own terms John followed tbr luau
to tbe basin, and li.tsid• it the (umilre She
was but a sat3ol verm-1. mid was ,ihigular,) dirty
,end disorderly; but tilt e.rptain assured him she
watt stood and ate owl b ) . and would Is in heat
and tidy truo she gut lob' blue stater
The terwe the captain t ffere,l wire ricuptiug:,
advvotageou-, and h• further proffeitd for the
use tut Singer and be, tautly a strip ..1 ushtti ut
the middle it the virsei, in which they would
be -epat toed trove all interecurre with the Atter'
age passengers This latter cotitildtration duel•
ded the bargain • John paid halt the stipulated
sum as eat oral; and as the vrasei would positive
ly sail t•o that day week, Ito lost no time in cool
eluding his preparations, and getting his family
on the spot, ready to embark when tha moment
of departure should artiste.
Whitt follows is a matter of such nitlntotols
interest that we btiall decline narrating n io the
(bird person, sod allow Jubn Singer to tell the
slot) bimmetf, as we shudderlogly beard it bout
his own month
"It was on the 25th of July," said John,
"when with my wile, seven childttn, and my
weft's niece, I went on board the Camden in ll—
harbor We bad never been to sea - before, and
we knew well enough that sea-sickness awaited
us, and that we should moat likely be all ill tt,
nether for a day or two. I bad made what pre.
paratton I could for this bad time, by providing
some simple medicines, a small stock of spirits,
and the means of procuring hot water at two
minutes notice. Sure enough, the sickness came,
and a miserable time it was. The wife and chit
dren w, re all laid up in their berths before we
were oat of the channel, and were unable tc( help
themselves I was sick, too, and could have fol
lowed their example; but in that ease we should
base been all helpless together; so I forced a re
solution, and patted uo the rest as well as I could
through it all.
"The youngest of the obildren gut user it brat;
wy wife suffertd mold, sod we bid been five dap
at sea before rbe was authoiettily recovered to be
able to come ua deck. When at last she gut tot
to the fresh sea air, it revived bar at once—bet
appetite sod tarter b returned, sod ber old obetr•
spirits and activity as well. She set to 'mirk
to put things in s comfortable trim, and made
our little cabin quite a parlor.
)4 T. I.ow
"We had 'casein io be thankful that we were
separated to all respects from the etei rage pas
sengers They ouaibert d about fifty er sixty to
all, cod were not only of the poor and taliwrable,
but of the dirty and degraded class. Nearly all
were Irish, and about a third of them were wo
men, who—l will say that fur them, poor cool's
—were much better than the men, aod did a
good deal to metre's] the violence of their coo.
duet ■nd language. 1 don't think the whole ster•rt
age could have mustered five shillings among
them, cud the greater part had nothing but rap
for clothing They subsisted entirely uu the ra ,
twee dealt out to them, and about tbere, and a
email Noel of tobacco which seemed to be coup
mon property, they were quarrelling day and
tight. Soon after earldom die captain rent
rMi' . 74:VM7:rM
"Tls analog moths steep to Timms,
And tbiteld , worid U Bros brighter:
irs , may tot ist• its &aura seNfi,
Yibt bops' M. itss liaarVklirob
•Itra.esbaget at' the towing tbn•,'
Cb aOO4 of %Wools deeply trvightbd
' ,ta :, , ,rda that burn, tritEt thoughts subiiw
t env eonaitersted,
them bread-east o'er the land.
1 oo 50,14 is toady for trio oroding,
kat boom wall, with room band
flay stand no . ,nior vainly ploadtuz
.1 better time Li cocain; h 0.0.—
♦ taighter and al wie gerslai soorsains
A Witter ilbt—that prtolpes• boon,
to on the totllng mums dawnlnr
Tu:•very luny strain of thine,
Humanity shall T.suie and liotet ,
101 MI a thrill of , •aw Myth.,
tud hoar** +l'l thruN uo i e”.• .h.l i..4te6
Whet thoogh the I. •yri f..r which you
Wree Mow to resell tbetr full fthitooh.
Thy modest ps,,-e tboag l it laborws,leo,
aniatiee teeth the tetise• deep petttioh
utak, tee--s wttl dbm the poor =We eye
While slmac.og o'er thy .tuts of I.e•uty
That 1../T• Wm on, to lire end di*
In erorh• of lore, ausl deed, of
U , Nt I. o• tit. 1114 .
them all below, and shut down the grated corersswinging is their places, one over the side, the
ing of the hatchway; but t noticed that be took I other at the stern.
continual care to ventilate their quarters, for be ' "It Must have heed about an hour after sunset.
was afraid, as he told me, lest some virulent dis, i when the captain began oomplaisiag of the thy
, ease should breakout among such a dirty get, 1 state of the decks, and declaring that he aid
end we without a doctor on board. , have the. twilled at one., ordered all s-
"Our cr.w consisted of eight men beside' the I gers to their berths. There was soul d ur, ,
mate and three boys; there were no cabin pee. I among the rough Irish fellows at this ma to,
sengers, nor; was there any sooommodation for j but he quieted them by the promise of a kettle
any — t h e Camden carrying a good deal of uteri of rum-punch , which be ordered the wok to pre
--,,0 ,andi,,,, principally of rough Baromegbem i pare and stave est to them. They wen now all
gods, such as are in use and demand among ses. obedience; were soon in possession of the grog,
tiers led oolooists I was no sailor, es l' said bet and we heard the. singing lustily in chorus
fore, aneilllitalified to jade of sea matters; yet while it lasted. Meanwhile, the pump w 444
I could hot -help ducking we made but slow harder than ever, and some show of ,willing the
progres., oompsiedwith other vessels. We were i decks was made; bet I sat like a oat on the
in the track of shanfboond to New York, and I watch, with my i gun loaded in my hawk'
. s
had uotieetl that one or - hiee whiob hove to sight in my girdle, and ready to set at the decisive
in i , ur re•ir -ha I overtakeu 'tau& passed us in the moment. It IMO moonlight sight, and I could
oilar.e if a day When I mentioned this to the see plainly all that took place emend the long.
~,,e, he +sap chi).r ves4eht were Ii built for boat. From. time to time things were brought
ailing and a ,t for trade. Irk , the Cal;kien—we 1 and pet into 14 among the rest, the ship's cote
were doing well enough. ''N, pass and chronometers.
"From the position of our cabin, I could bisf s ,"Before midnight, the Boise in the steerage
a , I lay in toy berth at night. not only every' of ed died away, and the whole the emigrants
~,,, v etheat of the crew, but also, when the watch- ; w)Tts probably buried in sleep. The mate same
r ws. n..t r,,ugh— nod it was too.tly floe—every 'oo tiptoe down to our cabin door, and Listened to
ward that wu. said To tbistdrentustance I owe ascertainif,say of na were awake The breath ,
it that'l am a living man, and that I and mine ing of the okildninideseived bin, and he return ,
are II it Iyirig fathoms deep in the devouring sea ,ed to the deek;edsen be immediately signaled
Oue uigio us I lay awake listening to the lap,
Lap of (Le wlter against the side, the voices of
the .•,. I ,talit ,n.l mate conversing in an under•
tine thee etc ittt, hlittri Some wordA that pass,
leeet we le the m uromod my fears; I sprang out
f btd, and -tea:iug to 'Le door, overheard
enough of the parley to make in) blood run cold
L gathered that the vessel was leaking at all
points through the strain of the cargo—that in
spate of pumping to the utmost, the water gain
041 upon thew, and that it was the state's opts'
ion she would founder, do what they might,
within twenty tour hours. The crew, of coarse.
were not tguerruut of their condition, and they
would mutiny and seize the boatf. and abandon
the ship unless relieved by some vessel in the
colirse of the following day The eaptatn was
plainly at his wits' end, and knew not how to
act To make the passengers aware of their po
sllll,ll he orrtion destruction to all on
tt turd. a • nothing else could be expected but a
desperste fight for life, in which the boats, hard•
rvahie of containing two dozen peopte,would
to s i•,•rtainty be all swamped. A groan from
the captain was the hit ft °and I heard, as they
turned away from the spot. still conversing to.
"You way i-uppnse the treuhle of my wind
s. this f.'artul discovery I thank goodness it
ti a allow( ti to unsettle my wits, and so pre
% ut in. fr,au ding what was best to be dune I
di it right o.d to oppress tuy wife and fam
w •!li this bit ter knowledge, so king as it could
be avoid( d, and as I lay awake and liattncd to
at 1r breathing, I prayed to !leaven for gag!.
once, and turtad over in my mind evarything
tl,at it was possible to do. I came at last to the
my c Liclutouri which se. mad lo prugnse us a
ibrinco of lite; and what that was will appear he:
lore loug. I could aot sleep, and yet towards
morning I fell into a doze, from which I was
ruus.d by a frightful dream of a wild storm, and
611 my little outs swailuvrid up in tL. v..rtel of
the pea. uod none to save them
at day I went on deck, and enduavured
.o behave as tliuugh ignorant of everything; it
w a.. a hard task, for I Was never wiled to dextrin.
I watched narrowly evorytkitag that tuck place,
stol k now tug whet I did, saw but too plainly ma
to ma• . n of what I {staid is tholatlOUS, dogged
ot , Le w I beard the noise of the
1 g• t,r eol•tinual;}, an ugh I could to., see
hn, .Ibont true it muse un to rain,
I •I the w hot if tho nay •• bud, Inat
w LI ~11, ,• ua. uu d. ck, at d those on
, -I rt du, 'fro ran) wss areompsno
tick mi.!, will , ti ts•undi-d our ,r,o l a to a
at most I bid Lulls. 41 that a sig•
for t. I hwhich I hsd u.. doubt
,t 1 It. but what chance OR
z t., t, f I,OllJg 11•..1.1 u. 'LC [hit k rnin.iniat?—
T: • i wen- •. brio— E on on dick, and LK Ut noun
,t, .I , tutit gate ordt rs to bate it sealed and
c dup by use of the buys it was lirt d seri
oral timer and the ti-port brought up a lot of
the iii, tel who (nate wet - . d for wore dis•
enar g es, v, tifth the captain, ski It tOgialliy 'thew,
sh,ow,ll 1 kipoit wui e...ugt, that likese 4,0
IV ie • ;gt,s,. of distress; but they were nut beard,
and the .las passed away, and nothing bore in
"About hall au bout beton, sunset., as mist
blew I ft, iiii•riouthiitliv..-r/-d, awl the whole sea.
v,ew an- clear 1" the horizon on •11.tlidta
I wry, VIA the fart .4 of tho ct ew as they
anal. iwy round; he mete hirnaelf ran Xl4. tht
h. hit tele-olte, and rearmed they.
toad Funk F and cull a long steak
of ); light shone in that direction Th e fi ne
ev ,, Dong hiid brought alt the passengers on deck,
au . l Ib. y 14, r• incline , ' to dance and be merr)
All my little ..tits, too, ran out tutu the audehtne,
and gauthnkti playfully among the cordage. It
made my heart alwoat [teak to look at them
My wife was about to call them in to put them
to hid; then It was that I beckoned her into the
cabin and abut the door I took both her bands
in mini , and looking her sorrowfully and solemn
ly in the faec, said:
"'Bet:l, my uiviog wife, can you, for the dear
thildreo's sake, bau►rh all ■ tromati's feats and
weakoes,es, mud be him to act atil a bill bid
"It war but so much the words 118 the tone of
my voioelwbich made htr shrink back, anti, in a
manner, gasp for breath; but she recovered her.
self with a great effort
"'John,' oho replied, '1 kut w it, I have know■
all day there was something dreadful on your
m tad Lt tme Aare it; I have a right w abate
i ; with God's help I can and will bear
deed, indeed, you shall not have to reproach me
with weakness.'
"'lt well,' I said: 'remember what you
have protuked, and that the lives of all yen love
may depend upon your keeping your word.'
"I then told lur the dreadful tidings, and
how Le knowledge bad come into my possession.
She heard the whole with more fortitude than I
bad expected; but abe turned stone.oolur at my
words, and from the calmness with which abe
poke afterwards, you might have thought her
heart bad turned into a atone.
" , What are wo to do, John?' I will obey you
in all things. Is there any hope of lifer My
I children my children
" 'Remember,' I said, 'sot a word of grief or
oomplaiut, lest you destroy what !Atte Amps
, there is. Tress in Providence, sad do,iskiat.l
toll you.'
"1 then gave her direcuoic--first, to put the
children to bed without un4ressing them, then
with the help of her niece, to pack op some
111=01 peroele of preserved meat and sweet bilk
icons, ■nd to have outer clothing ready for the
children at a inotnent'i notice 1 gave her as
conch to do u I could think of, to keep bcr
mind from running on the horrors of oar sill
uatku, winch, as the crisis drew near, were bard
ly supportable to myself
"1 then 'artist on deck, petit the girl in with
the children, sad walked up and down with my
eyes wide open. I observed that the long boat,
which, the day before, had cilmtaihed all sorts of
rubbish, had been cleared out, and that some bar
rels and boxes had been stowed under the thwarts
while two pair of new oars had been brought up
from below. The two satallsr bats remained
the lowering of the Ate The whole Grew were
but too ready to usist-s4 this service. ' three of
them sprang into the boilt,st the side,' which
touched the water the nest minute; and then the s t, was hauled towirds the go, and was
in the set of being suspended, wh I felt the
moment was come, and, rushing out, need
myself to the astonished crew.
"They paused In their work, and glancing sly
lent!) , at. one soother, began to gather mind
"hat is the matter, Singer?' said the cap.
'you seem alarmed; has anything disturbed
"I had taken my station against the bulwarka,!
under the slings, before I replied.
" a am not a man to be alarmed without rea
son,' 1 said. 'Von know whether L speak the
truth, when I teU you there is reason enough
oe are dreaming; he retailed; 'but I have
no time to parley vita you; be so good as to re.
tarn to your cabin.'
bi 'That's of no use, captain,' I replied; 'pray,
understand at once that 1 know everything I
don't intend to ri to the bottom with my wife
and children, so long at a chance remains. You
don't lower that boat tulle's you take my family
on Loard ' As I spoke, I tapped twice on the
Ride rail, and Betsy came out on deck, with the
girl and seven children, as I bad bidden her,—
'Refuse my demand,' I went on, 'and we raise
the passengers, and let them know the truth.—
Who will escape then, you can tell better than
"Agaio the mess I , scikad at each other, mid
tho Ugh De aural of them guide ea if they would
•peak, each checked himself, mid for a misstep
tiot,a worst wait wand•, As Salsa au old issmanso
stepped forward—
" 'lt's oo use and disputin' uow,' he
said. 'Mr. Singer's right; and it can't he ex.
ported for him to do no otherwise. Wo toti.t
bare the faintly with as, and leave the provisions
bebiod, sod trust to being picked up; that's what
it is, scow/din' to my 'pinion.'
ltererbr motto!" the to too dome,' was tbo
rarely'', Helmer. 'kto quick, bops; put in the
cbikirvn, and lower away '
, -Tern-or three barrels, as many bag*, and a
large begirt., were hastily removed from the
boat M wife and children were put into it as
it hung aver the side;
two seamen followed, and
it ars lowered into the water, the sea being for
tuitatt 1) rale' The boat at the etern was not
/ ,, yered at a;1; it wa.4 to fact bur a me re calcitic.
pelt, mod re. utd have been of little use The
captain dt,iributtd the remainder ut the crow be.
t V. t 1 u the two beats, so that the long boat carried
tilt, eis in all, and the other seien Myself and
the captain were the last who left the v.siet.—
Notwithetanding the terrible anxiety of the ma.
anent, I could not help pitying that miserable
a l so, as he lingered cud lingered an Wiwi, and
see cued to be Inventing one excuse after another
for delaying the final aimadoutoent of his ship
The mate in the long boat called to him several
times, but be see.. • , , though he did not bear,
and continued pci4; about among the reject
ed articles with , el ,`% . -..: is deck was strewed, as
if in search of • - 'g, though he knew not
what More than one* he sat down on a coil of
rope, and buried his face in hie hasels, until I be
gen to doubt whether he would quit the vessel
at all, rod bad made up his lamella remain
and share the miserable fate of the caste ways.—
But be, like myself, had a wife awl children de.
pendent upon him; the thought of them no
doubt tugged at hit..., cart strings, mad urged him
to sett preservation:t- last thing 'be did was
to go and withdraw t bolt which fastened down
it 4o
the grating over the steerage; and then, signing
to me to slip down the side, he said in a whisper:
They are awake; I heard them talking The
Lord have mercy upon them ! Tbey will never'
ere the day.'
"We were:no wont: in the boat than the men
pushed off and moved rapidly away, as if deter
mined to get out of sight and hearing of the mis
erable beings left all unconscious of the fate that
was fast approaching them. We made but little
way, however, beoauso our boat was too heavily
loaded. The captain gave orders to bare certain
thinfa thrown overboard, and some indespensable
provisions transferred to the other boat, whish
IM leas crowded. Time things delayed we for
some time within a stone's throw of the Camden
from which I could not withdraw my eyes for a
mouton'. The atom shoes so brightly that every
rope of she doomed vestal was visible, and all
the himiliar its ow the desk whist* had been
our bowie. Nosey all the sails were set, sad
showed g h ostly whicliblesessit the moon ; but
the vessel befog withlikt phlegm, they dapped
idly this way and 'that, like the *spot a woun
ded bird. Slowly the heed of the vessel turned
round, sod, as she drifted before the wind, ed•
ranoed towards the boat. Just thee I saw 11
figure is a white night dress rubbing frustisally
about the deok—Oow - peeriug over the aids, now,
with hand. clasped above its head, gasing up at
the sky, but uttering not a word. Theo it din.
appeared, and within a minute, foss the hollow
hull. of the vessel owe a insult et voleee--of
mew aseeratioes mingled with despairing cries
and sbriekewat the fedora and wretebed treat
tires swanned out upon the deck. They crowd,
ed to the huh boat at the stem fought ssirssel,
for the possession of it, sad swamped it is the
vain attempt to get it slush--ties most forward
and furious of them perishing before the eyes of
the rest. And Row that all were aware of the
death that awaited them, the erissaod the curses,
and the long diarist bowie and shrieks all wing
hog together, wqe oast heart rending and bor.
ribte to bear, end will ring in ay ewe te toy dy
ing day. They emu esuOt sight of our boats,
as tie sees, putiol Wishes by the awful sounds,
paused upon their oars, sad gazed as if &Delisted
by the fearful tragedy. As the sinking ship
lurched heavily nearer and. nearer, we merely
polled s few strokes suillisient to ntaistain a wife
thaws), sod then paused aid 4ised &pie
The poor doomed wretelies,stretebleg their elsis
ed hands towards les, prayed *mealy for the
help we could not ; and seen
to 'Weems by our &Otte% tot lfe
SO sword, oiled devaeurese fres Hems apes
. •
OW leads. It was a dreadful sad siokseing
thing to be obliged to fly from the distress emit*
we would all have willingly risked oar lives to
alleviate. Bat, alas I there - was no help for it;
and all we could do wu to add in silents our bit.
MT lasneotationa to their own. , For more than
ewe hours we sat the agonizing spectators of
ibis horrible tragedy. It must hare been nearly
three hour. put nidnigni when the Comdex
went glows, and the last drowniag cry of the
wretched passengers rang in oar ears. I preyed
to liteavete earnestly that sight that no human
eye Weis ever again behold such • epee:solo ;
and I hope the Great Ruler of the galivant , wilt
Mar by prayer,
rte dead, cold silence that followed struck
inorect.wror to my. heart than ell the ageoisiag
cries shot had `one before.. 'Thee I beard the
strong MOD sobbing like woman ; but at these
sounds, the 'captain, who had hid his face from
the dreadful apeetaele of the wreck, roused him.
"elf, sad its a calm severe voice ordered the men
to pull sway, himself . taking charge of the tad.
der.' I had bees in • sort of sue ell this time,
iseapabia of doing anything but stare fixedly on
the poor sinking ship; bit when the boat began
to move, I was reealbd to my proper senses, and
then the thought of my family, and the peril
we were is, almost bewildered sie spin I turn.
od to my poor wife; she ass in a deal swoon,
and es I afterwards found, bad fainted the ttio• .
meat I had joined bee in the boat, and had be
held nothing of the fearful sight which had an..
nerved us all Bbe lay is the arms of her title,
who woe Ostia as helpless as herself. The two
eldest girls were moaning with apprehension
aid tearer; bat I was glad to see that the young.
or children were fast asleep, and that the - girl
had ousted them up close in the hottest of the
. , t. ' We were all huddled together with the.
eaPtainiat the steno, and as the sea was quite
ailm;ere fortunately warm Sad 4ry. I put a
little dy to Betsy's lips, and libeled her
beads end t, and it was not long before she
revived sad loolto rotted. The captain was very
kind to us, and eo'iter• the men, and bore me no
, manes for the part I taken ;in the contrary,
they eadeavored to ge us by saying that,
we ehoteld be sere to be pie op, at the forth ,
est, in a day, or two, sod the e4 s ,t melees we had
rono weather, all would be t well N.
"The day was sow begianieg tiNawn, and
there Was soon light *sough to reeial the heti !
sow ets' deo seaters ride. Two sidle were risible,
they steed, though I could tenses them; but they
were too fa ro rto earth sight of any signals we
could make, and DODO wets attempted. All that
day Ms rowed on in an easterly count. ' looking
seriously for some rennin vessel. Whether
the eaptain felt the eorlidenee be expressed with
regard to our being picked Sp, 1 do sot know ;
but in the afternoon be caused an aooount to be
taken of whatever provisions were on board the
boats; bad them fairly distributed according to
the bombers is each ; and pat ns all upoo au al.
lowest:es, which, be said, would last for five days,
with wetter for three days more. The sweet biv
snits and the spirits is my possession were ad•
did to the general stock--the latter to be used
only for eases of sickness or eabaustios. I 1144
little iwelioati3o for food myself; bat it distrr.sed
me to hear the nom lasts of the children at - the
scanty meal allotted them that day, and it went
to my beart to be obliged to quiet them by re
proof; what grieved me still more that my wife
would not touch her allowance, but shared it with
the piney's& ehildrea.
"Towards evening, a sail appeared to the
northward, at the distance of five or six miles
We hoisted a shawl on an oar for a signal, and
turned our boats towards her, and at one time
had good hopes that sho- had satin us,. as she alt•
ered her course as if to meet us; but she veered
off on another tack shortly after, and disappear
ed in the distance and dusk of the evening
This disappointment came like a fresh calamity,
and oast a dismal gloom on tar all; but now a
worse thing alarmed' us—the weather became
overcast, sod though there was not much wind,
the billow* rose sod fell in long black walls of
water, now heaving us aloft on their t ips, nos
plunging Its down in the gloomy furrows The
boat lay very deep in the water. The eaptaiu
signalled the other boat, to knoiw if they could
relieve us of a part of our weight; but all they
could do was to take one of she water-casks,
which they hauled on Gourd with a rope. We
threw over a few of the articles 'which could best
be spared, and thus lightened the boat a Little
Mesowbite, the weather grew' worse—the bil
lows began to break in foam, aid the spray dash•
ed over us ha showers. With - the aid of a ham
mer, a saw, and a piece of sail- loth, we managed
to rig up at the • a rude bulwark agatust the
breakers, which would else have swamped us. It
now begin to r.iu, and that it a way that pro'
seised a oontionenee of wet for some hours at
least. lu a few minutes we Were all drenched
to the skin--and all tepre thee ever impressed
with the extremity of our misery and peril. My
wife scarcely spoke a word, unless it war to quiet.
and comfort the children, who ion cried bitterly,
and would not be eonsoled. The men no longer
talked hopefuily; but I could ape them etrouing
their eyes through the JarhassS, as it descended
rapidly upon us, in search of some panting ves•
"I think we all tasted the bitteroese of death
many times that night, lied the swell or the
sea, as we expeoted, increased nod brought he
wind in its track, nothing
,00uld have bared us
from sinking. It pleased teod ( bowever, to com
passionate our distress, and duet the fury of the
waves; sod the rain ceasing an , hour after mid
night, Me moon struggled fitfully from the
*loads, mitt showed us, oh, happy sight! a large
vessel bearing full down upon us not half a mile
to our rear, Tba men of both' boats saw it to
gether, NO raised a shoot with emallined voices.
Apparently this was not heard, and the eaptaio
d to me to lire my gun, which I had meehani.
tally brought with me , and which" he had pre
vented me from throwing overboard when I of.
food to de so. 1 did as be desired, and a minute
after, we bad the inexprearible rapture of seeing
a lash on board the ship, an bearing the re
vealing report of their gun. I cannot tell you
the feelings which now rsehedinto my teeter,
the gladness and the gratitude of snob a time
they only know who, baring been long in the
very jaws of death, are suddenly snatched from
its horrors to peace and safety.
"The good ship which had saved us was La
Fireetki, a French vessel, bound for -Cherbourg
from New York. Hitee e pt the captain, sue on
board ooski speak meek of, the &OA
but they understood Our waste, and strWSid
them with a kindness and hospitality sot to be
surpassed, and seemed • plowed beyead measure
at their good-fbrtune is lindifig us. We Con
dosed with them Ste day", at tb• end of which
time they spoke an Zsglish brig bound for Car
tiff, to which, with easy hearty good wishes and
farewells, they transferred us. We arrived
safely, in three days mote, in the Bristol Mum
gel, and I was allowed to load at Swansea, where
a relative of" lay wife's received us hospitably,
after the *fat perils we had escaped."
Beek *an sotioant of his drat sea.voy.
age, narrated
,to us eleven years after it. occur
rime. Otte would have thought that such an
initiation in the feaiftil oontiogenoies of sea-life
would hail ilekened him of voyaging, and made
him cutest to try his fortune once more in his
satire land. His Muds took this for granted,
and whoa whilst few weeks of his return, he
imps ila t alf i l=asother whip, seemed
Ms of to his deetreedes.
Jolla looked oo the mattes in a tent
felt convinced, in &se, that be as not destined
to a watery grave--and made up his mind to
follow his original intention. But he took better
pretentious this time in she Omit* of s vessel—
embarked his family in • tlrst-class merchautv
men, and, after a speedy sad prosperous prise
of Aye weeks, arrived in safety at New York,
whence he set out at once for the hod of pro.
miss in the Far West. '
As a settler, Stager did well. He bought
land•on the boundary lines of civilisation, mid
shrewdly equatted • considerable tract in addi•
tioa. lie bad the address coat:Mate a yea
dering tribe of Indians by his generosity in
their time of need, and thus converted the watt
enemies of the settler into friends sod defenders.
As his family grew up, they proved valuable and
produotive capital, sad paved his way to compe
wooe and independence His mons drew many
of his ohl friends after hits, and he renewed, in
the forests of America, the association* and
friendships of his youth in Wiltshire. In ten
years, John bad grown up a man (desistance
and authority, boiled up to and respected by the
population of * whole district At that tim.,
his wife's father died, letaving a considerable pro.
perty to be divided equally among his ebildree
Tbeo it was that John Sieger came over to assi..
to the settlement of the bovines*, sod to receive
his own legacy; and then, too, it was that we
beard the lamentable story of the loss of the
Foal(len from his own lip. This was twenty
seven years ago, sod we bare not beard .‘f the
sturdy settler since If be be yet alive, bo is
do doubt honored as a patriarch, for the snows
of nearly fourscore winters have by this rim
settled on hi* heed
A Less= for Suicidal Levers
Richard Gunl h a j3urneyman harness maker.
of this city has bluowll been harnessed by Cupid
and driven to rho very gates of desperation His
minister it, a young lady !lamed Charlotte Mat
thews, who.. mother keeps a boarding house on
E.m stn et, col who appears to hove made up
her mind to more brilliant alliance than
that oir,r‘ dby Mr Cwuld But as Richard has
• very rssi opinion of his own merits and quali
fication., he judged that Charlotte's 000lness was
mere c• quar t , believing that when it came to
the scratch, she would cave in at • moment'•
warning .
He resulted to melt at once the soul of the
artful nymph, and to surprise her into an ay..w
al of tier feelings. For this purpose he proceed.
-ed, about twenty minutes put five o'clock yes
terday afternoon, to the dwelling of Mrs. Mats
thews and stretched .himself out upon the front
door step, holding in his hand an empty phial,
upon which be bad pasted a label of "strych-
I zone."
"Now there will be ap 'fleeting scene when
my captivating Charlotte comes out," solilognix
ed Mr Gould, s , he closed his eyes and compos
ed his features to a corpse like immobility Pre
sently Mies Matthews *mitred at the door broom
in band, for the purpose of sweeping the steps
On -e , log the recumbent Richard, she uttered
an exclamation '•f surprise, and then tried to stir
him up with the broom-stick; but finding that
ha did tot move. she called oat, "Mother, moth'
or, here's Dick Gould coiled up on our steps, and
I don't know what ail, him •' "Dead drunk, 1
guess," said Mrs Matthews, as she also cabin to
the front door "No, I'll declare if he ban'
kicked the bucket In reality," said Charlotte,
spying the bottle, and biking it out of Geuld's
band "See, the fool has been taking strych
nine:" "Poor soul," sighed the benevoleat old
lady; natural he looks:" "Lie looks about
al well as he did when'he was alive," observed
Charlotte, "and that's not saying m - oeh for his
beauty H. never could hold a candle to Jim•
my Hickman at any time " This Mr. Hick
man is &spruce young clerk who boards with Mrs.
Matthews, and who happened to come home at
that very juncture
When be Plll the supposed corpse, James oft
fetid to go for the coroner, to bold an inquest
over t•tbe poor devil," as be called Mr. Gould.
dao't like the notion of having a oaoro.o.
er and jury fellows poking about here," said
Mrs Matthews. "No," added Charlotte, "just
drag the nasty creature on to the cellar door of
the neat house, Jimmy. and then wash your
bands and oome in too supror."
Mr Hi c k man took the corpse by the feet to
do) as Le was dirt eft 'I, oho tr Gould dealt him a
kick which doubt. 4 him up like a jack knife.—
The ladies ahriekeil, anti Mr Gould, starting up
was beginning 000 oploraid Chat loft.' fur bar bard
ue-s '.f hi art, I thr or,6i (.1 r policeman in,
oertuptiol ~tot), 111 A h. 1113;11d away ..•
sadder and a w er man " Gin Gas
esa, the lovely %inge on `race*i ake, foinili
es the following •pcimen id parliamentary rul
lug:—"lit ito• •I f %Western New-
York, the "culled i n..rus," in emulattou of
their wbste bretbrea,,formed a Debating Soesety,
for !he purpose of improviug their minds by the
tlimu.siou of io.truetive and entertaining tt.pies.
Tht delit•erations if the Society were presided
O ‘,. T by a Trip table darkey, who rierforrucii hi.
dimes with the utmost dignity peculiar to his
color Thr subj.-et for eiscussion on the txca-ion
of which we write was 'Which am de width.' it
the chicken—dc b. n won lay de egg, or de h. t,
wnt hatches de chick?' The quertion watt warm
ly debated, soil many mull - tog pro and cqu wen,
urged and combated by the excited disputants
Those in favor of the latter proposition were t vi •
dirtily in thi nisjority, and the President mad,
no attempt to conceal that his sympeihies were
with the demivant party At length an itite.i
glut darkcy arose frow the minority side, rod
begged leave to a ate a pr' positionthis
'Spore,' said he, 'dist you set one •di,aru duck's
eggs under a ben, nud tiliy hatch, which ins de
madder—de duck or de hey?' This was a poser,
was well put, and non plussed the other eddy,
even staggering the Pros dent, who pistols raw
the forge of the argument, but had mosesitted
himself too tar to yield without a struggle; so,
after oogitating sod serttobiag his wool a few
elements, a aright idea "truck him Rising front
his shalt in, all the pride - of oonalious reperierity,
be aneosooed: "Dear am not before de house;
oho:kens am de pavilion derefore I rale de ducks
out!" wad do it. be did, to the complete overthrow
of bin oppeoents "
NO" The Cincinnati Osseoe tolls of a gentle
man of that city, formerly oonweeted with the
Turf, who mostly made a visit to England, and
while time attended a Dumber of ranee, betting
freely in a small way,generally coining out wins
uer ,just Wore leaving, be went to
the Comm'lilts Rases, with a balance in his fav
or up to that date of some $14,000 enlist opera
tions, and 'finding the Odds tep to one await
Ten Broeek's Priories, be eoneladed to risk his
pile on her. She came out about six * iiickes be
d. Had she woe, be weeld bay* pocketed
us.“Tbi 'asked &let Gte lalf their days,"
said • good isaa to itis zero summit. 4.Dat's
game," aaW Cody. 44Hito ao live out half his
days? Dad I- s' lodic 'bout 'Jobbat' o'olook
la de f
Pesi,sps obli ore Lp°
imLlsthe auk
mato is worki Name. Only owl Iwo opuke
Aiwa ilia, bat inumbods 111 tbatiado of sea
on dia, WU. Us stmt.
Female,' often possess preemie of "fp ,d• sad
the power of self control aolat saitgliftigitaibes of
imminent peril, which seem to
dieir nature, and beyond the etiduri*if a dui
ioate physical organisation. A strikinLtstanoe
of will eouitwind, by a lady whose must
bave bn u powerfuli.)ted,. and whose lite of
afauspaca had prub4bly never 4;ore Oren her
nerves any severer test than is ineideat, to the
vexatious of doiniatic estr‘s is Arkin. Chatn•
bens sfuerard ..f ln.t mouth W 5 cell the ad,
venture, premising by nay of esplotontinu that
the lady was the daughter of a rector residing in
e quiet English nuuntry village, end •was upon
the eve of marriage :
Th , • wedding day was it. be on the isoreow of
that on which our adventure *paned Hrand
preparations were made for the aseddiegp and the
rector's hod 014 plate. vat eoistly gifts Of the bride,
weft aiiiiienseed with prido and pkwatarn at the
Hare and Hounds, io-14144preiwntaa of • omestran
ger, whet had come a prise , fighli , which
bad taken plaoe iu rbr ileigtiberbestd."
That eight, .A.Lietantv, wiist ocewhnia separate
runts fr.,a t tier ,later, up low-40w wiser all
ibe r. 44 r.• 'red .tv!oritts She, had
long intervit..+ si I, ris Lae audiked been reed
mg a eii•phir t,. M e is 14 , had litrested her
lecithin, di:Li Is dd peaked up her
di.c Sit,. 4' 000requoutly 4141 Alreildled when
the ottureti t•.l /e 4 Ul • • AAA ttpseedr
she home! -tie tiesril a tow noise .like that of s
file; she listened bu. Gould cliitinggiele'vethleig
clearly It might Nave been mute by WPM Or
tho P. rvi:o. still *bow, or perbapait WOO only
the p,-- , ,klhg or =h. old treee She heard noth
ing h.', I hr •oglitag of the winter wiedwfor many
minur• • aftt-ritAr.J., Housebreaker', were mere
myth. in priini , ive Shyrvion and the briderelect,
eite,,,t A ihnegbr of fear, reamed= her woolips
-1100 arm+ gr , Vair tin a glitatlitlj i 14t dile
wood., ul‘i to he irt:rti st the w when
her be tin door •iftly opened. -- 'She timed,
lieilvd up, and hi bold a men with a Meek Wink,
holding a pistol in hi. bead, ettandiag before
She did not sere.,m, for her pert thought was
for her hither; in the next room, and
to whom 'Buy suddeu alarm might be death, for
he was old, fetbee, and enfferiog from heart oom
plaint She eontronted the - robber Witty, and
addressed Mai in a whiwper • 4 1" net dot 0001.1 "
s h e said, -to rob n. Spare year tided the awful
guilt of murder My father telepis tiett - to my
room, and t 9 tie stir , lect f r o m hi a eel would kin,
him. Make no beg or yol.'
The fellow was astonished and cowed. "Wt
won't make no noe:e," he replied Ito4eltlyi "I'
you give us everythin g quietly,"
A lelaide dr, w back and let him take her jew
els—not a pang, for they were preesotp
I've gifts, remark , eg at the same time, that tw
more masked refftatit "toted at the half open doe,
At be tonk the jewel ease and 'seek from ti
table, and demanded her puree, she asked him t r
he intended' to go into her father's room. Sl•
received a surly affirmative; "he wasn't going t
run a risk and keys bat' the tin behind !"
proposed instantly that she ehould go herself
elutes; "I will bring you whatever yon wisk
and you may guard ins thither, and Vin me if
play false to you " The fellow onsuaalted
comrades, and after a short parley; - Ifiel_agreeet
to the prophet! ; and fill) a pistol jaded at ht t
head, the danutletti girl crossed the pilaw, mid
entered the old rectors room. ate
stole across the c)atnbcr and removed hie pant.,
watch, treys and desk, gave them up, act the rot
be.,s who stood at the door The old man slay •
peacefully and calmly, thus guarded by Ida
who softly shut the door, and demanded if tl -
robbers wtre ytt satisfied
The leader replied that they should be whe t ,
they had got the show of plate lipped - Rau beim.
but that they es.uldn't let her out of eight, anti
that the must go with them In compliam •
with this mandate, she followed thaw down stab -
to the diuteg route, where a eplemdid weddin,
hrtalasst been laid to save usable and hur
ry top iLe ul..rrow To her surprise, the fellow.
I .t. number when 1010010111011....eatet
lietu.t ;%; •• and prepartd to make a pod mad
They ~td. 'id her to g(t them out Inas, mad k
cut her ..wil wedding cake for them; and - ekes
seated at , I.e bead of thu table, she was compel
1, d to pr, si•le st this extraordinary rereL
They ere, drank, laughed and joked; and Ad
elaide, quttk of tar and eye, bad thee time to
study, in her quiet way, the fi gures s ad re i ns
of the whole set
Whro the rtpa.,t ILA coded, sad the plate
trau-f. rrt d to a Pack, they prepared to deput,
wimp. rio p: tu e ...tirr, and giseciag at the young
lad). For tht. firot tame Adelaide's mar pv•
w.), and trcuabled; tut it wae - oot • °cud
-I,.ti agaiom h• r. tiq it proved The leader, ap
proach og h. r. t• that they did* nor wish to
harm L. t —that she was "a jolly weash, :rear
wp,'• hi .1 tL. y s Cr hurt he'r, but that she
p %sr., r I,or In. give au alarm till olio or teD
the dry, ahk tht y uld opal inste,—
Ti. tLia ni.r e a. 44 en 1.17,5 C iidifed id assent, sad
!Leo Th.) all tr-.reed alingLand,withher.
She t rd dal .t ILI:. portiog certmosy, that
ro• • t b.,d Lly three finger on the
I. tt 1.41,(1
Al' t.e, t d room, Adelaide, hint
tortured the first gleam of dap
ligl.f; 111,11 art the r , bberti did not return, a
up t.. ber rottm, undrribed; and fell into 22
uodisturbol :doutber The eontiterostion of tbo
up.ruing ma} he Imagiaed; and
Al.. -tory Wio. tovrt litonndivg than
iLe f.ct o f it., to bt. y t rerr "Pcl;ce wero sent
tor ft • w L udo,u, maid ihr), to:dam] b). Ad( laido's
• t llpuoo of I.r r toidniitt guebts, actual
') net. t u tf to capturing I rtry one of the gong,
111 , 11" w tip y ung lady bad n.. clifiltillty in Wenn%
Eying snit swearing to—the "three - tittered Jsek"
helot; thy. guiding clue to the discovery The
molt u Fr , perty pee nearly all recovered, and th4l
- a:l4(c tor it, Wi)t• dtolarcd—sod witb truth—that
Le od d his Itlc to the tell pobbeesion and judg
went of eldeat daughter.
The oti.) 11l • fftct of the great, trial to her
ne rires, wee; a diepotlltiotl, on the pain old ie y oung
beroibe in ti s ieu ‘ for isi d o i s i ii mods, an detc:
uneuily limn troubled dreamy but time and
(unge of retidenee boon effect ed its cure.
WRONG PAIREINGER —Young men -who keep
late bcnrs, beware: Oeo. Heist mturtted home
from a ball at Cincinnati, about 8 A. M., sod
finding all the doots locked, climbed upon tbe
portico to get in through the window. An effort
bad beta nasde'by bbrgleril to eater the premises
a few nights previous, and his' father bearing As
noise armed htm.elf with a retorver,nba taGewrgo,
reacted tbe porch the old gentitmen fired twit*,
and the_youth fell Baylor f•Dfy God, I am
?hot!" The father ran op . to tavinoaaded bur
glar, as be ?opposed; and &covered to his bor.
for that it waahis own '
tom Fortunately for
both, George was not lion as Badly as he tho't.
The first ball had missed him' 11Vegethari sad
the moondolodged is elio itioutdas) . making a
painful, though.aot at ail devious wound.
A Wirintmo Pawn BQT wo Witottwo.—The
Indianapolis Jouroal relates hew a 'warden de
sertion of an expectant bride took place in that
city on Thursday arming. The topper was pre.
pared, the gamete came, tbie lady-r-vwidow—was
waiting in her bridal sutra, bat . the expected
bridegroom oasts tot. It was afterward wee
hined that i• west tbst very attarliota to Fla*
lat i to army mother lady.