Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, November 13, 1858, Image 1

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Bills for srari rs-tvertismg •11l Ix prastLAri, Loaf
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Uti r lutimpt, ker. N.. 1 Rms. t. • Ine.ek, Eno,
‘..rerdi Erie Cou•ty, Pi C.lleetiour awl
.vended w erlth prmuptannt end itioriatert.
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..1211r Ilor ot rpprr TAI.• Attetueng, PubHe
t tt d: CLARK
•tn lootffirdie arra ImportPd IV lwra
4 • ctr., Tobse,n, Preit„ Oil, .ad Agent.
It is. Al. ot 7 itowsa4l Block, Stale
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•u, r.hoaa •t Wholesale and &Flail, at No 10 ,
• -. .atr • t 'not, Ent, Ya ,
/1.11 1.. r L,•seerts. Lectures, and Public
Lua of the Put. Enquire et The Basking
, No .1, Reed Neu..., Erie, ht
01.DPI dt lAIW.
and Retail tieriere W Vielliencleil
/.f • •.' . 4 ual,tj, the eheapert and bets 4 44 /4
o•i, • F 'inert Dear Pesch, Vie, h.
rArr, kng In thestly, firm or aseeltant
- .-•
h• .•71 Crr v $ rrTriSti —Mary In tbe rear of
it ?io 3, Fifth, Eras, Fla AN Ludsteas In
; , romptly auJ fattlakally atteatlett to
DR. 0. 1.. 1101.4.11011`.
' ' • - 4 and 01.411ng is south Park R.. 6nt
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tßitck Bietrtitnics.
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• Sicamb ' kugibbo, ilwabbbs. MII4 lauruillAtnow
E - IttE - ---- ,'WEEKLY OBSER V 441
"A law city °ace stood bore: de Game Se lost, its history us
For esiatarie• it has hews asavaastaly alerted as with the
lave 41f Valarty4.°
uttuikr of years anti, a woman of the name
of Ishi: Lucas kept a small lodging• house in the
son , l.ern suburbs of Edinburg She was the
daughter of a respectable teacher in the city,
wh st his death, had bequeathed to her, as his
soo .urviving r.lation, about three hundred
pounds, together with the furniture of a house
The later part of the legacy suggested to her
the proprooyof endeavoring to support herself
by keel ing lodgings, while the part which con'
sisted in money promised to stand effectually
between her and all the mischances that could
Le :peck dto befall ber in aucb a walk of life
Si.. accordingly, for several years, let one or IWO
oo.• to students ao.l,..ther perbons, and thus
.-.ll , tived to „five very decently, without trench •
lug upon heel little ritpital, till at length she at,
1,,0r,d the
t g.p . ;M et age ot two an hbrty
1441 at no period of life been a beauty
had an iron- gray compli ',ion, and a cast of
f.atures bespeaking rather etreogth of character
than letionin.• grow, She was now km, a beau
ty than ever • and for teats had tacitly acknowl
edged h. r .4.nse of the tact, by abandoning all
those modes and materials of dress which W.W.11
%rut long as they have ally thoughts of ina
'ult.'s', Where, however, Is .he woman at the:
r soy Hiner pir.rille. Th.rir«l of life, in Will'," te.
sofa the -park of lee lies dead beyond
If any such th. re he, Libel was D ot of 'to sour
I. r
1,-f lita, itidiiridull to wt,
t) Ih. name fe, rdy tie, who kept 3 groeer -
- . op of an titan , r order to ito neightorhood - -
This person ga.e locust It out for a native
Ist, ..1 Nan, tato d tha. h, had luta. u If.,
Inelit) lo a militia regitneui, Lv
which hid be. u • nahied io so up in imsito,.
tie iris a largo, dark, coarse man, of aiwut hvq.
and thirty. with a , outiriabal unpromising cast uf
face, god a slight twiat in his left eye Fordyne
e m s iT to be 3 man of urea' industry and appli.
cation, and used to kpeak of his cireunititancca
as agreeable in t,rry respect, except that he
wanted a wit' This, he said. was a great want
There were many things about his shop which
c i f, one but a (tittle, could properly attend to
Witheut sueh a helpmate, things were continual
ly going wrong, but with her, all would go right
One point, however, he must be clear about; she
who ohould he his wife would require to bring
Botncmbtug latth her, to his stock, and buy the
necessary boost: furniture lie cared little about
good looks, if there was good sense; sod indeed
a woman of some experience in the word would
gnawer tits pnuase beat
Iloneat Isbel began in a little while tei turn
these matters in her mold She one day took a
steady look at Fordyne, and discovered that be
had a good upright carriage of body, and that
though his mouth was of the largest, yet his teeth
were awing the bent she had ever seen. Next
time she visited his shop, •be took a glance at
the room behind, and found that- it had a nine
out-look upon Halisburg Crags. Fordyne, okr.
serviog that she glanced into his back shop, in
vited her to mine to and see what a fine house
be had, for such in reality it was, though uo•
furnished Irkl very quickly saw that there
was one capital bed room, a parlor, a kitchen,
and a vast variety of closets, where things could
be "put off one's band " One press, Mr For
dyne showed, was already furnished, being ten
anted by a huge dram bottle, and a server full of
shortbread, which he said, bad been lately re•
quired to treat his customers, on account of the
New Tear Of this he made lithel a partaker,!
drinking in his turn to her good health, and a
good man tb her before the next recurrence of
the season. This exchange of compliments did
not take place without some effect. label as
cended the stair in a kind of reverie, and found
herself entering the next door above instead of
her own, before she was aware. In a month
thereafter the two were married
Three dale &Or, the nuptials, Mrs. Fordyne
was sitting to -her little parlor, waiting supper for
h e r husband, and reflecting on the step she was
about to take next day—namely, the transfer
ence of bet household furniture to the apartments
behind Fordyne's shop, and surrender of her
tie fortune into his hands. Her eye happened
in the course of b ogitatious, to wand* to a
portrait of bet fatL r; and as she gasedion it,
she could hardly help thinking that its 0101.1'11y
stern sad ereo at ur features assumed so Ceres
two still blelDtT and .;:oUref. No doubt this s
ibe mere effect of some toward pleading of co ,
seketee, fur she could tiot but acknowledge se
cretly to herself that the step abe had taken was
poi of that kid whieb Let itairrull would have
approved. iihe Wlthtiv w her e)es with a dis ,
curbed mind and agile looked musingly towards
the ire, when oho thoeght she heard the outer
door (pin, and a person come in. At first she
supposrd that this must be her huslisud, and she
Itisgau, Ito refore, to transfer the supper from tb
fire to !Le tabie. On listening however, she
heard that the foot-steps were accompanied by
the sound of a walkingscane, white assured her
that it eould not La Vordywe. She stood for t‘
minute tioelo.llolo sad idlest, asd diatisaili
A 11144.14
Fria illwe Jam if Csatatorre
Far sway vlthltr the glowing.
Vel;efe of the oun's doinaio.
Posoona's beads o'ettowlos,
in blown %ha tropic plain,
b 11- towlines mile of sumer
&wad its croaelettas e.lattios shed,
lisireed from toll and trale's miaow r,
Liss a city of the dead
I ice • vast avid silent eft)
NAZDOLPIII del of lite deed
%Mimi about, tits ownerchl
Rise the eid weeds ens sad lAA
11" tth their trams that knows so mu:gut
With their stk.* mod teagied rail.
_ttl their 104 j, dux Lisle. that ne • e•
Wale 1,4 human voice et' limit!
•;:ett they avid thatt• gloom ft:Tweet
hte.lth the the 3tite:
a. I —bibs nett tail silent Fite.
•Ithrheleree city et the deed
.st.• t 2.44• eat arc r.. .411.7.0
W.ll, the y‘.s4 /hurting Lto wzis.
not. WV 1 tree, 0..1 patio. L,..uadop ,
1,, tlit tilt., at,3 irsq,
VAS.; •L. : ItyMFACIII 6.17
tr..• bet', I.4L%talf t0+.14.:
I" .. t.ll iktof .'Ault f
t) e •1 the
- ' L •h. not su,!. tUmntM• •
\ lit. of :to 1.
11-r, IL.. • 1 .11..tae • .Lre
As the boat rolleal by
and the fvuat apallucl3
Au.wered e.v
All ore goes-- the mirth, the anc.itt,
• ~ slave sad Inagl) bead,
Al,l tie strength and glee, laugu,ab
la tAke ea" , a lb. 3.W.
a the vast and stiebt
Here the k. eyed "u t law r,
Ftdains the ninuldering haunts t mesa
to 3 the haggard, wolf him hoe lin:.
With tt,. adder makes hit den
rru • rushed arch and mossy colum ,
all. the tiger'. bloody tread,
4t...1 the owlet's cry rank solemn
Through tier city the lead
Chr...trlgh the Cat aa.t s.lent
Nurieleee c.ty ut the .1%1.1
beard the sound of an old is walking along the
passe with a atiok--souads which at ogee
Nought to her recollection her departed father.'
She sunk into her chair: the muscle died away
in the distance; and almost at' that minute is er
husband came In to cheer her, Calling. to the ser.
rant as he passed, in his loud aid boisterous way,
that she had stupidly loft the outer door open.
Though label Lucas had oommitted a very ice.
prudent action, in marrying a man who was a
perfect stranger to her, nevertheless the predom
mating feature of her mind was p rot ietioe The
impressions just made upon her senses were of a
very agitating nature, yet knowing that it was
do late to act upon them, she conosaled her emo
tions There could be no doubt, that she had Te
-1 ceived what in her native country is called a
.4warniog;" yet conceived that her best course
was to go on, sad betray no suspicion, she never
' , faltered in any of her promises to her husband
She was nett day installed in Mr. Fordyne's own
house, to whom, in return, she committed a sum
rather above four hundred pounds; for to that
, extent bad she increased her stook in the coarse
of her late employment
For some time matters proceeded very well.—
Her husband professed to lay out her money up
on those goods which he had formerly represent
'ed himself as unable to buy. His habits of ap
plicatiuu were rather increased than diminished,
and a tew customers of a more respectable kind
than any tiP had hitherto bad, began to frequent
his chop, being drown thither in consideration of
hi. wife Among the new wrtieles be dealt in
wan whiskey, which be bought in large quantities
from the distillers, and sold wholesale to a num
ber of neighboring dealers By and by this branch
of his trade seemed to outgrow all the rest, and
be found himself occassionally obliged to pay
' visits to the places where the liquor was menu.
factored, in order to purchase it at the greatest
advantage His wife in a little while became
to his obscene* for a day Of two at a
time, and having every reason to believe that his
affairs were in a very prosperous state, began to
forget all her former misgivings
Our occasion he left her on what be described
as the Highland distillery visit, intending, be
said, io be absent for at least a week, and carry
tog with him money to the amount of nearly a
thousand pounds, which he said he would proba
bly spend upon whiskey before he came back.—
Nothing that could awaken the least suspiiion
occurred at their' parting; but next day while his
wife superintended matters in the shop, site was
surprised when a large bill was presented, for
which he had wale nu provision On inspecting
i it she was Still eurther surprised to find that it
referred to a transaction which she undirstood
a t the time to be a ready money one Raving
dismissed the presenter of the bill, she lost no
time in repairing to the counting-house of a large
commission house in Leith, with which she knew
her husband to have had large transactions
There, on making some indirect inquiries, she
found that his purchases, instead of being entire
ly fur reedy money, as he•had represented to ber,
were mostly paid by bills, some of which were on
the point of becoming due It was now but too
iapparent that the uoprinoipled man bad taken
his final ksve of ber acid his creditors, peering
With hint all the voila that hie ingenuity could
• collect
I,bel Lucas way not a to sit down in
idle despair on such an event. She was a steady
Scutell.worean, with a .tout heart for a difficult
ty; sod her resolution was soon taken She in•
stautl) proceeded to Glasgow coach office, and
ascertained, as she eipected, that a Dian answer
ing to the deacrtpt ion of her husband had taken
a place for that e.ty the day before The smell
yuautuy .1 Lowery th4t bad been colletred to the
s h, p s net hi s tlepri ore she put Iwo her pocket;
the stop she • omitted to the porter and her old
rvitto .1( nay ; :and haviug wide up a small bun
die if .2tra clothes, she set if Lay the coach to
Gia•g ,, w On uligthiug to the Trougate, the
first p, mots she met was a female friend from
urg who a-k.ti with surprise, bow she and
her it ti•;oaud happened to be traveling at the saw
time '•Why do you ask that question?" asked
14.1 -Because, replied the other, '•1 shook
hand , with Mr Fordyne yesterday as Le' was
going on hard the Isle of Man 'steamboat a. the
litootuirlaw This was enough for Isbol She
immediately ascertained the time when the; We
a t M ao
.s t ea mbo a t would nett sail, aid, to her
great joy, found that she would not be two days
later than her husband in reaching the irlpind
On lauding in proper time at Douglas, in Man,
she found her purse almost empty, but bee des•
perate etreumatauees made her resolve to prose'
cute the search, though she should have to beg
her way hack
It was tuorolog when Au landed at Douglas
The whole forenoon E. hi, spent in wandering
about the strteis, to the hope of eneountering her
faitLiees husbsod, and inquiring after him at the
inns At length she sattsfied herself that Le
musiiiave left the town that vary day for a re.
mote part of the island, and on foot. She imme
diately set out upon the same road, and with the
same means of conveyance, determined to sink
with fatigue, or subject herself to any kind of
danger, rather than return without her object.
At first the - road passed over a moorish part of
the country; but after proceeding several miles,
it began to border on the sea, in some places
edging on the precipices which overhung the
shore, and at others winding into deep recesses
of the country. At length, on coming to the
opening of a long reach of the road, she saw a
her has which she took for that of her has cl,
just disappearing at the opposite eztre y.—
immediately gathering fresh strength, a push
ed briskly on, and after an hour's tot e march
bad the satisfaction, on turning a proj tion, to
find her husband sitting right betties her on a
ordyne was very mach surprised at her ap.
pearauce, which was totally unexpftted; bin be
soon recovered his oompoeste. Ha met her with
mare than even usual kindness, as if concerned
at ber having thought proper to perfam so toil
some a journey. He hastened to explain that
some information he bad received atialsegow re
specting the dangerous state of his mother, bad
induced him to make a start out of his way to
see ber, after which he 'would immediately re•
turn It was then his turn to ask explanation
from her; but this subject he premed very tight.
lyi and for ber part, she hardly dared, in this
lonely place, to avow the suspicions stylish had
induced her to undertake the journey.
"It is all very well," . sald Fordyne,with sleeted
eomplairanee; "you'll just go forward with me to
my mother's house, and she-will be pleased to
see me since I bring you with me." label, smo
thering her real feelings, agreed to do this, the'
it may well be supposed that, after what be had
already done, sod considering the wild place - is
which she was, she most hare entertained no
comfortable prospects of her night'. adventures.
On then, they walked, in the dusk of fast ap•
proaching night, tbrough a country whisk seem
ed to be destitute slate of houses andiahabltests,
sod where thelnuiversal stillness was baldly ever
broken by the sound of any saikaal, land et
tame.' The road as formerly, was partly en tbe
edge of a sea worn preeipieee, over which a vie.
tim might be dashed in a minment, with hardly
the hpist chance of ever being more sees or heard
of, alid partly in the recesses of a nagged who
try, i whose pathless wilderness the woe lt of
wafter might be almost es assurely siseted.—
I‘begLneas, knowing' hew Moth roam her bus.
beads had to Irish her on of this world, was Ws
17 sifts to dingo' of her path, void gt miry
trthat seemed were eeoveoient than another ,
.. a work, regarded him, even is the midst
of civil conversation, with the watchful eye of
one w h o d rea d s th e s pring of the tiger from
every break. She contrived to keep upon the
aide of the toad most remote from the precipices,
and carrying in her pocket an unclasped pen
knife, though almost hopeless that her womanly
nerves would support her in any effort to use it
Thar did they walk oe_for several miles, till at
length, all of a sudden; Fordyne started off the
road, and was instantly lost in a wild, tortuous
ravens. This steal was so different from any
ether which she kind feared, that for a moment
she stood motimasee with surprist. Another
moment, however, lutheed to make up her mind
as to her future course, and she immediately I
plunged into the defile, following as nearly as
possible in the direction whieh the fugitive rep.
peered to have taken. On, on she totted , through
thick entangling bushes, and over much soft and
mossy ground, her limbs every moment threat
to sink beneath her with fatigue, which
they would certainly have done very speedily, if
the desperate au:intim' which filled her mind
had not rendered her in a great measure immesh ,
ble to the languor of her body It at length be. ;
came a more pressing object with her to find
some place where abe could be sheltered for the
night, than to follow in so hopeless a pursuit;
and she therefore ezperienoed great joy on per- ,
ceiling a light at a little distance As she ap
proaohed the place whence this seemed to pro, I
aced, she discovered a rottage, whence she could
hear the sound of music and dancing With
great caution she drew near the window through ,
which the light was glancing, and there, peeping
into the apartment, she saw her husband caper
in furious mirth amidst a set of coarse peas- I
ant like individuals, mingled with a few who I
bore all the appearance of sea smugglers. Au
old woman, of most unamiable aspect, sat by the
fireside, occasionally giving orders for the pre
paration of food, and now and then addressing a
complimentary expression to Fordyne, whom Ivo
bed therefore guessed to be her son After the ;
party bad seemed to have become quite tired of
dancing, they sat down to a rode but plenteous
repast; and after that was oolicluded, the whole
party addressed themselves to repose Some r'
tired into an apartment at the opposite end of
the house; but most stretched themeelvee on strew
whieh lay in various corners of the room in
which they had been feasting. The single bed
in this apartment was appropriated to Fordyne,
apparently on se:coupe of his being the most im
portant individual of the party, and be therefore I
continued under the unsuspected observation of
his wife till he had oowsigoed himself to repose.
Previous to doing
~so, she observed him place
something with great caution under his pillow
For another hour Isbel stood at the window,
inspecting the interior of the house, which was
now lighted very imperfectly by the expiring
fire. At length, when every recumbent figure
seemed to have become bound securely in sleep,
she first uttered one brief, but fervent prayer,
and then undid the loose fastening of the door,
and glided into the simartment Carefully avoid.
tag the sarew patteerewhrob lay stretched around,
she approached the bed whereon lay the treach
erous Fordyne and sforify awl softly withdrew
iris large pocket -book from beneath the pillow
To her inexpressible joy she succeeded in exccu
ting this manor:over without giving him the least
disturbance. Gimping the book fast in one
hand, she piloted her way beak with the other,
and in a few seconds had regained the exterior if
the outrage
As she had expiated, situ found LLe larg • sum
which Fordyne had taken away nearly entire
Transferring the precious pares' to her Los. In,
she net forward instantly, upon a pathway which
lid trout the ei.nage, apparently 111 the direetiou
of Douglas This pursued a little way, ILO -he
regained the road she bad formerly L It, along
'bleb she immediately proceeded wit all posts
bin bate Fortunately, she had not advanced
far, whin peasant came up byliind Ler to All
empty cart, and readily 04 411•CUti ti to giNe 1,1 a
lift for a few mites. By deans of this help she
reached Douglass at an early hour to the morn,
iag, where finding a steamboat just ready tomtit,
she immediately embarked, and was scion beyond
ail danger from her husband.
The intrepid label Lucas returned iu a few
days to Ridinburg, with s sufficient sum to satiA
fy all her husband's creditor's, and enough over
to set her up once more in her former way of life
She was never spilt troubled with the wretch
Fordyce, who a few years afterwards she had the
satisfaction of hearing bail died a natural (heath
of en epidemic fever in the bridewell of Tralee,
in Ireland.
A MYSTIRT CLltAftltt U —A few days ago
Judge Davis commenced t prosecution in the
Police Court spinet John Wendell On the
trial, Wm. Davie was the principal witness for
the prosecution, and made the case strong against
the defendant Mr C , the attorney of the de
fendaut, took him in hand for croa4 examination,
Mr. C —Are you in soy mintier releoed t•I
tie_proseentirg witneeer
Mr. C.---Flow?
Witness.—We Ire brothers in law
Mr. C.—You can go down, sir.
Mr. C. then called up and examined shout
dozen tit:lessee, who swore that William Davis
and the prosecuting witness were father and eon
This was clinching testimony, Mr C was calling
another wttness yet, when the Judge esid•
"Mr. C., there is no use in calling any more
witnesses on that point It is now abundantly
Mr. C. replied—"lf your honor is satisfied, I
aio; I only wish to show that the witness is a
liar and not to be believed;" and he tilted him
self back in his chair, ran his fingers through his
hair, and looked arouud upon the crowd, while a
triumphant grin covered his face
The Cuy Attorney then recalled Wm Davis
Attorney.— A down witnesses swear that you
and the prosecuting witntas are father and eon—
how is that?
Witness—lt is true.
Ablorsiej.—Wby then did you say a few
nutea ago that you were brothers in law?
Witnesa.--ritecause we married sisters
lire all binds beause oonvulsed with laugh'-
ter, and Mr. C.'s triumphant grin passed into the
"reflection of despair," and, his client into the
county jail.— Cleveland Leader.
A LONG JOlTlNlT.—Saturday afternoon we
saw a Swedish lady at the depot, on her way to
her husband at Sheboygan, who left Sweden one
year ego last August, for this country, and has
tittlisequently been over fourteen months on her
way ! She was shipwrecked twit*, the first time
on the coast of Scotland, on board an American
vessel called the "May Qteen. Ste has endured
Innumerable hardships on her way, and paid her
pussy twice, with that of her children, who W.
wormy her. She has three children—girls,
from about fovea to twelve years of age. She
has been to this cannery before, and returned to
Sweden ON a visit. The faintly took the cars
for Chicago, Saturday nigh*, greatly rejoiced that
their !wig journey was so near a termination._
Detroit .Advertiser.
Colfax, of Indiana, cobalt:hoe for Con
vrse, rot% wee fottodueed to a proof.
et at Germs, a little deit, Bole Dar," laid the
Gomm, '!lo kr dell ads der boledia—l pays
ldik orertwo timer
Soeiad Life in Germany
A Ravi kr wt... spends but a few dap in a
plaoe, and then proeet.d. on his way, has very
little opportunity 1.1 beeodling acquainted with
the ,ocial habits of rt people Such has been to
a great extent the ease with We, and yet I have
had many opportunities of seeing the Germans
in their how-. Let me give in a few words the
results of my üb-ervations
The Giermani are m.,ro social than the Ameri
cans I believe they do nut talk eq much (eer•
tainly not 86 fa , t) as the French, but they eer.
tainly do talk much more than we do You nev
er see to o Germans sitting together at a table,
or in a perlui, in silence They lice together
also to a very great extent
When an Ansi:l-man settles down in life, his
wife and children CoUatikute rite center, not only
of his affections, but of his plans and hopes
Home is the •.rust sdored -p .o ~arth to him
His meal 4 he takes at home, his evenings he
erects at home; his cares and his straggles with
life terminate on his home. His own bow+. thus
becomes it were a little independent kingdom
by itself Each household, great or small, thus
goes through by itAelf with all tip forconlarie• of
baking, cooking, eating, .crabbing, just es
though there was no other family in the wide
world Hence you see all over the rural tlietricts
of our country aimoit entirely 6 ,, lated 1 : 1 0 1 .1`'e 3 •
each built on the domain its occupant Even
in towns and cities the same isolation is in a
great degree kept up, th,,ngb the hr , tio•te4 may
perhaps join each other
Now all through Germany this matte' I n es in
a very different shape You see no isolated-hous•
es through - the country, the people all live in
villages and clot, Ni family does i own bs'
king, nor much of its rooking P,ople mingle
t..gether by day and by night. Whole families
will leave their homes for the day, or for the
evening, and will be found in s one garden or in
some p:aee of amusement, taking their ntea:
get her The children pray together, the women
knit togi•ther, and the men cruoke and drink to
gether Take a German or st tierman family
away from all others and they would feet like a
fish ',tit of water and iu another Eli went You
have observed that Gerutan emigrants in Amen.
it settle in little squads, and very seldom isolate
thernselve. from eueh other• In our cities, also,
they sr • often satiNtied to live, many families- to
the same house, and :.onietitns In th e s awe
I do 1.101.11J1f1.1 , 1 to the piste .r icon.)
my of German ~ c ial lif. , but I will venture the
remark that the method of patronizing the ba.
her, exclusively, both for their bread and meat,
thus avoiding the truuttie and expense f uven.
and fires to their own huuseA, mu-t e-peeial:
ly iu -nrntut r, a rua. ter of v , ry gr,•it ~in ni-nre
and tronomy
The simple diet on which the great masses of
the German people live facilitate the eacryiug
out of their haktits of Aticial life, Ab•olt three.
Aft.ha of the whole population do uut e4t meat of
any kind 0114111er than once a week - , awl tuulti.
Nita 40t SO oft. n The great stsph or diet
among tip , • poorer elas44 is a rot} bteek bres.i,
made exclusively of rye, eosretly ground, and
made sour, protraloy A. 3 wooer of ia-te, 1, :lie
infusion of ti”ltit• nerd I J 1,41.1 at it, but
never Lappet:ie.' to tie hungry enough to Nuceeed.
It) their season vegetable. of enno ti + k ag i l are
freely useil by all classes, hut the rye breallis the
main thing. It is baked to loaves about twoantl
3 mu( feet long an.i ptituetitue , more than
kur r fire luchis in '.l,ittiiiter It would I) , a
very tower t knock a man down will, one
of these iiisres of bread Tn my own ttste it is
rill unpalatable, and yet I hay, ..flu areu tier
mans at hotels taking It to pre&reut•P t, a t. !ter
quality wade uht•at
The enraruon wb• at t.r. $ , l I bare ultras-. t. , utol,
with hardly one exception, etkp.t vreell , nt Jr
far heifer, as a genera rule, than that found
in England, and I wilt add thst Innen bet.
ter than that ordinarily made in the United tuatos
They always bake it in small loaves, about twice
th e AV* , Of A ten-011p, and it is wb•te, light sod
delicious Not only with the vonrer masses is
meat an article of luxury—it 19 nsed very little,
compared with American 'habits. by the better
rlatmes A German n• sir t meat for I.truk
fast A cop of e. fire and a piece of hrtel.l acid
butter invariably con‘titive the cuprutug
A SAD FiarE.—The Cincinnati Tree
the body a match pedlar , ttiumd Henri' Brant,
wai4 dipeocertd -a few .in), uy.r ili )ILimi
Canal. *t Cinciutiatt 'rt.. .1• was atiout
twenty vight year. Nee, at.ri emigrate d c row
tierntnny Ml,ll 013 1.111 1I ..;td hta wife
were both .4 higuly roipcetaL4c tamilits, and he
brought with hicu to thyi vountri 5.41.5,00fi in cash
He purchased an estate not Lc from this city,
in the Staie kit' Kentucky, paying 612,0011 sail!,
for it
There be resided, KI4I r.‘llLidud fiN go! tll- 4 1rt,,
heurt (-uni t ] wieL, ht.ppy iu bit
doincetie T. r.F. While ri•idinv thcr. , a lib
ertine writ] the affeelionl , I 61. K lie per I
suaded Ler to seize al: Lcr husband', teady cash,
sod elope with ban Si.* did rn The tiews of
the elopement came Isle death to the uofertuuate
husband gull tits children Thty did not pur:sue
the erring one, but "pint day 4 and we eke in si
lent grief At lett the fatlwr proposed to the
eldest mitt- to oomph le the th,tuetli c ruin, an d
cover ibernmeleet with life krig miter) The sou
assented Ttuy prepartd tnrcl.rr And, iu the
darkness of Inc night, they tired ibe farm heuer,
the harp, and eters improvement upon the ee.
Houses, grain, tepees, and ever) srticle on the
farm were demrovr 'flat. morning «nu arose on
a desolated estate Brant !ben came to Cincin
nati. He plunged into drink, and what little
property he bad wax soon squandered Ile then
took to peddling matches and iilackrog to sustain
himself. For several years he has lived a vaga
bond life, and whatever be made peddling was
expended in drink.
Mir At a political meeting in Indiana the
other day, a speaker named Long responded to
the loud call and took the - stand; hut a big, strap•
ping fellow persisted in crying nut, in a 'tent°.
ruts voice, "Long!"—••Long!" This caused a
little confusion, but after some difficulty in mak•
fog himself heard, the President succeeded in
stating that Mr. Lovg, the gentleman honored
by the call, waszow addressing them. "Oh be
be d--d!" retired the fellow; "he's the little
sktezicks that told me to pall for Lank"' This
brought down the house.
Mir A friend just from the famous Arostook
Valley, in northern Maine, tells that as span
was walking along in a thoughtful mood, a en•
cumber vine gave chase to him, ran up hie kg,
and into his pocket The man in great terror,
thrusting his hands into his pocket to eject the
impudent intruder, drew torah a ripskotreumber:
tar A Yaukqe bus invented a plague whieh
kills off all who do Got pay the printer. It has
played sad havooso N. EN;land, aad is eater'
diog rapidly wept f - the mount n in ft . S ome i n
Iflinoia. Ohio and Indiana hive already began to
4 6 0011 a naiee." Peri D vylva in howl
petit danger.
ear Some tate give.• this cogent advice to
Psebelers: "Be Pure to snots samosa who wi ll
rift p.m up, ineiesti of pushing you down—in
lueroassilo- phesse,get hold 9f a piece of calico
hat la sub.
BraLIN, Aug. 1858
'raw Ms r. #lll4 Timm 1
"Life on tie Omit ilraft"
"41 Ilho as Um Ooposs w...r "
The Rao who wrote It WM rum
No sown hos tows tom,
hod s Nora ho how &mit saw
No sever lee bees aroused
Fros the iseralate putts hoe
By the sou act of hiblaragag water.
As it 1541 beet the Medi best .
Ha moor Ism board t was
Bomb Mai *hi *no Ylt 104 .
With t soon snidest to room
Trots tD• vtvi tit slambotrfai 014
Re atm hu seta s lit won=
drenriag %Mawr day kr Oar,
sad kimdag war the vassera oda,
nava tag banal( away
Walls peopli look cersasiel/ Oar
Thanit 1 / 1 1 teas tkoveiria nay be,
A ad tallieUag ay tt I notidas at all,
Oils the roll of the sea
AM 01 ba Itms won Ona mo-oick
And wept taut b$ ta Itto OW,
nil. rocy mottos Itterotsod als Mr °ea ,
♦ad litsfirsiaogramoall lib kdoatiaosa
Thai... way Imo NOM la also**. -
4 sum paddle or ea • wadi;
nut It lus nos bon to ors sad wrote
duel s song, by desserna to tos drowns('
4 New Rtalituius Soot in lowa.
Prom A. lova sots Diseerst.
Same sixty or seventy miles north of Council
Bluth, in ths oeuuty of Monona, about fifteen
miles from the Missouri River, there is a town
containing biz or eight hundred inhabitants, gen
erally known as Preparation.
This town is the Zion of a new body of relig
ious enthusiasts. * who call themselves "Coajepre
sites," and their system of religion or religious
organization, "the Conj-eprezion," the meaning
of which term remain, t.. the Gentile world a pro
found mystery
At the head of the organisation is a matt, by
name, Chan:es B Thompron, who is besides the
editor of aw. ekly newspaper called TAe Niles;
paper Thi4 paper i 4 large, well printed, and
upon political abd genrrsl subjects is edited with
much ability
Of thi- sheet one or two pages are usually de.
voted to the publication of what are called "open
letters" upon religious subjects, addressed by
Charles B Thompson, as follows :
"The Chic/ Apostolic Piaster and Evangelic
al Bishop : To all the Elders of Israel, Ens
gelical and Traveling Presbyters of the Eocilesi.
astical Kingdom, and to Bishops, Presbyters,
Deacons and Members of the Conjeprezion, scat•
tered abroad throughout all the world sendeth
greeting "
These letters are all dated at "the tower of
the dick," and are most curious specimens of
incomprehensible cant, being made up of passages
fr2m the Bible, extracts from 'ttbe Book of the
Law and Covenant of Israel," and remarks by
the "Chief Afoot°heal Nate'," indiscriminately
mixed up together
From what we are able to learn from these let
teri, this curious sect believes in the Bible as the
word of God; but also holds that it is in a mess•
tire doe away wish by new revelations m a d e
Attlee the year 18.18, by "the voice of Between,'"
through the medium "t the "Chief Apostolic's.'
Bishop " These new revelations are styled "the
Liw sod Covenants of Israel "
The property of the organization is held in
eonamoo, and the earnings are all thrown into
the sommoo stook, somewhat after the manner of
the Shakers The people are said to be quiet
and orderly io their deportment, moral io their
customs, and most devotedly and flindly attach.
ed to their religion or system of belief.
However strange it may appear, ibis organises
lion has during the last year rapidly increased
from fifty io eight hundred members, and is still
remving large seeeesitins to its members
A CHIMNNY —Last evening about eight o'clock,
the neighborhood of Fourth and Sbippen atnete
were thrown into a state of t excitement by
the news that a man was lodged in the ebininey
flue of a house on Shippin street, below Fourth,
occupied by Jane Bell. From all the filets to be
gleaned by us, it appear. that Richard Dillon, a
voung man of shout '.!•2, year. of age, has, for a
long time, been keeping company with a female
named Lizzie Heckert, who resided at the above
house Latterly some estrangement between the
parties took place, and Cello° was deserted for
another man This eeesed him to eatertain bits
ter fectings towards her, bet no violence wee aps
Prettended from Lim until yesterday, when, after
indulging reit) freely in liquor, be entered the
house- about seven o'clock sad inquired for his
forms r rout panton He was informed by the in
mate. that 'L.. anis Alt—which was the truth
S t believing this hr became excited, and male
his way to the third story room, which is appro
priated to the use of Miss Heckert Finding
the room locked, and rreaving no answer to his
repeated demands fur admission, he clambered up
ibs ladder leading to the loft, and from thence to
the to. f He then managed to' work his body
into the fine of the chimney, evidently with the
intention of thus effecting an entrance into the
third story room Bet, as Wifibi be expected in
small ten e story house, the nue was too con
tracted to admit of a free passage, and he soon
became feat 1111% cries soon attracted the atten
tion of the inmate., as well es of passers by, and
every means were then used to extricate the un
fortunate man from his disagreeable position
Ropes were lowered from the top, but his body
being in such a posture, he was unable to take ad
vantage of the assistance thus at band. Finally
a hole was cut in the wall on the stairway, and
Dillon was dragged out in an - insensible condi
non Every-exertion was made to resuscitate
him, but to no purpose, and after drawing one
or two breaths he explicit A young man who
was in the company of the deceased during the
afternoon; stated that he then made threats to
settle hie difficulties with Miss Ranker!, and put
chased a black jack, but wbetber to use on the
girl in question, he did not say. The deceased
was a plasterer by trade, but of late bas been en
gaged in peddling oysters. He resided with his
mother no Carpetkier street, below Fifth.—taiiila
I"yrrho, kicg of Sicily, eat upon his throne of
gold sod precious stones, and about itint were a
few of the harlened, cruel, subservient men
whom be dared to trust. He was a - piddle aged
man; abort and clumsy in stature; with a taco
broad and brutal in its expression, and strongly
masked by disaipation and debauchery. If
had ever possessed the assurance of a brave man,
he bad lost it now, and his only hopes of safety
were in the willing swords about him, and in the
terror which - his cruelty . inspired. The light
from throe huge obaudelters.of ma mil id oast
a strange Wife over the large a p lideitt--the
beams being here *looted friss polialkqd stir
rer.; there frompillars of marble and &Orr,
sod anon taking deeper haea fromflie gaudy ta•
patty that hung aposi tkia
"a 'mug _tokiKtOtlio tide stranger can
be," said the menangt, turning to IA °Umber
"vidk--bere CUM the. We
+shall see."
`More was a movement amens • Ilte...pard at
the lover end of the chamber, and pAmently an
oscer approached the shrose:ileadisi Alai° by
The Bank of Tessres, one of the Lag- 'the arm: .
eat financial 11331401 in. in Ibn trot s remigned a• I. he Yawed?" ;like klieg NW, as his eye
specie plants 411
t .-ilitoeffinsed on .NrtA
Wilt' A speaker in a meeting, not long since,
enlarging upon the rascality of the devil, hit off
the following pithy words'
"I tell you that the devil i an old liar, for
when I was about getting religion he told me that
if I did get religion I weld not go into gay nova.
pang, and lie or cheat, or any such thing, but 1
ere Attend hint out to be a greet liar." .
1W When wine a lady looking at se through
an opera glass, we are apt to suppose she wed
think it very indelicate to look with lwr naked
eye.--Prentic' e
Very likely she do eakish so in the osse silo.
ded to. A dirty objest in always as "indelicate"
coo.—Boston kbee.
Sir A eoastrystaa, who witumelid a lady lifts
lag up ber droll; exclaimed, apes breoldblif Ike
BUIDSTOiII tiers of hoopslhet esoihrOmi het PO-.
gloat in the shape et eriaaßae, nay I be
if she arietipia a Aro barred gate wrap
ped rowed her."
A SCII.LIA7 0 1 10Z7 01 ZAIJI7 TEM
(7H A PIER ll.—Conn_rvsn
At this juuoture Be!lotus returned ist beets,
and there was a look of trouble upon itia brow.
He closed the door behind hiss, sad they turmoil
towsras our hero
"Alaric," bessi.J. •videotiy striving-so immune
a calmness which be did not feel, "twee parson
reason to suppose that your entrance into-the tie
ty t his eveniog was parrictilsrly eetieetu
Why do you ask!" demanded the yentas.
"I'll tell you," answered Mares "I haw
Just come from the inn near the Tetn=inerai
where I overheard a conversation two
soldiers who had j,u4t crone from the 801111114116
gate. They said that 'Greek leseil aeon
upon the coast this morntrig t antrtbit
landed from her. i also maillltt, fiross 'their
conversation, that the king tiaebeentliheimadtlf
the fact, and that he had given ordefi title every'
stranger w'b t i c! ..utPred the city should**
watched, ami in: •1 n '.14 sabereabenta km.
veyed w him
'Then I t... ) 4.tutesl (Lit f have been fol.
lowed, raid lo u r her.., ••f• r I swip•Cje it while
CIO my way Lett,. r '
"And if 'Lich t Ile es -t, ," Belton*, "we
shall hear more from it "
"But we wait for that we'll take some
steps of our awn," cried lauthe. "Some safe
biding plec.• must be found."
Aisne was upon the point of speskiai when a
loud kn , )elting was heard witiont, ant a voice
demanded entrance, in tbr assay of the kioB.
"Fiy' 9y! ' cried 14utbe. seizing Ler lover by
the arta
"Hold," Woke lielierits, who INOSUIO4IIa in
the presence of this necessity. "It be Abis b.
sill not escape now, for our house saby be
upon all hands, awl If be is caught is-ibs bat
of fleeing. a deeper and more dewily
may fa..tvo upia hub "
Anotbur ;quadri-lug Yuck was beard, sad
Bellerus started towarda tau door.
"We must meet IC now," be said, "though I
wisb 1 bud known your cowing bad bees noticed.
lanthe, you had better,wubdraw "
,'Not while— '
"Haab! lo tilts I must oe the judge. Vet
the good of bim you love I btd you seek your ova
apartment "
"Aye," soiled the youth, leading bee towards
the inner court, "do as he bids you. I shall be
safe enough At all events, I - will ass you
again "
tie kissed ber nod blessed ber; sed she=
from the apartment just as the beet us
and opened the outer door Site stepped mad
=nett hold of ber lover by the bend we sheieft
sod, with a heavy fear upon bier bean, the
asked him to be careful.
"The thought of thec ,hall be indhaeleamit
enough to that end," he replied. "And now
may the gods be with us both."
In a few moments more Bellows rammed,
and with him came four et:defiers They mere
stout, hard-looking meni , whose heart* perinea.
ed no other office than to furnish them with NIL
trial fife that they might do the bidding of disk
master. One, who wore the toilers Of a Men.
masa t, advanced from his campsite", sad pled
into our hero's face.
"You enteretEthe city this eveninC houid.
Altaic hesitated for a moment, dieing
tLat abort moment his mind was mad.m: Hi
quickly judged that any falsehood misfit Cabv
injure him and he resolved to tell tan WWII
"I did," be answered
"And you landed from a Orrek vessel this mar.
"Theo you will igo with us to the &ma Pell
"But MLy
"Bemuse the king has a e. , wineoded,"
"Shall 1•toe• hint to night?"
"We can,. not to answer questions—only to
commend 3,•,0r attentlaneo at th e pidioe,” s ad
the lieutenant gruffly
-Our gracious monarch will evidently nee on
to eight," ioterposed Bellerus, who saw the Ush
of tedignati,,ti in Marie's eye, and &aria that
be Might malts waiters wore by giving way to
bis feelings
Ilbe youth •taw the oit.l Luau's moaning, sad ha
curbed his rising emotiona
"Are you ready to go?" asked the aunt.
itit env moment."
'Then we Loire tothini tortber to ditaia Oa
beri "
4larlv put ..0 rap,etUd they patio - a
thrbtagb the usrrow passage Betlaths &yid all
opportune iu au eat.
"Be emu , tou,—kt ep a guard upon your tongue
—mention um 'lathe's name, nor. Suffer Any al
iugion to hor to drop Irma your tongue Let u*
hope that the (langur ie uot-iiptua "
And )et thero'staso tremolotmultutiti his tone
—s terror in hts very breathing—that belied the
stord4 be spoke lista Ibis lama* thajuuth
bed out telt any .erioas alum, bat, as - he caught
the look of horror upon the honest artilic'e face,
the bull stittelc to his owls heart.
"The a. d+ be with thee!" spoke Bellerus, as
they reached the porch.
Hut Alaric made uu reply. At that moment
a weighty thought was epos Ltu►. sad Larose he
coat(' call his seines back fcr au ahawier ha was
hurried out into the htreet. The officer waked
by his side, while one of the withers led the way,
and the mit. r.two fell is behind.
A variety of thoughts occupied Alaric'a mind
sr be piveito tio through the narrow, dimly light'
ed streets He normal:wind bow he bad seen
his father cut down, and bow his brother bad
been butchered; and the same Moody tyrant, who
had done it had now sent for hiuk. Ls it a woo.
der that, wtth sit bis bravery, the 'yowl klt a
cold chill creeping abotit his heart as he ap
proached the lair of the remorseless waosersh?
r,7•) , 11
I • 4.