Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, September 04, 1858, Image 1

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that Mae row and turned toward ms
tCold and dumb I waited there.
With a ahrtek of fear and 'emir,
And a white tars of derpair
Ile had been an ancient COMM&
Not a aingrie word we raid,
11: htle we glued upon each nth/ r,
He the lilting; I the dead '
I drew nearer, Dearer to her,
/ And I took her trembling hand,
4_ on her %Lite (zee, looking
That her heart might inkier/dal:ld
All the lore and all the pity
that my lip• reftiar to aa . )
Thank God no thought mire sorrow
Hoer In our ernsbed hearts this day'
11.1111 W JAN \ RUN. AUTHIJRVIe • •YRA( K
'So the pretty red petticoat has at length be.
come fashionable, said Lieutenant Harry Stan'
l o pe, SA , laying down the evening paper
he hal been perusing over a cup of tea, and ad-,.
dre , t , ing me—Prank Rutgers, his most intimate
friend, who .it at hes elbow
"Alt Rutgers, I could tell you a story of the
risl petticoat in which I once gallantly figured—
in short, a genuine little romance I wot of; in
which your humble servant was here, while that
little lady there--hut no matter about her, it is
eliou g h that it would fairly beat all the .modern
notel-, it well written out, and Set me down, not
01.11% .1 pliant coo of Mars and Neptune, but of
datine cons herself Ali, Cl. tuence, What are
you taw,hing there foe" mularasasog ose• refire
ert•atitrc who sa. behind the tea-urn, while a
-mile played about the corn e r. of the lieutenant's
tw h—that is, all the mouth left visible by the
j. r t la, k moustaches and vibe,-
' ker.- —Suet, muses- ben awl whi-knee si were the
cut) 4(1411 xquisit, who deity promena
ded ;treat: "flow what .o. you coloring
-o violently for? You well make our friend think
your iitt.itiand is going to re-late some ,capegrace
•olt ti.uss of pee:4,1111o, iuntead of au rap-11l
te i. i tl i) the mo s t gallant and handsomest officer
enrolled in fTnele SJIII • r• lug honk--alit to !
WI- ' r unning 1.'44)7 and tr) laugh
th, sit o autitul gilt with large;ll luau A purpi. Mat:line:, and
1, 1 .1 i,, w ho m Lieut. Willi Stanhope
called '
My frihia Harty .. IS Lome on 1 furlough ate
ter a three yi..ers' cruise , stud is 'lain!), I could
nut wonder at Ilse passionate devotion he watie
fasted touards his le auteful young wife, whom
he haul I.n.uglit 11 , ,Utt• at lb,. expiration el hi., pre.
eious trip, and left these intervening years, in
charge of his own parents and family, in the
Quaker Vity which had given hem berth
"I wish I could take her with we God know;
I •hall he miserable and lont-Iy enou4h all these
three years till I come back again, it life and
health be spared me!" he said to me when he
wrung my hand at parting. But the government
vessel in which he was as officer, was no place
for his delicately re ared young bride, and so with
kisses, and lung lingering embraces, he bade her
• choking good bye
If there was one consoling thought in the ho.
sow of that young sailor at the parting hour, it
was that he had left his wife in the bosom of her
own home, with a mother who would admit her
among the children of her heart—with brothers
and sisters who tenderly cherished is beautiful
flower transplanted from sunnier leads
Mrs. Stanhope did not go much into. society
during her husband's absence, though his family
mingled in the first circles of Philadelphia, and
many invitations came to the young straueet,
whose warm diasky,Spanish beauty attracted uni
versal admiration Her heart followed her brave
Harry overthe seas, and lingered Weide him all
that long cruise.
I - was a frequent visitor at the Staubepes,
(people voted it because of Harry's handsome
sister, Kate—but thrits not to the point resdee,)
and being her husband's intimate friend, seen
I I !It' 11, led
stood in the same religion to Mrs. Lieetenaet
It was very pleasant to listen to her soft, sweet,
broken English, with its pretty Spanish accent--
to wittiest, the eagerneas and patience with which
she strove to acquire mar harsh language, for not
a word of it did abe uiderstand when she mar
ried Harry, she told me—te watch the pretty
Butter of her lingers, spud the alternate play of
red and white on ber seeks, when the foreign
mail brought her eheekit, when the foreign mail
brought her his letters;tand it was more !mantle
ful still when, that longi three years' voyage ai
ded, she sprang to the aims of the returned hues
band, whom she loved With more than ordiatiq
woman's devotion.
'Lieut. Stanhope was a lucky fellow to bring
home that little Spanish beauty!' was the ire
quest exclamation of his commit acquaintances;
but I, who know something of .. their inner life,
&effecting on his ardent, strong, deep nature coo
waled beneath a mask of gay gelidity, and her
trrnaparent and passionate love which so PIO
every need of his soul, realized how perfeekesel
their union
L. I Low,
Harry bnd never spoken much of Isis court• int %millet the pillar. , ....._
ship, save that Clements" was of noble family, s'lley • dreaming if day, liefibr; add a
but en orphan, and had been educated in a con. woke, a
'' sonle one ta p'use on' the insider.
vent. How or where they had first met, 3 tad It .. '', it wit' Aatio)l6. —' ' "'• '
never known, but as he spoke thee, lestgliiaglY, "Ran=overtake ber-tell bier-=t' tui a inane
of that adventure in which he had borne the- curv i ng a b o ut th e hey' ' estiseifil Na t lik e iiht the
character of hero, while Clemency rant hilashiall to my senses; "Antonin, where is the Convent
from the puha., I felt very certain that Itiest. g e e M o i le r I ne t t ed abruptly ; •A f lea
Stanhope was about imparting to lust tionfeeshm 'lt ie nu the south side of the eityvinen wills.
du cam-. ! MI the suburbs. , There are thiekgroketrof blivis
"Fruit, I believe I have hitherto related!to l e l e eely,,f ru ni Renee. th e me w A we , it et e h t its
you every particular of - threeyeire' Or Ipli . - i day.'s Would' fthweemulthwisondieted
along the Levant save one," eail ; ...ihat theiaturatt
twat, wheeling hie tarnekrair nearer dal ' • isim kily wig‘hatildig"
after rialliwg for a acrwarst tagawiwwa gild' mil nevem., 11 ~ . ,..i t Avg .sift lanis , ir4q,
r. Jr. rAmtar,
• g i• L I , •
P_ It aaa •reolog In lab Autumn,
And the guilty wind blew chilli :
Autumn leaves were haling round we.
And the red mu lit the tan.
"Ix and-twenty years are mouthed
Sitars then— lam old and grey— /
Ia i I never told to mortal
what I Gaw until this day
as. waled by the fire,. •
in her arm' the held - IcAehild,
hisi•rlng halt word'p earreatlng,
And then, iooltut np, isailed•
ou him Who ?food beside her—
Oh! the biter truth Inv. told,
- In her look of trustlog looduelw
I had Wen the laok of old
Hitter leans that tlewelate moment
Dater, hater tear* we wept,
We three broken hearts together,
While the baby nulled and slept
Tears atone—DO W 0 pall Were MIA , .
Till he—till her husband .1.1
That WY huy tl had forgotten
The poor bad ,) that be was dead
Theo at Last I mit; and, turning . ,
Wrung h 4 hand bat made no sign,
And I stooped and kissed her forehead
(Inc. more as If she were
Nothing of farewell I uttered,
ID broken words to pray
That God in His great lore would bit.. her
Then in 'ileac.. passed awn)
Over the !treat reettees oar
Fin a s-anti-twenty years I room
tll my comrade,, old and wAlef,
li• gone tacit to die at home
liome•iv., I Ault reach a Ita,ca,
I, t..n, Khali reach home and mid
I shall hod h:.r waihnir far tor
With our baby um her breast.
tray, " ..ouldn't wonder if I'd repeated 'eat a
half . .zen times or moree•-•for a sailor naturally
ge in the babit of "pluming long yahoo Frank,
t. Pm very confident no one outside my camel
family knows ray of the eireumetanoter ocomeotel
ed with my winning little Oleesenoe---beavenl
bless her
'Well you see my dear fellow our cruise was
almost up—within a Month or so---and l'd bee
gun to long for my own shores again. We'd
been rather idle latterly—government baldness
all exeente.l, anti waiting the despatches fbr nor
return. Within the few months we'd put into
several ports in the Mediterranean, laid np at
Marseilles, till I. know every book and turn in
test rich old city—et Palermo, where oar men
drank *Bien wines and threw coin to the dirty
Lstzaroei—and, in Italian cities where the car
uival frolics reigned in their wildest license.
But 1 bad wearied of all—the wines of the
vintage; the revellers, and of the eternal calm of
the blue Mediterranean—and 'mitten?? began to
long for shipboard again, and the wild tossing
waves of the Atlantic. At length all bands on
board, our good sb4l 'bore westward, and pass.
mg through the Gibraltar Straits, we pliantly
rode into the harbor of Cadiz ; whore our captain
furled her Rails for a month's stay ere we came
"I do not wonderthat Byron wrote in raptures
of 'Fair Cadiz, rising o'er the dark blue sea!" for
to me, this soft clime was delicious---a very rar
adise of romance add enjoyment—its very afr
seemed fragrance—its skies a heaven, and I puss.
ed the days in gazing from the windows of Any,
lodging', or strolling through the streets and,
market places, noting the picturesque costume of
its dwellers, or the coquettish grace in which the
beautiful donnas ware their =tulles, and "dens
ted their folds to depplay to Advantage their per.
feet forms, and dusky Andalneian eyes.
There was a tincture of sadness too, in my mut
sings 'ln this effenainate, voluptuous, but beetle
Will southland; oppression bad set her foot, and
a bigoted religion held sway. Here the tawny
Moor had once conquered; here the Alliambris
lies in ruins; here it feeble queen rules a feeble
realm; the glory and pomp of old Spain will re
turn no more.
Such reVeaiions were mine in my dreamy hours
—and who could help dreaming in Cadix?—but
when strolling through the streets and public
places with my brothet officers, I had little care
or leisure for moralizing on the past.
Besides, I had latterly found a new vein for
my idle thoughts On Sunday I went to the
Church San—, le witness high mass; but nee i
(her curling incense wreath, or grand 'Fe Deum,
neither arched dome or image of Saint or Virgin,
fixed my wandering eye or ear like the soft, dark
eyes and sweet clear responses of a nun kneeling
in the train of sisters from the Convent San Mir
tie in the body of the Church.
"Who is she" I asked of a young lad whom I
had often rewarded liberally for going errands in
the city, denoting by a glance the subject of my
Aotonio's dreamy eyes brightened. lie re •
plied in a rapid whisper—
"Ah, senor 'nestle the betantifal sister or Saw
Marie, the Donna Aireiemeini, daughter of old
Jose Arcsemena, the wine merchant, who died
last year, leaving a royal frtrtunc, which I think
our fl a i l at.,,atier Church's: month waters for,"
and benhrugged his shoulders expressively
"Whit do you Mean?" I asked, "do they force
her to l'ecotte a pun against her will?"
"1 -ay nothing--bnly the donna's guardian is
Father Niartih.'z yonder, the prelate, and when
.he rah, the v.'d, the f` , ‘tivent of Sin Marie is a
va.t (lea; rich. i "
And with tii, 'thef' shru,:, Ant iui,, tn .,,,d seat',
as if ieatfit! of further quest inisitg
Th , To li, ow era in it- _ l l'lo. , t -ti re- 'h. ,
oigan .-i I,s d. up, si peal,: - IL enatitrug
of pi 8 t sta. .at, d rill from the altar, and ektirh ,
of . wl it,- ineeti•k ro-,• like t . ,1,11 erntb burning bra
ziers---bu; 1 •i,!!, soc th.. feint r,...' tin' l'i 4 nal
naive-eheek, the dr,o - •piii- 1111-;lririgiinz a pair of
laugui.-1,,b.:, aii...4, i 4,-. 1 .- d ey e ., • A k,„ , h ug
horn "IO Ifi. 6 te ) .. tp.• ion011 i • t , I Ihs. D 011..., itod
hard the word,
-I.f -1,,- take , the veil, the Convent of Fatild,4-
1 le heeotur , a vast deal richer!'
iia, is not confirmed—rile is but a novice
among riles,. living. breathing petrification,-:--she
is young .liol lot., ly, and p-rthips the ~ioi. yr II
designing priest I will s ide h e r! Was m y ue .gt
thong,hl, and with pleasure,,l saw that her long
brained hair had not : evil Out like her rintipau
ion+, which proved the truth' of uiy suppolition
- I strew nearer t hespot wil t re she knelt Some
body has Said, that a fixed Laze will magnetical
ly attract snot bet's cud i resolved to try it IV
:,lid by I was pleased to Elyse a gentle gut* of
the,downesst ltd,.; and inue, 4 omi o us o f my gaze ,
she raked her own ey.s to wine. In an instant
144 fell, but not tilt I had satisfied mylielT of
their depth and dusky beauty—and fannira alee
that I read therein hipilennilebti sad sorrow
'lt is (lint what Antonio hinted, I mentally
exclaimed, 'her youth will lead her fortune auto
the snare of these covetous priests.'
I pitied leer—you smile Rutgers—l know it
is said thm. 'pity is akin to love' Well I must
confess ti ysetf uo wiser than the rest of poor hus
173/41 nature—And who wouldn't have become en
snared by Cletuvoce's eyes?
— 1 fell to musing how I Might become her des
liverer; a hundred plans presented themselves in
as many consecutive seconds, all very romantic,
but none very feasible.
But at least I might inform her that a 'friend
tree nigh; certainly that was very pardonable as
well as philanthropic, and hastily tearing& Alp
from a letter envelope in nay pocket, I penciled
in Spanish—
'Would you by free? I am a friend, and wilt
save yon!' then dropped it with apparent care
lesicess by bee side.
Lr saw her glance furtively, then noted her
white hand laid upon it till she transferred the
slip to the leaves of her breviary; and presently,
while the mingled voices of the nuns read their
responses, I felt sure she was perusing my mes
a age
Again, first looking cautiously around, the up
turned glatice sought mine, and was pleased to
'meet a Hushed, grateful look, while the folds of
the grey mantle over bet boom, rose and feittit
pidly with her respirations.
Ab! she 'had understood and appreciated me
Again her eyes threw a brief, rapid, searching
glance over my countenance, it if to question lay
'faith I think-the scrutiny must have pleased
her, for she slightly smiled , and 1 Could have
sworn I saw a diamond teardrdp do lid breviary.
The anthem closed, the orgaa eeased,vbanting
a nd prayers were over; the coquettish and grace .
fel Spanish ladies who had carried nu 4111446 frri -
title e behlUd their face; fiat ie#4'
like a iigioa seen le bile of 4 07
re6ns vanished down the aisle, lid I way lefri.
_ ..-
I‘,SEnEntilltiplM •ar
"Pshan, uonesense, lad! Take this and tatte4
we here uezt Sunday,' !said thrusting a gold
coin into his band: '
The bny NOM frith an intet , ipti glance, s
shrewd mixtute lidtulug ktgar ca
firrly clutched thegidd;doW. Act Mit with
protowaqi bow, sae diwtitpemak
+When tats oportuoiay itemwo,,Awimaio will be
of wales" I *aid. • •
Daring the following week bottled liks•
spirit in the vicinity of the Convent Ban Marie
Every tower and tntwet of Alia gel aloottAas
familiar; I know at whet hour ejtery day, cha
pel bell rang for teat*, end.weepersoietk hineled
my beautiful prisoner )ineelieg wigwag thoaq calm
hooded, palefaced woman. /Anew when.
Father Martinessiisitiai the einusaut, and imagie•
ed his arguntems an a conversationa with bee
whose gold he covete - d in enrich the greedy Moth
er Church. I Apesp, boars its counting windows
and gates, and inhw exactly the area of the con.
vent grouitds, and I sew 11,00:e a mass of
alongfoliage trailed over the aPuthern wall, be
tween which and the oboe grove, wheelie I took
observations, intervened. loaf, flat i grassy
which I crossed once or twice to teat Ole sire Deb
of that wall-ot solid masonry, some twelve feet
in height.,
But never during this week of watobing, did I
catch a glimpse of the train of nuns leaving the
convent; hence on Sunday, when Antonio pre'
mined she would agaiu visit the Church, Y was
eagerly awaiting.
It came; and again in my old station behind
the pillar, while th e guttering of fans, the rust:-
ling of bilks, and daintiest perfumes filled the air,
--1 awaited the nuns of San Maria.
They tiled past me at last—,—an4 she was there,
and again knelt otithe stone Boor, and again ut
tered prayers and Are Afarias.
' Once I caught bee eye, and a rush of rich
blood broke up the pallor of a cheek I* fancied
bad grown thinner eincii I raw her lust when she
knew I was thereleside her. But again she
dropped her gaze. This time I expected some
message—"-how, I scarcely knew—but I trusted
to woman's inventive ',powers to ascertain and
point out the method i 4 which I might put into
execution my offers of service.
But the long service, pawed—and never had
prayer or•reaponae seemed so tedious as then—
and the Lady Superior gave the signal for her
train to depart; still no meriaagel—lnvoluntarii
ly I drew closer to my beautiful nun; and when
sht, passed me, making a feint of adjusting her
mantle, I saw her glance rapidly down at my
feet, and then beheld what seemed a bit of color•
ed rilk lying there. This you may be sure,
readily oecured; and when the church was desert
ed, withdrew into a niche beneath the elevated
statue of a saint, and unfolding the silk, drew
from thence a slip of folded paper - In the prat
delicate and flowing chirography I read,
"You are an American—a foreigner—hut I
have studied your face, and read your houeety
in your eyes. The Virgil" will bless you for your
kindness to the oppressed. I ant watched; but
come to the outside eonvnt wall under ilia vines,
and 1 will try to woes yam ~.Assieueatinausikrone
eve. Iteiberriber '
There ea, no signature. You rattle, Rutgers,
but. 1 pressed ray lips where the name ul 'Cie ,
meneo' slaould have been-
. .
..1)0 ale Aiiiii.rouitaii .at Wien' lett:th?"
buy voice beside mu.
"What—Antonia! Yon heti? 06,1 bail for
getivu 'hat I biel.• you tuect Wc," I ataninorraol.
"Sot scot arc a leitil(ul fellow, aud I must re
ward and tht4 time 1 slim .1u golden oisza
ifini RI- baud -Ant..too, did )..0 evt r heat of
uu..% .fiventv,"
••The w:dr, &Ili Mel, 111 Iroong :ui , i'lti tip
and F ttitcr Martiu.z and the Abbess urn strict
1..i4V. rill, Mid 1.11 *' 6llll
will bit) ~tout lie said, glao'iug ri,un.l
as if pUTV tie %WO SiOile Donna
Arrisemeria is to lake ilia veil itch Buuday." be
added in r whimper
A would y.. 0 he. wilting to,duaopt;biug
assist in her escaper" I said, 'caching hid
"Antonin lay aiek tam, year—rock sad atar''', l
ing; th.Lbeautiful Donna broughs hhn food ai•
medieinettill he grew wail once mere. I would
work three handl; to tho bone f•tr her-1•would
plunge this," drawing a email attletto from bin
bolgom, "into the blank tenet of Father Martinet,.
Wb'Pn my poor mother lay dying, he would nos
b.. said be would riot abritrea beggar—he
Atitily Laughed at me. I hate and a dark
e;prtstoqu stole over the laird beautiful features.
"Dui, to sago alio la outiful Douuu, I wvulil du
tibia- r 1 swear ,it!" and he kulacii hie small am.
I VMS illafforige4,l, at the depiti ut . intssium ' R a k ich
boueotb this etuoutii hosed Spribieb buy's
imicileut exterior. .
I shall uut rant you Lo kill the pit*:
I would nuly wake waiters wurse.
Wi.,niust, devise* some other, esti more cautious
me t had; sod you can be useful. But. yam are not
deceiving me, Antouior aniti looktai sternly into
big face
Again kw prettied hilt lipi to the crucifix; and
I knew it wee enough
"To•morresr, when tis , evetting chimes ring,
let me find you on these chore+ steps, Antonio "
"Si senior.'" and lifting his ragged eap with
native grace, the boy glided a i rily._
"I theinght the morrow's sun would never
bend hie bead toward the western Atiaiitie Stave;
but at length the wearisome hours went by, and
seven o'eloet, as tolled by ail theelocka in Can,
and my pla repe ater icy vest pocks\ found
Me lurking steail beneath that portion of the
*invent Wang where 'I bad epee the offer topßing
f o li ag e. No!, looking upward Kuno twelve ' Bfto n a feet, I 'beheld a t rosail lime tree, spparei4
ly poshipg ire Opts* bratilahos - from between
Acme crevieee in the summit of the wall, sod
round it twining the linguist:it foliage of it grape
vino—its aphid, curling tendrilis etnbrieing the
tree, which bad grown tbiee or fours feat' above
the wall, then waving and floating from he top
most bough to and' 'fro in thirdelicitins 'evening
" This ib the plane. I wonder if' that limb
keg grows nj fr:3lw the inside Of the wall, orla it
root in same egrili on the "suminit r tho't,
straining my gapo,,b, distioguisb the stem of the
tree from 4wirolins O*U of felptwl
why,kigimpt 411 me this I teon have
thrown ups, rope laokisi, th,td_ia erbitt Antonio,
meant, when he said, 's•golden Qua would by
many stout rope, I, aol.loquized, while stand
is& lbw beneath the garden wall in the twi
light. ^=•
"What if that old Abner or the flesenowl:
Prolate himself should get wind of :this affair,
aid ass npZiemenes in the deepsatadi of yew;
der gray Ow building," mould- oat kelri,
aslitsrogrelf”-aodi hassers, 1 tell relay Wooi4
boils& thee pretty-licitly. , as I moot* them welt•
iwg inientes whisk seemed hoursom+stilt she
troth tmilopit 'end
heOrijiliikteg 44, .Ike 441 4 110,„kliikeurifir
Li m p prueonan.aativais dieir-oorstifty, or iisto l :
*e wed betrayed ideei *bee -tine startteo l bt:ii
.48 . *8 KW( iyalt*ver .le , 7 4.jtipg**
• 40 11 1** 44 /uar• Woking tip Lam dm Nam
, stittriiervieringiod dmeted- histirthiegrn
'ViriOn l P 14 41 4 4 0 9 1 k It'Ok 4FibfilliArpf '
- 14 1 fact, alai era et - 444 framed
sgronor t rrei ripe tern she
I le,ll
Ifref *
I tem is)
riiist44sar soWileas Ailiose*Ahrobs 14#,Vie
• • • • • 101 k .•
stesar, she is. in the genies below.Aint
she is very **t r ead dare say will sot hew met
but she is saspisions.• .1.11114 long time ere I ,
amid prwreade-bee to let , me climb ap bere,Jor
grapes .' and a little silvery laugh fleated-dows,
to me from the wall. - Bat be patissil 1 have
linty tlese—it was hard welt my stall.
have !edited to be miming , hoe in the savviest.
Listen, Beier 'Amens= i • mina WWI you
'wholly. They ktlep'hieliesulagahnua
my 11if--
they would make Set sistertfgmt - Marte, where
I b a t entered a aehaler. Mother Berths and
Path/ Arotetnona ocettt my golditirthe . ebuteh:
The Radre ft my giutedlip ; tmilibile my' 01/13
poor Titlier la'y 4u%; he stVerulo 61W told
me enter the convent; but m parent, though
good Cetliolic, loved his child, amid bade Me ac
of my own. mind.
"But the padre has gives me no peece. At
fist lie.epoke in gentle words p and b ‘ r agO t to mg
Mother Berths, the sipetits 00).maed me and
called me 'dear daughter,' 1 14,104€ 10 f the Mace
ind rest poor monsters foligoUn. the began of .
the church—then bade ine,comailisb4* as $ pa*
pil. I came;
for a time she was kind—and al/
stewed au hetiutiful sad calm that, in my lone
livens, I entered the novitiate warm
"But sh,-semor, it wu a terrible mistake 1—
Tao late when I east their cruelty and staked ,
nese, tri:enTwonld bias gone bask they would
not let tn.. They keep me elesely—l-sts a eras.
otter ! in another week• they will eat off my
tresses and bind my bead with the fatal veil.—
They will bury mo here---a and of Saw Marie I'
and I beards quick sob from the vines.
'• 'Clemente—sister Clemenee—come dowel
Thou art very long in gathering grapes. What
art thou reaching so tar otret the wall for ? I
heard a gruff voice on the other side of the wall
to the entreat garden '
"'Sister Agatha gepfa iinpaLleut I' said the
girl softly, dropping down two or three tempt ,
lug clusters of grapes to her 'She will silect
something and betray me. Senor American,
cannot you save me ?' she exclaimed, in accents
whose patios thrilled me, glancing down with
eye* which I weld have sworn were filled with
"'By heaves, I will I answered. impetuous
ly. 'Cut yourself down into my arm. Why
did you not tail me to bring rope ladder ?
could have slrown it up sad resumed you. But
atey---don4 jump 1 the fall mould Miura you ;
besides that prating old nun would straightway
reveal all '
"'Sister, oomo down I Of a rally, L believe
thou art bolding converse with some one Wan.
Crime down directly, or I will alarm Mother Ber
tha !' I heard again in tbp gruff seeesta of Sin
ter Agatha
" must go ! she suspects !' exclaimed Clem
enee, in a clear, sad whisper.
" Agatha, here . are thirlirrgeat and most
deliciods grapes !' and she again threw down
several dusters. 'You arc foolish, Agatha!' she
said, loudly to the nun below. 'Let nie'gatber,
some more—you 'are fond of grapek Agatha!'
then, eqollllii awdm to the walt.abe Wild rapidly;
dark not Roger: Y bare a plan—lf it faits, the
rirgin protect me ! Got two flet.t and
watch at to-morrow's sunset from the grove 'of
olives yonder. Do nut come beneath the eon'
Trot walls—somebody might suspect you. 'if I
can steal out, I will climb the wall, and then
you conkl.come with your ropes and save
" 'But I ouuld n of sea you from that distance.
can barely distinguitih the grape foliage d . You
must let we come beneath the wall said.
No P io lre Martinez is roving everywhetri,
and might see you. Two borsealusder tie eons
vin, nt wall would excini his suspicious. You
most nos rimier. , trop the olives till I am here.
I will give you a token-1 will wear e” uutu d e .,l
it bright .carlet robe, under my nun's drew", and
hetray it to yotit gaze 'from *wont the green --
You will know then that I ens '
is .01.tneuoo, not ilfogher nantannit The gathil
will bollooked Coniedorn !' •
“ it Ise slowest, Agatbs r shouted ammo&
'if possible, to Morrow eve et this.beter— aot
to-morrow, may nigbrothat I ant dot sittabed•—•
But perbaps you' esaastumn• titetir *be whiaJ
pered rapidly.
'v AII 'days ire dike to me till yo are eefe..- r
will bias tie olive grove every eight, till yeti
. ate? pig oat 4roto the wall. Be pradest---
feiga striae obedient* to the padre's wishes—tad
Irma sr me , to save you Now, *dim I sod go
I ssid,.ittrgetiogi all 1 had \turd the last ramie
of the tfidhige, folkowedtby the graftwaprituaada
of Neter Agatha,- misled with; the ‘aoothisig so.;
cents of the besatifal Oteasatto.
, llTtihn , t visa tend letenreiY , bsek.On thank,
by thelight tif **just rising Moon, ter .fiad As•
tot& reaitiog toe-on the aura stepi, remlynad
esigpr.en Amite my ectitemphtemi • adinetitarty for
"tie assets" , night, andcyaite dblighted with.;his
c o mmission ( to .proeum 4wo las 4 berme. . • .
~A t seven, next night, sceompanied by- the'
feithfalboy, I Logi; up, my station t the olive
grove i - with 'gale tat npon4e . iffitaitt. eon
vent nan, `eager for tie Griot finf,lei of (14E14
drapprx trpist among the vine. leaves. '134 1
was damite4 p aieappgit tweist.-410,17 . the lint. I
set lii4:l--:vainlY .I . strained my , glissr.liti nun
was them! . ,
" ITiart licit , ,I iilowly"rodc bast to the city ;
Antonio . , in theme wood, followie ' 'II man
~pitilre to iiil,'ll'lka 4iteied holo . iik 1491tetir
thakeyer,.Be . wfc sold thilakwit hie ,eel*,
PleIA alin'gr!M 1(e la, ,; " 4 1r i4 14 ,8 , hie 160 4 ,c6O
. boalr . ,
41 No, yee , .
meet' not pooiai4 WI, Uiagiot
I firmly replied ; for I saw that: the boy% hatred'
was grwwillW6l44o h.tleep seat .smitimentishre.
veep., may. he Ibis, ahareostki, oat, get immy
from OM rreoisis.veigmft' !: A i: ~ . -
+Ma IlkOrrOr l eJ *tor 4tel. Milli the. fliorthwee,
iF few etweeeestiwe aighta, Stud esostait .1a the
alietitwele—aq Willivoimi I khaki holignal.,
0499 or talioa A. Wattld lhank.reeteradillose , be
mak : Q. ,wel/ o iwol. sot ,tha.eoios 9E :vendetta
weataraitted me ; Awed toed walk.. foe °atom. she
99090 bpi, I eaw.theimtres walking slowly, aad
rather eiwiteike :it oust be tion‘aseed-I-fee this
bay, faibee e like- : ether , of his „frateniity, wet
oily sod : thwie es well ea gosilyr—twalking slowly
mithant the walla., i „ ....,
"Her almost. died ed ; '„,
seamy sea, -
whom they tad . iwarwst Currents .. low her
and ,weepogks sat bar! • to R ceawasplaw
takias slash:of my brave awtaac and manning
the, gestalt, or natittagjeto tita-ehareb awl 9.9-
citing heitoib..einiimek Om of theiapproseb.i
lag ceremonial of the Sabbath.
n'Thatti woe''' b e at one kjefoore -• th e gatittiday
betire 'the rd Etor k e_ c _Witl4o
firthethnirt Armid liad'hnitrilifVotehfilf
is thigh %hit firkin ' ' lcriakii*thh . tell i -
V l L l thirrigtila rem ,
~ 'i .,
trgrowstif tiro& ( !)401 -7 1a :. ' . , ..•I' , ` . . -
iebartiorrede l hie wRIM - ,' • ,', • -
it'tiejhhOlFililehltikale` ' .... 1 . ( ti o t i'"'
~ - altiote'lliateck4 t ifi ihttitet , 4 ,
riae *. • serrier ,nt • i
• Tit . _
- • li WhildenTjt it ' 814 - 41:,
eh 'I ili ' f' ::,• l h Nithilift
j thhitibho ~. '_, . ` !WOW Alkal i
I Sfyittilakee i 7 ..Y. r liii?lii Vi
Im p'
: 4laretrati. • '4'r - • . ,1. ~ tii t vriet-•-,
: .11 . , --, ," •.‘ i. A , 1 . .
,eitt -.. -11 fri tit. •
9,#liiiiw ar $ ,
.4r , ~., 7 ''' • lt , 1 141 114
du_ 72 t • . 1 , :a ::;.,.., , . •••:i 41 . 16 1 • ..,s I t %
g r ...r,...,4%,,,,._. .iti
- - ;4; :=.,:.''- •-i- r
"Come I . *.* .`- ' -7 ". •.:. ' eiiiiteii OK*
o- .. .:-#
of Olosoooo'o mad robs I Jo , u moo iaer r
sad Maki* sry spun into• lorbonsis baka I ,
dashed forward, while- Astoria fellsowitishilie
the little Bposioirjoono I,bodproeumilho.43low
" 'Clau you tide ft. I allted,`ls illre,lllllldBllllll ,
er teeeived the girl from the, rap. ladder hoe
my arum, aid ' threw over her ono robe, from
whit% the long gay searletfepe, ;toy own
broadelottinmelling cloak, iltlf lifted berm the
i on i c L ;
'Si Beiier. 4 T isetto oftettihen I went
to dew amopithe weary
god, mothor, Iliad . trill Protect
me, 3Ve munt,, go to %MTh,. &per. Mier '
yard, wig appeal hi, marstile:'
9 1 •0toiringa kin up , p.ALlPaips W l4O imilf.o
to japing a kiee tgnion Ate mina's lily hand,
bade the boy kt , lbateiti. .
"figriegi4y, gdemenoe informed
PlOket ineW Apilla bed bees seriously ill agar
Agee the atighti of ler lingering in the garden,
and upon how had (alien the talk of miniatesing
to sitcsiek mnref Shim smadming itnryampe law
"Mesa acre/ she said, 'I wee mutt _Mt* the
rdeetory to briag a welling &aught; sad with
s desperate- remits, bad made her egress into the
:garden, and appeared epos the wall. *They
will miss me mem-they have missed me ere
vow; they4will take me 'back to tile hotel eon
vent ! Let ye Tide fester, Benny Amertesno r
" But menet was in vsin; all - ueeleealy
Mother Bekha Called 'Sister Clemente through.
out the isinveut Ban Marie's otiablers, sod' the
holy padre'fained and snore, for aught rknow,
in choice satin'; Chimenee tint I were cantering
gaily away' inward Seville.
"And thieif,' waiting till she had wept away
her tears upon the kind boebm of her sympathis.
log foster mother, and listened . to the indignant
resolves- of dame Dor's five brave sou, who
. swore to administer suinuoiry punishment of the
_priest ,Martioes—tbere, when all was
over, and Cleuietri bei t ought the tpliona,Aplim,
imitio' to ustuo,lits reward, yen semi be sure she
not foresee Ito) somenhut exacting return
: which, looking deep into her tearful eyea—l
dared to urge.
"Nast dy, wbilo the ceremonial of taking
the veil wie sot perforated by Sister Clemonce
in the church Ban Marie, Cadis, the beautiful
Spanish girl . did asks apon.itorsoU Other ElOl6
congenial gown, there is Sevilla, sad when a freak
, afterward, .Lientatiant Harry iletaatimpe trai.tbe
dock of the Mississippi oa his lomeward pas
, Ism Clemence Stantbops sat below in bet cab.
ia, his bride.
"I forgot to my that Clemente displayed to
me, the other day, the red robo that served as a
signal from the 4 wall of the convent gardeo--a
jape, I believe she says it is—loall it a Sconurr
Prrrtooo? r.=-4tm. Utifon.
A TwActicimiloatt.i-h--"QUizzing" is emphat
ically a modern lurtitutftin. We believe the an
thetas bad'no Miss of it. It was reserved for a
litter age to enjdy the exqubdtif patitline of leads
ins people as lay for amusement; of sending
c)notrywen lout, a bookstore to, orinto
& lawyer's - offieC t for soap; of milting April fools;
of frightening timid people with fictitious tales
of ill luck ; and, of, exciting false hopes for the
sake of enjoying their disappoiptuient.
Unhappy anMents I They knew a good many
things, buf this de4otable pastime was not then
invented. It was hidden from their vision, likg
steamboa4, railroads, the press, the telegraph,
and Charles Lamb's rout pig- Ariatophanea
was witty,- and Ciotti could even perpetrate a
pas, but the 'gels' was a department of wit
which they bad no coneeption, Let us tionipas
slyest e them.
And yet gnawing ba sometime awkward re.
salts. ; Every good•tbiog humus attoodatit evii,
sod fm of this. Timwo are dangers sooompaoy
lag it, that they whoespire leenjoy the uospeek.
gbh, pleasure of enjoying the trigideniog, de
otivieg, or disappointing of their fellow area.
tam, instead , 6f wore old faebioted and wore
boilable yahoo,- meet make op their minds to de
so at anisewriek.i h eimit'of this sort, whieb oo
eorred of bra on the Peel& aoast, is thus related
by a Oalifortiii paper:
"Two - of did' Regis 'River Indian Clark a
fatter IlltrObtl a were stitift chitin from 'Fort' Van,
comer, W. ?., to Sad Fraideeo, by the "steartaVt
Columbia. - Chi their pitutsig temp. thaiiivr
sot were ihtbriiied by some &the foolishliassea
gets' that' tbe'l , 'itete Oleg 'to halitig. The
savages* rel6lrefrto peYI tifyir desrty; so, iti
the dkad o ifeit • 00 110 w
. . !Wools the pmseueri wore 41 holm these Wools
strait:6lly rise, and steitlibg Iron seam_ of lbs
sl um beriug mds revolved ~toiv
ly tsommom4 as isdissamaissie imesmiguawd
daintier Soiewirebe- people wroited them:•
panic ogee*: stl4lod . from Atrteb *lpftri.ol',Bl
pistol shop, sod .thimosided,
beeimie panic @meek. • The lightsiware mg eat,
and an itolOsdribitili see* 11) jinwed. poi.
rearm wai, 41.,34 4..444. three athnie 14111
elk, one woman being. bedlytiojored. The eta
OM'S of 0,9 holt
after A deiporsaseinkitgle..,samisi4l aft }tostpli.
jos and ciatarpowariog the -ramoseiv, Tboy were
both avoided, one bribe* rev serretely.ui---
.Ifaile I minute.' ,„
, 7 - 7 ---,----, ,--r,-.,. iii-,-- 0
• i e „„ t.. 1 woo Wel", tked ketoof r o m the
awe of the graiwitweit , ereoirstaii." , Did her
We regref 110 I #ISS, to. 104'0#,_ en;f one tole
lived to a tow_ airewite- radioed kem , agliow,. to
preemie ""his ,growi a reoe Datil' 4 1)7 . whilst'
we Itesullie id ` mu st )!!, frtittortt, ocetutitole of
the earrior•of:trii . liwyttti Ai oritiliiit
6esh, is eotiaegeteaes 'cif4maitirmarlketwor shoes
too tight. We have Mows eidetiff krettosietiog
sniferiox kitting fkeietkitailkilei ' ' ' . till" het
weelwe'llide dotes focilitlif .‘ . tli *mfr . :
gem' ohlii *if `ed . ' 4; 4 : . • t'llid he
7 ioth'imM No
m% ' ',-; sipiritow.
1 isto the flesh : - Noir . - iillit'dillt.
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i 4:00. o?t, sat,p
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Mims 4464 *kat to Portland.
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"Portland is the ellAtedest place I ikeet seed.
I was doeit,thetwhellB,. to see 0(0 ley - r
to the Legishitoor, end seek a that sit Pi L aid.7o l
paver ?wed tell on. Did I aver tall lee sheet
the ketoses' serape I Led ?"
We watered in the negetivei intone resumed;
"Will, Ird bi n down there two or three thipt;
poisl,nt in every hole, an` - tho't lewd every.
titl i ng tliar was 14) be seen. But one day towanl'a
eundown, I was goite by a . shop in Middle street
that looked .wonderfully slick—there was ilr
kinds of candy ars' pepperminta s ee' What wheat
the windows. An' diet:t i ther wai signs with gold,
letters Aso to, them,roun4,.the dour, tpb
lie' hole they sold 'Heed, en; Ice Cream
dtar. Says Ito myself, 1 have hewn a good
deal about this 'ere ice. cream, an now if I don't
. sake{ they'it wad., oi. So puts my band
iekt my pookets o und Walked in kinder careless,
a& say. to a ehap,etandis' behind the counter,
“Flo you keep nay iee.entam here?"
"Yee, air," says he, "how nittehlt you haver'
I eoup.idered a utinit, says 1, "A plot, sir."
The young teller's face swelled, as' be liked
to have laughed right out, but arter s while be
"Did you pay a pint, air?"
"Bartia'," says I, "but p'raps you don't-retail,
so I don't mind Ishii"' a quart "
Wall, don't you think the feller snorted right
out. Tell yer what, it made me feel sort opiate,
an' I gave him a look tLat made him look sober
is about a minit ; sod when I eliaehed my fist
an' looked so at him, (here Mr. Pike favored ns
with a most diabolical erpreraiun),lut hauled in
his horns about the quieltest, an' handed me
a pint of the stuff as perlite us could be. Well,
I tasted d mouthful of an' found it tool
as the north side o Bethel bill in January. Pd
half a mind to spit it out, but just then I seed
the confectioner chap grionin' behind the door,
Which ris my spunk flail smash it 41, thinks
I, not let that white-livered Mftkey 'think
I'm afeard—l'll eat the plaguey stuff . 'if it, Nemo
my innards I tell yer whit, I'd rather skinned
a bear or whipped a ail:dust, but I went IL I
est. time whole in about Ainit.
"Wall, in about a guider of an hour I begun
LO fool kinder gritty ham," tantinged 111 than,
pointing to the lower part of his stomach, -"an'
INLIY•as &rain' no better fast, till at)mit. itmees.
admit the' I'd got a steam, ingen itaarke -shingles
in me. I pot down on a cheer, and bent myself
up like a nut.cracker, thiakin' I'd grin and Lev
it; but I could't set still—l twisted and squirm
ed about like an angle worm on a hook, till at
last the chap what gin me the cream, who had
bin lookin' on snickerio', says he to me—
" Mister," says be, "what ails per?"
"Ails me 1" says I, "that 'ere stuff of you'll'
is freesia' up my daylights," says L
"You eat too much," says he.
"I tell ye, I didn't," screamed I; "I know
wltst's a nut and what's too mach, without &ak
in' you, and if you don't leave of enickerite
Jet faee "
Be cottoned right down, and said he didn't
mean any hurt, and asked me if I hada% Ceder
take some gin. I told him I would. So I took
a party good horn and left the shop,
"Amer I got. out," oontinued Ethan, felt
better for a mini' or so. 1314 I hadn't gone fur
'fore the pipes took me agin; so I went into
another shop and took some more gin • then I
sot down on the State House steps, and fiery I
sot and sot,, but didu't feel a mite better. I be
gun to. think I was goin' to kick the bucket, and
thou I thought of father and mother and old
Spanker—that's father's boss--aud when 1 thcit
I should never ace 'em again, 1 fairly blubbered
But then 1 happened 1., look up, and see a dozen
boys grinnin' and tofllo' at cue, t tell yer what,
it ris my dander—that had got down below sera
—rite up agin, I sprung at 'em like a wildcat,
heleriu' out I'd shako their tarsal gizzards out,
and the way the little deriliViteampered was a
caution to uokboily. But after the "Bement of
the race was over, I felt wus agin, and I pouldn't
kelp groanin' aud bererehin' as I went along.
At hest l thought ; I'd go to the theatre, but
afore I got there the gripes, gut so strops that I
bad to go behind a nieetia' house and lay down
and holler Artvr a while I got up and west
into a shop aud eat ball a dollar's worthof lijed
Liters with four pickled euireumbera, and wooed
sp with a glass of brandy. Then I west up is
to the theatre and seed the playa, but I felt se
that 1 welds's. itee any fun is 'em, for I don't
think the esters and commuters did me any
good. I eet damn,. (ilk dove, and stood up, but
still itsrest os, , gripe, gripe. I groaned all the
tstee, , -sesd ouee 'in a while I was Ailed to
screech kinder easy. Everybody stared alma,
and somebody call out, "Aura him out 1" epee or
twice. Bat, at kat, Just as the nigger Ortitello
was going to put the pillar oat his wife's fuse to
smother her, there come, such a twinge through
me, that 1 really thought / was •bustis up, mid
yelled oat : o , oh, (tear I Ou, notesosta!" so
loud that the old theauttemsug again. Such a
row yen Dever peed- nigger dropped
the pillar; and Deuteratincei—or what te r,mdr
her-46 wife, jumptol off the bed mad , while
everybody-is the theatre was ail up_is a muss,
somelihrin' and sonic Nirearite. /The upshot el
It was, the perhee carried se out dews, and telt
me to mike myself sears!.
Wait as rdide't &Minty better, I westioto
la' shop close by, and culled far two glasses"(
'brandy ; aster -awallerite It; went ham to the
were. I sot down, by the wieder, tad tried to
this* :1 telt bettor., truetesta sego; that tamed
old , -*gas was stilt walteche away inside; ao
weet'est sad eat a quarter's worth et biters slid
apeee bf minim pie. Theo I weuthatikesmitteld
the toots - keeper,. felt Moder sick. tad thought
Pd take Some dote!-ilea tieoutbM etcoleviirst
and tutor glad blrwinhkr pnwob, lid Slew go
te.hod.. tie got • the gains,. whiela: took and
tbwo , weetstosbed. . . •
littot i oteßApa , what, badaathee s poor aigkt.
Sasetiatetrir thought I was *Mania' a bow, am/
dies •by soma boons poem lapeald all sham,
citable* side te, sad the lanai sauce imuilLbe
Then, again, I'd dream that I was well& Iso
with like bop, sad, jest as ,tte
k,Nesi theta , bete she pee' ,everitiveit 'mud ,
gm reversed again=--I was s 1014, 11 AT:
were, pqia' me rip with their
I'd,wake speed mem& and .
alsepwgin•—tedreamAhat.Eiptakea bad rmaiwa,
witleme as that father wit whilidagi maa b wr
same admirldagrop thing, till mamba:
When 4•get I Whet. Par aggistile, ter
breakfast, and tavern keeper told ms that d I
wee pie tw i earrp oseermunid aad grossie-sa I
bast tam algitiatfeee, =groom wee Wear thaw ill
"Il tbabet" , imitiAtir. Pike, im sotaimiant r
kaivift , bip ye- - Portland arses, bat is L Iles Wes
as rid as Lethasalem, I shall saver forpithaa
000 iVaffirwal."
bald s *roodly
for thetio ollieikorthe twhoregy. A Irimoil4L
oitth *he ltdtoili profoollea ore anyoulie
hid boo for 'lose tire repairimir &raft
iheihmliertioio **pato& lorsiguol. Skim
=WO 4dit *stod Wraith 411
ikidd Vios t a l tbb , other IllarcM
Mrs I d i tV A l i X e te toes
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