Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, August 28, 1858, Image 1

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grsoa ba in one woman nrio carman not
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Ur I.4am its4ll• yrlllll3ngul.l plot lit,
Whin, blart it,os glossa Itko at night,
Iltr thrtatitith quiclutrtett umlaut,
1.1 I !Jen • 1,..111 grs, out, Cult and
radiant Uptai nue.
1% n., ans.!. hard() kur•v•
.. el, oft - ly,
Mr!. WO . '
114.11 t • hiPso/ne of ate,' :
tini• •üburin tress,. tioatuvrii ba
Fi..• o.les with their golden k
• Lamb. iir..•
• 4.µ,4.4 +I a Raphael . .14.144rt4a
1.1. 14 i LL. N. he5:1.04,4141 44, t • v 4
1 ohlii, t It 11, upt•li Itli 1101
1141. t 1,1. tat.♦ i .. li.rt
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A.I of , •retyropt ata
no. weal. a all Itr osIJ rr vans
ttag timettlo .t 1 .1 the ..hhee
WHEN I tir.t canto to Wroth:4o:o, I came ar
curate, fur the incumbent was urisr ninety sears
of Age, and very infirm I had u hundred pounds
a sear, and the little enttsge that is now in ruins,
doer,. by the old church to live in, and never
dretaweei to have (lone better That would have
been em.ugh and to Spare, indeed—without my
good R tie hen. and the tour little ones f eourse,
wile., the le we re I,•et to the question— for the place
t3u.l a .leer equ , lu liriup Tlit!
1.11101 11111- b ) ottr door, I,iipp!te l / 4 1 wr wc4 with
trot at 1 I us, rats own tiAmonger A knife
ud loii, were. laid f r we at the
uti Sunda) , tsrllo,ut I NI • Cle •
{tub, I wit! , t h eretee wk. them
The F'utlay alter ror Mr. Metrili.., thr “Id
mettrOwttat dt.d, 1 tit ai a• u'ual at the Grange
;aid a, vra, , natural, our talk fell ,Jta ht,.16,- and
on thr future titer
"1 :%.• uliro , :Dlt IP' 111 Illy 1•141.1
•al,l NI • 1/11.1•1;lit, ; "nod it h. tit :it
et ill 11 , 1• 111 'Eli:, :t• re I. t) r , -a•tql wliafert I
fur the iii ia3, itt• Wtii t•aul Itintse:l to wilitiu
rbk•t,t I. • I••• )••ut•g tri,t/ to f 40,11 rlch : Wl•u
kc••w• • 1,,• p,1•1•1, 1,. rt., alit', wt hi (1 by
I Ira! tl,. i! I 141..1 III" annla curate,
pa I 1..1.
fr. r !Jot t;rarit'“) -Mil!
1,11 i., ugh w, Lay , .1‘.17 !.(.0
'id) tlrr, 111 , 1 Lavt• iu thy
un •i• will tu) n tt, to uficse (urne;.,i•!.wv
• ! w n orc that, 1113 do in mini
.11. d Est pr.!' (1 G r 1,41 time will; .1
Laud- 1.36 e
• It
wl et :t %dr IL:. )1r .
I,lr, l„,11,, u flu ILL), VI 111.1 hui.ikru hair jui.t
11 e • 1 u hi, pl , lll, hall wi aliug,hi 'turfy
tqittit, 1., lib,. a A r Sit w%th itt r pit wtan,l
tit all 4µ•r t.. sell Ille 'hp' OW
1:111 nth Was 1.1. %LAI - Vul•• lIIt n 1 WV4I 11%
lir Nl'l oilialte I:
'Avg the 11.• - 1 .1 t..
)uti .111- ,1
It N 1/1 , 1 AI In) wilt I hi( I: 114:1 , jsepi ~‘
)•a t‘.l hug, t.itt 1,11.11(til
bi- kin li i j-ki.
li ‘ta , : I.kt 3 dihr 11..0 1
St. 111 it In t..l ; ;1,•! ii. i .l,fl hark
.t Mil. nt,r i xto h.
• I It •II I, .1 Ili {I I ) th I
111 • 11 I> $n Ili I
‘,4 ) 11 ?It 11 1' 1
I I I 'l , l 111
111 1411.1.4 r Wti ,
IL) Li 1111 !Lal. It., tilt I ' 1
0 , 1 t t'• II• I :1
sure t bat lb.) ,;. , 1 0,.t cl. ,t uty wtfc
so, 1 nat. tot I al, to !hunk thtto
for , And they s to , itti L tit Ott u., r , to
tuy t idt hoy .161,ui two ). 01. after I hid
heti. Ll" vicar, I It rve a
great Ararigrlii ,, ui Mrs Mai k tot in Slit grew
a h. sti t, starlit] whtn addressol-- , -pecitil'y if by
her husband--vra.0.,,1 6-4)1), bud !obt iu pall
lot 1. 1
.ea:aut Ikm.k4 r f'!“ rqUIT • thiA•
she had always a smile to gee I kw with, how
et er she might look to e the r ., a nd would wa t c h
hint au„•tar.. when 131 s was nut it garciiug !Hl*,
With a c, Ltt 'Oration f afft ciit n in It r gaze more
iAtenso thou a ter Ani.tLcr &Lange War r this :
the squire'• fortune I eing very' large, his wife
had a West Rance, and kept quite a
litt:c t stablishint tit ot her own. Her char:tire,
bustdes those that wt Ti eGualitrn with his,
Wert exten:-Ive When ani person needed 'alp
I youd that which I was Ju.tificti in giving, I
had been to apply to her as readily
as 1., him ; hut now her alms at fiat diminished,
and than tillogtthwr et Rai t(I She parted under
butlic 1111. pit tenet., with Ler carriage and
ponies ; and Item being rather fastidious and
choice iq b,-r attire, she came I, tirtss with great
simplicitYlk, anti a tiotsr ill, so that upon that point
her husband raliit d Lt r. Otte night she Was
winging with u. in the hall as usual, a favorite
Scotch song of his , that she Lad sung a - hundred
dred tint's before, whin has voice suddenly
thanhlt d, as though her It art was breaking, and
site burst into a fit of trans It Utit.t one of thoqe
rit lurt.• upon the dome.tie
affection.; and Niarkbaru suckts touchingly to
me afterward t t that e xcessive twi ne s, ' o f hf s
wife s for hint which had it cutup!etely over
mast t rt d Le r. If i were to ic talk' u front her,”
said he, “.1 du belio‘c diary-I Jane would die."
rtaitily notch Lt r autitipating his slight.
...I wish, and ii•tt mug to his every word as
tilt ugh It ante to be Li; last, it might well scent
eu 1 - puti my reututtug to remark to Mu.; that
she was gtnera;ty to by t,u *scans good Licata),
and hot to her usual spirits, he thanked me, and
wus utr‘ously :dice to this at L !ICC ; and think'
,hg a little company alight diet r Ler, he suit for
his maiden sister Iron/ the utirth to spend somu
tame with thew-- a quiet deltrly lady, vary ex
eelieut, but hot ,t 4 any way gifted as her brother
and sistir-iii• ;AIN M, r We two struck op au
acfplallailtict van WI the :quire was
mount to make tdeetious allusions to It which
would Lai, Leo twharrassiug from anybody
Slit soon filed up, to Me measure, that
posit.ou or Ludy B. untiful to the parish which
Mrs. 3iuikhaur h d anditotted- , --aithongh t eon•
le s ahe si•turitbui lucktd thu gracefulneis of her
,II doing—and ridtetly to that lady's enlist
Lietion It ;tit L, r molt to and at lib%
erty to t« it e rio her eliaruhur lsewhere, as
had now heroine her Invorithoustuni. This coats
tituaiton with the tor peetatiaitues in Ler unit
duet, although still mkt! from Ler husband's
notice, did not eatttipi the quick, womanly e)v td
Mws MorkLuu.i.
M I. 1...,
"I vaunt): rho, as Ire wtrti taking
r walk togeth(t shout three 'reeky after Lief AN
viral, .•ei.rt change has ouzue veer Jaoe. If 79
(114 si,,z koou hermit Will George to bare Ot!'ti
'Mr ay' rtiOplo that ever breathed-,
.buthid be itleitutil IQ thirk her au oubsppy Wife;
sod if I were nut thoroughly couoioptil 4,4bie
Sweets to the Sweet.
IIV• SU 1:1 , 4 • IFin•1.1t.“1111,11/.
t4l 1.1% tu. t•:' t r.,(1.0fi•
I IN .“. , 61 ,1,1‘....11
111.. s, ,t t,.
k -14:NU F11(01 RVAI. 111,1:
. i
111 bi innb4ll4., 041 k, ilia Mintl'
lastsioss a •
'dog his lasi."'
I bad Deter beard untikbat stement of Mrs.
Markham having been a widow, and" exprestted
my surPrise strongly. '
i 'To II eed r said toy ecimpabion ' "I hadit
certain that they bad entrusted you wi th t t
revelation ; but since you 'are aware of so m , ,
you may now just as weir know at"
"'Mrs Markbant, whoto you pe'reeive, oven fat
this time, charming
- and almost perfect beitig,
appears extraordinarly sensitive and unsuspi
cious of evil, was is Miss Jane Baby, romantic
to the last degree. She eloped at school at the
age of seventeen, with an adventurer named
ileatheete I never saw him myself, but I have
heen told that in youth ; be was extremely hand
some, and gifted with some attractive but super.
Bella talents. After living toptho a short time
in great unhappiness,so far aslanemasooneerned,
he deserted her, and seat her beck to her friends.
He did not appear again for years. He most
bare treated the poor girl teary brutally, to so
e..unt for the horror absolute loathing which she
entertained for him Be knew that she did so,
and useil that knowledge fort his oarn profit. He
bad openly boasted that “be had not married a
milksop like her for nothing bat for her money;"
and the moment which secured to her her pro
perty, the very day on whit* she came of age,
brought this hapily to hey aide again. the
Fought him off with ransoms, this and at many
other times, as the civilized nations in old time
bought off tbe savage, and with the like result—
he became more frequent and elstravagant in his
demands When' I say that he was a systematic
gambler and a drunkard, I believe that I have
mentioned nuly his lighter foibles The reties
of her original fortun only remained to her,
when he required . icr a blatik check to be
tilled up at b t . .; pleasure ' This, backed by
hrr paternal '...ete, and sole relative, in whose
house she wa: then residing, she steadily refused
to give him; and Reatheote, uttering the most
frightful threats, was obliged ,to content himself
with a draft drawn by Mr. Baby upon his own
banker for a hundred pounds He drew it mere
to save his nitre, who was in sogony of terror
from her husband's violence, and to get the man
out of the house as quickly as possible; but as
the matter turned out, this was the luckiest thing
in the world ilestiteote altered the 'one' upon
the order to 'tire,' and the number 'loo' to , 500,'
and so got the check changed by the onatotission
of a felony. The nest time that this fellow came
1 for his merciless tax—which was soon enough—
! Mr Rigby bad a policeman in waiting for him
- It." soul that gentleman, "you ever attempt to
per veente my unlmplo niece, 1 transport you for
the term of your natural life You may thank
her alone that I suffer you to escape just punish
ment this time If it rested with me only—and
I nekily tetra proof of !your penal crime does rest
with we, and with no , milksop'—yon rhonkl be
shipped off as soon its the law could ship rm."
Reatbeoto hectored 'a good deal, and strove z to
obtain an interview with his poor wife ; hut Mr
Rabe, WILY firm Ai told him out one hundred
five pound notes, and enclosed them it a cover,
wits rcupolt -be wrotri his own name and address
t'i remind him of this compsct,ielling him that
it wa,; 11.11 last bauddrifing and the last shillinK
of his tbiat he shotild vo: The condittows'er
gilt were ! that the creepient shoultdepart for
Australia forthwith,mid never set foot again in
England -The felling five hundred, the forged
el,kek v•ir,iii in any awn possession ; end if ever
1 .. yi or I've agaia, it shall be produced in a
e. or: of ~,w . ' whititt penalty the other, there
1,, ;rig u 4 help for lit, agreed to Heatheote's
brtna.lf!y run-t have In ru something excessive to
li.ive ti.,ililin all trilers .4 love out of a heart
Ifk. J . :mi ., but to• b4il quit. , succeeded is so do
ing Although •lie hail not er•oqutit , d in her
I've!, •c threat lie.iigitel4l over him--and happy
i wa-. .1 , i ;at ii did til.i rest with her to use it--
sio i i ti d toil I,iii ref! comfort !'rum the event
St a ti. I II : , .1.1 tit lief. of freedom did atimili in
in :‘-ti llg 1. r 1 , , 51 and lighti Ding her heart of
Ir. %, 1 • , , ii.t trOtkt. t) tv crush it attogetliir
• 1.. ! II i,, to, to akiout lc AS like an autbinalou,
~ , ...r it . tusk. of Sontent, if not of merrinicut,
t 4 lI4J N
1 , to s 4 we i itiort like the Jane Raby of
t 4% al. holm.: 'Dien came at me news which
w.. 1, L, r emus atiti silent a while, but could
hate madc , het ~ad. I:testi:mote was dead
to Cue bush, Mato b the band of one of his own
uuktd rompanions{ in a tonoealed pocket
‘viti,:in his vist was found the roll of bank noted
in their still unbroken ' , over It had escapes
the eyes of his murderer, or the passing by of
some liouest t.eitlerc had disturbed him in his
unfinished search. IThey forwarded the parcel
to Mr. Rehr, with a Diarrillloo of these facts. A
year after this evenit it wool have been inapos..
slble to rreogn4re the spirit bowed and fragile
Mr. Deal to the by no miens inconsolable
w • idow. elreti =he hail 'Lett become Thanks to
her brim tout I'l 41:11 caret r, be was not rich,
but beautiful tied b.4ipy yru see her now, Mr
iirantly, ..r rather 4 you did see bee until with
in these few monitil My brother married with
the full knowledge lit her former life, and has
never hail a moment's range, as he says himself,
to regret his choice " •
This narration which the kind hearted but
mivdoubting little old maid made piquant with
visions garnishments of her own, in the way of
flings at the foolishness of young girls, and the
futility of her early marriages, did not much en
lighten toe as to what was ailing with poor Mrs.
Markham, although it increased my interest in
hip fortunes. Her conduct towards myself re
mained unaltered, or was marked by even great
tr communicativeness. She put to me several
hypothetical eases of conscience, of which I could
sear no possible bearing on herself, and begged
eat, as a clergyman, to give her my best opinion
on the subject. She told me thatAtho had often
bewailed the having no children, Which she had
onoo considered to be the sole blessing that had
been denied bar; but that now she thanked God
Olt she was ebildless. The horrible thought be
gan to cross me that my dear bonefactrels and
firm friend was going out of her mind; and that
idea grew stronger, although , Mrs.- Markham
shook her head at it, and hoped it might he no
She was am good a person as ever bred; but
she had the neckties' of her order„ which some
bow IM always to think the worst- that can be of!
all her sex But when I had semi firs. Mark.:
ham mime out of the firewood, under the sand•!
cliff, a little after Milifin sae morning, sad go'
Itold me, pate as a spectre, and quivering is eves,
ry limb, that she had only been to gist an arie
tat: for brettafsat; ahen she asked me at, atiother,
time for the lasso( twenty-pounds far &very!
presAtig einergeney, and begged me tn„ keep it;
! secret; and,when I coupled nub these things her
p.oous eudeovors, so treasparent to toped and
1 her slater in hie, to Nat West her utibspey entidij
tion at all 'tizzes—a mark most sign*ent pt: It
i unsastt led brain--I felt quite sure of my 4mittrol
I surmise bCing , bnt too Min. I was even debut*
I how to beak !this torror to Mt. Mptillinnt tilt
1 revel dial *measure might be resorted to leet l ereii
I vas moo late, wheel %Intel:mates& smarted 'kWh
f l changed my entipicion" in*o," akilainty esreD inn!
s mom terrible. i.
Is Ira. In) r Tuesday, in the mitisumwer, xai
the Num* was goon to a meeting. 1404 Okfi
loamy one, upon edoosikon, at IYa seighbosioo
temtv, •Mists ova' 46itouti of I pttlt
shopping had sooostpositti bins, sew(
did to am* &De orlikoorioo, 444 -sot Abel
a,tot,hitiort Butdpetptatestalt.- my*,
• t J, , •St. slue,: /4
t - i .1 _
4 , 1
i , fr
4 t
4,1 r It
requirligeeriaitralimenta whittle was neteritin
die soots' of ewe seaman all ale iiisiiiKinsik•
ed down to the grunge, aentWdingto editors to
request that they might lament to the pith man a
cottage Mr.. Meths's was WetwkkM tbn
tonicity of the afternoon entiiied me mei a T.
race, the extremity of which eommttniehtedirith
the walled garden. The get* was always kept
locked, T knew, and only the sqnire and thawed
gardener had the keys of it. thunteringsloirly
along upon the turf, and drinking in, the prospect
dreamily, 1 had reached the esseensiarof the
walk, and we. about to turn, *ten I beard the
whispering of voices. T could not see' wlp the
persons were, for they were behind the wail is
the garden close below me. They bad no busi
netts there, /*new, ands bad liebehlyiitime after
some very ehoiee melons of the shake's I made
no scruple -*mime of listening; but afteritbe
brat feu words I felt as thengb Or.
en both my oars rather than have dont/Ate.
"I tell you Jane, that now or never is the time.
There is a heap of money in his desk to•day,
which will go to the bank to • morrow 'Muir
ham is away at Ruirhant, and it will net kiU
him when he comes to Audit gone."
"Never !" said a clear fall cake, sekieh I
knew to be Mrs. Markham's "I will die first.
I will go away. with you yourself, before I would
rob my husband."
"Your husband?" said the other with a sneer.
"Pooh, pooh! you [Med DCA be so squeamish for aa,
few pounds, since you arc in for so many peas,
bier already Why you've made !tee of hun
dreds-- "
"Not a shilling, she interrupted vehemently- 7
"not one shilling have you touched of hie., lif i y
own luxuries, my comforts, the wants of God a
own poor, have gone to support your prodigacy;
but not one penny of his, heaven knows."
4 Jane," said the ruffian shoofly, "take you
good heed to what I say; I'll Mow upon you, and
tell all to his face. I'll arty you off, I swear
it, before his very oyes. What 'wake?. known
of me hitherto is notbiog to what you shall
know of me when you sod I some to live writhe
er spin " 1 seemed to see and feel through-tbe
wall itself the shudder that ran through that
poor lady's frame at these woide• If Pied tho't
the wares of her, instead of. being 'oared, as 1
then was that her wicked huthand nestle:iota
was indeed alive, and perseetidng ha with a
power more terrible than cont r a, heart would
not have bled for her lemAisiatully, my iodiass•
Lion against him wonWnet have risen higher' ,
but as it was, my teeth were grinding in my
wrath, and my Ada was furiously Frtpped, as
though it were a'sword. Silently, like a thief
in the night, f stole down to the wall, and set.
Ling my feet to some coavonient creek**, peeved
cautiously above it Both luckily, bad their fa•
ocs turned away from me; bat I eould see, even
on-the man's back, mandrel sad coward 'wrist
-ten His poor wife's wrongs and goodness, and
all that I had heard of his brutality, swept over
me in a sea of indignation. Ob, for one quit ter
of an hour of my college days, before I had put
on that ecclesiastical garb! Oh, to have given
him ever so brief an example of that 'ace, two,
which I remember to have bad some skill, in
the .bygoae ,time. My , leers' nad profession •in
Abed, werwaakteadr tetiottmaintneatimee 40
fattilj he todytke jusslisis • Wd his 'hand upeii
ber in bie mgt. My "tick woe in nehmen., and'
would not have broken for mime time, Ltbiek.
i Ho wanted to do it,-heearld see hYlikrewiteh:
log flagon.: the bowed and tretehlmg, hit mill
graceful figure---the appraliog Nobs, for which
kalild w►ly gus;:q, iht , weaniug—tba 3uLuig life
wit btreti and struck detrain its joys by his OM
el threats and presence--they moved him not
oue jot I dared net trust myself to look any
iptiger, but resumed mistation at the foot of the
wall After a storm of menaces, islet by s koo s s,
hysteric expostulations that grew fainter every
ova l sel, I iterrtl him sii) "You know •here
u m to bo found, woman; sad if that I demand
dyes hot come to my hand within the next eight
tind-terty hours, I come to this house as surely
as ). u nue my wife, bt,4l claim )vn " I heard .4
hi/ upon the ground, and knew that hie poor
victim had fainted; but I visited. until the wretch
—who btedtd her DO more thin if she were II
log—bed left the garden and plunged exiftly in •
to the copse that fringed its portitzts side, I
ran in then at the ojea door, lifted Mrs. Mark,
ham from the path, and revived her atthespring
that flowed hard by. She was afraid, on coming
to herself, to look up at me, taking me for Hestia•
cote; but I told her how I had walked in, seeing
the gate open, and expecting to find bee garden
ing, and how I feared the beat bad been too
mach for her. She wee ice cold, poor thing; but
she murmured—"Yu, the heat, it was the heat,"
es 1 supported ber homeward up the bill I got
away immediately, and pretending a telegrephie
mes,ege, peeked up a little carpet beg;' drove
down ro the railway station at full speed, and
arrived just in time for the up express, as- I bed
On the next Wednesday at noon I was bark
again, and at once took my way down to the
Grange Mrs Markham had been very ill, I
heard, and was now no better; the, tgn►r , s was
even then at her bedside. I bent for him upon
the plea ot very urgent business, and he came
down into the library at once. If I had not been
in his own house, and expecting to meet. no oth
er but himmlf, I should not have known biol.—
/31s eyes were swollen and dull, his gait tut tering,
and 4►afeatures white and.deawn. like the face of
a dead man She had told him all, at last; hill
first and *sly love, his true and devoted wife,
the p a rapet of six happy, happiest yam, was to
be torn from him by another, and doomed ,o a
life of misery.
"Granary," staid. be, is a. bellow, uunattwal
to n e, "I bare that to tell which will wring your
hull, 'I how Itaa i raready broken Mine.''
He bad fallen wan a chars like one whose limbs
refused to sustao him, and the tears coursed
cola his cliCeks: Unchecked and nitconeented.
"Markham," said 1, "I know all—everphiag
—mc,re, I thinbobtati p.ti wow tell. Yeueligeny.
is not for rowreschnt for lont—for i lter, I alb
well assured. he KW not be drNeeditissit.
Be comforted. Ho shall never tench a hair of
her head "
cloplafinir s 0 lex turyt towaide ate not
*Wt a tgch I,e b p. r tram about to spelt*
further, when the Cr laki door hell ago"
w rite , Pos. h ll 3 cope." $1 0 4 113 11 1
as if.ittesorabi9,/510.44 )*id jt,s wry hist4,FlPOP.
din siwaidetr—y. 4,l ;
"Show him ia," .1 to t hese{aaht (or his
master firmed to have lost all power of . , speech.
torinipart, I drew a Lopeful angui,i,tiom that
elshiskteAll•riuging; a raffian that had: rwthieg
u Gar would Lave pulled.wjth both.his herolii.
tieatilao4q slouched, iu with au,,itteoloot
half musk half bully.
"1 dos't wait the parson to hear what,..l hare
vireo say to you," mew hip fiat words.
Mr. Markham, who kepi .his bad; curial, to
wank him, waved Wm kas4 to, maim aim that I
should speak for
"You may ray whigartr yom Iquiat
iy. -"I um swam-of *be objesaat•yomr ammies,
ymt , rismato extort the mossy from thiageatio.
min, ',MA yaw fried urprrettadestiothet trootaal
*slit bir owri 41 , Mr " • ••
"Oh; afirinid,4ltilbry" -Paid tteiritleini with
thabertiel ' , lit 'Mile the were farbet,
R rairnlty, .° - • 1- h4'
"so, Nit, dbediattot'if 101 l mew Imo 'MU
WE, t iffitbttifek' . 4 Rjrintr Weiltd'lVillifittri,
4 6 . 1 1 11 , 11 , 1 1:" . ., 3 49 1fet l t , 64 e er.... isi w:fi i 14 .- .1)1
42it la Log 4 .14PJA •ilella (fa ( 1644 41,:t NMI'
1 1 a - -tun. . 6 AM; .3i. , 71 La •in ^'', KI rta re! Aht?tAti-tail
eru* meetly& owe Wag hammy 1 . Meteat.
flettkr litentbattlevOlinUt old dein., Welch) ,
are PIS , finTl.4 l - ;
rottivr turn'as Pale as the boor triuire hini f
"Wlidth'Sent bb, "" sad hi after tt I%ttla,
"I shall eillvOtle inoseywr I ileaftlhave my .wite
-whet has -4emesmitted.higimar—whitimarer dm&
gestlessau plosami" , -
"That geohletoms 4 " said 1, as .1 Oiler !Rd Mr-
Itlarltani' was about to speak, " b lll,lloi intl.
initiated,' month after Melnik, is les. ffesihbdie
was, lam supplying' lour bottosteterrafsb- .14y,
air, your
*thinsir, mat gain musesel.. !Ladle my
IninA,awarrant for your. ; appreksiksim..
Ye'4 4 " 4 .1 from ship hire 1
oho, I' Ritier7, the proof, 'of tt ieb 1 ye now
witltme ''Re.endeettneibertre'upde y
bead, Iteweember, , soel when you leave this house, I
it gill be : for . .
"I was quite pregared ftir thus, au," said, the
ruffian, with a fool? of ialescribable
'Mr*. Mirktnitb lhat was, siftl)lioirefet)
prey me to prison: - Fine food forthe sohnial'of
the county than will he;,•aad•e good eioaviethe
wife At Till make *memo my Imabilmminemith,
oat doubt."
Mr Markham writhed figs one in torturotipou
his a4tair. We were' Indeed in the eases power,
as be said, and my jolume7 into Elainfehirs bad
been albeit sasalleareiee..• One desperate own,
however ) which had how umgpettel by.Mit• Bab',
Was . left to me, end Itriod it.
theatresternly, to force us to
extremities. You scoff adbaniatutitt, but what
say you to the gallowi 1 yon"—l'itrode op to
the trembling wretch, and layiag my , bead upsee
hie shoulder, whinered aloud—"Jos mardeserr
The sweat stood out upon lie pallid Iprow, his
knees smote foglith6t; and his hair seemed ebso.
lately to brietle up, *abject was his terror.—
allergy! mercy ! I never toned the notes," he
Murmured. ,
"No," said I "but bete is the putskst",--std
produced it—"and red with the blood that still
tries out against ybu !" At the eight of this
frightful evidence, the coward knelt ispott
Boor and cowered his , fsee with his hands.
"Bice, .wretch—go thundered the equine
telt° had riscs up like a mut returned to lifc from
the grave "Berri is mosey—the sum that you
tlemanded--take it. if ever again these eyes of
miss light ch you, an awe an there ie a eon ht
heaven, I hang yob."
The eastalonm,- half parsilysid.4gate of Mr.
)darkbato seemed to dilate, as he initikeeemordw,
he booked like some incarnate New* des*-
cing certain Vengeance upon the creature at, his
feet. It gathered their np likc ts strielett hound,
seized the prebend toree.withent davit* to look
up into the doner'a fen, and rushing Owe of the
door and from the hiume, as though Lb. GOR.
tioner was even then upon his heels, ved away
under the flaming eye of noon from Woodielee,
for ever - '
Mr. lialty's guess bad hoes aitrue one. The,
pocket of Heathosote had, been pieltpd, by,rone or
his wicked htimpinions in aytotehZ x ti
, b y ba4
ruur d erett the thief i'ditheipurpose - nT Tens
pieheaMtiwllelhistipetie Bed' fbiteh =
ThWhiting beles.loosolt upon the body l too/ bee*
l judged coeolueive to idontlly it with bk own rat 1
mains ; and for these too many years,,had, nuk, l
dared to show himself in civilized par to gains
say' it, tut dad livid' the maursoilfie life of 'a
truslinteger Dyed of this, and havi n by a see•
oesefid pillage • obetine. mosey enough fop his
'transit homewards,. be,,had ventured. bank to,
Eoglithil 'Finding his Unfortunate wife Fell
,marred and in each greas, happiness, las batred
; of her was redoubled, and Iris determioation
stre l gtbened to perseouty her at all beards.---
The poor lady had never heforc bad 'strew* of
mind to reveal his existerneel and niiir her eon
fvssios, and the esnainty of basing toneave her
beloved hlarkban for this droadthl hushsaci, bad
brought her into the most dstigerensotato. Bh..
hid priyedlor death more ferYlllo4 k tital MilkA
dying noun for life '; art eri, • therefore, llte, squire
bad milled by to her the remit of my : lnterview
with Reatheete.-for be did not needlessly as-.
ties her with_ the areount of his ad* atrocity,
and of the means whereby he bad ansily got li4
of him—abe was almost.pesicie herself With joy.
Her sretittide towards . roe was withoet,lasemis,
and an she strove to raise her attenutedlOrin
fretn bet couch to vteilee snditranknme, ter+
choked ire. utterance The :igniter wale but it
ails nom onapased. With their melese.coeti
deuce, , which bad been bat this awl • pokes,
quite restored, and, their, very life birtod t as„, it
seethed, sir 'oboe more flowing in their veins,4ii
fell to'nrc • to fake them from their dream' °felt*
found happiness, by tettilediew then rtfLthe the
position /Et whisk they stood. The teeniest fitnt
the even4y of o f .p . pir to the eertsjusy disk
ly,liad been too great to admit of atiy,'t , , , hie,
save 'Thnse of uffilloyeit coition". " e i I', sk i d
Christian limn as the Muire an, the ' „ steel'
me of hit? Markham toeing still gbe lout& Wife
of Henry Hgathruto—ultetever that niwn's clew
*der might bey-rind therefore Making het cos %
tinuanee at 'the °hinge impossible, lad'never
ence-neeerred to him.' The than Wing flthri
oughly got rid of, and all ides of persotml in. .
['opines at as eud, Mr. Mathison had dissociated
her in his mind from all relation with her ant
husband at once. The poor lady must have-in.
deed thought often of the sad ease, bail had put
it - from her, 'probably, as something tub horrible
to be dealt with justly. Nevertheless, sbe•vnui
the first to see the righteess of the path which it
was4sy duty{ as a elergystee to pAnt due togibth
of them. If stet there was a case whets apirls
sad Iptter !mimed at war- h o over onoiebere la•
notient error seemed to be snore terrib4 Obliged
the drinie itstilf—t acknoWledge that it was '
this of theirs. m y teen' -wiroman g thr them 10
its core ; bat L bad aagliateterof daubs 11/1 to
Oat wasneoeelary for theta to do. iTeidesiy,
boa firmly, I
,put it before them • sad beifora.l
-ha done, Mis: Markham "dined. to hoe that is
`who ettingb. "T gd,"'eitid elle ' 'ftaeritiet Mottle,
et oasts utile I have still trerregtir be tried?'
"The vicarage, madame, is of course your
homes es lot* tilde pisosaii . t ) t :-.....*1
„"A tilalgi,Saus.licarAliroarstatloN, Oa &ham
.Wonljele.e," said she, tr.e fer,Htiltd ys,possible
this Tory night." , 1.....
' "ntid Irehisred ta the gond ilitireOld tutidd,
whom we had slimaliforkattenahe,htidrAnen lie
ailtattosapadatot4.o4sadi Ina yos,aster Jiige,
Witte 414 d ACtikeiworilitif /Put rill. •I filbe ion;
care. George,. from pluee . Fth i loqbare !rouged
bet ha my, beati:" . ,
1 . ,
- Ire eqiiirs't *fief Istrfetrible tothud*, bit
1 its slide noopposittea. Miss Mirk am had 'a
,mnall estate inAdistaat meaty ) to misiebdia was
ut,4110 that .01011P.444imahc414144,04**7
remove. tate wereitoritedly paeitta,,tlol tnei
'erne eherfot ordJiea to' tkb dooi ; , aid; diet
ittelin kart tektites 1-trat ddelepLiftlit WI
td the 'HA •ohnoffinil k utite Inaiditiltda, d In; in
tfeltWobrinterief' *Di sim i Laftii the
alghti Virkly;inderti, it4el
ritflitit&llibe•iniddlief.iiitilleft 1 110aT ' 4 . 71 1 'tin
ettlit that *in 'atilt ante: - Weelealliiii
pr meth (A/Jiro* IliN Mt einskitallins,nra
*Mk inadinbittildiabe ) Ali Illotitta t 24
ribOillooll OW INir *mist hoot lig& .
vantflimittlhit berintrlthe gattlettAithiti
to4o ttrtlipittriliVii4P,' Or ' 64 l lfle 1
tett piotitkoWittit tiptlichitd • id,
. 11 vtrie
44ibt eti* • atiVl tlittionrf 111 *44.
tfaiv,.lo ' *kap . retkovis -
kelp t .i.,iii bilukroptir ' I±lbore* it .
iugar=7;il;bit UV '94111117741t.
ta 111 04 at Illat tan sit tot:••••tutt--• emit 1
tom, thlr.)
, t
gni cal giesimita:'' ' ,
had' * imetifterlir "Mir 'lliiial , ..
owe liae' hi sue ier Seto larrtiathis **A
mikoiditiiidithir litithrlaily, mad le men
damiklittialliol toladridlt mead atom IP(
n haal trim lief of tits departed Ira, via Mr*
... 1.:
~ ,.
- -
r . r'e mune" twiyems flat tibi ispentiou of
Mr, astir gni: 161.khain, NCI 1 1111
tricaseimet :illfee . loslik ei leal,*
Jet monivat of Alloaper' o 4-t ft— A I N' .
padebion the tetimatoinf a With ~ ~ „
..aultf, /CA OtigArt i io o6l ''!i , 1 ? . .
'wait/ 40 1 .gi allit skii4;Z4:gilet
what hassittmg in, lops , tea
smil f
, the niam allesdiachise aidel OP ,PPI' '.
loaded him to take them allitillyal• .
nig& while he . sow eapispad, LIM .7-/
sent for from the boadi r te-- saa OA .DO ,
dose dot • pons Allow who had fades tha
ora. H. wou,the ammager to ma r as WO
horded skewswell.lusowm aseemplies of the
smogelen isfeating - that poet ell the salt,aaii
had . diet willbo ebb aseidant, it maw empitased.
' while signaling to somitettlemilisoppomei of
a reletrar-entets. A little stews bed gadosed 1
round bind en the More, but ma andastag that
-vapidly Oh* is an ally felt among the pow
ie phase of that sat for Medals to die amiss
laws. They bad, however, furniebedidat with a
I mitts* mid' Wets ids water. He ass
speechless, did semible, they skid; hot '
a . gbuiee at bit' eyes as' I sums ap sow suited Ise to the exmasty: Manta sr he was
&bob! the heed, and altered by what to
me to be the certain ipproseh of Iterog
nixed the wre4liell Ilearboote It ogee. lle vie
borne, by my direetiost, to die stedieet wage,
and a man on horseback Tutgaishid fieitediaal
help, although - I saw it ward be of littla'amit
I maimed by hisbedeide all ihrotwh that sight,'
and it was a fearful u5e,,,,.
When the doctor told him dies without doubt,
he wee . • dyin, Tas, 1 *OS it haul I
killed himtm, the instant. ~ "I ba e . obas it.,*7.
thing that is Awrribleo aid waken' 004 Nu
1406 life keg," heand . . 'ler Ida illOh 4300 '
fort as I eould with troaAggellihip va urged
him to polka:mos and paw. Jits Mastfter i his
MAI. sag shetemer other Wiimiltil4 41 11 3 Imo
eassaisted r . did Mt assaito swop him* Beni-,
ly so his tivainiestaf his geeril-. IlAst i ziar
an anit hh im ass, a ml eak giallt I WWI to
her. ha will make her.
happy yes Poor Joe :',' gear Jaws r' were his
last wards. Whea after his hmial, L.told the
optima** he was elfeetoi totems. , UM hoaxed
of fiat anat" said be, I'M, eltoodhenwees me
and leptons, I belie,.;. est 4 bogies hits oil."
In twehe menthe' timarfrem that fergiemiesa,
be stood "Jidda obi. ehmeh opet. thi bill es
Woefellee, and wee Monied , the* . mete flue
INetheete hi re. l It wai • s ay Ulm
soy of as hopsiturearlartho ' *rim.
The' oily perkiwitiViheit s' daghttearlillraitt
Mb IfkielllMUMaiT tut i d er vieep et
itiremsliir MOM& alkifilladar [II Mager
,m& 'there who' did not *spice joy, *ma
the siKii!ert clerk Of erg yearly, Maid the
bride's hand V the door, to. der little school
c)i Harr% who m a ged dowers Mart their bit
%A. iii eV It else to telr44m,
there moos t ' to al Ildls he.
fore whom tiodd 'said lie said: a
plasiawat, • kali:lse,' ' '
.-Kod At
old satire AM . is Worn span km—of - bid
mother. Once upon a tisse„T remember, she
said that site was happy not to eve him; but
they were both glad st the Gratir,locy, J think,
to welcome the, yams squire.
Walking Wing the moats vfth .the 'point of
en fitabrelk sdabg mil behind, videethe trai
or Liget the shoulder. By gadde* shipping to
speak to at ield,., Or otheYeauge, a 'walk ,
iog to the tilt idol big beitil - tfltattit
the eye, is one of mit streets, and died in a tea
i $
Stepping into a chtircii' aisle, after digtoisei ,
aid stealliatto germs wi th others, Or CO -
low oecupea;tti of the psi to Paga.ont and Info ,
for the coluteey of preeedenee t at sepia of
a greater boorialumkto, akaat oaitga '
'To wry a loagytaton' to a i;t 4 otEtsidg goat
pocket; pot log g apes , . a e'er i s IP* AA,
4 E4.0 4 killg ordfr WA 09 - . . 44 Ai=
teat , artery „ that is 44 A1.k.011600114
the top of the shoulder., ti r e*, =fog
to death, with ',three amp ' illogic
To take efAilfkat or oak. She health, when
stony step is .a drag,.aad iptinotouggen ko.ZO
. To 4esslo dews glees efestglats of mid water,
oa getting up is the wort oggotighogaluly feel,
lag of taint" under the *Fmk* of thlthepith •
giviag wore digs washing ottg qualities. :
To sit data to a table tunififoree Itetreelf to
sat whs° are iv so APPatitedenta-peeitiwe aver
Ilion to food. . ...
To take a glass et voiaror toddy, or sasgaree,
or taint thirptr, ow a. satotheirtay, under tale
lief that it is safer' sad bettor than attlear of *old
water ' ' , 1 . .. „ .. _
To economize tints, brittobing yourself if ne
eessary-sleep, on thiVortniettit in hour shed
from sleep is it kinbr for file,`irkes in
reality it fr two h rift ay -lost; bbd
dozen otbei. boors *ugly spoitec—Joatrnof of
Hearth. - ' • '
I. 4i
dacha Joaar Wiese. eke wee el.
lows a chases foe *joke Copse is, isseipied
the besebmbea-it• begone aseeesity tooktairaa
*yams a a ewe Cambia
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illiterate litberaiaa r bore Gump
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$ man living seer Ps: len bill *hp sad
three children, for lunds. *lite Worn
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"Truth V
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Negro! •
We paid a tying - visit the other day to the
moil seat fli ng-visit
our retorn, upon =
&Kiwi, where we were to take the
bras for home, we observed seated upon the
plaifoiti of the Depot, a well kutiod &neer*-
, ig mac, with two ititei j eetittg Tittle A ids,
upon each side. There . was aornt : thhig is
thellPPomwooe of (le rap that attratitelkatteu•
tioa, and ezeitod, curiosity. ' There was on out
OrsomioPt of Mdasse upon, each countemmo wluob
dotailog but smoe great sorrow could produce.
'We approached them and ecimmeneed a ewer.
ratios with the man, who was frank. and
seat, and from him learned the following story :
The little girls were his children, aged, he
and sevea_ lie was married to their mother
Sheet eight years ago, and lived with her in a
ttistate of domestics happiness mail last
t His bone was in Barton, .1 t
miles. east of Elmira, oe the Erie mar k t% s
Samba last, & agar and iodinate neighbor sen•
played a nape to do a job of work, sad for a
few days got this man to lodge the negro in a
bask ohamber in his house. The mow complw
led his job, but still hang shoat the premises.
The bastard ordered him away, sad remonstra
ted with his wife, (as the affair bad created
woe scandal in the neighborhood) although the
husband bad sot a serpicion of anythin y[";
on the pars' of his wife at this time. The wee
was indigusat--wrote to ber brother in Map
bastes that her husband had insulted bor. The
brother came and took the wife and 'daughters
home for a few weekson di the diflkidty Wore
away. She bad no *meet arrived there, thaw
the negro presented himself, and who forking
about. I 4 a few days, the wife, • eluding the
vigilance of the brother sad family, sloped with
the negro, taking with her the two danOthre,
tbechildren. The first eine the hulmad
nr brother tad been able to' get of the ftttiese,
was fiu the day before we my the group at Bahl,
der,' 'when he lesrhed they were four
• miles south of' Friendibip, in this county, ammeg
seise negro Inhabitants living there. He took
tie cars and reached Belvidere that stimeisg end
got a livery and went directly in the &Seth* of
the settlement. Re was armed with a six
shooter, as be said, to kill the negrojt he saw
him. He soon found the negro shanty where
his guilty wife was living with the negro. The
first persona he saw were Lis little girls, is rap,
playing about the hut. The wife and negro were
away. to the hada berrying- Hs entered the
'Ol4lll, 41 1 04. Mid it presented a souse of sqeallid
.wretebednets--so chairs—a little imam sad old
quilts constitntiug the bed, and a few plates and
'a kettle, mid* up the furniture. He took the
little girls and the mother's trunk, mid returned
to the Belvidere station. With the aid of the
landlady, be washed and dressed up the:children
with the only remaining elotbes food in the
trunk, and was waiting for the cars to take them
home. He was a medialc by trade-4andid
mid honest hearted to appearance, and in com
fortable eireausetanoes. There was no taint of
African blood in either. He showed a
reatype of his wife. She was good kakis=
the average of her sex—rather
He von.
said she was edweated and is t, and
bad always moved 4n good seeiety. shades
of eight were drawing around, but as we imenaeci
tbb preturw se thought we meld detest in her
otherwise beautiful free a vein of low sad sea
slid The girls were really pigmy,
semi pmeocieue.
Abet this-time we heard the whistle of the
traits. They were soon on board. We saw the
three in a sear The little girls needed beside
the %Oared father. and soon they sped away,
leering the mother to wretehednevsarolter tagr
ahead paramour.
BRAM.—Tbe public is getting its "yea open
to the importanee of esrablishi l eg better eennier-
Mal relations between the 'United , Swag sa d
*eta While we purchase quite largely of
that empire, our exports to it are Men. At
resent, its trade is with Europe sod Ragland:
France, Belgium, and Portugal have limes of
stearibips running to 13ratilian ports, while not
a Yankee steamer finds its way to the waters of
oar Booth American neighbor RV= ,
gen mast go to Europe on their way to =,
*ekes they choose the neeertain and tardy con
veyance of a sailing vessel Tho valley of the
ilOnizon, rich in the productions of that climate,
ba Jost begun to be etplored and its immense
reisenreet developed, rtid• in a few years the oam
coerce of that part-of the i tinifld will be greatly
increased. The soil is o'ner'of the richest in the
world, and the attempts made to render - it avails,
Me salts agricultural
oducing region promises
magnificent result , ! Whether it it ever metes
sively'ordenvely populated or not, there will be
enough of its prednets to ROAMS it flourishing
trade. Dye woods, /Sidle ?tither, precious pup,
cotton, vice, !Inger, and tobacco are or can be obi
tamed thence in immense yield, and the trans
portattou, with proper facilities to this country,
m tench cheaper and easier than to European
matlfeta. Our new Minister, Mr. Mead, on his
priteetilettion to the Emperor, expressed the hops
that ins nations who were bound together by a
common interest in the perpetuity of slam,
would become better acquainted with each other
commercially, but the Emperor, in reply, "
snahhed.tbnatobaepador, and pointedly re ,
'from niiticim . MI allninon to slavery, 111 fa
ti tr
not mauled as "my inuoh of a blessing in BrisP.
.Be, lioPe.Tir,. RiOlifeo+4 i disPoeition to pro.
Ottottk e Wm/ intimate commercial accputintasee,
fa 4
U th e ankiemicis,reeeiving oonsitktrablei at.
*cation Alp Our commercial oentera, time is mo
m toltilleve that tho vast region, nuitazad by
the Amason, asid,,lalrlch, is the most fruitful anal
If all South America, Joey, bakerloin= well known to our eolllllllotoeas, the
Went India Island* now are.—Excisasitee.
Tts Sac os asmissa.-41. noticed,"
said basklin, "aateshaal among a sail::
other.,other.,at "o t
orb on s home wrested a little
f.* . y Abe, who altrayaappeated to be is a
very merry humor, who had a. hied word sad a
ebesefaL wails for every one he abet. Let the
day -be ever so eold, gloomy or modem, I=
le seed like> saahteso oa his
eountenanco. Meeting his asestossise sand
his to tell seam) secret of his sossissi
Sow of spirits. 'No secret Doctor, he simplhat,
'Mee pt oae of the best abu t sad wheal.,
AD work she always has n• bad word. of scarf
apaseat i 0141141, lad whoa I pbonatimattsts
saasith a mile me a hisoit'andlehe barns leis
, ead-clo haw amp so may drip ibsisg
day tepkemstnik that I cansot bd its sty
heart AP *yak labially to ssybodye Mai
seamothea f lath a wawa war lb hurt of
f so
softewlt, sad nab it this isaataisiof
ahilethilLatad pure eastisso l emir e po
sksiirsitsmiks toils of the sispirrer_is
isishisg, soil es brio
isryssli posl~
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The eitetet, !WM, In tow.
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