Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, August 14, 1858, Image 1

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W Me slowiwg is the eastern sky,
. 05 Thei Sabbath esorwiarg meets the *ye,
t• 1 Awl o'er a Waif? CM wo 10010,
Clown KU the art-dohs be of ger
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How we welcomes, over bill sad do/
„' S` u Thr luilloweet miwestios leads bee;
Peva bell et
•,, Whm earthly joy. sod sorrow
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.1- . ' The weepers to tire toms'
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4u ring the • Ml+ r ih. se • t•imaig hut
an at tuft reautruce, curtn t eal sae. Y truth ata.
t.ttt PsTID it Ers.
,ber, and {Lets, I r Is, srrr dee
1). quest Dry "MOAN I 'orprilng a, 4)11
•tste street, yosrawr Mks, fr.rie. V.
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v. euurs to Frites** H. Nirr0.....1
, Ruff, Aquarr,
• Pictures bat. 111 the heei rtyie of the art and
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LW Otto* Erie Pi. ecobeetwor
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•-• •,•.• t , oalers 114 I" kti4 haportr4 Wk.*
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o .1, r toted Whiskey, hi tb•
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\1i.“1.1.11•• and Frtetaol. •t N.l 114
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I' liti4 WILL.
, ...• 4.1)1«, !orlon., •1834 Pohllt
it. • " • ..1 11.. rata Y. 134, "re. at IN* Ranking
. o Pc Iteof Ifourra, hrtir, Ik
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' • • • tte, end tlealtere it, W. 4.1 Laths floods l'alikklar.
Tatawe. Cigars. k 1,44.41, ie., Ate, 11o. Fri Pa
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%nb Earturs, Boners. , marollL
hal4ss4 Cus Ms. lU
.104...a.ktua *Pk me for afghan *wry ; for
IlitAlgh I bare stayed in nearly evety town in
Englawl pi . any size, l have met with none
11.411 roads have put haunted chambers. out of
fusli.i.4l3 Fancy a ghost being bold en'ough to
‘euture two one of our vast hotels! There is
in.t a J•i4,le white robed customer that would
Lave th.• imputlet.ce to do it Ghosts lived in
oid ci,,elattig days, and dwelt in the quaint way.
, ids and 1 was never lucky enough to have
triy 1- .1 curtains distutbed by invisible bands ;
but 1 wit sabamtd to own that I once got a
terribly fright
In my early days, I—ltke some of my profes
sion— traveled front place to place, just remain
tug in each long enough to pocket all the spare
rash the inhabitants were willing to expend on
di (Ohl ,•rnatnents Sometimes I made large towns
the PI titre of toy operations, and remained in it
for tt• nth., visiting the lesser ours in the neigh
ta•tt..,oil on stated days. It was in one of our
levy. manufacturing towns in the west of En •
Aland ;hat I wet with the adventure I am going
to gt‘, )(At :
I had 6rtn 1100.11.1110111 y !•ucersq.ful, and had
made a long stay in the place on ttrat aacount—
indr,d, Eitad spent some mouths there when it
happened I had excellent lodgings, and oven.
pit d three apartments, a sitting room, and sort
of reeepti,-(1 raw for patients, on the ground
(10.4 and a first Boor bedroom, all facing the
sir, to I always worked in the last named apart
anal laid the necessary tools and materi
als on a little bench near the window Here I
gem tally tuck my station, and !pent the time
from six to seven iu the evening till midnight,
as I was less liable to interruption
INly apartments were all furnished with gas. ,
turners, and before Winter set in, I added a gas
stove to my bedroom, that my working there
might rause no needless trouble ur expense to
my randlatly One evening, being very busy, I
ant later than usual, and when at length my task
v‘a,. d, , oe, I drew my chair olose to the stove, half an hour reading before extinguish.
it my light
Vou nip aware that we make use of grad plate
at,,l wire it fastening artificial teeth, and is, con
salucnce of my numerous orders I bad been par.
Ilculurly well supplied witb the precious metal
iu tuis form *now taboo I come to %iris town.—
'Moreover, 1 was by no means deficient in those
ritces which beer a liiteue,qo of our most graeirus
S,,rereign Being particularly weary, and in
t, t,ding to recommence my labors early iu the
!corning, 1 did not trouble tuyeelf to put away
itiyApateriala But 1 was careful to examine
tb (popping, of my door, and this duty done,
xtrbguiehed the fire sod light and got into
1, ,1
fell asleep almost inaia h tly m k t h a d a s ums .
a h .'j,ludierhus dream I fancied myself a keeper
iu the Zoological Gardens, *which I had viii ed a
t. w-dfys befure, and that while handing some
food to my cape, 'al charges (the bears), I over•
balanced and was tumbled into the pit among
the gtittly brutes, when the Alai swokeinc.
Again I dosed off, but only to get *moue' the
bears mice mole I thought a tremendous spe
cimen, a pelt-et Craa Major, had just been pur•
c h a ,.ed, a nd that to me Iran intrusted the task
of taming the monster
No pleasant thing, even in* dream, pastieu
larly at that moment, and in the ineomprelien.
sible manner only to be seoomplished iu sleep,
the scene shifted to my bedroom, and I found
myself standing, en chemise, without any means
ut defense, against the precious creature advent
cing open mouthed. I thought I leaped on my
bench, seized the blind roller, and as be lids'sn•
ct d, dealt, a tremendous blow at him.
But, alas ! be eluded it with the dezZerity of
au accomplished fencer, and I, losing my hal'
suer, toppled bead first to the ground The
to ute .prang upon we. lie tugged, and so did I,
esti% might and with 'I was getting, the worst
t.t it, when suddenly recollecting that any sort
of attack is lawful, and that one may be permit•
tt d to waive ceremony with a bear, I seised the
creature's est between my teeth, and bit the
piece completely out. Ile dropped we like a hot
potato l'he ludicrouspitiful bowl, and the way
he applied the paw just taken from my waist to
the wounded ear, were too much.
I burst into a perfects roar of laughter, awl au
much noise did I make that it awoke me.
i wasetill laughing at ibis whimsical vision,
sod wondering it it had any reference to an ap
prentice who was to some under my care on the
morrow, end who was, truly, as uncouth a look•
tog eub as any gentleman need have to lick into
shape, eke.' I heard, not a ghost—they make
no noise—but a sort of uneasy grunt, then a
yawn, such as a person emits when diaturbetk
froni a soma sleep. I listened attentively, lying,
perfectly still, and in a usement distinctly idtr
something move below my bed. I knew no owe
could hare entered after I laid down, as I am a
light sleepir, and the door was to well secured
to be opened without a solos I therefore Veit
sate that they bad been under the bed before J
commediced working, and baring fallen asleep,
been awakened by the boistroas laughter whieb
bad dispelled. my own dream.
What was Itodo ?' I feared. the moment I
set toot on the Boor I should be seised, aid what
could I—a little fellow, almost naked, imarined
—do against one, or perhaps more, douWleas
prepared for a struggle?
Oddly enough, the remembrance of my dream
gave me courage. I bad loaded pistol. iu the
roots, and once out of bed, should be able to
seise theui in a moment. 1 resolved to leap out
sad secure the weapons before lighting the gas,
since I, being as I presumed, better acquainted
with the arrangement 44 the furniture, might•
manage in the dark to elude My antagonist.—
Thom thoughts occupied but a few seconds. In
so many more the pistols were is ■y laud and
iße gas lighted. The intruder did not tasters
to appear, and the delay gave me courage. I
boldly commanded that individual to mimeos
aid t the chance of a bullet. Somethiag ite
m ' ely began to moue, aid I soon me the
of . toy stars. WWI was it, think yon ?
cannot geese. I will tallow: It mas a
woman I I see you an all beibudig to lamb
and I suppose yea WO Aso is aoiattleag awry
is the ease ; .tad I aim* bailaital as a
Heari, or a • ' Itieb fa all Abe sums-.;
aim I hod wog olli ip iaiiiy. bad molasiali
Y I. 4.0.4
7, 6 maL t a,
c, .N 6 4 TtLill 4A4
ST nos. swairsur
W hea Orris% is the eastern sky,
The Sabbath esemotast assets the eye,
And o'er a weary ewe was 11011410,
Cameo KU the ark-dowe's tumf of plea.
How w• welcomes, ever bill and dlr.
Thy lugimmod siemesems Leeds theme*
Owlet hell 1 Church hell 1
W hoot earthly joy. sod sorrow. wool,
Aed towed oar loft repose we Prod,
Hort slow thy neared tow both tall
The wagers to tho banal.
Awl to tots bat &bob of ahoy,
With rota= toll moot ant tbo way,
' ihod boll I Church WI
If to the rime where ploaeorom nitro,
we, throogh a Eburituteo love 'A/do'
If eftr, to as augers thought,
Forth'a unfottottoo wooer an brought,
Win not thy raid., that warned to prover,
h. ,graterntl ,r membered there
RUA ' Church
knelt Otero to rem* its. with- **few vs*,
All iron& like deuce a bit of rornatied is
there in the whole affair Bad you ibeeti the
COlllllB , 1 . 06 ill-favored woman who stood be
fore cue wrapped in a diugy plaid shawl, you
would sot suspect awl a thing, especially as you
have rein a specimen of ley taste in the shape - of
a lady *be bears my name
After all the scenewra droll enough. There
qood I 'shivering in thy night habiliments. pis'
tot in hand read) to interrogate my visitor
She looked eyeing knives in return; but not
seeming in the least shocked at my scanty gar•
meat*, though evidently desirous of turning her
back both on them and op the wearer On lock :
lug I thought her features seemed familiar and
recollected she had lived as servant in the house,
but my landlady suspecting her of dishonesty,
discharged bet shortly after my arrival.
I was about to question her, but thinking it
advisable to have a witness, I commanded her
to remain where she was sad insured her ohedi I
ewe by locking the door I rouse d the family,
and as I was returning to my prisoner, I beard
my bedroom window hastily closed "Ab !"
thought I, "you are all right there for staying
•where you are, for the window is strongly bar
red " On being interrogated, she said my lands
lady had forLidden her coming intl, the house,
but t eiug friendly with the 'other ,ervaut she
ventured ti. her.
While talking in the kitchen she heard the
tuistiess upproachiog, and fearing discovery stole
up stairs crept Into flit room ind hill herself
below the bed, intending to leave the house when
all was quiet My early entrauce cut off her es
cape, andishe supposed she bad fallen a s !e e p, as
she reinelebered nothing more till aroused by a
loud fit laughter This teemed plausible
enough, Intl but for She sequel would have pass
ed off rely well As we were about to dismiss
her with h caution not to repeat her visit, the
dour bell rang and we found a policeman waiting
fur admittance Ile stated that passing a short
time before, he ol.seritd uric of the front win
dows hastily opened. Something was thrown
out, and they tt war as quickly shut After a
search he found a very large cod sharp Spanish
knife, which he presumed wa. the article thrown
from the w indow Ile also observed
of suspicions appearance, loitering about the
place,aud discovered them to be father and son,
men oN bad character, who got a living nobody
knew how Ile had warned them away, and re
turned to see it anything were amiss in the
On being informed of my visitor and Ler tale,
he expressed a wish to see , her, and at once re
cognised her as the daughter of the elder, and
sister to ibe younger man ho had dismissed.
Instead of liberating the woman, as we thought
of doing, we
, deemed` it prudent to give Ler into
custody N 0 one present at her examination
entertained a doubt that, during the short tinie
she was in Mrs. Wingate's house, after I became
an inmate of it, she had remarked the materials
I bad used, and that a regular plan bad been or
ganized to rub, and ptrhaps murder mu
The other servants also deposed, on oath, that
her biding in my room was needless, as she had
abundant time to leave the house unperceived,
bad she chosen; and that the visit t.o her was
paid against ber will; she having no desire to
continue any acquaintance with a person more
than suspeeted of dishonesty. Still, we could
charge her with nothing but the concealment,
.nd sfo.r she being cautioned against placing
betas f again in such a situation, she was dis
Th - t! story wart much talked about and I gut
well qulrd,e.l by many ladies of my argomotatire;
bus, Hiter all, the thing might have pawed no
Joe to toe I remained some mouths lidager in
the pl.ce, sod before I left it kart' many ac
couoiN of threats which the woman's mule rein
tive4 bed uttered against me, for ruspi,
con ou innocent (?) people -I bail probably to
jurtd their business; for,i fancy, after what had
occurred, few parties would be willing tip empluy
any nocturnal visitor in their. houses
Time years elapsed from the date of my ad
venture, and I hid almost forgotten it, when bu
siness again called me to the same town. At
first I only thought of remaining a few dam but
finding I should be detained longer, I sought out
my former Isedlady as—thatl ono night excepted
—I bad beigi perfectly comfortable wider her
rout Finding my old apartments vs nut, I
gladly took possession of them the second time.
During my former stay, I made many sgree•
able sequainsanses, and now— it being near
Ohristms--I received many invitations to sup
per panics, &e., which I faney were not the lees
numerouscause I was still a bachelor.
On eta' Innis eve I aeoepted one, to spend it
with a fri dat his house, where there was a
very large dud charming family of sons and
daughters The father was a fine, jovial old fel
low, and the wittier just the eheerful, but eveu
tempered gentle Rout who alone could bring up
inch girls as hers. We bad a must glorious eve
All sorts of joyous Christuis‘ fun was earried
onj and I kissed pretty girls under the mistletoe
unfit, either with that pleasant exercise or with
Itching the thirst it excited, I became slight •
levated. I was to dine tErere next day, awl
net friends would fain have persuaded me to
stay all night; but I was determined to return
ituy lodgings, as I knew Mrs Wingate would
sit up-for me., It was past midnight when I
bid my kind ebtertainers good night, and with
a hasty but not too steady step set out on my
homeward journey. . .
I WD3 soon at home entitle bed. Mrs. Win
gate had more than once Inoghed about the odd
tigers I cut ou the ocaa.ioo of my old adventure.
Sbe also isfortued me that the two men wbo bad
played the street pert had been since detected
white attempting to commit a burglary, end im
prisoned for twelve month,*, but were DOW at
liberty The good lady manifested &mama un
casinese.uu my account, and cautioned me to be
very careful not to give them any opportunity
of , esecutiug their threats of veagesnee spout
Her evident timidity and anxiety only exci
ted coy mirth, Let 1 was nevertheless careful to
exaniine the loudening of lay .door, and always
both dock and bolt it
Wbea If reached lay lodgiop on 011r+gums
Eve; I was, as 1 said, a little elected, and coo
tray, to al, esusl euitom, oa gassing iota bed 1
wail! Dos sleep.
I tegen to ibiak over the amusements of the
evening, criticising the fair feces I had bees so
close tu, wishing I bed such a cheerful home •
spetinisting an to my chance of encomia iu the,
(meet 4 my asking one of the said fair itaineehi
to part with her came in favor of mine, and
thankieg my stars that at any rate I should be
a guest at the Mane plum on the morrow. The
clock streak two, rod found my -thoughts still
busy; beta insides oath was given to the cur
rent of my ideas. I beard a sett of grsAing
sowed, and them ifeltoettais some au* was mos.
lag stealthily up the kindles Maim. As tit I
woe a little alarmed, issugioieg thieves ware in
the bowie, Mid thee*pthaw 1 thought I, Mrs.
Wiegam bed bees setting up toter thee isseal, to
Sahib her Christmas paddingt Inl4 estherate
gmtap tbst soy former exPreilteraii ado'. not *at
Ise* my mood; though is bad eamsi:red easiest
spot. I luttemed spin. The footiteps4isr.
Minty audibit, Amps 40 sy tem drier-voiltaut
was oe the loot--it tamed-6.y imewontiking
aloes tie Oar , w as erirst iiiisesessep.
In 50 A YEAR;
ERIE, SATURDAY mottratie, OUST' 14, 186&
Abdo of the trite of seritifilikeirelusi now i
liKirfl they orwotssafiltuation7* Stain Ulan
of what had formerly happened there, the 'puma
oca of the two ,fellows who, ha 4 then, doOtleta,
been disappointed of their peel, and the thotiglif
of tny own powerkeisteas;drove me mad. ' •
.YOO, idiot that I was—llimi in my tipsy Ail
ly Itched upon ary fate. ,
I refused the. curdled inrilatiow w Web : 110 414
here secured We from all danger, and hail even
neglected the precaution of securing my room,
elnioet for the first time - within my - reenlltetims.'
I became aware 'of 'a. dim light, end partially
opening my eyes, I perceived two rascalii fum.
bling about a lantern, I am not Ash:pied to
owa I was perfectly parnlyzed will, terror awl
utterly incapable of doing anything—lndeed,
what could Ide I saw them remove the can.
die from the lantern, and convert my inkstand
into a eandle•etick. One proposed lighting the
gas, hat the ottwr objected,, that if disturbed, be,
fluried, and turned into the wrong way. They
then, with singular quickness and destetitr
ransacked my desk and ease, which they opened
by mem,s of skeleton keys. This done, and the
plunder tied in a handkerchief the dosages of
the two suggested, with an oath, that they should
sinaids t isint.
•R 0 approached my bekt, I,rcv aside, the cur•
tains, and, though I durst not lo<k, I felt he was
gazing in my face. Again he turneilaside, and
fumbled in his pocket as if in search of some,
I had hoped all along that by fidgning sleep I
might escape, for I knew, ,ii uld a struggle en-.
sue, I could' not escape, since they ante powerful
men, and I quite unarmed While he was feet I
in his pocket, I could not help stealing sky b*Md
up to my throat, thinking at the same time how
little chance there was that it be used as a vi hi
vie fur Christmas cheer Guess my horror, if
you can, when the-elder scoundrel, in an impa
tient tone, Lade bin son "make haste if he meant
to do it, and not keep him waiting there all
night "
The young mum tumbled ov( r the artielea that
had been (140/well iu their seareh for plunder,
and not finding what Lo sl , ogbt, inquired with
1441 oath, what his father had done with the knife.
At Graf the latter seemed puzzled, and then in•
formed his eon, with an rqually elegant exple ,
live, that he lad left it on the pantry shelf down
The youpgt r, bitterly eurNing him fur greedy
fool, who mu't begin to eat before the work was
door. bode him fetch it
"Well, Bill," replied hie parent, "that ham
was btunning, and )ou know you couldn't stand
those 'en chetsecaker; but won't this do for him?'
handing up one of my pistols
"Yes, a pretty thing; fire, kick up a row, and
be scragged for it—that would pay nicely Fetch
the knife and have no more jaw ,
. or we shall
wake the chap, instead of sending him up quiets
ly to spend his Chrietnias in Heaven without an
invitation." Ile chuckled, and the old fellow
seemed equally delighted ut his eon's wit; then
taking up the candle, vent off to fetch the knife
A!I their motions had Ewen so noiselessly per
formed and the conversation carried on in a tone
an wonderfully &Ist., though low, that I was as
tonialied at the perfection they,=uained in
astir horrid Graft. Deni s tkir laidiftee"
the en was not idle life actually loi sod the
collar of my shirt, and dirt steed quietly await
log the other's return.
You could never imagine, unless placid in
similar circumstances, what, * multitude of
thoughts passed through my villain r few mini
wee. 1 verily believe that every Christmas
with its accompaniments of fun and feasting at
which I had aseistid ~lice I was the laght of the
table was reviewed in mum Then I thought of
the morrow, and of the (air girls I bad left, and
now, an hour before, 1 was full of hope that ere
another Christmas came round 1 ; 6601141 call one
my own Still I found time foi• earnest prayer,
and to think of all sorts of expedients to escape
my impending fate. Once I fancied, now there
wra only one to emitted with, I might do some.
thing, but just then the touch of the
hand on toy throat, reminded me that a move.
wept would Canso toy instant destruction T o .'
deed, 'I have often wondered that the fellow bid
not strangle me in his impatience. Hew bittet.
ly did I reproatth myself for not raising au alarm
when the footsteps first became audible.
At length the fellow fairly guaahed his teeth
with rage, and uttering a smothered eat:lama•
tion of "Hang the tipling beast, be's at that
wine again!" he also left the apartment to remit
his truant parent, and fetch the implement of
Now was the time, tied you may believe I lost
none. The instant he left the room, 1 wua on
my feat; noiselessly I approached the door,
dashed it to, turned the key, shut the bolt,
the gas, and once more 1 stood, my heat
reedy to jump into my throat with joy and
theta/Inhume, with my trusty pistols in my baud
"Imo was no chance of their re•ruteriug, for
(Emir Pkeletoo keys lay oh the bench, end every
article of plunder was there also; for intending
to return, they had nut oouveyed tt from the
I made neiiee enough from tilt wittd‘wee suY
hostess and her damsel, now routed, juiced the
chorus, and .00, at the bead of a boat of shim
ell neighbors sod a couple of policemen, we
soli•el.ed the house front top to bottom Wog of
the men l knew bad left tie premises, aid heard
him dish over the area esiliwg,,, en d d own t h e
street., but the elder ruffian was discovered, Mu
pidly,drouk, in the cellar, the danger of hie po
sition cos- baying sulliweito prevent his iaduls.
iog his favorite propensity, when tne temptation
was so strong.
We found they bad gained admittance by cut.
tiug way the slue' front the pantry window,
sad their skeleton keys having wade the rest easy.
BM-, the younger ruffian, was too well hnowit
to ellollPo deteetioti. He was captured in a few
hours, arid ihrth by and his father eventually ob.
tabled a free passage to a distant laud in a vessel
provided' for that purpose by Het -Most Gassiwas
The affair made a prodlgioas seasameni sad I
herniae the lion of all Christmas parties that
year; and the eztraordisary sympatitymanifes
ted bye errudo fair lidividuat - A the meital of
my story, brought aboat a woet sitipfmtory ex
planation. My pelt Cbriatmas dieueirints aim
hi my own hem*, witb.ber is a asistrest. E '
I have often blessed my start that good Min:
1 Wingate was not a member of the Total Abell.
n once SCel f ty; for had it not been for the liberal
replenishing hit. Cellar underwent a few days be
fore Ohristinas, in reaioess foe ihnalrod thigh.
tete irlio' were to gather round ber, avid celebrate
la her boast that true home Magid, my throat
would hare been io no condition` tikperform its
facetious when the time strirod. - - • I
,bare I told the only het4l,erwre of soy
eossfque.nee in which I eveephiyed apart, and
) . cl, Me add, that wherasa rielsrittd' `poor alike
webtotneVihrtstoras as a beaten elf jakiod Shia ,
taos., I desibt "bettor 'by *el metre keen
emotions of the kits!! 'duel. AO, blued 'Wreath'
to Mind an 14(1.14°641 mercy itsiefrialld *tiled.
P es , *l *
Iv- .;,-• , ) „i.
tlo 'ream% r an 'of> X ilitalissis mope!
yaks &fit Id obi matzlately sitast: laid. tint
Meat at ti tt
tW. it reeesiria, Mr ing e raciai i m plid e
liti dist soy mtiansek4liairthfraiipii=mll
141iitillilk Illki*awilitie mitiriyeamilly weirs
I '.- bitinew; ~ 4;4. E•i=li ,-,..: :.
.f,4 - - : b4e.e. -ii 4. —, , rkillJib ..411 ~ .6-I.4ar irvi
.. ~ ..t • - -•- •.. -4,-.. . •'• ' • idit , ..-V4if 1 ''''' .. 4 ', , T .; '
41110140 rove :-1P .4 4 %4 1 )tft
; # ft
1 ~ . s
":j 4' ' g kr, 44 t 1'.63 toi
cellarn , 1
4• - .... , 04 - - i 4 • •-.'ts,i.
. !TRLNIIn 8.41 r; ..
• ~ ...01. i . c,i,_ i . .
' Trinity Bsy in Newfoundland, and Valeta%
rawßarawthe'weatt46 oast of Ireland, have be•
come two of the moss important points on either
(*edition A , desatiptirm of them cannot fail to
be, at this sourest, hilehte interstitial.
In tbp *election of this OW in Ireland and
.Newfoundland for telegraph 'stations at either'
end of the greet oceanic hue, jhose witnaronn
'trusted with 'the nark beve been probed by
one principal osusideratioa—thecharamer of the
beach on whh ibis ealda,,ahould be lauded.—
The experience of the pitat sin or seveni bait'
roved oonolusively time a sandy or *id 'Jot. )
toes is the beet adapted . is a restirtglikbe the 1
line ' while rocks or donee are almeetalwoyo fa • /
tat td its saisty, &veal cabies that bare been ,
laid in the water. Noted, for the rocky nature of
the bottom, hove been out and destroyed by the I ,
abrasion. to which they . were subject from cur.
rents. If is, therefore, a matter of the highest
itßportantse to secure a leading place where tie I
line will no .he injured by each means ; and /
where, under all circumstances, it will be per.
fectlyisecure. The By of Bull'e Arm, a con..
sidersOle tract of miter at the bead Of Trinity I
Bay, Newfoundland, its bees chosen as the best 1
point for the landing of the *able and the twee•
non of a telegraph station. By lookjog at the /
map of Newfoundland it will
,beotecn thatVribi
ty and Placentia bays ire separated by a narrow
neck of land about four miles in brredtb Now i
this spot has been selected, dot only ou account 1
of the sandy character of the beach, but for an- /
other region no leas forcible. It is intended
hereafter to lay a submarine cable from Placen-,
• tie Bay to the best point either in Nova Scotia
or near Portland, Maine ; and the brief distance,
therefore, between the two bays will teed great
ly to facilitate this design. A subterranean line
four miles long will be all sugesient to connect
the two cables—the one extending to Ireland
and through Ireland to England, Europe and
Asia ; and the other to the United States sod
the whole of North America. At present the
cooneetioss will be formed with the land line
running from St. Johns, the capital city, to Cape
Bay, the most extreme southwestern point on the
island, where the cable which spans the Gulf
was laid in the mowth of Ju1y,1856. The great
sideantage of the proposed submarine line ex
teodiug from Placentia Bey to Nova Scotia or
Portland will consist in its being free from thoie
accidents to which all land lines ere liable, aid
to which that in Newtoualsed is more partiett.
larly exposed on account of the severity of the
climate and the wild and •uacultirated state o"
the country
At the geed of the Bay of Bull's Arm, about
half a mile from high water line, the telegraph
hcuse he erected. This will be a tpaoious
frame building, containing, in addition to the
office or operates-le department, a sitting woos, a
kitchen, eight bedrooms and all the other et rel.
eras of a well appointed household It is the in
tention of the company to provide the operators
with s library; and if they do not have enough to
int( rest them in what tbey will find in it, in them
selves, in them:amity, and in•tbeir bnisnese, they
will be bar* to please Wee*. Ilgaides tbir, they
will occupy the grand standing point b e tween
tat' wortdo, the whole news of which, both p.n.
rate and public, must be made Meow) to them .
It has been Faid that they will be isolated—
abut cif as much from communication with their
fellow men as the occupant of the lighthouse;
but there is no truth in the assertion, as a Witt'
conaideration of the circumstances .will show.—
Shut off &cat communion with their fellow men,
with the daily history of the world cpeneti• to
them, with a full knowledge of the mocenu nts of
the great nations of the eartb, the operations of
trade, the, state of the money market, and all
those matters which make up the sum total of
all that is considered worth knowing in a worldly
point of r iew—if those operatives don't become
philosophers with each opportunities, they are
not deserving of the position. But they are to
tetligent men, for none-Mbera would be employ.
ed is se responsible a situation. The force of
op , rators will number seven, and these must
hare, among otLfr qualifications, a perfect howl
edge of Freneh German, Italitm and English, so
tint they may be enabled to receive and-transmit
messages in all those languages. Io additioo to
the operaters there will tot five reeebacies to re•
pair the telegraph instruments, R ed to rr i ore a
any other work that may be required of them in
their particular trade. •
•'; 44) 4, 4 4 - 44 ,
g I
. .... . f • f ~. • • - .4 • 1
iiiti (
. P• •..
' 4 111 1
I . °I II VH .1
,f r 4••••. - 0" . . ...• i • & .71, ~ i , ~ .''- .7, .
.. 1.
The approach to the bey in which the cable is
to be laid is exceediogly picturesque, sod posses•
se* all that wildness and grandeur of .scenery
which distinguish nearly the whole coast of New
foundland. If the weather should prove clear,
the peaks of the high headlands can be seen some
thirty miles from land, and a nearer view shows
a country of peculiarly usoubleoious character.
The first thiag that strikes the nisiter is the bar.
ten cud rocky tailors of the land ; but there are
some parts which are particularly susceptible of
cultivation, and where, eons daring the isle:ale.
table . character of the climate, farming has been
successfully carried en. It must be coofessed,
however, that the prospects for agricultural op.
er a tioo s are tint of the most encouraging hind,
and that cod fishing is, unit must always prove,
the mess Iterative oecupittlee Between these
bleak, wild wroentain ranges there are some
beautiful little taßeys, through which run
streams of the purest, sparkling water. _ Indeed,
there is an iaexhauttible supply of this common
but valuable and necessary article, both in the
numerous r lakes, - rivers and rivulets with which
the whole island abounds, and which come gush
ivrout of every rock in the summer time, or are
frown up is scabies:l and death during the
leog and cheerless winter.
The entrance to Triiity Illy is about thirty
miles wide, and on either side rise the bold head.
lands of Paieealo and florae Chops—the latter of
which is about Ike hamdred and the farmer seven
hundred feet is height. The shore of the bay
is marked ky indentutions and smaller bays, and
inlets have been worn tato its rocky boned/ries
by the Teethes aetioniof the sea, which breaks
hire with waistless fury. Large eaves, running
far ittballlo mountain barriers, have been hollow
ed out by the Mime agency, and the deep seams
that scar the front of the rocks show that time
has also hub intasatlutpoa them:. Take it .alto
' l ow, amp is mach to **ire in the slater,
about Trinity . Bay, sad is the suateicr season it
possesses' many attraction/ for the lover of nature,
white fa the winter its frown, demiste look will
do Mach towards developing all the dot/natio af
fection' and airtime; by teaching the necessity of
ken lad iodgpes , 4.n4 this, ittjustice t , in fair
ness, vad is tenth, is ail 'Wit can be laid about
Trinity Atty.
' Petins. Ariel doe-4
' .Ttitiotheti teratintit of the lies is es has / head; dietetic I _ hiliseass tie
bee* litatlkLihii lraketir Bap Whisk is pethaps °major oft ._ —....- . peppitedises, sot.—
thetnetki _ tong ea the whole soathere It oinks, bo does * a t iteitste, eenserently A
west 'Or Ir ' Bea on seem ed ini bets* the ishtedd le uslA Ihdtbediet bineilleppmf. , '4t IP: •
e M a
v oi .' hi ' ' ' ' 'sad os aleoUat of:its iniespn es,theakqmov andlurk bees and is IL ,
14;ataimitetitios. Vim 'Bast baits 17ttie titee,..ies 4 vet ~ • •
10014 1. mi Pooh 'WS& is indssited, til
. Vsteetis Abe attehrest. whit* O f ten& ths help tig . p ~t .i .
. 4 1Inf i lmn4tAltiek Am end - of the.oabis was se tie food. , Perini"! in - Iseiltli dO tir:f t:". t . , 1 1 4
~,,,,,a,-„...,„ . t'ir the. liilot Attend !sot' piser 'lts tliiitofeed:' Bet to 046,,.k-tit,.l
1 jordi Or, 34 lei is litifid leittbieslo , geldlitouteelOs to knislbiroki tiiiritri heel. efai
i / 4istliiist of' •Ititerfeetillhunh whislii wetbew is Ord awitot :mina- a t swalffit,t4,44l4 ,
I •- ' ' thee rawilkissi.skrop- eke) I. Ilt skite, Alippo.4o;leFt. tits pm kiit 110.1)
IMasilkiklolllloloAlllol.oo44 Mk in caw i t ortistes eAhoic tin - elt
1: _ 410114t1110(11ftillmili Cat ielieliteF in4n:rsieepikeTif dhiialt.,-14101 4 jrait s
- -. .:o- • , -It. .- •ri ~ , -.,- • a n d! a , ...) e. W, 1 4te-te ;rt.-spell- '!.t. 46 '
/ ,
, IVi 7, ' let fili" .. il . 1
... ,S , I. - q, .4 /,(:. -,1,..f . '“ wilr . V.rutdt %.1 c: tr 't ift,ll;,: t3.'-s‘d 1-.:.1 •ttr 1.4. d i,
, ..
1 .:44, ~:. ....V: '..4 I. 14 4 i - ; , tt , e," • ••17' i 4 St , •);', ,t .'. .; , .it i,: .= . .. 4 1 MA :.-; -..., . 4.11 /. .41
4. - .4.:( eilet.• •Asiik:: ' ork•fi - t . 4 . •%,,,# , i d t '
i .4 61($40VdtAVI. 4:1444 "...1ian. , 14 . i 1 atti i
, ,-
Istioviliikirlior ate .1101 . ‘ trio al I
imtietwillbit 4 ol ,47oo 4 4 ZlK
e itr i
triune iflailltwiWit wail
deals; whit/ further rad Omni in bat
ineuataid - range, the We of Wilt:A.6 wont urida
deep Snares, while its Weis hollowed ant all
inegalsor Weevils by oases, sane of which m:
teed, aesordieg 40 the elefete 4 oo °car M il*
try, several hundred feet into the ver7
the mountains. The bay bas a' de intone
plata of over a hundred fathoms, bat it is ao
aped to the sea, and aschaage haw bad that it
is we if tbe woes pleas which sviesetteidd
alma iii e storm. But Valenta Bay Is more
protested, end although not site la a stensods
fouls math better sacherags The lead, .for
miles into the interior, is very rocky asd banes,
and affords a poet pate age for the digitised/e
but hardy nee for Which thecae*, Nary is
famous. The huts of the peassts7 which dot
that kill sides, show y Umpteen" gibe
people, and bow te& labor at wad,
ed. The ruins of citechar, which wore built by
pious Christians as long *go as the fourth or fifth
century,. are strikingly To attendance With the
impoverished appearame of the land sad of the
people. The Wand if Valeatia adftweifearfal.
ly daring the famine is. Inland, and hundreds
died of anuvation on the road **aril; the wiser,
able dwelling", some 'of which atilt teinsiii
in which their bodies Sere towed seal ;rake
after their death, unburied sod iv* horribastats
of emaciation. Within the last few years it is
said the condition of the people hes considerably
improved; but if what the writer saw on his visit
there hot year is called insprovieinent,fibey
have been in a terrihle state before' ftstprestlit
amelioration tomineeced. Some of Meld live at
present by fishing, reale by cultisating' the au.
-grateful soil, and bOtpe by gnarling slate from
the hill side for a *Ming sterling, or ftienty ,
five tents a day.
*bout three miles fraarthe head of Valentis
Bay is the post town of Cahirciveen, and_ a t the
saute distance, but in another direetioU, lies
Knightatovtu, a swell village of some five bun
drill inhabi tau t ii. This village is called after the
Knight of Kerry, a gentlemen who his been one
of the struegest advocates of the Atlantic Tete
graph. Thu email land cove in which the buy
terminates sae devilled upon last year as the place
for the landing of the made, and has not been
ehangedeince, It is, in tact, the very best spot
that could be selected. About four hundred
yards from the kiteli a telegraph building, some.
what similar to that at Trinity Bay, Newfound
land, has been erected and supplied witli;evert
thing necessary fur the business and 'mime,
dation of the operators. The junction with the
1 cable will be formed by a land line running to
! Cork, from Coils to Dublin, thence items the
channel to England, and by other connections
( with the great net work of telegraphs which ex
tends o%er the whole coititent of Europe, and
j which has already embraced within it portions of
Asia and Africa.
ROMANCE.—A paragraph is going the rounds
of the papers relating haw s wian,•ibamed Fraser,
~„„a rec omiy arseatad seat Baltimore, sod com•
taitted to the jail seer Morrestown, New Jersey,
trots whesee he had tamped when under smite
cue nt for counterfeiting. The story is touched
up with a little romance concerning a Pieta of his,
who is said to have struggled hard fora livelihood
in her younger.dsys, but who is sow a great lady
at the court of France—all of which is true.
This Fraser was once a resident of our county.
He came here with Lucien Murat—son of the il
lustrious Murat and the beautiful Pauline Bona
parte, nephew of the old and cocain of the present
Emperor. Lucien assisted by this Fraser and a
French; chap, whose name we cannot recall, nos
dertook to build • Nity" on Indian rives,between
Evans' Mills and Theresa. This was some men ,
ty-three years ago. This trio were a preskoua set.
Horee•raeing and cock-fighting were more judos.
trionat7atterided to than legitimate business; still
a grist mill, a few shops, and a store was put up,
but the end went down under the sheriff's ham.
mer. Thus began and ended the great city of
"Joachim," The old mill is still standing as a
monument of Lucien Murat's failures in this
coustry. The wright who built the mill atilt
holds an expressive memento of Lucien in the
form of a "promise-to-pay," given. for eighteen
hundred dollars' worth of labor performed.
After our adventurers left the county, Fraser
went-to Nevi. York and got riek, Montt went to
Bordentows, New Jersey, warried Primer's Die
ter, and remained poor. His wife actually sup
ported him by teaching sekool. - kletuttime her
brother continued to wen fat and fast. He be
eline noted as a gentleman of wealth, leisure,
and pleasure, without giving a thought, it is said,
to his relatives, wbo were then under the frowns
of fortune. The throw of the dice box of desti
nies which gave France into the hands of Napo.
leon, also gave peeve and glory to Lucien Moral
and his very worthy and bard working wife. Lie
is wow owe of the high dignitaries of the empire,
and the is one of i the first ladies of the court.—
Thus, while the sister occupies the It lysee Bout
bon at Paris, the brother is awaiting his scuteeee
to 'serve in a New Jersey &ate prison.. So the
"play" goes on.-1 Watertown, AY. X., Jour
Y. York Independent gives sbe followiig, es
the esperieuee of a clergyman who smoked and
chewed tobacco for may years, and used 'hise
means to bresk himself of the habit: I had a
deep well of very cool water, sod whenever the
evil appetiteclaimed indulgence, I resorted int.
taediately to fresh dawn water. Of this I drank
what I desired, and then contionedle hold niter
iu,wy mouth—throwing oat and taking iu suc
cessful mouthfuls until the cravings ceased. By
a faithful adherence to .this practice for about
motith, I was cured And from that time to
this tare been as free from any appetite for to.
'beet° as a nursing isles'. I loathe the . ase of
any such weed in every form, far more tiara I
ever did before I contracted habits of luau( -
puce. -
ABOUT A CAT. 7 --Teo Aqua rid a half ago,
one of our citizens, to oblige a Mead, the captain
of a ship about to sail foil the-Bait Indies, Ore
him a cat for the purport of keeping the Tarsi!'
on board in proper stihjertiosa...._,Prany .thwirg
the intervening thre c at7agealtr POrntllsal4KPar
to Liver poo l„ tuck to Charleatoo, (B. C.) / 114 fi
oally to Bostoo. A few days alter the !lineal of
the ship at thfs Port The fotber ownertrtif threat
were sitting at threaltatit, when is walked tabby,
the same iis ifehe bad never been api7 iron bow
and alter a general review. of ,Ita preatiscrahe
rasps and jumped • the kr of the master of
the householif `' old timeb.
The story is salami:1110
locality kit) pail of its
retention of
Leg I, • . 0 .1 1
-.„ " B . F . ,:rR4/ttriveltt_
"N~ y
I ,;c:i it,v441(4 Zuff-3
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ilin found the latter ailrewith weevil ati t lAwidly - •
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This led him to a miettiseopie elan:Anglo% isctinr ,-
berry of the wheat, which resulted in tinvltteitv, - --- ,
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air destroys its gewamitig kropslito.,,, 4 ,L,,..,,,,,,
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grain is infested by the weevil totry ih
Western People.
A corre.poodent t tho Richmond South, wri
ting fr,on the Falk of. `t. Anthoty Minnesota,
"There is grrtet land untiring enercy disphy •
a by the western people in the eir,rl.: they butt ,
made, and arc still making, to der , lope their
country. It is alre,e , t laughable t , • • tht , straita
they are P•ricetinie , striven to g , T 1 and keep
moving here Wlt' n the mon, y rink. way in
fall blast, every on , at the East whe cnahl draw -
anything the every
could give tl drew it,
thereby leaving them 'comparatively, in many
sections, without a aorar Will, they aelit le -
work and issued 'City Scrip,' 'Crility
awl every other device in tbo ..f a parr
curreues--even went t , o fir as 1, , it, &Ate W 0,1
Cat or bogus bank notes as acu •, ---( nd r
sing them vitt :Ito name of s, n tt in in boat
standing in a town, who proni. , em the
same as soon as town lots. coat... ~•• g, ins off
'like hot cokes: Such notes .ty • Ili in erred'
latiou. I saw one to•day;, it $ tau dolls r
debt just as well as Uncle Say. guAl eould Ala
it. The man that took it said • , titlortcr
all tight,em rich, had pleat> ,t 1 teperty,
no money,' and so it go , s from 1., , ,n0 to inu,4l.
With only such MOM , as rib , abow
are these people bull at work. 1 plc anywhere
else would give up; but, us 1 1,..a
,}ou in one - of
my former lettets, l that, is a a 4.4 d net well tan
denttood ben."
WAS GEN. LEvi A Tn.a.rrort 7 --We gave all
Item from our ea se c .. ..,e : 1:2 time sir t io,
in effect teL thecoveri , l—ti been intial;
clearly proving &help:Ludy of t.i,..u. 1,, , ~, lilt, ac
compH.shed Aid-deicamp of I i,nt.tal Weelijus.... ,
ton. The statement wed pu t-lt , ti IS u RA .•
some hesitation, fot we hoped . neuld prove tis
be en error. • Recentiy, hone r, trout an inter
view with a gentlemen employ tl 1.) Peter Coops
er to collect dccumeuts and It, -,olutionary veiled
ti t et
for his Instit to, we learned .s 4.
t the tenet& sf ,
Lee's trench ' was not only . ;e, but that doe. ,
notate had a found end e•ere now in ifr.
Cooper's possession, whteh • !oved lieyead a
doubt that he had the pace tis d agreed upon
for betraying WasLington and July, and eel.
ling his country to the lint There tl9eu
mews, be Pitys, aqt full sod c. t, Atli _leave
no room to doubt the extents • .eatable.chert., /
aster of his treasonable pnrpet ' ~.1
History has laeirti t chati.shle t:eu. Lee./ 11
hati generally repudiated the : t.ttiottvol his
perfidy, and bruskod a.ide the oucirt, lt h e il a
adduced as of little *eight or ec • • ..V [t, shere•
fore, snel. papers i evidenco tteasot, as
are represented, really hive • ° PIM4i, wirth
their authenticity ani zeroth:7o , n • uh-tairtiat
a new chapter forces itself into t i..••••ry •st' our.
oountry--a chapter of - Infamy • t , t.g•tmes—
enrapanion to the blafi; record e rno=t4'• trta.•
sort. It is due t 4 th. , country t •
pottioat b.; knovu. tr rtietrory
Lee, that chi; reproach relax. ft'• it is
just, nod equally dn. , t , t hiq to • •y 01,4 she
damned spit he fixed e ! ,• i ii a ily n him, if ,he
corm uts of those reerotty disentrt • docurnent%
have been fairly set fiirth —I . b . ca tit all
sa., w.- ;earn from the Fretioul — .) ,, rr!; 1 11..t
ou Monday upon last, au Irish' Cu, - r'' ,% th.
acrvtd io frout of the how,: of C. I' r:i.r.,!.,rn -
the Dunkirk Plank Iteua, the r s in 4 . 'i ,, 14 01'
lyi eg tal , ott - the ground, all4)tvpso..,, , ..;(,. 'ltri:'' ili
sicitt .1., , ,1:t•e , (o 1 able Ty. .19 . , 50l ' , tillt.'i
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to ,ride is/the Outuilous, . but, abe n ,rp-tuat;
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searehiy.g her litl,oh, a hag was found c, •
iag SP -7 85, togitlar with a pOrttnpunie
000yaitiet1 81 in hdlg, B'2, 50 iad
making,#l39 55 is all.
BLACKDBittir Wirsa.,lbms is au
to blackberry wino when propprly main" t.,
in-liasor or la medicinal parporiesiamtkAlloit,
Boos. vase oria:conveniently.alop so, iihmehtatak
facture enough ter their own also sietty. l yenr,
it is involitibble in sickness Aka l i nnio,rgid not.
lag is a, better remedy forohoorei dirmaro.
Ageratum give the reeeip& for moiling l‘e 451114
Abe fruit is plenty this yaws, ,u(s, tastily *sat
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litreye" bereitslini.braise theme} &gator, ,gel
ion addict; one part of boiling water. Let Alio
illinterOteudi twelkrfors; hours, stir:um/ t om
Wiarally vithesnianiiud4iin liquor intone*,
gala. adding tits ,pounds of tpt ;
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further : • reining el bai,
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