Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, July 31, 1858, Image 1

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i•NEDE vi:Rr .s 4 wan,/ r EY
. i , orrikarE THE POST OFFICE.
~ • I. 0 • di. Mdlier.
• .1, virsoor, or within 3 mulffia $1 64 . 1 (
t; ~ki he clargw.
to par within tjhr year, the paper will
tle iteettoot lett with • proper ollitaer or cui-
`l"rt , l - oF ADVIERTLSING •
n• r u r leer Make s iyeare.
$ :5
on.. equate 3 swaths WOO
uu flue I “ 00
Its Ono " 51 It 76
40 ,rr a ,str, elalatesbte It plum" Pg.
,tlO, to , o months, $8; V mouths, 811_50,1
w 4u ritlAMl,-11130 year, , 6 psoetbs, $.16 , 1
the Undoes Direetery at feb inz, mem
I a L and, over Mx, and ender eight, sTr
11..t1e.t, lU ,rota • lib. , but no setrottluo
owl-Ird anion( the Spatial otscos for how MAO oat
Aber. requlrtog freipmat changes an thr.r
allowed Iwo Pei umiak, paper, u era, for $l.l
to. chute.. tle . proport...e,
and the
wart te et...tardy comlimeal to um legitimate beakoma
Inept fur trauxuent •drrrtneaernt. rvlutred
o, , it fr.( 'remit sthertielog •dl be presented half
nn of 10 per 1X'41.. will be [bide on all 'lnept
•Geu paid lb 1.1*&11e*
oak:. in Central block, Viet Neunvtger
n. I.!ntrabee on State Sin-et
~,-..ttwe on etik wee', cwrl7 uPP".I.B
, ieleart 4 Ssoectear •
°roger 01IIILV au,* 7th ,t
•-li.ttp, Buiutn;
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I la I..,ntr and :Staple Dr) Cr , ..”lll and
.-r ,; • \ , .0 oppoSite klrown I. Hotel
.11.4 14.2111.40, it. , hal 1:014 .
'u n. I.L Enetainirr Office, Krt.., t's
1 1.1.1 %NI s. LANE.
t i La , -- 4 Ithce rein" lod t., COrt. ,
I. oruer .tate Alveet and M. , YuLhr
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vtrr 111 au &Mal} .41 En,: lull, German and
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•' 11. r• and I:I". 1. I'. nclA at
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v. iist.ststura wriu Awe.
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ar, 11%1:
a. BAN 1 tILD.
ladwiam, I . n.l•are, I al,t,
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.n. N WI% A.• Tomas 1...13 ar,-. .1,, I
•.1,1•• ,vert, {J sbiyuvr .r J.•• • 1 ntr,
wr‘itu a P% NE.
tateli Awn, Ilealcra to et.d. rioh,
.u.. 1 haol. r vaxt ..1.41.M
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aj"., WffMr 11 01"tupt•-•1 la • Mu % Af
Ilerebasat 4 Padtor buck. Et haler
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ketu.t iu iirocwrlma, A p
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B. I. ).t I.I.KKTuN.
- • 's “ Y, itagbee &lark, State I,tr.•et,
.1%1 UK tt. FILANM.
r t. •k, tau returaard the
'MAUL /0 to, Cu I mir rr mbar Theo.. tuLat Lu
%.4 • It .“4.•l•eV, Cultbef .i 4 tad h nr.s.biti.
61 , 4 Retail Realer In ..“.ry .lel
.• ,11,0 ticiiry teweia, ilazbertii.,•. 1,11
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r a.. 1 M4nutaeturer t 0 60.1 yeasty ll.rady
uw - rukahuag (scowl. Broworm
I I .).1 Al THOILNItE4I,
Aervement Runde and Motto
, Ak,•l drawl, oifi c . v o
Sterrett. Gr.cory Atare fair. Yin.
Ks or sot ficaCi. Wul Victim to
ottot), sod gist prompt num taltbittl
catfosied to his hoods, enter as an At
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ILA V lilt a, co.
.74,L i . •.LI-Lititn Vane, and Kayla Dr , C.. 114,
the", A. , at.. 1 drown ■ Hauck, kne,
L H. %BULL. -
....on Wahiani H Shainasa,)
• , quarr, between the need Ilottne and
. - tito.i..itrn in for brat istylr of tba art mod
t.kimult. H. OCTLAIL
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k Noon, isollats, Ostidas Agnimet i.
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71111 : . ,
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L , , . . ......,
. , .
. I t •f El ‘
. I'.o.
"And may God have mercy oa your 'owl r'
Ttere is an appalling - and ntouruful feeling that
comet over the-bystander io a 'Court of ;tuition,
when after a period of intense intrest and breath•
less atteuttou from the crowded audience, the
judge concluded the sentence of death upon a
fellow being who has incurred the highest pen•
the law, with the quaint and simple sup-
OR-titbit' since
But at suet, a time, who without the expert
.'nee, can luitigiue the feeliugn of a young man—
counsel fur the Londeinue‘l, who ails beside
tiis client after every energy ban been spent to
veto, and beholds the Boo! &col thus impressed
upon the destinies which bad been 000dded to
hi, care and protection.
All that ingenuity, all that research, all that
the midnight. toil could accomplish, has bees
fruitle-sly exerted—every hope, every chance has
been concluded—there is no error, no informali
130 appeal, nod the hope nod the sanely
which has animated every particle fur sumo pe
riod back with its intensity, has flickered its last
gh am upon the case
I to ft, rutalleis
The prisoner sten& condemned to die, by the
sentence of the law, which he has violated. Oh!
it is a thrilling and a painful moment, and one
which, though more than 000 e expericooed,
would pray ever to avoid again.
our of owteral br.otherPi who had emigrated surly
in life to [W• country, and who had left behind
tlo to t6-a 1.0.71 szateruarJ Wear In
kinfirea or iu friendship, to meet their fortunes
in the new country of the free
They haat been leers 1/...r unsay years, and by
thrift) industry bad amassed a comfortable little
property fur their security in time of need, or in
the decline of life John was the fain brother
of another who had been left at boom to gather
for the 4.1.1 pe44)ple the crops that were grown up
on the He was insthe midst of his
proTerity, everything around began to wear the
assurance of the success of his honest and up
right career among his co_laborers, and those
with whom be wits associated—his bowie b. came
the asylum of the idestitute of hie couolqinelt,
sod hi. c0u0.,..1, the' gelid.• and support id the
distressed lu sitnrl, lie among his own
eountrytueu, no common luau
.1 If 11.• • .II.f•.I
.1.. r 1.. • I , Ih.• K. 41
; 1 ,, ,
When the news of thearre.t waa mad*, pub-•
lie, there was, aa might br rapeeted, great ez
eieetneal among hie friends ..Recey determine'
tion was '4'l for In. .ervice—every heart beat
with a quick pule in hi. r. girl, and a hundred
hands were ready to 1..0.1 thotr' lull in Declaring
hie defe Dor
The services of a senior counsel and myself,
Wen. retain...l for the amused The exporte
hearing was bad, and upon a positive accusation
confirmed by some eircumstaniial evidence, the
unbirtunate prieoner was remanded to await his
trial at the next session of the Oyer and Termi•
nee The day fixed for the trial arrived The
Court House was crowded in every part, sod
amidst all the assemblage there was BM perhaps
one being uneoasected with the issue, that did
sot feel alively sod fervent desire f.,r the
al of the prisoner
lie bad just arrivedet the fall development of
the man--hi. wax about thirty, sod his well
squared frame, his healthy ghAr widish nand
upon the cheek unchanged by the prison's dew
or the mind's distress, and his good Insaared
smile that was stampe d by nature upon his face
in the hour of his birth—all made him an object
of interest, and his fate a subject of solicitude to
every one wbo looked upon him The trial oci
copied several days, during which every assiduity
nod attention which professional experience tad
skill at the hands of those retained Car him could
give, was bestowed upon his ease
MI that friends could do, or means could oceo•
maid is his behalf was espended in the estab
lishment of his defence Yet al coma iy
nothing spinet the effective and affecting power
of the prosecution The widow of the deceasci,
and die orphans of the murdered man, dressed
in the sad babliesents of mourning, oame is the
presence of the prisoner, and when called upon
to designees the murderer of the husband and
the father, pointed with naerriag certainly sad
equal promptitude to the accused.
The evidence detailed a most fuel and delib•
orate deed. The deceased bad been watched on
hie way home to his residence, which was some
dietetics from the habitation of any fails,. being
In a moment of fancied security and quiet, when
his wife was belied in the preparation of the
ptaia sod himely firs of the evening board, tad
the dam, were - elambering around their lath.
eel, knee'', to hear his account of the dotage of
the day with the out door world, sod manifesting
their joy at the rehire of their labor wore panto
—at such a sacred moment, the aseaseii had en.
toed the door of their solitary bones, and with a
demonise Oeteetpesa, before their eyes sal is the
very drowning of their cries fur mere, and fur
help—bad slain their only svport awl piteous,
in a striker with world ; sail with * pevolless
instrument with which b. was rearba l
beaten the body of the &mused we ft,it promi
sed before them a toothsome gory ow, Kite*
distisguibliable as having bout the habitation or
the spirit that bad bit a softest before eslivett
ed and warmed thus with die ardor of its 'tree
. .
In addition to this evidence.
several mffes hum tie plea wheitillip i V k
been corOmitted, he ell a u ra is that .•40110,-
loud, by mend perilous wi w . koir bill it
short time pretiotairlithri bow, he • WWI
'al eged* oliitild:hisim p*i*
To all this the FUN* PC—
the nevaryiag espreii4sat gram'
tie was *ventilates" ''
plsahte, eud the stith_hi*"
' thostrimii 00 11 , **PO
li L. LOW,
r. ►. lIMULAR,
- 11. 13 li; EI .
eta timitoly bass. - amoitrook
gy bean Moto Wed awl Irk
Bat sorely, le the tar. Orr alsassiss.
I as taw I mod at tut."
"It Is oalrebs reapers eloping, -
Atlbw Gerry boss their
And dm fitiostste lostisbni visca,
AM moll= Urt dopy' lestro."
mume. ! than IN VANE Wham"
Wooly An 101114611•11 t o spook,
Tot kost is/4o posr Isla Mid Itosidlog,
Lod tie tad lashoi Ia hoe Oho&
"Lt la oats Use sialdsso *Sap
Mow. sow thou: work Is doss,
Aed ttssy loaf* IN. tidy qee en dew
By the rays albs netting we "
Painter grew her role, and ereeber
AN with 401b00+11 eyes. she cried,
-Dow* the grown of chestnuts
1 two bear s hormeosaa ride "
• "lt wee Duly the dew that were bedhig
In • heard ow the doer/ gnu. :
The/ ern etoetied. wod Wed to an Weise
A. thy am the woven pus "
:tow the atcht *raw is •1101110•,
Buds lay to thole Pasty post,
k od the de,t isonatisd I. the Mout.
And the children were at real.
There was only a sowed et wewidag
Frnm watchers around a bed,
Itut rest to the weary
Peeve to the quart dead '
- 1!-Ai .7.-S an
4-4111! . ..;k1..• 1 , 5111 t",
16 oriiiiaUwitei _Arnow. "6
Mot* 14 Wei, ' _.. 4 *4. •"•;••
NU ASSAM be- - 4
- biiiikla•ia. ' •
°Ohs pillownies. Aid • • ...mmi
A. alawarits banns dim 7,...":„1
eta person en ells n hilsilliaii* beim& le pre
sage time he weimsigarrintiesemplege, he nu
goalie to ve.see, alit see ie> M.fei kj. sti.
Five evident*. el lug eadse lipiegesesstff. i t be gi.. !
at tense et subs Wog sell* deeseseti, poor '4
the tiles of his ilegesigign. • - ' 1
Ne t
The trial wee skirehWled, sod the with
every desire sad dispositios to OW to
cherish every alhatiawthit sighs opp ose es=
of widens*, is whisk the guilt et the
was exhibited to then, wereeolenul 'pined
I. seal their "Brake of rood s, sad to
plies the primmer upon the tufty of 4 higher
tribunal, for the ounberiog of his dap epos
The day of seetebee was one of emit isms.
sive &muter as to lea's its remessinttios deep
in the heart, after t lapse of ,nary yell '
There sat tim thtee judges aggregated togeth
er, to liftable the imposing and solemn dieeksrge
of tbti last set tithe court, In pronouncing Den
tones. Confronting them in the centre of the
long deck sat the °boric* prisoner.
On each side war marshalled a small body of
the officers of the pesos, with their staffs of dim,
bolding off the eager crowd that pried of all
side, to obtain a look at the safentnestaviktim
of the law In the emirs of the -foram sat the
members of the bar, who had beet attraeted on
this an annual oneasion i est& bearing in his
emaitensiee the deep impression of the high an.
thority which they were about to 'willies. seer
eated by etas over his folio* mu. livery our.
net sod e'er, nook, every window and door that
constatiaded an in view to the court room was
thronged with spectators. And yet with all
this tirowded assemblage, not a whisper was
board to disturb the silence that reigned around.
After alittle while the prisimer was ordered
to stand up. He rose &Om hie seat and firmly
took his position at the bar. As he rose, however,
and eaposed his manly features, his unwrinkled
brow sod Dottie Beare to the bpataaders, and in
voluntary sigh bossed from she hearts of the
multitude to behold one so fair, so mild, and so
youthful, about to receive the doom of the tour'
derer—the sentence of death.
The felling judge, in a tune that betokened
the emotion under' which he labored, addressed
the prisoner by name, and in a solemn voice
asked him if he had any reasons "why sentence
of death should sot be prosooooed upon hire "
lie stood a minaret as if eolleetiog hie ever.
g►c• and bts thoughts, and after looking around
upon the mass of fellow beings &at surrounded
hue, he answered as follows:
"I have been fsirly ttied and legelly condi°,
ted--for the purpose of human justice I am
guilty--but is the presence of these my fellow
mortals, sod ii the presence of that God from
whose eye no atonal deed is hidden, and into
whose ear no falsehood can eater, I do now as I
have always done most solemnly avow my inn*
eenoe of die Crime of which I Mead oonvieted.—
lify reliance is od Him who is Ott ,ituttOoe of
the iris, *ad the asordlan of Lilo anoteest—m
Hini - 1 rely for my safe deliverance from the lg.
...wives deem- ur murderer."
With tiesedords he took hid seat, and a mo•
meat of /ileum, still as the deadly aigbt of the
dismal house, pervaded the room. A cry of
grief was, !mini in a maidest, afterwards, from a
distant corner of rho rues It grew more vice,
lent until it became necessary to remove the per.
don from whom it proceeded from the court
A female ia • deep br ow a,, uorecoguizetl by
aoy one, wars carried tbrough the crowd, and
placed io an adjacent lbamkier,
Inee was seat f"r to revive Iter from ber lifeleAr
Io ibe meantime the judge proceeded itl - his
painful duty This roma:nor was brief cud soli
awn The primmer rewired it lettboitl , b"raY
ins the "fiestas& easotioa, nor I/001110d to wove
either Quassia or feature, until the last ward, fell
upon his rat —“sed may God have mercy oa
your soul
Ile raised but eyes to basses so the eatiteci•
stistt of the ptyetti sod spoke frost thee the
stresetb of bis support. Tits order wa gives to
siesr the court MOM, sod the ustiabled sold-
Lode dispersed v part spew tbeir still belief ia
issoecoee, and fosse Ttepaillog Ms &amen
sa the sessrseee dabs bortletosess of Csio.
In a little time the prbiebre tree removed from
the doelt, and Moder a surd of dimwit was oat
bin way to the vehicle Mir lea to convey him
to the prison from wile* It was ordered that
be should never Mans ittlillte spirit of life.--
its be passed through that faced the
entrance of the corm a wild' shriek was beard,
and immediately a'fistatiedemate rushed into the
emod, greepeag at the pristine', and ezelaieming,
“yon sae - "lei, fel .boll Et SOP hilP yet."
'Twos the woman that bad swooned 519.1 in
the NMI 1 . 000. The unhappy man tossed atoned
to behold the beteg who had thee issiespeitedly
involved herself in his wo and in meeting her
eye, beheld a sister.
They bad been separated for many years, sad
be bad believed hiseself parted from 'bet by the
broad (meta, and bad hoped that the tale of his
stalftrisg. eves had sot, would not, resek her
ears.. She was with him looted is its arms,
sad agaii helpless in the eseitement of her feed.
Ju t
eaald withstood so kept the torrent of
kis anguish, and he and abe were mob serried
as 'busker frost the spot of their unexpested
I immediately give directious to tutaa the Pecor
girl removed to a comfortable sad aravesileut
plebe of repose, where I meld see bet and ad•
laiiister to hertresCatitim i Lad sali fromiter ail
the intelligeses of ?her " Imalentie.
A Mr days %GM her under *a Arialt
atteadants, mob *rived ' from Ai sLoek Iv *
had so stewed hen My emit isauspiode kad
sapeloas lejery eithMl Atilt toll lower
that is nay degree iruplaised the y'olr ke:
e 4 er
amider appearintee,' arktrkai met ea emigre
tiow. lat letigth posted to N a visit Lapin
blether, is MO eel at 'the prison., The . prima.
eability of tido' kli she tad c r loved kw,
morsel 7 it tait dep' s' tlea of ' *Wise,
kr I , a nett lire ii 4 - a niii rigor to
ibt7:r i misol. ' .
'4oea I slew e el MI, tad +Wilt with h 1
Npis--etase too t" she wililogaiset lie g
1... „a... ~ .sassed se Oho *ea . i"-
reel *poi 'stag* aosiial bone ibe - eat
of liter opmeale, Wiwi she eseltimii, • Ile •
thee yet pito.", "
With ihi r im !' # 4 , l*-0 11V 4 1 4 4# 1 : 44 1 4,
I aspilistki m 141844) •!To i 464
tea tor cif tit an Wrbill ' ql. iliho eaten&
It With i Veit oil, 4,0 pp, gioa Ae, albs
twieedltioa la boo *tar 4.0 i . .‘
:s4o,wilpt 401144 Wes Papaw la lbw
r o. AO : 46, kia• ibitibillmt• *MO 11•41110 i
# 4 "Fi l Y. 400 0PC91 441 4 4 0‘ 4 1 1 04 biii
* slai lOC • . .4 — 7- 11 P, -
taiv I. , M0 1 0 0 4 ab Oiaakili id
" 1 " I P. . f Alasoiciii•skipri,
trigs& emus sallsok Inn bouital awn, '
- " 1 7 6 , 4 "* " „5a •:,
~ ,
. 4trtiffs; t oti kr iii.
. A Arisimmesuiasx
c ,r. _ 040",a,sti a
- 111 *1,44 Nordlipsow fit
r1(1 -;
. r
,asmRDINING J 3485&
oil nalisony abeam*, u if
!head -Asp
hard hire& freak Irked, is an or-
Of hp. -- ' •
To the iiimillases, vibe hid takes
iiiir_tivedieutit_ _ the We ol ay an* as
Whir al t o 1 ' ~ _sesenreaces of this ast
oithistrari . ter', aid aew anxieties ter the
Bera lk ti in tis ca ; tu t he profaned for
se, and ail the Mimeo he had simody
• , is MIN out eat, effort proved &Writhe,
*Mob we tedsialed to rape the veil' that
• • awd - tie iotereurse of the sister
bad=und Idik. '
He was maidenly &caged by her primmer,
nnesproted ae it was, from dejection to deer.
(ohms, fro* oomplaiS to perfeet isdAtetwo
.and resignation.
The time appointed by the executive of the
ecommoowealth for bia,ezettetitto was fast draw
ing neat- ifirom woe its and weeks, we bad al.
ready baps to went die days that intervened
between his ezeindlor sod the present. Tbe
pions catholic& friend, 6e 4 prieet t was called In,
and having daily emasetaion with the prisoner,
had at length promised Unwell so much satiate°.
tioo to the result of his :shore, as to deliver the
holy saersmeat to hiss. Yet there wits no coo
fession—no other seiwiration but that of reit
crated innocence. The sister remained in the
same mysterious Alm; and seemed to wait iA
patience the owning tbey of the brother's doom.
A few days now oily intervened for his des
tiny to reveal itself, sad I sought the sister to en.
treat her to may, if might she Gould, why there
Avoid be deify er mesa extended to tbe broth-
Sh e was still, sodomy' herself in the mo
tor), of thetsghtiahmes that had made her imper,
viola to all isirsis' hoe heretofore.
At length I told her that the scaffold oo which
her brother was to bang, was already tweeted in
do jail yard--the. rope was already prepared—
the warrant had already helm read to him, tad
cowjared has, by thestowtal primped his Ode,
to reveal. what she /mew, that could avert' his
danger. This eosin:Woo prom/ the teat of the
natural feelings -of the heart, said deer a imo
meet's pease, she anted It it was yet in tinfe to
delay, at least the execution, if the aaanrancit of
good reason therefor could be gives.
I informed her 'built was, if the utmost prcitip.
titude was exercised She thou demanded who
had the right to graatythe reprieve. I answered
that it was the prerogative of the governor, who
was at the seat of government, and volunteered
rupelf to be the bearer and the advocate of her
claims to the indulgence which she prayed
" Rear me to the governor as epeeidly as post.
Bible,"' she replied, "and I myself will be the
oracle and the advocate of my prayer.
-Oar arrangements were made. fur our departure
the next morning, and the same evening we had
an audience with the governor. After the state ,
meat of the nature sod CO of the trial, and all
the circumstances which in my possession,
to avail the convict, I tar to the sister who sat
beside ass, and made her relation to the
subject olt turf saspidetablarac
Me rote front
.bet Whale, sad advancing to the
eoutre of the room where the governor was seated,
asked the privileges Of speaking ie private with
him. I of course, Unmet:tai l -I, ..;cuoirvr, and
gave her the fulness of opportunity which her
precaution desired.
What tuek place at this interview was then a
myotery to the, and I sought out, nor felt an anx
iety Lu inquire into it, so that it was effieieut in
the object for which it was granted - It soon
proved so.
Th., next day I wa4 called upon by the were)
tary of the ezeoutive, with a reprieve of two
weeks for my divot.
Oar immediate return to the city was requi.
site to make our success available, and we lost
Dot a moment mu retracing our way homeward
The day before the contemplated execution, the
reprieve was placed iu the heads of the sheriff,
and the sister again a•lmitted ti the oell, and to
a private iuterview with the brother.
After 116 had been engaged to wavers. for
wore time, L approached the cell, nucosecious
that the was there, and in my unexpected inter
ruption, heard as they hastily closed their coot
serastiou, the last words of the sister.
" He will then be far on his arty."
A new light seemed to burst upon me, and I
detained the gilder, while l owned upon the grafi
tade of the brother as a pies, if my unrewarded
labor in his behalf constitu ted so assurance of
the sincerity of my interest is him, whereon I
was entitled to a revelation of tho mystery that
daily separated me more and more from their
eoefidenee, and removed them farther and farther
from my assistance.
A period just one week preceding the expire ,
Lion of the reprieve, was fixed by them as the day
on which I should be made acquainted with every
menet fi latish they seeme4 so deeply isolated.
TM' day St length arrived, and the following
was the revelation given by both to me, am we
met - in the narrow end dint lighted sell.
The prisoner was as innocent and ignorant of
the deed or the cootemplation of it, as the infant
that yielded its pure spirit yesterday to the au
thor who gave it. The twin brother, who had
been left in Ireland and whose resemblance to
the °outlet bad from lorancy bead the scruti
ny of the most intimate friends to distinguish
between them, bad perpetrated she foal aW
busmen deed. The widow of the dammed, the
Pak !!$ . UP man . 4 4 0% us NOT
betrothed to limy mid pre him 4o America
under the most edema vows of emnstaney and 11
delity to the pledge that mutually bound them
together- /40 ffellt T•notP owes
from hie rinsted emispiaisp, and Inc years bad
lost all tidings of kis betrothed. He heard at
length of haspeefily. She was the wife of an •
other f hwistaandeoll the dpeeased, and wu the pa,
rester eirperaisedierew.
By es tedmellty lid unholy prompting be mode
the Mien
I. her'snd dosingl ber of her
I ii was Outboard
vie mood is late to
prevent nimeatlon.
Rebid sheet embarked for Ammida, sad no
Lope' %sib" for libc to intertese between him
sad Ida *AA but to *wee biro as timbal, as
possible mitlitli6 Awe dovertaking beton,-
Imo bad Mmiliktest tieelpe.
the antearbsts, 4er a Wog mpg. ie., is
time tesei r ei that Intedigewes of her bee bar's
must, aid tedineover is the court rem, the the
first time An mistake of the law in the prompt.
time of ite
Me isitipodlillt sot tie rest olreader t sad bad
losithated Mt swipe to ii a eigiborisg port, at
Mrs htera tkt H 4 'old oosoul pis.
Hart knelt onsk dejsupird, ae
. iitorvjow WO tile WOW is pm.
1.4 4 40 f a ir
ilmi . , 41m,a,Nopiery wan"
liait T ' kiell 41011614.1,1010.
IA" baithr4 Arpoo Shio Skits,
is ;bit . &ADVidioti_or 4,-
7 ~ 110. 6 4 .41110 ernie Wage Lt!Male
~ . ,_ Nr. .44 ti wow - :Be boO•
_P4 4 4 1 011111601111 OW ambaitirtbas %iv
1 11111. 1 401141004 MAO* nervier ,
.. tql , l iikt...air-AqiiV.P•itibir- fi ir•lmblia
jesi a osa i ,....l pinkie ilarbeliplimp
4 , Add* brilmi4 hir milli* Wm*
. . " ibis 111isale r a i a s • uNaakstis-
EA irsublisopikwinv 4,0 t
toMin!irsainiino• , 44kii miammait
111141111111 Nit bream is cosistment of the crime
Viewed, prodneed such serious impression upon
the sista of the governor, connected with the
annueo tit the produstioa of witnesses to estabi
fhh **helot to Weft him to grant reprieve.
It remalos now to disekse and to prove these
fillets. Is the language of the devoted sister, the
guilty or was now 'far on his way,' Bed the
.sags of his meet was removed. The affidavit
ef tits deem, with the other evidence, which the
*Woad= of these facts elicited, was immediate.
ly secured.
The wide* of the deceased was ought after,
sad whet brought forward acknowledged her
Clto the ilan whom she bad left with the
pledge of her heart's devotion, and join ,
ed in the belief, that was now on all bands adop
ted, of bet deception in the individual convicte d With such evidence, it need scarcely be added,
the pardon of the (*evict was immediately ob.
tamed, and he win set at liberty.
Frau Vie Detroit Pro. -Frees
The Days of Steamboats on the Upper Lakes.
Jost forty years ago the first steamboat that
ever ploughed Lake Erie was built With the
aid of spasmodic revolutions of her wheels and
energetie tug' at long towing lines, the nawirldly
hulk was got under way and disappeared in the
haze of Lake Erie, a sueoessful experiment ; an
annihilator of four miles an hour, and the ape.
°lel wonderment of the Red Men, who stood on
the Banks and cried, " Talyols niches." They
looked and believed that it was—not the spirit
of fire and water—but a big canoe drawn by
Brom so small a beginning, the unfledged eon•
°epilogs grew in time to become the great fea
ture of the West. But a short eyele of years
sufficed to pines these breathing motors io the
foremost rank as necessary institutions of the
country. The lakes, from Chicago to Oswego,
were covered with them, and•no hour in the day
or night passed that the broad strait in front
of oar city did not bear upon its bosom ode of
these new found self-impelling leviathans of th e
Those were the palmy days of stesinhoating.
Whet there were to cards ; when there wa. LI.)
railroad; when Capt. Sam Ward was ita his
prime, Oliver Newbury was young, and when
bluff Commodore Blake era/ied rough jokes
that made the ladies blush in the cabin and
laugh in their state rooms When the old Hnf.
fain and Great Western made their slow, never ,
&Wog trips front Buffalo to Chicago and tool,
rounding to at Detroit to discharge aud ink.. ~n
great piles of freight, and give the weary pa,.
edgers a chalice to stretch their limb, Whe t ,
the Nile stood on the stocks where now iitau4
groat brick warehouses, and Wa.i the weeder of
all, for her treitiend.ius size and exquisite .{yin
metry, (a Riviera ltouge Baud boat now "outvie4
her model and length,) awl the little Red Jack
et sputtered aid splashed about the river, eel
made great pretentious over running betweeu
this sod Lake St. Clair. Those were the palmy
days of .szeamboatisig— whet • steamer was
something to look at, and a steamboat eaptaiu
was a very king, (now they are nothing but
princes of good fellows,) awl walked hi, deck
with the cooseirtence of one who carried weight)
searousibilittes and heavy armors upuu 2,11,.w.
Jere—whoa they roughed it out ou day
and night, uncertain in a gale, whether their
boat went backward or forward, and when the)
climbed up oo top of the boilers, aud sat
of the sality-valve to keep within the 4 , lee,
terrific power which must impel her otf au
pending lee shore, or rend the iron and in
a thousand fragments the body of the ouurag.-ots
moo who (*strolled it.
The Constitatiou was saved to die of 014 age
Tee Great Western allowed her fires to V.
yond compass and was hurried at our &A A+, and
the Nile succumbed to the stormy spirit of Litte
biiehigau. Oonsmodore Blake swore by the
Continental Congress that the dread choler*
should not conquer him, and then died iti its
grasp where his beloved Nile was wrecked pt
Beni Ward followed him, and the reef of the
race of hold sea faring men who then inverted
the lakes bate passed away. Steamboat+ grew
in size, speed and magnificence, awl were men •
bored by 'hundreds. Then came a chants, the
results of which are shown in the whirl: taper
forms of those floating palacce unu lying at elir
docks, motionless and deserted. Their will
fought battle ground, on which they have f.te, .1
a thousand storms seathless, is encircled by a
band of iron, along which shoots the impelling
wheel, rejoicing in the firm foothold which th.
yielding waters denied it. As the red man stood
upon the heights end looked down upon the eni
croachmente of his pale-faced enemy, so we eau
imagine the old Commodore standing upou
pilot-home and looking down with au evil eye
upon dielottainotive trine as it glances past with
a o'4 and a whistling scream. A crowd of
Inman (sees look forth and peer for -an Custent
et his old boat, nod tbeq laugh deridingly 1,..r
them' laisgb--tbe rottenest plank in her old
white-oak heart is dearer to him than the gew
gawa sad gleaming brass with which their swift
rolling train is decorated. Half in anger and
hid( in scorn he graitps the wheel and looks out
upon the bine water. Anon the gala bring+ to
hie soother roar, sad another train heaves in
a:ght, bearing away from him his legitimate
burden, the products of the land, and the im.
ports of elviGsetioe. One after another they
follow, till the eyes of' the bluff old sailor are
dimmed, sad he sighs for the time when rail
roads were not.
The days of stesualwasis are past, sod io a few
years there will none be left to WI of what they
once were upon our broad lakes They have
yielded the palm to the railroad, mat and pro,
pallor, and henceforward will live only ip the
memory of these inhabitieg the shores of our
great inland waters.
A OAS! or.rtimro TO MUTH.— A few months
ego, a gentleman residing in the interior of the
-Nita ; retursetilfrout California, bring with him
• little prattling ladian girl, a sweet interesting
mature, is ever proved a "well spring of plea
sant" in si heesehold it was rumored that the
mother of the child was au Indian women, and
the father l a white loan. How that may be, we
11 •611 not,„ such at least we the supposition.—
The gentleman for some reason, did not care to
have the And remain in his family, and brought
her to thii city and plaited her in the Orphan
Asylum, lad fwellasexl to call' often to sea her.
For a felt days the life surrounditig her seemed
to furnish sulkiest entertainment, but it was
Woos apparent that something was tacking to
her slid entirely--a void which could
walk her
flied b tits premium of some one whom
she higtiatraed to call ' papa." She became
listless amd melancholy, sod the sports of the
Ihlldrsa felled to pleas or literest her. Visit.
ots to the Asylum petted the little " Pocahon:
tab" as' she was tailed, but their attentions
scarcely ever rallied her spirits. Constantly of
let` loses wool Os Base of " papa." She gran
witl f .Ond 1104tilks a fewer of hot. own mow.
kik% licA '' . - There was so appareat do
=CIO in 'mail 'mai of the set
• iestleassa who le ft her at
4 , ritillk,
dia ' had serer edied' to see his little
•• . '' aeldo4oo . she' was amirisbett and
' - - - ' •.` 'with all tho` tenderness possible; slip
sistriy . s matika 04 tisys Alm, OW! the
,i•-k .F i lti : S I,I VIV 1 011 moang ,'
_a ssuesti . . . V anitc bigrmi•,l
. •
II jinx V. 1.014111:LIOW
• Mb, retains ma the tolner spree&
Bessailh W gellfts skim,
, And but • pawn an* betssel,
Of lead yea shatiefir pea
The eieedi-Itke roam, the rem-Uk. deeds,
_ Mewawed tot eheey lest.
Al.l, midway ef the seilhutt Nue,
- Usage saw* the hoes
Tb► u► Is but liactbsor sky,
Tb► sky s ars as well,
Lad ?kick I►e►rt► sad •bask is Weep.
The *ye sea ee►teely WI.
So shed lbs. as IWs eveshar boar
Sall bile[duel dooms& '
lila, Rimy, aura etsattia sad lasses.
The sarth sad ammo Wad ;
P3.04e.1 with pree no whit lost.
With Meet rapture slaw,
Till 'lamest:tit sob sill harms assisa
Tito soul .hail wastwaly kowww.
It is a well knownafact Ow *braises kotlit
those jokes which are called "youeliold." awl
that liquor which is termed o badt,r hove bees
productive of exceedingly evil eoasegneima ;
but whether the liquor or the joke-bra done the
most mieehief, we are not called ow just nom to
determine. We propose to make tuemeicol of ao
effair where liquor and a practical jute Weng
productive of the very best consequenees Immo.
Many years ago, while the State of Georgia
was still in itlinfaney, nn eccestrie creature, by
the name of — liroeu, nal/ nUe of its Circuit
Judges tie wa.. a wan a rousidevable utility,
a inflexible integrity, awl tuucti behaved sad
iospected by all the 1.-g•1 prf•sbioo, but be bad
oue eouirnou fault Ilia :4,wial qualities would
lead him, despite his judguo-ut, into frequent
rxeceben. In travelling tip: eirunit, - it vie his
aluot Invariable habit, the isiglit before opening
the court, to get "comfortably eurued," by means
of appliances eotarii.iii ii i. 111 •Ilell occasions If
he couldn't .uee 1.4/ while ..perating upos• hie
',am hook, the cavtuh.r..f the hair would ruler
ally - turn to and help him
It was in the .pring of the year Taking his
wife—• usociei of a woman in ter way—in the
old fashioned but strong "carryall," he journeyed
some forty miles, and reached a village where
court was to be opened next day. It was along
is the evening on Sunday that fe arrived at the
place and took up quarters with a rehttioa of his
bettor half, by whom the presence of an official
dignitary was considered a siognlar honor. Afs
ter supper Judge Brown ?strolled over to the tar.
ern io the towo, where he found many old
fricod,., called to the ,lace, lite himself, upon
lairs - 10*ot profes•i.mail business, and were - pro
f. rly glad to meet him
eutlenit ti," said the Judge, "'as odte ti
long time since we have enjoyed a glass togetli
er,—let ut, rake a glaes together—let us take a
drink all round Of course Sterruta, (addressing
th e i•ed,ord,) you have better' liquor thee You
14.4 th v last 'Hue we were bare—the eta you
4.1.1 4.1•11 . ipta a dug :-•
Sterrett, who had charge of the blue, pre.
tvu•led that everything wu right, mod so they
wvut to work. It is outlet:emery to salary' up•
drinking bout ip a eonatry ister•--ii
part e answer our purpose to Mate that somewhere
in the region of midnight, thadadge leaded his
v,ry deriusoi way towaida his temporary home.
About the time be was leariag, however, sotoe
youtig.l.arrister», fond of a "prairtisal," aad not
Intieh afraid of the besioh, transferred all the
•tiver spciou4 No•rrett's to the Jadge's troll
pock et
I t wa4.eight n'eloek on Monday morning that
tho ro4e flawing indulged in the coin-
C.rta of iblution and abater inn- sod "utak ell of
ehe«rful and trfresbing breakfast, be went to
hia rwme t.. prepari. Myself for the duties of the
Well, Polly," said he to his wih, "I feel
roach bettur tban I expected to feel after that
fr,lie of last night "
" Ah, Judge," said she, reproachfully, "you
are getting t,.) old—you ought to leave off that
1 ..11i, Polly ! what's the use or tenting r -
It ti. 1.1 at this preeide instaut Or time that the
.iu.lge baying put 1.0 his overcoat, was proceed
tog aveardiug to his usual custom, to give his
wit ,, a parting kiss, that he happened, to thrust
ing hl4 hand iutn his pocket to lay hold of Ster .
rft t 4 1 . 000 '4 lie jerked theml out. With an
xpres.iim of horror, almost incredible, be ea.
My Gad ! Polly !"
" What nu earth's the mattter, Judge r'
" .1 u,t look at these spoons r
" Dear me, where did you get them ?"
G e t t h ew ! Don't you we the initials on
them l'"—exteodtog them towards her—"l stole
" Stole them, Judge?"
" Ye;, stole them !"
My'de2rhusbln.l, it can't be possible ! from
whoui r'
•• From Sterrett, over Caere; his 011010 IS 00
Lem '••
" Goutl bvaveus, how could it h a pp e n ?"
I know very well, Polly—l. was very drank
when I came house, wasn't I ?"
" Why Judge, you know your old habit when
you get among those lawyers "
"'But I was very drunk 1"
" Yer, you soar
1%; a 4 I remarkabiy drunk, when I got boom
Mrs Brown?"
" Tes, Judge, drunk asa fool, and forty times
as stupid."
" I thought so," said the Judge, dropping ins
pis chair tu extreme despoodenej—"l knew It
would come to that at. last. L have alwaya
thought that sotnetiiing brl wottdd happen to mn
—that I - shonld do something very wionr-kili
somebody in a moment of --, lin4 petit —but
I never imagined that I could be mesa enough
to be guilty of deliberate lareweire
" But there may be some Mistake, Judge."
"No mistake, Polly. I kuop very well bow
it all came about. That fellow, Sterrett, keeps
the meanest sort of liquor, sod idyls,
guar mean enough to make a Man de any sort
of s - mean thing. I have aline said it wits
mean enough to %eke a man steal, mid now I
have a practical illust i ratiou of the fact !" and the
poor man burst silo tears. 4
" Doe's bra child," said hin mite, w' way
the Lean ; "go, like a naan, over to
Toll bun it was a lags bit of a ' lies it
off as a joke ; go and Opeu eourt‘ and saboay
will ever think of is ovum"
A lade of the Maliin ay,aten ?pirated opm
the Judge, as swab 'it9ttepireid . ft do; his ea,
tame mortifteatiou was ymmom Wed Own
to Sterrett'a he want' tikieW#ltillreb; Of
mute be bpi but li a giijibfllt is iedeihyr with
him—for f theliet thai Judir's
kategriti was z . , he had ai 11114
of the joke ni i dp
look him soil iekixpirt; bat it Kos be 111*
ead MmiAikailmakolio ha uls ihei o ft l e .
17 eremidered frama, the _
wee a leek AC AM maiMa 105.11Wip.
, thia moomliy_etommwekkiawk.Shi 11 , 0141141 k,
r , Several dap pemem!einal,atthe wart was dram is, Aliellfp l = tea
Imersiag a Tee& wee d .eawienim was ofraimed
11 4 A.1 1 1 .! I
B 2 F. 't§lidAttil 1 E0 . 111) n
, R
PO *-1 1 / 1 10--gf sicaliag— After -44 a• Clrrk ha.:
otifipetti (o x biati he put the (fit-..
" Guilty, °mot guilty ?"
"Guilty, but druid, your 1)4.“•.r n - ,•rp, I
the pelseser.
" What's the' plea r as . c ,, cl the Jud.., , kit
dosiag ei she bench.
a He pleads guilty / but say. be sta.l iirer4k,'
replied the Clerk.
" What's the charge spin e t the wan '
" fle's indicted for grind lareCtlf:"
"'What's the CLIO
May itpleise your tmor, pr„ eeu •
Mug attorney, " the Riau is regularly 11.1 ti.b.,l
for stealing a loge auui of iniN from ti, Co _
lambus Hotel. "
" He is hey ? and plesils—"
" He pleads guilty, but drunk !
The Judge was now fully apiti-,eil
" Guilty. bet drunk—that is n most extr 1. - Ir •
dietary plea. Young ruse, .0 are oertsio
were drunk 7"
".Yes, sir."
" Where did you get your
"At riterreu'e."
" Did you get sone auywhere
"Not a drop, sir."
" Yon got drunk on his liquor, awl afti-r oaf d
ata!' -the mosey I"
"Tea, air."
"Mr. Prosecutor," mid thi. .Tudge, .1
the favor to aster ID that MOW , . 1 . 29 e t iusie r ),,
sera. That liquor at tlrerritem ie enougti
Nike • lase depanythieg dirty Ow
it ate °tither day myself, and trrtir al/ of
apoons 1 Release tbH prisouer, Mr eh. riil • I
adjourn the Court."
Hon. Jurvaanois DAVIS nV ritr tw, --
Among the passengers of the ship ,Joseph \\ h it
limy, Captain i4owe, from B3lttmorr, whu I, w
Raking for the port of ft ,•ttou on t ht. 4th f .111:y
last, was the distinguished 11,, n ii„,
non Davie of !Mississippi Thore was on 1 , , aril
se sensually brilliant array .4f pas-ieog. r Ir4,m
different parts of the country, •itid, up,•it 1111 !
Antic seiggestinn of the a ptun , if Wir •-•,1 \ • t..
celebrate the day in a manner le iittingtl4 , • r,
anniversary A committee wi. appr,int 4 l to
rite Sensor 111.AVi4 1,. .111
cepted the thvitatiou, and impr44444l4iu
oration, which is spoken of as charaetcriz ,1 by
"singular felicity of diction an I iuipascion. -
quence," and which Comm 4u414•41 1b..) a Inur tti,•ti
of those who hotrod to it We r,
report of the speech the follottiog
" And this great Country
ted. Trifling politician. in th.: S , uta I
, th.
North, or is the W.,t, way e oeinu, t ..1;1;
otherwise but it will be ..f Th..) .t..
the mosquitoes around the or —rt.. y. inn •y. bur
they eaboot wound, and never kill Th. r.• a .
a common interest which tun throa:h it: ti
verailled osenpations end rariotta product ..4 the-,
sovereign Suites; there Was a common s, tlt lit
of nationality which heat in every Stu, mein
bosom; there were comm•,n LW w .riot -so • t to
us aft, and though clouds had 44e4 •I
erred oar political sky, th,• s , e.e aw l 1 1,
good feeling of the peopk had tint, ar,•rt, 1
any catastrophe det.trtieti ye 1.1 our court
T. ....ill .u•I .It•ra
tan of principle which rose super. ,r to
or individual aggrandizement, that the I. , unda•
lion of OUT Union was laid; and if we the pre.. nt
generation, be sportily of our ancostry, .hall
UM only proteet those foundations from d.• r rue.
lion, bet build bigbrr and wider the. f, mpl• ‘ , l
liberty, and io.criturperiu•tnity itp44n chi. tabb r '
How SHE KEPT Tilt SF:CUE: —The 5a0.1,1.1 v
(Ohio) Register t4:11, a elev, r story of the firm
ness of 011 e of the softer sei in a •
A clergyman of that oily, a; Liza awry r, 3.1.,
was ioviati In marry a r.ruple Ou Iris w:ty
a:kw-bride' s hope, seemly hy wit . %
aa"he dressed itt the u. , ual parapir..ruAlia .t a
'ridding oceasion, l s female frtcud ..t the
sod his wife, met there, :111.1 pre•sed the
lady for the names of the hippy to t ,
poured. Mrs Parson S'4/a rt waZ, 1,1 be agi er,t
sod she 'couldn't tell , awl Mr !'anon raid lie
knew be . conld trust his wife to keep all .h e
knew A few evenings after, &1H three met at
an evening party at; tin, when the lady, rathir bud oue of her sex who could li•ep
such a secret., inquired how at happened, when
the parson explained that his good wife kept the
secret solely for th rea,oh that •lie did ti , .t It, r
self kuow who the happy wortsis were anti A,.
reached the place wh•-re the so,etnu rite , w, re
OHIO FREE NEGRO C4.r..osiE, N 1.1114
News, in a couple of u
the moral and social condition of illy frve w grn, ,
in that community We twice Ow follirvin;.!• x•
tract, from one ()fits articlp-:
a" What is the fact as 1, v..loped in r, n
county? What has lirt•D d to our strength,
as a producing community, by the influx t ti,—
groes? We find, upon examination, that s„ in e
two or three hundred negroes are idle loafers,
either living off tiwi fruits of of are
those whose masteri have, with lb, ir fret doin ,
given them property or !DPW () • bcrS subsist by
picking up quarters and 11.11%('N imm eliortng abut
town While a f,•it may be foun•l, its. uvri, in
the country, engaged in agrieultur I twig ,
the majority prefer to live about Xenia, and earn
a precarious subsistence free d.y to day An.
other characteristic, and still o n o, i•n, that when
they get money it goes like water The d ar k e y
loves his good dinners, hi.i good e.otlie, and the
other whim et eetera.s I fe, w,•11 to resist
gratifying his taste as long as tit( re is a shot in
the locker. Nor are th?y thrifty, when supplied
with munificence to start the world with A g. n
tieutas from the South, who has quartered upon
a farm in our county some of his emancipat,il
ala , during a late visit de•ailed the followiu t :
. He said he found ecrytliing goiug to ru
is a t the place; the work thriftlessly the
'sing like nabobs, arid -upporting num•
bets of their friends, arti.ste 11111 ,, ee mpty;
and in a few years, it thing, a. nt oh a., they
were 'Mug, they moist " mil :. to p 0.-erty
" What pod will anvil a 013,4 c.f poor„
the community? Utile— pauperism and ermine
are estimated as benstit4, none is hat, Srr '•
THe Wnu or Ceurousit Califgui A , like
Missari, will soon ri'al Ohio iu the pruJuct
native wine There is One firm in S'an Francis
co widish produced last year two hundred thou*
sand bottles of ebampaigno from their own vine,
std la Los Angetos. This is but one of many
Lataooes of Cantonal' enterprise in wine gr , ,w-
Almost every State iu the Ueliun now
adds its quota—staall iv many eases, but always
Macirming—to the annuli product!
Smant.Att Cotmcruncit.--:Tho Penneraiie
aside Convention of th fourth of Mara, &clea
r' •,. wuridiste for %Nemo /tuip, from'Phila
delphia, u 4 a candidate for Canal Conutindoner
fromFay.te musty, ,,
,The Republican Conven
Won Jul; 14iik ielected a candidate for Su ,
su **OIL Fhilidoiiiiis, sad a candidate
ei l iwneloner from Fayette county. l —
iia /Lead, 'lto respaptiyo esudidateo for
JrAge, ere near neighbors, litiigki the
si?rnemitir, Frost and Fraser, the opposing as.
pganAslor Canal Commissioner are residents of
414 $ , *Pit within eight miles of
nob otter. 4 pram coincidence, if uoidee I