Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, July 03, 1858, Image 1

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• a., • • UP h .31 • H .moo
• • .t 11: 1 , 4, Stair
, I, •„
•-, ri.,
--- - - •
I ell me Out of 014)1114 Sermons
Ifforam» of thought and style,
Ifear4 from out your modern pulpits
MAO from error to becuile
Eloquence rosy charm the fitne,
-loam:too so admiring eneW.l,
Who surroomf the gifted preacher,
With their praises loss and loud •
but It God's appointed servants,
W..ol•1 their bearer's celsocuter. reach
I eliding thrill to paths of wisdom,
r Lei uw.t practice east they pre...4
Parents, your twudes offsitnu i r
You would lead In was a of truth,
, Ltyldlng them from tLe temptatiou,
That surround She oaths.tooth
I vont as nun your time-worn =thus
%nd, t., mate Tour tenctitup rare
• •aide thew taut alone 1,, precept,
Hot eratimpir, ,u•t And pure
!ur, shatter front the temp.
-,c• • dark cload• a ,Ittat ca•l 4..und •
trotter duorsr our pr.•te. the
You sau..l pract,c. 0404 eft , ~..•u
Tra. bferv., d thrvu,h••ut "or .114 t,
liver Calthrul woo •ould be,
V,t by N.+ do , bat by your ourholas,
reach 10 nil .10‘,1111
l•wthful rsrt art au ‘Ol
TnflLful Iltsart4 r thou,:llta ,•• .t
overly thry catch Your srrrnt.,
Eaterly Your •orals Whew*
rhea boo are' lest by your arttoo.
otrur pnerrples You learl.,
ud force! o,t that you must etr
•trir. re 01.12 you pre*,
6, a rrdamsLrWL
k rough a ';/•%ior's pant mug 10,
A !hit by nor bright example
rnt4 rffik•t :aro to ,up. ILbovr.
helm, there the arnrld, and et.• 1
oudueas and of truth.
1.. thruu,..h"ut each general..
Hoary •ge and bn..s not
‘,l ho preach the alonoo•
.II eh., iroterti, all who leech.
4/says I.rwfKr rW p.. preoca
IN oue of Couutiiiitieueri most eh:riming
on a balmy, yut.•t eveuing, or I;r •1, 'l hi
Jenny Ells, waik•d with I, lue., 1.1
slip. They had Leen euj,.)ing ~at• ao
bouts known only to Livery Harry's right arm
enoircktl hotrouui and delietie wal4: ut .1 , 11 iv
oud L, r golden ringlets wet , ' wafted by iL, •
tug breeze across his bre4,l They b
caruestly couvcr.tug—h, t to
tiful girl to delay uu worr their now 1 , 414 f r i it I
ed union, ahe fu endeavoring to prove t,o IFirr)
the propriety of waiting until he wtot - iu.,r,t
t:ed in life, and of a more s-rious way 41 think
or, as rile termed it, had •'6own
Barry Grey, affectionate, yielding, and (....t4
vet•o: vo.l to ly Jenny be.t
:bout ail the realities of life, had ceased to urge,
with the few moment ua words tlyit, ho
Jenny, he would find no oec.ision to sow his will
outs-- they would all be Loan away like chaff'
b. 1. re the, breath if heaven But she wa , re... •
lut. , and, dearly. as 'be effort cost her, -110 bad
Won, wh..t N'ti, believed het duly to iLirry, an
evin add. d hi r arguments to those ..f hal . fa ,
than a Vo)ag••=t,i a diat.aat laud, ou his
trudiug ..hip, would do him it,, aerv6ee
and that at the close of another year he
return i rc•pomible, sober minded pers.o.,
fitted to call Jenny his wife
" You know, flurry, I aw y-ulig tolt a‘.• we
ilgtlit• yet, v., nit - en i. hardly to in li4II •
girl "
Ilarr) down r wit}, t -t
nt • Then Ileavi
s4l 1 I "until the right da) I:. I ,
w ek I N 114.1 It ace the v ,, uthrs, 1., 1.
a. N e•otiniuni in Cul.., hint t taro, 11,. t ‘n/(
eau PA- , L. tNr, ti u- If you tan tot s, t trit-t r, rc• o r, , t :1 .I,J -
r y c.ur Lu• Laud, Call y,.0 put, fast', In al ) -le ei il.) i% II.• r.,• Iv t the
at,st n,•.• fowl 10) gu.udiau Zll.l, tilt gal ih• • nigh', as I.
• TL., r, Or' invisihi, Ilatry„Natt ~ f i,al t uru-1 in ,tr,ott..l, up hint, r -
iit er and we,' -,11.• said, wiping the 1; if, it.. -wuug Lt iw it two
front "and, if you continue t.i tint tr•ii lo -ang to h. r Lt, pleasant Nor
they will bring you LICK as ) t u, th to lit f ',mg and g1,,-qy braids had
Whether Jenny waa wise in h, r ,I,. 01 ,„„ 11, Rent allowed to slip through Lt-
Gave my read. ra t a yudge ai th.. w y thrtlini,, , wt..i uithlut rebuke, nor he rti•
ngrrative For myself, I lie v.• to g:lll:eriugnon.. vening,uodrr
rises when the,huds are ~itsinitig 1 .4 t 1.1,4 wit!. d iip , bad precA..,l her
I •
Sitently they wslked until they nsell. 1 Ni l - olio,• ekZr.,i ran from him tlyn, b soy, r,
gard.m gate Harry tied i t, stud n ..rein to diteh a glir l a „f wa r
Jenny pits.e4 in Is him The blue b. 11, ~.1 fit' • visi I , • 1 ( 1, " 4 it pi , - " 714
lilies mit ded their heads as the tw-, try' thsh the last; until
but neither cast a glance ;arm flOllll-1. La‘, but tie wish I, ft, and that, to tell Z Ira
It Wt. with no small satisfaction th a t it, p a ,.tt a her r l r .•1( and rich shig the ripe rach,
tits t f Jenny heard Harry', deei•iiin; Hi irii bitnut.fal thisti oirs..ind
a, they were charmed by his niaoly, , teuerim, if r Wl' 11 .. "1 ha funowt , 0 twin t ,
diapiiaition., they could omit but think with :tux.- kilt"
rip upon :ru•titig their child 1,0 ope r.ok
u.soner of life, and lightne.e rt th,.ugl au.t
aotiou, us to f,ar that, LOA'. dev,,t,_d
a lover, Harry, a‘ a hirahand,
and the,r daughter might .uttr a pr,uvute
The) all sat about the teal tahle, the eid r
members being the talkative 011,3 I hal.) si•aree
took h' eyes from Jenny, and she was so wags
netizril by his ilkenacealed sadness, that it was
with difficulty she coulitlitithold the gathering
tears how rolling down liiheeks, now ueum,
ing paler as the night on, and she knew
she must part from what r heart held most
dear When the meal was tinished-,-311r-. Ellis,
passing his arm through H3rry's led him out in•
to the garden
" I)Ja't be dispirited, iny dear fellow! This
is a wise decisi.m 111 your; slid I promise that,
On 30ril:t•yilus,p, you shall have WI fine and LIP rry
a wedding as ilver was reel) 10 13— -
V. m, Sir, you are very kind; but I hate a
strange foreb"titng that something will occur to
4 it,
separate Jenny from tn
t• What folly! It is uwortli ) ) brave iival t•
ed a boy! You should bevy Jenny as wt. us
steel I never knew ber ;0- break her faith to
any living :qui "
Do not think we a fool, Mr ' , nil.; I ha%e
uo d..ubta of her--slie is an angel
'• Certainly—a nice, good ghl You are Guth
c. young, that you could as easily wait tire years
as oue."
Ilarry shuddered "Let us speak of other
thitigri, Sir. I have the opportunity of waking
some good speculations in this trip, My uucle
xtll lavur the in every way "
" That is well; wake money wilt u )..0 eau — 1
used Out say honestly—and I will d•e wy part to
the fully with my daughter's marriage purse
But I'll out deteto you If you leave kr New
York to morrow moruiug, I doubt not you have
some words to say to pour Jeuuy Stay hioe, I
will send her to you."
Harry seated himself upuu a I ,,,ardeu kueh,
mud fell tut. deep tbuught, quite uuu.sual Cu b.s
vivacious temperament. At any total- time a
trip to 'some. fleign country would have heel] a
pleasant anticipaituu, fund as he was ul change
and excitemeut, but now a heavy cloud hung
r his spirit, and out uutil Jenny's quick step
struck his ear did he row from his inelaucholy
reviirie filer presence gave him new courage,
and; x4tt u she sat by hts side, begging him to
look ever forward to a happy reutuseu, he felt
stirred to du something worthy a man who might
claim PIO lovely a creature for his wife.
Lc'ug and late ill, y tarried together, and when
the heavy damps of night warned them to seek
4belier, fluty bolded jenny to his heart, bidding
her Lis last, adieu Ha kissed away her feat
flowing tears, himself growing strong as ho per
I 1.. i., Clia
\ ,
4 ;4•1111 ilarpwr I
mired her wesknesa to him turn h. sow
treated her to look forward t,. Lispp l u e# 4, and
assured her over aad over of ht 9 I.iithful attach-
The next morning found Harry tansy air rout,
to,New York, where he would take in the
Poilican fir South America Palling in with:bia
old friends, from Whom he had for several weeks
been ‘epaiated, he soon found a halm for ht.,
wounded -pirit in their lively e mipauy His
Jreek in New York was -pent in malting
*and jollity—the favorite of all, the last to have
u frolic, ani the first to pay fur tt. Jenny'. Ito
age remained sacred iu his heart, Low, %er, and
Ile believed Lauseit a most happy wan, not with
standing his 4eperation, never doubting hi. own
"*TI. tength nor her faithfulness.
It was a fresh and glorious nid.rning when our
friend .ot .ail A strong Eireez , . sent him lapid.
ly ,out of the bay, and the church spires of his
native City •th.ti faded from hi- sight TV. vas
sel wa, to eieetrot ttittr, and every one on board
in humor with racli 1)161, c,urteriu,ittl)
the v"ya i le, tdiough long, was setretly fedi-
lu ln.quent 11 ittra ill idieni litrry's
tlioughte dwt It in tl•at pleasant valley where he
had tii Ji.nny and now, left to
L. own (t . :1.40L1111,4• 1.41.1a•.u 1 %tic. -ornetiule, -hut
tere.l with whet/ he eonsidered
that tbi. parting was altogether of her
11‘ 1,1 111 V3:11 t tied nn wring in a cage where
Jeutiy vias csiwerti*d, but his clear pere , iiiti”ns
still hini a folly !OKnewhere, loth t- he
wa- to realize it I.aning, mr calm evening,
ovei the I, a of the much !mold. ,1 to
spirit and to rviinsly pissing his fingers through
beary hair, hr rievoined with him-elf in this
inan r
" I p 'fleetly able to bUppol". 3 Milt!
on( 911. uture to preee lt. lay tu..irrtage , ('au
it 'La' I Late Lei u tuado fs, d of' I lu nut
tit'Aring "t au luz,tat:.lo. ,iuitu lti., thi
,uhg weilaut ackuuwledgu, stiu 11)VCS, 31 the
s.ttue time proposes to vlef.r tier marriage ut;h
the übjeet afLettuU until tiv
brr.‘ittl the Lien's of tLu sea, and euoountered
the elh.tuces of stektiess ID a ilaugeruus ehtuate
111.1 44,0tt, are iituiply that stir wishes lulu, to
menu, r, to •-iiw tits w. 1.1 dm I ,ueli
al. or alter atlC I kuuw I pr.i.
1.10 t , rut ur moct of religion, uto. am I burn
t!, d at bring to the company tit jolly boy.; but
I believe I am, notirttlastanding, su bout t mau
—anti, I u, iv add, a atupiect that I did not bring
r, auiniau to beitr whao I w 9 ., 111 OW ~..:41:1.11
t.• luak.• it foreitile But uuw I tzlitiu
I„ 14:10t what kit; before nao, and revr, t nutti•
With tl, . et:Lell/.1 , 11 hr to the eahlti,
wtl rt., 1.1 druwo I.4aut h )10..1
part) it,. cry ulak..r-, And d 311 I Mg'
•itca) Lall flit ttight
IViren kft I:rhottettb, II
(fought.• returned tu Jenny :some
now, tie INA• 1 t •t in her 10%-ttne.g,
wben, > great LI. Lik.t.if.. 1' I. • In her pre,
settee, ttrit I, could uty oov,tr idee wtr6 I')X
batok .111 d gr.lau a: lei 11.1.•VIL:1611., separation fr , fn
her Alteruktuipt witti then passionate
wero thus, , of doubt and displeasure,
.•••tli in her image (Ally a- 111..1k,
e•tt... ort. who w.‘utel
OW r, propriott,a i.t life to lip. eXelit.ion
);.•u, rou. Mip11;4...,
I %ea , , Inrsug ono 4 th,ott d‘attning •
it lii re—el, ha% ing ree•uv,- , 1 datusg,• to
A weather, 10(1( 0 1 , 1 :0 the i+:,ud
fir rieut- 1113 d from
hi- own tinotitio , , Harry n-j tired in tho
II t .11 nt teuTelluion , ~ iI•! in n • tra‘„iii. , l
c, I I', 1 ,, anti,- ' , we .1 II the rr , v• t ties
t, •pr I, • ! ni•elye- 1.
u,.1 attrt( 'lt, Ile
t, • ./n•I Inj.1•1 heirt d):fitolin,,,
W tit tug thus, hi.. urd.‘r growing ni lu.. Doe
at . •oh ti.lur r,f ti,;,„, Wn- ann .1:,
a- for•orti Wi:li 3tr
h. "hee t ire, . truly ht for 7.1r3, wt.yo,
.i.w• 1, habt' r, ato dt:.•plir ,eve r tic.
b Her, by 11. and bi, ti.sitne gently
RI ..f wed .in I yeart.in4 110
and 4 1W Zit.. +landing tn. the bower ul
vin. • I! ran tO her, and, seizin'g her Natal,
kissed tloctn many time-; then drawiiq front ht
-1 tily flugor a ring, •1ipp...1 it upon her:.
- 7 Adi , u, lovely kaid '•it break?. tit)
heat! hii leave you "
'' Must 3ou tuuriuurel Ziri, the irt,ge
tears briturniug hi.r yes.
Not if Zara h,eta we! Tell we, I etay
aud lover—b. r husband? She sha:l 1,1%e
all that a woman sires, and we will be happy
--Oh, Z Ir 3, happy a. augel,' 9'olll it In.. rep!
Srak (luta!).
' LAM'S eyl , rl g1.,5,n1 hk burning •,a 1 her
r.l hps ptite.l l 4 in 3 (Irmo cYs , asy --
"Y. , u die with me to the Padre"' .he rx
claimed; "ht• will bless tit—mike me"
"1%. Yes, S 9 tho firthr3t t ud 01
the esrh will 1 gLo with Zlrl 11 she calls we, my
htx.sutiful star! uud olasping her w ht- arms,
Harry strain,d hir to his heart while sho lay
upon Lis bieast with h3/413011,04 t)e, -
'• .11J, Jeouy, Jeuti)l - ulutter
-had you so tru-ted, loved, y,eti weto
not pow deserted:"
'Zara and fiarry wvnt to tht; little church and
ware there united. It dol u. take Log, nor
were uny words i wastetl; but 4,-• they emerged
from the abpowy walk, band WA joy and lore,
au.) haw nvlt'aer the paat not the future.
" fell my uncle," said Harry, guiug to the
tus. , t,r of the ktam4, • [bat f have a de.tro t., r,••
main at Guatialoup , , and . hot. coUtlllU4 uu the
vu)age, :-sy that the viola:Atte •nits me, and I sou
etuh tv Le galuctl I will retuaiu a year, and,
thou take the feat oHla.rtunity to letur.o."
;Tim vizael aatird, autl florry aped uu wittga
of love to hie °tau / his be . autiful Zara ; Kach
day, eaeli mouth, elle beasitoo ;Ore lovely lie
taught her ;Amu titiugs„,autl :Weight, to cultivate
her utiud itt the most careful Luauser. She 114:1
fright au l eh:trilling pupil as, sea oil upou the
gru.., in the bbado ol the orange tr.., • nod trails
tog vines eactUP, jLe ltsLept..l It, his
wOrd , , 3uLtietime, twisting Lee ilu l er. about her
ono, or with her uheek against his bre.uit, drink•
ink 111 the plet.aut tuuca of his voice.
Marry's conserenue was uot, dulled during thus
delietoue twasou. Ile reamfuburtal Jenny full
wall and often; but he shoaled otily the critical
side of his re US 14 tt4e effect ititke4, ti•
lot , for the paasiouutc,iScuermb Zara 'quite obli
Lop 1,4 that nave,[;[ s eal tends r affect iott ; a,, !rad
kuowu for icing, 154 d Ls full sasurtli v piat -1. , .
won]," soon meet witit fine pnvieLt
ERIE, SATURDAY mown, JULY '3,1858.
than himself among the many suitors who visit
ed at Mr Eltis's house, far better mated to: her
quiet heart and fastidious tastes; and so, folding
the past in a mantle of oblivion, he gave himself
up to the sweet enjoyment of present bappi
Harry's heart bounded within him one worn •
log when Zsra brought him a son All that
good and great rose up in his breast. With
Lis buy idLis arms, he knelt by his young wife
mi.! thanked God for such precious blessing.. ••-
Tbe child grew in beauty and grace. The father
I .eked upon ham with 6welling pride—hie cup of
joy ,eemed to overflow
I mast take my treasures with me to us
live bad I will show my friends what priceless
jewels I wear upon my breast "
About this time a vessel 'trivia at the island
bringing letters for Harry Nervously lie open
ed Went, dreading some unexpeeted terror; but
uo, all was smooth and placid as the surface of
the ocean that lay before him His uncle had
just learned his determination of staying at
Guadeloupe end tem satisfied, provided it was
agreeable to his nephew The envelope contain
ed another letter It was from Jenny Ellis.—
Fhrry well knew the delicate deciphering of his
name At the sight he caught his breath He
crusihd the small, enveloped note in his hand
and went nut among the trees to read it alone
The couteet of his palm with her letter burned
Amin with magnetic fire Ile tore it open-
Mr nes? Etkuwzri,—Patiently I have welt
el, cud faithfully have I prayed for yiiu The
yea' 114 , 1 expired, and now in ) soul rises and ,
Ed.,. .lu, with fresh hope, fur I know my hurry
is vowing I have given ut) J,•at parents all
Vac) required of me, another year at home, and
yiur mini ha, beet, agreeably occupied with a
f.,reigii land and engrossing instead of
leading the life and keeping the Kreiety I alvra).
..41 dreaded for you in New York Ooin , to me
as soon as possible, &area', fur our best hopes
will satin be realized
II irry leaned against a tree gazing at the let.
ter. Not until he re-read it did lie fully realize
the fearful position of all. She had not forgotten
Llllll as be had foolishly hoped Mistaken she
might have been in her decision, but nevtirthe
l's. faithful, expectant, hopeful, loving Ile let
fall (1, little letter as if it had been a stiuging
wasp, and ran forward blindly, purposeless, to
ward the hills; be fled like a madman, never
stopping for rocks or dalliers of any sort, until
he reached the edge of a stream whose soft mur.
murs seemed to sound iu his ears like the wail
ings sad tem.' droppings of a hopeless, love lure
mail n lie panted, and great tears rolled out
of hi• burning eyes
" Miserable tuan that I am!" cried he; •'why
do I live' For what purpose do I stand in this
garden of the earth, a blot upon its pure surface?
Would I had never sceu the Ewe of a, womin!
I lb, Jenny, Jenny! I have wronged you cruel •
ly—irretrievably! What atonement can I mike
to " D e 40 patient, So excellent . '" lle paced the
ricer's edge with long and heavy strides, the
veins swelling upon his forehead from his istouse
suffering "Shall I dishonor her by offering
myself now, a falthless lover? L)ve! I wilt
Ti it main the - word by coupling it with pity--1
au, lover to none but Zara, and she too--she
most suffer fir my folly! 0 God! if thou bast
not already placed thy curse upon my soul, help
ma, wretch that I am, to acillso•tbut I may not
destroy either the one or the other of those who
like but upon my con/dune),"
11/ 1114 Olt misery be threw Litu,elt upon
gz, , uu.l and groaned to aogutsh
Ntgqtfalt brought liarry to some flied purpose
lit h tug his face to the coot water of the stream,
he rt•tr,t., :.:eps to Zara
.1111) . he .11 1 , "If I ALLI ablo 'et! It
,t olg r it rrible ,ut.thgleuient ‘.lcircuw.
I. to begiu a.rato au.l dual I
first pru tu
I ~iii
oer. or, lewu Zira and tile child,
returu wtoise poor bears 111111,1
‘V;iy grieve her, rrAaap.i
hor r...soti by "'lying wit 41 I have .bpoe'
U,••• v, r y year I tier .4 feW 111014L11.1.,
bumuesa, lieu I wid
C , lll6Ule
%.►ia 1,.r wy at to a aaJ rt-jutua agatu In the
tuy run Harry rectified within billows'
at .fe Gas. , a deceptico, and yet be wavi tleferiutu.
ed theft, I unkft:" he said, stfuldering, ..1
Ii tve but to think of the happens, of the*. ale -
pendi•fit on u.e."
Res,.lyiog thus lie reuehed home Zara e.tuto
out to meet him with her u:ual embrace, but bile
started mud paled whet) she :•aw the misery n••
re.i,e,l Spun his face.
..What sorrows my hiviband !" %aid ebe,
her tiring itrouod him and kissing his eyelids
a. he heat tower] her
".'alai: dearest," he said, "I must leave )uu
and my -.Li fora while—aiy letters call we bowie: .
"We will and then you will not
410.1 Z./ ra
(Hue, - ,aid 13e, aertiug Lt, cyu, ,
c. ) „, i can Li,,t g‘i thi, time : L inu,t lull thew of
tu) marriage fiibt, you kuqw, and th,:u the) will
make pri.paratilius t.. roceive you '
—lt that be,t p!eat.e ) ,, u, th. u t will will ,
but bk happy, Harry , be happy, ur %Art milt
Ve', lu%t., yk,, I aw happy ; bnug tine my
At the night of the child harry revived lie
feit that there tti autue sweetueas to the Litiereet
cup, di, we bat auu► it. That eight he entered
into arratigetuvut, with the tu.t.,ter - ot the v,
tu bail with him next day
Aleauwkille Zara wallt,al among thu tree.; ..f.,,, i giv,u him by Jelin ) All, all wan a.; t t ~..1 ex
haw a letter lying at the foot of one, which NLe erpt the heart that, throbbe•l dull,and I lor .1, ..!,,
p eked up. Alas that. her bad ev, r I bretot he had given to another ; and that ~ t he r,
laughs, her to read manuscript ! and yet, but for 10,.k he would, the tk.l.v, d ideo s. ewe.'
Lilt. circumstance, she might have lived a ‘ll, ever Pref. , ht. Marry scut ituno...liately k J J. i:
honored wife. lint her great nature was Inca, uy. IIL , iv,i , dressed, sad lay half leclitiin g 11:. , .0
liable of suspecting wrong of Harry, and 11, was the bed., ..1,
his relief only that the sought, when, with a She calue with speed She had J ust Leo 101
woman's keen perception, she understood his P o his ilia, -`•• .100k:eel:, and wa- prepatuti to tied
Mum, and in bee passionate devotion res •lred to liii t jkehi.• and suffering. lie h.teued to_lser
tear him from his terrible difficulty. With st. k . treiu,lbous step upon the ;stair, and a . f aiet thier•
calmness almost sublime, placing the ietttr iu 1 tutu*li"“ I .A.k Pome° 4l Pu' °I h" 'amt . `
her bosom, she returned to her home She saw The door opened -die ottieprli io, a'. fair, es
pow why Harry must go; she also saw why she fresh as when they parted •Therro were the
must stry, but nothing of her knowledge did bright, goldes carts, theirs/oer,- drooping lids,
sh e reveall to him—she would not add a feather's the laisty,titu•s eyes ; hut- whew , • wie the 6 1 ,401?
weight to his grief It was sufficient for her soul Where ? Harry keels- too well Ile turned hi
that she knew Harry loved her. pale face toward her, and his eyes fixed
Neither slept that night, but DU monieut were their gaze upon hers. She wits alyiit to rush
they parted. Their feelings were too intense for forward with rapturous. greeting, but his look
words,and one concealed from the other the great I transfixed her
rid terrible determinatioe each had in secret.
Olesping tier hands, she cried, t‘Oli, heaven,
.S.t the breaking of the morning Harry pre- ~,
pared for his departure, over ceasing front his •
how altered !"
"Yes, Jenny • is i t not as you wished ..'" - '
work to embrace Zara, ur, up3u his kuees, , to i I
bury his head in her lap to crush the risioq sobs. i Her eyes dilated, and her slight, , . 1
Zara, ou the contrary, seemed possessed w i t h s ias be spoke so quietly--so calmly— .-"Are yot t - I
superhuman calmness, and eke consoled and ca.. I 4.9 1 eil ? 10 0 look so mrsugaly--oh, Harry '
reseed bins with anv From il° tenderness. Fm her what is thts? , She sPreall•ftvathrlsatiniolasPed
he would tura to his sleeping child, i mpr i nt so f t i his neck : covering his i face with kisses,,she did,
kisses on its parted lips, and gather courage as not at first perceive that his arm lay listless at
nu contemplated its innocent beauty. i his side, not returning her pressartath e She stood
The hoar came. "I will stand upon this cliff, up w"6tlwil and grief -614 4 0 a- I
my husband," said Zit, now as pale as marble, He psi ilia hand to has heart a watimeat, as if
"cad I will uphold the boy, that you may see us •iti pain, and \ said, "I, am, a: broken reed, dear
as long as your eye can reach the shore.' Jenny, not very fit for a bridegroom; bat it iti
"chid blessyou!" cried Harry, with agonizing I the best. I could do for you. .My wild oats are
tears "I 14.ponte back ! Farewell !" quite sown, now. ,Sit down to me; or wait—
He entered the boat that carried him to the let us gr °cot to the sofa,, Will yen help
distant ship and Zara climbed the eliff . Harry I ma p , .
, .
turned kis nee toward that point and gazed at f. She passed bee arm about his waist; and. tie
~ •
the vessel gradually distanced the laud, whoa,j leaned his slightly npatt-hh , ilholadars ' hi' this
sudJenly, be tittered a load and fearful cry, and, I omen they went slowly seems the floor. " YO9,
clasping his hands above his bead, was about to 4 deter„:' said he, nearing the soh, "they are ell
throw himself into the sea; but he was strongly sown niitlera brappaida,)- sad IMO tell you
WI thiteki and Carried down into the cabin, where, I how. Don't tremble, Jenny. lam soars , you
know, if I am worth - your taking , but listen to
me— Are you ill ?"
"No," she gasped; "talk—talk l' ' '" •
"Well, then you sent me from Jour presence,
where I was purely happy, as you know; where
ouc word ofryours was sulualent to make me do
your smallest wish. You sent me away to meet
temptation in foreign lands, there to 'am My
wild oats . You were alkpowerfial to influence
me ; but your power did net moll over the wide
ocean, Jenny ; and when at last a maiden looked
into my heart, and, saw there the loving nature,
alto entered therein and became one of those very
sinful, grams you bail so coldly banished:: He
took Jenny's band—it was as cold as stone
"Let tne cover your neck and ahoulders, you are
Ono night, iluidag lase weak and sorrowful' chilly ; or shall I hold my arms shout you, so—"
coutlitiou, broke in spirit and weak to body, and he put his arms around her almost fainting
they wore overtaken by nue of thous storza. too trot She burst Into tears as she recollected
often mut with off the coast of Cat-onus, nod, the last, loving, powerful pressure, with which
unable to withstand such angle-) el. menu, the they had held her "Shan Igo on, demur'
ship bowed her head before the terrible power I "Have you not told-all, Harry ? The maideu
and gave up her previous cargo to the fathoml as I loved you, and you forgot. your Jeeny for a little
depths of ogees. When the blaskootag storm I while, but rootirbs-now you have come bask a ass
hurled destruction upon the struggling ohip, sod I rims, cella-minded man, with all the old Joe.
Harry Grey sank beneath the raging water, het tine renewed, and even more durable from its
teemed tei feel invisible arms raising and sty , 'rely quietude'" She spoke excitedly, caress
taming him, until he grasped n fragment .of the tug hie cheeks with her little hands
wreak Ezhausted and careless of life, he was' "Mistake me not !" exclaimed Harry '-ibis
strangely borne upon thlim frail support,„ and is n‘t - - I foetid telling the whole I mar.
swayed atektkiated upon its surface (wee the r.l I ried this maill n—married her, bceause I loved
hog war. s as if he were but ti leaf, or a weed ~f her gee( rous nature that would die for my sake,
the sea - I devo2rf ,, tritig my evils, whatever they were "
NV itli the coming of morning came a calm upoi, J. tiny sprang forward and turned upon him
the n o a t , It w a s not without a s •n„ hue .1 r,.. wildly -iraithleas! faithlers! Why are you
lief that Harr) perceived fl rein toward Lim a here' Why do you not go back to her? What
small ho it, as if s•ei: 1 some kind wale 4 iiii it h lye
. y.c to .1 0 with me ; lois, table, miserable
for his ' limy Had he but felt the str-oigtli of i as I arn ”. She swept her hair from ar her face
a child I. • w till Late throwu -I.iins..f Ito, 6 • I with b..t qui%ering hands. and die tears rushed
Sea, the quieker to reach his approachiug su..cor; t in tori•oais dowu her pallid cheeks
but illness and grief h a il robbed bun ..! :I:1 .0.4%,. Harr), too, rose up with unnatural strength
life ll' grasped the side, toweter, as the: iit, '-Bt valise, - creed he. despeitie.!l) "she lies in
tie boat floatal by, and detained its aiuiless ‘ e ,).. the Lot Jet of the ,-. 4 i, e•ite Lei shill—m,, child
aging, while ho dragged himself into its friendly to her arms; aud s'ic took with her—" Be step . '
lap He then eurlerhimself into the stern cud I toi ward and seized Jenny'.. hands with a
lay quietly, to be carried whither God willed. j suddou aud terrible C4116111' es— • 'elko took with
Lookiug dreamily forward, be seemed to we lo r, till ukq wad val.,. IS LOA that Mut you
Zara ,e-ilcil mar Lim with her Liaise hp in her t seut we away fur, .Jenny Ellis ? Are you not
breast 110. r long glassy hair hung heavy about I satisfied ?"
her polished shoulders, and she was_drapset iii Lung they eedied at .s. Is oilier, these two 150
fur,tuolla )f ahtniugmeaiiwoetl He stretched loan j fortuuato childn. n, until . eell :4w the heart of
-his weary arm.., sod she seemed to bend forward I the other Ur...dually their expreasiou softened.
to him ; he felt the cola sweep of .10.. r heir; and Harry let go his close grasp of her hoods, and
, the waft of her breath across his lips. From t she again supported him to the sofa
1 ,
that moment he knew of lambing sere Ztra :11, , i "I: ,s .arty for us to suffer so moot, Harry,"
the child, with whom he seemed to walk among i said Jenny, in a low, changed voice; "bet the
leafy -hales and balmy zephyrs uu an.-iatatol tar fault is my own. an 1 only mine. I see it now
away,. whet„ the very atmosphere was ifs amt . when It is too late Wouldthat r c o u ld f le d
love, and the ground elastic under the toueh of i happiness for you, but I fear that is not my mis
qpir light fee,t I a;. n ! Ili mwell, Harry—dearest—God keep
From these delights our poor triend was bro't t von "' She leaned forward to kiss his forehead.
back to a knowledge of his ivhereabont when, fie d, tained her
one morning, he foun•l himself lying. ler a.- on. "Jenny, Jenny, you are an angel ! I always
fortable berth Ile endeavored to bring lii: ti.-. l cai.l it Yr.ll deserve something better than the
cities to a clearer poilit es he lay /Inlet and l.!:.." mere fragment of a man ; but it is your baw
-1 He hoard witch bustle and contusion ov e rhead, nes:4 I wkil to live for always; can you ned it
and, utter a while, his cabin door was opened and now in 1A..,"
the visage of a mgrs. sprawl within the -p,ie , '•My p ••-i- Harry, you misjudge me. My' l, hap-
At.tlie night of his reasonable t y - t , and , nee 1 ,1,....., iii']. id, dep. ode on yours; but the first
f/CO •he showed a double tow it ,argi• eL, ~ .1,;li• il„' ' er sheds its rays over my dark and
teeth, and gav e u chu c kle- peu:iir to throat,. ~1 I ~:.C. - il wi:l be when I know you have
her color ',She closed the door quick y, ant i r. -le .:,:ilii t,, that maiden who lives in your
Harry was left alone ..t , ~ to we ; hue fi r ~ tu ,.... 1„ , i r
in, tit only fits Dear suitor W:l* a Ital., sue , 1141 r) shuddered and concealed his face upon
burn .d inaoi with se 4 ythrl'llliPti,: 119-1 Z , •11 i iftf, . 41 -. .:113:1 , ...11/ULLid+er. " To console you, sweet angel,
a f..., c,u, Usury put I••rthi heetronabliiij, coos. , I would have committed a orime—a base decep
mated lied t • grett, ham tog ; bat God has saved me."
"All right with yew now, shipmate" said - "And He has saved me also from being the
the eaptaiti . cause, for at my threshold would have been laid
harry passed his band over his ..yes --I 1....
,), , .tar slll, as Is now your sorrow and blight "
levee so, my tn. flit ; but I feel straugely
"1 suppose you're ti; Hoed lad You'%e• laid
here this post week without giving a signal, but
the brandy Aunt Sal k-pt l-skitie dowu Nom' tics stove you La again I'll send 1, ,, ,i
1 s 'to, br,,,kfust. -
Lett to his ralleetioui, Harry drew the ril , .‘t
natural c euelusion to be drawn under suet) sir
cutest:lures : that he was re-cued soon after to.
' tug eouseneusnees, by a friendly vessel, :BPI hi;
topeetal di sire was now to know whither the)
were hound Raising himself upon his elbow,
he endeaVvre 1 to reach the port hole that he
russet 1.. -k out After one or two-trials he silo
ceeded It need d but one long look to tier& iv
they wil- . urrring th.• harbor of - New York --
He sank Lace sewn, awl e 1,... .1 hi. e t ..
"1 burr ',lye], thou, it seems," thou:lit 1..,
"for b ewe marked purpose. My work -is onll
begun. This weakness 01 b o dy ,nil; Out ... ii,
we I taunt be up and in action -.
'rte captain entered with a bowler le t 1
a di s h of simple 1 . 0'4 "Eat this. lad, and l a ill
. bud you sorue„elothes - These were ae o n b re t ,
mad white enraond in them Harry was Ilie•cias.t.l
Li find his body se entionated 'flit, 4'3p1“1,1
laughed at what lie called a "bean-pole iu bre...:ei
Cs " hart) affected a laugh, but be knee , 1.,0
"eel i the CAUSI: , 1: ill , brokt u trame,to Hod Iltuelt
almost raving, he told brier his wife, his Zira,
had waited until all help WAS gone, and then,
eleaping her babe uplsn her breast, had leaped
frinn'off the cliff into the water beneath -
Fiercely did he war with his owu soul,
Harry Grey, aq he hiy a braiu fever fur many
days ant nights, and, when he began t., 'wort r,
be sat upon the (leek the shadow only ..f a WAY.
R4l,cting, up,m the strange and terrible esperis
once of the past year, ''Vps gone," he said, "gone
ilk, a dream! The miserable remainder cf my
lif. I will give to Jenny, if she can now a cent
it Perhaps she may find soma comfort still to
ber Harry Grey ; hut it 'lli u matter
doubt whether eLe likes me as well with my eat!
on IS 110101
thCri . lll.
4 . 11. pans the astaLi- LILL la I ht • I`.
[tarry s h•tiviug 4.• stint res-hicig, ti . ‘ 011. d
aurtie): , , Lte anther s boatmr to tb., v il la , it
near when) aye lirdt met ham Joran•
Still weak, 1,101,,eu inueb ru uoustittittou, h.•
w I. euoe 11, übeoue,:d IL laip. "wa r
tl3, L 1i wurre Lug hireatub 11,44 altvi t ys 1.411 et
Jeuuy Tbe ktie table auJ writt,,ag du,k
neir up4u whiett Le Itati often writtan Lye
tiwagitt.4 to tier :tbure hi, louktug eve°,
hung the well-dried bunch of ...•••
year, bare passed since the events related
. .Teouy Ellis Las never married. She is
. and cr , nsolation of Ivor father's declin
) ar• There i, a .seat at the foot of the
ear l• u s h. re .he loves to sit of a quiet evening,
.110 , cems then to be watching the stars,
me -ay site communes with departed spirits
}Tarry never recovered his natural health and
big r lie went many years ago tto join Zara
atol cL, Add.
William £ Porter
Fr. I I the F.n.L,n Rounni.l
;ate curiu-ity is usually felt to know the prig
tie ht,tory of rueu who are.prupused fur public
.ludge Porter speut a considerable por.
tt.•u ••I Ll+ the .11 this town Oa his appolutinent
t., tit.. Sept ease licut.b we pu blushed* short sketch
oiT tow, which was eupsevl by some of our ex.
D. We add it few more (sots, well lasown
; Isere; which may prove tuter..ting
vii born tu Huuttogdou county, I'enus)l
- and 11 OUW about thirty. seven
tent. ut : o , e IL , 114 the son of the Hou David
R. Porter, whose mime has long been tamiliar to
our • llm mother wit , . the daughter of Mr
)4.l)er-tit/rut, who emigrated from Scotland dur•
tie. last century, fir tbe purpose of engaging
to manufacturing iron in Western Pennarvania
H• Irish tin IMP side and &men on the other,
rlori,re Porter has n gstod right tit the title of
Sentelt Irish, so ninch eulogised to his life of
'ln I.:e Gittgott
1114 e3rly life wa, p • 2
zs•cti iu Huntingdon, but
w, haven infortuatiou reqaettog it He came to
14.0 re than twenty plarr ago, and :Tent
.12%. ro! j .•ar. 5 t tLe iu this tofu rti
4 , ,:)/t 13 -peak of him a:, a to) of quick laid ac
tic, LIIII1d; 4in 1', 3- \CriLlg Stti /. ut, excecditigs
truthful iu his thoughts and
iceliugs Duriug Lis c illegc course Le t uaiutaiu,
cd a position at the Lea iof Lis class. Ile early
eL• weds :alitit fur deLate, cud reprcseuted the
Litt r,ry r , eictics of t tie college ou se v - ral ucc.irious
Ile ~.ue proficient also iu mural aul iutelletu.
the aucieut laaguagos he was
pArt.ulail) disiluguisteil, so mutt ry that uu
duatiug tic delivered au urigivalspieoli iu Greek
Jo 1 , 36..11r. Porter otnuateueed the study of
111 the Other of kkos. J. 41. Porter, who has
ltirulai out wore taW)nfa than souse of our hare
run:AM Several ) ears were here deviated to the
study ioltaw Luring this time be became a sou
erul fovunte ofourcittsens, and they will vote for
tom with a 'mantels,* -which few public men
could command.
to 1842 he was Appointed by Attorney lieut.
Johnson, District Attorney for Philadelphia,
which brought him in contact with some of the!
ablest members of that bar We hare always
uud.'rstood that he discharged the duties of the
office with ahiliq. The Sheriff of Philadelphia
haviug died, a violent contest for the remainder
of the term ensued. Usable to Owe either fie.
Lion, Judge Porter's father, then Governor, ap.
pointed him to the office. This was an uneomfort•
able position, for the uproar on all sides was
great. Besides the political discontents,
ings wore oesomeneed to test his eligibrr :n
the pourd of age. But the character of the of
fice was soon changed. Order was brmght out
of confssionund all illegal fees abolished: Money
was promptly paid over and the business was
eondneted with an exactness and precision which
aro said to be memorable to this day. The no
table riots of that period ounmenoed. about this
time. Otie of the mat exciting ocoutned in
Kensington. Departing from thessetom of his
predecessors Sheriff Porter placed himself at the
head, a posse of several hundred *bins, and
against all- remonstrance proceeded to the scene
of disturbance. The newspaper amounts we still
in our minds At the first dish*rge of firearms,
the posse left the Sheriff with but a handhil of
I 1
B. V. st;oA
summates,: Thet ieetuti cry aftorwarl , given in
court, brought the sob...ti l uent f,. t. praminteutly
to view One of the -witnesses tea.ifiArd that after
a long search he found the Sheriff in the utid.t
of the fight, snrronded by severe hendrcd td ill,:
rioter*, and severely injured On being urged to
retire, be replied, not until the riot l. quelled --
In the presence of the witne.l4..- b iVaA again
knocked down and vil 'fli
y much writ pled ~
1 1
result was along Hint as We have frequi till ! ,
heard Mr Porter say, tlrit on recovi ring irota
his Bine. % .1 new world •t. , crud t , . pen opt] him,
for all opposition' to his aduitut,tr.tion as aShr
it was gone irk froah, tv,tl. rhich be w.t.
formerly met were changed f , r e , .at,gratulation •
Those whow bit amiable t , ;up a .tod iotegrit)
had failed to influent., tie , r , tr..n 1. 1 Ids digi...,:.
Lion to dolls duty.
At the close of hi.- 'trio 4 • ...... , h, riff, the tricot
tiers of the bar, without , iistii.,t lOU ot party, pr
i.euted to him an atErt as A Lit.1.,,i 1 rti-publi- 1 ,, 1
to airs paper, at that taw .iiioii ) : other ittilig•
they say, "lire at:Cattily in., ,taltr ItNIMIOI-q t •
_faithfulnees, and. pures t Alia. which t.“
have discharg,ti your reia,0.i1..... !mita, to tbe
decorous want r In which lb. , Iltitirn..t iii.ur Alto,.
have been tuatn,g,l, lnd iii” pr. rropl Itcli [UPI • r
reotoc-e with which all ii.10i...1.• ba.4 nt•en v t,
ducted." On taming t,, th , ti-t .f 24ignatui. ~
we .4ee t he names nf M (lid i t li , It .ffii,ll, hograbh MI.
Mallory, bailaq, Gilpin, lir"wn. P. ire, Rend, 'l' ) .
eon, Campbell, Tilghani, Whart,.n. Cadwalad,i,
Ingersoll, Scott, Ilubbcti P..rkin., Bayard, and
several hundred 'flivilly di' n;. , ti:shed and of ati
litienl opinions
On retiring frOut the St:, lit -thee Mr P. , :t,r
resumed the prattle: , "r Lim in Philo:1, 'phis,
and eentioued it wit-h r rift, en or
teen scar-, :tit
. until lii .Ipi—itittuent t. , the
Bench rii,41.?„,...4 win, wi. uupr ~•.
dented, might have b,. n met, 1 Itorn L 11..1
ity, industry and legal Li. .Ig,.
tu 1849 the Tru-kes f IL I A of
United States selected Lou as 06.4 evuuse3
Some of ilia oppoutuis, w , abuse. httu a:, th,-
Solicitor of the Bank This Nti• Ilia spa tic
Rlll9 . coun,el of tic Tru-t, nlt %.fe hostile r
the forincr wanager , of tip 13 ink, and were Iu
gaged to suits agaitit.t war) f thcut. This .1.•
pouatrueut, which Lrought Lim iu ,ountilot with
Ilwyers ill ucariy e%cry c luutr) lu tau United
States and many of the cat( s of Kueops, add e j
to his practice. Several hundred t:iousaa , l
laze were thus eullechAl, and to Lip+ eud the
and depossts of the Bank were p.mal to fall, prin.
opal and *lab rest. la reau.t at lii t *amity uu , .x
peeled, and the remainder ct t he amen
distributed among the other clathistits
la 1816, when the !leaner: of Phd a d e lo, l4
had been greutty reduced, and a vigorous effort
to ovorthrow the doworrint part), titol been d.
tortnined ou, Mr }'octet Ko+ a•lected as the
Delooaratic caudidlito for City Solicitor, and the
ticket was elected by a large majority
His skilful, energetic,' and mdepeodent
coarse in that office, was well known Htv let -
ter to Councils, cote newel of a majority-et Le.
own party, in which he refn.ed to interfere, at
their request, in a Cafe pending in Court, sae
generally read and applauded by men of all parties
When Judge Knox neeened frith the Beech
of the Supreme ("met, Geverrer Packer, in ay
cordanee with the wishes of the party thrnughout
the State, appointed Mr Porter to his present
position; and the Conventi.ln which assembled at
Harrisburg on the 4th of March last; oonfirtned
this selection by an almo.t unanirunits vote.
Such has ii en his political and professional
course. His life has me, however, been wholly
devoted to profes4)nal Decupations At college
he exhibited much literary ta-te. Ilia add r ,, s
before our literary societies, in 1843, was highly
instructive We remember an address before
the Law Academy of Philadelphia, of which be
was ooe of the provosts, but the subject. ha• es
caged Ilia Inuit successful publicatiou is his
work on the character ~t Judge Gibson, who,
it eeems from the preface, ho wed him leech
kindness in early life This work was extensive •
ly noticial by theFecicw. thnlugL the country,
and bad a rapid sale
He has been engaged it, ether labors somewhat
peculiar fur a lawyer Ile was for veral year ,
one of the tuabagers of the Aintrieas tinndy
School rniuu and a ulcualier of the utiaimite , of
publication. In this capacity lit, Netected, Pup ,
vista or aaatated In the publication of amine of the
Important treatises plablimhed by that institnti.m,
which h.tvo exerted so much influeneo on the
minds of the young, tbronlhout the eonntry
ID private life the char.ri, r of of Judge Poi
er t. without blot In hi, .ieportutantand di .•
potion -be t. frank all l Latriltal In priv.itc
charity h.t is liberal io 14.1a1t As an adcl.
elite he was ex, ec,itugly , '••.r t.tol toretble. Tho
book, life full of hii argutu.nts 11f lug fidelity
to ,lientA, the cilia of .ui.try, of who
latesiness in Phil tiea almost
elusive charge, ri quir , spu r , to he oci.i;
besides a :elf, h .v• alvraya (bete t
him a eoureous and it —riNr.,o
a Judge, we are told lie !, Inc iiinoh tritvird-i ti r
comtmiu 13w. nil I eh it 1 1; , s 1 vi ry
servative. Its religom 1.4 111 Pro , ltyterian. In
politics lie Will when 4. 11 Is 're, tnd al way,
has been a Ik.m.ierat 1• he ma), and
probably 1 , imp- I—r to rah au)
pert in the political ,is liow under discui
skin, but those wile b( .ire sure that
he will be totiml at .5" flaw., :J the side of right
Wirt. ,pl. Bt.stt ttitt -•11'.• !tal,t•
b e , it •.. ) 11• 1 • • , 1 till the wile ..1
iu tlt ,It-:r, h II mil t , il':•servuot
rep,.., tit, h. r ii• h,t it o -at i,d a h 'to appriz,
bur 14u,baLti . . tit .1• , ot at.l Laic if the
follow tug, t, ti lA , . QUI "3 utitulLt,, L. 41.1.11
Ace“rdiug to 1 1 .1 too', 1,..1,; of iidrr:
[IC was eiLtaug uoe %%al, ,kri-r.'mt,
th, .tpitfrroat.:4l t.f east) ••f . L rw, p7ut heuid,
rod .sirLi 4 41.1) V , Ana /wired in
ralttig habit, 61.4 tut 111 tuu. I.ams, ;old hurrying
towards Nlrs. Irrerust, : t. point ut addrer,
lug her. Sertii i ! ugLut/Latuil pie-eat whops in the
dial light ut the spariati,ut +up . ltd 110 t. Teool4lllYr,
the paltsed, aud atrtcd, w n 0 Woe:
"Am I safe% Is ibli4 ift . 1.11*11314 1 friend?"
"Oh, )4.,, ' was Al r 3 P.AAokt'o reply; ho
my moot porticwar kit imt s C4..;Vuel
"Thank God:" exclaimed M. Aixotsid—fur
she it was—"l've Won piaytug ,ISO hypocrite,
sod I'to tired et' it:
She gave thew an *molt of how ob. bed du
:sieved Washiagtoti, Hamilton and other Acneri,
can officers who, Ale bra', believed-her innocent
of treason, sad had given her so ewers of horse
from West Point She made no seraphs of con
tensing the parfshe had borne in the negotiation
with the British fletieral, and deehirtelltiras she
who induced her husband to def. what Ile bad
done. She passed the night at Perattede,"taking
earn to resume her sotiog of the 94treged and
frantic woman 'heaver strangers were-peosent.
Col. Beres relations with the Shippen tinily of
whieh Mrs. Arnold was a member, hafibeen of
the most intimate chanter from ehildhood.—
They had been his flither's frknidit, and
the emban boy had teen taken from hie mother's
grave to their home is Philadelphia Be stood
toward this faeinating, false-hearted woman sl
imes in the light of a• younger brothel', imd he
kept her secret. itntll she was put bidifrbanned
by the telling of it. -
(}eothe said " Man is the onlyo t tect that
properly iatereets walk: . We guess old fel•
low was mistakes Woman Is a much more ins
tere.tiog ebjeet than 0110, anyhow.
f!.l . llttii