Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, November 07, 1857, Image 1

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C\iE 28.
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1. 4 rATE ASP FIFTH Q? 4.
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otz, S , 6 mantle, 9 03010/10L, $ll 00.1
.20,,M ro-af, 111••litiA, $343
ut th• Bh•tuv•• t $.5 per .num.
• t t ahl. oiler tti. 1611 d hod, eight. 17
cent., a hue . but no nitrglinr
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iiLyt \II IL. LICE.
Rent% Mock. north ride of
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• 'l. kl -- "Lne returne , l fromthe Weld,
th.• .toter Those vriablaig bte
,• nre, eurner3d and Freud:, eb
..16 - KENN If.TT,
•,t' rockery, CSWwtre
, su or. 1.11 ,, c1i, evrreit of Filth Iteld
J %lit.. 1.1 TLE.
~• „. by Jame& Sill, Eas y •• •
• • re ,I N bpi rnlty between the Reed
I. ..T4lllll
Itetstl Dewier* le orrery dap.
Carrtings, MI
,•.I, tof Fifth, Kne, Pa.
Nal ore r in fiat la&hty Ready
„„ •, • r lAN iotots. So. I, Brown's
r. t. EH,
. -- • 1.-: I . rnrionnna, Cintnrs. ke Ton
••.• • Kne, Yn.
airrowomont 80011111 &Rd 11nrtira
vansfully dritlrn. Ofßev nu
t, Groan". Store Erie, P..
I.lollls Produce, Pori., Ilia. -Salt,
• se., Mills, Broome, Palla, Wooden,
T.rm. Cash Primo 1.. t No. 4.
shore*. Post rltllc. , Eels,
t~lGFai . l WA RIIEN
••• r. nanala Nn 1, Atonckan Block Col.
• - Principal Cl/iota of the Coital Stain and
• • - idoonatl) retnittad. Bank Notes, Gold
• .1 ',old. odd on time deposit,—
• tM1.)10. t.and W1r111110111,11•;1.`, o.r.1•1 Ana kr
resannal4c terms t
JUsinlx or TUX Paaca. WLil li practiot in
r mai« roilndr, and VOW prompt and aunaa
• ....futxu•teti t. In u hsnda, rithor as an A -
,', r y - OP to Empire , Block, ennwr
W. .1. piTtsIZENTT.
....L.! Dealer la %let and bry Grnnertes,
and domestic Prue,
Ylsh, Salt, g lass, Nails, Powder,
at , kr. French street, opp...,ite the
....Inn 1.! Arnmiesn Itard•rart• arid l'uttery.
Steel. N 0.3 Reesl House,
wattiti reopeetfu II) ..ifer their
grie mud Ticiult ) Rape
to olotottim.
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441 Mltliett IN, n eaten an roa n !, 1.1012,
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• !tro•t• h•, Erin, Pa. Inter...a a110at..4 on
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0 0 tr.. of Office Stefre.rt It Sinelales
~ t• , not edit h etreet Residence,
d M 0 3.! I -aasufraA street.
11. HI 111 IDRL~.
Mari Rrll ./, 6 Co.,
a I. an.l Domenic fin Goods,
~., • ••• \ • York.
_7IIARLI'I 1.1117 . 11KRP,
r•ki . lri A. SAI , DISItiI.
Ilik YES di; CO. .
/ Nut.Eifs in Fancy and Staple Dry 6nodn,
lothrs t be- No. 1 Brown'r Mock, Itrik
Ir. N.. Block turner ul Pesch
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E. (BELL to falthen N earring/4)
wr.rn the Hood Haase and
bext Al trio of the art and
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iiEPI.En, s CO.t
. 4 YPiN,lii{, i5.11.rt, Vault
In , ' aL LlCl.ll ,, bl‘644llwary and Fancy
11. (11.kr1
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con. Cant I r for pale f offter
"tr.. House, arm
'—.r ' Exit of the old Apothoeiry
6 cer. in 1 anc..414.1 Staple Dry Good. od
W . .ls'n4 Brown i Hotel.
toasty, Pa Canoeing's and
.11,1 ,ta pr.mptn... and tthtpatrii.
to D ru g., )11, Ono,
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f.r a ,:aalrt pprr L. Steanwra, Public
1,0411.4/13 ilerehaat, l'
and Piaster 414 tr mock,, Erie, dealer
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m: Dealer,' to 4,44 ..,4 stk.:, Coin, noeur
rr‘rcto I. of rleptisit. Mao,
in %n. l'oe.n, and all parts of
. 01 Aee, Hatt, a Building. in the room
k o .ehrso, North .14e n ( the Park
r_ C
T. H. n1.411(F.,
and k e i aj . thith.t. la Foreign and
Itlikbona, LifltPll,
kw. .1 • SI4 I. ' t ""
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11E1 4 CIARK.
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loth Iwtler In all kind' of Fan y,
! % 4,21, e and I n..lnt chaim No. 4 KT-
Il k% C. it ingii
in Tammany Hall btillalltk,
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l'edsh Pocket Cialery,
Ern , .
dnd 414dr0 in Weil and
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fur !bnal., farm Cr mieddani.
1' dkrairl,
'iAPA titutttt ac. Co..
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o.i..l:+ettfind Ithiskt.y, to the
fl( Rk 4 R%I.DWjN.
1.414, n Pelota. nil*"
I'..rfurn.ry, YU." r""4lll,mar, Erie, Pa
J. w
• t W./Mc
^ m.‘.4l t. auttaink 11
20. o'e r 'Clark it Metcalf . " /4-
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. 1 t , 1 k :If • ' ' • : 1 4., 0 *.i.." W :If Yel ,
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'' ' -... ..... - ^ ~. ',*•:. - .: .....: 4. , : - - r .., ,: , ~ ... ii .:., .
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Irnousau 01110Ctik sad dealers 'la sad 1 041:46 4 MN/4
Shit, Cm" state T4asak, Clem. Mak ail, da l ea, Ida
7, Donnell Mock,ftv
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Armours -TT AT Law.-01111es ~ AuAlo's J•Trolrylaker. North
Wmt lamer at Part, > r.
i. w mama a. w. smitiziox.
113 i ss ra ga. . • sie4 ireumei waswitt ilid er ie =
dealer Id Oak a
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Calf gktaik Ilbrrocco, a
webb, core., Lad" LoZ_Lnisib. *ow
Mom, GON,
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14111NMITT, SA= & 00.
blow Fcwsntu, Wheimatairiad Retail DoMrs WMBidow-
Ware Sm., MU* filPet, ft.
M. A. SAT• • ,
A Vrnit XFY •T LAW3I- Oa remarly oppeTta. ISis saw Coni t t amok
-.- J. C. 8111.11fflc --.(
Wsouipla sod RAO &gm I. an kis& of Ifao= Lod
All2OlOOlllll Ha Aetna; Via%
Saddlery and Ca Maahloofreallenlais
Fivaah street, op the oar, Me, Ps. ailu r bllib
- - -
WiTC - Liill m°.
Rtelost- 4x Weirs tx, to to lonian! ums the Put Hall Mamie them,
s k plina.43 street., fate, Pa..
J. U. ft
DitAuute so Honti sad Shoes et Wholesale sad arta. at NO. la
Brown's Rlne.k State street, r 4 s, PS,
Plormanarvic AND Amenn Aw n reek now, werab o u t
Stewerre Erie, Pa,
A Lid sitemitedletei Clowerti,lactn w aid Piffle'
X•irtiaga oral] Mad; taat MOw Part. ilargabliat _ Haat*
(Vint of Y. Sanford & CO, Nn. 14, Rited Sou*. rall it re.
JAiloo O s JAL-toros, Whoirosle sad RAW Noadloottosor Ut Moir
Corn, Veal, Mill• Prod, Bran, kw , Sc. Cook paid tot olitlods Ut
Orsti; Xran, Pa.
Deacesase.. tans?, 4 peepeeed he tabs to the
very beet rtyle for one dollar. Reeves fa the view Mock, North
west eurnerof the ANL.
. Iloorbeadvine, Pa. ElaS ra.
All orders through the Poet Oar at At*/ plata grill he preeepro
ly sAt.nclid to; and delivered in the oily tree of sharp.
Erie, Jnly 2t 1837.-11.
air =mum rnmainw.
. ' pr•prwore,
FLOUR, CORY, ODILN 1117.1 . L:,..11T5 . C47111, MOP /71,77,
SHORTS //f/) /RIX -
norm or all kinds kept constantly on band, which we 4111
sell u low es any other dealer the city, and other hie •t doer
within the city limits.
re- All Floor warranted to be aa represented,
rap CAttli paid fee Grain—Wheat, Ryon Oats, Cara and ander
w twat H. 11.
Erte. Jolv 26,10117 , -11. P. CIRIXICEL
_ ^
The Laurance for Town and Coust
TIIR ("minty Mutual lawarawee s.
make romilsaeb memory deserl 4:4 1, 1 11y lak Town OA
MCountry, at low Mee r Me MO . Mob an Into two ehmame, via : the lanais% la alikh Illetblair VW
farm property mt' dwellia SO feet or over tram earigies, ilia
iiall tvd, sad the Cnmmeeelsl. la libido a/1 klatl of
. 111 . writs',
oared. The (undo is either departaleat an Dot lialilia km Imam la
Um nthvr ; -
17 " CIIPti fnearaoce made le either Departemmi el tie amid
Meek rites.
James C. Marshall, C. W. Tibbs* . V.P. Itladiewelk
Q. smith, Jobe 7.lmmerly Jou. 111.84semmet,
S. P. Maple* , Tam. Moaebei:l. Jame tilamma, c.
o, P^nr. A. Irliot, "wows. Wm. i. Ilaya,
J. Y. Jini/a.'
i 4.1.1 U. STUMM; Neat. Jonas Gamma, Bee:
Caatuts N. Mous, ?rues.
Mo., over J. 8. abarrott's ammemv. ?WWII ateee4. h Me 'aim
tty grams Garadeoa ag Ilianerwr, as a Law ease.
J WWI XL 11144.
0-EXPItAL 13111111tAliell AGINCTi
OFT]. • E in Empire -Meek, earner et Stare sad PM Streets, first
door to the right, es stair&
J. P. sitnnuma, Agent.
EPRESENTINI: the rollesrher Ceesesehre et the hichesr
Clarreerd My the Stele ef Presertessehr
awe= Company of Philadelphia. ,
Franklin Biadior, No. 112. Mama 21nos1.
CAPITA[., Securely 'nested. 11101111,01111.
The Quaker City Insurance Co.
Fraaklin Bailing", 400, W.. Sawa.
Cash Capital amid desiplasi _ - - - 4 11 . 0 0 1000 •
MannfacturenTinsurance Company, '
Office No. 10, Marotionio Ezeksars.
CA flirt L, . 1224hlyhMi.
Eris, Aognat'l, 1107. 12
Insurance and Trust Company.
No. 331. (fast 107) PAW(
On Metehoodios , Fur.
EIRE INACTRANCIL }al ea Stone, lewsUlap, km, Uni
ted Or
of Culfcist 1114 64 AEA Yeleill fa
0 pada the woriL
Oa Goo& by Sim; Cards, Lahr sad
DU. txT) DrarßA.Ncs I load Curls.% to all parte of the
Charles C. Lit i tmoop. 1433 Walnat Btarati
Alexander Wind* 14 North Frost Shp*
Henry 1). Nola*, Farquhar Handloga, Wallet Stant,
John C. Hunter, am of W r at '
t, Raabe 6 Co.,
R. Tracy, arm ofTracy h
?boo. L. GUM** AM of Gillosale It
a t 111.41 S. Mahon, Aras of Bioko% it=t Ca.,
Withean - Darllng, Hate of
lease loslehuret, Attorney an jilai reveasenor,
J. R. 'Curdy, Ina Joao% Whits ag IPOordy.
John co, 90 South Fourth Street,
Jambes B. Smith, Arm at Joins B. &mak & Co, ,
Then. W. Baker, Goklsoltkof Han,
Henry C. Wetmore, New limit. . •
i C. C. LATHROP, Pra .
w*. DARLING, Vim =im
loom I. Hymn, Borrobuy and Tramouer:
H. R. IlmaAaohay AhistsatileasoAarf. /
D.,,K. DALAwra, Surveyor.
J. J, WWI% Aintek NS* Po.
hornet 22. 1657.-14
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A marl a participation In ilis a awap a p omos , o .o. 4
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twine. Lowe wUI be liberal, sad prompil7 adjusisi.
Fire Hake on merabamdiss.bailellimp mg ntbsrprp, is Sewn
or country, for ii Waited him D
Janerpb R. &A L, '.l C.llimil.liii.
Bilommill Mood*,
Theophileis Paulding, John C. Davis, H. Arm Illetaia,
Robert Brion, John Germak Jam IR Pewee%
Hugh Craig. Rananel lawarde, Geogre Illeacil,
Hoary Loarvane, David B. anneey, Ennead Deelbarben,
Clairie• Kelley, base R. Davie, J. O. J
William 'Await, William Hay, Jain J.l=a,
Dr. S. Thomas. Dc. R. N. ilastaa. Jobs Wien Jr.
Spencer Ileilvana,
Ws. Kamm, Pratt.
RIogAJID 8. Nlllllolria, Sally.
1:14 Application tau be made to
April 40147. - J. RiLLOGG, Agent. Me.
;..may,,. Erie,
Fire! Fire Piro!
O TO 0. A. BACYNIMMI lawanary 011.8, scam et
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ford Co., Pa. Cephal MINAMODO. AU ;NM up eadaebeedy Am.
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Nrio, Dee. 13, 16641. 0. A. I=sprr, Art.
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Druggists and Apo . thectu*
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"ear has at New York Al As P II IIIIII
of the day, Wholes/Jo aed twit it rterWt, Algitos.. 4 4 ol l,
from diet task. DAV NA iiiiimketioa
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rrive to ntfirgiro as aZ : sii. •
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Erie, nib 111, MO. ' ,R. : MI6
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lit ,L$ I. Ign. CLUE-6 t
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X L. Lem,
reTT . 4- 1 r 7 414 :4 :1
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stud gottrii.,
sltoitt 4,1* -
THE] 7SIL-4"S'I'MIR;I7'.
TRIMS were, at least, half a doseo high-spirit
'ad youths ready to quarrel with each other about
Alien Smith; but she oared for none of them.
Not that she was over4aintyin the selection
of friends, or that her standard of a lover and
husband was too - high for mortal man to reach.—
Her fah, if fault it was, lay in the opposite
Jfireetion; she liked every one. But she had not
arrived at that age in life when matrimony enters
into a youdg lady's waking or sleeping dreams.
Nothing was farther from her thoughts thou
the desire to change her present position. Her
father lad mother were growing old, and she—
their chief stay and comfort. It was her extreme
sensitiveness that prevented her repelling, in a
more marked manner than she did, the attentions
of young men for whom she could only entertain
feelings of cold respect or friendship. Brought
up in strict retirement, she was wholly ignorant
of the rules of Fashion; but her own innate del
liesey was, to her, a far safer guide than any of
the fictitious laws to which Soeiety demands
obedience. She had a deep fundfof common
cease beneath -all the passionate, exuberant en
thusiasm of her nature, sad in her most trilling
tastes there sae a refinement; of thought and
feeling inexpressibly charming Few of her
frieids could understand this. They often thought
her capricious and reserved; but she was neither
the one odIP the other, she was only obeying the
natural instincts sod impulses of - her own guile
less soul.
A word atieut Attees perm:miter Her favorite
otteupstiou was to nit at her father's feet and rend
to him. While she is in this attitude, you can
not tell exactly how-tall she is—in ' , runty, Ato
is under the middle height—hot yon can see by
the out-line of her recumbent- figure that it is
onerof exquieile symmetry and gram. Him right
arm, bare to the elbow. an-I ii round sod deli
cate- as an it.fant twit, on her futht r's kilt e,
aid her head is ;teat,. over the Is , .k trout whtult
site is reading. A h. avy mass of auburn ring-,
lota droop oleo' the v .lute.-. Presently she lily(
her head witoess now ties full glory
of those deep blue e.p..s, ilsat w be tam dazzl
ing without the shade of the dark lash ex In
exchange fir that look of tentlertiesi and ideation
a man might well gtv • all he posseuse.t, l and still
,be the gainer It °Auld not be interpreted into
language. fler features are very eofi; you would
not souk to discover whether they were faultless
or not; you would simply feel, while gazing on
them, that they surpassed your own extravagant
ideal of female loveliness Altogether the face
does sot seem to be of the earth earthy, for you
mast examine it in email,' for any trace of passion
or of vies. The exprcesion is gentle and sweet,
nor does it belie the disposition it reflects. But
we must pass from this alluring subjeet to the
larratioo of our
Mr. Smith's cottage was prettily situated on
the bstikt of the .Hudson, not fifty miles from
New Yorti While enjoying a sulk along the
rive' side one August evening, a youth, just
loaded 4lios a sail-boat, attracted the old gentle.
metes attention. The boil lay on the beach at
Waft' little distance, and though the owner was
dressed in the garb of a sailor, any one could
see at s glance that this was opt the profession
to' rbleh be belonged. There' was s maolinese,
and, et the same time, a grace, in the stranger's
address •and bearing, as he doffed his hat in de
forested to Mr. Smith's age, that immediately
won the old man's heart.
"f beg pardon, Sir, for the liberty I tate in
addressing Va. but will you direct' me to where
I oac . °beats lalgitigs? I thought to reach
Poughkeepsie ao•uight, but the breeze has gone
dowo with the sus, and I lied myself becalmed."
Indeed, Sir, it will be a &Sault matter to
get sooowstoodatim here. There are only a few
rival); houses between this plate and the lowest
vinare, and that is eve miles off."
" Well," retuned the young wan, smiling,
"I suppose I must pass the night in my boat.—
It is not the first tune that I have bees obliged
Soda so."
* , g Stay; I ean not permit you to do that. If
you will rune with me to yonder you
ma see it from here, peeping through the trees
—lan, at least, give you supper and shelter."
g 4 Thank you, Sir, very much; I - cordially
aeeept your proffered kindness. But if, u I be.
lieu, Ism speaking to Mr. Gramme Smith,
perhaps my name—Nrerard Anson—may not be
sukoolto_to trim?"
What! are you the son of my old friend, the
II Yee, Sir. "
" WWI, I MO heartily glad that it lies is my
poWer to do you a marries. My wife and daugh-
ter will be delighted to make Jour . cquaintance."
And se, without further eereatoayi they west up
to the,oottage, ehattiag -together as though they
had been fr;cuds for years.
By the time they Petered the little parlor it
had grown dark, sad the candles were lighted.—
Aline wee steodbeg at the head of the table pour ,
dug out sea la regular old.fashioned style, and
&rem! Anson quite started with surprise and
adiairatitet when his eyes rested ow let. fdn bad
never revs such a vision orteeety. He could
'camels collect hinted( sudieiently to widow
with credit an introduction to •M rs. Btiith, who
was tionifurtahty seated is s esey.eheir by the
wioduw, or to the young ldy herself., Tbis
eeresausty over, his atteustoin ease and, graee of
tanner 'sews returned, as of sitmessity it would,
is stiolety where be intinedately fuititill hinted( at
.11ci ate a hearty sapper, kiwd about his
Peuraillts North; 0061 pad a spirited account
~of assesrsisis •frose Noir Turk.
Sesturit Asierstotwws la *MINIM aPPIce,
writs im
ortileary ass. At this tine was Sub
• .•
, r ,r . /
Sew. so. to the rirtuise
sow he tie bele at the bialys &lOW
Waft tha wattwit *pew basil,
Meaftiofte owl vet lifts and send,
Never !toping or Ming end,
Byer tow*/ ft* wimities Ned.
Sew oa the wide asd desert plaia,
Se* Palle depths of the putlablie ashy
bow Ow the eras of the Artie abght,
Sow is hot illsoesoli blight,
80Wille, yet .ever hogaeg to ma
Whet the levant of thy wort my be,
NMI* dry rod parrired groom%
Furrow the rough sad Array loos 04.
WMAIT th• Imlay globe la Want, •
Lobur rad pry with trhatillig ham
Itart i irot,er thy Oh away,
Misr by algid sad day.
Reath the wend with as gamed boort,
Strive that m labot elay lore Impart,
ToU be the gm* of that drieloto bead,
ToU, ha the abadow of aorrowa had,
Labor, trot wait baba's§ to an
Who* my the day of thy nekoelag be
!Um, raw and flight onward beep,
MUM( thy Weed another may 'esp.
Only eantested to matter thy grain
In the esrly dealt and the WU. Aga;
And the !merest that epethip fro.. my labor of love
Mull qr. for thee In the green shove.
?rose Harper'. Weekly
el 60 A IgAll; IA ',AlYirAN'eg.
‘ *(IIINiNG,
,NOV:FATER 7, 1857,
Swentrfour years of agetilfillthik.Jvitirer dark
complezioned. His conntewineiVinal that honest,
open expression, which at onelinspires a behold
er with confidence aid reeptTe Hut the steno
features, when occasion requited, could become
stern, almost fierce, tinder the influence of a
rigid determination of purpose. He was ritit a
man to be trifled with or itopth-ell upon, nor to
be applied by any danger, however great, that
might happen to erosehis path His looks were
a faithful Ludes to 'iis character. ln times of
extreme peril or of /rest afflietion--suoh anlie.
. as would drive some men distriotpd—his
energies rose with the emergeooy, and he was al.
ways cool, collected, sod self-dependeet—asloug
no advice from others, but sating on his, re.
uponiibility, and driving things through by the
force of his own will. Men of this description
have, of course, many &nick-and dice fall into
serious error; but when the heart is right—and
Everard's heart was true andtbern need
be no fear for the result. He wand gentle
as any woman, and no ease of what or suffering
ever came under bin notice without exciting in
his breast a warm and active sympathy.
Everard was the son of a distiagnbibed Pekin.
tifie man, who had earned for biassed a high rep
utation by his surveys and explorations of new
district and territorier. He wu an eminent
geologist at a time when the seieuee bad scarcely
reeeived a name, and as snob he will doubtless
be remembered by many citizen* of New York
at the present day. One of his greatest admirers
was kr. Smith, wlio, in his retirement and ab•
*traction, looked 6p with reverence to his more
practical and more successful compeer. The son
had conceived an ardent love for the pursuits and
profession in which his father had excelled, and
be had already brought himself into favorable
notice by some able scieotific treatises, which
were published from time to time in the leading
periodicals of the day.
On the first evening, then, that liverard spout
at Mr. Smith's cottage, the coUversatiou natur
ally fell upon the subject most interesting to - the
host and his guest, fur both were students of the
same science. The latter had recently roturued
from a long tour through the Far West, sad he
spoke with enthusiasm and earnest eloquence of
its future development and greatness.
It was the first time that Alice ba4 ever listen:
ed to such glowing language, for,Wuth us tell,
her father (good old soul!) was rather prosy
when fairly embarked upon his favorite theme.
This was the first time, too, that the had eve r
seen one ot, the opposite sex so thoroughly se
oomplished, and, moreover, display so little
affectation with all his scholarship. No encoder,
then, that, she was fascinated, and lay awsdot
that night with the music of Everard's voice "elii
ringing in her ears ,"
On the other hand, ho was hardly less jiiptes
sed by her beauty and winning grace of - manner
and speech. Indeed, if we were vivitj‘g fiction,
we should at one- put - th a s dawndadawn lee of lore
at first sight, and then prone • , i to !nitrate that
it was no eteA.pti m t, the rule 9inut„,tliti course
of true love never running mirth. *t. we are
telling a simple and trutlifuytory, voi can not
deviate from fact.
. / '
Everard, on his first vis , rentlined At the cot
tage f.r nearly a week, d then he ;ply left to
return again—and lig Ile was „won regal-.
dud as a soil by the A people; and ens to Alice,
shohoew the tall his footstep, ausl. ld foWl•
isitiVuhlu`sh *ad ttooible..itnd t,wtsva sleep
iu the mysteries of anti' union-re:ming book,
w ii..tiv v..t she iteor.l it ou the Era vel walk.
T w , u p,otr i i Aled • milli. away, when one
at ama. , Fvcrar i apaie ut.. Brape , rauect at the eqf -
cage rittacr uaexp..a:e.ity. iii. reartiaity
to eteu4e hitn-ell no the crowed that hi• hid jist
ern:Nara the mcr—h vi4i , in i friend,
nr arwe atizh .),,,,, net urn
hiase .n. c Wing. It war. c0..1 lu‘aant.
r ti•rW, :did lir and Mrs. Sawn were: sot.
Ling iud!!ors, cuing ! , v , r some Inner. awl pa
pers received ("tow th! , (•it r Alit trt 1g it !int
for a walk. Ever ir.l .111 u old fallow r;
and off he started. lie klieW her favorite haunts,
and wit:4 eat lung in overtaking her
Site was guise surpris.ti to sic hiru Site did
out expect him of courdr., th..ugp,t• u jays before
he had iiieted—tinly htateJ—that he Would oil
about this time. Still she was so taken aback
by bii presence, that she trowblrti and blushed'
more than ever, and strange perverseness of jti"
sex, vowed she mast *return home.
Ererard was unusually serious. He scarcely
spoke or seemed to notice her agitati in, and his
features wore that air of deterfkoatien which
they were sometimes capable of assuming. The
two *anted together in aileace; and she, poor,
timid" thing, feeling uncomfOrtable thereat, ven
tured to offer a remark on the weather, as if the
weather at. that; precise moment was the subject
that most iotelested her in the world. Yet he
did not or would not 'tithe) her uneasiness, nor
would be second bar desperate efforts to get up
a conversation on indifferent topics
They came presently to a part of the read
which the rain of the previous night bad left- a
perfect swamp. Alice hesitated, and did not
know how to cross; so Hierard, without mitch
ado, lifted her, as be would have lifted a child,
and carried her over. She was too thoroughly:
surprised to say much, and her surprise was not
lessened when, the passage safely effected, ho
continued to bold her firmly in his arms, looking
down in her few ( but saying nothing the while.
Bbe struggled vainly to release herself.
"Oh! do not; do not."
shaUo must! I c an not let you go till
yogi tall we whether you love me."
"Ohl soother time. Not now not thus."
"Yes, now and thus," sod then IA voice
softened. "Alice, dear Alice, you know I love
yds bettor than any other creature in the wide
world. Tell me, will you be my wife one dayr
Strange to say, Alice struggled now no long
er, but looked up, gased into his eyes earnestly
fur a minute or ore, and then answered quietly,
Nothing further was h&j& The compact was
completed Witt awes few words. Sh e t oo k his
arm, and alum to hi* all the way borne, as
though she had just discovered that she wanted
a protector and bad found-one.
After this event, six months elapsed without
any change. The relationship between Alice
and Everard grew close and closer day by day,
and the latter multiplied his visits to the cottage.
Rarely a week passed without his presenoe there.
The affection of the young people for each other
Was deep, strong, intense. They seemed to have
uti enjoyment esoept in one another's society,
and their parents knew and approved of their
It mitt about a month before-the time appoint
ed for the marriage,. when, one !mindful spring ,
morning, Everard, after a long absence of three
"(mks, appeared at the cottage. He crept in
stealthily, u was sometimes his custom, to hap.
prise his &new. She was sating alone at the
window of the little Router, reading, or rattler .
pretending to resdfitr, if Everard bad taken the
pains to look, lie &nigh 'base seen that her eyes
were gall tag vacantly at, the wall opposite, as
though abs bad discovered there -some strange
charee or to decipher.
Ho advanced silently, laid one hand on bee
aboulder,and leaned oast for the aCeasterned kiss.
She stowed up hurriedly. -Her law was
deathly cede sod, aot she reevignisect her lover in
-the intruder, a painful blush overspread Gee
said pm*, eves to her arms, and then,
kini l o,et iajlirigr• Shi ,
Ils 0 0 . 0 1 ;ao..Pieff
I:Forsrard was reaßralirsed* what he belie,.
ed to be the eousequesee of i siaden iurprise
fie approached for the purpose of drawisg her•
coward biro, but she retreated.
"Do uoi, Ererard--do not come near me. I
have been longing for your visit so mesh, so very
smelt; only' to tell you that—that--that we
must break off our engagement It is a seems:
city"—ela-ping her bands tightly together—
"oh! snob a bard necessity, bat it must be done
Ae thule is a God in heaven, I anf telling you
truth when I say that this ingagement of ours
mast be broken off. Don't ask me why—if you
have pity for me, don't ask me for an explana
dot. Bs my friend now—always--ever; but
do not ask me to explain." - And she pressed
her bands to her throbbing temples, ebrinking
all the while from his touch.
Everard was struck dumb with annaement.'
He could not believe his ears. Be was usable
to speak for several momenta. Different emo•
tions were struggling for mastery, but at length
his facto assumed he old determined look, and he
said, without venturing evils to take her baud,
0.84 down, Alias, sad let as talk this matter
over quietty."
Bbe sat down, looking at bi# with a wild,
fearful stare.
"Alice, have you been ill while I was away--'
are you ill nowt"
'"Hare you seen any stranger during my' al).
"Has no oneten prejudicing teU C tgainst
"Have you not spoken to atty one about
me. -
"Have Jon mistaken yow‘ &allege, and fats,
eied 'qou loved ale, whenja roalitj, you affec
tions were gives to ailoOter?"
"No, no; oh, no!",,
"What, then, is tare meaning of tile? I have
a right to know why you wish our engagement
broken off. Give me a sufficient reason—any
reason; say the,s'your partiality for me sou but
a passing ash*, and you shall never be troubled
with my prunes again."
"06, don't say sol Have pity en me; don't
leave mfg . OM/tingle to some bent se before; ooly
don't adk me ever to merry you." ,
"*hd why?"
' 4 Do not, do not ask me to tell; I ban not, I ,
dpie nottell., It would be awful to telt."
&reran! rose and walked hastily up sod down
the room. He was quite unnerved by what he
heard Alice's conduct sou inexplicable She
wiis not to take a fancy lightly into' her head.—
Ha could not believe that she had ceased to love
him—her whole manner belied such a' aupposi.
tioo. She must be laboring under some halluci,
n ition, suffering, t)o, intensely, bat from what?
•" Alice," be said, at length, and his voice was
very soft.
Alice looked up.
",Do you love me still u well as you used to
"Yea," iii a very low tone. Then she shud
dered from head to foot, and staggered•bsek into
a chair, as though she was unable to endure it
any Jaeger.
Everard was utterly confoanded. lie mailed
from the room, and, meetiog Mrs. Smith, asked
lallitta, imperiously, why Alice
sought to break off her engagement with hint.
"I must and shall. know the reason," be said,
"and if any one ban dared—"
lie stopped short when he saw the oxpre-sion
of utter bewilderment es Mrs. Smith's face
Alicia had never spoken to her on the subject.—
There must be some mistake. She would go at
ooee and discover the truth, she said; St/ she
erect And while the mother and daughter were
shut up together, Everard paced up and down
bt fire the house in a frame of mind that it is
wore easy•to imagine than describe.
Presently Mr. Smith came in from his walk.
Ile soon learned all that had occurred, but the
poor o!d man was even more astonished than his
wife had been at the strange tidings. Both
Gather and mother talked to Alice for hours to
gather, but they could not fathom her mystery,
and she would only repeat the wish, already ex.
pressed, that her engagement with Everard might
be broken off.
So days passed. Her mental suffering, to be
noticed by any one at a glance, soon began to
tell on her health. She grew miserably thin,
lost her color, and her large blue eyes, lighted
up cow with a wild, feverish glue, bore nu re
semblance to the same eyes which sparkled like
a ray of sunlight only a few weeks before. But
%he always resolutely refused to give soy expla.
Cation of her strange conduct.
Everard continued his visits. He conversed
tenderly, earnestly, with Mice but never, by
any chance, alluded to their former engagement.
He exercised all the ingenuity be possessed in
endeavoring to diseover bet secret, but in vain.
In what a terrible way was all this mystery at
length unraveled!
One sonny morning in June —a day fixed for
ever in the memories of some--idd Martha, tho
only servant in the cottage, wondered why none
of tSe family came down to breakfast. They
were an hour later than usual, and, feeling some
what alarmed, Martha went rip stairs, and knock
ed at Mr. abd Mrs. Smith's bedroom door. No
answer. She knocked louder; still no answer,
so she entered.
It was an appalling spectacle! Mr. and Mn.
Smith lay dead on the bed—to this Martha af.
torwArds testified on oath; their throats were cut
from ear to ear, and the quilt and sheets were
deluged in blood. The murderer must have kill•
ed them as they slept, for neither appeared to
have moved after She fatal wound was indicted.
Olit Martha shrieked aloud. Uttering pierc
ing cries, she rushed to Alice's room and burst
ore the door. The drat object that her eyes
here rested oa was the daughter, sitting upright
in a chair,
fully dressed—perfectly still, motion
less, and, after a slows inspestios, quite rigid—
in a 'peels. of cattslopky, the donors called it.
She did not appear td be wholly imilesible, for
her eyeballs sometimes roved—slowly, vacantly
and without ex op. Her bed bad not been
slept in all si t . ... . Greet HOOVellie Mar.
the, be sure o what you say! l . . . . Her clothes
were all bloody—her 'very feet were bloody—
and in her hand she held a bloody razor, the
weapon with which the murder was undoubtedly
Martha nearly lost her senses. Bbe shrieked
to her dear young lady, and begged her to speak
one word, only one word; but that ktsgue
was not to be loosened. Elbe ram oat and sum
moned the neighbors, and when they entered
they saw Abe same sight, and remarked further,
that footprints of blood led from Mr. Smith's to
his daughter's bedroom!
'Awoy with the horrid suspieion! 'Tie a dev
il!' ittetadon-41uust 4 bisit whose, it amid—
Elbe west is to see her tither and mother that
'morning she found.tbem murdered, add instinct
ively took up the rasor with whisks the deed was
done. The shook has killed her—see her pres.
slit eendition! .Liet at bunt up the murderer!
But do trim of sly mistier On he found--no
door or window beam sprit-s-us• robbery coat.
The news gesallikilie lOWA e;, it reashed the
city, :tiered heanEir licerereet .beaked Om
004 4 ehil
for ,sneselbse he terrieoppettil - - Action. But
- AliVitoeik ok. • "4mi 0,
thsitto lipaars- tot sae
-,, ert t ir if %'1 3 i., piot y
' - •61
I j ..thK;rl- 4
It was a long journey in diem da
Fay he keened--Imoms one in *km •
fitot-io a rowel, banal Nayeitek the iet'a
jar; bad found a verifies ageism the isegkest
for this murder of the father aacteset
"Liar!" was all he said in reply the 61.
low slunk away, for the limb that it
was far morefterrible than thew
But it was true never, . He heard it
over and over again on the . God! what a
delight the people seemed tit take in repeating
the accursed words. He tuidared untold agony;
he writhed under the t we; for, strong man
tbotigh he was, the b en was too great for
him to, bear. ' But ev n while he suffers:teases,
the clouds breakin way from poor Alice's se
cret. Hal it tuns so.
He arrives at A e cottage. Alice is in bed,
recovered fionyber fit,• in wild delirium. She
knows no once. A medical man from the city
and the vil ge doctor bare . been in attendance
for sever hours, watching her. She is dying.
Ever - himself is strangely altered by that
one day's journey. His face looks haggard, 'mi
dis wfiole appearance le that of a man worn mit
with bodily pain. •
/ 4 13 there no hope—impel"
I The doctor shook his head, and tallOg the
questioner aside, "Better as it is," he mild; "she
committed this frightful deed—no dtsilft of that,
but it was done in a fit. of insanity. She is ut
terly, hopelessly mad, and has been so for sev
eral months."
Hal The same thought had flashed through
Everard's brain, for the first time, on the road
from town. And nbw alYthe events of the past
two months appear in review before him, They
arc present to his mind again in burning reality
The poor child knew, then, of 'the fatal disease
with which she was afflicted. and on this account
determined to break off the engagement. This
was her secrete—this the mystery she was so nn,
willing to reveal! She kept it all to herself, soE
that herself alone might bear the whole burden.
How great—how intense must bate been lial
suffensg! What wonder that she was driven to
As Everard tbought'over all this, be covered
his fade with his bands, and wept like a child.—
Violent sobs convulsed his strong, athletic frame.
They were the first tears he had skiedsinoe child
hood; they were probably the last that would
ever be detected in his eyes;
She died en hour after subset. The spirit was
very gently rolensed from its prison. A ray of
intelligence lighted up her face for an instant
just as the night was closing in, and she knew
and smiled at Everard Who was bending wistfully
over her.
Poor Alley! Twenty years have elapsed since
she died, yet wheoever her name is mentioned,
I can not help dwelling io itnaginatioir on the
exquisite loveliness of her fairy form. Perfect
she was in mind sad holy, and it seemed almost
natural, wbni, with a noiseless step, she passed
from earth to heaven.
From thn (Udmurt Gazette.
A Romantic B.eality—Trath Stranger atm
Reality sometimes more strongly taxes ered'
ulity for belief than the most highly colored ro
mance. An instance occurred in our midst yes
terday noon. An old man, where few reatidning
hairs wore whitened by..mge, was wetwillintarh
Fifth street market place, brief chapters tw in.
chequered life—his travels and experience in
fareigu e his trials by land and sea, his
hopes and wishes fn. the future.
l'wen.y years ago, or . thereabouts, he left Lan•
caster, Pa , with no particular object in view ex
sew. t rid litaxse:f of the oppressive ills of pov
erty and want. Without means to support his
wife and three coildren, with little or no employ.
went, he alLiutiotivi home end friends to chance
the hiierti of the w-rld elsewhere, in hopes dame
Fortune i ~mile more pleasantly. At Phil
adelphia he shipped on board a vessel for Liver
as s before the mast, and made two
or three trlps in that capacity, back andlorth
across the At Int it. Finally, on the last. voyage,
he It:ft his ship in a foreign port, and remained
there fflr several yi ars, eugaged in various pur.
snits thst offered a precarious living. He sailed
up the Mediterranean, visited the Holy isand •
came back to Liverpool; and again shipped for
his native country. Through some ill starred
circumstances, he did not reach his home, but
after buffeting for a year or more, finally brought
up in r South Amertcau port, where he remained
for several years, engaged in trading, and Teri-
ous other occupations that yielded a fair living.
The gold eat:ate:went on the Pagtfic oarrieii him
thither, and he went up, "the golden Sacramen
to.' with high hopes nf prosperity. A year's
exj>erienco there brought with it more frowns
than smiles of fortune, and be left the Eureka
State fur Owns, again as a sailor. From there
be shipped in another- vessel for New York,
where kp arrived several months ago, infirm,
almost worn out with life's trials and troubles,
and sought amongst his old friends for his wife
and children.
With army doubts and hopes, he visited. Lan
caster, where he had left them, but found no kith
or kin to receive him. 'lts wife had died long
years before, and one son , had soon followed her
to the grave. With a heavy heart, a future be
fore him as blank as the unspotted page, be
wandered forth again, little. heeding life, nor
caring how SO'JO its "fitful fever" closed forever.
Chance directed his footsteps to Cincinnati, iii
his weary round, and chance, or a guardian spirit,
or fate, prompted hint to relate his adventures to
a half dozen listener; in Fifth street yesterday ;
and amongst the& war's young mechanic, a cab
;net maker, on his way to, his boarding hetioe to
dinner, who listened with marked attention, and
who found, on farther inquiry, that the venera
ble old gentleman was his father The son was
but a small lad when the parent left home but
he had heard enough of his history to know that
the wanderer before him wait indeed his parent,
of whom ho had but a dim recollection person•
ally. Ho grasped the old man by the arm with
hearty good will, took him to his boarding house
sod provided him with food and raiment, and
will ennool,h his footpath to the grave with kind
ness Ind devotion.
wi not say truly, that highly colored ro
abaeboia often dimmed by. stern reality ?
IMP SVhen dodge Henderson of Texas was
this a caodidate, he visited a frontier county, fa
which was, except by reputation, $ stranger.
Hearing that a trial of felony would take place
in a few days, ho determined to volunteer for the
defence. The prisoner was'ebuged with having
stolen a pistol; the defence was "not guilty. '
The volunteer counsel conducted the defeat* with
great ability. He confused the witnesses, palsy.
erd the court, and made an. itble, eloquent, and'
succsasful argument. Tkr rimier wu
ted; be had not stolen the, 'pistol. The pommel
recoil% d the co t budastioapplause of the stadium..
His innocent client availed tannic of the earli
est interval in the hurtioade d pf congratulation to
tale his counsel aside.. "My dear sir," said he !
"you have saved ineOtad. I sup eery graded; I
have no money, do pot expect to have my, sad ,
do out, expect Over to see-you 'gala) has tashow
you that -I appreciate your semen in feminine
of, by G-4 you• goalie* thepistol— &mop
int he drew freur-his peckerepd preemiked to the
eateeiebed ettereoyebe , Te#l. pariahs
bid jest *ow be liaeisegriftilleftee= l l
. = •
111 1 0.4. Wallenr;PO,Y.l("l.
Thaeleweittsd lataindeater givers r - ''-'"
el Clelw lithe to sow in rrieue io 0 "Ige awl%
for the weiaer of Ms wife. Tilt • re Nei INV"
war burn ' of respeetable pareeta ' • the lOW-1U '
New York .—' About four year age b e tititifild -...
die wily daugihter of an age, wid.iw iv Igenk •
Now York; he soon after west to itimittow Vv. .7
per Canada, where be ex(gaged in for grpieljr ..'
business, and afterwayds k.-pt a litbery gelds I .
During the drat Tear f their marriage, a &mew
ter was elided to t ir Lmily, nd they'lleedpr• "
pmentlz . °onto; and happy. C .le' bloat* hp
qusinted with a wnmao eame , l u4Lieta Wl'
and kept her 011 hie paramour The fact'oom •
to the knowledge of his wilt; ratio left hilt ,
returned to the bomo of her mother.
Cole tipsily got broke up in 11 ituiltoo, ensiled
over into Garrettsville, in ,hie i'State, brittle's
portion of his Livery and a wo.uan he called file
wife, who, it appears, was u more rheas tide
iniatitas, by the name t f Augu.oa Vi'heLier. Her
soon went from GArret.ts% ilk, to Cheri, * rag
where he took to a partuer, by the uaille of . Ilk
tlestosquud. c o ut, ou in the L: very basieilei,
Ilia mistress gave such et i i. tie,• oeber rest chars
aster cause him a groti deal !If trouble, Ch
pecially among his rriatives rvai4ling in sod
around Chagrto, and who am highly respectable
people. lie was finally luduotti sty his brothers
to send this mistress baeit to Glued* and to send
for his wife, with the prm-. thas ho would live
with her sod behave n 4 a married awe
should. ti Is own brother went f.r bus wit.;
in that forgiving spirit alone known to wows,
A greeing Lo.f o rres an d forget ali past off,isoes as
his part It was arranged that a tte abooklineet
her at Cleveland and return t.sChagnn with her,
but owing to some diearraonements in the trains
be missed her, and she went on to Chagrin *day
before him She went to the hotel where Cole
had been boarding and rolu.o.ted to be shown up to
his room. This was immediately don't, but hire.
C. on entering, thought there lUUML become mils%
take about it, as abet saw nothing thy, she recog
nised as btlonging to her linsbindi- The borers
was unlocked with a set of keys beionginktf the
house, and a variety of articles belonging wom
an's apparel were found, such as a hat end
log dress, lace cellars, gloves, &c , partly worn.
At last letters were found addressed to Cole from
tLis Canadian mistress. No pen, says her at
tendant, could picture the ailtreas of this, poor
creature upon - witnesssing these e tiocidences of
bee disgrace and of her hu.ben , l's degri•dation.
She clasped her child, arosy cheek ed little dankh
ter of three yesrs an I sank iosen-ibis to the ter.
But its she had prowist.ii to live again with the
father of her child, the 11.1411 she had once loved,
and bad return d f.r that purr4e, she brushed
away her tears, ehok,d down her grief, and
calmed hers.lf for the meeting with her lung lost
husband. Next day the husband ramie. A long
interview was trLd. What passed in that
scene; what eighs were uttered, what pardons
asked, what crimes confessed and sins forgiven,
ate alone know to the parties themselves, and to
Him who knows all things Au ajpareut recon
ciliation was effected, but evidently with‘a men
tal reserve on his' part, Si desneciacal as hail
Abont the first of September he oonveyed
wife to ea uncle of his, residing in Bainbridge, •
e uga Gouty, and, while, there, he adminiates*
.poison to her so that shit dieti., The People *Ow,
did Iheta. *ming ogAig. 414 , 6 sad OR agIRMIN
steams attendant,. believed - there bad bees foul
pig, and a committee wa• sent to Bainbridge to
make an investigation. They arrived just as the
funeral services were commencing, stated tbeig
errand, and asked Cole if he Lia , i any objection to
as examination of the body. ilia reply waseitt
oval. The examination cOm uje need, whew
left the room and, escaped. lie was afterlinAll
taken is Wisconsin, and when at Chicago, he
escaped again, was finally captured in St Louis,
and (mm there brought to tacauga county, wharf
he is now in jail to await to., trutl.
(From the Louisville Journal, let ti )
On the 19th instant., as the fine steamer Met..
ids was about starting on her maiden trip hoes
Omaha to St Louis, a tall, gaunt &ilea, of
about twenty au antume came on 'board .with
a blooming cstuntry girl, of sppsrently not their
than fourteen gentle summers. He informal
the clerk that she wail his sfster, Ind so timoralll
that is would be necessary IoP them lo occupy •
state room together. The cleric sac that their
mutual concern was deeply bineere, and assigoad •
them a room—one next the e.iptaies—registers
iog them as Mr Barbour and pi4ter. The Batt
ject being incidently metvi. , ne.l to the eaptaha i
J H. Paldwin t be remembered that a 'ogee
lady much resembling his fair passenger
*owe on board to see them sway The Ante. e
meta of the kind fir ithor th it they had loin tell
lives in that part of thweguntry, and were boned
to Joliet, therefore extoted his, muspietaa. - A
plan was formed which resulted in eonceertioir
suspicion into certainty.
The captain, who=e heart is in the righs plate,
consulted with his vffie-r-, no 4 tt was resolved
unanimously that t h e p lir Olottld be wedded-ea.
The happy intelligeneo wa. r ontousicated totihe
parties In the 11104 t c.1:1•1 I r ire sod appropriate
manner. They were called into the . cabin
their mutually delighted ti....tiuy untoldtd.':This -
young lady at once ru-lied to her &sternal com
panion's arms with more than sisterly ffrvor,
eryiog,—"o Jiw , tild'nt I tell you we bold
'ot pass fur brother and si-ter?" and clung to
him in a transport of grid and joy.
It eau evident that she would per-farm, mitis•
out prompting, her part of tho.alarriago
av, but be appeared to think her "too %Mint"
He was, however, informed succinctly of the
captain's Ctimatum--he must 'parry . her, or one
should be landed one side of the river, and the
other upon the opposite side. TU this he seem
ed not unwilling to assent. His Hero, bower.
er, would not trust her Leander across the Mut
rissippi. But his reluctancy was overcome by
the clerk'S solemn and confidential ayseraiwo
that the captain was io a terrific passion, vas fi
most desperate person, who would sooner AO t „
a man than eat, and that he had a pistol in hie
pocket, which, it was plainly to he seen, his kande.
was burning to use.
The young gentleman, feeling thus compelled
to volunteer, explained that be would have mars .
vied before starting, but be should have missed
the boat, and "so help him God," he would have
married her in St. Louts. Arrived at Brunswick,
Mo., a justice of the peace was summoned; who
shortly appeared in the cab's, where s
circle was formed, wits the happy twain in the
centre, and they were made one. The bride was
the beaming picture ot' delight, be the saiatibir
one of 'submission. Captain Baldwin mid lb.
clerks—Messrs. Johnson and Doi—each=
appropriate advice and kissed the bride,
grstiudeola unbounded. .The best assieeditom
on Saturday, when Mr. and Mrs. Barbour took
She ears for Joliet, haviag so far - fitifilhod the
reasonable expectations of their Moods.
• as. Pros the tenths to the twelfth - litho.
laaatts, ioelneive, there was no revolution '
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self is OOSSIKIO•SOO of this state of shin toe the
elevesth. He left s sots hoieuties
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