Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, May 30, 1857, Image 1

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,\ & 11()1) RE, PUBLlglit'it , '• -
o .,nti :, '2B.
l' I:llii.,' 011SER ITER• ,
i . CI L e ,:nl-L ,
, ~, ft Lk I BY
LI, LND M. 31. 31001t1,,i
r ,L. 0 , _
___ r
______ _ _
....-.......- I --
.. ~,,..1 , ~ T ATS AND FIFTII ST'S ese, Milo
Li I. .4i.OtN, Edlt•rr
ATIORNII 4 'or .Ibch eta
tte, Pa.
i ir
- rfeence, or within: months, 61 80, if - - --- -
, .
~ .. i , ^. eharkred ,
ne ant c
. .. r, ~: t pey within the yew., the paper .11, No , • o
k F. St ern
se ~roan: left with • proper oilerr ,or col- r (A ual
• 7: OF SW ADVERTISING I J0.EP1111R4113N1,A1.13..1r - .. - -
7 • . ..., ~.. Or .11u make a again/ .ini
, .
.L. I 75 ' One 'glare 3 mouths S o.'"
• 1 0..) 1 Otis " 6 - 6 0
_te • .SS On. " ir " BNS
~* • .gar, changeable at plaunre, SS
- a.a .,, L $ 5, °swaths. 68, 8 mantas, $ll 5 0 , 1
J. I% 31014 . N1N1.
, AT .
.. • 13 s,sares--ene year, PO, 0 mon ~,,,
ths, $3O. 3 , „,I_ 1- or
, , *et,
, e ,„„., _
~...' , tae Bwdatas Directory at SS per annum
.., . ~..ahl, agar ma, and utast eight, g
• • notices. 10 tanta I tine ---
. . . :41 Company sod otner nohow, IsaUthe steel, ' os, Eitl,.., /Not Recasts
~.• „ ,'ben rots:tries tumpasnt changes In limosJ LL-IE.ELL, BRAN, rr
, ~,.e.: two •1011 M sa
, piper, d ward, fur $l6 ; •:.i
. , t „,,,..... • will be in proportion, and ttot 1
%;`: = 2" .. :: :,. t:, -,,,,, .1,1 to the legittresalte bultnrec• Park Han
-. , • . -.,. •o° a tverttsementa re...ture '
1..: ,
.;' ,„ '
~.,„, a t,„...,,,nz 1e..: be presentrd hei
• • .
.•t ,e e. navle on all except tetn
~ e
.0., eatc Ds : sa els en• -,
o ~,.
.. „r,.,,,...
~ Jame,
k., ,
. 4 . , imp,r t TE t ,'.0r.1. ~ , .IS vonri , ,‘ 1\ I boIIF - ir
J 4 WC" L riLk.
i. ,
. ._ ..,. r ..1 .rt ... .`. .4 •:, la.* •troesu tae head
.. .. ea r,144. 4,5
-- ---
--- -- ---
- __
,;- . r:.... L 3 •., . L!' •
lit Ft ILOLl.o•TilliNti tiTeßld,
_, , ~ ‘.. vaaontiref 111 tint gxslstr Bead* - CLEVE LAND •
~ . enter. I frnish/Al a...4.A° 7. arsovas 4
. ~ • riles and ern, la.oll/1. Cigars, ACC Ty , W '• 5 . is. a ha, .5.. - , I ~.. IC.'" s ',OS 1,.1 r
... 0 re-at., LC...pawls, Li &e, Pa 47 ...,,,., .., _
--F . : 4 1.-'.'l ARO
\rILI.I 1.11 Tkit3ILNTON, Le• . r.. . -10.. ; • Lrte at ft .1.) ~ A ,:. „;.) I . 111. and 1r Oct 5.
1 - a. .. . :Seed., Agretoxxnt Sunda and Marti& 7 , ,, sPO • a t-a. , ..„, ..„ 1 ,, ..,r a I e ns ........)I,les.e t t At.
I, 0 . ,rstely end ratetally drawn. OlLee ot . ; Nr...,), • 1.. r .. I 0 n ', ~ >, t 0;• , To 1,4) e .
, .• •••• . itarratt. Grocery 'Story Erse, Ps • .:, .• •s, at Pc“,.e5.11..., .t• ,*•• ula, i nnuetut an. ...krsr.. . •
I Tar. •1 . - 1 .1 L. - ..: ...a , e•.. , yaw. at 4.' i.., ..,;.. -
I ”
-.., arr , t Anne, Produce, Port, Fish. 'sat, Grain, .. '. Ws- - te , ,, •
rt E ,. ..C., n
. . ... , ..“., sm a. Broome, Pa.,c, Ano ten, \11,1., , ~..,, ~ 7,,,,, vii' ' • C'Vf .1/04 at )
40 .4 'erns ...ash. Prtces mar No 4IS rstrLt t . a , ....,.,
1 , ...... A‘r.1..1•1...• ••
... ~1 -4 /AIM, the Pair 0150., Eno, Ps. 47 1.. ' ,
sLI L.k. at Fa 1.1, &RI( 1i.N.., .
• ,
, .' ' ' " 5. 1
. .o , ~nabo, So 0. American Block Coles 7 - , •
• • r • ~ ..t.n. . Ai, of the I_ aired .t.ste• aim : '''' "" ' ' A r c , one*
, . -.. , - dapt e minuted Hang '('tea, Gil,' ""..."` - ' I el' ..• r•
, ..• cr..* ..: Interest putt on tune deputeM., • '''" ' r. .e
..._ - p Aid Warrants I•ought, ould &no located : 3.' ', r*r - o
.. - *ea • • .erns ..3
- - Sc' at 7 I
J. q. L. .TRIIRETT, --
! ~ '..
I, s
. • •,: .•.1. .1 to %fat and Dry Grocers,* , ••• 5.1 tellrd .ofll
, . •.. .eighett.c. F ruit, Wooden, 11,
, %.. t ,- .....,. ~.., "a:t, G xxa, Sad+, Poeder , ...,a , t, ,Ala . ~ • 114
. _ Inca street, oppcotte tam Her.
II ‘ st • i Y at `I CONIKKL, - , ln• lo'n, • 11^PII
„ .
\ e •h 1 ,
r 1 : 1 :,) r'''2' ,
-, ,1.- _ amerbmt, hardware and I
• .. and _test, f. t 3 Hee.: Host,., .. 1
3 - -
a: vr. 1
.. `.:'"''
_test, ___ _ ` l. It.i ILE. nTOLLE.... 14
. , If . _ j nremo.llortria.t.tabalera In every on
' , • ;v, nefittc Ur., 40041, Carpe•mis, 1,1.
• • ',le street. corner of F.Rts, Lrle, OIL
I..)" . .., pa-"lers.uo, son . . - d respect:a :r offer •n•
- - .cc. t, 'Si'. -s•sa.--• 1 En. •t.l •••.,.u..a. Lap.
.s -••• *1.,..1 -, 1' W.. -
• at n i.reu t, •......tetrt•••
3.1 b ' , V! ,
.T. 111.33 de PaYNti, . ,
5 , 1. .1,, a 0 7 . ,, . 1 1.11..."11 in •:^a, : 0., .
ate wawa.• n.,.. ?last!, Pt\ 1,1 , Do-:a. nit of -tat. .. " 1 1 A. 1 ' • •. • 1.• Nn, -• .., a ..- ' *
J 3 lA. C. l'.••• ,-
- P q -r.
1....11, .L.• biIIaTC.LLI, ,
-- .•.. ,e,erest a •••e•I • 1 „ ' 7 4 ,
a:. I •,:r s t ' e r. rs t te Li b. r ,x.r. ' t c e u n . 4 .- ent - d .- - , 4..ect.; -'
I . ''..- f : ' ',- .. ,
1 1_
.5•• • L. Ift• I. mt.*: state* ro..•irs r
. . It re , ,, , r.stas.s,
5: ' 1.. LILT. ..
I Iwo° , • ,• 1. , • eaa • 1 . 1, • $
''' ' - -tat a ; ,I,S4JA: IL4 I "••• t
- _.
. It. HI 1414%1101M.
le c„a•vticif, J 011.001.1, 4C. --- , 1 •_, .
• .
IP Ik if efiqp
,t 3. , A.iniu..
. .--"--•;'''. -
4 .\ -, ;/:.11/'
•,,.. r , .1. a,.. ••t• • st•c.:r. t., •s, r... I,P . Peling
I 4r, -, - ~10•'‘, \I. I
...sill. . toaltS A - tLeatut
... ' ./, 1 n A • t , 1,. I ` i. r t tI ' I .
. t 1...., II 1 Is E.* Sr ( 0.. _ _
• .10110 .11 f /arca .01 ••••,,, , ,a ' ..,-, ,
4:1 1.1, do CO.,
n v pc 11,Lr ~611, In
/1.." 11 , 11:14 t
e* in Sew Lstnek torn., r este
E.A. Pa,
F. 11. ISE 1,1.,
'o t A'lts.tam /I tlertotatt„
t.p. /I.
1.4./aP6 6 t . e. at •. . 7 t
1%1 1.11%4 VI. %I `MINI.
u An% G L.wmau C.• ~
•-• astcy • A..,
riarthrare, co./tern 6lawx•
/ corner ,a ro-t
Kxrr,Ell, CO.,
r, VI/01
L. 1.14.• • ad
3L Cli PIN.
• et—•otsre.o the ktnen - an
t.tx street 11/.1 . -ue eat, tc
reAeuttiaLle, r•,rk •rar,:e
, o,uVoRD s (0.,
„ales of lie:,
1. II %HT.
, 1 LIP street a for lo,rt .n
.:reef,• Le 1.... a• • .t
i•r4ei asld -La • Dr, ..u.”11
- . E cnuot , . at
vr,mptu,s• and dtspate.ti 2.J
- Reed Ya .
/Oil .WEENY,
Let in Btuhltag, up•stain
& CU.,
sgum ler 3.014, dealers Le C 0.., Flour
• lute l pper Lai • !Steamers, l'obitr
it.Loat.E, J. SlOhtTljN, •
..••intuukay.o gerclkant, Lock,
ish, F our art,: i'...stkr
C. D. WUI6HT elk CO.,
-A1 • d teva.era in %row •ata - 1 1.1rtte Cola. 1.11-CU
VS-M101.4 and lArtt.lcztes of Deposit A Y
• ^ In Um t: to, anc atl part,
teice. 8w1414,c. w the Ivor
k t Aatet an, North Attie ef earl tic
e r. ii•ILILY. L E kirC•v.•elv
I'. N. 111..% ki E.
qeosa.t and R«taq Llea:er to Fr.reirn am
t-t,' cis I. filt.bona. ' , Lk* Lacy.*
ti,ock, -tate st,eet. En.
pald t,' Ord. re
. rnPah..and d
F.4h, Qt., an,: Apr
• ; Sta•r ,t .t
R. : a., 'l3 , f
Chars, Nr 4 tscb
••• %% • UL( %MP,
' • !'• P 11 ,, nkptnro, PuL
‘‘li ,
II Itm , i\l. L.
.4 ,4 in Tai—rnan•
1 / 4 % . Itli %LEV
• ^. r
r :tll.l. UZI)
N'.. 1)1 I/ 4 % A. I •I
I •tI'III tt i a
I it( WI i
41:RA1 & FARHIIIK,, It
liOrl &Li G itOCUII , . d•a:•n in West lu 6owdo Powder.
•••b , t, •itt.•. 111.., Istvl , ,kc , 7Trlett
T. Bnco.1; Blnct. tste r•rrct • Fri.. -'•
♦ II Ul♦ Y. _
ir.nilETT, It MR Se CO.
Ito• Forlorn.. r/ I , lli. and Ftetaq Deal , • In ginvea, !follow•
%taro , f, f a
J. NV. DOlia..osS,
Arrctl.Y A 7. r. , 01 Jird t.. as. twtl•;tnq wnt of State
' , l , eet, en the t of the Park, over Cleat F. Metcalf's Ex • -
/I.t.CrACIVRICk ft,.ts an.l stn-a, •od Wanleaamo an 1 BaLll
Jo. ,ar :a Una and llortenck I.n at ,er, Frame! and Arne•van, IClpd and nue* :
Lacts, Lut. ,r.. kficando. HainvuorN
1 .1 4 , em TON., Peg+, Nit,%, ate. a nuricsn Block, Stat.!,
street, F' r )., ,14.
TAT I,Airr OP Tti I'( ACC. WA: pnantleel n
ra•Tra. , r ..r1 • t t tats, and rte e prompt an 4 latkag
r, . ent - ,.1't4 U hot;tag .I...KJ:ler u an
••• r a t 3" Jr.IIT In 611114 re 'hock, cep O/ uf
and F.,nl, I ,
J • 1 1E. 4 tit J tl'K .40 N. , Vt , loosle afid Refall 114kolasotorof of
Cast prld fnr Ma+. of rain •
of a , , g,n 1. . kaa , of tar I ark. Lu4ul at
the ilee,o' na.l of If -era:.•:-..! 3. t , E. F.... 1 Erse,
Ern., 1.00,
No 89 PEA! L T ar, "C STREET,
NEW YOE K. 3m--41
•-r- At on#l ,, t. 4.:dtrs' nla
WM.% ...• I" V t••. a • •• •t'
.1•••1 • • T • • - • me• • r
rh• : ti. trkt• w . ••-; nn• ~• 10 . ..'„: • • 14
;No . ,* • i • ,
Tn. , 'n^nern , t-A:n '.l-e r^rirtu• tit' In, X ec;
1.!I Way stn•l •-•
AP th ""txo c , in, Westward wont Pet N . clA , e'and
• ,, n• f^ - , n , I ,de
An , l" , " •.• • h • Ft•t Ala 1 ~• 11.• ,• It 11 14, •
. 1•. • R " on , ! rf
, rlt y
I "no r c p \ , PrT
Me," l•
Buffalo Erie ilailroad,
cs Jit 4P II W 12 !glP MN
u t 4,.4.E‘ii:NT.
w r , r I • orb v• Er le
° U I."
\•(; .1 .\•,; .11 A' T.
Tr2ins rtln trough to )TP - eeling & Pittsburg.
.• 4
Cy . \• +4• ct
A a. 4 t .'tlttar
e T-,vr4 onay.c •+ It'
o tr.e Itarrnad
a.. 1, k a: d L .:,
)hinliAl rnad hr C
to• - t
-los-- T, , r
1: r _r• .nek Island, Dittanap ,
an • n North WitaL
• r: Ircbaserl nt Ow • :".a 1;n• • In at
:OOPS of the Tgricl‘i c
sr Its a• an. other Rnnta
A -t.
. , .
-.'" 7 > '
Pk.hrt /1 tl , Kt IN Et N 711,11.nd 4th. Vv..
a H., .1... rou•to.o I apt. vklna a are and wed.
•. g>l .% 1/41•4, queena•nr...,
Is • guawttaitortistent
.. .h NI •
vr. ,
a • rro C A LL, al. ' .1t yoiltack
:anncl, • : ac.ora, trIN
Mark Dr....aa
}al y do
J. , n. •*a,
Cam ,
I k
14,ras• :LAOS.
.fte-a end f actin Coffee, bca y a,
z,t1..t.1.1, 4 a..
a••••,:urr Ha •O. rape
I„ , 'n.. I •LitA,
Pt: MI ..4•4! • • h 4 tr4s
3111.1,1NE11Y GitollS
1 .r.• t it.
...k. - 12
71:0 0 R : FL G °RING !
• 7 • nt-. 1 " 4 t. , ' ‘'a‘k of thole• mks t .uhectistat+ -u
61t, at J Joup,,SON 4 BRO'S.
r,,, • r st 12 1. P
Get vi au.,
• F - e '• 1. n, 11.1
T• 4,
$t .0
%,•• 'Sr
.1,44.142,e I.•a ,
T • ePat Pl' a
t 2 4.2 r s 44.44 s • : 4 ,cr
1 ■
ti:•staig az..l
, tAs
1.11 e
• - 7
Dill -6( 01,S
arLrs 3• wn, %eine&
T•ti —Black wad umen.
ve •
1! w r• d r FlonT. •
laav Coax 111
k • _ t 4. Pea. ,arro••trleux.
ti.V.A24 nil, pm:a
new C. re 1.1065 e,
A to,' small panes and
dark dreary 3,4-11 ow light, glimmering
tlin u.:
-ttlkilig ettr.e.o4 the dttnnees
,r+ , ,,_lt Li r• S • hr. e broken paues delet.
11 ail 1 „, i• wring iwkward, ruing
4!..i t lie ..t nospliere;
.•• , ' r• , 1 1 tire in c , oftvoon;
It•ri:.;a t t,lpck hooka*4., with
• • I • Nor' . ; fr to W. , binge.; a
.4 • • •1 r• 4: • bust aig .11 frajon,nta
. : ti t... 0 I t.y sta,na; a fluor• 1,..i t : Pr 7. the mi4pect of the
t r,,, it ririt intimed it,
,'J WI:
L I ' L
1 44
. •
. ' 4J
.k. , 1.1/
, il
I tr LI
It t
Al kal.l
W d d t • qt .01 , , It ..aruoud, when ynu
np,ht,t ti,t2 door *f What di jou ree now ?" He
a.ked tLo.- t i taiddiy and eagerly, in a
V 4 ii I• ; I
' \
t, • t.• dal and desolation
.4.40 I.‘ • ILI C , 1;1114til a ULA 80 lonely
11 Ohl, r but tt riC s !waling to
a ant. u , ttllut (exc(•pt uto!'!• UN l) fancy) that
,ugge-'s (f danger of an:. kind
cue, 1L, , ,,, wow! '
~,vc, first entering the
r -It 21 Muni hut At in) own (snot
to; J. I was ehildeuough
.weiblog •runing out of the
throu;;l, the floor; in
•hr•r• f I 11,•d'y ln. w whit I hive got over
t ii L but a certain distrust of the
r••, i.; the ap you feel it?"
•• I t • • • Wl . ' LILA I,kc 3, Le rt•plied,
' I ••• . ; • ii the slight that is always before
••: r t.• we this place than in
„ r t.• r ari• we standing 00W ?"
- •: • C. or io,k w%;k oo T" lie
frit u-ly with hi foot ma be put the
4fUe-t ii
Quite sate." replied Ru-amlnd "It would
Tl , tt i rupp rt the furni:ure that is on it, if it was
r i!• d .hg Tous Coale across the
it With these words
she 1 trim to the window.
ni air neCtlitt ait it was nearer to me," be
torward towards the lowest
IVhat is before ua
0: kkoh..o
I II ba
.•"1 • ~.e.
111 • e• y. .tv hp at Th. re nre no
tac•., hero 1 4 blue sky. The mist Trenches
tl.e G %tittles, of the sunlight, and lets nothing
I:ta " / I i 2:
'Twos a mho aa4 buattiut BabMlk
(Alga I Shun years ago ;)
be tar adow was assailed atilt ditialaa
And the apple boa all ablo. ,
I ~member how gull was the am etd dare.
Where I sat, In ray tatturea P.
R.tching ttle oualtght, u It estos
Scuts/tied eau kelvins( through ,
Wbi:e Harr, Gruve, tha Squires *se,
Waa watchlag at, I knew.
!twee; ones looked at Harry,
111,tt I heed 'PAM le the peal. ;
'ryas to tune with all of the harmonise
Uf chat Sabbia acusisfe estis ;
And after the benediction Area sal&
I .new he would wait by the tree,
'fir All branches shaded the gray std petal.
To .elk op the lute erttb
.h' I wonder If I Sewed Harry Orem%
0..! Ha:ry ':rare 1 Jred me'
rea• t • chat Mar this too rnuag
C:an It he ad long ign
9.n - r I ea' and wattled Ma sunshine,
I ttt staln...l glass commie( throng!, t,
.tug I (^ern° bas. wan mernselas
I At arm st,ering my spirit within,
1 . ... a• I smreel, It.ed4d the butt*
W nen Jahn Oros. lust bts wino mem la
'a,aa 4.llared M 1121112 them dolma rows
In! tus hat. .1 gray mid tlala.
• and beautiful woman
.s the J s Lady
But they oar her heart le eoid and proud,
ind that ate toads • tObellolllll
.1 • .. reed lc ma handsome eyes
Ttas morn when he spoke t o mm-
L.). , 1 ue [Lam of the days, eo load or,
e w.,u up tho lone won me •
tee' wonder if I 10,•11 Mary Grove,
tf Harry Orvvr Invert me' t Beelove 11142/ 1 4 , 11 I
(10 tt f lls f tUaUhl4
likl'TF:lt XXI
The Nlcrtle Room
1 I Cl:fitury, ertisted on tbn
I. • ( I
„• 1, v.. ,:ng we t
A • r v• t t,1,111t
1,••••-, in the. foi
t i h. , virblvit the. 14 - ttlat
, •' :Avg al re ird,
_ •••11,•! • 1.• : ' rhe
''• :r t., kcep,
11 , . Glee!
• (t)e•, expr,•,..4, a
d hat.d
~.::w,.rd• Awl t. r
en. bun Logue,..
v 1.11,,c1. I At ,
-to .t.i runt D ew sod
blopl al I, bat lie aLtde so
o.•, u- in lug wtft ' s Loving
}... , .,c'ai „ u by re.
• b. b•rP, ou the
t u,„ r •T nu 1 ruiu which fpreed
I .I. 1.11) t,, twr bu•ktmutl'h
L 1,, wubl- brigbt.t.eadt
cilicks) beruz..9
c : t pr,ssed it to trio'
1,. getiti;
k- an If y,u bud
u—is if yuu Were
. oaf [lced U.AVt• yo U of
)uu h,,%e gut we'—
. :t.e p u TI., d. , . Day Do
,re in the 31., rilr Row 7"
Wlne. ins 1 ,, y., , 1 ho 1-ng Inf re you spoke to
~-; ,e tue
irrnwe'y the size and
flo iuroed from it
•-„ al •aakt • t the room had no
r 1.1144 , ..1111 lingered Dear
• • a. f, el .1 Lri ath of
„ , rc I.Lotlieutary
- h-r 1. u-h tot]
..t Ilr "1 tf.r unikee ratieg
. 4 :: 4 bottle alf," noswereti
• . - li , Juse is below
gardeti, but there is u
•.,„:up f: it t h e
:ral2t:r nn•i tungir , l
~• . tb• utie • %re heathy
. uu•l 'LI • , -.Acre look Ls
. . •• .ni _Away to the
• f Vib". , Ca And iawoy sanki
but the fire of it throsgh. There ie something
threatening ie the sky, sad the earth seems to
know it !"
" Bat the room! the room!" said Leonard,
drawing her aside from the window " Never
mind the view; tell me what the room is like,
exactly what it is like I shall not feel easy
about you, Rosamond, if yon don't describe every
thing to me just u it is."
"My darling ! You know you can depend on
my describing everything. lem only doubting
where to begin, and how to make sure of seeing
for you, what you are likely to think most worthy
looking at. Here is an old ottoman against the
wall—the wall where the window is. I will take
off my apron and dust the seat for you; and then
you can sit down, and listen comfortably, white
I tell you, before we think of anything sloe,
what the room is like, to begin with. First of
all, I suppose, I must make you understand ho
large it is ?"
" Yea, that is the first thing. Try if you can
compare it with say room that l was familiar,
with, before I lost my sight.
Rosamond looked backwards and forwards,
from wait to wall—then went to the fire - plue,
and walked slowly down the leugth,of the room,
clouding her steps. Pacing over the dusty floor
with a dainty regularity and a childish satisf a cti on
in looking down at the gay pink rosettes on her
itioroing•shoes; bolding up her crisp, bright
muslin dress out of the dirt, and showing the
fanciful embroidery of her pettiooat, and the
glossy stockings that fitted her little feet and an•
kiss like a second skin, she moved through the
dreariness, the desolation, the dingy ruin of the
none around her, the most charming living con.
treat to its dead 'gloom that youth, health, and
beauty could present.
Arrived at the bottom of the room, she reflect ,
ad a little, and said to her husband :
" Do you remember the blue drawing , room,
Lenny, ►n your father's house at Ling Beckley!
I think this room is quite as large, if not
" Wbat are th• walla like?" asked .Leonard,
placing his hand on the wall behind him while
he spoke " They aro ootereil with paper, are,
they not '!"
" Yes; with Wed red paper, except on one
..ids, where strips have been turn off and thrown
on the floor Torre is wainscoting round the
walls. It is cracked to missy pl a aa a , an d h as
ragged holes in it, which seem to have been made
by the rats and mice."
" Are there any pictures on the wall?"
" No. There is an empty frame over the fire•
place And, opposite—l mean just above where
I am ptanding now—there is a small
cracked in the centre, with broken branches for
candlesticks projecting on either side of it. Above
that, again, there is a stag's heal sal atitltrs;
some of the faze has dropped away, and a per •et
mute ~f cobwebs is stretched between the hortiF
On the quier walls there are lirgc itch
more cobwebs hanging d earn fr MI them ile•tV)
with dirt—but no picture. lova. irre N,, , N you
know everything about the ws:1•• What I. th
next thing? The floe?"
" I think, my fee; 'til% e tn,rl me
4!ready wt, the 9 )or 1.4
They [Lid) have toll you that it 11 bare, d-ar,
.vrlv a Ivan-
ct I eAtt teal you to.tir- take that 1.• .1.0:•e-
.;o an fro m every side towards the luiddle of the
room It is covered thick with dud:, which
sai pt ab —t suppose by the alts I Ll .wing
thriiugli Op.! hi...accuracies—to.. ,trAtt4e, wa%y,
Path ry •hars that quite Lido the fl our tieneata
Lenny •upilose ;h...., boa, dis should b- tusdo
t,ke up au} wt.. r, : If we discover thatilug To.
.14y, w.. wilt ua.e t new ,wept to worr iwi 1 mu-
iiu letting y u abut the 1- , ) tuta.t.
know aircady what the else of 14 s, what
the like, what the wails are alto, wnat
the fiot.r is like Is ther- anotiiing r s
to tLe 6.lrullUre? 0, y,la: the
—1 , r that ettertph tt.s, the shed of the room
L.Au't bee utu. but .t, r
. 14 high. 'l•Liere are
greet cracks awl stains frow t. 0., end to the „ther.
sou th plaster h come away in patches iu :some
pl tee] The contra rnaruent a. , ms to be mad,
of 'alternate r iwm stria:l piaster eatiliages and
large plaster loungers Tiro pi's •f eh h th!
dokeu tram the tutad.e, which, I Aupp. , ,t, one
held a chandelier. l'he 13 a ditt•zy tact
I can hardy toil what psitorti it rs presents It
j 4 very brad and heivy and it 'milts io s rui
places as if it tool our.: Leen e d, and
all I can say about It D y.iu t"tei as if you
thiiriezhly uudtrstuod too whole room boa,
Lenny '
" ir nighty, my 'ore, I hare the same &ear
picture to my Will I which you a.ways g
me of everything you sec You ticel waste uo
more halo on in in [law d:%otia ourselves
to the purpose for *lit we came here"
At those last words, the smile which had hien
drawing on Risausonit's fait. when her hushatial
addressed her, vaumuid from it to a 111030eLIL.—
Sbe stole close to Lis side, and, bending dowo
over him, with ;kr arm vu his shoulder, said, to
low, whispering tours :
‘• Wheu we had the other mom opened, opposite
the lauding, we began by esainioing the furui:
lure We thought—if you iernember—that the
mystery of the Myrtle li.ow might be connected
with hitideu viOushieli that had beenstolen, or
hidden papers that ought to have been destroyed,
or bidden stains and traces of some crime, which
even a chair ur a table might betray. Shall we
examine the furniture here ?"
• 1 • X 4; I •fl -
;,. h-r,
i/ I I •:1.
A , 01 a 1 ILS 111,, rrbt:. 4 ,
ll r c)k 1, tiled
"Is there much of it, Rossmood r' ,
" More than there was in the other room,"
she aorwered.
" \lore Loan you can examine in one morn
jog t '
" NO ; I think not."
'" Then begin with 0:1 , 2 furuitur( ' if you Lave
no better piso to propose lam but a helpless
adviser at such a crises as this: I must leave the
responsibilities of dec . :aim), after all, to rest on
your shouldPrs. Yours are the eyes that look,
cud the hauls that scare . .., cud, if the secret of
Mrs. Joseph's reason for warning you against
entering this room, is to be found by seeking in
the room, you will find it—"
" And you will know it, Lenny, as soon as it
is found. I won't hear you talk, love, as if there
was any difference between us, or any superiority
in my position <vet yours Now, let me see.—
What shall I begin with ' The tall bookcase
opposite the window" or the dingy old writing
table, in the recess behind the fire-place' Those
are the two largest pieces of furniture that I can
see in the room.
" Begin with the book Cage. my dear, as you
Teem to have noticed that fin.t."
Rosamond advanced a few steps towards the stopped, and looked aside sud
&lily to the tower and of the room..
" Lenny 1 . I forgot one thint , „ .when I was
tciiiug yt u aOont ti; she paid ' There
are tw.. Joon in the room beaidea the door we
in a:. Thry are • o•h in •he wail Jo the
, ail o •w wtt.i my back to the window.
.4 ' .t4.sauit dtatarlec from the miser, and
eieL the t.atue isiz • and appearance. Don't
you think wt• ought to open them, and fee wbcre
they lead to ?"
"Certainly. But are the keys is the I•lekfit?"
Ilosamotei approached more cioae ly to the doors,
and aniwered in the afirrnative.
e asked sox
"o,)en tbem, then," sawi Leonard. `• Stop
not by yourself. Tsk.l me with you. I don't
like Cm wlea of sitting here, and lenviog you to
open thaw doors by yourself."
KOshanossili retraced her steps to the plies where
he wee sitting, ;ad tbeo led hies with her to the
door that was farthest from the window. "Sup
pose there should be some ire.itiful sight behind
it!" sbe said, trecut•ong i lo tie, as bhe stretch.
ed out her head towards the key
" Try to suppose (what is much more prubable)
that it only 1,11.1. job another room," suggested
Rosamond tlitew the door wide open, suddenly
Her hugh.aill was right It merely led to the
Th. y p.ospeti to the second door. "Can this
on, serve the sam•' purpose as the otber ?"
limomond, slowly and di,tru.'fully turning the
She opened it as she bad opened the first door,
put her head inside it for an instant, drew back,
shuddering, and closed it again vtol , ntly, ivy!' a
faint exclamation of disgust. " Don't be alarm
ed, Lenny," she said, leading him away abrupt 13
"The door only opens on a large, empty cup
board. But there are quantities of horrible,
crawling trowii er, , alurt.a abut the wails itrilde
1 bare she., thew in again in their tixi kw fel and
their eeereay, and now I tun going to take you
back to your se,o, before we fitil out, aezt. what
the took case contain.
The door of the upper part of the b,ok cast
hanging open and half droppiog fr tin its hinges.
shtwed the emptiness of the shelves un one 4 4'
at a glance The corresponding d ).,r, when P,
almond pulled it open, discksed exactly the saw
spectacle of bareness ou the •,they side o%er
shelf there spread the same • dreary acrumulati
of dust and dirt, without a vestige b
out even a stray scrap of paper, anywner•
in a corner to auraet the eye, fr , t n t. p to b, t .
The lower p.irtion of the book ease was divi
ded into three In the do .r ci ,tic
of the three, the rusty key retest tied in the 'to •at
Rosamond turned it with some difficulty, end
looked into the cupboard. At the ha.k
were scattered a pack of playing eardq, brown
with dirt A morsel of torn, tangled i n)
among them, wh,A, 'Fuca 1.1. u )..1 I r_•11 I.
Out, proved to be tipo Ti intilLtz , of clerg;
band. In one ctiruer she foul; I a hr , ken L0t . ..-
screw, and a winch of a r ...i; in no
some stumps of tobacel pipe-, a Lew
tine bottles, and a th,g's eared pediar's sing
These were all the objects that the cupbc,atil eon
tattled Atter It iSaillond had seruruh , u , ly de
scribed each one of Lb...a htl : Gnstiand, ju.-t
she found it, went uu tho -teoud Liqb)ar.l
On trying Ca.- door, it turu'd out n t t b
ed Ou iuoking iuside,
but some piLces of black-tied cotton w u ,
the remains of a
The third 4.10 , ,r ..44s
tries tiJe hret cuptward pt.LJt.i 1.4. ,, 4 L... 421
Wits LiUt JUti übj et —L SLIIi
t. l r 11:1 1 R.Ol a Wet:, nt t tpr , „it; tv, ,
wh:ch fr-t.•uPd trbch. r ry a .4
fliggroz larerrat It•
dlN!cere-y. Slit deFlCtlbtAl CJ!! 1.) ,, x I
asked if he th.r4i.i,p3t .Le .0,44,
treakiug the toll
"C4u ptu anythtiti; Wr y!"....,1
R rarrhd the ';,)s
y • A s t s , t
br. +ski t, c ; i
.11.,•s Lll i, ru..f •
u.,N. t •
'_, by
lLa ' al; N' ' Lie al .
UL Itila, t• 4.
tivt t) opvU rUI c ti le La
pC, Iu dt-e r (Le
t.,ie )1) rt,e
s 11Ls oh ,/n • Z. -
s uce (14,-uf ,a.(l Litt Ls a• d I 1 , is k
tape •uu z•ell 1121\ t: b . ell pu • Z
receat p rl,l tiwe' j
bent, r) t Sr•• .1 •
tLe LT.. .'r auy 1.1 I Itl4 ,tu
!,), 1110 U ti.e
nti .w. like 3 t
e ! , re t t 1.141 k tn r r
nit. vr,.r!
a r
1: w, .
Pr •IrCtl .0 P. I
)Vv:i bAVe jd
it cgitug t.)
Uu , Xrualutit,uti, tLe L• 1 r tiro ,e
paper,: At the top •t the upperl. •••
were Writtrti the.« :t .❑ • z u
I wnu by four vote, Price fif , y p 'nod.
J A Treverton " The to rt
—layer .p u
1.0 in-crivion lio-satilk,Ld Lod th to. ,• i
r,ad nu the first leaf—liliirinda •ior
fully addseared to the .Nlte,:etas ot w Ito
in Las poetic rttiretucht at Porthg ii
this production appeared a collection of o!dt,ii,s
old notes of Invitation, old ituctur r pre%eriptions
and old leaves of betting books, tied togeito r
• It• a piece of whipcord List of all, t
on the bottom tit the hoz oue than teat n: pal et,
the rt,thle Ett.le ot stitch pr .s..nie , l a !iert..e ,
thaus 1..) t•, It up, Loran, to J
the other side, aua saw sow,: iik ~o•
crowing each other I_o various, ;was; au./
having letters of tlo. alphabet attaoue I tJ to .111
4mi:rt./an places. Sao had wade 'at r husboala
(painted with tae cunt, tit.. of ail toe
perr, as a thatter of ei•urso, and nth, LI L. L
described this last paper, he exp:airo I t- h• r
that the lines and letters repres,:nted n watt, -
ruatical problem.
"The hook ease tolls u, hothiag, ' 11—.1
mood, :lowly putting La:; Ls,
"Shall we try the writing tabiL ph.2.•
tlext '
‘.lVhat hate it wok - ii.otamouti!
hrks two rows or drawers down o ❑ esco s, 1( ;
and the whole ton ib wade in an odd, ow Lash•
locked way to sinpo upwards, Ilke 1 very
writiting desk."
"DJes the top open?"
Rosamond went to the tublv, examined it nal
rawly, and theu trwed to rsil.e the top "[
made to open, for I see the keyhole," ghe sail
"Bat it is locked And all the drawer 4,"
continued, trying them one after, '.are I.)oked.
"la there no key In any of thetn?" asked Len
"Not a sign of one. But the t• - •p 10 , 53 e
that I really think it might h' f , ced p —a4
I forced the little box open just n...v—Ly a pair
of stronger hands than I e.,.11 I.e.t uie e.iru.,t
take you to the table, der?, it wiy gke wt./ .TLiere is something that startles me--some.
) our strength, though it wi,l not to li.v,oe g ,eetn3 to have turned me cold, for the
She played L r hullmLu'3 oau:, it uu- ELLIuEIE, :WE as the day is," said Rosamond.—
der the ledge formed Ly cue oi , ruangtug top of ) 0"U remember the description the servant
the tah.e. Ile e.t.trte,l L,e Kno,e s;ruugth to ) ziri ~ A ve uA, on the night when we arrived here,
force it up, but in thi s .c. 13 ~1 th,! ghost of the north room?"
the lock held, sad all his efforts or , re to v:iin ••Ye3, 1 reonember it perfectly."
"3lust we send far a lue.kstnithr ..i,..uuy: that description and this picture are
samond, with a lopit of Ailke: Here is the curling light brown
"If the tone i., auy va.ue, mu,t, i.Air Here is the dimple on each aback. Here
turned h:r LlBl4lll. "It not, a screw ..nd are the bright regular teeth. Here is tbat leer
:, Pawner will open L-til ;hr t. p . -u it• e. 1„g, wiebed, fatal beauty which the girl tried to
,ra, to ~nyho, t y's and did describe, when sbe said it was
"In Ls: ca u, Lenny, t.. 1./ awful:'
Caen, with u. when we came r t., !Jr L —nerd sullied. "That vivid fancy otyonrs,
the vo;,y vAlu. of Wad table ices to toe ,cvret. t:.ut my d ear , t a ke str a egc flights some time s ," heav e n
it tuoy ba hi.iiug from us. 1 61111:i 64 iCt ~it- , quietly.
isfied. lulu/ you and I know what there is ins i de "Fancy :" repeated Rosamond faineant. "Row
i of iv,
can it be fancy when I see the tees? BOW OSII
While saying tisese words, she took her hus
bands band to leadliim back to his seat. As
they passed before fire.phses, be stepped upon
the bare stone hearth, sod feeling some new
,übstance under his feet, instinctively stretched
'at his hand that was free. It touched a mar.
,le tablet, with figures ion it in basso relieve
which had been let into the middle of the ebim
oey piece. He stopped immediately, and asked
what the object was that his fingers had amides
tally touched.
"A piece of sculpture," said Itosimond. "I
, lid not notice it before. It is not very large,
Acid not particularly attractive, according to my
taste. So far as I can tell, it seems to be inten
ded to represent—"
Leonard stopped her before she could say any
wore. "Let me try, for once, if I can't make a
Ilsef,rery for myself," he said, a little impatient.
ly "Let tae try if my fingers won't tell me
what this sculpture is meant to represent."
lie passed his fingers carefully over the basso
relievo, (Rosamond watching their slightest
movement with silent interest, the while,) eon.
•I.lcsed a little, and said—
"Is thene riot a figute of a man sitting down,
to thy rirLt hand corner? Aod are there not
rocks awl tr very stiffly done, high up, at the
~.f Land side?"
It ,sam•ind looked at him tenderly, and smiled
••My Nor dear!" she said. "Your man sitting
' d,wu ia, In reality, a miniature copy of the fa
mous ancient statute of Niobe aad her child;
yuur rocks are marble imitations of clouds, and
y Jur -titily dune trees are arrows dartimg out from
4 )ine iiivt,ible Jupiter or Appollo, or other hes.
'')eu gld Ab, Lenny, Lenny! you can't trust
)our touch, love, as you can trust me:"
A momentary shade of vexation passed across
fact; but it vanished the instant she took
' los bind again to lead him back to his seat. He
lr ,, w her to him gently, and kissed her cheek.
• Yon are right, Rosamond," he said. The one
..ithfui friend to me in my blindness who never
,1 Y. ki my wife "
• hit)/ I »k a little saddened, and feeling
the quick intuition of a woman's affection,
t'lat he WAY thiukiog of the days when he had
njvtil the blessing of sight, Rosamond return•
el abruptly, as soon as she saw him seated once
tUc ottoman, to the subject of the Myr
t:e lt
.•1V I look next dear?" she said.—
' Th.. bookeve we have examined. The writing
;1111-L Vialt to examine. What else is
~r, , I .at a eupbuard or a drawer in
J1t.;.(:41 _Julia tier la perplexity; then walk
, i w.) ttithil.tAt! the part ~f the room to which
..• r (Lad assn ~1,21 L drawn—the part
cs ; tir, tbittlited.
••1 rioa, , ,ut 1 noticed something here, Loony,
o 1 u-t now with she satd,
tt.e .Lc...tud recoils behind the man_
1 ,1 . with the thecae in which
. tLe.: pia,ce c,,,:e•y, and detected
• r, the shadow of the hes.
• lug to.intc.piece, gi narrow, ricketty
• ; • , of tt,e c;mtuouest mahogany—
, • I i• .eapl con pinions piece of
ta,t xh,oe rouw. She pushed ir-otit
it a.) :Wu (Le light with her foot. It
,•• , d i asut „ued castors, and creak
.r. •t ILI , Pct.'
. 1 I dav, and soother table," said
, ill.erable, forlorn looking little
1.1 rtier I have ju.t pushed it
• •. tt. 1 1 ive discovered one drr.ver
piu-ed. and tried to open thedraw•
r • , Ati ither lock!" she ex
••Ev , _u this vrretched thing
kt .r. IL
a_ ~ ..•i
r—t.ts lte.icil . 7 as a table
- - z --I d Wi", a that rang
.ui, aul repeated itself again
it L.. the iunesatue math
ii • r..a to tier hunhaa(l, seeing hien
tilarui, and told him what
••Vou cail.d it a little table, — he
v , ,l,Licutut. —lt fell like one of the
!Lau,:ur, is the riouti:"
L. I, IL. I
1 - r't J
• were Lutist hare been something
0.) .0 u:a4t. Itosatuuucl, approacb
WI L. LICr fluttered by
, L. Ilb uuu.,turail) Leavy fall. After
:,r A I,W LII , IIIeUID, to give the duet
s.„ r au.l wtiict obit hung over
lazy clouds, utne to disperse, she
r nod isuhutd it It Was cracked
t p f w et.d to end, and the lock Lad
sAny :row its fastentogs by the
5.,.. !eV,' up again carefully, drew out
dr , ~:ter a t , , ,Liofe at IL., contents,
t•t. r bu•ban 3 "1 knew it," she said
• 1 itip-w there lutist have beeu something heavy
to Etre ,?rawer It is full of pieces of copper ore,
tie qt ., : iineo s of my father's, Lenny from
Wait I think I feel some
,a. away at the back as my hand
b r : Liii3 WILIC
::-.. t 0z1r.0 . ,.1 from the lumps of ore at the
G.,,,; : the I,4wer, a email circular picture
tr..ioe ,f Liack wood about the size of an ordina.
... —.La gia-a. lt came out with the front part
„ ,A uNi jati,,, and with the area which its circle
eat, a-a b. k tti up by a thin piece of wood, of the i s\
~: ~ :nu: 1. u sed at the backs of small frames
t.,..„.. 4 dra g, b' and engravings steady in them.
1 ..a pitce ut wood (only secured to the back of
.., e tranie by one nail) had been forced out of
i' , piaCe, probably by the overthrow of the table;
a:id wutu Ituaacuund tuck the frame out of the
d ;ea cr, bile observed between it and the dialodg.
id piece ut wo 4 the end of a morsel of paper,
apparently folded many times over, so as to 00.-
up) the atualleat possible spate. She drew out
t:A: i wee of paper, laid it aside on the table with
out unfll.itng it, replaced the piece of wood in
it, pr,p,r F ,uatt:on, and then turned the frame
round, to aee if there was a picture in front.
'There was a picture—a picture painted in oils,
uarktued, but not much faded, by age. It rep.
re.ented the head of a woman, and the figure, as
far as the bosom.
The instant Rosamond's eyes fell on it, she
, hudtit red, and hurriedly advanced towards her
husband with the picture in her hand:
“Wo.ll what have you found, now?" he inquir
heariag her approach.
".1 picture," she answered faintly, stopping
to luuk ut it again
1.-ouarl's sensitive ear detested a amigo an
"Is there anything that alarms you
iu p•ziure?" be asked, half in jest, half in
‘_ sharply away with her
, frail lrga, tattered arid
it be Jebel when I feel--" She swpped shed.
dewed spa, awl, return* hastily w doe table t
pissed tlii picture on it, fsoe downwards. An
she did he morsel of fuldel pert 'slob she
h a d Imo the beak of the urea asegbi
her *ye.
"There may be IS.. mount of the pietism
in this," she said, sad stretehed oat her head
to it.
It was pttiog on towards soon. The beat
weighed heavier on the air, sod the stalaess et
all things was sere introse ibis •ver, as As
took up the paper from the table, sod speed it.
(Coetimmed )
Paiiins in Xiehirm
The Famine in Northern Mo;bgan, is perhaps
better ealculated tq work on our sympathies, the*
any sawing of tffe kind that ever manned se
neat ns. The drought and-fonts. of last jeers
the length and severity of the winter, sad the
Wesel* of the apriag, and not any watt of is
denary or principle, are the sasses of abashes:temp
and those poor suf ferers are deeervieg of all est
pity. The people of Gratiot couaty are bestially
pertshing—eome of them have already perished
--fcr. want of food. One poor woman, who wick
a mother's devotedness, had given to her two
little children all tbelod she could procure, died
a few days since in Gratiot county, of abash's*
starvation, and her children when found wen tee
weak to be revived, and shared the mother's his.
Other citizens have psinfolly straggled iota
Clinton county on foot begging for toed. flosse
of them had lived for a number of days oa leeks
alone, and the sweets of the bodies wash almost
insufferable. The whole country in the now
counties is stripped of food, and eves thou is
best circumstances can procure nothing to eat but
boiled pumpkins and molasses, while the poorer
classes, where actual want has not overtaken them
eke out a miserable subsistence on roots, leeks
and boiled oats. At the meeting for the refie(
of the sufferers, held in Detroit, Friday evening,
Mr. Walter Chester gave a brief statement of
the facts which had come at his knowledge at a
meeting called for the same purp ise in Lttisiog.
The most of the suffering was in the neighbor.
hood of the .tributarlos of the Plat/ River, and
the Titabawassa. It extends in a greater or less
degree to at least 6,000 prune Some little
contribution bad been made in loots county, bat
contradictory rumors bad bets circulated in that
district, which had materially affected the contri
butions and immediate actin was necessary to
afford relief, so much ne,ded. At the Detroit
meeting, a man giving hi, tame as 'Ralph Emer
son, arose and at.tei that Le resided in (}ration
county, about ten ~,nth ores; from the
county-seat. lie 6.tid Lat. to had just came front
there, having lost ,rife attl toree chiitiron ;rota
actual starvation. lie reit:low:lasi until at: died,
and then male his way ou foot to the nearest
station, taking the railroad to tale place in the
hope tf fied.og em,, oyrutut atd fu d. He fns
a half starved, haggard lo ;nitvidual, who
seemed to have undergone bardahip. lie stated
that they bad beeu short of an aloe. least
and that they ' tailed en:,rely bow, sad
grea, numbers were dylow of s•arvalion. lie
seemed to be to great e, and eniiri-iv diem
heartened. A 0.13..i•aci , i 4 were sut.seri bye ot
the spot, in the course Li! a few MIDII've, st the
relief meeting in 1 1 . , n ,t, au I the Free Press
says tbdt beforr , Monday night , night, )71,5.000
worth of prorisons would be on toe wiv to the
sufferers. The lii:troit and 31ilwatiko• Iliilway
offer the free sic of alga read for the tran.p
tation of all supplieeVbich miv be , t, those
fatuiehel p• lit —Buff
Pigeon lotuatain Voican) in Walker Co., Ga.
1. Since Oat iber, :II- to Jutato has bees
eccattioualiy at teodcd •I.:1 h .3101 w roidiu4 wands,
retombling distant u r tr.r Icniitapani
eil with dull exp,o—utis Tills v.. ci , it very
closely coutineti to soy p wet, but seem
ed nearly equal fir ah ut a HI I.*, each
way from where the c.rv'er t t v deanii has mace
ramie its appearance This r rlrlo l 4 ( MO MP.
OC(:11.4100 . 1i y d otie rvri and reviving
again until 0:10 15 II ,tit April, when. (4f .r an
abatement sn long Ilia.. it wt- beitreed to hate
entirely subiiiiiitt.) it .111 !en y and us
usually tpoistericic. ~'rl a le 1 for the firo,
time with a i slight f tt.i• . , r th ,ter
this date it Wlt4r i• a t• tt • • u'.' , l .6 ut
toldttigbt .0 •Le 24 w' vi ikov,
ly agitated i 1 vt rit • u, •I•i rv= m the
vicinity ware ar ta- 1 01.1 n 1% t r
the emotion Wo-iu, "b. r.‘1,2 ihe it.outosin,
they were Mort than over it tritiel t •r a brilliant
lightptlnlyset , i MI 'he -nintult.
The atmo-phere sit u heroin , i'r , •llo tegnat
ed with a di4igreeable c of o 00 the
foll-iwing eurr, nt .t 4ikoke aid ~bet
ascended from Irbrrt: :hi+ wrs pievicit4ly
seen. The s not., ai.t t i._!de ar bight This
was perhaps owing to the twaver).4 bring covered
at the time with a very dark (Lind. • N./ blase
has been seen to issue irom the crater It kiss
continued about as ablee described ever since,
emitting smoke and asibis with , ut intermirmie.
The crater is thought to F.e at n: , ne Lundeed
yards in diameter N i 613 e has yet ventured
near enough to tecertaio an ,ibiog of its general
depth. Several spr,ngs ILI )Le victuitj hays
oompletely disappeared. Many of the chiselss
are very much alarmed, and some are even mov
ing out of the valley, through anticipation and
fear of a violent eruption.
SPIRTUAL.—The following ''saw," appears in
an exchange:
The people along Barber's Run, in Jefferson
County, Ohio, are greatlfficited. The sound
of a man sharpening a, saw has been heard at
point on the run, night after night—in a "sun
less glen wliose sunken shrubs must weep."—
Just the place for a ghost! When the quid
nuncs approach, the sounds cease and commence
on their retiring. The sawyer, unlike children,
prefers to be heard, not seen Tradition dittos
that many years back a saw mill OW ler was my..
terionsly shot in that vicinity. His disembod•
led spirit has returned to the aceiii of his "t*
lug off."
INT Dr. Batimback in his traveld on the cape
of Good Hope says : I found very frequestiy
among tbo Dutch Boors of the beak eosutly,
dyer's Cherry Pee/cored, which they kedp bung
up by a thong around the neck of the bottle to a
peg over their hammocks. Indeed this seems to
be their sole proteetion against the throat and
lung disorders which are quire prevalent ameog
them. I thought it a speaking comment on-the
practical genius of the American people, that
they should furnish the staple, I believe the only
remedy this people bay to use Asking if they
aged the same manufacturers. Pills, they told IDS
that better purgatives grew ail around them Ikea
asy_body could prepare
PuLuna Tura —Ttio idea of ,Setting the
most for one's money is illustrated by the follows
ing oquib:
"You pall out teeth here, Imppose?" in q uired
a vegetable looking customer, •bo dropped Ms,
a dental Ake fee information
"Yes, sir, take a &air," replied thwywopristar,
"au shame is only My sows, and '1 Gas do it
"Wall, I gnus I'll wait mint I get horns, far
I met pay that prise, because our deei..../.
Indy a quarter, wad it takes kiss two hsartr
sidea l ir pills you all around th e EOM, . 11 6 111
pt meth at ma msg. sat 40y.