Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, December 24, 1853, Image 1

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1, ti, - . ALKER, A.• CO.,
'matt:aim Mordants, &Lath
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k R LAX, OffiCk3 011 I r rineh
Puk, Erie.
-- r — V\ - ' MOORE,
. ?c. , —.1..5, Wincs, IL:pen, Candle!, '.:.•;•:. •.n _.:••••••••:n'c L.l -11 .n..
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,GC ,•1 G. LOOMIS S (.0.)
•„Llsrolry. Silvor Spoons, Mari
tjbvssel, Laudp , and Faddy
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(iffS B. COOK.
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, cope. Safety Fu.e, a... et French
teed flour% Ene,
. boats, Vessz!,, lotel4 and hi
any of the abes e articles
...1 cheap.
money." i .•
Mr. Madge was ralf persuaded, but still sal- I
/en. "There's yogir husband: why don't he week? '•
f3P is able to. Yon wouldn't find any ditrenlty
in raising the rent lif he orocild do soistothing."
"Arthur works 41ready beyond his strength,"
.was-ilie_wit'v'l eli oll 't,he eotil,l not hew
`•.ltalittrl" .a.ird h, , wife rt - pi.oaehriilly. • _upon /pal," and .I(
"13.1 t. 1-.. - Ltt..r-:tti.ll, - •4itl the !young f;aintt r ea . lead to."
ressie g i:, -ro live rend enjoy It w,:h :von, . Inv I J . 64 them 1 "'"' bt
,reet. xitei. With awl( ast ii-i VC4t.i.t , tiii,:iv Inca M-Ir3 hostile re
hop. , Ifor?• Faout.--fortittie—feu rid, , , all would "" 1 t`'"ell have it '
be min:. ;lit' i". i- :101 iilg late. an 1 1 hare li i " l "‘l'i'lc
at,ll 1ii..101 t 4. d h,: ay f L.-1j Bat ,ton., wait -11 "") . "m• "p ad (.1 '• ' said Mud ge 1 1 , him '
i',: r it, dearl I! '; I -hall w.lili the L. 1. 01 ,1 1 : ts
:elf. as he descend 1 the rieketty ntairnton witivit
.• It ..ti I . i , esa.ed hi i 1.1 IA saabh• "TI I I ) : try: A
La ~‘ that yon a' *iv -Mg: I
Ai ., inn , El m * „ ;a4 tin ,
~,) , 1 or ~.,,,,.,..y in, n in , petit 0 , ..-1. anti sit, ssy p . ride an.: fi Ive r ty ; ,i iro: ,.
N il ,. ef the taidiatiff eouutie. i.f .1:146.11,,t kt gg, I.V...titel. lilt it the lent isn't ready its-s.
the V ...r ~..,euti.,ilL had eat,a, .i th. ..,115,-,• , f ' 6 r. their Prbl" ill be pretty lih"lt to meet
his ,titelp, an atorne;'Yn l a o u d,.„, ~ I, „.:: „ , r; 1. with a fall. •.r my irme° ism' , Mudge. -
It lii , li, wii.•ll‘. • , u,gr • ,y 1 in lisine.. I'm,,,± 1 .- • '''iting i . her imatmad Mill slept. the
train: ariet via :: a le,i l kl a .-- i e..!,... .:n.) liiAir :trti., . .....r.... took p her work, riud began to ply
iii, i,titi:itive teititter.,lll ,4 ftt, 1 - ...ttul 10 ti,• ..,,, jr t •by , hot iteeule !rosily The workishe intd received
I. Itiktissig E ttlise I,s- 3 1 ' ... in ttfelflry inn.-,:y : .11,., : f c°lll the "lop 'shl L'illsißteil or shirts TOT - which
~,, , ',, hi,r i 4 ::a.- ';.,E„...,,,1 I r ,. i ,„.- ,i .iy ji „. she reneivNl eigh ell cents a piece. She had ta
thy. Ir in tht. ,i,..a.1. anti h., :i i i ii ,,, rti ,,,„ ws w hi e i s ken a .bundle six, which' when eon:plated,
would anniunt to little over a dollar. By great
h:. wit, ealied nito,tt t , t•ii : 0. ,, .. Ile ..I, ,, t 2 ;ttefl hht
h.i.,t r ,•, lisle' to oirtainiir.: •z . 't', • kti-wt •,tge . id' di li gelleP she make three of these in two
poititites, from a. teacher of find` art. ll. taut le 'lsP'• obieh l- Wrstbk, ' give theta a n income of es
till.treat pinfieittt•y in.thi., ;felisriteni. a .: 1 „ ~,,. 'lit 1' more than a dollar and a half per week.--
Ilrise hi. !, ieli, r, 10e, t •,I.iiiti.l isiil, , nthit-it - ( If this 'mat one half was obliged to go for the
a.tli tiro lw wan harm to i..• mi1...i11'5.% • rent of thensiseriblc room in which fheyilndgad.
~,‘ ni l inlay should Iti 4 hr...f: . 1 ' 11 , 011:Ili Art itat P. anti by Arthur roused himself hobs the
to hiavoa -With 1 ticl :LW 4i,tuphstely .11,igti.t- rct er ties - P in lebi l /b bed been p lun g e & and l re lt .
el; i .liali 11.1,-r niake a tignitt at it.. Wliv th,•n 'tsi nrninni bhp.
should f nor tilmaiden wirit I• 1 .a ' utterly Jett-4.. : , "It is lat e, " "Id he; " the ' es is alcead;t high,
:ma pm , itc'that' whiell .:Iter... ...; i nn. 1; .1 r , n) . ! I . and 1 mutt to w •7
at rivet Ions? . ' , ' • lie ilnwseil hi *elf hastily, and partook of the
l u ll' r,f thi s re.nintio n , he went to hi• test',, f " I which hi " wfc had prepared tal i him '
The next day 1, and Monday afternoon
sad rec , /tiost eil his p.o-niii...;.,0 t.i 4 , 161 rt , it. - Sot
; brought to Mrs.:Rdliott the sad conviction that
the scheme appeared 'ab=ureatill rhino-rival to
. the scan of business, awl tie 4 uriy c.n . Lade Al _ i
.he had missal toted as to. the rapidity with
iltir's-cherishing ant siteli ptiois 'in ftiltire.- . ... - ; which 'the e'lidd °cm bec.wcwitt and that
This .t.. one of hi•:.llll,4iew . . liivli spirit W 34 wore 4% A
."1114 mot " aft all be Pm?"' to meet 3til•
than he eetild hear ilia 1,1a(-; in hi= nuole'a , r . mgr. with t rout on the day following.—
lice was ream the seit ;114, iintl reLtined .•,.— .— '
Running. his . 0 feeling nature , she could not
!, donitt that be w old insist on their -instantly ve
had endleeted bis little; Article • ..f person
ul property. taw fled tt, Hi , h ,, ii. „ nir his in , 4l ., w _ : eating the :pert t. - This was to he 'avoided
' tor, aliesst, nutleturt , ,i,
i,„ p i a -,.1 hi, StAi . i_44111 hassrds. ?ho knew her husband's( high
With the utmost asrlduits • 116 master I:sikt s • mid she f Ai for the c 4ll °'ecluences if Mr.
' 4.lll,eliter, a letantiful girl whoiie , disp-Liiion ; l id ' Mu d ge i
lad insolent. .
Full a t
this bought the took a light gold
inaittivr- ituie as amiable as tier ft-dunes were 1
faiittless. What wonder t Ir/ IA 1 alinefi3ll in I.)vv, ; Fain which in titer days her husband had pre
sett the the two, with their t.ttiter'iseeaseut. ex- ; septed te t her ' a 'I
proceeded with reluctant
changed vows of ideliiy. drool*
6mi ,
too .. to the pawnbroker's. It was drawing towards
young yet to think of inonlige? evening , and she - hurried through the greets,
. .
rettreidy daring tit look to the right bast or to
:n:1131.4,4 , m5! by ark event whieli•
•'• ) ittir. J 311/1-ti'-(i Th is , however, a
N. plunged them hot/ in afittetiort. Mary's father '
_ the ! eft ' lest " h e should Wet with some inter.
.. • - .. Nlcr,•lictit, Public 1)....1,' ' Fr“ •
••,, i , • dies'. She was leaf alone in th.• world, with no ; raP r i'°”. " 1 .
• .
-;,. Ficur und PPIMG.T. Solomon - Fain, a Jew, who fully sustained
_ .
:•eI?I...NsWEIIi : I t 1 -'". " ...ke_itut Arthur to depend upon . .Arthor :vas
, ,:, 1:, .1 .„.;„ f.....eri...•: t 0..'.„-, • just tos,illso verge „I twenty— Mary lstit sisio. u.. the reputation 4 hi " ral ' e:' " all "aria"' win
, .. •,... I ,i ~;,,. tt e d. it:t 4..---,-nt-. t 1 , u , 1 „ 1 . s h e e i rennsstrinee. ,. lelweter,.it was
, i t t
,01:11 t t wholly devoted to the love of gain, stood withu
• - , .r. •;,•t, Lie.. .. • cringing expresSion on his drawn up featnrenbe
,k v i Nt ; EN . I , , -- - --- best ill a they shotilil marry . 'Mar), 'A fortune
e up stair- hind the countei of his shop is David's Alley.—
-'..rig 'kir TMAII+II.II4 lima , Ica- but !quail. Ber l:idler left is•itind him n On- -
Pr, ;I I , i, , iiiir,', , lacy. En..... 11 . e was ttalgeking, or rather seemed to have jug
'. l !tit NY Wll.kl;ai.. - - ing
l'ut .the
:At tirm :Arthur - resolved to follow in the - s
~ ,'.lna tr i. ow-eds. teps 1 eitseti 8 sale with a rung Plitiallaall well lire"'
•, ~, er %,•,t. , ad 101 l of pritpossessing manners. 'lie latter
• .::.u,..• ..0.... , 3 ..•r t., l ••(:....,• tire.,. ..3'14i6 lather-in-late , itytt he ..M.AI found this trt ' ' '
, made way politely for Mary, who was too .t
,1.; 1 1A ; ;; a; - f i
. yi; : g - , - - - - ":- 1 -••• , 14141 Pl'urt 4 bit‘ .Iretirn.ry, and became marine- i
twe•oteupied to acknowledge his courtesy.
-' - •ii. lies ii.roeorio. er.o.kor), lbw&
that t h 6 w' t4 u ° way toheennao au artist, . ; • '
l::_-.1/' t:lr IloteL - i l k a' eer;pliugly printing. pictur:s 1 "How much will -you advance me on this?"
..')ll' , f ( H JA01(8 , 0 d S; ~ for , ;.ttle, but, as is too often" the rase, found twit 144'1 the, hurriedly , extending-tile Mass, which
Y l / 4 .3, -- gi C.: T e n e rail l :Pa l id IV :7 - ii;Xi . ' ' .. r. : true'
gt!Tki""l QOM - IWD is unappreeiated. :Ilia i neoinc : !bad originally been purciuwed for ten denims:
ILLIA)I,S ,t, i wt t railt -- ---- 7 - , iseeause very *.lint)—hantly ,ulricient 1 3 .1 supply Solomon looked in her face cuaniagly, as if to
:. • •--- ''' ,l )s` , lcr! tr 04 , 1 sr , , l, •'.-% r 1 tPi linnself and Mary with do hap ; iim.,...,agriei, o f ',estimate by the degree of anxiety she displayed,
' ri - 3% Lana Wtrriu4s and oiriiticet..,.4.D.- ~ • . 'beer little he hail& venture to offer.
, •.. ,., ,: , .. , t ,.., hi f :‘!:t b ... at u
ti g . E ir., : ir c".:,irs- . li tt ..! ii_it, - . ,
•tl, sense of Sunte-w.. Wad for true.
6. '.114...N.::
It Was at this 'ta r that ii urte4 attientneell that 1 Mary Was very nervous , and exceedlugly arra
' .7' at the annual rithilo s i bi % j ot* 1i:in:lop the pris' e 1 loos to reach home heilim it grew much darker.
IL-CHAPIN, licsrntwir DE 1-015 tein I i i Wi t •
, rat Empire, Bluek, tzorntr of Statonod Filth 3 alLe i lwilotti," l to W 1.3. a V(..r.bni lip the pir4„, !- -. luts lit:ibribiy gate her au appearance of WWI
2' , rip slam. Prices rensonabie, moil 'd , ow , wu ,„„ ar „.„:l t,y'„ v",,,,,,,tk1. appointed I trete, which, ilati• flow attriinntooli te. destitution.
111 0. L. ELLIuTT,-", for that purpose, to be the HI a! ds•Aertiug. - I "Thesc.thinga lilt very dreg,' I s e at Nil*
o t I
ittninnttrioniivi, o t b, ~,..i ihr lung ' This o ff er tired Arthna . .l mu . I;itien. Why I .3ohl, 4 Silloileilii potpie iime.s want 'int.. 1;44;1
un South ot•te •• ••• Y•., ' • ..
'Ant of the Er,- It.t,, tt.77 tr.. I 4 "'" should not be, tilled as he w.r4 wit& the lumpier/ loft las; upwe,ikuu two-duller*, s ag s h a ll ii ii ,
.non out to si, Taldibi- ' • Of- • ...- .
. . , eat. 0, 4 4,... , toot ipiams, witposhould so& hu ,Au - id -ILI imatioas:',_+`:-.. .:. !-, _:':
lold, anti reivin.a to health WWI tn - r . ~...._
' with tystnitunti and Demme.
a ; 3 1/111 Vot Ihipeasible•Alle vouldluolusectip.- ' - The young iiiii4eeipaut lot :luseu . sa ii4uoire
' a ckinuwil 4 AM w ait warranted. I ilk 11 1 9kNiled as his autg:sx to ' '' ap n etat u r ut shin t isse. ile sisimm e d sh e ow.
\ ;
, I
. , . . .
‘‘ LASE,
:,rlsrt.Lor. at LAw...-001ce over Jaektina
• 5 :et of the Publit Saran.
liaraieare, Cr ,ce. , r.r,
• :zreet, Erie, Ye.
BR .iNDES, ,
• At ht. rttsivienet Aat EigLtL
Fr., 1 'I t Erie, Pa.
& CO.,, L'aak 'Sows, Dntftr,
Eirioui4o. on thai priutipal
••-t. I u Baaty'. PuLliz
13,c.tx-I:,:idenco on F.,unt. •tr. , et, on
. 3<:4341.??3(1 Aumeri.7no Hardware 111,:i
2 , 1 AL , II V wet, Iran sad Steel N... J
Pr, Pr.
WELL s BIN.N1•111',
Litrotail bitak . ...1.4 in Dry Ut•
tilt are, Carpeting. IbliT4Wilre,
£c. Empire Stores State
11....te1, Erie, Pa
•. Al.s %rm.. 'Srrit
4• .41,1 Tritr 1111:1,4
'IEIIVIN 6311T11.
i Stutice of the P..,
ust L•ft t'•u.c - v ham.
r - .3¢! . . , atom, Erie, P..
. -sr t. Eri. I: , ; anty, Ps.
•t. I 1., will, mu,d .11,-
1 , 1• 4 4 A II KELLIA,
.: 1 . ... a :, - - ~. It M, I1:11..
in.l 11 hit: 1 pia, you ,
t i
Ili & W. I ' . gii. .«.
• ‘q.,' —nl. - !balers iu Gt....cent:. 'Wit:a.,
IL. , F..nri gu Frui Null, Pickles:lnd
• I. •,..,... d. Preserves, , 4.ll , nretrirully
.. tq thr—r,pti2u alirsy. WI blind. No.
';'• 1. -:-.c , • 1., "ppwite IBIOWIV. N.'W Ht•
I •
1 W. I.lliii.Lui..Butalo.
u th,r 03. eters lip shell. huh' .1.
, York, w kit will he ro U
JACKII4 Aft-Erie, Pa.
.tIITEIt a 13ROT --
LaiL 1,11.1 • Druge, Medicine,
t-- d, Heed Ilourse. goo.
.I.YTLE; -♦ '
•- ‘L'. 7 L . . . r. ab.• pul4it• ;eir
•'!! -t,
If 131 - RION
iT‘i brikro
•k , il•ovpr, Ekit
! IN,
h .1 • 1
• •
.);;S !? . r Jill' ART,
• I. •
S , •Ntr(l.•
••M. Limas mler 3116 n Coal.
daify ru.c. 0. 1:110T A.3ke
• EX I . ItE:•S t 't) y VAN),
s 111.14„:ttr.t , -
t. M.
luric, P., Id.
•'-- ..; .. - -..,' .i. - --..- - ." . ". - 5".;..4 ' , ..:%%k-',.1.14!! " , li'ei ,- , 4 °LIT (;• ~'
- ;
11 .
_ .
. . ..
. •
, , -• • ;, :,- ~'- ` 2, ; . :
E- , •_ 1 . • .
~ ...1 ::
.. -,.. . .
.. . •
_ ..
E .
1 .1 F
Ir v
_ -
. .
. 1 .
:• ,_ •
: J K 1, . .•;_
• .
, .
th• cmilar of
icew u
iquat v , "ua-
• ICI teirrett gr. 7, iro iunaiy
. k , f h r
Vdi.u.: .1:14 1 alLies hc>l)•shrin..,
1h.4.,ui put* ;ors tvlvo t a Pai 1
is , :tdlll , l Fbl,it% of di.
41.3 t ))!V.
L wawa:
Wlth fra;r4r.t,t. ti!' the Iteo , odltir
Wht! !•otr,m- _..!J, l~kt nnn•l nectit,
sluic album.
1) , Aftlior.
tar.. 1.4..
ul , 1 ft-. 441
•I c.v.l uot
pint h••a
rhea will
•• „Aittir.
3•• ting p.iinte, •• kre....siugly,
0 • :..I.l,nnu:r :,' , .3r"4.1f t..• nape - ~,.:•. lain
w.' w...,r• . . P.:.idcs, aili„,t weie a lit • weailness
in ::• , inpnrison with tbd great purpose I inive in
view? yon know the Ixhibiti will open in a
fortnight, and my plot re is still unfinished--
Oh," continued he, With enthitsiasm, while a
faint flush overspread his pale 'chuck, "if it could
b•r toy fortune to gain the great prize of five tun
drydvuntls which has been tifferel iiir the best
i1tint . ..1) . .! , 11l t .7CI 1 AD , H,M ...' '" . ' .. ''r'irl'P'9'p't.'lr - t•fVfv,4 l .,..
I"llt.'' •
!rt. "u tae
!tau kor rate
Office ...z.l te•i.l«L
The Tillage Clinrch.
Br :aux n. ivAsi
unta;ek freight. e'er Talley Lair,
The gal ten lig4t of aqua rtreaats,
.:LAhlag eh-th , feon. trhh Cetruty
whke the &ha of ray dreams.
bat 'tls nn dream t OEM. taro
Within the abrient tar/r 4 /.4 fancy {
Wl. , se fir , ray Infant lip , wire taught
la to Dv Orel'e heir nAnte
1: , 111, I 311-(` LOV4tf ritre
_t i
i'u .l , rl•c I in ftrr , r, i iLo pu-t
I; .t. , 14 fold,
;Ye.- val.• i•7nti,oring
tuitay troatt6tireent.,l thyul.
••4I chi
I:1 Slott 1.1141 11,4,En. jig
3 / 4 Pl'iAt 1
►i.l I hit r !oieg: of
h. 4 1 Lick Ott-
Ist 11W.-ill
:a:4' ii;A:•' , 4-andy. - YOU
li—perb.xi; • riiin it outirely,
,n 4t to W..
tion of the Saviour." Without entering into the I fling of tbm.Jcw, awl silvan ring I.r the Lountiv,
details of the painOug; which could only be done 1 to* the chain inlffir bands.
proper!y by an artist, it is sufficient to Ray that "Come, Solomon, this is tou had You should
the conception was 4 grand one, and the ezein- offer dime tim es as met e sad you would make
Son of a high character a good barman th e . yogi irnow as well as Ido
But in the meantime, how were they to liverthat. that - chain never cot leas than ten .lollsr*.
The painting on which Arthurwas now engaged '
Come, con, be honest for once."
- was a work of time, and it was a eonsiderrble pr- , ..It ish all very well." -20
,Solimow, .she did
rind before he een4d hope to derive any pecan's.: not relish the intenepti", Arthr smug Phelit l6 -
ry profit from it. i , =es to talk, but if yoneir %henchman should
They were not renting a small attic chamber ; keep a pawabroker'it shop he would change his
in au sllstire ..,trert in London; Mary had amis.; I mind."
ted her hushansi Is far as she was ahle, by tab- ! • oPerhups,..), bet I will wait till I au, 3 pawn
'bluing 'Work fm ntal the slop-shope, which amonat- , broker dm. Mut, 4,oamson. if ,)en don't offer
el to a mere pittaake, but they had kneed to 1 more. I will take it myself."
lir* frugally undo+ that *teeniest of teachers— ' The Jew, who wits! afraid of leosing 3 good
Necessity. - 1 : bargain, and inierealty caning the interkrentm
. of the young ottlemee, began to mumble that
• • it:tutvrta u: it rota very hard wpm/at poor mos v l / 4 0 --that lie
41 111x4; t taatrosi she, i i keth iget t the day
-ttshould eertainly leate"ji flowever a w ed'
b offering, tbre.e.dnibute r
worn nut by hi q midnight vigils, had not yet ris- In , . Elliot WAS *Mit- LIP antpr,
- 31ary - van wain she had already prepatd but tb. other Aftwed forward and %aid:
And mtena frngll meal, and the *mall Mai-- "Nu, thi- will no-er 410. That eiMin
the only one i t ithi. a p artme nt.-- ws , e ,,,, eiv d w i t h ten .10113r4 at 101,4 i. 1 eta SUrf of it; fur I bought
rl it t„ w hi c h• wan spi . t .d . with a n , one ravci-el) die other day. tiive it to
tempting an array let the nature of the Ned tiro, madam," said he mapeetfnlly V , Mrs. Mott,
wwild adroit, the lweakfaar intended for her hus
-1 '-and I will tulvanoti you that suns "
. „ , •
Suddenly ihtssi was a dolma knock at the I grateful astouiehmetit, and hingtesed to leave the
door. - Thiry glaneed towards her husband, who A- th" 1- Site had gone but a few step. when she
still lay buried in deep sleep. apprehensive that , Ira" overtaken by the eltitter elia'Pani"e wikitu
he might he -awaliened, and then went towards ; the had wet at the l°wlt hra ' r '''' . -
die d.'or and opesisl it. ; "Do not think me bold," said he, "if 1 suggest
man esters-a that it is hardly safe to carry money open in your
Mrs. Elli ot t," was , hi. , "k r , hand, aid indeed it is 90 dark,th*t it is hardly
1 have come for my week's ; safe at all for a lady to pass tinsmith the streets
rent. ' I auk Itot• ely to forget that." unattended. If you wiU accept my escort, I
"Tian rent:" • • Mary, apprehensively. ..1 .: shall be iaieu happy, to conduct yoti to your big.
am sorry Mr. Ma , but I have ' at quite got it 18 /1"•" .
lie •
ready. I did'at "wed in finishing the work I . Mrs. Elliott hesitated. She knew it was hard
had ou h an d so 30 4 h K ., I anticipated, and I wait , ly safe to trial to an entire *Wenger. but the
ask your indultenee fora day or two." younger streamer's conduct thus 'far, and - his
"Oh yes, the edit story," said the man with a - Whole address had so prepossessed her in his far'
, ne, , r: -and if I ahpuld mute again in a" day or i err that the- th Olattild it busk Prudent to refuse.
tall. in,: woold'nt t here tialabed the work yea 1 "Bir," she replied, efter a moment's hesita
have on hand, and would ask for a day or two i thou, "I do not know whether I am in the right,
more. oi, y ea , I used s o such games ." brit I cannot help true hug you. Ido not think
"But, Mr. m , h aw 1 ... failed you before ,; you intend to impose upon me. I will trust to
and should Ibe lively to begin now? If you i Yen."
will - coma Tuesday ou Judi - have the rent, 'if I I "You shell not regret your confidence," 'said
hare to pawn some( of my furniture to raise the ; her companion. " 1 4 1 1 1 - ask where you reside?"
"At 16 S----striet," was the reply of Mrs.
aloft. lam much iadebted to you, sir, no less
Cr the trouble you are. noir. taking, than for the
generosity with which you awed me from being
imposed upio by the Jew "
"Oh," seid the other Laughing, "Solomon is a
cunning old fellow, wht, will clew where be gets
A ammo-foam
"(ood morriia
titiau. "Von
t , h:►vr itty tn►put.dinn cart
e day W.•• 1 1211 what it wilt
1 •
.bawl minim& in Ina ale«p: wad
tit,g, •'Call again TurAda)
• ei.-e,e4 the Anor and watt tti
• ~ ~ :,..
The _ site accepted his proirrt with
a an, . n vraco f cw .<ar,
rither ir iv their r•) fan.
gy Fuxin .0, isisaik q f itl l 4ny
hot,.', - Ito • utititite.7l Mitt .i'ittite ••11.1.4
pin WI re we to the %Al • ..1 an
oisieh vahli highly."
• Is 0.,, pr,-....rtted nu me ht tuy
wr khc reply ; "I tr1;111t1 wit Lay. , parted %lig
it her b 1..! !ilk KM the .ouLly weans pri,bably of
, t lug nir-elre.frout being titrue t l, out of tloo, "
-I au, sony . for thou woo the . 9youpatkizing
rep! ..Does your hominoid know that you hare .
..ome out at such an erratol ?" •'
" No. or he would hare offered m pawn some
of hi. own clothing Init. Of this I was afraid ;
for thi4 to asps that I stole liecretly out."
Tb.ey had now reached thr• outer door of the
dwelling in the upper part of whit+ Mr. Elliott
lodged. it was necessary for them to part,
To parting the stranger piessord Mrs. Elliott's
hand, and then walked rapidly away. She found
to her re-!..nishutent that ho had Owed the.chain
in her bawl. But he was now .o far distant that
r ls
she Le ould not call hi bark. Moulting him in
her heart iiw this us oohed-for generosity, Mn.
Elliott went up dal . with a light heart, for she
tom-elle that with the stem of ntoney,of which
she had so providenthilly come into pnesession,
they would be able t live comfortably for some
weeks. in addition to which she would base it in
lo r power to procure some delicacies for her hus
band's palate. p - "
After a little eoligterstion she decided not to
mention her ralvenlare to her husband, as the
idea of her telling his gift would, 1w painful to
him. and would do tin' no good. There was no
danger of his inquituig, so much was he absorb
ed in his painting. Resides, if he tbonght at all
upon the subject, he would think that she had
been out ost business vonnected with her Work.
Sho hastily paaapl up lairs, and ~ e t about
preparing nipper-far lieraelf and huaband:
The sun pas not more punditsl to his hoer of
rising, than was the visit of Mr. Mudge. the
landlord, to the lodging of the artist.
"Well," said herniamptly, "have you got the
rent ready 1 esn'tMaiit a day longer."
" Nor will 3 .411 hetibliged," said Mrs. Elliott,
calmly. "Here is thidhroney.'•
Mr. Mudge, notwithstanding his love of mon
ey, looked a little disappointed at this may
payment. Hi• mind was essentially a vulgsrl
one, and he felt an instinctive aversion to Mrs.
Elliott, whose superiority. to himself be eoald not
help admitting. He , dad hoped to have' the
pleasure of turning them out.
ell, they won't always have 'reedy mos
ey," wan his internal; relleetiouand the Ina
good !mum I have they shall go. beg and hag-
Meanwhile, Mr. Elliott win, muskies peogmon
no kin *Wag.
"You deserve. t 6., prize, :failure," mid Ms
wife after geeing admirably aim/alter husbead's
Work ; "yea deserve it, and I hope that yen wilt
be anceesdal in obtaining it."
'• It bus eost me many hour' of hard labor,"
said the artist wearily, as he laid aside his pallet
for a moment., and pa.soted Ili+ haat, arrean—
boom; never Mt tut gres‘ an interest in a
*ire befwr. And at.w two dap' labor, I
*M; adD onatplete it It nerds bat a few
Alit* spite, 'Nagy 4siir un,anastend flush up.
sajli, sal than his ey! *sad with as
iffasial was,a,
a Do, Arthai;Tai my Saks; lialoWii Sad iss'
• •
awhile' Von d i. Ant look well, and steep will ' tie motet Aw e th e Elliott ' ; lo t' dged, the golden
refreeh you. You .ay two day. will fetish it. 1 , ray* streartied in and lent their glory to the face ,
and yOu bate 4 week Wore you." of the sleeping artist, who.had not yet awakened'
"I believe I will lie down for a few minutes," I from the night'. slainbei
said Arthur, "for my head aches strangely • and Them was a knack at the dc,er Wars opened
I feel treaty.' 1 it, and Jlr. StXiley made hi. appearance.
lie laid down, but it did nor refresh him In 4 •Td-41si," said he.. is the day of the fallibl
e little, while be grew feverish, an that he could t Pion. Will you aoensepenvme I have a free
not leave hio . ..ired. His wife went ant to summon I paw."
:11 PhSetielate . : All her honey centred in Arthur, 1 "But nay , aid -Le doubtitilly. "1
and thought Bill Le war siek--that he Nees I centre leiva him,"
in danger, quickened his .tep. She mtw nothing I have provided ler that. I bare bran ght a
that was ping on around her, en intent .teas Aft ant* . with me who will take 3 oceplace; ard who
on heel object, when suddenly some one leeched will remnity with tau .and sure; your betimn't
her fatniliarly on the shoulder. Site k..ked I She is skillful awl experieneed. and youenn safe
around and saw by hlrrido tin:amp:Mien whom ! ly Int.:him in lien handy."
sheitmeountered at the paterthrithnis ! Hew the sleeper .tentkeuett, and he wa s intro.
"I happy to meet you trete mere." said he I dated by Maryto bar husband. Thehnter thank
"but you seem in haw..." ediiiskwuml, for the int...inmate... •
"Tea," miff - she hateiisily.aarilhusbaled has 44 in 'tteir welfare, awl . faros Mai?, etc.
been ityttili e stly utken rick, and I, am in pur4utt rompanying him le the exhibition.
of ti pitylieiatt ". * "Though l ;fedi have w. pan iu he said,
Let me vel:evii you of that .loity. If you I"1 shall still wi te tenir all Str4ll it."
will return to bust:tend, trite. deubtlesy need. • Mary ccatil 1: - .figti refute. hut dres,ng, her
yoar Pre.ence. I will ttUffilll.o physician. • qelf a. neatly a, limited would ad
ktiow your lodgings, and will return with Me di- mit. prepared to te-eorupauy Mr. Sadie). To her'
eel assistance itnnyediately." • : surpriae, ,lee retold a private ear:tinge
Mr.. Elliott paternity as.ented to this proffer With the ItAtal enpaniments if a radians:
of service, for she it;d felt math and P*41 . 11311. ..f ti hogs, thel-itte.r very deferenti-
When "he returned, • she found her husband i ally opened she our of the, earriage, and waited
seized with a fit of delirium, in which he utetired for her to enter.
incoherent settutetts,.all of which had Roam:eon- She beglin to entertain new idrio• of lwr emu
"eft.* with hi* Picture anti the alictostehing er- panion's•ron.,!goeitee. The earriage dashed bol,i
- 1 ty through the narrow' Areet , until it emerged
in a few Minutes the ',intu i t, r returto•l with.? from them into the more lashionehly and crowd
a physician. 7, the knxititti ingairies of Mrs. l ed thoroughfares
Elliott, the doctor replied : Mary found sufficient u• arouse her in the spies-
" Tour hnottind is+ suffering trout the excite
ment and Gaigue .eonsequent upon tno ~.eVere
mentni t t tertion. This ha• thrown him int', .1
fever, from which it will take time to recover.".
..I.fter leaving directions, lie withdrew, pinisa
king to repeat his visit the next day.
" Row mach my poor htuthand dp:ap- At length - they reached the tuaguigeent hall
pointed." Mrs,' F i lliott could not held exclaim- in which it was to be held. Th.- porter no4hlesi
ing ; 4-he must dow abandon the hr.p: deferentially to Mr. Setiley ite.twole way &,r
Denting hispietnre at the exhibition." Lien to spa=s
" Whitt r . said the vi,itoP with inten‘q. .is ; And now they irr. iu the room. What ft mug
your hushand au artist ?" niticent eolloctiou: ft repre;4ented the combin-
In reply, 3lre. Elliott led him to a eatuer of
the rooto,*atid witlmirew the wttlen that emir aced
the painting. _
He gated epos it with deli* admiration fir
11101:11e alieuerg, atui then '4.IIPiJ with aeration
. .
. . _
" ! this is itylee3 beaatifill." ' .Tiiis i•• indeed pawl, — :.••. al sive, at Last;• -it
"it is all bat enittplete•l" said flu arttat': ‘iters....e, iilyntot,eit expetatitais '
wife, "but - litlit will it. (4114 S I rviee t .) iv , nc.w." -u It ibiihltod:' said .., t. tedle:,; u l'inglatad
and she let fall her Sc r e ~.. t t an•t ••••i it h.A t o , v ii v ns.iy well ite Kota lie artists. But see!•tht
. , .. . , . . .. . ...........—........... • • • - tttit•• ,, naititemekt?" .
_iou trii:d f ‘l.try and aubo tunital surprts" to,
/)- " .. You sL ; 4;•• , i it ia,l,l"Th , Tram - figuration kt'r hub.
Mn! If.thott. convinced tit .t tt.•r It.t-Lsty: - baud's punting, snspiirdell from the watt: bile.
ould n
,to Mash 11. 1 1.ofteuted trash tttti greareir
1410 never thought ..I•li.trit-tiu:r one ittought it a pity, - he t•ni.i, •.tbat tine a
who bid been of such essential not grace tale Exhibition; 1 W
:4 Tlutuk you," laid the visitor. " 1)4.1 eordiugly hired au artitt to give it the last lunch
haye repoßcd this confidence is me, I mill v.-- es; and had it brought here. -
quaint you with my name and address, the]; you Mary thanked hiwwith a glance full of grat
may know whom youltave trusted." :tud... She looked agaiiiiand hehehl her husband's
He banded her aeardinseribediwith the name; pieture.oirrouudedliy cap./ admirers. .Among
`,:ry .sully. 7 Convent place;' , them vr...14.• th,• titled and twilit., noel it was with
willsend for h this afternoon„' said he as . au einotiun of pride that she beard the expres.
he withdrew. "and wil' call in upon you again Aim: of Admiration triiieti it eliritvd, the; ea-,
today or wistfully,. I shall be anxious to learn ger gukstiouiug., n 4 ol t/... 'Ante.
how your husband gets on." , nut know." -he 11...zi0l one sty, "it is
The delirium which attended the early beiit•Vv,bUle poit,ge Seilley' , ..-Hat
of Mr. Elliott's indisposition continued for some an ty• Prrse" l " l
days. At length consciousness returned. ; "Sir,Frauris Sedley:" . she inquired, tatusiug
"-How Wig have I been Rick ?" he inquired. i and iu Iter,corupauten'S face.
was told. Y• "I canned deny it. ' ho, But
And 'whit day is it now COW, u 4 draw t.. err II:: heal of the hail—
Wednesday, the 'fourteenth." i...tho•prize!rare to he Antoine*. it .
A nt i to-morrow the Exhaiiion. will take Tlaey pra•not Initillat of
?hoe. Oh, that 1 could have held out but a few . ' thoeetuatittee „rose. awl •it:
,r a few
days longer. I would have asked for,rui mime. ry remarks. u,, tvbi. l nu tented •.0 the Ift 111-
In that timei could have9.completell' my p aint= culty they had '.xis d t a slid. and
dog, and it would have been entered in rosopotir congtutulotedli:ut-.: l t Pit t 4 lleeli"u
tion. Fate seems to be.against me." ' which had this slay been kithemil together. all-
He. groaned and eovered his face wit:i hi s
" But," said his wife soothingly. "reutember,
dear'Arthur. that if Pnte poems_ against us, God
is always with us. He orders every thing in in.
finite wisdom."
"But." was _the hardly reeouniled answer,
"His ways are very 'Marsh of emhpr e h eu si on .
The wisdom is hidden, I saint me it,"
~ Yet," said his wife full of hopeful eenti.
deuce, "if we trust in Him we shall not he tle
wired." . , •
" But." sild-ActlAw..aftera pause. "how shill
we lire in the metfutime I' I can do nothing
now for our suppor, and mu of your time is
Mien up la's ttendsmee stpo rue."
"I am richer than you ink far," said Mary,
opening her purse and • d . laying the sum she
bad received from her visitor. much et which
was still untouched, •
To his inquiries how she obtained it, she re
'OW by unfolding the whole story, and indul . ged
intim warmest encomiums on the generoiiry nail
unifortatindness of Mr. Sedley,—for the reuler
will reMember'that this was the name inscribed
on thV card which be had presented to her.
Arthur was interoced in . the vecitalj,
passed a wish t became acquainted frith bin'.
Alter a pause he inquired for the painting. "Let
me look on it owe more," said he, "perhaps. 4
shall be bettei able to judge of its merits after a
lapse of time."
- Mary looked eisbarrassetL "Toe will ezeit.e
me," said she to her 'husband, "but Mr. medley
expressed's wish to carry it home with him ior
a few days, and I, could not refuse. Doubtless
be wished to exhibit it to MIMIC of his friends,
and in that way it may find a purchaser
Arthur acquiesced is this ennelusioi, and_ap
proved the course which Mary had adopted.
It _was the morning of the exhibition-4 elear
bright morning in Siptetobtr, which seenpAl to
combine all the balmy witness of stun:nor, with
non.' of thee:moire heat. The man shone down
upon the numberlem roof! of the great eity, and
found its Way into the law and'alleys, lighting
them up for the Anne' adiii the WOW** not;
,their oink. 'liuosgh the little. window-4s op
' fir ami--by Wash light tatabiittilistribelit.
Jed earriaw, many of them gUrninnted• by s
eomnet, all hastening in the "lllllt•dir,etion with
theniselsec, There WAittill unttmal number in
reca, a eirentnatarme which was restitly ox-
Waine.l Inc the interest and ettriotity which hail
been awakened by the Exhibition
edge:lima the Britioh artits, nearly all of whotu
LA et•ntributhip to it. Mary. who, though no.
artist, Lad caught 4orue a.f thc Tirit fruit' her
g.tp_4l nr,.41”.1 1).-r with in,ctlileeFtmtil-
flounced that the witsswarded
to Arthair Elliott, 11 ir his painting, entitled, "The
Transtiguration." I
Load shoats rimy through the hail.
Mary was OpfiNrritsea ity the (nine of her j-iy.
"Let me go into the sir -I Mutt feel relieved.':
she said. , • •
Sir Francis kindly Ateutisiensied
"0 sir," saki he, "it la to yon that we :In' in
debted for thii great joy. - l'oor .Irthitr: how Ito
will be delighted."
"lied you not better retorts ft. Lint and Non
uninicate it!" askeJ.Kir Fritueir , • .
hackney coach was milled. and Mrs. habit
goon arrived at her bulgingly
"o. l Arthsr,",iald she, "fto virile: the priatil''
It wee s,' shC tiould utter.
"WIM has gut itrilasked the so.k wan eagir
ly, as ire rose its hie bd.
ith v. your,: They hive aw ti-tA it to yeti!"
She explained rapi Hy the eireontstant".e with
which the reader is &beady awar e . ' were .0011 to cautiously tieseet 1 u ropc,,
A prow / g w ,l6 - „,„„„,4 orer t i,,, fi t ," r i l „ e k. „f i b ....ntlY down on the river side, as prtilictt•cl, wOlt ,
the artiat. "I atu satisfied. I ant happy!" Aid i Iv ' r '' " / "" e " c jul.t " tlY4t " .t7 ' 21 " i hu " 419 1- -
,to tli: Geueral'a tent. • was of the captives a - •'
be. 1 1 1 witted, in the %err: of the isnrpri-c. as wa t t pup:. 1
The joy occasioned by his suecc , ...' actc4. inait i po d ed, that he was liclunnilt aud this wad coat
beneficially es the sunken eisergics at" i tic sib T , finned by the Lesighian. through whost l iuthrg4l. ~
artis many t. Before' ma wdeks be meat eroil fully, ; time tile iier"rtarit prize WO htt it scowl Ott:/9.
oo to to rmouto Ito att. Hi , rize . p . intinz W .,. !, ( f ilr.t r bbe i
h was d: deligli i ti. d .d, . awl an si t crtistriyi. wait
WI Ilso • tat -
sold for a /treat awn to tin English utyfilc-trnt, i toe notorious ..Se lr h.unil Bey, Clad : .11 •
who was bent on adding it to his collection. , naught, and ordt-red to be eftot off hand. Wit t
At present there is a heantical c ott a ge sho u ter:, 0 this was going on, the, """7:‘ , 7 Which .ML
a few utiles out of London. in the srthurbc. Therm' b"1 quietly 4: th i s "P. again, wile owe airy -
:mu tilts time only one man desec 4-
is a *mute garden connected with itmitirl•i.. - h' weri t
happtc„,.. th , , I f! by l ,
p it. ,
, :rh a o rdt rca t e l l ta w i d: fir ricer ittlUbSeni'4,
. at.
.that critical ten- -
is the resithntee of - the entinent ..iis:, Ai thor to:iii sw i ep ' t•by, and tht ' l va n' : hastily exultant Bits-
E11i 4)4, *ad ins huPPY wife., 11,,, / 4 1 1 i rt% . giau General wa.s aroused to altnowitdge of the -.
_householders to whom it bas fallen to cejoti...geit trick that had- hz'ea 04' 4 tint, by shouti of
tic r hausir froya the mud wa ll of Aebeilko, in!ata-cot -
unalloyed happiness as theirs. ilev *tar- nut, x.
foliates the Myth& cif their pm:verity. In the I . ,: lu l be u l ' ) ,,, - : S " cl i ct ". t n ' i er l. A ad vi t down u s t u * - a r a t mlgr t ( h .43h lU .' 4
study of Sir Fr a ncis S e aloy // w e / 1 „1 1 , sd :t i, .„ tt , Motto . in the (NWning bun li e giat, prcsen e .
tiful picture---a perfect gem o f ort _ ort r l o „ 4.,,,,k Lim': ItintsOf aiulast hills u;,l amongst firicsda, •
that would render suoeessful parnnyit, if maws.
~ .
of which is trami in delicateclutractors, —.Arthur .
ctl. lutirainer--itupossible:'''
Elliott to his benefactor." - ,
lchulk.o FUrn-utlere4 at disoreftaw the NIA
- eireftagialit. -
A"`""Clria.4; and
Gt'a• Gras 't.
retm°adl"e". ' '
schszal, the Louie; of the
in . ~, very at%ry intol, with a daring attack 'upon • .
It is almost certain that the . Cireassiaaw will , uis4ear pad, by the übl‘ t uitousitndindelatirt - , -
kat the heat! .1: A ta e body of
.. - :I.
lake an lat'iVe Part in anY nar'aticaPand by I ry - ' t ru 'le e w -* . 4/L espereted to fury. The was.
ill against Rm* sad it is -. 8 uertetkitint in iea
off Ml el oh% • an:', the victorious re-' ,
seek as wrest we iholl bear of 4irdig, .agpktib .i l was Iniklif Tesuttled, and • '
all the Pegs ailichliaill their bgewstitief.- We .-ost ititihir Inakstatinn• • - ~ t l.s--...4 -AA
..lac r qt. •ffit
0 -
reams tv treli.r.v. tLit Schatiad 11-1 5
. imieee& l.,,j i n b r i ng iDg about a laftasaiva*9ll
betwocu .111 tt.c tritrzs of the Caucasus, iumi<that,
he p0e5y..... , ; Lbeir.uummtrictPi c.iuMence. Saasi
aocoun! , ; represent ham ai b•An,t 44,
ant the p ; DUO - lag - itary a
eituruie-r; fir. Thoie iall7ol, ma-r
well Lome 149,1,.•sticred by lid pvit
The fir,tt line we h. 4r.i of F..ehatnil WILi in I 4W,1.
In that ester. .6 ..kvoitt M./globe/us, Kali Mal:4l,
lAld a chief Aornmand :tithe banks of L'esWatss,
Tehetehentez. 'and -other tribes of tiu etv.orn
ehaiu, au I:t • -‘,. Ip* p;-.1 :1+5., in on the eispi.dt iv ,
and 4r.avfa...... I by :Is lioimi. IC L..i M.ilah's re , - '
puttq ion- f....* ...met i z .;u .3 , WeaPi ir . Ghat .ti/A1 which:
he at:gni:. i fo, the higirsr military tkitlitios t : l_ „.„,_
thoush a tiazhuglziodiF,'sitillidtioluilly . ...
„.t. brairest .. ill- brave. Ifti . wan I/1 410 d, _
. ~ -
.W'f - 1 6 ._, j '..5.r.:-----,,
earor;. Eneitilid , '- ' " . " -- i' --:
oft‘ it ..1:-.: rirei;nahltinf,rcuialialtd,tn, . : , ' 41 ." -
of h....1;.41 d 1: 44, and about tha ~ .y .4 his umee
acatoi...i Jte:2*...pi....., but te hew for thein a pods . .
through the Itikennu hayonete, to fnatdosta or to
!aradi-a---‘ , ..ithor alternative to them wa; 1 4 not
come one. _ '0'1.4 msalation finally taken, the,* .
suddenly , .'merged from the fastness they coati '. _
no long..r Isold,•aud burst upon the:'l4llilwa -
trooop.. with the-skunk of an avalanche, and the_
furious - di zt orte.l yell* of a trooper niadahua.—.
For oue or two twice mcmift ts. it reernel that
they tutt : i..e.e..ap.... 4 fir through the laildltgict- .
jag cirel.• ill their roe dill they 'Cleave their'tia.
l og
perate way, b-dorc Airs tn./tueutly mental ' s
ranks r..-ci..tstai wooed shot/toted they_ fed ihy • - -
twos na i l thro,-.., wittly fighting to the last; rid- .
!lied by - halk nal* hay.)net staby. Tru=i
Mothsh "died with. his hatal on his b..ard, awl a
last- prayer inapt:luting front Ids hp..;" ' gad his"
pupils pri,1).. , .! with • Isint, ad save one, and be
the !:rev.. :tai lieseest . of Ilion all, who laroke
thriptigh tfi. ene&cling blytinet.l, d.i5.h...4 at 'lam,- ,
lanA ispeed pa.,c thorn ma - distal% lines al running
fire nnharne3: reigned suddenly up as h: retso..
.ed the angle of wittitrataits gorge, into which he.
Jumun.none dared to follow. shook_ hi* red wind
tor, and hurled u &SAO, itx.evration in the fares
'.3his hafiled foe" and the next moment, with a n . ,-
e ulting sit :nt or "Allah
'c l
I Alialt?'' di -apireir- •
. in' the dark mountain pa.t...
flrtuu.ste insracmasi. wag Schimil the
tore but (prqNscher,) the prnphi Allier of
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Sehautii, who is ono of the larkeyeti, Aark
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. the sublime and towering Alps, grads,.
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'Rosen, by favor of - the archangel, Ga
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.1 II 19.111 Sehimil found hiwklf surrounded by
kniernl Grabbe, *lnd 12,veteran Russian
mops, at Athulko . a kind of turid entaunputent
.relied upon upon the top of a t i the banktt
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ufthe Knifes. The pobision . this place was so 1
utror , . that the attempt to ateirm it wag abandon- I
after the km of 15,000 men;" lint Schwan bad 1 ,
a a deadlier for than tienetwi Grabbe and his; ~
rtity to contend with—hunger; iiir.illigeri - veurilikli _ - .
po t s famine, came beforo: - a week 'bid passed: .. , .
is wait known in the liussias. cainiZaiNi :4 !
lace having ,. been strictly invested cos all sides, ' , ''
t wag 'certain that the liourj,of_burrender could, ;-,
lo• long be delayed:
•1)n tiP Isat•day but ou.i? of Aupeat,
irilibe learned, fn-in , iiu4eaciaud LL-L , gliipp ;
vireo his eoliiiers had caughf fehildet *wampum
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irk , ,4 fowl was= left in Aebniko; that Sett:mil ,
v pnlposod to escape that very night,iirith in*:
r two elve , ou comrades, by weans cif a.,Key,i Ipiri•
red d own the f a ro of pipo r•••elt to the •Soalutu4 _ • •
Aehutko, lie added would he eurrendered • ..
lately afterwards. A strict watch wise '
utely ordered to be kept at the inslicaiteit:ii 1 ,2,
in s.,
uti directions wet , • given tri'awaken the Gill •,
t whatever hour of the night the papture o f r o •
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"Just- before .I..wts. one---two--tbrou• 114. , .
nal - " end b• - •
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