Erie weekly observer. (Erie [Pa.]) 1853-1859, December 17, 1853, Image 1

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    $- Yom°•
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r.,/ r> ilsaefsetarer-=-Miumeeetory a th. earns.
F.lgLth meets. Erie. l'a.. The itigiNet pelts* wilt he paid '
Pearl• Ash.
Dr - sncr, &Atli silk of tit* Riblie Nyluire, he.
:z „1. 13 izute and Petratli Streets, Fais, Pa.
- - •
U,..rt [P.P..' 4' ART/ST • )100111,1 °Vet ON Erie
--;Je ( . .f the Dianiosii, Frio, Ps.
.•P.eture• utken In the ben rtyk of the an, Auld warzon
un, to -
T. D. ;
4oi - , COUNCELLOR at L a y. w arm , p,
hu-in•cg Ittui toSiaetioe. wilS rec•iry prompt
- - --
D D. WALKER & CO., -
PrOdnee and Conanti"qoan 3 litreintat-, tt, Ihm.r we , t of the Public Bridge. Erie - Pa.
—1.0.i100 in Coal, Salt. Planer, &nem: Limit
I Lim, •;,,,cia, Iron. "Nails, Stoves tOku.ihigc, 4te., r witk .
:„ . . urpv . r a farilitie. for "kipping s ' itivr by !
i m p,ilers,:irbonners or by Rail via ,L
/4 NIT
r LAW, Ofilee , in Fretack St..
,•1 c!,rner of tlia Park, Eric
. - ' •T. Wr, SitiO - RE, ,
n.aler ~, kinietrir., ProVi , i4Rli, Mare, Liquor.. Candies, ;
Yo,:l Sr One door below Ilanith 2 Stewart% Staie-o.
. _
VINCENT, - 11'IMI7t.b7D it:' Co-, •
0.,.. ri :CRI R% or Stove., Hollow Ware, Engine., Xi i
t.....; v. Railroad Can, ate.. State St., Erie Pa. ;
. TiiOMAS M. Aii*.rtg, I
44te or rim nix or a. Loon% 4 ro.)
1,L.L),...32 . M0Cki• {Vitale'', Teiralry, Silver Spoon*, Mufti- I
In-trorarial., Loukios Olasmes, I.ornpo owl Fancy i
, ~t., a bolvoilr and retail.
, t wert aide :of Etats Street, Eris,
- CO.
L. N. rait&L - 8 & . -
lit rrim or WALK, 4 reacu.....)
comsoi.gio fqapplag Merchant:., and .144- r
.2 2.0,2. Flow, F.,. Salt, Water Liam Plaster, hr..
,1-11e'euek. Erie,-Pa. ho-ksages Intreolej for our care
11 t ‘• =0 marked.
A. J. kri.t.o.
ID hu. , kg, Stati..nary. Monthly Illigarinau. Cheap
tiPublicitwn,, Sheet Ureic, l'iewspaper, Gold Pert.. Pock
Fitt dour west of the Reed tionie.
end Retail Dealers to Prae7 and *tapir br,)
.Villisery, No. A, Punt butte'. Rule. t
of Iron Fare, Ulnas, Steam
Fire Proof Siirttere, and alt kind. -
z,ry aud iaacy Viethip, ie., done to order.
_ - . •
..,L.. ,-, 1 sad retail daalers An Ors ti , tociA, er INV-, .111. i '
i)ry uPw.-riro, N.. 1 Itsod 'louse.
5tt.1.1., L Posey Dry, tiooaa, and the Drat. r ‘e
Lay of &ay OW* in the city:Chap Fide . ,Etiu : Pe
rm. Jobbers &ad retold 'Dealer( in w,t upd dry" 11r.,
•wws Pr , vigune, Produee t _Foreknisnd Butuank. I nit.
Willow and Etene Ware,Flour, Fisk, Salt, ,
Shot, Cape, Safety Fuse, AC., a.. , Proneti
the Heed irk' Pa.
' 4n.1 Canal irony, Ve->cel.,t, Iffec t b, as t er n .
Fanal!..e. :applied with say of the above srtielel
?MITI (i (El and very cheap.
W.M. I F3. LANE,.
col:um:l4mm 1..w.-0111011 1 .111•411 J/k94•11 . 1
North - Fart corn r of the Pebllelmara-
• a; It. Dry 044.12, Harthrare. y,
Pars Block, State i ttreet, Pa.
.L 1 SEltli FON —005611 , 114 Ids • - rit tin' t
Frolch and Holland. Erie. Pi t .
f Let . 0,41, Silr.r, Notes, Dratle, t.wrthuate-
.t i Sight E3l change on the principal •
t•Z'W • ' V•••,. CPIDOe isLicaty'v'ZlL4.l.. ?QUI,
• --.
rif •16•11.5—$6111i4ellear.11 ruitrtb
• ,1,1 Apothem'', ROI.
o Ugh 4. German and Anuertana iisodmmre.and
AL., Anvil r, Iron and .3'44
Erie. Ps.
It - ENtigit.
:. r S r, and ilettgal iltslers ug ur.
C'w - kerv, (112 , 5waTn, Carpallag, liariaritr, 11,41.
SpUti”, tc. Ezapire Storrs 'Spit.
iulow itroci re&lle,tal , Erte, Pa.
Vte*., IWIIowP, Azir Amp, Sput.s., sb4
- • ...orline4t Sa.a4la :ma Carriage Trinwsiug
- S. MER‘'IN Smrrir,
Ltw Ana Ju3tke of the Peace.
- -t-n, Mutual Life rainraiee C.,tapea•-Crifir.
f Wrigtit't uort. Eh*. Pa-
CORGE H. CI:ILEIL, triirant, Erie Comity, Pa.• , llr , n 1..0
attended to, with promo:ie., low 4i,
- - •'-'•011 rt sti blur. soul withia. - - Ili i a ris '
,44, amt loinatission Merchant. on 111 r P1. 1 .1t.. They tell use luu dying; I kuow it; I tied that '
I .4 slate WOOL
I WO is fast ebbing. - They tell um lam dying 'of
11 ,ter snit White Fish, eism4attv pa -au.
. _ -
J. ti. & W.. I. _MILLS, disappointed loVe; it is &I l se: i I spurn the weak:-
ea .u.I Wholesale Dealers in Oratorio, ti incs, Deal,. I would hot ceitth the impulse, ofti soul ,
i_r. 4.1-a, , -
ALSO Poreigiarnit„sits, prehtes misi
tbed him
hee; I
La ..qA,r , ,, Lobsters, Preserves, d li e m ieu i, s l4 which Creator has rea ,
i SfliCi,i4 every asstviptios ahr ys co hand, Na. not, at
the bidding of an idle passion. paralyze
4,01, • hineh. .ztate•ot.. appetite i
rime. Ness Ito. •
Erh, l's. ties; ettertgies p
of a body which-was ion to nee as
i .1141., \.w I.lh. W. Li l3l 'Ll•si bwk•d"- ministrant to die immortal spirit. Noi it is foise:
tc•.;.•at ow illicit fcla•on. Oysters in %belt. 11 oisi .1.
/ 1 • th) tree[.. New York, Odell will t•.. ,01.1 • They judge but by their own halve conceptions;
• ~ •• Is. price.. A. c. Jscasait, .00. Ertr.. l'a.
thev know that I have given to atiother that which
k triiat k. ititaritEit,
, u '` elf have lost; they know not that in impart
,, Retail deetermis War, liarliciiic. hoot , • -
li , i ~ I ~1,, Ar., No, 6, heed douse. Erie. 'tug light and life to an isert soul,, I have been I
.1 AM IN Lillt,
compelled to borrow from my own Promethean ,
• 1 V. Lunt Tailur...n the }ROC,. • •'o. ;,. l• a iiiv. lam dying; but
no .
T . 1.,.. ,.... 3
ne w ish d es i re ..
•• , •tute street, Erie.
_." 1 —
.iotiN 11. BURTON & (4). ; has worn shy life away. It it from exhaustion of ;
-,,.• •.‘• H. /All. *let& r. in Lprul-, U...r......., It,. • the soul, not from a yearulng'fcver „of the heart.
~- • A r...., A.... NI, ./. Reed How+. Er . ..,1
, I will not hi, thus iiiitittodermood; I will record
l+llll.l\ & SWAN,
u ' " '%
, ! , -,,,aa: tAc....; „,,,t _sitt,ti„...„,„ ti,„,k., , , my attange and painful exPeritmee---not sit a
`u ,,, v l cr.v. toll pAlitee, tariL-, $... 9. , warning m other*, for my fate iN tott peculiar fn
'"r' 1 ORS BEER l•: & STEW A ST./., is , thus useful--hat rather t.. reilis-us my memo
., Pt , %• , .....a., n.. 1 c , 4,,,.teux,.. lA. lc m0..1 11.rolen• i rytnott "Chi.' i'l L i llir ge•
c.tL 4t•l sarsafra. ~,teas.
From my boyhood I have been a theorist, and
tr•Aa , IDS. A. 344 I I" 11 . " 4 a to l ' Pt fit .
• 1 0IIN ITEARN & etts i my soul wandered over the vague enema of spec
' L• ..r. I Clonal .elea Merchant., itester in is Coal, ; .dative philosophy, seeking rest, butliuding none
i ~, amt 4pet l rut I dally hat of t plies. Lair f
' PC ll l4Dock Brie. Pa. - , until weary with psychological vesearehes, I ile-
Ila' ANßiitiFTBB COMPANY; I ' 1 :
IcruMbed to era said physiological tieninnsii*.
' ll m , i ea hi No. Is Reed Sleek. Suits rinsiet. ''isms, for the minute links which bind the mate
! F.lKe, ,16,00 at 11: &dock A Al
St 1iir1....k .' , 4.:. NI: . vial to the spiritual. My tortoise plated me above
1 : I. OR - fit" - J
. MORTf- - W, dm necessity of adopting a profession, hut I be
l''''' c "unsi. lo4 Mcrebatits PaLlie Ice t, rd., ) ealllV, from choice, a student of medicine, and it
; •,.....s.di, rush Plasm and Plaster. ' i
i itOZENSWEIG it CA. ,- • 1 was during the (year which '1 spent in
I ptiblin,
',I, t'. , . RFT.AL Dettrasts ravage slot Essimi. ' w hil e in nUninbiln4 ull p ubile lecture*, that
'"'l. `"' d i . 'nalieek. th i'll•lkul'u°d shot., ae• ' ciretastdalies mewed 'whirls have thus robbed
P , rl;li , - Block. State suety, hew.
~"., : me of Myself.
:%1 1 RS-114U 4 i r thvia• .
, T i
~ L ,,, --( fi e sq, A a r . i ii , 7 , ,,,,.,,,, e ,,y K e ll , I t snot my habit to gmend'imeh of my t 4 e in
4 .rtti of the Prothonosary's alas, L' tie. • i the hospital, where the ofeet of differimt iliseas
, et epos the various phase" of Imams ehtuneter,
11 ,,, 4 .. , ,ctssi.ies .ilr LOW-080 toter tall. I
- - ' l.l = l rs• entrance ono daor west of 'lsle -ti e. , t. 1 g" well es upon the diverse "r-., , -----' l. " 1641-
i- 4, r...11d
CHT - 114- --,
It/it - Ks
, Erie. • 1 flans, afforded me an interesting Nobjeet of sP66-
TIT it . ,
Gwiii, D rs 410,4,4„,,„ Cehelstry, Hau l
-1 elation. I was one day passing through one Of
a 1, - ,7 . i
i ' \ ' 1 Hroaa'r hie.= : the tilselterd walks in dui ,writes . when 1 begird
SMITTIJ.IC Ni, ' u sweet and plaintive voices singing what seemed
1, \ all., sc., Itti. cu ides &I'' , r/
L .
b " ''''` A '' th " ries, h i ltd " re, I'luelp` Won-. arms so he saatches of old ballads. The sounds
WILLIAMS .1 l e AtitlO ill', rame tram a shrubbery in the grounds tippropris
•‘.' sr:a OgAlerli il* aaid itia Sitr*,, , tell to the lunatic latientß, and separated 'from
•ass , : Lula era
and certificates of De- .
Ah- , •Icht Drafts no She ,itie„ a the i the wit of the garden by ZI high wall. Prompt
inaitsl,a tari,t• th e ina (sm a l l ) "1 i t
eds. ono., 'edby a feeling whickl eau now scareely under
'". rust .4 statr , o. Ina Publie swum,.
y' i•tsed, I . sdimbed to the top of the wall; and trod.
, a' 1:14, -9 ),, N ik. R .L . : 4 :tr". 1 17 1 ,: k r 7 m t lee Fift h ia ' I
ins, that the thick foliage prevented me from dim..
, •
.ind eernihn go `a"—
to , et. ilp ix,,t, Pri. tru•oitabloc an d 1 ce - raing, Ills singer, I leaped over the enclosure
-- tir ,
14.06 11.. ~ E L LIOT,Ia. . . ,si t u i l e d beebei ""red oviltb die a ll"Mmei rink ray' 4Sestallialu"l7sll*Tva nul-iag
‘ tie South 'Mc of tku Public Sqk i a it, I,tlLes I the demi) shade, and resting like a halo dins hat
1.1. t .tC ti.. Elie Beak %Saw Una la.
Plate, Zr eal 9iN ta as twajosoi, valu e . I,Zitair4Vl l o a PUSS= .°
fide; so
tc- Pare ILictligt alli roullnui to hod* sag an. 1 - is. ifilaigk i ft -of kr .. lipere,
%Remold i* isstrumits ad
4 peat* duismiudu. .141 eresi=.l dna ininwestlinared Chu .11,0111.111111111./"" of
. -
.." , • •
, 1 .
- .
, , • . -I* - -. ' . . .
. .
- . -
I .
_._. . •
• .
- •
. . ,
- -: . • . . •
-........r 4. .............. ..•••
,! . d
, ,%. : 7i . :. - i i : .1 •
I I ..r: r : i 1...". - '; :. : , rt. 'l ..'
• •
. .• 1 y . ... _ ~., _. L . ,.
~ _ ..... . : .
. I e :....
..4 .. c-- - - - ..":"Atz ..--1.- '•• •"'"
~.vm- - -,-- 7 . ....... WM!.." .....
, -
. . .1 : , • i•
. -
. , .
. '
. -
.t . , -
4. •
. ...
4 i
II .
. .
. .
. .
,_ .
.. .
. .
. ..... ..,
.; .
rOriginal Pain).
Pp WC Lek. Olattlref .
" *Mlle Us sith Omit Thostit."-
"Oh' gi.d sot a thetaght!" wen
To refresh Ode languid day,
Far say spirit otters a Warning word.
Atoll WI Lau passing sway.
I ansionsly tuarlind Lb. lowan best....
And Ms eseileas waatierbmt eye,
While avail& Med Ali theebbisey beaks. •
As be tweed oa his livered easels of Otis..
And I telt what it wig to die;—
Yet ere be elated his Wary *ye.,
For tha .deep of the turf-a 4 tow.,
While bis only voice was tritiepered
I Asli a Eirani (dead an/prise,
And 1 knew that the thought ha,t conic-
Ills tieir•ritig lips parted to spook the wad
Tao Aa yoke nor /wand I hash. Play.
stand with it carried. natty, Away,
That thoultitt to bit Niktisivo
L. ItkllllllX‘
Oh! giro we a tbtatgke i. the itaddlitsi.. tutlYer!
A. he 4101 Vi !, in Age wines of yore, ',-
Alia the stars 1..0k dawn all asgslosiOy,
And ease features with pitying eye.
As he piles up the toillgiOtei ore.
U. beedeth sot tho lift-tale eloet.
Marebitag its steady tread,
And rani* sot that its busy' bell
With its 'itystiotosgne a tale Awl tilt ,
Tdtiag ilia to the dosoll.
Oh! 001110 thou cooling tistAight, sad stay
Tie feVflt , ad hi..aul!
COMIC' with thy (Mead thaw, anal rare
The paw* which bit tried feelings en.inre- -
Pass bias; Ow beating bowl! • -
#row, at last—the meteor light
wandering, bath followed day and Wight
FaWcil4l/11111 op the earthly thought
For which be hub apeatillis dap
Ala.! Nis not the oar he sought—
Tir only with pain and asttnei.. fraught. ,
Awl he hitherly turns sway'
ttle for a thought: 0004 hroillitiau up
Frost the depth of the poet** -
4th! tar a thought! atretery RIO ,
try.eti, while hie aarearie,l rye -
sip NIA towards the goal!.
Ih, be pa;ereset, &mighty thought:
104 %turas stand resay by,
Mut weelatily eilrer their putty au4,--
Thea, r eoward-like Ott, strighteJ,
tortthair chasapititi.; majesty
Ti. at the Iresniy atiiaight
4th. tLoa it e./1110f, with It• made pow , '
-topping al4 bibatly !
It lineal oft the geode 'woe bate river,
Tiattibtg Won' the window pule . ;
It eosin to the poet's *Le na ewer
WU.IPIPtv of hops, mod Ws him weer
TWA that kb ton Is nit.
Thl4 k the thought from erhirb he gip.
Netter to lore big burnal lips!
.t thought ! a thought • cries as tin-siol;
Setidoith saithl 7 this*,
i'ein all the eye eau sea,
Awl he lass; for aagel's wino •
Terkel is striusia span this slasute,
Anililealtigon the tip.
t gloomy Yell hi; tato& . u =htuud ,
Cho thought of the future upon bin,
long comity
Say, • hat eau moth. hi• corenwiug htlre
Werrut loath ittrkne , - swi gt.4411'
wifigod thou,* demreutz. him tu - Nufeti.
He fatly do jt..y of oboe foterco.
Asa (sort a..t death the 141.4
Hi. Chollgilt I. no law Say Um+. •
Hia thought Iv moor the et co
Asa he beteg to the ohott.otloo'n.d.. .
ki.t ptro, w,ll 6.
Ifis ve,v dmaght a. Una.
Found xtuunt! the papers Ufa Stuaeiii .111*.it, is.,
fancy. Her large bine ry es went wandering rest- led t o s ee .%lire 4 was frightfully changed. r former union, and anger and terror were the on- 1
leanly around while tike sung, and before I had Her eye, glared oil", her hair tangled and (Its- Ily mune' as I conk, sow excite. Her father, fear- !
time to retreat I met their full glance. Instead I bevelled from her inmannt. reetlesenees, hang • ing the elect of such agitation on both of ui e drew
of being alarmed at toy intrusion, a sweet Smile ,i n muse ., shoat hei see, and her appearance use in another room, and infermed me that Alice I
/ parted her soft lips, and raising finger,'she heck.: was that of one when less of reason had almost had been very ill soon after my departure, and •
t oned me to approach. • brutalized. I could lame tweed the blind reek- that she bad recotiefa\rrom a revere attack of
"You have waited long, beloved, but you have lessneas which too thaneted me" At first she did • fever, perfectly saw and quiet But she was as I
°owe at tut," she murmured in low and broken ' net recognise me, hen my voter seemed to awe- , one awakened from a deep and dreamless sleep. ;
tunes, es she drew, me to s`teat beside her; then • ken the vibration of home chord whose meek was The past had no remembrances, she wan a erect-1
chug:dreg say band in' hers, abe fixed her gaze on I familiar. She became ealnesr, her ravings had- are only of the prssent, and in her cold, ollne, I
• my film with a look so fall ortolan& aid ear-! teased, she approached me, a wl a t length seated cellectedness of inanner;and her almost stern
, nest, ten d erness. t h at my very sou l t h r ill e d b e . h erse lf on a low stool, at lay feet with the qniete reason, no trace remained of her tender and or
. needs, it. n e e of a l ov ing child. It was the first time she ratie Fancies Horrible did all this seem tome;
I soon found that the fair girl's reason "as en . h a d b e es so calm slate we furled Even the • methought we had exchanged souls--the weak-1
~ ord.) , akweared, and her iassnity seemed te i,„ , co ld wi mp , ar ound her perceived the beneficial ness of the girl had entered into me; the firm, 1
/ n amed the almost hopekes fain of imbecility. , e ff ec t s o f my present, sad from that moment I unehrinking spirit which had led the into the
' Bur her pure and beautiful instin c ts were as fresh i was allowed to Pomo try titan •Without atelesta• cold regions of speculative .01ehe e was, new her
and poWerful as if intellect were still their guide. I Lion . • guide. Fearful was the thought that I had thus
Sh e w a s tender, g entl e , and fall of that confiding i I now 4,1604 all thniptedie, Ind - devoted ' lost my own identity; doubly torrid the know!-
' innocence which knows no evil sod , steepens nol myself eiebteivuly la s s! nalist:lnelkwf istrisittefotisie -t ime lily. e v a i aa ffia -i s s e Ot t god
1 gait (Thibilike in her frankness, wenninly in 1 ins it Inns* ant. adopted no fixed and stet- • wig never lw reetweised. :ily bilthright—hey
' l l
her sweet tenderness, and withal evincing by evi l tied system of enliffhtenuwnst hut, earthily ob- ; noble heritage of soul and mind—had been giv- 1
1 ery look the intuitive modesty and deli Cary which serving her moods of tams, governed them by en to =ether. I had dared to neap the privi-
• et characterize the pure minded , she seemed the 1 adaptation. I wntelle'l tlie elute* , of her' lege of a higher .Littler of twine'', and I was pan-
thoughts, and when I fiuntel them broken or con. idled.
very personi fi cation of all that wait lovely in her
sex. The very wanderings of her imaginatirm fused, I sought to tura them inn some deeper. , Her father dreaded the effect of reviving in the
I were— channel, where they might flow more smoothly. • Mind of Aline a remembrance of the past. He
I cultivated her ateetitalsgettem of dielnesitinti I felt geaternl to me for her restoration, and would
while at the same time I checked all exciting • gladly have repaid me with her love, bat he der
sentiment. The tie between us I knew must be led not risk the recall of her fanner tendienese.
one of adhesiveness, of attachment,, not of pas- He entreated me to let it depart like a dream,
new 8 ° 1 ° 4411 was the slow development of • and to suffer her to be gelded by a woman's
,her child-like intellect hesteath the influence eal it h aa t ae y i n h er a ff ec ti ons . I p ro mised and
wionanlY tenderniew i and, oh : bow exquisite I tried to keep my word. Alice was induced
was the enjoyment which I found in thus look- to believe that my recent abberration of mind
lag inn a perfectly pare nature, as into the ' eonid account for my strange familiarity when
depths of a erystal lake : we met, and as her father's friend she forgave
•- It Mew& to ewe that 1 had been Met apart for • me. Hut she evidently regarded me as a perfect
addiss begs na that accorded to my fellow men, . stranger. My task was done---ehe sae fully ,
when I was thus waisted to fill with light the awakened to intellectual life, but she was no lon- tits.
darkened eheneheve of *Ammo soul. A proud gee it portion of myttelf. --At twelve o'clock the night
feeling o f P 4 w 6 r , * emse r m a ellela of °V high 4 6. ' There had been sympathy between her dark- 1
ty was ever present with am, and life IMO to eued spirit and the tend which was imparting to himself at the „s ee „ t • t h e gran d e h
vi*, a mu-deeply diegu!sed in fie
trie ' l% • ll6ler "Peet when
I ..kali found use noble ' • it life and it tg ik4 f. - There vast j a y bestween ", and the impi.rial revitienee, and demand
a task to fulfil . Y et eve* ram did "'elitism hope, sail a sense of double existence,. which , Emperor. He was et
Duey info ,.
t he fearful Price that I wall destined to Pe)" fur ' makes the :'secure of isotherm! love. Non all
all this happiness; even then I fined my smal • wail changed; and I bad Irwin - reed-int° her 11l- aoalil urn be seen bv any body. T
Emperor had retired fur the night,
grow feebler in its energies . There were times titre my own high gift; I had lost my own •tpir. t the ehember w m mdde, „d to ld i
wises the weakness of childhood overeat/4e me i ituality; I had become all earthly. elittt why
and I was as impatient of my absence from Al- I )etSra w i t h ' su ch P nici h uilll ' . longing foe on edid !I i ll l l :e "i gr '" ea 4l te t s l ; ' iea l.l: ; ll xwt rK ::ee '- . tl a ul :na i t t te w r * et '4-
iee, as if her sweet words stud halts were the Ali- touch of her red lips, ont e claep ocher soft bandy death;
mind after much espostundio
merit of my ezietonee Cold hearts might bag , She possessed iny nobler Nail, and there remain :,n interview. The isitor was on , ,
deemed this lieedow They remember it now as eel to ew but a, faint +lrk of that 0 'serial fire 1
engaged ieNthe eonspinta, whosees
a proof of my wild love ; but how little they us- . w hi c h ti m l 00,,,r,,,,e.h0t t e the light of human pas- b.,
end alto had dii .„,, rniim ,, t
daub:tad me : It was but the longing of thy A im , , •
lite ef his -.stet-eke. Ile revealed I
mini to r e gain that whieh is bed imPerted to . It\ Nils weakand % nin. yet i ', was 6..1 entinglii'4„ the Emp,,,,,,„ hieing-him suc h ,
another. It was the impatient seeking of the to merk her love, Jtel lte•• le ras mien Won the i,tk t tiaDa.a.Ll4* entire truth ~f his te
Fbereavedt iiif arorted
myself Ire . 47 - ki ie ri g. l
vrow l n n a: 4l ° .. " ma l r mr .to Illa i !' a ' ":" "'al " - I ----. ' 4. " 1"."1"1 , ' !"I'W — The Ennerer ill:onkel' him. proiniptell
Ur %tr°l44 and Pr(j l 4 "L . ' 'Uri ''''" lll % nj ti el iv' I,er his in the future for his .I. %lotion,
1 any hieing Vet it wa, not love; no: it Mail I ertelc.l time wild emotion-...r thy !menu, and , him &maims haw t „ ew i t t „ my o s i ns ,
seenething noble tar : something tar leapt earthly. : b imus i amidst the eral i t t other s a gi i",,,, wiwtheerard leis fettrataat .
vivarm„.r.r _
Howitmentifist taw -WI ! how iilerinnskY ""*". did she aeopt.triell homage!' Wh ) • ili.l she leek ,„ The Emperorthen retired again si
tint!, with thew aneelie eye , . :mil that pure fiat w ith half eiett'emptuous pit)
" Is lal y P l " l ' lnf-- - The .410Yti utermite he .eat fir a few AA '
of fresh youth au h e t e at u r iv,l e luvk ! bah. gnaw- Was it betituse her sex ever - ear n the WeikneTS '
,dheers da y .
i , to h. , ot „ mums
• fill Et , the -.tweet abandon of her attitades'. bow the%• e•Jil create, and kniiw how to le., at the
ret . h . a , that da y , Herd
who I , k vi
•. an It new
touching the low tones of her tunsitSl C0i1... : we e moment, the idol and the worshipper No! ~ _ , ~.
iitioh. ye h„ lied p 1„,,,, ,„ watching the it was betnast. • I was degraded herwiiii
lay Ili_
~no.t v e z imis ot io n i m bes., Qu . ie tou tlLi wi tul t : r it n ho s u h t e e rt m ,
growt h of was ,. f ra il d ow e r , f r om its War. gersa ho t - to e n; I bad last all that could elevate toe •
. 1.4
whi i eh had I L ~,,,a
rommiett eawi,
I to is Perfect ile+einlOnsaii in beau') sod fratzloace •
above them. He who would witea wonunt's lore,
athi c - the I..riiitile vengeance
which be '-im
think what most be the joy o f watching the un- may give her his heart of hearts, if he Will, hot
•wreak. Ile r:
then gaNt- 'bent their order: folding of owatt—of seeing it expand beneath never l et hi m a dmit her to the eanettutry of his :
~.I,a a desiwa. the tour mid ,
r pm . eThm ..... o tt f ee li ng th a t y,, 0 h ave bo o n the soul. What then conld I hope when the gift of
1., he iaei.ded
piaerd on
I Means, mailer Heaven. of giving it new life : Lay iesnest-spirit had been the first, offeri n g that tof the main hod\ 111 di ,. olio-, regime
A year hail passed, and Alice was lingering on was h i m u p on th e A far ! . •
in be provided wtth bail ....fridge. and
die very verge of that inner sanctuary where I s e e & to make Alice love me. but the hope ream
wah our hundr.,l .summon lead
reason dwells. She , had been awakened ; ink& *at futile. tier intellectual h.el overmastered I i
~,,oe , hut, , n i were ta la .tree up oil
feet was rapidly deeming to perreet day Hy her nomanly nature, and in winning the nen fumes-1
I L.- x i, .
~,,„ ti
there were still weak suites and broken shadows wan 21 01 decided wino( mau she Witco the gen- i
toile wi
, ht .., of the
to be dispersed ere the sun timid shire with un- , tie knees of her sex. I asked her mite my I ~1 1 . . - •
.i, the
• . ie• ref , — '
Wit 0111 any 401411 P. ..u.pit >u. en te
Like euu.►ine on t►e rill--
Tb..ugh turned aside 'twee *Mishits* atilt.
The beauty, the tenderness, the hopelessness' or
i this j ereatee interested me exceedingly. My
; stymie - }bait If.Me abused to a degree positively
[painful; and yet, as I listened to her incoherent
but sweet words, utt*d by the cruet lips that
!ever love had kissed I felt that had her son] been
;wakened while her heart was thus gushing forth,
earth could have held for me ,no higher bliss.
When we parted, a-hieli . tre did with a mutual
Omni*: of again meeting, I retired to my lodgings
in a state or excitement such as I bad •rarely
known, and my first care was ft) learn something
of her history. • I found that She had been from
ehildhiwal dull and inert of intellect; that it
had. been only with °receding labor she had been
taught the element: , of knowledge; au( that her
mind seemed to become more obtuse ak she grew
older, until a severe lit 'of eicknota which befell
her Lre she had attained her fifteenth year, coin.
pletedy obscured her maim. Upon further in
quiry I learned that she had been an affectionate
and depending creature, always looking for love
in every one, and, as far ai I could learn„ never
•'finding it. Her family were cold, phlegmatic,
and common-placc The strict discipline of rea
son was all they could - demise, and - the child
had grown stupid in proportion these means
had been exerted upon her She had been fur
three years in this state of imbecility, and they
. Ant Inat all lope of
The nest da% l again found her in the , yhruir
bery, where 46 was allowed to .spend witch of
her time, ax the . absenee all chase cemadmiist
and vigilance hail been found
,decidedly benefi
cial Her joy on -eeing toe w.e, iintruuniled, and
thrirsvitix lienell en the turf At my feet, she leau
ed her Arne- upon my km e , a nd r e min g h er hk r l
upon them in an attituili• of child-like repot., re
in , sitied gasing with siitechh•44 tototerugsr• op into
tub r dir . e srii.l hitt I rani& pereeive
that ••lic wa- tilled with tintrultioitei emotion, and
act Lichel.l the workings of her heart, the idea
flashed thuough my brain 'that her 144nd Might. y e t
• awakened. 1 Tellleutiwnq the story of her
reAt tong tehiltlllit'As e11i1464. 1 0.1 / and of leer un
.iatitii .1 thirst; I fancied l "odd see wherein sew
had been ariattuderstood, and I could not but
thinly that where cold rrutsou had failed. affection
might he m o ts , e fi ese io urt . She had posed the
threshold of girlhood; the instknots. of a Woman
ly nature had asserted their rights; lbw fancies of
her erratic mind had Zl•xuulell a shape. and the
autkipation of the coming of one who would res
t-tie her from and thraldom°, had taken
the place of her former vague dreams. This
would :trona for her warm welcome of me, and
a ILI-hi of joy pervaded my whole being when
the thought suggested itself that et might be my
destin, to rescue a soul from tiarlruessi.
From that moment I determined to make the
attempt, and without dreaming of selfish pas
sion, without ono spark of unholy love, I vowed to
devote all the energies of my nature to ,the noble
t as k or enlightening a clouded spirit. t'arefully
did I begin the work, and tenderly did I guard
fromidangerous excitement the heart of which I
sonibt to influence. She was a child, a sweet
and lovely child tome, and I cherished hirts if
she had been my own sinless sister. Never did
one tumultuous throb stir my heart when her
head rested ou ray - lax-tom The awful responsi
bility 1 had incurred, the oppressive sense, of
duty, the dread of failure in my godlike enter
prise. seemed to elevate Inc shove all earthly
'feelings. •
I cannot now note all the details of my sue
; cannot trace all the delicate links Of that
chain whit+ conducted my . soul into hers,
through the medium of her affection's. I watched
the Wrings of the cloud off her spirit, and saw
clear but brief glimpses of sunshine; again the
• shadow would settle with a deeper gloom, and
again g leams would break forth, giving sweet
promise of a brighter day. Heaven : what joy
it was to see those blue eyei light up'with had
ligenee, to hear these soft lips utter reiterant
words, sod to mark the elastic grace of a form
' which but lately utoved with all the listlessness
of imbeeilitv
Hat the, officious interference of those who
could not comprehend either Alice or myself,
checked all this growing good. Our trequent
meetings were discovered, and we were of worse
separated. ' Alice was taken home by her family,
and 1 was deuicd'all access to her presence. For
a month, , a long pad dreary month, I never saw
her : anti by my impatient longing to behold her
Ilearned how murb my soul lust' gone out from
myself. At length I heard that' Alice *es much
worite--thei she was now a raving maniac, whose
ungoverned frenzy would only be controlled by
personal violence. I t:ould not bear this ; I went
to her father, I explained to him my hopes, and
begged to Tie permitted to see bee fora single
hone. lie was a cold, practical, resaonable rim
and while he gave me fell credsnoe for a disin
terested' desire to boss& his daughter, he eel-
I deistly had title faith in slyentisipatiows ohne
cesa. However he was trilling to try the slier-
Went, and, aeon paid by Wri t i was permit-
*1 50 IN _MANCE.
clouded tplen.ler. Vet the future was isow full ' w if e; 4be refesed my suit beady but firmly.—.
of hope cud Promise; she . had reached the titres - Maddened by the excitement of the moment, I
held of reason threegh the Pwtsis of the 14 °C . poured forth the full tide of long-repressed emo
tions. How she: loved me : bon sweet was the them. !I told her of our former communion;
girlish underlie's' she lavished upon me in the described the gradual development of ,her dawn
dim twilight of this her monies of the soul iug Wallet% 1 depicted the slow outgoings of
how heart-thrilling were her, innocent caresses my spit as it was trans f use d i n t o h e r ; I pr a yed
°lib" 1000111 but. loose the Mentory of that her, as; I would pray high - Heaven, to recall some
time: that I could hare imbued her heart With sienna. of die pat: It was all in vain; the past
the remitabrarseem that have poisoned my exist- was raw f or ever . sh e looked on me as a ma d.
mice man, and shrunk from me in terror. I never saw
It 111114 just .at this period—when there was . h sr It o*.
nothing to fear for A.liee, but everything to hope Afte r t hi s a torpor fell upon we, w hi c h reit .
--diet I was summoned to London by the illness dered me insensible to outward impressions. Ny
of my father. I dared not disobey the call of so mind became blinded like a mirror, over which
Solemn a duty, and being assured both by her th e &rap mad mildew of long years have gather-
Medical attendant and by my own observation, ,ed isuitgae were reflected there, but they were
that no danger tri Alice could result from my , ditwand indistinct in their outline. -Thepresent
temporary absence, I tore myself from her, and s and the past were blended mast successfully and i
set out on my melancholy journey. I "Ind in; painfuffy. I had no ptswer to control-my thoughts. 1
father extremely ill, but his tenacity (it life pro- My sol d was dyi ng o ut f ro m exhaustion .
traded his struggle with , the King of Terrors ; They.told me that Alice was married; but the
un ti l his adireringt Lail wrenched from hiss et' tidings; seemly reeved Me, for I could no longer
erthing but the breath, which he gladly resigned. be rotuted to fierce emotion. Two years have
The terrible tension of nerves during this mama ! since I last hioked on her sweet fate; two
prolonged anguish, together with my acute con- years of anguish such as whitens the locks and
seionsseas of an exhaustion of soul, which rem- 1 withers the heart of youth. lam dying I shall
dered me less able to hear distress, was too mach ; s aaa he numbered with the forgotten dead, for
for My bodily fraree. I was stricken down to. there,is none to shed a single tear above my
earth, as by a giant's hand, while.eteding beside I grave. lam wag* away with inanition of the
my father's grave, and I remember nothing more spirit. But lam not—no, by Heavens: lam
until months afterwards, when I found myself ! not dying of disappointed love,
the occupant of a ward in the aspen% for the in- , * *
mane. I had been mad—raring Mad! In the city of Athena, amid all the tumult and
My reason, however, returned as suddenly a s discomfort of a Greek hostelry, died the writer
it had been, inspired, a nd m3r ec overy was ver y I t of thisatnaege tale. The incidents he relates
rapid. I need not say bow eagerly I turned to I are true; he did awaken to intellectual life the
thelheught of Alice, nor hew [ rejoiced even i imbecile mind of a beautiful girl, who
. in the
then, in being permitted to suffer for her sake.— course of her recovery entirely forgot. him. .He
I knew it was fur her I had endured this loss of ' ought in vain to win her love, and upon her mar
reason. t was sure that it was only by my total rime with another, he fell - into a decline, which ,
oblivion of self that she could be strongly imbued ' resulted in his death in the summer of 14—,
with the light that was in me; and the thought whether of an exhumed spirit or a broken heart,
that she had been receiving all of which I had c let those judge who know the fearful strength of
been deprived, was a solace to my heart_ human affection. A more practical account than
Is soon asl regained may strength I huiried is . here given may be found in Emmerson's Let
! to Dublin, and words cannot describe my moo- tersfrom the -Egeoe• E. C. K.
- -
tion as I reached the abode of my own Alice.—
As I entered the draping-room her father rose to
receive nit kindly and ,cordially, hut my feeling
overpower see, and turning to Alice, who sat
beside him engaged needlework, I madly clasped
her in my tame: But she had forgotten we!—
Anger flashed in her eyes, and her cheeks burn
ed, with offended delicacy as she tore herself from
my embrace and lied to father for protection.
Would that I could forget the agony of that Mi
me moment! To my hurried esplanades, and
asT,askaest appeal, site listened as to the maim
it's andatun. Site!ltad lan all memog of our
ECEMBER 17, 1853.
TIT FOS TAT. --"Mr. Timothy,' • mid a learned
lady, who had been, showing off her wit at the
expense of a dangler, "yoe remind we of a ban
wester that ie Ailed with nothing in the upper
story." "Divine Alain," meekly MAO her
adorer, "in thanking you for that compliment,,
lot me remind you that you oring7 my upper
story eatirely."
Yale _ oto aow spittle' t i ppet
gek twaoldoo k ot diem*, dist"
_.0.4c00 dd. 011toiwg
mil to roma" omit to only k! I dbroioo.
IRE 011•10711•17.811I41. nkliostfhtin Om , more :: n It it the truly Aron.-
. .
lean spit* of progress, infusetl 'Mtn MIA Wag*
.ts iNvIDENT Its VIA litiaTfißY.
- 40- -- • ' - hearts. It ig the guiding star of the pilot of our
-& Landon torreaponticut of the Cincinnati .11. shirof ?state, and it ever directs ear 001111.41* „4i.:
Ms describes Nieholas of tinsela at a very extra- ward. , It was the eastern star Iho pruldtta.sow
°""" wan, and relate% a thrillingiacident in and followed, the *rune 1 hnt direeild the of:ame•si
his history, 84 illustrating of his wits titer: . of the pilgrims nevem the wilts. t.f 11111.14: and,:
"The incident occurred! in letev, ~„ n fl o o,h: shone on the path of their deacetelantaas they
setelaiola to polies, and niaY he !kerb : hitt'' , mate. kept moving" on , The ""n"- of house, die "-
ory of Malay of our resjers. 9'L to who ire acs Jearmenti' of friends, tifrfaseination ofrateuxv.
Visitant* with the history of the y k m , are left Leland by some - etterf.rir, advent ortAm
that in ha times past., the herons Rastas have spirit. who finds excitement in a sainting life. and
ruled the country. ant by legal i wet., btu l i v make!' th e benii• of die-111.'14 41'‘.414eb '
force. Their power - extended even n the Elope. and orlhe "Yi'g P rairie. ' 1.... ,
ror; and when the Chief of the Stud. became in- But a "i e e within
..... "'''',.. **Re. 111 "' : ' ' W.
conveneiedt to them , he Maid unerrituoniowdy put kiri"a. ghastly ilielwri. ' of t— past t ra il
uut of that way. soon after Nicholas camei nto their heels a nd Lusk fl their flight. The tat.-
power, it became apparent to tittles' thheltaning wind and rustling Witt', a i:di:44tu ~• Ito. :
they Lett a man to deal with yholtria likwly to . have abound tetruril 1 , 1. the iicatti ,, u i ,l,
thw a i il tk i t pu ns , n i ii i - iiiaii in i,, n ar e - 4 0 . a te mere Aar - aud tio — fedon. t tie,ti 04 l o pt4. iota.
f ont ,. I n s ef !helium , 702, 1 4 s ickaisi had ,thay docirvoly - foremrd, and care . 144s ia ituu
determined 'ti-, kraal: np this domineering, power. their 7jai lest a glonee ..r the writhing tors "t
and forever place a sew on its e - si st ew,... A • outraged justhe gitoald paralyze them:
conspiracy was entered itito by a certain number • Others there-are, who, rriytelle—: and 13114*
of leading nobles to take the life of the Emperor. f"r , beetnne a foot 101 l jo *ocioty, to he badet.:l
To-terry their project into opersti‘o, they coin- and kicked about by every mallet :us pas-. : 1,,
menced tampering with the army and finally They feel that they nat , t move on. Who U .
auceeeded in baying over with in • and . not, ne reading Bleak liowe , *ighed ••,.:r be
-ices, four regiments of eight hit men each, Illipelrit.' , 4 of poor au.c * Ile made els 1 4 ,, n ," i o ,„,.
with their °Seers. The chief 4' the plot was mitts of a deserted, crazy 11;Ause, he had te. -. la
the commanding ° G eer o f t h eme h.„ -regiments. tixttft, no friends, uoue to whkiper a gen.!, acrd
A grand review was-to take plane- on a eertaiu ,in Lis ear; he teemed io the, way of es ,ry . - 41 .
day is the presenee of the Emperor. These four , earth affiirded hint no food. and the h INer. r •
r et rhowlttm were to be formed i n 1 how swum . , shelter. Every where he Nva.- hunted i ~ t.•
and when the Emperor passed een, t „ re . , tied, haat last Joe'• nti-elie.s emled,r,v, •. ,
view them, they were to tire on 0, 0 „, , and t h en .he moved on. A watt may lead a hip : . '„ .•.
give battle to the 'balso;.e of the ilegimenla on ling, happy life; or it tu.,y he full 6f +Mall( .i I
review, if they saw tit to casket th at. A very ,
tgi sorrows, vexations and migfortunes : 1,11 , -01
simple plait of funnier it wa.. with ( t emnplita- • these end, when; for the Tart dine, Lei s "u, .1
but a few person, iu the secret. ~
unusual was pine to take plave.
"When the appf,inted%hour f.,r the n. ,, t iew ar
rived, the flaperer'di`el4l7.l to ye,rud frit'
general of dit kiop. .'talk• 10 the ap.o
idly; hollowed at soup, ,lis-tJuee by a
suite. He luitooliat T ly. aud 1
seeming to utak., it a !sit tieulnr obit4ll,
the refractory coutpsnie‘. Hiding up t.,
hlentan who stood at their head, and w
the principal eoturpitator, he euolly laid 11
upon his shoulder, titti,-kly presented thd
of his pistol to his fiae, att.l aithwit a wt ,
his brains out.. He then waved hi lu s t,
°Seers in comniawd or ti,,. intituiry. .4tr,
'Turk, into the Ito'rse*, Hanks, which
bounded to one side, and the whale of ti
dred cannon opened their deadly v..lley 1
shot into the midst of that .I..roted Is - sly
~,isting mew. Their cries :tor merry - were
egl, and in a few seconds of time the 't
thewe thirty-two hundred men lay , Arete
on the plain. The few who.recovereil fr.,
wounds were exiled into Siberia : and
day the nambers of those regiments I
mained a blank in the Russian army.
" Ily this hold :drake, Nicholas at octet
up thil power of the heroes ; tut& be did
he fastened himself into the affections of
pie. In a nation like that of 'Russia,
stroke as that, by a young man of twen
wri well calculated to pmt's
him * po
mot durable kind. Since that time th
have shrink from his will, while t he• !
of his subjet,is have worshiped hint. 14
is the divine law ; and.wherever he poin
devoted people will follow, with summits
au enthusiasm which ,was not surpossesi
feudal days."
" *Mae Oa r'
Ever reatleae and inaettled—:continua
ing on. What a peregrinating
Over the broad earth he wanders, sion grimy
plains, and, climbing stony steeps— l on ott he
atom ceaselessly andmrsearied. Frain be guid
ed Awes of the Pacific to the feast, and ;thunder
of Niagara; front the noir eaptie* 3111011MIIIIM of
Switzerland to the orange groves of Italy mid the
vineyards of Franee;, from the iey island.' of the
Artic to the far off lands in southern Nits-4e.
tywhere he wanders, and yet - hir pont tinds * no
rest. He mares on through the &ilia autumn,
the frosts of mistot,.* sweet ImOtism spring,
aid the balmy boom* of musses. lashook
ed sot h* the Mom of oemm, or 117 Awthiox
voodooism, by Whit*d oceomil ottintaturp'
big Oars. _ ,
it it tM jaPillart;9 l .r /Attire g i re . 41.1
ftwe this re.
ol l' er i e . T e t e r , •• Th e _p fe ha i ble ' i umesarion of the Sandwieit 1
'I to see the; leads is sow so confidently as.-erred, that it .t:•
t h a t t h e be worth while to enquire a little into their -..••
ad t h a t h e . population, resources and prutialdk vela:• t.,,-itti
, took ; country. Every body is aware that the i:, ;II
i t , t h at h e :the Nei& tweet',
somewhere to the west „v..:
matter o r Francisco: that their posaeasjon truitt.ll,e,. , f l: i :
,-4 lite an d • importance: to I,llr far a naval. dept 4; NW iii i , ; :
' ,
he 'm i ne d : they do not fall into our hands ; the probehili , A , .
• the u „hf e „i are that they will beeonte the prey_ui•Eugi_oi A
.;„„,„. maw , orFrance, from :sheer inability to defend tll , -:•1
to :latc the
selves alpinist rapine, But Leyvuil this, little- i . ,
e entire 0 , 4 known popularly of this strange group. . •
m u as sat-' The Sandwich Islands are ten in another, hot
atenteuta. \ ?of these only eight are inliabitod. Melt w h •"..-
„ „.„,,„ ei . i population (IMP , 001 tilliolltlt t , I " ue l aint i m i ll ,a
mid pave 1 6ftt thousand, or less than a third /of the- 11 1,t4
- hav h eg nemdtfr erowdeti into the great . metrop o lis ~f
1 Pliblidelpida. , Of titbit pepuletitai, at last one
half oeeupit-s Hawaii, ilte - prinetle i.dawl of tit
. ,•
group. Vet the retir e aria of I.l.taii i= hut t•q
ty-three hundred square utiles. li s t i:-Own f. 0.-,
not quite one-tenth as large 3: , l'entisylvania -
The southeastern corner of our State, comp.'s, I
of the counties of Sucks, 3lontgontery, Philad, l
phia, Delaware. Chester. Laneaster.Lebatton isi,l
&irks, is shout the sato of Hawaii. ilaungli tea
particulturly spacious, therefore, it i, ii,4, , nio i,
for a ,"pretty etinisid e t a hi, ' • .mx.-il f em .;
The su ofilawsii, holi. v.a, S• trill a- it .
otheritand jell leltiud-. i.. quite biyiketi .1.• 1
the 11 0 4 tie • eels, in ii , ct, ate - mountiinun- au :
generally ta u volcanic. tleolurisl i s i•f et 1;
tifilai r ga piotiotwel • g the peak.sulanakia;
wail ristsiii parts front ,0(0 t••
loom feet above the sit, and has roje tt n,..
witieh are still among - the most aetive- in ,it•
world; indeed the whole islaret may be viiiiid,.:
ed. and has been deseribe , l by Ellis, as a Ms:, ',,
lava, forming a hollow ea‘ii over a vast flume.
in the heart of a stupendous submarine moue
min The hightails, to speak-hi general term,.
are about as far fnui San Francisco as Sau Frau
eiseo is from the city of Washington; but as the
viiyage from California lies over a 4:-s' irhi..ii i,
get:kalif!y placid, with favorable winil,,,A t is at.-
ten performed is twelve days. pip-, climate l
ocariparatively mild, tlu,tugh the island-ilk with
in the tropics, for•the surrvuudinu sea tempers
the fervid atmosphere. ' The .original inhale; •
tants-were to the order of Pc iyues-thus shod 4 1-
Atiglon''•:axun is to the inhabitants at' Southe rn
Europe; and, for a tsinsidenibk peried, high hot. 3 / 4
were entertained of thetu s under the wodifyiug
intlueuees of civilisation But tltey scent tole' , t
and die out, natsithstandiug every effie:i 1.4. it. •
up their numbers; and the probability is thar,i'u
th e co n t .." of tittle. they will he orcitntruisited'ett
„ The real value of the - e i s lands to th e tuned
Slates is politierl and e.tittiecreiaL, rather tk4u ,
agricultural, winrra-i o r otherwi,:e. They consti
tute a sort cif -natural fortification AA the driv e ,.
hightray between California and the Ewa lodi..i
s i that whatever nation posaessed them will hold
inetattestility the command of the Northern Pt.
ei6e. The American whetting fleet has long 'anti
its head-quarters at these islands Thief, it. I .
emits itself during winter. repair- damages, and
ma k es , r eek for the summer campaign. lee
geographical situation of the - group is emit. in
deed, that. Hawaii could not pass into the bond,`
of any great naval power, unless ottrielves, with
out serious annoyance to us. if not pottititatparic
The Sandwich Islanders feel aloe that this re
public is their natural protector. Their civilise- ,
tion has been derived from the I:IWA St at , , ;
their principal trade is with thin country ; to te,
the assimilate in ail those things iu. whieh thee
depart from the custonisof their ancestors. W
are nu friend to the smut of "manifest destiny ) " .
in the nasal aggressive meaning of that phrase;
but when we see a people thus "gravitating'
towards us, to raw Everett: , tine phrase, in social
political customs, we cannot btu admit that it is'
"Manifest destiny" they should coalesce whir us,
if they ever unite with say body.
There is one objection, bonevt-r, t o the amea t.:
sition of these islands. In ease - of d war betilailt
the United States and another great, naval•pow
er, they would be peculiarly liable to• l sttack,-and
would coat immense sums to-defend. Bat oa
the other hand, they would, in the event, of inch
hostilities, be invaluable as a place for our men
of-wet to re-tit. Moreover. no great natal ptor
er is is a harry to quarrel with ini. Peeve.' in
fact, depends on osmelves• Unloose we are and.
we will avoid war Itur the next gmeration‘lioni-,
then only, nations !that ;ire insane thene.ekes, ,
will go to war with us.
Should the Sandwich Islands be annexed, they-
WM, we be formed into a State as Mon
;TribMadmitted into
-the 'confederation)
would Captain Cook's second in . omaswel
have thought, if told that the deseentianta et lis
Inladeamines cannibal m urderers, in P t i g , t _o t at,
iikatesilalterstiona would sit as legiolattsts4l ah ,
w ham/ of the greatest, freest, and 111/04 po.-
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