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    f'ei.soilAi Obiseita.
k T I'RD A Y MORNTNO, D. 3, 1(433
Brie and Het Illandereee.
..A0.144,111 , arattrad ead seseetiases
heaped upon Erie by the prees East
rtia, of her Maiden is this railroad war.—
Arcin the pay of thaw railroad !sonata).
bilia . ll 4 if, not serprisiar, weigher is it whepdbleki
6 they thouhl foreswear truth, justice and
legeede thAumele-es W. the Isere
,eehoto. (4 . the
' ;raver• la klat employ of acme enapanies.--
lnrof eurh b eossateimarate with the retrice
isLow not ; though plain to be WINN that
ronitider their mike* O f no groat
quit &Maley ask orget la • free pest, over the
!f: there are who, Ignonint or ui I, true iieue,
Cpoti.boareay--the tilettrteit repro
,then—they lend their pea to the foot per.
st intelligent and as honorable a
i. rm. 14 fiAnd to the lime.. For the henetit
• r erste. for the thnueundith tine, the prbiei
rontendfax—nontending, toe , sink
ter row , rfhttoonopolie. of New York and
, Ulu we ate lighting there railroad
•. uplo break of pap.—that for our outs
tr , ereaki emir all the freight and paiaten.
I a-t and the Wait load'ead 'Woad at this
le , teg rit tiPasion and eapgne. wht et ether.
• • railroad men know thie to Ito
and yet to accomplish *Mr own pnitpo.
Sni h•Atrl, nstil .it init+ the , pnblie
!t n . Lee.tow, people not ensnared on rah.
1 .1111:2 . , 11. , [11., in nine rater not of ten Are not
r 2,1 , sibi o are of one width or nark,
• N Tut: are of another: hit such loam fart,
cud a change of oars mast he
where! Nor York hasher I fees SI Inch
Sew York City to DeXsia; the: also
crack cat , adios front the aaate.putitt to Dun
)h,o has tout one gauge, 4 feet 10 inehes, hone,
it.ta ate Wet and thnse trim the Ea.,
oars a ehanar of Imight,
. i 14,grgagc The question then re.ol L: is
;ruin tition adkre this quintet+ shalt take
bunkitlt end !haat°, of at IKele., Wo
.• , ,..^11: 11 he At fat treat*" frossdhle--at team,
hmweers is= rod nor market, New Ynrk.
Wit th, farmers, and morehaote, and manu
rt shall not he taxed with this change
Buffalo and Dankirh. Oar opponents eon
-.,all—that C.A. all (little to come the people
rt. l'..nniylvanin .hall be tax payers to
York. That evert.pOsind of prolloo
I%Th rtty. or ecery imolai of freight they
• , pay tribute. heatase of tilts change
.1, , C Paler.?b;)l4 . the tQLge of Dankirk.—
there will he a change at Arie. had
Ero. will have to submit to 'hi , trihui'.
ea4c 6f ue will ant, while time"; won id
2u-t n , good a -footing as-the} were le , Cure,
~r „tithe ohmage si Erie, 11 tha ehanoce
this point, the flunhary road will he
tLr two Now Turk mane" eiliendedtallO.M.l,
- and freight will hare a choke of routes thus:
Albany tom. New York or Bo.ioti without
York tia NI,kIF York rad Erie tuna with
• S TI ICOrk,Ptiladelphia and Baitimore, via
Lrte road, without a rbange; thus, more than
f the cost of transhipment at this poiot by
. will create. together with the , twice
!Ind the increased facilities to act t.)
1 . i Le., :fon, before tti , un &ottrout of plc ron
.u.:,1, thatd. Congo,' they are few and far ;.,-
rit with our ettentka iu au endeatur to 4 1r1V,
possum Indues uk to give op into the
rallroad utoonpoltet of New York oar vantage
to one i
and they hold out to us a bribt, while
r they point/to the iurataibas shutdera -they
..,, furniehed the prole East and Wait against
t ' pabli , ' , Thsiou." " Pablle opinion," for. .•.ptruen" fonided on nalareprese,ulatlon,
-I....rance, founded on falsehood wad sidoder.—
..JO!S. to manufaesurs this kind "public °pio
n.: from I Cormimat the other day, and he cow
reader that the "'holier elniteefeitisens
..• ':.• tt.l7 kind of rowdyittes, (I. a. oippoetag
mr,:elA ,4 , 1 but it is maimed priurvally to
• • nr,,ll,i.rk loafertr—that. at "the corner!,{
~. t .. LIA n.,:h-way.;," Ye AMC .. gift/10p% of Mee
~ ~ a • IllUkipg. " "SllO3O threatedina to
• r,t .11 , 1, I , ither fay oat of Mi'l2 who , hould
..- • ',lt . o,* while ethert avowed the intett
,_ :)„. :,,nlifee and tearing up th , r.. 24 triter
-• - :.treet," Now every cieltru of Erie
• :.• '1....r...F1R nothing of the kind. and heard
:•• .::..1 Everybody knows that the mu -t for
..-. 7 ,:., railroad company has tact. ha. hoer
:'t - -t..Nutbility of 'the oppoliticin. Ifrue, he
• end perhaps they were el...heel. hat
,tor thole groups :Owe et respeNeble end
El it •-w of the. Conneaut &parse himself: nay
f them were better Thriftless. few they ohey
' thou slush not bear false whoa=• swains.
oi ieb WINS are . totTy to 137 ha twc,
4' dd. , letlLlOXitell, Lint -r”tutu
,roieret .i.•• 111114 tlet•neyer).
ler* tho krod •• 'Attain opinifol" th.
I )CRY.—Yon who eaunot hear
•• weak : men who cannot hear it in others are
are malignant •antl' Th..
tcc. _jointly R cimatinational infirmity. which
• pity ; the other can spring trona noth
,i, inherent fialtrincei , ford which aceca42-
••• ,,, upt. The one often aXiAtt. with A genial
u.lei at ease: the other la titre to
dibp,Aition sad an irritability GC tem
- theirown paulthateall. It
I thaf :---‘ Of all the pa.9ion4, jetiloe” ,
• - the haele.t terrico awl pays the hit:
I:- •••rvice i, , tt.WAtelt the '.neeett TR - f •tiir
t . %uto of it."
'" , All' rtAl. CCAn't the otliPr day it .
J'4 , :b•y that ii would bo, whoa fisiithPsi. one
tasty public hnitdiags in tho
rote. that Campaign Mies. wbteh was
r-: r and tha assertion of Shnkrikato
•.+PE there is but one /step fre!e the set.
wont Phasing taw other thonght
-;,-• the Almond. sad pop :no the Caw
trio I to va.tch the 641 ; 's .
"111110. inke r" ittruu46
; was a. ilrted , and not n halt nouNi be
: journey'. 4.n4. in th , manner
r.;ated. Why be toolc.up . hi.i hal.itauon
w shan't Oar reader* guar..
ur This much. h.wel wo
-,..../you look at oar stately pew Court Rvata.
...t- .t.:l - Ity spore and lictiAed Muffin -, w;th
)n the ,oliner stone. Ash you, may
Zaa • a- •• tar. •tep from the the
We aim our friend, of the Western Literary
ileararr, in town the other day, en route for " oat west'
said °all along shore." Like his °Meareaver," he was
tlt l:OtIfleitInV1110 utkei e • no.Ak fan of p ",„, ny i nge an d gen i a l •B ieng m a , Br
r " r "'" Adlik 7 ll ' 1"6 far- 14 " 1 "P" ." the hv„ if oar Literary Society is to have a mum of Lee
,, a<, t egtoo. indiv idually, may feet that they tnret ibis arinaie, wa bespeak rov.hini a p a n,"
fet, t 1 )!. a timage of the railroad gauge. sad
!nada of a uniform yid,* dm whole length
. t .<. <0 Pennsylvanian., interested in she g -ti
nr ..r h.• Stat., they mu.t feel ‘1114:• allot
1, h., are in the front reek.. and ...mend- .
••••' . fur Voi interests of the 41101 C Slat , ' d.6,.-i.
.% vl.l toeuntagesent, lusillad of anathemas.
4 th, railroad al, .Trie e nod the etssiotrta.-
~,,,hatti Storkery mid Ert4ltaiinat.l
'f. 'y The atimialse Milted *h.-.
'r` a t , .noste in mactilliaMMOla Petolirifttit
• "L their aid the inee.era i. Ourvuotlea-
bc,s , h,;it is also with Its editor gays: ; a s s, It is re,, r sisi dim J. Walter Walsh. the Luuti
s, th„, spirit eviriewiby war Erb: welghlrws is thls rill- 1".1404'...,,, h.i) diseaothised that paper. and will, In
h 44,-
.4 , ' Mod by flap rigl4 away mot connt whit. T. D' zej.llLet l "ill a new Snn•laj pr.
tittic city to a sure Oitcristy yor in N , ,' 91, Torte. " Par aobile fratrata
elan.) Plniedeekr .Rows ate wit aa9 o ,l s . -- A Anna* than the bearer Aliohison'sll -Wu the Ws.-
: 111 C annul Jury is their 40 r.- • ter ea Tuesday aliht,"antl war drowned- Ills body wa.
11,1 that the Jail be bested by boo sir saii. irecovered the next day. area wtt: burial ea. Thursday. We
..r *team. Rest the Jail toy mean". and kern hie same.
• r r, aril 4tt tick by
4k ` l.l " u. " 4 "The reart - ty — L; " rays ic;kitr+- awl. liter exam
ta YO'll gang to hat} Awn by Atcant. tax
Ills "lots sad left" of toys, keick-koacha, ;sakes
•L'igugloggg„ a wg wiled:nets," fee ebildren and when% we hare
BO doubt our renders wIR agree with bin. Per particular+
sad then *amnia° fetyourre4r.'
ANagy Loiter shrunk)" s the Wiwi* of
v.-rtiring holm In dot elor. Wo woo- ;
4 1141%41.6w owe4ooss• '
is imago that shay wows oliNnasen•
" Awe itsies tiaat
Elam is thiii eny has pad est
Tbo sitipapas of ileay laki,
r ~r •trivrtr Nl4oli.r north 1114110/11014 In 11,490 i
Jost for Me mho at al*" try hod 14 suiall sprinklim
. -
of eendry feigakkg or feriae at Saw as Widow mania* ma 11/11 tMlAdVialeilllNlS It
Lein Allowed to rode, us hem pesiented is "Itiallstimetse via& am feel Rosa mow* tot it Wimp*
of L , eSiMAtars ' 11.. tbt peddsiiis mated, we Ito /dad 11 , 1104 0 1116 beibl• 4 • l 6o l , w ok Image, pod no:
" a "" "?'""" Pehtlion It Ow In etbil f " MINA mak Wel 10" Isi. "vs Ire Nolo
t° ati° TA* °mum' *Asa apr. ,la isseekle Oh; alw• • .° ;
- •
The I Tm seitObierver.
finwrzauton z, that MOW remerktible Menai pat forth
' We did sal Wind to WM a red* say about As meet- by the Lee and North East Directors, it le stated as r e l. On the &tit mitt
lag field at Lookpark Seineday hat, by the friends of a went: , "fiat the Erie and North awn " owl the city of BELL TRACT, lathe
- -
'Made affair ; but as tat Pesemdistre have been mined Erie bare bees wronged by the Baal* sad &ate Line and
apes by the nag Cleveland Paters et an evidence other New York toads we freely admit. oar cesium . P ettil taat .
of Page elthdath the "truth of history" demands that it admit that there should sot be a break at Erie, at the Bute
should 'be *armed hese the beet information we canldne, at Dunkirk, and at Bulfelo. Thee/threats are wrong wm. A. GALBRAITH,
—poszither, the getters up of the affair reside In Erie, Balt*
Cleveland and In the neighborhood of Girard: sad all of 'Lively wrong—that those at the Line, at Dunkirk, .Artottsev at UM, Oar* " Sixth Striae, operseite the
and Buffalo, are wade by the citizens of New York Sea t new C ourt 4•. -
them are directly or indirectly. the agents and emplioyeas of port i ng the wig,o f phi,„, and interposing it between Erie tfiggis THArER,
the lean " ' com p anies 'they had no 'l n /P ath, Wi th and her eastern markets we all admit. None has e NAVItII scruezes and wierietedo Dealer* in every "IlevetiP
the citizens of Lockport, and the eitieems of Loettport hare deathed the amt more than the Director,. o f the Erie and I tiny gf R oan Were, ffre Brick. dee Clay and ire load
none with them, hence whoa the
manufnetary, between Second and Third Street* on the
"lathering" came to want East road. * They felt the wrong ." Thi; pursuit Canal . Er ie,
nnses there were hat ei or se present, and those wave, with laagnage, and it is the truth. The Buffalo awl New York ueo. r. wean.
the exception of half.a-donors or to. the Itehtleelett who iatereme hart' been wrong front the start. They agreed
" pall the wires" apes tillteach ea n adans• go* then. i. that the one break t which b a matter of sweetudti, Asada ,
this, mighty oein e w in s el ••pabtk opinion" which we lad
be at Nl* only ing that both the New York imp*
paraded is the Butale and Cleveland papers by the NAV. Auld come tio there to moot the Ohio ow. Th b
and the . Richmond'', and ilteb ; eateflites. Why, with the was accordingly agreed upon and arranged. This hargaiti.
"P en " and time, we mead get up, at any few cur- those interests faithlessly broke, and to bring as to terms
erre in the county, a larger gathtevintt for any ennreival 4 e sad to transfer tike ono amesseari break from Erie to Dan.
perroe named.
kirk and Buffalo. they imported and interposed t he
„ Ohio
page below the State Line, thereby making two more un
necessary break,. Tith itt,not only the fret bat it ir filly
'dieted and admitted by the Directors. And yet these Direc
tors. not in the least to blame, and our people, not in the
least to blame, must yield to the pressing voice .4” trade
the. interrupted, and remedy au *TB not by them, but by
others indicted. This is the tarried twaddle. The appeal
of the great East and West—the voles. of trade war not di
reeled to them, hitt the others woe reared the distractions.
Oar very. kind Diyeetars hare misread the direction, end
have undertaken t 4 remedy an cell far which they thy they
arc in no wey accountable. Now, if this could he done
without injury t, their neighbors—to their home. and to
justice, f would nor object. ,But ft can't br:. Sueh uucal
led far generosity ispraistrwartby in far as it effeeta theta
personally. and there it sbould.end—they %etc . no right in
be generate at the expenee of the community.
Now, this is the whole intotter in & nutshell. The coil
sideratioa for dithering the sin . ;of others is all moonshine.
The $50,4101 is all that i• certain. And what does this
amount to—literally nothing. Before this uoturtunate rout
promise, and bad bargain, the,Erie City road Was all eider
contract, from the Suite LW* to-the Dock Ifs stock was
Aia high in life.. Lf y - ott don't hit the stars, yo• can
land in the stud. At thing It better than stupid hnsation.
Even • nutddy man is woeth a half desire logy ones,---gx.
That's so, young "eau : every word of it. Don't snake •
• fool of at:wolf, but !," aim high." - Suppose you don't
"hit the stars" the got, " lick ;fr , why , try again: keep try
ing. If you de fall, the grouted it sure to teach )ou; and
" landing in the mar is not half as unpleasant at landing
in a.prierot or • poor hones_ " Never give ap; that's the
doctrine. Napoleon practioed it:No.lld Washington, so did
Jaeksoa : so does every man that eneeeeds, bOl4 neves
RIK a won't do sort of a chap eueceed at any thing;
not oven at begging we stealing. No. sir: " aim higii" is
the only way; keep aat upper lip, a =tom* aye, a taw
purpose, and they'll carry you through . all dillieulder and
dangers- We kwow *lshmael We've tried it tried it in
every day practical life—tried It at Peril, at Joer, as Ed
itor, an politician'; tried it everywhere, and it always kept
tie " right aide up with taut." and always will ! Take the
zelv lee, then, at one Who hat, to some extent, "gone thieugh
the mill." and doa't be seared at utiles, for' et cry obstacle
is a trifle if oat Ant blinks to. Lookahntat yonr •Who are
the taco that sacred? Art they your's or
will do's ?" Are they the teen who Nit down by the
way aide at the first obstacle, fold their hand , /Nod 11 11,
op, or those who strike nut 4)111y regardless id' obstacles
and impediments ? The latter certainly': and they ant
eceded only banner if they did'nt hit the stare. they were
am 'afraid of landing in -the mud they know they can
again, and any thing it hotter than stupid inaction to
..1 - rrukt.l. TO as Dasowstitti.—Mr. Milo Randall. who has
been in the employ of.l. Kellogg upon the Plaine Dock the
tun <simmer, disapposord ea Tuesday night, and up to the
time of writing this, nothing bee been beard of hint. It is
feared he has Keen droirned. On that evening he leg his
liaise to go tut the Ware Rome, sine* which, time he has
been miming. Diligent search has been made. and al
though in dragging far Mt body, the body of another—a
marine fermium Michigan—wogs found who bad not previous.
I.s been,inissesi. the mareh has been fruitless so far as lie is
eoneemseli - Iferfeetiy timaillar with all the dangers at the
Irality it iterePie Is supposed to bare been lost, it is a lit.
tie -ingnltir h‘: shOnld bare mat the fate he doubtless has.
t i e.,
itrratia —_ , IL P.iiitober. - 1441:.13as retired from the
Vesbaugo . -.aloe. . The ease, is briefly tamed up In the
fart that ' has "not been adequately paid for his labor,
and is unable/ to we* for nothing 'any longer." We are
tom- to lance , Wkinsbrr from the Editorial held, yet we are
pleased,that be has been enabled to get out of the business;
for his is not a solitary ease. There are many chained
down to the Editorial table who are not so fortunate its get
ting loose. Like a man upon the tread wheel they Oinet
tit her plod on or sink. There it 110 relief—poine! -Though
the dash and the spirit may be both weak, the purse light,
and the paper maker pressing. there is no relief frmalabor,
or help frovidelinquent subeetihers. We are pleated, then,
whet, we see one who, like our friend of the Spectator, has
bad the good fortune to "back down" from the Editorial
tripod with honor, if not with profit.
AL. There is a man in Troy go mean that he frisbee kit
landlord to. redeem the pries of his baud. became he has
had two teeth extrat4oL—Serolumgc
A friend at our elbow augzesue that this fellow is the very
gimp to 611 the remaining vacancy in the Erie end North
Ea►t Bosco.
- se.. The best ;muff is a mint of the 'morning air.—Ex•
Perhaps ; bat the arsalespro4essis aly a snail' of a broil
r 4 beef-stook.
Itry . L , T.. -The Bat hlo iteptalic thus ditesui,, U fa.
for of haying a lot. It will defer this weritlisin as well as
Beak : "There is a anivernal coinplaint with the wetting
the day fahersr arid ateehanir. the high retail • , .f
rent It Is roar rents are szorildtaat: a= poach is pail in a
few years at steak were a pens/meat hems Our wince
ho.. • lot tia some eowlitioa. the beet that you ran. but
)4s a inf. It will he an important sumto ; our 1, , e......121U4.
In.ispetotrut. , Sate year add lismaies and put up a ..hoh-r.
It will net hel i oaglrforo you will hare a retifotialAr Ilona%
that• if ou yea prudent wire. will, a tattsful garden and
plearant, yard. There is .sttuething to tieing *hr. "we . * • f
a little spot on Gods rarch. that impart , 0 G.tiing .1
regtoti wa3 indepowleare. w4ti , b rArol ei' h o l o
no Hat in the soil. Hwy a ,
Nrw - PAPER. —tirnha.n. of ALA
0410**. prnpo•tt to lame the fin.* un,uher a Low paper on
oallod •• rk. .v.,.e. -
b., a largo piano. rontainiag right piaci. dt• la--
kitty. it u most capital paper tr. pro , en, acoi 1,414. -
liroham . - well knowa reputation .1.-.nto • Ow
An/ will be a paper worthy of the aappart all
rhen she INIA laby.paillilky iota Of two( of *O. Phija phi.,
tY.k 110 1 / 4 1l who like a frank oui-spolten r.. aspaper. suit
omham i. capable of making. The trim. rrili I.e 4 2
per annum. f.r.tsru eopiss for 4.1.
Aar The Buga!o papera have had a ig ,hat t- -ay
lately about a 'new invention. called a
.atteh. - Perhaps a "self-ant awilelt" may h. I.;qs
iar ' aia ' a • a s 111,1104 to railmaalat but we have a fi,tinct
recollection of a "self-aeljnetiap switch" Ilwitruee4'ter he
applieoi t o aa , h r otar malmnall nuceowyr. Whether the t.. - o
Iftrli.4)• are upon the same principle, we e are ant aarisea,
.S othow Eoceer.—Last week a are °marred at flean-r.
o.nlaudleoutity, N. Y.. in a hatidlua occupied ley eight or
tan !rich fasailiwa. Daring tloa exciscrelen4 an* of tho.oo
erokt busy bodies who always attend tree. and Au noire
harm than good. eaught wp , an infant, and threw, it out
the , eeeond story. Luekily a 10n a nun below sew it coa l .
ink am( mccewokol in machine' t in hi. arm , . Om , tmn ly
! caring it from cmaaln
~, e " b• Br d° Rouyn Noted give. thip good n .t..p. A .
1 .itievvr t ,Ir with dealers ohs tin not alvertion. Dep.
I upon it. inan_whn nealten. to nrenn ,, i et knotrlaitee of hit
I g , ...t so 1741Mneet , ahem., charge,. Icor:. for an arttele than
a Juan o advertise.: freely. The res toads ohriaot. The
2 3 1
I.svivettiter •olle ttri...::: or four timoil nt many good, as the
, othfr. nod of tonne eso *ford to sell ehoiper. '4...), read the
ladvertis.traeats, and patmait , thote . esasblisksteats thatad
vertit.e malt. Yon may hi. van will gm: , tame, by
t stet. a eollll7w,
I - 11,* Pnblie Loki? denounce. fitfthionahle pawl
oath , thorn "birm" perry .3npel4.. ' gu m t a l c .+ t h e
rteir tbAllt
40 Hone Matters." in the Made Comisurei.d . Ad.
Nrtierr, the nther tiny, headed en ankle. "food neei
dent," and then proeeeded to state tits! Phillip 'Hartman
had his riihratut nrushod to Ideate in the Tearing 4,1 - . A
*team pump. and adds, "It is believed hr *ill rpeocAr.-
-Be` Two wt,- Isithura,‘ robbery neetteeett is t he
twroots of Clevotatoit owe erecting this wool'. Jobo b. Beek
ba. been arrested and itaptionawl on the dump.
Can at No. 9, Drowa's Rotel, aad bay Hamer. or hit.
ram, or vonothiag •Iw equity as good, to road &tomorrow
after dwelt. Dia% forge* St Bow ; if you do you may be
boatload to iloprke your firmly of roar eolaposi u atareb
of tamp at or lea isaocest exekeismac.
st in tb,, , lot 4 those beautiful plaid, p1um . 641,..t rt
ail. ta..l
' changsblo Silks, and Canton Crapes; ahoy a lart 4 . a•••-.
meal of the holt Ore; tie Rhine, Late Etrinit and iodistr
Black Silk, from 26 lo 36 /miles wide.
a . _
I _
'PLC Courtly fie. & ::: Avery largo wtayikeent r : te lif ilakh plain. agoreal
'ilaj, OTWITIISTAN DI NG Me ?nose of Floor. in ocio.equene e ,o 1 soled 8 61,116 r. Rlb l i.; and plain Veh'et I
L‘ ale declaration of war by Turkey., know at. tom by thew and Drikos Triatualn n great 'strper hlick ht
twesenta, that I John B Pett•o., Grin , 'l'7 terer I, the public, i 'lific.• Witit'f 1166107, le„ 'lke.
tore on band and am re - 2.eit tag ti 1 - fee t and: elteppest assort- I . i MOUS,
win ac,,no.titionttric„ T 0.... ft r0v . .,-‘,,,Nuts, Fruits,; Pasta..
awry and Fancy Goods, ever larollett to or opened in Erre. Wy f Ladles Cloth 001111:111, and Cloths, nearly a il e t ,
"" artrarM °' r-mif.°6 ° °mlr3 . r . cl " l ',''''-' carry *War.) of my Lytais black and ral.wod Velvet* for Mantillas. au
own inanulartare. loa.ieilicr it ,tu In, cat•-....e5t Parttime d e tte i „,„
1 ;
lot of Cloak Trivoiniage and Linings,
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(r u m thepe who purchase at wholemle or retest. confident that
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I ran eati•fy the las ns Of the tram faStltliode I hereby tend e r . Staple Gee& I -e,...,,,,,,, 1,104 le. 15-13.
my thank. lo the Put,ile fur , h , ' Veneto" Patronage titer hare ' • h e a ~„4 1,,,,,„,, :he,.
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Eric. :1.1,..-...r. Smter i rtiel Leant . , a 4th had alit sat. bleached and Iwo n. Snow 'limp and Dcrnask Table i l . ~,‘,0,0,,,0, Jay hoar Nht u I Cathtuenerd its esti en. a . .ti
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1.1 Directors rd the poor a r Eil ft r o w ,. at et , t la , . 04 , a ,
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Januar) Bet,. M a thr - a 101 lu , t •MaleOn to :4 - ke ow., n f' ll .,. ; c .,,,1 tt ,,,, , I,l e . ap h e d :,,, 1,,,,,,, e nn t i „, fu nne l, vc heart Taq.,,o, all thought I looked in erify rear . manger than astral.
Poor nee„ and v„,,,of'.at,l,.ol4arty for on . . sir frOto Cud after , Mir Liles and Lon ster Quilt. D asks. belie. isni-Wel• and searr i ely knee %hal to utak.' 0 1 what they enns red a per
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erten, Vesta and • le- nwer272 Clothe. - -f-a•-• Int redo,' of youir- , called hair Restorative. I wale °ante that
Eri , '• Dee • 3 • 1 • - •te . 1 . 1 1•11, 1A:‘ ,kll-001t111: %b. Jr e fro, - •inicrer, Vesting.. eatoless ilago, A.... &v. 1 I sra,, witch troahled with ',swim?' and 'Whine. lariirularly
- . . . .., , a , 2 4 .' B. — Our .t.tea... of Bowe Keepirig G o od., ti,ettnitrig • when In perspiration t but tt requltedooly Ulterior; Mar opplt
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•' a Soap. hero) ha had I-2, rile lb- t•I - every variety Cu in Materials. Carpets, Oil Cloth.. Rugs. ata.ativa t l a re , inol ;) 4 lr all d Indrull" ant urn, tic t and altboagh. wry
until I ti as rowewhat bald. I new hare as
Ike- :141.-1.2 , - ' i;OFI & ~,i -Nr, tit !Es Sititt., Ilregigeta .1 'lettings , are complete. 41.1 woo : ! 14 1
one 'U a head t •- t e f7tair. 1..n1i .11 rotor. t-c , fine.4 ,and lOW' .as I hod
Rd. WI NettpoW e ri roothing *) rasp. the childroe 1 e ,..,b,,, ~... I command the Att r . ion of all who are desirous or buki,,,.: ..h e , man youth. and quite sae:madam. ' lt is mires ap - me to
i also a arranted Inflate lit watery and Datrax-, in 0nt,1,,, ; anr dung in Hail , It e. All of the above Stood.. bare je.t , otte that I nalmweneed to. use a August Met. arid areal none
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• Reader. il 5....4 are tpny •ttearl , d, Cr af roar Ilaaara.c tatting MI,
A ) , thelogiet,.tout receireol. and KIM Wholesale Or retail tat I traitors' Sale. ewe,. at Well as reKteria2 the ~,,,,, , ttetut t teld onset. IoOJW/thC4ll3p-
Dee• 4 30.-19 ; J. IL 111.7R10N tr. CO. gill ,arras and Ira palretlallee tt an order of the lltnlttlu'•• Court plying' dart Far at .k - snot titian al. lot act. UllO the etarrestre
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Coal: Co.! : t 13 of Erie
Arita ley &tented. Will , ri,os c . la sale at I. at i . end'te . ht eat Mla 1 L' i . .. i i ,j i " 0 1 ' t i er. t 4 ,,,,: ' ..;,! ia ii i... , ledariffl ioek t •- and ringlisil.erwhiets
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IL on sods Buell near the Canal, any' anemia of &ee et cub • f..... 1 o fart - el Frit %loadat the •:, , Ith des of Ite-risteler. ii-1,7,3 tteteera ~.nt, . a•-• 1 raw. - .1. looms, Ma . and pontes . yourself
quality, which will he deltvert•l to an') part Grille elty ae cheap ' t.T 2 - o '. - ,, n ,,,, k I , m '
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-1.11 Of the Erie and Edinboro Plank Road rouipaie". will to- held , Kant, as by tits :- . . - e of the ildentittll faillt ,pr Its, hoittale•l 0.,
Pia Chat lc,. C 1"..,:e,:' IVarbinahla ritY• wil.O l l l / betate In
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December veil, at tc • Clcelt P AI , tar the I.2truore at tor Fr.:mos by :lewd owned by lief'''. f ~v,i:,..,, 1i., , .; ,-,, 0,..e,...1.,,,, c ,, 2ett.., .1111 -tte, aana.n. nfraal the different ,ncre. te i . for rotor.
the stoek ofaaii eallaj,lity. fIG , I 11.44.ati1a : Oar: inn- an ratd road .lao
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pike and Railroad COMplalnS anti 4 Ire .tappJed:etat, thereto 1%:.4 . 4 ahOtrlnCle hal: a. •re or I.ati.'.». 61 elut ta.41,,,••t t ,,,t ce,,,,,,,,.. , Y0.1e:4 irr..9l:,,ty, I- .i 2 of flirt. ea aroma, 3
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:wooded ors tbe north 1.) a • :mei, tin tat e.*.e. t. •aa• 1 •at ..:-.1t,.•. , ''''''c' l''' I Y`" / "" - " i " .: /li l u '
Mliodiosines which "Layer fail to cloy Elattsfao. and on the south and we s 7 2 2-,.....1 , .2. .a.. 1 btoek •
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1../ Medical doeic.t . .t::: 1.7.14h1athl 411 1 . ..71...N11u Ole 4 . ..1%Cf5.•
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I , filtstuttoil Or tal'lll'; '".. ' ""'" ,',' I" , 1'-' ~• dehlltlated ~ ,t it lOW IN.' , A 'ti Tit itimi Mle- 't ,tt . 'too. ,t,o - ..rfiecit ;;•
eagle. labor. -4.,(12.. or atp.e..*e. .a , a• te •• .a eltlaa.l :• ~.tia •• ..1 t'-,:: II atatnaa..t., Camps. It. . I 't r ...a • te......1 ; a
Wel. gala a" l lOPPetak • • " 1 1 •0 ° • -„,-,. at ••a • a ,, .e ~. ' ; ),, 01 oil tla- 1,0-4 rat-taiont. Ilea- 1.3.- - . 11att la la • na,a,
coin+, - Vv.. fit tytatllT Linen, Thread. lidg.- a .e . inorritrie.• I ~,
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Airs' a ;food a•-• , -tartmeal Or Velvet Ribbons and a flutist .
test prostration. irratahnity, and all the various trail of I 73 .-Mot Cr.. 1 1/ 4 •- , f 0 ".." 1 , . ll' Ji . . 1 • 1 • ,--- : 1,, . i 1. • 1 ,1 1,..'. octet ra-,> (UP, Barr. ,iaist.ti t - ..e ;ea. I* :„ 0,, ~ ~,,,b. I. alero Ay
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antratation .n: the 1.0 • .., ;_ial ,e-,;.• the t, •, a ..4.11,0t friars + I-. - -,
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lo••• ad atapinory•, mental tlehility . d•-., .1....---Se. ,lvertise- Fee PrAropen. onogre.,--Thi. .0.11.1' • -ow ~a, ar t4 i t ,i; L ii &i,. Wi tt , e ., 0 e,,,, a l t hs ~,d 4a ,„„ t t ir f rr ea t,. cheep bye .
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Whonpt tug I:nien et) rap II ..,••:!, III.: t 41 , 411.• ,1111 • prevents In- - ;
'e' . Salvation schl drop-ey tor the ea...,. It frequently cures in one . ; ER Is coxtoro, I:
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Children are r.hatr liable to er...,.p. e!: Cal dt.•zefoos eivtip,,,,iai • AN 10 W. 11: It f.',N h." , gel. nished has . mtiee nfra lc le j jj., , ,
YEI • :t IN, - , r -I tat two Onstit. warts [roue whieb it 1..1er , aeta t e t e , n ,,,h a te2 2 , in U. J S E.-,..,••• .•••ver WO i..geroup . rata, ' ",,p.. Fors, itifeht Rol. 4 nod Fara is.laxi 2 6.111.44.,
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1... r. I ~., l ) ,, . t . -I. 11411 4111'reo N. ..r Philu.Latiiia, crow IL, , ate te t t e/ 1 •1 t " ln-: • 1}r • -b '''' .. I L IL The t, .• - '' 11 tr - eitowing, with the eh. st and
[Allah wish cure-, aim 1.... .t,taMtl. , t.La i /,,,,. Rh e „,,, et. is .a. I . a...g o •ut
foul" '.1. , 11110`h ~f the ne t Ave the earl. of teutige•r•u•• awl froii• cc.m., P•3II,• IP t it , ' -,.:, •ir ~,,• l‘e t- 1 ' , "'ll • I s le". Car el - Lett pool- ro Le rand in tb. market. Hat. ,or ill atyle•
DY . prioLa. 11 it Nature% own remedy fa lan Utlbe2llhy *naafi ue.. c 1 .... ,, ,tteeli .• 11-Je et,. r t,Se or Mice • -la Neel.. and ?ohms: I 1111 s i i great variety: over fifty s tyle- of Buffalo
fittlittes. I ant., and e h' 1.% beret, tog have pain ~.r ...) at
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'quality. tits hest,itit•Gettuent of Furnishing t . tau
It r • - ' 1 ' 1 " - ''')" laTiNt. I"'rwmlY e " n ' i ' lrl a "'th 'user
Putt ~IVlii.: r•- 'tip', rt IN a, liy,lef:l , ,(A, As '''‘..' foun d in t hi. t a rt of the country; Shirts, _plain wini faney.
HE 11. TH: Sot. the figure of the tht, in another part rat nadiKtnds ha‘e Iwo corr.! nt . alro - :'or , eGtata :Ans.:ma tel•A • WlT.lll•er.. !unwed". Ifo.iory. n .le.ten styles of Crivais and
this palwr: '''' 1 h ."'" -1- ","'" "'" i''', eats,,-, : •'' ! h ".,", '" " l ie ~,I ),' -il• 8 . Scarf,. ilonilkerehief-. Miller. , oce , to., with various other
R e .e.., pare romp:lam...nun st,- tnli 0 , 1 rm.. 0, nallraa 4 ki n d_ ,r c
,t, I i , - ,- • all 4, 1 and
. I .4101 _ 1 • 1 rittraer • •ll• . , enumerate . „t ot
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ip tieteptud—so much Oust sub-eoutraetras bed 1,14 for
the whole ofthe work, intifeaskaad !tiff/to/4ton good . ..rms.
The riled wits a fixed fun; no' tioaht about_ it, until Alfred
Kelly stuck hi; 1:10110 Int,fi the dish mud invited our Dire••-
ton to Bnßnlo. They then for the first time .ay they AM
build the rusti sitkoiat Kelly: .440,00. mutt..? won't
It without u Oriole* of gauge. b this not the naked !mat?
I appeal to ail—stockholders, hidden mud eitiieu•. if they
ever beard coy doubt of the Erie City roadipptil Kelly.
and Riehatoad, and Dettnii tank a hand in the game.
The $108,600 so the Pittabargh road, thi•. our epeCial
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Ife ranker says that if there was any thing in it we ...owlet
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net offeotive *et towarde our whole people-- -
Bat. toy the gentlemen, timm Mite ehaugml, the gauge law
it repealed. This it true. hat fortunately the repeal ache
gauge law 1. not fatia:«therti it protection euD cient
'unit the Logi:4llLitre than hare an opportunity of a teecm,l
sober thought, sad the oppottanio of doing us juttir..
the reeimetmeat of the gauge law Gr. .laillitr prose , -
U. the gentlemen theanitt we were sit toes, they Wire
their camas. in that opinion, bat if they perierere In au of
fensive retiree. and attempt to forte it upon• the people
without giring them a chance to redress their grievances.
they 18..01 Atetri naeleased sad inexeasable. it. Lk
New York, Dee. 2, 1a52.
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.in; iniruediatriy rrtiese them fr,oi pain.
i . allay tiff Triwinilir 1 which never iij t,r ure.i.... a ••••.t.- I 1111'0 i . OW ,- tr Bunion, es , . lino.. clips
aeriki. rollers the puma, reduce Infhturation. and is -ore to trio- thousands can es s . I
hale the newel° , /*Pend oPoll it lhatberr.ii twin civr re. , o ?tilt ALL DiaL:ASI.S OF . 'IL 1ii.iN , ..% i -\1 It 111.44n1i:. "F..i . e. 'SdV• :', 1
: )inteelres nndr elirfaud lit-silth in )ourehtldren Prier tierat. Dr' . As.-4 C.,aajwarst timid ISlreri.r Mali. CLE IC
~iwr t.ttw. , ito i • tee i :Calf one of thr 3 , 4 ri tnel,r. ever uteri fur ,1,..
l'- We hese +Wit err) la ::.e: terrillilt , 01 Mr, VI i um.) ts,' ...Gott:- . carve o the krtirtry... Madder. Jai_ ...nil r.l-4 f.,r (10 , 2..ty nty..c ii a t ,.. :P'
...r .:.,..i, during, the pa,lxli_yearz, oser ..% .000 bi,:et- tar 1:•pr : Aiwa's Ittgidy veettatuended ! , ..y the lilt lir Phy,le. r.otl ~,,,n) wholowe e r
} year We lolleve It the hr , ienedielbe int ilehorld tor Chikhr, ,of the mod ute,:iral ni, ar,1.v . ,,,i. , Price 31 CCIII,
I• .... .. . .. .
tralathio l f a or for the cure Of l),,..entery and Diarrhea ,n tliddren 1- %Hof the *hove Pr...partattoon, with lir Ito.-e'srnetheal advt. Tr HE tune. rib cc having taken She More formerly occo
pied by J. 1 .. . Smith A Co., hate owl are reerl. inn ~;
%bettor it urr . -e.t from (redoing°, any other coo, It giv, on, Ler to pouters* In Meknes and iii health. Vibe had of E IIIT Eft
versa' satisfaction -ncvertiess rd a cotophunt from any one aims . k BROTHER, Erne ; IL ilr. J. 1., TOWN North Kam s N. CAL- , -R•
it-never 1.01.1 a medicine mi univermilly inteero•fill in .rlie. , l.c I i • t:IDEB ' M ead s ale; criftailli"-7.'"."1"." Vrr'''.,,, ''., mit- :hetet t rim. Ne w 1 ork, a large and well del.. - ted
pain 11'4 alreeticit Chris , li. ail .';',..f.- a'...,., •nmed if ; a:co inn i andUtmegitoot the *me. 82012 k of Groceries.
003..01. relief tn 'Wl4[ol,Bll' 3114 **astir T 1 IV . rev ma. • n, lbempber,2l, 14..1 . .
11 : tiny tinorl. net.. bought fur Cash. and Hoot -el tinom 1 ,-
CCII.TIs- & PER K INP. Druggims. formerly of Rang;,,, lie -- V. - --- - ' • ,
now at No 49 direct. Neu York lffe; , :•• arc DD . . , " : COEFORT &,B..IILLEF FOB THE ATTLICTED .
, vimi f to al.. late advance; we would therefore respectfully
neli.o Joshed in all the principal towns in the mate of Scn co oa F Ineincl NI i ':!: .11.1 bis,r.tgrs incite merchants Plat others wanting good. In our line to
iroo. uttictii. ANI. r AIN KILLER The nand .. astotibm- Platulne our nta4k heron• going to Buffalo or New Tuck.
t.l 41 ialtala or. tr-tt , .l cure: perforate.' bv the Cran,, , moil Pi; s, K L ,I• I The Unequaled Medicine We Wish it to befunderffitota that fur CASH good: ran b. ,
It-corm:a orel I .y Curti• & Pertlns, 16 eon, i lax., t 0..., 114 c, • 1,
k .:41% it ILO raai.loVila7 1,01 'II oltCase•a!Or 'lir e pre ci •4 ,ital coo.- 'w • 0 • 5 •• ,-7 E 33 er.v. BLAGR oxy . „Nt; , purchased D. elf , I. hen. a, in NeTS l''. , irk with a , adt/iii,in
phints. cramp it toe lions. -Id stomach, riseumatimst in all ti• 10k 110ReFdi aid CiTTLF -Ma owl tefreeiliriaiiie 4.1 e ;of freißld• I • , .
lons.,olle,ch.ll. 31111 fever lora...ore throat. .ind ;in dee /de o,3for"fir mid CNoring. Or P.lrmrimo ihsedoes, 1 The following will compri.e •otou ...I. thi. *rod.. iu min
tr..t at. it i s dectdedir the tic ; ratied, in (Lc world. Eviderwe , 1 line:-N. 0. Pulfverised. Crushed and Granulated Mite.,va•
of tte. most,iterful coresesor performed by ant metecitte are do P. R., Coffot Segarm P. R. Muscavado, and N. 04
with , circulars in the band...of Aitent•-you way be pOsitiVelt
urn..( relief tf you • we it Million. hi tatilee of tat zuriiic.i,e : .7t101a..,c.: Steward's By - rap, linnet: Green andlßlack Tea.
hale , eon dold in Nbrk England the pont -in On eight learn-it in n . all printer; ilio.Legaarle and Java Coffee: TinhaeCo from
now for ine forsesitue truing introdocedlitto , ii theptinenim titi. ti • 1 (Or to di, per pound; Fruits, Nate Pruner, Pep. ler Piero:t
ie New VW.. tn. Ca•ria. Nentineg.. Clore.. Lair
.. Rice. White roll,
N 0.-ftecureaml v.,11 lot viall'lrs, A. PERKIN! , Cramp imi Mackerel, Cod, i und Herrin: Powder.. Shot, Lead. Car,
rAs &lilt r. All others hearing this itanic are base imitation.. -•
Price 174.'0. 371.srent• per NMI! SeCOrthog to .. t u.. At, fo r . mafely Fuse, 14. Le. In'addition to our Stork we het . a
salethose pore V. ILO tat FART BITTERS, foi the cute of Rd- large stock of t
Emus add Jaundice complaints. Ott 1 at:metal detail). They Wines end Liquors,
idle ken the LOW and give new life and energy to the whole eq.- l •
ten l'rtee only ..17; cello. in Pad Boole. Boy s Paul. Nn. to B' lineh sill Ise iota a& price. that will aef'y rompetittort.
CoUrtlandt street. FCCV York, whole • air agentr all the above 1.,,,,d0n and ladelphis Porter, Seine+ Ale, .10. W.. are
used ie toes, ippliesison for arils ir• or orderatbe otiose med. - also Agentd f Motet's Rudfalo Al
nein...• must le directed Meanie & Pciltin...4llUourdandt Pla..c give old a eall and. we wi
Arm... Zeds York- Al m for Azle by the I,xitow gavot. -Car- .
we 4.9rother. .1 it. iturtost & Co., Erie. Pa.. rooms k. Whin j• no humbug in what we ray.
mcue. We.leeld: s. F. flow, hunk irk: 1. Seam . Forrestvil le Nov. t..-25 ' • CLE . r. .I. C.l l ti 11.1.1
i. V 1 W. Wells W C.,...ll.htattultit I.i a 1.. II Kell , Pain , vine, I SIMP MO& P
~. rf.
'forward. Wood, L. Co.. Clevetaad.lool, it 11 ,
- Wils- -- - - • . P.. 11 Lid. Ciii , . ,•• nal • ~ s s, ......i i ro•k•. !hank. Indian, endi nillei: for plank R.i., Blocks. t - . -.',91
or. B. A. w eave .. E g ol ti.i.... ne e of t h e
s so . r a u l ...' s %ita i. ....
R e r. ..t i. .i.zi rr p:p i ci. p f .. ....... 4 .,,.. ~ iwP r. . 7. .. f. f a t... 4 lik.wealry: r .4 10 inehh92}e-I IA LI in.., aa
offsets of those truly good ligodioduaso stn.. Cnto, Calstrarbern •f Ike iihr,le.. Ceaelea jirgb. Lams.t... Ea", d Spites.- - - diaa 4 PaldP ,-- enall . an
ON CANKER AND saur RHEUM !Testae., ei Jogai,. Fawns! P.0.e.. lbws M4esoper i• rem, ntunvita work. 4e. . 445. s. I) •
Hoer Ail. Biatk It• 41 i r e • ...••• . - tm2ti Strain 'Building. at Elienheth-01. N. 1
/1 " 4 1 1 4`.. fßiiir.„l"lB,,f bereft,rti s tti nninu ani 1 ,,,,, m iti trio; dl 4,,,1,,,,%,‘, 1 i" ii " 11l 1R RA vrio u:. tl. 1. n.L.sw)s A i.r. CAS r.S.
Paw Pow, Michigan. Not .71. ).5.1.=`..,,,)\ Ito tlOO,
Mt-taeS.A. W ~,ycs fir, 1• , 1 ( 1t- nit rare .-'ll3 daughter ' navato China Bean., or Hivato Chinollllo.ll l lllllll.‘ : T WrIMIN Of AllakislobesSioa toeing boon gnatted to
boa been troubled with canker stalr , .:.ll Rheum for tle 1351 ) el. , A arm remedy tor store 'llnolit and burauseh,C.holeraldurtme, is the mbeeteiher , on the estate of Chutney Shattuck
and it increased tidy ratter day in that extent that myself and Elliott. Culotte. Cold.. Ccutalts. Croup or Rattles, Pallotatkm of laze (if amuse townebip, Erie Co., Pa.. deceased. All per
hien& beeithe so attuned that he thought that there most tr. , the Heart. Hoofing ecingli. Arthur or Pethhire. Hoarseness , • injebted ao the estate are ‘t d tomake ' sir•
ergot s e lDltla. 1
wauretbitta done for her, nr •he must diet we tried many kinds . Weak Luna., %A WOW. /LC
of aledleine.. but halt' lalf did bee any *code WI .he rather li r e" - This preparation has fait') won tis truly enviable fasse.:z ate parament,. lad those haying claim. arain.t th.• estate
werde--rbe kept 'thou' "mil to" %IDy• and (raid she must f l ''' wavy a hard contest. But the Mole.' and character on the NI . wapiessOprope i- ot thou for settlement.
um CO to bcd and the. there ax• DO help foe Der , The DD''' ' trim.. are beer diertnated try the worts of a manna. Boman Mel.
skltifid Phy•iclatts of the place attended her, and no help c0n..1 ~,,.., ~ I cant o ' I , SA LIM W. PRATT; CK. , Adrionirtrairers:
atte receive front :heir ltd. If she took any nourishment it i situ-' I 4 ^4 '1 41 ' 4 ' 4 .
nimbi produce sotudine. her hand. and face were complete') ,
covered D all TOM. her strropth had worn 311 a ). OW Trend* • infalli Ma and tto Mistake. Sweet's Ximg of Oila Nh „..b.. s, I Oka.
and neighbor , gave her up t• - • it la .0U 11.11)•lel:Int DX , . "Aid there This i- a ovular rare-ell medicine in every ininerice in which - -
was no help for her they could not do her any typal. I emit it ha- Le_ it ;wooed, Ii n a . proved inset( 10 1* Ibe beat and most
not bear to we my daughter dyina with that dirtminung ram - elfectual •tsvidc ever orn I neruirti, for the (nlitoving disease to
plaint,alihough I mum, .s. I was almost dim. Qatari' oty•ell *- it hien mankind In robot* • h bars bre■ frond an /10//Nn Cars
bearing or your Canker and Pall Rheum Szrup. which red no. O r pi'es, rfid stores with or without pipes forasehrrprains.Chale.
to procure our 'aortlf• of )017r ;le iii• E 'smith IL Co.. of do- pet% nand*, Fred' Wound, rlali Enomi. tiara Tammy, Chill
place. about the waddle of Augum •h. rearm need wing i. 4 , - bla,ns. Moises. Weald lied. (*ratline. Rhesintathron.ertek or
~,,,,y,„„,., to th rec ,,,,,„.. ~,, I t in , si .9, Or firm de, the look rim Paii.• in the Back, aid Rotlathoe-e or the data. it ha* been
said .1w telt better.dnd it mopped lir r I Malting waif in lit e s:at a fdleol to re a perfect killer of Iled-flogs! A grof Here- I. cfferea
she could wait the trout with a little itelp, she continued LIII. , . for:: tit.. I ~,1.1.,,,0. Mint h„,, „ it i l ie E ing o f ti ii iis p li ti e d to him
woof your !Odle tun ant in a fen Aar. the Canker came into Woremilsd- Pence wily Si Crag,
her mOtith. I proetured one bottle of your Canker cure, end as , -
plied it to Oar ranker winch •oon dimppeated. the Citrate +be . W C. Sweet's Family Curative Liniment.
used freely on PPr *area a loch soon cured them Mtn 1 1 0 1 11 f
AU 1i0U114113.1e Vine Ur retie( fOr Craluta. Natoobswas, primes,
of you"/"P , 'rive iiin " .l " 4 dantHer. ' " fr ' nthe in stow V " . gymis..r. ',lit Aue in the Face Ve nue. ileadand'roceh
IWO') and atoMlesillt , Atll !.1. it all to i ir. it. A. Weaver',
~...,,,,... 1 .,,,..r . w0u 1u.. 4.. • • t a l.ii,,,i u ... ,,,, 1, .. ~i iit; i t, (4....,.k,
Gaoler and gala 11.6.;.4rU Syr,l i.. 1 believe this ine,liciiis I. l •
done abut nothing else could den abet we toOnt etteerfttlli 're' -
owunead It to ail who Kiev he treaded with that complaint. W41.W.13 OW 810 U TI!
Ties. A. Weaver -Pty •If you Conk thin incontontion 'No .. pi. W. C. BWeeri Celebrated Infalllble Eye Water.
*t r out antler. too me al DOI litierty so ntibli.ll it to 0. 4 . ~,,th t . , _
,M , _
Savo revec Dully. ain and teamed a, .2
11ite A • ...Ife.,,ltiltDO*4 or writ 7:.
Mt., tIAISNAII lIIIAOO3I, danybterotlVll.l l ANNE9 -- Warranted . .
Ur S A. Wit..VEL -11rar SR s 11etre. me pleosnre to ray .• ,
that the above will be etx,sidered by Ott who are scauslated getsurr TL OF 111 ALI.
with Mr.. Hannah Moan. a .onside statement of fiche given . Dr. L Vouiderberg's celebrated Mother Tincture
yc r,i
withal:me hope of alternating intering. I would add tom toe rah, I. a , aa ,„..„ mia a. t h at win & „ ii linpthi, Ii h ai , t wei , ,
certilli ate Is film a sourer. le the togherf wow reliable. sod org own 0,,,, ;',,q, it ., ii
„ ,„ e „, iihrikinn in be. m i ., of c o,
worthy ofemaddenee. Treat , truly and rineerelk sod a awe preventive or rare for Cilti I. t.R. A, and by as timely
Oet. inkb.-1119 ‘• " I WA III ow man' lire. we:, .. ii ..., , lirtult the prerairoceof that disease
"--"--"-- Is this country in Ina). -. see then it ha I•een found very Ara.
cit.'', In Chrism Diartoc., It•enteo or Bonet l'oulpillet.Chllh.
never Ague. awake Pain-. Canto-red Mouth, Drimptug Aydin..
• Padua ea the ikrveo, 're, iteAel.e.,ke
Oa the 22d alt.,by Rev. J. W. Cierriacid, Mr. J'ERE• Wed sot deer liner...Moo Publish a thalami"' "rlidd-a l d •
MUCH 0., ICERINIy. and mho ANN E. HAympyyty4 a sa turn , tr.:Deluca are all wan-snarl. there, enat, all to give
Mintreek. , time 'air trial roe ate by J. 11. (tattoo W. Co , and Amara
4 da‘ on, Erie. dad it Country duos. generally Poe amber
On the 2961 of 00 Raherr, bY K. ildldLoos Est. Mr. JOHN aartleataritere holphO•is i a hinds of Agents. All Orders preempt-
KELLY, of Itlehlgoo, sad Silo TE001)01111 prrrrr, of ly executed by soloo.ins W. C. SWEET.
Volumes tit, Elie woraty. • Nov 111, . Roebetred. Zd -N.
Oa tab . 141641 Siglobble. iff the mow 111. lIIRAIt Baltimore Oysters.
11[1111fIlf, sod Miro Brum HfIfIDION, both of dimity.
ON Mil *Mb ii54.. 3 4t marel, Mr. ALBUMINS GRA. SI TE are doily tic riving by uprose *ten Man Dahlanote.
• • Oyster. ante bra twality, width wt bier flor as* by the
net /t ell Mho ilArnarod VAN - as sad Jaffa's. Au ankrithon ilia eatistry lakmarly
014000 Ire "sway.. - , issedmltr. Nor. is. ISM al.Allit at
' KENNEDY & ----
wnoit.t.,AL E t lerrAn. &atm Mess, Crockery,
Brittnais . Bohemian Warn
Lampe., Dow*, Maks,
Mirror*, Vast* at. he. Chino Bail. An. t, Emma Mae
state. st. Erie Pa..
,s. C. KEY:U.IIT, A. a. nu
- - - •
Drie.ace. it, Steree, Tln, Capper, Brut, and Sheet hen
Ware. liestty*F Bleck, near the Court Route, 'l r k
W. 114 Emmy up by tbeembet riber II rise tlymmit tow,
eor mer ts• Greene. Pn the aim of November. a led
Poodles Heifer. mph white hind km. and per Wbiie Oe the
beltey and cad Gila* tally Ate lea es, cropped and Tiro
Monet in requester{ aq None, Prose prohert v. pay elute* and
take It mar. l I. 4. HALL
Dee. Sd. MSS
- -
Sunbury and Erie Railroad Company.
Ph , lade4phia. Nov n.I.PaSi
A FIFTH Instattueel often !VANE,. pee qbare 00 ite. Capital
m o ,k ° ro w company rtqUireJ to kr paid et their Deep.
No. SO dootb Third #trret, Philarphl.l. 011 'Pata:My the firth of
December neat. fly ~,aer or the MI.IIIIOZIPTS
Dee. Id, I PSI. —Pt*, PHILIP vl PRICI:. Trea-tir..r
D "
plikliftimi.4 Geo n tne for .ale br
Dee. 'll.-29. CARTER M. 1:11.011I
Bulls/v. La.•.
bit ittiiiiite irestaigo, BUR
'A year of his sp.
Stray Heifer.
r. G. bi1416111.L.
U. Ott .Irr .11 lOP orm4 .117ntrr 40v,r11 ill ,1,
....1110 , 04e1.16 lAam emit, f pile, Ailirl ' Al/O
WE arr now ofir ~ r •encl n.-. min. id .te Fail and
Mater Dry ' ennsi.ting m l nrt Freneti
14.1 Eaglial k 3befiwaq., CluLilitoere, Safi]) De Chite , e,
b Cloth., all *viol plain, plaid and GPlred Dc Ulla&
Persian Twill., Raw Silk and Sacnny Plaid,
Dninhatine., Ilapnen. , , Ile Byre nr Tritvolinr
Silks! Silks!!
As My. to Clinistuuro.
I%Xi new opening a spieadsd assonausit or gold lVule4,..
~eh .leweiry awl rusty Goods, to quit thr tiulyilat .. r.ilt
makers' andotbars ate asked to WI and compare gouds and yrs
yea with those who have such yeas tors - sow 'and large Week*
Adventismd is the papers. T. Y. AtjatTlh.
0et.111,--14. ()opal's* Browa's hoirt.ikate street.
tit PI: E SsiuTsitrisittorthihrokiteiiiii - ditek itont - ine Impo ---- itit•
ope this enly at On Boggs store to which the ;mention of
.. LA km ii retspeetlYttyeatted. Nov PS la A V.ISTIIIf ENS.
4 1116 Latest Illtrtoo.
7tH Ladles wilt baill at Soldiers & Ety's s .ere 1.00. 41.4.4.rx•
t of Drees (foods e0n.14 I ne 01
1 b Merino. Paralbeta.
, man do, Coasts*.
W Maid.. k law=
tumors. All wool At SeLalues.
. i Vii hie eauaot be torpossesi is ,h. or ant ~ther e,ry 1 1 Enr tnw
- - - — I
— frieiniiiii - n otice . - - - { raess o quality and eheapor.i.
- I 'Oet.lt3.—ft. • AELDES & ELY
jHTTEILS' Totten:penury harlot. lien granted to tho 1 lipiLtzibits run tilt! mosrlll. A liev - rm;Pril. kit at
.4 nth.eribirP 011 the estate of Petrick O'Brien, lite of i ,Pto.ll tenants'. Sleek. i
xtiiterroit Tonineltip, I. a/tressed, AU persons Indebted ' • t atnimutior soirca. •
to the estate ars ellstalettell ie Mao iellelleahtle Paymentsi
i lINHI ,13) meetred a rood amortment„ such so , remelt Mabee.
And those having elaisas Against it wiltplesse_present them . 1 11 llow - and Rounds Plows. Dadaesadisters, Sawa Pluses ,
l•ir se ttlentehrl CATRARMP, O'BRILV, 1 t „ , L oa d 04 ilettd e tus, Adze. Aspen. Alert Liu. Bowe ma I
PATRICK WENTREE. j ''.'' ; entu. viders.COmPueo. Mem , . Salm, Mm' led I t = Han"
NO'. 5, 1553. ' , 6 1 a, tile, Illevel-,'rq dqua et% Head . RV' IT elt DAL
-• Erie , Ott. 42„ ISSI -• ,s'7
1 iiiiiiioniii.l pu - ri, ii , iTsW7al;dim i uoTniaii iireii — trow rt. , - : - " 3 -
it Nov. 11-IIL MOOKE'B.opporite Brown $ time/. i 1 1 ":2 r, a l l anaarala as • ' Reed 112 "e* Runs ~,,..m .
VitEelb bemoan selling at
J: Erie. Nov it, •334111 Opposite Vlttswa's tio llid terrt a ta k ier ' st. lthrAw rii"itiine Gaiekti WV. al:go• 3 Roil/ 119004 .
-- - .. 0 1 : Erse, Ott. 33,1513. 11.tilet'S RECO i
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t`liikiik: italliTiiiro.ifti,e4 Hoerr.
‘...1 1 Eric. Oet. rt. On. RV rrs REED.
is --- ..p . 6,- ,.. iaititi., --- .7.4.4t atNi.libeedil i ct i t;
;-; . . IM3. _ . ~.._ House _.
I, 1 RRY COMM C'ards, and Swishes Si No. 3 Seed
1 lli Pae. Oct . 13, 1533. It 1' ri , 3 :exen
JL • stop la arid examine the larsen aosocurieso Bay dial, ,
A *ad equate shawls ever offered its this war t, which
1 coltienporchaeeati very small per cent ad Rota N ew
cost at Oct. Yl. JACK/lON SON el.
Cliattora sad Shoot Iliad& ---
I ', lii‘ 'l ls. Willing'ere_ MAY crate th e anemias of It La.ttr.o to
his Stock of %Jokers. feeling snored that he shalt he nole
in pletaate theta with prices It they will please him'wlill a call.— •
get ewe, ateo,a riewlyeatanped assortment of Sheet Moak. and 1
Le comas Os receislop additions, and as be ban an rim room
wilted any can whet deir pieces at Meow. he &inks they will
glen him thalscsatont. Any tousle not on band will be ordered
&it. Nov• IL !Ma.
WOODEN and Wilber iarr a good reriely at )1100RE'S
VT Now. lt '541111 . Staid wee
- -
- DOCIWICIUMII and P4one Ware, aPy quacatty selllugat
_PI Erie. Not. it, tain-1111 T. W. 31100 i
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sheeliespin and sehuhai dams tVelr
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orposnz BROWN'S 110121..
'MC aebeettinte W prealeed within a Ira days a haw ala•
J. worm eras Calla Waalwa,7olN Tea sad eared Mai".
Itrawileta. arm( Ma. War Ric e I=s. Uttar, Jewel
Cohan. waver sad head Pan aatlapiaish ?AM
weather wish a west variety at Waitaki' aavaaia=lllle
the Warta," Aria, NM. VOW4g r.
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at VOW%
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JCRS fai t:.1:
REBOWA 15V1.,t
tirry rhea', tor Cnoh. If yon ,e 4.11 ro got
nt .ate hundred pet °eta, n..ut t,' the time
aett No. S. Ilrowit'a Block. dio , r n• rth
!tatting Store
Fura repairett "r atubdo to utt , Ler:
re•rs too J. M. Sauk c...; •
80. 7, Bonilla Block, Brie.
fir v“ii liin: til,:e
- IcatrsiS.
___......, , ..iiimpipamnirviss ON.-1 if Iltil!liforns olr Tan litibirs%
_ 1117 L: ematman fininlnil: It sratdidsrat 'oat Oft.
'be sid pane, ,
, pig,.i ten dots* as atatehialatalailli so snow I
twig *Mi. to Mallegial till s lbw ass lkakreakkr En* I
wkieli wintations pay Otis perwasswey to its Ostend alder. In •
a very awn Um, maw Instil and essay fa a. Min
at ma the MIMIC Ma lainellet otoil Katy Ossari . tad it •
die hair is pm* It will stet bring It oat as atwadaat koala- I
tablas bettor, aid It it W vanweithy. and liallieggor, N WU se
rial this tendency M Once. aid tenon It pergeedy , will re
ware all dandruff lbws the scalp, as weW a t a a u l irwra w s I •
i tchin g . It will nemove lay cutaneous emotions. sorb as wall
Bead. kt. It bindutriment and Coloring matter lb lbs or-
gess whose oaken I.IONIPPY theme seeretionn,all4 Oet/ le •
tonic, and thus restores them to their origins/ vigor and stretigth.
In abort, it is precisely what has been so long sought in rain—
VIZ • a perfect hair Invigorator mid tonic, for both old and yooni
for it will in a very short time make timbal'. of any one. so mat
ter bow aged. Its original colas. and as soft and teilatifel as
when they were but eighteen, and Ifonly occasionally applied it ,
will rewdet the hair of tbe yams ranch mole ImantlMl than an
der the influence of oil of any description. and if repeated oeea- .
sic:malty it will arrest all tendency to become gray, •nd the pro
prietor is perfectly satisfied from its effects upon himself, (tor at
37 his bead was st bite 35 the man at 7111. and now no one could
imagine hag ever sad a gray hair.) that Wads preporsilon to kept •
05 bead, sad used apace or twice a, a eek. that pelves' a iii newer
ha". a May hair lithe gentleman or lady should live t• be a bun- ,
Bred tears old. This preparation is no humbug, nor the mull ,
.fincutal Ilannetnal/oa of the writer: It has been taidowitted t:
,_ the „ , WC " A I , llo faugh lens, and upon the moat re:specie**, and in
telligent,..4) say teirntille,greparmen of fit. Louis and v win
i:3 . and vela leinen knots u for their great talent , . end strict linea
r ltY. lb' I4oPrietor will at present only wleet (MO the many l•
ill. ne` , C.o o,l the ldilowinacenifiewies, as tbe) mei near), ill
Lt.O . ln I h luau} e 'limn. of Li Lout..
I a, ,". 1. judi
Iff'd Ivonderl4l edger. My halt unu. becolitieg.Mt I thoagbi
; , reinatarely gray, toot by tbe uses'( Li, u lite+gorsiiire,l it baa rr
tt• original colnr. and I eno doubt permagirntl) on.
SID? r.y nagise.
rienator :!gate.
Ind, Jun! ta
. .
P rut. ii. J. W one—beat Sir As yOu are about tO niant; fac.
tureeztentot ellen / rend your difebv , Ped flair Ilem,r.
alive, I a 111 stale, Ibr whomsoever it may concern. that 1 h ave
'writ a n d known nitters to non it Thai I have kir trona! year.
been in ttr habit of using other flair Restorative,. , oil that
find your* ea.tly ~uperior to any oilier 1 know. 't entirely
Oranges the bead of dandruff. and n It one twain'. proper .tie
nil remote and twripon's hair to Ow nripna: l n 144111111 color :and
teatore. etyma a a healthy, "eft and aloto..d allPenranee. and all
thin wltnotrt dtwobaring either mire band. w bleb apply it, or the
dreg on *Minh it drop/ I would. therefore. reeasapornd
to erety one demroa. of , ne a fin, eolro and textuke to hair.
KrIG, of t:ric. Pa
Rea,l inis Inner Cram Alderman Ring,
Mr. bey in. --dirt Your Lozenge sells Intl', said gtlW WM-
l • l ' i ' t fr. JUue:tlo. In.itt. a l natelfaelina (brat, Putoton.try ernaphitais. t* Owe I honey
, - Prot. aVonu—Liear ha A. yo.i are about to prepare and vend , know of a case where it has been med. but lass k awl INNSlmrir
1 YaketaliFillardlisovele4 MO r Ilteruirative. Lurt as min request' ed a eure. I recommend It with confidence. TM Mat waft
' 4 '; rkb ! M e a ry ir ,..,p °P gr of h y lL ' a i n l l , „ n f r„,„,•,"",,,, L i... 1 1 0,14 Z..; a, mouth! sista gulstse if gou think proper. tbr I think all 'khalif. illarlikliNe
l i
a Write . Mier It areullard it. original color. anil mime its agitation all
dandrulfbairdisappeared from my head. and I Wore II Ll'OU•
bled WII/1110 diseases able itching of tee scalp. I a ,aiiilied . I .7 ein tle be ssAr . =ma. CHA it LW E. lile ir T.
/1 . CriirS MA itt. COLDS ON Till L. P.
New York. Oell.r. WI.
i there whoa.° it will nal regret it. a. a rites the r sot only ' alt. Ilea ines—ltear Sirs. It is with the highest
4:Agnate tt. original Color. but it , aMe appearance of 3, amg been ' in Mr 1.4 yon that your Compound Pitch Lozenge
.0 a l l reerentiaolled. lam prepared, therefore. so rec o s s fus eh a a, iris' ~ a sec y. hard emit i have had oa my k ayo. an MOM dna. I
Malt wise V. dollatra.. 01 hut '. t t tomulifal headof flair. felt it.n effect of thews in a a ery few Miura
If I. vRT. A. R. JOHNSON. Tohseeou is,. 444 .
, r , 5 i . ....1 l ati ms e erworisersided )our Ldattege to a 111=eir
l ' i . . lA , Ir.. J. , ..ri le. itja. ' irgendr. who. mace thero.tiare teted it and npealc of it hew. bilk
e..tuil..i , Prot. Wiron—lscai air. — Attlee I have used }um recently ill , . eid terms. , A. It. 1
covered Hair Restorative, and you request to opin4 e iti of rt. I i BUSINLJ3 i/L.Y. READ THE FOLLOKLMIL
, e t,. 4,.. a ill state. fur all atom a ma, concerti, that at the - of thirty H ." aving sold Devine.' GO/DPOuund Pitch Lamm for eta last
eight I tt ae gray a. the man nf .eventy.knd rny hale Pilling off. . three ',maths. vie hereber
tfetity that theiMert with* realty Millin
c ' ere S t i . r.
. ocothat Iw . a. almow eomnl,.etelr bald. bealde., I ails Muth troob- mei judging from the irraesentationoLof those who test_ Meddle
ten_ With vandru gra ill Intolerable itching. but aver ...NOR several medicine.. se belie.... it to he a valuable remedy tar Ole dimities
, Wide., of your •A olioerfql lalYilaraliVC my ha. , ItAllierd to °fill.. ' for whieb II is merman:Needed and tU
ented to the coagillww of
5;,..5.... nal color. Hie dandruff disappeared entsrtiy, a• if bansigie. au t . the public Worilt Eit SMITH, Meschsarta
apt.: f,, all ttetuni. and the hair became soft and aloe.) iII a Pc , . t..nee - ' Pittsfield. Mass. Ja u". - 11. I.
and all tbl. I Feel I ant under ontigation to any I. new .if th e; 1 In a ll eases of cousaloption. use my st 'simmer eta-trek OR
v. rrimi , betwr
, I. rived. I would :lei malt to +sous Una 4- 00.,' has.. a j drift. on thereon. and 3+a strengthening Plaster Om pato la Mit
r ill the new crop of hair. and no I...e.tari toxild ere.. Itnaltine that I mai I .roe or baltlt. Ttt.. Lozenge neat beneficially us every Jr.tll Of
ever rta:t . S. iIL HER WIN 1 ire. 5 ) .10.m. find, inakey , itsteandetrengtb take tbe place of wet
! I ne..• and ilebi lay. 0 trections fire use ou each boa.
1. I. 11. rirLLES & ' 0 ...P .
No 3 Treviso:ll=es SOMOO
"1"0* hum order. be addressed rircislars and cart%
.tent with Of lief IL 10 Arta+.
I'ARTER k BROTH PA sote Agents Par Enc.
Abet—A. R. MOORE. Wholesale Agent kw Draffido alio vreti.
, F. Kept. Al. 1P33. - Iy MI
and tin
Mew Millin 4'y Shop 'i - -
• 1
~., a .—• , r Itti.l.N:- iS , ii 0,04 ittliirne 111 , La.t. k., k..rbe Awl
... VI Vic..!l‘ll.. that she ha- openiei a , ttan on the th sole a
air rut lir ..41,:farr, too doom eas4 of Mr, Dairie•e, wimp. she to
i .
tot. nretare.l to receive eu.tonti-f-. rrotiettee I i•sperierovi
_ /.it tic ..11.4U.4...........iwe. ill Ow .h. ti :if her 4 , 1E4. re._ K. Pur
i.. iix 'w;ie- ,ii iitav plesat dila+ Wit patron:ion r ?be bat
PI hilittrt 21..c‘i{1 ,t,.:}r. of ilipola 14r mie,conrislin of Rontlets.
R,'' ' on, I . ..4. , . I' . t . r. gur4er i arnei HO .rq. A... 1,2 (.) ltilPr%
, 4 1,..c; .Ij, :Me ~ irl in, elOak., Ht nn, and flni.:. me& t'ur
tli.-.-. tion. -s tu hitt. i-13 their n ii lint inlet
i:' %linter i'cittions for Inca rtnedi Ilkonfeee to few well.
Mr"Proinati of dltfrnent Wilt *VI, ' V.14.—1L
i n.
, . _ ... , _ ._.
r il - Fh p: L qiit I , 1. , , —I 'ilyeet. Vail Rind, :1114 drlleilid-
I 1,4 ...n :-.11 . 11134%. Cii.tar , t-,t'y I tan-. Loventre lra udy Dog..
c.i‘. %We, .5...! .G: ' 4.4)er & :f.lKri 'ED
/4 0 . 1..... r. .t..1.-.1,
•Tr ‘.. „Lt . , 4...: -
II i,t , ' , N, •• t•
rpti1,11.1....;,. i .
.-:r.,, , ,1.,,., Of
A liiiii. 11. • : 143 —1 '
5r.. .1 4 ..., 4.. c.! ..1 /fade", Mr salt. cl
k..) '
-:' I
. _ .
1 1
or g rl,,:,‘ 0. Tr IS aai: t 4
1: ~, I ,l§ p , r I lip.
-- - -
11 . 3 .. , 1 ,-.. ,•;u,l :rticlg•vf i t
-Ir , , iut...4i '
ri'll ~.. %11 I 4 )11..1.1 11 , 11 0 ' ,, 11 rlll ,, S$
i .1111 , i
4()0()I""" I- 4..-",',1 at
• r ' ,,. ...,...".., , t. vu!
)0 l
io t: ,1; 1;:t : :. Dll,l ‘,1u11.•1,
D R 1 4 : , - 4 , 7 1 , Tro to tti 1.e% .L
;:11 riot, at -
ur I. COCiTII 6..11 IV 11t7":•
D dN N I . 1 - If W.. Rit;l•ot • . pct. it.. aikirsk:lo I
ebea r•a 1 •• 1... • 110 ,1 4T11 . 4.../ . l:vv,tirr
rlikiliP(lß Eat:, 4 't +, Im•rafr. 16.!a• Z“ , ./
klhaskl of :01 :.•n at • 111 POTH 4 STr.V.•
VI•21i•IIII 1 r. know-k aid • itim 0
Cba...t• ; • sr...Ng:l'k
rsie.l.i.: ..'..-. t:5.1.
• 1
,O:LCIIVF:.... 4., nenta. Mal tirnit ,. .ip. •.t Ole 1.,..1 it, Ow 6e121,et
Block, 11. , •t , r^ . P.o riKoNro, ' NI t 1 - . le+l-1
pjf.A7.r l ;oll"'l - 11 r..^ --c:+,l. 1 otri : , .r . A i 11; ..,-. cooper ..0,1
flrt:tani.: v., %f •.... %lA.: J. fr. nr•Hi.ll.(Eir. err
lip4J..{ t t,I t,-....'r0 , .I, 1.:n.. fr.l, ,1:.• I frlti.o'.lMO. for ..•!..
j elo.vo :, .he tmr , ,•- 1 ”1-...-11 if/0 1 1 J. H. BriLic..,. It 4 ~.
ly . i,11 . :.--Tho..e 1. t.. 1.•.,;: to I o, rzibta,,, ,, : ,) I. n . 11.1 -tr p •41
/ to caltbn ri.,7t, ‘1,...a.01pt ..• ;tolrr,,,lj ;
Uric, May 1.. -.1-1—•.! .1. 11. to VT' IN ,L,l . . ''.
L.i11111) 011.. by (bp La rr.;, , f (..+l. , t. of t. ;rep. riurfitml,... ( r
tale [heap 1.) .lay 1. , -. '.l.l—e J. ti. Hi . 11[rv):41 ,Ig I'. ~'
(2A1161.::i r l /:111.1V.of .•1,.1 , l i hr. licit - 11d 01,ft.1 , 1
•-• 0 Paper. bs Mar 2-, •53-, ..:. ./ .11. NI. ittrf)Vit CO •
. _ _ .
D • -- -
ALM 1...e..if, 1.1-8110ro r .I', 414 2. 4 1. a ....... •; , 41. r k , ,, It. of r'..,t,
.I. °ter tiro-. % ery hilt at. Low II . •. - .1.-- I . J. 11:!C, -t IN ',.•
4 11 vA,P Berm and box serar,r. ,
1 Junr 4.1.11-3
25f, ••• IV: te , rletl w.
TO , p4t1.1 m.l own Writ r, el..i
to i t.,
ikt. 15 , '1161111....S SIAN
- - -
.4NERN Mkt Crap/onto. iNe. • ..
_,......_ .. _
...I ES of all 41142/j16..- t . ,pritor NW. ,- 1 i
(moral leaf ToiNsero, ,o-, r, rig..."..
Dia) •.'S, 1,33=-1 :a El it i: i. f f k. \GE '‘ Y.
Ti INERN and ertrprnutir tboi-, ,1 i ne,,e ao.., , •tevri'. .4•1 s ,1
'J be itsli nt price. 1113f3Till I VY , :111 , rCtRilt ,
Ott , —V. , : 4 1:1,01.ti Si.' ILI
, tt . ..
L()CIO, Lajelle,, tailig, Sven., ke .11:age zp.oaritaflo. o
ItltCalove artier. ret eive4l direct fr .1.. t. ,oai.of.i . etrot a... 1
Will be WU 011iusuall low by' °Mt/. :I'.l.oill'N k ELY.
CleriHt; rues t.(4,111n..b , trg It ; :let •:r - .I the AO/ OP Of
Julie 23. ISM .41S'ilITT a, ot
HOitisr. RAKEe4 at tie 1110 fell
June ea.
.1162 i
er. Lig-
From Citizens of Rrie and surroandingainnitry.
TENOW alt by these presents. that A. C STLVSIIIII. fingris
• EL tor d W Mew Mere, 210. t. Misfire Peet, at eight' mad
will continue to sell goods ates beSo l 6isktat kw Pr:edn an wee
Purchasing We esJsb»et from ire iluipartets 'sable. Menie se'
front le to 1.1 per cent cheaper tbia n an) other estilltillsholdia
west of the Atlantic eldest bit greet auctela n far >r Con
firm this statement, connected with the tact CI his always dews'
reedy *ad willing - to stow Inn pod. and gore !VS prices Say
your goods at the Bellew Sews and you will wive gZr
tentage which evely mak paying glummer thlasstly eat. -
Tbe superior advaister of the Cash pat tag eyslifti OM Moe : 4 44
Rey plan of kiag e t and ;wirer pat it... go ewer 1 tee re
war that be a setting goods tens :ids co.*. lint be this as tt sat
• we are detessoieel to bay our good wh , re wecaa bey ollsitehete
est and besa.lkeeekate after hey/lig ei. , mentied a Irwin* levy--
tag %male and domestic goods tor we wt 1 sebeat die .10
10 die dlocrlunisation awl wantons oleo ewelereeseriesses
eta to bl'k dress 'Oka 0 eta per • ai•l a Ti g er's do 7 6 rut Pr ,
yard; Tasty plaid sad changeable si• kg grow egg so 1S rte pet
t eat de Lake all co per into es pee Ird , Vie_inisea
itteettne• 14 eta per ynrdi all wool tlaatiet IS ets per yacit. net
• great vat °Vs at prices rotten) , low 100 gash
Wis. Nev. EL la
liiiiditivrTerlity Rairand sass eisesset.
eabseethelf Is aaticipatioe of a good whites Weft lir
folly replenhilted biz stock of Grheeries. MASA
Chttibraki ----
WOMBS sad Willow ware. wipaaer w ith a 001111 1111111•Hpi all" D
V able Netieest let funks/ yeintriort call at he. I Pim reir
VOW epesiag dap illalt....elarp endrigesis, as radios • R ow g row n., glow • T. W.
firesiegt of Olaa. Glow aad caaamear. a SWIM' ..Whey wti0..16e7f1.18;3.
Moils Wairl4l%4. .11plese. vows. es.. us bLZ
lower tins Ile !NW, Clef is boaallaik itod all Q11:11112 1114Piliti,ef gge bast qua . *kW ummo
ileaws .1
11111111101 INT WILIN. 0 hawed bribe kw stead WNW
Bei& MN. fiffieWlß 'rot. •
_-1.41 , ut- tor I r •'nrmly
111 , ui
rt. dun: Pi,.
%VW qt Fr:"
. fin . ^ I
T 11.
ca - to
ap laC , h Its
Marta Jt 12t.m
and ath
i at ...erne
W. V. Hi
Ctreorlr•. tar-41-I
eilintp at
%%WI" Tr. rt and Mack,
al it RPCIIY..
-. 50 I 1 , 1.4te1. White
110‘ .rter VT%
. . _.- -,..
1 6.----7,
. ..... 7... . ;:1 .. ,, .
-.7.-:>4. .4r:'
) -" *.44S tir , ' S
1 l . (1111A 1) .
.. - .
n 0 417 . i is e ass
T .
It F. Git r. Vl' REM Cali" is at tam diteoverest. 2114. that lin
destroyer of human haw:uncial At imgat ill AIerVINNOW '—
Consumption shall no longer rob 00 tired des oldies MOWN
ornaments, and rink many eget:lle spirit to an Itintissely orseire.
Coneusaptron can be tasted: Aseenta will sotto bees art Wino
that were: and Coughs and Colds, the parents (Abet ROI disease
that $o e pos beings win us the houses Oben Wade ma* 1115 If
1,,, magic, before this iSOVEZIGN IIUteHT.
rt. , . pleasant and safe remedy Or ameba, Oakhr.
I 0.. t it cows and Consiunprdon, ~ beyond doubt thoelinalsest UU M
loot elle ient wed le Ise Car °feted to l^s Rohl le , one doted be
enniiia nits kept on hand by every !atoll,. espeeLVvitiedilldigk
to ;I%c for colds. tough*, Ike • 41 “ e aria ten:tatted:4ow Awl
been kept awitke all Right with M. pnidgen. w i l e ro e
with colds. Ulla "fie „lire Nate se seed war earth edit*
beg I. am," and, reader, It out, cost him 23 mull Hi
would bay bi bores Or milt! •
Mr 11,,, 1.1,r. Itearilly reouturnetaa PAM Caril
Poch I Arzence to the attention 01 the attictod. tle ervilee.
lion of %re %Arles ILlntecon. of Lana/new% Wbe Wee rap
phut with
toy brother. at the Poothlteenate floret.)
tbe l owne , (Of rough and pall. Da the alde oflOngagandgale..
The physic tans tt abater , of the luny ha ere retiewthli
meolutost intreediutely It bias also eurod toe atom mad paw
fat romirelieffl. I confider it the best and cheapest medrtes
r!rer brought to tbe_attention Mtbe public.
Poutbkrep• ie. M. Y. Dee W. IBM. WM. le, I CYZEIL
11,,t reriaber that 1, have made use or Deviate' Guaymas:l
V,leb Lorimar for cold and cough, and round hemedieut
Tiler, - fore I would reccmmrnd St to the public si s ark maid ewe.
rreitn telueQ•
Oct. 1101
I vim reesived s supply of that truly rraloolithe Mid( ttR so
murk oougist abet. Mr. W 1 , 1.10 U mootti ipit Brow.
. • • ..
(i It: AR I.— A superjr-anuete of Ile.a:nri add Parise/pa Cigar,
~/ CALI and woottemee. and see 'stet they kite nit as
J. devirAßD k ..4 A iTON. No. 4 Weligbertilkwk
CORN in the Ear.unt• ke.. int wile at •
0et..32.G0P? d skarPoitre.
F OR 4.4lVAblik•—.. dee trustier of Week era. also e1.....r. ••
iOrni aL4 hyena, evreet nod camfrion cbc.edato. propane
cocoa. doubled sedirmt loaf and .neo re, by •
Ern., Rept 3. IPC:-111 e A lITY.d k BROTHER
T !GMTewr—Lia oir, t i ot aio.T.eaiiitim.... --- riamtee
I_, .. M Pi u t d, star Vandl.4l4 -
Erie. dept. 3. 1•33—.144 CARTIM k. tiariragt
pi rit il WIN leAt.—(4o..n. pw ri.t.ce ru.rt..11a4 ,- noi.twle . t . T
%talus. Clam and h .- cock wines. Pe. and .. 4 . 11. 1 , 1 1 ,,...”..,,......" . n
land Cie. Jamaica and Si. Croix SOU r. m. "'"• "`" ''''''''''
pus pose* and warranted pure.
En,. dept. 3. 1E33-16 C karee dr A4a°1. ........ "114 1 .
E M it fiLi ji l !LI?:
I,,. tiir4 ,l l4.K L c i ari Se treds , r. tirejtk ..... .. •- " - -.. 5 .vir. 1b — 7
• sr . k. .1•11.0%.
Th. Old Mack Howe Buried.
THAT retie nt . our last struggle with despoelaie is the
j„ honored its or trie is no mote. It departed beta the
face of this terrtstiai globe this inorning at 5 &dont--
Peaee r,o with its tithes. Some graeelest wrap, teat bay.
ing anyfear of the Ls . * or common decency, set Ire Soh
and burnt it to the ground. By this set be sbeasedlidateak
oC Petziotism and report for the citizens Or, Skis, bat he
was not entirely Avoid of revved the elf Bravo( Got g
Sanford. Be Jett their 2l4se Sm.! , eV Fred fewrieriii
gladden the hearts and gratify the tastes of our eomutimigy
with a good selecuon, sad of as good a enmity, wad et as
good bargains as eau be had in the city of Erie, ¶no mop.
thin.) Their stock consists of:
&mom—Crushed, Granulated. Powdered, (Wee sett
BrliWn Sugars by the barrtl or pound.
C. .1( en. —Ric, lagnaria. Mericailo and
IT.[:,'.—OW and Young ilyson, ayoun kniortsg.
Dr w and Carel:r • lad amat
Papers of Ches dug, do. in boxes and loose, loose Seataidwri
Paul in half bottle;, bladders =ajar*.
Ravues.--Ilaxisee, Stestsrts' anti Sr* by dee
hntrei 0 ' ga ll on, also, P. R. Molasses , .
•ADsii.:e. Ginger. Cloves, !Sesame,
Mace. and Cinnamon. • L.
IL/11,14711, Figs, Citrons, aid Prater.
4•...4./. a and Sutspe.—Tallow Adamantine, sad Spurns
Camilft,lleewn and White Sat . ps, Tompesa's annissuati
for Wsiihiiiir, the licit artiele mide,ddso Toilet and Shades
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