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    Jltmccrat ;mb Sentinel.
CLARK WILSON. Editor & Publisher.
KliKNSljrjRi;, Al.'firST 2,::::::1SCC.
roi: c; j:kxuR.
Subject to decision of District Convention.
Col. JOHN "P. LINTON, Johnstown.
iii.fiisrr.u ani recorder,
J AMES GRIFFIN, Johnstown borough.
JAMES ML'IJUAY, Ebensburg borough.
(iE(JHCE W. E AS LEV, Johnstown.
JOHN FEIIGCSON, Hlaeklick tw'p.
rooi: house i;s;k toi:,
HENliY UYKNE, Carroll townsliip.
THOMAS MTKEEN, Ebensburg boro.
audit i;.
D. A. LCTIlLli, Carroll township.
Democratic Ticket.
It is a satisfaction to find the radical
organ of Ebensburg, admit that the county
ticket, placed in nomination by the De
mocracy, is an unusually good and accep
table ticket. It could have said no less
and yet we are grateful for its candor ia
saying so much.
Ii. L. Johnston, Esq . , who has been
recommended by this county for Congress,
is well and favorably, known throughout the
county, district and state, and the district
Convention, if it consults the interests of
the party and the welfare of the country
will doul.tle.-s place him in nomination.
Col. John 1'. Linton, our candidate for
Assembly is admitted to be eminently
competent, ami as meritorious and popu
lar as he is competent. He will be no
unworthy successor of Persuing ! At
the outset of the war be left his business,
his homo, and his family, and tho woun
ded so as to disable hiiu fur life, he con
tinued in tiie service till the end of the
war. At New-Market and other bloody
fields, commanding the gallant fifty-fourth,
he won undying renown. Hut apart from
his military services, Col. Linton is em
phatically qualified for the Legislature.
J lis native talent his practical common
tense, his legal nbilit-, place him at the
head of his profession, while his moral
worth and private virtues point him out
as a lit champion of the rights of the
For Kegisfcr and Recorder, James
(JritTip, has been re-nominated. During
the la.-t three years he ha discharged the
duties of his oHiee to the entire satisfaction
of the people ; and his re-nomination over
two of the most uVsenirig and popular
young Dem H-rnts of Cambria county, is
the bct evidence of his worth as a man
and his fitness as an olftcer.
(Juorgc W. Ee.i-ly mid James Murray,
me the candidates for Associate Judge.
T!w former has held the ollieo for ten
vears, daring which time his fitness, firm
ness ami integrity pointed him out for re-
lection. James Murray, the other can
didate, is an honest, high-toned citizen,
tisosinK in an eminent degree, the con-
fi.l.uff nf tli( nennle. 15olh these ?cntle-
----it o
men have perilled their lives to sustain
"Constitution and the Union," tho'beyoifd
the period of life at which they could be
John Fergusorj, our candidate for Com
liiissiuner, is a practical, hard working j
farmer, who will take care that the taxes
wrung from the people shall not be squan
dered. Resides, he resides in a portion of
the county which never had a Commis
sioner, and the compliment will be appre
ciated. Henry P.yrne, for Poor House Director,
is a careful, shrewd business man ; who,
like D. A. Luther, our candidate for Aud
itor, belongs to a pioneer family of
Cambria county. They are both honest
and capable.
Thomas M'Rrecn, the nominee for Co r-
oner, isfds ) a returned soldier, and one of
our most deserving citizens.
In vour standard bearers, Democrats of
Cambria county, you have lour Foldiers
and four civilians. Scan their merits
compare them with the radical ticket and
vote according to your judgment. 1)' the
way, it is a'-e-ingular fact, that, with all
their h-ve for the soldiers, the radicals
have "dy put one c.n their ticket while the
DcHv,-r:t!- ruminated four.
Let us Rejoice.
Congress adjourned at 4. 1-2 i ji. on Sat-
tii-iliir "lrriieil brt tho n.imr nf t!ir
,, , , , r
Lord " u e have seen an anecdote of
an eccentric clergyman, wno, at me in
. I . . . r i
ncral of a bad member of society, gave
out for the fingers the little psalin or hymn
of Dr. Watts :
"Oh L'nl we all rejoice.
To .see Ibis cms removed.
Their last act of infamy, was to vote !
each member of Congress 83,000, under j
the cloak of martiaf music, by passi !
, , .... ... ... , ' , . j
the bounty bid, which will bleed the na-
uonai lreasury oi tnc snug little sum ot
5,000,000 ! We are glad to see "the
cuss removed." PdLlurjh Republic.
Tin; Lancaster LHijeneer says that
although the use of the Court House of
that county has been twice allowed to
strolling negro lecturers within a few
months, by the Disunion County Com
missioners, and al-iowed to the Geary sol-
diers when they nominated delegates to I
the Pittsburgh Convention, it was refused
by them to the soldiers the other dny when
it was desired to hold a convention to
nominate delegates to the llarrisburg Cly- .
1V , . .. J
mer Sotdicrs Convention. 1 he reason
given was mat "inc v.ourt uouse could ,
not be used tor political purposes." Of j
course the Pittsburgh Geary Convention j
m.t noIWI.TiiT .-md rf PAnrsn 1,.,-tmv, I
' !
on negro suffrage applauded by Geary's
white supporters is not cither.
Oh, no.
Tin: T.x-r.vvi;i:3 of the nation will
Inive many reasons to remember the pres- !
cut Radical Congress. They have added j
to the national burdens the following items:
. i
I reednien'sLurcau,bi, 000,000 ; Nation- I
al I Junk interest, o',0U0,()()y ; lucreas- j
e l Revenue, 88,000,000 ; Education IJj
reau, 85,000,000 ; Mississippi and Ya
zoo jtb, o0, 000,000, and Northern I'a
citic Railroad subsidy, '30,000,000.
This is what they have done with the
people's money. In the meantime, they
have prevented a restoration of the States,
and thus injured the business of the nation
and reduced its receipts. This record of
the Radical Congress should interest the
people of all sections of the country.
Ir was gravely announced from Wash
ington, the other day, that the Rump
House can now barely muster a quorum,
and that the Speaker had shut down on
leave of absence. On the 23d there were
1 12, according to the votes recorded. On
the 20th the Tennessee resolution brought
out a vote of 137. A majority consti
sutes a quorum. The Rump House frag
ment has 231 members 11G being a
quorum. A full House would have 300
a quorum of which would be more
than the Rump has had for many weeks.
'I'm: main business of the present Rad
ical Congress has been to prevent a resto
ration of- the States. All legislation of
a national character has been directed to
that point. They have trampled upon
the Constitution, insulted the President,
violated all law and precedent, and taken
the initiatory steps of an insurrection ia
the Northern States, in order to accom
plish their purposes. Many of the Radi
cal members will be candidates for re-election,
and Cnion men should note these
Con M.r.ssn nat.. The Democratic con-
- n- t T
iciees oi esimo: eiauo, l-ayeuo i;ii xi:-
diana counties met on Saturday at Greens-
burg, and after one hundred and forty
six ballots nominated Hugh Wier, Esq.,
of Indiana, for Congress. The candi
dates were Wier, Dawson, and ICeenan ;
the latter gentleman withdrew his name,
which resulted in Mr. Wier's nomination.
A Joke on Gkaky, the IIeuo of
Sxickeuviixk. At Cape May, the other
evening, Holler the woild renowned wiz
ard gave an entertainment, which was
largely attended by the sojourners at the
Cape. Somebody asked Heller if, by the
second sight, or any other of his wonder
powers, he could foretell who would j ional sympathy in their favor. This pure
next Governor of Pennsylvania ? He ly electioneering artifice has, therefore,
answered. "That while Geary was a swift
rtnuier, his rival had the best chance of
elevation, being a H tester as well as Cy
lner. This brought down the house with
j three hearty cheers for Hiester Clymer,
j the entire audience risincr to their" feet,
j joined in the hurrah. Three groans were
projKsed lor the hero ol bmckcr s lap.
Such groans would have scared Geary
worse than he ever was scared before ?
A woman in Rushville 111., has
been seized with a strange mania for mur
der. She first practiced on cats, then on
I children, then becoming severe the beat
own !;a;ns out.
Tl O o I m r 1
I ne uase ot Jen uavis.
The Committee on the Judiciary made a
a report in which they say it is notorious
Unit Jeitersoa Davis was puilt' of the
, .
crime ot treason, according to the lin-
. ' "
stitnfirm nml Liwa .f t!.n l "wrt.i t;(r,tnl- 1
and the Committee are of opinion that j
there are no obstacles to a speedy and im
partial trial, which cannot be removed by
legislation. lhey say the evidence in
possession of the Committee connecting
! Jelf. Davis with the assassination of Pres-
ident Lincoln, justifies them in saying that
there is probable cause to believe that he
was pnvy to the racafures which led to
the commission of the deed, but the m-
vepti.ation3 which have been maJe b
the War Department and by the Commit-
tee, have not resulted in placing the Gov
ernment in possession of all the facts in
the case. It is probable, however, that
the further prosecution of the investiga
tion by the Committee and by the officers
of the Government, will result finaly in a
full developement of the whole transac
tion. The capture of the rebel archives
had put the Government in possession of a
mass of letters, papers ami documents of
various kinds, only a portion of "which
has, as yet, been revealed.
Heke is the whole story of the Euro-
! pea n war briefly told. Those who have
not ,!U1C to I0:it UP li0uA remember these :
points for their satisfaction in future as
, , thicken
vlusA coveted two Duchies, Schle3-
wig and Ilolstein, belonging to Denmark,
U'J sccretely persuaded the Duke of J
gu?Je:iburg to claim as hereditarily
nty Ins
i . . i.. l . . . ..
own. jl russia nuxi niuucea auiiui io
co-operate with her insisting upon the
German claim. The two made war up
on Denmark, and possessed themselves
bv force of the Duchies'. This done Prus-
sfa at t;e secret instigation of France
which desired to see Austria involved in
:l v--r in orJt-'r that its "3VV iovtvja Italy
if possible the province of
emtia ignored both Ike Duke oi Augus-
tcnburg :inJ Austria resclving to keep the
Duchies herself. Austria of course pre
! iiare.d for war wifl; li. r f ntlilei? .mil run
ning associate, and had the address to
bring over to her side nearlv all the small
cr powers which with Austria and Pruss
ia compose the German Confederation. r
Italy prepared to march into Vcnitia as
soon as Austria might be engaged with
Prussia. And thus i-tands the present
situation." France, who adroitly brought
on the whole trouble while affecting to be
the friend of peace, is supposed to have
promised Prussia for such a timely inter
ference against Austria, the German prov
inces which now keep France from ex
tending as under the old Napoleon, her
frontiers to the river Rhine. In the mean
time Russia is supposed to have prom
ised to assist Austria should France thus
interfere the reward of Russia to be the
Moldo-Wallachian provinces now belong
ing to "the sick man," Turkey.
Wno .via: tiik Thieves Now ? Self
styled '"loyal" newspapers made the name
of Floyd synonymous with "thief" and
why ? Iiecause, w hen secession was
about to be inaugurated, he took possess
ion of and distributed among the South
ern States a large amount of arms and
warlike munitions belonging to the Gov
ernment. What are the Disunionists
now at ? Attempting to get control of
the ivarhke jtmpcrfy f the GuVivnmcnt fur
distribution diuonj lite Xetu Kmjland States
au 1 other States whose officials are known
to be favorable to the Rump usurpation!
Who are the Floyds now ! Every Rump
Disunionist who voted for the resolution
to distribute the arms of the Government
is a thief and revolutionist, and the coun
try will hold them all responsible for the
bloodshed and anarchy which may result
from the treasonable acts which they arc
perpetrating, and which, sooner or later,
must end in civil war.
Tin: Fenian Resolutions. The mes
sage of the President, delivered to the
House iu response to the two resolutions
in behalf of the Fenians, pent to him,
has rather taken the wind out of the sails
of the Congressional party. The resolu
tions were simply intended as a bid for
Irish votes, by manifesting an extraordi
nary interest in tho fate of the recent Fe
nian raiders upon the border. It appears,
from the response of the President, that
the suddenly-awakened anxiety of Con
gress in reference to these unfortunate
persons had long ago been anticipated by
the Executive, and that the desired action
in behalf of the Fenian prisoners in Can
ada, and the Fenians indicted in the Uni
ted States courts for a breach of neutral
ity laws, had long since been taken, with
out waiting for the growth of Congress-
i not only laded in its design, but has ser
ved to ormg to me attention vl iuo x- em
ails, who are just now so assiduously
courted by the Revolutionists, the fact
that the President had promptly, and
without suggestions from Congress or else
where, instituted proceedings for relief
and release of all the participators in the
Fenian raid, who had been placed in ar
rest on either side of the line.
. C5TA veteran appeared before an army
surgeon at Philadelphia, last week, as an
applicant for a pension, having upon his
body the scars of twenty-two wounds re
ceived in the late war.
The Safety of Kaieway Passengers
. In Connecticut at the last session of
the legislature, a most excellent law was
passed for the protection of railway pas
sengers. It provides that each company
convevin:: passengers shall nrovldn thr-ir
c:irs wUu a connecting apron of full width
oi me irain, so as 10 connect the platiorir.s
and enable persons to pass from one car
to another with safety. If this provision
is not complied with by the 1st of Sep
tember, 18CG, each company npTlectir'T
it forfeits to the State Treasurer $100 for
every day of such neglect. These aprons
have to be examined and approved by the
State Railroad Commissioners, and are of
much value in guarding passengers who
move from one part of the train to an
other. Some such precaution on rail
roads leading out of Philadelphia have
these connecting aprons in their passen
ger trains, but the great majority of the
lines have no protection at all.
ISES. "lirick" Pomcroy was on a visit
Lately to Washington. In writing to his
paper he says ; We look in vain in the
different departments for the one-armed
crippled or veteran soldeirs, who were to
be rewarded by tho Republican party.
The one-armed heroes are not popular.
The left-hand writers are not there. Once
n a u nite. c lot
some of the depart
a newspaper article
while we found a poor widow in
Lirtmcnts merely to build
on for consumption.
Hut we found hundreds of negroes about
these olfices opening and shutting doors,
as if those who passed through could not
wait on themselves we found these dus
ky lambs of Abraham answering bell
calls everywhere we saw them in the
gallery of Congress, scratching their dirty
heads, chewing peanuts, and smiling ap
proval on their Radical deliverers. And
we saw one-armed, one-legged, and other
wise mutilated white soldiers, selling ap
ples, peanuts, papers, and such stuff en
the streets generously provided for by
Rouni to Have Them. It seems that
puritan abolitionism is determined to have
the "anti-slavery God the anti-slavery
Constitution" that Ansou Ruilingame de
clared a lew years since they would have.
They have made a God of the old cut
throat and horse thief, John Drown they
have manufactured a Rible out of Helper's
Rook and the New York Tribune, the last
chapters in their. New Testament being
composed of the speeches and epistles of
Stevens and Sumner to the brethren, while
their attempts now to alter the Constitu
tion if successful, will finish the work
and cap the climax of their efforts, by se
curing to that party these three great ends
for which they have so long labored.
What a roiilenium abolitionism will then
enjoy ! Cuffee and Jerusha Jane will
walk along the highway of life, basking in
the sunshine of mutual admiration. Jon
athan and Dinah will march hand in hand,
scenting the atmosphere with codfish and
nigger, followed by their tan colored brats,
singing hosanna to their anti-shivery God,
their anti-slavery Rible, and their anti
slavery Constitution. All- me ! dont it
make your mouths water, you long-leggc-d,
blue-light descendents of witch burning,
quaker-hanging Puritans !
A Disgusted. A burglar
in Philadelphia, during the heated term,
when the occupants were away, succeed
ed in breaking into a pretentious house al
most under the nose of the police. He
found a richly furnished hall way and
parlor, but as he did not care about steal
ing pianos and sofas, he ascended to the
dormitories where he found bare floors,
wretched bedding, and everything except
ing the curtains to the windows indica
ting the most miserable attempt at parlor
Ostentation with less refinement than
would be found in the house of an ordina
ry mechanic. The thief turned nom
the place in utter disgust, and when leav
ing defaced the lid of a piano and broke
open the doors of a cabinet, to inform the
people that he had been there.
Tim Pope. It is announced that for
some time past the health of the Pope
has appeared to be failing, and his condi
tion causes no little anxiety to his Cardi
nals, with whom he speaks frequently of
approaching death. Pius IX., the pres
ent Pope, was born in May, 1792, and is
74 years old. He ascended the Papal
throne in 18 1G, and has occupied it twen
ty years. A correspondent writes to the
Philadelphia Lcdycr that there is a gener
al feeling in Rome that io Pope will hold
his office longer 'than did St. Peter, who is
said to have governed the Church for twenty-five
years. 'Adrian I. was Pope near
ly 24 years: Pius VI. 24 years 6 months
and 14 days, whilst several other Popes
governed the Church for 21 years. It is
generally agreed that the whole number
of Popes was 259.
Tug Richmond TI7says: "The coun
try, the Fourth of July, and everything
else, are giving up to the negroes. We
are truly a progressive people, but prog
ress toward ruin.
ho values what me
corilla and the ape equally enjoy When
bo-s are decorated with laces, and oxen
with ribands, decent people will find oth
er embelishments for themselves. So
when negroes seize upon the Fourth of
July, take possession of our public squares,
and' of our streets, flaunting flags, wearing
swords, and marching to music, it is time
for us to give up these things.".
News Items.
Tiieee were seven hundred and sixteen
deaths in Philadelphia last week.
They have a ghost in New Albany, In
diana, that stands fire like a real spirit.
A Giur. of fourteen has been abducted
from Lafayette. Indiana, by a scissor grin
der. Moke than 1 ,.100,000 human beings
derive their sole sunp rt from the culture
and manufacture of the fibres spun by the
A Lad in Jersey City, died Thursday
while under the influence of chloroform,
administered by a surgeon.
Seven cases and four deaths by chol
era were reported in New York city, Ju
ly 27th, and five deaths in Rrooklyn.
Neakly' 1.1,000 have been added to
the population of Galveston since the war.
New York is to have a great billiard
tournament in September.
Five only of thirty-five safes in the
Portland ruins have proved safe.
The Atlantic Telegraph hopes to tax
the press to the tune of 8140,000 per an
num. At Grand Junction, Miss , a woman
wh interfered in a bar-room quarrel, was
shot through the heart.
W. II. Fulmer was drowned in the Ju
niata, near Watsontown, on the 17th inst.
The barn belonging to Mrs. Plane, in
Montour count', was struck by lightning
on Sunday last and burned, together with
its contents.
Tn eke arc now five persons in jail at
York charged witif the murder of the
Squibb family, near that place, in June
Geokge Sigeek, an old and respectable
citizen of Juniata county, died suddenly
on the 17th instant.
The store of 1'. F. Loop, in Lewisburg,
was robbed on the 21st.
Hon. Thomas White, of Indiana,
died at his residence in that place on the
2 2d.
Otto Westeai.e and John Fahnestock
were killed on the 23d, near Greensbug,
by the explosion of the boildr of a loco
motive engine.
On Sunday morning week last, the barn
of Mr. Simon Uncapher, in Green coun
ty, was totally destroyed by fire, together
with all his farming utensils, and a large
quantity of hay and grain.
A i EAKiT E accident occurred at Rid
tvcll's plow factor-, Pittsburgh, on Mon
day afternoon. A man named James
Dunning, was adjusting a belt over a pul
ly, w hen his arm became entangled in the
machinery, and he was drawn to the ceil
ing with fearful velocity, and then dashed
to the floor. " Roth arms and his back
were broken and one leg so severely crush
ed as to render amputation necessary.
The injured man died soon after the am
putation was performed.
A man in Jersey City, while asleep in
a chair near an open window, tumbled
out and was killed.
There are 7,449 O Id Fellows in Cali
fornia. They own thirty halls, valued at
8300,000, and other property valued at
The sfore of Ilunsicker cc Mullen, at
Forreston, Illinois, was struck by light
ning last week, and Mr. .Mullen was in
stantly killed.
A G enti.eman of Ohio has an ewe on
ly six years old, which has yielded him
sixteen lambs, all of which were raised.
MR. Horace P., the New
York merchant, returns the comfortable
income for the year 18G5 of one million
two hundred and ninety thousand dollars
(cents not counted), or 84,000 per day.
The Atlanta, Ga., Km says,
South most earnestly desires peace.
Whatever she can do to restore harmony
and promote the well being of the people,
that she will do."
Dcrixo one of the late hot days a bug
gy was set on fire in Paldwinsville, New
York, by a bottle which was lying in the
bottom of it, and which acted like a bur
ning glass.
There is a postoffica in McDonough
County, Illinois, through .which only two
letters passed each quarter for the last
two quarters. They consisted of the cor
respondence between the postmaster and
the Department. ,
A Man painting the cornice of a house
in Hartford, a few days since, fell from
the ladder and it was supposed that he
was badly hurt. Immediately after the
fall a young man ran to the store to inform
the painter of the misfortune that had
overtaken his workman. Tho "boss" lis
tened to the telling description of the fall,
and with the ruling passion strong in him,
asked anxiously, "Did he spill his paint!
On and after Monday. May 21. I860.
; trains on this road will run as follows:
; Leave Ebensbubg
! At C.05 A. M., connecting with Baltimore
Express West ami Dav Express East
At 6.40 P. M., connecting with Phila. Ex.
Eist and Day Express West.
Leave Cressos
At 8.30 A. M., or on departure of Bait
Express West.
At 8.40 P. M.. or on departure of the Phila
delphta JLxpress est
BX the 27th of July, Let wren
and St. Augustine, a small Pockr-t y.--z
oranduni Book. It contained K-v(ri;
counts and notes on different per?or.s.
on or about the lath if July, . .v l
C'.ised Lancet and Thumb Lancet i:.
case. The finder or finders will be !,, . -, -v
rewarded by sending or leaving er.e ,.r ui' '
the articles where I can get them.
J. J. Khl.SK, ll.u.
St. Augustine, Aug. 2, ISOfJ.
Auditor's Aotlce.
Col well & Levergood is. J -In It.
.al. In the.CuUit of Common I';'
bria county. No. S2, March Tei:.
E. D.
July 11th, 1800. On r..t; ,:i . f
Pershing, the Court appoint J. hn F. !;
Esq., Auditor, to distribute the iu:rU
hands of the Sheriff, arising flora ti.i
Defendant' real estate, to and avr-?
entitled thereto. I3v t',- c ; -
G. C. K. ZA11M, J.
I will sit for the purpo-e f a:? -. ;
the duties of the above a?:- !-it:;.-. :.! ;,t i;
office in the borough of Jo;,:.:--. w ;, . .'
day, the 1'Oth day of Augu-t. 1-.;, "cr."
menctng at the hor.r of tiv.i V,.,. I:, K -and
all persons having claim.- an-.i.-.-t
fund are hereby required to prescv. t".
or be forever debarred from cuiiv,:, ;;.
said fund.
July 2C, lSGC.-3t A . :.;.
ipO John Williams of ii..:.;i.J.i'.urg.
1 county, Pa.. Caroline c" cell of O.l
Venango i-..Pa., Martha Walker of Tc
foot tvvp., Uiuir co., Ai.n I) tvis, wi d-'-.v
Esther, Joset.h. George, J-.I.n, M
Amelia D ivis, (ehildien f the s
I .v.:
Davis) all of Lo Chiir. S. - ti co ,
heirs and legal repre.-ei.t.tivcs of
Williams, late of CambiU twp , C;
county, deceased.
Take notice that an i-iqm-t will 1
at the late dwelling i. -u.-e ei
Hams, dee'd, in Gin.b.i.i p.vp., C ;
Pa., on Monday the Ci'.t tl.iy i.i' An
at 1 o clock, in the afo rn a of ti.
for the purpose if m-tking pnrtiti
a f
real estate of saul deceased, t am!
his children and rej-i tseii'.aiiv-:' tl-.
same can be done without prtj'adke : . r
spoiling of the whole, otherwise to v d :
and appraise the same, at which tiu.e .c. :
phice you are requested to attend, it y j
think proper.
Sheriff's office. El
July 12, lS';-J.4t
IpIIE undersigned having 1 a flpp-inted
1 Auditor by the i ..' C-urt of Cam
oriii coii".-. to distiiuae ll.- money in ti e
Viands of Michael Dunne-an. Admmi-irat r
of Philip Smith, deceive.!, 1.5 -ii his see..;; .'
and final accoui.t, bevel-v ,rves n.-tice
he will attend to the dlltks. el" sai l aj ;
ment at his office in the UtjIi of E
burg, ou Friday, the Toiid day of A :.-;; ;
next, at one o'clock, P. M., when ,vi
where all persons interested mav atuni.
Julv 10, lfcr.C.-3t Audi: r.
iiiultor's Xuilce.
IT1IIE undersigned having been aj-p -i:.t-
i Auditor by the Orphan's C'.-nrt of (V.t..
uria county, to distribute ti.e i.i .iicy in tl.r
hands of John Raer, a hr.inls! . at--r of t':
estate of Jacel) Kag r, decease 1. here! "
jiives notice he will attend ;
to the duties- f said nppi-inttr.--:.-.
at his office in Eben d u, . . Suturdaj-. t'.j
4th day of Augut next. :-s. a." oVlo-.s,
P.M., when and where all pe; s,-'.i ii.ttie-t-ed
may attend.
July 10, lSCCSt Andiroi.
TN the Court of Common Pleas of OarnVsH
J comity. In the tin. tier of the petm- .i e;
John Teafcl, to have Lis name change-, t ,
John llarvev.
And now, July 11. 1S00. The C'- '.r
having fully considered the petition of .1 decree that ti e name of J -Teafttl
be chanced to John Harvey, a-..: -.
further order that the n -tice of this deer
be published tor iVur successive weeks in t
'Democrat & Sentinel." a Newspaper
lislied in C.imVihi countv.
July 10. ISCG.-it ' Bytl.e C ::
ILLpersms are hereby notified tl ..'
Jl have purel-ased at Sheriffs S;'e. ;l. '-
lowing personal property, wi.;v!: iu
left in care of Michael Snyder, of d- '
tewnfhip, Cambri.i county. I'.i.. i.r:t':l v.. - .-
tit to remove ti.e same, io wu : i ;
horses, one bay hoie, e-ne b'.uk n.:'.re.
bay marc, one spring wagov. two i ::...-
robes, four timber s'od-s, one Uv.'-.V-r.-:
on, one harrow, two plows, c '-
calf, one iieifier, one unite cmv, e-.e
brimlle cow, four beht bnnd'.e c -'
wind mill, one-half interest in thre.-.. -
chine, one shovel plow, four sows a:
small pigs, two barrovs. tl ree calvis. : -
scaps of bees, one cooking i-tove, ent -stove,
five l-edsteads and bed ling. : r
scythes, one grain cra .ie and mr-.e
chains, 10 acits ct oats, , a-res i
wheat. 3 acies of wheat, 1J noes o. n e
ow, 1 Uloe.K tncKie, ami i y.;.
person interfering with the above mu..-
property, will be dcaltwith accordn.- -law.
July 1-2, IS Go -3t. .
valuablFproperty for sale.
HOUSE situate in Chest township.
bria count3', formerb' oeeupied by .H '
n xr t . ei... i. Till' Mr i . ...
V 1 1 Lj Li , it-;;eiiiei o.ti v. .v .... .
in a good state of cultivation and well - i
plied with choice fruit, is offered for saa'
The oui i. lings are goo.i ; ue I'l-r".;-in
an excellent location for nu'rcantiie '
other business, ar.d is offered nf a very 1-'
price. Possession given immediately.
For further information inquire ot o.
dress JOHN G. GILL, at Glen Coiu
convenient to the premises, who is aut!i--.
zed to sell tho same. llT
May 31, lSi'6.-tf-