Democrat and sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1853-1866, January 06, 1854, Image 4

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m ' r ;
, l i
- . c vuia lur
-u seeping stables ;
m order; the comfort,
- i '
consequently tho health and thrift of the "
should b. kept in constant ve" W !
eu satisfied with th- im., pure air
taint it sufficient to open a sole 'wullJTr or
looroccastonlr, for this purp-e. This usually
throws in a cold current ahut the animal's feet,
warmer and fouler air remaining, by its less
and unreachoKUae umr P.rt
tube, running up like a small chiminr. .... .
.nrw.-ff in tt-Jiw-7i tho current mav be reerula-
v, . .
ted according to tho coldness or windiness of the
weather, by a wooden valve, is tar better. Clean-
liness under foot is another very imKrtant
ingredient to the comfort of animals. This can
be secured only by a good stone or plank floor,
Tery frequent cleanings, and a sufficiency, not
1 1 1" 1 . 1 .
ipcniDunaance, 01 ci can anu arr niter, lie-
t.uK.... ; v 1 .l.-... - t
t j rr t. 1 . 1 .... . '11 l)r v Salted Spanish . I Iido.s, Hrv and dreen
loadoflieahdroppiiigs,in fifty dlilerent operations, halted l'atua Kips, Tanners' Oil, Tanners' and Cur
perfomied three times a pay, as to do it once a I i-iers, TOOLS, at the lowest prices aud upon tlic
week, at one formi.lable and disagreeable task. ! bc,t ,frl"?; , . , , , ,
A stable, clean underfoot, is absolutely essential
to a pure air.
Many horses should never be stabled in one a- ,
partment, or in adjoining stalls, under one roof, j
For if one becomes affected with disease, especial- t
Iy if a contagious one, tlieoihrs in all probapil
ity will receive it. One horse getting loose, will
disturb the rest; or if one becomes restless from
any sudden attack, the noise deprives the others
of their regular repose, and renders them also
more liable to an attack. It is said that a mark
ed diflorence in the amount of labor performed
by a set of horses, has been observed after a night
of disturbed repose from a single a flee ted animal,
F.vM-ir frm should i.rnvi.lo.1 with at .-ast one
loose box " (or room Cor turning in loose) for
any animal that may become diseased.
Sometimes the difficulty of atcess to litter, j
prevents a proper attention to the comfort of sta- j
bles. It may happen to be stowed away in some
remote corner of the barn, or still worie and more
common, out of doors, covered with snow or
drenched with rain, and rendered in a great meas
ure unfit for its intended purpose. The straw of
threshed grain cannot be desposited in too con
venient a position. A good arrangement is to
place the " straw-barn " between the grain barn
and the stables, and partly over the latter.
Stables are commonly made too small. Ma
ny of the stalls made for horses are not over
twelve feet in length, including manager or feed
box. . Eighteen feet would be much better. The
partitions should be strong and solid timber, and
sufficiently high and tight to prevent their seeing
r smelling each other, the preliminary to kick
ing. Boxes should be ten feet square.
Cattle, that are stabled in winter, are more
apt to be neglected in cleanliness, than horses.
It scents revolting, that the animal from which
we derive so much of the supplies fbr the table,
butter, cheese, milk and cream, should be com
pelled to lie on foul beds and breathe a foul at
mosphere. Such causes must of necessity injure
the quality, and lessen the quantity of these pro
ducts, at the same lime that the animals suffer
in condition. Clean drj- leds, from very frequent
vieaiMug uJ .ttonMon. and a good wholesome
air, would
fort of the animal, and stiil more, we should think,
to the comfort of the owner and attendant, if they
have any appreciation of the elements of comfort
and enjoyment. Albany Country Gentlrntan.
A Seasonable Recipe.
Tho fallow ing from the Germantown Telegraph,
may be of value:
Kks-dkkig laud. One of the best housekeep
ers in the county of Philadelphia, has communi
cated to us the following recipe for rendering
lard, which was obtained from Charleston, and
which possesses many important advantages over
the common mode. It is simply to put in the
kettle before the lard say three pints of ley made
of hickory ashes, to a common barrel kettle,
( generally holding less than a barrel. ) The ad
vantages of this are, that the lard renders easier,
becomes much whiter, is sweeter and will keep i
longer. This method has been pursued for sever
al years, with the highest satisfaction.
Will not some of the numerous housekeepers
who read this paper, try it this season, and in
form us of the result?
Cough iu Horses.
TTo once had a horse that caught a bad cold,
and coughed so severely that he cold be heard a
mile. All sorts of remedies were proposed
enough, wo would think, to kill any good horse
outright. These remedies were all rejected al
though some might have proved useful, and the
following course pursued: The horse was, in the
first place, carefully and moderately used, so as
never to produce perspiration: he was careful! v
blanketed when the weather was cold, ( it was
about autumn, ) or when lie was in the least de
gree heated; he was kept constantly on green
foods clover, roots,lc. and was supplied with
plenty of the host of water at all times. In a
few weeks, he was perfectly well. It is an old
saying, that more depends on the nurse than on
the physician, which was verified in this in
stance. The VT ay to Spoil Potatoes.
It is a little singular that many who arc other
wise excellent cooks arc ignorant ol the rich, drv '
nieally vegetable; theirs are mvaribly 44 soggy "
and heavy as bread when the yeast is worthless.
Their method of Ixiling potatoes after thev are
well cooked is wonderfully simple. They "place
over the dish containing them, hot and smokin
from the boiler, a tight cover, and keep it there
any one can doit, and eat water logged potatoes
in consequence. Better put their cover out of
bi-ht, even if the contents of the dish should cool
a few minutes sooner on that account. Boiled
potatoes intended for the table should not be cov
ered a moment.
Protecting Trees from Mice and Rabbits.
A writer in a former number of the Cultivator
recommends wrapping paper around the bodies of
young fruit trees, to prevent the depredations of
mice and rabbits. Instead thereof, I have u.sod
wide spiral formed shavings, as they come from
the carpenter's plane secured at top" and bottom
witn a small 3 or 4 oz. tack. If one shaving does
not extend euffliciently high, a second or third
may be used in c mtinuatk-ur The shavings
thus placed thcrton will last two vf ar3.
TXabliiet Ware Rooms.
" 3. TODD informs the citiiens of Ebens
TA. and the public genera'Ayr that he
in extensive and varied assortment of ?ii-
Bare ia M, Kobert Davis'
,1CH., , F!f.rti Lave Ihe.u call and ex-
tier ie win c -i iv
"" w w
i on-isting 5u Part of Sofa. Bureaus, tables, lcd-
! stead, aiec rotary 8, Stands, kc, &c. -
! u- irlll have constantly on band an excellent ns-
! rtuient of Fancy and common Cuaiks, which he
will sell lower than ever beloi o
offered in this
I His term
ordered will be made m tlie most
aiiiivi, bt-H inati-rials; anu
nil kinds will ie prouitiy it.u..i.
llis terms oreCAbll, ana being .ieienninei
, J0VrfIt, no, e jjUt Cood
! hopes to receive tr.6 V ',ae of a di
av..iMi i. .. , , ,1 .1 1 irt. 1 'lrririPN. lit
articles, he
Ebensburg, July 29, 18,")3.
Hide, Oil, and Io;ttI-r .Store.
21, South Third Street, between Market and
iChosnut Streets, Philadelphia.
', TTAS constautly ou hand nnd for sale. Dry and
forVl,ieii the highest market price will be given in
....-1. in or.-l.-.,--.. for hides.
r-f Leather stored free of change and sola on
ra- ------
May V'., 18 -VI.
Itrjiililicuii Hall.
4 NTHON V VOW1XKLE respectfully, informs the
XX. public that he is uow prepared, us the lawUi-
rects, with every requisite for the
in the Northern Liberties of HollMaysburg, and
respectfully asks for a share of custom. His ta-
lo will at all times be supplied with the best the
j market affords, nnd his bar stocked with the bctt
wines and liquor.?.
i &a- The larger Hall can be rented by the day
' l i r: i:....: . ,..-:l., I
or " 1 ....."".....
Lager Beer kept con-
st,ntIv on .,nnJ.
Hollidaysburg, May C, 18o8.
Hell, Jolislon, Jack, Co.
(late bell, JOIIXSTOX, & CO.)
Office of Deposit, Discount, & Exchange,
li i:n J.i
AMES M. 15ELL, Hubert 15. Join, tun, and Wil-
.tck are the Active 'artntrs, who tiU-ne
transact the business of the firm.
A. P Wilson.
Win. Dorris, Jr.,
Wir. V. Orbisou,
of Huntingdon, Pa
T. C. McDowell,
Win. M. Lloyd,
James Dciiuiston,
K. M. Lemon,
(Ico. K. M'Fnrlane,
Samuel W. Rhodes,
S.-.niuel Calvin,
Thadeus Banks,
John Cresswell, Jr.
Joseph Smith,
of Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Alex. M. Lb.yd,
Baker & Watson,
of Gayjport. Pa.,
John Milter, of Temper-
anceville, Blair co. Pa.
E. Shoemaker,
of Ebcnbui g, Pa.,
Thos. White,
of Indiana, Pa.,
S. II. Smith,
John Crouse,
DnviU Watson,
of Johnstown, Pa.
John Ncff, Samuel Deau, James M. Johnston, Wil
liamsburg, Pa.
&Zi-Othcrt may and trill be ndded.'
Collections made in all parts of the L'nited States,
Drafts furnished ou Philsdelphia, Pittsburg, ic,
The usual rate of Interest, in such cases, paid on
Deposits for 3, , and 12 months. Other Deposits
received payable ou demand.
Hollidaysburg, July 10, 1852.
D. J. F.vans. J. D. Htciirs.
evaxs &. nrc:iii:s,
UrOl"LD again inform the public that
..-irril from the Kastern Mt!n
on hand a large and excellent nssortuieu
they have
il lf,X-0
Fall and M Inter Clotlting,
which thoj- arc prepared to dispose of at reasonable
prices. Their stuck consists, in part, of men and
hoys wearing apparel, manufactured from Cloths
I nssimercs, Sattmotts, Satins and silks.
Woolen nnd Cotton Cndcrsbirts, Druwers, &c
IlalN and t ups,
of all kinds, suitable for the seasou.
Also, (
Also, a large assortment of OVKRCOATS and !
CLOAKS of the latest styles. j
They have also on hand Cloths, Cassimercs, Sat- i
tinetts, and " estincs, which they are prepared to
manufacture to order according to the latest appro-
vcl fashions. - !
The goods have been selected with care, and can
be sold vrai low. Call nud examine their stock.
They wiil suit you as to quality and price.
F.bensburg, Oct. 21, 1853.
Administrators Police,
ETTERS of Administration have been granted
-i to the undersigned, by the Register of Cam- i
' lil-i i-nnnlv li noil tlm rfctntn rt Ti..ib TM... .1
- " -'"-.-.i, j-".. w .... .unng iiiiuj, 11V- I
ceased. All persons indebted to snid estate aie
reqnested to make immediate payment to us, and
those having claims will present them properly au-
thenticated for settlement. j
SUSAN' RHKV, Administratrix, I
ANDREW J. RHKV, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852. tf.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg Pa.,
Vy i'j practice in 111c several Lourts of Cam- 1
. linn, Aiwiii. .11111 lllUiillliW CVUUWCS. .ll prO- j
feisiooal business intrusted to his care will be I
prompuy aitcnucu to. . !
Office on Main sticet opposite Dr. Win. Lemon's
Ebensburg, April 28, 185327.
Tliomas .. 3Iartin,
House and Sign Painter and Paper Hanger, Johns
town, Pa.
SHOPon the Island, nearly opposite D. Leceh &
Co's Warehonse.
Dec. 22, 1852. "
Ir. K. M. S. Jackson &. Dr. James C.
HAVING entered into a Co-partnership in the
practice of medicine, offer their services to
the inhalntants of Summitville and vicinity.
Ir. Jackson ean lie fonn.l nt his residence near
the toll gate, and Dr. Howe at the old office ou the
8ept. 9, 1853. tf.
Formerly Itroivn's Saloon.
fP II V. Proprietors of this establishment. Brown &
1 Kennedy, take this method of informing the cit
izens of Ebensburg and the public in general that
they have refitted and otherwise improved their
Saloon, and arc ready, at all times, to accommodate
all persons who wish to indulge in the luxury of a
good plats of Fields' No. 1 Oysters. We will have
them forwarded to us daily. We solicit a liberal
share of public patronage.
Oct. 7, 1853.
Exchange Hotel,
Ebensburg, Pa.
rilllK undersigned respectfully informs the pub
A. lie that he is now prepared with every requisite
for their accommodation, aud will exert every ef
fort to render his bouse an attractive and comfort
able stopping place. His table will always be sup
plied with every delicacy the season affords, and
his bar stocked with the best of Wince andLiquors
A careful and attentive hostler will have charge
of the stables. ", He respectfully solicits a share of
Apul 2?, 1S5S tf.
James Dougherty, a . -. . .
"V)rTHOLE8ALE and retail dealers in Tobacco,
T V Snuff and Cigars, warehouse at the South
west corner of Third and Race street Philadel
phin, lately occupied by Ludwig, Kneetiler & Co.,
keep constantly on hand a large and wdl selected
stock of the most celebrated brands of
Domestic cigars, and Snntf, which the offer for
sale on as favorable terms as any hoasifln the city.
I Orders promptly attended to. l ';
Augin-t o. Woo 5-ly.
JameS. Parker.
-wnr 7-HOI.E3.AI.K tirocers, iicmers nnur aim
1 I'.acon, Foreign nines ana uTumiea, urn
1 M...lwin,ni1Pin ,l Itectified lnskcy
Ko Sf Commercial Kow, LlDeriybiieei,
i - . . . w . .
August 19, 18r,:j. ly.
George Rhey. Levi Matthews. Slliam Ebbs
HOLES L 12 (Iroccrs and Comilirton Jler
rhitntr. lealcrs in nil kinds of Koduce and
in all kinds of Soduce and
arei, Iso. "7 aiij 7U M'atcr
' l'ittsburj
Pittsburg-, Pa.
August 19, 18"3.
; -fTfWH.ESALE grocers and dealcH
n Foreign
"i fomcsuc liquors, areimi
311, Lib-
1 ! c. 1.
! r nacou, nwi, v cnc, cc. j'
erty street, opposite the head of Smit
eld, l'itts-
burgh, l a.
December 23, 1852 9-tf.
JOIIX c. 3i ic;ii.i.,
KAS leased nud refitted the McMilhi House,
j0l.stown. where he will be clad to recie anv of
1 m - I l.ltl. I ii V v 1 uv. i.'v.f HIV 1.. v " fBa
j n0 ,as nso opened a bar with a choice Jection of
wie- nu,l liquors of all kinds.
j Meals served to suit pnssenaers who h to tra-
I vej bv tue pa n
Johnstown, Fa., July 22, 1853.
rouLsr iiooi:.
Campbells town, Cambria county R
THE undersigned. Proprietor of the fove Ho
tel, informs his friends aud the publiithat he
is well prepared to urnish the best of icommo
datiou, aud is determined to please all tho may
call with him. ,
Cainpbellstown, June 10. 1853 Sl-'.m.i
DR. A. VEAG LEV having permanently located
in Jefferson, Cambrin counlv, resiectfullv
tenders his professional services to t lie ci(zcus of i
the place aud thesurroundmg country, in tie prac
tice of Medicine and Surgery.
Office on Main street, where he can alfays be
found and cousultcd, except when absent bu pro
fessional busine.-i.
Jefferson, April 14, 185325.
Ir. Geo. IS. Kelly,
Vrrr.KS his professional services to thoiitizcns
V- of Jefferson and vicinity, in the praiicc of
Medicine and surgery.
Office next door to Mr. Lytle" Store.
May 20. 1853.
C Sltcrldan, .11. 1.
T ERPECT FULLY tenders his service! to the
i --V. citizens of Johnstown and vicinity, Iu the
practice of Medicine and Surgery. t
Office at the Drug store of Kratzer and Sh-ridan
corner of Clinton and Main streets. Residence
Main street, second door below Von Lueunnl store.
Ir. S. It. fl'lcli,
TESPECTFULLY tenders his services t the cit-
! At
-V. izens of Summcrhill township in the Practice
of Medicine and Surgery.
Offine t II!f Wj- IIuuto, CUb.' cvnij. -
Nov. 24, 1852.
IR. I.. C03II1TI, )
t "T ESPEC'TFULLY tenders his services b the cit-
11 izens of F.bensburg, iu the practiceof Medi
cine and Surgery. '
Office in Dr. Schneider's Drug Store.Jopposite
the Presbyterian Church.
June 24, 1853.
Justice of the Peace, Ebensburg, j?a.t
"A71hl attend promptly to all colleaions en
v v trusted to his care Office, aduniinir his
July 21, 1852. tf.
Justice of the Peace, foot of Plane N. 4,
A. P. R. R.
IFILL attend promptly to all collections intrusted
II to his care. Office, adjoining the Fist office,
July, 28th, 1852.
lr. Henry Veagley,
Practising Physician, Johnstown, Pa;
OFFICE next door to his drug store, corner of
Main and Bedford streets. '
Johnstown, July 21, 1852. j
f lav!s&. I.Ioyd,
T TAVING formed a partnership in the ercantilc
. ; A.A Business, would respectfully solicit the pa-
tronage 01 their rriends and the public geierally.
Call and see us at the old stand of W.Hiam Da-
April 29, 1852.
Always on Hand.
CiTOXKWAHE. Kftrl. v..;i r'..-..i
O and Salt for alc bv
1 . it
May 12, 1852-20.
IV m. M'Farland and Sen.
Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
WOULD respectfully invite the attention of the
public to their superior stock ti Furniture
of every description. Fnrniture of a-'i kinds man
ufactured to order on the shortest xotice. AH or-
j ders from a distance promptly atttnded to.
juiy 1, io.
Laborers IV anted.
T" Laborers are wanted to work on the Ebcns
j3 burg and Susquchanua Plank Road, to vhom
liberal wages will be given. Apply to either of the
Ebensburg, June 3, 1853.
S. PetcrKuerger'N
Wholesale and Retail Clothing Store.
"I OATS, Vests, Pants, Hats. Cans. Shirts If
kercheifs. Cravats, Boots, Shoes, Carpet-bags,
Trunks, &c. Sold cheap for Cash. Summit, Cam
bria County, Ta,
J. l'atton Thompson,
With Marple, Ellis & H'Clure,
IMPORTERS aud Dealers in Forcignand Domes
tic FANCY DRY GOODS, Trimmings, Hosiery,
Gloves, Satins, Silk Vest.ngs, Cravats, Ribbons,
bite Goods, Suspenders, Combs, Brushes But
tons, looking Glasses, &c. '
No. 15 North Third Street, two doors above
Church Alley, Philadelphia.
M. M. MARPLE, ) , . .
J. A. ELLIS, V " '
E. C. McCLCRE, J ' '
Philadelphia, Feb. 1C. 1852-82.
Fashionable Barbers and Hair Dresserg.
IN the basement story of Davis &. Co's. war
room. '
F.bcnsbnrg, May 1, 1851. -ly.
X. B. Shampooing done, and rajors honed In a
eirperior manner.
. Oaguerreotyping,
A nerer fading picture ean now be got at the Blair
Co. Gallery, Odd FeUewe Hall.
G GORGE W. FISHER takes this method of in
forming bis numorous friends throughout the
county, that he has permanently located himself at
Hollidnysburg, where he is now prepared to furnish
superior portraits to all that wish a good picture.
After a long and serious time of experimenting
in the Art, he is now prepared to take the finest
kmd of pictures in all kinds of weather. A visit!
to liis room and a trial is all that is asked. His
object is to please, and having the best light in tho
Borough, he feels that no failure can be made.
Pictures neatly colored and put in good cases,
from $1,2" to ."jslO. Children taken in the morn
ing from 9 to 11, in the short space of one second.
Instruction given in the art, embracing all the
improvements, on the most reasonable terms. Ap
aratus and fixtures for Daguerreotvping furnished.
Hollidaysburg, Sept. 9, J8o2.-tf.
Till w ay Tor Good aitdClieap Goods.
"T7"1LL be opened this week at the brick store
T T of J. Moore, in Ehensbnrg, a general assort
ment of cloths, casaiiueres, satinetts, tweeds, and a
great variety of Kuinmer goods.
Together with any quantity of prints, dehiins,
i.n. no, V...-HUICH.3, triugnuius, lustres auu omer
dress goods.
and good assortment of hardware, queensware,
saddlery, clothing, stationary, drugs, ic, See.
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and caps
or ready made clothing, will find it to their advan
tage to call ut the.
llrfck SI ore.
The subscriber, thankful for past favoi s, ear
nestly requests his customers, nnd the public gen
erally to at least call and examine his stock : and if
he cannot suit every person in quality and price it
is not his fault. Produce and lumber of all kinds
taken in exchange for goods; and he also takes
CASH when offered.
Ebeiiaburg, April 28, 1851.
C'oacli ItIaiiiifactoi-3 .
THE subncriuei-s would rrtpvctfully inform the j
citizens of Ebeusburg aud the public generally, I
that they will carry on the Coach Making, inclu- j
ding the Smith work at the Mat-Line shop formerly i
occupied by Mr. Anderson, iu the rear of K. Hughe's
Store ; where by using none but the choicest u.ate- '
rial, nnj employing none but the best workmen.
they hope to convince all that will do tlicui the
favor to examine their work, that in point of dura
bility, appearance or cheapness, it cannot be excel- i
led by any similar establishment in the State or j
elsewhere. I'ersons wishing a bargain in the pur-
chase of a carriage, will consult their own interests
by giving them a call. They are prepared to sup- j
ply the following kinds of Vehicles, viz :
Buggies of diflcrcntqualitiesiidricc.s,Barouoh-
es, Chariotees, one and two horse rockaways, close i
quarter IMiptic ana C-sprwg Coaches; second hand
work of different kinds, &c, making a variety that
will suit all tnstt-s ana all purses,
with neatness and despatch.
May 20, 1853.
Repairing done l
Tlic Grant House,
Corner of 4th and Grand sts. Pittsbnre.
rpiIE subscriber has leased the large and well j
known Hotel, (late Lamartine Hotie.) at the j
corner 01 no nmi oritni streets, 1 ittatiurg. which
has been repaired nud newly fitted up in oil its
apartments so as to give a larger and more liberal
accommodation to travellers and boarders. His
larder will he stocked wit If" the most choice brands
the markets can afford, nnd his Bar furnished with
the hest. He would respectfully solicit a share of
public patronage.
Sept. 8, 1852. B. PF.Pj;V.
St. Charles Hotel,
Corner of Third and Wood Sts.
THIS fine establishment, having come into the
bauds of a new Proprietor, offers great in
ducements to the traveling community; aud also
to regular boarders. Every delicacy and luxury
will be provided in its season ; and no paius will be
sivir-.l to make this HotcljL comfortable 10K to nil
who may call there.
W S. CAMPBELL, Proprietor.
Pittsburg, Sept, 8. 1852.
Hoots and Shoes.
Evans & Jones,
"V7"tULI respectfully announce to the public
v v that they still continue the manufacture of
every description of Boots and Shoes, for Ladies
aim iicuuemen, at their shop, a tew doors-4-.ast of 1 lams, ginglinms. lustres nud fancy colored silks
Mr. Carmen's Hotel, where they will be happy to J bobinet, laces and edging, jackouctt.-, ribbons, fan
see their customers. cv silk gimps. &c.
lieing practical workmen themselves, and n.-ing
none but the very best materials, they are confident
they ean execute work as well and as cheap as any
establishment iu the county.
May 13, 1853
... 1
George llarnciinio, -i
Wholesale 4 Retail Tin. Copper, and Sheet-Iron !
ware Manufacturer, and Dealer in the fol
lowing named Stoves : '
G LOBE Air Tight Cook, Portable Range, Flat j
I Top Complete, Union Air Tight, Cooke Favor- j
ite, Bare Cylinder, Delaware Cook, Bar-room, Key- i
stone, or Independent, Harp catiuou, New coin- .'
plcte. Hot Air Parlor, Victoria complete, Air '
Tight, Complete Cook, Union Coal Burner.
Ebensburg, Sept J, 18o2.
Fashionable Clothing Fmoorium,
Clinton St. Johnstown Pa.
G BEAT attraction nt the corner of Clinton and
F Locust streets, opposite the Exchange Hotel
nnd the M'Millen House, Johnstown, Cambria co.,
Pa., where the subscribers have just received a'
large and fashionable assortment of Fall and Win
ter Ready made CLOTHING.
Nov. 4, 1852. JOSEPH CANS & CO.
IBS. W. HAY. w. 8. EPSON.
IIa & Fdson,
Wholesale & Retail Tin, Copper, aud Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufacturers, and Dealers in the fol
lowing named Stoves :
COOK Stoves, Keystone, Nine Tlate. Liberty,
Parlor, Radiators, Etna, Star Frarklin, Wa
ne Irons. Complete Cook, Star Air-tight. Cast iron
Sinks. Ware Room on canal St. ouo (Joor below
the collectors office.
Johnstown, Pa. July 14. 1852.
1 "a"! BUSHELS good coal wanted at this Oi
JLVV ficc, for hicu cash w ill be paid ou de-
Exchange Hotel.
Hollidaysburg, Blair Co., Fa.
THE proprietor assures the public that no exer
tions will be wanting on his part to render his
house home-like to those who call with him, and
solicits a share of public patronage.
April 20, 1852.
.4f BARRELS Conemaiigh Salt for sale by
BARRELS SALT just received at the Store of
illUUES & WHERRY. Jefferson. Ia
July 8.
A ' ,,ut,erf and all kinds of Graiiv takt
I'm exchange for goods at
T7"OUR hair is falling off, is it? Then call at
A- Kittell's without delay, and buy a bottle of
Storr't Chemical Hair Jnviyorator, or you will be
come entirely bald. It is the best Uair tonic now
in use.
ASH will be paid fov 4000 or 50O Tr.i..i
wool, by HUGHES & WHERRY,
JeB'ersoa, Ta.
i A t"BESI1 arrival of Booti, Shoes, Summer Ha
Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florencn Str.w
new rowaer, Uun Caps. Shot, Iad, &c. received
nu ior eaie at tne cheap store of
June 26, 1851. j. M00RE.
liltmore, Wolir, &, C o.,
Importers and Sealers in Hardware,
Sign the AnaiU, .Vo. 50 Wood it., thru doori
; abort the St. VharUt Hotel,
lMttkbui sr, ia.
alAKE this method of informing cn.tomcrs and
Dealers that they are now in receipt of their
Fall Supply which has been selected with great
care from the Manufactories of Europe and the Eat-
I tern State.
j Our stock comprises a much larger assortment
j than is generully kept by similar establishments,
I and is particularly adapted to the Country Trtide.
Having superior facilities for procuring goods it
i .
fs without hesitation that we defy competition from
1 any quarter.
j We arc now receiving Birmingham and Sheffield
j Manufactures, purchased and forwarded by one of
j the Firm, who has been spending some months in
England and Oerromiy, ami who will continue to
' keep us supplied with Foreign Hard ward bought
i from first hands only.
i Western Merchants arc respectfully invited to an
examinrtion of our Btock'and prices previous to go
; ing further Ka.stwurd. Among our assortment may
j 0521 doz. Knives and Forks, 1100 dox. Chisils,
ue louua tne lutiowuig
pen ku-ves 35 enses plane
j 210
I 50
1 250
j r.50
j 247
i 75
sci.-fors & sheers 321MJ doz. fili-g & Rasps
rasors in cases 217 run Jocks
silver plated lead table Spoouri,
German silver " "
shovels nnd spades 350 " gross Biitania
huy and manure forks, 150 ' Saws
teituent saws 15 bales Deer's hair.
400 Mill pitt nnd cross cutt saws
170O doz knols, locks and latches
4200 " pair trace chains 2000 pud chest locks
100 halter and dog chains, bellows, anvils,
vices, log and coil chains, cast, sheer and Blister
150 doz axes, lx-st brands, &c.
S a d d 1 ' i-j- Ilardtvarr.
We are continuing to make large addition to this
branch of our business.
Sept. 2, 1853.
A Xew Arrival of Vati lies and Jew
elry. On tho corner of Clinton and Locust Sts.
r'JIHE undersigned respectfully invites the Ladies
JL and Gentlemen to call and sec his new and
splendid stock of Watches aud Jewelry, which he
has just received from Germany: wnrrauted to be
Solid nnd mire, and for stvli ami finis'i it .-mumf h
surpassed. He bus also received a large nssort-
ment of Jewelry from the Eastern cities, viz :
Gobi limiting case watches from $75 to Kmj
" Patent Lever 35 to 80
44 Ludies anchor lever and Lepine, SO to -5
Silver patent lever and hunting case
watches from 15 to 20
44 Anchor Levers do, from 12 to 18
4- Lepines do, 10 to 14
44 Quartiers do, 5 to 12 1
Gobi miniature cases. Ladies Gold Bracelets and '
Necklesses. Ear-rings, t.old Guard, Vest and Fob '
chains. Gold chains for Ladies. Finirtr rinsrs. Gold l
! and Silver Pens and Pencils, Silver Spoons, i?ilver i
i Thimbles, Steel, German and Silver Spectacles. I
! Port Moiiaies, Pen Knives, Silver chains, &c, Ac.
j All of the above articles are warranted to be of
CIoclt nud WarcblNpairing.
He has the best workmen in
me oesi material, ana will be sola rrry tote lor eah.
the country in his
j employ, aud all work entrusted to him will be
j promptly attended to.
Thankful for past favors he solicits a continuance
; of the same, and is confident he can give sutisfac
1 tion to all who may give hiiu a call.
Johnstown, April 15, 1853.
300O Dollars lteuartl.
.rrat Kxrllr niriit lit Vlrt 1
EO. J. RODGERS has just received from the
cities of Philadelphia and New York nnd im-
inline v r ui .tn jr'jvjua, niiu HOW I'll CTS 19 111.-1
" :la9,U " CUrto"'Qr n1;r.(
ana Arjrr assortment of SrKlG & SLMMKR
! GOODS ever brought to the Ebensburg mnrket.
! His stock consists of every variety of Dry Goods
i licM3iare. Hardwaw. Var, &o., all of
i which have been purchased with a view to satisfy
! the wants of his numerous customers in quality
! aud price.
j Gents Wear. Blue, black, brown and broad
cloths, plaiu aud fancy casimeres, tweeds, summer
j cloth, linen", silks, satin, Valencia and marscills
i vesting.
Hats, Caps, Boots. Shoes, kc.
. Ladies' Dress and lancv Goods Pi-?nt hiahs Jh
j Hardware, cutlery, and tools of various kinds,
i Queens-ware, consisting of many new and spleu
J did patterns.
j Groceries, consisting of coffees, sugar, tea, fish,
; spices, salt Ac.
! All kinds of country produce taken in ex-
! change for goods Also Lumber, Wool, &c
I May 20, 1853.
- -
Look out lor the Locomolivc!
Cash and Produce Store I
hi ;ni:s & lviiEiciiv,
T-TAVE at their Store, in Jefferson, a few doors
---- fcnst ot U
L. Lloyd couture a large and j
entire new assortment of Spring & Summer Go.hU
which they just received from the Eastern cities
consisting, in part, of the following articles
LADIES DRESS GOODS. Silks, Barnes, Mous
linde Laines, Lawns, kc, kc. Also, Cloths, Sati
netts, Tweeds, Drillings, &c.
Ready Made Clothing, of all kinds an.l verr lct
quality. Give it a trial.
J Hardware, 'ueensware, and Stoneware, of every
; variety comprising a large assortment,
j STOVES, of every decryption, always on hand
J nnd warranted. We flatter ourselves tiat we can
i sell Stoves lower than any establishment in Cam
J bria county, and being located on the Rail Road we
can always secure a supply,
i firoceries,
i Such as coffee, sugar, rice, molasses, tea, vincar,
! linseed oil, sperm oil, tobacco, fish, salt, syrup, and
j every article necessa.iy to supply this market.
! The public is solicited to call and examine our
stock, as we are confident it will admit of inspec
! tion.
ISj?" AH kinds of produne taken in exchange for
j goods. Lumber bought at the highest market pri-
May 17, 1853.
rpiIE undersigned informs his customers that the
firmofBeynon & Johnston is dissolved by
mutual consent, and that the subscriber still con
tinues the business in the room recently occupied
by the old linn, where he will be happy "to see- his
former patrons and as many uew ones as please to
; , . ,17Jceivcs regularly from New York and
I hiladelphia the latest fashions and cannot be beat
en either in the shape or fit of Coats, Pacts or
ests, by any other Tailor in the country. He
respectfully ask the public to give him a call, and
confijlent his work will recommend itself.
fe3? All kinds of couutry produce taken in ex
change for work. LEWIS BEYNOV
April 20, 1852.-tf. '
Tombstones! Tombs Stones t
to any directions
n rRI"IARD1LJ0.XES wpccfully informs the pub-
, viai ne is preparca to lurni.-h all kiuds of
i lomb Stones, of Italian and Americau Marble man
ufacturcd in the latest style, and lettro,l -.:
His yard is situated at the south part of the
town, where a large assortment of articles in his
line are always kept on hand.
From long experience ho feels confident be can
please all tastes, and he therefore hopes to be pat
ronized by a generous public.
June 17, 1853.
TnfT.r iAY !TFor Trcd7ed7Brof-
w fep :,ar8 lot of Ste and Earthen
Wares. The highest price paid for wool.
Ebensburg. April 1. J.M00RE.'
2000 0CSW "O"'. butter, eggs wanted
mSSJ by j MOQRE.
OK A i on.
TniS delightful aad popular article is the bc.t
preparation for the hair which long exr,ri
ence and scientific research has produced, either k.
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects in
all the diseases to which the human hair is liable
It will impart to the roughest and coarsest hair the
most beautiful appearance, eatirely cleansing it
from all impurities.
But while we assert that it is the best article fW
the toilet of those who wish to retain the hair iu
all its youthful
it must not I c forgottou that in all diseases of tn
hair or scalp, such as the falling of the hair dan J
ruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, Ac, it is per
haps the article which has given decided S4infHc
tion every instance where it has been used.
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, in numerous, wheie other reiutJi. s
have been tried in vain, STORK'S CHEMICAL IX.
VIGOKATOK has superseded the ornaments of art
by reinstating, iu full pleutitude, the periuatieut
gifts and graces of nature. It is pos-sesse l 0f B
character wholly differing from the Oils, Grcn-p
Restoratives, Sic, which are now so numerously
foisted on the public, for baldness, gray hair, ac.
Storr'i Invigorator
has now been tested for years, and its tfficacv L.
j been proved by thousands. Every year its reputa
tiou nud sales have increased, until more of it ia
I consumed annuall y than of anv other r.rer.nrutif.,.
for the buir ever offered to the American public
It is compounded on strictly scientific priueiuli
cud the proprietor will stake his reputation t,n iu
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within tho
reach of the humblest family, and its eotict.-dei
value insures it a place on the most luxurious tyil
For sale by the proprietors price 25 conts,
120 Arch ttrcct, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bull,
Summit: G. Muckvrhide k Co., Johnstown.
December 10, 18528-1.
4 ND all diseases arising from a disordered liver
or stomach, such as constipation, iuward
J piles, fullness or blood to the head, acidity of the
; stomach, nausea, heart-burn, disgust for food,
j fullness, or weight in the stomach, sour eructations,
j sinking or fluttering at the pit of the stomach,
j swimming of the head, hurried and difficult breatli
I ing, fluttering at the heart, choking or suffoca
j ting sensations when in a lieing posture,' dimness
j of vision, dots or webs before the eight fever and
! dull puiu in the head, difficiency of perspiration,
I yellowness of the skin and eves, pain in the ei.Ie,
bnck, chest, limbs, Ac, sudden flushes of boat.
qurniiig in the flesh, constant imaginings of evi
and great depression of spirits, can be effectually
cured by
PRKPAnrn by
At the German Medicine .Store.
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
TUir power orer the above dueatet it not ixctllihl
if equalled by any other preparation in tht I'nittJ
St'ttef, at the euret at'it, in many eatet after ikitfwl
physician had failed.
These Bitters arc worthy the attention of io
dlis. Possessing great virtues in' the revtificatiou
of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands exercis
ing the most searching powers in weakness and
a fleet ions of the digestixe organs, they are withal,
safe, crtaiu and pleasant.
. That this medicine w ill cure Liver ComjJaiHt nu i
Dyspopsia, no one can doubt after using it as htated.
It acta specifically upon the stomach and liver; it is
preferable to calomel in all biliout ditentt-a the ef-
; f.. nititA. ur fl. .... . V. - . .
female er infants with safety aud reliable benefit ,.t
any time.
Look well to the marks of the Genuine
They have the written signature of C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and his name blown in te
bottle, without which they are spurious.
For sale Wholesale and Retait at the Germiu
Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch 3treet, one door be
low Sixth, Philadelphia; and by respectable deal
ers generally through the country.
To enable a'l clases of invalids to enjoy tbe ad
vantages of their great restorative powers.
Sinyte bottle 75 cent.
For sale by Frederick Kittell Druggist Ehei
burg; James Bell, Summit; G. Muckerhide ki .
December 10, 1852 8-ly.
TTAS the pleasure of announcing to all - who
. , . W0U,J secure the best bargaius to be offered
m this county, that he is again in the field with
one of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully se
lected stocks of
Fall and Vt inter Goods I
Ever brought to Cnmhi-; n L
j have been purchased within lilt "few days n
I Philadelphia nu.l v-i- , J
to the wants of this Market? i ul.
ner to the breeze, inscribed with my oMaotto of
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently invite the attention of purchasers
to my stock, which will be found uuusuuBv
large, varied and attractive, being full and oom-
... ru-rv uepartracnt. Kvcrvthimr nn- .!.
lonable nnd desirable will be found .embraced i
rny assortment. Particular attention is solicite
u ucb huh ucauuiui styles of
which I have just received of late importation,
In Gents' wear I defy competion, and confidently
invite an examination of one of the largestcheap
est and best selected stocks of ready-made clothing,
cloths, cass.uieresr &c. ever brought to Cambri
county comprising all colors aud qualities, which
. .w s cheap and warrant to give satisfaction.
Also, caps, bonnets,
of the best qualities and latest styles, together
with queensware, hardware, groceries, aalt, books
stationary, &c.
of Induce Lig,'st mnrket re paid for all kinds'
November 11, 1852.
A KK YOU BALD? Ia J0Ur hair falling off ?
rr,,fOU,r. eaJ C.Vere,f nh landmffor
' t rr ' V'C mak0 fair trial of rr',
t.hen,,cal Iu.r Inv.yorator. Hundreds of persons
in all parts of the country whose heads werent
ly bald have had their hair fully restored to its
artfede pCrfeCtioa the use of UU valuable -
Caution Ask for "Storrs' Chemical Uair In.
v.gorator,' and never let dealers persuade vou to
use any other article as a substitute. Trice "1
cents per bottle Proprietors.C P. Amet & Co..
No. 1.0 Arch street, Philadelphia. For sale by
dealers generally Sold by Fred. Kittell, EbensV
burg; James bell, Summit; E. T. Hildcbrand lu.
uiana. '
Dec. 8,
1852 ly.
Fzcklel Hughes,
Ebensburg, Pa.
JSeALER in staple and fancy dry goods-gro
Ta IT' wLolesale retail-fish ; hardware
and cuttlery; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron,
sheet-zinc, etoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
sheet-ironware, tin ware, copper and brass ket
tles, &c .
Grain, wool, butter and other country produce
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash and cherry
lumber; lumber always bought, and a large quan
tity constautly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or such
as suits the preseut demand ef the market.
A large lot of now goods as embraced iu the
above list just received an mor opening for ula
at the lowest market price.
Sep tember 2, 1 5tf 2, if.
i "
o oo z n i n n