Democrat and sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1853-1866, September 30, 1853, Image 3

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dehdhmt i.mi soma.
Fatal Accident. A man was killed on the
Rail Road near the Conemaugh Station, on last
Wednesday. The particulars, as we heard them
are as follows :
A train of ears was going down at the time the
"Western Express train was coming up, when two
men attempted to cross the road. They succeeded
in crossing before the descending train,but one of j
them was caught by the Locomotive drawing the
Express, and thrown under the cars which pas-
sed over him. His skull was broken, so that his
brains protruded, and his body otherwise crush
ed, lie still breathed when the train stopped,
but died in a few minutes after.
A.votiier. As the cars were approaching Jef- ; ia a sul' antkhAe 5 suaJl cusfc;J
fersonon the same day, a man, name unknown, j E-'" tc0 advertisement.
attempted to step upon the cars from a pile of i
coal by the road, but missed his footing and slip- j
ped under them. The train was moving slowlv j
... . . , , -
at the time, and he was pushed along upon the
.. ., , ' , . . 1 .A , , j
rail lor several rods, before it could be stopped. !
11 j
V hen rescued his legs were crushed, and he was ;
otherwise injured. Physicians were sent for.but .
their sk.ll was unavailing, and he died on the fol-
i -
lowing uay.
opinion prevails throughout the State that Cam- j
bria County is not 'an Agricultural county. To j
, ' iil '
remove this opinion, which is altogether erio- t
1 c ;
neous, we will enunerate some of the articles we '
have seen, which were the productions of tho soil !
A hte f, .lt- wmo-I.Jn.r I
1 . ' ' I
near C pounds, raised by Maj. Thompson. 1 to- j
mato, raised by John Williams, weighing mar ;
two pounds. 1 apple, fioni the orchard rf (.'apt. '
JlcViekc'r, wcigTiing 13 ounces. 2 beets, laised j
at the Summit, weighing respectively 0 and 0 j
jKMinds. Now we consider these articles hard to j
Wat, and think that they should esi.abli.-h the I
fact that Cambria soil is equal to Cambira lain- j
'era!?. '
KW IIoTKI. AT No. 4. Mr. Cll.V3. SlKWAKT, ':
the gentlemanly Post .Master at Hemlock, opened
his new Hotel on last Saturday eveninsr, undir j
the name of " The Mike "Walsh House." j
number of iruesls were present, an 1 IVmn !
what we learn the " feast of reason and ilw of j
poul" on the occasion was very interest in-r. AVe j
1:1... il,.. Afil.niii.u- lii.;!r i;.vn 1,-1-;
ter, or more talented fellow than th" verital h.
Mike does not live.
I ,1,
A ( Iift. We were kindly presented, by an is- j
teemed funale friend with a copv of the Addivsst s,
delivered on the occasion- of the death of the Hop.
Hknuv Clay, in the Senate of the United Stales. '
htindsouulv bound in book form. - Our shu-cre j
thanks are returned for the .resent, which we j
1 1! ..1, ... i n.niti,-iiln nf lb... To,1 iii. !
Miiia t i . oioin .t i. i o v -. i. ..... .,.-,.
tin -jt h'.-s kind.
T t-.Mi'KTt VXfK I.KCTt RK. 1. J. YllkoS, (.f J I .si - ',
lidavsbur, delivered :i temperance lecture hi the ;
(.'oncrreat lonalist.s Church, in this j.laf-e. on last j
We.lne.slay eveninii. A lare audience was
heiit. and the lecture is well spoken of.
,, , ... 1
n.-VKK. Ko.M) Co.Miv.;. -J no plain, are laid up-
on the Ebensburg and .Su'juehauna Plank Road
. ,.. K..r..u1i oib-o. AlMint three miles of the '
road is completed, and it is, without doubt, tin
It rood in the County.
VTT. cnnKN-T. No less than three fatal a-
, ., . i .1
cidents occurred on the mountain, .hinii the
jtast week. j
OnXVe-diT-sday, an Irish laborer at the Penn
sylvania Ttailroad Tunnel, while employed in cx-oavatin-r,
was instantly killed by a r:a k veigh
ing alxmt r2e lbs., falling; on liis head.
On Thursday, a man named O'Xeiil. in the
employ of Mr. itr.tter, at the same place, fell oll'a
hsy mow. and was so severely itijired that he
die d in about twenty-four hours after the aoei-
, ' 1
,,l'n ' . T . , , , , !
i.. jl.- ..... nn . ,-,.i, ioi,.i'i-v il ,,rii ii::..i.
I II 1 ue .S.I I lie .l.i; an i i.-.i ...oo v . , - I
we elid not learn, while sliudUly intoxicated pa.-,-
sed the lnemth of the new l'ortnge tunnel, and
stoopeil to pick up a piece of sod, as is supposed,
to throw n down at some acquaint anecs, but hxs
inv; his balance, he fell head -foremost into the pit
a distance of some sixty f--et, and was iiii'.ant
lv killed. llAlH.iijrhi'r? Si-J ir.l.
Whig Economy.
As the Sx press are cry busy just now in
fiulonvoring to cuivincc the peoj.le that their .
leaelcrs have been patterns of perfect economy, :
and that the Democratic leaders have wasted the '
public money in wilful extravagance, we sidooin ;
the fi.llowing items of exjienditure under lTitner
and Steven's administration :
Bucksliot wT.r,
Huntingdon breach,
ii'ttvslniifr railroad,
Wiconisco canal,
Allegheny feeder,
Sinnemaluuiing txtensk-n,
Krie extension, ...
Tunhhannock and Ti' a divi.siou
North llranch canal,
&3o.c90 2:5
UoS.loS 10
:;u),oio ;
31,172 f.G j
ICo, OuO On ;
2,100,500 70 :
2.00C,.T4U 00"
, n . i
,ol0 o t j
Here it wiil 1 seen that Gov. Ilitner s admin- J
islration ran the State in debt nearly j
lions of dollars, for objects utterly useless. Ihe
monev cxiienJcd on the Huntingdon breach was !
a liold fraud upon the Treasury. The Gc-ttys-
v -i i t. i..:.i .tnnlntiAn and ruin from !
inirr ranroati iius i.w.i '
1838 to the present day, and in all the mania for
railroads pervading the country, no company
vill accept of this road, although two thirds of a
jnilliou have eei fxjx'nded upon it. The " i
couisco canal was riven away to a private com-
thc Vlle-henv L-eder roinains a ruin ; the
panj ; UiC viicjiiieiiy iceaer rt.nuiui.s u. .u... ,
iinnemahoning extension lies in utter desolation;
the Y.rie extension was given away to a juivatc j
company, without being ahie to realize a single j
dollar lor the three millions expended ; and the
North Branch canal has just been finished l.y the
.State after lying waste for eleven or twelve j
years. I
"With this exhibit felaring them in the face, the !
"Miigs are the last men to charge ucniocrais ua
wrjt of economy. Dcm. Union.
C-" I say, rat," said a Yankee lo an Irish
man, who was digging in his garden, " are you
digging out a hole in that ere. onion bed ?"
" No," said Tat, " I am digging out th? earth
and leaving the hole"
EIjy roa Hereditary Tainl.
Thousands of individuals are curse 1 with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit from their pa
rents. The use of the V? Uncle and Samaiir il
ia will prevent all this, and save a vast amount of
misery, and many valuable lives, for it thoroughly
expels from the rystem the lal cnl taint, which is the
seed of disease, and so takes off the curse by which
the Eius or misfortune of the parents are so often
visited upon the innocent offspring.
Parents owe it to their children to guard thein
against the effects of maladies that may be coiii
muuicated ly decent, and children of parents that
have at any time been affected will: Consumption.
Scrofula or Syphilis, owe it to themselves to take
precaution against the disease being revived in them,
tiuvsott's Extract of Yellow Doc'.; and Sarsaparilla
clear and pleasant to use. V.'arruiiied all it
recommended or monev rai l back. Pre ai
ll.t..--lllllieil-. II l -M l.l-J I ie 1 ,i 1 ' 1 titers. a i .-,.--
, ,. ... '. ' , , . . ..,
by II. U. . Cary, Inv.':ist and hemist, .eve-
, , ,,, - . -- i -ii i. , i
laud Ohio, to venom u,i orders .siiotud be'l.
S,()J , nn nil,i.erizc- AesU -wrv twu iu the
R,:Uc For Sfl!c ,ty KrCl!. Kittel, Khet.Bb.iiv Pa.,
and ,)V n!l( S & Whe re, Jeffer. ,n Pa.
T-r, it w I.- I,. ,.M ., ;..., .!,-f ,.t I,;,,
((fciWIll 13 VIV1V Vll HJ.ll lilt lU'l ill Hit l."ili
heretofore esisting between liieliard AVhite
and 11. 0. Dcvinc, and Richard Whit', W. ;.
and 1!. ('. Dcvine, in the priutimr business, was
, , , 1 , ,
unsolved on the lth ilav of Aucnst last i v mu-
tual consent. The business of the late firms wiil
be settled by Richard Whit who is authiiit-J to
'"olleet all claims due, and pay all debts owing by
the firms.
lliOir.M'.D W !UTK,
li. C. Di'YlNi:,
w. i:. m ..
'I t- - o 1-"
!-ad Quarters lt Ue-'t, P-,-i;.-:.,
loth Division, Peuna. X'olantei rs.
, P-
-oMrAN,KS composm- tC 1st
V J'.rijr i D'.tli Division. lViu.
Ivan: i
te i-, will asemb!e at th- lh.b'-vay
t i -1 1 i i of Suiiimerhill, Cambr;: eo
day, theilli ..1' ),-(..ber, P"::, f-i- di
tioii, ariiie i a;.J couij-i e 1 as 1
Pv or lev ..f
J.ieut C.-l. (
I.i. .Ions :i umim:;!, A
i t- -. r-y--
il -v.-o. in t:-.
,!:ty. on Tues
:'! a;;.; in.-pee
k 1 J 1,hl
Admitii.-lraii' n, v. i
! t!
-i nexed. ui toe estate ot let.r Me'tuir'.
:,v towi:ihi. deei-a.-i 1. liave i con
ted 1
the Kv :
aliioriii e to toe uii-
lers;.!:ed ail persons indebted to s .i ! estate :!.-
!.!i-. t , . i n . . l in . ,.,.. -. i-.-i.i-. i t t-t .b.t-.-
ulj tf;,e h;., vWux ..v:.: .;.;,. v.:u l
sent them i rot-i Cv nuthcutleMie.l f..r s-ii:cu.(.i.t.
' ' ' "
ilE k:i1. i-e-it
;d liavio- be..!!
rnm-.u Pleas
.1. MeDoii::!.!,
r. her. bv li.i'.iii
a; .
t tie
ourt of C.
; Committee of Jop.
i .11 oli f P.bensb.ur
d.-bte I
to loak
i .
d i Jose, h Mep.a,
and re-jO-sts t: it iioet .1 '
i'll-rtii !
p.;::!:p.t ca:
r'ej t, 2C, lS--,C.-i"t
The establishment of Ilcnwra'ic ,...;(; in :!ie !
j;,,,.,,,,., ,.,f Ulairsvilb', Indiana Co., Pa., lias I
Ken lone; desired by the Pimoeracy f Ju. liana
and "Westmoreland i'ountits. r.ti-d the en. oitri-.tre- 1
ment that has already bu n extended, lias in bl
eed the subscriber to undertake tho publication
of such a i.uirnal. He th-rcf '.-..-, c. n'.ei:ii,bU-s to
(revive the publication of t he "151. A i iiSY i I .! .I
! K Hi! V and will end, avorto n.ake the pnp-r
! in' erc-stin". not onlv to the polo teal but ocntial
, and ho .at in thl enter;, be he wiil
be sustained by the public.
P.el:eiiiLr that our State and .a..i.cial j-ro.-por- j
itv has arisen from tlie successful a.'lminisi ra! ion
d.iic affairs bv the d.el.
!Ud 'A
(if , a e.--t:i'di.- !nr.( nt ol t be l
" 4 ' - ' 1 ..,-,,,' It .
.s a:;.
i ioii. pa; iu i.o,, ...... ... ; c
li'.ss e,f till- ic'iple, he will faithfully tndcavor to j
sustain ws, ami tdso adhere to ike rci;- ' '
lar established t:saf.o.soi tiie parly. ictni:?:;r n
imnecessarv to sav inoi e on this la ad. lie onlv
asks to bejud-red by the rour-eof th paper.
The materials of theofl'tcc will be entirely new,
and the'l'ai -er w iii be of lai : siy.-. aiol l ot iii'l' i-
or to n
nnv published in the interior
"Con'-ide-. a i le cxmne will be
of i 'e-ni'.svlva-
in.' i.i re il . he
therefore most i
si.e et !
l!v solicits a share of the
pat ronnire of the i-u
Tr.iiMs. Ine dollar :;
r.aid in advance, or will
i r,
'.Is j.'.r ye?r ii ; ,
ax mont-n
exi ira' ion r-f tint time two
-,Mol-s o, il! be
H. C. 1)1. T !
'Vii5i e i2:ii.:-:2ii:i"C4,
Attcrue7 at Law. John: tr.v.-u- Pa.
OFI'il i" on C.-.i. ten street, ;i the Steel;
of Good oi Pershirv,'b ::, re i.
in I bo y-e,,if!
Januarr li'' 1
E2 i'-i
Attorney nt Law, Etensburj-, 7a.
(J '. .So:J
! T12..''JL'
- AiIiiAIa.4.'i .i-5.t...-.,
Attorney at Lr.w J oiiuoiowa, i'c.
iTI'l'ICC on Clinton Street, a few do .-s l
S a .i ,,. , m..;., . i-v, ... .,
,uh. f
Afnl .
Attorney at Lav7, Ltf cshurfr Ta.,
1 XTriLIi practice
! bria, P.lair
tice in the several Courts ed Cam
illa Indiana counties. All pro
fessional business intrusted to bis care v. ill be
promptly attended to.
oilice ou Muin stiect fpos.t? f r. V.'Sn. J.eiao
office. .
ibcusburg, April ..S I s.--, L
Attorney at Lav.', Ebensburg-, Ta.
-wFFlrK two doors West of Major Tliompson's
Attorney at Lr.w, Xbtiishui", ia.,
H'lLL practice in the several Courts of Ciiobria,
l lUair and lu. liana counties.
Office, No. i, " Colonnade How," near the Court
j:u,ns,)UT Au3. 10, 1850 ly. 0
"1 1 -
316Lia.i .l:,i.ii.iii.i.)
Attorney at Law, Ebensburjr, Pa.
( V ' :
January 1, ISol. !y
Attorney at Lax, HoUiiaysbarg, Pa.
-T-W7-ILL attend the several Courts of Cambria
V county, as heretofore. Oiiice one door west
of V.'ai. McFurlaniFs cabinet warerooin.
July 21, lb02. ly
Attorsey at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
OLTIClil on Main street, two dee-rs cast cf the
Echo Office.
March lo, 1851. ly
Many years of H-tr on ! more than a llnatlred
Tttonurtfl Ciiret of ConsnmiitiTe lunipliiDii, have
Prowi in the iimlouitiftl Mir . ftir!:ur; i( :j pre.Mi who tnve
"Ctune ncinnilr i with tlna ir-wuiT . rtfmtuiu. thut il is srrnN
!v UllPI tor, tt CJi.i-O II 1.- t!,d ksnttno. and tU-T9
rrri;:in i rrp i,n-umjHio?i d ! t , ti tt "ian nnv
t'-ii- r K.-i::: iy :ji iht u-urut. V. t t: ow, !mvfvT. iii-il it is
fiy f-.i.f il it C-' .,r'':iN c ! m-i rc ci.-. .. Iu- the iiin
;i".c:y or V.n- d-v, Wt- ni! u'l T' ;iru wit!i
ti:,'r, i t : t it' we i. 7 -n, taii flit ::?rrt in t.uf, wliici: can f"
yrttv i i i,i f !iot-;it(I i ti:i- i,.-. .1 Iiki eum!
i "it '-.j itli-i atrlfccft v,;, f. ticjorc r:.lft wiTl' t'Ht Cfd. wei'O
c;ii.'--I i n(MTt:pl lit!;, h;h1 Ven witi1 f;Tit:!:l-J. v, th
l .j i .. i 't rt' -i--f ' .-. ;m 1 v, ;-H' i: rn H rcx; rrt HL rr.r-cyriir-x'im
nt' li:-. ,e ut) !.. r; I t.-'frt an- t-r;: i iu hu" ditfi '.villi
tf.-il t"'" u s";:.-t Cois;i:'?f)!;fii!. 'ln's tr,:n I'M rtir-l
t.i.'i'tat:',r it j:t,i v v--r tu .V.iiflc'riy cl.r;fl
v. -t j J-.i h'l .', d- v. t v . j.-w ( v tiS iil t.'f ltrt-'if-l,
. j: !ifi!tl!!v 'f i t ro ' f h I H t- I'uruJn.t r-pK--U
r'u- i H..-:,s- i (.--- Cif v;tTiiltf HWI1T
:ii :U: l'ir-.ii ( l'-t '. Jctvl-.j n cuin! -.rtiia
tl iVi- ht'K'U i'UI-1 wf -T C.l.i iht- V ,J :t t V I' WPI'U
ii'iU'-r. I.!, Uc: :.'. Ciin-.'I - ;r v! -i mi pr'.: to
i:; n i!yia litf I -in. I y ii:ti unw' oi una itiut-Jy, tiit-y
HOW ji"tt iiij'i f-Ti - iinii
g" r: i.ik.. ariJ 7'r r :.: ; in ;tn v ( ;' t. t-e:i-i ci' i;:i'icr
:::.y . il v. on A r. ;.! n:ni ,'.( m'u
I'i'.C -1 ! t5I!?. (,IIP; ( V I tl I fv i - fci . :f. . . ji.- l 1 vii,-.
I'Ut tlltU!i
Cures Hit'.vii iii;t-ft-.t i?, vtz. :
i r i u.v li..,il, nn.l ttii I"i:
i cV n.ji'.u w.u arising IJ.t-re-
( ir lM)(il' tu: 1 t-i .!(-' nrs .f C;:! .-B, im? our Piim
vhlcttf uud ihitiJliiUs a i ')ur A.-nrn i;ave '.'jt-rrj to -ivo awiy
t a. s vJ Jijii. i i
IS' T.'iK WJIiH.K V.'OKf,:
t2T Price C- f j-cr tl jtX. or Six . Viet for $.3
u n.-A-p it t;n in Ol'AKT KOTTI.L, nf ihe ram
juv.T tin.
urv fo Sin-ii'ilt -i.'rn:l r:-t-il Oait 0:1 j
tri Tuti.
on' i-.-til
Y:.t, crrnt Su; r-i-rUj of itiood PurHir over n l
Jt ,--r nr. :iu -.'i.Ni, t oa (-r. ia 1; ; rtv.l n , :.-ir ;?i it j , f-8a-
; !" ' r ::- r' :!" 7 -'- MedlevA Vlrlae
- f ?.-iti- r(lrr r i.:mI U;u-c
Indian 2!oct3 and Baiks,
it kiti n lo l-l'iiC"
cllcv7 Dock,
Yr:r-?-,l-le ' : r.ic : . r;"t e:
r-? ,1 le rrr,i-:.
. ; rt-. eiif,. v
i l. r.V ; , . ' .
for tin D-iirr
. i-l-.... r- li. -,
1111 vrciteit ltloO'l
...7 Ly ki'I'I'C oioIm
Ti .? $-...-f,o;i r.f it ii r
: taarii lo:it-r, r.t.i
c?v- . I;,:ei (T7if l).'i.,it
n; ,ri
It::.. :
li ai. 1 -...Ol :,l
5...' f fi'. uj. Hrvit S-i,'' I (,-11., rr:-, F,-.', .-.'.'j. Entp.
it n... 'I-,,,.'., r-,, tSs ! i,.rf. oi.ieblttiri, I'lti-M. l unl-
.. i ,11,:,', , 'c' It ,'Ciil'.., ie e'-, D.VnPT'
rio, . l, l ,M.:. ,',..r. ', .' .. ,.-,',, .M. f aI.I. .'1 ilo
I ii '. m -I'.l e.,u !:.: rs. car (M.l'- Wl.t i and JLjjiO
t " v, ry Afrt-a: r..v l .in :o -:e ilauv.
i:::i:::!Xj(i. jx cssia'ai
Gcodj Ofilvcfl t.!i Cost.
ON SKi'TiOX loi, V.. ii. P.
r!II-'. s-ab-ei ih(. rs beiu.or about to la-move fr.-;ii i
Pamiuia con:,';,, (.h.-r to s.'.l tdf a-l their
o k ot C !-,- M-iv.-ite sab, in l.irue or i
sieodi .piantlties, t . soi t pur. h a ers. ! ..'"? r.;. '
Tlie stock C'U'.slst.s in j a: t Pry (b.oJs. gueli as '
I reiodi. I!:: lt' : s ' i and A i:. Ti i ti ci- tbs, eassi'.iieres, j
sat iaetts, twee-is. pilot cloth, satin valeneiii. ai.d
o:i. r vesders, silk-', a'pae. luc.s lei iins, bom- ;
ba.ines, rnd ;
EF.y.s? coot;-;, I
of every 'les.-vij-ti-in : !iM;.dkorc'!,;crs.c . ;vfs. i rii'b !--i-s ati-1 hosiery of .ail
.seiio; t'.blc li::tn, diapers, cr.isii. red, !
i, lot;-. yellow .;;! Cant -u lbntiiei-', liasey. blank- ;
ets and o. vi i l. (, l:ick-.-y s!iiri;n Irish lii.eii.
w! ite foods . f ever- .ba-ri-U-tloii, hieiiitr, td;r:ui', i
Y0-, hill.-, c.-.i .-. I-
I s, I eo; s:i no Mi- es,
i-ii '.'i.O'i'ii i O,
. !-'-,--'. l.aiis, lb-ur, ' f sli,
stock of .r. .le i. s. liro--.
. ail of wo'icii. v,e .i'ter at
I Is-.l ware. MUei-ns"--;. re
s ;lt. iron, a . ; icn-'id
Paints, ao l D;. e -'f til's.
er prices than jru-i-t
ci -u.itrv, ail kin is of e.
have ever been s.oM m the
ot;--,' pro. luce t-.k-.-iiin e:-
j .11 i :i . ci ,
i;,. i .-l. -o ;
: -, -i-'udi i
Ties, Ph.s-
piled with
..f (roods at
N. P.. Cuiury
any of the above
wholesale city pric
;:i be s-
o:i only
:ure for tre;
Julv ill, 1.
li. M
Iii" ILLY,
f 1
. '. to th ' r
: ir .
-uppoed I
lar marks.
of the sab -cr'.bi r. l a r
Ttii, a iiiVe lli.o Civ.
;.-..:t live yea.r.s .11 : no
own; r is reouesie 1 toe. .me
ii i.i".
prove propel
i r lo
and t..,c
tt:: .i;-T tin si 5. i
V4' ..i.Oit I'.t.
r u '.-' - 1 i e::
1 i e::i 1- e eoe Pi Iv and
', ' .-. ; r a', 1 Pal. iter an I
:.:! v.- il. iii.-i; of steady
i !.(-ri:.-oiei t h'ii-ati-.:..- v.-':i!
ioiiv V.'a:;..ii a-. I Cnrrie-e
A. Pii A KM IT."
'I !
is. i:;-"i'.n wr-.'-s :
iven. al ti;e Piair
oh. b-r.
yr- Sept. 0, l- '.li -lit
bl-i i5.
-f ?: w :xc
11 1 r:eii-
tiio inhabit:.
j !- .bichs,
the to'l r--it-,
r. James C
f.-p-i rt a. i s : i
i'.'r their ser
.' and v'.c'.ei' v
it his rcsi-b-t
the old oilic
i the !
e oi' lae ih liic,
,lS of S.llii'llil i
it can lie found
and IU-. I ? j:o
oe i:eai
on thi
Sent. '-, 1
W I KS IT 2: L.5,,
A.toraer nt Law, ijenshnrgr. ?.t.
("V:-'i'!( i; on M.'.iti Street, in the oloco
Jf oeeupicl I v lit ii. Jos. lcloiiu:.l.
Ji.;,eiU-y lo, I: 2.
C-5i 4 .?'::
Attornty at I.
I?" ILL '-r;.et ii v? sev ral ciei'ts of Cumbria,
ji'.ii'r. and Mu'iii-.u-don counties'. icr:ians can
consult ::::d recrive tidviee in their own lanpruntre.
Of.'ice opposite the Court Iese, formerly occu
nied 1-V I'.' I - .lol'.tiston. r.S-v
' Lbensbui-cr, Fcl.-uftvy :5, lS-'O ly.
Attorney f.t L.-.w, Ehonsotirr;, Pa.
"KTf7"iLL practice in the several Courts ef Cani
l bria, Llair, and Huntingdon counties.
Ofiiee on main street two doers cit of the
store of Murray, .aii'.n i Co.
May 8, ISoi ly.
'tt-raev at Lew Ebe-r-'Tmnr, Pa.
"UvinC7. . ; ' -a-1'-r6
rm practice i the several Courts .f Cam-
hria, ladiaua, andestinorelartd
Olf.ce ou Centre St., joining Ceil. M Hena.d s dwell-
TC"5SS.SO:V, Jr., ' at Law,', Pa., j
nE"!?7"lLL practice in the several Courts of Cam- i
V ? I 1 ia, I'dalr and ludiatia counties. All pro-
fessional business emrustcd to his care will be j
promptly atteuoe I to.
Oiiice on Main street adj"iiii:ghisdwc-riirigliousc.
Lhnishiirg, July 1, If-CU 2'1-Gin.
David T. 81o:-iii,
I-Totary Public, Eciivcacrcr.dCouveyar.ccr,
7"1LL also attend to his tluties as Justice. Lc
gal instninier.ts ot writing, such as,
agreements, Foreign cower et Attorney, c,
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive strict nUcLtioU.
May 13, 1Sj2 CO-tf.
: il
Jan. 13. Io-jL-
Exrliaiiare Hotel,
Ebensburg-, Pa..
rrtllE undersigned respectfully informs tho pnb-J-
lie that he is now prepared with every requisite
for their accommodation, and will exert everv ef
fort to render his house an attractive and comfort
able stopping place. His table will nlways be sup
plied with every delicacy the seasou affords, and
his bar stocked with the best of Wines and Liquors.
A careiul ana r.ttentive hostler will have euarjre
1 fif t)it f;lh!('Q
lie re?rectfu!lv solicits a share of
April 28, 165-1 tf.
iiO.U ana niter th: d iff Pasen.'er talinv '
scats iii t.'ie errs without tickets, "nt iftations I
where there is a ticket ofUec, will be ch.nv.e l ten '
cents extra. V. V. n'OKV,
A'init lnn. 11. Jl. Co.
Summit, July IS',: :;t.
1 Adams Ca's Ilxpiess,
j W.V.Mvo:y&Co., Agsuts,
j TTf "'Lb forwaid all packages ol goods (.r money,
i V ilaiiy. e)('i't uli h.y, to all the princij.a! !
1 cities in the Utiioi. ami all t iwns on llm !ril it,,.,, I i
it ! betweeu l'liihuleiiihia and Pittsbur'-. Draft.-; col- !
Ieete.1 from Cal forisi.i. Drafts sold on Ireland, j
Ihijiland or Scotliii l, fiom .1 upwards. Money for
drafts must be par. " j
Summit. Julv 18, 1 S5; CO. I
W r.TTKIiS of Ad'.ii!n:?tra''iOU having been -rrant- j
t c.l to tho in loj sine 1 on the estate of Peter i
Cieer, lafeof Wiite Township, Cambria county, do- I
censed. All jev-.ens indebted to said cst.-ite nre j
notified mai-e iinmediato pavineut, and those I
having claims Mill present them properly authenti
cated for sttthsmcnt.
GKO. C. K. ZA1IM, Ahu'r.
F.bcnsburg, July 15, :":;. tf.
S!iit oil' :rt Cost.
I "V etitire of Wutelies, Clocks, Jewelry!
J-'.l- anil Stabiiarv, at uiv store, one doi.r Past of
tlie Post (;:n,-e " " W.M. P. 1! li'jl )X. ',
An-. P.', lid 'I Ct. !
! Tnis Way!
Ijl lit the hi iiest juices are paid for hides, skins
and tanner's bark in either trade or cash by
j. moo in-:.
! "B" OOK Hiili!".: .lust reeidved ly
1 JLu vans a Ii-a'l, and for sale
v the Peiin-vl-
bs- J. Mo,.ie,
rin. I Stones, Patent IhieUe's, Proem51, Cheese,
.tton Yarn, Cbner Se.-d, an-l a lar-e bd of f.'-ir-.''
r-o.i. April 1.
! c
I Adams fi o.'s lixrcss. i
J' j" 15. CP.AIO; aet.t will forwur 1 all packages of !
e or ia one daiv- esc-, i t Suu l.iv to all i
tae pi ineipal ckies in the
id all the towns
on toe
. 1 between Phi'.adeii'hla a:id Pias
Xo. .Viirlirrhir.l nl.ovc ('nllo'.vlilll, ' Siilf. I'll I ! ml 1 i !i i n . j
i."S co'i -taiitly en hand l'iei.-h Pran lies, II. d--
bin 1 (iin and a seuernl ii-s- rtme it of I'Oil-
il'iX Wl.Mi.
A LS'.X .1
jr.en, nss..ruiient of P.OMKS, ncli as are
'Sl iised in cttr coininoti scliools. for sale l.v
DAVIS ,v Pl.t YD.
OHO. 1.1 l'l IN. ol i . W.M. -ir.oTlKll. 1.1.V.OM" ';
HA VP constantly on .:in-1 a fell assortment of
Teas, Vt'ines. J.i'iuorsj and Groceries general
ly. Ko. 17 Ivorth "Water Street, and
lio. 10 17orlh Dla-varo Avenue,
January "7, 1 S."i:1.
St iM iiiNTHNUi s r's eri i.
ii -v, -. 21. livV5.
O .f
Ai.PD Proposals will be- received at the oihee
.1' liie siioeriiitei, ient of ..l.-live l ower, on lae :
li.-nv Pi.rt.." Ur.ii lioa.l. Uoliidaysbur-. Pa., j
on Tuesday, the ll'-'ih day of e IS ,:, i.,r I
deliveriiiir l oiio Woo;, f-..:- the u.-. of siii 1 P. .ad. as i
f ,"ilo"--s, viz. : i
At MationVo. 1 : (Toot of P. No. 10 :) 2.0. "( c ,r Is. j
.,,. :! : i i'eot f Plane No. '' : ! " I
No. : (Head of Pia:.e No. 0: t 1. .id j
" " Nj 1 : f Xt a laid P.e point en Summi
Level : ) 11,".';..) j
" o y.j. o : (At a mid He point on level be- j
twee a I Nus. o; :) o.ooi) :
.' v.,. : ; At ft. of Plane No. J : ) o."'0 " I,
" ,,. 7: (At Water Stati-n o) pot;te CI. ;
Keans lb-u--e : !. ' " j
X.s: (.UiliiliAViiyii-ii-oiil.t'el" j
o .. ;,,. p: u Kcrrs b-!l H;.u' e between
power mi ! Merriinans 15 r: h-'e :'l fij "
i. " No. 1 1 :( On John: town Level; ) r,,l tin i
Lii-bitrs wili distinctly the .in-mlily an I kind
to HI
ive r at eacii station i
, as well as the price
d iii tle-ir r.-si-eetive bio
ord for the same.
JUilN P0-S,
S-i;.er-t. M. 1
A. P.
Vars. siters Look il'.-i t.
Q !'AI.::i) proposal
will be received at tae omce
. ...ii. i
of the Lbensbur .v.
us'iuenanua l .aniv lo..;.
conii'T.iv linlil ''. o'clock, in theaile
.UOll o.
ball-i'.riaToll !i-
j on the first section ef the said company's road, liie j
! contractor to lin-1 all the materials f..-r the same. j
i Pi;-a and specif. cations may be seen at the of.iee i
iloiv d ivs ori -r to the daV ot letting. I
i P-v or.h r of the board. i
W.M. Klill.LL, .s-.
.,n:t iy i-i.:i-.
rnnil Siirvovors ol the county ol Cambria are nere-
j i by i.oti.icJ that a true tiieridl line, and iixe-l
' m- rdard ru-nsnrc for chain, has been cstabll-bed
i at" iie I, in the Ji.Voufrh ef Lheiisburr.
I . ... .... .... ..: i w,:.a ,.,,. ndin.t
I II oroer iii.-ii io- -..
I ...i :e.. ii eomieissos. iiccoi-hm"
- all! ii.v.i ....... ..... , , . .
, . . . . , .-, -. i. t .. e t .
i be -ict ot' ise:i.b;y. passed -i.ui uay u
). li :0. llv the Commissioners.
August 2o, 1?0:J :'t. Co7..
j pan), IHaJr C'osmiJ, I'cua a.
T'.IF. above company has been in successful op
eration, for over 4 years, has insured over
! three hundred nn i fiftv tli oisan 1 dollars worth of
i T.roriertv. has promptly paid ail its losses, and has
I never vet had any necessity to luahe an assessneiit
on the premium notes. . ,.- .
! l can esnieicutiy rvcuiiae.;.i ....r...v
I .i ...i ... f -i.rc.erte insured from
lllC-SC T. 11 tj VJ c . " " ' 11 .'
Aug. 10, 'oil-fit.
.M. IIASMi..,
Local audit for Cambria
. . i , 1
sr'- p- r5:LFolip. !"-?or- 1 Tx, V
! l) public tl:at he lias returned to Hohidaysnurg.
, penaaneatly located in the he occupied
, (lurh latv5sit. (ollC aor west of H,v ifs
storeu Allc hcny st.,) where he will be pleased
to attin J to any operations in his profession. All
work done bv him will l2 varrante-l.
Hollidayburg, August 2, 1?S3.
C. CAltl Tll, WM. TtliUl', J. C. ltV.
Jco. W. Totld, Willi
t iii t:tXj,Tes ry & lit'iv.
... T- 11.
IMFOHTFUS nnd Wholesale Joi ..ners in i.n-rnsii,
Oerman and Howesfns HAKUWAnil, Cnns,
1'istols, V.'aiters, S;e.
Ml M wiKiii hir-ELT, Lttv.een Ifn k 'th, I'lIII.
AFZLPUIA. pt- -. l--5"i.
-S IflUushels eflleans, and bushels of dried
iUU Apples on hand ai.1 for sale at the foot
cf plane 4, A. 1. 11. 11.
July 8, 1S52.
v.-. k. rirnn.
TufViisi wind, bnitcr. et'ira wanted
3. .tUOKL.
Sk1 wi vlfV 3 .pT 3
Lift' and Ilt.ili'j are in the BlooJ.
Not on., of :ii; til.- nii.n.Tom n.. li,vn,- th-,t Iirto
pn-)m!e.l. !. -t,in in I- in" in L-i -,t .ti.-.Ii. -J una ., power
JH.1 oi.t ii-u-enty t- . !--r,no m l yci'-. pro.ii'i,-,. nne
v., :,:;u d.r. u.i.i, a ana nt . i-iuU: tau i
'H.n Punii.-r i-j li e ,..,.., ,'rrf,.t H,l n..:,)...;j,r r..m
;.ly in the wori.l. eili. r m-.iie.n.! has e.- ted tarh nl
ai jst mii-ui'Uioua euri- et
Scrjfiihi, Ftvtr Sores, Salt Klipua,
sM'lHI.JS. :-r. vthrr rr
iftta. Sw, fl-rrs. C
Surs'.ilf S rr .li-mic. ' i.'
i -',; Hi-.'.. , viz. : Try
'r .. 'nil- iinti firu:a
.-. ' , tf, 'o.i-.'t. vi tit
..'.' '. arij ii!uy otao
s" i--. Ih- n rwt
y u-.f oi FOUf
1 1.
of.-r-.-s. Tlhl's WI'iS ol' SJ, ;,
Y 'ti PURIFIER, -aa cure 1
Less Quantity, at Jazzs Cost
y ' -.''-.' i:
I llff.1, hy S:tr
n t v.-r f-i. ii .ii-.-r '-s v. r,- !. f.-n- rr j-nc
'e.lili... or iil.v oili. f r (e. ,iv. W-,:.t titer
. Uti; qa.-i-:i.iii l.,r iliu-, n-sl.-.t tu ,1, ti-l,.,H4 to .-.-I.II..HI
Ii, m1-I. ; m:.-,, .,- ,n, t,, , t.C
USD-Zoo-!, thi i'.: ;r.;
3f BRA NT'S PURIFIER rff.-rtiv.-Iy cure KK'Ii TJMI-:
43 much .i.-h-e n- one n' ir.n;' ol .Sirmna-iita t It i
nhl, tii.-n it is FOUR T I f.1 1 S CHEAPER 't lam Hv$nj
uhVi. An.l e iiove tins we it:i.-r one ease of cure, sat o
tiie nrtnyeiu-'S ol
To n-iilizi? :hf cnet juarr of tV.o m-ilir:n f n jmrlliei
rrn.l. in our tVoio-lii.-t-, tn p.-rleet cur.- etf -et.-.i on Mr. J
H. llarKin, rf 1;. I r, .1 -on :. :., .V. ' He w eoii.ine.
tolii l --I I'. '.- Wi.s t,,.! .-Vj.'-t.-.l t.l lit".- t,rrt,, f;
kotirs t-'iiierr lai i.e' k was , ;,t. n nearly oil. :ro:n c ;tr t.
i-'r a hole vt,a ent, ;. thru' jju .-'.. ,";.,, n,i,r enr near!'
eni.-r. out fie in.- t.l ,t ?,--vj fleer. Hd tors'
una mini's la.o.l. lo, J n,.,,il;- il.n.ah laj si.b; uti
Ih Te were or. hull, in -iii,
Tweniy Lars?, Deep, Disclpirsins Ulcers
wiiieli ALL CUR ED. nr. 1 ne rlore I ta hial'k mc
ftrene-.k to lu-ir a-...ii. i.v tae u-.e ol ONLY YWKLVf
LUlTbl-S. Tun i-,.-a i-a.,ll ,a.i".- is f.-C.ii-J to l.y
Fourteen Kp stable' Wil.ii'.vse.s.
An. it ia tho szrrv, -..-c.l.
of on.: o; t' n.-i-r
'ir tvri'l W.iS tTi
r,H-sr -au i cerlaif
11 IX A T s E 7t" ii I A 3i
t0-'F('S.--S il!1. t'liO '
Jowrrl 111 HU.l M' t.V
X iurv1v.ri2 ii tu nonrly as
ir. ; i-Ml.-.i " BRANT'S
INDIAN PURIFYING fc XT RACT' ' It iilt-o is vv
jHTrd ivavA e vrp.ii ot;i.-r nn- i.e-.t.-ms, win -ii r; pccLtlittrly
Jujit(.(i tu, iirid Hie t:rutnu. ii. : .itt.t. v, tu cur
THIS li t!..- VM h'til. sn 1
. l'!'urg m th.
-3?. waer.- Ve-'-r.-..:.'' . rrn: .' :i:i tn.'f
Eztrart run -a mi 1 lie! ri--ia eiuritr.'.'n.
Zures nine. rt,s-6 t.l" l . -1111 uf i i)i t,ut (il IfI
renieillt havea;.', 1 tu gutd.
I'll -,':in
'i bis iulam
,;t--r all o:'u.t
TH(irNAX :f fosm'.npiiOM,
f.ll.1 Chr.i
tu ,M 0:
.it-, tiv .' ---e in vteiyt( ei-nry
'-'r ';.,- :M.- ciin t jT'ir the jmrrnr tn fr.rr l:rf. when
(IX r.CViTl hTltJ tc: to ItV III T-Dtt .i-f 1.1 gCS nj C
ttl:t:." K-.IIHX rtll.l, Jfl t)
2nti t-Kri.u P.'. :'.' W
lit. I-iir tin irttcutnr ol thi
rit?-, iiiid titt- rrsi'trtti'tlc ui;i vmloubttJ jiinnf ot nil tLe cir
iii!i-iiincf n mi l N. w: ret' r lo our 1' A Mi'1 1 l.F.TS.
Tii-.a euro us :i.--lf.l u MKr. .Ii'A if KKMAN, oj
r-n'Jfton Spa'irti'.'i'a rt'itnr., Y. V ;ti jirtiv.
li liisni't, m.ititf titlifp aim 3?i ally iit jn'it-sa. ftn.l imtU
mural. lc' vuM- nf O'.'a'A 0.5'.,i;rf.; t'L'Iiilli, l.icb
v.- i.".:tn-t i i 'j -'' ' X r.K';:ul fh tticfih.
-j tti '.tuin. Cv'iehu, Cut'. Sjuinujf ft H'vud, liuid mjr ai tU4
I.i'i.ff. V flint i n the l-rtiti and uict I'at;ttiini u iJ th .:r,
(.' I ra I lUnttuia. 1 '.'Ti, lUid Summer Ccmj'fatuts, in
L.'wY-V .'i ixihi au utf.ii aiiii Al.L
Femalo Vcaknesses and Complaints.
No reniPfl-s f.;T, re.l to tlto pubac has .t been knlf ill
UTKain iiii-.l tf' in rtnnni,f ALL Ihf in.-i.l"l.tai trrrti
nrr t,n-i trrw.iiri:i3 ol toe sex, us BRANT'S PUL
MONARY BALSAM, h niak.-s no tlirt.-r.nrc whether
.be tlernnemei.t be sitptiTcusian, ejeese. or other v-rakiiess
t Kl.lil I.A'l IiS ALL, by Hrr-ivlhrninr the Kjst. .11, equal
kin.' Hie r .'. nii.l tClllTHIMi mid ALLAVINU
MEltVOL'd IKllI'l'Aliil.lTV. Utt VamiiUlctt.
Krom th Girl to tli H'umnn, find tho Woman ut .mid.Ht
iA'r Tiie 011 u ac&hr.i'.t d. im i tin ot'j-T gradually
-ejtpr' .t ti, tit jir'V'i;t miy of tht fuel diaucs taut fnw
y :ir.t' ;r: ' u-' v ui such ch:jiyc
Seo tlie cure of r. .-. ,t nf. of .s'oirc'r-,, Cnnx., and uthcrt
DYSPEPSIA See '. '. ;('tojr, of Allie-a, Wyoming
conn!', .V J'.. nn .1 many mere.
ITervous Bisoases and Derail sremcnts
cured wiUM.ut
IiYsKNTLItV ueJ f-'L'MMKR COMI'LAIST, in rAi'.'Jryi
end n-i- and
No mli'T jkm' I rv-T inmiru t'.if dnth of lir rtiiM by
Ci.)r Ii.i .litMin. tf.'Ihii.,'. il BRANT'S PUL
MONARY BALSAM lniinNr r.-L It shouU bt
tor sn'i t-r.-ic. niiiiiii--t-,t vd iu iriri:r l'ita tae oniinnry
,, ... si. i:oi;i:i:ts.
I A cv I h i'i.
j rli!K sttbseribers w.mhl respectfu'.'.yjtiform the
X t:'i',ieiis el l-lbci.rburfr and vicinity tliat they
' have iii r'eceive.l Ireiit the city of l'hiiadelpliia,
! an ba'.e o: er.ed at the .-tore room formerly occu-
i ',. ., i.,, ,.s.-,.,t-M,t,-f
. O'C'l I-'. XL t-i.,:. - .--.
all hi:; V, er.f. ustinjr of tne f.-ilo'-virpr articles, viz:
CoiUe. 'lea. Supirs pices, 'se a r,
and Siv.-ir Crackers, l.s-cnce of ( t.iree ( locoa e,
iinianii,.. ( in-.., Ib.tcs. itaKcns. lined ttrraot..
i 1-rune.s. Fi-'i. Aim -rd.-,. 1 reserves 1, r:..i-
- . ,
i ires. Lenioljs. It.oaeco.
ar.s. Mm
. c.
Fir iir ana Er.con
! kept e. i.stai.tly en band. Families v. ill do well to
call and esamin"! our asortn.ei t of Crocries ni l
j C..ii!'ecti .:is before purchasing elsewhere. Our
' terms must nn-l i'd be CASH, us we intend to sell
i lower tn .-iu any cst.-tMisiimrnt Hi tl.e cunt;--.
Mi'.V b, 1 S "id. ILUDKit l.'ftl.UlS.
TVMl'.S S. Tii!l) informs toe citizens of F.bens
"i,..r 1! o i -ibiie eenera'.iv. that he lias
' , ' v;U.;(.,i aSr-. rtmeut of rh
. ' , - - . ,.( ?)l...t i,avis' i.ew bui'.di'.i.r. Main
j street, i.eaiiy opposite the
Mansicii lb. use.
v here he wili b
an.iiie his
iiaj-py to have them ciul itii-I ex-
I . , x-t-r etllMTV l'll OTMl-'It.
A in part of Snfiis, F.ureaiis, Tables, I'.ed
eeretarys, Stands, c, .Ve.
n- "U have con-tuntly on i an ex.-e .e, i u-
I c f ,,,... .,,! ee:.ii.i..n Cu.ur.s, which he
; ' 1 j lowt.r tj,..n ever before ottered in this
; ' " t ,0 ov,lere 1 vv ill be ma le in tlic most
c.v.-tantiv on ban 1 an cxcei.eni ns-
w..rki.iat.":i!te nmnner, ot tiie i-i naieriais , n.. .
rtpMKlN'i ot" all kin Is will be'y attend
ed t. His terms areCASH, and t-cing .ktermiued
to- 'il l..w, and keep none hut good articles, he
hopes b, receive the patronage of a
EhcnsLurg, Julr 20, ISjO.
.1. u. 1 UAH
.'or.iiSiV5on & t onvaniiun.
1 1 Mt,...-ff!.1!v inform their
u sel li' ei .) i .'-i i --f j
. . ' 41 . tl-ev i.ri. lll.vv i ll
II i ... 1 1 -
pared to receive an 1 f.rwari all P?","";'- -V
their care ).y nny of the Lines, er by ( cr.trul l.a 1
rcvl, end hop-.- Ihathy strict attention to thc.r bu
lincsst oit, t'ievw;:i be enabled t . rem or perfec
Kitistaction to all that will pair.n:7e tucin. Ad
1 ',' receive fee "reatest care 1.1: 1 nttenl-on.
Soods vs... ricuvc t..e 0i HAMILTON"
JciTerbOU, March lo, 1j3.
Jamc Dougherty, at
niiiximij), iakii &, ro
T7"nf)LI'S ALK T'd retail dealers in Tobucco',
T V Fnnff and Pilars, warehouse at the STouth
west corner of Third and Race ctreets, Philadel
phia, lately occupied by I.udwis, JCnecdler &. Co
keep constntitly ou hr.nJ a lare aad well select!
stock of the most celel.rai.eJ brands cj n, .
Domestic cipars, ami Snulf, which they offer for
Sile on aa l'avnruble terms as any house in the city.
Orders promptly attended to.
Auirust 5, IM.v; 5-1 y.
John Parker. James H. Parker.
JOI3V iURKIlit &. CO.,
"rPfT-P.?.PE Croeers, dealers in Flour and
Paeon, Pr.reipn Wines and Brandies, OU
Moiioneahela nnd ReetlfieJ Whiskey.
Ko. 5, Commercial How, Liberty Street,
Piltsburg, I'u.
August 10, 18o3. ly.
George Ehey. Lerl Mattliows. William Ebbs.
i:mi:y, s ittiii:vs & co.,
IX HOLKSALE (Iroeerx and CummUsion Mer
it eh.tntx, liealers in all kind of .Produce ani
1 iitslmrg Msinulucturcs, Ho. 77 u.n.1 7'J Watr
Pittsharrh, Pa.
Aiiu.n 10, l8-.r!.
"VriI)l.P.SALn grocers and dealers in Foreign
1 find Domestic I.i.juors, Kectified Whiskey,
i!otir, l'.acon, Pish, Cheese, &c, &c. No 311, Lib
erty street, opposite the head of Suiithfield, Pitta
burh, Pa.
December 23, l5."i2 9-tf.
JOE1.V V. 31AC;il,I
HAS longed nnd refitted the McMiilen House,
(late the Pennet Hotel) in the borough of
.bdiiistowii, where lie will be frln.l to receive any of
his (i-i.-iids lio nin fuvorhim with their patronape.
He has al.-o opeueJ a bar with a choicc'fcelectiou of
iviio s .iii.l li.piors of nil kinds.
Meabs berve l to suit passengers who niab to tra
vel bv the Pa. U. i:.
Joimtown, Pn., July 22, lK"j3.
Canipbellstown, Cambria county Pa.
riTHK undersigned, Proprietr of the above IIo--1
tel, informs his friends and tiie public that ho
is well prepared to furnitli the best of aeconime
dati..n, and is determined to please all who may
call with him.
Campbell.-town, June 1G, ISfiS o4-Cin.
R. A. VPAG I.PV hm int r.ermanentlr located
j lJ in .Jeflcrson, Cambria county, respectfully
j ti n li-rs his professional ser.ices to the citizens of
! the place nnd tbesurr'.unding country, in the prac
', tice of Medicine and Surgery.
Omce on Main ttrcct, where he can always be
found and consulted, eMcep.t when absent on pro
fessional business.
Jctfei-son, April II, 18".3 2").
Fashionable I'.arber and Huir liresscr.
IN the basement tt .-ry of lavis &. Co's., ware
l".be';?.iT. May 1, 18j.-ly'..
N. 15. Shampooing done, nnd razors honed in a
superior lnanner.
Hi: Geo. li. Kelly,
OFFK11S his professional services to the citiieni
of .leit'erson and vicinity, iu the practice- of
Medicine and turnery.
Otl'iee next tlot.r to M"-. I -T tie's Store.
May 2n, IN.'. 3.
I'. Micriduu, 31. !.,
i" r.Ul'lX'TFL'LLY teu lers his services to tho
A- citizens of Johnstown and vicinity, in tha
practice of Medicine nnd Sursrery.
Ollue at tne lrug store of Krutzer and Sheindau
corner of Clinton find Main streets. Iicsideuco
Main street, second d..'.r below Von Luenan's Ptore.
Er. S. il. l'ltli,
rt i:ri:CTFl" J.LV tenders hin bervices to the cit
l izens of Suminerhill township iu the practice
of Medicine and Surgery.
(iflicent Half-V.'ay House, Cambria county, l'.
Nov. ill, lb-:,2.
iii. i.. t o.Mini,
J i:sri:OTFl"I.I.V tenders his services to the cit
V, icn-i of J'l.enr burg, in the practice of Medi
cine nnd Surgery.
tUViee in l"r. ScbiK iIer's l'ruj; Stc-rc, opposita
the rresbvterimi VLurch.
June -2, n'-::.
nil t: fltEsi joxrs,
Justxco cf the Ttace, Ehenthurg, Pa.,
'ILL attend j.iMiiij.tly to ull Collections en-
trusted to L;i cure Ofiiee, adjoining Lis
I dweViilo.
; Julv'
'li, tf.
Juiticc of tho Peace, foot of Piano Ko 4,
A. P. R. U.
H'lLL attend".y to all eol
m to his care. O.hte, udjoinin,
to all eoliectioris entrusted
the 1'ost otlieu,
July, 2Mb, lb.j2.
Ifr. Ilciiiy Vcaglf),
rractisiag Physician. Johnstown, Pa.
OFFICII nevt door to his drug store, corner of
Main mid l'.edf'ord streets.
J...Imst..v.-.i, July 21, 1H.VJ.
AV1N0 f.. l ined a partnership iu the Mercantile
lbibiness. would respectfully Solicit the pa
tronage of their friends and the publ.e generally. r
Caa and fit us at the old stand or William La-
Ai i'ii 20, is ,-:.
iluuyit tm lEuiitll
STONFAVAIUI, llarthcn ware, Naila, Cast-fctccl
and Salt, for sale by
li.lVW a. LI.OVl.
May 12, i:-'j-cr.
"! i. 71'1'arluiiil nl Son,
Allegheny Stieet, Kollidiysburg, Tai .
"T7"t 1.1 rofpPc'.fuUy invite tho atteutien of the
V public to their superior stock of Furniture
of every description. Furniture of all kinds man
ufactured to order on the idiortest notice. All or
dirs from a distance promptly attended to.
Julyl, i s 2.
Liiborci-K M unted.
"V Laborers are wanted to work ou the Ebens
, vl burtr and Sus.puehaiina Flank Uoad, to whom
liberal wages will be given. Apply to either of the
llbcns'nitrg, June 3, 18"3.
S. I-lrrtlerrcr
Wholesale and Itetail Clothing Store.
ClOT. Vests, Pants, Mats, Cups, irhirts, Hand-
kereheifs. Cravats, Hoots, Shoes, Carpct-hngs,
Trunks. Ac Sold cheap for Cash. Summit, taui
bria County, Fa.
J. I'attou 'I loinpsw,
Villi Harple, LUis M'C'lure,
IlrotTK.e and lkalers ia Foreign and romei
t f'NCV IHV OtOIS, Trimnnn?s, Hosiery,
a,:.!S s;ik Vest ngs, Cravats, Kihboim.
WhitVijoods. fuspcuders, Combs, Brushes, But-
tov.l0lSnr!hS"Thirdtrcct, two doors bLot.
fl.,,.,1. Aliev. l'liiladelpuia. .
J. A. F.I.L1H!, V
I:. M.-CLl 'RE, j
Philadelphia, Feb. le, 1S32-S2