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man axd tidi low, the men axd thk poor.
mmrnm, fbiosv, mmm 30, 1853.
RL. 1 XO; 5.
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T K Si 31 S :
The DEMOCRAT & SENTINEL is published every
Friday induing', in ll'iensd-urg. Crtinhrbi cotmtv,
M SI 50 per nimiini, if paid in aavar.:, 'if
not 2 will be churccj.
ADVERTISEMENTS win be conaplSuoiwly laser-
c-u :m i:ic muowmg rates, viz;
1 s.-jmire ?. insertions
Every subsequent insertion
1 square S months
" " G "
" " 1 r
" co'ar.m 1 ye.;r -V
" .
3 Otj
s oo
SO 00
lii CO
ltasmss Cards with 1 Corv cf ihrt Ti. -r.iarrtit
tf. Letters must be post paid to secure n i t t i n .
J?dfd Jjodrir.
I'rm i.'ie A :
'.'."Jl f"j
Siow th midnight l.i;:r is tle-th'tig
Through ihe uiiiitnd .-i-i-nt rouii;
T here the d;, ing malueu htjgers,
Stili, aii;id tho tl-.'cp'iiini; i'. ;
Yet the jiale and j I -.eid Jl;iturcs
Show t!ut h:e iahiiost o'( r.
That Use grave v. iiJ tucn receive
Le-.:.i.T0 !
On the h'jhra nc wcirv hor.-.ehvl.l.
Vet a fire; sjltt t-a lies;
For thf iivtht i.5 ti-ii-.r;
J'roin the liiUt ! cvu- ;
AH the dee,! and h.-:vy lr'M:!:hu "
Tliis thou l.aff.:t '...'. in -.L
Vhtre r.o i: i-.v e'er rl" i'; ;': c-
?.fi;s: it I.e t:t : !i ih ?.!'.. I.. ; .
All lhat .s Ji-..i .--ii.-.i: j r:.::, v. ;sv ;
Thni o':r i.-mvr. .-u i . -: !rt j.rj;:rot.,
All f'.n'i m!-. rs-lv e:-ci v ?
Can it he. t:. it ihc.u .-.i t v':.::r
Far ;r.,iy ti c;.;:i-': in i:i.-re ?
V.'VA thcu t'l.c:i us 1 - V.:.L sr.-
Ah' v. ill be ti c ; rlr -T: ir:'?
V.'Lea the :1 v. er: Kn :.-
I s t i s 1 1 to ss thv :;-',; -f::Ce
J fhall :e-i ;; hie is'v.tir. !
Yet i know it.ut :kon wo; ho,r
(''er n.o . i :"..-;; n '-j..
M i::-n me i:.;r:J o:' i."..t.j I. .'
L-.-e..-..r! 1 ' - nil.":--ir b: f ati.i
r.'eit't irj-oo my i.'iCit d fc'ov,-:
And I i-.r.o" tla.t i ca h i comim;.
V. ::h it t!ii!e'ii 't.iit.r-s now,
Li i 'hv ie er 'ri
"Li i 'ni-r: i. -..:t - 0: l .t-t- ; "- .j cr
f tCJ L&tt .i:i-2Z ilifklir.;. cv..-
rnrrc :
C&hl arnT ivcti the ro
O'er !rh:i an i frth n!
tVhc i c i.o sni r-j-.v e'er th.iM trac--No
r.icr" ck'.d- u:-;-.-i h her re
Th-u k .i Je-hf.i the
C'.i ihe h-. lu.d? i;i
' hi - ;hs :- -!; i:
! ch'r: rr-.
the v?.av.uzi:t:Z "o-trtxT.
Yes. my l p5 to night .re'. en
V.'ords I s.tid lh v ihor.'i ) u'-i f; c-.i"; ;
Ar.d I wo'.rid I c :ct-.!! ti.en:
V'ou'd I had no 1 -;.. s.- wf
O. thul cue un.-va.v'e 1 n:.;tv.-.' '.
Weie it miire 'o hee i-rti::.
All the st;r::ctk ofits tci.-p.t.-.ticr.
V.'! .o-.pard :o r.:c hi ain.
i;-:r . it,- :i:,. c fit.v V:
V.'h- t ir. tier In ra;. her,:: ;
I am fcppv v hcu b'.r.'irle hint.
V.'re'cheJ when we a:e ajtti::
1 i :v-. I list, n To his f.rihei
Al'.VLii Lnt.,': I k!.o;:iu ;
V- no. he rrt e;m n-.vrr Lcr 'hem
II;.!:' ro oa it vceld.
A-.d I would r.'k e.-,r.Id not p:sir. li'ir..
Would r.nt foi- t: c woi-'.l e iierrd;
I v. cukl h-we hitn know I lih I.iia
As a urt):i::r. as a lr;t.r.ti ;
Er.- I mcnt ti itc-rp eerct
In my ulwnes h:.k
For I r.eeer meiut to tfll
That I loved him -b.a I did.
A certain Caj.tair. M , a kale, good humor
ed man, beloved hy all who knew him, and a
certain Dr. K , one of the handsomest men
alive, and a gentleman all ever, raet a few days
in Trenton.
It was daring the session of the Legislature,
which, as everybody kne.w. is, when it happens,
a great feature in Trtnteai life, and a pregnant
item in the history e.f New Je rsey.
Both the Captain and Doctor were borers
mi-.V.-r members not for the benefit of their own )
00Vctsl ut for the public, comprised within i
the la-.i's of Cam den. which, as you know, is a !
ercatcitv located eppevke to ihe retired hamlet '.
of rhiladcdphia. The Captain was " boring" for I
Camden as the scat of government, coun house
and iail, forthc great county cf Camden. The :
two-., lwbirr for Lontr a Crming. being a !
.if,- ,Jp,i of a blacksmith shop and '
, v r .
two frame houses, and located somewhere
betw een the extreme limits of Camden Co., and
the Atlantic ocean.
In a wo.rd, the site of t'ae county Court House
was a disputed ones! ion ihe citizens of Camden
wanting it in Camden, the voters of Camden
countv, just to spite the Camden rccple, wanted
it in Long a-Coming. Althougli the night was dark, ar.d ra est of the
Well, the Captain with his hearty honest face, eieniens of Smith's village had gcr.e to bed, Smi. h
and the Doctor with his honest very handsome ll his lu'c wife put cn her bonnet, anel am: in
face, came to Trenton as lobby members, to press arm they proceeded to the house of the clcrgy
thc respective merits of Camden and Long-a- man of their church.
Coming, upon the notice of the Legislature of i " What in conscience is the matter," enquired
New Jen,ey. A week, two weeks, three weeks, the clergyman."
a month passed, and yet the Legislature took no " The matter is, I want you to marry us two
action, and Camden county was still without a - 'ght o.'T r-plied Smith."
seat of government, court house or jail. " Mrry you ?" ejaculated the clergy m an ,w ith
The Doctor grew quite impatient ; mooting the expanded fingers and awful eyes, "are you
Captain one day, in one of the passages of the drunk or crazy P.
Bing.ilarly peculiar Capitol of Xew Jersey, he, " I ain't crazy, and I wish I aas drunk," said
said to hi g friend . Smith desperately ;" the fact is, brother Gccel-
" You are? here for Cmden, I r Long-a-Com- win, that some scoundrels at Trenton,
ing, ami here we have been for a mouth. Al! -w
mo to ask, in the most delicate manner, why in
the devil don't this Legislature take tome action
in the matter, and let us go home ? Your busi
ness is su'diring, snd my patients are dying-, ami
yet we are dancing attendance on this curst d
. f legislature. Why d-n t they the a.sTml.kd
viidim of Jersey, say Camden, or Lontr-a-Ccm-in:,
and let us .o home V
The Cant, drew his youn friend into the re
cess of a corridor, ami looked at him fiuterlv,
with cue eye half shut, and his mouth fixul on a
decided " pucker."
The fuel is, It,' .said he, " veil are crcen.
i -vri' yoti not aware tiiat tlissj ts a L'teat ccwnt
i4. , .......
j th.-.t Xew Ju .-ey is a great Si ate, a Xiw J
I W .it i'Sl
is'a'ure the talhst kind out of "all V
! The Docier ecnilpstd that he was aware cf
some of this points, but dark as to others : he
i had .Vf-ir.e cone; p; ion oThow the 7-'''' '''"''' a
'"'S animal with a html name, hrtow n tn eolo
1 feists, which had the whclc w( iid to ii!f. a A.w
n:ii!ions of Adam, how the hhih-
'-to uti-iviu, i.e was aiiont, vut .'trs v
l.c-i-huicn -.t as an animal he had h.el.t d ai en
all aides, but eo;dd not undt island.
The Capt. took the Doctor .ood humcredlv by
the r.rtn , and led lata into a ret in d i-Iace, where
a l!';hted caniUe shone np.t.n the cot.nttnr.nee of a
bottle cf oluiitu-agne made iu Nov. ark, l.v.t hi
Li l' d ' Trance.'
Over this hoi tie t!;e Captalti vrrcetdedto tive
ihe Doctor icme idea ofJt:.-ey h .'.itshii ion ; if ctt
-'.'".:Id have s! en the line Hon. an features of the
Doc'or, aiul lite y :n face of the explain, a little
rini.y, r. !! i"p:id by Lair whieii
".'" v.-onni nave nnien enjoytet the start tin
. 1 1 , . ... ..
I narrative uliicii felliV. m his Jip.s.
; " Albany is a great place," so the an :
; " IIanlsbiirgi'5 atsotlu-r great p'a-e hgilateis
ca.n bo had there in great quanliiks at leaser. a
j bio prices, bU( Trenton is ii.e place.''
' ' Fxpoiui i ;- s-aid the Doctor. Upon v.hi.-h :
the Captain illustrated his ua by the feilt.wiuc
r jiaiTutit e : !
, One winter there came to 7.eotn two men ;
j nstnu! .Sn.I.a and Jems, who had ! t ih of ih::u '
! designs the hei -iite. Je hu-1 a bud !
wife, r.nd was in love vi'.h a ft ; i: y v. roan he i
, wi.-hul to be .kvorced hem the had t -fe, so thai !
i he noi kt many ihe prttiy woman. v.l,. by the
J l,7 was a wi.Vw. with black (yes, and such a '
; bust ! Thutihre, Jcttt-s came to Trillion a r ft ,
! S mi ili had a good wife, i.h.-inp t a rditi.goed '
: i .. .- . ! .,..! . t. ....... ii i
I '! -. fu, .-.iiu :i;e us liter t i iin ei.miren, ana
j rtioT-.h e!il net want toot. .;irel, 1-ne ata o.,it
j io g -t a e-uarter l-.r a turnj'tke, or pi.ttiti )a i, to -:
esUi.d fix in Pie's ftun io Tfi-i-.-.n.'ti U-'.!-.
I ell, th.'-y v. i?a tntse tiil'.'eunt errnmh. rr ::te to
Trtii'm, and a'lelrtssed ike asscn.hkd wisdott) .
i with the usual argument.. j
' lt: S't;ppfr;;. mainly cr,m pc-sed efoy.tki s,v i.h ;
I a rich hack- g-c-r.nd of ster.k am! vcros,-.;).
' 2d: I.hjuors in great plenty fa ir. ",h rst y lipht- i
n:ng," v Licit is a hind of loccmotive a! ft.Ii j
speed, redu .-ed to liouid hapc to Mtv.a;!: eham- j
r 1 egae. j
To speak ia plain rrc. e, Jcncs, '.he divorce !
mar., cave a chcmpagr.e supper, and Jt'iuitli. the I
i Turnpike man, f llowitl a champagne br.akfa.--t. j
; Under the mcllifYiug in Cm nee oi' which, the as-
j sitnblcJ wi.-dom pastd l-oth the dlvoicc sn.l j
: tttrnpike bills, ami Jvitt s ar.d ."mith a eery of;
! ta?h bill in pai ckrusnl in their pc rkets went re- I
, joicing home, over miles of saml. arid thn imh
the tribulation of many stage or ad; s. r-hnkh
; arr.ved at heme in the evening-, and as he sat
d:vn in the arior, his pretty v. ihe be -ado hiir.
' how pretty she did look 1 and jive of her ohiidrin
i a.!e p overhead, the other five siudvini tluir les
sens in a corner of the room, he was induced to
expat tale upon the good le-suit of his miss
icn io i
' " A turnjiikc-, my dear. I am one cf tkedi
; reel or?, and will be president : it will set us up
!oee, we can send th.e childrm to boarding school.
, rani live in style out of the toll. li-.-re is the
t charier, honey."
i " Let me see it." said the pretty wife, who was
i one of the nicest wives, wiih i lutupne.-s ami
goodness tlimpling all over her Cteo. let me se e
it :" nnd she h.-ttnt.l over Srai.h's fhouUh r, pre-s-'
slug her arm upon his own. a:; he looked t the
parchment. But all at once S'.uith's visage
grewloug. .Smith's wife's visage grew black.
Smith was not profane, but now be ripped cut
an awful caih :
D n it, wife, these i .feyncl sfflvndtels t'l
Trcn'on hare dxvnrcal s
It was too true. The' parchment which he
ht'H was of lllvo,vc whh t1ie nam of
nii-h nd Smith's wife appe nrtd in frightfully
legib'e letters.
Mrs. Smith wiped her eye with the comer of
hcr I,r(n-
" W-''- a turn; d.e,' she raid wiih the
whedc ten of her children staring me in the face.
I ain't your wife."
" D n the pike, and the legislature, ortd
r,n.l ."
"Well, the fact is. that Smith, reduced to single
bkitscdncss, and " enacted" into a strarger tc
ltis 'vVU wife sworc tf'-'ribly.
f nifeht. :
vn wit' ;
pone and divorced me from mv own
is the mother of cf nine children
" Ten," ?aid Mrs. Smith, who was trying,
" Here's a turnpike." i s
Well, the g.d minister seeing the state-of the.
. ' V -I'--'.em was uuiyrtneca
from the rocket of the lugubrious SmithA niar-
ried thim over straight way, and would ni take
a fee ; the fact is, grave as be was, be was fyiug
to be alone so that he could cive-.vent to asm.
pre-eei laugn, wtucn wa3 si.akmg Inm ad er ;
ami mith and .Vnath's wife went joyfully hW.t,
11 , i , , . . . . !
and kisr-td every ene cf their ten children, ffhe
rv. . little Smiihs-neverk-tew that fa.Ler..di
V ' inoL hi r 1 ,: id 1 .n n .. tl ..!.....! . V..
! h ; 3 '
known to me, nnd at the ehad cf
e -v..v. ti-Kel. It rtMsts cf tempera i ure. Ii:
" Divorce is the word," cried Jones, playfully ' tlf winter of USl-f,2, on the 10th of Jarttia
1 atting her double chin. The fact is. Eliza. I'm : T, the nitrcnry sank 18 dig. Fh. Ixk.w zero at
nd of that eorstd wen an, ami yon and I'll go ! I-ouiavIlk, and yc-t no l:arm was done to the
and gel married to night. I know how to man- vines.
cc those scoi-.ndnls at Tunlcn. A eI.En:p:,ti-ei
Clipper or rjijiUji;:t d.d the business for tin m.
Put on, and let us-go to the pix-aeh-
tr's at once, iljarest."
i lie v iyvtio was among wkIows as p .ich-
is are among apphs. j.ut cn her bonnet and teak
lr? m m.
"Just lock how hamk-rrno it is put on p:rch
i!.ut?,' cried Jt r.ts, i hii p the ilw'imuv.t fivin
his pocket and with tntieh rt:stlii.g spriadiiig the
docum 'm out kifeito 1 t r.
" lie re is the law y hidi says t hat Jacob Jones.
n::d his wire Anna Carolina Jones sre two. Leok
I at it !"
uttirr he- g'ovtd h'ind on hi.s .d.nnh!r
d.d hof.k at it.
'Oh dear.'" the said, with her rosebud tips,
and sank back cn ike st '.'i.
"h thunder and blaze.-; !" cried Joac-s, urd
ank I i. -tele her, n.v i.ig the fa'rl parch::: e-v in
las hand He re's lots cf Lr.j t ii.t ss p.trrl c!.;.n
1 agne p ne to ruin."
ft was a hard .fse. Insitad of bein-'divo.-.-'l
a:td at liberty to marry the whk.w, .Jacob j
wr.s tncoi trr.'cd into a turnj ike ctn rcny. utid
y hieh l- adeit wo!e:ai:;h- rise d. eeith his broth- r
dlncteirs, to construct a turnpike from Lha ling
ton to liristoh
.hen you refle-ct that liialington and Bm-
tol are located just a mile apart, cn cpp.-sl!c
Sielt s of the Delaware- rivi r : v,-..i at ... , -.:, ,.',...
hopt'ic-.-ness c-f Jones' ctu-e.
" It';; all the far.U or that d n turnpike
who rave em t! eckut: -
:;"e Prrper, or wr.s it a
Lieakmsl "' ciltd Joins, in agony. " If htyM
a chat tere-! me tr; !-e a " -
o Te.iai iu IM!ev 1 might hr.e l.otr.e it, but
the idea of making a tttrup'kc- f.-e ra lualingten to
lh is. tol is ab.tcr h"
"And you sink divorced 1" said Illiza, quite
No i" thand-.rtd Jonrs. cruhif-g his e
tween Iks knees, " rat ! what's wcrse, the hris
laittrc's fldcia-nttl. and gone drunk raid
won't be back to Trer.'en till r.e;t yearl"
The mistake had ccurretl in 1 1. 1 last day of
ihe session, whin h "haulers :.nd clerks were la-
,,;,'',i? under the thect -f a chr.nn ngne : upper,
J' 2!ov.-..l by a. cl an j rent- breakfast. J'u ith'r.
'-ame Ltvl been jut where J.jik-' tiajibt io have
,-s-tB' n-'J " x"- u-'-rr-n;" r.s the Latin joet hts
This is in substance, if not in words, the Can-
tain s story.
"Do you mean to say (hat thai is a fact V
a4.ctl tirelb c'or. s-iti.-r.thingiii,, w hisketrs an.lgaz
ing rouutl (he ie-a.-.i-r.-nt -box' in which I he y wetc
scaad, ami fair. ay at th.e thre e oua: ters enip'.y
bol do of c ham ur tt no.
"This is a .'antple cf. Terscv lcr:.-!ra in," re-
1'lh.el the Capt.
The Doc!, sal a 1 mg while in deep though:,
absently jlayaig with thv cork ef the three
fair'ths cxhtuusie.l bottle, r.nd at last sale!, in a
calm, de tilled w ay
"Long a Coming ami Camden ma- go to bia
ses I This very nigh: I w ill rent sc ia lie besom
of my f.ett.ily. The text Iraki starts at 5 o'clock,
and 111 take it."
Whether this story is true or not , v.c cannot
say. 'but loth the captain and the 1'octoraie
men of truth, anel the latter, one Lhak autumn
Td'-bt wlw n vv wi-w. hot 1 A n-r M t ho
at ihe very Je-i-se.vest of Jersey taverns, told
the story to me by a brieht weed fire, and with
ie shiccrc honcsct f:.
Bk tt-TiFi i. Skkicm. It w as in the evening of
a beautiful staamer day, that I stiay-td into the
silent graveyard of our little village, w here I wit-
ncssed r.u a fleeting, w hieh time or
change can ne vt. etkacc from my memory. i
As I wandered among the moss grown graves
ar.d broken stones. I w as suehknly arrested by
observing a little girl be fore me. whose actions
unpirctived by her, I was watching. She was
kneeling beside a little mour.d of earth covered
with grass and flowers.
Shortly aftr I had arrived there, she ceased
the ccctijaticn in v. hieh she w r.s ergaced, and
kneeling beside the to n.b w i: h upi aisid eye s to
lanven, her fervent lit -s pound forth in ardent
prayers, her feelings and aft'tcticnSi to her heaven-
I y father.
. liaising herself frcm htr jesitien, I saw her
liantr a t arland cf flowers won the maible tomb
stone, w rcttght into the words " My Father's
These simple words, so eloquent cf fooling, ro
full ofiboi.eba on.-ld nt T.nt no.l f -a. sn-'cSiLy
to the spot. ! "
. ,
TJr- Dr. Cox, speaking of persons who profess
if,,!A,.a,t.,i c,nr,r,; -M.,-...t
fessine any. says they resemble Noah's carpeu-
tcrs, whobuilt a ship in which other people were
savrj, all rough th-y wt-re drowned therasolvo-
' V. h;CS.
Wc Cnd in Putnam's II2a.:ra'td Re- !
Cf.rd oftbr. ,.rlt v-.: .
. -""w- v somc inter-
esgihets about the wines of Ohio.
, Ca'awba, a native of 1"
-"-". 111 m lie
iin.-oni w conty, in -rih
; Carolina, where it was discovered on !,,!,,v,
of the Ca'awba river. Like the o:hfr native
gnrjK-s of this country, the Ca'awba has a l.r.rj
! isl2 portion of the fmir 1.,.i"V iV-t .t
' r- "- li,v sweet an.i itavor-
' ' ' ' & 1 " "
and the pulp.
It appears (o
!,.. f(.!l,-,l I,-,,-,,,.: -l-t
vhat no foreign grape is snittd to wine vowing in
-v v.i-t.v.jitt. . t-t,
the Tiuud S:a'es. n,l 1 it," '-. "v..
i i . , - ... ' " ... .
""CWl v huh has be. n
As all know, the ko:1 and fbno cf the rounJ
j "K&r tme-nnati atx-part icu'arly lavcrabk tohe
grewth of the vine. It ret;ii"u-t s six ytars 'o bring
a vitteyarrl into full U tir'-v, al wi . ,--o'.s
r 1 two yt s grow I: some wjnc n-a y be .;, d
n two year-the r.tar.' ing. It is s'a'td ihra.
the sweet juice of the Ca'r.wba vine- has a s-j.fif.c
gravity cf 1 tOi'i, aad af tr hrrtan' (i '. L'T
0 'JC'G. The samT.l-s of the! Ci awba wt:
sent to the Agvie-ul. rialjock ly c f I'rari -e, hi-:
: yr- hj 51- I- Ib-hfu--, Fixsident of the Ameri
i can Vine Growers' A.-n -iati.rn. Then; or - la-rn
! ihem by Mr. Paym, puhh-ked in the Weston
IIo;ii-! ttral Ik -, :k w. f May of ; his y a. srvs:
; ' 1 h..- A.acrlrau W'me r-amphs i art ico'ai I--re
i eor-tn:.;:: .htr.-s, Ives f.-.r th ir m :.' . eh a- r,
i a!,'l '';!' ahik'y to f::ra-h car'.: uie r.-id ami be
j come ctT rve-c; nt. The Isab- ila win-.' gave f.i
: dry re.-idue, dauble the mneit ity ofo.irbest nhi-e
. .-j Mine, ii.i en st'.ia con a. i.s
ami a hatf per cent, c fabr-i ho! raid ;i hat
ec ven
ill cf
iity ofs! -nr.
. solid t (siehte.
, 1 la: wiut s."
'1 h-t re are i
hiaraig tires .
i cir.tia.i. The
Kvapo: atd ;o d-yn - s i . kf
rthuc times as i..'i :h as ou
t: Ohio about rC.' acre-- in f.t.h
(fv.hiu! lofi are hif.I by C'-U-aviraro
rto ;uct is n. '.. :t; d ut :) 1
i gr.llons pt r
rc. "ike rr.--::! p; i. e f the - ik
i wine, as it is .!! hy ;!:c- g'r--.wtrs, it fron c I CG
to-"2 the gall. -a. The whole crop this y. ar is
; orib t a ...t'f, ,.r,t, .t.:..t. ., .
he athhd the erode tar'ar, the brandy k.:'iikd
' ' fh--nturaadtr of the p;e-s
1 !,:';
a-. we 1! as the grr:;-c-s sola !r -h ai the market. la
ixyars the prodm-- of wine will heat lea-t five
' " ' " 1 - " 1 " rt.ii'-terin-?t' of ihe
large surface put rnde r vine-r year, st .jm hi
ted by the pr s-nt h:gh price of wi ic. This y.;r
fourhruscs in Cir.ehma ' i . hare p--; i arid, child'-
he m the Ca'tavl a vine, over .".!' I (n 1 o l. s ef
' spaikbng wine, worth S 12 the eh rem Ihe ele-
raindi f r the 0!:k) wines has iiei n Mich that the
merchants Pave found i. imrossihle to kt e t the
vin' s on h.and snhlciently 1-,-rg to permit ihem : h
to obtain a suitable age.
The sti'.k or d-y. and the s-a.kiing v ines are
both procured from the tamo must or juice, the
only etilTire ttce being, that w h-.a t he primary fir
mt n a.ion is ot e r. at.l th.e dry er si ill wine is
prcduecih a certain small qua?!' it r 4k-.".ar can
dy is ad hd tub. aula f -e.--h fi rn.e tit. Ai'erthe
celhcticn of a certain iptani.y -f si', the
s salt ; the :-cc::-l f imentr. i n the Vewtr pe-r-iv.
it s just so much wine to e caj e- as shall carry
ii all out. The v. ty smah tk !;." ncy is sit;-p'id
y ith st ill w itu-. and the bottle is then s'o-.d on
its r-i-le in the vault, to eonirloie its f rmecr.ation.
If the primary ferment takes plaoo upon the
skins of ihe grapes, a higher color and a strluge n- !
cv is civen to the wine. !
i Mr., fai'iing that the early vines of
' Ohio w ere very acid, a I h d to the soil of a cer
tain vineyard rc'a-h salts : the w ha-of thai year's
growth was ikund to be- of a superior ijitality. '
i less acid, ami to form a largely increased tpianti- . Ikopkc may not ; re -ent new truths, bat day
; ty of crtitn of tr!ar. i may rrodrt-'c t hi on. s in a new gaib. Be f:ec
F.nourh has leen sta'td to show that the ! tiou will enable ihem tod-.this. Ihav few men
' gi-evs eh of wine in America is likely to be come an ; of all that live ami br.vhea-e really capable of
.industry of great Importance. It is already much ; iatp.a ting ir.fxn.ct'mii ami ins; ructi-.n. The
grea'er in alue than was the growth of cotteni , riasoti ui obviotti.. it is not hi -cause the y have
at the I. me of Jav s treat v. I-arsre districts m
Indiana. Illim is. Kentucky. Missouri, and other
St i; th; m and We .-re m States, w ill he found to '
have eepad eapabtiniis ef soil anel ckmu: e with '
the vicinity of our sister city. In 1S4M the lota!
wine crop of this country was only l-"-! otfO pal- 1 a.-.l.amid ffj-cur vnoranee. Let t'os ! the ii:
Ions. In 1-50 it was 221,2j'. gallons. The ' nc r.t of rrkc- .urn of deep, M-tiou. tbougbt so
amount imported hist year w a G1 5ek('i."(i gallons,
on amount which the United S.ates will be able
to supply for its ow n consumption m 00 years, j
even at the present rate of increase. ;
Of the moral in'iuence of this cull me we hetve ;
o room to speak. Gen. Saaiuel Cary.oi Ciu-
cinnati, the Fat her Matthew of lite West, denoua-
ces the use of Cataw la cn strong grounds. On'
the other hand, the New York I'.xpress is of opia-
ion tl:at the tniive rsol drinking e.f .oo; w ine ;
do away w ith the ordinary and iaitmpiiaic- u-e ;
t)f other and more alcoholic lioucrs, ar.d thereby '
the familiar fact that the ui.te groi.u'.-g recn-us ot
Lurcpc ere Jcr th-.if tn-q-.rotee, $:k
a thing askdii-Ml driuiU.mcss irmg fhf.os. u.-t-
hnou-n,) would have its, couiuirpr.rt on our tide ;
of the waters. I
CTT" Among the innumerable anecdotes of John '
Ilnmlolph, the following is not the worst : -A
young aspirant for Congressional fame saw fit.
in las n anhn speech, to give pioo i oi ms oem
uess and it' otteiiee l.y a ior.g ai.u aousive eia
upon the eccen. ric member ficia Virginia. At
the eoaclusieu cf the young otaior's voli.mnic.iis
address ihe hero of Roanoke a: ease, raid stretch-
iisw.ii!lk'nriT!tnl nervous arm towards the
seat of the complacent youth, w iih a half inquir-
ing, half-coatciuptuous kck, thus replied: " Mr.
Speak pr, i.-'ii)'s r'ie'.1
Girls iTOitlluis.
Gill.-?. VOU W.Ult. ID oi f n nm;.,!- .1. 9
i .. '" - '
: ,u. what a natUral thir.s it is for Venn? 3-ulVs
' who Lave r. !.ankcrinS r the Werner sexl Itis
a weakness that woman lia. n-irl fi.r r n
; sue is called th weaker sex. Will if you v. tint
to get married. h;-.'t for con--i-nce act like
f.'O.'s abci t i-. Dr::-t ro in-o a ti: of the nips eve
ry time y u .sieahft an.1 a pair of whisker.
Don't e tl:e idea into yovrhfr Is l! -a von mi:st
put yonr.-i'lf in the
n.-e.i ia uie way ot every youna- man in
:hbcrl.ced. in vukr to sttnet f.-r
the mi
;r,- r , . ,
. .u u.-ii iii-u uner uie- ineu inev w ia atier voa.
Mark that.
A l.u.-banJ ht.n'fris the-mo.-.t de'.t.r! nh'.e of all
young ladles. She is fell of .March and puckers,
.-he appears ridiculous in the ey s of every decent
person. She- n.ay gtmrnl'y be found at meet'rg,
coming in, of e"t!!-.-e. about tl.v nc, air. ays
a' social s. a:, I invariably take a f ont w at
at concerts, r-hc !r;t.; to U- the be lie of ihe nlaee.
.--vA tr-i-.ks si
)- P o-rpiil! You are lifting
your--. If :',r r.ti o.'.J .-a;. o.-t a s sure as t he Sab-
sfh c n e in Si n.Iay. M, n v. ill fit v. in v.-;t
ar.d i at'er yn. r-in -;ly because they love to d-.
it, but i't y ! t.-e !:.. it.etc a of making you a '
v. tie th: n ihty ha re -7 c. i :. itt.'ng stti-itie-. If ! 1
v-as a ma-i I v.-o;.l-3 h: . no more t" d i
wi'h sn.-h ft:uv thrn I M wi;h a niNl -rake :
Xow. girls. Je. t Nelly give- ou a t : re of h- :
a.b,.:e. ami she knows fo m expe : i.-r. -e- tb;f i.
you praetiee ti you aland u f;ar cbanee
'ts; ' - ab'c h-tkau :s. h is ah we I! a;oi jh that
yet; l-arn to flng'.r the phtt; work tv.ib oi iei-v, i
stmly gratnumr, etc , Liu don't nigaet 1 t ire
..irj-lma, or yctt eh : r m thi r tea-J: v la w : b.- ad and get a itual of vie rihpu!
omegh f--r a k r;-. No . f a h -iisikecr e f's
tktt k s : koi .Id ! i,. -'.i c e d. if yon Oo r.'-r i- arrv
a weal hy bu-a e.n-i y n will ;.ed to kn w how
'o eh) sttch work , and if yi a do. it w ill he no dis
a lvt-.n'acte- f -r y; n .o kit ke v: io over.- e a ser
vant gi'l. a-d iiis-tuot her io da :1 1 -tkat-rs at
yon wo;. Id ha-e th- ui d m-.-. !i :h. i,ext;ktcc
d nT pretend to lw: wkr-' you are w' . Ahi .a
ii i is the :uo a dv-p ca'k- e-fa c v-m ii -htm nt
and will ' -..-:. o r -Ikk- j ,.- k to lai gh a.
yo-:. No one b-it af.-.-lwid I....- car;, ht bvatfer
ratio;: it htes a tryi.-tpr rent skin, ca ilv to be
seen tktottgh. lih'-css plain, but ma'ly. Re-mt-itttl
ir rk nt mt ki'-g gives a pal some.
caning, eitid loitly a.i ap;. r.f.i::ce. as a ma'
at; l j-'.ain d'.a. All tlu- fiut.vntry a:i 1 ii.i-il
work cf the drcsi:..akr and ndlllner, are uunec
If yea arc reaih har.J tlicy t!o not all
' N
r :;e i
,ur luat-.ty o..e article, if you v.v h tm lv.
don't c urt your f ice
ar.d jewelry, but your cv. n
o c.r sc. vi s.
Finger rim;-- atrl f-dd. may t'.t ol..cka ,
bji tk.y add no.lkng to the value- e fa wih- :-.h
young nic u know th:.:. Ifyo-u know lc-vr to talk,
do it naturally, and dc r.ot be sodlstiiss'np'v o
a; fo sreil all von say. If y ur ha'ri-
s'raicht. don't pn! e--i the curling 'orgs to it abe
prp!c: be be re yc: have i:;uo llo.d in your
veins. If your mck i ; very b'ack , w e ar a lace
collar, but th n't be so f ..-li-h as to e'.a-.b on j ainr,
third.irg that jt ;.Ie are so .had cs iirt to see :..
atid if your eh' ek." are n" ro tlou'l a--; lv itt'-t
saocers, f..r the d-c p-i-.n ill be detected at. d
btcctne the gossip of .he- n.-'hb irhoo'l.
Finally, pills, h'sttn to tie e-eemil ef 'to:-
itt'.tht v-i, ami i
their r.d.vice in e vt i-ytlrrg.
Think less of ;h; hi. n than vou d ) of the
U t. c
of hie a ad ins e ad ef trying to catch, b-.. rats .
s'rive to n:ake vours If worth be i act bv
Did yen ever think? Tlore arc iren via-'
si.-n-I their 1 ;.- wih.ea.t thk. bring e.r refic eiir.g.
When they .-'peak, they utter th.e me rr.-t common i
fiace ideas, vrhicli arc in everybody's mouth. ;
No'hing r.t-w or siar'.Iing comer, from them.
smalt minds, or etud oi ocm'ire I.e n.-ion. It js Ik?
cause the-v do not hink. Tiler never s-. t tin
: kre s to re ikut and me ha-.te
Are von f 1
that ra.iabi r I Can yoa iatpart no in.-i roc i"ti .
hy your voice or jeuT No wonder yoa
th;u the future-, like the past, may not be a Iku.k
in your hi-lory.
N- F -vvtRtr Cmxtiae-Tmu The !
e ,, !r,es th" death of a Miss Mnrv Finch. !
ag. d -I?, e f Fa -ktngti!!. She had ior the la.-t six ;
via"? lived :.'me. 9 ml a leg ef pork whkki she
was knov.-n to have baight about fkitr years ago '
w as f.-ur. 1 in the ho isj at the time of he r death. ;
Skekctrt seven cats, which she sometimes kck- '
d rp. in a rcom for many dais without f.oJ. j
AI --hough she had sttfllcient rope rly she hr.d ;
m.t allow ed hers. If ecu men ntcesstarles. r.nd htr
tid was ltr.sttr.ed fr m want. Si v a; s t.go an
,(1.0 "... .. nt . i I '.Til Irit e'lio.nrtlii.virrn
IV 'it r. r wo-.'d she- tr.he it n of.'.-rt d t-
5-er. I: is saa'ed that ab' .-i ten vt irsaro a dav
tva; fixe d for being married, that the dress ar. i
v. t 'hkrig cake were 2 rcvte'e.l, but (ho gaitka an
ciisapj tiated hor, stud the cake si ill lcmsius in
the bouse.
:J L' try sch v.-l boy kuo.v s that a kite would ;
k no' flv t-tile-s i ha I a string tying n Ii ;
; i.s just so ia litk. 1 Le nam w ho is ikd ek.w a oy
half a V ?e bkeaahig roi-j cm-ibtli. Us, and their
' mother, will make a higher an.1 .-aror.-. r li ght
-than tl.o ha :helr w 'no, having act hu.g to ktcp
; him steady, is always floundering in the muJ. -
j Iiycu want to ascend in ti.e a, -e l"
to. "rn".eV"ir.
Huns-arian Anecdcto.
i;;r:t:ga:i ci!c;:ie;cme::t between a Ilurcarian
,d Austrian tro-p.f liht infantry, a Ilonved
abh.d an Austrian ofik er it h a "bayonet snd
tvt.iin led him. Natural ftnerositr
the llonv -liio vn ..a I,;".
proiiip;. d
a.d to th.e tlx iny 1'uv.
The oRlcei Mid to hitn wi.b
r."" -iertio;i :
.re a bnve
k a favor of
i tvt; von Kre
natured f -my
lv't : I will uk
; l ok you will f.n.1 a Taekisc
' out which my fraiXy will h
cn, nts, with-
, . V " rerrea rietiie d to
utcrarv. l'n n -o tn t. a ti : . .
i rackaee safilv to
my fun.ily in Pihvue, lha.emia."
"I will cetrry it to then, myself," answ-nd the
" Swiar it to me," said the Austrian.
" S.r, I am a Hungarian ; I gaveyou my word "
ree,po:.Ie,l ,!Jt. ip,,,.,-
, 1-1 u fo'v ""u:saf.Tt--ards the -rounded mart
o.l m the arms ef hi, g-tnereus foe, who, ..htr
covera.g the b- dy with his own mantle, and put
"nsr lLc hisnv.d, cro-siugihtm.took
'''' i i5I ''' !"el intd his tr. n.
The c mk -r p ni:d ,,a IpI:vdr.rnir,do
"'Jf")f(s!t(l n fm-lotih
v. hi. h w ns
"' " ' 'as e: d no- tb-eoi
"''a-stte our he ro ; he
.-.-o -ne eeinn-a:..,.-g general, K'.ajU. but
vn no: g-rmt Iks ice.m-t. In the n ght
' "'"S tf 'heoanj.. aud in the course f
a e.t'a-,., be- u av, Ikd f, r.r htnehed mih,.anj
i " .i the ;a, erssEttb,- :no the l and of the i. p
:y w :dvw of i he dec. as,d Austrian. re.
ehrg at ikrguc.
-t on af or, tor hero, the ITonve d. re oine d his
r:;1 frUd h'i-M!f to the cap ain. who
1 ai kirn rt-,t ,d a-a b er:, r. A future court
u a-..:,', e. mk :.-;.- , k'm -oho shot. Ihe tidier
eH'm'y re .. bin:-. If ch's fa-t which cftme to
hr- rr.:.r.C'.dly. II- put atcj hi,,. self fi,
a .'t h. aud v.heii .he fu a; n.uskets wtic ttinuthat
hi.-i he e;,el.:kued
" I phd:-d ny h-am! my word, and I was
b ir.ud to keen lb In. 1 htt n n 1 io,., K, ,,V.
f.-r lu
man o
ua ive
ive Ian i,
ii. .1 .sat
ek-J, j icrecd by
'""A kt'le semi pr::.n. v.ho for the first time
was nc. : : g soi: i .-.-r; f nligious instruction
uo:n a !u. a'e fiend v. 1.. nt he was i.-i ing, found
-"ire d tk:, i - i!V:-..d, r,T.i:d:i:g that Fttnday had
.'ly-h-a g . 1 :d k- in it e.verauy o' day.
, A ' I:;.--., ty J n . f h:n up..n line ami p-cci -t
up.' n p;x .-t p'. ," he was made to e mpveh' nd sen e
'. what the sanctky ef the day. I'nftr i ra .j ,
i heavt ver, si.en af i r ht bt gr n to under-: and thi: gs,
! '" tniug from church 'her Fttne'ay, he noticed the
'at...k:nry sh. .,s os en. His r.e wly acquired
; 'uoral sense rcce i eel a te n ihk .-ho.:k. and 1:0 tn
j 'i o a very onliode-x den. n e.f the
ince nv-Icn-c u potmtlt rs of s'n pi. s. "Put, "he
' wa t hh the drugs ists ,i-.- keep open cn Sun
j tkays. so that the sick j.t opU- can ret moiteine."
' - Why ' do po'.pk- get sick on Sunday ?" Yes,
' :as' rco. :-r.-o-her day." "Well good people
ekn't dit i S.-j: lay, do they ?" " Cer.ainly 1"
Ih '.v o:.r. that be ? Does Ih avi n ke fp ope n cn
; St.n.lay?" It i-tn.cdkssto say that nil farther
grave- conversation cn the svb'tct v.r.s in.r o-i
j bio
Motii;::;s Ik Ti'ia livery loa'hsome
inmate of IVni: n ' lari.-s and S ate Prisons, was n g. n le, ln Ulnsive and prattling child,
: ...1 every criminal who has expiated bis crimes
on the s -ahold fvr.s once pressed to a niotlitl'-t
bteau. vn 1 drew- Ire m her bosom his life- giving
not:: kkrr.i r.t. But immo ral !i aming, wrontr irt
llutnces. and el ba-ing examples do their weak,
f-ml irai.sfc.Tti. c nd-.aiing ill-prir.g to be ferocious
men, they shock humanity hy the foulness of
th' ir guilt and i.,or.s reus aadaeity of their
ci in es. Yet how se!dan hasoin' cf those direful
trau.-f rma.' ior.s bet n e.Te ctcd without the aid of
strong drink.
A:;ti-:': a ;- e f Hr.xiiY Clay. A gentleman on
th-e other si le- its pe lttirs w as one day walking in
the ga-dcii of the White- House at Wa-biiigton
w i' h ll-.r.ry Ckyy. 'I hough I am a Demociat,
Mr. Clav," fcjtid lie, "yet my .ift is a Clay
whig:- 1
h'd bh ss the- lad-.t s I" said Mr. Clay. " Here
; :eiti ho, (llm-kinga w hie ro.-e at the- .-ame time,)
this to your wife fernte with my Ixst I tr
Two thing- Mr. Clay well understood : one
ve a.- human nature, the other was the influence
o f won., n. Thrj n- : of him ihrce io'(., and
one of the ni waj thf e f the Democratic husband !
;'-"" An e-.t hange pa;cr says : AVe heard a
' 'ho sut smoking a cigar, with a face
"'"5 ' "-''I-, rehearsuig the foUowmg :
" A e.tste v ee iteo'. a comc wr li.e :
A h "iin.e veer t'erlv to prair-C an.) a.' ,
i ):: br i v I. .urn ujion my knee,
To Ci'.v-'i.e- and c-iv :a:ic to rr.e ;
je! l.':'; je- y t-t. :.! bide ye vet,
Vc- h.ue km may ht-tiJe ye y;
A homke v. e-e I -0.11c t U my lot.
And 1 11 be-c. ....... wi' la.iingot."
Wc take it thai he w as under the inspiration
of calico.
ZZT Ap.-ojy.-s of a late- ou di! that Lola Mesicz
hassgain" con.u.iutd r..atrimcny." " t"ur
Je'ar.,' who is a good el. al morv pnritar.ic-1 ihaa
Inc. 4 erja nates the J-hew mg i j igram .
i a. i :" ei to -v j eei " y ! iy itfe.r.
. . .'leV r :h." .ol :',..
T. i:..,tivc h- u h.
pi .c- :
. Le i i ' her
ilk-a iiitirr.-'.e i -uc of the io tl
jSmo reft.
lav ver went mto a barber's shop to
prorure a wig. In taking the dinunslous of the
la'.vv er's head the-toy
Why. how k.r.g your head is, eir."
Yes,'' rvpkcdour w or.hy frieuj, " we lawyers
miiit have long heads." The toy proceeded with
- ' mu-ii -aye
- ' - .; V,
z.z& exclaimed, it is as Aui as it
. i in: irstoa muziiwi-