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N Late Sown Vegetables.
Sonic of the latest delicacies for table use may
to obtained from quite late sowings. "Ve can
speak most positively in regarb to turnips. Both
the round and the flat turnip may be sown at any
time in July or August, and we have known it to
come to considerable maturity in a season in
which there were no early frosts, when sown in
the first week of September. Special VAms should
betaken to enrich the soil, tor in this way wc
secure two objects the more rapid growth of the
plant, and a sweeter and more tender vegetaMe.
We suppose it is generally well known that the
more rapid the growth of this and several other
vegetables, the more mild and tender they are to
the taste. Cabbages, onions, radishes, spinach,
cauliflower, are all much more delicate in flavor,
and agreeable to the palate when grown freely
and rapidly than when their growth is stinted or
slow. Cucumbers and celery may be also added
to the above named, as "being much milder when
grown rapidly than when of slow growth. Some
of these may be raised late in the season, as well
as turnips, so as to supply the table with the del
icacies of spring and summer until quite late in
the fall and winter.
By the end of July and in the course of August,
there will fe vacant places in garden and field,
which it will be good economy to sow with tur
nips. There, will be, at all events, the pea and
early potato ground ; these and such other patch
es may be sown with round or flat turnips, and
thereby, we will be making provisions both for
our family and our stock. What we do not use
for the table will be well relished by our cattle,
and cows with a tolerable supply, will not dry
up 60 -early as cows that have no green feed.
Alb. Cultivator.
Prospects f the Hog Crop.
To most of our readers the prospect of the crop
of hogs at the West is a matter of much interest,
a3 upon that may depend the number fattened
by small fanners in New York, and in other grain
growing and stock raising States. In a recent
iss7C of the Cincinnati price current, wc find the
following information with regard to the prospect
at ami near St. Louis, which is supposed to be re
liable :
" The fanners are prepared for low prices for
hogs this coming season. The crop will be larger
than was ever known through Illinois, Iowa, and
Missouri. I have heard of no contracts having
been made as yet. Packers are of opinion the
market will open here at less than S4. The corn
crop is good, and I am told by parties from difier
.cnt sections that hogs will be much cheaper than
last j'car."
How to Dry Peaches.
Do your readers know how to dry peaches ?
Take those of the best quality, just as thej- arc
ripe enough to eat, halve them, remove the stones,
and sprinkle over them, in the hollow from which
the pit was taken, a little nice sugar; dry them
in abiick oven after the bread, &c, is with
drawn. They are far better than if dried in the sun,
retaining their aroma and flavor, and besides are
totally free from insects. Prepared in this way,
from peaches fully ripe, they need no cooking, but
are simply soaked out in cold water. All the su
gar they require (ranging of course with the va.
riety) is added while drying. Peaches thus dri
ed and prepared, are only inferior to the fresh
fruit, of which they retain the flavor in a remark
able degree. If you prefer, take them not quite
so ripe, and peel the fruit, but the flavor is not
so good as when fully ripe, and is dissipated more
iu the process of drj-ing.
Duration of Posts.
The result of forty years experience and obser
vation, with me, is that common fence posts set
in the sround sreen, and butt end downwards
will last, in a sandy loam, about ten years. The
same set in a like situation, inverted, will last fif
teen or eighteen years. The same timber, (and
sod the same,) well seasoned before setting will
last eight or ten years longer. I speak of good
white chesnut or white oak. TimlK-r cut in the
old of the moon in February, will not be eaten by
worms, will not snap in burning, and will last
tmtch longer made into posts than when cut at
any other time. 1 have chestnut and white oak
posts standing well that were set twent-eight
years ago. Ar. E. Farmer.
Rural Axioms.
It is as cheap to raise one ton of grass or clover
as a ton of burdocs or pig-weeds.
It costs no more to raise a hundred bushels of
cider apples, or ten barrels of Virahcus or Bart'
letts, than the same quantity of choke pears.
An axe costing two dollars with which a labor
er may cuf fifty cords a month, is a cheaper tool
than an axe costing but one dollar, with which
he can cut only fortv cords.
A " cheap plow" at five dollars costing in one
season three dollars in repairs, and three more in
lost time to teams anil men, and by retarding
crops, is a dearer plow than one costing ten dol
lars, requiring no repairs.
A cow bought lor ten dollars, whose milk but
just pa-s her keeping, alibrdsless profit than one
at thirty dollars, giving twice the quantity of
milk anonled hy the lonner.
A common dasher-churn at two dollars, used
one hundred times a year, is not so cconominal a
purchase as Kendall churn at four dollars, re
quiring but half the lalor to work it.
A ten-acre field costing fifty dollars per acre,
and ditched, manured, and improved at fifty dol
lars more, so as to give twice the crops, is much
more valuable than twenty acres unimproved,
costing the same money.
The man who loses half an hour of lime worth
one chilling, and wears his wagon and team equal
to two shillings more, by u. lxiV ana ivugli .-.-.i,
to avoid a plank road, toll of sixpence, loses just
two and sixpence by the opcrtion.
The laborer who wastes half his strength in
working all day with a duUnsaw, because he can
not give a shilling or afford an hour to get it shar
pened, will waste at least twenty-five cents per
day, or six or seven dollars per month. Albany
To make Kosk-watkr. Take two ounds of
rose-leaves, place them on a napkin tied round
the edges of a basin filled with hot water, and put
a dish of cold water upon. the leaves ; keep the
bottom water hot, and change the water at the
top as soon as it logins to grow warm. By this
kind of distillation, you will extract a great quan
tity of the essential oil of the roses by a process
which cannot be cxjicusive, and will prove very
A Skcret for a Farmkrs AVifk. While the
milking of your cows is going on let your pans be
placed in a kettle of boiling water. Turn the
milk into one of the pans taken from the kettle,
and cover the same with another of the hot pans
and proceed in like manner w ith the whole mess
ofmiik, and you will find that you will have
double the quantity of sweet and delicious butter.
Try this, dairy woman and write us the result,
will you ?
Substitute for Ckeam. Well beat the yolks
of two eggs and strain them into a pint of new
milk, add two lumps of sugar and place it on a
stove, stirring very carefully in one direction un
til the whole is the consistence of cream. Used
for tea, coffee, or fruit.
is said that chickens fed on onions will
never be troubled with the gajes, and a corres
pondent of the Northern Fanner savs that equal
parts of lard and cayenne fiopi" wjfi cure the pip.
These experiments are at least worth trvin.
Put a piece of assafoetida about the size of
a pea in each hill of cucumbers, and they will not
It troubled with the stripud yellow bug.
Register's Xotice.
ALL persons interested are hereby notified that
the following occounts have been passed and
filed in the office of the Register of Cambria
county, and will be presented for allowance and
confirmation at an Orphan's Court 'to be held iu
and for said county, on Monday the fifth day of
September, A. D. 1853.
The Partial account of Margaret Cullcn, Admin
istratrix of the estate of Patrick Cullen, deceased.
The account of Lewis Doraiaycr, Esq., and Lewis
B. Dorniayer, executors of Gabriel Dormnyer,
The account of Lewis Dorniayer, Esq., Adminis
trator of the estate of Ludwick Donuuycr, deceas
ed. The account of Maria Crum, cxecutrixof Jno. B.
Cruiu, deceased.
The account of James M'Dermit, Administrator
of John Hummer, deceased.
The account of James M'Garity, Administrator of
Charles M'Garity, deceased.
The account of Jacob Luther, acting executor of
John Stolts, deceased.
The account of Amcvicus Bender, executor of
Mary Catharine Koch, deceased
The account of David Paul and John Paul, Ad
ministrators of William Paul, deceased.
The Account Of John Paul and John StuII, Ad
ministrators of Jacob Paul, deceased.
The suppliineiital account of John Knepper, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Abraham Kuepper de
ceased. The account of James Kirkpatrick and Matilda
Kirkpatrick, Adinrs. of Thomas Kirkpatrick de
ceased. ii. jxiu-NOiUiN, licykter.
register's Office,
Ehensburg, Aug. 11, 1853. 41.
Cambrian and Crusader, please copy.
ijst or c irscs
C? ET doVrn for trial at a Court of Common Tlcas
3 to be held at Ebensburg, in and for the county
of Cambria, on the first Monday of September next,
to continue two weeks.
M'Lnnahan vs. Shaip
Drown ' Wyuian
Elder " Mugehan
Troth & Co. l'hythian
Johnston Benshoof
M'Connell " M'Garity
Dranuau " Doglc
Troutman " Mitchell
Commonwealth " Butcher et al
Kinports vs. Newman ct al
Ream ct al " Crum
Tyson " Dillon
Baker T' King ct al
King ct al " Baker
Rhey " Crum
Dunnal'cy'-e adui. " M'Manamy's adui'rs.
Bracken Sargent
('rum ct al " Sinay
Carter Bingham
Allegheny tp. " . Lake
Conway " Cassiday
Kaylor " Glass
Ashcraft Dougherty
St. Clair ' Gates
M'Gough " Little
Cox's adm'rs. " Johnston
Anderson & Co. " Lloyd et al
Kepler " Scanlan
M'Gough t al " Conway
Same " Kiskaddcn
Moycrs Gillespie
Miltcnbcrgcr " King et al
Shabachcr Kennedy
Smith " Ramsey
Linton & Co. " Levcrgood, Linton &
S G Bailey's adm'rs. " Carroll et al
Same Same
R. L. JOHNSTON, Prothonolary.
P.oikonolarjF'B Office. 1
Ebensburg, July 28, 183339.
Ilepiilriiean Hall.
VNTHONY VOWINKLK respectfully informs the
public that he is now prepared, as the law di
rects, with every requisite for the " accommoda
tion of strangers and travellers" at his new stand
in the Northern Liberties of Uollidaysburg, and
respectfully asks for a share of custom. His ta
ble will at all times be supplied with the best the
market affords, and his bar stocked with the best
wines and liquors.
The larger Hall can bo rented by the day
or night, and a Piano and Pianist furnished.
J6sa)f German wines end Lager Beer kept con
stantly on hand.
Uollidaysburg, May C, 18.53. .
Hide, Oil, and Leather Store.
No. 21, South Third Street, between Market and
.Chesnut Street?, Philadelphia.
HAS constantly on hand and for sale, Dry and
Dry Salted Spanish Hides, Dry and Green
Salted Patna Kips, Tanners' Oil, Tauners' and Cur
riers, TOOLS, at the lowest prices and upon the
best terms. i
tr' All kinds of Leather in the rough wanted,
for which the highest market price will be given in
cash, or taken in exchange for hides.
Cay-Leather stored free of charge and sold on
May 13, 1853.
D. J. F.VASS. J. 1. HL-GIIE3.
Jews and (.entiles Outdone.
THE well known firm of Evans & Hughes would
respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg,
and vicinity that they have just received from the
cities of Philadelphia and New York, an extensive
assortment of
Spring and Summer Clothing,
of the latest style and finish among w hich may be
found Casimerets, Alpaca, Sattincts, Tweed, Cot
ton and Cloth Coats Silk, Sattin, and Fancy Yes
tings of all sizes and qualities, together with a
large lot of Cloth, Tweed, Linncn and Cassimere
BOYS clothing of every description.
Fur. Silk, Moleskin, Russian, Panama and Chip
Hats Cloth Cans nf tho latit Ktrls;u- nn,l
Straw Bonnets.
We h.-ive on hand Cloths, Cassimercs and Ves-
tinga, which we are prepared to make up in a su
perior manner.
The goods have beca selected with the greatest
care, and on the lowest cash terms which will ena
ble us to sell hirer than the lowest.
April 30, 1853.
Hell, Joliston, Jack, &, Co.
Office of Deposit, Discount, & Exchange,
JAMES M. BELL, Robert B. Johnston, and Wil
liam Jack arc the Active Partners who alone
transact the business of the firm.
A. P. AVilson,
Wni. Dorris, Jr.,
Wni. p. Orbison,
Joseph Smith,
of Uollidaysburg, Pa.
Alex. M. Lloyd,
Baker & Watson,
of Gaysport, Pa.,
John Miller, of Terapcr
anceville, Blair co. Pa.
E. Shoemaker,
of Ebensburg, Pa.,
Thos. White,
of Indiana, Pa.,
S. II. Smith,
of Huntingdon, Pa.,
T. C. McDowell,
Win. M. Lloyd,
James Denniston,
R. M. Lemon,
Geo. R. M'Farlanc,
Samuel W. Rhodes,
Samuel Calvin,
Thadeus Banks,
John Crcsswell, Jr.
John Crouse,
David atson,
of Johnstown. Pa.
John Neff, Samuel Dean, James M. Johnston, Wil-
uamsourg, ra.
Kf&mOther may and trill be added.'gi
Collections made in all parts of the Cnitcd States.
Drafts furnished on rhilsdelDhia. Pittsburrr. An..
&c. ' '
The usual rate of Interest, in such rases, tmiM nn
Deposits for 3, 6, and 12 mouths. Other Denosits
received payable on demand.
lloIUJuysburg, July 16, 1852.
BARRELS Conetnaugh Salt for sale by
BARRELS SALT just received at the Store of
HUGHES k WliEEEY. Jefferson. Pa.
July 8.
Sheriil's Sales.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Exponas and
Levari Facias, issued out of the Court of Com
mon Please of Cambria county, and to me directed,
there will be exposed to sale at the Court House,
in the borough of Ebensburg, Cambria county, on
Monday the 6th day of September nest at 1 o'clock,
P. M.
All that certain one and a half story frame house
or building, situate in the township of Washington,
Cambria county, on the North or North East side
of the Turnpike road , containing in front on said
road, twenty feet more or less, and in depth four
teen feet more or less. The house or building lo
cated on the West side of the Central Railroad, and
new State ro;rd.
Taken in execution, as the property of Mark B.
McLaughlin, and to be sold at the suit of Joseph
All the right, title aud interest of John Linton,
and R. P. Linton, of in and to a lot of ground situ
ate in the borough of Johnstown, adjoining on the
West side by lot of John S. Buchanan, on the East
by lot of late Terence Mc'tJirr, frouting on Canal
03 feet nnd running back 132 feet to lot of Rhey,
Matthews & Co., on which is erected a frame sta
"ble now in the occupancy of John Linton.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Rhey, Matthews & Co.
All the right, title and interest of A mlrew Bur
goon of, 'in and 'to a piece or parcel of land situate
in Clcartietd township, Cambria county, adjoining
lands of John Zerbe, John Ncason, James Kelly and
oiLM, :A mamas msa almilt. .Ill
of which are cleared, and having thereon erected a
cabin house aud cabin barn, now in the occupancy
of Andrew Burgoon.
- Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
S. J. Rcnshaw.
All the right, title and interest of Susan Mc'
Crcnry of, in and to a lot of ground situate in Con
emaught borough, Cambria county, bounded on the
East by lot of Geo. Gates, on the North by the A.
P. Railroad, on the West by lot of Francis Kinney,
on the South by the township road, having thereon
erected a two story frame house now in the posses
sion of Casper Fox.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
E. Buck &. Co.
All the right, title and interest of Peter Collins
of, in and to a tract or piece of laud situate iu
Washington township, Cambria county, it being
part of two larger tracts of land warranted in
names of Isaac Gloves, aud William Robison, con
taining 277 acres and 7 perches more or less, ad
joining lands of John Noel, Robert Burgoon, and
M'Caun, and others, about 175 acres of
which is cleared, having thereon erected a two bto
ry log house and bank barn, in occupancy of Phil
ip Sterger, a frame house and barn in the occupan
cy of George Little, also one other frame house
and barn in occupancy of Leander Kiskaddcn.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Lambert & Shipton.
All the right, title and interest of Jas. Campbell
ot, in and to a lot of ground situate in Concmaug
borouch, fronting on Rail Road Street three per
ches, and running back ?ix perches, having thereon
erected a two story brick house, and frame kiteh
en, and a frame bar room, and a frame stable,
now in the occupancy of Charles Larkeus.
Taken iu execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Rhey, Matthews & Co.
All that certain one and a half story house o
tenement on Tunnel Hill, Allegheny township,
Cambria county, on the West side of the road, nnd
the right and interest of Patrich McCafferty to th
ground appurtenant to the said tenement, contain
iug in frout on said road 40 feet more or less, and
in depth feet more or less.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Michael A. Skclly.
All that certain frame sawmill building, sitnate
in nue township, eamona county, about one
half of a mile west of a certain road, called or
known as Dysart s Plank Road, bounded by land:
of Mathew C. Wilson and others. The said saw
mill is a double geared sawmill, running on strar
and Lelts, instead of a flutter wheel, and located
on land owned or purporting to be owned by Mrs
Jiicoo uortes.
Taken in execution, and to be sold ot the suit of
William C. Carothtrs, as the property of Jacob
All the right, title and interest of James Sharp
of, in aud to a lot of ground numbered on plan as
No. adjoining Lot No. 102 fronting five
rods on Pine Street running back 16 roils, having
tnercon erected a dwelling house and soap factory
now in the occupancy of Alfred Thompkins and
.Mrs. onmsley.
laken in execution and to be sold at the suit of
Eevi L. CoIiick.
All the right, title and interest of Michael Stew
art, of, in aud to, a two story Plank house, sitnate
iu the township of Conemaugh, three hundred yards
irom uie east end o; tne 1 unnel, on tuft Porta
Rail Road, and on the south eide of said Rail Boad,
containing 10 feet by twenty six, and the lot, or
piece ot ground, aud curtdegc appurtenant to said
Taken in execution, and to be sold the suit of Jo
seph Miller.
Sheriff's Office, Ebensburg, "
August 12, 1853.
in the matter of the ") The Commonwealth of
Real Estate of Pennsylvania to Robert J
Sarah Roberts deed. J Roberts, David J. Roberts,
John J. Roberts, Thomas J. Roberts, Catharine
Humphry's widow of Rowland Humphry's, deceas-
C'l, Ann uoberts, Mary Jloberts, intermarried with
David Rose, Hugh K. Roberts, John E. Roberts,
David Uoberts, Robert E. Roberts, Edward Rob
crts, Win. E. Roberts, Catharine Roberts intermar
ried With David J. Davis, and Margaret Roberts,
(me latter being a minor, ) children ot Jane Rob
erts, deceased, intermarried foinerly with Evan
Roberts, Thomas E. Recs, John D. Rees, Martha
Rcc3, intermarried with Robert Jones, Catharine
Rees, being children of Ellen Roberts, deceased,
intermarried with David Rees, -nhp is deceased,
Sarah Jane Brown, Martha Ellen Brown, John
Brown and Moses Brown, minor heirs of Margaret
Brown, formerly Margaret Roberts, intermarried
with Thomas Brown aud David Rose, David J. Da
vis, Evan Roberts and Thomas Brown.
Cambria County, t
You are hereby cited .o be and appear before the
Judges ot an Orphans Court at an Orphans Court
to be held at Ebensburg on the first Monday of Sep
tember next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, then
and there to accept or refuse to take the real estate
of the said Sarah Roberts, deceased, situated in
Cambria Township, adjoining lands in possession
ot David J. Roberts, John J. Roberts, John T,
Hughes and others, it being part of a tract of land
in name of Benjamin'Lockyear, containing 87 acres
more or less, at the appraised valuation put upon
it by an inquest duly awarded by the said Court.
and returned by the Sheriff on the Sixth day of
June, iooj, to wit, six dollars per acre. And hero-
ot tail not.
Witness, the Honorable George Taylor, President
of said Court at Ebensburg, the ninth day of June
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred aud fifty three.
July 22, 1853.-GI.
Tomb .Stones I Tombs Stones!
r ICHARD JONES respecfully informs the puh
fcj lie that he is prepared to furnish all kinds of
Tomb Stones, of Italian and American Marble, man
ufactured in the latest style, and lettered according
to any directions.
His yard is situated at the south part of the
town, where a large assortment of articles in his
line are always kept on hand.
From long experience he feels confident be ear
please all tastes, and he therefore hopes to be pat
ronized by a generous public.
June 17, ltto3.
CASH will bo
WOol. by
paid for 4000 or 5000 pounds
Jefferson, Pa. j
Look out for tlie Locomotive!
Cash and Produce Store !
iuc;iiD & iviii:kiiy,
' TAYE at their Store, in Jefferson, a few doors
Fas! of G. L. Lloyd & co. s store a large and
entire nev assortment of Spring & Summer Goods,
which they just received from the Eastern cities,
consisting, in part, of the following articles.
LADUS DRESS GOODS, Silks, Barges, Mous
ltn de Lanes, Lawns, &c, &c. Also, Cloths, Sati
netts, TTeeds, Drillings, &c.
Ready Made Clothing, of all kinds and very best
quality. Give it a trial.
Hardvarc, Quecnsware, and Stoneware, of every
variety omprising a large assortment.
STOVES, of every deCription, always on hand
and waranted. We flatter ourselves that we can
sell St-es lower than any establishment in Cam
bria comty, and being located on the Rail l'oad we
can altijs secure a supply.,
f Groceries,
Such a; coffee, sugar, rice, molasses, tea, vinegar,
linsee4il sperm oil, tobacco, fish, salt, syrup, and
every tetiele necessaay to supply this market.
The! public is solicited to cull aud examine our
stock, as we arc confident it will admit of inspec
tion, f
2? All kinds of proJuce taken in exchange for
goodsJ Lumber bought at the highest market pri
jF7, 1
Tliii wuj' Tor Goud and Cheap Cioods.
"T JILL be opened this week at the brick store
T of J. Moore, in Ebensbnrg, a general assort-
-ipi ttoths, eft1" Iwlw .wn 1 a .ml a
great variety of summer goods.
Together with any quantity of prints, detains,
lawni, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
dres goods.
and good assortment of hardware, queensware,
sadjery, clothing, stationary, drus, &c, &c.
Ptrsons wanting boots and shoes, hats and caps
or rftdy made clothing, will find it to their aJvau
tagoto call at the.
Itr'ick Store.
Tie subscriber, thankful fur prist favors, ear
nesty requests his customers, and the public gen
eraly to at least call and examine h's stock : and if
he nnot suit every person in quality and price it
is U't his fault. Produce and lumber of all kinds
takin in exchange for goods; and he also takes
CA11I when offered.
i.ensburg, April 28, 1851.
I Coacli Manufactory.
FTHIE subscribers would respectfully iufo'rm the
A, citizens of Ebensburg undxh'e public generally,
thai they will carry on the Coach Making, iuclu-diit-the
Smith work at the Machine shop formerly
ocdipied by Mr. Anderson, in the rear of E. Hughe's
Store ; where by using none but the choicest mate
ria) and employing tioc but the best workmen,
thtj hope to convince all that will do them the
favjr to exMnine their work, that in point of dura
billy, appearance or cheapness, it cannot be excel
ledpy any similar establishment in the State or
elstvhere. Persons wishing a bargain in the pur
chuie of a carriage, wHl 'consult their own interests
by giving fhe'm a call. They are prepared to sup
plythe following kinds of Yehicles, viz :
luggies of differentqualities aud prices, Barouch
es,Dhariotees, one and two horse rockaways, close
qurter Eliptic and C-spring Coaches ; second hand
wok of different kinds, &c, making a variety that
wil suit all tastes and all purses. Repairing done
wi neatness and despatch.
(lay 20, 1853.
Tlie f.rant House,
Corner cf 4th and Grand sta. Pittsburg.
E subscriber has leased the large and well
known Hotel, (late Lamartine House,) at the
corer of 4th nnd Grant streets, Pittsburg, which
hat been repaired and newly fitted up in all its
apirtments so as to give a larger and more liberal
nccriTrtrtirttion to travalltra and tmarders. His
lardtr will be stocked with the most choice brands
the narkcts can afford, nnd his Bur fcttiishcd with
the lest. He would respectfully solicit a share of
pubX? patronage.
Sept. 8, 1852. B. P.ERRY.
St. I'ltaileM Hotel,
Corner of Third and Wood St.
TI IS fine establishment, having come into the
hands of a new Proprietor, offers great in
duomcnts to the traveling community; and also
to i-gular boarders. Every delicacy and luxury
wil!be provided in its season ; and no pains will be
spjL'ed t-3 make this Hotel a comfortable home to all
win may call there.
W S. CAMPBELL, Proprietor.
?ittsburg, Sept. 8. 1852.
Hoots and Shoes.
Evans Sl Jones,
A 4 J"()ULD respectfully announce to the public
T that they still continue the manufacture of
etery description of Boots and Shoes, for Ladies
and Gentlemen, at their shop, a few doors East of
Mr. Carmen's Hotel, where they will be happy to
sie their customers.
Being practical workmen themselves, and using
none but the very best materials, they arc confident
ticy can execute work n3 Well and as cheap as any
establishment in the county.
May 13, 1853
eoi-c llariicame,
Vholcsale & Retail Tin, Copper, and Sheet-Iron
ware Manufacturer, and Dealer in the fol
lowing named Stoves :
G1 LOBE Air Tight Cook, Portable Range. Flat
I" Top Complete, Union Air Tight, Cooks Favor-
:te, Bare tylinuer, Delaware uook, liar-room, Key-
tone, or Independent, Harp cannon, xew com
plete. Hot Air Parlor, ictona complete, Air
Tight, Complete Cook, Union Coal Burner.
Sent 1 1 S.V
&, - i - - J
Fashionable C'lotlilnj? Emporium,
Clinton St. Johnstown Fa.
GREAT attraction at the corner ot Clinton and
Locust streets, opposite the Exchange Hotel
and the M'Milleu House, Johnstown, Cambria co.,
Pa., where the subscribers have just received a
large and fashionable assortment ot rail and uin-
nr Ready made CLOTHING.
- - - 1 ,
rns. w. hay. w. s. edsox.
Hay & I'dson,
Wholesale & Be tail Tin, Copper, and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufacturers, and Dealer in the fol
lowing named Stoves :
COOK Stoves, Keystone, Isine I'late, Liberty,
Parlor, Radiators, Etna, Star Franklin, Wa-
flejlrons, Complete Cook, Star Air-tight, Cast iron
Sinks. Ware Room on canal St. one door below
the collectors office.
Johnstown, Ta. July 14, 18o2.
THE undersigned informs his customers that the
firm of Beyuon & Johnston is dissolved by
mutual consent, and that the subscriber still con
tinues the business in the room recently occupied
by the old firm, where he will be happy to see his
former patrons and as many new ones as plewe to
call. He receives regularly from New York and
Philadelphia the latest fashions and cannot be beat
en either in the shape or fit of Coats, Pants or
Yests, by any other Tailor in the country. He
respectfully ask the public to give him a call, and
confident his w'ork will recommend itself.
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for work. LEWIS BEYNON,
April 20, 1852.-tf.
Administrators Aotlce,
T' ETTERS of Administration have been granted
.I Jk to the undersigned, by the Register of Cam
bria county, upon the estate of James Rhey, de
ceased. All persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate payment to us, and
those having claims will present them properly au
thenticated for settlement.
SUSAN RHEY, Administratrix,
ANDREW J. RHEY, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852. tf.
Thomas 1 martin,
House and Sign Painter and Paper Hanger, Johns
town, ra.
HOP on the Island, nearly opposite D. Leech &
Co 8 Warehouse.
Dec 22, 1852.
j oiks 1.1:1.1.,
HAS the pleasure of announcing to all who
would secure the best bargains to be offer e
in this county, that he is again in the field with
one of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully se
lected stocks of
l"all and Winter Goods !
Ever brought to Cambria county, all of which
have been purchased within the lust few days in
Philadelphia and New York, with particular regard
to the wants of this Market. 1 again fling my ban
ner to the breeze, inscribed w ith my oldmotto of
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently ftivite 'the attention of purchasers
to my stock, which will be found unusually
large, varied and attractive, being full and com
plete in every department. Everything new, fash
ionable and desirable will be fyujid embraced in
my assortment. Particular attention is solicited
to new and beautiful styles of
which I have just received of late importation.
In Gents' wear I defy competiou, and confidently
invite an examination of oue of the largest,cheap
cst and best selected stocks of re:idy-made clothing,
cloths, cassimeres, &.C, ever brought to Cambria
county ; comprising all colors and qualities, which
I will sell cheap and warrant to give satisfaction.
Also, caps, bonnets,
of the best qualities and latest styles, together
with queensware, hardware, groceries, salt, books
stationarv. &c.
I't-ti 1 he nigliest mfirKei puce puiu im an itu.n
of Produce.
November 11, 1852.
Goods Offered at Cost.
THE subscribers being nbout to remove from
Cambria county, offer to sell off all their
large stock of Goods by private sale, in large or
small quantities, to suit purchasers, at Jirrt cott.
The stock consists in part of Dry Goods, such as
French, English aud American cloths, cassiineref",
satinetts, tweeds, pilot cloth, satiu Valencia, aud
other vestings, silks, alpaccas, musJelains, bom
bazines, and
of every description; shawls, handkerchiefs, scarfs,
cravnts, tibbets, ribbons, gloves and hosiery of all
description;, table linen, diapers, crash, red,
white, yellow aud Canton flannels, linsey, blank
ets and coverlets, hickory shirting, Irish linen,
wl ite goods of every description, lacing, edgiug,
&c, hats, caps, bonnets, bootsand shoes,
Hardware, queensware, glass, nails, flour, fi:di,
6alt, iron, splendid stock of Groceries, Drug,
Paints, aud Dj e Stuffs, all of which, we offer at
lower prices than goods have ever been sold in the
country, all kinds of country produce tukeidu ex
change, such 'as Lumber, Railroad Ties, 1 lax
seed, Rags, &c.
N. B. Country merchants will be supplied with
any of the above splendid selections of goods at
wholesale city prices, putting on only a nominal
figure for freight.
July 21, 1S53 38-tf.
5000 Dollars lteivard.
Grint Klrllruirlil III AVole.J
GEO. J. RODGERS has just received from the
1 cities of Philadelphia and New York nn 1 im
mense stock of New Good, and Sow 'cSers to his
old as well as new custorfters the Larucl, Ch'tiftt
and lent assortment of SPKINTS & St MM hit
GOODS ever Lrought to the 1'eusburg market.
His stock consists of every variety of Dry Goods
Queensware, Hardware, Cedar Ware, ic., all of
which have been purchased with a view to satisfy
the wants of Ijii numerous customers in quality
and price.
Gents Wear. Blue, black, brjwn and broad
cloths, plain an 1 fancy casimeres, tweed. Bummer
cloth, linen?, riiks, satin, va eucia aud mrseilis
Hats, Caps, Baots, Shoes, kc.
Ladies' Dress and Fancy Ooods Prints, mous de
lains, ginghams, lustres and faucy colored silks,
bobinet, laces and edging, jackonetts, ribbons, fan
cy silk gimps, &c.
Hardware, cutlery, and tools of various kinds.
Queens-ware, consisting of many new and rplen
did patterns.
Groceries, consisting of coffees, sugar, tea, fish,
spices, salt &c.
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for goods Also Lumber, Wool, &c.
May 20, 1S53.
The Commvnieeulth of Pennsylvania,
7'u the Sheriff if said County, Greeting.
VT7"hekeas James S. Gallahcr did on the seventh
T v day of September last past, prefer his peti
tion to the Judges of our Court of Common Please
for the said County, praying for the causes therein
set forth, that he might be divorced from the bonds
of matrimony entered into with you Polly Ann Gal
laher. We do therefore command yoS, the said Polly
Ann Gallahcr, that setting aside all other business
and excuses whatsoever, you be and appear in your
proper person before our Judges at Ebensbur; at
a Court of Common Pleas there v be held for the
County of Cambria on the first Monday of Septem
ber next, to answer the petition or libel of the
said James S. Gallahcr and to shew cause, if any
you have, why the said James S. Gallahcr your
husband, should not be divorced from the bonds of
matrimoney, agrecbly to the acts of the General
Assembly in such case made aud provided. And
hereof fail not.
Witness the Ilouorable George Taylor, President
of our said Court, at Ebensburg the eleventh day
of June A. D. 1853.
Ebensburg, July 22, 153.
Hagrurrrent jping.
A never fading picture can now be got at the Blair
Co. Gallery, Odd Fellows HalL
county, that he has permanently locnted himself at
Uollidaysburg, where he is now prepared to furnish
superior portraits to all that wish a good picture.
w-fter a long and serious time of experimenting
in the Art, he is now prepared to take the finest
kind of pictures in all kinds of weather. A visit
to his room and a trial is all that is asked. His
object is to please, and having the best light in the
Borough, he feels that no failure can be made.
Pictures neatly colored and put iu good cases,
from $1,25 to $10. Children taken in the morn
ing from 9 to 11, in the short space of one second.
Instruction given in the art, embracing all the
improvements, on the most reasonable terms. Ap
aratus and fixtures for Daguerreotrpihg furnished.
Uollidaysburg, Sept 9, 18o2.-tf.
Cambria Counts, SS.
Thi Commonwealth of Ptnnttflvania,
TO Berned M'Girr, Patrick M Girr, John M'
Meel and Catharine his wife, Pater M'Girr and
Bridget his wife. Marry M'Bride, Daniel M'Carthy
and Ellen his wife, heirs of Rev. Terence M'Girr,
deceased ; and to all others interested.
You are hereby cited to be aud appear before the
Judges of our Orphans' Court, at an Orphans'
Court to be held at Ebensburg on the First Monday
of September, A. D. 1853, at ten o'clock in the
forenoon, then and there to accept or refuse to take
the real estate of said Terence M'Girr, deceased, at
the appraised valuation put upon it, by an inquest
duly awarded by the said Court, and returned by
the Sheriff on the Sixth day of June, A. D. 1853,
And hereof fail not.
Witness, the Honorable George Taylor, Presi
dent of our said Court, ot Ebensburg, the ninth
dav of June, A. D. 1853.
July 22, 1833.-Gt.
AFRESH arrival of Boots, Shoes, Summer Hats,
Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florence Straw Bon
nets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot, Lead, Sic, received,
this day and for sale at the cheap store of
June 26, 1S51.. J. MOORE.
A Jiew Arrival orWatchei and Je.v
elry. On the corner of Clinton aaH-cut Su.
THE undersigned respectfully inviu. t Ladies
and Gentlemen to call and see his aQj
Eplendid stock of Watches and Jewelry, ww
has just received from Germany ; warranted tow
solid and pure, and for style and finish it cannot .i
surpassed. lie has also received a large assort
ment of Jewelry from the Eastern cities, vix :
Gold hunting case watches from 75 to 100
" Patent Lever " 35 to SO
" Ladies anchor lever and Lepine, CO to 4
Silver patent lever and hunting case
watches from 15 to 20
" Anchor Levers do, from 12 to 1H
" Lepines do, 10 to 14
' Quartiers do, 6 to 12
Gold miniature cases, Ladies Cold Bracelets and
Necklesscs, Ear-rings, Gold Guard, Vest and Fob
chains. Gold chains for Ladies, Finger rings, Gold
and Silver Tens and Pencils, Silver Spoons, Silver
Thimbles, Steel, Grman fend t?ilver Spectacles,
Port Mo'naies, Pen Knives, Silver chains, &c, &c.
All of the above articles are warranted to be of
the best material, and will be sold itry loir 'far rat.
Clock and Wutch Repairing.
He has the best workmen in the country in his
employ, and all work entrusted to him will ba
promptly attended to.
Thankful for past favors he solicits a continuance
of the same, aud is confident he can give satisfuc
tiou to all who may give him a call.
Johnstown, April 15, 1853.
iiMhiel Ml II K II ei "
Ebensburg, Pa.
DEALER in staple and faucy dry goods gro
ceries, wholesale and retail fish ; hardware
and cuttlery ; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron,
sheet-zinc, stoves of all kiuds, stove-pipes anj
sheet-Iron ware, tin ware, copper and brass ket
tles, -&c.
Grain, wool, butter aud other country prjlucc
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash and cherry
lumber; lumber always bought, af.i a large qua.""
tity constantly on hand fur sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or such
as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods a embraced iu the
above list just received and more opening fur s.i'.e
at the lowest market price.
September 23, 1j2, tf.
4 ND all diseases arising from a disordered liver
- or stomach, such as constipation, inwar
piles, fullness or blood to tLe head, acidity of the
stomach, nausea, heart-burn, disgust for fool,
fullness, or weight iu the stomach, sour cructir.ions
sinking or fluttering at tlie pit of the stomach,
swimming of the head, hurried and difficult breath
ing, fluttering ut the henrt, chukinsr or suffoca
ting sensations when in a lieing posture, diiiiC-s
of vision, dots or webs before the eiijUt lever uul
dull pain in the head, dithciency of perspiration,
yellowuess of the skin and eyes, pain in the siJe,
back, chest, limbs, &c, sudden tlu:-he3 of heat,
burning in the flesh, coustnnt imaginings cf evil
and great depression of Ej'irits, can be t-ffcctuf.V.y
cured by
At the German -"Medicine Store.
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their puicer orrr the above Joeaies if not ercRrJ
if ejaal.'ej by any oilier preparation m the I'nitti
Slate, as the cures attert, in many cas's after tl.i'ji;i
physicians had fai'td.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of inva
lids. Possessing great vil tueS in the rectification
of diseases vf the Liver aud lesser glauds exercis
ing the rf.Ost searching powers in weakness and
affections of the digestive organs, they are withal,
safe, certain and pleasant.
That this medicine will cure Liver Complaint and
Dyspepsia, no one Tin JocLt niter using it as stated.
It acts specifically upon the stomach and liver; it is
preferable to calomel in all bilious diseases the ef
fect is immediate. They can be administered to
female or infants with safety and reliable benefit et
any time.
Look well to the marks cf the Genuine
They have the written signature of C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and his name blown hi Ih;
bottle, without which they are spurious.
For sale Wholesale and Retail at the German
Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch street, one door be
low Sixth, Philadelphia; and by respectable deal
ers generally through the countrv.
To enable all clases of invalids to enjoy the al
vantages of their great restorative powers.
Sinyle bottle 75 cents.
For sale by Frederick Kittell Druggist Ebens
burg ; James Bell, Summit; G. Muckeihide & Co.,
December 1G, 18-12 8-ly.
STOKIfS CUi:lICAl, II till IVI4.
OIlATOIl. THIS delightful aud popular article is the best
preparation for the hair which long experi
ence and scientific research has produced, either as
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects ia
all the diseases to which the human hair is liable.
It will impart to the roughest and coarsest hair the
most beautiful appearance, entirely cleansing it
from all impurities.
But r.hile we assert that it is the best article for
the toilet of those who wish to retain the hair iu
all its youthful
it must not 1 lorgottou that in all diseases of the
hair or scalp, 6uch as the falling of the hair dand
ruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, Kc, it is per
haps the article which has given decided satisfac
tion every instance where it has been used.
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, in numerous, where other remedies
have been tried in vain, STORR'S CHEMICAL 1N-
YIGORATOR has superseded the ornaments of art,
by reinstating, in full plentitude, the permaueut
,: -ud (traces of nature. It is possessed of a
character wholly differing from tlie Uds, Giea-e,
Restoratives, &c., which are now so numerously
foisted on the
public, for baldnesa, gnf hair, Xc.
has now been tested for years, aud its efficacy haa
been proved by thousands. Every year iu reputa
tion and sales have increased, until more of it ;
consumed annually than of any other preparation
for the hair ever offered to the American public.
It is compounded on strictly scientific priucioles
aud the proprietor will stake his reputation ou iu
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within tho
reach of the humblest family, and its concede 1
value insures it a place on the most luxurious toil
et, For sale by the proprietors price 23 cents
C. P. AMET & CO, '
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bell
Summit; G. Muckerhide &. Co., Johnstown.
December 10,
4 RE YOU BALD T Ia your hair fulling off! .
-t A- Oris your head covered with Dandruff or
Scruff? If so, then make a fair trial of Storr'
Chemical Hair Inriyorator. Hundreds of persona
in all parts of the country w hose heads were entire
ly bald, have had their hair fully restored to its
original perfection by the use of this valu&blo
Cai'tios. Ask for 'Storrs Chemical Hair In
vigorator," and never let dealers persuade you to
use any other articlo as a substitute. Price 23
cents per bottle. Proprietors. C. V. Amct & Co.,
No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. For sale by
dealers generally. Sold by Fred. Kittell, Ebens
burg; James Bell, Summit; E. P. llildebrand, la-
Dec. 8, 1852 ly.
YOUR hair is falling off, is it? Then call at
Kittell's withont delay, and buy a bottle of
Storr't Chemical Hair Inriyorator, or yor. will be;
come entirely bald. It is the best Hair tonic now
in utc.