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WM. B. SITES, Editor and Proprietor.
KbenslMii j?, Friday, Sept. J, 1S53.
V. 15. PALMER, tlie American Newspaper
Agent, is ili'- on! authorized Agent for tliis paper
in the cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia
und Si duly empowered to take advertisements an J
.inscription at the rates required by us. lbs re
ccipts twill be regarded as payments. Dis offices
are Doston, Scollay's Building : New York, Trib
une Buildings ; Philadelphia, X. V.'. corner Third
and Chestnut Sts.
Subject to the decision ot the Democratic Contention..
Subject to the eecision ol the Democratic Conterenee.j
Sfl'Kl'.ME Jl'lrtJK.
Of Tio'ia Comitii.
CANAL V l M MI SS I J -X 1 : It . es. roasvi ii.
Of Phihuhlphia CV.J,.
acditou. (;kn"i;hai.,
AIi ii MiS,
Of Miffiiu Civ.itn.
sLitriivon ;;:xr.iiAt..
Of Crafjord ('onati',.
WM. T. iA5 XiBBSisITV.
J't.lll TltKASfltrH,
s: 351:1'.
'(!( UlSTiU-'T ATTO.tNKV.
T. B.. ?ss: i
F O tt f M M I S s I ) X Kit.
tjeoji is nsco'wrz,.
FOU At niTOIt,
Gov. Ei-rler.
It is an o.rppeale-faSs'cTti-m that - Reptfi.Lcs av.
unsratcf..!," buj, the truth of it we cannot s readily
admit. True, merit "will, -sooner or Liter, meet with
jta reward in all cases, and iu no country is it more
likely to be appreciated than in our own. Vt'edded
to the institutions of pur Government hy eery tie of
affection, our people are ever ready and anxious to
reward those whose patriotism and intelligence point
them out as worthy of confidence ; and not, in the en
tire universe. Fan there be found an attachment si sin
cere a respect so profound as that which is paid to
the nobility of intellect and heart.
In proof of what we hate sa d we have only to
point to instances which are fresh iu the minds of all
Jackson, that man of ')itan firmness and expansive
soul, who stood firmly by the people tt hen elovds low
ered and troubles thickened, w as borne into the Pres
idential olFiee a second time, on a wave ol" triumph.
Francis R. Siu sk, the hone:t-heaiteJ and noble-soul-ed
Governor o; our State, by his sincere devotion to
the interests of our citieus, became their idol and was
chcien for a second term of office by a triumphant
majority, despiie the most determined opposition.
And tWe same honest desne to advance the pa'dic
welfare has made our present e a i noii'e
il the people. Xu man cau doubt the. popularity ol
'"!. 15k. lku. Almost every County meeting ti Licit
convene-, endorses his acts, and a;ks for his re-nonii-i:-il:oil.
'i he deep-rooted attachment Le has at all
times exh.biied for the honor of our State, and the
p- inciples el our parly, has bi ought aboul this result :
and tve hesitate not to say that, should Le he rc-nomi-ii.i'.e,!,
Le will ov.ecp the Sta'.e by a majority which
w ill niily be numbered by thousands.
It tve take a retrospective glance at the past lile'ol
Wm. Cie.Li.utve shall see much to admire little to
condemn. Schooled amid the adversities opovtrty.
and rnmiH'!'ri. in early youth, to earn his bread by
the sweat of hi brow,' his sympathies and attach
ments are with and for the toiling masses. Klevated.
on account of su-rior merit, to high oiHcial stations,
he never forgot the incidents of his youth, and in every
case he raised ios voice for those who were toiling lor
the sustenance they received. As a Legislator, as a
Senat jr, and as Governor, his desire has been to foster
those measures which would best tend t promote the
interests of the people.
His love for Democracy is not and cannot be doubt
ed. Xo man has ever adhered more aidently t j the
principles of a party th in he, and il he has erred in his
political course, it lias been through a misappi elieu
s.ou of duty.
Such a man tve can support tvilii our whole heart,
usid we. therefore, raise his name to the head of our
paper, when; il shall remain until a Convention of the
people again decide as to who shall le.'d us on to bat
tle and to victory, and should thai convention declare
him to be the choh e of the Democratic party for re-
lection (w hich tv. have no doubt it will do.) we
shall go to work for him with as much good-'v.ill and
as high-hopes as eter animated us in a political con
test. Legislative Conference.
tVe publish , to-day, the proceedings of the Demo
cratic Conference of this Legislative District, which
assembled in Bedford on the "nth ult., and placed in
nomination Tbojias Collixs. L";q , of this county,
and lion. Wm. T Dai oh tiiri, of LVda-rd county.
Fioni a personal and intimate acquaintance tviiii
both these gcntlemtn. tte can say lliat a better ticket
was never presented to the Democracy of the District.
We hate, on a former occasion, spoken our nnnd "ree
ly in regard to Mr. Collixs. and we shall take fre
quent opportunities for doing so again between this
time and the election. Of Judge Daigiikkti wewil'
now (peak. No man cf our acquaintance is more de
serving of the w arm, sir.cere, and ardent support of
the Democracy than he. In every emergency Le has
stood manfully by the party, and his po'itical repu
tation may be inferred from the fact that, when al
most the entire ticket w as defeated in lk-diord county,
through dissensions in the Democratic ranks, he w as
triumphantly elected Associate Judge. lie is. besides,
a perfect gentleman, and can titinil! as many per
sonal friends a any man in the District. Ofhis elec
tion there can be no doubt, and we venture the asser
tion that a more courteous accommodating, and hon
est men. her w ill not be found in the Pennsylvania
Ilou-e of Pepresf-ntatives.
Gen. IWmas anrt Col. Cabholl, our relegates to
the State Convention, arp too well know'n to require
any endorsement from us. TLy are. gentlemen of
the moso- unyielding attachment to Democratic mea
- sums nnd Democratic n.-n, and the interests of ihe
party In Cambria, !!5r., and- FnPon co u,ti.-; will
jitt stiller intVir hani's.
State Senator.
The Johnstown Echo, of last week, has an article
on this subject which we cordially endorse.
The importance of the next Senatorial contest here
is well known. Numbers of the Whig papers of the
State admit that the political complexion of the next
State Senate will depend upon the r.esult in the Coun
ties of Cambria, Blair, and Huntingdon, und knowing
the want of harmony which prevails in the ranks oi"
their political allres, they look forward, with doubt, to
the approaching election.
That the whig nominee is unpopular with his par
ty cannot be doubted, and that hundreds of the best
men in that party will utterly' refuse to support him
is equally as certain. The fact that he was nomina
ted over the man who was declared the choice of the
Whips of his own county, is humiliating to the party,
and is evidence of an out-fid in'nenre which was not.
to say the least, just. Mr. 1 1 vtc h i nsos 's fi iomU can
not hut feel soie nt the treatment they received in the
Conference, and the presumption is but lair that, w hen
the proper time comes, they will remember those
who w ere first to roniiueiiee the warfare.
Jt is important, then, that our nominee should bo a
man whom the people admire for his integrity, ability,
and consistency, and who is known to he .-incere in
his attachments to the principles of the Democratic
party. Such a niau is Ciuis L. I't.nsni , 1-sq.
For him the Democracy ol " Cambria County and of
the district would rally i:i their strength, and such a
vote would Le given him as woU cu-mo his trium
phant election.
Mr J'kiisiii o vi as unanimously rccoinnicii j.d by
our late County Contention as the sole and only choice
.i-the. Democracy of the County for noniin itiou for
his office. That he never sought it, either by direct
o.- indirect means, is well known, and that he is com
petent, iu an eminent degree, for the responsible du-
es it imposes is cotter
V-v all v. ho kr.ow Kir
lie is a self-made man. one who -is ready for ctery
emergency of debate either in or out of the l!a!!sof
Legislation, and he is a Democrat, who has r.cver i'al
teied in the hour ol difficulty it danger.
All tijese circumstances t icwed'iii their proix-r light,
it is but right and just that the Conferees of the
District -.hould, to a considerable extent, sacrifice pri
vate preferences for the public good. The candidate
which Cambria pieseats, w ill lie, as tve have said, one
whom every man fighting under the Ditinvr ol Dcuu.c-raey-tv.u
support, and . e, therefore, ask tiiat his claims
and the claims of Lis county he considered.
j, in a new Light.
We copy t ie annexed ar'.icle from '.h-i Xew
Yo-rk Ti itjttii--, to suosv our re.ilers the kindol orthog
raphy and syntax u .e.i by some of the "spirits.'' Jl
tijeely succeeds in ge::ing up a ti ans-A tlant.c cories
pondence through the inc. hums, we would recommend
him to send them a copy of the Common School
Law, as the establishment of a general system of in
btruction is certainly much needed iu the " spirit "
'We have received f.xiaEnox, Indiana, a letter of
four very dirty pages, of which tiie following is a
literal specimen, without change ia spoiling troth-erwise-
" You are an. an nf some lufuruintiu Kespccting
MediuiniHut or Spiritualism Please Define your
Self a little better mid S mithing alittle Plainer
about the Reward you ofer to any Medium to lei 1
What is going on in I..,n l.i.i or Urope I disdain
your Reward 1 aw an Advertisement this Mor-Hii-g
for the l'.i-st of the Kind and Ila.-Kn to Reply
1 am a M jliuiu oftho Est Kind it Writes and
j Tallies through ttie il',you want to ivL.o w U.-it i.i
I going in Englin I can tell you Some of the ?Iost
I Important things as respects our Intrests with that
j N A turn and all the Reward 1 ;hall Charge you is
j 1 Charge you to Have this Published :t makes
j No inference iloi" So ii is T.ia 1 Public!; a:. l if
j you will See that this is Ineertcd in the Cify Pa
; pers of your City, you tti.l be Kutitled to another
j Communication as soon as I cau S-.e this iu Pub
! lick Flint.'''
Our correspondent tviii soe tii-U v.e Lute c iniplie-l
with his high-iuia led CJii.litious, and uo.v let him
j ana uis spirits come on wuu iue:r news irout
" Uiop"' in return. We only b g lj ob ervc that
they would do well to take a low ksj-jns in EugVish
orthography and gratiiiaer beforehai. J, as oth rwise
they may not always make themselves as intelligi
ble as such elevated beings ought, to be. We shottl I
ilia like to have them take the work, and n ,.r. -s
a very generous disposition to do the hardest things,
such ns prophecy, iu order no doubt, to siicn.e
skepticism at once. All we ask i, that they
should let us know what actually happened yester
day at London and Paris, or we would even bo con
tent if they would tell us what was published in
the evening edition af yesterday's Londun Times.
Strange to say, we have never yet met with n medi
um willing to perforin so elementary a feat ; they
all want to tell what is going to happen next year
next century i sort of intelligence we cau very oj
well dispense with.
How do tliey Live?
This question is frequently asked by persons, who
are not accustomed to the nii.ery. wretchedness, and
degradation of large rities, when they conteui plate
the thousands who are huddled together in a spite so
small that they cannot breathe freely the pine air of
Heaven. The following article, which we clip from
the New York Trllun,-, illustrates the mode by which
many keep body and soul together in that city :
Traxsmii;i;aTos. The iterated question, how
people live in New-York, will find an answer, at
j last, in the fact that evervthing is saved evcrv-
thing. In its wiues acceptation, lou throw down
an cneiop oi mi uiu leiier, or l n e rcmaiuucr oi
a half burned cigar lighter. It is trodden under
foot, soiled, but not lost. Presently there comes
along a man, a women, or a child, " hooks'' it out
of the tilth, deposites it in a bag, and goes on with
the gracious treasure. Who cau tell wilat wouder
ful machines arc busy to-day, masticating to pulp
again those same fragments, or what glossy area
for thought may not be "extended"' thence to
morrow ? What j-olitician shall grow patriotic
what poet " find himself famous" thereon, nobody
can tell. The wind flutters off a loose rag from a
beggar, bears the odious thing a little way on its
pure pinion, and lets it fall to its level again the
gutter ; and there it lies, but not long. An old
woman discovers it, flings it into her basket, where
are more akin to it, and hobbles on her way Next
month you may admire some exquisite fabric. It
is only that rag in disguise ! A pail full of sand is
worth money; a shovelfull of mud is good ; lilt i
unimaginable has a price ; trash the uttermost finds
a market without going to "Cowes." The clip
pings from your whiskers if you wear them are
worth something ; anything you would naturally
throw away is thankfully' received." There's a
mouth, and not a pig's either, for that potato pair
ing, and many n similar apparatus waters for the
melon rind you nave just castafray. Those decay
ed lemons heaped iu the gutter, that you hold your
nose at, may sutf?r a change "into something rich
and strange," that you will drink next summer.
Who knows? Even the old bones of departed sheep
and beeves that will never " come under" again,
are carefully gathered from alley and street, and
by and by will figure on somebody's waistcoat, glit
tering and glorious, under the name of buttons ; or
else ground to dusr, become the magical powder
that shall quicken the pulses in the cold bosom of
Mother Earth, till it glows with the floral thoughts
of the Summer, or heaves Kith the swells of the
Harvest. And thus it is, that in the great City,
the transmigration of the meanest into the most
beautiful is dal'v and hourly effected.
f?"The grand military parade which came off
at Shelocta, on the 21th, 25th, and 2Cth iust., was
attended by the LlJerton Guards, Kiskeminetas
B'.ucs, West Lebanon Guards, and Shelocta Guards.
Every thing passed off pleasantly and agreeably.
H7 Temperance meetings are being held hi ev
ery part of Indiana county, and a feeling seems
quite prevalent, favorable to a prohibitory liquor
Ils A Southern editor notifies his patrons that j
his fiirhtiiiff hours are between 10 and 12 o'clock i
A. M., ar.d cordially invites them to "walk in."
f)--irj are a li tt lc later, say from 12 to 2 P. M., fur
at that time v.e are always ready forfotel play.
The Whig Stale Convention assembled iu
Huntingdon, and nominated Thomas A. li, Esq,
of Philadelphia for the Supreme flench. The Knox
this llttid will receive will prevent it from ever
&y" '-- S. S. Wharton, the late '; handsome
member" of the Legislature, from Huntingdon,
who vr.s defeated f-r re-nomination, announces
himself as a volunteer candidate.
tjr lie. J. Stilllons, of Jonstown, is preparing
a sketch of the "Life, Trial, and Confession of Jas
Shirley,'' who was executed in Hollidaysburg re
cently. Ci)""Cp tu the 1st, iitst., the credentials of more
than three hundred Delegates to the Worlds' Tem
perance Convention hadT.een received.
IT7 " The Conferees from the counties of Mercer,
Venango, Clarion, and Jeil'erson, met in Franklin,
on the 2.!d ult., and, on the 074th ballot nominated
II jn. John S. M'C tlniot, as the M UniocTatic candidal-.'
for President Judge of tlnit district.
C7 " The happiest period in a man's life is w hen,
Seated, at night, iu his bright little room,
Witli paper-, pre-paid, to employ- him
Aith a, "yrt'7t" and " ci$ar' to drive atvayglooin.
A'lJ no pestering wife to annoy hui.
C-ft The Crystal Palace was lighted with gas
for the first tiuu, on Monday night. The number
of visitors was o,oO'J Contributions at the Palace
for the completion of the Washington monument,
have asnouaied to the sum ef 1,570 01.
I KiDt-The New Orleans Jce gives an account of i
J the operations of the Howard Association. The '
j number ci patients treated by the Association to !
(.the 2)Ui, is dool ; of thece 221 were discharged '
cured, 72: died, and 1 000 were under treatment, j
The expenses of the .Association per day were j
$15i0. In providing nurses and homes for parent- ;
less infants three hundred nurses are employed. j
X, Accounts from Natchez state the
alarm is prevailing. More than halt the it'si
;es of
have left the city in consequence of the ravages
the yellew fever. There is no authority left, anil
quarantine is no longer enforced.
ITr Mr. S.v.ux, of the V '' l.n'-jcr, it is said,
was in New York, hist week trying to negotiate
with J. (i. Dennett, FJsq., for the ID-raid Printing
Establishment. Swain offered Dennett JlOtl.OOO
Cash, for the concern, or 70,Ot)() jrjictuo .'
BfTt, Ve notice that the potato rot has appeared
in New York and many of the New England States.
We have not heard of it in onr neighbor
d, and
trust we may not. We think the season here has
been too dry to encourage it.
l- Jjb. Charles Wilson, Mayor of Montreal, has
been arrested on charge of Murder, and held to
bail in SS.tiiiO to answer before the Criminal Court
. To aeeii's Ei hen, on the ldth of October next, for
the part he took in the late Gavazzi riot.
Cr,y"The Wagon is coming. Iiy an advertisement in
to-day's paper it will be seen that Mr. Taiikeisley
will be here on liext.Mnnday, with his magnificent
raveiiug sky light Dag terreau Gallery. An excellent
opportunity will
then be afforded for securing a
LI )' The attention of our readers is asked to the
advertisement of Mr. Hamilton, who intends run
ning a double line cf Hacks to Jefferson. Mr.
Hamilton is always willing to accommodate the
public, and we hope he may be liberally patron
ized. L'e'Gwing to disappointment in procuring a sup-
fly sf paper, our issue is one day be'iind time. We
ask the indulgence of oar readers, and hope the dt-
! lay may not occur again.
Representative Conference.
The gentlemen Elected to compose the Confer
J encs f r the Keprcsentative District composed of
j the Counties of Eedforl, Cambria and Fulton,
I met iu ciniftrenee at the house of Mai. Davis in
j the Porough of Eedford, on Tuesday, thedi'thi
day of August inst.
I Messers. John G. Hartley, John P. Reed, and
j Cornelius Devore, appealed for P-tdford County.
Messers. Daniel McManamy, E. J. Mills and
Johu Humphreys, appeared for Cambria comity.
j Mr. Humphreys having been deputed by J. M.
j Uilfie, absent.
Messers. Capt. George White, deputed by Win.
Hoitin, Samuel Michaels, deputed by F. C. Rea
mer, and Jonathtn Kelly, appeared for Fulton
On motion ' T iu.l conference was or
ganized by calling II. J. Mills to the chair. On
motion of Mr. Humphreys, John P. Reed was ap
pointed Secretary
The following nominations were then made for
candidates for the Assembly:
Mr. Hartley nominated "Wm. M. Hall, Esq.
Mr. McManeiny nominated Thos. Collins, Esq.
Mr. White nominate d Hon. Win. T. Daugherty.
An election then resulted iu the choice of Has.
Wm- T. DaU'JUertv, and Thomas Collixs, Esq., who
were declared -Inly nominated.
Nominations were then received for delegates to
the State Convention.
Mi. Hartley noiuiuated Gen. Geo. W. Eowniau.
Mr. Humphreys nominated James Carrol.
Mr. McManemy nominated Robert V. Linton.
Un a balloting had, Messers Gen. Geo. Vi. Row
man and James Carrol, were declared duly Elected
Representative Delegates to the next Suite Con
vention. On motion Resolved; That the nomination now
made are unanimously confirmed by this confer
ence, and that the gentlemen nominated for Assem
bly are recommended to the cordial support of the
Democratic Votes of this district.
Jlen-jlced, That the thanks of this conference be
tendered to Maj. Davis for his politeness in fur
nishing the same with all necessary accommoda
tions. Resolved, That the proceedings of this conference
be published in the Democratic papers of this Rep
resentative District.
On motion Conference adjurned Sine die.
EDWARD J. MILLS, I'retidcut.
Jous P. PiEtT', Scccrtary.
Cyrns L. Persliing-, Esq.
We find the following complimentary article in the
llollidaysnirg Standard, and transfer it to our col
umns, to Jiotv the position Mr. Pershing occupies in
Blair Col flty :
KrxT Senator. The Democratic papers of Cam
bria cotTity are warmly urging the nomination of
Cyrus L Pershing, Esq., of Johnstown, as the
Dcmocri tic candidate for Senator, and his name
will be resented in the Conference by the Cambria
county; Jonferces.
Of ecJrse we are in favor of a Elair county man,
iu orae: that our citizens may have, if possible, a
represt itative at Ilarrisburg ; but should matters
be so -ranged that Mr. Pershing receives the nom
ination it will give us great pleasure to support
him, Ijioause we Know that he is every way quali
fied tt fill the office, and is an unflinching Democrat-,
wan cf the people.
tr'X The following communication is fioni tne pen
of an jitelligent ami radical Democrat, and will
repay? -.crusal :
' Tiah Hill, Caxbhia Co. Pa.,
August :io. ls.'ij.
)..- IJciHurrnt and S-nit 'unl: j'o Ix-guile the time
and renete myself lor a lew moments of the rough
and exiting incidents of Kail Koad life, 1 have taken
thelihf ty of writing a letter, and asking a place lor
it in t.iur valuable p.'per. If 1 -aiccecd in this my
firstirt, as a just an 1 ini)aitial chronicler of the
evcMt-i which transpire in tlie vicinity of this
" Jlilli' 1 will fuel that I am far more than rewar
ded ft? any trouble, or anxiety of tiic brain which
?ielfc'or may cost me. .
Is Urn first place I tvouM say that the Tunnel and
Sections of the Pennsylvania, Kail Koad, under the
Vutn?diatc control of Thos. Seabrook, Esq., and his
geriteiiianiy and accomplished assistant, Mr. llcily,
:rei":ipidly approaching completion. The ao'ivity
tiideal which these gentlemen at all times evince
i ii lie management of sa vast un amount d' labor
j .il Jas been required on their branch of this iiu
t iremeiit, entitles them to wore commendation
: tbn 1 r.m eompetet: to bestow. So rapidly has
tiekvork progressed since they were placed in con
! troof it, it is confidently expected, that iu four
, utu.s, at the fuithcst, the entire road will be riit
isV! to each end of the Tunnel. 1 should here
I salthat Mr. Thos. Ilutter, of t'te firm of J. Kutter
! i; n, who has the contract of the Tunnel, is also
i nof-d for It's preseverance, and iudef. itigable indus
; tri 1 think the company is exirt-mely fui tunate in
i sriinsf lo themselves the services d' :i eutitraetor
off'L'h experience and industry. Mr. 11. 's govern
in Jjaotto, iu the tnanasremeiit of his- work, is lun
eso. industry and Tl'.M I'll!! ANCI1,' but, uufurtu-n-'j'y
for him an 1 many of the men in Lis- eni
plcit he latter portion of Lis i i itto cannot be
cailied into i fleet, for Low could it be so, when
tvel-ike into consideration the fact, that from sir!;
to .ii'i-nty houses, or rather sU:int;s are engaged
in foaling out to their fell i ,v men, a beverage
v.ltjdi destroys their s oil intellect, and body. I
c.i-.ot se the propriety ( f keeping up a strong
lVle f'.ree. f r the pnfji. se of fciepiur dotvn ri ,t
aii tiloo l-be 1. and then t'.leraling stioli a vast
nui'oer (f uulieense-.l ruir. s-ioo.s. In ..dvlitiuit to tie
nuijberot' !rani shop.-, we have some lour or five
lied.sed -:ti-i, besides some eighteen or twenty
stos which are engaged iu the sale of liquor Lv
i theitiart.
! be Jid lie
. J
! trafe, an
lart. Out of the number of stores, only tuo can
t to be engaged iu this niest abominable
and to their lasting credit b.e it sai l, Messrs.
j Mortheail, Eurns Co., under the management
i of (av, and John 1!. Mc iliiams i; Co. are the
two! - .
Jl ) not ttisa ta be unaerst o 1 ns implicating
Cart Gardener, who is the chief of the Police, or
anyt.f his gentlemanly assistants, iu any direlic- 1
tiouof duty in reference to these dram shops, for j
the cert ilnly do take a deep interest iu seeing the j
lawlof the State, and the regulations of the road '
rigeSly enforced. Put 1 do say that the fault lies j
sonii place, and I think, that if the Constable of
Allerhany Township, iu this county, would make j
; it h'ti duty to point the offenders out and return
ther.ito the Grand,Jury at the hext Court of (uar
I .er StVfiuns that an abundant of evidence
I can be jro-luceJ to convict thorn all.
j Souioof the leading members of our party on t'te
Hill art making strong efforts to greatly increase
i the vufc for onr Ticket in this County at the ensti-
ing eli tioii. If our frit-n I Ciii.i.ins and the entire
i Ti'Kif, finis no more opposition in Litii.k Cam
' i; it 1 . 1. "da a n is to be found iu this place, they will
I have iiteasv and an unpara'e'led victory. So uitan
' ii.iousafe we here, l'-,r the cherished principles of
I IViiiccracy, that seare a federalist is tn l e found.
! l!--iuv!i-er, v.e y. . and w ii! tj'e nat'.t'ng less
1 than rNt: ! : i n i u 1. 1 of an increased vote, f ir the
j w holtf icket, without a scratch, in Alleghanv towa-
I ship.
PoKl tl.f.
Fre.i:t ! A" .- C. ' f nt.
Tlie Pestilence at P-Iew Orleans.
Down among the Dead IJen.
T. verify the many horrible reports of the doings
! arn-.ig the dead, we the other day visited the ceni
; cteits. lit every street were long processions,
j traitping to the solemn music of funeral marches,
j In tie countenances of plod-ling passengers were
i the lines of nnxieiy and grief, and many a door was
fesu-me 1 with black and white hangings, the voice
less witnesses ot waning and ot sorrow. Vu the
one hand slowly swept the long corteges of
the wealthy, nodding with plumes and drawn by
praicing burses, rejoicing iu their funeral vanities ;
on u. other, the he. use of the citizen-soldier pro-ceded
by measured music, enveloped in warlike pan
oply, and followed by the noisy tread of men under
arini; tthile there again the pauper was trundled
to lis long home on a. ricketty cart, with a boy for
a driver, who whistled as he went, and swore a
careless oath as he urged his mule or spavined
horse to a trot, making haste with another morsel
contributed to the grand banquet of death. Now
among the steeples was heard the chiming of the
bells, as of Ghoules up there, mingling their hoarse
voices as in a chorus of gratulation over the ranks
of fallen mortality. Anon from some lowly tene
ment trilled ihe low wail of a mother for the child
of hor affections, while from the corner opposite
burst the song of some low bacchanal, miiigiiig ri
baldry with sentiment, ar swearing a prayer or two,
as the humor moved him.
The skies wore a delusive aspect. Above was
all cloudless sunshine, but little in keeping with
the black melancholy that enveloped all below.
Out alonn me tUHf-pj" r,l-J V'
nnr uOaa, auu Btui the tramp of funeral crowds
knew no Cessasiou. L'p rolled the volumes of dust
from the busy roads, and tha plumes of the death
carriages nodded iu seeming sympathy to the sway
ing cypresses of the swamp, enveloped in their dun
apparelling of weeping moss fit garniture for such
a scene.
At the gathering points carriages accumulated,
and vulgar teamsters, as they jostled each other
in the press, mingled the coarse jest with the ribald
oath ; no 6ound but of profane malediction and of
riotous mirth, the claug of whip thongs and the
rattle of wheels. At the gates, the wind brought
intimation of the corruption working within. Not
a puff but was laden with the rank atmosphere
from rotting corpses. Inside they were piled by
fifties, exposed to the heat of tiie sun, swollen with
corruption, bursting their coffin lids, and sundering,
as if by physical effort, the ligaments that bound
their hands and feet, and extending their rigid
limbs in every rente attitude. W hat a least of hor
rors I Inside, corpses piled in pyramids, and with
out the gates, old and withered crones and fat hux
ter women, fretting in their own grease, dispen
sing ico creams and crmfections, and brushing
away, wi.'h brooms made of bushes, the green bottle-flies
that hovered - on their merchandise, and
that anon buzzed away to drink dainty inhalations
from the green and festering corpses. Mammon at
the gates was making thrift outside by the hands
of his black and sweating minions, that tendered
sweet-meats and cooling beverages to the throngs
of mourners or of idle spectators, who, inhaling
the fumes of rotting bodies, already "heaved the
gorge;" while within the "King of Terrors" held
his Saturnalia, with a crowd of stolid laborers,
who, as they tumbled the dead into ditches, knock
ed them " about the mazzard," and swore dread
oaths, intermingled with the more dreadful sounds
of demoniac jolity.
Long ditches yrere dug across the great human
charnal. W ide enough were they to entomb a le
gion, but only fourteen inches deep. Coffins laid
iu them fallowed their tops above the surface of the
earth. On these was piled dirt to the depth of a
foot or more, but so loosely, that the myriads of
flies found entry between the loose clods, down to
the cracked seams of the coffins, and buzzed
and blew there their ovaria, creating each hour
their rew hatched swarms.
P.ut no sound was there of sorrow within that
wide Gehanna. Men used to the Ecent of dissolu
tion had forgotten all touch of sympathy. Lncouth
laborers, with their bare shock head--, stood under
the broiling heat of the sun, digging in the earth ;
and as anon they would encounter an obstructing
root or stump, would swear a hideous oath, remove
to another spot, and go on digging as before. Now
and then the mattock cr the spade would disturb
the bones of some former tenant of the mould, for
gotten there "amid the armies of the accumulate!
victims, and the sturdy laborer with a grin, would
hurl the broken fragments on the sward, growl
forth tin energetic d n, and chuckle in his excess
of glee. Scull bones Wi ve dag up from their long
sepulchre, ghastliness etiringout
From each lack-lustre, eyeless hole,"'
without eliciting an "Alas, poor V crick, " and with
only an exehnnat'oi. frcm the d ger, of " room for
your betters 1 '
Economy of space- was the. .source ofcu.iulug cal
culation iu bc-t jwiti',' away the dea l men. S. le
r.y ';ic.e Wi re larl two, ot gigantic proporuoas.
bloated by corruption to lac siie of Titans. The
central projections of thc-tr collius, lefi tpaces be
ttveru tlieui at their heads an 1 heels. This was
loo much roi'oii to In? fiile ) ultii earth. IIo'.v should
the sn.aee l e save 1 IT Opportunely the material is
at baud, 1'cr a cart comes lumbering in, with the
corpses of a mother and h .r ttvj little children.
Chuck the children iu the spaces at the Lc-a Is and
heels of the Titans, and lay the mother by herself,
out there alone ! A comrade for her will be found
anon, and herself mil l.a'es will sleep not the less
soundly from the unwi nted contact 1
The fumes rise up in ih-athly exhalation'! from
the accumulating hecatombs of fast-Coining corp
ses. Men wear at llo ir noses bags of camphor
and odei oils spices for there are crowds there
who hate no business l.ul to 1 Oi on alii contem
plate the Vast ongregali jn of tiie dead. They
d n't care if they oie themselves they have be
come so u.s. l io the reck of c rrujitiou. TLi y e ven
laugh at the listings of the s!:elet..:i Death, and
crack jokes in the horrid atmosphere where scarce
ly they can draw breath f.r utterance.
The stoical negroes, too, who hired at five
dollars per year to ns-ist in the work of interment,
stagger under the .Stirling fumes, and can only be
kept at their work by de -ji aaJ continued pota
tions of the lire water."' They gu'p deep droughts
of the su'.u-ilatlng ilui.l, :m 1 reeling to their tasks,
hold their noses with one hand, while with the oth
er they, grasp the s; ale, ftau e.i til, 'mould, and
ru.-li back to the buttle t j guip ag; in. it is a jolly
time with these ebon iaforers, and with their white
co-woikeis as thoughtless and ns jolly, 111 lull
as much intoxicated as thuji.-.eiv. s.
And thus, what with the .-oa s and ol g e i
of the grave diggers, th
uti-ig of t
i! es, the
sing-song cries of the huy.ter v. "in. n vending I heir
coiiiVetioiis the hoarse oaths of tne men who drive
tiie .lea 1 c .i ts, the merry whistle of the boys and
the stilling r-.v k front . a "s of bla-.-kene 1 cor; ses,
the day we ir.s iij.nw, the w.rk ofs-ptrt'ire is dyne,
and night draws the curtain.
I10..1 the Xi " l'ork
A great National highway the best that human
genius can dovisj and human labor c n?truct. con
necting our Atlantic and Mississippi Valley States
with our new empire so rapidly expanding on the
Pacific is among the most urgent, nee is of our
time. Politically, Socially, ia:n erchd'y, its im
portance cannot be over-estimated. The annexa
tion of foreign territory is an t-xhaustmg. disper
sing, weakening, distracting process ; while every
great canal or railroad is a new chord of I'nioii,
binding the sections it coniuxts iu lies of closer
amity and truer biotherLo id. In peace or in war,
iu prosperity or adversity, our most pressing Na
tional want is the cnion of the Pacific with tl e A:
lautic by an overland raiirea .
Such a Work must necessarily encounter local
jealousies and deadly hoitiiity. -JTo be completed
within the lifetime of the present generation, it
inii-t be powerfully aid-.d by the National G jveru
liient ; and il is not to be denied iur disguised that
the great party now ruling the country is, ,y its
essential genius as ya.ll as ly its form il deel, .ra
ti ins, naturally oppose 1 to the National pros.-cution
of works of inteiiiai improvement. Tne p: i.s.-t:a-of
lucul interest or of unmistakable pu'.l.e senti
ment r.ify con.-t'.-.on itaj forego this v- j ,.i.-i n in
a particular c ...e : but tl e s;irit of v. In w
ever smothered, will I i- sure to make itsel. l'-.t.
The leaiers may ac faicsce und the lta'.'.y lei.clit
ted may urge: but the party m a artj- will oppose
the railrj.-t-l so far as it dare. That is an element
in the ealcuUi'.ea v. hich cauuet be safely overlook
ed. hosoovor a. rat s himself spontaneously and
Leaiti'y on lit-' s' io of the ra-.'.r.ja-l, will be marked
by the Virginia Gracchi mi l Cincinnati, as of du
bious and fishy Democratic orthodoxy.
In order to secure the prompt commencement nnd
t ig irons prosecution of this great work, it is essen
tia! that it be began aright. Already, parties of
C. S. Engineers are surveying the diverse routes
suggested : and this ;s as it should be. Tiie next
point obviously is to procure from Congress an that the Pacific road mu.-.t and shall be
luili. To interpose at this stage the question of
routes, and insist that this shall first be settled, is
to betray a reckless sellishuess or a treacherous
hostility to the measure.
We are for the road first, an 1 for the best route
next. He who insists that the route shall first be
settled is supremely solicitous for the grinding of
his own particular axe, or ly ing iu wait for a pre
text for opposing the measure. Whoever really de
sires the construction of tlie road, will insist that
the work shall lie authorize,! an 1 the money npnru
priated first, ami the road located nfurward on
such route as the reports of tiie engineers shall in
dicate as the most eligible.
Our present impression is that the northerly
route by Lake Superior, the Upper Mississippi
and tlie north branch of the Columbia to Puget's
Soutil will prove the bet. It is by far the short
est each degree of 1 ,ngitiK'e being materially shor
ter on the If-th than on the og-1 or the 10th paral
lel of latitude it is more nearly iu a direct line
from London and Amsterdam to Canton and Japan
it gives a hand to the St. Law ence and the no
ble system of railroads by which Prlti.-h America
; - traversed aim u-. westeru -m;
nus is on the noblest Sju-1, studded with the most
capacious an l admirable harbors on Lite globe. It
is supposed to be a more snowy route than that by
St. Louis, the Plains an 1 New-Mexico; but we be
lieve that will prove a mistake. And against the
chalice of its obstruction by snow for a month or
two in a winter, is to be weighed the consideration
of comparative immunity from damage by heat to
the often perishable products which Europe aud
America will naturally draw iu vast quantities
from the shores of the Indian Ocean. No other
route between the East and the West could com
pare with this for directness, celerity aud immunity
from injuries by climate. Such is the strong
conviction of Asa Whitney, Who has devoted more
time, thought, energy and money, to the Pacific
railroad than any other man.
Rut we may bo laboring under a mistake The
St. Louis or Middle route may be better than the
Northern, and the Texas or Southern better still.
Whenever it shall be fairly demonstrated that the
route we now prefer is exceeded in eligibility by
another, we are for that other. Give us the road
on the best route and at the earliest moment.
This Nation is wasting nt le;vt Ten Millions a year,
and the rest of the world as much more, for "want
of it. Earnest friends of tlie great world's highway!
be not distracted by the arts of your adversaries,
but pull together in first carrying the necessary
appropriations, then locate the road on the most
advantageous route, and relax no effort till the last
rail is laid, and the iron horse that starts on Mon
day morning on the shores of the Atlantic shall
quench his thirst before Saturday night in the
waves of the Pacific I
Ratio of Mubtalitt at Nkw Oklcavs. lin
the supposition that tiie population of New Orleans
at the present time does not exceed s.o,0(in. the ratio
of deaths week before last w as one out of every fifty
persons. The same rate of mortality in New York
city would give ten thousand deaths weekly. In four
weeks, more persons died in N'etv Orleans than for
the whole last year in Boston.
A Skfctcli.
Read the following article. Ponder uton it. young
woman, and see if it does not contain so m"' Ling thai
may rt-la'e to yourself. Consider it, young man and
note what one among your female acquaintance n
daguerreotypes. Arid you, parent or, prn-.j
it and then ask yourself if you are training up u-. j.
und -r your charge in the right way.
Miss Augustina is a v oting lady , t
in her teeu.', and possessed of great personal bfi
ty, o f which the is well aware. Mic is not deficient
in intellect, although the r.ntural powers of her
mind have been sadly weakened by the pe'ty tii
tlir.g pursuits of ber life. Palls, parties, theatres,
and operas occupy her entire thoughts, when Lc
has not on Land sonic flirtation to displace tlieia
for a time. She has never laid up a stre of knowl
edge of any Lli.d, and us nature abhors vacuum,
her hea.i is trammel with bits of trashy nove'--,
scraps of roui mtic sentini nt, and all such weakly
acccssories that ga to form and c. m;a!tte the char
acter cf the triHer. Iicr affections are easily won.
bt cause, p'ac'nig very little value upon them her
self, she is ready to present them to the first fool
who aal.s them, and as ready to tki them away j
bestow them on a ;eond who applies for them
Having no principle of integrity in her character,
the violation of her word, however solemnly pU-lg
ed, forms no bar to her in the affairs rind ofneo of
love. She will pledge her heart to a half a d'?-t
at a time, and when circumstances haj pen to ex
pose the duplicity of her conduct, she uflects sur
prise lliat ail her admirers were not aware that
she was funning all tH time. The best andsoun 1-est-hearteJ
man may be deceive- by the blao ii-li-mei.t
of a girl, and really feel a true and bontst at
tachment l'orher. The discovery of tuck a pass.1 ,u
iu :.:iy of her a ImliM s ts a rare sp rt for her, ll 1
she carries on the war of the fe.lngs with con summate
skill, until she has got the poor fell- iv
into the cjiiditlon of a slate, to use for her mirth
and laughter. Of the two, though f.ushc-d vitli
triutnt h, we i 'iiy the deet-iver more than the c'.--ceivc-d.
He has only had the weakness to betray
an honest devotion; ?Le the audacity ti exhi
bit, without a blu.-.h, the inter lack of moral prin
ciples and integrity of character. Happy is the
man v. ho escapes the enarts of such a being.
! n. .:."( ii;v i ii, tv.i. li iinv, J. C. t v-
i (ito. "VV. Todil, t- l
I' MPGKTKKS and Wholesale Jol.ers in Kns.Lh,
German and Dont.-ti- 1 IV IIDW A P. II, f
1 Pistols, Waiters, .c.
j 151 M.tut:i.T Sii:i:;.i. ftbutn 1th 5th. PIIII..
! A DELPHI A. Scjt. 2, lS?5:"L- ::.n.
! utii-civTi'tudris.
t f VIE un-lei s'iiiie I hereby n j titles the pilh'.l
JL on an 1 after the oth September nest be i'.l
run a double lu.e of llieks each day fr..:u Jen -.
sou to Elans,! u:-g tia Plank Iloa I.
Leaving Jeil'erson at S o'clo. k, A. M. anj J e'
e'o -k, P. M ;. r ..a the sri'lva! ol the Cuter:, at. i
, West- in trains.
L-. avtng ll'.-.-iisbuiy at o'clock, A. M. and '. o -:
clock P. il.
i His Hacks ar! of the latest Concord sty le .;: I
! his teams tun neither be " pa se t'" u r ' .-nrpa- -i
j JellVrs ,ti, Sep. 2, 1 ?".:;. bt.
.tl. WITMoaE, 0. 11. WoI.IT, II. JtiXKs, oF.ll. J. Mil.
"Wliltinorc, VtVoIir, Co.,
Importers and Dealers in Hardware,.
S-J.t .. .'..- .!(.'-, X: . -"'j Ho. .7 I'.""- Ijj. t
u'-oee the St. I '.', -.': ll-j'.-.l.
A KM ibis method of informing ens-oiaors and
Dealers that they are now in rceii t of their
F.t'l Supply which Lai been select: 1 with trait
c .re from the Manufactories of .'.., and the
l . U Stilt . stock com rises a im-h larger asso;-:;vicfii
than is generally k-pt ly simitar establishment
and is particularly a laptel to the C-nn'.r-j Tr i '.-.
H iving uj e.-lor facilities for p.- icurlng g 1 1 Is it
is without hesitation that we de j" conipeliti y.x fi'-m
any quarter.
We are now loeclvliig Lirn i g'latn and Shefiiel-i
Mai.ufac u;e, pun h isel anl 1 rwar led by tw c .f
the J'irtu, who has been spending s .ir.e mouths in
l!::g!a:id and Germany, and who will continue t .
keep us si'pplie I with Foreign llardwarl bought
from 'list L..nds
Western Merchant ?
exaniiurtion of our st'
in ; further E .st v,:r 1.
le t iu a 1 the folio vint
tio'J i d ).'. Knives and
.re roper tfu'dy invited t :
li and p : ices prev'oui t j g
Aiuong our ass r'.iei;t m i
ks. ll'Ki dor.. Cl.i-
fill I
pen ku; e ?
s.-l--.:-s .-. si
ras ,rj io ca
a cases
If' t'l doz. files ;v. ila
1117 g in lo.'l s
si ter plated lead table Siioons,
Germ :n silver "
shovels and spad.s 350 ' gross P.rituihi
hav and manure forks, I "t Saws
70 teu ient saws 1G bales Deer's Lair.
Iu ) Mil! pltt and cross cutt saws
1 T 0' doz knob-i, locks and lateh-s
4"20-t " j.;1;r trace chairs 20n ' pa 1 el. fit In ks
4 "I ' halter a:. I dog chains, bellows, a twits,
vices, log and coil chains, cast, sheer anl Pdister
T"-0 doz axes, be.-t brands, .stc.
SajIiXlciy Hardivarc.
We are Continuing to make large a Uition to this;
branch of our business.
Sept. .', ISoo.
" 7ait for the "Wagon."
JP. TANKERS LEY, begs to announce to the
citizens of this place aril vicinity, that he will
arrive with his large and novel travelling Daguer
re'it pe Saloon, and will then be prepared to fur
nish pictures, made with all the late improvements
of the Art, including the combined side and sky
light, by the ai 1 of which he is enabled to producl
a life-like resemblance of all who may favor him
with a slttiug.
His pictures are acknowledged by all who have
examined thtm, to be of the most perfect descrip
tion both as to fidelity of likeness anl shade, lie
will remain iu this place but a few days, aud would
adrise all w ho wish to obtain a
KsltUTul Llktuim
of themselves and frieuds, to give him an inline ii
ate call. Poruatita of A lults tnkon e.ju ally Well
in cloudy weather, but a clear Sky is preferable for
Children. In Dress avoid all very light col .rs.
Wlio lias nut lost a Friend I
And when a friend is gone, how precious every
relic of the departed! The Father who is now hap",
py iu the possession of his children, should not
risk a single day without securing their Miuiatures,
for they may be snatched away iu an instant. How
many times the cost would tho bereaved families
give for Daguerreotypes of their Children Chil
dren of their Parents, and Sweethearts of their
Prices From One Dollar upward, according to
Size and Style of Case.
Ebensburg, September 2, 18'3.
U. S. BELFORD. Surcreon Dentist, informs the
public that he has returued to iiellida vsburg.
and permanently located iu the office he occupied
during his late visit, one door west of Hewit's
Store on Allegheny st.,) where he will be pleased
to attend to any operations iu his profession. All
work done by him will be warranted.
Hollidaysburg, August 2d, 180:1.
VLL persons knowing themselves indebted to
the subscriber, are requested to call and set
tle up on or before the 10th day of September.
Those neglecting this notice will be dealt with ac-
! cording to law. WM. 15. HUDSON.
Aug. l'., 1853 lit.
VLL persous having left watches with the sub
scriber, are requested to call and get them on
or before the 10th day of September. Those neg
lecting this notice will be the losers.
Aug. lit. 1831 3t. " WM. li. HUDSON.