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io Destroy Uauertmsli.
i. -rntat is the best tunc- to cut underbrush, &c ?"
r the June number of the Faumku, the above
question is proposed by " A Subscriber," to w hich
I propose to give an answer, combining' both a lit
tle experience and a little theory. Having been
trought up on a farm, I used to hear much aid b
farmersin regard to the "best time" fur cutting
bushes, &c, and remember well the many uncer
tainties that existed, and the various opinions giv
en on the subject. Some recommend to cut them
at one season, some at another. Some regard the
" moon," others the " signs" &c. 1 also remem
ber that the same kind of underbrush, if cut at one
season, would start again and grow luxuriantly ;
but if cut at another, would be completely " used
up." I have also within the last few years, had an
opportunity to notice the same facts ; and the con
clusion to wliich I have arrived id, that different
shrubs or bushes, trees, &c, inny be cut at diuer
cnt seasons of the year. Some are killed by cut
ting as early as the first of July ; others by the
first of August ; and soon till October or even No
vember. The rule is tliis : " Gut any plant, or
shrub, about the time it is done growing for the
season, and its destruction is almost certain."
If cut before this time, it will generally start again
the next year. The exceptions are few. o much
for the facts, now for the theory.
1st. in tnc spring oi me yti;,oari.our w-;
nnvna. Hence, if a tree or shrub be cut at this
lime, or while in full growth the roots will send
forth a new'set of shoots. The exceptions arc
1st. Evergreens, as gine, hemlock, spruce, .c.
2d. Those that have a copious Cow of sap in the
spring, as maple, birch, Ac. Yet even some cf
these, will start again if out soon after the buds
have opened, i. e., after the spring flow of sap lias
ceased ; except incase of old or large trees, in which
tho roots appear not sufficiently vigorous or the
evaporation from the new stump too rapid to allow
the formation of new shoots.
2d. In autumn, when a shrub or tree has done
growing for the season, the active energies of the
roots cease, being, perhaps, somewhat exhausted
by its summer action. If theu tho bush or tree
"be cut after it has done growing, but while the
stem and leaves are fresh and full of sap, the vital
force of the roots will rarely be found sufficient to
cause a new growth ; but if left till the foliage is
dead or dying, the energies of tho roots are restored
by the returning of the Eap, and are ready frac
tion again as soon as tho season of growth shall re
turn. Hence, too early or too late cutting will be
equally unsuccessful.
Cut your underbrush, then, at the time above
specified, and it will rarely start again. If it does,
the growth will appear stinted or sickly, and soon
die of its own accord, or a second cutting at a prop
er time will insure success. The same rale applies
to all other plants, as Canada thistle, milk weed,
&c.y &c, with greater or less certainty, according
to the greater or less vital force, or tenacity of life,
peculiar to the roots of each kind of vegeta
ble. The " proper time" can easily be determined by
Tving whether new leaves continue to appear
at thee.i tVj0 prominent branches. "When the
end leaves are o ,
size, and a bud is seen at the
end of the branch,
iiieu, . . ,r 0 an cr ;3 your time
to cur. li ucicrrcu uug ue eai . . ,,; t r,r.;'l
t.. t . r 11, 1........
the leaves begin to turn yellow, or fall, cu. 'n , wjp
lie oflittle use, as the roots will be strong for ant,,
start on the opening of a new spring.
Ealky Ilorsos.
Balky, or jibbish horses, are not only a source of
great annoyance, but tGO frequently endanger the
property and peril the lives of their owners. An
East India gentleman one day took his scat in one
of the omnibuses, in London, but at the time of
Starting all the efforts of the driver proved r.uavail
ing,owing to a balky horse attached to the vehicle.
The poor animal became more restive in proportion
to the tortures inflicted upon him by the driver,
and several other whip-men who assisted on the i
occasion. The street became tilled with specta
tors, and the interception of other carnages.
Great danger was to be apprehended. The East
India gentleman above referred to, suggested to
the driver and his assistants, that if he would ap
ply the East India plan of fastening a cord to the
hrnse's fbie-foot, and cause a person to pull for
ward, ihe animal would start right away. The
suggestion was received with" contempt. Howev
er, after all other efforts failed, a long cord was at
tached to the animal's fore-foo-t, and the moment
the man gave a strong pull the horse started ofra
if nothing was the matter. The philosophy of the
case, seems to lie that the animal, thrown olTthe
center of gravity by the propulsion forward, is ta
ken by surpriso and obliged to start. Try it.
Rural Xew Yorker.
Saving Seed from Gardea Vcgelablss.
The first vegetable peas or snap beans that ap
pear, save for seed ; the first stalk of okra that
shows a pod, let it all go to seed ; the first cucum
ber, squash or melon, save for seed. In this way,
we may succeed iu getting much earlier vegetables
than by following the usual method of taking the
refuse of all our garden crops for seed. Our egg
plants might be brought into bearing-much soon
er, if wc would save the first for seed. V "ho can
stand it, with all the long year's dearth of delicious
morsels, to save the first roasting ear or tomato.
that may appear, for seed ? and j"et if we would
bring forward the whole crop twoortlirce weeks
earlier, it must be done. Let it be a settled max
im of the gardener the first and lest of everything
for seed. Sail of the South.
Tho mixllkk Stalk.
It is computed that one full-sized mullein stalk,
will produce from four to five hundred thousand
6eeds ! It is also believed that seed of the mullein
will remain in the earth for centuries, and still re
tain all its vegetating qualities until a favorable
exposure, when it will grow. This fact seems
proven, in the case of digging a canal, somewhere
near Old Chester, where there was found a strut a
of rich dark loam, many fcut below the then sur
face of the ground out of this rich vein grew the
mullein ! Geologists may axphuu it. Gcrinan
toivn Ttlegropfi.
To JdASLE Prime Yixkuaji. A correspondent of
the Ohio Cultivator vouches for the merit of the
following recipe for making vinegar : Take and
mix one quart of molasses, three gallons of rain
water and one pint of yeast. Let it ferment and
ttand for four weeks, and thee will have the best
of vinenr.
Heglster's Xotlce.
AIL persons interested are hereby notified that
-A-thc following accounts have been passed and
filed in the office of the jvegisier oi umunu,
county, and will be Tidied lor allowance and
confirmation at an Orphan 8 Court to be held in
and for said county, on Monday the fifth day of
Sci'teuiber, A. ! 1S53.
The account of Margaret Cullen, Admin
istratrix of the estate of Patrick Cullen, deceased.
The account of Lewis Dormayer, Esq., and Lewis
E. Dormayer, executors of Gabriel Dormayer,
The account of Lewis Dormayer Esq., Adminis
trator of tiic es'.ate of Ludwiok Dormayer, deceas
ed. The nccouut of Maria C'rum, executrisof Jno. B.
Crum, deceased.
The account of James MDermit, Administrator
of John I'luininer, deceased.
The account of James M'Garity, Administrator of
Charles M'Garity, deceased.
The account of Jacob Luther, acting executor of
John Stolts, deceased.
The account of Americas Bender, executor of
Mnry Catharine Koch, deceased
Tho account of David Paul and John Tan', AJ-miuisti-ators
of William l'aul, deceased.
The Account of John l'aul and John Stu'J, Ad
ministrators of Jacob l'aul, deceased.
The supplimeutal account of John Knepper, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Abraham Knepper de
ceased. The account of James Kirkpatrick und Matilda,
Kirkpatrick, Admrs. of Thomas Kirkpatrick de
ceased. It. L. JOHNSTON, Reyintcr.
Register's Office,
Ebeusburir, Ausr. 11, 1S53. 11. j
Cambrian and Crusader, please copy.
list or CAISES
;T itovn lor ixa t ti vouti or common x ieas
to be held at Ebeusburg, in and for the county
of Cumbria, on the first Monday of fcepteuiber next,
to continue two weeks.
M'Lauuhau vs. Shaip
Brown " Wym.-m
Eider " Magehan
Troth & Co. " Phythiau
Johnston " Benshoof
M'Connell " M'Garity
Brannaii " bogie
Troutmau ' Mitchell
CommeuweaUh " Butcher et cl
Kinpoits vi. Newman et ul
Ream et id " Cruiu
Tyson " l-'iiiou
Baker " King et al
King et al li Bakei
Uhey " Cium
Donaaliey's aJm. " M'Manamy's adiu'rj.
Brackeu " Sigcat
Cruiu ct al " Sm.iy
Carttr " Bingham
Allegheny tp. " Luke
Conway Cassiday
Ka iol" " GIaa3
Ashcraft " Dougherty
St. Ciair " Gates
M'Gougli " Little
Cos's udm'rs. " Johnston
Anderson i Co. " Lloyd et ul
Kepler " Scanlan
M'Gough et al " (,'ouway
Same ,: Kiskadden
Movers " Gillespie
Miltenbergcr " King et al
J Shubacher " Kennedy
Smith ' Ramsey
j Linton & Co. " Levergood, Linton & Co.
! S G Bailey's udni'i s. " Carroll et al
! Same " Same
It. L. JOHNSTON, l'rc'.Lunolarj.
Prothouotary's OOice, 1
Ebeusburg, July :2s, 18oo SO.
'Hie L'ommontcaillh of i'nihuyloania.
To the UliLrij) !jj anid Cuunty, Uraiinj.
"ViiEiiEAS James S. Gailaher did on the seventh
V day of September last past, pref er his peti
tion to the Judges of our Court of Common please
for the said O'oUiity, praying lor the causes therein
set forth, that he might be divorced from the bonds
"iHtriiaonj entered into with you lVJy Ann tiul-lah-.-r.
Vie i!) thei(,re coiamaul
you, the s.ii 1 Toiiy
c all other bus:o.c-si
waiMuw, lu.ti. v'.!,.,jf aside
aa 1 excuses whatsoever, yon ,e
prjper person before o-ir Jui-r
nd appear iu your
at Ebensburg at
a Court of Coiam jii l'lea3 there to be hold for the
County of Cambria on the first Monday of Septem
ber ut-st, to an v, cr the petition or libel of the
said James S. Gaiiuhci and to shew cau-o, if any
you have, why the said Jiitnvs S. Gnliaher your
IttmhnnJ. .' ' nil. -li.-- a -
matrimoney, agreebly to the acts of the General
Assembly iu such case made and provided. And
heieu fail
Witness t!.a flouor
of our said Court, i
of June A. D. ltfOo.
able George Taylor, President
t Ei.ensburg the eleventh day
Ebeusburg. July -2, ll"3.
Tlu Coinmomcitlth of Pentuthauia,
rg 10 P... rued M'Girr, Pati ick M:Girr, John M'
i Meol and Catharine his wife, Pater M'Girr aud
Bridget his wife, Many M Bride, Daniel M'Carthy
and E:!eu Lis wile, heirs of Rev. Terence M'Girr,
deceased ; and to ail others interested.
You are hereby cited to be and appear before the
Judges of our Orphans' Court, at an Orphans'
Court to be held at EbtuV-mrg ou the first Monday
of September, A. D. 15.j3, at ten o'clock in the
forenoon, then and there to accept or refuse to take
the real estate of said Terence M'Girr, deceased, at
the appraised valuation put -upon it, by an inquest
duly awarded by the said Court, and returned by
tho Sheriff on the Sixth day of June, A. D. lHoi,
And hereof fail not.
Wiines-!, the Honorable George Taylor, Presi
dent of our said Court, at Ebensburg, the ninth
day of Juu?, A. D. lfo3.
July 22, lSoC.-Gt.
Republican Hall."
NTIIONY YO WINKLE respectfu'.ly informs the
-CM. public that he is now prepared, as the law di
rects, with every requisite for the "accommoda
tion of strangers and travellers" at hia new Stand
in tho Northern Liberties of Hollidaysburg, and
respectfully asks for a share of custom, liis ta
ble will at id' times be supplied with the best the
market affords, and Lis bar stocked with the best
wines and liquors.
tzj- 'the larger Hall can be rented by the day
or night, and a Piano and Pianist furnished.
Jfcrjr German wines and Lager Beer kept con
stantly on hau l.
Iloiiidaysburg, May C, 1833.
Slide, Oil, end Leather Store.
21, South Third Street, batween Market nr.
Chesn-dt Streetr, Philadelphia.
HAS constantly on hand and for sale, Dry and
Dry Salted Spanish Hides, Dry and Green
Salted I'atna Kips, Tanners' Oil, Tanners' aud Cur
riers, TOOLS, at the lowest prices and upon the
best terms.
I-V" All kinds of Leather in the rough wanted,
for which the highest market price will be given hi
cash, or taken iu exchange for hides.
I&y Leather stored free of charge and sold on
May 13, 1853.
Strays. -
STRAYED away from Section 31, new Tortae
Railroad, near the foot of Tlane No. 8, on Sun
day night, July 2itb, two sorrel mares; one of them
about nine years old, and has a stripe down her faec;
the otliei 6i x years old, bald faced and the knee of
" SieS 6"Stly swollen. Any person return-
Foot of none jf,. 8, Au5. 4, fSia
Snerills Sales.
BY yirtuo of sundry writs of Vend. Exponas and
Levari Facias, issued out of the Court of Com
mon Please of Cambria county, and to me directed,
there will be exposed to sale at the Court House,
in tho borough of Ebensburg, Cambria ctunty, on
Monday the 0th day of September next at I o'clock,
r. m
All that certain one and a half story frame house
or building, situate in tho township of Washington,
Cambria county, on the North or North East side
of the Turnpike road , containing in front on said
road, twenty feet more or less, and in depth four
teen feet more or less. The house or building lo
cated on the West side of the Central Kailroad, and
new State road.
Taken in execution, as the property of Mark B.
McLaughlin, aud to be sold at the suit of Joseph
All the right, title and interest of John Linton,
and It. P. Linton, of in and to a lot of ground situ
ate in the borough of Johnstown, adjoining on the
West side by lotTof John S. Buchanan, ou the East
by lot of bite Terence Me C.irr, lronting on ( anal
Gi feet and running back 132 feet to lot of llhey,
Matthews & Co., ou which is erected a frame sta
ble now in the occupancy of John Linton.
Taken in execution, and to be sdd at the suit of
Hhey, Matthews & Co.
All the right, title and interest of Andrew Bur
goon ot, in and to a piece or parctlofland situate
in Clearfield township, Cambria count', adjoining
lands of John Zerbe, Johu Neason, James Kelly and
others, containing 00 acres more or less about 40
of which are cleared, and having thereon erected a
cabin house and cabin barn, now in ihe occupancy
of Andrew Burgoon.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit cf
S. J. Ruushaw.
itle and interest of
.vil the riKlit, title and interest ol ."-msnn.Mo -
Creary of, iu and to a lot cf ground j i.-jCcn-em.night
borough, Cumbria county, bounded ja the
Last by lot of Geo. Gates, on the North by 'lie A.
P. Railroad, on the West by lot of Francis Knney,
, on the South by the township road, having tbreju
erected a two story frame house now iu the n ss-.-e-
sion of Casper Box. 1 j
; Taken iu executiou, and to be sold at the suit tf
I E. Buck & Co.
All the right, title and interest of Teter Col
j of, iu and to a tract or piece of land sitnati
Washington township, Cambria county, it b
j part of two larger tracts of laud warmntc-
j names of luac Gloves, and William Robism,
itaining -77 acres and 7 perches more or less.
I joining lands of John Noel, Robert Eurgosm,
. M L'unn, and others, about 170 tcr
which i3 cleared, having thereon erected a twn:
ry log house and bank barn, in occupancy ot
io Sterger, u frame Louse and burn in the etc
cy cf George Little, also one other frame !
and barn in occupancy of Leauder Kiskad ien
Taken in execution, anl to be sold at tht s r. cf
Lambert & Shiptoii.
a t tr
All tho right, title and interest cf Jus. Caibell
of, in aud to a lot of ground situate in Contniigh
boiouch, fronting on Rail Road Street thrC'
ches, and running ba'ik six perches, having thlcon
erected a two story brick house, and frame itch
en, and a frame bar room, and a frame sjde,
now iu tho occupancy of Charles Larkcns. i
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the 4t of
Rhev, Matthews Co. j
All that certain one and n half story ho'f cr
tenement ou Tunnel Hill, Allegheny towJiip,
Cambria county, on the West side of the roa !ind
the right and interest of Patrich McCali'trty Sthe
ground appurtenant to the said tenement, cciin
ing in front on said road 40 feet more or let imd
in depth feet more or less. j
Taken iu execution, aud to be old at the sit of
Michael A. Skelly.
All that certain frame sawmill building, siaite
in Vi'hite township, Cambria county, abouttine
half of a mile west of a certain road, calif or
known as Dysurt's Plank Road, bounded by ids
of Mathew C. Wilson and others. The s.-Jdiw-miil
is a double geared sawmill, running o: sCps
aud be'.tu, instea 1 of a nutter wheel, and f -ted
Jacob Cortes.
Taken in execution, and to be Sold at th "it of
C. Carothers, as t'.ie property ofioob
LelltCS. i
A LSO, ',
All the right, title and interest of James la
of, in and to a lot ot ground numbered on i
No. aujoinn
rods ou Pine Street
Lot No. j2 fronting-ve
running back 1C re-ds, fii-jr
thereon erected a dwelling house tmut eonp
now in the occupancy of Alfred i'houipk
i n-v
.Mrs. Grimsley. s
Taken in execnti- u an 1 to be bold at the it of
! icvi H. Cohieii. i
! AH the right, title and interest of Michael w
art, of, in and to, a two story Plank house, ate
in the township of Cotiemaugh, three hundre c ds
from tlie east end of tiie Tunnel, on tha ltiire
Rail Road, aud on the south side of said Raitid,
containing 10 feet by twenty six, and thej cr
piece of ground, and curtiiege appurtenant laid
building. J
Taken in execution, and to be sold the sui: Jo
seph Miller. t
Sheriff's Office, Jibeusburg, 1 i t
August 1-J, lS.j.3. f I 1
In the matter of the) Ihe Commouwiil of
Real Estate of ! Pennsylvania to R b II.
Sarah Roberts deed. J Roberts, David J.
John J. Roberts, Thomas J. Roberts, Ca ii.e
Humphry's widow of Rowland Humphry's, !e-$-ed,
Ann Roberts, Mary Roberts, interuiarri i 3i
David Rose, Hugh E. Roberts, John E. l .bt,
David L'. Roberts, Robert E. Roberts, Edwrii -erts,
Win. E. Roberts, Catharine Roberts in'iri
ried With David J. Davis, aud Margaret J'Jb
(the latter being a minor,) children of Jaifc l
erts, deceased, intermarried fomerly wit lj
Roberts, Thomas E. Rees, John D. Rees, fluut
Rees, intermarried with Robert Jones, Cftb:
iiees, intermarried with Samuel Hicks, Ellei 1
intermarried with Thomas J. Davis, aud Juie i
Rees, being children of Eileu Roberts, defe4
intermarried with David Rees, who is dete:
Sarah Jane Brown, Martha Ellen Brown,
Brown anil Moses Brown, minor heir3 of Mar.t
Brown, formerly Margaret Roberts, intemial
with Thomas Brown, and David Rose, David J.i
vis, Evan Roberts aud Thomas Brown. j
Cambria County, s. I
You are hereby cited o be and appear befoi I
Judges of au Orphans' Court at an Orphans' Ci
to be held at Ebensburg on tlie first Monday of t
tember next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, t
and there to accept or refuse to take the real et
of the said Sarah Roberts, deceased, situate
Cambria Township, adjoining lands in posses.
of David J. Roberts, Johu J. Roberts, Johi
Hughes and others, it being part of a tract of I
in name of Bcnjamin'Lockyear, containing S7 a.
more or less, at the appraised valuation put u -j
it oy au inquest duly awarded by the said Co
and returned by the Sheriff on the Sixth da
June, 1S53, to wit, six dollars per acre. And b
of fail not. 4
Witness, the Honorable George Tayfor, Presii'
of said Court at Ebensburg, the ninth day of .
in the year of our Lord oue thousand eight K
dred and fifty three. ' f
: Cleif
July 22, 18o3.-Ct.
Tombstones! Tombs Stones ll
IJICIIARD JONES rcspccl'ully informs the
t. lie that he is prepared to furnish all k'u.&
Tomb Stones, of Italian aud American Marble,
ufactured in the latest style, and lettered accc
to any directions. ,
His yard is situated at tho south part de
town, where a large assortment of articles is
line are always kept on hand.
From long experience he feels confident bu
please all tastes, and he therefore hopes to ba
ronized by a generous public.
June 17, 1S53. . it
CASH will be
Wool, by
paid for 4000 or 0000 p is
Look, out Tor tlie Locoiuotlie!
Cash and Produce Store !
iilgulis & iviiEituv,
HAVE at their Store, in Jefferson, a few doori JLJL would secure the best bargains to te oilcrei
East of G. L. Llovd & co.'s store a large anliuthis county, that he is again in the field with
entire new assortment of Spring & Summer Goodone of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully bc
wbieh they just received from the Eastern citiestlected stocks of
consisting, in part, of the following articles. I Fnll aiwl Winter Goods !
LADIES DRESS GOODS -Silks, Barges, Mousl a c& ftU of
hn de Lames, Lawns, &c., c. Also, Cloths, fcati becn urcliascJ witbii the ,,w Jays in
netts, 1 weeds, Dnlungs, &c 'Philadelphia and New York, with particular regard
Ready Made Clothing, of all kinds and very best a of tLU M;U.ktt , .:m ci Iay buu.
quality. Give it a trial. iuer to the breeze, inscribed with my oldinotto of
. .... . .... . , t v , - , w -
variety comprisiuir a larre assortment
STOVES, of every decription, always on hamJ
and warranted. We flatter ourselves t'uat we caiio
sell Stoves lower than anv establishment in
bria county, and being located ou the Hail lload
can always secure a supply.
Such as coffee, sugar, rice, molasses, tea, vinegar
linseed oil, sperm oil, tobacco, fish, salt, syrup, an
every nrtice neeessaay to supply this market.
Ihe public is solicited to call an
stock, as we arc confident it will admit
All kinds of produce taken iu exchange fo
goods. Lumber bought at the highest market pri
May 17, 1853.
Tills way for Good ami CIeai Goods
T"'57'ILL be opened this week at the brick stor
ot J. Moore, in tbensburg, a general assort
merit of cloths, cassimeres, satinetts, tweeds, and
great variety of summer goods.
Together with any quantity of prints, delain, cashmeres, giimhams, lustres aul other
dress goods.
saddlery, clothinsr, slaiionarv. dru.s. A:c.. .ve
Persons wanting boots and .shoes, hats and caps
or ready made clothing, v. ill find it to their advan
tage to call at tho.
Ki f cli Store.
The subscriber, thankful for
pa-t f ivo.s, car -
liest'y requests Lis customers, and the public gen
erally to ut least call and t xamjieh s st ,c
and U
he cannot suit every person in quality and price if
is not his fault. Produce and lumber of ail kinds
taken in exchange f
or goods: an.l he aiSi takes
CASH when offered.
is, is-:i.
llolIElU' KKR11V. roiiKl.T GALUIU.ITH.
C'oacli Saiiufaeloiy.
fTIIIE subscribers would respectfully in form the
-3- citizens of EbeuLburg and the public generally,
that they will tarry cn the Coach Making, inclu
ding the Smith work at the Machine shor former'y
occupied by Mr. Anders jn, iu the rear of E. Hughe's
Store ; where by using none but tho cho'.cst tlate
rial, and employing none but tlie 1 est workmen,
they hope to convince all that will do them the
favor to examine their work, that in point of dura
bility, appearance or cheapness, it cannot I e excel
led by any similar establishment in the State or
elsewhere. Persons wishing a bargain in the pur
chase of a carriage, will consult their own interests
by giving them a call. They are prepared to sup
ply the following kinds of Vehicles, viz :
Buggies of different qualities and -rices, Barouch
es, Churiotees, one and two horse rockavvnys, close
quarter Eliptic and C-spring Coaches ; second J.and
work of different kinds, ic, making a variety that
will suit all tastes and al! purac-3. Repairing done
with neatness and despatch.
May 20, 103.
Tiic &rant Tf ouse.
Corner of 4th and Grand sts. Pittsburg.
rsi'IE subscriber has leased the lare smd
J- kuown Hotel, (late Lamartine Hou-e,)
corner of Jlh and Grant streets, Pittsburg,
at the
has becn repaired anu newly fitted up in all
apartments so as to give a larger and more liberal
iiccoinmod itiou to travellers and boarders. His
larder will be stocked with tlie most choice brands
the markets can afford, and his Bar furnished with
the best. He would resnectfullv solicit a share of
public patronage.
Sept. 8, lor
St. .ijailc-s I2itcl,
Corner cf UHrd and V.'csd Sts.
rpilIS fine establishment, having come into the
hands of ii new Pr.-. ri-tr.r .i!'.-ra nm-.t fn.
uucemetits to the tr
..- -t i .,.
riling comiiiuuity ; Mil lIso
Lvcry delicacy an 1 luxury
season ; and l:o j a. us will 1 e
otel a cviufortable h-,au to ul
to regular boarder--,
will be rov-ded iu it.
spare'l to make this 1
wii-j may cad there.
W sj
I'Utsbiir -, Sept. 8.
-ELL, Proprietor.
12ots and Siioes.
Evans 4. Jouc-3,
'Ol'LD res; ectf tily announce to the public
that thev Still continue tlirt mniinfi.-t-ii-.. ol'
every description of Boots and Shoes, for Laiies
and Gcntie-uien, at their shop, a few dovM East of
-ur. t-arnieu s Hotel, wh-re they will be
see their customers.
happy to
Being practical workmen themselves, and
none but the very best materials, they are confident
they can execute ivork as well and as c.'m.n as :,v
establishment iu the county.
May 13, ls-:3
Cieorare ISarncaitir,
Wholesale & Retail Tin, Copper, and Sheet-Iron
ware Kanuf-ictarer, and Dealer in the fol
lowing named Stoves :
Air Tight Cook, Portable Ranire. Plat
Top C
Complete, Uidon Air Thcht, Cooks Favor
ite, Bare ylmder, Delaware Cook, Bar-room, Key
stoue, or Independent, Harp cannon New com
plete, Hot Air Parlor, Victoria i-miplete, Air
iignt, Complete Cook, Luicn Coal ijuruer.
Sept 1, 18-32.
Fashionable C'lotiiintr Emporium,
Clinton St. Johnstrwn Pa.
GREAT attraction at the corner of Clinton and
Locust streets, ornosite the Exchange Hot.d
aud the M'Millen House, Johnstown, Cambria co.,
Pa., where the subscribers have just received a
large and fashionable assortment of Fall aud Win
ter Ready made CLOTHING.
Nov. 4, 18-32. JOSEPH GANS & CO.
rr.s. w. hay. w-. s. iDso.
If ay & t:lon,
Wholosalo & Retail Tin, Copper, aud Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufacturers, and Dealers ia the fol
lowing named Stoves :
COOK Stoves, keystone, Nine Plate, Liberty,
Parlor, Radiators, Etna, Star Franklin, Wa
ne Irons, Complete Cook, Star Air-tight, Cast iron
Sinks. Ware Room on canal St. one door below
the collectors office.
Johnstown, I'a. July 11, 18S2.
THE undersigned informs his customers that the
firm of Beynon & Johnston is dissolved by
mutual consent, and that the subscriber still con
tinues the business in the room recently occupied
by the old firm, where ho will be happy to see bis
former patrons and as many new ones as please to
call. He receives regularly from New Vork aud
Philadelphia the latest fashions and cannot be beat
en either in the shape or fit of Coats, Pants or
Vests, by any other Tailor in the country. He
respectfully ask the public to give him a call, and
confident his work will recommend itself.
tX" All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for work. LEWIS BEYNON,
April 20,T8o2.-tf.
Administrators IVoilce,
"I ETTERS of Administration have been granted
A.-J to the undersigned, by the Register of Cam
bria county, upon the estate of James Rhey, de
ceased. All persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate payment to us, aud
those having claims will present them properly au
thenticated for settlement.
SUSAN RHEV, .4in';iwfra.'ri
ANDREW J. RHEV, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852. tf.
Tliotuas L Martin,
House and Sign Fainter and Paper Hanger, Johns
town, Fa.
SHOP on tho Island, nearly opposite D. Leech &
Co's Warehouse.
Dec 22, 1552.
JAMES i?i:i.i,
AS the pleasure of announcing to all who
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently invite the attention of purchasers
my ttock, which will be found unusuahy
Cara-larire. varied and attractive, beinz full and cuiu
wcplete iu every department. Everything new, fu.-h
onable and desirable ill be found embraced iu
ny assortment. Particular attention is solicited
o new and beautiful styles of
, . which I have just received of late importation.
d examine ocr, r- . i - r 1 .i
, . , . :Jn Gents wear 1 Uef competiun, and confi'lci.tly
o 1Q-Pe,-nvite nn examination of one of the largest ch.-at -
st and best selected stocks ol ready-made clothing,
loths, cassiuiercs, &c, ever brought to Ca:nbria
ounty ; comprisiug all colors and qualities, which
will sell cheap and warrant to give satisfaction.
Uso, caps, bonnets,
f the best qualities and latest styles, together
kith quceutware, hardware, groceries, salt, books
tationary, &.C.
E.'"iThe highest market price paid for ull kinds
f Produce.
November 11, 1632.
Iu the Orphans' Court
cf Cambria County Pa.
The Commonwealth of
u the matter of the es
ate of James Uhey, de
cayed. V PcnuMvlvania to L. Boyd
and Ann L. Boyd his wile.
Pet( r B. M t ol d aud ;dai y
J. M'Cor-J. his wife.
pAM32lI.l COl'STV, SS.
P oe
and appear before the Judjres of our Court,
ft an Orphans Lourt, t ) oe iieid at locusburg on
ie first .Monday of Scptemler, 1S5
at ten o clock
i the forenoon, then and there to accent or refuse
tike the Real Lstate of James llhey, decease J,
t the appraised valuation put uj on it by an iu
uestduly awarded by the said Court, and return
1 by the Sheriff ou the Cth d ly of June, instant.
Witness the lion. George Taller, President of
.id Court, at Ebctisburj-, tho tenth day of June,
t. d. is-3'i. it. l. Johnston,
. Ebeuoburg, June 30, 1 S-j2 30-0.
rlii::lliu. ix csiiaa:
Goods Offered at Cost.
i ON SECTION 101, Pa. R. R.
riUE subscribers being about to remove from
pL Cambria county, offer to c!l off ail their
rge stock of Goods by private ta'e, in large i r
ua!! quantities, to suit purchaser, at jirzt cost.
he stock consists in part of Dry Goods, -such a-;
Kneh, English and Atnerica t ch tbs, cassi:r.ere!,
ilinetts, tweeds, j i!ot cloth, satin Valencia, and
jier ves tings, tilks, alpactas, musdelaius, l-om-jzincs,
i LASIE3' 3RZSS O00D3,
fc-very dc-rcription ; shawls, Linidkei thiebs, scarfs,
tvats. tibbets, ribbons, gloves and hosiery of all
Jcriptioi.s, table linen, uiapirs, crash, red,
mile, yellow and Canton Haunois, liusey, blank-
e and coveriets, luckory shiruii't, Irish linen.
oods of every description, lacing, edging,
Lats, cat s, bonnets, booUaud sh -es.
Irdware, qu.ensware, g'.ass, nails, fijur,,
it, iron, a sj lendid stock of Groceries, Drugs,
lints, aud Die Stuffs, all of which, wo off r "at
Ivor prices than goods have ever been sold in the
trstry, all kinds cf country produce t ex
inge, such as Lumber, Rai'.road Ties, ilax
d, Rags, ic.
.N. B. Country merchants will be ruj plied with
t' of the above sjdendid selections of goods at
? ok-sale city prices, putting cu ouiy a nominal
lire fJr fiei-ht.
Ju'y 2, lN,3-3.:-tf.
iir: heat:-)
a-l h-nin
L t.mic.ibly del tei mined, atid ti.e j ub'.ic ru'nd
once mere cr.ln-, it naturally folic ws that oth-r
I portent subjects will et-.gross attention. Ai-iong
(se i-t;.n-2s protuinent the seasonab-le in juiry oi
'here shall I ! uy my Sj.-riug and Sai.r.uer gvo.!a V
answ ering this ia pilry two requisites should be
e-iisi kre-J, chcajincs and superiority, both ol
ifich can ut the well-kcowu ttjro of
t-o has just recived from the Eastern cities a h.rgo
i i-iic.R-iii ussorimeui oi cipriug tunjiner
i.ods, conststing, iu part, of Cloths. Cassimers,
t.ce-ls, JcitLs, Linen and CjUjii wear for men aud
lys, Muslins, Hats and Capo, Boots and Shoes,
b.lars, Suspenders, Cravats, iec, &c.
Also, u very extensive assortment cf Ladies
ress Goods-, such as Silks, de Laines, Barries,
lawns, Ginghams, Poplins, Swiss, Alpacas. Caii
oes, Hosiery, Kid, Silk, Cotton and other Gloves,
onnetts, Ribbons, Gaiters,
He has a very excellent and very extensive rari
ty of Groceries, O ieensware, kc.
liis stock h is been selected to suit this market,
aid he is confident ail can be accommodated w ho
will patronize his establishment. Coeds will be ex
hibited with pleasure.
Ebeusburg, May 0, ISoJ.
5000 iioliars Reivurd.
UreatKxcttcmcntlu Wales:
BO. J. RODGERS has just received from the
cities of Philadelphia and New Vork and im
mense stock of New Goods, and now offers to his
old as well as new customers the J.aryrxt, C'trapcut
id hisl assortment of SPRING & SUMMER
GwODS ever brought to the Ebensburg market.
His stock consists of every variety of Dry Goods
Oueet'.yare, Hardware, Cedar Ware, Lc, all of
which bave been purchased wilh a view to satisfy
the wauj of his numerous customers in quality
and price.
Gents Wfair. Blue, black, brown and broad
cloths, plain and fancy casimeres, tweeds, summer
cloth, linens, wlks, satin, Valencia and lut-rseills
Hats, Caps, Eocs, Shoes, &c.
Ladies' Dress aud Fancy Goods Prints, mous de
lalns, ginghams, lucres aud fancy colored silks,
bobiuet. laces and ed'isx. jackouett1-. ribbous. fan
cy silk gimps, .vc.
Hardware, cutlery, and tools of various kinds.
Queens-ware, consisting of many new and splen
did patterns.
Groceries, consisting of coffees, sugar, tea, fish,
spices, salt &c.
Cuf All kinds of country produce taken ia ex
chauge for goolo Also Lumber, Wool, &c.
May 20, 1S53.
Daiuci i eotj iin.
A never fading picturo can new be got at the Elair
Co. Gallery, Odd i eUows iialL
r f o
GORGE W. FISHLR takes this method of in-
jruiiuj' bis uumoroua friends throughout the
county, that he has permanently located himself at
Ilollidaysburg, where he is cow prepared to furuish
superior portraits to all that wish a good picture.
After a long and serious timo of experimenting
iu the Art, he is now prepared to take the finest
kind of pictures iu all kinds of weather. A visit
to his room aud a trial is all that is asked. His
object is to please, and having the best light in the
Borough, he feels that no failure can be made.
Pictures neatly colored and put in good cases,
from 1,25 to $10. Children taken in the morn
ing from 9 to 11, iu the short space of one second.
Instruction giveu iu the art, embracing all the
improvements, on the most reasonable terms. Ap
arutua and fixtures for Daguerreotypiug furnished.
Ilollidaysburg, Sept. 9, 18-!i2.-tf.
4 FRESH arrival of Boot Shoes, Summer Hats,
jt. Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florence Straw Bon
nets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot, Lead, &c., received
this day and for sale at th9 cheap store ot
June 26, 1S51.
A Xtw Arrival of lVutcnes and Jew
el ry.
On the corner of Clinton and Locust 6ts.
TIIE undersigned respectfully invites the Ladles
and Gentlemen to call and see Li3 dcw and
splendid stock of Watches turj Jewelry, which he
has just received from Germany ; warranted to be
solid an ! pure, and for style and finish it cannot ba
surpassed. He has also received . Urge -asaon-nient
of Jewelry from the Eastern ciLies, viz :
Gold hutitinir case wat;hcs from 5 to 100
" Patent Lever " " " So to
44 Ladies anchor lever and Lerine, CO t j
Silver patent lever and hunting case
watches from 1 3 to
" Anchor Levers do, from 12 to
(i Lepines do, 10 ta
" Ouai tiers do. d to
Gold miniature cases, Ladies Gold Bracelets anl
NeckUsses, Ear-rings, Gold Guard, Vest and lob
chains. Gold chairs for Ladies, Finger rings, Goll
and Silver Pens and Pencils, Silver Spoons, Silver
Thimbles, Steel, Utr.uau and Silver Spectacles,
Port Monaie", Pen Knives, Silver chains, &.C., ic.
All of the above articles are warranted to be of
the best material, and will be sold very low for eath.
ClocK and Watch Repairing.
lie has the best workmen in the country in his
employ, and ail work entrusted to him will bo
promptly attended to.
Thankful for past favors he solicits a cottmuan'-o
of the same, aad i3 confident be can give 6at.sfu.c-
tiou to aU who may give him a call.
Johnstown, April 15, 1603.
CzeKiel Iluf?ls,
Ebensburg-, Fa.
DEALER in staple and fancy dry goods pro
ceries, wholesale and retail fish ; hardware
and cuttlery ; guns, nails, bar-irou, sheet-iron,
sheet zinc, stoves of all kiuds, stove-pipes and
sheet-iron ware, tin ware, copper and truss ket
tles, &c.
Grain, wool, Lutter and other country proli;;
bovght und Sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash aul cherry
lumber; lumber always bought, and a large ijaau
tity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or vki
as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods as embraced ir. tl.c
above list just receive J and more opening for s ilc
at the lowest market price.
September 2i, 1652, tf.
I.I V li'I C'OJ! I L. A I T,
4 ND all diseases arising lr jta a d'.s )t lere 1 :v-.r
lJl cr stomach, such as constipation, inwui i
piles, fullness or blood to the Leal, aciiity of the
stomach, nausea, heart-burn, disgust l'v r f-cd,
fullness, or weight in the stomach, sour eructation?,
sinking or fluttering at the pit of ihe stomach,
swimming of the bead, Luriicd und dilicuit breath
ing, fluttering at thj heart, choking or s a loca
ting sensations when in a lleii g posture, dimness
of visien, dots or webs before the sight fever and
dull pain in the hea l, ditbeiency of perspirav.' n,
yellowness ef the skin and eyes, pain in the side,
Lac'i, chest, limbs, 5.c, suJdt-n llushes cf Leat,
burnii-g iu the tlesh, cuiisUtt imaginings of evi,
and great depression of spirits, can be c2''.c.'iu'.ly
cured by
1-jn.i'At i:d uy
At tlkO German .Medicine .Store.
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their fiotrtr onr tht utiuvt Jittaa-.t u not tJC- V.
f equalled ly any other prtj aralijri in the t'ru'.r.l
:alu, as (hr cures atttit, in many cji:s after ti.ij'ul
ji,tff.'cia.' Kfl fji'nl.
These Bitters are worthy ih-i aUeutioa of iaVA
iids. Possessing great virtaua iu the rectifiOM.oa
of diseases of tiie Liver aul less.-r gla ill exerci-.-iug
the most tearchit.g powers iu weakness and
affections of the digestive orgr.ns, they are witha;,
sale, certain aud p.easat.
'I hat this i:.e licitie' will cure Liver Coirplali-.t z:A
Dys-peps'.a. i.- one can doubt r usit.g it aa stut. j.
it acts si-ceS.'ally np,!i ti.e st-.iiiacii an i liver; iris
pretvrabie tv calom-.-i in lllt:z.t J:s- .; ti.e c-te-ct
is immediate. They cau be udmiu.t..-red li
f-:a ile ..r int'i a s Viith s;Vtv and lclL.blc leni:
a,;y time.
Lick well to tie ictrhs of tho Gct;uIso
Tli.-y have the written signature if C. M. JACK
SON i:; on the wrapper, u..i Lis name bk-wc in
bo tie, without which tb-y are spuriou?.
IVr sale Vi'hulesale au-J Ikiui: at the Geti;-.:.-i
Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch .-iree-t, one door te
!ow Sixth, Philadelphia ; ll! I t respectable Uvsi
crs genera:'. v throtitrli the cnuntrv.
I'ltit'iiS KKull'i;i),
To enable all of invalids to e:.i ;V tl: ai-
vi.ntages of their great rcit vi-ati e puvtr3.
Suiylr l-jltl 75 cents.
For sale 1 y Frederick Kit tell Druggist Ilbe: s
burg; James Be!!. Summit: G. Mujkcihide Co.,
December 1-', 1S52 8-!y.
UitATUit. TillS dcl:ghtful aud popular article is the best,
pi eparati'. n for the hair which long experi
ence and scientific research has produced, either as
au article for the toik-t, or its b. neticial effects iu
all the diseases to which the huuiau hair is liable.
It w ill impart to the roughest aud coarsest hair tho
most beautiful appearance, culirc'y cleansing it
from ull impurities.
But while we assert that it is the bst article for
the toilet of those who wish to retain the hair in
ail its youthful
it must not I e forgottou that in all diseases of the
hair or scalp, such as the falling of tho hair dand
ruff, pimples, or sores ou the eealp, 6c, it ia per
haps the article which has given decided satisfac
tion every instance where it has been used.
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, iu numerous, where other remedies
have been tried iu vain, STORR'S CHEMICAL 1N
VlGOKAToR has superseded the ornaments of art,
by reinstating, in full pleutitude, the permanent
gifts aud graces of nature. It is possessed of a
character wholly differing from the Oils, Grease,
Restoratives, &c, which are now so numerously
foisted cii the public, for baldness, gray hair, ic.
Storr's Iavigorator
has njw been tested for years, and its efficacy hus
been proved by thousands. Every year its reputa
tion and sales have increas ed. until more of it ia
consumed annually than of any other preparation
for the hair ever offered to the American public.
It is compounded on strictly scientific priueiolcs,
aud the proprietor will stake his reputation oil its
e flic icy.
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within the
reach of the humblest family, aud its conceded
value insures it a place on the most luxurious toil
et, F:r sale by the proprietors price 25 cents.
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bell,
Summit; G. Muekcrhide &, Co., Johnstown.
December 10, la52S-ly.
Is your hair fallinu off?
J.- Or is
your heal coverod with Dandruff or
Scruff? If so, then make a fair trial of Storr't
(.'iiiiiiicul Hair I.ii iyorutor. Hundreds of persons
iu all parts of the country whose heads wore entire
ly bald, have had their hair fully restored to its
original perfection by the use cf this valuable
Caution. Ask for " Storrs' Chemical Hair In
vigorator," and never let dealers persuade you to
use any other article as a substitute, l'rico 25
ctuts per bottle. Proprietors. C. P. Auiet & Co.,
No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. For sale by
dealers generally. Sold by Fred. Kitiell, Ebens
burg; James Bell, Summit; E. P. Ilildebraad, In
diana. Deo. 8, 1S52 ly.
YOUR hair is falling off, is it? Then call at
KitteH's without delay, and buy a bottl of
Storr't Chemical Huir lnviyorator, or you will be
come entirely tall. It is th.e best Hair tonic new
ia use.