The mountain sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1844-1853, August 11, 1853, Image 4

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Prance Tie United States and the Sandwich
A correspondent of the Aty..ny Evening Jour
cal, writing f.-ora Honolule suys : "Owing to
difficulties between the Hawaiian nnd French
governments, groiring out of the duties on bran
dy imported ben?, and some oth?r causes, it is
not unlikely that the American fl ig will be hoist
ed here in a few months. Thero is do doubt
here t'iat Mr. Allen, United States Consul here,
was sent hoJia by this government, to ask, in;
the mme of KamehameLa 3d, protection aga nsc
the French ; and in case the United States
government wonli not. or con id not, ct-imriat
interfere, to offer to ceie the sovereigaty of thess
islanis to the United States and have them an
nexed to the Union. All classes hers are keen
ly alive to this subject, the Americans hop'nyfvr
it, as the means of greatly increasing the trade
of the islands ; the English in a rage about it,
foreseeing in each a measure a death Mow to
their commercial interests in the .North Pacific.
The French men-of-war will be here in three or
lour montfcs, when, unless there is an American As medical Science discovers and designates
force Ler to prevent it. I which, by the way, we I , ,. . . ,
confidently nct,) they will doubtless enforce! tbe remedies nature has given, one by one, tt.e
their demands against the government, by that j diseases that atSict our race yield to the control
ticat conclusive of all arguments, cannon balls." j 0f art. Of all the maladies we suffer from, none
Coi2ril"ees ' as cftrru'' Iflore victims to an untimely grave
The following singular coincidences will be i tLaa Consumption of the Lungs. Subjoined we
found interesting : Alexander the Greit was : ie some evidence that this too may be cured,
born on t'.ie Cth of April. On that day Le won j and that Pulmonary complaints, in all their
two of his most important victories, and on that) forrns may fce rcui0Yed by Cheeey Perron ai
Le uied. On that day his father, Philipp, ! x t . . ,
roninered Poiiden, and on that day Parmenioi j SI'ace wul not rcrmit ns to publish here any
I'hiitpp:s general, overcame the Iilyrlans. Pom- i proportion of the cures it has effected, but the
per the Great was horn and died on the SOth of Agent below named, will furnish our Circular,
September and on the same day triumphed on j r hereon are full particulars and indiepu
bis return from Asia. Augustus was adopted by i , , , . ,
Jaiius Csar on the lOih of August, and on the ! tabIe Proof of tLeae fiict3
19lL of August Le died. The wife of King Henry j Sufferers read judge for yourselve's.
VH., wa born and died on the 11th of February, j For Influenza ami Vhooping Congh.
Sir Kenelm Dig by was lrn and died on the 11th Nashti'Ie. Texs.. June iUth 18-j1.
cf jane,
fame day
He c.'uquered at Scandoroon on the
..nene was brrn aniu.e'ron(jood
I ndny.
Shakspere's birthday wrs alsothe day i
th April 231. The 21lh of February )
of bis dei
was turice memorable to Charles V.
of !pa;n. ,
ae the day oi ni? birth, the day cf
Lis viotory !
uiwiisuue, '"g or r ranee, an I tiie day on
which he received the Imperial crown at Donoma.
C'harlea II, of England, was born and restored
to the throne on the 25th of May. The Sd of
September was marked La the history of Crom
well as the dute of the victory at Dunbar, also
of that at Worcester, and as the day of Lis death,
pays of the week have been signalized in a sim
ilar manner. Tuesday was a day of note to
Becket, the English saint On Tuesday the
lordi passed judgement upon him at Northamp
ton, on Tuesday he went into exile, on Tuesday
lie nad a Vision in which hiq dnr.m ttci s fnrvt.l i
to him, on Tuesday he returned from exilo. on
laesuay ueoieu, ana on Tuesdav was can. -I
Wcdnes lay was the lucky day of the celebrated
Pope Sixtns V. It was tho dey of his birth, the
day on which he took orders, the day on which
he was made General of Lis order, the day on
which Le was created Cardinal, the day on which
be was elected Pope and the day on which he
vras inaugurated, nenry VII, called Saturday
his fortunate day. as that on which J, ..;,i
tne battle of Dosworth, and that on which he en-
tered London. It is remarkable that four of the
j uuors in succession died on Thursday, bco-in-mng
with Henry VII., the second, and endin
Kith Elizabeth, the last of the I'm.
The Secretary of tie Treasury.
The New York Cuiu:nereM thus describes the
personal appearance of Mr. Guthrie : "The Hon.
James Guthrie is a man to.ntU-.ict observation
anywhere. Of good stature and stalwart frame,
Jie is plain, almost rustic in his attire, and sits
erect and firmly. The countenace is strongly
""""J. aa wouia indicate, even to the mot
BuperSicial observer, Lieh personal integritv, j
great energy of purpose and power of will, and
generally almost rigidity ofcharacter. The first i
impression of harshness, however, rapidly sub-
oue continues to that noble, frank,
clear countenance. The stronger lines become
more manifestly but the traces of thoughtfulness,
nnd a habit of reflection. The inner man shines
lortn ana you feel that with strength of charac
ter is blended a genuine benevolence, that ever
and anon beams from the eye and plays around
ttlA mnntK Tl. : 1 . . . I
ie impression instantly made by
dine- of Pl,mMt f
this happy blen
most pleasing. - Before you are aware how deep
ly your feelings are interested in the gentleman,
you detect yourself divining that Mr. Guthrie is
just tha man you would like to have for a friend
that he must be an excellent neighbor and ad
vuer ; that to a young man especially, his coun
sel and oversight would be invaluable ; and your
faith in the man grows as you study him until
you almost wish you had occasion for reposinc
0 ' vumaiwi 15
wnovauU.5 -I Ll XJ 1 III.
ueeins not to know, or part, tn l-nnir
the rhetorician. TTIa mnda f
Ti Vi fcavonnS somewhat of the desk or pulpit.
But he speaks directly to Lis subject, with point j
. "Nor is this feeling at. all abated, but rather ?W JTsey -idlCJrl rT
increased, when he sno?iUa r. i, u "oi- Henry Cla3', U. S. Senator.
ess rigid than the features. A sli:rht susnicin-, I IIoiK 1 iilrslb At". Ambassador to T
of dogmatism which however, has been nearlv en-J'maeI. uInes' Resident of Chili.
obliterated as your study proceeded is totally T' wer, Lord Bishop of Toronto,
benished now thnt. b. sotc tt x - Rt. Rev. Bishop Kcese, of the Meth. Eris. Church
He la eloquent only because he is earnest ' ITa Archbishop Pureed, of Cincinnati, Ohio.
; ' A.n Agreeable Operation. PREPARED AND SOLD J2Y JAIiES C. AYEE,
An observing correspondent cf the Springfield ! Practical ami Anal yt leal ChcmUt,
Republican, vho has been writing from Vienna Lowkll. Mass.
gives the following aransia" decriDtim of tl.lL Sol i in Ebensb'g by X1. Kittcll, and by
mode of W tf -cnpticn Oi the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicine every where.
mode of leave-taking among tho people out August 19, 1852-44-Om.
mere :
. ..a Pacing with my friends in Vienna, I was
initiated into the mysteries of an Austrian leave
taking. It consists of an ecdless series, an in
definite prolongation, a labyrinthine maze of
hearty huggings, warm embraces, affectionate
equeezmgs, and cordial kissings. . As long as
the "hp service" is confined to "lovely woman,"
is by no means disagreeable, but when a burly
individual, whoso face fairly bristles with hair,
whose checks, whose lips, whose chin, present
one unbroken phalanx of stifily pointed lances,
encircles you in his arms, and imprints on each
side a salute that nearly takes the skin off, and
makes your face tingle with pain for an hour af
ter, the sentiment, the poctrv, the eiTervesence,
the fragrance of the thing vanishes entirely, and
it is converted into a most nauseating penance.
But to refuse your Austrian friend this farewell
ralutation, would be to offend him mortally. I
was doomed to undergo this excruciating ordeal
o. friendship several times, therefore 1 speak
feeung'y on the subject. I have often been1
amused at the mutual efforts of two natives to
penetrate (he thick "chapparal" of each other's
faces, in order to find a clear space sufficiently
large to implant a token of their brotherly affec
tion. What ia better calculated to provoke a
emile than to s?. this, with us, femiuine mode
"f greeting, e.iohanged ia tbe street between two
hairy patriarchs of sixty or seventy winters.
. -
$3"The farmers of Iowa say it is ' almost
impossible -to 6lep Bt night on account of
tlie racket.mad3 by the rapid growth of the
Tbe World' 8 Temperance Convention assm
Vjt3 on the 1st and 2d of September, inN. York.
For the Car f
coughs, colds, hoarsexess,
broxcditis, whooping-cough,
croup, astidia, axd
"Anl ly the river, upon the bank thereof shall
groic all trees' f-r meat, icLouc leaf shall not fade
aa-i the fruit thereof shall le for meal ami the leaf
thereof for medicine."
Here was hope for the sick recorded long ago,
and dls new proof to the assurance
that these promises shall no fail
Sir: I have rer.eatedlv used vrnf Curnuv
:PtTor.AL for ulioopnig Cough and Intiaenza j
and have no hesitation in pronouncing it a cm
plete remedy. Four of my children have be
atxlicted witn thcs-2 diseases, an-
the tree vise of
almost irtant
Pectoral his aUva va alTorded
We attest the truth of the above statement.
M. M'GINTY, Ed. of the Nashville Whig.
J. M. ZIMMERMAN. Druggist.
PIttsburg, Pa., Feb. 25, 1851.
Dear Sir: For three years I Lave been aflllc
ted with, a Cough, so distressing that I frequent
ly despaired of recovery ; much of tho jime I
was obliged to sit up all night in my chair, as
my cough would suffocate rue when 1 laid down.
Having used many remedies without much re-
l:ff I .it last tris. fho Chprrtr IWtrml -r;w.Vi
under Providence, has cured me altogether.
1 am with gratitude yours,
Tills ta one of the nnmcroas Cures of
ASTiLUA which nave bten atcrtdiUd
to CUerrjr Pectoral.
Albany, N. Y., April 17, ISIS.
Dr. Atek, Lowell. Dear Sid.: I Lave for
years been afflicted with Asthma in the worst
form, so that I have been obliged to sleep in my
cn&ii" for a larger part of the time, being un
to breathe on my bed. I Lad tried a great inany
mcuicines, to no purpose, until my. physician
prescribed, as an experiment, your Ckehrt
At first it semcd to make me worse: but in
- e-.. v.o.i.x.,,
grau.ymg rener irora it3 use; ana now, m tour j
week-, the discnscrtb-ennrelY lemuvr-J. I-cinH
sieup 0:1 my oca wuu comiort, ana enjoy a staic
of health which I had never expected to enjoy.
Commission and Forwarding Merchant.
From IliePrc.ldeiit of Amherst College.
J.C. Ayee. Sir: I have used your Cherrj
Pectoralin my own case of deep-seated bronchi
tis, and am satisfied, from its chemical consti
tution, that it is an admirable compound for the
relief cf laryngeal and bronchial difficulties. If
my opinion, as to its superior character, can be
of anA service, ycu are at liberty to use it ns
jyou think proper.
Amherst, Sept. 12, 1849.
f", , V ' u"uuu"ulJ B,UB01n"?
no 1,ave ,ent cir names to recommend tins
Among the
preparation as the best known to them for af
fections of the lungs, are :
President Perkins, Vermont Med. College.
Hon. Chief Justice Story, Sup. Bench, U. S. A.
Paof. Valentine Mott, New York.
Prof. Cleveland, Bowdoin Med. College.
Prof. ButterSeld, Ohio Medical College.
Canadian Journal of Medical Review.
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
Charleston, S. C. Medical Review.
jy eminent personages
Not only in the more danjrerous and distress-
ing diseases of the Lungs, but also as a family
medicine for occasional use, it is the safest.
j pleastantest and best in the world.
Administrator's IVoticc.
I" ETTERS of administration having been gran
J j ted to the undersigned by the Register of
Cambria county, on the estate of Daniel Knep
per, deceased, late of Summerhill township
Cambria county, all-persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to make immediate pay
ment, and those having cliinis against will pre
sent them, properly authenticated for settle
ment. WM. PALMER, Administrator. .
Jefferson, Juno 23, 1853 35-6t.
ed every Thursday morning, at One Hollar and
Fifty Cents per annum, if paid in advance or
within three months ; after three months Two
Dollars will be charged.
No subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months ; and no paper will be
discontinued until all arrearages are paid. A
failure to notify a discontinuanc at the expira
tion of the term subscribed for, will be consid
ered as a new engagement.
E3 A D VER TISEMEXTS will be inserted
at the following rates: 50 cents per square for
the first insertion; 75 cents for two insertions;
$1 for three insertions ; and 25 cents per square
or every subsequent insertion. A liberal reduc
ion made to those who advertise by the year.
All advertisements handed in must have the
proper number of insertions marked thereon,
or they will be published until forbidden, and
charged in accordance with the above terms.
C.A11 letters and communications to insure
attention must be postpaid. - A. J. RHEY. -
. A CARD. : ';
j FIR. A. YEAGLEY having permanently located
U in Jefferson, Cambria connty, respectfully
tenders Lis professional services to the citizens
j of the place end the surrounding country, in
J the practice of Medicine and Surgery.
Office on Main street, where he can always be
found and consulted, except when absent on
j professional business,
i Jefferson, April 14, 155325.
SI730IFT, CO., IA.,
FTAS the pleasure of announcing to all who
would secure the be.t bargains to be offer I
in this conntv, that he is n?s:a in the field with
one of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully
selected ctocks of
XaI2 and Tinier Gcc2. !
Ever brought to Cambria county, all of which
Lave been purchased within the last few days in
Philadelphia and New York, with particular re
gard to the waiits of this Market. 1 again fling
ray banner to the breeze, inscribed with my old
motto of
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently invite the attention of purchas
ers to my stock, which will be found uhus ually
large, varied and attractive, being full and com
plete in every department. Everything new,
fashionable and desirable will be found embra
ced in my assortment. Fartieular attention is
solicited to r.ew and beautiful styles of
which I Lave just received of late importation.
In Gents" wear I defj competion, and confident
ly invite an examination of one of the largest,
cheapest and best selected stocks of ready-made
clothing, cloths, cassimeres. &c, ever brought
to-Carabria county ; comprising 1J colors and
qualities, which I will sell cheap and warrant to
give satisfaction. Also. caps, bonnets,
of the best qualities and latest styles, together
with rueenswarc, hardware, groceries, ealtbooks
stationary, Sic.
rr,Thc highest market price pr.M for
kinds of Produce.
November 11, 18G:
' the subscriber, nt his Euggy and Sleigh Man
ufactory, which is now in operation in all its
various branches, in Dnncansville, four doors
west of the Mountain House, where all will meet
with good work and as cheap as it can be made
Just call and see the work if you do not want
it, for it is wcrth locking at. His buggies and
sleighs are as neat and strong, aud nlittfe better
than you generally get in this country. Far
mers, for your own good, and to pave" money,
before you purchase any articles in his line, yon
had belter call and see his work. He will give
you as much for your produce in work as von
can got any where. In short, any person wLh-
inga uurame, neat, cheap nni comfortable arti
cle in Lis line, should give him a call.
Duncansvllle, May 5, 1S53 2S-3m.
T-YI:o:csaSe and Retail
Oolliiiisr store.
Snazait, Cambria County, Pa.
Coats, vests, pants, Jiats, caps, shirts, hand-
B.tiu.Mt.-., cravats, noots, siioes
trunks, Sc., sold cheap forcah
SumTQlt7?Tny 17, 3553 -3(i-tf.
jnFFERShis services to the citizeus of .Teffer
1 U son and vicinitv, in the practice of Medicine
ttii i-'u.n;. uuce next doer to Mr. i,ytlc s
Jefferson, May 26, 1853 31-tf.
Valuable Farm Tor Sale.
fjlHE subscriber clTers for sale the farm he now
1 resides on, situate in Carrol township, Cam
bria county, three miles from Carrolltown, con
taining about 250 acres, about 100 acres of
which is cleared and under good fence. There
is an excellent apple and peach orchard on the
property, composed of a varied assortment of
productive tree3. The buildings consist cfa
two-story hewed leg house, a tenant house, nnd
two good barns. The wood land is well timber
ed with cherry and poplar, and there is a good
saw-mill seat on the property. If desired, the
farm will be sold in two parts, each having erec
ted thereon suitable buildings. Application will
be made to the undersigned, residing on the
premises, who will make the terms of sale easy
and give an indisputable title to the purchaser.
Carroll tp., June 2, 1853 32-2m.
In the Orphans' Court
of Cambria county,
Penna. The Common
wealth of Pennsylva
nia to Linn Boyd and
Ann L. Bovd, Ids wife,
Peter B. M'Cord and
MaryJ. M'Cord, Lis
In the matter of the es
tate of James Rhey, de
You are hereby cited
to be and appear before the Judges of our Court,
at an Orphans' Court, to be held at Ebensburi,
on the first Monday of September, 1853, at ten
o clock in the forenoon, then and there to accept
or refuse to take the Real Estate of JamrsRhev,
deceased, at the appraised valuation put upon
it by an inquest duly awarded by the siid Court,
and returned by the Sheriff on the f,th day of
June, instant. .
Witnejs the Hon. George Taylor, President of
said Court, at Ebensburg, the tenth day of June,
A. D. 1853. R. L. JOHNSTON,
Ebensburg, Jane GO, 1S53 3G-Ct.
LABORERS are wanted to work on the
Ebensburg & Susnuehanna Plant Road, to
whom good wages will be given.
Lbensburg, June 2, 1853.
S Always on Hants.
TO!NEWARE, Earthen ware, Nails, Cast-stee
and Salt, for sale by
May 12, 1853 20.
Pennsylvania Rail Road.
FROM and after this date Passengers taking
Feats in the cars without tickets, at stations
where there is a ticket office, will be charged
ten cents extra. W. W. IVORY, ,
Agent Penn. R. R. Co.
Summit, July 23, 1853 30.
yi W. IYORY Si, CO., ACE.WS,
Ts'lLL forward all packages of goods ormoney,
H daily, except Sunday, to all the principal
cities in the Union, and all towns on the Rail
Road between Philadelphia and Pittsburg.
Drafts collected from California- Drafts sold
on Ireland, England or Scotland, from 1 up
wards. Money for drafts must be par.
Summit, July 28, 1853 39.
liiE.u' mm.
fittn ft g-4 t o. t rt
Vi ii.1. be opened this week at the brack Eiore'
r T Mr Tii i !
Together with any quantity of prints, deUines,
lawns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
dress goods.
and good assortment of hardware, qucenswore.
sauaiery, ciotliing, Ftationary, Unicrs. &c, &c,
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and
wanting boots ana shoes, hats and. rein one kit.m ot ioa to nnotiur, J r. s l rr,!!..'
rady made clothing, will find it to thcir:Pain in the, 1'ickhig atJLe N..s , I.'ar'.-!
: to call at the jress and Fullness of the lielly. Dry Cough.!
ISricU Sore. l Slow Fever, Pu!se Irregular reinemWr that all
capg.or re
' advantage
Tha subscriber, thankful for past favors, ear -
nestly requests Lis customers, and the public I
generally to at least call and examine Lis stock;
and price it is not Lis fault.' Produce and lum-
ber of nil kind, tV-r, 5n
v- vnuxiw cull. :tm jtrrcsII 111 "MiaiUV I
n,l 1,-r-iRii e
Ebensburg, April 28, 1S51.
eobert kkeet. eobebt GALEiuiTir. j such that it stands ithout an equal in'the caU-
COACH 3I1SCFACTOUY. logue of medicines in giving tone and strength
fnriE subscribers would respectfully inform the10 Stomach, wLich makes it an Infallible
none but the choicest material, and emolovinri i-fl-tx' o.x;x. j
none wn iue icst, worh-men. tney i-cpe to con- .""' "t:,i iw u -ircy ci . j itir j-oicfr orer the aWo ditt, r. ,
vince all that will do them the favor to examine i al 1::at ,nfe5t tue Lninan system, it grows to an i if tvif?ai l cther "rr ? trceLrxJ
their work, that in point of durability, appear- j ost la definite length becoming to coiled uud ', i:,t,;,d S'ot,, c the rures atfeFZt0 '
ance or cheapness, it cannot be excelled by anv j fastened m tho Intestines and Stomnh effecting! ,-r iiirur rfticiara h fai d
similar establishment in the State or elsewhere'. ! ':e "-at" s;.dly as to cause- St. Titus Dance, Tlu-se Piters &r woi thv'the nr ,
Persons wishing a bargain in the purchase of a 1 tCC- .tb.!lt tiiosc afiiict-d e?1 d if . ! --'.- jr. lzzz- "rent irt ' h D -E"
carriage, will consult their own interests by : I ;t tl::U lt 15 Tal' Verm hastening them to an ' cat?cn cfMofL Iirrr'lnVi 5"
giving them a call. They are prepared to fur-i tall-r f- 3" rder to datroj this Worm, a ' c-serr-Mr the'r-ovt .carel-ir ll e?Se.rC acfs
niih the foilowinc kinds of Vehicles, viz : j VCIT nergc tic trcutnu nt must i.e pursued, it ! nes aid -Tff ct-c n t f the di-oetf ln
Euggies of dlffcrenfqtuvlnics and prices, chvould therefore I proper to take H or 3 of nv are withal f( t-, I? rSans'
1 1 a . " i i,;c ia Un mr,it .TICQa, i 1 . . . . . ' -
all rouches, Chariotees, oneffiid two iorse PocLa-l 'lvcr 1 l-s B0 1IS to remove all obstructors,' Tl-att'da mo-'I-r-wMI err. f r
ways, close quarter Eiipf-c d C-spring Coach-1 th,e. ori;l rP 'y --t direct ur-n tie Worm, 'and Dvsriera "r on ca'i t0-,nrI.Mt
rs; second h.nd work of uifferent kinds, &c.. I ch must Le taken in doses cf 2 Tablt-svoon- ptntcd It Ufl,,!i.U
makin- ft t.t ..; n ' .1 .t falis 3 times a .lav the i I- . . . 13 --pcc "J tLestomach nr,j
making ft. vfinotr th tvII! 11 t n
. , - -
purses. Impairing d,ae with neatness .nd de -
Ebensbur- June 2. r..
- '
The subscriber would resnectfullT- ir.r i,;t
friends and customers, that he has received andj
- 1VJ
cash or approved country rrodnce. Hp r,i;-;t
examination of hie stock, and is confident Le
can sell cheaper than the cheapest.
May 8, 1851 SO-tf
IVew Ciiair Uiurntf isclorj .
The citizens of Eljensburg and vicinity are
nformed that the very place to j:urchase
of the best manufacture and most elec-unt finish.
ana at lower prices than at any other estabiish-
ment in the conntv. is at thi mnr !,:. t...,
J ' A XJ
ir a . , . . ...
Atimiaisiritor Xollce. i No rart of the svfetein i ..iftr. k-vi., .v,-
LETTERS of administration upon the estate of ' eape th"n tlie Lirer, it serving ns a f-ltcrer toNiSnv l"e written "ffnatare of C. Jf.
Daniel Hollen, deceased, late of White town-! Trify the blood, or giving the proper secre-iv, - V, n'ol tbe. tapper, and Lis name
ship, CamTjria connty, Laving been granted to I tion to ,je biIe J 6W tua tv wrong action of . n 13 tLe without which theyare epu-
the undersigned by the Register of Cambria the LiTer effects the other important parts of!r,p3" , , ,
county, all persons iiKettcd ful cst-np ore! lie system, and results variously, in LiverCo.i-- .-r.? - 'e5'l e nncI detail at the German
requested to make immediate payment, and ; J T r- .Tsrr.-ti, vspepsia, &c. We thould, i l?'"c.e tw, 3.-a Arch 3treet, one door
those having claims agninst said estate, to pre-S therefore, wate eve. , iv t! -L ', .t !-! , L-lxh i uila.ielpLia ; nnd by respectable
sent them properly authenticated forsettlement. ; '1C:lte -a wrong action.. f the Liver. Tiit-se I ills ' "",""ri ff'rajly through the country. ?
THOMAS HOLLE.V, Adminutrtrlnr, " llciE? composed of Hoots tV 1'lantg furnished bv CIUtXG iii.ulfED.
PUF.PE I10LLEN, Administratrix. ' tur ia J.Cil t!r k : 'v-wdr. tt. Au '.'-! To eoJe nil rinses of invalid, to enior
in i. t 1 1 1 - 1
ijiv. vpcmijj;, iii in- tiure room lorrneriy oc- u,lt.. iiti; pivos c nc snl - ' - ' "
cupied by Richard Lewis, dee'd., a JJire and ' tren?t31 in the nervous fysterr, rene wing Lealtl-'
general assortment cf goods, consi-tin Tn'part ' avA T1?cr t0 aU fart3 rf ll,e boiv. 4th, A Cu'h- i T fcoKSe atld Retail
of ' jtfrfce, which acts in perfect harmony with the! TPS', COPPER, AND E'HXET-IEO'S"
DRY (700DS, CROCEI2IE3. HARD W 1JIE i ctLcr "?redints, and operating on ihe Bowel j f Vt " " "jpnv
Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c. aliK rl'i2 the wLole mass of corrupt and vi-l Ti -, . , ,
of which Le is determined to tell tiated matter, sn-A Muifvinff the Rio.-..! r.i.T.T, ':. "Xl . . t" method of return-.
iaciory, in me siiop lorrneriy occunied by David!... , - .-o . . iioocnsaci,
GLAZIXGf JIO USE and SZGX PAIXTIXcly fS new aaJ Zl Vendt" U
executed in the bet manner and latest Ftvle. S1n A&nts m,iet n'3- Ppm ! -
JOHN L. STOUGH. dt" Proprietor, J. N. Hobe-nsack, Phiia Jel- . p -XCitemenf.
Ebensburg, Nov. 27, 1851. Cm. rL'' ra; , ,r lN ."""."t tLe warehouse of the under-
For sale by Murray, ZaLm & Co., and E. L1 p!ne1 .wllo has on Land and will sell at the
Administrators R'otlce. Hughe, Ebensburg ; A. Durbin, Monster ; John- lowest r"3
J ETTERS of Administration Lave been grant- f' TJ'1,n5t?vn cCIoskey, Summitville ; E-. Spr7?? CF ALL SUTPS,
i ed to the undersized, hv t vVSJIi J ,och Kee- ssx nil!es of Eben.bui-: aud i?.0ns'!lns. .complete: F7c-
ed to tbe undersirrnc(? hx- hp l?n-;ctn. r
c t - j ci..v. v :
Cambria county, upon the estate of James Rhey.
.t i in - ... .. .. "
ucucastu. au rersons inueDtea to snifl pstalPli.,. , ... ... .
are requested to make immediate payment to
1 .1 1 T
..t A.Z . ,. .
ua, iinu moat; ua.ving ciaims wiu present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
T." a XT n Tin m .
oijo.ii iiiiii, Jiaministratrix.
ANDREW'. J. RHEY, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852 tf.
Commission rorvar3Ing.
fiOIIE subscribers would resteetively inform
1 their friends and the public that they arej
now preparea, to receive ana forwara ail good
: . i .
LUlj . 1 Ll . J CM LU Lllt'i I 1 ?1 It. f V 11 II V OT T 11 I..Tl. r. f
by Central Railroad, and hope that by strict at-
. . A - . 1 ' 1 . T . , 1 .., ,
icui-iuii iu iiit-ir uusiuess tuat, mey win oe ena
bled to render perfect satisfaction to all that
will patronize them. All goods will receive the
greatest care and attention.
Jefferson, March 15, 1853.
E-scSanse ICotel,
Ebensburg, Cambria County, Pa.
fpliE undersigned respectfully informs the pub
1 lie that he is now prepared with every requi
site for their accommodation, and will exert ev
ery effort to ren.ler his house an attractive and
comfortable stopping place. His table will al- j
ways be supplied with every delicacy the sea
son affords, and his bar stocked with the best
of Wines and Liquors.
A careful and attentive hostler will have
charge of the stables. He respectfully solicits
a share of patronage.
April 28, 1853 27-tf.
A fresh arrival of Boots, Shoes, Summer
Hat3, Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florence Straw
Bonnets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot, Lead, &c.,
received this day and for 6ale at thecheap store
June 26, 1851.
2000 pounds wool, butter, eggs wanted by
WOOL, Butter, and all kinds-ofGram,
V V taken in exchange for goods at
J. Moore s store.
The highest price paid for wool at the store
"syiHSKEY, White Lead, and Linseed Oil
for sale by J. Moore.
40 Barrels Coneiaaugh Salt for sale by
J. Moore.
This "Way!
For the highest prices are paid for hides
skins and tanner's bark in either trade or cash by
acatly and expeditiously executed at this Office
.... . ......
i nt-es of a people is at nil times of tnt f t vl-
uable importance. I take it lor granted tLat?
! flt all sacrifices. I ft-vl it to be dv duty to ?-!-
. emnly aesuieyon that trornt, ace!r'linfr ti the'
jorinions of tLe mcst ciebratcd Pbysi.-iAns, re:
! the primary causes -f a large majority of die-i
' oses to which children and adult? are l::ibl-; jf
you mi ve an tippciite continual! v cbsngeai.'.e
from one kind of food to another, Pad F-rPnih.
' tLcse !enotcs rKA, and you eLould at tnc-
Ilcfccsssjscli-'s Worm f-'yrtip.
j " TT V SnU&c rruic-.ple.
, f opt-uuued v nh pun-lj vegetable f ubsuincts, !
i being perfectly sule whin taken, end -n
if ' .rV I 1 " wu"
Diarrhana Lave made them weak awl debilitated1
ji. . n " . i
iue ionic properties oi my Norm Svi-up are
. . . i
j I'iUs IiniCS a tlav tlios tV.rtx.t:. fJU,.-,,v.r
, '"Te. er been known to fail in c. 1 ii. the meal
! ob.tmate case of T,re Worm. " j
I . .
I'ffjvT-trir, wiiicii aumnieiits 1 i
. . T T . '
iie 1 uuiioiiiirv iiiii'-i;s n-'.i ' .vi r n . . .....
n.r uiscnarge ci secretea matter. 2nd. An Al-tfma-ive,
which cLanires ir srT(?r'T,';....i.i. .1
insensible manner the certain i.-.c-Li ; - .'.. -
TO I' -r at t- -
l o will find these Pills an invaluable medicine
n maoy ccmrlair.ts to which Tou ore sn! i.t
in obstructs cither total cr" partial, they Luxe
been found of estimable bemfit. rcM.rlr. tLe'ti
functional arrangement to I,mt, i, ' rV."
uwnu.r uisrriin: i-.wi regions Leai:. t
purifying the blo.,1 and other fluids ek-ciu ! !! ' r rcrreT tnV Z TT'c
ully to put to flight nil comrdaint, T.;m. n :!f.,r A , t0 ,n!4nuf?cture
arise from female irre-n?!,ritl..c ... i,..
giddineps, dimness
F 1 ,.,.1, f
"r. '
back. ic.
i . O f i ( f-Onm nt nr. c -7 T M i ,
, w,
Kcjserk McDowell, wholesale agents, No.l7'; V-"-" I;JVOrife f Iilhr9 Cook ; Key
ooa street. I'lttsbur
Who will sur.niyi'.. ,
agents at the Proprietors prices.
tfi nee, eacn o cents : :
July 22, 3 55.
lfiiZ .TJ1Z.
This delightful and popular article in the best
prcparati.-n for the hair which long experience
and scientific research has produced, either as
an article for the toilet, or Us beneficial ctrccts
in ail the disrates to which the human hair i'
..ui-. ii i" iiiii-.iii io me roii"iiet atucoar-
i - - . . . . . l
bum nair iue most neautuu: appearance, entire
ly civausing it irom an impuritie
, i ... .
But while we assert that it is the best .irti-V!e
the hair or scalp, such as the falling of the haV5
, to . r JU.I
dandruff, pimples, or sores on the scalr. c it
is, perhaps the article which hi.s c;iMn decided
satisfaction in every instance where it has been
used. "
Its operation in case of baldness is recu'i-rlv
.i, :.. . . " J
' c., - .v utiLum ,
tho permanent gifts and graces of nature. It
is possessed of a character wholly differir." fro-.i
the Oils. Grease. Restoratives .v trhSh Z
now so numerously foisted on the public, under
the pretence of being newly discovered for bald
ness, gray hair, &e.
Storr's Invigorator
has now been tested for years, and its efficacy
has been proved by thousands, Every year its
reputation and 6ales have increased, until more
of it is consumed annually than of any other
preparation for the hair ever offered to the Amer
ican public. It is compounded on strictly sci
entific principles, and the proprietor will stake
his reputation on its efficacy.
its extraordinary cheapness places it within
w-..,, .iaces n witmn
tiii.t, r.u i ii iii, in iiuiucruiij. wnere otner ron.o. : - .
dies have been tried in vain. STORE'S ri'FM ! 'Ll ' . ?"rK w" recommend l
ICAL IN VIGORATOR has superseded the crii-i- 1 cp-AU,kin,,s of country prod
ments cf art. bvreinatst;r.- in C,ii niw.:.i. !liulJnSc Ior Work.
. lauiuy, aim its con i j iumoer always boueht. and a laree
ceded value msurej it a place on the most luxu- quantity constantly on hand for sale
nous toilet Cash always paid for lumber cut "to order cV
ior saie by the proprietors price 25 cent such as suits the nrfnt aa r .i.
C. I A MKT 'n
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth
, ;:.' v . 1 utiow cixtn.
by ired. Kittell, Lbensburg ; James
tit; G. Muckerhide & Co., Johnstown. .
I or sale
Bell. Summit
December 10, 18528-ly.
WM. DAVIS. JOH.V Li.orr.
Davis Si, I.IoyZ,
Having formed a partnership in the
Would respectfully solicit tho patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
Call and sec us at b old stand of William
April 29, 1852.
vniTs TrrrTTTTv tatpx-ic-c- r
p.nd all
diseases tr-is'r-frcm
crdered Hrer or stc-
roach, sucTi as constipa
tion, inward l-iles, fullnets cr
blood to tha Lfcd, acidity cf the
stomach, uua, Leart-Lurn. difguet
fur food, fni:n, or Might in thestorotcb
s'.ur iructations. sinking or fluttering at the'rit
of the .'U mteh, fivriuituineof the bend hur
llci End dir.crU 1 reathing, fluttering
at the 1 eart, choking or suffoca
tir.g Sensations when in a y.
ing postur?. dimness of
.i'ion, dots or wels
Lef r the Eifrht
fever and
be T
"n in the Lead,' dlff.cicncy or perspiration yel
lownss of Cue tkin and eyes, pain in
the fide, back, chest, limbs,
vc, Fuuiieu flushes
constant iinrtgitiir,gsCof evil and great
i depression of ej-irits, can be effectual! v cured by
Al Hie German .'ledicfne Store
Arcn Etreet, Philadelphia.
... ' ' J lucoioiua
1 ci.nei. ll U'JIS . i r TWVi r f v.rrt I
,7.. Ie 1 ct is irncS ti
Ajm5n:e J' .?, ilJtL.P. Can X
-i saiety aca
, t; 1 ". in 1. 1 11 1 r r r 1 m
1 j
Look well to the marks of the Genuine
. a';v:inti-!' of thrir rrr. t v,..,.:
For siieby Fred;?rick Kittel Drrtggist Eber-
'r.So - ,
n f , 1. 7 tl.e u n-ral nt r..nn l.nvntr.r, v.,.
! O' I U Di ill 1.1 1 I ' n i .. 1 , . . . - r .
i , i-- io miorm tnem tnai
constantly or. iwmd a 1, J iZl
rietv ..f v., c- , ... lt . . . t. "
aI Eurj'r, ?' k ' i i'
which he w-.I t J' ?' 4 V'
A' "XV V;.', y"?T reUxl. a. low u
i ,r.r.e , " .1 "V" !,"c,'fe.5! BOuw. nd on the
U l.urcU4tfi? ';Iis of ware, are res-
, lltu.0 invitea to call, as he is prepared to sell
; mvm gooas eoualk i rf.r .... k u.j
l.l . , ' 1 Jl
, . .V. . "r "esr ari, orders ad
ly 'I n"n -"1 burner. Parlor stove ; Hot
jtest sty.e and pattern which cannot be excelled
or equaled. Come and see them, and don't for
get i0 iTiri? vour wife alonr Jf i.
(s" -t"t r evpry description, done on the
S McLnSS f?."r warV" Uten
The nndrsigrcd h-pes. by a strict attention
j to busing, to receive a liberal share of r-ublic
i patronage. GOHC.E IURArp
Ebensbur- JuTv l-, -"-v-aaij
j . rjl HE undersigned infernis his customers that
i.iiu iti iviitn .v . .i lnctAi. .i: i
ber still
tly oc-
be hacnv
, 1 riner patrons and as many new
ones as tdease to -i!l :
! r I"e5J?tt ,to CU- He receives regu
' ?- j"k anJ iJadelphia the 1
, Kl0ns ftTld cannot be beaten either ii
i5f;lI'C-Vr.,Ilt "f I'ants or Vests, by rrguiinj
in the
! lauor in the country. He respeetfully
. a?K the Dubiie t,t j.,- ,
. . - iu a can, nil u con-
uce taken in
April 20, 1S52 tf.
Ezcklel Eluglies,
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
DEALER in staple and fancy dry goods gro, wholesale and retail fish : hardware
and cuttlery ; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron
Eheet-unc, stoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
shset-jron ware, tin ware, copper and brass
kettles, &c. &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other country produce
bought and sold.
. . ALSO,
" u'" wiiiio pme, poplar, ash and cherrr
i , . , --iiui vi iue uar&eb
.l or ne7 e,is M embraced in the
rcceivea and more open lus for
' sal at the lowest market price
September 23, 1852 49-tf
I "i-i.
A general as.ortment of BOOKS, such as are
used in our common schools, or sale by
Adams &, Co.'s Ilxpress.
JB. CRAIG, agent will forward all pack
of goods or money, daily except Sunday to
all the principal cities in the Cnion, and all Lht
towns on the Railroad between Philadelphia and