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the BimrrrcHED clock.
About half p-ist eleven o'clocboti Sunday night
a human les enveloped in blue broad cloth might
have been seen entering Deacon Cryphas liitr
bcr'b kitchen window. The leg waa followed,
fim.Uv, by the entire person of live Yankee,
attired in Lis Sunday go-to-meetin clothes. It
was in bborr, Joe Mayweed who thus burglarious!.-,
in the dead of night, won Lia way into
tLe deacon's kitchen.
"Woivler how much the old deacon made by
rderiu me not to enter his door again ?" solilo
quized the jcung gentleman. Promised him I
wouldn't, but didn't say nothing about windews.
"Winders is just as good as doors, if tuers ain't
no nails to t?ir your trowsers onto. Wonder if
Sali'U come down t The critter promised uie
1'iu afeard to move about here, 'cause I might
break my shius over somethiu uuthtr, and wake
thj vi ! f;lks. Cold enough to freeze a Polish
bear here. O, here comes Sally."
Th? beauteous maid desceudod with a pleas
ant smile, and a taliow candle, aud a card of
Luc"f,r matches. After receiving a rapturous
greeting, sue made up a rousing tire in the cook
ing stove, and the happy couple sat down to en
joy the sweet interchange of vows and hopes.
i'ut tuD course of true love ran no smoother in
old Barberry's kitchen iLan it does elsewhere,
and Joe, who was just making up Lis u;iud to
treat LiaisdJ' to a kiss, was startled by the voice
of the deacon, her father shouting from his
ciiiiuher door :
'Sa.lly ! what are you getting up in the middle
of the night for ?"
ac11 Jiitii it's most morning," whispered Joe.
"I can't tell a !," said Sally.
"I'll make it truth, then," said Joe ; and run
Ling to the L'Jge, old fashioned clock that stood
iatiu corner, he sat it ut five.
"Look at the clock and tell me what time it is,"
cried the olJ gentleman.
'it is five by the clock," answered Sally, and
corroborating her words the old clock struck
The lovers sat down again and resumed their
conversation. Suddenly the staircase began to
Goody grseious ! it's father."
''The deacon! by thunder!" cried Joe, "hide
BC, Sa!!y."
"Where can I hide you? cried the distracted
O, I know", I'll squeeze into the clock case."
and without another word, he concealed himself
in the case, and fastened the door behind him.
The deacon was dressed, and silting himself
down by the cooking stove, pulled out his pipe,
lighted it, and commenced smoking deliberately
aud calmly.
-Five o'clock, eh ?" said he. Well, I shall
hive time to smoke three or four pipes, and I'll
go and feed the critters."
"llad'nt you better feed the critters fust, sir,
and smoke afterwards?" suggested the dutiful
"No, smokin' clears my head and wakes me
up," answered the deacon, who seemed not a
whit to hurry his enjoyment.
Uurr-r r-r whiz ding ding ding went
the clock."
'Tormented lightening!' cried the deacon,
starting up, aud utopping his pipe on the stove,
'what'u creation's that?"
It's only the clock striking five !" said Sally,
izz ! ding ! ding ! ding !" went the clock
"Po-.vtrs of inarsy !" cried the deacon. 4,Stri
kin' five! it'sitruck a hundred already?"
iJe.xcon Barberry," cried the deacon's better
half", who had hastily robed herself, and now
came plunging down the staircase in the wildest
state of alarm, '-what is the matter with the
Clock V
Goodness only knows," replied the old man,
'it's been in the family a hundred years, and
never did I know it to carry on so before."
"WhLtz! bang! bang! bang!' went the clock
'It'll burst itself," cried the old lady, shed
dins a iiofJ of tears, "and there wou't be noth
ing left of it."
It's bewitched !" said the deacon, who re
tained a laven of good old New England super
stition in his u.ituie. "Any how," said he, af
ter a pause, advancing resolutely towards the
clock, "I'll see what's got into it."
"O, don't?" cried his daughter, affectionately
seizing one of his coat-tails, while the faithful
wife clung to the other. "Don't!" chorused
both the women together.
"Let go my raiment!" shouted the old dea
con, "1 u:u l areared of the powers of darkness."
But the women would not let go; so the dea
con slipped out of his coat, and while, from the
Eudden sensation of resistance, they both fell
heavily to the floor, he darted forward and laid
Lis hand unon the door of the clock case. But
no human power could open it Joe was hold
ing inside with a hard grasp. The old deacon
began to be dreadfully frightened. He gave
onj more tug. An nnearthlyyell, as of a fiieud
iu distress, burst from the inside, and then tne
clock case p tched head foremost at the deacon,
fell headlong on the floor. The current of air
extinguished the lamp the deacon, the old wo
raan nod Silly fled up stair 3, and Joe Mayweed
extricating himself from the clock, effected his
escupc in the same way in which he had entered.
The next day all Appletown was alive with
the story of how Deacon .Barberry's clock had
been bewitched, aud though man' believed his
version, some, and especially Joe Mayweed, af
fected to discredit the whole affair, hinting that
the tfeaccn Lad been trying an experiment of
testing frozen cider, and that the vagaries of the
clock case existed only in a distemperated ima
gination. However' the interdict being taken off, Joe
was allowed to resume his courting, and won
the consent of the old people to his union with
Sally, by repuivhig the oil clock, till it went as
well as ever.
EA delightful story of Kentuckian sympa
thy is told by a correspondent of the Musical
World. Miss Lehman, who has been giving con
certs at the West, with very ill success, owing
to a succession of rainy evenings, went to Louis
ville in hope of better fortune. On the evening
of her first concert il chanced to rain again, and
there were tut few present. Che was quite un
mll, and ia low spirits. As she was tinging
'Scet Home," the associations it recalled, and
the contrast of her situation in her own happy
Lome, surrounded by relations and friends, with
,lier present position her ill health, her pecuni
ary misfortunes, in aland of strangers all thes
recollections thronging her mind, overcame her.
She Bang Home, home! sweet " and burst
ing into tears, she retired sobbing from the stage.
This was too much for the gallant Kentuckians
present . They at once proceeded to use their
, irrougLt-up feelings as a sympathy power to turn
& wheel of benevolence in her favour. A com-
jilimentary concert was improvised for Monday
evening, and acompliiaentary concert here mean
t6cmething. One gentleman has already dispo
sed of one hundred and Cfty-five tickets. The
house will be crowded, and Miss "Lehman will
caqueationally realize a handsome amount.
T 12 It HI S.
The "MOUNTAIN SENTINEL" is publish
ed every Thursday morning, at One Dollar and
Fiftv Cents per annum, if paid in advance or
within three months: after three months Two
Dollars will be charged.
No subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months ; and no paper will bo
discontinued until all arrearages are paid. A
failure to notify a discontinuanc at the expira
tion of the term subscribed for, will be consid
ered as a new engagement.
8, ADVERTISEMENTS will be inserted
at the following rates: 50 cents per square for
the first insertion; 75 cents for two insertions;
$1 for three insertions ; and 25 cents per square
t-r every subsequent insertion. A liberal reduc
tion made to those who advertise by the year.
All advertisements handed in must have the
proper number of insertions marked thereon,
or they will be published until forbidden, and
charged in accordance with the above terms.
Bgk-All letters and communications to insure
ttention must be pott paid. A. J. RJ1EY.
ATEVJ.K cenenns the health and happi
nefcs of a people is at all times of most val
uable importance. I take it for cranted that
every person will do all in their power, to save
the lives of their children, and that every per
son will endeavor to promote their own health
at all sacrifices. 1 feel it to be my duty to sol
emnly assure you that trorms, according to the
0 inions of the most celebrated Physicians, are
the primary causes of a large majority of dise
ases to which children and adults are liable ; if
you have an appetite continually changeable
from one kind of food to another. Bad Breath,
Pain in the Stomach, Ticking at the Nose, Hard
ness and Fullness of the Belly, Dry Cough,
Slow Fever, Pulse Irregular remember that all
these denotes worms, aud you should at once
apply the remedy :
lEobeusadi's Worm Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
beneficial effect, where Boicel Complaints and
Diarrhaa have ma"de them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Worm Syrup are
such that it stands without an equal in the cata
logue of medicines in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallible
remedy for those afflicted with Dispepaia,the as
tonishing cures performed by this Syrup after
Physicians have failed, is the best evidence of
its superior efficacy over all ethers.
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of
all that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost Indefinite length becoming so coiled and
fastened in the Intestines and Stomach effecting
the health so sadly as to cause St. Vitus Dance,
Fi' s, &c, that those afflicted seldom if ever sus-l-.t
that it is Tape Worm hastening them to an
early grave. In order to destroy this Worm, a
very tnergetic treatment must be pursued, it
would therefore be proper to take 6 or 8 of my
Liver Pills so as to remove all obstructions, that
the Worm Syrup may act direct unon the Worm.
which must be takeu in doses of 2 Tablespoon-
iuus o nmes a tiay these directions followed
have never been known to fail in curingthe most
obstinate case of Tape Worm.
Hobensack's Liver Fills.
No part of the system is more liable to - dis
ease than the Liver, it serving as filterer to
purify the blood, or giving the proper secre
tion lo the bile ; so that any wrong action of
the Liver effects the other important parts of
he system, and results variously, in Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &c. We should,
therefore, watch every symptom that might in
dicate a wrong action of the Liver. These Pills
being composed of loots Plants furnished by
nature to heal the sick : Namely, 1st, An Ex
pectorant, which augument3 the secretion from
the Pulmonary mucus membrane, or promotes
the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd. An Al
ternative, which changes in some inexplicable and
insensible manner the certain morbid action of
the system. 3rd. A Tonic, which gives tone and
strength to the nervous system, renewing health
and vigor to all parts of the body. 4th, A Cath
artic, which acts iu perfect harmony with the
other ingredients, and operating on the Bowel,
and expelling the whole mass of corrupt and vi
tiated matter, and purifying the Blood, which
destroys disease and restores health.
TO F E M A L E8 .
Yo will find these Pills an invaluable medicine
in many complaints to which you are subject.
In obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of estimable benefit, restoring their
functional arrangements to a healthy action
purifying the blood aud other fluids so effectu,
ally to put to flight all complaints which may
arise from female irregularities, as headache,
giddiness, dimness of eight, pain in the side
back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N. Hobensack,
all others beiug base Imitation.
J&ST'Agents wishing new supplies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents must ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, PhilaJel
phia. Pa.
For sale by Murray, Zahm & Co., ami E.
Hughes, Ebensburg ; A. Durbin, Munstcr ; John
ston, Johnstown ; McCloskey, Summitville ; E
noch Bees, six miles west of Ebensburg ; and
by every respectable dealer in the State.
Keyser & McDowell, wholesale agents, No.
140 Wood Street, Pittsburg, who will supply
agents at the Proprietors prices. .
8S,Price, each 23 cents ! !
July 12, U5.
HEeklcl Hughes,
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
DEALER in staple and fancy dry goods gro
ceries, wholesale and retail fish ; hardware
and cuttlery ; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron
6heet-zinc, stoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
shset-iron ware, tin ware, copper and brass
kettles, &c, &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other country produce
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash and cherry
lumber ; lumber always bought, and a large
quantity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or
such as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods as embraced in the
above list just received and more opening for
sale at the lowest market price.
September 23, 1852 19-tf.
Executor's Notice.
WHEREAS, letters testamentary have
ojr ma ivegisier oi uamoria coun
ty, on the last will and testament of Jane Ann
Hallegan, deceased, to the subscriber, residing
in Washington township, in said county, all per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims against said estate to present them duly
authenticated for payment.
JOSEPH NOEL, Executor.
. May 26, 1853 31-6t.pd.
Neatly and expeditiously executed at this Office
A quick and positive Cure for Consiim t'm, decline, asthma, spitting -f blood, night 6weats,
huaky throat, wasting of the flesh, bronchitis, coughs, colds, and all deseasca of the chest auu
Thiscelebiated preparation is pleasant to the taste, and is so speedy in its operations that pa
tients plainly feel its good effects in a few minutes
liatiiings' lonipouiiu syrup oi aupmu
Is now acknowledged by all the ablest physiciaus of both hemispheres, to be a quick ami pos
itive remedy for arresting the formation of tnbercles on the lungs ; aud removing those already
formed ; and also to be the speediest and most effective of all medicinal agents iu the cure of all
other deseases of the tbtoat, chest and lungs. Language cannot cxprets the value of Hastings';
Naptha Syrup in these diseases. It not only cures them effectually, but it gives immediate evi
dence of its ability to do so ; for in a few minutes after the first dose has been taken, the patient
feels that a powerful agent is in the system, strongly working for his good. Its operations are,
never delayed: It at once flies to, and attacks the root of the disease with an energy uuknown to
cliher medicines ; and that disease must be deeply seated indeed which can resist its unrivalled
influence. Hence it has frequently cured a painful cough in a day, which had defied other popu
lar remedies for a mouth ; aud has removed difficulty of breathing and paiu in the throat and
toest, in a few minutes, by the surprising energy of its action in clearing the passages of bile
and phlegm. It is believed that no person has given Hastings' Naphtha Syrup a trial, who has
not felt benefit from it, and acknowledge its virtues. And this conviction is further established
by the opinions of the London Launcet. London Medical Times, and most other responsible pub
ications. devoted to the same interests. Until the appearance of the Naphtha Syrup, the me Il
eal faculty had always regarded Consumption as an incurable disease, and the records of medical
science exhibited no authenticated caie that weighed seriously against that opinion. Since Dr.
Hastings' discovery, however, of the new and greatest property of Naphtha, when united with
other ingredients, nearly a thousand cases of absolute phthisics positively cured through its
agency, have been substantiated ; aud this well established fact, in connection with a mass of ex
periments successfully made of its virtues by the ablest physicians of Europe, clearly prove that
Hastings' Compound Syrup of Naptha isa positive cure for Consumption, even in its worst stages.
Three of the main causes of this property of Naphtha have been discovered. They are its extra
ordinary sublety, strength, and pervasiveness ; lor the moment it is received into the ej-btem, it
extends itself throughout, making -Vage of every pore, no matter how much clogged up they
may have previously been by foreign substauces. Hence it operates on the diseasd lungs by dis
lodgeing the particles of corruption iu the strength of its ascent to the upper regions of the frame
laud thus producing through ventilation ; and hence it is a never failing remedy in Oppression of
the chest and difficulty in breathing ; person thus affected, feeling alter taking it, as if it had
forced a passage through some channel which their disease had stopped up, and there-opening of
which was the only result necessary to the restoration of health. Such indeed, are the prompt
ness of action and energy of Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, in all the diseases for which it is lecom
mended, that from the time they commence taking it patients know
an effect nearly the reverse of that which attends the earlier use of every other known medicinal
remedy. For Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat. Night Sweats, Pains in the Breast, Back, &c. frit
ting oi blood, bilious and astlimatic Anections, it is also admitted to be the speediest aud mobt
vigorous and effective remedj' extant ; and its effect in all Asthmatic complaints is equally deci
sive and remarkable. Lassitude of the mind ; flabhiness and wasting of the flesh : and all dis
position to inactivity and melancholy forebodings, are also quickly corrected by the Naphtha Sy
rup; which, in a wonderful manner revives the spirits, corrected by the flei-h and muscles bra
ces the nerves and increases the weight. Thus, those who use it according to directions, gener
ally increase its weight about a pound a week ;
dissipation of melancholy, or the increase of bodily strength. In fine, a single trial of Hastings'
Compound Syrup of Naptha, is all that is required to secure the confidence of patients, and cause
hem to forego all other remedies in its favor. The syrup is made up in six ounce bottlts, each
accompanied with a pamphlet, containing directions, certificates, &c. Price one dollar each, or
six bottles packed up in a box, aud ready for transportation to any part of the world, can be had
for five dollars.
N. U. Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, being a very expensive preparation, cannot be left with
Agents on sale, or return, as is the case with the majority of the quack nostrums of the day,
which cost little more than the price of the bottles. Persons who want it to tell again must pay
cash for it, with the usual commission off. Therefore patients who cannot obtain it in the places
where they reside, should write to us direct for a supply, and we will forward it to them without
delay (packed up in a manner to secure its safe delivery) provided they can be reached by Ex
press, Stage, Route, or any other mode of conveyance. All letters must be post paid contain
the price, of the number of bottles ordered, and be directed to C. V. CL1CKENER & CO., No.
81 Barclay Street, New York, who are Dr. Hastings' general Agents for America.
Agent Frederick Kittell, Ebensburg,
December 16, 1852 8-6m.
M A G N E T 1 C P 0 W D E R S ,
This preparation is a powder compounded of Plants, Herbs, and Flowers, free from any sub
stance which could possibly injure man or domestic animals, and is devoid of any disgreeable
odor. It has been examined by the medical faculty of France, Russia, Sweden aud Denmark,
roni all of whom ample testimony of its efficacy can be produced.
L Y O . ' S
For the Destruction of RATS and MICE, within five minutes after
Being thrown in their vicinity.
Read tlie TolloYYin? Let! erst : ,
New-Yoke, October 1, 1830.
I have made a chemical examination of the Vegetable Towder prepared by Mr. Emanuel Lyon,
for the purpose of destroying insects. 1 do not tind it to contain anything deleterious to health,
or what might be considered poisonous to the human species ; but it is very destructive to insects,
whenever they are foreed to inhale the fine particles of dust occasioned by throwing the Powder
forcibly in places where they lrequeut. JAMES R. CHILTON, M. D. Chemist.
New Yobk, Hospital June 9, 1850.
I have analized Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Towders for the destruction of insects, and certify
that it is entirely free from mineral or other corrosive poison. As the result of my examination
I would say that is a combination of various vegetable substances having a peculiar influence on
the insect kingdom, and that it may be used with perfect safety. In reference to its utility, its
effects are astonishing. 1 belive it to be a skilfully prepared substance by which a valuable re
sult is obtained, which does effect what Mr. Lyon says, and is well deserving of public patronage
LAWRENCE REID, Professor of Chemistry?
Emaxcel Lto.v, Esq. New York Hospital, June 1, 1850.
Dear Sir : It affords me great pleasure in stating that I have extensively used your
Powder for the destruction of Insects of all kinds, (especially Bed Bugs and Roaches) and un
hesitatingly pronounce it the best and only article so effectual in its operation. I have also ex
perimented with your Pills, and find them equal in all respects with 3 our tt itenients. Hoping
that you may prosper, I remain your friend. JOHN L. ROOME, Sup'nt. N. Y. Hospital.
; Gibson House, Cincinnati. October 9, 1850.
We procured from Mr. B. II. Menkings, some of Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Piils'a and cheer
fully certify as to its perfect efficacy in destroying Roaches and Rats within few minutes after
its application. It is the most simple, yet perfect remedy we have ever seen.
I. K. & D. V. BENNETT.
New Yohk, Irving House, April 21, 1849.
I have used Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills for the destruction of Insects and Ver
min, and 1 have found the most happy result, and cheerfully recommend them to those who ruay
be troubled with these insects, as a sure method of destroying them.
DANIEL D. HOWARD, Proprietor Irving House.
We certify to the above.
COLEMAN & STETSON. Astor House. S. THAYER COZZENS. American Hotel
JONAS B. PHILIPS, Ass't District Attorney. PRESTON H. HODGES, Carlton House.
These articles received a premium at the Fair of the American Institute in 18IS, aud the high
est premium at the Fair of 1850.
PRI CE Lyon's Magnetic Powd'ers, 25 cents per Flask ; Pills, 25 cents per Box.
All Orders must be addressed (postpaid) to C. V. CLICKENER & Co., General Agents, 81, Bar
clay street. New York.
Agent Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James BclU Summit ; G. II. Muckerhide, Johnstown.
December 10, 1852 8-6m. , '
Cabinet Ware Rooms,
Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, Fa.
Would respectfully invite the attention of tb
public to their superior stock of
of every descriptio.n Furniture of all kinds
manufactured to order ou the shortest notice.
All orders from a distance promptly attended
April 29, 1852.
A fresh arrival of Boots, Shoes, Summei
nats, Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florence Straw
Bonnets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot, Lead, &c.
received this day and for sale at the cheap 8 tort
June 26, 1851.
2000 pounds wool, butter, eggs wanted by
f OOL, Butter, and all klndsof Grain.
V V taken in exchange for goods at
J. Moore's store.
The highest price paid for wool at the store
IIISKEY, White Lead, and Linseed Oi
for sale by J. Moore.
40 Barrels Conemaugh Salt for sale by
' . J. Moore-
This Way!
, For the highest prices are paid -for hidee
skins and tanner' a bark in either trade or cash by
alter taking the nrst uose.
and may take it for no other purpose than thei
Will be opened this week at the brick 6tore
of J. Moore, in Ebensburg, a general assort
ment of cloths, cassimeres, satinetts, tweeds,
and a great variety of summer goods,
Together with any quantity of prints, delaines,
lawns, cashmeres, gingham6, lustres and other
dress goods.
and good assortment of hardware, queensware.
saddlery, clothing, stationary, drugs, &c, &c.
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and
ns wanting ooois auu es, nats ana
ready made clothing, will find it to their
leaps, or
advantage to call at the
llrlcR Store.
Tha subscriber, thankful for'past favors, ear
nestly requests his customers, and the public
generally to at least call and examine his stock;
land if he cannot suit every person in quality
nrrl nw-n t in Tint, bia fault Vrnln at,. I lm
her of all kinds taken in exchange for roods:
and he also takes CASH when offered.
Ebensburg, April 28, 1851.
Davis & Llo3l,
Having formed a partnership in the
Would respectfully solicit the patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
Call and see us at . b old stand of William
April 29, 1852.
r-f -r -1 -: ,-.i
Tmr th Car mC
To cure a cv,. and soreness of!
the body, take the Cherry l'cctoral on coins; to
bed, and wtap up war.u, to sweat during the
For a cold and cough, take it morning, noon,
and evening, according to directions on the bot
tle, and the difficulty will soon be removed.
None will long suffer from this trouble when they
hnd it can ie so readily cured. Persons afflict
ed with a seated cough, which breaks them of
their rest at night, will find, by taking the Cher
ry Pectorial on going to bed, they may be sure
of sound, unbroken sleep, and consequently re
Ireshing rest. Great relief from suffering," and
an ultimate cure, is afforded to thousands who
are thus afilicted, by this invaluable remedy.
From its agreeable effect in these cases, many
find themselves unwilling to forego its use when
tne necessity for it has ceased.
From two eminent Physicians in
r AYtTTtTiLLE, Twx., April. ICth, 18ul
S.r: We have civen vour Cherrv Pectoral!
1 to
surpass every other remedy we have for wzr
u "J
Tf singers and public sneakers th3 remedv
invaluble: as by its action on .he throat ZndlV::.V"Tr"?
1 v 1 .
lungs, when taken in small quantities, it removes'
all hoarseness in a few hours, and wonderfully
increases the power and flexibility of the voice.
Astha is generally much relieved, and oltea
wholly cured by Cherry Pectoral. But there
are some cases so obstinate as to yielded entire
ly to no medicine. Cherry Pectorul will cur;
them, if they can be cured"
Bronchitis, or irritation of the throat and up
per portion of the lungs, may cured by taking
Cherry Pectoral in small aud frequent doBes.
The uncomfortable oppression is soon relieved.
Lev. Doct. Lansing, of Brook lin, New 1'trk, ;
States :
'I have seen the Chprrv TVt'LnraT nr cnrli
cases of Asthma and Bronchitis as leads jn tn
believe it can rarely fail to cure thosediseases."
For croup. Give nu emetic of antimony, to
oe loiioweu oy large ana irequent doses ! the
Cherry Pectoral, until subdues the disease.
taken iu season, it w ill not fail to cure.
Whooping cough may be broken up and soon
cured by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
'lhe influenza is speedily removed by this re
medy. Numerous instances have been noticed
here whole families were protected from auy
serious consequences, while their neighbors',
without the Cherry Pectoral, were sufferiug from
the disease.
Saiem, Oo., 11th, June 1S51.
Doct. J. C. Ayer :
I write to inform you of the
truly remarkable effect of your Cherry Pectoral
in this place, and in my own family. One of
my daughters was completely cured in three
days of a dreadful Whooping Cough, by taking
it. Dr. Means, one of our vtry best physicians
freely states that he considers it the betVeineK
we have i'- r pulmonary diseases, and that he Las
cured more cases of Croup with it than any
other medicine he ever administered.
Our clergyman of the Baptist t,'Lnrch sa
that during the run of Influenza here this sea
son, he has sceu cures from your medicine he
could scarcely have beluved without seeiii".
Vcurs rtspectfully, J. D. SINCLAIR?
Ve uty Postmaster.
tlirinuiry aua iUaicria Plctltcn llou
1 have founa the Cherry Pectoral, w. its in
gredients show, a powerful remedy for colds,
and coughs, and pulmonary discuses.
1'abkku Cleveland, M. D.
Eiunsw'ck, Me.. Feb. , lf-47.
TUe widely ce!lra t ! I'rofrttor of Srtr
ger In I lie .Medical College, A'ew York
city, kya t
lt gives me pleasure to certify the value and
efficacy of ycr's Cherry Pectoral,' which I
consider peculiarly adapted to cure diseasis off
the Throat and Lungs.
Cures of severe diseases upon the Lungs have
been effected by Cherry Pectoral in such ei-
trenie cases as warrant the belief that & rcmedv
has at length been found that can lie depended
on to cure the Cong' s. Colds aud Consumption
which carry from our midst thousands every
year. It is indeed a medicine to which the afliic
ted can look with confidence for relief. nd they
should not fail to avail themselves of it.
Practical aud Analytical CbrmUi,
Lowell, .Mass.
doiu in r.uensmirg ny i rei. Kittell, an l bv
: iriiT'
ists f.nd Dealers in .Medicine every where.
ugust 10, IboJ H-.m.
This delightful and popular article in the best
preparation for the hair which long experience
aud scientific research has produce 1. either as
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects
in an ine uipeases 10 wnicu mu i.uoiun n?:r is
liable. It will impart to the roughest aud coar
sest hair the most beautiful appearance, entire
ly cleansing it from all impurities.
But while we assert that it is the best article
for the toilet of those who wish to retain the
hair ia all its youthful
it must not be forgotten that in all diseases of.'
the hair or scalp, such as the falling of the hair
dandruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, &c., it
is, perhaps the article which has given decided
satisfaction iu every instauce where it has been
Its operation in case of baldness
is peculinrlv
u other reiiic -
active, so that, in numerous, where
1ii.a Kiita lwti triiil iti viiin KTOI?
1CAL INVIGORATORhas superseded the orua-
inputs rT nn. iv rpnisriiiinfr in mil ihphiiim a
- tbo porm:inent gifts and gn
jia polsses,ea of character w
" : --- i ---
HCVS nf n-itiirw It
holly differing from
the Oils, Grease, Restoratives. &c, which are
now 6o numerously foisted on the public, under
the pretence of beiug newly discovered for bald-
! uess. array hair. &c.
j Storr's Invigorator
'has now been tested for years, and its
I.. K... h ikn.iun, la lV.o vir I i
' renutation and sales have increased, until more
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within
e reach of the humblest family, and its con -
ded value iusure it a place on'thc most luxu -
rious toilet.
For sale by the proprietors price 2" ccuts.
C. 1. A MET & CO,
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James
Bell, Summit; G. Muckerhide & Co., Johnstown
December 16, 1852 8-ly.
preparation for the hair ever otfered to the Amer- nets, boots and shoes, hardware, queusw: ,
ican public. It is Compounded on strictly sci- glassware, nails, flour and et ; fish, and it -
oi his coi sumrii huuuhi v iui u oi but omvi i-v".'- ,
entinc principles, ani uie propnefcor Mihe , ......... v. fc. -r
MnT,.;n a in cffi.,irv. Daints and dvc stuffs. All of which we "
nnd all
diseases ar
ising from a dis
ordered liTcr or Bfo-
macb, puch as constipa
tion, inward piles, fullnees cr ''
blood to the head, acidity of tie
Eiomacu, nauscn, Lcart-buru. diojrr.
at tue uccrt, choking cr tufToca
ting sensitions when in a liv.
ing posture, dimness of
tisiou, dcts or webs
before the sight
fever and
j pain in the Lead, uifiiciency or perspiration vI
1 lownoss of the skin and even roin t'4
side, lack, chest, limbs,
Ac, sudden nVehen
cf Leat, burning in the fipsh,
constant imngiuings of eril nnd great
depress:cn of spirits, can be effectually cured by
Da. c x. j&czEoar,
At the German 3Ie1itinc Store.
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
.-, . ' 1 V , " 1 is not erttUei
I " r'uauca 01 any ctfier
prevaratmn " t
r';,j C,. . .1.
77:.:. ! , 7V':;T' m macsCJ
icr rKujui pnymciaju ua a failed.
These Eitters are worthy the attention of ia.
valids. Possessing great virtues in tie rt-tij.
j cation of diseases of the Liver and lesser ellu.L
riiniMiiu me most searcnine nowcrs h
nnil iP.f5ftl,- ,lf th a-JJ, !L
"'h.w. '.-.4U3, I LIFT
are withtl, sufe, certain and pIcasnntT
That this me Jicine will cure Liver CoiupUiRt
an 4 lyspepsia, no one can doubt :ftcr n-; it n
stated. It acts specifically upon the stoctcli nj
liver; it is preferable to calmtl in oil LUioui
dicaes the effect is immediate. TLey cn be
administered to female cr infant with Su'fttraui
reliable benefit at cny time.
Look well to the marks of ths Genaina
They have the written signature of C. M.
JACKSON unon the wmrrt-r. and his nn
blown in the bottle, without which tbeysrespu-
I rious
I For sale Wholesale and
Retail at the German
j Medicine Store, No. 120 An.L street.
I l'tll)w Sixth, Philadelphia: aud hv r
one door
dealers generally through the country.
To enable all clses of invalids to enjoy tie
advantages of their great restorative powers.
Single bottle so ccnt.
For sale by Frederick Khtel Drrggist Ehers
burg; -Tames Bell, Summit; G. MuokciLiie &
Co., Johnftown.
December 1G, 1852 8!y.
Wholesale and Retail
The subscriber adopts this method cf refers
ing thanks to his friends ur.d the public jrencr
ally, for the liberal patronage heretofore bestow
ed upon him, and Ugs leave to inform them thtt
he has enlarped his business, and nr w tec: s
constantly on hand a large supply cf evcrv va
riety of Tnware, Stove Pe, Dri;-r'rr Tu:,
7v r.ailers. Coal Ihiclef, Tea K'tt'o,' ft., J,
which he wKl sell, wholesale or retail, uika
any -her establishment in the country.
He i3 also prepared to manufacture ?;ou,rr
for houses, ut the shortest untie?, "id on tia
most rc-ssonjib'c terms. Merchants and ciLcn
desirous of purchasing bills of ware, are rts
pectfully invited to call, as he is r rerred to c?'.l
j- them goods equally as cheap hs they can be u:.d
eirncr east or wc-at, ind all orders addressed to
him will be promptly attended to.
Ci-ciU i:xelfci2senf.
JN Ebensburg. at the warehouse of the under
signed who has on hauu r.i.J Trill seii at the
kwcst j -rices
. . ST0VZ3 CP ALL ITIITDS, of G'Ue ; Hat T. v ' itt? ; I-
iorg, :oiiip;eio ; coiupifte C rwr
CJr-iui-ie C t,r ; the A tir i. "l-
i Look J arorite ; Dc! Cool ; A"y
s'i ne ; Union Cool Biwr, IV.rW stovi
- - !". lo ; Bar Uoin, coal stove ; a" of
test sty'e and pattern which cannot be exrclVi
or equalled. Com? and see them, cn l i. i,'t ;
get to bring your w ife a'oii-r if vou have ecu
oiing your lady-love.
Job Woth uZ every description, done cn the
shortest notice. Old copper s: I jewtvr, taken
j iQ exchange for ware.
I The undcrslguej hope?, by n strict attention
to business, to receive a liberal stirre of ub'.io
I Ebcnsuurg, July 8,
mi'F ,lprn,l ;f.., i,;.
I f m.a ;.-, it, v- ! ,....''.
. ,(J mutllal ct,l!St.uff an., tLat tLe suUc.;sfcr s:iU
continue the business in the loom reci
cupied by the oid firm, where re will be Laj ry
to sec l::s former patrons and jis muoy ti
ones as please to call. He receives regular'
from New York 'and PLiiiidolphii the lait
fashions and cannot be beaten either iu tha
, shape or ft of Coats, Pants or Vests, uj
other Tailor in the country. He rciieetfuiiy
ask the public to give l im a call, and coa
fident his work v.iii iccouiuici. liHelf.
All kinds of country produce t.kca in
lcr wori
April 20, 1S52 tr.
or sc. p. .
the suimrr.
Wholesale and Re tail Dry Goodi
j fTE Subscribers have just received from tie
j 1 eastcru cities, and are now offering 'r '
I l'ie largest and best selected Btock o GooJ
evtr huWU this or th ' aJjin'" counties, the
diuvh. vvmj.ij j t -
., , . " i , : ,.v. jEi
rieiiCU, J.UEllsU, auu .iiurnniu, iuj,
! mcis' Satinets. Tweed, pilot cloths, eatin.
lencia and other vcstuigs, uupacas.
lains, bombazines, and ladies arcs? gooas w
every description; shawls, handkerchiefs, scrjp-
cravats, tibbets, ribons, gloves and iioeL-ry
all kiuds, table linen drapers, crash, rod, wbi
and yellow flnnuels, liuy, c.iaton flannel.
: KftS ttUd COVCrlfctS. LlCKOrV fihirtlllZ. IriSll
and white goods of every description; i
Hats, caps. 'J-
"t lower prices than goods hve ever been
' in the country. All kinds of country rr0J. .
' lumber, railroad ties, rgi, flaxseed, sc.,
taken in cxcu.mce. i-,'l
We wiil wholesale any of the above ll :if
selection of good", t-j country merchi" t c-
prices, putting uly cn a nominal figurs ioT
cover freight.
Section 10J, Norcmber 4, 1852.
J r"r rJ. f'il!r.esfl, or wrigM iu the t0mac!.
sour eructations, sinking nr .... '
of the Etvmach, fwimniCR of the heallur
tied and difficult breathing, flutter!-. "