The mountain sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1844-1853, June 30, 1853, Image 3

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Four Days Later from. Europe.
1 New York. j :i c
26. The C
G l.ii3 Bieamtr:!
- .1 .
I Baltic arrl cd Llt
lit o'clo.-ii.
1 bringing dates t t ; 1; :
I tt the advices vac Nia :
I 'liu stear:)'::'!; AiVica
fo-ir days Liti-
. iwu ot C'.i the in;-r
I jag vf the 13tL inst.
The English Government have, bcth in the
JIoi of L-jrUs and Commons, announced that
the liritTtk end French fleets were joiutiy des-ipfuo'-jei
to the Pa ni?. relics, furnished -with like
i-itruetions. The best understanding existed
between France and England, and it was not
expected that any collision would occur.
T.iH emigrant ship Aurora, bound from Hull
to New York, foundered at sea on the 20th of
JJav, taking down 29 of her crew and pas
sengers. Ilia Captain and twelve others were
llissilolT, the Russian Minister of Justice, it
was announced, had arrived in Paris, bringing
pacific assurances from the Czar, and the fuuds
had .ruscquently recovered. It was considered,
however, not unlikely that Russia would take
teMj.otarily and occupy the frontier Danube
Mr. French, in the House of Commons, moved
for all the correspondence regarding the impris
onment of negroes in South Carolina, and said
ha was convinced thit if South Carolina was
propcriy pressed, she would .unul her "black
laws." The corrsspondence was ordered. A
EiniiLr movement was made in the House of
Lcu 3. by Lord Beaumont.
A fcj.lendid entertainment has I
Corcuodure Yauuiroiit, of the "Nc
been given to
orth Star." by
the city of Southampton, at which .00 guests
vi; present. The Commodore subsequently
.ok a large company from Southampton on a
j; r.. U tiie ssutb. coast of England in his
Eji! T.uia yacht.
' j. ue recent strike among the cotton labor
ers of Liverpool, was about io be settled amica
bly. Among the passengers ;by the Baltic, is the
Hon. Mr. Foote, the Austrian Charge from
th-3 united States, and Senator Foct2, of Yer-
The French funds have retrieved the recent
lc3?, and on the lith 3's closed at 78 and 4Vs
lvJ.. -jc.
M. Sa"j.n'h-oz is coming to New York, in the
slt.-.irtship Beiue Horteuz, as the tmperor s own
Coni-nis3ioner to the World's Fair.
Notwithstanding the present peaceful appear
auce? oi Eastern affairs, the Turks are actively
fL;: fortifying the Bosphorus.
Tilde in Constantinople was dull, from the
Scarcity of shipping. There was not much pan
ic among the busiuess community.
Col. Heniiiou, Commander of the Russian fron
tier brigade, had arrived at Aiiiga, on the left
bank ci Pruth.
At Vicuna, on the 10th. of June, Lord "West
moreland and Baron De Mcayendovf had a
iong conference, and afterwards couriers
T7cre " despatched to Loniia and St. Peters
bur.;h. GKEECE.
I The Athens official Chervaler says, that the
I e'.atements respecting Mr. Marsh's American de-
man li, rpectiug tUe imprisonment of Consul
King, incorrect.
A commercial treaty hxs been concluded be
tween the Government of Sardiaia and rara
feuiy. Th- Latest Aspect of Eastern Affairs.
Pasis, June l i. Yesterday, the Prince of
l rusiia and the Duke of Saxe Coburg'a passed
through Lillu on their way to England.
Oruers v-?re received at Brest on the 10th to
cr it,v. itcaai frigates and two sailing vessels. is kuo .vn as to their destination.
fier Liuirsas fluctuations tae Bourse clo-E-.vl
l-j-uay with a' vise ; 3 pvr cents 78t 80c 4i's
l)2t"20. The bullion in the Bank of France
L-.s i icr.'is jl l,0J0,OJ3 sterling da.'iig the
La.nth pas:.
1 1, ? 1 31 - tL . i
:x&y says iliac luriey uau uiiuucu it iae -imuiia
stJor3 of the four great powers, a note explain
ing the measures taka for miintaining the in
tegrity cf h;r tjrritsrr, Jsclaring tirml that any
atnaeincnt of tha preheat difficulty with Rus
sia,, was out cf the question, while that power
j-crsUts in it3 exorbitant pretensions.
On the 23th of May, the French Minister gave
Rjdschi 1 Pasha formal assurances of the support
cf tuz i reach Govtrumcnt.
Lord Stratfor.l, De R ldcliffe was to have an
an -Ueuce with the Turkish Minuter of Foreign
Aaaira for the purpose of giving similar assuran
ces on iue pai i of England.
The military rtr.'paradons of the
Turk3 were
bsi . - carried on with great activity,
A Tnrtiih ;t- n .ini.risinc- 2H sail of warves-
eels, authored at the entrance of the Black Sea j
cri the GO of .Iay.
At tue arsenal, 12 corvctiss and several frigates
were beiatr armed, with a view of being in read
ia i for service by the 2d of June. One hun
drei and forty fiat boats were engaged in tiui
porting artillery an 1 ammunition to the nei and
citadel on the iiosphorus.
Tue military were pouring into Constantino
ple from all quarters, aud the troops were to be
reviewed by the Sultan cn the 30th.
From Texas.
We have papers from Galveston
to the 10th
There are now in the ield cicrht Democratic
c-niid-ites fe v tneofSce of Governor. Although
the opportunity 6oems decidedly tempting for a
vw.v.v..? o
ard and appropriate to himself
rs in Texas, the Austin State
ihiir to stt p icrwar
cutTTnatorial bono
Gazette bores none will be so ungenerous as to
make the uitempt.
A gentleman from Loredo, says the inhabitants :
on that part ot tae irontier are more iree rrom
Indian depredations than they have been for a
The Washington Banger of the 9th, says that
tbout fifty of the citizens of that place started,
on th? Sanday previous, for the gold regions in
the vicinity of the Guaduloupe Mountains.
The Galveston Xws says :
"Mr. J. Howard and Dr, Thornton, of this city,
returned yesterdiy morning from Hamilton's
Valley, whither they traveled in search cf the
gold "mines' and to view the country. Mr. II.
.inform? H3 thct the party to which he was attach
ed spent ii"out seven days in the neighborhood
of the Sandies, and all that they had been able
to d'ecover, aftfr repeate Uy washing panfuls of
earth, -was a uw mm'tita particles of gold, so
Email that a hundred of theia would not be worth
tc cents. He is thoroughly satisfied that the
gr.' J is not to 1j3 fouo-i ia sutdcleat quantity to
pav half a doll'ir a day. lio was informed by
tho s-ttier3 in tha vicinity, that no piece of gold
larger than the head of a common pin had been
discovered. AbiadaiC! of quartz rock was
fwucd, but none of it contained any gold."
E, A prize of $500 has been offered by the
merchants cf Nev Orleans to the master of the
vessel that between the 15th June, 1853, and
the same date. 1854, shall make the quickest
run from the mouth of tie Mississippi to Liver-1
JBgy" In many gt ntleman's houses in France,
there is an apartment, of an octagonal form,
twelve or fifteen feet across, and thirty-six or-forty-five
feet round and all the right sides, ns
vrli ps the coiling above, ure of the most polish
ed glts mirrors ; so that when a mm standsin
the centre of the room, hff es himself in evr-ry
dircwion, Tnnlt'f 'lied in a r-w cf selves, ns far
r.p t.'i'i eye "jt cxfcn i. The humor of itig, that
i whja the 1-idy of th house is out of temnsr."
when eh is angry, or when she weeps without a
cause, she m iy be locked up in this room to
pout and see in every direction, how beautiful
she is.
DIED : , ,
On the 22d June, at the residence of his son,
at Clearfield Bridge, Clearfield county, Mr. John
Devine, father of II. C. Devine, Esq., of this
place, in the 70th year of his age. The deceas
ed was a native of the county of Tyrone, Ireland,
and emigrated from thence in 1800.
LL persons friendly to the temperance cause
will meet at the Methodist Episcopal Church
on Friday evening, July 1st, where matters of
interesj will be submitted for their considera
GIYEN under a large Pavillion, capable of seat"
iug 1,00'J persons. The celebrated Indian
Chief Kawsiiawgance, from the Walaitp nation,
Southern Oregon, accompanied by Oksewana, a
Chief from the Callapoohas tribe, together with
their large troop of Indians from West of the
Rocky Mountains, will give an exhibition of the
manners and customs peculiar to their tribes in
Southern Oregon, at
EBEXSBVRG, on Monday, July Uth.
The entertainment consists of a laree number
of Dances, Songs, Burial Ceremony, Iudian Mer
ry Making, Marriage Ceremony, Scalping Scene,
Casting out disease from a sick Indian by en
chantment. Also, several Historical Scenes in
cident to the early settlement of our coutry.
Kawshawgance will exhibit a large collection
of Indian curiosities, among which may be found
several specimens of li ar Cluhs, War Knives,
War raddles. Battle Axes, Mexican Pouches Blan
kets made from the lark of trees, Pipe of Peace,
War Pipe, War Rattles, a large variety of Bead
Works, Jc, c.
The chiefs accampanied by their warriors will
be seen riding through the streets dressedin full
Indian costume, painted and fully equipped for
War, between 1 and 2 o'clock, P. M.
Exhibition commences at 2 J and 7 J oclock.
Admittance 25 cents, children under 12 half
June 30, 1853 36-2t.
Stray Marc.
STRYED away from the pasture field of F ran
cis Bradley, near Munster, Cambria county,
on. or about the 20th dny of June, a dnppled
gjev mare, heavy built.- has four blnek leps,
mane turns to the left side, and nn old cnt
upon the right hip. Any person returning said
mare to the subscriber nt Tunnel Hill, or Mr.
Ivory, nt the Summit, or giving information of
her whereabouts, will be liberally rewarded.
Tunnel Hill June 30, 1853-4JG-3t.
Auditor's lYolioe.
THE undersigned auditor, appointed by the Or
phans' Court of Cam"ia county, to make and
report distribution of the assct9 remaining in
the hands of Sntnuel M'Mulln. administrator of
the estate of John M'Mullen, late of Clearfield
township, hereby notifies all persons interested,
that he will attend to the duties of said appoint
ment, at hi3 office, in the borough of Ebensburc,
on Tuesday' the 2d day of August next at the
j hour of one o'clock, P. M.
G. M. REED, Auditor.
Ebensburg, June 30. 1853 36-4t.
Auditor's Xoticc.
VOTICE is hereby given that I have been ap-
pointed by the Orphans' Court of Cambria
county, an Auditor to di?t.ribute the balance of
money in the hands of John M'Meel, adminis
trator of the estate of Rev Torrence McGirr, de-
, censed, to and among the creditors and legatees
of said deceased, and that I will sit for that pur
pose nt the Court House in Ebenshurg, on Mon
day, the 25th day of Julv, 1853, when and
where all persona interested miv attend.
Ebensburg, June 30, 1853 3G-4t.
Auditor's Notice.
") In the Court of Com
Luiwig Kneedler & Co. mon Pleas of Cambria
vs. county.
J. II. Muckerheide. Alias Fi. Fa. No. 2
J June Term. 1853.
Notice is hereby given that I have been ap-
pointed auditor by the Court cf Common Pleas
of Cambria county, to distribute the money aris-
ing from the sale of the defendant's personal
property, in the above stated case, and that I
will sit for that purpose at the Court House in
Ebensburg, on Tuesday, the 2d day of August
all persons
m?iv n t tend.
1853 3G-4t.
Ebensburg, June
In the Orphans' Court
of Cambria county,
Penna. The Common
wealth of Tennsylva-
In the matter of the es
tate of James Rhcy, de
ceased. Vnia to Linn Boyd and
Ann L. lioyu, his wite,
Peter B. M'Cord and
Mary J. M'Cord, his
. You are hereby cited
to be and appear before the Judges of our Court,
, io ue uiiu appear oeiore i
j t nn Orphans' Court, to
lon the first Monday of S
be held at hbensb urg,
entembjr. 1833, at ten
or refuse to take the Real Estate of James Rhey,
deceased, at the appraised valuation put upon
it by tn inquest duly awarded by the said Court,
and returned by the Sheriff on the 6th day of
June, instant.
Witness the Hon. George Taylor, President of
said Court, at Ebensburg, the tenth d ivof June,
A. D. 1853. R. L. JOHNSTON,
Ebensburg, June SO, 1853 36-Gt.
Administrator's IVoticc.
LETTERS of administration having been gran
ted to the undersigned by the Register o
Cambria county, on the estate of Daniel Knep
per, deceased, late of Summerhill township,
Cambria county, all persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to make immediate pay
ment, and those having cliims against will pre
sent them. rroP3rly authenticated for settle-
WM. PALMER, Administrator.
Jefferson, June 23, 1853 35-Ct,
Executor's Xotice.
IETTERS testamentary having been granted to
i the undersigned by the Register of Cambiia
county, on the estate of William M'Cune, de
ceased, late of Washington township, all persons
indebted to naid estate are hereby notified to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims will present them properly authentedfor
settlement. '
ANN M'CUNE, Administratrix. ,
Washington tp., June 23, 1853-35-6tpd. r
Exchange Hotel,'
Ebensburg, Cambria County, Pa.
fTIE undersigned respectfully informs the pub
1 lie that he is now prepared with every requi
site for their accommodation, and will exert ev
ery effort to render his house an attractive and
comfortable stopping-place. His table will al
ways be supplied with every delicacy the seaT
son affords, and his bar stocked with the best
of Wines and Liquors.
A careful and attentive hostler will have
charge of the stables. He respectfully solicits
a share of patronage.
April 28, 1853 27-tf.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg- Pa.,
WILL practice in the several Courts of Cam
bria, Blair and Indiana counties. All pro
fessional business intrusted to his care will be
promptly attended to.
Office on Main sticet opposite Dr. Wm. Lem
on's office.
Ebensburg, April 28, 1853 27.
Administrators' Xotice.
IETTERS of administration upon the estate of
I Daniel Hollen, deceased, late of White town
ship, Cambria county, having been granted to
the undersigned by the Register of Cambria
county, .all persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate payment, and
those having claims against said estate, to pre
sent them properly authenticated for settlement.
THOMAS HOLLEN. Administrator,
PI1EBE HOLLEN, Administratrix.
White tp., June 23, 1853 35-Ct.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Cambria county,
to distribute the proceeds arising from Sheriff's
sale of real estate of William M'Gough, at the
suit of Conrad & Walton, amongst the lein cred
itors of defendants, hereby gives notice to all
parties interested in said fund, that he will at
tend to the duties of said appointment at his of
fice in the borough of Ebensburg, on Monday,
the 18th day of July next, at one o'clock, P. M.
June 23, 1853 35-4t.
Carrolltown, Cambria county Pa.
TIia imdrsirnfi1. Proprietor -of the above Ho
tel, informs his friends and the public that he is!
well prepared to furnish the best of accommo-
... -1 T 1 1 1 1 t
dation, ana is aetermmeu io piease an bud may .
can wiiu mm,
Carrolltown, June 1C, 1853 34-6m.
Executor's Xollce.
IETTERS testamentary on the last willindj
J testament of John D. Jones, late of Cambria'
townshii. deceased, haviuz been cranted to the:
subscriber by the Register of Cambria county, j
all persons indebted to .the estate or said de
ceased, are requested to make payment immedi
ately, and those having claims will present them
duly proven for settlement.
Executor of John D. Jones, dee'd.
Cambria township, June 13, 1853 34-Gt.
VOTICE i3 hereby given to the public not to re-
ceive or purchase a note for i$30, drawn by
the undersigned in favor of John Hamilton, da
ted 17th of November, 1852. Not having re
ceived value for said note, I will not pay the
Near Munster, June 10, 1853 34-3t.pd.
IJUBLIC notice is hereby given, that by virtue
of an order of the Orphans' Court of the
county of Cambria, there will be exposed to
public sale on Saturday, the 9th day of July,
1853, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following Real
Estate late the property oi llugn uugan, deceas
ed, viz :
A lot of ground in the town, of Jenerson,
numbered 31. adioiuinz other property of de
ceased, and property of Wm. Lemmon, fronting
on Main street in said town, having thereon
erected a log house, log stable, and shoemakei
shop, said lot containing 8102 square feet; also,
onntiior niff nf land ndioiuinsr the town of Jef-
.wwx r
ferson, bounded by Crooked street, land of Wm.
Palmer, Esq., and lanil or Austin mompson,'r' n.h.'mt three acres, which piece or
parcel of bind was laid out in lots by Thomas
M Connell, as per dralt, numoereu ironi one
ei-ht: also, another piece of land bounded by
the Portage Railroad, road from Jefferson to
Munster, land of the Catholic church, and land
nf.NmM O'Neal which was laid out in lots by
Thomas M'Connell, as per draft numbered from
one to eight ; also, three lots of ground, num
bered two, three and eleven, on the plau ot saia
town, number two having thereou erected a
frame house,- all of which property is situate in
the township of Summerhill, Cambria county.
Terms and Conditions of Sale: One-third of
the purchase money to be paid on confirmation
nf tha r-iIiv nml the residue in two eoual annual
payments thereafter, with interest, to be secu
red by the bonds ana mortgage oi ine purcua
ser. Sale to take place on the premises.
By order of the Court,
R. L. JOHNSTON, Clerk.
June 1G, 1853 34-td.
THE subscribers would respectfully inform the
citizens of Ebensburg and the public gener
ally, that they will carry on the Coach Making,
including the Smith work, at the Machine shop
formerly occupied by Mr. AnJerson, in the
rear of E. Hughes' store; where by using
none but the choicest material, and employing
none but the best workmen, they hope to con
vince all that will do them the favor to examine
their work, that in point of durability, appear
ance or cheapness, it cannot be excelled by any
eitnilnr pstahlishmpnt in the State or elsewhere.
Persons wishing a bargain in the purchase of a
carriage, will consult their own interests by
giving them a call. They are prepared to fur
nw?i th fnllnwinc kinds of Vehicles, viz:
Busies of different qualities and prices, Ba-
roucues, Unariotees, one ana iwo uorse i..o.
w..Tre ln0 nn:irtfr Khntic and C-SDriDflr UoaCll
" mJ w -j i 1 J
1 hand work of different kinds. &C
making a variety that will suit all tastes and all
purses. Repairing done with neatness and de
Ebensburg, June 2, 185332.
LABORERS are wanted to work on the
Ebeusburg & Susquehanna Plank Road, to
whom goo4 wages will be given.
Ebensburg, June 2, 1853.
nLOUR and Bacon always cn hand, aud
rhave juBt received 20 barrels best whiskey
for eale on commissiou xvum Vu
DR. A. YEAGLEY having permanently located
in Jefferson, Cambria county, respectfully
tenders his professional sericeB to the citizens
of the place and the surrounding country, in
the practice of Medicine and Snrgery.
Office on Main street, where hs ca r.lwsys be
found and consulted, except vrhcu his out on
professional busine33. .
Jefferson, April 14. 185325.
HAS the pleasure of announcing to all who
would secure the best bargaiua to be offered
in this county, that he is again in the field with
one of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully
selected stocks of
Fall ana Winter Goods !
Ever brought t Cambria county, all of which
have been purchased within the last few day Bin
Philadelphia and New York, with particular re
gard to the warjts of this Market. 1 again fling
my banner to the breeze, inscribed with my old
motto of -' .
' Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently invite the attention of purchas
ers to my stock, which will be found unusually
large, varied and attractive, being full and com
plete in every department. Everything new,
fashionable and desirable will be found embra
ced in my assortment. Particular attention is
solicited to "vw and beautiful styles of
which I have just received of late importation.
In Gents wear I defy coropetion, and confident
ly invite ,an examination of one of the largest,
cheapest and best selected stocks of ready-made
clothing, cloths, cassimeres, &c, ev.r brought
to Cambria county ; comprising all colors and
qualities, which 1 will sell cheap and warrant to
give satisfaction. Also, caps, bonnets,
of the best qualities and latest styles, together
with queensware, hardware, groceries, salt, books
stationary, &c.
SQThe highest market price paid for all
kinds of Produce.
November 11, 1852.
the subscriber, at his Buggy and Sleigh Man
ufa' torv. whieh is now in operation in all its
various branches, in Duncansville, four doors
west of the Mountain House, where all will meet
with cood work and as cheap as it can be made
Just call and see the work if you do not want
it, for it is worth looking at. His buggies and
sleighs are as neat and strong, and alittle better
than you generally get in this country. . Far
mers, for your own good, and to save money.
before you purchase any articles in his line, you
had better call and see his work. He will give
you as much for "your produce in work as you
can get any where. In short, any person wish
ing a durable, neat, cheap and comfortable arti
cle in his line, should give him a call.
Duncansville, May 5, 1853 28-3m.
Wholesale and Retail
Clothing Store.
Saramit, Cambria County, Pa.
Coats, vests, pants, hats, caps, Bhirts, hand
kerchiefs, cravats, boots, 6hoes, carpet-bagsr;
trunks, &c, sold cheap for cash.
Summit, May 19, 1853 30-tf.
OFFERS his services to the citizens of Jeffer
son and vicinity, in the practice cf Medicine
and Surgery. Office next door to Mr. Ly tie's
Jefferson, May 26, 1853 31-tf.
Valuable Farm Tor Sale.
THE subscriber offers for sale the farm he now
resides on, situate in Carrol township, Cam
bria county, three miles from Carrolltown, con
taining about 250 acres, about 100 acres of
which is cleared and under good fence. There
is on excellent apple and peach orchard on the
property, composed of a varied assortment of
productive trees. The buildings consist of a
two-story hewed log house, a tenant house, and
two good barns: The wood land is well timber
ed with cherry and poplar, and there is a good
saw-mill seat on the property. If desired, the
farm will be sold in two parts, each having erec
ted thereon luitable buildings. Application will
be made to the undersigned, residing on the
premises, who will make the terms of sale easy
and give an indisputable title to the purchaser.
Carroll tp, June 2, 1853 32-2m.
iLand Warrant issued from the Pension Office
of the United States, under an act of Con-
gres3 passed tlie ntn oi eoruary, ioi, io
Elizabeth Downey, mother of Ldward A. uow
ney, deceased, of Capt. C. II. Heyer's company
(D) 2d Penn'a. VoL,. for 160 acres of land, and
numbered 61507, was lost between Suramitvillc,
Cambria county, Pa., and the city of Pittsburg,
on or about the 11th of April, 1853, while in
possession of Jacob II. Sweigart. All persons
are therefore cautioned ftgiyinst purchasing and
locating said Land-Warrant, as the subscriber
to whom it belonzs intends applying to the Com
missions f pensions for a duplicate of said
Warrant'.0-' Should any person obtain possession
of the original warrant, they will confer a favor
by forwarding the same to the subscriber, at Lo
retto, Allegheny tp., Cambria county. Pa.
Juno 2, 1853 32-6t.
Accommodation EIne. .
THE subscriber is now running a Hack daily
from the. Summit to Ebensburg, leaving the
Summit abouj. 2 o'clock P. M., or immediately
after the arrival of the Eastern and Western
cars, returning the same evening leaving Eb
ensburg at A o'clock, P. M. Passengers who
come in the night trains will be accommodated
with a conveyance in the morning, to Ebensburg,
when required. JOHN IVORY.
Summitville, May 5, 185328.
Orphans' Court Sale.
BYvirtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Cambria county, the undersigned guardian
of the minor heirs of JohnDulai, deceased, will,
on Monday, the 4th day of July, 1853, sell a
piece of land, situate in Carroll township: Cam
hria countv. adieininz lands of Joseph Ecken-
road and Johu Eckenrode, containing thirty
acres, more or less.
The sale will take place in Carrolltown on the
above day, when the terms will oe maae Known.
Guardian of John Dulai's heirs
June 9, 1853 33-4t. ' -
Always ou Hand.
fi TONE WARE, Earthen ware, Nails, Cast-stee
ft and Salt, for sale by
May 12,1853 29.
Karriibarg, Pa.
M VJ. JOHN ERADY, rrrvrietor.
April 10, 1851. ly
Y.liilesale dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Neil:,
No. 203 Market Street, above 5th,
Philadelphia, Fa.
April 10, 1851. ly
i!::c:iael wartjiajv & co.,
"Wholesale Tobacco, SiiuJT, and Seyar Manufac
tory, No. 173, North Third Street, three doors
above Vine,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 24, 1851. ly
Wholesale dealers in Wines and Liquors, which
they are prepared to furnish cheap to merchants
and hotel keepers. "Warehouse 208 Market St.
Philadelphia, Pa.
July 1st, 1851. ly
Has removed his office to No. 14 South Sev
enth street, above Chestnut. -
Philadelphia, Fa.
April 26, 1852. 7-tf 20
Wholesale dealer in Queensware, Chinaware,
Glassware, eje, No. 245 Market Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10, 1851. ly
John Parker. James II. Parker
Wholesale Grocers, dealers iu Flour and Bacon,
Foreign Wines and Brandies, Old Monongahela
and Rectified Whiskey.
No. 5, Commercial Row, Liberty Street,
Pittsburg, Pa.
March, 11, 1852. ly.
Have constantly on hand a full assortment of
Teas, Wines, Liquors and Groceries generally.
No. 17 North "Water Street, and
No. 10 North. Delaware Avenue,
January 27, 1853.
Wholesale grocers and dealers in Foreign and
Domestic Liauors. Rectified vvmsicey, riour, ua
con, Fish, Cheese, &c, &c. No 311, Liberty
street. oDnosite the head of Smithfield, Pitts-
- r x
burgh, Pa.
December 23, 1852 9-tfj-
155 llarket Street, N. . Corner of 4th,
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in all of the
various new kinds and styles 6ilk, fur, brush,
wool, Fanama, 6traw and chip Hats ; silk, straw,
braid and lace Bonnets; artificial flowers, furs,
c, which will be sold cheaper than the cheap.
est. Feb. '52, 19-ly-
Wholesale dealers in Boots, Shoes, Bonnets,
and Palm Leaf Hats, No. 136 North Third Street
(opposite the Eagle Hotel,)
Philadelphia, Pa
February 26, 1852. ly
James Dougherty, at
RE IX 31 0 ED, DASH & CO.,
"Wholesale and retail dealers in Tobacco, Snuff
and Cigars, warehouse at the South west corner
of Third and Race streets, Philadelphia, lately
occupied by Ludwig, Kneedler & Co., keep con
stantly on hand a large and well selected stock
of the most celebrated brands of
Domestic cigars, and Snuff, which they offer for
6ale on as favorable terms as any house in the
city. Orders promptly attended to.
September 23, 1852-49-ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
IlflLL practice in the several Courts of Cam
11 bria, Blair and Indiana counties. All pro
fessional business entrusted to his care will be
promptly attended to.
Office on Main street adjoining his dwelling
Ebensburg, April 21, 1853 26-3m.
Commission & Forwarding.
THE subscribers would respectively inform
their friends and the public that they are
now prepared, to receive and forward all good
consigned to their care by any of the Line3, or
by Central Railroad, and hope that by strict at
tention to their business that, they will be ena
bled o render perfect satisfaction to all that
will patronize them. All goods will receive the
greatest care and attention.
Jefferson, March 15, 1853.
The subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends and customers, that he has received and
is now opening, at the store room formerly oc
cupied by Richard Lewis, dee'd., a large and
ceneral assortment oi gooas, consisting inpari
Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c, all
ftf which he is determined to sell low either for
cash or approved country produce. He 6olicit
domination of his stock, and is confident he
can sell cheaper than the cheapest.
. utu. J.
May 8, 1851 8(Mf
Xcw Clialr Manufactory.
The citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity are
nformed that the very place to purchase
of the best manufacture and most elegant finish,
and at lower prices than at any other establish
ment in the county, is at tho new chair manu
factory, in the shop formerly occupied Dy uavia
Todd, deceased.
executed in the best manner and lateet style.
Ebensburg, Nov. 27, 1851. 6m.
Administrators Notice.
LETTERS of Administration have been grant
ed to the undersigned, by the Register of
Cambria county, upon the estate of James Rhey,
AoreuaeA. 'All persons indebted to said estate
are requested to make immediate payment
us. aDd those having claims will present
properly authenticated for eettlement.
SUSAN RHEY, Administratrix.
ANDREW J. RHKY, Administrator,
Ebtneburg, October 21, 1852 tf.
Just Received,
At his Store one door
ei-st of the Sentinel of
fice, superior assort-w-t't
of Gold and Sil
vt r wiitcLeB and fine jw-
"Ok i
(rM V-3 CW.i.! Lever watches full
iiLZUti" Jewr.':eJ. 35,00
f ilvcr Lever watches fmi jt welled, 16,00
Filvcr Cylinder EfcCfeptu-tuta 12,00
Silver Quartiers C,00
Also a fine atsortment of eight day and thir
ty hour clocks.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry repaired
at shortest notice, and warrrntcd.
April 29, 1S52.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Office in the Court House, up stairs.
January 1, 1851.- ly
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
Will practice in the several courts of Cambria,
Blair, and Huntingdon counties. Germans can
consult aud receive advice in their own lan gunge.
Office opposite the ( ourt House, formerly oc
cupied by R. L. Johnston, Esq.
Ebensburg, February 3, 1So3 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, fa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cam
bria, Blair and Huntingdon counties. Germans
can receive advice in their own language. Onice,
on main street two doors weet of the store of
Murray, Zahm & Co.
May 8, 1851 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cambria,
Indiana, and Westmoreland counties. Office on
Centre St., joining Gen. M'Douald's dwelling.
Jan. lo, 1851. ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Office on Main Street, in the office lately oc
cupied by Gen. Jos. McDonald.
January 15, 18o2.
Attorney at Law, Hollidayebury, Pa
Will attend the several Courts of Cambria
county, as heretofore. Office one door west of
Wm. McFarland's cabinet wareroom.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
Office on Main street, two doors cast of th
Echo Office.
March 13. 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstowa Pa.
January SO, 1851 ly.
David T. Storm,
Notary Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
THILL also attend to his duties as Juctice. L-
gal instumcnts of writing, such as deeds, a
greements, Foreign Tower of Attorney, &C-,
drawn up accurately. Collections es trusted U
his care will receive strict attention.
May 13, 1852 SO-tf.
Justice of tho Peace, Ebensburg, Pa.,
Will attend promptly to all collections entrvs-.
ted to his care Office, adjoining his dwelling
Decern. 24, 1S51. 11-tf.
Exchange Hotel.
Eollidaysburg, Elair Co., Pa.
The proprietor assures the public that no exer
tions will be wanting on his part to render tis
house home-like to those who call with him, and
solicits a share of public patronage.
April 29, 1852.
ALL kinds of Lumber taken in exchacg for
Furniture, at the Ware Rooms of
Hollidaysburg, April 29j 1852.
CarroUtown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
he undersigned is prepared to accommodate
in the best kind of style all who way favor
him with a call, and hopes by 6trict attention ta
business to merit and receive a share of publia
patronage. HENRY SCANLAN.
may 20, 1852.-31-tf
lewis vr. nnoirx,
Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser.
In the basement story of Davis &"Co's., war
Ebensburg, May J, I851.-Iy,
N. B. Shampooirg done, and razors tentd in
a superior manner.
George Rhey. Levi Matthewa. William Zbbs
Merchants, Dealers in all kinds of Produce and
Pittsburg Manufactures, No. 77 and 70 Water
Street, - .
Tittsbtrglr, Pa,
April 3, 1851. 6m
Adams & Co.'s Exrrressv
W. W. Ivory & Co:, cgcnt3 will forward all
packages of goods or money, daily except Sun
day, to all the principal cities in the Union and
all the towns on the Rail Road between Philada.
and Pittsburg. Drafts collected from California.
Drafts sold on Ireland, England or Scotland,
from 1 upwards. Money for 'drafts must be
Jnov. 4. 1852.
A general assortment of BOOKS, such as ar
used in our common schools, for sale by
lass, Oils, Paints and Drugs of all kinds
Jf at
J. Moore's.
Star, Sperm and Hould
at the Brick Store of
Candles for sale
Adams & Co.'s Express.
B. CRAIG, agent will forward all packages
of goods or money, daily except Sunday to
alt the principal cities ia the Colon, and all the
towns ou the Railroad between Philadelphia and
kgs assorted nails for eale at the etort
of qEO. J. R0XK3EES.