The mountain sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1844-1853, June 09, 1853, Image 4

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A New Machine.
Pursar Ramsey, of the navy, is one of the best
companions and at the same time greatest qui
zes that was ever instituted or imported. Tho'
Email he is powerful ; in fact, in the way of fun,
he is, to use an expressive phrase, 4a whole
team and several over."
It is not many years since that a number of
wild blades, college students on a "river bend,"
were carrying on a general crusade of frolic in
New York. One evening, after a turn around
tho city and having pretty thoroughly exhaust
ed the amusement resources of the village, they
assembled in a well known saloon where any
quantity of people like themselves were gather
ed. Everybody appeared to be busy except one
plainly dressed, quiet looking individual, who
sat alone and appeared to be ruminating on the
vanity of human affairs. Our youngsters, at
the instance of their leader, instantly surround
ed the stranger and commenced to quiz Lim.
lie listened quietly to their jokes, entering into
the spirit of the entertainment heartily, and ap
peared to be what his tormentors took him for,
an innocent, unsuspicious person from the country.
Presently, as they stood at the counter taking
some refreshment not wholly approved of by
Father Matthew, the country gentleman, loosen
ing his tongue under the influence of "whiskey
straight," began to communicate his private af
fairs and objects in visiting tne city.
'You Laiu't none o'you heern tell of my sis
ter Sully's sweetheart, hev
"No !" shouted they all
"Iiamsey's his name. lie's in the naval ves
sels, he is. . lie takes keare of their rocks, you
know. aie, ne.s ster bally s sweetheart and
- - r i : j?
mine is cue iuuuus.
"Gentlemen, Miss Nobbnis?;Jiealth !"
"Thank you kindly. Fll-take mine whiskey
straight and spring water. Well, Sue and I wants
to get hitched tarnation bad, but you see we
Laint got no tin. Old dad bobbins, he says tin
and matrimony works together like mashed tur
nips, and says, Zebediab that s my name
"Gentlemen, Rev. Sir. Zebediah's health 1"
"Thank you kindly. I'll take whiskey straight
and spring water. 'Zebediab,' says he, you
aint got no tin ; you can't Lave Sue. When you
git a purty smart lot o tin, you can get Sue
"Gentlemen, old .Mr. Nobbius' health !"
"Thank you kindly. Same as before, Mr.
Barkeeper. Wale, I set my wits to work, and
you know we aint fools up our way. I studied
and workked, and thought and I got an idee at
last. Its mighty hard work this thinking, aint
it. It don't hurt you any, gents ? No ! Wale,
I thought eo. So I just come down here with
my machine to show it to sister Sal's sweetheart
Ramsey, who is in the naval ships, you know,
and I calkilate he'll sell it for me right away."
"What is it ? A machine to make psalms ?"
"No, it aint, nor himcs neither. I don't mind
telling you ; you are such simple looking chaps,
you would'nt hurt a fly, you would'nt, would
you ? No, I thought so. Wale, you see, I've
got up a machine to make bank notes out of the
fuz you see growing on rail fences, and I've got
Another machine to travel by itself, in and out,
bewriggling along tha fence, you know, and it
just picks off the fuz and packs it away as clean
as a scraped ehoat."
"Gentlemen, the fuz picking machine and the
fuz bank notes !"
"Thank you kindly. Straight this time, if
you please. If you chaps '11 call at my stoppin'
place to-morrow I'll show you the machine, and
if you have any feuce rails for sale, with fuz on
'em, why maybe I'll bargain for 'em. There's
my keerd. Good night, gents ; I'm bound to
turn in. Don't forget. If you see sister Sal's
sweetheart Ramsey, who is in ihp. navftl ch;
you know, just tell him I'm come, will you?"
Amid a chorus of laughter and noisy saluta
tions, the inventor of the fuz-bank note and rail
fence picking machines departed.
"Where's his card ? Let's see it!" said the
crowd, gathering eagerly around their leader.
"Sold, by the Godsl " he exclaimed, holding
the card up.
It was passed around. The crowd broke up
instantcr, looking remarkably down in the
The words on the card were :
"Purser Ramsey, S. N." y. O. Ticayune.
A Youthful Cuvier.
We have, for some time past, been much in
terested in a young man, a native of this city.
named W. II. B. Thomas. There is nothing pre
possessing in ms appearance ; on the contrary,
excepting a good eye he carries an external
that might tempt one dejurc to indict dame na
ture for libcL Meeting him, perhaps, among
the brilliant throng on Fourth street, with an
culre gait, a verdant physiognomy in a partial
eclipse from an incipient beard, a slouched hat
drawn close over the forehead ; the pockets of
his seedy coat distended by a score of botanical
preservations, fossil ferns and geological speci
mens, the sombre hue of his linen advertising
the death of his washerwoman ; he would most
likely be taken for a country lad from the hoop
uie icgiou, ifno naa ventured a trip on the ca-
nai in scarcn oi tne icrra incognita "town." We
nrstKnew inomas as a newspaper carrier in
ms unusal knowledge of Botany, Geology,
ana ooiogy was tnen the remark of all. Soon
alter this he obtained employment as an assis
laui leacner in one ot our schools, at a salary
iuai uaxeiy Bumcea to buy meal and coals for
nis egeu motner
TVemct him again in the spring of '51, at the
Cincinnati meeting of the American AssnHntmn
for the advancement of Science ; in the proceed
ing vi mis ooay ne iook an interest that sur
pnseu aiiwnose ODservation was drawn by his
eager listening and his large collections of min
crals, plants and fossils. Here he attracted the at
icuuuu oi i roi. ueara and 1'rof. Henry of the
uuuuiauuiau JUS811UIO. HA nttprwor.ia rr.n
Jiim on Mound street in this city, in the shop of
iui. x,ii.iiucy, anomer numoie but enthusi
astic devotee of science, of whom the world will
3 ci tane note, who Had just finished wih !;
hands and rude tools a powerful telescope that
xuvuius ntio villJClBlUg.
For some months past we had seldom met with
our eccentric friend, but wo encountered him
jaic lasc evening, at the Little Miami Railroad
Depot a huge blank book labelled "JTotcs on
r o83u inj usona, under one arm; a shirt and
rair oi socks under the other. lie had iust ar-
m.v iuui .juBDingcon, and hadin his pocket
jji3 ummusswn as naturalist to the Kane Arctic
Mpionng r.xpeaaion, which sails from New York
next week. He had applied to Professor Henry
for some opportunity to nnrEna i.;0
studies, and to place his name among those of
1,-.., BlIU Buienunc uiscovcrcrs. Mr. T
leaves this ivinin v T.-t- , . . .
,. -: -- i'cw i orK, wncrenejoins
his slup We heartily wish him what he cmi-
j.wjr me Highest success. Cinn
"How do you cct alone with irn,i:u
inetic and chatcchism V n3kcd a father of hi
little boy, the other night. 'How far have you got?'
"I'sc ciphered through addition, partition
u'siiuvuuu, iiui'ijim.-i uoii, justinca
tion, hallunciation, darnation, amputation, cre
ation, and adoption." -
He'd do for an engtnecron the "Short Line"
v.ATI;R I.R,IS" Ex,LF Com'shs The editor of
the Catholic Mirror, published in Baltimore , has
received authentic informal inn that Patrick
O Doriohuc, another of the Irish exiles, had es
caped from Van Dicman's Land, and probably
lett in one i f the American ships trading to Aus
traha, and will shortly arrive at some Atlantic
TfTIIATEVER concerns the health and liappi
V ness of a people is at all times of raostvnl-j
uable importance. 1 take it lor granted mat
every person will do all in their power, to save
the lives of their children, and that every per
son will endeavor to promote their own health
at nil sacrifices. I feel it to be my duty to sol
emnly assure you that trorms, according to the
orinions of the most celebrated Physicians, are
the primary causes of a large majority of dise
ases to which children and adults are liable ; if(
vou have an appetite continually changeable
from one kind ot tooa to anotner, iaa wreaui,
Pain in the Stomach, Picking at tho Nose, Hard
ness and Fullness of the Belly, Dry Cough,
Slow Fever, Pulse Irregular remember that all
these denotes tcorms, and you should at once
apply the remedy :
5Xoici2sacIw?s Wokii Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
beneficial effect, where Boiccl Complaints and
Diarrhoea have made them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Worm Syrup are
such that it stands without an equal in the cata
logue of medicines in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallible
remedy for those afflicted with Dixpevsia, the as
tonishing cures performed by this Syrup after
Thysicians have failed, is the best evidence of
its superior efficacy over all others.
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of
all that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost Indefinite length becoming so coiled and
fastened in the Intestines and Stomach effecting
the health so sadly as to cause St. Vitus Dance,
Fits, &c, that those afflicted seldom if ever sus
peit that it is Tape Worm hastening them to an
early grave. In order to destroy this Worm, a
very energetic treatment must be pursued, it
would therefore be proper to take 6 or 8 of my
Liver Tills so as to remove all obstructions, that
the Worm Syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must be taken in doses of 2 Tablespoon
fulls 3 times a day these directions followed
have never been known to fail in curing the most
obstinate case of Tape Worm.
Hobensack's Liver Pills.
No part of the system is more liable to dis
ease than the Liver, it serving as a filterer to
purify the blood, or giving the proper secre
tion to the bue ; so that any wrong action of
the Liver effects the other important parts of
the system, and results variously, in Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &c. We should,
therefore, watch every symptom that might in
dicate a wrong action of the Liver. These Pills
being composed of Jloots J- rianls furnished by
nature to heal the sick : Namely, 1st, An Ex
pectorant, which augumcnts the secretion from
the Pulmonary mucus membrane, or promotes
the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd. An Al
ternative, which changes in some inexplicable and
insensible manner the certain morbid action of
the system. Srd. A Tonic, which gives tone and
strength to the nervous system, renewing health
and vigor to all parts of the body. 4th, A Cath
artic, which acts in perfect harmony with the
other ingredients, and operating on the Boweln,
and expelling the whole mass of corrupt and vi
tiated matter, and purifying the Blood, which
destroys disease nnd restores health.
TO F E M A Ii ES .
o will find these Pills an invaluable medicine
In obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of estimable benefit, restoring their
functional arrangements to a healthy action
purifying the blood and other fluids so effectu,
ally to put to flight all complaints which may
arise from female irregularities, as headache,
giddiness, dimness of sight, pain in the side
back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J,
all others being base Imitation.
N. Ilobcnsack,
BSfAgcnts wishing new supplies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents must ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, Philadel
phia, Pa.
For sale byIurray, Zahm & Co., and E.
Hughes, Ebensburg ; A. Durbin, Munstcr ; John
ston, Johnstown ; McCloskey, Summitvillc ; E-
nocn uees, six miles west of Ebensburg ; and
by every respectable dealer in the State.
Keyscr & McDowell, wholesale agents, No.
140 Wood Street, Tittsburg, who will supply
agents at the Proprietors prices.
EfnPriec, each 25 cents ! !
July 2, 185.
and Retail Dry Goods
fjl HE Subscribers hve just received from the
1 eastern cities, and are now offering for sale,
the largest and best selected stock of Goods
ever shown in this or the adjoining counties, the
stock consists in part of Dry Goods, such as
French, English, and American, cloths, cassi
mers, Satinets, Tweeds, pilot cloths, satin, Va
lencia and other vestings, alipacas, mous-de-
lains, oomoazines, and ladies dress goods of
every description; shawls, handkerchiefs, scraps,
cravats, tiDDets, nbons, gloves and hosiery of
all kinds, table linen drapers, crash, red, white
and yellow flannels, linsey, canton flannel, blan
kets and coverlets, hickory shirting, Irish linen,
and white goods of every description ; laces,
edgings, inscrtings, &c, &c. Hats, caps, Bon
nets, boots and shoes, hardware, queenswarc,
glassware, nails, flour and salt ; fish, and iron'.
Also a splendid assortment of groceries, drugs,
paints and dye stuffs. All of which we offer
at lower prices than goods have ever been sold
in tne country. All kinds of country produce,
lumber, railroad ties, rags, flaxseed, &c, &c '
taken in exchange.
We will wholesale any of the above splendid
selection of goods, to country merchants at city
prices, putting only on a nominal figure for to
cover ireigut.
Section 101, November 4, 1852.
JCzekicl Hughes,
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
HEALER in staple and fancy dry goods gro
mt i no, n uuivauiu aim rttaii usu : naraware
and cnttlery ; guns, nails, bar-iron, shect-iron
ehect-zinc, stoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
Biiset-iron ware, tin ware, copper and brass
Kettles, qlc, &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other conntrv nrnln
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, nonlar. neli
lumber : lumber alwavs hmifrhf n.i o
quantity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for 1
such as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods as embraced in the
above list just received and more opening for
sale at the lowest market price.
September zi, lbb'z 49-tf.
This Way!
For the highest prices are paid for hld
skinii and tanner's bark in cither trade or cash by
A quick and positive Cure for Consumption,
misKy tiiroat, woEUug 01 uusu, Droncmns, "b" vv1ucj
This celebrated preparation is pleasant to the taste, and is so speedy in its operations that pa
tients plainly feel its good effects in a few minutes after taking the first dose.
Hastings' Compound Syrup of IVaptlsa
Is now acknowledged by a'd the ablest phvsicians of both hemispheres, to be a quick and pos
itive rem
ollpr dp
Naptha Svrup in these diseases. It not only cures
edy for arresting the formation of tnbcrcles on tne lungs ; ana removing uiic uncauj .
; and also to be the speediest and most effective of all medicinal agents in tne cure oi auj
?pncpS t,f the throat, chest and Lmis. Lansua-re cannot express the value or Hastings
dence of its ability to do so : for in a few minutes alter the hrst dose lias uecn taken, tne paucm
feels that a powerful agent is in the system,- strongly working for his good. Its operations arc
never delaj-ed: It at once flics to, and attacks tho root of the disease with an energy unknown to
chher medicines ; and that disease must be deeply seated indeed which can resist its unrivalled
influence. Hence it has frequently cured a painful cough in a day, which had defied other popu
lar remedies for a month ; and has removed difficulty of breathing and pain in the throat and
toest, in a few minutes, by the surprising energy of its action in clearing the passages of bile
and phlegm. It is believed that no person has given Hastings' Naphtha Syrup a trial, who has
not felt benefit from it, and acknowledge its virtues. And this conviction is further established
by the opinions of the London Launcet, London Medical Times, and most other responsible pub
ications. devoted to the same interests. Until the appearance of the Naphtha Syrup, the medi
cal faculty had always regarded Consumption as an incurable disease, and the records of medical
science exhibited no authenticated case t&at weigncu seriously against tuni opimou. oiuw i.
TTnstijKTo' cliscnrAnr hoTvpvfr. nf the new nnd
: " ,
otner inrrcaients. ncariv a tnousana cases oi
a thousand cases
agency, nave Dcen substantiated ; ana tins wen csiaunsuea iact, m kuhuccuuu mm iu:a j
periments successfully made of its virtues by the ablest physicians of Europe, clearly prove that
Hastings' Compound Syrup of Naptha isao7re cure for Consumption, even in its worst stages.
Three of the main causes of this property of Naphtha have been discovered. They arc its extra
ordinary sublety, strength, and pervasiveness ; for the moment it is received into the system, it
extends itself throughout, making a passage of every pore, no matter how much clogged up they
may have previously been by foreign substances. Hence it operates on the diseasd lungs by dis
lodgeing the particles of corruption in the strength of its ascent to the upper regions of the frame
land thus producing through ventilation ; and hence it is a never failing remedy in Oppression of
the chest and difficulty inbreathing ; person, thus affected, feeling after taking it, as if it had
forced a passage through some channel which their disease had stopped up, and the re-opening of
which was the only result necessary to the restoration of health. Such indeed, arc the prompt
ness of action nnd energy of Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, in all the diseases for which it is iccom
mended, that from the time they commence taking it patients know
an effect nearly the reverse of that which attends the earlier use of every other known medicinal
remedy. For Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Night Sweats, Pains in the Breast, Back, &c, spit
ting oi' blood, bilious and asthmatic Affections, it is also .admitted to be the speediest and most
vigorous and effective remedy extant ; and its effect in all Asthmatic complaints is equally deci
sive snd remarkable. Lassitude of the mind ; flabbiness and wasting of the flesh ; and all dis
position to inactivity and melancholy forebodings, are also quickly corrected by the Naphtha Sy
rup ; which, in a wonderful manner revives the spirits, corrected by the flesh and muscles bra
ces the nerves and increases the weight. Thus, those wh- use it according to directions, gener
ally increase its weight about a pound a week ; and may take it fur no other purpose than the
dissipation of melancholy, or the increase of bodily strength. In fine, a single trial of Hastings'
Compound Syrup of Naptha, is all that is required to secure the confidence of patients, and cause
hem to forego all other remedies in its favor. The syrup is made up in six ounce bottles, each
accompanied with a pamphlet, containing directions, certificates, &c. Price one dollar each, or
six bottles packed up in a box, and ready for transportation to any part of the world, can be had
for five dollars.
N. B. Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, being a very expensive preparation, cannot be left with
Agents on sale, or return, as is the case with the majority of the quack nostrums of the day,
which cost little more than the price of the bottles. Persons who want it to sell again must pay
cash for it, with the usual commission off. Therefore patients who cannot obtain it in the places
where they reside, should write to us direct for a supply, and we will forward it to them without
delay (packed up in a manner to secure its safe delivery) provided they can be reached by Ex
press, Stage, Route, or any other mode of conveyance. All letters must be post paid contain
the price, of the number of bottles ordered, and be directed to C. V. CLIClvENEU & CO., No.
81 Barclay Street, New York, who arc Dr. Hasting' general Agents for America.
Agent Frederick Kittell. Ebensburg,
December 1G, 1852 8-Cm.
M A G N B T i C P 0 W D E Ii S ,
This preparation is a powder compounded of Plants, Herbs, and Flowers, free from any sub
stance which could possibly injure man or domestic animals, and is devoid of any disgrecable
odor. It has been examined by the medical faculty of France, Russia, Sweden and Denmark,
rom all of whom ample testimony of its efficacy can be produced.
L Y O X ' S
M A fi 1 E T I
For the Destruction of RATS and MICE, within five minutes after
Being thrown in their vicinity.
Read Hie following Letters :
New York, October 1, 1850.
I have made a chemical examination of the Vegetable Towder prepared by Mr. Emanuel Lyon,
for the purpose of destroying insects. I do not find it to contain anything deleterious to health,
or what might be considered po'isonoua to the human species ; but it is very destructive to insects,
whenever they are foreed to inhale the fine particles of dust occasioned by throwing the Powder
forcibly in places where they frequent. , JAMES R. CHILTON, M. D. Chemist.
New Yoke, IIosriTAL, June 0, 1850.
I have analizcd Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powders for the destruction of insects, and certify
that it is entirely free from mineral or other corrosive poison. As the result of my examination
I would say that is a combination of various vegetable substances having a peculiar influence on
the insect kingdom, and that it may be used with perfect safety. In reference to its utility, its
effects are astonishing. I belive it to be a skilfully prepared substance by which a valuable re
sult is obtained, which does effect what Mr. Lyon says, nnd is well deserving of public patronage.
LAWRENCE RE1D, Professor of Chemistry.
Emaxcel Lyok, Esq. New Yoke Hospital, June 1, 1S50.
Dear Sir : It affords me great pleasure in stating that 1 have extensively used your
Towder for the destruction of Insects of all kinds, (especially Bed Bugs and Roaches) and un
hesitatingly pronounce it the best and only article so effectual in its operation. I have also ex
perimented with your Tills, and find them equal in all respects with j'our statements. Hoping
that you may prosper, I remain jour friend. JOHN L. ROOME, Suji'nt. N. Y. Hospital.
Gii:son Hocse, Cincinnati, October 9, 1850.
We procured from Mr. B. II. Meakings, some of Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills's and cheer
fully certify a3 to its perfect efficacy in destroying Roaches and Rats within a few minutes after
its application. It is the most simple, yet perfect remedy. we have ever seen.
I. K. & D. V. BENNETT.
New Yoek, Irving House, April 21, 18J0.
I have used Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Towdcr and Tills for the destruction of Insects and Ver
min, and I have found the most happy result, and cheerfully recommend them to those who may
be troubled with these insects, as a sure method of destroying them.
DANIEL D. HOWARD, Troprictor Irving House.
We certify to the above.
COLEMAN & STETSON, Astor House. S. THAYER COZZENS, American Hotel
JONAS 15. PHILIPS, Ass't District Attorney. PRESTON II. HODGES, Carlton House.
These articles received a premium at the Fair of the American Institute in 1818, and the high
est premium at the Fair of 1850.
rillCE Lyon's Magnetic rowders, 25 cents per Flaslc ; nils, 25 cents per Box.
All Orders must be addressed (post-pain) to C. V. CLICKENER & Co., General Agents, 81, Bar
clay street, New York.
Agent: Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bcl' Summit ; G. II. Muckerhidc, Johnstown.
uccemoer i, ixsz -um.
Cabinet Ware Rooms,
AUegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Would respectfully invite the attention of the
public to their superior stock of
of every dcscriptio.n l urniture of all kinds
manufactured to order on the shortest notice.
All orders from a distance promptly attended
April 29, 1852.
A lresli arrival of Boots, Shoes, Summer
Hats, Caps, Fancy Gimp and Florence Straw
.bonnets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot. Lead. &c.
received this day and for sale at thechcap store'
June 20, 1851.
2000 pounds wool, butter, eggs wanted by
WOOL, Butter, nnd all kinds of Grain,
taken in exchanse for rroods nt.
J. Moore's store.
me Highest price paid lor wool at the store
11ISKEY, White Lead, andinseed Oil
w V lor sale by J Mnnr.
40 Barrels Conemaugh Salt for sale by
J. Moore.
Neatly and expeditiously executed at this Office.
decline, asthma, spitting of blood, night sweats,!
them effectually, but it gives immediate cvi
crreatest nronortv ot isaputna, wncn mntca nuu,
:.:! 1 il T. ;(jiuiK;im-u luuj:.., ......
aosoiuie r-muisics roMiivciy iuivuuuuuu
Will be opened this week at the brick store
of J. Moore, in Ebensburg, a general assort
ment of cloths, cassimeres, satinetts, tweeds,
.ind a great variety of summer goods,
logcthcr with any quantity of prints, delaines,
'awns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
Ircss goods.
ind good assortment of hardware, queenswarc.
saddlery, clotaing, stationary, drugs, &c, &c
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats nnd
caps, or ready made clothing, will find it to their
advantage to call at the
ISrlcK Store.
Tha subscriber, thankful for past favors, ear
nestly requests his customers, and lius public
generally to at leastcau ana examine his stock;
ind it he cannot suit every person in Quality
and price it is not his fault. Produce and lum
ber of all kinds taken in exchange for coods-
land he also takes CASH when offered.
Ebensburg, April 28, 1851.
Davis & lAoya,
Having formed a partnership in the
Would reepectfully solicit the patronaco of their
friends and the public generally.
Call and sec us at u old stand of William
April 20, 1852.
For (he Care of
To cure a cold, with headache nnd soreness i f
the body, take the Cherry Pectoral on poing to
bed, and wrap up war.n, to
sweat during the
For a cold and cough, take it morning, noon,
and evening, according to directions on the bot
tle, and the dilliculty will -sor.n be removed.
None will long sutler from this trouble when they
. fmJ . , go realily cured. Persons aillict-
i. i
breaks them of
their rest at night, will find, by taking the Cher
ry Rectorial on going to bed, they may be sure
of Eound, unbroken sleep, and consequently re
freshing rest. Great-relief from suffering, and
aji ultimate cure, is afforded to thousands who
arc thus afnicted, by.this invaluable remedy.
Troni it agreeable effuct in these cases, many
find themselves unwilling to forego its use when
the necessity for it lias'ceased.
From two eminent Physicians in
Fayettevii.i.i:, Texn., April, ICth, 1851.
Sir: Wc have given your Cherry Pectoral
an extensive trial in our practice, and find it to
surpass every other remedy wc have for cunn
affections of the respiratory organs.
To singers and public speakers this remedy is
invaluble, as by its action on the throat and
lungs, when taken in small quantities, it removes
all hoarseness in a few hours, and wonderfully
increases the power and flexibility of the voice.
Astha is generally much relieved, nnd often
wholly cured by Cherry Pectoral. But there
arc some cases so obstinate as to yielded entire
ly to no medicine. Cherry Pectoral will cure
them, if they can be cured.
Bronchitis, or irritation of the throat and up
per portion of the lungs, may cured 13' taking
Cherry Pectoral in small and frequent doses.
The uncomfortable oppression is soon relieved.
Rev. Doct. Lansing, of Brooklin, New York,
states :
"I have seen the Cherry Pectoral cure such
cases of Asthma and Bronchitis as leads me to
believe it can rarely fail to cure those diseases."
For croup. Give an emetic of antimony, to
be followed by large and frequent doses of the
Cherry Pectoral, until subdues the disease. If
taken in season, it will not fail to cure.
Whooping cough may be broken up and soon
cured by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
The influenza is speedily removed by this re
medy. Numerous instances have been noticed
where whole families were protected from any
serious consequences, while their neighbors,
without the Cherry Pectoral, were suffering from
the disease.
Sali-.m, Oo., 11th, June 1851.
Doct. J. C. Ayer :
I write to inform you of the
truly remarkable effect of your Cherry Pectoral
in this place, and in my own family. One of
my daughters was completely cured in three
days of a dreadful Whooping Cough, by taking
it. Dr. Means, one of our very best physicians
freely states that he considers it the best remedy
we have for pulmonary diseases, an 1 that he has
cured more cases of Croup with it than any
other medicine he ever administered.
Our clergyman of the Baptist Church says
that during the run of Influenza here this sea
son, he has sen cures from your medicine he
could scarcely have believed without seeing.
Yours respectfully, J. D. SINCLAIR,
Deputy Postmaster.
rom xiie ttisiiiigiiigned I'rofessor of
i ii-iiii ry nuu materia JleUica. Uow
dolii College.
1 have found the Cherry rectoral, as its in
gredients show, a powerful remedy for colds,
and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Parker Cleveland, M. D.
Brunswick, Me., Feb. 5, 1817.
Tlic wlflely celebrated I'rofVKsor of Stir-CTerj-
in the "Icdical College, Xew York
City, an j-s s
"It gives me pleasure to certify the value and
efficacy of 'Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,' which I
consider peculiarly adapted to cure diseases of
the Throat and Lungs."
Cures of severe diseases upon the Lungs have
been effected by Cherry Pectoral in such ex
treme cases as warrant the belief that a remedv
has at length been found that can be depended
on to cure the Cougl s, Cold.s and Consumption
which carry from our midst thousands every
year. It is indeed a medicine to which the afille
ted can look with confidence for relief, and they
should not fail to avail themselves of it
Practical nml Analytical ClttmUt, '
Lowell, Mass.
Sold in Ebensburg by Fred. Kittell, and by
Druggists and Dealers in Medicine every where
August 19; 1852 ll-fi;u.
This delightful and popular article in the best
preparation for the hair which long experience
and scientific research has produced, either as
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects
in all the diseases to which the human hair is
liable. It will impart to the roughest and coar
sest hair the most beautiful appearance, entire
ly cleansing it from all impurities.
But while we assert that it is the best article
for the toilet of those who wish to retain the
hair in all its youthful
it must not be forgotten that in all diseases of
the hair or salp, such as the falling of the hair
dandruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, &c, it
is, perhaps the article which has given decided
satisfaction in every instance where it has been
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, in numerous, where other reme
dies have been tried in vain, STORR'S CHEM
ICAL INVIGORATORhas superseded the orna
ments of art, by reinstating, in full plentitude,
tho permanent gifts and graces of nature. It
is possessed of a character wholly differing from
the Oils, Grease, Restoratives, &c, which are
now so numerously foisted on the public, under
the pretence of being newly discovered for bald
ness, gray hair, &c.
Storr's Invigorator j
has now been tested for years, and its efficacy
has been proved by thousands, Every year its
reputation and sales have increased, until more
of it is consumed annually than of any other
preparation for the hair ever offered to the Amer
ican public. It is compounded on 6trictly sci
cnulic principles, and the proprietor will stake
his reputation on its efficacy.
its extraordinary cheapness places it within
the reach of the humblest family, and its con
ceded value insures it a place on the most luxu
rious toilet.
For sale by the proprietors price 25 cents.
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For salo by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James
Bell, Summit; G. Muckerhidc & Co, Johnstown-
December 1G, 1S52 8-!y.
and all
diseases ar
ising from a dis
ordered liver or sto
mach, Mich as constipa
tion, inward piles, fullness or
blood to the head, acidity of the
sUniach, nausea, heart-burn, disgust
for food, fullness, orwrightin the stomach
sour eructations, sinking or fluttering at tie W
of the stomach, ewi mining. of the head, hur
ried and difficult breathing, fluttering
at the heart, choking or suffoca-
ting sensations when in a Ht
ing posture, dimness of
vision, dots or webs
before the sight
fever and
pain in the Lead, difficiency or perspiration vel
lowuess of the skin and eyes, pain in"
the tide, back, chest, limbs,
&c, sudden flushes
of heat, burning in tjie flesh,
constant imaginings of evil and great
depression of spirit, can be effectually cured ly
4 rr.r.rAEED Uv
' -pR. C. M. JACKSON,
At die ttvniian Slodlcluc Sire.
120 Arch Etrcet.'Philadelphia.
tj , . ... j ,i i-i tr (,c auove aiscascs
if equalled by any other prep,
j L'hi,1 S' rfrr, as the cures attest, in
j Ur sWJul physicians had failed.
'-v-ir, r over tlic above diseases is tiol r,T'i
try t . - ' 1 fc
"reparation in (
many cases af
These Bitters arc worthv the ntent;nn ,.
valids. 1 ossessing great virtues in the rectifi
cation of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands
exercising the most searching powers in weak
ness and affections of the digestive organ" thcr
arc withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
That this medicine will cure Liver Complaint
and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt after tmuj; it as
stated. It acts specifically upon the stomach and
liver; it is preferable to calomel in all bilious
diseases the effect is immediate. They can be
administered to female or infant with safety and
reliable benefit at any time.
Look well to tho marks cf the Genuine
They have the written signature of C M
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and his name
blown in the bottle, without which thevnn.
i . "J v w.-1 ' I -
nou3. 1
For sale Wholesale and Retail at the fiernm
Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch 3treet, one door
below Sixth. Philadelphia find liv rocnn4..l
. dealers generally through the country.
To enable all clases cf invalids to enjoy the
advantages of their great restorative powers.
Single Lottie 75 cents.
For sale by Frederick Kittel Druggist
burg : James Bell, Summit ; G. MuckerLiJo k
Co., Johnstown.
December 10, 1852 8-ly.
Wholesale and Retail
The subscriber ador f ? fTiis mrth.t -
jing thanks to his friends and the public "cncr-
w , vi lueuui-mi patronage heretofore bestow
ed upon him, and begs leave to inform them that
he has enlarged his business, nnd now I err 9
constantly on hand a large supply of every va
riety of Tintcare, Store Pipe, Jrifrinn Van,,
Zmc Boilers, Coal Buelcets. Tta KctthAc.,
which he will sell, wholesale or retail, as low Mi
any other establishment in the country.
lie is also prepared to manufacture Spcutinn
for houses, at the shortest notice, and on the
most reasonable terms. Merchants and otheis
desirous of purchasing bills of ware, are res
pectfully invited to rail na i, ;
j them goods equally as cheap ns they can U h-A
j.....v. ,l Kll nvt:U ,.nu all orders addressed to
him will be promptly attended to.
Great ExeKemenf.
IN Ebensburg, at the warehouse of the undor
signed who has on hand and will sell at the
lowest prices
consisting of Globe ; Flat Top, complete ; Vic
tory, complete ; complete Cook ; the AVir Com
plete ; Cools Favorite T)lninnr-A ni. . i'..
!we; -Ininn Coal Burner, Parlor stove; JH
1-1-, uo ; Bar Boom, coal stove ; all of the la-
test style and pattern which cannot be excelled
j or equalled. Come and see them, nnd don't for
I get to bring your wife along if you have none
j brirg your lady-love.
! Jul. .rl of every description, done on the
I shortest notice. Old copper and pewter, taken
j in exchange for ware.
! The uiiIersiirt:ed bono ttrt rnt.nn
to business, to receive a literal share of public
Ebensburg, July 8, 1852.
THE undersigned informs his customers that
the firm of Bynon & Johnston is dissolved
by mutual consent, and that the subscriber still
continue the business in the room recently oc
cupied by the old firm, where he-will be harry
to see his former patrons and as many new
ones as please to call. He receives regularly
from New York and Philadelphia the latest
fnshions and cannot be beaten either in the
shape or fit of Coats, Pants or Vests, by any
other Tailor in the country. He respectfully
ask the public to give him a call, and con
fident his work will recommend itself.
BQAll kinds of country produce taken in
exchange for work.
April 29, 1852 tf.
John Mc3IecI & Co.,
Have the pleasure of announcing to their friends
and the public, that they have opened a new
store at the west end of the Allegheny tunnel,
at Gallitzin, where they will keep constantly on
hand nnd will sell at tho very lowest prices, the
following goods : cloths, cassimeres, ginghams,
woolens, prints, plaids, mous de laines, morinos,
alpaccas cashmeres, real long-shawls, pine-apple
dress goods, pongee, madras, and grass-linen
handkerchiefs, ribbons, buttons, gloves, hosiery,
laces, thread, silk, silks, satins, umbrellas, &e.
Also, a heavy stock of sugars, teas of the latest,
best, and cheapest importations; queensware.
uaruware, cutlery, books and stationary, naw,
caps, boot3, shoes and bonnets of the most fash
onablo styles; and a large quantity of
Bacon, Flour, Batter, Salt, Fish, Cigars,
and tobacco. All of which they will sell at ti
cheapest rates.
We invito the attention of purchasers to our
extensive and varied stock of
Ready-SIade Clothing,
comprising all colors and qualities, ani" vtiinn
facturod from the best materials, which we wu
dispose of at fair rates and we warrant every
article will givo the utmost satisfaction.
The hijrhest rricc raid for all description cl
Gallitzin, Jan. V,1853 10-tf